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Name : Iyappan.B
Contact: 0091-9751225926
E-Mail: iyan7681@yahoo.co.in
Date of Birth : 07/06/1981
Skype ID: iyappanbalu

Engineering Qualificatios:
B Tech (Mechanical Engineering)
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Professional Qualifications:

API 510 Certified by API -USA- Certificate No: 64110 -Valid Un Till Feb 28 /2019
API 570 - Muruga
CSWIP 3.1 Certified by TWI UK- Certificate No: 32142-Valid Un Till Sep 21/2017
NDT Qualification, ASNT LII
Radiography Inspection & RTFI
(Radiographs Interpretation)
Ultrasonic Inspection, Magnetic Particle Inspection
Dye Penetrant Inspection, Visual Inspection
Eddy current Testing

Over all View
Experienced in the field of Offshore/Onshore Mechanical like Static Equipment, Piping Jacket and
Top side modules Erection/Fabrication and Construction, Well Heads Maintenance, Static
Equipment Inspection while shutdowns & T/A, NDT at Fabricated and In service Piping and static
equipments and Gantry cranes Structural Integrity Inspection, Gas Turbine Projects In KuwaitAlsoor, Major shutdowns at Fertilizers and Distillation plants, NODCO,NGL, QAFAC,RAS GAS.
Upstream and Downstream offshore platforms, Worked in well head maintenance Vessels
( Boats)- OXY Field with Challenger 1, Worked in Offshore plat forms, Rigs, Barges like floating
and Jack up barge- Bibby Marinia, KIKUYU,Sapura Acergy etc, Well head plat form extension
projects, Highland Pump house project, High land surround and Tank farm fire water line
projects, Living Quarters Projects, PS2 AND PS3 (Qatar Petroleum) Power up grading and living
quarters Project, corrosion monitoring/Baseline Survey of PS1 OXY K Platform. and W,D,J
Corrosion survey Project, ZADCO ZIRKU HIGH LAND SATHA PLANT- Fire water line Upgrading
Project, Done Inspection at (OCTG) Hard Bands on Drill pipes, Thread Pitch Inspection with the
gauges . Offshore well head/Gas Compressor/Production/Living plat form extension/Modification,
Pipe line and Pipe support / Modifications . Risk based inspection for static equipments projects.
Knowledge about all Corrosion mechanisms and Defect Causing Chemically DCCs Etc.
With DOPET, Pressure vessels, Heat Exchangers, Storage Tanks, Bullets Fabrication Projects.Tube
Bundle etc.,
Sound knowledge of reading of General Assembly / sub drawings and isometrics / P&IDs & PFDs

Significant exposure in Radiography film Interpretation entailing checking identification as per

client requests, geometrical unsharpness like penetrametre wire (as per specifications) &
density using densitometer (as per specifications) and interpreting ate the Discontinuity &
Evaluate the Discontinuity (as per acceptance standards)
Conversant with the International codes Related to Piping, Pressure Vessels Inspection, Welding
inspection & NDT (ASME Sec II part A, B & C. Sec VIII Div.1,Div 2 & AWS D1.1, ASME / ANSI
B31.1& B31.3, API-1104, API-510, 570, 653 ASTM &,ASME SEC IX,AWS D I.2
Deft in conducting inspection of the incoming, in process materials, taking stringent quality
measures & organizing quality awareness programs
Skilled in reviewing, overseeing maintenance & following up preliminary welding procedure and
welding procedure specification for metals with welding processes in accordance with ASME Sec
IX & AWS D1.1

Deft at coordinating for qualifying the test specimens with regards to PQR (Procedure
Qualification Record) WPQT (Welder Performance Qualification Test) and PWQT (Production Weld
Qualification Test) and various types of Mock-Up tests as per the approved specification based
on international codes & standards
Effective communicator & team leader combined with flexible and detail oriented attitude with
the ability to interact effectively with people at all levels of organisation
Technical Purview:
Static Equipment Inspection while Shutdowns and T/A
Static Equipment Internal & External Inspection, Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Drums, Columns, Re
Actors, Heat Exchangers Various types. Filters Etc.,
On Stream /External Inspection.
Witnessed hydro and Pneumatic test.
Fabrication, Material Inspection, Destructive / Non-Destructive Examination/Painting/Coating
Inspection, NDT Training, Welders Training, Welders Qualification, Calibrations of Instruments,
Equipment, Welding Procedure Qualification,
Experience in:
Post Weld Heat Treatment cycles by monitoring the heating rate, soaking time and cooling rate,
verification of the Charts in conjunction with the relevant specification and or procedure.
Various Non-Destructive Inspection Techniques in accordance with ASME Sec V like Visual
inspection, Ultrasonic inspection, Radiographic inspection, Dye Penetrant inspection, Magnetic
Particle inspection, Pressure test with Air, Water, Oil, Nitrogen, Helium, etc., as test medium
hardness test
Various welding processes like; SMAW (MMA), GTAW, SAW, MIG, FCAW, Spot welding, Seam
welding, Brazing and various types of joining materials like Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and
Low and High Alloy steels, Nonferrous materials and non-metals and Semi-Automatic Welding
Process (Metal Inert Gas Welding) for making finned tube to tube sheet welding for the coolers
Supervising project activities and handling the complete project management cycle entailing
requirement gathering and final execution of projects
Finalizing requirements and specifications in consultation with engineering consultants /
collaborators, external suppliers, contractors & clients
Preparing programme of works for all projects and directing the executing team to finish the
project in time & troubleshooting the overall problems

Welding / NDT
Handling proper material selection, electrodes / consumables selection and establishing WPS &
PQR, applying different code requirements in training and qualifying welders
Establishing NDT procedures and applying different techniques such as RT, UT, PT, MPT in
judging the quality of joining with reference to codes
Overseeing preparation cum maintenance of welders performance qualification record and
welders performance rating thro welders and or welding control log

Experienced in Inspection While Fabrication of static Equipment: From Material certification to

Hydro Testing and Pack Up.

Inspection on (Static Equipments like Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Filters, De Aerators, Heat
Exchangers, Column, Boiler and Accessories, Re Boiler etc.)Data Collection and Entry
(Inspection Internal and External) & design Data/Operation Data.), PCL marking &
categorization. Categorize the static equipments with Fluid/Gas/Gas Liquid mixture Composition
and Operating temperature range and MOC (Material of Construction). And PWHT details.
Long/Short time Corrosion rate and remaining life calculation.
Identification of process streams / corrosion loops, marking up P&IDs.
Data collection (equipment design, process data, inspection records) and analysis.
Database population and risk assessment.
Risk reduction through the selection of an adequate inspection strategy.
Performing: PMI, NDT, Fit Up Inspection, Tag Weld Inspection, Cross Check essential variabilitys
with the WPS during welding, Weld Visual. Radiographs Interpretation, Witness hydro tests,
Witness DT & NDT Test, Cross check the Dimensions of Fabricated items with the aid approved
drawings, Reviewing reports like NDT, DT, Hydro test and other reports, Review the packages,
Cross check the NDT done with the aid of design drawings, Doing line walk and update for as
built, Making Punch points, Coating Film thickness gauging, Holiday Detection etc.

Static Equipment Internal & External Inspection, Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Drums, Columns,
Tanks, Re Actors, Heat Exchangers. Etc.,
On Stream External Inspection
Material inspection of various forms of Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, Alloys, Non-Metallic materials,
Valves, Actuators, Flanges, Fasteners, Fittings, Gaskets, etc.
Fitment inspection of pressure vessel / piping fabrication with respect to visual, dimensional and
orientation compliance as per the approved drawings and specifications
Repair welding procedure review, follow-ups and monitoring repair process till the completion of
various repair welding for static & rotary equipment per ASME Sec VIII and ASME B31.3
Destructive testing of weld test coupons and mock-up test coupons by witnessing tensile, shear
stress and elongation test bend test (Face and Root bend) impact tests and confirming the
material compliance as per the relevant standard or test certificates
Interpreting the radiographs as per the approved procedures and the relevant international
acceptance standards
Quality Management/ Training & Development/MIS Reporting
Exposure on ISO 9001 2008.

Since Jan10 to at Present

PP Simtech (UK)
Position - Engineering Consultant (working as a Freelancer-Full Time)

Specification of detect detection criteria for NDT methods.
Preparation of decision trees for analysis of actions to be taken
following detection of crack like defects.
Assessment of the significance of known defects in equipment items.
Validation of structural integrity or safe operating limits, on a
fitness-for-service basis for defects not acceptable to design Codes.
Assessment of defect growth rates and tolerable defect sizes provided
information to derive more economic inspection intervals and reliable
inspection methods.
Assisted in successful preparation of many technical safety cases for a
variety of plant items on a fitness-for-service basis.

Types of equipment items where we have carried out these assessments include reactors, distillation
columns, pressure swing absorbers, reformer components, steam drum and superheater
headers, ammonia storage tanks, other types of pressure vessels and piping, which have been
subjected to a variety of cracking damage mechanisms.
Project Handled:

QAFAC (Qatar) & BANA GAS (Bahrain), ARAMCO, Jeddah & Yanbu (Lub-ref), Petro
Rabig etc.,

Risk based Inspection (Static Equipments like Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Filters, De
Aerators, Heat Exchangers, Column, Boiler and Accessories, Re Boiler etc.)Data Collection and
Entry (Inspection Internal and External) & design Data/Operation Data.), PCL marking &
categorization. Categorize the static equipments/Piping with Fluid/Gas/Gas Liquid mixture
Composition (DCCs) and Operating temperature range and MOC (Material of Construction). And
PWHT details. Long/Short time Corrosion rate and remaining life calculation. Best knowledge
about corrosion mechanisms.Identifying Demage Mechanisms and Inspection Techniques.
Since Dec15 to March 2016
PetroFac (Supplied From Tata Projects)
Project Name KNPC Clean Fuel Project (CFP)
Position QA/QC Engineer
Country-South Korea
Vendor- S&TC Changwon.
1) Inspection on Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

2) Hydrotest
3) Run In Test (RIT)

QIL, Kenya as Project QA/QC Engineer

Client: M/S Kenya Port Authority, Mombasa, Kenya
From Jan 2014 to Jul 2014

Project Handled:
Title Structural Integrity Tests on Ship To Shore Gantry Cranes Tender No. KPA/149/201213/TE STC Cranes 04 Nos- KPA 1602, 1702, 1703, 1803(ZPMC, China)
Brief Inspections were done on Sill beam, Diagonals, Portal Beam, Spreader beam, Trolley
structure, Draw bar system, Forestay system, Boom Hinge, Girder Internal and External, Boom
Internal and External, Apex Legs, Rope Holding Device, Rope roller holding Sheaves, Apex Beam,
Boom Latch holding device etc. Boom hinge connection pins, Bolted joints, Hydraulic Pullers. Etc.
Ultrasonic testing, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Visual Inspection, Ring Test. etc.
Performed vessel Inspection on (Re-Certification) LPG Storage Vessel ELF, India (Capacity 02
Nos- 64000 Litres) and worked for M/S GL, India, Thickness Survey, Weld map, Internal/External
Visual Inspection
Looked after:
UT Flaw Detection for Cement Factory Strl Fabricated- I,H,Beams,Base Plates,
UT Lamination Checking for Plates before Fabrication, VIA JK. Inspection/M/s VINTEC NDT
Plant Inspection on Sugar mill, VIA JK. Inspection, Vessels, Tanks, SHAFTS when shut down.
MPI Test on Casting Valve Body by wet method via VINTEC NDT
Welder/PQR Qualification for M/S Srinivasha Engineering, India
Underwent NDT Level 1 & 2 Training & Certification as per SNT-TC-1A
May09-Jan10 with Vincotte International Middle East, ABUDHABI, UAE as QA/QC
Client: ZADCO (UAE, Abudhabi)

Formulated quality control documents (PQR, WPS, Hydro test, NDT Procedures, etc.)
Used Inspection and Quality Test plans.
Carried out materials Inspection as per the specification, Preparing Procedure Qualification
Record, Welding Procedure Specification, Witnessing Welder Qualification Test, Mechanical Test
Looked after:
Fabrication and installation of piping fire water line & related structural dimension control as per
approved drawings & specifications
Witnessing Hydro Test, Surface Preparation Inspection (after blasting), Painting Inspection like
Dry Film Thickness Survey as per Approved Painting System (DFT), Holiday Detection, Wrapping
Inspection on Buried Pipe Lines & holiday detection for wrapings
____________________________________PREVIOUS WORK
Feb09-Apr09 with Sapura Acergy 3000 (MALESIA) as QA/QC Welding
Inspector/NDT /NDE Inspection
Client: ONGC Offshore (India, Mumbai South)
RS 15 AND 16 Jacket and Topside Erection
Jul08-Jan09 with Velosi Certification Llc, Abu Dhabi as QC Inspector
Client: Mc Dermott- Maersk oil Qatar AS
Aug04-Jun08 with PEMCO Supplied to DOPET, Doha. State of Qatar as NDT/ Welding
M/s. OXY supplied through M/s. DOPET WLL, QATAR.


OXY PS1 Field, PS2 QP Field, QP Field Halul High land etc.,


In-service & Fabrication Inspection


From 9th December 2004 to Nov 2009.

In Service Inspection
Visual Inspection of Pressure Vessels and Piping. Calculation of Corrosion rate, Remaining life
and MAWP. Recommend repair. Preparation of Inspection Report.
Witness and evaluate Non-Destructive Examination such as Dye Penetrant Examination,
Magnetic Particle Examination, and Ultrasonic Examination as per the approved Quality Control
Review & approve Quality manuals, Quality Plans, Procedures from contractors for different projects
and maintenance of equipment and piping in accordance with ORYX GTL specification.
Review and approve ITP, Method statements, Repair procedures & WPS/PQR and WQT in
accordance with ORYX GTL specification.
Review and approve NDT (UT,RT,MT and LPT) and other procedures like PWHT, Hardness testing,
Vacuum box test, PMI Procedure.
Provide technical support to contractors for welding and NDT inspection.
Radiography film review and provide technical support for evaluation for acceptance rejection as
per OXY spec. and other international standard.
Perform Interview, test evaluation and approval for NDT level II for shutdown scope.
Review and provide technical support to contractor for raising concession & technical query.
Review repair Packages and ensure all relevant document has been signed off as required.
NDT Inspections and supervision of NDT jobs carried out by the NDT level II personnel
Witness pressure testing of Boiler, pressure vessel, heat exchanger, piping and etc.
Identify and issue Non Conformance and review corrective actions for acceptance.
Sign off the certificate of fabrication/repair/modification

Reviewing the Manufacturers Inspection Test plans as per ASME Code and project specification
(Pressure vessels, Heat Exchangers, columns, structural steels, Valves, Pumps, skid package, piping
materials, items etc.)

Review of WPS, PQR & Welders Qualification as per ASME code and project specification.

Raw material inspection, review of requisition and mill test certificate

Welder Qualification test and Monitoring of welders performance

Reviewing and approve the supplier's NDT procedures, Hydro static test, PWHT procedure, FAT
procedures and PMI procedures as per code and project specification

Perform inspection activities like witnessing stage wise inspection as per approved procedure &
standards (Pressure vessels, Valves, Fittings, Pumps & Pipes etc)
Stage wise Inspection Steps Involved

Cross Check the Calibration Certificates of Instruments & Equipment Like Mother Oven, Temp.
Recorder, Density Metre, NDT Equipment etc.,

Cross Check the Material as Per Mill Certificate & If required request to Conduct PMI & Witness to
confirm the material Specification.

If required request to Conduct UT Lamination Check to the material (Plate) to ensure the raw
material Lam Free

After rolling the shell before welding Fit Up stage Inspection Like Joint Identification as per approved
Drg. Bevel & Tack weld as per approved PQR/WPS . Ensure the Joint required Pre Heat before
Tacking Cross checks the Pre Heat Temperature. By Thermal Chalks or Infrared Instruments. (OR) by

Dish End After forming Cross check the minimum required thickness as per approved drg.

While welding ensure the Root Pass & Hot Pass Temperature, Voltage, Travel Speed and calculating
the heat input and cross check with the WPS.

After Completion of welding . After 24 Hrs. weld Visual subsequently request for NDT as per ITP/QTP.
Witness NDT like UT, MT, PT . If Joint is radiographed Review and Accept the Radiographs as per
Acceptance Standards. If the Joint required PWHT request for PWHT subsequently request for NDT/
DT If required.

After Finishing of NDT /DT results accepted then Pre pare the work pack and review the work pack
as per Approved procedures and standards accepted then release for hydro test. Completion of

hydro test proceed for surface preparation and surface inspection subsequent painting and painting
inspection accepted proceed for pack up and packing inspection and despatch.

Co-ordinate with supplier and client for Pre inspection meetings and inspection activities as
required by approved ITP.

Witness Non-destructive examination (PT, MT & UT) as per ASME Sec. V, Sec. VIII & Sec. IX

Radiographic interpretation, review and signing of NDT, PWHT and inspection release reports.

Witnessing of Hydro-testing of pressure vessel and related piping

Painting / coating Inspection, review of procedure and reports.

Conduct weekly expediting/status meeting with Vendors and submit weekly reports to clients as per
their requirement.

Monitor progress of the job as per the schedule and foresee any delays in completion of the
Project and intimate client
Mar04-May04 with ISCO, Kuwait as QC Inspector
Major Clients: Azzour South Power Station (GAS TURBINE PROJECT) SIEMENS
Feb03-Mar03 with ISS (Industrial Support Services) KSA as NDT/QC Inspector
Major Clients: SASREF (JUBAIL)
Major Shut Downs/T/A

Mar99-Jul04 with J.K Inspection services co. as QC Inspector/NDT CO ORDINATOR

Major Client: Bharat Heavy Electricalls Ltd (BHEL) Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd (TCL)
Major Shut Downs/T/A


Date of Birth
7th June 1981
1/25,1/48, Melandai Street, Melakuppam,Walaja Taluk,Vellore
DT,Tamil Nadu,India,Pin 632517
Languages Known
Tamil, English, Hindi and Malayalam

_______________________________________COURSES &

Safety induction training, H2S Awareness and Escape

PTWS (Permit to Work System) training
Basic Fire Protection Safety Course
Helicopter Underwater Escape Trained-HUET

Welding and QC Inspection: Weld gauge, Templates, Fillet gauges, Profile gauge, Venire calliper,
Micrometre, Boro scope, Depth gauge, Pit gauge, thread & GO-NOGO gauge, Tongue Tester
Ultrasonic Inspection: Krautkramer made USK7, USK7S, USN50, USN52, USN52L, DMS-2 and Dmeters. USM25, USM35, EEC machines.
Radiographic Inspection: Gamma ray (Ir192) TECHOPS, ROLLI, SPEC2T & Gamma mat.
Magnetic Particle Inspection: Permanent magnet, Electromagnetic yoke and Prod types.
Hardness testing: EquoTip, Krautkrameropter
Painting Inspection: DFT Gauge, WFT Gauge, Holiday Detectors.
SWIFT (NIIT), AUTO CAD,3D Modelling and MS Office