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List of Activities to be carried out before the Kiln light up.

Blending Silo:
Material Distributor inspection and trial
Physical Inspection inside silo
Checking and adjustment of manual gates
Identification of Solenoid Valves Control actuators calibration Silo aeration blower trials
aeration leakage checking and arresting
Central Mixing Bin:
Internal Inspection
Identification of Solenoid Valves aeration leakage checking and arresting
Insert able Bag filter inspection and trial
Load Cell calibration
Kiln Feed Extraction:
Pneumatic gates checking and trial.
Divertor checking and trial.
RAL Checking and trial
Bag Filter & Fan Inspection and trial
Air slide inspection and blowers trial
Bucket Elevator Inspection and Trial
Sampler checking and trial
Bag filter Inspection and trial
Air slide inspection and blowers trial
Solid Flow Meter calibration and trial
Pfister Rotor Scale Calibration and trial
Dosing valve calibration
Dosing valve trial
Fine coal silo :
Fine coal silo inspection
Explosion flap inspection
Bag filter with fan inspection and trial
Silo aeration piping leakage testing & arresting
Silo inertisation system inspection and trial
Silo load cell calibration
Coal silo extraction:
Agitator inspection and trial
Flat slide valve inspection & trial
Shut off flap inspection & trial
RAL with VVF drive inspection and trial
Pfiester roto scale system complete
Root blower inspection and trial
FK Pumps Inspection and trial

Pre-heater - Stream
Fresh air damper inspection and trial
Down comer duct expansion joint checking
Pendulum Flap Checking and adjustment.
Cyclones and feed pipe inspection
PC Burner Inspection & PA Fans trial.
TA Duct Inspection Damper trial
Pre-heater auto cleaning system checking and testing
Preheater fan Trial and all Pre heater draft checking.
Kiln :
Inlet tray cooling fan trial
Kiln Inlet seal inspection
Pneumatic cylinder trial
Kiln Gearbox
Tracing of RTDs - 16Nos.
Lubrication checking and trial
Girth gear lubrication checking & trial
Kiln roller station
Tracing of RTDs - 12 Nos.
Lubrication checking and trial
Kiln Auxiliary drive trial run
Kiln Main drive trail (Motor alone)
Shell Cooling fan trials Kiln Outlet
Outlet seal inspection
Pneumatic cylinder trial
Nose ring cooling fan trial
Carriage trial
PA Fans Trial
Flushing of oil line
Oil pumps trial
Pilot oil burner testing
Pilot gas burner testing

Cooler trial
Roll Crusher trial
Cooler Fans & Dampers
Cooler Blasters
Bull nose cooling blower trial
Clinker transportation

Cooler ESP - 2 Set

Cooler ESP Fan trial
Cooler ESP Transportation

ESP HT panel Charging

Any activities which sub- supplier requires has to be carried out as and when required.