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Sixth Grade Science Syllabus for 2016-2017

Mrs. Spring
Website: http://bit.ly/29O5FWX
To stress the interconnections among the sciences, and the connections among science,
other disciplines, and contributions to ordinary living
To combine content with process skills in an activity-oriented program
To develop scientific literacy
To provide practice using the scientific method of inquiry to gather information and solve
Areas of Study
The scope and sequence of materials are based on state standards. Topics, approximately by
marking period, are as follows:

Science Inquiry
History & Nature of Science
Life Science-plant & animal cells, functions, structures & systems
Science in Personal & Social Perspectives
Physical sciences-energy
Earth & Space Science-water cycle, atmosphere and Earths processes

Resources that will be used include the science textbook I Science McGraw-Hill, Science A to Z,
and teacher-generated materials.
Online Resources
Google Classroom: http://bit.ly/1GiYpaX
Connected: https://connected.mcgraw-hill.com
School City: https://student.schoolcity.com/studentprod18/baboquivari
Materials Needed Daily
Avid binder: with all components
All science work is to be kept in your Avid binder. Students will be directed when to remove old
materials from their binder when necessary.
Section 1: Lab safety instructions, syllabus, and other general course directions. Material
is this section will be needed all year.
Section 2: Homework, worksheets, and vocabulary
Section 3: Cornell Notes, class work, and lab reports
Section 4: Tests, quizzes, and other grades

Website: http://bit.ly/29O5FWX
My website contains all daily journal entries, homework assignments, and other class
information. It also contains a number of links to science-related sites. Please visit and provide
feedback on the content and links.
Class Expectations and Rules
Listen to Directions
Enter & Exit Prepared
Always try your best
Respect Others
No Excuses!

Show Integrity
Own Your Learning
Accept Responsibility
Respect Self & Others

Sit with Proper Posture

Lean forward & Listen
Ask Pertinent Questions
Nod your head yes or no.
Talk with your teachers

Makeup Policy
For brief absences, please see make up calendar for your work. Pick a friend to be your
homework buddy and study partner for science.
For other absences and illnesses, students are responsible for work assigned before their
absence on the day they return.
For assignments given during the illness or absence, please see the teacher to establish a
due date for missing work. If a student misses a test due to an absence, he or she should
be ready for the test on the day he or she returns.
Grading Policy
Completion of daily homework assignments: Homework will have a value of ten possible
points unless otherwise noted. A student will earn the full ten points for homework that is
complete and neat. Homework will be reviewed in class, and accuracy will be the
students responsibility. Points will be deducted for homework that is not in the proper
format (name, title, date), incomplete, or messy. Daily homework will be 30% of the
quarters grade.
Time spent on homework should be 1015 minutes per night. Please contact me if you
find homework is taking more time.
Quizzes and tests: Quizzes will have a value of 15-20 points. Tests will usually have a
value of 100 points. Tests will be given on days 1 and 4. Quizzes may be given any time,
without notice
Lab reports and class assignments will generally have a value of 2050 points.
Projects or reports will have a value of 100 points each. We will spend time in class on
these assignments, but some work will be required at home.
Ready to Learn points that reflect class participation, behavior, and preparation are
worth 50 points each marking period.
Daily journal reviews (approximately two per marking period) will be worth 50 points
Two or three newspaper or current events article reviews and summaries per quarter will
each be worth 25 points.
Late assignments will be penalized 1/2 grade for every day late.

Grading would be as follows under the new grading scale:

Highly Proficient or A: 90-100
Proficient or B: 80-89
Partially Proficient or C: 70-79
Minimally Proficient or D: 60-69
Minimally Proficient or Failing: 0-59

Testing Grading Scale:

Makeup/Extra Help
Please schedule an appointment with me in room 201 for extra help. Every student should
be able to succeed in my class, so please ask for help if you need it.
I look forward to this year and have great expectations for the students in my class.
Working together, we can achieve success and have fun at the same time. Please contact me
through e-mail at jlujan@busd40.com or call 520-383-6950 if you have any questions or
Welcome Back,
Mrs. Spring

Student and Parent Acknowledgement

Sixth-Grade Science
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science class. Please include an e-mail address (neatly printed) for the students parents.

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