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MSTR Architect

Project Design Essentials

Course Contents:
Basic and Advanced

Courses Contents

(Standard course contents, can be customized as per requirements)

Microstrategy Architect: Project Design Essentials

This two-day course provides students with an overview of the project design process, from designing the
logical data model and physical schema for the data warehouse to creating a project in MicroStrategy
Students first learn about the role of MicroStrategy Architect in supporting various project functions. Next,
students discover ways to design a logical data model and physical schema in preparation for creating a
MicroStrategy project. Finally, students learn about the project creation process, including how to work with
tables, facts, attributes, and user hierarchies to create a fully-functioning MicroStrategy project.
Throughout this course, students get hands-on practice with designing and creating MicroStrategy projects
via a series of exercises.

Introduction to MicroStrategy Architect
Overview of MicroStrategy Architect
Roles of MicroStrategy Architect
Overview of the project design process

Working with tables

What is a Project table?
Adding tables to Project
Using the layers for Project tables

Designing the logical data model

Introduction to logical data modeling
Logical data model components
Creating a logical data model

Working with facts

What is a fact?
Types of facts
Creating and modifying facts

Designing the data warehouse schema

Introduction to physical schemas
Physical schema components
Schema types
Creating a data warehouse schema

Working with attributes

What is an attribute?
What is an attribute form?
Types of attributes
Creating and modifying attribute forms
What is the system hierarchy?

Creating a project in MicroStrategy Architect

Overview of project creation
Project creation interfaces

Working with user hierarchies

What is a user hierarchy?
Creating user hierarchies

Introduction to the Architect graphical interface

Introduction to Architect
Overview of Architect components and

Automatic schema recognition

Overview of automatic schema recognition
Using automatic schema recognition

MicroStrategy Products Covered:

MicroStrategy Architect

Course Duration:

Two days

Who Should Attend:

Project architects and anyone else with an interest

in designing and creating projects with


Desktop: Reporting Essentials

Microstrategy Architect: Advanced Project Design

This one-day course covers advanced features available to project designers.
First, students learn how to manage project data sources using primary and secondary database instances as
well as how to maintain project schema with the Architect graphical interface. Students also learn how to
create aggregate tables using data marts, as well as how to use MicroStrategy MultiSource Option to
configure projects to access heterogeneous data sources.
Finally, students learn about fact level extensions, transformations, and partition mappings.
Students get hands-on practice during the course through exercises.

Introduction to advanced project design
Review of the project design process
Review of schema objects
Using the Fact Editor
Maintaining project schema
Review of database instances
Maintaining your warehouse
Aggregation awareness
Data marts

Fact level extensions

Overview of fact level extensions
Degrading fact levels
Extending fact levels
Disallowing fact levels
What is a transformation?
Creating and using transformations
Transformation examples

Using MultiSource Option

Introduction to MultiSource Option
Associating tables to database instances
Creating objects for multisource reports
Creating a multisource report

Introduction to partitioning concepts
Warehouse partition mapping
Metadata partition mapping

MicroStrategy Products Covered:

MicroStrategy Desktop and MicroStrategy Architect

Course Duration:

One Day

Who Should Attend:

MicroStrategy project architects, along with anyone

who has an interest in designing and creating
projects with MicroStrategy Architect


Basic SQL knowledge

Desktop: Reporting Essentials
Architect: Project Design Essentials