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Reaperism is a fascist governmental ideology which focuses on the survival of the human race
and other highly intelligent species similar to the human race.
As of 2016, the human race is misguided, misinformed and doesnt have a proper leader and is
infected by the parasite of organised religion and leftist ideologies such as communism and
liberalism. Although freedom is an important part of Reaperism, some freedoms will have to be
adjusted to ensure we survive extinction.
From 1950 to 2000 the Human Population has increased epidemically. As we grow, we find it
more difficult to feed ourselves and have a stable system of survival.
Reaperism will eliminate the undesirables to promote the survival of the Human race.
Issue 1A: Africa
In the continent of Africa, the birthplace of the Homosapiens, is overrun with the parasite of
humanity, rape, murder, theft, failure, no progress.
Africa contains 1.1 Billion People (Data from 2013) which is undesirable for the stability of the
Human race. Most of the African people are poor and live in corrupt societies with indoctrinated
governments that still practice barbaric and outdated laws.
In order to establish order and stability within the region of Africa, we must reduce the population
and establish rule over the entire continent.
The remaining population of Africa will be non-religious which will leave around 20-30 million
Issue 1B: Religion
Organised Religion is a wall between progress and the survival of humanity, although believing
in a deity isnt harmful, influencing your fantastical gods into law and order is highly disruptive
and must be removed. The destruction of organised religion must be achieved in order for a
fairer and free society.
Issue 2B: Islam
Islam is the most cancerous religion, worse than most, those who believe it are disgusting and
have vile laws. Islam must be destroyed and destroying Islam will help humanity by reducing the
world population. 1.6 Billion Muslims must be eliminated or converted, more specifically
eliminated. Europe 2015-2016 is being overrun by these disgusting creatures. Raping our wives
and daughters, establishing laws in our own government, believing they are superior to us,
believing they are the chosen people is a delusion. We must invade the Arabic nations and wipe
out every single vile Muslim from our great planet, they are a plague, they are rats and must be
eradicated, Muslims are part of the Undesirables.

Issue 2C: Christianity and Judaism

These religions are more tolerable than Islam, but still need to be eradicated. Judaism forces
barbaric laws onto children, specifically male babies and without consent removes the foreskin
which reduces pleasure when engaging in sexual intercourse.
Judaism believes that no-one should work on the Sabbath, punishing those who do, which is an
idea that promotes unstable rule of an entire planet and must be stopped.
Christianity is more relaxed and is the least problematic religion, but it still promotes barbaric
laws, homophobic and anti-science beliefs are highly undesirable.
Issue 2D: Other Religions
Hinduism is a highly ridiculous religion and believes that food are gods and must not be eaten,
this is undesirable for survival of humanity.
All organised religion will be stomped out, by force if necessary.
The Freedom of Religion will be adjusted to exclude large organised religions and only include
individual religions as long they only worship/practice their religion in the privacy of their own
Issue 3A Undesirables
Undesirables are people who dont contribute to humanity or society and must be eradicated
List of Undesirables
1. The Mentally Retarded (Approximately 100 Million)

Alstroon Syndrome (All Cases)

Angelman Syndrome (All Cases)
Autism (Specific Cases)
Bannayan-Riley-Ruvalcaba Syndrome (All Cases)
Bardet-Biedl Syndrome (All Cases)
Beckwith-Wiedermann Syndrome (All Cases)
Cerebral Palsy (Specific Cases)
Cohen Syndrome (All Cases)
Down Syndrome (All Cases)
Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome (All Cases)
Fragile X Syndrome (All Cases)
Prader-Willi Syndrome (All Cases)
Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome (All Cases)
Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome (All Cases)
Smith-Magenis Syndrome (All Cases)
Sotos Syndrome (All Cases)
Williams Syndrome (All Cases)
Velocardiofacial Syndrome (All Cases)
X-Linked adreno leuko dystrophy (All Cases)
Zellweger Syndrome (All Cases)

2. The Islamic Race (1.6 Billion)

3. Drug Addicts (Approximately 200 Million)
The undesirables will be eradicated and will contribute to saving humanity by sacrificing their

Issue 4A: Social Justice

Another cancer is spreading, however this parasite is spreading through the first-world and
infecting our young students in universities from Moscow to Los Angeles.
This movement is called Social Justice and it is spreading lies and unfair tactics against hard
working people.
Issue 4B: Feminism
First and Second Wave Feminism achieved something, it allowed women to vote in a democratic
society, the ability to work and provide for the family, to serve their nation and fight for their
cause. This type of feminism is acceptable and creates a better society because of the
achievements of these movements.
However, Feminism is now a parasite, Modern day feminism, or Third-Wave Feminism. This
kind of feminism must be destroyed; it must be eradicated. Third-Wave Feminism is backwards.
Preaching anti-man propaganda, creating idiotic ideas and pushing agendas against hard-working
ordinary citizens. Third-Wave Feminism defends the parasite Islam despite Islam being very
sexist and backwards.
In order to combat this, we must ban Gender Studies or similar courses in university. Not only
do these types of courses spread lies and anti-factual propaganda, they are useless and doesnt
give students a broader range of education and doesnt give them opportunities to have a welldeserved career. This can also be damaging to the economy and stability of our workforce.
Issue 4C: Black Lives Matter
This movement is a racist and anti-white movement, spreading lies about the polices, about
history, about race.
These uniformed and obtuse subjects believe the Negro race is superior to the Caucasian race,
but this is false.
This movement causes disruption upon society, disturbing students, rioting, stealing platforms to
spread lies.
In order to combat the issue, we need to educate the Negro race, we need to inspire and make
them aware of the truth and arrest and fine any disrupters.
Issue 4D: LGBT Delusion
Sexuality is a human function, but society today is making a parasite out of sexuality. Young
people are deluded and their mental illnesses are being accepted as fact. Young people believe
that there are more than three sexualities and more than two genders, which contradicts science.
Intersex which is a medical disorder and must be treated as such but instead is being treated as a
Gender, despite the fact that biology states that humans only have two genders.
This type of delusion is damaging science and not highlighting the issue that people born with
abnormities need treatment.

Issue 4E: Race

Race is a complex issue, the Negro race can be very intellectual and productive, but most of
them, mainly Africans and African Americans are criminals, are people with low intelligence,
with low prospects, due to African American Culture, they have ruined their own race and they
have become a disease amongst humanity. The Negro Race is also the second most
unattractive race, with large lips and ugly jaw structure.
The Arabic Race is a disease, while some are good citizens and law-abiding, most are
paedophiles, most are rapists, they follow a sexist, homophobic and paedophilic religion and
believe they are entitled, but all they are entitled to is death.
The Indian Race is the most disgusting race, their culture is sexist and homophobic. They
worship animals and defecate on the streets, they are also the most hideous race.
The Caucasian Race is a very intelligent and orderly race, most scientists are White or Asian,
the white race established order and civilisation. The white race invented the modern world.
The white race is clearly the superior race with unique cultures.
The Asian Race is very similar to the Caucasian race, with superior intellect to the other races
and unique culture, however the Asian race is superior in terms of beauty, making them the
most beautiful race, with beautiful eye shape, beautiful jawlines and skin.
Although race is a factor when it comes to beauty, intelligence and culture, depending on many
other factors such as education and sub-cultures, these races can be more superior than the
other. For example, the sub-culture of African American Music, Rap and Hip Hop has made
the African Race very illogical and not as intelligent as the White or Asian Race.
Issue 5A: Government
As the founder and the creator of Reaperism, to ensure its full potential effectiveness the
government of a nation under Reaperism will be an Authoritarian, Imperial, Represented
Semi-Democratic State with myself as Emperor of the Imperial Family of Reaperist Great
Blythica which will dictate the Imperial Laws and pass and forfeit Laws and Regulations without
protest or oppression.
Issue 5B: Democracy
A nation under Reaperism will be ruled by an Imperial Family, the Imperial Family will be the
intermediate family of the founder and father of Reaperism. They will have the power to enact
laws, pass bills, command the military, wage war and will have the highest command over
humanity. However once the father of Reaperism dies, a suitable heir will be chosen based on
intelligence and psychological evaluation. In order to be an Emperor you need to be highly
intelligent and lack emotion in order to carry out actions which an ordinary citizen cannot.
While the Imperial Family has complete control, there will still be some form of democracy
within the empire. The public can elect representatives from Districts, States and Countries,
but Large Continental States will be picked by the Imperial Council which will elected by the

For Example;
The Chancellor of Great Britain will be elected by the Public
The Imperial Chancellor of Europe will be elected by the Imperial Council
Issue 5C: Economy
Reaperism is a blend of Socialism and Capitalism, in a Reaperist Society, Capitalism will still
function and give citizens products and services and the only regulation will help small
independent businesses and still allow large corporations to thrive. Whereas government
services will be controlled by the state. This includes, healthcare, military, education, science
and research, security and other services in which tax payers contribute.
In order to have the best, the government must be permitted to create money to fund these
services, but under restrictions. The government cant go over a threshold in which allows them
a large income. The government cannot create money to bail out corporations. The
government cannot fund privatised services.
In order to ensure inflation doesnt occur, for employees of services will have an income
threshold in which they are pay based on the economy and their inherent worth.
For Example, A University which tuition is funded by the Government will offer professors or
tutors income based on the importance of the subject, STEM fields will be the highest paying
and the inherently worthless such as Arts will be the lowest.
This type of capitalism and form of socialism will allow people to have lower taxes, but to
ensure people have an incentive to work, there will be Work Tax, which will be adjusted based
on Income.
Issue 5D: Education
To ensure an intelligent and well-taught populous, education will be treated with cautious
respect and Laws will dictate what will be allowed to taught and not.
Sex Education will be taught to Secondary School students as they are at the age in which they
will experience sexual desires and must be taught if they do intend to engage sexually they must
be safe and cautious.
Religion will be taught as mythology and refuted, Islam will be taught as a disease and teach
students that anyone who follows this religion are not bound by human-rights and are therefore
not entitled to protection. The mentally retarded will also be represented as such. This will
teach our offspring to hunt down and eradicate the filth and create a better human society.
After Secondary School, certain studies in Higher Education will be banned. Due to the
ignorance it promotes. Anything that teaches Third-Wave feminism will be banned and those
who teach the lies of this ideology can be fined and face a sentence in jail. Instead to replace
these courses, new minor courses that cannot be majors will focus on History of Race and
pride in race, especially white pride. However, these courses will teach to not be prideful of
one race, but rather the entire human race.

Issue 5E: Welfare

Welfare or Income Support can be granted to certain individuals. At the current moment, in
the United Kingdom welfare or Income Support is granted to those who cannot work or
contribute to society. For example, people with mental disabilities, drug addicts, uneducated
youth (Chavs etc)
This cannot go on; welfare should be for those who strive to be the best they can possibly be or
cannot be the best due to a physical disability or medical illness that will result in their death.
An example of a good welfare system would be the following.
1. Those who grade well in Schools will be reward/catered to their growth and
development and granted entitled benefits which allows them to relax and enjoy
hobbies while striving to make our nation great.
2. Those who are looking actively looking for employment will be granted a small benefit
to ensure they can live and will be adjusted to how large their family is. (Note there will
be regulations to ensure this isnt abused)
3. Those who are incapable of working. Those who have a life threatening disease or have
a physical disability will be granted benefits to ensure they can enjoy their few years.
4. Those who are studying, students studying shall be granted benefits which includes free
bus travel, free train travel and free student housing near their course campus
5. Those who suffered from war, our troops will be granted benefits that can allow them to
live without employment if they are unable to work.
Those who intend to make our society better will have benefits, while those who only waste
away due to mental retardation, drug abuse or laziness will not be granted the same
Student Benefits will be adjusted based on subject, for example if a student is studying in
STEM they will be granted the highest amount of entitlement due to the importance of this
field. The lowest would be Artistic or low income paying subjects due to the least importance of
this field.
Issue 5F: Immigration
Throughout the empire citizens will be able to travel across the states with easy movement, but
will be restricted based on factors.
If the citizen has a criminal record then in order to immigrate they have to apply for a criminal
visa in which they have restrictions, for example a citizen attempting to immigrate to another
state, they cannot immigrate to a high crime rate area and must agree to be monitored by the
state. If they show signs of improvement, then they can apply to have this requirement revoked.
If a student is studying a field of importance, then they can travel across the Empire with free
movement that allows them to travel to a state in which they are studying in.
If a citizen is unable to afford or contribute to the state in which they are immigrating to, they
cannot immigrate to that state.

Issue 6A: Eradication Process

In order to eradicate the undesirables, the construction of death camps must be made and a
total of 2,000 to 5,000 capable of holding around 250,000 inmates will allow for a total capture
and holdings of around half a billion inmates worldwide.
To ensure that these inmates dont waste more materials, a vast majority of the inmates in death
camps will be sent to science facilities to be used for research. The remaining inmate
population will be gassed, executed, tortured, or whatever the commanding officer (Imperial
Reaper Eradication Officer) desires. R.E.O.s are the operational mangers of these camps and
all officers working in the camp must obey their command, whether it is to rape, decapitate or
beat up an inmate. Unless the request violates the Imperial Law, such as allowing an inmate to
escape without being executed will not be tolerated. The only time where you would let an
inmate outside of the parameters of the camps walls would be if you were tricking the inmate
and you snipe them from a distance.
To ensure a healthy society, nearby camps will reuse organs and unique blood types for nearby
hospitals and ensure on-demand organ transplants are possible.
Another form of eradicating the undesirables is to bring back live battles to the death in
colosseums. The mentally retarded fit enough to work (Able to fight) Will be forced to fight
for our amusement, to make it more humourous and cruel, criminals who have committed
murder or rape will also be forced to fight each other and the mentally retarded.
Issue 7A: Unified World
A world under Reaperism will be unified and Imperial Law will be taken to affect around the
Empire. This world will be separated by states. These states will be shown in the figure below.

States with the name Imperial will belong to Imperial Japan and will be assimilated to Asian
States can have different laws across the world, such as Gun laws, abortion laws, immigration
laws. If Imperial Law enacts a law for gun control within the Empire, State Chancellors will vote
on the law. However, the Emperor has full control whether or not the law passes regardless of
the vote turnout.

Although this map shows large states, there will be sub-states within these states. For example,
the former United States will still have their original states and only the states within the
Imperial Pacific States of America will be under Japanese Law and Culture.
These states are similar to countries with local governments within the provinces of these states.
The Empire will have the same currency (Blythic Pound) and two primary languages and six
secondary languages. The primary language for both Blythica and Imperial Japan will be
English and Japanese. Whereas the secondary languages across Blythica will be, French,
German, Italian and Greek, and the secondary languages across Imperial Japan will be,
Chinese and Vietnamese.