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EDU 543 VAPA Lesson Plan

Mothers day flower/ ELA VAPA

Grade Level: Third

Candidate Name: Karlee Loper

Locate a VAPA lesson plan on WWW and work backwards to fill out this lesson plan form. Fill out the student
information form at the end of this lesson plan to help you know your individual students. Download TPA 1
and 2 and use as a reference as you complete this lesson plan. This plan is intended to provide you with some
of the major skills and types of writing needed for completing TPA 1 and 2.
Learning about your students: Locate or develop an interest survey you could use to learn about your
students: Google interest surveys for elementary students and get ideas. Arts and PE are great areas of
the curriculum to learn more about the interests and attitudes of your students and helps you plan other
content area lessons.

Describe the students in this class: Use your fieldwork school for
information. (view their web site and find supporting information)
Include the following:

List potential high risk (type

of) students, issues, or
anticipated difficulties with

Average Age-9
SES level-average
Likes/dislikes- girls like dolls boys like to play soccer
General Background experience in this content area.
Types of learning opportunities needed for this group
Developmental needs of this group in grade: the students need to be able to
list what they love about their mom.
Any other specific information needed concerning the students who will be
engaged in this lesson.
All of the students have specific needs. The students on IEPs and 504s will be
able to be adapted to so that they can successfully complete this assignment.

engaging students in this

learning opportunity.
The high risk will be
students who dont
celebrate holidays and or
dont have a mother.
The students may have
difficulties sounding out and
correctly spelling the
information they want to
write about their moms.

State Adopted Content Standard(s)

How do these standards

integrate across the
List /explain possible links:
Language Arts: we can link
this to the students writing
on the flowers for mothers
Social Studies:
What specifically will
students be able to know
or do?
Students will be able to
tell their moms they love
them because
Rationale: Why did you
select these materials? I
selected these materials
so that they will be able
to be holding the
flower in the picture they
give to their mom.


Use linking words and phrases (e.g., because, therefore, since, for example) to
connect opinion and reasons.
3.1 Describe how art plays a role in reflecting life
(e.g., in photography,
quilts, architecture).

Academic learning goals (objectives)

Students will be able to tell their moms why they love them at the
end of this lesson with 100% accuracy and uniqueness.

Materials, Technology, other Resources

Flower template, final draft flower, paper for the final draft, pipe cleaners.
Pictures of the children. A lined piece of paper.

Assessment: What evidence of learning will you collect during this

lesson that will indicate the extent the students have completed the
lesson goals?
When the students turn in their final draft flower I will know that they
have completed the lesson goals. They also need to complete a
paragraph about how art plays a role in reflecting life. This will be
displayed on their desks at open house.

Why did you select this

evidence of learning and
how will it show student
competence? I chose this
because the students
need to be able to use
linking words and
phrases to connect
opinions and reasons.

Instructional Strategies: What content specific instructional strategies are

you using to teach this lesson?
I will have the students think-pair-share to come up with ideas of what to write
on each petal of the flower.

Rationale: Why did you

select these strategies?
I selected this strategy
because the students will be
able to think of different
reasons of why they love
their moms together.

Student Learning Activities:

List Activities and describe each of the teaching steps in the order that you will
implement each step.
Activity One:

Rationale: Why did you

select these activities?
I selected these
activities so that the

Warm Up: have the students fill out a draft of the flower so that it can be

students flowers will be

absolutely perfect.

Step 1: give the students the correction and the final draft and have them fill
it in.

Step 2: glue the flower and the picture of them together to give to their moms
for mothers day.
Step 3: Give the students a paper to reflect on how art plays a role in life.
After this the students need to write in paragraph form what roles art plays in
reflecting life.

Student Work: Make the assignment/activity (use as a model).

Student Grouping
How will students be grouped during this lesson? Keep in mind that the
groupings may change during the lesson (ex. begin with whole group and then
divide into small groups).
Students will just stay in their seat for this activity (whole group). If they need
to move around to ask a question.
Progress Monitoring of Student Learning:
I will monitor what the students are writing by checking their rough
drafts before they are able to get the final flower.

Difficulties: List and explain the 2-3 difficulties or problems you anticipate
that all students might have with this content and these learning activities.
Coming up with reasons of why they love their mom besides because she buys
them stuff. Being able to write neatly. Being able to spell every word.
Explain how you will solve these problems so all students will learn to full
I will solve these problems by brainstorming with the whole class. I will make

How will they help

students accomplish the
lesson goal and
The students will be
helped to accomplish
this goal and standard
by talking in groups to
figure out what is
important to them. They
will also talk about what
roles art plays in
reflecting life.
Explain how you will use
this work sample.
I will use this work
sample to send home
with the students for
their moms for Mothers
Rationale: Why did you
select this type of
grouping (ex. whole
group, small groups,
boys, girls, ELA/ELD)?
The reason I chose this
type of grouping
How will you monitor
how the students are
doing with learning this
lesson? I will monitor
how the students are
doing with this lesson by
walking around and
helping the students. For
the students who need
more help I will work
with them.
Why do you think these
might be potential
I think these would be
potential problems

sure that on the rough draft I check their spelling. The students work must also
be eligible so that their mom can read it.
Adaptations: List steps that you could take to ensure learning for specific students experiencing these
difficulties in the spaces below.
ELD Learner:
Rationale: the students
will need more direction
and this helps the
The student will be able to tell me what they love about their mom
parents feel the students
direct feeling about
They wont be able to spell the words
Your intervention or adaptation:
Helping the students write out what they love about their mom
Special Needs Learner:
Try to talk to the students about what they enjoy
Cant express themselves
Your intervention or adaptation:
Help the students

I want the students to be
able to tell their mom
what they love about her.

Student with Behavior Issues:

Students can express themselves
Students expressions may not be appropriate
Your intervention or adaptation:
Watching everything they write.

The reason I chose this is
because the students
need to show their true
emotions and not show
their behavior problems.

Reflection: What have you learned about planning instruction for a diverse student population in this content
I have learned that you have to find an activity that will work well for most students. You also need to try to
What area of this instructional plan was easy to complete?
The area of picking out what the students are going to do was easy to complete
What area will you need more knowledge/skill in order to do the task well?
I will need more knowledge of how to integrate standards into this to do the task well.

Use form below for finding out about your students prior to planning
your lessons/fieldwork
Getting to know your students - Work Backwards: What questions can you ask to
get the information in this case study? Turn each statement into a question and
provide a source or a person you could ask to get this information.
Zoie is a 9 year old third grade student at River Springs Charter School. Zoie has a hard time processing the information
that they are being taught. She has not been seen for an IEP but can not spell very common words. She is very social but
tends to rush through her work to try to move on to something next. She gets through tests extremely quick and doesnt
seem to read the material.
Question 1: Does Zoie have any siblings?

Ask her

2.What subjects does Zoie enjoy?

Ask her /check her test scores

3 Why does Zoie rush through things?

I would ask her

4 What subject does Zoie struggle with the most?

Check the grades

5 What does Zoie do for fun?

Ask Zoie

6 Do you do your homework every day?

Ask Zoie. Check Zoies homework grade.