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The goal of this research is to provide a device to detect defects linked to the line and isolating
the connected system or a device, to use it to develop. This device involves the use of a
microcontroller for the detection and isolation instrument system with the proper use of the
programming. The device has been developed cheap and effective compared to other safety
devices available on the market. According to the patent product of large-scale production is
possible for the consumer. Design methodology involves the use of a microcontroller digital
system in conjunction with the relay circuit with display on a liquid crystal display. It is an
entirely new design on the market and will be a substitute for circuit breaker, MCB and relays in
the near future. In this research we protect the transmission lines or grid station using the micro
controller based digital protection system.

In recent years, it has been in the power system digital protection techniques using
a great interest in the area. The main features encouraged many studies, the ability
to design digital relay on the screen to protect the reliability of the network, the
cost of integrating the flexibility improved performance over conventional relay
and the possibility of a digital relay in the hierarchical computer system.
A fault in the electrical equipment is a defect detected by the electrical circuit is to
define the current path to improper disposal.
The errors are usually caused by a mechanical failure, accidents, major internal and
external factors, etc.
The fault impedance is low the fault currents are relatively high. While the failure
of the current in the direction of the ball, and delivery of the adjacent area affected.
The fault must be urgently created therefore microcontroller kit to treat quickly.
The following are the four major errors and detect travelers a signal channel.
The four errors are detected by the model: short circuit, earth, sparks and UV
detection, phase failure fault.
The microcontroller is a micro-chip of Unique VLSI Production. A microcontroller
also called an integrated controller, because the microcontroller and its support
circuits are in the discretion they are often control or embedded. A microcontroller
is (are 4-bit, 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit and 128-bit microcontrollers available
today) in different lengths of words such as microprocessors available
They can microcontroller in all kinds of electronic devices in these days. All
dispositive that measures, stores, controls, calculates and displays information
must have within a microcontroller chip. Most Unique USE microcontroller (used
Turing microcontroller to control electric motors and controllers in cars) in the
automotive sector. You can also microcontroller keyboards, mice, modems, printers
and other peripherals, see. Meant in test equipment, microcontrollers make it easy
to store functions such as the ability to add measurements to create and routines to
store user and display messages and signals. Consumer products that use

microcontrollers include digital cameras, optical drives; LCD / LED display units,