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Quiz for junior Class At Jaffari 2008 2008 EID

1. In which sura for allah (s.w.t) says Indeed

the religion with Allah is Islam.
a. sur-e-hamd
b. sur-e-yasin
c. sur-e-baqr
d. sur-e-aale-imran

The complete religion of Islam sent to the

world through.
a. Prophet Isa
b. Prophet Mohammed
c. Prophet Musa
d.Prophet Ibrahim

3. How is Allah Just to his creatures?

a.He is equal to everyone
b.He will put everyone in
c. He keeps a balance between
the needs of all his
d.He will give the same reward
to everyone
4. We need Imam as we need. in our body.
a. Hand
c. Face
d. Brain
5. For men the clothes made of . and are
haram for namaz.
a. leather, silk
b.pure silk, silver
c. pure silk, gold
d.polyester, cotton
6. Salat can be prayed in all directions towards
the Kaba when you are.
a. In the mosque
b.In Masjid-e- Nabi
c. In Masjib-e-Haram
d.In Jaffari Center
7. The thawab for praying one rakat salat in
Masjid-e-Haram is equal to.
a. 10,000
c. 1,000
d. 100,000

8. Time for Fajar Salat is

a. From morning to midday
b. From Sub-e-Sadiq to
c. From morning to evening
d.From morning to night
9. Fazilat (best) time for praying salat of Zohar
prayer is
a. From midday to evening
b.Until the shadow of an object
becomes double
c. Until the shadow of an
object remains same in
d.Until sunset
10. Those things which make najis things Tahir
(pure) is known as
a. Mutuhhiraat
b. Tahir
c. Taharat
11. Things that are originally najis is known
a. Najis
b. Ayn Najis
c. Dirty
12. How does a dead body become Tahir?
a.By giving Gushul
b.By giving shower
c. By giving Kafan
d.Non of the above
13. What do you mean by Rukn-e-Wajib?
a. Must be done
b.No addition no deduction
c. Can add or deduct
d. A & B
14. Qiyam, Niyat, Takbiratur Ehram, Ruku, and
Sijdah are part of salat.
a. Wajib
b.Gyar-e-Rukn Wajib
c. Rukn-e-Wajib

Quiz for junior Class At Jaffari 2008 2008 EID

15. How many parts of the body must be
touching the ground in Sijdah?
a. 5
c. 7
16. Between Ruku and Sijdah, which part of
salat is Rukn-e-Wajib.
a. Qirat
c. Qiyam
17. If we dont recite Sur-e-Ikhlas in either of
the first two rakats, what is the position of
a. Mubah
c. Batil
d. Mukruh
18. Which Zikr is Mustahab in third and forth
rakat of Quirat?
a. Tasbeeh of Bibi Fatema
b. Tasbeehat-e-Arba
c. Tasbeehat-e-Siyadah
d.None of the above
19. Salat is wajib on boys at the age of . and
on girls at the age of.
a. 10-15
c. 9-15
d. 15-9
20. . Was the first lady who accepted Islam.
a. Bibi Fatema
b. Bibi Khadija
c. Bibi Hajra
d.Bibi Sakina
21. Bibi Khadija was the daughter of..
b.Hazrat Ali
c. Abu Talib
22. Name the sons of Bibi Khadija and Prophet
a. Hasan, Hussain

b.Qasim, Ali Akber

c. Qasim, Abdullah
d.Ali Ashgar, Abdullah
23. The year in which Bibi Khadija and Janab
Abu Talib died has been named..
a. Aamul Fil
b. Aamul Huzn
c. Year of Happiness
d.Year of Fun
24. Bibi Khadija died at the age of on
a. 68-15th Ramazan
b. 65-10th Ramzan
c. 70-10th Mohrum
d.75-7th Mohrum
25. Name the Eid of the week
a. Eid-ul-Haj
c. Eid-ul-Juma
26. Who was the Governor of Mecca when
Abraha attacked the Holy Kaba?
a. Prophet Mohmed
b.Abu Talib
c. Abdullah
d. Abdul Muttalib
27. Which Sura Explains the incident of
Abrahas Attack on Kaba?
a. Sur-e-Hamd
b. Sur-e-Fil
c. Sur-e-Kausher
28. What is the meaning of the word Kauther?
a. Name of the river
b. Great stream in heaven
c. Name of the women
d.Non of the above
29. According to the Holy Prophet who will
distribute water of Kausher?
a. Imam Mehdi (a.s.)
b. Imam Ali (a.s.)
c. Imam Hussain (a.s.)
d.Imam Hasan (a.s.)

1. A sentence that begins with disbelief in Allah and ends in belief.
2. What is the longest verse (aya'a) in the Holy Quran?
3. Name one type of prayer that does not require one to perform ablution (Wudhu) for.
4. Name the two forms of Jihad.
5. Name the two sets of Angels that have been authorized by Allah to ask us
questions in the grave. There are two angels sent for the Believer and
a different two for the disbeliever.
6. Name the battle which Imam Ali (peace be upon him) fought in against:
a) Those who reneged on the oath of allegiance they had given.
b) Those committing tyranny in the land.
c) The defectors.
7. Name this personality. He was a faithful companion of Imam Ali and Imam Hasan.
He was murdered by Muawiya at 'Marj Adhra'a' in Syria because of his love for
8. Who are the five Prophets that came with Messages for all mankind?
9. Name the person that Ibn Abbas has referring to in his poem:
You rode a mule
You rode a camel
And if you had lived longer
You would have ridden an elephant
10. A dog happened to pass by two pools each containing 384L of water (kur). This
dog drank from one pool and urinated in the other. Which of these pools would be
considered pure (taher) for performing Wudhu from its water? Why?
1. There is No God except Allah, the sentence begins with There is no God which is
disbelief and ends in except Allah which is belief.
2. al-Baqarah 2:282.
3. Prayers on the dead (salat al-mayit).
4. Jihad al-nafs (also known as jihad al-akbar, which is instilling within yourself the
true Islamic principles) and Jihad asghar (fighting the enemies of Islam in holy war) .
5. Munkar and Nakeer (they come to the disbelievers and sinful) and Bashir and
Basheer (they come to the faithful).
6. Those who reneged (Talha, Zubair)-Battle of Camel, The tyrants (Muawiyah and
his army)-Battle Sifeen, The defectors (al-Kharijites)-Battle of Nahrawan.
7. Hijr Bin Ouday killed by Muawiyyah, a shrine to honour him is located in Syria.
8. Prophets Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed (peace and blessing of
Allah upon them).
9. Aisha daughter of Abu Bakr. She rode a mule when she went to the Prophets
mosque in order to prevent Imam Hasan from being buried next to his grandfather
and rode a camel when she opposed Imam Ali in the Battle of the Camel.

10. The pool that was urinated in would be considered taher because the 384L (kur)
of water did not decrease and the urination in this pool did not change its colour,
whereas the pool the dog drank from decreased due to his drinking from it and since a
dog is impure (najis) this meant that the water was not one (kur) anymore and thus
unsuitable for performing wudhu with.

1. In which Chapter of the Quran is Ayat al-Kursi and what is the Verse Number (ayah)?
2. Who is Prophet Moses addressing in this Verse from the Quran, "May I follow you on
the condition that you teach me something of the (Higher) Truth, which you have been
taught. (18:66)?
3. A whole chapter was revealed in honour of Sayyeda Fatima, Imams Ali, Hasan and
Husain. Name that Chapter (surah)
4. What is the last verse (ayah) that was revealed to Prophet Mohammed in the Quran?
5. During his caliphate, whom did Imam Ali appoint as the Governor of Egypt?
6. Why did Imam Husain, cut short his hajj and leave Mecca on the eighth of Dhul Hujja?
7. Who was it that poisoned Imam Hasan?
8. Name two of Imam Husains messenger to the people of Kufa?
9. Name 3 events that make it obligatory upon us to perform Salat al-ayat
10. Name 5 recommended prayers (salat mustahaba)

Answers to Last
Issues Quiz:
1. Ayat al-Kursi is in Chapter Al-Baqara, verses 255,256,257
2. He is addressing Hadhrat Khidr (a.s)
3. It is Chapter Al-Insaan, also known as Al-Dahr
4. The last verse revealed was 5:3
5. Mohammad Bin Abi Bakr
6. Imam Hussein cut short his hajj because Yazid was going to kill him there and
the Imam didnt want the sanctity of the Holy Kaaba to be violated. And on the
other hand if the Imam had been killed in Hajj, Yazid would not have been
exposed for his treachery.
7. Joda bint Al-Ashath. She was the Imams wife. Muawiya promised her
marriage to Yazid if she poisoned Imam Hassan.
8. Muslim bin Aqeel and Qais bin Musahhar
9. Earthquake, Lunar eclipse, Solar eclipse, severe storms, hurricanes, tornados,

(any natural disasters that one becomes fearful of).

10. Salat Jamadi Thani, Salat the first of each month, Salat Jaafar atTayyar, Salat
Eid, Salat Nawafil (prayers done after each of the obligatory prayers), Visitation
Prayers (prayed after reciting ziyara), Night Prayers (salat al-layl).

1. Name the Chapter of the Quran read by Jaafar bin Abi Taleb to the King of AlHabasha (ethiopia)?
2. Name 10 Prophets Named in the Holy Quran?
3. Three names that Day of Judgement is known by in the Holy Quran?
4. Who was Prophet Ibrahim talking to when he said, Surely Allah causes the sun to rise
from the East, then make it rise from the West?
5. What is the name of the book revealed to Daoud?
6. Name three types of recommended baths (ghusl)?
7. What are the five main principles of prayers (arkan)?
8. When was the date of birth of Imam al-Askari, and the date of his Martyrdom?
9. Name the accursed person who poisoned Imam al-Askari.
10. Clothes worn during Ehram while one is performing the Holy Pilgrimage have to be
white or the Hajj becomes void. True/False?
. The Chapter of Maryam was the chapter read by Jaafar b. Abi Taleb to the King of alHabasha
2. Prophets named in the Quran are, Prophets Mohammad, Moses, Ibrahim, Noah,
Zachariyah, Ismael, Jacob, Jesus, Mohammad, Lut, Ilyas, Saleh, Sulaiman, Dawood,
Haroun, Thul-Qarnain, Yousef, Hud, al-Yasaa, Shuaib, Isaac, Adam, Ayoub, Idrees.
3. Day of Judgement known in Quran by these names Al-Qiyamah, yowm al-Hisab,
Yowm al-Deen
4. Prophet Ibrahim was talking with Namrud, the despot king of the time.
5. Book of David (Dawood) was the Zaboor
6. Recommended baths are Jumua (Friday), Ziyarat, circumbulation (tawaf) of the Kaaba
7. Takbirat al-Ihram, al-Qiyam, Ruku, Sujood, Tashahhud
8. Imam al-Askari was born on the 8th Rabi Thani 232ah, and the time of his martyrdom
is the 8th Rabi Awal 260ah
9. Al-Motamid al-Abbassi poisoned Imam al-Askari
10 False. It is only recommended (mustahab) to wear white clothes during pilgrimage

1. Name three actions/deeds related in hadeeth that prolongs ones life.

2. What is the difference between Principle Tenets of Islam (Usul al-Deen) and Branches
of Religion (furuu al-deen)?
3. Name the verse in the Quran that points to the movement of the Earth.
4. What verse in the Quran is known as the Verse of Purification?
5. What was the lowly characteristic that brought down Satan (Iblees)?
6. How many people are needed in order to validate congregational prayers (Jamaa)?
7. What is the next life we move on to after death and before Day of Judgment?
8. Name the chapters in the Quran that have to be joined together when recited in prayers,
and are considered as one Chapter when joined.
9. The obedience of whom has Allah likened as obedience unto Him?
10.In hadeeth it says that the signs of a faithful (moumin) is five, name these five signs.

Set of Questions on Quran


105. Which surah was revealed for the midhat

(praise) of the ahlul bayt?
a. Daher
b. Mohammad
c. Maun
d. Qadr
106. What is another name for surah-e-Tawba?
a. Gunha
b. Barat
c. Ahzab
d. Thawab
107. In which surah did Allah mention the
length of the Day of Judgement?
a. Surah Fatir : 12 yrs
b. Surah Mehraj: 50,000 yrs
c. Surah Qadr : 124,000
d. Surah Maeda 2 days
108. How many times is Allah recited in the
Ayatul Kursi?
a. 99
b. 12
c. 4
d. 14


Complete Set of Questions on Quran

1. Which surah was revealed after the treaty of
a. Surah Fatah and Sural al Nasr
2. Surah Al-Insan is known by what other
a. Surah Jinn
b. Surah Inshirah
c. Surah Maun
d. Surah Dahar*
3. What are the other names of Surah Al-Asra?
a. Banu Israil Asra
4. In which surah is sajdah mandatory?
a. fussilat
b. najm
c. alaq
d. all of the above *
5. How many surahs begin with oaths?
a. 14
b. 20 *
c. 30
d. 70
6. How many of Gods beautiful names are
mentioned in the Quran?
a. 70
b. 99
c. 127 *
d. 999

7. Which prophet mentioned in Quran came to

this world with no father?
a. Adam and Ibrahim
b. Ibrahim and Moses
c. Adam and Jesus *
d. Jesus and Moses
8. Which prophet was famous for being placed
in a basket?
a. Noah
b. Moses *
c. Yusuf
d. Yunus
9. The fountain of Zamzam is the miracle of
which prophet?
a. Ibrahim
b. Ismail *
c. Isaaq
d. Muhammad
10. In Prophet Mosess time, the wealth of
which rich person was buried in the ground?
a. Haroon
b. Maruf
c. Qarun *
d. Firon
11. In which prophet used to make armor?
a. Ibrahim
b. David*
c. Jesus
d. Both a & b
12. How many times is Bismillah mentioned
in the Quran?

c. Surah-e-Ala
d. Surah-e-Noor
100. Which surahs are named after attributes of
a. Rehman
b. Ala
c. Noor
d. All of the above
101. Which surah is known as Saba-e-Masani
a. Surah al-Hamd
b. Surah-e-Ikhlas
c. Surah-e-Tawheed
d. Surah-e-Saba
102. Which surahs are not named after times of
a. Lail
b. Falak
c. Fajr
d. Din
103. How many surahs are in the 30th separa?
a. 114
b. 37
c. 26
d. 40
104. Which surah is highly recommended to
recite for namaz-e-juma?
a. Yaseen
b. Qadr
c. Munafaqoon
d. Nas


a. Surah al Qadr
b. Surah An-Nisa
c. Surah Al-Hamd *
d. Surah e-Tawheed
96. Which surah begins without Bismillah..?
a. Surah al-Hadid
b. Surah Al-Asr
c. Surah e- Barat
d. Surah Al-Qiyama
97. Which surah has a wajib sajdah?
a. Surah al Qadr
b. Surah al Sajdah
c. Surah an Naml
d. Surah al Fath
98. Which surah is named for the day of
a. Surah e- Qiyama, surah e- rad,
surah e- fatiha
b. Surah e-Rad, Surah-e-Waqea, Surahe-Qaea,Surah-e-Naba
c. Surah e-Qiyama,Surah-e-Rad, Surahe-Waqea,Surah-e-Naba,Surah-eZizal, Surah-e-Hash, Surah-eTagabun
d. Surah-e-Tagabun, Surah-e-Hash,
Surah-e-Qiyama, Surah-e-Qadr,
99. From which surah can u remove the first
alif and get the first imams name?
a. Surah-e-Muhammad
b. Surah-e-Ali


a. 70
b. 114 *
c. 115
d. 116
13. What is the other name of Surah al Fatir
a. Mumin
b. Mulk
c. Malaikah *
d. Mutaffifin
14. What is the other name of Surah al Mulk?
a. Munija
b. Mania
c. Waqiah
d. all of the above *
15. How many times is the word zakat
mentioned in Quran?
a. 27
b. 28
c. 31
d. 34
16. How many times in the phrase death and
life mentioned in the Quran?
a. 95
b. 134
c. 145 *
d. 154
17. In which surah are abu Lahab and his wife
a. Surah Fil
b. Surah Tabbat *
c. Surah al Nahl

d. Surah al Furqan
18. In which surah is it mentioned that Ali will
govern after the Prophet Muhammad?
a. S. Maidah, A. 67 *
b. Surah al Hamd 7
c. Surah al Aala 23
d. Surah al Insaan 14
19. What are the other four names of the Quran?
a. Furqan,Tanzil, Mubin, Majid *
b. Tanzil, Mubin, Majid, Rahman
c. Furqan, Maun, Mubin, Majid
d. Furqan,Tanzil, Majid, Maun
20. In which surah is the battle of Badr
a. Surah al Mursalat
b. Surah al Infaal
c. Surah al Qadr
d. Surah al Saff
21. Which animal did Abrahas army bring to
destroy the holy kaba?
a. Camels
b. Elephant *
c. Birds
d. He did not bring any animals
22. What type of animal accompanied Ashbe
Keahf, what was its name?
a. Dog, Kitmir *
b. Camel kitmir
c. Horse mitkir
d. Camel mitkir

c. Yaseen 14
d. Kafirun 4
90. What is the best month?
a. Ramzan *
b. Moharam
c. Shaban
d. Rajab
91. What is the best night?
a. Sub-e-Ashur
b. Sub-e-Qadr *
c. Sub-e-Juma
d. Sub-e-Mehraj
92. What is the most important verse of the
a. Ayat al-kursi *
b. Al Hamd 1
c. Al Bakara 282
d. Al Qadr 1
93. What is the biggest animal in the quran?
a. Giraffe
b. Elephant *
c. Whale
d. Camel
94. What is the smallest animal mentioned in
the Quran?
a. Ant
b. Mosquito *
c. Bee
d. Dog
95. What surah is known as the mother of the


d. 23,672
84. How many times is the word Quran
mentioned in the Quran?
a. 45
b. 70
c. 124,000
d. 114
85. What is the shortest surah in the Quran?
a. Ikhlas
b. Tawheed
c. Kausar *
d. Al Hamd
86. What is the longest surah in the Quran?
a. Fateha
b. Qadr
c. Fil
d. Bakara *
87. What surah summarizes the whole Quran?
a. Tawheed
b. Al Hamd *
c. Al Bakara
d. Nas
88. Reciting which surah 3 times is equal to the
sawab of the Quran Quran?
a. Nas
b. Ikhlas *
c. Qadr
d. Fateha
89. What is the longest ayat of the Quran
a. Bakara 282 *
b. Ayatul Kursi


23. Which Quranic surah is named after an

a. Nahal
b. Namal
c. Ta ha
d. Both a &b *
24. How many years asabe keahf sleep in the
a. 209
b. 309 *
c. 408
d. 500
25. In which surah does every verse contain the
name of God (Allah) in it ?
a. Surah al Infitar
b. Surah Al Shams
c. Surah al Buruj
d. Surah al Mujadalah *
26. In which surah does the vowel mark kasrah
(zair) only occur once after Bismillah Allah?
a. Surah al Nisa
b. Surah al Tauhid
c. Surah al Tur
d. Surah al Takwir
27. Which surah is named after a nation?
a. al Qasas
b. Al Rum *
c. Bani Israel
d. Imran
28. Which surah is named after a day?
a. Surah al Fajr

b. Surah Al Jumah *
c. Sural al Mulk
d. Surah al Hashr
29. Which surah is named after a month?
a. Surah al Fajr
b. Surah al Raad
c. Surah al Zammar
d. Al-Hajj *
30. Which surah is named after a metal?
a. Al Hujurat
b. Al Hadid *
c. Al Tari q
d. Al tahrim
31. What is special about the ayah rabbika
a. It has 4 of Allahs holy names within
b. It is the same read backwards and
forwards *
c. It is the most special ayat in the holy
d. It contains no dots in it
32. Which ayah of Surah Al Fatihah contains all
the letters from alif to ya?
a. First ayah
b. Baqr 282
c. Bayyinah 282
d. The last ayah*
33. how many surah begin with al hamd?
a. 4
b. 5 *
c. 6

d. 30
78. How many ayats are in the Quran?
a. 90
b. 114
c. 30
d. 6236 *
79. How many nuqats are in the Quran?
a. 1,015,030 *
b. 1,000,0000
c. 786
d. 30
80. How many zabar are in the Quran?
a. 93,243 *
b. 100,000
c. 90
d. 114
81. How many rukus are in the Quran?
a. 2,000
b. 1,000 *
c. 100
d. 6,236
82. How many waqafs in the Quran?
a. 5,098 *
b. 6,000
c. 114
d. 30
83. How many letters are used in the Quran?
a. 456,789
b. 1,000,000
c. 323,671*


d. 19253
72. How many hurroffs are there?
a. 1771
b. 4808
c. 19253
d. 323671 *
73. How many tsheed are there in the Quran?
a. 1771
b. 4808
c. 19253*
d. 323671
74. What is the most used letter in the Quran?
a. Alif *
b. Zabbar
c. Dal
d. Mim
75. What is the least used letter in the Quran?
a. Zabbar
b. alif
c. min
d. Za *
76. What surah is famous for the story of the
camel of prophet Salih?
a. Surah al-shams *
b. Surah al saffat
c. Surah al dukhan
d. Surah al qaf
77. How many surahs are in the Quran?
a. 110
b. 114*
c. 6236


d. 10
34. How many surahs begin with inna?
a. 4
b. 5
c. 6
d. 10
35. Which surah is known as Imam Hussain s
a. Surah al noor
b. Surah al Fajr *
c. Surah al fath
d. Surah al Hujurat
36. How many surahs are Meccan?
a. 28
b. 29
c. 86
d. 87
37. How many surahs are Medani (Medinite)
a. 28
b. 29
c. 86
d. 87
38. Which surah is named after a famous
scholar (hakim)?
a. Qamar
b. Luqman *
c. Abasa
d. Shams
39. Which surah is named after an Islamic
a. Balad

b. Azhab *
c. Yud
d. Furqan
40. Which surah is revealed in the language of
a. Anbiya
b. Al Hamd *
c. Yud
d. Imran
41. Which surahs numerologist value equals
the numeriological value of the names of the
14 masums?
a. Qalam
b. al Asr
c. Al buruj
d. Al fajr
42. How many surahs begin with Qul?
a. 3
b. 4
c. 5
d. 6
43. Which surah has Allah in the beginning
and the end?
a. Surah al nas
b. Surah Al Zumar *
c. Surah al qaf
d. Surah al ahqaf
44. Which surah ends with a prayer (dua)?
a. surah al kausar
b. Surah al Baqarah *
c. Surah yaseen


66. In which surah are rules of marriage

a. surah al imran
b. surah al naba
c. surah al adiyat
d. Surah nisa*
67. Which surah is famous for moral and
character attributes?
a. Surah Hujraat *
b. Surah al shura
c. Surah al qaf
d. Surah al hamd
68. What surah is related to Imam Ali?
a. Surah al fajr
b. Surah al alal
c. Surah al hajj
d. Surah Adeyaat *
69. How many times does pesh appears?
a. 120
b. 1771
c. 4808 *
d. 19253
70. How many times does mad appear?
a. 120 *
b. 1771
c. 4808
d. 19253
71. How many zair are there?
a. 120
b. 1771 *
c. 4808


61. How many times word Ayatul Kursi?

a. 3
b. 4
c. 5 *
d. 8
62. In which verse of Quran (Asmae Husna) has
three of Allahs beautiful name used in one
a. Ayatul kursi
b. Bismillah ir Rahman nir Rahim*
c. Al baqr 282
d. All of the above
63. Which Quranic chapter name is also the
name of the Quran?
a. Surah Furqan *
b. Surah al kahf
c. Surah al nur
d. Surah al sad
64. Which Quranic surah is named after allah
and its attrtibutes?
a. surah rahman *
b. surah al saffat
c. surah al fath
d. surah al tur
65. In which surah are there 5 punishments
mentioned in one verse?
a. Surah Nisa *
b. Surah al araf
c. Surah al insaan
d. Surah al luqman


d. Surah al tariq
45. In which surah so all the ayahs end with the
letter dal?
a. Surah ihklas
b. Surah al infitar
c. Surah al hamd
d. Surah al insaan
46. Which ayat of Surat-al-Tauhid does not have
any dots in it?
a. Bismillah
b. Allahu al samad *
c. Lamulaleed
d. All of the above
47. Name those surahs whose names do not
contain any dots?
a. Hamd
b. Tur
c. Rad,
d. All of the above *
48. What is the name of the bird mentioned in
the Quran that has no dots metioned in its
a. Hudulul
b. Hudhud *
c. Halead
d. Haleedah
49. Which are the two mentions of Gods name
(dhikr ilahi) that do not have any dots?
a. La ilaha illa Allah. Al Hamdu liallah


50. What was the name of the diobidient son of

Prophet Noah?
a. Kanon*
b. Qaroon
c. Haroon
d. Ishnaq
51. What book is called Brother of the Quran?
a. The bible
b. The torah
c. Nahj al Balaghah*
d. Both a & b
52. Which Imam read the Quran with the most
beautiful voice?
a. Imam Zain-al-Abidin*
b. Imam Muhammad Baqr
c. Imam Jaffar Sadiq
d. Imam Musa Kazim
53. Which surah repeats a verse 31 times?
a. Surah al Naas
b. Surah al Shura
c. Surah al Anam
d. Surah-al Rahmaan*
54. Which is not an angles name metioned in the
a. Jibrael
b. Mekeal,
c. Haroot
d. Hujurat *
55. Which rivers name came in the Quran?
a. Neal
b. Farat


c. Faraz
d. Both a &b *
56. What was the last surah received in Medina?
a. Surah al nisa
b. surah al naas
c. sural al fur
d. Surah Nasr *
57. How many time word salat used in Quran?
a. 67
b. 76 *
c. 87
d. 97
58. How many times is the word Imam used in
the Quran?
a. 5
b. 6
c. 12*
d. 14
59. How many times word hizab used in the
a. 19
b. 24
c. 29*
d. 39
60. How many surahs of the Quran are named
after special people?
a. 4
b. 5
c. 6
d. 8 *