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Christine Elaine M.

Avery: The Girl in the Prophecy
When the bell rang, it was the official start of summer. I could hear the excited shouts of
my schoolmates from the narrow hallway of our school building. Those screams that meant their
long desire to feel the scorching heat of the sun and the cold water from the beaches. Those yells
which I could hear only during summer vacation. Those hollers that meant only one thing
temporary freedom.
As for an introvert like me, Avery Concepcion, summer vacation meant nothing but the
chance to detach myself from the outside world. It meant a chance to imprison myself on my
room and read at least thirty sci-fi and dystopian books. It meant a two-month freedom from
anxiety, depression, and frustration brought by academic requirements, and this was just what I
Students, walk! Dont run, exclaimed Mister Dean Mendoza, one of the teachers in
Austern West High, our school. But, his weak voice was lost among the shouts of the students.
He just let out a sigh of desperation, shook his head, and entered his office because that was the
only thing he could do. After all, nothing and no one could go against the students thirsty for a
breath of fresh air outside the four corners of this campus.
I was on my way out of the jam-packed hallway when someone tapped my shoulders.
When I turned my back, I saw Kurt Linus, my best friend whom I secretly admired, grinning at
me and showing me his perfectly aligned teeth with that stupidly cute smile, that smile which
never failed to melt my heart and make my knees lose its strength. Weirdly enough, I looked at
him from top to bottom and pondered for a few moments the perfection of his being, his thin
stature, brown and smooth hair matching his hazel brown eyes.
Hey, Avery umm, he muttered something which I did not hear because of the noise
all around us. We were being swept by a hundred students, all racing to the exit door of this
Im sorry. What is it? I tried to ask him what he just said, but we could not hear each
other because of the noise all around us.
He was about to say something once again when one of our schoolmates came. Hey,
dude! Party at Ians later at five. See you there, one of them exclaimed and left us.
I guess I have to go, I lied. I still need to do something for my mom. Good bye!
I rushed my way out of the swarm of students and left him without letting him say
another word. I did not care of any other things but to get out of that embarrassing situation.
Indeed, my mind was a labyrinth of thoughts, an ocean of full confusion.

Whoa! Look up there, shouted Fred, the senior prankster in our school.
I thought it was just another prank being pulled by the seniors, so I did not dare waste my
time at such nonsense. But, I could hear the other students grasping, shouting, and panicking.
Some of them were at awe from what they saw.
Out of curiosity, I looked at the sky and saw a giant centipede-like structure slowly
emerging from the sky. It seemed like it was made of different kind of real bronze, about a fifty
feet in length and twenty feet wide. The sky and the surroundings were slowly turning dark
because of the smoke coming from the centipede. As darkness enveloped the school grounds,
or perhaps the whole city, country, or even the whole world, nothing could be heard but the
screams of horror and cries of help. Nothing could also be felt but fear. Then, a loud high-pitched
sound erupted from the centipede, and everything turned pitch black while everyone, including
me, lost consciousness.
My head felt like it had been pounded with a hammer for a hundred times, and it seemed
like I had lost all my strength. I even found difficulty in opening my eyes and stretching my arms
and legs. Later did I only find out that I was locked in a small cell. I also noticed that my school
uniform was changed into a gray sweatshirt, pants, and a pair of slippers
Meanwhile, the room contained a rusty bunk bed, with a pillow wrapped in cheap cloth
and a thin blanket, a small wooden table, and two chairs. I could feel the scorching heat because
there were no windows but a small opening at the upper part of the door.
In a situation like this, a normal person would panic and shout for help. But as different
as I could be from them, I managed to stay calm although I was still in a sea of confusion until I
noticed an immobile figure lying on the top bunk. He or she was covered with his blanket from
head to toe, and I could not figure or if this was a girl or a boy.
Suddenly, there was a loud knock from the metal door, and its lock opened abruptly. A
man appeared on the front of the door. I suddenly felt uneasy because of the peculiar look of the
man who appeared on the door. He had silver hair, thin and pointed silver eyebrows, and was
wearing a blue metallic jumpsuit. What were stranger about the man were his green eyes. It just
seemed unnatural with the way it glimmered as if some kind of a micro camera was inserted
there to spy me, or us. Then, without saying a word, he handed me a tray of food, locked the door
again, and proceeded to the other cells to hand the other prisoners with their own trays.
Am I still on Earth? What just happened? I thought.
When I returned to the room to put the tray to the side table, I was surprised that the guy
on the top bunk was Kurt Linus. I was shocked from what I saw while he seemed to be still in a
state of confusion and panic.
What am I doing here? What happened? Is this some kind of a sick joke? Those are the
questions he repeatedly asked to me, but I felt sorry that I could not give him the answers for
neither did I know of what was happening. Fear and panic was very evident in him, and I could

do nothing about it. Instead, I tried to calm him down by rubbing his back and saying that it
would be okay.
Kurt and I just let time passed by with each others silence, and it went on rather slowly.
Before the day ended, the man in a blue jumpsuit once again handed us a tray of food which we
ate dryly.
Avery, he whispered. That was the first word he had spoken since his panic attack a
few hours ago.
Yes? I tried to sound natural.
Arent you afraid of what lies ahead of us? Arent you missing anyone?
Im afraid, but fear must not always be evident.
Night, Avery!
Good night!
However, I could not sleep because of all that had happened. I could not help but wonder
about my family, the other people in this prison, and the people behind this. I questioned myself
repeatedly why this was happening to me, if I did something wrong to anyone to deserve such
kind of punishment, and what was ahead of me, of Kurt, of the other people. Thoughts filled my
mind until my head hurt like someone was banging it against a concrete wall. It took me a few
hours before I was able to drown myself in a deep slumber.
The next day, I was awoken by a loud banging on the door. I was surprised to find three
armed men standing there with their guns pointed at me. They were all men of strong physique,
wearing white armored suit, and had the same green eyes as what the man in the jumpsuit had.
Kurt and I were still in a state of shock when one of the men grabbed me from my wrist
and dragged me out of the cell. I heard Kurts pleading yell of my name. It was like a plea for
help, for me not to desert him, but I could not do anything about it.
Are you Avery Concepcion? One of the men asked.
Yes, sir, I answered meekly.
Very well, they turned to each other and nodded.
Where are you taking me? Who are you? Why am I here? What have I done wrong?
One of the men slapped me and answered, Soon, youll find out. Now, shut up!

They, then, dragged me to the hallway out of this building. When we reached the outside,
I realized that everything was different. The surroundings were different, as if I was in a different
place, a different world. The blue sky was replaced by an orange to yellowish one. The green
lush trees turned into different shades of colors. Each of them had sparkling fruits shaped in
circle. This place was covered in purple grass except the roads and pathways where weirdlyshaped cars and odd-looking men and women could be found. Both men and women wore heavy
make-up of different colors that matches their hair. Their clothes were all the same, blue metallic
jumpsuit with black belt in the middle for men, and yellow jumpsuit with silver belt for women.
I was pushed into a futuristic-looking silver car where I found a strange-looking woman,
probably at her fifties. I was not at ease because she seemed like she was not from our planet.
She had silver straight hair, thin and pointed silver eyebrows, glimmering green eyes, a wrinkled
face, and a pointed chin. She was wearing a headpiece made of gems of different sorts, metallic
silver gown with a cape attached on it. Indeed, her beauty could not be denied despite of her
strange physical appearance.
Welcome to Gemmatopia, she said enthusiastically.
So, it was confirmed. I was not on Earth anymore. Thank you, I guess. But, who are
you? Why am I here? What just happened?
Why a flurry of questions, darling?
I, I responded, not knowing what to say or feel.
You seemed such a curious and intellectual beingFar from our other guests whose
only capability is to scream for help. Tut tut.
You still have not yet answered my questions, I said angrily. I was already losing my
patience to this woman.
All right. I am Zellestia, the queen of our planet, of Gemmatopia. We are currently on a
war with the neighboring planet Uzorphia. We have been enemies since time immemorial, and
the Gemmatopians are on the verge of losing our planet, our home, everything. We did not have
much hope until Syron, the kingdoms fortune teller, saw a prophecy that a child from a different
world will save Gemmatopia. Through this, we found another hope. You are our hope, Avery.
But, Im just Avery. I have no magic or powers. I cant even protect myself from anyone.
How can you expect me to fight with your nemesis that you cant even defeat? Maybe, it wasnt
me but a different girl from a different planet. Its just surreal, I said quite harshly than I
expected. And how did you find out my name?
With a frustrated look on Zellestias face, she said, I know its unbelievable, and I
understand youre confusion right now. But, Avery, please believe me. You are our only hope.
Syron did not make a mistake about the oracle. Its you, the girl from his vision. You are the girl

with a gemstone birthmark on your wrist, right? He saw you fighting for us, defeating the
Uzorphia, and winning the battle for us.
Iyes. But how can I do that? I told you, I dont have any powers.
You will undergo trainings for the next four weeks. Yssha and Zira will train you to be a
strong soldier. You will meet them later. After your training, you are expected to be a developed
soldier, ready to fight the enemies. Now, do you believe me?
I guess so. But why is Kurt in here? Are there also other people from our school, or from
our planet?
Well, there are a few people here that you are personally closed to. Kurt and your family
is here, as well.
Why do you have to include them? Are they okay? Where are they? I asked
Calm down, Avery. Theyve already been released and are also heading towards the
palace. They are in a very good condition. You see, they need to be here because you need
support from them. You wont feel alone here. You and your family will be taken care of.
Okay, I guess.
Zellestias palace was gigantic. It was shining in all directions since everything was made
from lavish and rare gemstones that could not be found even in the deepest parts of the Earth.
The inside of the palace was even more marvelous. The towering pillars and the wide and long
stairwell were adorned with golden roses. I could not deny that I was in a complete awe because
of what I saw.
The queen proceeded to her throne and ordered one the guards to direct me to my room
where I can see my parents. I felt somewhat relieved at the thought of my parents being with me
in this situation. After all, they were just all that I needed of at the moment. As for Kurt, I still did
not know why he was there with me.
When I reached the door of my room, I immediately opened the door without knocking
because I could not wait to be with my family again. And there, I saw my parents and my
younger sister, Elisa. I also noticed Kurt at the corner of the room.
Avery! Oh, Avery, exclaimed my parents.
They all reached for me and hugged me tightly, and I realized that we were all hugging
and crying together. We spent the night repeatedly telling stories of what happened during the
past few days. Happiness could be seen on our faces and laughter. Behind this, I felt that my
mother and father were also worried because of the situation that I would be facing on the days

to follow. But what I was worried about is Kurt. Although he was better than the last time I saw
him, I felt sorry for Kurt since his family was not there for him.
My family and I were awoken by the banging on the door. When I opened it, I saw
Zellestia and her guards. They were all feeling agitated which made me feel worried, as well.
What happened? I asked trying not to sound groggy.
There has been a change of plans. King Izra, the king of Uzorphia, and his army are on
their way to this planet. Theyre ready to fight and kill each and every one of us. Although our
army has been trained very well, we are not confident to win this battle because King Izra and
his army do not fight fairly. Avery, we would like you to come with us on our battle. It is
expected to start later in the afternoon, the queen pleaded.
I dont know, I responded with so much hesitation. Its just unfair for me. I dont have
any training. I will get killed in that battle!
Please, be with us. I cant stand to lose my people, my planet, the home of every
No! I refuse you to let my daughter be in that battle, exclaimed my dad who was about
to slap Zellistia but was stopped by the guards.
Im sorry, my queen. But, we cant also bear to lose our daughter, cries my mother.
Please, Avery, Zellistia continued pleading.
Im sorry, but I want to go home, to my planet, I responded meekly.
I could not bear to look at Zellistias face out of embarrassment. I could not bear to look
at the face of the defeated queen who was already crying and frustrated. I felt like I shamed her
in front of her army.
Very well, then. Ill let you go home with your family and friend, Zellistia said quietly.
Guards, send them home! Make sure that they reach Earth safely.
But before the guards could move, a loud sound was heard from the outside of the palace.
It was like a bomb was being thrown everywhere. I looked at the window of my room that
everything was on fire. Nothing could be seen but fire and smoke devouring the once beautiful
Gemmatopia. Then, another sound followed, and darkness enveloped us.
Avery, someone was calling me, but I could not figure out who it was. Avery! What
are you doing? Youll be late again.
Huh? Late for what? I asked dazedly.

For school, darling. I know that its your last day of school, but a school day is a school
day. You still need to go, said the voice which I realized was my mothers.
Maybe, shes dreaming again, mom, my sister said.
School? But what about? I asked still confused. Then, I realized that everything was
just a dream. Oh, right. School. Coming, mom!