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1) A water cooler using R12 refrigerant works between 30C to 9C. Assuming the
volumetric and mechanical efficiency of the compressor to be 80 and 90% respectively,
and the mechanical efficiency of motor to be 90% , and 20% of useful cooling is lost into
water cooler, find:
a. The power requirement of the motor
b. Volumetric displacement of the compressor
Given C (saturated vapour at 30C) = 0.7 kJ/kg K
The properties of F12 at 30C and 2C are:

2) In a refrigerator the power rating impressed on the compressor is 1.2 kW. The circulating
wire in evaporator is 5 kW and the cooling water took away 10 kW from condenser coil.
The operating temperatures range is 18C and 0C and their corresponding latent heats
are 170 kJ/kg and 230 kJ/kg and the difference between the liquid energy is 35 kJ/kg.
Find the actual COP of the system (2) relative COP, assuming the vapour is just dry and
saturated at the end of the compression.

If refrigerant circulation rate is 0.025 kg/s then find RE and the COP of refrigerator.
4) A SSS vapour compression refrigeration system based on refrigerant R 134a operates
between an evaporator temperature of 25 C and a condenser temperature of 50 C.
Assuming isentropic compression, find:
i. COP of the system
ii. Work input to compressor
iii. Area of superheat horn (additional work required due to superheat)

b. Throttling loss (additional work input due to throttling in place of isentropic

expansion) assuming the isobar at condenser pressure to coincide with saturated
liquid line.
5) The capacity of a refrigerator is 200 TR when working between 6C and 25oC.
Determine the mass of ice produced per day from water at 25C. Also find the power
required to drive the unit. Assume that the cycle operates on reversed Carnot cycle
and latent heat of ice is 335 kJ/kg.
6) An ammonia ice plants operates between a condenser temperature of 35 0C and an
evaporator temperature of -150C. It produces 10 tons of ice per day from water at 30 0C to
ice at 268K. Assume simple saturation cycle. Using only tables of properties for
Ammonia, determine:
a. the capacity of the refrigerant plant,
b. the mass flow rate of refrigerant,
c. the discharge temperature,
d. The compressor cylinder diameter and stroke if its volumetric efficiency is
v=0.65, rpm N=1200 and stroke/bore ratio L/D=1.2
e. the horsepower of the compressor motor if the adiabatic efficiency of the
compressor a=0.85 and mechanical efficiency m=0.95 and
f. the theoretical and actual COP.
1:- Environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a is the new generation domestic refrigerators. Its
chemical formula is
2:- Write the chemical formula of the following refrigerant