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Lesson Plan Format

Class: Year 9


Date: 18/06/2015

Time: Start: 8:40

Finish: 10:10

Key Learning Area: TAS

Lesson Topic: Table making

Recent Prior Experience (specific relevant concepts, skills and values the school students have experienced prior to this lesson):
Students have been making their tables and this is for the legs section

Syllabus Outcome(s):
(One or two only. Please note the syllabus
reference number AND write out in full).

Indicators of Learning for this lesson:

Behaviours that contribute toward achievement of outcome(s).
Quote syllabus numbers. Must be clear, specific, observable.
Curriculum Content Strands may be used as headings.

Strategies which will be used to assess
learners attainment of learning outcomes.
Should be linked to each learning indicator.

machine tools, equipment and processes

By the end of this lesson, the students will:

- 5.2.2 identifies, selects and competently uses

a range of hand and machine tools, equipment
and processes to produce quality practical

- know how to make the beams for their tables

- S will use all equipment in the correct way and


- 5.1.2 applies OHS practices to hand tools,

Any safety issues to be considered:

WHS - The safe use of tools and machines

- have started to make the legs for their tables, they will not get
these finished by the end of this lesson

- S will know how to make their legs and have

started to make their legs
-S will be able to finish this section of the project

List resources you used in preparing the lesson AND those used in the lesson implementation.
Cutting sheet, timber, marking equipment, equipment to use in lesson, clean up equipment

Make sure everything is set up before hand, including board information, tools and wood.
Before each class I made sure everything was set up,
including all the instruction and drawings on the board.

Lesson Content / Indicators of Learning

(What is Taught):


Teaching Strategies / Learning Experiences:

(How it is taught)

The beginning part of the lesson students spent their time

catching up on their work. This is made possible as they
can reference the boardRole
back to their
demonstrations. I waited until the first students were
ready to move on before giving the next demonstration.

T gets Ss to come in and sit down at the
main table

Resources and Organisation:

3 mins

T allows for students to come in after the


Today I will demonstrate how to complete the next section of

the legs, but to start with I want you to work on what you were
doing the other day and we will stop a bit later, when you need
to next step.

T takes the role

T explains todays task
Ss working on the project, individual work


S are to continue work on their projects

Material, tools, marking items,

They are to use this time to catch up and finish any work that
they may need to catch up on
T will walk around the room and monitor the work
T will monitor where each student is with their project and
when they observe the first student about to finish, they will
start the next demonstration.
Demonstration by T
Note: important to keep the Ss attention
during the presentation as their attention
may become less as this is a long
demonstration with a lot to take it.

T will demonstrate a range of activities that the Ss will need to

complete to construct the legs and attached the legs to the
You will not get to finish this today, so please pay close
attention so that
Could everyone please come around me and make sure you
can see what I am demonstrating

Material, tools, marking items

Step 3 Cross Beams


Instructions: Cross beams

Sliding Bevel
Marking Gauge

Each and every time I taught something new with this

class I ensured I put a drawing of what they needed to do
onto the board. This was so that the students can refer
back to the drawing when they reach this part and try and
answer their own question instead of trying to find myself
for direction.

Tenon Saw

Note: Use opposite side to cut made in step last week

Ss working on the project, individual work


Mark line 95mm in each side, use a set square to

mark this line

Use cross beam pieces to mark the width inside of the

95mm line

Use a set square and mark down from drawn line

about half way, example what you did last week

Use a marking gauge and mark half way mark this


Cut four line,

Use a chisel that fits and then check the rest of the
timber out

Test beam piece in the cut and make sure the beam
part fits

After watching the demonstration the Ss will be able to work on

their own project at their own pace.
T will walk around the room and monitor the work

Material, tools, marking items,

Tidy Time


Broom, dustpan and brush

T will instruct the Ss to tidy up

T quick wrap up of lesson in the last minute
Dismiss class when the bell goes

Good work, we will continue next lesson