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| Airbus A320 FMGS Free Play Trainer |

Version 3.20 RELEASE NOTES
This file lists the points which have changed between the version V3.10
and the version V3.20 of the Airbus-A320 FMGS Free-Play Trainer software.
1. Simulation of FMGS Load 'GPS Standard C1'(selectable through the configuratio
2. Simulation of the QFE option (selectable through the configuration software).
3. All the text displays on the PFD and ND are now anti-aliased. This produces a
very smooth animation, especially on the waypoints names on the ND.
4. The name of the FMGS.ini can be redefined on the command line. The ini file
must be located in the main FMGS/T software directory. The name and extension
can be defined as follows : '-I<name.ext>'.
5. Navaids autotuning correction : in the previous versions, if one VOR was manu
tuned to the navaid that was currently autotuned, the opposite autotuned VOR
changed without reason to another navaid.
6. Correction of the configuration software (ConfA320.exe) to initialize
properly the Engine Type selection upon application start.
7. Suppression of the "EOSID" label blinking on the MCDU DEPARTURE page.
8. Correction of KA#007 : V2 display logic on PFD when resetting the FMA (in Dua
9. The position of the Altitude Waypoints is now also updated during the Go-Arou
10.The second AP is now disengaged after the Go-Around modes are lost and not wh
the Go-Around phase is engaged (KA#027).
11.The EOSID and the Temporary Flight Plans are now correctly drawn in YELLOW,
instead of AMBER in the previous versions (KA#018).
12.Improvement of stringing rules between SID Transitions and En-Route waypoints
13.Improvement of stringing rules between STAR and APPR waypoints, when no VIA
is inserted between (KA#006).
14.The waypoints belonging to the Alternate Flight Plan are not displayed any
more on the DIR TO MCDU page (KA#024).
15.The Speed Constraints that are part of the missed approach are now considered
during the Go-Around Phase (KA#031).
16.The entry of the SPD LIM altitude and speed has been corrected : both values

now be entered simultaneoulsy. A software crash occuring in Dual Side configu
has also been corrected (KA#030).
17.The Wind Prediction model for the Descent part of the profile has been improv
18.The Baud rate to communicate with the 3D MCDU(s) can now be set through the .
configuration software. CAUTION : it must be set accordingly with the rate de
in the MCDU "Technician Menu".
19.The CRZ TEMP field on the MCDU "FUEL PRED" page is now dashed upon sequencing
the T/C.
20.The calculation of the OPTIMUM CRZ FL (as displayed on the MCDU "PROG" page)
been vastly improved. The calculation is now also a function of the aircraft
(wether it is an A319, A320 or A321) and the engine type (wether it is a CFM
or an
IAE engine).
21.Correction of To Wpt distance disply on ND, in Preflight phase (NWA#210).