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Practice CSCS Test 01

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Q:1-Why should different types of waste be separated on site?
Mark one answer:
They will take up less room in the skip
So the local council can charge us a fair amount of Landfill Tax
So the client can check what is being thrown away
So it can be recycled more easily

Q:2-Do you have any responsibility for minimising the amount of waste created?
Mark one answer:
Only if asbestos removal is being carried out
Yes, everyone on site has a responsibility to do this
No, it is the responsibility of the Environment Agency
Only during the site clean up at the end of the project

Q:3-You have been asked to clean up oil that has leaked from machinery onto the ground. What is
the right way to do this?
Mark one answer:
Put the oily soil into the general waste skip
Put the oily soil into a separate container for collection as hazardous waste

Mix the soil up with other soil so that the oil cannot be seen
Wash the oil away with water and detergent

Q:4-Which of the following is NOT part of sustainable construction?

Mark one answer:
Creating a nuisance to the residents of neighbouring properties
Preventing water and soil pollution
Saving energy
Minimising the amount of waste created in doing a job

Q:5-Which of the following does NOT help sustainability on site?

Mark one answer:
Leaving engines, motors and other power on when not needed
Segregating waste
Lift sharing or using public transport to get to work
Working safely

Q:6-Do you have any responsibility with regard to sustainability on site?

Mark one answer:
No, it is a matter for the site manager
No, it is a matter for the Environment Agency

Only on sites where there are rare species of plants

Yes, on every site that you go on to

Q:7-Who on site needs to understand relevant environmental risks on a construction site?

Mark one answer:
Only the principal contractor
Only the subcontractors
All people working on site
Just the environmental clerk of works

Q:8-What does this sign mean?

Mark one answer:

The spill kit has been inspected and is OK
Assemble here if there is a spillage
The equipment you need to stop, contain and clean up a spill is located here
A spill happened here and has been cleaned up

Q:9-There has been a spillage of hydraulic oil from plant working near a watercourse. What one
action should you NOT do?
Mark one answer:
Notify the site manager
Use detergents to clean up the oil
Contain the spillage
Switch the plant off

Q:10-Which of the following should be classed as hazardous waste?

Mark one answer:
Polythene and shrink wrap
Empty cement bags
Fluorescent light tubes