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How to Install

VLTp Micro Drive FC 51 Design Guide

6.12 Electrical Overview

6.12.1 Power Circuit - Overview

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Illustration 6.12 Diagram Showing all Electrical Terminals

* Brake (BR+ and BR-) are not applicable for enclosure type M1.
Brake resistors are available from Danfoss.
Improved power factor and EMC performance can be achieved by installing optional Danfoss line filters.
Danfoss power filters can also be used for load sharing.

MG02K302 - Rev. 2013-12-03


How to Install

VLTp Micro Drive FC 51 Design Guide

6.14.2 Connecting to Control Terminals

S200 Switches 1-4

Illustration 6.14 shows all control terminals of the frequency

converter. Applying Start (terminal 18) and an analog
reference (terminals 53 or 60) make the frequency
converter run.

Switch 1
Switch 2
Switch 3
Switch 4
Illustration 6.14 Overview of Control Terminals in PNP-configu-

*Off=PNP terminals 29
On=NPN terminals 29
*Off=PNP terminal 18, 19, 27 and 33
On=NPN terminal 18, 19, 27 and 33
No function

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*Off=Terminal 53 0-10 V
On=Terminal 53 0/4-20 mA

*=default setting

ration and Factory Setting.

Illustration 6.16 S200 Switches 1-4

6.15 Switches



Do not operate switches with power on the frequency


Parameter 6-19 Terminal 53 Mode must be set according

to Switch 4 position.

Bus termination
Switch BUS TER position ON terminates the RS-485 port,
terminals 68, 69. See Illustration 6.12.

6.16 Final Set-Up and Test

To test the set-up and ensure that the frequency converter
is running, follow these steps.

Default setting = Off

Step 1. Locate the motor name plate
The motor is either star- (Y) or delta-connected (). This
information is located on the motor name plate data.

Illustration 6.15 S640 Bus Termination

Step 2. Enter the motor name plate data in this

parameter list
To access this list first press the [Quick Menu] key then
select Q2 Quick Setup.

Motor Power [kW]

1-20 Motor Power [kW]

or Motor Power [HP]

1-21 Motor Power [HP]


Motor Voltage

1-22 Motor Voltage


Motor Frequency

1-23 Motor Frequency


Motor Current


Motor Nominal Speed

1-24 Motor Current

1-25 Motor Nominal

Table 6.4 Parameters for Quick Setup

MG02K302 - Rev. 2013-12-03