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Direction: Encircle the letter that corresponds to your answer in each

of the following questions.
1. Child-Friendly School inclusive, gender-sensitive and non-discriminating
when it:
a. Has a curriculum that address the childs learning needs as well as
those of the community and society
b. Employ teaching methods that are suited to the childs age, abilities
and ways of learning
c. Gives boys and girls equal learning opportunities, threats children
equally, regardless of gender, social status, cultural origin on religious
d. Encourages children to think and decide for themselves, ask questions
and express their opinions.
2. The following are the characteristics of an effective child-friendly school
a. Has the best interest of the child in mind in all learning activities
b. Has a curriculum that addresses the childs learning needs as well as
those of the community and society
c. Does not turn away any child from enrolling and attending classes for
whatever reason
d. Encourages children to think and decide for themselves ask questions
and express their opinions.
3. A Child-friendly school should aspire for the following goals, EXCEPT one:
a. Encourages childrens participation in school and community
b. Ensure childrens high academic achievement and success
c. Enhance childrens health and well-being
d. Encouraged sustained high enrolment and completion rate
4. Which of the following are the characteristics of an effective child-friendly
Maintains a learning environment of courtesy and respect for different
Provides gender-fair opportunities for learning
Provides learners with a variety of learning experiences
IV. Takes measures to maximize anxiety and fear of the teacher
a. I, II, III
b. II, III, and IV
c. I, II, and IV
d. I, II, III, and IV
5. The following are some of childrens right EXCEPT one:
a. Children have the right to appropriate early reading instruction based
on their individual needs
b. Children have the right to well-prepared teachers who keeps their
skills up to date through effective professional development
c. Children have a right to classroom that optimize learning opportunities
d. Children have the right to school that have strong school-community
6. The following are the components of the National Drug Education Program
a. Curriculum and instruction
b. Parent education and community outreach
c. Pre-service and in-service training of teachers
d. Ancillary services; and research and evaluation

7. In promoting School Health Program, the principal may strengthen the

following schools dental service/program EXCEPT one:
a. Sodium Fluoride Mouthrinsing Project
b. Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART)
c. Teacher-Child Parent ( TCP) Approach Program
d. Bright Smiles Bright Future Program
b. School-Based Preventive Nephrology project
c. School- Based Breakfast Feeding Program
d. School Based Milk Feeding Project
9. One of tools used in CFSS ( Child Friendly School System) to track down
the pupils participation in school is the:
a. Effective Teaching-Learning Guide
b. Student Tracking System
c. Gender Sensitivity Guide
d. Self - Assessment Guide
The tax exemption allowed by law for Adopt-A-School
donor/benefactor is equal to the:
a. Amount being donated
b. Donated amount plus 50%
c. Fifty percent of the amount donated
d. Seventy-five percent of the amount donated
This is one of the Innovations introduced by DepEd to strengthen
school-based management through decentralized construction
management and principal empowerment with active participation of the
community and technical assistance from professional engineers.
a. DPWH-Led school-Building Project
b. LGU-Led School Building Project
c. Principal-Led School Building Project
d. Principal-LGU Joint School Building Project
R.A 9184 (An Act Providing for the modernization, Standardization and
Regulation of the procurement Activities of the Government and for the
other purposes) upholds the following principle in government
procurement EXCEPT one:
a. Competitiveness by extending equal opportunity to all public and
private parties who are eligible and qualified, to participate a public
b. Transparency in the procurement process and in the implementation
of procurement contracts through wide non-government organization
c. System accountability is exclusively intended for the party(ies)
d. Revised procurement process that will apply government procurement
Per RA 9184 Competitive Bidding and public Bidding shall have the
same meaning. This method of procurement is open to any interested
party and consists of the following series of activities, EXCEPT one:
a. Pre-bid conference
b. Eligibility screening of prospective bidder
c. Receipt and opening of bids, and closure and evaluation of bids
d. Post-qualification and award of contract

Aside from BAC (Bids and Awards Committee) the head of the
procuring entity shall create a Technical Working Group (TWG) from a
pool/technical, financial and/or legal expert to assists in the procurement
process, particularly in the eligibility screening and in the
a. Evaluation of bids and pre-qualification
b. Evaluation of bids and post-qualification
c. Resolving motions for reconsideration
d. Resolving motions and awarding of contract
In the implementing BRIGADA ESKWELA, the School Principal and the
PTA should organized the work groups through the following approaches
a. Document the effort of networking
b. Appoint work teams and team leaders
c. Agree on specific tasks per team per day
d. Organize the logistics as to who will be responsible for the directions
Who is an authorized person to accept/received donations, gifts,
bequest and grants in accordance with existing laws and policy of the
DepED for the purpose of upgrading teachers/learning facilitators
a. School principal
b. School PTA president
c. School PTA Treasurer
d. School BAC chairman
The DepEd Program that aims to develop its members to become
active partners in nation building and to achieve competitiveness and
productivity through the different skills in agri-fishery, home economics,
Industrial arts and entrepreneurship, is:
a. SSG
d. YES-O
Boy Scouting is a continuing program for every boy from pre-school
into young manhood. It consists of the following activities KID Scouting,
KAB Scouting, Boy Scouting and :
a. Senior Scouting and Patrol System
b. Rover Scouting
c. Senior and Rover Scouting
d. Rover Scouting and Commissioner Training
The following are DepEd nationally-initiated projects of the Bureau of
Alternative Learning System (BALS) except one:
a. Accreditation and Equivalency Program (ALSA & E)
b. Comprehensive Barangay Development Program (COBDEP)
c. BaliksaPaaralan Out-of-School Adults (BP-OSA)
d. Basic Literacy Program thru Literacy Service Contracting Scheme
As provided in RA 7160 (Local Government Code) The local School
Board has the following functions, EXCEPT one:
a. Serves as an advisory committee to the Sanggunian on educational
b. Recommend changes in the name of public school within the territorial
jurisdiction of the local government unit for enactment by the
c. Authorized the Treasurer to disburse funds from the special Education
Fund taken from National Budget
d. Determine the Annual Supplementary Budget for the operations and
maintenance of public schools


The annual School Board Budget shall give priority to:

a. Construction, repair and maintenance of school buildings and other
facilities of public elementary and secondary schools
b. School Building, establishment of extension classes and sports
c. Sport Activities at the Division, District Municipality and Barangay
d. Organization of non-formal education classes in far-flung barangays

In 1990. A Congressional Commission to Review and ASSESS
Philippine Education System known as EDCOM was created by a joint
resolution of congress. EDCOM study showed a declining quality education
a. The education establishment is poorly managed and government is
not investing enough in the education system
b. There is graft and corruption in all the four levels of its structure and
Philippines is rated No. 3
c. There are many layers of education-Basic Education, Higher Education
and Tech-voc Program
d. Lack of financial resources
In pursuit of having an accreditation for public secondary schools, the
following major areas have been look into 1.)
Culture, administration
and resources, 2.) Faculty and Instruction, 3.) School and community; and
a. Performance appraise of teachers
c. student outcomes
b. Outstanding achievement of the high school d. instructional materials
and resources

The acronym APPES means

Accreditation Program for Principals of Elementary Schools
Accreditation Program for Public Elementary Schools
Accreditation Program for Private Elementary Schools
Accreditation Process for Public Elementary Schools


Accreditation is a concept on:

Regulation and assistance of all education stakeholders
Activities could be done by the school alone
What the school can do to improve the quality of education
Self-regulation which focus on evaluation and the continuing
improvement of education quality

DepEd Order No. 51, s. 2004 has formally launched MADRASAH
Program in public schools system. What is its best feature?
a. It provides a Matching Fund for the Muslim ASATIDZ/teachers
b. It provides the standard curriculum on Islamic studies and Arabic
c. It designs the regular BEC curriculum with Arabic languages and
Islamic culture
d. It provides assistance to Private Madaris to answer peace and order
conflict in Mindanao
The provision of inclusive education as anchored on the philosophy
that all children and youth with special needs must receive an appropriate
education and everything within the system. Inclusion is a basic right of
every Filipino child with special needs to education, relationship, support,
service, work, training and employment opportunities and:
a. Community participation and independent living
b. Community participation and socialization
c. Socialization and psychological development


Community participation and spiritual development

A Philippine innovation in the delivery of educational services to
children with special needs is the SPECIAL EDUCATION (SPED) CENTER.
The following are its characteristics EXCEPT one:
a. It is a school-within a school concept administered by a principal
and operated according to the rules and regulations that governs a
regular school
b. It is staffed by trained SPED teachers for the gifted and for children
with disabilities
c. It is a school-within-a-school concept that provides a range of
educational services that promote mainstreaming or integration
towards full inclusion
d. SPED Center as a resources center for inclusive education and multigrade teaching

Basic principles of multi-grade teaching includes the following,
a. The implementation of the school curriculum must taken into
consideration the varied abilities, levels and interests within a
particular group
b. The value of any educational program will be judged according to how
well it is able to achieve the goals of the program-whether the children
actually learn what they are expected to learn and how well they have
c. Inter-aging or the combination of children of different ages is more
respectful of individual needs of learners and reflects real-life
d. The role of the teachers in a classroom involves setting up and
managing a learning environment that will be conducive for
homogenous groupings
Which of the following best describes a multigrade class?
a. A class with two grade levels within one classroom with one teacher
b. Multi-level classes
c. A class with two to three grade levels with one teacher for an entire
school year
d. A class involving different children of different ages with different skills
and abilities
Which of the following professional skills does the mentor should
I. A desire to help people gain insight into how they think
II. a proven track record of working with others and ability to recognize their
needs and problems
III. ability to work with others of different social and ethnic background
IV. ability to listen and identify potentials barriers and jointly engage in
strategies to overcome these barriers

I, II, and III

II, III, and IV
I, II, and IV
I, II, III, and IV

Which of the following best describes the Mentoring Program?
a. Mentoring is about life-long relationship among teachers in a school
b. Mentoring in a process where inexperienced teachers depend on
experience teachers for their instructional guidance
c. Mentoring is a process where experienced teachers help to guide
other teachers through different stages of their career

d. Mentoring is building a mentor-mentee relationship anchored on trust

based on TNA
Which of the following personal qualities does the mentor should
a. wise and kind
b. role model
c. willing to help
d. objective and credible
a. I and III
b. I, II, and III

c. III and IV
d. I, II, III, and IV

Which of the following professional skills does the mentor should
A desire to help people gain insight into how they think
II. a proven track record of working with others and ability to recognize their
needs and problems
ability to work with others of different social and ethnic background
IV. ability to listen and identify potentials barriers and jointly engage in
strategies to overcome these barriers
a. I , II, IV
b. I and II
c. II, III, IV
d. I, II, III, and IV
Which of the following are the benefits of mentoring?
Promotes self-learning
Improves the capacity of the mentees to deal with change
Sustainable framework which can be reviewed regularly by the mentor
and mentees.
Increases effective communication

I and II
I, II and III
I, II, III and IV
II, III and IV

RA 8980 is about the Early Childhood Care and Development Act
(ECCD) Which of the following describes best the ECCD Act?
a. It Institutionalized a national system for ECCD test which is
comprehensive and longitudinal
b. It provides a comprehensive and a coherent national policy for the
implementation of an integrated ECCD
c. It is supports the 8 weeks curriculum of the DepEds Pre-School
d. It aims to improve in and child survival rate

The main objectives of every Child A Reader Program (ECARP) is to:

Produce quality readers in all grade levels
Develop all children become engaged readers
Let all Grade I pupils read with comprehension
Enable all pupils to read before reaching grade III

An assessment tool to determine the reading level of the children
where teachers apply intervention strategies after the conduct of the

A nationwide reading marathon to generate public awareness and
develop love for reading among elementary pupils
a. Reading Awareness
b. Reading Comprehension
c. Read-A-Thon
d. Read-A-Book
Education for All (EFA) program stipulates that by 2015, all children
have access to:
a. Comprehensive early childhood education program
b. Complete, free and compulsory elementary education
c. All modes of alternative learning system
d. Complete, free and compulsory secondary education
Which of the following are the Millinnium Development Goals of the
Philippine Government?
I. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
II. Achieve universal primary education
III. Reduce child mortality
IV. Combat HIV AIDS, Malaria and other diseases
a. I and II
b. I, II, and IV
c. II and III
d. I, II, III, and IV
Teach a student what to think and you make him a slave of
knowledge, but teach a students how to think and you make knowledge
his save Logic for Filipinos (2001)What is the message?
I. to do collaborative teaching with peers from different discipline
II.to share knowledge and resources with the learners
III.to build a community of effective educational practice
IV.to build an authoritarian leadership

II and III
IV and I
III, II and I
I, II, and III

DepEd order No. 25, s. 2006 organized the Division/school Calamity,
Disaster and fire Control (CDFC) Groups and guidelines on the calamity
and Disaster Preparedness on the following EXCEPT one:
a. Tsunami, La nina and Flood
b. Storm, Earthquake and Fire Drills
c. Zenorium and First Aide Management
d. Scouting Encampment and PNRC Blood donation
CDFC shall have the responsibility for this activity:
a. Assessment of all structure and physical facilities within DepEd
b. Construct evacuation centers
c. Establish Disaster Training Program
d. Issue Guideline on the Suspension of classes when typhoon and all
calamities occur

School-Based Management is carried out under the principles of:

Subsiclarity and collegiality
Participative leadership
Solidarity and Camaraderie
Decision Making Opportunity

School-Based Management (SBM) is the institutional expression of the
decentralization of education at the grassroots level based on the national
policy of decentralization originally set by the Philippine Local
Government Code of 1991, otherwise known as:
a. RA 4570
c. R.A 7160
b. RA 9155
d. R.A 907

Integration of ICT in the curriculum aims to:

Enhance teaching and learning
Address shortage of instructional material
Address teacher shortage
All of the above


One has to re-teach a lesson if:

Many are absent
The criterion set is not met
Objectives are not realized
All of the above

The supervisor considers the following as reason for securing his/her
teachers for a lesson plan EXCEPT
a. The lesson plan helps the teacher to be systematic and orderly
b. Lesson plans prevent waste of time and effort
c. Every lesson plan limits the coverage of the topics for discussion
d. The teacher has enough reason for not going beyond the topics
assigned for the day
A teaching technique which calls for acting out situation where the
participants aim to uncover a problem of great importance to the lesson
and to the class is
a. Cooperative learning
b. Panel discussion
c. Lecture forum
d. Role playing
The principal understand that a teachers teaching procedure is
effective if
a. It follows a standard fool proof routine
b. It can cover a wide ground of subject matter
c. It can be changed or modified as each learner demands
d. The learners can summarize the lesson at the end of the period
All of the following speak the role of a supervisor in personnel
development EXCEPT
a. A supervisor gives teachers a chance to show their talent
b. A supervisor must be fair to his subordinate to avoid trouble
c. A supervisor should set his own priorities first other than the priorities
of his subordinates
d. A supervisor should provide the necessary leader of a teaching staff
and a good atmosphere to work democratically and scientifically
Which type of supervision is appropriate to excellent teachers who are
willing to gain more skills for themselves and the rest of the staff for selfdirected improvement?
a. Peer supervision
c. collaborative supervision
b. Clinical supervision
d. Intensive guided supervision
One of these not describe supervision as a democratic professional
a. Enlists the teachers cooperation in the formulation of policies, plans
and procedures

b. The supervisor observes with the aims to improve teaching learning

situations through cooperative process or group action
c. The teachers, supervisors and administrators are regarded as coworkers in a common tasks
d. Emphasis is upon the improvement of the teacher as well as her
technique through direction, training and guidance

The BEC 2002 is designed to empower the Filipino learner so that he

she can become the following EXCEPT one. Which is the exception?
A self-developed person
A self-developed Filipino learners
An individual who has the skill of learning how to learn
A person who is Maka-Diyos, Makatao, Makabayan, and Makakalikasan

Makabayan as the laboratory of life means that it provides the
environment for
a. The development of a holistic personal and social well-being
b. The development of skills for computer technology
c. The practice of cultural and political values
d. The improvement of skills in tool subject
Content-Based instruction in the language subjects such as Filipino
and English means that:
a. The content for English and Filipino is based on learning competencies
in the BEC
b. The content for English is taken from Science and Filipino from Social
c. Instruction for English and Filipino is focused on content rather than
communication skills
d. The teachers of English and Filipino should be competent of their
subject content
The teacher promotes interactive learning in the following situations
a. The children are allowed to talk among themselves about a lesson
b. The learners are encouraged to learn from materials through
information technology
c. The instructional materials like textbooks and workbooks stimulate
interest of learners
d. The learners are instructed to copy and memorized lessons from the
The teacher practices integrative teaching in the following EXCEPT
one. Which is the exception?
a. Teachers values incidentally in any of the subject areas or lessons
b. Goes beyond her/his lesson content includes related subject matter
whenever necessary
c. Conducts thematic teaching along with one or more teachers on a
specific theme for a set of related competencies
d. Conduct team teaching with other teachers in a specific subject area
or lesson
Collaborative learning among children is demonstrated in the
following situation EXCEPT one. Which is the exception?
a. Children learn to work in different situation in different contest with
different teams
b. Learners know how to deal with their classmates with their teachers
and with other people
c. Learners demonstrate leadership and teamwork and group habits
d. Learners do a lot of reflection and intelligent decision making

Experiential learning is demonstrated when
a. A teacher shares her personal experience with the children
b. The students are allowed to read stories about experiences of
characters in a story
c. The children reflect on and learn to from their own experiences
d. Teachers give the learners opportunity to experience failure and
Which one of the following is more effective way in teaching beginning
a. Teach children how to read English to facilitate reading in Filipino
b. Teach reading in Filipino or dialect before teaching English
c. Teach reading in English and Filipino at the same time
d. Teach reading alternatively with English and Filipino alternately
Remedial instruction should be done only before or after classes. This
a. True, because remedial reading is not part of the regular class period
b. True, because pupils read better outside the regular period
c. False, because the teacher should do this in all subject areas from
Grade I-VI
d. False, because every learner may need remedial reading anytime

The concept of multiple intelligence means that:

A child has only one intelligence with other related abilities
A child is unique blend of 9 intelligences so far studied
A child only one or two of many intelligences
All children possess equally all the multiple intelligence

Effective communication is emphasized in the curriculum. Which of
the following is not a good strategy for this purpose
a. Storytelling
b. Brainstorming
c. Journal writing
d. Drawing
Which of the following is not true about higher order thinking?
a. Manipulating ideas and information to create other ideas and
b. Memorizing facts and ideas to form a more coherent whole
c. Solve problems and discover new meaning
d. Making conclusion and interpretations

The following are true in decision making process, EXCEPT one:

a. The principal/supervisor consults with those people who are affected
by his / her decision, particularly those in position of power
b. The supervisor / principal must be sensitive and must try to avoid
having differences with his / her subordinates for he / she can learn a
lot from them
c. The supervisor / principal needs the support of his / her subordinates
only when there is a problem which the supervisor needs to cope
d. Once the supervisor / principal makes decision, he / she assumes full
responsibility for its consequences.


The type of authority that can defy the unity of command principle is:
Line authority
Staff authority
Functional authority
Decentralized authority

The valid statement regarding the stages of team development is:
a. By the end of the forming phase, teams have built a cohesive
b. The norming stage is the most productive stage
c. Teams enter the storming phase with clarity about what is the mission
on the team
d. The adjourning phase characterized by a sharp focus on achieving
team goals
Mr. Bert Lomocsos supervisor has passed him over for a promotion
many times because the supervisor believes that he lacks leadership
skills. AS A RESULT, Mr.Lomocso now assumes a passive role in when
working in a team environment. This situation is an example of:
a. Projection
c. selective perception
b. Classifying
d. pygmalion effect
According to managerial grid model, the authoritarian leadership style
is characterized by:
a. Low-level concern with people and low-level concern with production
b. Low-level concern with people and high-level concern with production
c. Equal concern with people and production
d. High level concern with people and low-level concern with production
According to paradigm of teacher categories, these teachers have
both a low level of commitment and low level of abstraction.
a. Teacher dropouts
b. Unfocused teachers
c. Analytical observers
d. Professionals

These teachers have both a high level of commitment and a high level
Teachers dropouts
Unfocused teachers
Analytical observers

These teachers have low level of commitment but high level in
a. Teachers dropouts
b. Unfocused teachers
c. Analytical teachers
d. Professionals

Which of the following are the characters of unfocused teachers
according to the paradigm of teacher categories?
I. They are enthusiastic, energetic and full of good intentions.
II. They want to become better teachers
They work very hard and usually leave school staggering under
materials to be worked on at home.
They have little motivation for improving their competencies

I, and IV
I, II and III
II and IV
I, II, III and IV

A school manager can use strategies to motivate teachers to increase
performance. Which of the following statements is a sound assumption on
motivation process?
a. Most people have little capacity in creativity and in solving school
b. Most people are not ambitious have a little desire for responsibility
and prefer to be directed
c. Most people must be closely controlled and often coerced to achieve
organizational objectives
d. Most people can be self-directed, creative at work, possess self-control
and are properly motivated.
Leadership including following act for certain goals that represent the
values and the motivations, aspirations and expectations of both leaders
and followers. What is the type of leadership wherein reward or
punishment is contingent upon performance?
a. Shared leadership
b. Democratic leadership
c. Transactional leadership
d. Transformational leadership

The following are key results areas in principalship, EXCEPT one:

Curriculum development
Staff development
Local School Board Management
Pupil Development

In decision making processes, the principal had to define and analyse
the problems. What is the next step?
a. Follow up strategies
b. Develop alternatives
c. Evaluate alternatives
d. Follow up and appraise results

In prioritizing problems, a set of criterion is set, EXCEPT one:


Crisis is applied to situations which involve immediate threat with
adverse consequences. Which of the following is not an element of crises?
a. Threat
c. surprise
d. importance

SIP (School Improvement Plan) / AIP (Annual Implementation Program)
should focus on the following EXCEPT one:
a. Student assessment and curriculum
b. Instruction materials and textbook utilization
c. Financial resources and community linkage
d. INSET, School improvement and innovation
To start the implementation of SBM under the leadership of the school
head, which of the following should be performed by each school together
with its community stakeholders based on actual baseline data taken from
the school annual report of the preceding school year.
a. Budget and Its Annual Improvement Plan (AIP)
b. Statement of Vision and Mission (VM)
c. Situational Analysis


School Improvement Plan (SIP)

Which of the following DOES NOT belong to the function and duties of
School Governing Council?
a. Preparation of School Improvement Plan
b. Preparation of Procurement plan
c. Preparation of school program and policies
d. Preparation of situational analysis report
The following are the strategies to raise teachers morale and
motivation EXCEPT one:
a. Teachers undergo continuing and advanced professional training at
least once a year
b. The principal provides strong direction and leadership guided by a
written supervisory plan
c. The principal regularly monitors teachers performance and provides
needed support
d. Teachers regularly monitor and assess their pupils academic
performance, with the view of improving their performance
Which of the following principles recognizes that every unit in the
education bureaucracy has a particular role, task and responsibility
inherent in the office and for which it is principally accountable for
a. School-Based Management
b. Shared Governance
c. Accountability and Transparency
d. AURA ( authority, responsibility, and accountability)
The proper disciplining authority may preventively suspend any
subordinate officer or employee under his jurisdiction if the charge
against such officer or employee involves:
a. Dishonesty
b. Grave misconduct
c. Oppression
d. All of the above

A disciplining authority may dismiss a complaint if:

Complaint is notarized
A prima face case exist
Complaint is anonymous
None of the above

How many days of absence can an official declared it AWOL if it does
not have an approved Leave?
a. 30 months
c. 1 year
b. 30 days
d. 90 days
The Division Grievance Committee shall be composed of all these
a. Superintendent or his / her representative
b. P.T.C.A President
c. President of Employee Union
d. Human Resource Management
Any teacher engaged in actual classroom instruction will not be
required to rendered more than _____________ hours of actual classroom
teaching a day.
a. 6
b. 7

c. 8
d. 9
This refers to a work related issue that causes employee
dissatisfaction or discontent
a. Grievance machinery
b. Grievance
c. Probity
d. Aggrieved party
The disciplining authority may preventively suspend a respondent
pending formal investigation if the officer or employee is charge with the
following cases EXCEPT:
A. Grave misconduct
B. Dishonesty
C. Oppression
D. Insubordination
Pursuant to DepEd Order No. 49, s. 2006 Re: Revised Rules of
procedure Department of Education in Administrative Cases, the
disciplining authority for teachers is the:
a. Regional Director
b. Schools Division Superintendent
c. District Supervisor
d. Regional Legal Officer
Pursuant to DepEd Order No. 5, s. 1989, an existing elementary / high
school may be integrated with another existing elementary / high school
within a contiguous geographical area if the enrolment in such school falls
to meet the minimum number of students of:
a. 50 per curriculum year
b. 80 per curriculum year
c. 100 per curriculum year
d. 60 per curriculum year
It is declared policy of the state, in conformity with the mandate of the
constitution, to encourage and promote the teaching of religion to
children in public elementary and high schools. Toward this end, who
among these official is mandated to fix the time for religious instruction
after formal request from an authorized person or religious affiliation?
a. School Head
b. Representative of the religious organization
c. Schools Division Superintendent
d. District Supervisor
Which of the following is the proper order in the process of filling up of
new teacher 1 position pursuant to the existing guidelines of DepEd:
a. Selection, Evaluation, Recruitment, Appointment
b. Recruitment, Evaluation, Selection, Appointment
c. Evaluation, Recruitment, Appointment, Selection
d. Recruitment, Selection, Evaluation, Appointment
Secondary schools may organize extension classes in the nearby
elementary schools to accommodate all students desiring to avail of free
secondary education provided the following requirements below are
a. No private school in the area is participating in the education
Contracting Scheme
b. The distance between the two school beyond 7-km radius

c. Adequate teachers, classrooms and other instructional facilities are

d. The extension classes shall be under the supervision or control of the
nearest existing public school
It is an obligation imposed by law or lawful order or regulation on an
official or other person for keeping accurate record of property
a. Property responsibility
b. Property accountability
c. Property liability
d. Property custodianship
100.An inventory is important in determining the need for equipment,
furniture, instructional aids and other resources. The following are factors
to be considered in determining needs EXCEPT one:
a. The inventory of existing equipment, furniture and instructional aids
and resources
b. Prioritized needs of a classroom
c. Projection of future quantity of each of the different properties and
resources based on projected enrolment
d. Inventory of existing properties based in eight EMIS modules
101.Per DepEd Order No. 53, s. 2003, the granting of service credits is given
orally if:
a. The teachers has been working as permanent employee for two years and
can claim an honoraria already
b. It is given for teachers who worked in hazardous places
c. It is given for work beyond regular hours/days where payment of
honorarium is not possible
d. It is given for any overtime during Saturdays and Sundays
102. Aside from integrity and credibility, the following personnel traits of the
Grievance Committee should be considered:
a. Sincerity and honesty
b. Probity and sincerity
c. Responsibility
d. Transparency and accountability
103. The most accurate definition of school planning is:
a. Selecting priorities and results and how those results will be achieved
b. Getting the school started for the coming school opening
c. Settling the budget for the coming school year
d. Assessing the needs of the school and formulating objectives and
The following are major types of planning EXCEPT:
a. Basic and Project planning
b. Lesson planning and typical planning
c. Program planning and typical planning
d. Business planning and strategic planning
One of the benefits of planning is:
a. Improved organizational focus and flexibility
b. Improved organizational coordination
c. Better organizational control
d. Better organizational structure
106. Benchmarking is a managed change process practiced in all types of
organization. Which is the reality about it?
a. It is merely copying or imitating
b. It is only for streaming manufacturing processes

c. It is a matter of revising your sights to the levels of world-class

d. It is learning and discovering journey of successful approaches to be
adopted and applied to ones organization
107.In appraising the performance of teachers, which of the following is given
the highest percentage (70%)?
a. Professional and personal characteristics
b. Instructional competence
c. Punctuality and school community participation
d. Learners achievement
108.Learners should be allowed to evaluate their own work. This statement is:
a. True, because it allows them to change their answers
b. True, because this prompts them to think about their learning
c. False, it allows them to change their answer
d. False, because it retards development of their thinking skills
109. Which is a traditional technique of learning assessment?
a. Paper-pencil achievement test
b. Performance test
c. Use the portfolio
d. Rubrics
Authentic learning assessment asks student to apply their skills and
knowledge in
meaningful ways such as the following EXCEPT one:
a. Reporting the results of an experiments
Writing a letter that is meant to be sent
c. Evaluating their learning on a writing a poem
Collecting any picture cut-outs for a scrapbook
111. Which is not characteristics of authentic learning assessment?
a. Students are required to develop responses, not select the appropriate
response from a list
b. Students are required to synthesize the information they have
encountered and to evaluate their learning as well
c. Students work on projects and are allowed to create a context for their
learning and for appropriate evaluation
Students are evaluated through a written multiple-choice type of test
RA 6655 RE: Free secondary Education Act of 1989 during the
administration of
President Corazon C. Aquino provides among others:
a. Nationalization of all barangays high schools
Provision of salaries of teachers through the national government
c. Provision of maintenance, operating and other expenses (MOOE)
All of the above

The 50% of MOOE budget shall give priority to:

Transportation allowance
Instructional materials
Feeding program
Other expenses

The top priority in the allocation of classroom/school furniture
following the color coding system is:
a. Red/black
b. Red/gold
c. Black/gold
d. Black/blue

115.When can a donation or property for school use be called mortis causa?
a. When it takes effect after the donors death which require a last will
b. when it takes effect during the lifetime of the donor
c. when it imposes a condition that such donation will be for school use only
d. when the piece of land was disposed gratuitously by a dying person in his
last will and testament
A school building which has become unsuitable, dilapidated and
whose repair or rehabilitation will cost 50% or more than the cost of the new
building to replace, it should be:
a. replaced by a new school building
b. recommend for condemnation and demolition
c. reconstructed to a bid and further dilapidation
d. left untouched until it is damaged completely
which is not true of the following standard requirements of the school
site for elementary schools?
a. One hectare for a central school which has six classes
b. Two hectares for school having seven or nine classes
c. Three hectares for a school which has more than twelve classes
d. One-half hectare for a barrio school which has only one or two classes
and no grade above Grade IV
118.It is a method of acquiring a school site which capitalizes on the deed of
exchange to be executed by both parties
a. Barter
b. Gratuitous conveyance
c. Presidential proclamation
d. Expropriation proceedings
119.The recommended orientation of a school building in the Philippines is a :
a. Northwest-west to southeast-east axial direction, taking into
consideration the direction of sunlight and the direction of prevailing
b. Southwest-east to northwest-west axial direction, considering the
direction of sunlight and the prevailing breezes.
c. West to east axial direction. Observing the direction where the sun
d. All of these
The school building should properly oriented with regard to air
currents, natural lights to minimize sunlight and:
a. To maximize the flow of breeze or air currents through the rooms
b. To minimize the flow of breeze or air currents
c. To maximize sunlight and air breeze
d. All of these
Teachers devices other than textbook and teachers manual which aid
in the teaching and/or learning of certain concept and skills for
reinforcement, enrichment, and mastery are called:
a. Supplementary materials
b. Reference materials
c. General references
d. Lesson plans

The teacher school librarian enrolment ratio shall be 500 or less for:
One teacher-librarian
One teacher-part time librarian
One permanent teacher and one part time librarian
All of these

123.Which of the following DOES NOT belong to seat dimensions for school
a. Seat high is equal, more or less, to the lower leg height.
b. Seat depth should be 50mm. short of the upper leg measurement
c. Seat inclination maybe from three (3) to five (5) degrees.
d. None of these
124.The use of public school buildings and grounds for other public or semipublic purposes other than the conduct of school activities must be
sanctioned by:
a. Schools Division Superintendent or his/her representative
b. School head
c. President of the PTA
d. School Property Custodian
Section 99 of RA 7160 known as Local Government Code, provides
that the local Sanggunian has the power to change the name of the school
through the ordinance and:
a. Upon the recommendation of the School Board
b. Upon recommendation of the PTA
c. Upon the approval of the chief executive
d. Upon the request of the school site donor
All government school buildings which are permanent in structure
shall be insured with the General Insurance Fund against fires, floods,
typhoons and other natural calamities at a package of 1 percent of their
appraised values under the administration of what agency.
a. SSS
c. Insurance Commission
d. DepEd
Before actual work on construction of a school building is authorized
and commenced, this should be done first:
a. School site title or status of acquisition
b. Vacant space
c. Approval for the school head
d. Building permit
The minimum classroom size shall be 7m wide by 8m long. Which is
considered adequate for:
a. A class of 56
b. A class of 45
c. A class of 60
d. A class of 65
The minimum for administrative space is______________and an air
space requirement of _________________
a. 5 square meter per person, 12.c cubic meters per person
b. 4 square meter per person, 10.0 cubic meters per person
c. 10 square meter per person, 15.0 cubic meters per person
d. Cannot be determined

As a general rule, the different school buildings should be laid out
according to functional groupings. The distances between buildings should
be such that EXCEPT:
a. Ventilation is not obstructed
b. Natural illumination is not impeded

c. Sounds in one building do not carry into the next building

d. Minimize flow of air currents or breeze
The main building facing the front gate should be at least how many
meters from the gate?
a. 10 meters
b. 15 meters
c. 20 meters
d. None
The recommended minimum setback of a school from the street line is
_____________ meters to minimize intrusive sounds
a. 5
b. 8
c. 10
d. 15
The flagpole should occupy a prominent place in front of the main
building in the assembly area. As a general rule, the top of the pole of
flagpole should:
a. Be higher than the main building
b. Be lower than the main building
c. Be higher than the highest tree
d. Be lower than the tree
The signboard of a school building should be of appropriate length and
width to accommodate the name and location of the school. The lettering in
simple, black or roman style and big enough to be easily read in a distance
a. m to 20 m
b. 20 m to 25 m
c. 5 m
d. 5 m to 10 m
Which DOES NOT belong for a minimum school site size for secondary
in an urban area?
a. 500 students or less than 0.5ha
b. 501 to 1,000 students-1.0ha
c. 1,001 to 2,000-2.0ha
d. 2,001 to 3,000 students-5ha
The following are characteristics of an effective crisis manager EXCEPT
a. He must be forward looking and must have broad view of the situation
b. He must be flexible and willing to deport from established rule if needed
c. He has the ability to keep cool under pressure
d. He must wait and give more time to conflicting parties to report a

Something is a conflict resolution which is done through:

a. Retreating from an actual or conflict situation
b. Emphasizing areas or agreement and deemphasizing areas of difference
over conflicting
c. Searching for solutions that bring some degree of satisfaction to the
conflicting parties
d. Exerting ones viewpoint at the potential expenses of another

Neither of the conflicting parties be made to feel inferior for the
alternative is greater jealously and heightened completion is:
a. Equality

b. Empathy
c. Neutrality
d. Passivity
Teacher A has special needs in teaching Mathematics. His principal
provided him special assistance and the teacher himself supervises own
efforts for improvement. The supervisory technique employed by the school
head was:
a. Clinical supervision
b. Self-directed supervision
c. Peer supervision
d. Intensive guided supervision
To ensure a successful diagnosis, important factors should be
considered. Both the principal and teacher must see that a diagnosis is
__________of both. Both of them aware of the __________ behind a diagnosis.
Finally, the principal and teacher must have faith in the _____________.
a. Function
b. Threat
c. Purpose
d. Process
Based from the Assessment-Based Teacher Development model,
Instruction Supervisory Program should be:
I. Personalized
II. Appropriate
III. Systematic
IV. Continuous

I, II, and IV
I, II, and III
II, III, and IV
I, II,III, and IV

One of the types of diagnosis is the Informal visit. The reasons why
you conduct such visits are:
a. Determine what is actually happening
b. Confirm teacher plans
c. Monitor progress
d. Look for potential trouble spot

I, III, and IV
I, II and III
II, and III
I, II, III, and IV

The types of diagnosis are:

Holding exploration conference
Informal visit
Observing classroom
Viewing student product

I, III and IV
III and IV
I, II, and III
I, II, III, and IV

As a principal, if you have teacher with instructional needs/problems,
the appropriate supervisory model is ___________
a. Peer supervision
b. Collaborative supervision
c. Self-directed supervision
d. Clinical supervision

As a principal, how much time do you devote for supervision?

Seventy percent (70%) for instruction supervision and thirty
percent(30%) for other activities of administrative supervision.
Seventy percent (70%) for administrative supervision and thirty
percent(30%) for administrative supervision.
Fifty percent (50%) for instructional supervision and another fifty
percent (50%) for administrative supervision
Eighty percent (80%) for instruction and twenty percent (20%) for
administrative supervision

Mr. XYZ is a school head of ACS Central School. Mr. XYZ regularly
monitors classes. He displays strong commitment of being an instructional
leader. He demonstrates effective use of time and resources. He
demonstrates skill as a change master and the ability to motivate staff
members and knows staff members weakness and strengths. The school
head practices the characterictics of being:
a. Visible leader
b. Instructional leadership
c. Resource provider
d. Communicator

Which of the indicators not included under school leadership?

Developing and Communicating Vision
Strategic Planning and problem Solving
Building high Performance Teams


The following are considered vision killers EXCEPT one:

Fatigue leader
Fear or ridicule
Open-minded people


The following are characteristics of strategic planning EXCEPT one:

Leads to action
Builds a shared vision that is value-based
Based on quality data
None of these

A problem solving technique which is done through group creativity
technique designed to generate a large number of ideas for the solution of a
problem is:
a. Divide and conquer
b. Means-ends analysis
c. Brainstorming
d. Analogy

The three (3) key characteristics of high performance team are:

Trust, Respect, and Support
Trust, Respect, and Time
Trust, Money, and Support
Men, Machine and Money


Which of the following is/are basic coordinating mechanism?

a. Mutual adjustment
b. Direct supervision
c. Standardization
d. All of these
Employee resist change because they feel vulnerable, fear the
unknown, express differences in how to achieve goals-hostility erupts is best
described as:
a. Forming
b. Norming
c. Storming
d. Performing
When the followers can do the job, at least to some extent, and
perhaps is over confident about their ability in this, which telling may
demotivate them or lead to resistance. The leader thus need to sell another
way of working, explaining and clarifying decision is:
a. Directing
b. Coaching
c. Supporting
d. Delegating
When the follower can do the job and is motivated to do it, then the
leader can basically leave them to it, largely trusting them to get on with
the job although they also may need to keep a relatively distant eye on
things to ensure everything is going to plan is:
a. Directing
b. Coaching
c. Supporting
d. Delegating
When the leader provides specific instructions and closely supervises
task accomplishment is:
a. Directing
b. Coaching
c. Supporting
d. Delegating
When the leaders continues to direct and closely supervise task
accomplishment, but also explains decisions, solicit suggestions, and
support progress is:
a. Directing
b. Coaching
c. Supporting
d. Delegating
When the leaders facilitates and supports subordinate efforts toward
task accomplishment and shares responsibility for decision making with
them is:
a. Directing
b. Coaching
c. Supporting
d. Delegating
Principal A was administratively charged of dishonesty and grave
misconduct.The Schools Division Superintendent put him under preventive
suspension based on the prayer of the complainant. Was the action of the
superintendent proper?
a. Yes, the charges warrant dismissal from the service
b. No, the charges are not included in the grounds for granting preventive

c. Yes, the superintendent is the head of the office in the Division

d. No, the superintendent is not the disciplining authority over teachers
The following cases shall be acted upon through the grievance
machinery EXCEPT one:
a. Non-implementation of policies, practices and procedures on economic
and financial issues and other terms and conditions of employment fixed
by law including salaries, incentives, working hours, leave benefits and
other related terms and conditions.
b. Physical working condition
c. Interpersonal relationship and linkages
d. Sexual harassment cases
Mr. A is a principal of SAD High School. His sister was appointed as
supply officer of the school. Through an anonymous complaint, Mr. A was
charged of nepotism at the Civil Service Commission. Will Mr. A be covered
of nepotism?
a. No. Mr. A is not the appointing authority
b. No. education is not covered by nepotism
c. Yes, Mr. A is liable for nepotism since he has direct supervision of his
d. None of these
Which of the following are not covered by nepotism?
a. public accountant/engineer
b. lawyer/accountant
c. teacher/ physician
d. mayor/governor
163. Which of the following are exempted from the operation of the rules of
I. Person employed in a confidential capacity
IV.members of the Armed forces of the Philippines

I and II
III and IV
I, II, and III
I, II, III, and IV

DepEd Order No. 4, s. 2007Re: Revisions to the hiring Guidelines for
teacher I positions, provides that school selection committee has the
following functions EXCEPT one:
a. Receives all application
b. Verifies all documents as to completeness and authenticity
c. Recommends to the superintendent qualified applicants in the division
RQA to be recommended for appointment in their school
d. Evaluates applicants on education, LET/PBET ratings and experience
165. The Division Sub-Committee shall perform the following function EXCEPT
a. Reviews the documents submitted by the school selection committee
b. Administer the written English Proficiency
c. Prepare the written English Proficiency Test
d. None of these
Is the ability to craft and pursue a shared school vision and mission, as
well as develop and implement curriculum policies programs and project is:
a. Educational Leadership
b. Strategic Leadership

c. People Leadership
d. School Management
DepEd Order No. 25, S. 2008 Re: Financial Assistance in Case of
Accidental Death of a DepEd Official/employee while in the performance of
his/her official functions, shall be given a financial assistance amounting to
50.00. Mr. Local was assigned as locally funded teacher of Kilala ES. He met
an accident and died instantly while traveling to his station. Can the family
of Mr. Local be entitled to receive said financial assistance?
a. No, he is not a permanent teacher
b. Yes, because the department order stated regardless of employment
status and public school teachers, whether nationally or locally funded
c. No, the school has no employee-employer relationship over locally funded
d. None of these
The professional Development Program Framework for School Head
covers the following components EXCEPT one:
a. Personal Integrity and Interpersonal relationship and Professional Human
Resource Development
b. School Leadership and School management
c. Instructional Leadership and Creating Learning Climate
d. Multiple intelligence
What will you do as school head if one of your single lady teachers
had an affair with a married barangay captain in your locality and later
became pregnant?
a. Require the barangay captain to marry the teacher
b. Charge the barangay captain with rape
c. Dismiss the teacher from the service
d. Advice the teacher to file on leave of absence until she delivers her baby.
170. The following are the activities that are eligible for the SBM grant EXCEPT:
a. Supplies and materials
b. Meals (not exceeding 10% of total grant)
c. Transportation expenses of speaker
d. Purchase of equipment
171. Effective supervision is:
a. About engaging teachers in reflective thinking and discussion
b. Based on insightful and useful observation, not on evaluation
c. Improves teachers with information about their classroom
d. All of these
172. The components of instructional leadership are:
a. Instruction and Instructional Climate
b. Leadership and Governance and Students Outcomes
c. Both a and b
d. All of these
173. The following are barriers to effective communication EXCEPT one:
a. Judging
b. Avoiding the others concerns
c. Offering solutions
d. reflecting
174. The following are characteristics of giving feedback EXCEPT one:
a. Given with care
b. Given with attention
c. Directly express
d. None of these

175. Under Teacher Deployment Analysis, hot color gold means?

a. Excessive surplus teacher provision
b. Severe teacher shortage
c. Manageable ratio
d. Generous teacher provision
176. For instructional rooms deployment analysis, red means:
a. Ratio is 56 plus
b. No classroom
c. Ratio is 51-55.99
d. Ratio is below 45
177. School furniture analysis shows that colored red means:
a. More than 2 pupils per seat
b. No existing seats
c. Adequate in two-shift schools
d. More than 3pupils per seat
The following are punishable by expulsion depending on the
seriousness of the offense EXCEPT:
a. Gross misconduct
b. Hazing inside the school premises
c. Using and selling of prohibited drugs
d. Participating in rally
Mr. Lazy was given two (2) consecutive unsatisfactory ratings. After
due notice in writing which he was asked to explain in writing and given
warning, his school head recommend him from dropping in the rolls. Was
the action of the school head in order?
a. Yes, since notice issued to him served as warning
b. No, the school head should prove his incompetence
c. Yes, the school head has the discretionary power to punish teachers
d. None of these
A level of conflict that is contradictory, incompatible emotion and
impulses within the person is:
a. Intrapersonal
b. Interpersonal
c. Intergroup
d. None of these
This is an act establishing code of conduct and ethical standards for
public officials and employee, upholding the time-honoured principle of
public office being a public thrust.
a. R. A # 6713
b. R. A # 6731
c. R. A # 6371
d. R. A # 6317
Republic Act # 6713 establishes a code of conduct and ethical
standards for public officials and employees, upholding the time honoured
principle of public office as a public thrust.
a. Code of Professionalism and Ethical Behaviour
b. Code of conduct and Ethical Standard s for Public officials and Employees
c. Professional Behaviour and Ethics
d. Code of Public Trust and Ethical Standards

Public officials and employees shall perform and discharge their duties
with the highest degree of excellence, intelligence and skills, render public
service with the outmost devotion and dedication to duty.
a. Professionalism
b. Responsibility
c. Commitment
d. Devotion
Public officials and employees shall remain true to the people at all
times, shall not discriminate, shall respected at all times the right of others
and refrain from doing acts contrary to law, good morals, public policy,
public safety and public interest.
a. Political neutrality
b. Justness and sincerity
c. Commitment
d. Professionalism
Public officials and employees shall be at all times loyal to the
Republic and to the Filipino people and endeavour to maintain and defend
the sovereignty against foreign intrusion.
a. Professionalism
b. Political neutrality
c. Nationalism/patriotism
d. Commitment to public thrust
All public officials and employees shall respond within ___________ days
from receipt thereof, responds to letters, telegrams and other means of
communication sent by the public.
a. 15 working days
b. Within 15 days
c. With 7 working days
d. Within 1 week
It shall be unlawful for public official and employees to, directly or
indirectly, have monetary or materials interest in any transaction requiring
the approval of their office.
a. Financial and material interest
b. Material interest
c. Financial interest
d. Outside employment
As a school principal, what are the characters of a teacher you
recommend to serve during election?
I. Professionalism
II. Political neutrality
III. Nationalism and patriotism
IV. Commitment to public interest

I and III
II and IV
I ,II, and IV
I, II, III, and IV

This act declares that sexual harassment is unlawful in the
employment, education or training environment, and for other purpose.
a. R. A # 7877
c. R. A # 8187
b. R. A # 6725
d. R. A # 8190
This act further provides that this also applies if his spouse suffered a
miscarriage and for the purpose of enabling him effectively lend support to

his wife in her period of recovery and/or in the nursing of the newly born
a. R. A # 7877
b. R. A # 6725
c. R. A # 8187
d. R. A # 8190

a. 7
b. 6
c. 1
d. 2

Republic Act 8187, this act grants paternity leave of ___________ days
full pay to all married male employee in the private and public sectors.

Republic Act of 8187, this act grants paternity leave of 7 days with full
pay to all married male employees in the private and public sectors for the
first ____________ deliveries of the legitimate spouse with whom he is
a. 7
b. 4
c. 5
d. 6
This act grant priority to resident of the barangay, municipality or city
where the school is located in the appointment or assignment of classroom
public school teachers, provided that the teacher possesses all the
minimum qualification for the position as required by law.
a. R. A # 8190
b. R. A # 8187
c. R. A # 6725
d. R. A # 6683
During pre-observation conference, the principal sits with the teacher
and determines the following EXCEPT one:
a. The reason for and the purpose of the observation
b. The focus of observation
c. The method of teaching to be used by the teacher
d. The time of observation
Based from the recent studies it shows that the success of managing
school anchored on the concept of ______________ leadership.
a. Classical
b. Shared
c. Living
d. Distribute
Which of the following best described shared leadership?
I. Identify the quality of peoples interactions rather than their position.
II. Leadership is evaluated by how people are working together
III.Communication is often formal
IV. Communication is crucial with a stress on conversation

I and II
II and III
I, II, and IV
I, II, III and IV

According to Craig E. Johnson (2001) on the power of the leader to
illuminate the lives of their followers or to cover them in darkness hence,
they cast shadows when they:
I. abuse power/hoard privileges
II. encourage deceit
III. act inconsistently
IV. misplace or betray loyalties
a. I, III, and IV
b. II, III, and IV
c. I, II, and III
d. I, II, III, and IV
Department of Education
Region V
Division of Camarines Sur
District of Ragay
Baya Elementary School

1st( 198_)______
28 November 2013
(199)_______ to the District supervisor, District of Ragay,
Ragay, Camarines Sur, recommending approval to the request of Mrs.Adelaida Q.
Ramirez, grade 6 Mathematics teacher to
(200)______ the regional Work
Conference on Mathematics to be held at Regent Hotel, Naga City on 5-9
December 2013.





to be attended


No complementary close
Very Truly Yours
Sincerely yours
Respectfully yours





202.Your subordinate is becoming unresponsive to your friendliness. His
performance is below average.
a. Stress the need to go by standard procedure and to show output.
b. Be available for discussion but do not pressure for output
c. Talk with subordinate and then set objectives
d. Be careful not to intervene
203.You have been reminding your subordinate about his duties and
responsibilities. His performance is getting better.
a. Engage in friendly interaction but continue to keep him aware of his
expected output.
b. Leave him alone for now.
c. Show concern for his welfare.
d. Emphasize the importance of task accomplishment.
204.Your subordinates performance has been excellent and normally you
leave him alone. But now he has some difficulty on a problem.
a. Discuss the situation with him and help him solve the problem.
b. Let him work it out by himself.
c. Tell him what to do
d. Encourage him to work on the problem and be supportive of his
205.You and your subordinates recognize the need to change, your
subordinate have a fine performance record and are very reliable.
a. Allow the group to participate in developing the change. Do not
structure what is to be done.
b. Simply introduce the changes
c. Let the group set its own direction
d. Ask the group for ideas but you direct the change effort
206.The productivity of your subordinate has decreased. He has been missing
deadlines and has not met his objectives.
a. Wait for the situation to correct itself
b. Make friendly overtures and remind him of his expected output
c. Spell out his tasks and supervise him carefully
d. Show understanding of his problems. Do not structure his work
207. You are the new head of an efficiently run office. The previous head
was very directive and maintained tight control of the office. You want to
keep up productivity but would like to humanize the environment.

Make efforts to facilitate interpersonal relationship

Show the value of standard operating procedures
Make no intervention
Make efforts to facilitate interpersonal relationship but see that the
goals are achieved

208. You want to shift to a new structure, which will be new to the group.
The group has already given recommendations about the change. The
group is generally competent and productive.
a. Tell the group what steps should be taken
b. Work with the group in formulating the change but let them control
its implementation
c. Work with the group in formulating the change but control
d. Avoid confrontation, leave things alone
209. Your subordinate is accomplishing his objectives within set deadlines.
He gets along well with others. You feel uneasy because you do not set
the direction for him.
a. Continue to let him work on his own
b. Discuss the situation with him and henceforth be directive with him
c. Specify how you want him to carry out his assignments
d. Encourage group involvement in goal setting and in structuring
activities but do not apply pressure. Be non-directive
210. You were asked to head a task force that has adequate potentials
within its ranks. But group goals are not clear. Absenteeism during
meetings is a problem. Assigned work is neglected.
a. Leave the group alone. In due time, they will come to their senses
b. Show consideration for their problems. At the same time, redefine
c. Clarify goals, check attendance. Follow-up assigned work.
d. Encourage group involvement in goal setting and in structuring
activities. But do not apply pressure. Be non-directive.
211. Most of the time the group is able to take responsibility. However, it is
not responding positively now to newly introduced performance
a. Let the group review the standards, do not provide directions.
b. Implements standards strictly
c. Make no intervention
d. Accept group recommendations to modify standards, then see that
they stick to these new standards
212. You are the new head of the office. The last boss left the group pretty
much to itself and its output has been adequate. Group relationships are
a. Organize the work situation for the group
b. Setup channels of two-way communication and let the group
continue to structure its own work
c. Discuss previous performance with the group and lay down new,
specific directions.
d. Let them alone
213. Your group has an outstanding performance record. The members are
all qualified for their positions. They work harmoniously and achieve long
and short term goals. At present, they are faced with some internal
a. Explore solution with them and specify the best course of action
b. Let the group work it out alone
c. Quickly tell them what to do
d. Discuss the problem with them and give plenty of support.

Which of the following features represents the new paradigm shift in
a. Traditional pedagogies
b. Lifelong education for all
c. Rigid subject matter boundaries
d. Rigid selection of students based on single and fixed criteria

What is the concern of multi-Cultural Education?

a. Anticipating the future and imagining possible and probable futures
b. Gender equality and hardnessing of the role of women in
c. Striving for quality of economic, social, and political development in
all countries
d. The exploration of concepts of cultural diversity, similarities, and
prejudices to promote cultural understanding

Which of the following statements is NOT true of Philippine
a. Most of Asia pacific countries have 12 years of basic education while
the Philippines have 10
b. Philippines has high dropout rates and they are more student
enrolled in private school that in state-run colleges and universities.
c. The language policy of the Philippines is multilingual: English,
Filipino and local dialect
d. The percentage of private school student transferring to public
schools is higher than the annual growth rate in school enrolment
Which t best describes the philosophy of the present Basic Education
a. The promotion of transformative education for national
b. The development of highly competitive and competent Filipinos for
a globalized world
c. The promotion of a just and human society through its citizens who
are makabayan and makatao
d. The development of an empowered learner who possesses life skills
for lifelong learning
218. The magna carta for public school teachers (R.A 4670) defines the rights
to be enjoyed by teachers in the puclic sector. In a recent CSC ruling
January 28, 2008 then chair Karina David declared the work load of actual
classroom teaching should not be more than:
a. 5 hours
b. 6 hours
c. 8 hours
d. 9 hours
219.The battle cry for former Pres. G. M. Arroyos moral renewal program is:
a. Bayan munabagosarili
b. Honesty in public service
c. Zero tolerance for corruption
d. Responsible citizenship for good governance
219.The following are national values actively promoted by government in flag
ceremonies every Monday EXCEPT:
a. Makakalikasan
b. Makadiyos
c. Makatao
d. Makapamilya

220.The basic value that is central to human rights education is :

a. Sustainability of the planet
b. Human dignity
c. Justice for all
d. Human solidarity
221.In what social indicator is the Philippine is the top 10 in the worlds
a. Respect for human rights
b. Good governance
c. Gender equality
d. Environmental protection
222.R.A 7877 signed into Law February 14, 1995 declares unlawful:
a. Hazing in fraternities
b. Sexual harassment in the workplace
c. Cutting of trees
d. Tuition fee in basic education
223.The UNESCO identified four pillars of learning. Which pillar is given top
priority especially due to the situation in Mindanao and threats of
terrorists attack?
a. Learning to live together
b. Learning to be
c. Learning to do
d. Learning to know
224.Which is the major obstacle/hindrance in the empowerment of Filipino
a. Local officials interference on education values
b. Authoritarian and hierarchical system of DepEd
c. Low government priority on education and fearless
d. Culture of silence of teachers
225.The main provision of R. A 9155 signed August 2, 2001 is :
a. Instituting a new framework of governance for basic education
b. Providing the abolition of ROTC
c. Making early childhood education a part of basic education
d. Establishing the PRC board for teachers
226.Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of globalization?
a. Stretching of social, political and economic activities across political
frontiers, regions and continents
b. The growing magnitude of interconnectedness and flows of trade,
investment and migration
c. A speeding up of global interactions and processes through worldwide systems of transportation and communication
d. The expansion of economic protection and isolation of poor
227.In what ways can social class variations in child rearing practices affect
higher achievement in school?
a. Middle class parents tend to encourage curiosity, initiative and
independence while lower class families tend to promote obedience
and subordination.
b. Both middle and lower class families emphasize competition within
the family, hence children become competitive and higher achiever
in school
c. Middle class families tend emphasize discipline and obedience
hence children tend to be more focused in school

d. Poor families emphasize the importance of earning livelihood hence

children tend to perform poorly in school.
228.How does the notion of cultural relativity and variability affect the
Processes in school?
a. The student varied cultural background will in no way affect the way
they will learn the lesson in school.
b. The students can readily adjust to the way the teacher initiates
learning in school because children are adaptable being what
matter what culture they come from.
c. The childs cultural background influences the childrens world view
when teaching
d. The teacher should be wary of differing cultural points of view and
must make sure that students will see things the same way.
229.A class composed of students coming from several ethnic communities
including Muslims and Lumads. They seem to have difficulty
understanding each others behaviour and points of view. What should the
teacher do?
a. Introduce multiculturalism in the class and provide activities for
b. Threaten the students that if there are students who do not behave
and tolerant of their classmate, she/he will be dropped from class.
c. Inform students that they will all be learning new ways of thinking
and behaving in this class, so they might as well leave their cultural
idiosyncrasies at home.
d. Assign bright students to monitor and control behaviour of poor
230.Which of the following statement about Gender is correct?
a. Gender is biologically determined
b. Gender is socially and culturally constructed
c. Gender roles are the same in all societies
d. Gender is an ascribed status in society
231.Which grouping best describes the tri-focalized system of Philippine
a. Bureau of Alternative Learning System(ALS), Department of
Education (DepEd), Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
b. Basic Education (DepEd), Technical-Vocational (TESDA), and Higher
Education (CHED)
c. C. Early childhood, Technical-Vocational, Basic Education
d. Elementary level, Secondary or High School, Tertiary or College level
232.the provision of academic freedom is applicable for teacher in:
a. all level
b. public school only
c. college and universities
d. TESDA supervised schools
233.Which of the following is the first target of the Millennium Development
Goals (MDGs) formulated by member states of the UN in September
a. Reduce child mortality
b. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
c. Ensure environmental sustainability.
d. reduce death due to HIV/AIDS and malaria

234.the Philippine Constitution guarantees the right of all citizens to quality

education at __________
a. the basic education level
b. tertiary level
c. the graduate level
d. all levels
235.Article IV, Section 2 of the Philippine Constitution provide for free and
compulsory education in the ___________
a. Elementary level
b. Secondary level
c. Elementary and secondary level
d. Tertiary level
Among the following is NOT within the category of teacher as provided
for under Magna Carta for Public School Teachers?
a. Guidance counselors
b. School principal
c. School nurse
d. School librarian
Mr.Preza was diagnosed to have tuberculosis that required rest for
more than one year. Which leave should he apply for?
a. Sick leave
b. Personal leave
c. Vacation leave
d. Indefinite leave
Ms. Mariano tutors her students, who have difficulty coping with math,
after class hours. Is her act ethical?
a. Yes, provided she received just compensation
b. Yes, provided she does not require a free from the parent
c. No, that is unfair to other students
d. No, she should be free after her official time
239.A school personnel can avail of free legal service under certain
circumstances. Mr.Mirabona was accused of libel by his neighbour. Is he
entitled to the said service?
a. Yes, he should defend herself
b. No, if funds are not available
c. No, it might bring some disagreements in school.
d. No, the case is not related to his professional duties.
240.The gradual progression of teachers salary from minimum to a maximum
is done through______________
a. A regular increment every year
b. A increment after ten years of service
c. A regular increment every 3 years
d. An increment after five years
241.A teacher who possesses the minimum qualification but lacks of the
appropriate civil service eligibility can be appointed as _____________
a. Contractual basis
b. Permanent
c. Provisional
d. Substitute
242.The Magna Carta for Public School Teachers recognizes the following with
the exception of one.Which is the exception?

a. Quality education depends primarily on the quality of socioeconomic status of the teachers.
b. Advancement in education depends on teachers qualifications and
c. Education is an essential factor in the economic growth of the
d. Education is development and vice-versa
243.The rights of parents are guaranteed under Education Act of 1982, more
particularly, in terms of ________________
a. The right to academic freedom
b. The right to privacy of communication
c. The right to full access to the evidence of the case
d. The right to seek redress of grievance
244.The right of the students to receive relevant quality education is primarily
achieved through____________
a. Competent instruction
b. Strong curriculum
c. School-Community relations
d. Competent administrator
245.To promote teachers welfare and defend their interests, teachers have
the right to
a. Undergo and participate in professional development
b. Be promoted in rank and salary
c. Establish, join, and maintain professional and self-regulating
d. Regulate their social involvement
246.Career lines for teachers include the following EXCEPT ONE. Which is this?
a. Classroom teaching
b. School administration
c. Curriculum developer
d. Counsellor

does teachers are persons in authority mean?

Teachers cannot be charged
Teachers have immunity from arrest
No person can assault a teacher
Decisions made by teachers are deemed right

248.Who is considered a professional teacher?

a. An education graduate who received honors
b. A teacher who has taught for at least six years
c. A teacher who has attended national seminars on teaching
d. A teacher who qualifies for a permanent position under R. A 4670
249.When can teachers be required to work on assignment not related to their
a. When on probation
b. When found inefficient
c. When lacking in education qualifications
d. When compensated under existing laws
250.A teacher who served for 7 straight years is entitled to take study leave
with pay for one year. How much pay is the teacher entitled to receive?
a. 100% monthly salary
b. 80% of monthly salary
c. 50% of monthly salary
d. 70% of monthly salary

251.A teacher suffers from hypertension might experience difficultyin speech.

Which would be affected if he continues teaching?
a. Personality
b. Effectiveness
c. Punctuality
d. Devotion to duty
252.Mrs. Ramos wants to continue with her study leave for another six months
after completing a school year. Could she be allowed?
a. Yes, if her grades are excellent
b. Yes, but without compensation
c. No, other teachers should have the chance
d. No, study leave should not exceed one year
253.Miss Torreliza is assigned in a rural area, Miss Lacson in a depressed
community, Miss Castro in a hazardous area, and Miss Fuertes in a place
where standard of living is high. Who entitled to a hardship allowance?
a. Teacher A
b. Teacher B
c. Teacher C
d. Teacher D
254.When a principal starts to exercise his/her powers over making and
promoting students is his/her action acceptable?
a. Yes, when the teacher cannot make decision on time.
b. Yes, when there is abuse of judgement on the part of the teacher.
c. No, teachers are more knowledgeable of their students
d. No, grading and promoting students are exclusively functions of
255.Miss Santos was asked by her principal to teach pre-school class in
addition to her regular grade one class. What will be the basis for her
additional compensation?
a. Her basic salary
b. Number of years of service
c. Her regular salary plus 25% of her basic pay
d. Performance rating
256.As a norm of conduct, responsiveness of public officials and employees
can be demonstrated by ____________
a. Formulating rules and policies regarding work
b. Avoiding wastage in public funds
c. Providing public information of their policies and procedures
d. Encouraging appreciation of government services
257.Mr. Santos, a school principal, filed his statement of assets and liabilities
upon assuming to office. Under what ethical standards does this practice
a. Divestment
b. Prohibited acts and transaction
c. Statement of Assets and Liabilities
d. System of Incentives
258.Mr. Wrong, a Science teacher has been accused a sexual harassment by
one of his students. What should the principal do?
a. Create a committee to investigate the accusation
b. Ask the teacher to surrender to the police.
c. Tell the teacher to stop reporting to school.
d. Advice the teacher to transfer to other school.

259.Mr. Handsome receives a love letter from one of his third year high school
students in Mathematics. What should Mr. Handsome do?
a. Let the student express her feelings through letters.
b. Read her letter to the class.
c. Return the letter to the student and tell her not to do it again.
d. Surrender the letter to the parent of the student.
260.Mr.Nicomedes, a social studies teacher is advocating reforms which the
principal failed to recognize. What should the principal do?
a. Just keep quiet about the behaviour of Mr.Nicomedes.
b. Send Mr.Nicomedes a memo requiring him to explain his behaviour.
c. Subject Mr.Nicomedes to a disciplinary measure.
d. Call Mr.Nicomedes attention to his office and clarify things out with
261.commitment to Democracy as explained in R. A. 6713 implies which one
of the following?
a. Maintaining the principle of accountability
b. Manifesting the supremacy of civilian authority over the military
c. Committing to democratic values and ways of life.
d. All of the above
262.Which of the following is regarded as a cause of the revocation of the
certificate of registration, suspension from the practice of the teaching
profession and cancellation of temporary or special permit?
a. Violation of the Code of Ethical and Professional Standards for
Professional teachers
b. Gross incompetence, gross negligence or serious ignorance of the
practice of teaching profession
c. Immoral, unprofessional or dishonourable conduct
d. All of the above
263.Which of the following is the main reason for the mandate for incoming
freshmen high school students to undergo an early registration in the
public or private high schools of their choice?
a. To assess the incoming first year students academic capabilities
b. To avoid overcrowding in public schools
c. To increase the participation rate in basic education
d. All of the above
264.Mrs. Cruz was ordered by her principal to school come on four consecutive
Saturdays for the training of the students editorial staff of their school
paper. Is this allowed under R. A 4670?
a. Yes, provided the teacher is compensated
b. No, because its not within the regular functions of the classroom
c. Yes, because its part of the teachers other duties.
d. No, because its not clearly indicated in the law.
265.Dr.Lacson, a Division Superintendent acted on the complaint filed by a
group of parents against the alleged misconduct of a particular principal.
He issued a memorandum requiring her to take a leave of absence for a
week while the complaint is being heard yet. Was the action of the
superintendent legal?
a. Yes, because she is the superintendent
b. No, because the complaint has not been heard yet.
c. No, the superintendent has no disciplinary authority over teachers.
d. Yes, the superintendent has disciplinary authority over teachers.

266.A schools principal has been found to have engaged in gambling which
has caused him to be absent most of the time. Can his certificate of
registration as a principal be revoked?
a. No, unless hes proven
b. No, because hes protected by his rights as a teacher
c. Yes, because habitual gambling is a dishonourable conduct and is
against the practice of teaching.
d. Yes, because hes incompetent
267.Who among the teachers described below is doing assessment?
a. Mrs. Cortez who is administering a test to her students.
b. Mr.Maceda who is counting the scores obtained by the students in
his test.
c. Mr.Ocbian who is computing the final grade of the students after
completing all their requirements.
d. Prof. Ferrer who is planning for a remedial instruction after knowing
that students performs poorly in her test.
268.Mr. Cruz is judging the accuracy of these statements. Which statements
will he consider?
I. Test is a tool to measure a trait.
II. Measurement is the process of qualifying a given trait.
III. Assessment is the gathering of quantitative and qualitative data.
IV.Evaluation is the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data for
decision making.

I and II only
III and IV only
I, II, and III
I, III, and IV

269.I f you have to use the most authentic method of assessment, which of
these procedures should you consider?
a. Traditional Test
b. Performance-based Assessment
c. Written Test
d. Objective Assessment Test
270.After doing the exercise on verbs, Ms.Capalaran gave a short quiz to find
how well the students have understood the lesson. What type of
assessment was done?
a. Summative Assessment
b. Formative Assessment
c. Diagnostic Assessment
d. Placement Assessment
271.Who among the teachers below performed diagnostic test?
a. Ms. Santos who asked questions when the discussion was going on
to know who among her students understood what she trying to
b. Mr. Castro who gave a short quiz after discussing thoroughly the
lesson to determine the outcome of instruction.
c. Ms. Banta who gave a ten-item test to find out specific lessons
which the students failed to understand.
d. Mrs.Belarde who administered a readiness test to the incoming
grade one pupils.

272.You are assessing for learning. Which of these will you likely do?
a. Giving grades to students
b. Reporting to parents the performance of their child
c. Recommending for new policies in grading students.
d. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of students.
273.Ms. Abad is planning to do an assessment of learning. Which of the
following should she include in her plan considering her purpose for
a. How to give immediate feedback to students strengths and
b. How to determine the area of interest of learners.
c. How to certify students achievement
d. How to design ones instruction
274.You targeted that after instruction, your students should be able to show
their ability to solve problems with speed and accuracy. You then designed
a tool to measure this ability. What principle of assessment did you
consider in this situation?
a. Assessment should be based on clear and appropriate learning
targets objectives.
b. Assessment should have a positive consequence on students
c. Assessment should be reliable
d. Assessment should be fair
275.Mr.Boromeo tasked her students to show how to play basketball. What
learning target is he assessing?
a. Knowledge
b. Reasoning
c. Skills
d. Products
276.Mr. Abad made an essay testfor the objective Identify the planets in the
solar system. Was the assessment the most appropriate to the given
objective? Why?
a. Yes, because essay test is easier to construct than objective test.
b. Yes, because essay test can measure any type of objective
c. No, he should have conducted oral questioning
d. No, he should have prepared an objective test
277.A teacher wants to test students knowledge of the different places in the
Philippines, their capital and their products and so she gave her students
an essay test. If you are the teacher will you do the same?
a. No, the giving of an objective test is more appropriate than the use
of essay.
b. No, such method of assessment is inappropriate because essay is
c. Yes, essay test could measure more than what other tests could
d. Yes, essay test is the best in measuring any type of knowledge.
278.Ms.Zaide wants to determine if the students scores in their final test is
reliable. How has only one set of test and her students are already on
vacation. What test of reliable she employ?
a. Test- Retest
b. Kuder Richardson Method
c. Equivalent Forms
d. Test-Retest with equivalent forms

279.In the context of the Theory of Multiple Intelligence, which is a weakness

of the paper-pencil test?
a. It puts non-linguistically intelligence at a disadvantage
b. It is not easy to administer
c. It utilize so much time
d. It lacks reliability
280.Mr. Abad is doing a performance-based assessment for the days
lesson.Which doyou expect to happen in his classroom?
a. Students are evaluated in one sitting
b. Students do an actual demonstration of their skill
c. Students are evaluated in the most objective manner.
d. Students are evaluated based on varied evidences of learning.
281.Miss Del Valle rated her students in terms of appropriate and effective use
of some laboratory equipment and measurement tools and if they are
able to follow the specified procedures. What mode of assessment should
Miss Del Valle use?
a. Portfolio Assessment
b. Journal Assessment
c. Traditional Assessment
d. Performance-Based Assessment
282.Teacher Anne presented the lesson on baking through a group activity so
that the students will not just learn how to bake but could also develop
their interpersonal skills. How should this lesson be assessed?
I.The teacher should give the students an essay test explaining how they
baked the test.
II. The students should be graded on the quality of their baked cake using a
III. the students in a group should rate the members based on their ability
to cooperate in their group activity
IV.Thetacher should observe how the pupils perform their task.

I, II, and III only

II, III, and IV only
I, II, IV only
I, II, III and IV

283.If a teacher has set objective in all domains or learning targets, which
could be assessed using a single performance task, what criterion in
selecting a task did she consider?
a. Generalizability
b. Fairness
c. Multiple Foci
d. Teachability
284.Which term refers to the collection of students products and
accomplishment for a period for evaluation purposes?
a. Diary
b. Portfolio
c. Anecdotal Record
d. Observation Report
285.Mrs.Lopera allowed the students to develop their own portfolio in their
own styles as long as they show all the non-negotiable of learning. What
principle in portfolio assessment explains this practice?


Content Principle
Learning Principle
Equity Principle
Product Principle

286.Which of the following steps of portfolio assessment?

ISet target
II.Select evidences
III.Collect evidences
IV.Reflect on evidences



287.Which could be seen in a rubric?

I.Objective in a high level of cognitive behaviour
II.Multiple criteria in assessing learning
III.Quantitative descriptions of the quality of work
IV.Qualitative description of the quality of work

I, and II only
II, III, and IV only
I, II, and III
I, II,III, and IV

288.Pupils are to be judged individually on their mastery of the singing of our

National anthem and so their teacher let them sing individually. What
should the teacher use in the performance of the pupils considering the
fact that the teacher has only one period spend in evaluating her 20
a. Analytic
b. Holistic
c. Either holistic or analytic
d. Both holistic and analytic
289.Mrs. Cadiz develop an Achievement Test in Math for her grade two pupils.
Before she finalized the test, she examined carefully if the test items were
constructed based on the competencies that have to be tested.What test
of validity was she trying to establish?
a. Content validity
b. Concurrent validity
c. Predictive validity
d. Construct validity
290.Mrs. Paz is doing an assessment of learning. At what stage of instruction is
she doing this?
a. Before instruction
b. During the instructional process
c. Prior to instruction
d. After instruction
291.Mrs.Parafina wants to establish the reliability of her achievement test in
English.Which of the following activities will help achieve her purpose?
a. Administer two parallel tests to different groups of students
b. Administer two equivalent tests to the same group of students.
c. Administer a single test but to two different groups of students.
d. Administer two different tests but the same group of students.

292.If a teacher will have to make a scoring rubric for the students output,
what format is better to construct considering that the teacher has limited
time to evaluate their work?
a. Analytic rubric
b. Holistic rubric
c. Either A or B
d. Neither A or B
293.The school principal has 3 teacher applicants all of them are graduates
from the same institution and all are licensed teachers. She only needs to
hire one. What should she do to choose the best teacher from the three?
I.Give them a placement test
II.Interview them on Why they want to apply in the school.
III.Let them demonstrate how to teach a particular lesson
Study their portfolios to examine the qualities of the students outputs
when they were in college.


I and II
II and III
I and III, IV
II, III, and IV

294.What should be done first when planning for a performance-based

a. Determine the table of specifications of the tasks
b. Set the competency to be assessed
c. Set the criteria in scoring the task
d. Prepare a scoring rubric
295.To maximize the amount of time spent for performance-based
assessment, which one should be done?
a. Plan a task that can be used for instruction and assessment at the
same time
b. Assess one objective for one performance task
c. Set objectives only for cognitive domains
d. Limit the taskto one meeting only
296.Who among the teachers below gave the most authentic assessment task
for the objective solve word problems involving the four basic
a. Teacher A who presented a word problem involving the four
fundamental operations then she asked the pupils to solve it.
b. Teacher B who asked her pupils to construct a word problem for a
given number sentence that involves four fundamental operations
and then she asked them to solve the word problem they
c. Teacher C who asked her pupils to construct any word problem that
involves the four fundamental operations and then asked them to
show how to solve it.
d. Teacher D who asked her pupils to construct any word problem that
involves the four fundamental operations then formed them by twos
so that each pair exchanged problems and solved each others
297.Which is WRONG to assume about traditional assessment?
a. It can assess individuals objectively.
b. It can assess individuals at the same time
c. It can be administered more easily than performance test
d. It can assess fairly all the domains of intelligence of an individual
298.Under which assumption is portfolio assessment based?


Portfolio assessment is a dynamic assessment

Assessment should stress the reproduction of knowledge
An individual learner is adequately characterized by a test score
An individual learner is inadequately characterized by a test score

299.Which is a good portfolio evidence of a students acquired knowledge and

writing skills?
a. Project
b. Test Results
c. Reflective Journal
d. Critiqued outputs
300.When planning for portfolio assessment, which should you do?
a. Set the target for portfolio assessment
b. Exhibit ones work and be proud of ones collection
c. Select evidences that could be captured in ones portfolio
d. Reflect on ones collection and identify strengths and weakness
301.Which kind of rubric is BEST to use in rating students projects done for
several days?
a. Analytic
b. Holistic
c. Either holistic or analytic
d. Both holistic and analytic
302.Which is NOT TRUE of an analytic rubric?
a. It is time consuming
b. It is easier to construct than the holistic rubric
c. It gives ones level of performance per criterion
d. It allows one to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of ones
303.Which of the following statement does not e educational technology?
a. It is a profession composed of various job categories
b. It refers to the efficiency of teachers in using computers
c. It includes audio-visual materials, interactive multimedia and selfinstructional materials
d. It is the development, application, and evaluation of system,
techniques and aids to improve human learning
304.Which group of technologies has the highest degree of abstraction?
a. Book, imaginative literature, programmed instruction
b. Digital video, film, versatile compact disc
c. Video, pictures and television
d. Realia and computers
305.Which of the following is not an advantage of real objects and models in
teaching and learning?
a. They pose problems on storages
b. They are less abstract and more concrete
c. They are readily available in the environment, around school, and in
the home
d. They provide hands-on learning experiences and emphasize realworld applications
306.Mr. Ramos is planning to integrate the use of Technology in his Science
class. Which of the following would be his second step?
a. Set the objectives
b. Analyse the learners
c. Utilize the materials with showmanship

d. Evaluate the performance of the students

307.Which of the following Ms.Maceda primarily consider in determining her
teaching-learning objectives and use of instructional media?
a. The learner
b. The teacher
c. Instructional activity
d. Instructional strategy
308.Which is the best reason why teacher state the objectives before using
instructional media?
a. To be able to practice how to operate the equipment
b. To determine which media to us best
c. To prepare the materials beforehand
d. To secure available materials
309.Ms.Postre is thinking of an educational technology that can relay
information clearly to her class. Which principle will guide her in selection
of the material?
a. Interest
b. Authenticity
c. Cost effective
d. Responsiveness
310.Mrs Zapanta presented real samples of rocks when she discussed the
different forms of rocks. What principle in the selection of instructional
material did she apply?
a. Interest
b. Authenticity
c. Cost effective
d. Responsiveness
311.The following statements are contributions of technology to the learning
process. Which is an exception?
a. The quality of learning can be improved
b. The delivery of instructions can be more interesting
c. The role of the teacher can be changed into a demonstrator
d. The method of teaching and learning become more interactive
312.With the pervasiveness of technologies nowadays a learner-centered
instruction can be promoted. Which of the following statements support
this approach to teaching?
I.It focuses on transformation of facts
II.it supports the use of lecture and drill methods
III.it gives emphasis on collaboration and authentic assessment
IV.Students work on tasks determined and controlled by the teacher

I and II only
I and III only
II and IV only
III and IV only

313.Ms.Marquiz is a grade I teacher who plans reading instruction as a part of

the language block. She provides varied reading experiences that involve
children sitting quietly, silently reading library books or making a book
based on their own experiences.What theoretical model of reading does
Ms.Marquiz show?
a. Bottom-up model
b. Top-down model
c. Interactive Model
d. Scheme Model

314.Ms. Fuertes is a grade I teacher who is concerned with building letters into
words and words into sentences. She uses flashcards so the pupils can
sound out syllables and words correctly. What reading model is reflected
in Ms. Fuertes?
a. Bottom-Up Model
b. Top-Down Model
c. Interactive Model
d. Scheme Model
315.Ms.Cruz believes that her pupils need direct sensory contact and physical
manipulation in the classroom so that they learn easily and recall input
effortlessly. What is the grade level of Ms. Cruz class?
a. Pre-school
b. Primary
c. Intermediate
d. High school
316.One Grade III teacher of English to multilingual learners has just finished
reading a storyaloud to the class. Which of the following is the best postreading activity for the learner?
a. Provide students with a guide for reader-text interactions
b. Have pupils write about what they have read
c. Give them comprehension questions
d. Let them rest for a while
317.Mr. Castro is a teacher handling English for a culturally-diverse class. He
would regularly read aloud to his pupils, would provide time for free silent
reading, recreational reading, and would lend them magazines and
newspapers. What factor in reading does Mr. Castro want to cultivate
among his pupils?
a. Emotional / Social Development
b. Physical Development
c. Interest in Reading
d. Intelligence
318.Mr. Burgos is a new grade I teacher who is unsure whether the pupils are
ready for beginning reading instruction. Before he begins his lessons, he
must observe that
a. The pupils are emotionally prepared for social interaction and
b. The pupils have achieved unity of their capabilities with their
c. The pupils can respond to simple questions and instructions
d. The pupils show desire to learn in class
319.Teacher Maricel knows well that the text or the print material is one factor
that affects reading. So she tries to match the text with the ease or
difficulty of students comprehension based on the style of writing. What
text factor does Teacher Maricel consider in the choice of reading
materials for her class?
a. Organization
b. Format
c. Readability
d. Content
320.Theft of school equipment like TV, computer etc. by teenagers in the
community itself is becoming a common phenomenon. What does this
incident signify?
a. Communitys lack of sense of co-ownership
b. Deprivation of Filipino schools


Inability ofschool to hire security guards

Openness of schools to community

321.The basic education curriculum has been restructured due to the following
reasons except one. Which one is NOT?
a. To be relevant and responsive to a rapidly changing world
b. To become globally competitive during this industrial age
c. To empower the Filipino learners for self-development throughout their
d. To help raise the achievement level of students
322.Which should be the National Motto of all Filipinos?
a. Maka-Diyos, Makatao at Makabansa
b. Maka-Diyos, Makatao, Makakalikasan at Makabansa
c. Maka-Diyos, Maka-Masa, Makakalikasan at Makabansa
d. Maka-masa, Maka-Diyos, Makabansa
323.A political boss builds a school in a distant barrio in order to get the votes
for an unworthy and corrupt candidate. Is the action of the political boss
a. No, his motivate was not meant for a good effect
b. No, the candidate is undeserving
c. Yes, it was his duty to strategize for his candidate to win
d. Yes, the votes were in exchange for the school built

right ends where the right other begins. What does this mean?
Rights are absolute
Right are inalienable
Rights are alienable
Rights are not absolute

325.Which one does not illustrate the principle that rights and duties are
a. The right of an state to compel citizens to military service is
reciprocated by the duty of the state to protect the citizens
b. The right of an unmarried pregnant woman to abort her baby in relation
to her duty to protect her name
c. The right to a living wage involves the duty of the employer to give the
salary agreed upon and the duty of the employee to give a fair amount
of work
d. The right to life of persons and to be given respect of such right
326.What is the TRUE foundation of the social order?
a. Equitable distribution of wealth
b. Obedient citizenry
c. Strong political leadership
d. The reciprocation of rights and duties
327.Which of the following is NOT a function of the School Governing Council?
a. Shall manage the day to day operations of the school
b. Shall serve as the policy making authority of the school
c. Has overall authority over the operation and direction of the school
d. Shall define school-level policies and resolve school level issues
328.Which of the following is NOT a major activity in data collection,
organization and analysis in School Improvement Plan preparation?
a. Data prioritization
b. Data analysis and interpretation
c. Data gathering and organization


Identification and verification of problems

329.Which two of the following are NOT important considerations in selecting

a school site?
I. Location
II. Environment
III. Aesthetic value
IV. Market value

III and V
I and III
IV and V
II and III

330.Which of the following practices BEST manifest Total Quality Management

in School?
a. Partnering with students
b. Faculty as teachers
c. Teaching students
d. Evaluation oriented
331.Which of the following steps should NOT be taken by the school head as
part of the decision-making process?
a. Prioritize the value of the solution
b. Define and analyse the problem
c. Develop and evaluate alternatives
d. Follow up and appraise results
332.Which of the following are NOT practices of a child friendly school in
inclusive education?
I. Screening and assessment of all children for early detection of disabilities
II. Developing individualized educational programs
III. Use of all available textbooks and instructional materials
IV. Selective opportunities for children to engage in group dynamics activities
V. Observe and recording childrens behaviour

III and IV
III and II
I and II
II and IV

333.Which of the following is an important consideration in communicating

higher learning expectations to the learners?
a. Creates stress-free environment
b. Obtains information on the learning styles and needs of learners
c. Provides learners with a variety of learning experiences
d. Maintains a safe and orderly classroom
334.Which of the following should NOT be considered by a school head in
promoting personal growth and professional development among
a. Understand and accept the learners diverse knowledge and
b. Preparation and implementation of the Individual Personal and
professional Development plan
c. Manifest enthusiasm in undertaking educational research
d. Building links with colleagues to enrich testing practices
335.Which is NOT a part of the Clinical Supervision Cycle?
a. Observation Assessment
b. Pre-observation Conference


Post-conference Analysis
Observation of Teaching

336.Which of the following should NOT be determined at the pre-observation

conference between the principal and the teacher?
a. The level of mastery of learning
b. The reason for and purpose of the observation
c. The focus of the observation
d. The method and form of observation
337.Which of the following approaches in Clinical Supervision emphasizes the
behaviour of presenting, clarifying, listening and negotiating to develop a
contract of professional development between the teacher and the
a. Collaborative Approach
b. Nondirective Approach
c. Directive Approach
d. Directive Informational Approach
338.Which of the following are critical areas of concern of the school head as
an Instructional Leader?
I. Teaching-learning environment
II. Pupils/student assessment
III. Resource generation
IV. Total community involvement
V. Problem identification and prioritization

I and II
II and III
III and IV
IV and V

339.Which of the following areas of concern should NOT be included if the

agreed focus of observation between the school and the teacher is
classroom management?
a. Assess how much students already know
b. Efficient classroom routine
c. Smooth transitions between activities
d. Physical environment conducive to learning
340.Which of the following is NOT an indicator in observing the teachers
active teaching and instructional techniques?
a. Enforcing rules and discipline equally
b. Providing examples and asking questions
c. Providing guided practice
d. Explaining the lessons relevance and purpose
341.Which of the following functions should NOT be undertaken by the School
Quality Management Team?
a. Organize program team by learning area
b. Conduct monitoring during plan implementation
c. Evaluate result of SIP implementation
d. Design monitoring and feedback system

342.Which of the following questions must be answered by the school head he

can formulate his vision-mission?
a. What resources do we need to bring about school improvement?
b. Who are the stakeholders who can assist the school head in resource

c. What is the status of the school in terms of enrolment and other

school performance indicators and resources
d. What processes must be modified to bring about school improvement?
343.What is the best action that the school Planning Team can take when the
school Report Card indicates that the drop out is 6%?
a. Formulate programs and projects
b. Solicit the LGU Chief Executives Financial Support
c. Plan for resource generation and mobilization
d. Ask why the simple dropout rate is above the planning standard
344.Which of the following statements are NOT in accordance with the
provision of the Revised Rules of procedures of DepEd in Administrative
I. The Grievance Committee is allowed to hear and decide on administrative
II. A complaint shall under oath
III. The School Division Office shall organize the investigation Committee
IV. Habitual drunkenness for disciplinary action

I and II
IV and I
III and IV
II and III

345.Which of the statement justify the choice for Alternative Dispute

Resolution (ADR) over court litigation?
I. Parties in ADR are free to select the mediator or arbitrator, the procedure
to be followed and place of mediation/arbitration
II. It was a datu way of setting disputes in the barangay
III. As a rule, an award rendered by an arbitral tribunal is final and binding on
the parties
IV. Clogged court dockets, expensive litigation fees and rigid and adversarial
system of courts
a. I and IV
II and III
c. III and I
IV and III
346.When is the best time to define the terms of reference of each school
a. After preparing the annual implementation plan
b. After identifying the programs/project/activities to be implemented
within the first and succeeding years
c. Before the preparation of the School Improvement Plan
d. Before converting the stakeholders for the presentation of the school
report card
347.Which is the most appropriate way of communicating what the school
hopes to achieve?
a. Join community assembly
b. Hold PTA meeting
c. Advertise in radio, newspaper or television
d. Convene multi-stakeholders for a meeting/dialogue
348.Which of the following statements indicates conduct of participatory
meeting for the decision making on the utilization of PHIL-IRI Results?
a. Who can solicit the help of parents and local government officials?
b. Where can we get additional reading material?
c. What measures can we undertake to address the identified issue?


How can we pay for the honorarium of the remedial reading teacher?

349.Which of the following should be given preferred attention when

managing change?
I. Talk about the disadvantages of non-adoption of the proposed change
II. Determine who will be affected or who will need to know
III. Do approximately 20 percent two-way, face to face conversations
IV. Identify who should have the responsibility for the change and the
authority to make decisions
c. III

II and IV
I and II
and I
IV and III

350.Which of the following questions manifest resistance to change among

teachers along classroom observation?
I. What are the advantages of allowing the teachers to identify their own
growth needs and think of specific ways to address these needs?
II. Why should you ask me how can I improve my art of questioning
technique when you are the school head who is expected to know better?
III. Which is a better question that can elicit the students insights, the first or
the last question?
IV. Why do you ask me to pinpoint my weakness along instruction when you
were the observer?

I and III
III and II
IV and I
II and IV

351.Which action can be taken to prevent made-up stories that are typically
negative in relation to change?
a. Communicate early and regularly and conduct open forum
b. Write a memorandum to each of the staff who are perceived to be
negative and indifferent to change
c. Call each of the staff who is perceived to be negative or indifferent of
the change
d. Request the Education Supervisor or the PSDS to publicly endorse the
change you desire to institute the school
352.Evaluation of learning outcomes may be formative, summative or
diagnostic. Which of these describes formative type of evaluation?
I. It occurs most often at the end of the unit
II. It provides teachers with valuable information upon which instructional
modifications can be made at the end of each unit
III. It provides students direction for future learning and encourages them to
take responsibility for their own progress
IV. It determines what has been learned by the students over a period of time

II and III
I and II
I and IV
III and IV

353.Monitoring and evaluation are necessary for program sustainability. Which

of these categories provides information about the efficiency of a program
or project?


Process Analysis
Needs Assessment
Impact Analysis
Cost Benefit Analysis

Study Table I below

Performance Indicators for School X: S/Y 2008-2009 to 2010-2011
Participation Rate
Cohort Survival
Completion Rate
Dropout Rate
Failure Rate
354.Which of the following programs do you think would be effective in
facilitating the attainment of 100% participation rate in SY 2011-2012?
I. Dropout Intervention program
II. Feeding program
III. School community partnership
IV. Awarding teachers with 100% participation rate

I, II, III and IV

I and III only
I and II only
I, II and III

355.The result of NAT for Grade VI in your school are shown below:
What observation and conclusion can you derive from the results?
Subject Areas


Science and Math are related subjects, hence are both performed
The Grade VI pupils have the lowest achievement rate in Science
Math, Science and English which are taught in English, similarly
achieved poorly
Filipino and HEKASI are correlated subjects
356.Which of the following could be data collection technique for an action
I. Radio newscast
II. Anecdotal records
III. Portfolio
IV. Document analysis

II, III and IV

I, II and III
I, III and IV
II and III only

357.Which of the following items is NOT TRUE about Clinical supervision?

a. It focuses on the improvement of instruction
b. It involves planning, organizing and interpreting results
c. It follows the cycle of planning, observing and analysing actual
d. It is concerned with the professional development of teachers
358.Mrs.Aguja, a head teacher is assigned in a multigrade school with only
four teachers. She found out that Mr. Cruz who has been handling grade III
and IV for five years still find difficulty in making his pupils read. Which
supervisory approach will work for him?
a. Non-directive
b. Directive
c. Collaborative
d. Diplomatic
359.Which of the following manifestation of collaborative supervision?
I. Soliciting ideas from the teachers first and solving the problem based on
shared agreement
II. Offering solutions and then asking for other alternatives from the teacher
III. Restating a teachers plan and setting follow-up meeting
IV. Identifying the problem or goal and seeking clarifying information

I only
III and IV
I and II
III and IV

360.Coaching and mentoring are often misconstrued to be the same thing.

Some interchangeably use these terms to refer to the assistance given to
staff. Which of these concepts does not hold true about coaching?
a. It is job focused and performance oriented
b. It is a power free relationship based on mutual respect
c. It is developing specific skills for the task
d. It is making others accountable and responsible for their act
361.Which of the following is the ultimate goal of instructional supervision?
a. Improvement of instruction for enhanced learning outcomes
b. Development of teachers for professional growth
c. Utilization of the supervisory tools for staff development
d. Recognition of potential teachers for promotion
362.Which of the following is NOT an indicator of building high performance
a. Involves all stakeholders in developing the plans based on accurate
b. Conduct participatory meetings for decision making
c. Assesses results through triangulation process
d. Gives feedback on the groups performance
363.As school head. Which of the following should NOT be your priority along
professional development and human resource management?
a. Mentoring and coaching of existing employees and facilitating
induction of new hires
b. Aligning professional development plans with strategic goals
c. Creating partnership to support student peak performance
d. Conducts classroom observation

364.Teacher proficiency and performance is a major determinant of student

achievement. What specific measure can be taken by the school head to
transform the teachers stand on Instructional leadership to that of
leadership for learning?
a. Build culture of collaboration in ensuing that students learn
b. Set and require high standard of achievement for every learner
c. Enrich the curriculum in the context of the pillars of new functional
d. Requires strict compliance with competency-based standards for
365.What data should a principal use in setting academic expectations?
a. Textbook ratio across grade level and subjects
b. Net intake rate in grade I classes
c. Teacher-pupil ratio in Grade V and VI classes
d. Achievement across grade levels and subjects
366.Which of the following principles selectively seeks to locate, highlight and
illuminate the life-giving forces of an individual, group or organization?
a. Organizational inquiry
b. Appreciative inquiry
c. Transformational leadership
d. Bridging leadership
367.Conducting monitoring and evaluation of the SIP is essential to the
success of the plan. Which of the following is NOT provided to the school
as a result of the monitoring and evaluation processes?
a. To enable the school to formulate evaluation plans
b. To learn from the experience of plan implementation
c. To make necessary adjustment to improve performance
d. To increase stakeholders accountability
368.Which of the following reflects the true meaning of NCBTS?
I. It is unified framework for teacher development
II. It is integrated theoretical framework that defines the dimensions of
effective teaching
III. It is based on the core values of Filipino teachers and on effective
teaching and learning

I, II and III
I and II only
II and III only
I and III only

369.Which assessment instrument is most appropriate in rating the

performance of a group of students in an oral presentation of their
a. Portfolio
b. Paper and pencil test
c. Conferencing
d. Rubrics
370.On what months of the year do the school Selection committee and the
Division Sub-committee conduct recruitment, evaluation and selection of
applicants for Teacher I position?
a. April to June
b. January to April
c. May to July
d. October to December

371.Which of the following is NOT a function of the Division Sub-Committee on

Recruitment and Hiring of Teachers?
a. Prepare the division wide rank list for submission to the Schools
Division Superintendent
b. Review the applicants documents as to completeness, accuracy and
c. Observe and rate demonstration teaching of applicants
d. Conduct interviews of applicants
372.Your school needs a major in physics but the applicant from the barangay
is a major in physical education. The barangay captain accompanies the
applicant and cites R. A 8190
as a basis for hiring the applicant. What will you do?
a. Accommodate the request of the Barangay Captain
b. Explain the need of the school as basis for recommending a physics
major from the municipality or city
c. Report the matter to the SDS
d. Report the matter to the Municipal Mayor
373.Which of the following CANNOT be considered as a criterion in evaluating
teacher applicants?
a. Travels abroad and winning in international sports tournament
b. Communication skills and experienced learning course
c. Education, teaching experience and Demo teaching
d. LET/PBET rating and interview

374.Which of the following is NOT a domain of the Competency-based Teacher

a. Diversity of Learners
b. School, Home and Community Linkages
c. School outcomes
d. Personal Growth and Development
375.Which is the most critical task of the school head in implementing a
collaboratively prepared school improvement plan for local attainment of
EFA goals?
a. Be in charge of all committees or teams for the implementations of all
programs and projects
b. Creation of committees or teams as an integral part of the annual
implementation plan
c. Issue a Memorandum designation team/committee leader and
d. Ask stakeholders to approve the designation of teachers as
team/committee leaders
376.Which of the following is a school-based practice for raising the learners
mastery level of expected competencies?
a. Utilization of learner-centered activities and multi-level questions in all
learning areas
b. Utilization of questions to develop higher order thinking skills after a
through teachers lecture
c. Conduct of year-round enrichment and remedial activities with the
school Governing Council
d. Conduct of classroom observation and LAC session

377.Which of the following would be the best initial action that a newlyinstalled school head can take?
a. Call a multi-stakeholders meetings to assess the implementation of
the annual improvement plan/school improvement plan
b. Call for a faculty meeting and decide on how the annual improvement
plan can be modified
c. Review the results and analysis of SBM assessment
d. Ask the SDS what division priority programs and projects are to be
378.Which of the following data in a school report card are indicators of school
I. Increased Grade/year level enrolment by 15%
II. Decreased drop-out rate by 1.5%
III. 25% improvement in MPS in NAT
IV. Increased participation in ALS programs

I, II and IV
II, III and IV
II, III and I
I, IV and III

379.After being inspected by building officials one of your school buildings was
found to be hazardous for pupils. You decide to apply for the demolition of
the building. To whom do you submit your request for demolition of the
school building for final approval?
a. The schools Division Superintendent
b. The Regional Director
c. The District Supervisor
d. The Secretary of Education
380.Which of the following are requirements for the establishment of new
elementary/secondary school?
I. Suitable school site with proof of ownership
II. Data on possible enrolment
III. Temporary school buildings and furnitures

I and II only
I and III only
I, II and III
II and III only

381.For which of the following activities is the use of educational facilities in

schools NOT allowed or permitted?
a. Polling places for election
b. Politically rally or meeting
c. Meetings of election inspectors
d. Barangay council meetings for educational purposes
382.Based on the Assessment, Standards, Strategies and Accountability
(ASSA) model in improving education quality, which is the logical outcome
to be expected from improving school facilities?
a. Reduced drop-out rate
b. Enhanced learning environment
c. Increased completion rate
d. Improved health status of learners
383.Which of the following reports should a principal prepare for all the
stakeholders to know whether he/she have accomplishment the targets in
the SIP?
a. School Report Card


School Annual Report

Year-End Report
School Assessment Report

384.Which of the following is NOT among the authority, accountability and

responsibility of the school head?
a. Offering educational programs for all learners in the community
b. Introducing new and innovative modes of instruction
c. Approving the establishment of private elementary school in the
d. Establishing school-community networks
385.Which of the following is not principle governing government
a. Transparency
b. Accountability
c. Selectivity
d. Competitiveness
386.When can negotiated procurement be resorted to?
a. In case of imminent danger to life or property during state of calamity
b. In case of 1 failed bidding
c. When goods can be obtained only from the proprietary source
d. When goods are available off-the-shelf
387.Which of the following governs the modernization, standardization and
regulation of the procurement activities of the Philippine government?
a. R. A 9186
b. R. A 9184
c. R. A 9155
d. R. A 7079
388.Which method of procurement of goods is used when items can be
obtained only from the proprietary source?
a. Negotiated Procurement
b. Repeat Order
c. Direct Contracting
d. Limited Source Bidding
389.As a school head and Special Disbursing Officer, how often should you
liquidate expense against cash advance?
a. Every 15 days
b. Every 30 days
c. Every quarter
d. Everyday
390.Government funds are appropriated for specific purposes. If the SH used
the budget allotted for training of teachers for the purpose of books, what
offense does she/he commit?
a. Misappropriation
b. Technical malversation
c. Re-alignment
d. Juggling of funds
391.Which of the following is NOT an advantage in using computer?
a. Communication
b. Consistency
c. Storage

d. Impact on the environment

392.The following are disadvantages of using computer EXCEPT one:
a. Speed
b. Violation of privacy
c. Health risks
d. Impact on the labor force

393.Which is considered as the brain of the computer?

Main memory
Control unit
394.What do you call the board that forms the foundation of your computer?
a. Motherboard
b. ROM
c. Main memory
d. RAM

395. Which is NOT an application of ICT in Education?

a. learning and instruction
b. management
c. auto CAD
d. research