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Accomplished for Joyful Learning in Language Teaching Course
Lecturer: Prof Dr Lies Amien Lestari, MA M Pd

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A. Introduction

In the cognitive theory, human brain proceed to what we experienced and learned.
Everything will be stored permanent in the brain. However, the reality is sometimes different.
What have we learned diligently it difficult to remember back and easily forgotten but the
little experience or the lessons, we have learn cursory yet easily embedded in the memory.
Actually in learning, students often forget and they sometimes experienced negative
events so-called saturated in learning. Saturated in learning means is full, so it is not able to
accept any more. In addition, saturated in learning also means experiencing weary or bored to
learn everything.
Saturated in learning the language of psychology called learning plateau. Plateau is that
experienced by a student who is in the process of learning can make these students feel has
been wasting his efforts in learning. Raber (1995) stated that saturated in learning is the
specified time range will be used for learning, but do not give results.
A student who suffered saturated in learning feel as if the knowledge and skills gained
from studying there is no progress. The absence of progress learning outcomes are generally
not last forever, but within a certain time span, for example a week, but not a few students
who have a span that carries the saturation repeatedly over a period of learning.
From the saturation in the learning of the learning process, students need for a refreshing
in the form of a game. The games containing an educational game that serves as a means of
refreshing and learning media. So that in addition to learning the students will rise up the
spirit of learning from saturation in learning.
One of the educational games that are currently being famous on television that the game
"Indonesia Pintar". This game is able to exercise student's knowledge and creativity of
questioning skills and the student can be the application this game for learning English
This game can be learning resource materials from basic competence in identifying
figures, animals and objects in English. When learning English began to feel boring because
the students are trained to memorize and understand the English language vocabulary
Therefore, in this paper will discuss about the development and implementation of
educational games of "Indonesia Pintar" in identifying the figures, animals and objects in
English. How do the rules of the game "Indonesia Pintar"? and How to play the game
"Indonesia smart" in English teaching and learning?
B. Method

Games in the English teaching and learning, popular by various names, like the icebreaker or refresher. The game is required to build a dynamic learning atmosphere, passion,
and enthusiasm.
The characteristics of the game is to create a fun learning environment as well as serious
but still relaxed. The game is also used for the creation of an atmosphere of learning from
passive to active, from rigid to be relax, and of saturated be fresh and joyful.
This method is directed to the learning objectives can be achieved efficiently and
effectively in an atmosphere of cheerful even to discuss things that are difficult or heavy.
The game should be used as part of the learning process, not only to fill the empty time or
just to play a game.
The game should be designed to be an 'action' or the events of experienced by the
participants, then directed to the process of reflection to be profound in principles or values
of the lessons.
C. Indonesian Pintar Game
The game "Indonesia pintar" is one of those games that adopted from the television show
Eatbullaga Indonesia. This game introduced in late of 2012 and began to popular in early
2013. The game is getting positive feedback from the public because it contains educational
side for the participants and the audience.
The game is also often used for ice breaking at formal events, because it can break the
boredom. This game contains an entertainment so it is appropriate for education-based
entertainment media.
D. Purpose
Purpose of the game "Indonesia pintar" to the process of learning English, that:
1. The participants can identify figures, animals and objects in English
2. To stimulate students think broadly
3. To refresh and motivate students for learning English
4. To develop relationship from individuals to the group
E. Advantage and Disadvantage
The advantages of this "Indonesia pintar" game to the English learning process, that:
1. Being entertainment media to saturated class
2. Increasing knowledge, responsiveness, and speaking of English
3. Being an alternative way in the English learning process
4. To build relation between teacher and students

5. To increase the students activity in the English learning process.

The disadvantages of this "Indonesia pintar" game to the learning process, that:
1. This game is possible to make the noisy classroom
2. It takes a long time to play this game
F. Procedure
This game consist of three section. First is stage 1: the game in the stage one gives
sentences to students as a clue of vocabulary in English. Second is stage 2: the game in stage
two improves students ability to describe keywords by the sentence clue from stage 1. Third
is last activity: it is the time for feedback the material given in stage 1 and stage 2 through
Stage 1:

Teacher divides class into four groups.

Teacher asks to the students standing in front of the classroom with their each group.
Each group were lined up facing the screen and ready to play the game.
Each group of students would be answer a question with clues beside the closed picture

in rotation one by one.

5. The timer would run when the game starts until the answer correct by students.
6. After give the answer, student would be run to behind of her/his group line.
7. If the answer or guess is correct the timer would be stop and teacher write a number of
left time on the white board as groups score.
8. Then another group have the same opportunity like the previous group.
9. The game will run it in turns to each group until stage 1 complete.

Games Screen of Stage 1

Sentences clue

Stage 2:

1. Each group choosing one of members become the guesser and another member of group
become the clue givers.
2. The clue giver face to a keyword on screen in front of guesser
3. The clue giver only may say YES/NO/PERHAPS to direct the guesser.
4. The guesser can say any words or sentences as guide until he/she can guess the smart
5. The timer would be run if the game start and the guesser describe words and sentences to
guess the keyword or smart word
6. Each member as the clue giver have one time to direct the guesser with words
YES/NO/PERHAPS, if the smart word has not been answered a clue giver must run
behind the members line.
Games Screen of Stage 2

Smartword/keyword which guess by guesser


Who is The Winner?

1. Teacher as a judge would be write the time remained.
2. Which group that have much left time they are the winners.
The Last activity / Feedback
Teacher assigned tasks to each student to write a short description of the figures, animals
and objects in a sheet of paper.
Example of Last Activity/Feedback Form

G. Conclusion
In a learning process, there will be saturated conditions in learning. To eliminate the
saturated in learning, we need a learning process that is creative, innovative, active and
entertaining. One of creative learning method is the game method, in the teaching and
learning process implemented or applied to a game. There are various models of the game as
a learning media; one of the game is "Indonesia pintar".
The game of "Indonesia pintar" that is often used for children game, breaking saturation,
and entertainment media, can be used as a media of learning development. Although in the
process, there are many advantages and disadvantages. But "Indonesia pintar" game has
become one of the alternatives learning process fun, entertaining and Educate.
H. Implication
The implications of this "Indonesia pintar" game itself is changing the mindset of the
students that the lesson to memorizing and speaking it with a game. Students are more active
by playing a game, and more responsive to friends with their coordination. Then the teacher
and students are familiar with the game and make the good atmosphere in teaching and
Be sides advantage, this game have disadvantage. If the atmosphere of the game more
interesting, there will be noise that would disrupt the learning process to another class, so the
need for control by a teacher. Although the game is getting crowded but the teacher can
control so that the atmosphere become calm.

This game can make joyful class in teaching and learning that student can follow the
English lesson by fun and enjoy. The author hope these games can be developed further to
new game form with more creative, innovative, and will be more active and positive impact
on the learning process.

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