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NOVAK, Mark v Anita

In the event that an agreement is not reached, Investigator will discuss

areas as follows:
A. The love, affection, and other emotional ties existing between the parties
involved and the child.
Anitas answer: Ava and Ivy are both very affectionate little girls. Ava is
especially affectionate that it is out of the norm for a 6 year old. Ava and I
have always had a special bond unlike any other bond in the house. Shes
always clung to me, and has a hard time if she cant sleep without me. Ivy
as well. Not quite as affectionate, but definitely so. Snuggle time is
especially important in our house because the kids yearn for it, need it,
want it and deserve it. I am also a very affectionate person as well. To split
up the bond that us three girls have any more than it already is, would be
doing all of us a tremendous, life- altering injustice to all of us. We cant live
without each other.
Mark has never been very affectionate, and never showed much concern
for anyones feelings. Even the kids. I always thought it was unusually so. I
know most men dont like to show there emotions, in fear of judgement, but
Mark showed zero emotion most of the time. Although it didnt take much to
hurt Marks feelings and he would make a huge deal if he ever got hurt.
Probably the first time I knew in my heart it was over between Mark and I
was one day about 2 years ago, my parents took the kids to visit, and it was
just Mark and I. I was really excited that he and I had a weekend together
alone. Although, the second my parents walked out the door, Mark plopped
down on the recliner and said, ok, no one say a word to me for the entire
weekend!. My feelings were hurt, it caused me to ask him if he even cares
about my feelings and he says NOPE! Without any concern at all for how

he made me feel. I cried and cried and asked him how he could be like that,
and he would simply say, I dont care, I dont wanna talk about anything
So communication pretty much ceased and from then on, it was pretty
much all arguments. He continued to ignore my feelings and emotions more
and more until he finally admitted that he doesnt care about my feelings, he
doesnt care about what I have to say, and he just doesnt care about me.
He checked out emotionally more and more as the years progressed. I
dont believe he has any compassion, empathy, concern, or emotion at all
toward other people, including his children. It has always been a huge
problem in our marriage. I always wanted to cuddle, but he never initiated
anything affectionate. We havent slept in the same bed together for the
majority of our marriage. I always asked him to come to bed, and hes tell
me that hed be in in a bit, but he never would. I spent the majority of our
marriage with hurt feelings that led me to severe depression at some
points. I was emotionally abandoned years ago, and the kids didnt get
much attention in that department either.
B. The ability of the parties to give the child love, affection and guidance
and to continue the education and raising of the child in his or her religion
or creed, if any;
Anitas answer: I wear my heart on my sleeve, which is why I let so many
people hurt me over the years, especially Mark. He doesnt love with a
passion that I do, and that my girls need. He loves the girls, I wont deny
that, but for him to show it is another thing. During the last few months, Ive
seen him choose other things over his children time and time again. In my
world, the girls come first. Even after Mark and I decided to call ourselves
separated and I wanted out of the house, I would never leave without my
kids. So I lived in the basement for about a year and a half, so that I could
be with them.
The capacity and disposition for both of us to give affection is stated above.

I believe that I am the biggest influence in both guidance and education for
the girls. In 2015, Mark and I separated for about 6 months, he had me
petitioned over a false testimony so that he could take the kids from the
house and he pulled Ava out of pre-school only half-way into the year. She
never got to finish, and she still brings up, to this day, how much she
misses Ms. Roehl, he pre-school teacher. I feel terrible that she missed out
on so much because of Marks irresponsibility to education. I went to
college for many years and have a degree along with many extra credits.
Mark has a GED and little college experience. He never took school very
seriously, but I have always been very studious. Education is amongst one
most important things in a childs life.
I was raised in a strict household where both of my parents remain married
and in a healthy relationship. I was raised Catholic, never missed Sunday
Mass, went to Catechism every Monday. I have 4 brothers, and my parents
have high expectations of all of us. All 5 of us, maintained high GPAs all
throughout school, and all 5 of us have earned college degrees. Today, I
consider myself Christian and I attend Kensington Church when possible. I
believe in God faithfully, and cant imagine living a life without his love and
guidance. Ava loves God and expresses it openly. She has attended
Kensington with me a couple of times., and they have kids groups called
Kensington Kids that she really enjoyed. Ivy is now getting to a good age
that Id like to start taking the girls on Sundays. Mark has visitation with
them from Saturday night until Sunday night, so I have asked him if I could
take them for the hour or so, and he agreed to drop them off and pick them
up. He also agreed to take them until 7 on those days, instead of 6 to make
up for the lost hour. Mark has yet to live up to his word on this. The girls are
being denied their God given right to worship on Sundays, as well as
denying and delaying much emotional healing that is needed during this
time of divorce and tragedy.
Marks parents raised him without religion or faith. They were nice people,

but very lax. They gave little importance to standards. He was hardly, if
ever, punished or faced any consequences from any of his actions. He
never gained many morals, values, ethical views. Hes always told me that
as young as 12 years old, he was hanging out with older kids doing drugs
of all kinds. He dropped out of school at 16, started work as a painter,
started smoking pot regularly and hasnt stopped to this day. Other than our
house, cars and family, he hasnt attempted to reach any goals above that.
The house , cars and family were all decisions, I made myself and he just
followed along as usual. I always made decisions in the family, since he
always claimed to be unable to make any decisions, so he left any and all
decisions up to me. Hes never cared much about being accountable,
responsible, or achieving goals. I believe this all of these things to be a very
important factor in why he fails to acknowledge emotions, empathy, or
compassion. He claims to be Agnostic, so he believes in an Entity of some
sort, but not necessarily God. He is a self-admitted pathological liar, which
has always been at the top of the list of our problems. Hed always claim
that he always would speak before he would think, then hed just continue
on with the lie and defend it with more lies until a huge web of lies would
form from a lie so small and meaningless. I dont believe that Mark is
capable to teach the girls the importance of emotional health, good morals,
standards, values, faith in a higher being, spirituality, responsibility, how to
be independent, how to set goals and achieve them, or even how to have a
level of self-respect, as well as respect for others and their feelings.
C. The capacity and