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The mar Again he Wyrm

by David Key & George Neal

The ale of he Firebird,

Tarevich )van and he
Gray wolf
Long ago, he Garou were ied o he noble of hi land . They
would help u, and we would wach over hem . Thi i a ale of
hoe ime, before he Leeche and he Communi deroyed
he old way of life . I i a ory of a ime when we were almo
friend wih he human .
Once upon a ime, here lived a mighy Tar, a noble
Silver Fang. He had hree on, bu o hi orrow, he wolf
did no breed rue in any of hem . The olde wa Tarevich
Dimiri, he econd wa Tarevich Vaily and he hird wa
Tarevich Ivan .
The mighy Tar had a magnificen palace wih a garden
o beauiful i mu have been bleed by Gaia herelf . All
kind of beauiful flower, ree and hrub grew in hi
garden, bu he Tar' favorie wa a ree ha bore golden
apple .
The Tar noiced one day ha many of hi apple had
been picked during he nigh. He found ou ha every
nigh, while he cour lep, he Firebird, oem piri of he
Silver Pack, flew ino hi garden and picked a many apple
a he wihed .
He called hi on o him . "My beloved on," he aid,
"he Firebird ha been ealing my golden apple. If one of
you capure her alive, I will give ha on half my kingdom
while I live and he oher half upon my deah ."

Hi on anwered ogeher, "We will ry o capure he

Firebird for you ."
The fir nigh, he elde on wen ino he garden o
keep wach . He a near he apple ree, and a he nigh
wore on, he became very drowy and fell aleep . While he
lep, he Firebird flew ino he garden, picked ome apple
and flew off.
In he morning, he Tar aked Dimiri if he had een he
Firebird. He anwered ha he had no come ino he
garden ha nigh .
The nex nigh, Vaily wen o keep wach in he garden .
He alo a under he apple ree, and in everal hour, he fell
aleep . While he lep peacefully beneah he ree, he
Firebird lipped ino he garden, picked a grea number of
apple and flew away . The nex morning, he Tar aked
wheher Vaily had een he Firebird . Vaily anwered ha
he had no come ino he garden ha nigh .
The hird nigh, i wa Tarevich Ivan' urn o keep
wach over he ree . He a beneah i for everal hour and
nohing happened . Then, uddenly, he enire garden wa
illuminaed by a radian golden ligh . The Firebird flew
overhead . Her eye parkled like huge cryal and her
wing were golden flame . She perched upon he apple ree
and began o parake of he golden apple . Tarevich Ivan
ole up o her ofly and ried o cach her . Alhough he

Legend of he Garou

could no hold her, he wa able o eize her ail . A he

Firebird ore herelf from hi grap, one beauiful, luminou
feaher remained in Ivan' hand .
In he morning, Ivan wen o hi faher and gave him he
feaher of he Firebird. The Tar wa very pleaed ha hi
younge on had finally ucceeded in geing a lea one
feaher . He ook i ino hi chamber. When i wa brough
in, he enire room glowed a hough i wa li by houand
of candle .
From ha ime on, he Firebird did no come ino he
garden, bu he Tar became obeed wih he idea of
keeping her in hi palace .
He ummoned hi hree on o him and aked hem o
go ou and find he Firebird .
The wo elde on were filled wih envy ha heir
younger broher had ucceeded in obaining a feaher from
he Firebird' ail afer hey had failed compleely . Afer
obaining heir faher' bleing, hey e ou ogeher on
heir que . The Tar ried o keep hi younge on in he
palace while he wo older broher were gone, bu he could
no peruade Ivan o remain, o he Tar finally graned hi
younge on hi bleing . Ivan hen choe a hore from he
able and rode ou from he palace .
Wheher he rode for a long ime or a hor ime, wheher
he diance wa a hor one or a long one, no one know,
bu he rode unil he came o a large open field . In he middle
of he field wa a all pillar, and on he pillar were he
following word :
"Whoever goe from hi po on he road raigh ahead
will be hungry and cold .
"Whoever goe from hi po o he righ will be afe, bu
hi hore will be killed .
"Whoever goe from hi po o he lef will be killed
himelf, bu hi hore will be afe ."
Tarevich Ivan read he incripion and rode off ino
he righ, hinking ha even hough hi hore migh be
killed, he would be afe and could find anoher hore .
He rode for hree day . On he hird day, a grea gray wolf
appeared and aked him why he had come hi way . "You
knew your hore would be killed," he wolf aid . And o
aying, he wolf devoured Ivan' hore and ran away .
Ivan wep for hi hore and coninued hi journey on
foo . He walked and walked unil he wa exhaued . Ju a
he wa abou o i down and re, he gray wolf appeared
again . The wolf had recognized Ivan' noble ancery and
old Ivan ha he fel orry for him . "I am very orry for
eaing your hore," he aid, "bu I will make i up o you . If
you climb on my back, I will ake you wherever you wih o
go .
Ivan old he gray wolf he purpoe of hi journey .
Hearing hi, he wolf ran much faer han any hore .
When nigh fell, hey came o a one wall .

"Climb over he wall," he wolf aid, "and ino he

garden . There you will find he Firebird in a golden cage .
A you grab he Firebird, be careful no o ouch he cage .
If you do, you will urely ge caugh ."
Ivan climbed ino he garden where all wa a ill a
deah . He ook he Firebird ou of he cage, bu before he
lef he garden, he hough o himelf ha i wa very
foolih o leave he magnificen golden cage . Where would
he pu he Firebird? He wen back for he cage . The
momen he ouched i, here wa a grea cry . The guard
woke up and chaed Ivan acro he garden . When hey
caugh him, hey immediaely led him before heir Tar,
Dolma .
The Tar wa furiou wih Ivan and beraed him for
rying o eal he Firebird from hi garden .
"Who are you, and where do you come from?" he Tar
aked .
"I am he on of Tar Vylav . Forgive me for walking in
your garden, bu he Firebird ha been ealing golden
apple from my faher' garden every nigh . Tha wa why
I came o ake he Firebird away ."
"Young man, if you had come o me and old me your
ory, I would have given you he Firebird . Bu ince you
came under he cover of nigh and ried o eal her, you
have aced wih digrace . You have digraced yourelf and
your enire family . I will, however, give you a chance o
ave your family' honor . I will give up he Firebird if you
will rerieve omehing for me . . .
"Go o he Thirieh Kingdom beyond he Tweny Nine
Land and bring me he hore wih he golden mane from
he Kingdom of Tar Afron . If you ucceed, you may keep
he Firebird . Bu if you fail, I will proclaim before all of he
Tardom ha you are a hief!"
Ivan wen o he gray wolf and old him everyhing . The
wolf proceeded o berae him for no liening, for rying o
ake he cage even when he had been warned again i .
Finally, he wolf relened and old Ivan o i on hi back .
He would ake him o he hore wih he golden mane .
Ivan climbed ono he back of he gray wolf, and he wolf
ook off a fa a lighning . The wolf ran unil nigh fell,
and hey arrived a he royal able of Tar Afron .
"Lien cloely hi ime," he wolf aid . "You can eaily
go ino he able and ake he hore wih he golden mane,
bu do no ouch he golden bridle hanging on he wall .
Pleae, be careful hi ime!"
Ivan enered he able, ook he hore and began o
leave, bu when he noiced he golden bridle hanging on
he wall, he could no rei aking i . The inan he ook
he bridle, an alarm wa raied . The able boy woke up a
once and chaed him acro he able . When hey capured Ivan, hey brough him before Tar Afron, who
queioned him ju a Dolma had .
"Young man," aid Tar Afron, ju a Dolma had aid,
"if you had come o me and old me beforehand wha you
waned, I would have given you he hore wih he golden

mane . However, ince you came ealhily, under cover of

nigh, I hould proclaim your dihonor in all he Tardom!
I will, however, give you a chance o pay for your crime . . .
"If, Tarevich Ivan, you ravel beyond he Thrice Ninh
Land o he Thrice Tenh Kingdom and bring back he
beauiful Prince, Elena he Fair, I will forge wha you
have done ."
So Ivan wen back o he gray wolf again and old him
everyhing ha had happened . Again he wolf beraed him
for no liening, bu he finally agreed o ake Ivan where he
wihed o go .
Tarevich Ivan mouned he gray wolf back, and he
wolf ran a fa a an arrow . In a very hor ime, hey arrived
in he Kingdom of Elena he Fair . Reaching he golden
fence ha urrounded her palace and garden, he wolf aked
Ivan o i down.
"Thi ime, I will eal he Prince . Go back along hi
road and wai for me beneah he green oak ree ."
Ivan did a he wa old . The gray wolf a near he golden
fence and waied here unil Prince Elena ook her walk
in he garden wih her ladie in waiing . When a la Elena
enered he garden, he gray wolf quickly jumped over he
fence, caugh he prince and ran o he place where Ivan
wa waiing .
Tarevich Ivan joined Elena on he back of he gray wolf,
who hen dared away oward Tar Afron' Kingdom . No
maer how fa he Prince' guard purued he wolf, hey
were unable o cach him .
During he long ride back o Afron' kingdom, Ivan and
Elena fell madly in love . When hey arrived a Tar Afron'
kingdom, Ivan knew ha, in pie of he fac ha he loved
he Prince dearly, he would have o lead her o he palace
and given her up o he Tar . A ha hough, he grew
exceedingly ad and wep bierly .
Ivan old he wolf of hi love for he Prince and begged
for hi help once again . The wolf agreed o help him and
old Ivan hi plan .
"I will ranform myelf ino he beauiful Prince .
Then you mu ake me, in he guie of Elena, o Tar Afron .
He will give you he hore wih he golden mane, for he
Tar will hink ha I am Prince Elena . Laer, when you
are far away on he hore wih he golden mane, I will ak
he Tar o le me walk in he open field . I will be eay o
ecape ."
Ivan old he real Prince Elena o wai for him ouide
of he own . The wolf ranformed himelf ino he Prince, and Ivan ook him o he Tar .
Afron wa delighed when he aw he Prince and gave
he hore o Tarevich Ivan. Ivan immediaely mouned
him and galloped away . He picked up Elena a he appoined place, and hey rode off oward he kingdom of
Tar Dolma .
Meanwhile, he gray wolf, in he guie of he beauiful
Elena, lived wih Tar Afron for one day before he begged
o be allowed o walk in he open field . Tar Afron, o in

Legend of he Garou

love wih Elena ha he could deny her nohing, graned her

ha wih . A oon a he wolf go o he open field, he
hifed back o hi wolf form and ecaped from he kingdom .
Tarevich Ivan rode wih Elena nex o him and wa o
aken wih he beauiful prince ha he compleely forgo
abou he gray wolf . Suddenly, from ou of nowhere, he
gray wolf appeared and old Ivan o ride on hi back and le
he Prince ride on he hore wih he golden mane .
A hey approached Tar Dolma' kingdom, Ivan begged
he gray wolf o ranform himelf ino he hore wih he
golden mane o ha he could keep he real hore . The wolf
agreed and changed himelf ino he golden-maned hore,
upon which Tarevich Ivan rode ino he palace ground of
Tar Dolma, leaving Elena in he green meadow o awai
hi reurn .
Tar Dolma wa overjoyed o ee he beauiful hore .
He wined and feaed Tarevich Ivan and, afer wo day,
gave Ivan he Firebird in he golden cage, a he had
promied .
Tarevich Ivan ook he Firebird, reurned o where he
had lef Elena, and ogeher hey mouned he hore wih
he golden mane and e ou for Ivan' homeland.
Back in he kingdom of Dolma, he Tar decided he
nex day o ride on hi golden-maned hore in an open field .
When he mouned he hore and aemped o pur him on,
he hore hrew him, changed ino he gray wolf and ran off.
The gray wolf overook Tarevich Ivan and old him o
moun him and le he Prince ride on he hore wih he
golden mane .
They coninued on heir journey . When he gray wolf
brough hem o he po where hey fir me, he made one
more reque .
"Climb down from my back . Thi i he po where I ore
your hore in half, and hi i he po where I have brough
you back afely . Now you have he hore wih he golden
mane ; moun him and go where you have o go . I am no
longer your ervan ." Thu peaking, he gray wolf ran off
and Tarevich Ivan e off wih hi beauiful Prince .
He rode wih her unil hey were cloe o hi own land .
They were o ired ha he reined in he hore wih he
golden mane . The wo dimouned and lay down o re
under a ree . Ivan ied he hore o he ame ree and pu he
cage wih he Firebird by hi ide . The wo lover poke
enderly o each oher and fell aleep.
While hey were leeping, Tarevich Ivan' broher
Dimiri and Vaily paed ha way, reurning empy-handed
from heir own journey . Seeing he hore and he Firebird
in he cage near heir leeping broher and he Prince,
hey decided o kill Ivan and ake hi reaure for heir
own . Dimiri drew hi word, abbed Ivan hrough he
hear and hen hacked hi body ino mall piece . He hen
woke up Elena, who realized ha Ivan wa dead . She wa
erribly frighened and began o weep bierly .
Dimiri pu hi word o Elena' hroa and commanded
her o ell he Tar ha hey were he one who had

capured he hore and he Firebird . If he poke, hey

would kill her a wifly a hey killed Ivan .
Elena wa o frighened ha he promied o do a hey
commanded . They lef for he palace of Tar Vylav .
Tarevich Ivan lay dead for hiry day . One nigh, he
gray wolf came upon hi body . He waned o revive him, bu
he could no . A ha momen, he wolf aw a raven and her
wo young ar o woop down o ea he Tarevich' body .
The wolf hid behind a buh . A one of he young raven
began o ea Ivan, he wolf leaped ou from behind he buh,
grabbed he young raven and hreaened o ear him in half .
The raven' moher flew o he ground and aid o he wolf,
"Oh, gray wolf, do no ouch my young child, for he ha
done nohing o you!"
"Moher Raven," he wolf aid, laughing, "if you had
aked me for he body of my friend, I would have gladly
given i o you and your children . Bu a you came o
ealhily, under cover of nigh, you have angered me .
However, I will no harm your child if you will rerieve
omehing for me . . .
"You mu fly beyond he Thrice Ninh Land o he
Thrice Tenh Kingdom and bring he waer of deah and
he waer of life o him . Then I will le your child go ."
Thi he promied o do, and on he hird day, he raven
reurned wih wo vial of waer and gave hem o he wolf .
The gray wolf prinkled he waer of deah on he body
of Tarevich Ivan, and immediaely he par of hi body
grew back ogeher. He hen prinkled he waer of life on
he body, and Tarevich Ivan ood up .
"I have lep for a long ime," he aid .
"Ye," anwered he wolf, "you would have lep forever
had I no brough you back o life!
"Your broher killed you a you lep . They have aken
he Prince Elena, he hore and he Firebird . You mu
hurry home . I upec one of your broher will no be able
o rei marrying he fair Prince!"
And, in fac, Vaily wa o marry Elena he Fair ha very
day .
Tarevich Ivan rode back o hi faher' palace and found
ha he wedding had already aken place . The gue were
ju aring on he wedding fea . When Ivan enered he
feaing chamber, Elena aw him and prang up from he
able . She ran o him and kied him, crying ou, "I i
Prince Ivan who i my beloved bridegroom, no Vaily!"
When Tar Vylav aked her wha wa mean by hi
exraordinary urn of even, Elena old him how he wo
elder broher had hreaened her wih deah if he old him
he ruh, how hey had killed Tarevich Ivan and ole he
golden-maned hore and he Firebird .
A hi, he rage blazed up in heir faher' eye . Hi
humaniy meled from him, and he ood before hem in
Crino form . Of hoe here, only Tarevich Ivan and he
Prince Elena did no cower from Vylav' wrah a he lew
he dihonorable Dimiri and Vaily .

Rage Acro Ruia

Reurning o hi human form, he Tar en ou word o

A for Tarevich Ivan and he Prince, hey lived

he Garou ha he gray wolf, an ouca from he ribe, wa

happily ever afer . One of heir children bred rue, and in

o be reored hi rank for aiding Vylav' on . No more

ime, he became one of he Silver Fang' greae heroe .

would he gray wolf wander he land alone, barred from he

uccor and company of hi kind . For hi aiding hi Kin, he
wa acceped a a member of he Thireen Tribe .

Legend of he Garou


Special Thank

Auhor : George Neal and David Key

Addiional maerial by : Bill Bridge, Aziel "Aral"
Buron, Nicole "Nik" Clouer, Renee Palmer, David
Schuerman, Jeff Wakin
Special maerial and reearch : Heaher Curaola, Alan
M . Fiher and Harry Heckel
Developmen : Bill Bridge
Ediing : Brian Campbell
Ar Direcor : Richard Thoma
Ar : Jeff Rebner, Dan Smih, Johua Gabriel Timbrook,
Richard Kane Ferguon, Chri DiNardo
Map : Brian J . Blume
Cover Ar : Seve Caper

Rob "Them!" Hach for he an in hi pan .

Ken "Phae IV" Cliffe for being ou on he farm wih
Rob .
Phil "Ubangi Somp!" Brucao for helping op he an
menace .
Brian "Beeiged" Campbell for defending he cale wih
hi an moa .
Mark "Overea" Rein Hagen for miing An Fe II .
Andrew "Ghomobile" Greenberg for leing hi car
drive around wihou him .
Sewar "My name i Sew W ., and I'm addiced o . . . "
Wieck for offering o rade copie of Mage for Magic : he
Gahering card .

Typeeing and Layou : Sam Chupp

Logo and Back Cover Deign : Michelle Prahler

1993 by Whie Wolf, Inc . All righ reerved . Reproducion wihou wrien permiion of he publiher i
exprely denied, excep for he purpoe of review . Werewolf
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Map : Some graphic elemen 1993 by Brian J . Blume .

Auhor' Thank
Special hank o hoe who provided addiional
maerial, and o he following for giving u alernaive
o iing in fron of he compuer : Jennifer Bell, David
Gallaing, Mark Morcow, Eric Barnum and all he oher
aparmen dweller and regular .

Thi book i dedicaed o he people of Ruia and
everyone who believed we could acually pull hi hing

Rage Acro Ruia



Legend of he Garou :
he Tale of he Firebird, Tarevich )van
and he Gray *Wolf

The ruh behind a Ruian folkale

Inroducion : Moher Ruia


Chaper One : Hiory


From he ime of he Tar o modern day

Chaper Two : Geograph


Fac abou he land and i ecological peril

Chaper Three: Tribe of he Moon


The Garou of Ruia

Chaper Four : Enemie


Thoe who oppoe Gaia' Way

Chaper Five: problem & plo


Major problem in Ruia and ome ory idea

Appendix: Spiri of Field and Sream, Hearh and Home


Ruia' reiden piri

- I . Toidze, Sovie Ruian Poliical Poer

For he Moherland' Sake, Go Forward,

Lien cloely, my child, and guard well he ecre you

are abou o learn . I am going o ell you of your forefaher
and your children. I will ell you of he depair hey now
face . Long and gloriou i he hiory of our kind wihin he
Moherland . Our blood i found in he line of ar and
noble, a well a he greae warrior of he eppe . You can
claim kinhip, my child, wih he mighie of he Coack .
Thi nobiliy and heriage i omehing ha you mu pa
on o your children .
You mu alo know ha here are many hing in legend
ha are rue . Heroe and demon, wiche and werewolve
real a you are . Before you ay I am inane, lien o wha I
ay . Perhap, if you lien well, he madne of he flock will
no fall upon you .
There i o much I mu each you, and o lile ime .
While your faher ha been keeping you afe, my pack and
I have been fleeing he hun . I did no wan o leave my
family or my lifemae, bu your faher and I knew we had o
keep you afe unil you were ready o ake your par in he
war .

Realize ha he Garou are real, and alhough you lack

our power, you are of our blood . You are Kinfolk, and
omeday in your line, he wolf may breed rue .

The Molly

of Pride

I mu ell you of he pride and folly of he Garou of

Ruia . We were given he duy of conrolling he flock in
he Moherland . We proec Gaia, he piri of he earh,
from he riing ide of human . For year, we alone among
he Garou were able o fulfill hi ak . Our kind in he area
now known a Europe would call upon u in heir ime of
need, and we would come . We even kep he mighy Baba
Yaga in check, and, in he end, we hough we had deroyed her. We of he Moherland grew proud, and ha
pride brough u low . In our pride, we failed o end o he
need of our flock, and hey fell o he corrupion of he
Wyrm . Our blood wa removed from he hrone, and Gaia
began o cream in her anguih . Sill, in our pride, we did
no eek he aid of hoe who migh have helped u .



royal family were dahed . The Bolhevik Revoluion wa

many hing o many people, bu o he u, i wa he fir

he Price of Pride
Wihou guidance, he flock grow . By upporing ha
growh, Gaia uffer . They rip her kin and lay open her
body for hale and coal . The woodland of our origin hold

in a long line of defea . Agen of he Wyrm conrolled he

new governmen and our culure . Everyhing ha had once
aided our miion wa lo . The old legend were refued,

only ump where he men have paed . The land ielf i

now burned and depoiled where he Wyrm-born chemi-

and we were forced underground.

cal are poured, and he folly of human cience make ielf

wih Kinfolk were broken, and many of our children were


never augh he Way . The grea wolf pack ha once

A Ruia modernized, we found i harder o ac . Tie

he Children of he Moherland i known by he oher of

our kind . Even he Wyrm know . I emp he mo

roamed he counryide were driven furher ino he wild .

Their number dwindled a he human encroached . Wave
of humaniy wep over our erriorie . Our acred ground

prideful of our kind and ofen lead hem from he rue

were enombed in he gla and eel of heir Wyrm-ridden

Way . A Kinfolk, you mu help u guard again hi .

ciie . For he fir ime in our hiory, we looked upon he

face of fear.

When Gaia uffer, he Garou uffer a well . The pride of

Becaue of our former greane, he Wyrm ake grea joy

in bringing u low . Only rengh of will can help u rei
he lie of he Wyrm .

Human expanion depoiled he land . Wyrmhole feer

in he land, and creaure creep forh o bring he age-old

Even now, our pride eem o have no end, for we loe

bale o our home . Greaer and more ferociou creaure

face if we ak help ouide our ep . Even wihin our ep,

hun he wild land each nigh, and a powerful force draw

he foolih laugh a hoe who require aiance ouide

heir own pack .

he very life from our caern . The hadow of he Wyrm fall

upon our land, forcing even our be Theurge o ruggle o
reach he Umbra . We fear ha hi hadow ake he form

The wyrm Rie

of our ancien enemy, he one we hough wa deroyed . If

hi enemy i back, if Baba Yaga once again walk he Earh,

Beginning in he 1800, agen of he Wyrm began

owing he eed of diconen in Ruia . Evenually, hi

we may be he fir o know he rue meaning of he

diconen bred rebellion . In 1917, any hope we migh

Kohchie, he Talon of he Wyrm, will oon follow .

Apocalype . Where he read, we can be ure ha he

have had for mainaining our hold on Ruia hrough he

Rage Acro Ruia


Oher "Werewolf Book

So hear me now, my child . If one of he breed come o

you, do your par . Heed heir word, and aid hem if you can .
The war ha come o u, and i migh be decided by he
acion of Kinfolk like yourelf. Our hope lie wih Kin like
you . The nex generaion mu no have our pride or repea
our folly . I fear ha if we do no work ogeher, we are all
damned .
Again I mu leave you, my child, bu I do o ou of love .
If he figh i no carried on now, we will leave you nohing
bu he ormen of he Wyrm and memorie of a beer ime .

How r& Ue Thi Book

Rage Acro Ruia i inended for ue wih Werewolf :
The Apocalype ; i incorporae elemen from Vampire :
The Maquerade a well . While he orie and idea
conained wihin hi work are inended for Garou characer, he majoriy can eaily be adaped for ue in a Vampire
chronicle .
Ruia i an enormou counry, one where many ype of
werecreaure have lived . Garou are he only lycanhrope
living here oday in grea number . Rumor of a Gurahl
ronghold in he far norhern reache of Siberia are grealy
exaggeraed . Oher hapehifer do live in Ruia, bu wih
he excepion of he Siberian Corax, mo are very hard o
find .
In he Gohic-Punk world, Ruia i a dangerou place .
Even wih he Sovie gone, people ill vanih. Queion
remain unanwered, and for mo people, i i afer ha way .
The quicke way o diappear i o ak queion . No even
upernaural being are immune : Garou, vampire and
mage are ju a likely o become vicim .
Wha i Ruia o he Garou? In he eye of many, i i one
of heir greae failure . Indeed, ome believe ha he fir
bale of he Apocalype will be fough here . The oucome
of hee bale may deermine he final coure ha he
Apocalype ake .
Ruia i he anceral home of he Silver Fang, and i i
one of heir greae failure . In he few year ince he
Ruian Revoluion, he counry ha become horoughly
corruped by he Wyrm ; few Garou care o peak abou hi .
The Garou in Ruia, led by he Silver Fang, figh on in
ilence again he growing power of he Wyrm . By doing
hi, hey may very well have damned hemelve, and
poibly he re of he world .
When did hi ilence ar? The Garou of Ruia are
proud . Their proecorae wa one of he la o fall o
"human progre ." Thi ha given hem caue o believe
ha hey can win hi figh on heir own . Thi aiude can
eaily find reinforcemen . However, he Garou of Ruia do
no fully underand wha hey face . If hey did, hey could
no poe wha lile hope hey reain .

Rage Acro Ruia refer o many hing inroduced

in previou Werewolf ourcebook . The following book
will be helpful in running a Ruian campaign : Werewolf
Player Guide, Book of he Wyrm and Umbra : The Velve
Shadow . In addiion, he Silver Fang' greae Ruian
caern i deailed fully in Caern : Place of Power . While
hi i no required for play, i will come in handy for
orie involving he Sep of he Crecen Moon .
Wyrm . They have heard lile, if anyhing, from he Garou
who dwell wihin, and, wih he faalim of a dying race,
hey eem o have acceped ha Ruia i beyond heir
reach .
There are ome ribe who have no acceped he lo of
Ruia . Their curioiy drive hem o aemp infilraing
Ruia o dicover he ruh . So far, none of hem have
reurned from hee endeavor . They are all blocked by he
Shadow Curain, a dark hroud in he Umbra ha blanke
he whole of Ruia .
Thoe who udy uch hing ae ha he appearance
of he Shadow Curain correpond o he fall of he Iron
Curain and wonder abou he connecion . Spiri ha
have managed o pa beyond he curain bring back
chilling new . The naive Garou figh for heir own urvival
again almo cerain derucion by force unknown .
They are in deperae need of aiance, bu in heir pride,
hey refue o ak for i .
There i glory o be found in Ruia, bu wheher anyone
will live o claim i i anyone' gue . One need only look
abou he landcape o ee he ouch of he Wyrm in Ruia .
I i apparen in he hall of poliical power . I i obviou in
he apahy, paranoia and corrupion ha wa he mark of
everyday life during he Communi day of Ruia . The
corrupion peri even now. The Maeljin Incarna brough
heir own pecial brand of uffering o he land and people
in way ha were impoible in he more open ocieie of
oher naion . The vampire ha ued o conrol Ruia
never realized ha he environmen hey creaed wa a
pawning ground for a power hey neiher underood nor
conrolled .
Welcome o Ruia . The Wyrm i waiing .

Theme: Aroe War ) 1 ?

By far, one of he principle heme of hi book i
conflic . Ruia i a place where he environmen ha been
almo yemaically devaaed . There i much he Garou
have o do o op he Wyrm from encroaching on he oil
and oul of he land . They mu roo ou and deroy he
ource of he evil - bu one problem remain . Wha i he
ource? I i ruly he wich, Baba Yaga, a many claim? Or
i Baba Yaga acually rying o ave he land, unaware of he
greaer horror he unleahe?

Ouide of Ruia, he majoriy of Garou eem o have

given up on ever recuing he land from he cluche of he



The conflic in Ruia i one in which almo anyone

could be he enemy . I could be a wich hiding in a nearby
village, he vampire ha live down he ree or even your
own Sep Leader . Berayal, manipulaion and corrupion
are cenral plo whoe roo may be found hroughou
Ruian hiory .
Lack of knowledge i a cenral heme a well . In Old
Ruia and he Sovie Union, knowledge wa a wo-edged
word, one ha could cu he peron who wielded i a eaily
a i cu hi enemie . Saying quie kep people afe . Tha
raegy ill work oday . Depie heir poliene and
friendline, Ruian are very reicen when aked abou
dangerou opic . Finding informaion wihou he righ
conac can be very difficul .


The Hand o f

(Darkne Encroaching
The mood in Ruia i one of gloomy depair and fear,
inged perhap wih a iny glin of hope . Moher Ruia i
dying . Her Garou have fel he iron hand of oppreion
upon hemelve and have wineed i among he human .
They have fel he fear of he flock and have gone ino
hiding becaue of i . Many have died over he year, and
heir virually uele acrifice color he hough of many
more .

Becaue of heir rerea, he Garou could do lile bu

wach a decade of neglec by he Communi led o he
ruinaion and conaminaion of he land, river and air .
Some fough, ome died, bu a few banded ogeher o
unleah heir rage in epic conflic . The few ime hi
occurred, he deah oll wa legendary . By he end of
Salin' regime, he piri of boh Ruia' people and he
Ruian Garou were cruhed .
The Garou have been oppreed, and now ha hey have
freedom, a new enemy i riing . A i prepare o puh hem
down ye again, many are driven o he poin of Harano .
Oher have found new rengh in heir figh again he
derucion of he land . Some have even allied wih he
power of darkne o preven i . Depie i eeming war
wih he Garou, i ha hown ha i eek he cleaning of
he damaged land a much a any Garou .
Ruia i a place of war . Conflic rage on a number of
fron, and in many cae, i i very hard o prove deciively
who he enemy i . Depair wai for hoe who mu make
dangerou choice . I become clear ha a deciion mu be
made, and fear of he conequence of he wrong choice
weigh heavily on he mind and hear of he greae of
Ruia' Garou .

.Rage Acro Ruia

he Garou an?
Their Kin
Depie all he effor of he Wyrm and oher force in
Ruia, he Garou remain . They have urvived numerou
aemp o deroy hem . The reaon for hi i imple : hey
have he aiance of he Kinfolk, he unung relaion of
he Garou .
Kinfolk have played an imporan par in he Garou'
urvival in Ruia . They have even held Ruia' hrone,
where hey ruled he grea empire wih he Garou in he
background . In Ruia, Garou and Kinfolk are family, and
hey are quie proecive of each oher .
When he Impergium ended, he Garou ruled he area
ha would become Ruia hrough heir Kinfolk . The
Kinfolk ruled according o Garou wihe, holding Ruia
back while he Indurial Revoluion hook he re of he
world . Thu wa he influence of he Wyrm delayed in
Ruia, unil a man named Peer acended o he hrone .
Peer wa Kinfolk, bu he held ha he belief of he
Garou and he oher were oudaed . Through hi effor,
he backward naion of Ruia began o modernize . Thi
empowered he Gla Walker, and he influence of he
Eaern European Shadow Lord alo increaed .
Depie hi "berayal", he Garou coninued o value
heir Kinfolk . Thee "no-quie-Garou" could walk undeeced among men and among he Garou' enemie . They
alo had acce o poliical power he Garou did no and
could uilize riual and feihe gifed o hem from heir
Among he variou ocial raa in Ruia, Kinfolk of he
variou ribe may ill be found . The blood of he Silver
Fang, Black Furie and Shadow Lord can be found in he
decendan of he Ruian ariocracy. Thoe of Coack
lineage may poe he bloodline of hee ribe, along wih
he heriage of he Ge of Fenri and he Bone Gnawer .
Kinfolk of he working cla may race heir lineage o any
ribe of Ruia, and ome Ruian wih Gypy background
migh be carrying he blood of he Children of Gaia, he
Ukena or perhap even he Fianna.
Kinfolk gave Ruian Garou an edge and helped hem o
urvive he year of he purge, many of which were direced
no only a "enemie of he ae", bu alo again he
Garou . I i by Kinfolk ha he blood urvive, and he
Garou of Ruia acknowledge hi fac .


in Ruia

Wih i ize and va wilderne, Ruia i home o one

of he large indigenou wolf populaion in he world .
Thee wolve find food in he abundan herd of wild and
domeicaed hoofed animal . In Ruia, wolve benefied
from inernal inabiliy . Effor o conrol hem me wih
lile ucce, depie ome of he exreme mehod ued .

Overall, he populaion of wolve in Ruia eem linked o

ime of rouble .
In he 20h cenury, wolve followed in he fooep of
human, peneraing ino he aiga of Siberia and he
deer . Thi expanion of he range of he wolf led o an
expanion in he range of he Garou . Weern Ruian
werewolve, uch a he Silver Fang, Red Talon and
Shadow Lord, followed he migraing pack and came ino
conac wih he Ruian Wendigo and Ukena, who were
ied cloely o he mall wolf and naive populaion who
already lived here .
The wolf populaion peaked o approximaely 150,000
prior o World War II . Conrol meaure iniued afer he
war reuled in he killing of over 40,000 wolve in Ruia
(along wih no mall number of Garou, moly Red Talon
and Wendigo) . The populaion oon dwindled o beween
60,000 and 70,000 wolve . However, in he 1980, a new
increae, correponding o he inernal economic crii,
began .
Overall, wolf aack on human, wheher by healhy or
rabid wolve, are exremely rare . In fac, many of he
repored cae of wolf aack are acually in repone o he
effec of he Delirium on human wineing Garou aack .
I i inereing o noe ha Ruian wolve live much
cloer o human han heir weern counerpar . Thi i
becaue he Ruian people end o leave fewer deer or
caribou for hem . Wolve range paricularly cloe o human and liveock in he agriculural region of he counry .
During he laer half of he 20h cenury, wild game
became more prolific, and new populaion of wolve developed in he Ruian fore . Recenly, hough, Ruia'
difficulie have led o greaer human depredaion of wild
and game animal . Thu, he wolve have again begun
ranging cloer o human and cale .
The Ruian governmen, in an aemp o cover up i
own corrupion and incompeence, found a new enemy .
Thi wa encouraged by he Shadow Council of Brujah
vampire, who were beginning o ie he wolf populaion o
he nearly able populaion of Garou .
Huning mehod for wolve in Ruia are virually
idenical o hoe in he Unied Sae, excep for he
pracice called flag huning . Uing hi mehod, a rope of
colored flag i ued o cordon off an area of he fore in
which wolve are hiding, confining hem o one area while
he huner earch . Ruian mehod of wolf conrol alo
include he exerminaion of pup in den, limied ue of
poion and, more recenly, huning from aerial gunhip
and moor vehicle .
In many cae, he vampire provided pecial ammuniion, uch a ilver and incendiary round, epecially if a
huning group wa going ino a region known o be a Garou
haun . Predaor conrol in Ruia ha aken i oll on he
Garou, paricularly he Red Talon, who would ofen
aack huning parie . Thee couneraack were ofen
quickly dipached a oon a he human brough weapon
wih ilver and incendiary ammuniion o bear .



A ime change in Ruia, he cenralized effor a

eliminaing wolve are being replaced by he older, poorly
upplied mehod . While he huning of wolve ook a
eriou oll on Garou, wolve eem o be doing relaively
well, epecially in he face of looming economic and ocial
collape wihin Ruia .


More novel have been wrien on he ubjec of he

Cold War wih he Sovie Union han perhap any oher
opic involving Ruia . Thee may prove ueful, a lea if
you wan an idea of he way he Ruian miliary worked or
inpiraion for an epionage campaign . A number of book
on Ruian poliic and people can be found in your local
library . Movie can be helpful a well, epecially when
decribing he locale in your game . Ficion, non-ficion,
periodical and film are lied below .

Rualka, Chernevog and Yvgenie, by C .J . Cherryh, form

an excellen erie e in Old Ruia . They conain a grea
deal of folklore and a good ory .
The Broher Karamozov, Crime and Punihmen and Noe
from he Underground, by Fyodor Dooevky . All lierary
claic and mu-read for anyone ruly inereed in an indeph udy of he Ruian people and heir rial and
ribulaion .
War and Peace by Leo Toloy . Conidered one of he
greae novel of all ime ; if you have he ime for hi one,
you may wan o ry i .
Ruian Lacquer, Legend and Fairy Tale (Volume I and
II), by Lucy Maxym, conain a wonderful collecion of
Ruian ale ha, while concie, ell he orie well . The
orie are illuraed by picure aken from Ruian lacquer boxe .

The New Ruian, by Hedrick Smih, i a good background ource relaed o he roo of Ruia' problem . I
conain a grea deal of ueful informaion abou he people
of Ruia, heir poliic and he inernal problem faced by
heir naion .
Ruian a People, by Wrigh Miller . While hi i an
older publicaion, i conain a good overview of he Sovie
people wihou delving oo far ino he poliic .
The Sovie Union (Fourh Ediion), by Vadim Medih . A
good overview of he ehniciy, climae, geography and
poliical rucure of he Sovie Union
Ten Day Tha Shook he World, by John Reed . Reed wa
an American journali and member of he American
Communi pary who ecaped o he Sovie Union afer
being indiced for reaon during he Red Scare following
WW I . He wa buried beide he Kremlin Wall in Mocow
wih oher Bolhevik heroe . The book decribe he Bolhevik Revoluion .
The Oher Side : How Sovie and American Perceive Each
Oher, by Rober Englih and Jonahan Halperin of he
Commiee for Naional Securiy . Sovie and American
percepion of each oher hrough book, movie, media
coverage and poliical propaganda .
Ruia and he Golden Horde : The Mongol Impac on
Medieval Ruian Hiory, by Charle Halperin . The ime of
he Taar Yoke .
The Formaion of Mucovy 1304-1613, by Rober
Crummey . Mocow' rie o power in Ruia.
Behind he Ural : An American Worker in Ruia' Ciy of
Seel, by John Sco . Fir-hand accoun of Salin' indurializaion and he Fir Five Year Plan in he indurial ciy
of Magniogork ("Magneic Mounain") .
One Day in he Life of Ivan Deniovich, by Alexander
Solzheniyn . Exile in Siberia under Salin .


Ficion :

U .S . New and World Repor conain exacly wha i

ile ugge . I i excellen for curren informaion abou
Ruia. The iue from April 13h, 1992 conain more
informaion on Ruia' environmenal problem .
Curren Dige of he Sovie Pre . Englih language ranlaion of he major orie in variou Sovie newpaper .
There are alo a number of Ruian or Sovie publicaion, uch a Sovie Life, Pravda and We . All hree are
available in ranlaed form in he Unied Sae .
Ruia Houe, arring Sean Connery and Michelle
Pfeiffer . A modern ale of love and epionage e in Ruia .
Gorky Park, he film adapaion of he novel of he ame
name, i a murder myery e in Mocow .
The Hun For Red Ocober, direced by John McTiernan
and arring Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin ; baed on he
book by Tom Clancy . The la real Cold War hriller .
The Ruian are Coming i an amuing film abou when
Ea mee We . I i ueful for breaking ou of he Sovie
ereoype, uch a he one depiced in he Jame Bond
film and Red Dawn .
Red Dawn, direced by John Miliu . While hi i cerainly no he be movie depicing he Ruian people or
ociey, i doe give a feel for wha Ruia' Garou are up
again . Beware, however . The film repreen he aburd
paranoia of he laer year of he Cold War, almo a if i
were a la gap o prove how imporan America' and
again he "Evil Empire" wa .
There are numerou oher movie in he "Ea Mee
We" genre ha could prove inereing o hoe wih he
ime . However, many of hee will no be overly ueful in
running a Ruian campaign . I i be o chooe carefully .

Rage Acro Ruia



Ivan he Terrible and Alexander Nevky, direced by Sergei

Eienein. Excellen black and whie film depicing legendary Ruian . A mu for anyone uing hiorical Pa
Life flahback in heir game .
Balehip Poemkin, direced by Sergei Eienein . Thi
film abou he revol of ailor on he Poemkin wa a
irring revoluionary aemen for Ruian . One of he
claic early film, Eienein revoluionized film ediing

and direcing echnique . Thi one i a film chool perennial .

Deru Uzala, direced by Akira Kuroawa, i a movie e

in he Siberian wilderne in he early par of he Sovie
Regime . I accoun give a feel for he erriory . The main
characer, Deru Uzala, ell a compelling ory abou he
way of life of Siberian huner and he dying of heir culure .
While i i direced by Kuroawa, one of he greae
Japanee film direcor (and one of he greae direcor of
all ime), he film wa funded by he Sovie .



Queion : I i dangerou o remember in he USSR?

Anwer : I do no believe o, bu I am no ure ha my opinion
i hared .
- Yuriy Afanyev, Direcor, USSR Iniue of
Hiory and Archive, 1986

he ime of he ar
During he ime of he Impergium, and for many year
hereafer, Ruia' people were nomadic ribe of wandering barbarian . The Slav, anceor of he modern Ruian
people, lived in he norhern fore . In hoe day, i wa
eay for he Garou o rack he wandering human, and
many pack would follow he nomad, keeping heir flock
under cloe wach . Afer he Impergium, he Silver Fang
of Ruia revered heir deciion . The Garou were charged
wih wo reponibiliie : eaching he human repec for
Gaia and proecing humaniy from he corrupion of he
Wyrm .
To hi end, he pack choe cerain familie of human
and eiher joined hem or followed hem on heir migraion . Thee were he fir Kinfolk familie of Ruia . Under
he guidance of Garou myic, and hrough he Kinfolk
familie, he worhip of he Moher Godde flourihed in
he land . Thi religion, along wih oher ancien belief,
peried in Ruia even afer he counry' converion o
Orhodox Chriianiy .

During hi ime of nomad, and he ubequen ime of

he ar, he Silver Fang forged heir link wih he
ariocracy . The chief and he greae warrior of he
human were choen from he flock . Thee ie would
peri a boh a bleing and a cure o he Garou.

The Ruian Empire

The Chronicle, compilaion kep by Ruian monk
from he 11h cenury o he 16h cenury, are a major
ource of informaion abou Ruian hiory . The mo
imporan and he olde i he Pove, or Tale of Bygone
Year, which i alo known a Neor' Chronicle . I ell he
ale of Ruia, alhough i i ignoran of he Garou' place
in Ruian hiory .
The unificaion of he Slavic ribe of Novgorod under
a Scandinavian chief mark he beginning of he Ruian
Empire . The chief, called Rurik, wa a Kinfolk of he Ge of
Thi caued ome mall rife early on beween he Silver
Fang and he Ge over ju whoe flock had he righ o rule
over Ruia . Thi dipue wa finally eled year laer

Chaper One : Hiory


when he Silver Fang' Kinfolk acended o he hrone of

he ar .
Rurik' decendan coninued o expand he empire . In
882, Oleg, Rurik' ucceor, moved he capial from
Novgorod o Kiev, known hen a Kiev Ru . Igor, one of he
fir ruler of Kiev Ru, aacked Conannople in 941 and
igned a reay wih i counry in 944 . Thi began commerce beween he Byzanine Empire and he burgeoning
Ruian Empire .

Vladimir, he younge of hree broher vying for he
hrone, won hi poiion wih he aid of he Varangian
(he Scandinavian) . He coninued he previou ruler'
pracice of ubjugaing he Slavic people . He i alo known
for hi nooriou womanizing and for raping hi broher'
wife .
In 988, he convered o Chriianiy . Hi converion wa
brough abou by hi deire o marry he Byzanine emperor'
ier, Anna . The emperor would only permi hi if Vladimir
convered . By acceping Chriianiy, Ruia became par
of Europe . Thi marriage wa alo an imporan poliical
alliance . Vladimir wa laer declared a ain .
The reay wih Byzanium opened he way ino Ruia
for he Venrue clan of vampire and araced he aenion of he Tzimice and Shadow Lord of Eaern Europe
and Germany .
The power of he Garou waned a ouide force began
urning heir aenion o he newly formed Ruian Empire . The power of uperiion and he rengh of he old
religion faded wih he adven of he Ruian Orhodox
Church . New place of worhip were ereced on he ie of
old churche and, depie Garou effor, he Church became he greae culural force in Ruia . The Silver Fang
blamed he Ge of Fenri for hi eback, for Vladimir wa
a dian Kinfolk of he Ge .
The Garou, while hey reained ome meaure of influence in he houe of he ariocracy, could no op heir
decline in power a more ouide force eablihed ie
wihin he growing empire . Vampire gained a ubanial
poiion among he ariocracy and coninually vied wih
he Garou for influence .

Kiev Ru
C) Ruian land! You are already far beyond he hill .
- The Lay of Igor' Campaign : The Omen

Kiev Ru had hree baic poliical form - he prince,

he Boyar (who formed he oligarchy) and he Veche, he
own aembly . The prince wa a warrior, merchan and
adminiraor . The Boyar were warrior, landowner and
advior . The Veche, however, wa a form of popular
governmen .
Every free male had memberhip in he Veche . I wa
ronge in he ciie, epecially Novgorod . Every own

Rage Acro Ruia

had a Veche bell . When i rang, everyone would gaher

around i o dicu major queion . In Novgorod, he
Veche wa o rong ha i had he power o appoin he
prince .
In Kiev Ru during hi period, he Gla Walker can
fir be found, making heir mark on Ruian hiory . The
power of he Veche in Kiev Ru came from he uppor of
hee ciy Garou, and heir Kinfolk familie held place in
he Veche in variou own acro Ruia . A powerful an
impac a hey made here, however, hey didn' ruly come
ino power unil laer in Novgorod . Thi alernaive
preened a challenge o he Silver Fang' own yle of
leaderhip, bu he Silver Fang never ook direc acion .
Town in Kiev Ru eem o have developed for largely
economic reaon . There are eimae ha, in he early
1100, Kiev had 40,000 o 50,000 people, while Novgorod
had abou 10,000 o 15,000 . Commerce eemed o be he
dominan economy in Kiev Ru, which wa probably inpired by he Varangian' rade roue ino Greece .

Yarolav he wie
Yarolav he Wie became ruler afer Vladimir' deah .
By Nore accoun, he wa a ingy coward . By Ruian
accoun, however, Yarolav wa a wie ruler who renghened he role of educaion in hi counry . He wa conidered
o be a grea hero becaue of hi campaign again he
Finn, Lihuanian, Pole and he Pecheneg (a race of
eppe people) .
In 1043, he aacked Conaninople . The rade roue
from he Varangian o he Byzanine conolidaed under
he conrol of Kiev Ru . Yarolav alo buil Sana Sofia, he
fir one church, modeled afer he church of he ame
name in Conaninople . He alo aided in he pread of
Chriianiy .
Yarolav loved religion and devoed himelf o i . He
ranlaed church documen from Greek o Slavic . He wa
enhralled by he counrie o he ouh of Ruia and
lowly became "Slavicized" . Thi i one reaon he
Varangian were criical of him . Anoher reaon wa hi
cloe alignmen wih he Silver Fang inead of he Ge of
Fenri . Shorly before hi deah in 1054, he admonihed hi
on o live ogeher in peace before hey lo heir land .
Afer Yarolav' deah, Kiev Ru enered a period of
decline, diinegraion and nearly coninuou civil war .
Vladimir II Monomakh (1113-1125) briefly haled hi
decline . The ariocracy invied him o rule, bu he
uppored he demand of he peaan and he Church .
Upon hi deah, Vladimir' on fough for he hrone . Kiev
Ru broke up in 1132 .

(Decline of Kiev Ru
One ign of he decay of Kiev Ru wa he breakdown of
commercial rading. The hree main rading parner were
he Greek, German and Perian . However, rade wih

Byzanium wa cu off in he 11h and 12h cenurie by

fighing wih he Povloy eppe people . By he ime he
rade roue wa reopened, Byzanium had declined .
I i aid ha he Silver Fang cleverly caued he
problem wih he people of he eppe, knowing i would
evenually crack he power of Kiev Ru and he Gla
Walker, bu mo Garou believe hi i giving he Silver
Fang oo much credi . They look inead o he Shadow
Lord, who are known o have Kinfolk familie among he
eppe people .
Trade wih he German in he Norh Balic area became epecially imporan afer he breakup of Kiev Ru .
Perian rade wa mainly for luxury iem, bu hi alo
became difficul due o Aian inernal difficulie . Agriculure a hi ime wa done by he lah and burn mehod,
alhough in ome ecion, he wooden plow wa ued .
A ene of hiory and connecion o Byzanium were
crucial o Kiev Ru, epecially during he Imperial Ruian
period, which emphaized hi ancien connecion . The
legacy of Kiev Ru included Chriianiy and he concep of
one common land . Thi concep i expreed in he Lay of
Igor' Campaign . The land i aid o belong o "neiher
Magyar nor Pole, bu grandon of a common grandfaher ."
During hee ime, Garou and vampire would occaionally involve hemelve in ruggle among he houe,
bu he majoriy of he Garou were conen o guard heir
Kinfolk and mainain heir wach again he encroachmen of he Wyrm . Vampire ofen became he udden
arge of Garou hared during hee year .

Appanage Ruia
The period known a Appanage Ruia came afer he
collape of Kiev Ru . One of he mo powerful ciie during
hi period wa Novgorod . The ciy wa a cener of rading,
epecially for fur and wax . I evenually became he Eaern
end of he Haneaic League .
Novgorod wa epecially noable for i Veche, again
uppored by Gla Walker and heir Kin . The ciy had 10
ecion, each wih i own Veche . The mayor (poadnik)
wa i head eleced official . The prince wa appoined and
had o be approved by he Veche . The prince wa no
permied o live in Novgorod, bu lived inead in a pecial
ecion of hi own. The prime purpoe of he prince in
Novgorod wa defene - he wa eenially a "hired gun" .
Nex o he head of he Orhodox Church, he Archbihop of Novgorod wa he mo imporan peron in he
Church . The archbihop wa alo imporan poliically, a
he ofen became he mediaor beween he prince and he
people .
The church wa he one ource of uniy in Appanage
Ruia . The archbihop wa repeced by everyone, no
maer where he lived . The monaerie alo became he
major agen of economic expanion and land develop-

Chaper One : Hiory



men . When hey puhed ouward, he peaan followed

hem .

Ivan III and Vailii II were boh Kinfolk of he Silver

Fang . The ribe had eized he righ of breeding wih he
bloodline of Rurik . The Ge of Fenri were oo weak
compared o he Silver Fang o defend heir righ over
heir flock . The upreme acenion of he Silver Fang over
he flock of Ruia had begun . However, wih he inviible
influence of vampire a cro-purpoe, he Silver Fang
found i hard o mainain a rong hold over he ar .

The Taar Joke

No a mighy cloud ha covered he ky,
Nor mighy hunder have hundered :
Wiher ravel he dog, Crimea' Khan? To he mighy Tardom of Mucovy .
- "The Raid of he Crimean Taar"
Ruia alo faced anoher crii a hi ime . The Mongol
invaion, known a he Taar Yoke, laed from approximaely 1240-1480 . Under he Taar, however, he Church
wa given nearly full proecion from raid and wa exemped from paying ribue .
The Grand Prince Dmirii won he fir major vicory
over he Taar a he Bale of Kulikovo on he Don River,
where Dmirii won hi famou appellaion "Dmirii
Donkoii" . Thi vicory, largely a maer of preige, gave
he Ruian hope ha he Taar were no inderucible .
The vicory did no haer he Taar Yoke, however, a
hown by he Taar acking of Mocow wo year laer .
Regardle, Mocow began o rie in power .
The Taar Yoke wa ecrely uppored by he Shadow
Lord, who had Kinfolk familie among he Mongol . The
Silver Fang demanded ha hey remove heir familie
from he Silver Fang erriorie, bu he Shadow Lord
claimed ha hey had no conrol over he Mongol and
ha here wa nohing hey could do . Mo Garou ill do
no believe hi .

The Rie of Mocow

Two Rome have fallen ; one and ; a fourh here hall no
be .


- Monk Filofei o Vailii III, c . 1510, abou

Mocow' vicory a he dominan Ruian ciy wa
aured wih he unificaion of Ruia under Ivan III (14621505) and Vailii 11 (1505-1533) . The Taar Yoke ended
under Ivan III, when he refued o pay ribue o Khan
Ahmed, leader of he Golden Horde, hough he acual
power of he Taar Yoke had probably ended a early a he
1440 .
Ivan III alo married a member of he Roman nobiliy
.-SophiaPleg,hniceof laByzniempro
The Pope hoped o ue hi marriage o conver Ivan III o
Roman Caholicim . Thi failed, however, a Ivan haed
Roman Caholicim . Sophia legiimized Ruia and eablihed a direc line o Byzanium and Rome . Thi wa
exacly wha he Silver Fang deired : new royal blood for
he line .
Under Ivan III and Vailii II, Ruian erriory increaed
by 300-400% wih he annexaion of Novgorod, Pkov,
Tver and oher erriorie . Ivan III wa alo he fir o ue


he ile "Tar", which i a Slavic corrupion of he word

"Caear" .

Juan he Terrible
He wa fearome o he enemy, and wa alway prepared o
figh for he faherland . He wa cruel o hi ubjec given o him
by he Lord, being alway ready o pill heir blood, and boh
mercile and daring a killing .
- Prince Ivan M . Kayrev-Roovky, The Book of
During hi reign, Ivan IV- known a Ivan he Terrible- grealy expanded Ruian erriory, a well a
expanding rade o he Capian Sea and opening rade wih
Siberia . In 1547, Ivan IV married Anaaia Romanov .
The marriage proved o be crucial during he dynaic crii
horly afer Ivan' deah .
Ivan IV' reign alo included he Englih and Duch
"dicovery" of Ruia, which included he eablihmen of
he Mucovy Company, a privae Briih rading company .
From 1565 o 1572, Ivan IV earned hi ile of Ivan he
Terrible by killing 9,000 people in Tver and 42,000 in
Novgorod .
Ivan wa a Kinfolk of he blood of he Silver Fang .
Unlike he majoriy before him, he wa willing o ue hi
ie wih he Garou o expand hi influence and aer hi
conrol over Ruia . Ivan ued he Garou o uppor hi
armie and enforce hi edic on recalciran noble .
Ruia moved ino Siberia in he 1580, when he
Sroganov family en approximaely 800 people ino Siberia in earch of fur. Thi angered he reiden Red Talon
and Ukena, who cu hemelve off from he Garou council . The Red Talon evenually reurned, bu he Ukena
ill have only enuou conac wih he council oday .

Fedor and he Sign of

M adne
Afer Ivan' deah, hi on Fedor ruled from 1584 o
1598 . Fedor, probably menally rearded, wa unable o rule
effecively . The Garou whiper ha Fedor wa he fir
obviou ign ha here wa omehing wrong wih he
Silver Fang bloodline .
The rue ruler of he empire wa Fedor' broher-in-law,
Bori Godunov . Bori peruaded he Pariarch of he Orhodox Church o creae a Ruian Pariarch in Mocow in
1589 . Mocow hen became he only independen Orho-

Rage Acro Ruia



dox Church, a he oher were under Ooman conrol .

Fedor wa he la confirmed decendan of Rurik . Hi
deah in 1598 led o a dynaic crii and he "Time of
Trouble ."
Bori Godunov emerged a a leader afer Fedor' deah
and peruaded he Pariarch o declare him Tar . However,
hi rule wa marred by hree year of famine and rumor ha
Ivan IV' on, Dmirii, wa ill alive . Bori Godunov died
in 1604, and he people rallied around Dmirii, who had
arrived in Mocow afer fighing everal bale wih Bori
Godunov' force .

Such i he honor which demon render o hoe who love
hem .
- S . John Chryoom, on Dmirii' deah .
In Poland, Dmirii had convered o Roman Caholicim and married Marina, a Polih noblewoman . Dmirii
wa loved by hi people, and wa crowned Tar on July 21,
1605 .

Dmirii had everal problem during hi reign, however .

Hi ecre Caholicim confliced wih wha he Ruian
Orhodoxy expeced of he Tar . Dmirii alo loved he
We, epecially he Pole, and waned o reconnec Ruia
o he re of Europe . The Boyar began o perceive Dmirii
a more foreign han Ruian . Thi wa reinforced by he

announcemen of hi marriage o Marina, which candalized he Orhodox Clergy .

The Silver Fang could no underand why heir Kinfolk had gone renegade unil hey dicovered ha Dmirii
wa now he Blood Bound ghoul of a Polih Tzimice
vampire . Prince Vailii Shuyky, a Silver Fang Garou,
decided o ake direc acion o ave he ribe' hold on he
hrone .
Prince Shuyky played on he dipleaure of he clergy
and oher, gahering boyar and commoner o pread
rumor again Dmirii . Hi pack infilraed he palace
guard . Depie repeaed warning, Dmirii refued o believe ha Prince Shuyky wa anyhing bu loyal .
Dmirii alo ignored he rumor of an aainaion plo .
Shuyky' group pread he word ha he Pole were going
o murder he Tar . In he confuion, hey carried ou he
aainaion hemelve . Dmirii fough o rei and, a
one poin, aemped a jump of over a hundred fee in an
aemp o ge help . He fell o he ree below .
The people, who loved Dmirii, killed 2,000 Pole ha
day in Mocow . Shuyky wa hen able o convince he
people ha Dmirii had been an impoor . Dmirii' body
wa publicly diplayed .
The Silver Fang had no realized ha Dmirii' maer
had aced he nigh before . Dmirii wa now one of he
undead- a vampire . Sighing of hi body caued grea

Chaper One : Hiory


conernaion among he people . Some claimed o have

een i moving ou of diche and off plaform .
Superiiou Mucovie aribued hee ighing o
black magic . To comba he force of evil in heir mid, irae
ciizen capured he undead body . I wa burned, and he
ahe were fired ou of a cannon poined oward he We .
I appeared a hough Dmirii' one nigh of immoral
exience had come o an end .

A Serie of Crie
There were a number of oher crie, epecially afer
Vailii IV' deah . Civil war broke ou, followed by a war
wih he Pole and Swede . There wa alo a econd and a
hird "fale Dmirii" .
Unknown o he populace, however, hee "fale Dmirii"
were he acual Dmirii . Depie he be effor of he
ciizen of Mocow, Dmirii had faked hi uppoed deah .
Viciiude and Obfucaion allowed him o make furher
aemp o regain he hrone . In every inance, he Silver
Fang found him and chaed him off. I i commonly
believed by he Silver Fang ha Dmirii wa finally deroyed by a Silver Pack of he Garou .
The Boyar decided he only way o end he crie wa o
pu he on of he Polih King Sigimund, Wladylaw, on
he hrone . The Pole invaded in 1611 . Thi wa anoher
plo by he Polih Tzimice . Alhough hi plo wih Dmirii
failed, he ried o gain conrol hrough Wladylaw . Thi
alo failed .
Calm wa reored wih he elecion and coronaion in
1613 of Michael Romanov a Tar, ending he dynaic
crii . The Silver Fang were once again in charge .

The rie of Peer he Grea led o he erriorial expanion of Ruia and i eablihmen a a European power .
Peer moved he capial o Sain Peerburg, known a a
window on he We and a gaeway o Europe .
Thi udden expanion of Ruian power led o a grea
influx of foreign inere, epecially in Europe . Seeing anew
opporuniy, a number of vampire from he ariocraic
clan enered Ruia and eablihed hemelve . They
quickly moved o gain Peer a a pawn, bu he managed o
oumaneuver hem on all coun . By he ame oken, he wa
able o manipulae he Garou, noably he Silver Fang and
Shadow Lord, ino aiing him .
Under Peer, he Ruian Empire ruly became a realiy .
During Peer' rule, and he expanion of Ruian knowledge and indury, he Gla Walker once again gained
prominence . Anoher player alo enered he picure . A
he amoun of indury increaed, he Wyrm lihered ino
Ruia .


A Period of Weakne
Following Peer' rule, he hrone of Ruia uffered a
period of weakne . The variou hidden facion ried o
impoe hemelve on ruler oo incapable of holding up
under preure . Evenually, he Venrue placed Caherine
II, known a Caherine he Grea, on he hrone of Ruia .
Silver Fang power waned during her reign, and he
Garou all bu declared war on he vampire . The Kindred
were now quie well enrenched . The Silver Fang' focu on
he vampire problem led hem o neglec he buine of
keeping he ariocracy in conrol .
Seeing Ruia' poenial fuure problem, he Children
of Gaia aied Caherine' grandon, Alexander I, in
aking he hrone . Alexander began a erie of reform, bu
hey were abandoned in he face of he Napoleonic War .
Throughou he many war of he 19h cenury, he
Venrue were able o manipulae he Garou ino fighing
each oher, inadverenly cauing hem o neglec he real
hrea .
Diconen pread among he inelligenia of Ruia .
Nichola I, reacing o a near revol, laid he groundwork
for oppreion : a ecre police, cenorhip and he eliminaion of dangerou maerial from chool ex . Nichola
began a campaign again educaion program and inellecual . None of he group involved in Ruia, wheher
vampire, mage or Garou, aemped o op him . In he hall
of power and he hall of learning, he Wyrm began i low
ininuaion . The end of he 19h cenury and he beginning
of he 20h aw he end of he Ruian Empire .
Wha he Garou did no and could no know wa ha
Nichola I wa he pawn of a newly formed group of mage :
he New World Order convenion of he Technocracy .
Their work wa o uble ha none of he Garou oday
know hee mage even exi . The year ha followed in
Ruia were alo ained by New World Order inervenion
from on high, culminaing in he wor arociie of Salin .
Indeed, ome upec ha Salin wa acually a mage of hi
convenion .
The ruling of he nobiliy and he ar fomened
revoluionary aciviie . The acenion of Nichola II, a
well-inenioned bu weak ruler, opened he door for oher
player, uch a Rapuin, he "mad monk", who ough o
manipulae he ar hrough hi wife and her concern for
her hemophiliac on, Alexi . There are a number of Kindred oday who claim o be Rapuin ; one of hem i a
Malkavian in Ruia and he oher i a Noferau in Berlin .
Who can ay which one of hem i elling he ruh?
There were oher player in he bid for power . The
Brujah vampire' inere in revoluion wa empered only
by heir anger . The Bone Gnawer, he Garou children of
he oppreed erf, uppored he revoluion, ubmiing
hemelve o lavery . In he mid of hee movemen,
human revoluionarie ruggled o make Ruia a beer
place .

Rage Acro Ruia

The Tunguka G la
On June 30h, 1908, an exploion occurred near he
Tunguka River in he Tungu region of Siberia . The bla
wa abou 500 mile norhwe of Lake Baykal and 250
mile away from he own of Kirnk . The exploion leveled
all of he ree in a 20 mile radiu . A lea unil 1960, one
could ill ee evidence of he even : he ree knocked
down were all burn on one ide and faced away from he
cener . No craer ha ever been found .
There ha never been a good explanaion for he Tunguka
bla . A number of heorie have been advanced . The core
of a come migh have hi he urface of he earh . A paing
UFO migh have had a ragic acciden . Some heorie even
poulae a miniaure black hole hiing he plane . Thee
heorie are all wrong .
The Garou are cloer o he ruh . The Ukena may
know wha happened, bu hey have no deire o hare heir
knowledge . Oher Garou believe ha omehing wen
wrong wih one of heir rie . Thi i parly correc .
In acualiy, he bla wa he reul of an epic bale
beween a Yaku Dreampeaker mage and Trevero, a
draconic Zmei who had broken he magical bond holding
him here . The mage evenually won he bale . An
Ukena performed he ancien, almo forgoen rie o
bind Trevero again .

The worker have nohing o loe in hi bu heir chain . They
have a world o gain . Worker of he world, unie!
- Karl Marx, The Communi Manifeo
To win heir own freedom,
hey waned o ecape heir erfdom .
They hurled heir word like arrow again heir lord,
and I wonder abou hoe who approve of uch a horde .
- Prince Ivan Khvoroinin (c . 1603), Auobiographical Vere
Wih he decline of he ari period in Ruia and he
waning power of he ar, i hould have come a lile
urprie o he Garou ha ime were abou o change .
However, i did come a a urprie, and he Garou were
unable o eiher op he change or even low hem down
appreciably . Indeed, he Bone Gnawer were parly reponibiliy for he Ruian Revoluion occurring in he fir
place .
In 1917, an upriing again he ariocraic leader of
Ruia ook place . Thi upriing wa uppored by he clan
of vampire known a he Brujah . The vampire mean o
ue he revoluion o avenge hemelve upon he Venrue
and Toreador . Thee clan were een a reponible for
mainaining he counry a one of he la feudal, ariocraic naion in he world .
Oddly enough, depie aemp by Cainie from oher
naion, he Brujah found hemelve on he winning ide .
The Bolhevik, uppored by he Bone Gnawer, ook

Chaper One : Hiory


conrol and began eablihing a new ociey in which

equaliy for all wa o be he wachword .
Wih hi Revoluion, he radiional Garou power in
Ruia broke down . When he Bolhevik moved in, he
Brujah and Bone Gnawer were wih hem . The Brujah fell
o fighing among hemelve a hey worked o manipulae
Lenin and he oher leader . The major facion of Brujah
in Ruia deroyed each oher .
A ome poin, early in he Communi conrol of
Ruia, Lenin realized ha here wa ome or of "Shadow
Council" in Ruia and e abou manipulaing i o hi own
end . He managed o play he Brujah again one anoher
while gaining ubanial power himelf .

The Bruah Council

The Bone Gnawer quickly lo conrol of wha hey had
helped creae . The Brujah found ou abou he Garou ie
o he ariocracy, Kinfolk living among he peaan and
he exenive organizaion of he Gangrel, Ravno and
Noferau vampire fairly quickly . Ju a quickly, hey
moved o conver or eliminae hem . Many Venrue found
heir inere in Ruia uddenly unprofiable . The
Malkavian reveled in he chao . The Garou who had
helped bring abou he revoluion ried o break he enuou grap of he Brujah, bu he Bone Gnawer were no
crafy enough o econd-gue or oumaneuver he vampire .
A civil war followed he Bolhevik akeover . Bolhevik
fended off compeior aemping o ake power . Uing
hi a a mokecreen, he Brujah carried ou a war of heir
own again hoe who would ou hem . They ill urned
again each oher . The diorganizaion of he Garou ook
i oll, and many died . Silver Fang Kinfolk ie were lo a
he Bolhevik, now under haky Brujah conrol, moved o
eliminae he remnan of he ariocracy . Nichola II, he
former Tar, and hi family were execued . Suppoedly
Nichola' younge daugher, Anaaia, ecaped, bu he
mundane world ha no verificaion of hi rumor . In acualiy, he Silver Fang ecreed her ou of Ruia by Moon
Bridge o live quiely wih Kinfolk elewhere in he world .
Facing reiance from he populace and oppoiion from
leader and inellecual, Lenin began o iniue a erie of
meaure deigned o e he Communi firmly in power .
The Brujah, alo uncerain of how o deal wih heir
flagging aemp a Uopia, and unwilling o admi i,
urned again Lenin . In 1924, hey arranged hi deah .
Leon Troky wa o have replaced Lenin, bu Salin, wih
aiance from he Venrue and Toreador, arranged for
Troky' exile and eized power for himelf .


No merely for a ime have I, Miery-Luckle-Pligh,
aached myelf o you ;
I hall labor wih you o your very deah!
- Miery-Luckle-Pligh, anonymou Ruian

poem, 17h cenury

Poliical dienion became one of he greae crime in
he Sovie Union . Diiden could expec eiher exile or
execuion. Under Lenin, and laer under Salin, people
began o diappear .
Salin decided ha modern indury wa wha he Sovie
Union needed o compee wih he re of he world .
Indurializaion began, heedle of he poenial conequence . The Brujah allowed hi corrupion o occur,
while he Garou ruggled uelely o aver i . The forced
indurializaion and collecivizaion ha wa carried ou
under Salin wa exremely coly o he Garou, who
evenually lo oo much and faded ino he background .
The Wyrm began o lowly reach ou furher and ink i
endril ino he Moherland . The Garou, weak from
purge and he huner, could do lile o op i . Thoe who
oppoed he Brujah or he Communi' plan ended up
exiled or dead . In ome cae, hoe who fough again he
ae faced fae wore han deah .
Wyrm ain and infeaion pread, and many Garou
were afraid o ac, fearing o bring down he hand of he
Cainie ha had haered heir power o recenly . In ome
inance, he Garou aced and were ucceful, wih Sovie
leader none he wier . Bu in oher iuaion, Garou
move were anicipaed and counered . Like everyone ele
in he Sovie Union, he Garou were oppreed . Many
came o accep he hand ha fae had deal hem . Oher
fough and died wih he nobiliy of rue Garou . Some,
however, ough o conolidae heir force, build heir
rengh where he Wyrm and i agen couldn' reach
hem and infilrae he lair of heir enemie . They waied
in hiding for he righ momen, a ime when hey could ake
back wha had been heir .
The Revoluion lef he Garou of Ruia weak and
diorganized . Never before had hey faced an enemy a
implacable a he idealiic vampire who were unaware of
he corrupion hey nurured wihin heir counry . Never
before had hey faced a concered effor by human and
vampire o eliminae hem . However, he Garou gained
allie in unexpeced place a he oppreion of he new
regime coninued .

Rage Acro Ruia

200 diviion in he Ea . By 1944, only a hird of heir

roop were in he We . Two-hird of heir roop were
needed on he eaern fron .

he Grea
parioic "War
No one i forgoen, and nohing i forgoen .

- Olga Bergholz, epiaph on he aue of Moher

Ruia a Pikariovkoye Cemeery, S . Peerburg
Many Weerner have no idea of he cale World War
11 ook on he Eaern Fron . Thee figure will give ome
idea : he D-Day invaion force (June 6, 1944) conied of
hree airborne diviion and five infanry diviion . The
German launched he Bale of he Ardenne (he Bale
of he Bulge) on December 16, 1944, wih 20 diviion and
five in reerve . Thi included 970 ank . A he ime of he
croing of he Rhine (pring 1945), he enire AngloAmerican force in Europe conied of 85 comba diviion .
On he oher hand, a he oue of he Bale of Kurk
(Operaion Ciadel), he German fielded 570,000 men, or
abou 38 diviion (wih 15,000 men in each diviion),
2500 ank and SPG, 10,000 field gun and 2000 aircraf .
Thi wa pied again 977,000 Sovie oldier (approx.. 65
diviion), 3300 ank, 20,000 field gun and 3000 aircraf .
A he beginning of Operaion Kuuzov (he Sovie
drive on Orel), he Sovie fielded 1,286,000 men (approx ..
85 comba diviion) . Thi wa equivalen o he number
of Anglo-American comba force in Europe . In 1943, he
German had 20 diviion in he We (including Ialy) and

Regardle of hee fac, he Weern bale have aken

precedence in hiory . Everyone ha heard of D-Day and
he Bale of he Bulge, bu few know of he Bale of Kurk
or Operaion Kuuzov .
Fify-five million people, miliary and civilian, died in
World War II . Tweny million of hem were Sovie . Oneenh of all Sovie died . Mo Weerner have no
comprehenion of wha hi really mean . In S . Peerburg
(formerly Leningrad) here i a graveyard for he vicim of
he iege of 1941-1944 . There are abou 900,000 people
buried here in common grave . Each grave ha 50,000
bodie in i .
The oal Sovie deah coun for World War II wa
omewhere beween 15 and 20 million people . The Unied
Sae lo 350,000.
Afer he heavy loe of he "Grea Parioic War",
Salin killed 20 million more people in hi purge and in

Mo ciie in Sovie Europe were deignaed "Hero
Ciie" for heir acrifice in he Grea Parioic War . Each
ciy ha a hero ciy monumen wih an eernal flame .
Eernal flame are common in Sovie Europe . In Byeloruia,

Chaper One : Hiory



he village of Khayn wa compleely deroyed by he

Nazi . I now and a a monumen o all Byeloruian
killed in he Grea Parioic War . There i a marker a every
po where a houe ued o and . There are row of block
anding a a eamen o he derucion of he war . Each
block i marked wih he name of a village and a vial of dir
from ha village. Thee repreen all he oher village
deroyed in Byeloruia .
Khayn alo ha a memorial quare . One corner hold an
eernal flame ymbolizing he one ou of every four people
in Byeloruia who were killed by he Nazi . Each of he
oher hree corner ha a ree, ymbolizing he live of he
hree ou of four people who urvived.
Many oher ciie alo have monumen . The large free
anding aue in he world i in Volgograd (formerly
Salingrad) . A woman, anding aop a hill, hold a word
alof in vicory . Thi commemorae he Bale of Salingrad .

during he war . During he iege of Leningrad, here are

many repor of people peeling wallpaper and eaing he
glue . The only reaon many reiden urvived uch pracice wa he aiance he Bone Gnawer, who ued heir
Gif o proce he non-nourihing and ofen poionou
iem ino real food .

Garou (During he
Grea Parioic war

Many Sovie leader, depie wha hey proclaimed publicly, were grealy inereed in he upernaural . Secre
reearch wa conduced . Alhough none can ay wha wa
ruly dicovered, numerou paper on pychic phenomena
and UFO have come ou of he Sovie Union . Some
Sovie reearcher acually accumulaed proof of he exience of uch hing a vampire and werewolve, bu ha
knowledge wa quickly uppreed whenever he Brujah or
Garou dicovered i . The KGB had a ecre inernal diviion pecifically creaed o deal wih upernaural hrea,
an organizaion imilar o he F .B .I . Special Affair . "Supernaural hrea" included Garou . Backed by vampire and
oher hadowy force, he KGB began huning he Garou .

They died for he Ruian land .

The gra wihered from orrow,
and he addened ree dropped earhward .
- The Lay of Igor' Campaign : The Ruian Defea
The ociopoliical upheaval of World War II did no
leave he Garou of Ruia unouched . The Garou' conribuion o he war wa mainly in aiding parian operaion .
Regardle of Garou involvemen, he acrifice and vicorie of he Ruian people in he war were almo enirely
heir own .
Parian aciviie in occupied Ruia were very evere
and caued he German invader no end of difficulie . The
10,000 parian ha ook par in he Bale for Mocow are
credied wih deroying 18,000 German . Beween Augu
and November of 1943, parian in Byeloruia deroyed
1,828 rain and locomoive and blew up 72 railway
bridge . One hiorical accoun claim ha from 19411944, Byeloruian parian killed 500,000 German,
including 47 general and he German high commiioner
of Byeloruia .
Byeloruia wa he cener of parian aciviy . I did no
ac alone . A he ame ime, Ukrainian parian were
repored o have killed 460,000 German . The Garou leap
from hadow o ear Nazi oldier limb from limb, and he
German grew o ecrely fear hee "parian ."
The Ruian Garou reiance fron, largely run by Bone
Gnawer and Gla Walker, had nohing o do wih
Hiler' own parian, he "Werewolve ." While here
were German Ge of Fenri on Hiler' ide, hey are ill
depied by decenden of he Ruian Ge in he Varangian
for heir role in he war .
The war wa a rying ime for he Ruian people . One of
he many reaon Bone Gnawer Kinfolk are o loyal o heir
mangy Garou couin i he work hoe Garou did for hem


The Shadow Year

Garou diviion a he one of he revoluion and oppoiion o indurializaion led o he hadow war inigaed
by he Brujah .
I i quie poible ha he Brujah aw he Garou a
pawn of heir haed Venrue enemie ; hen again, hey
could have een he Garou a an independen force . Eiher
way, he werewolve had made enemie . Thi alo led o he
hadow war ha ha played beween he Garou and he
Brujah ince he year following he Ruian Revoluion .

Perhap he Garou of Ruia became affliced by he

emoion of he Urge Wyrm, or perhap hey ruly did no
ee wha needed o be done . Unil 1986, he Garou were
largely a ilen force in Ruia, wih he excepion of heir
parian aid in World War II . Many coexied wih he
human in ciie or on he edge of civilizaion . Oher
fough again he pervaive influence of he Wyrm a he
Brujah aemped o bring abou he uer derucion of
he Garou, unknowingly depoiling he Ruian environmen and corruping i people wih oxin and urge .
The Brujah were corruped by he Wyrm deep in heir
ilen idealiic hear . Unlike Penex or he Black Spiral,
he rue leader of he Sovie Union were no corruped by
one Wyrm, bu by all hree . Thu, he influence of he
Wyrm came o pervade almo all of Ruia a he Brujah
remade he counry in heir own image .
Evenually, he Wyrm became o deeply rooed in ome
area of he Sovie Union ha no even he greae heroe
of he Garou could no ear i ou . In hee area, he Black
Spiral Dancer ecrely buil heir caern . Like all oher
Garou, hey hid from he eye of he ecre leader, epecially when vampire ended o claify all Garou a "enemie
of he ae ."
The Black Spiral helped many environmenal diaer
along, and he Garou direced heir energie again hem .

Rage Acro Ruia

If hey could no reach he head of he nake o kill ,

perhap hey could baer a i body .

The Garou Migh

Some Garou, ogeher wih heir Kinfolk, managed o
infilrae he Brujah-conrolled governmen . Mo of hee
rgen were Gla Walker, Bone Gnawer or Children
of Gaia Kinfolk . The Children of Gaia ook i upon hemelve o work wihin he yem, educaing he powerful of
he Sovie Union o preven he pread of uch Wyrmridden echnologie a aomic reacor and nuclear weapon .
They failed . Reacor were buil and weapon were deonaed on he oil of he Moherland . The piri of he land
cried ou, and he Children fel he ing of hae . The Red
Talon howled in anger . Their crie roe above he more
moderae voice in council . The Children of Gaia were
exiled from Ruia .
The Red Talon, however, were no he Garou reponible for hi deciion . The Shadow Lord goaded he Red
Talon ino aking acion again he Children, and many
member of boh ribe were lain . The Children of Gaia
who remained in Ruia had he aid of he Gla Walker .
Some member of ha ribe are now acually Children of
Gaia .
The Garou of Ruia have paid a price for heir pride, and
ill will no admi heir miake . They ill refue o eek
help ouide of Ruia . Alhough hing appear o be
geing beer for hem a he momen, here are range
plan in he making. Thing are no alway wha hey eem
in Ruia . A he naional level, he Garou have regained
a mall emblance of conrol from Bori Yelin, hank o
he diligen uppor of he Gla Walker' Kin . Acive
oppoiion o he Garou' aemp a cleaning up Wyrmridden area ha ceaed, and recenly he Garou have been
finding aid in unexpeced area .
However, a he Garou become more acive, o do he
agen of he Wyrm. Caern have been aacked and overrun by myeriou creaure . Survivor decribe hem a
being raigh ou of legend . Thee creaure are generally
hough o be he maerialized form of cerain Bane, bu
no one i quie cerain, When he Garou move in o reake
a capured caern, hey find i empy and powerle . Where
he Wyrm ha ruck, magic ha been lo irrerievably .
Thi i unuual, a place of power capured by he Wyrm
are normally corruped ino i image .
The draining of he caern i no he only myery . I ha
proven nex o impoible for anyone of Garou heriage o
leave Ruia . Moon Bridge will no open o caern ouide
of he Moherland, and he Umbra ha darkened . The
piri world i now harder o reach .
Laly, many of Ruia' Garou are ill affliced by one or
more of he Urge Wyrm, alhough hey are no aware of i .
The Maeljin Incarna mainain acive inere in Ruia,
eing he ouch of heir maer on he hear and mind
of all . No even Gaia' defender are afe .

er One : Hiory


Timeline of Ruia Since he Beginning of Communim






-Karl Marx publihe he "Communi Manifeo" in London .

-The beginning of he "Era of Grea Reform," in which all Ruian erf are freed
from bondage .
-The Bone Gnawer become more acive in
he poliic of he Garou .
-V .I . Lenin, in exile, wrie a revoluionary
pamphle eniled "Wha i o be Done?"
-A number of Bone Gnawer leader eize
upon Lenin' idea and form a ep, baed in
Mocow, known a he Sep of he People'
Will . Thi experimenal ep follow he
ocial eaching of Marx .



-Afer a popular upriing in S . Peerburg,

Tar Nichola II eablihe he Duma, he
fir Ruian parliamen .
-Augu : Beginning of World War I .
-March 2 : Abdicaion of Nichola II .
-The Silver Fang and he oher ariocraic
clan move o op he impending revoluion, bu heir mehod prove unable o
op wha ha begun, epecially ince he
revoluion prove o be backed by a number
of force, including Brujah and Bone Gnawer .
-November 7 : Bolhevik eize power.
-December 7 : Creaion of he Cheka, laer
known a he KGB .
-March 3 : Bre-Liovk peace reay wih
Germany .
-July : Bolhevik defea ani-Communi
opponen o become he ingle ruling pary .

-July 17 : Nichola and hi family are execued .

-Lenin naionalize he economy, privae
rade i barred, and collecive farming i
iniued .
-The Garou begin o loe ground wih he
defea of he ani-Communi force . Even
he Bone Gnawer begin o realize ha
wha hey began migh be going ou of
conrol .
1922 -April : Salin eleced general ecreary of
he Cenral Commiee of he Ruian Communi Pary .
-December : Founding of he U .S .S .R .


-January 21 : Deah of Lenin.

-January : Salin' rival Leon Troky i expelled from he U .S .S .R .


-April : The beginning of Salin' Five Year

Plan .
-The beginning of he Grea Purge . Salin
order he deah or imprionmen of unold
million of Sovie .
-The Garou war wih Salin, bu loe even
more ground a he Brujah, depie heir
migiving, ep in and uppor him .
-November 16 : Diplomaic relaion eablihed beween he Unied Sae and he
U .S .S .R .
-Limied conac eablihed by he Gla
Walker wih Garou ouide of Ruia .
-Augu 23 : Moloov-Ribbenrop Pac
igned, inuring peace beween Germany
and Ruia . Secre proocol divide Poland
in half, gran Balic ae and Bearabia
o USSR .
-Sepember 1 : German invaion of Poland .
World War II begin . See he "Timeline for
World War II on he Eaern Fron ."
-Augu 20 : Aainaion of Troky in
Mexico .
-March 5 : Winon Churchill make Iron
Curain peech .
-The Cold War begin .
-Clampdown reul in he rericing of
Garou movemen, and he evenual lo of
much ouide communicaion .


-Children of Gaia begin aemping o preven he Sovie governmen from

developing aomic weapon .
-Ocober 10 : Launching of he Sovie' fir
guided balliic miile .
-April 4 : N .A .T .O . formed .

-March 5 : Salin die .

-Sepember : Nikia Kruhchev ucceed
Salin a he fir ecreary of he Cenral
Commiee .
1955 -May 14 : Waraw Pac i igned .
1956 -February : Kruhchev criicize Salin' reign
of error .
-Ocober : Sovie force quell upriing in
Hungary .
-The Children of Gaia' failure o preven
Sovie developmen of aomic weapon
lead o heir forced exile under he fang of
he Red Talon .
1957 -Ocober 4 : Sovie Union launche Spunik, he world' fir arificial aellie .

Rage Acro Ruia


-April 12 : Vokhod, he fir manned pace

vehicle, i launched .
-Talk beween Kruhchev and Preiden
Kennedy in Vienna .
-Augu: Berlin Wall i ereced .
1962 -Ocober : Kruhchev' deciion o place
nuclear weapon in Cuba ouche off he
Cuban Miile Crii .

-Fall : Popular revoluion ou Communi

regime in Eaern Europe .
-November : The Berlin Wall fall .
-Sovie roop are wihdrawn from Afghanian .
1990 -Lihuania, Eonia and Lavia declare independence .
-Baba Yaga rie from orpor and begin o
manipulae her pawn ino poiion for a
conflic wih he Brujah council .
-July: Yelin and oher reformer leave he
Communi Pary .
-December: Eduard Shevardnadze reign a
foreign minier.

1964 -Ocober 14 : Kruhchev oued from Communi Pary ; Leonid Brezhnev aume
conrol .
1968 -Augu : "Prague Spring" movemen in
Czecholovakia i opped by Sovie Force .
1971 -May : Preiden Nixon vii Mocow . Fir
Sraegic Arm Limiaion Treay igned .


-Sepember 11 : Kruhchev die .

1975 -Sovie - Cuban inervenion in Angola.
1979 -December : Sovie roop invade Afghanian .
1981 -December : Variou demonraion lead o
he declaraion of marial law in Poland .

-A mall caern in a fore held by he Red

Talon i aacked and capured . When a
pary i gahered o reake i, he area i
found abandoned and he caern i found
powerle . Thi i he fir of he caern o
fall .
-Augu: Hard-line coup again Gorbachev
fail and lead o he evenual diinegraion of he U .S .S .R .

1982 -November 10 : Brezhnev die .

-November 12 : Former KGB chief Yuri
Andropov aume power .
1984 -February 9 : Andropov die .
-February 13 : Konanin Chernyenko ake
office .
1984 -March 10 : Chernyenko die .
1985 -March 11 : Mikhail Gorbachev become
General Secreary of he Communi Pary .
1986 -Gorbachev begin proce of reform .
Glano (poliical openne) and
Pereroika (economic reconrucion) begin .
--Garou begin o lowly become acive again,
alhough by now, he force of he Wyrm
are enrenched .
-Bori Yelin become a Poliburo member .
1987 -December : Gorbachev and Reagan ign a
reay limiing inermediae range balliic
miile in Europe .
1988 -Gorbachev creae a full-ime parliamen
and mulicandidae elecion .
-Ocober : Gorbachev named Preiden of
he U .S .S .R .
-250,000 Sovie roop are wihdrawn from
Eaern Europe .
1989 -April: Gorbachev purge he Cenral Commiee of hard-liner .
-May 26 : Yelin win Mocow ea in he
elecion for he new Congre of People'
Depuie .

-June 12 : Yelin become he Preiden of

Ruia in i fir popular elecion . Through
him, he Garou regain a mall meaure of
he conrol hey once had .
-July : Waraw Pac i dibanded .

-A painfully low reconciliaion beween

he Bone Gnawer and he ruling ribe
begin. Garou aciviy in Ruia begin o
ep up in repone o variou preure .
1991-1993-Variou even and inernal rouble lead ,
he reignaion of Gorbachev . Ruia be
come one of he large counrie o be
claified a having Third World au .The
problem of forming a capiali yem wih
ou an indurial bae capable of dealing wih
he new demand for conumer good prove :
exremely difficul for Ruia o urmoun .
-The Garou of Ruia dicover ha here i
a new, powerful force in Ruia, and move
o deal wih i in variou way, a well a
warring wih he powerful Wyrm piri
ha corrup he land .
Lae 1993 -Afer a conflic wih Parliamen reul in he
deah of a police officer, Yelin bring in he
miliary and ha he parliamen building
helled . The parliamen urrender an,.
Yelin diolve i, auming emergency pow

Chaper One : Hiory


Timeline of


Dar 11 on he Eaern Fron

-Sepember 1 : Germany invade Poland .

-Sepember 17 : Ruia invade Poland .
-Sepember 27 : Poland urrender .
-November : U .S .S.R . annexe he weern
Ukraine and weern Byeloruia .
-November 30 : Sovie invade Finland .




-March 14 : German re-reake Kharkov .

-July 5 : Bale of Kurk .
-Augu 5 : Ruian ake Orel/Belgorod in
Dnieper River drive .
-Augu 23 : Ruian re-re-reake Kharkov .

-March 12 : Sovie-Finnih war end ; Finland cede erriory .

-June 15 : Sovie occupy Balic Sae .
-June-Augu: Annexaion of Norhern
Bukovina, Lihuania, Lavia and Eonia .
-June 22 : Operaion Barbaroa begin . Germany invade Ruia .
-Sepember 8 : Siege of Leningrad begin .
-Garou aack on German roop ai in
reducing he force ha rike a Leningrad.
The Ruian Ge of Fenri war wih he
German Ge .
-Sepember 17 : German capure Kiev .
-Sepember 30 : The drive on Mocow begin .
-November 8 : German ener Crimea .
-November 9 : Leningrad iege ighen .


-May 9 : Ruian reake Sevaopol .

-June 22 : Operaion Kuuzov, he drive o
reake Byeloruia, begin .
-July 28 : Sovie ener Poland .

-December 6 : Operaion Typhoon, Sovie

couneraack a Mocow, begin . German
offenive haled .
-May : Sovie Union ign a reay wih
Grea Briain, joining he Allie again
Germany .
-June 25 : German ake Kharkov .
-July 1 : German ake Sevaopol .
-July 23 : German ake Roov-on-Don.
-Augu 9 : German ake Caucau oil field .
-Augu 23 : German reach Salingrad .
-Sepember 23 : 90% of Salingrad in German hand .
-November 19 : Operaion Uranu, Sovie
couneroffenive a Salingrad, begin .


-Sepember 24 : Ruian reake Smolenk .

-November 7 : Sovie recapure Kiev .
-November 28 : Tehran Conference beween Rooevel, Salin and Churchill .
-January 27 : Siege of Leningrad lifed .
-April 10: Ruian reake Odea .

-Bone Gnawer do heir be o help he

beieged human urvive by feeding he
hungry wih wha hey can crounge
hrough heir Gif.


-December 16 : German aemp o relieve

Salingrad fail .
-January 31 : German 6h Army urrender
a Salingrad .
-February 16 : Ruian reake Kharkov .

-January 17 : Sovie capure Waraw .

-February : Yala Conference beween
Rooevel, Salin and Churchill .
-February 13 : Sovie capure Budape .
-April 13 : Sovie capure Vienna .
-April 27 : Sovie and US force mee a
Torgau .
-May 2 : Sovie ake Berlin .
-May 8 : Germany urrender .
-May 9 : Sovie ake Prague .
-July : Podam peace alk divide Germany,
Berlin, and mo of Europe ino Weern
and Communi bloc .
-Augu 8 : Sovie declare war on Japan.
-Augu 15 : Following he American' dropping of he aomic bomb on Hirohima and
Nagaaki, Japan urrender, ending World
War II .
-The Garou are horrified by he mehod
wih which he war end, a he world i
gripped in nuclear fear for he nex decade,
fueling he Cold War and feeding he Wyrm .

Rage Acro Ruia



'Wolve and Comonau

On March 18, 1965, Vokhod 2 launched ino pace,
howing he world humaniy' fir pace walk . On March
19h, Vokhod 2 reurned o Earh wih i crew, Alexei
Leonov and Pavel Belyayev . The comonau fell ino he
Ural Mounain when heir re-enry rocke failed . They
landed a houand mile off arge and were randed in
deep now for a day and a nigh before recovery craf found
hem . During hi ime, hey were hreaened by wolve
who were apparenly kep back only by he feeble fire he
crew ared in heir craf .
The wolve ha found hem were acually Lupine . A
pack of Red Talon found he capule and debaing fiercely
over wheher o kill he human . Finally, one facion won
ou . The Red Talon hough i wa a poor idea o aack
human rying o leave he plane .

Ruia Today
Gorbachev' rie o power led o a new era in he Sovie
Union. Pereroika and Glano became he new wachword, and he enire world looked on a he "Evil Empire"
lowly opened up and weernized . Slow progre oward
he reducion of nuclear weapon and miliary force proceeded, depie occaional eback over he American
deire o implemen he Sraegic Defene Iniiaive .
When George Buh became he Preiden of he Unied
Sae, progre oward good relaion beween he Ea
and We coninued . However, in he Sovie Union, reform were beginning o have anoher effec . People
demanded more change . The Sovie governmen wa
preured o ac faer . Gorbachev wa unwilling o le hem
proceed oo quickly for fear of loing conrol . Bori Yelin,
Preiden of he Ruian Republic of he Sovie Union,
puhed for more reform . Yelin and Gorbachev came ino
conflic numerou ime .
In 1991, he Sovie Union wa gripped by anoher
revoluion a a group of hard-liner from he Communi
Pary aemped o wre conrol of he counry from
Gorbachev . The Brujah backing he Communi were
behind he enire plo and played heir hand in an aemp
o draw ou he force manipulaing Gorbachev . Thi plo
failed . Thee elder Brujah were deroyed by Gorbachev'
maer- he dreaded Baba Yaga . A a reul of he coup,
Gorbachev had lo populariy, while Bori Yelin gained
a grea deal of uppor . Furher even led o he plinering
of he Sovie Union ino he Commonwealh of Independen Sae, an auonomou collecion compoed of he
variou former Republic .
Gorbachev oon epped down, and Yelin wa eager o
ake hi place . Ruia became a democraic naion, and he
Cold War wa over . A new war, however, had begun .
Ruia wa a naion again, bu he degree of reform neceary and he even of he pa few year virually ruined i
economy . Shorage of baic commodiie were common .

The ruble wa nearly worhle, and he food iuaion wa

wore han ever .
Now unemploymen hreaen he naion on an unprecedened cale, and people long for he day of old, when he
governmen guaraneed each ciizen a job, food, healh
care and a place o live .
Violen crime i increaing . On he ree of Mocow,
eenage girl conider proiuion a glamorou career .
Some facorie are oo broke o pay heir worker, giving
hem manufacured good inead . Worker are forced o
ell hee good or rade hem for food . Indury' produciviy ha fallen o level below hoe of he Grea Depreion
of he 1930.
For he ehnic Ruian and Slav, heir deah rae now
exceed heir birh rae, and heir populaion i acually
hrinking . Suicide and aemped uicide rae are up, a are
inciden of organized crime . Reenmen direced again
ciizen who have acually managed o ucceed under he
curren condiion ha worened . On he horizon, here i
lile hope . Even he young urn o crime and obeive
rading of new and ued merchandie .
The aiude of hopelene i exacly wha Baba Yaga
deire . When he ime come, i will make people more
open o her deire . Thi aiude i alo renghen he
Wyrm and i minion . Their effor o corrup he people
and land of Ruia have redoubled wih he new change .
The influence of he Urge Wyrm may be een ju by
walking down a ciy ree and looking ino he face of each
peron you pa . Ruia ha become a land of depair, ripe for
he picking of Cainie and Wyrm alike . Boh group have
begun o move, and he Garou are oo diorganized o work
coheively again hem .
Baba Yaga i ly . She can ee how hee oher, he Black
Spiral Dancer, wan o lay wae o he land . Tha i no
her goal ; he Hag wan he people prepared for her ulimae goal, no deroyed or conaminaed by whaever i i
ha ha ained he land in her abence . She will ue hem
unil hey canno be ued any more . Then hey will be
deroyed .

Ruia wa he large of he 15 republic ha once
formed he Sovie Union, a counry ha once poeed
one-ixh of he world' land ma . A far back a he
Napoleonic War, Ruia ha been he area' radiional
ea of power . The former Sovie Union reched from he
Pacific Ocean o he Balic Sea and encompaed 12 ime
zone . The official cenu of 1979 couned over 100 language naive o he Sovie Union.
Gohic-Punk Ruia, while reembling he real Ruia in
many way, i a more exreme place . The ravage of he pa
can be een in he eye of he populace . Devoid of
challenge, he Ruian walk pa each oher like zombie .
They walk a if hey were alone in he world, ignoring
everyhing ele . Each ciizen follow her own agenda,

Chaper One : Hiory


compleely obliviou o wha migh happen o oher in her

pah .
Five hundred year of dominaion, fir under he Czar
and hen under he Communi, ha worn hin on he
people of Ruia. The ene of communiy overwhelm he
need of he individual, and he aumpion ha each
Ruian i merely par of he whole predominae . From he
American viewpoin, hi exreme ene of communiy
border on he deranged . The condiion for Ruian who
lived under he Communi were no much beer han
ha of he erf who lived under he Czar .
Hope of freedom led he erf o revol, fir in he
Kerenky Revoluion of February 1917, and hen again in
he Ocober Bolhevik Revoluion of 1917 . Famine and
general diconen lead o he revoluion, and he Communi promied o change he harh living condiion . The
promie wa never ruly fulfilled .
To ruly underand he Ruian of he modern World
of Darkne, you have o underand ha menal and
phyical freedom i an unknown concep o many ciizen .
The imple pleaure of life have long been denied or
repreed . The udden ecay of freedom lead o many of
he chaoic problem ha dominae he live of he ypical
ciizen .
Only when peronal conac ha been eablihed doe
he once-blank face of he ypical Ruian change o ha of
a helpful friend. A Ruian will be kind and coureou and
will ry and help peron a be he can, bu only if forced

ino he iuaion by direc conac . Foreigner are, of

coure, he excepion . A foreigner i he Ruian equivalen
of walking rader . Some hing ha are aken for graned in
Weerner' live are abolue luxurie o Ruian ciizenry,
and ofen common Ruian will make conac o rade .
Ruian do love o alk, hough, and are epecially inereed in learning abou he We . They will be glad o alk
abou Ruia wih Weerner .

There are wo ype of hoel in Ruia : he new and he
old . The difference i riking . New hoel are ofen mulilevel high-rie wih fancy name like "Europeikya" or
"Mereopole ." Thee hoel exude an air of repecabiliy,
yle and power . Each floor of a hoel i erved by a
dezhumaya, radiionally placed here o monior he aciviie of he hoel paron . The dezhumaya are ill preen
in many of Ruia hoel, boh grand and common .
Hoel are ource of cheap radiional food . Food uch
a Beef Sroganoff and Chicken Kiev are well known .
Ruian have a love of imple heavy food and oup .
Sauage made from hore mea and cabbage are very
common and, depending on he locale, o i caviar and fih .
Ruian have a love of good drink and oaing . Ofen a
banque, here are dozen of oa, and omeime a few
gue will pend he nigh leeping under he able . Ruian, alhough hardy drinker, are for he mo par
inelligen : ofen parie wih large amoun of alcohol are
empered wih heavy appeizer ha oak he effec of he
alcohol .
Alcohol, ofen conidered a aple in he live of he
average Ruian, ha, of lae, been more difficul o acquire .
Since he lae 1980, he governmen ha ried o curb he
conumpion of alcohol, bu he rae of deah and problem caued by alcohol are ill fairly high and geing
wore . Auhoriie have acively begun parolling he ciie
in earch of drunk and habiual problem cae, bu he
number are hardly reducing. Ruian have a grea number
of illegal ill and homebrew, and he flow of alcohol i
hardly curbed by he effor of he governmen .

Enrepreneurhip dominae he ree of Ruia . Small
buine ell everyhing from cigar o Pepi-Cola . The
mall buinee compee wih he larger, once ae-owned
ore . Capiali enerprie are booming, including he
McDonald' franchie ha have become more abundan
ince he fall of Communim . Large companie are now free
of ae ownerhip . Smaller buinee are ofen held under
he humb of local mober .
Every corner i dominaed by a lea one peddler' and .
The Black Marke, which a one poin wa highly forbidden, ha moved ou ono he corner . Aricle from capiali

Rage Acro Ruia



In general, Ruian word are pronounced exacly a

hey are pelled . If a word ha been ranlieraed
correcly, he only problem i deciding which yllable o
accen. Unforunaely, here are no good rule for
placemen of re . Normally, he re i learned a
he word i learned . The pronunciaion of ome well
known ciie are :
Mocow (mokVA)
Irkuk (irKUTSK)


The following li of common name can be ued by

player wih naive characer .
Male wih diminuive :
Alekandr - Saha (alekSANdr - SAha)
Alekei - Alyoha (alekEl - alYOha)
Bori - Borya (boRIS - BORya)
Vikor - Viya (VIKor - VITya)
Vladimir - Volodya (vlaDImir - voLOdya)
Vyachelav - Slava (vyacheSLAV - SLAva)
Yevgeni - Zhenya (yevGEni - ZHEnya)

Odea (oDESa)
Kiev (KIev)

Ivan - Vanya (iVAN - VANya)

Mikhail - Miha (mikhalL- Mlha)

Novgorod (NOVgorod)
Novoibirk (novoiBIRSK)
Magniogork (magnioGORk)
Roov (roTOV)

Nikolai - Kolya (nikoLAI - KOlya)

Pyor - Peya (PYOr - PETya)
Sergei - Seryozha (erGEI - erYOzha)

Riga (RIga)
Murmank (MURmank)

Yurii - Yura (YUrii - YUra)

Male name wihou diminuive :

Vladivook (vladivoTOK)
Tahken (ahKENT)

Andrei (andREI)
Oleg (oLEG)
Pavel (PAvel)

naion predominae . The Black Marke ha legiimized

ielf ince he fall of communim, and hee and are he
remnan of a nework ha once rivaled he ae-run
deparmen ore .
The original Black Marke ha hifed . Alhough i wa
once he purveyor of illegal good, he abolihmen of
Communim ha made mo of he good hey once old
legal. The rue Black Marke ha begun widepread ale of
illegal drug and ha flourihed ince he fall of Communim . Alhough rong in he inernaional drug rade
before he fall of communim, he overall exen of crime in
Ruia wa unknown o ouider and many inider unil
only recenly .

The Ruian language i ill baically he ame one ha
wa poken before he Rie of Communim . Alhough
cerain American erm have been added o upplemen
he language, he only major noiceable change ha been
he eliminaion of he word "mier" and "mire" and
he conolidaion of erm ha once had boh male and
female form . The word now ued for "mier" ha been
replaced . The word for "comrade" i ued formally in
official capaciie, and he informal word for "ciizen" i
ued in day-o-day converaion .
However, wih he "fall of Communim," dipue over
language and ehniciy are now common in Ruia and he
oher former republic . Debae over `official' language
have become epecially evere .
Ruian have one oher peculiariy ha diinguihe
hem from he re of Europe . Ruian ofen inroduce
hemelve by including he Chriian name of heir faher

Female name wih diminuive :

Alekandra - Saha (alekSANdra - SAha)
Anna - Anya (ANna - ANya)
Valenina - Valya (valenTlna - VAla)
Varvara - Varya (VarVAra - VArya)
Galina - Galya (gaLlna - GALya)
Ekaerina - Kaya (ekeRlna - KATya)
Elena - Lena (eLEna - LEna)
Irina - Irya (iRlna - IRya)
Maria - Maha (maRlya - MAha)
Naalya - Naaha (naTAlya - naTAha)
Olga - Olya (OLga - OLya)
Sofya - Sonya (SOFya - SOnya)
Tayana - Tanya (aTYAna - TAnya)
Female name wihou diminuive :
Vera (VEra)
Nina (NIna)
a he end of heir name . Thi uffix i known a a
paronymic . For example, Vladimir Sergeevich mean
"Vladimir, on of Sergei" and Irina Sergeevna mean "Irina,
daugher of Sergei" . Two Ruian will rarely omi he
paronymic when peaking o each anoher unle hey
have been good friend for a long ime . On he oher hand,
when Ruian have known each oher for a long ime, or
when peaking o children, hey will ofen ue he more
familiar diminuive form of he name . For example, Irina
become Iria, Alekandr become Saha, and Maria become Maha .

Chaper One: Hiory


Thi, combined wih he fac many women do no

change heir maiden name afer marriage, can lead o
confuion among idenificaion of relaive .

Ruian ofen gree each oher wih heary handhake .
Ruian men ofen gree good male friend wih hree kie
on he cheek, and female do he ame o oher female .
Men kiing women a a greeing i conidered vulgar and
looked down upon . Caual conac beween member of he
ame ex a an indicaor of friendhip i no a aboo a i i
in America . Conac i limied hough, and ofen only
good friend will walk hand in hand ogeher .
Ruian ofen exchange gif wih viior, and i hould
no be uncommon for viior o eiher receive or give gif
a hey ener anoher peron' houe . American gif are
highly prized . Alhough hey are uually no expeced, hey
are grealy appreciaed .
Gif are no ju exchanged in he home, however . Gif
can be exchanged anywhere people are meeing . The
Garou have been very influenced by hi pracice, and
viiing Garou, Ruian or foreign, uually exchange gif a
a caern .
The former Communi yem led o he abolihmen of
many religiou holiday . Many of he holiday are celebraion of paricular group or even from he pa . A uch,
mo of he holiday from he former Sovie Union have
been lo or replaced . The wave of religiou rebirh ha lead
o he reiniuion of everal Chriian holiday, including
Eaer and Chrima, which were abolihed under Sovie
rule . May Day i he mo imporan holiday in Ruia . I
occur on May 1 and i celebraed wih large parade and
grea feiviie .



Numerou ehnic group are repreened in he populaion of Ruia . The ingle large group i he Slav, forming
almo 75% of he populaion, which conain he Grea
Ruian, he Ukrainian or "lile Ruian," he
Beloruian and a large number of Pole .
The nex large group i he Turko-Taar ehnic group,
believed o be he decendan of he 13h and 14h cenury
Mongol invader . Thi group i compoed of he Crimean
and Kazakh Taar o he we of he Ural, and he Bakir,
Chuvah, Taar, Yaku, Oiro and Alai people o he ea .
The hird large ehnic group i he Japheic people,
which i compoed of he Chechen, Kabardian, Balkar and
Cherke people . Fourh large i he Finno-Ugrian group,
which i cloely relaed o he Hungarian and Turkih
people . Oher ehnic group repreened in Ruia are he
Jew, Mongolian, Greek, Gypie, Korean, Kurd, Chinee, Czech and Arab . An ehnic group in he norhea,
he Chukchi, i believed o be relaed o he Norh American Indian .

Human Poliic
Inernal poliic in Ruia are marked by a grea deal of
corrupion, graf and backabbing . Acenion o leaderhip in he former Sovie Union generally involved a grea
deal of maneuvering o beer one' poiion while rying o
bring down one' enemie . Poliical bale in he hall of
he Kremlin could omeime la for year .
Under he communi yem, every poible apec
required in he running of he counry wa bureaucraized .
For example, where he Unied Sae ha omehing like
12 regulaing agencie, he Sovie Union had 40 or more .
The governmen uffered from overpecializaion . Everyhing wa cenralized . I alo uffered from a grea deal of
corrupion and agnaion and wa ucepible o he whim
of he powerful .
Unil recenly, he Ruian legilaive bodie uffered
from he effec of year of high level leaderhip riving o
reduce i effecivene . I had become virually a rubber
amp commiee for he Pary Leader . Thi handicap, and
he bureaucraizaion, were move by variou Brujah inended o hrow he oher off-rack. While hi reuled in
he evenual agnaion of Ruia a he yem became oo
heavy o haul ielf up, he inrigue ha wen on when i
came ime o change leaderhip became highly inene .
Vampire, moral and he occaional Garou agen vied for
he conrol of new Pary Leader .
Sudden illnee and reiremen were no uncommon in
Sovie poliic . Take, for example, he mehod by which
he coup again Gorbachev wa carried ou . He wa deained in hi dacha and an announcemen of hi illne wa
All of hi ha recenly changed. Wih he dioluion of
he Sovie Union and he reignaion of Gorbachev, Ruia
ha become an experimen in a democraic, free marke
ociey . I i an experimen ha ofen eem doomed o
failure . Ruia' economy i in hamble, faih in he governmen i a an all ime low, and force wihin he
governmen have ood in he way of progre .
Bori Yelin recenly dibanded he Ruian Parliamen, claiming ha i i impeding him ineing up Ruia'
recovery . In acualiy, he hag Baba Yaga i feeding hi
hough wih viion of a new Ruian Empire, one wih
Yelin a a new Tar . She wan hing he way hey were,
and an auocracy i only he beginning .

The Kinfolk
Kinfolk are he eye, ear and hand of he Garou in
human ociey . Wihou hem, he Garou would no have
been able o mainain conrol of Ruia for o many cenurie . Indeed, he Kinfolk unified Ruia under a ingle flag
long ago, creaing a mehod by which he Garou could
adminier and proec one of he large naion in he
world .

Rage Acro Ruia

Even now, in hee roubled ime, he preence and

aiance of he Kinfolk ha allowed he Garou o grap a
he iller of he foundering hip ha i Ruia . Yelin now
addree hi naion and rie o ave i from he inernal
preure ha hreaen o deroy i . The aid of loyal Gla
Walker Kinfolk in he governmen i upporing him .
Some ribe ay ha hi i merely a move by he Gla
Walker o begin heir own bid for dominance in he
cone beween he Silver Fang, Shadow Lord and Ge of
Fenri . The Gla Walker mainain ha hey were in he
righ place a he righ ime and were willing o do omehing. Wha hey will accomplih by hi move remain o
be een .
The Gla Walker do no know ha Yelin i a puppe
of he dreaded Baba Yaga. While he ribe ue heir
conac wih Yelin o ay one ep ahead of he oher
Garou, he Hag ue him o anicipae and deal wih he
move of her foe . She allow him a oken of free will, bu
all major endeavor are ubjec o her whim . The conflic
beween Yelin and he Ruian Parliamen wa an acion
orcheraed by he Hag o demoralize her enemie . I i
inended o how he Garou ju how powerful her hold on
he land and i leader i .

Playing Kinfolk
While changing hape and running around in he wood
fighing creaure from our nighmare i all fine and dandy,
here i anoher ide o Ruia . There are ill hing ha
Kinfolk can do ha Garou canno, and hing ha Kinfolk
can do ha human canno . Kinfolk are immune o he
Delirium . They do no exude rage or animal aracion, bu
hey can learn and ue magic, pychic abiliie and riual .
Being moral, i i alo very difficul for ome upernaural
creaure o deec hem .
Kinfolk can do many hing Garou eiher couldn' or
wouldn' do . They can hold public office, lead people and
generally exer an influence over he human world ha
Garou canno achieve .
The poibiliie in a game where player roleplay Kinfolk are numerou : poliical inrigue, uble horror, Cold
War epionage wihin he upernaural corridor of power
and even vampire huning. Thi la opion, however, i
exremely dangerou, for few vampire are no in ome way
under he conrol of Baba Yaga . The Hag doe no like
moral who injure her "grandchildren."
The Vampire ourcebook The Huner Huned give
many deail on running a game in he World of Darkne
wih moral a he heroe . Furher deail on moral are
available in he 2nd ediion of he Vampire Player' Guide .

Chaper One : Hiory


ion among he Ruian peaanry, mage were able o

reain a firm hold on he popular concepion of realiy . The
church mage and heir vedna enemie ood longer in
Ruia han in mo of he re of he world .

Wage in Ruia
The Myhic Age
Spin me back down he year

The Technocracy

And he day of my youh,

Cloe he lace and black curain
And hu ou he whole ruh .
- Jehro Tull, "Thick a a Brick"
In he dian mi of memory, heroe called he Bogayr
defended he people of Ruia from courge like he Zmei
and Baba Yaga . Thee warrior-mage erved King Vladimir
I like Arhur' knigh . Each had a differen uperhuman
power- grea rengh, far-igh, inhuman prowe in
bale and o on . Their love for Moher Ruia wa unqueionable . Some lef heir familie or even killed hem o
how heir devoion o he land . According o legend, i
wa he Bogayr who brough Baba Yaga down and en her
ino orpor.
Sadly, hee magickal figure are long ince gone . Each
one ha me a ragic ending . Over he cenurie, he deed
of he Bogayr have been largely forgoen, ave for he
huhed ale old on winry nigh .
Wheher he Bogayr were mage of he Celeial Choru, a mighy pack of Silver Fang or a confederaion of he
wo i a maer of dipue . The Silver Fang claim hee
warrior a heir own, neering a he uggeion ha mere
human could love he land o much . Many Celeial
Choru mage who remember he Bogayr refue he idea
ha uch magnificen heroe could poibly have been
mangy werewolve . Wih he Bogayr long ince du, he
queion will probably remain unanwered .
When Baba Yaga piefully opened he door for Chriianiy in Ruia, diplaying an ac of vengeance again
Durga Syn, he Celeial Choru ook he opporuniy o
conolidae heir power in he Moherland . Over he cenurie, he church huned he volhun, he ancien
Earh-worhipper, ofen wih help from he Choru . The
irony of he Choru' holy miion in Ruia remain a ecre
o hi day .
Over he cenurie, Choru mage wihin he Ruian
church fell ou of favor wih many oher of he Tradiion .
The Ruian church mainained a rong grip on he Tar,
and he Choru guided heir viion of Acenion hrough
he ruler' hand . Though he peaanry wa oppreed,
hey remained faihful o he church, and heir faih propered . Through difference of docrine, a long-anding
dipue wih he Order of Herme, and he hubri ha came
wih heir power, he Ruian Choru cu heir ie wih he
oher Tradiion ouide of Ruia, while huning down
Dreampeaker and Verbena vedna, or wiche, wihin he
counry . Thee aciviie did no make he Ruian Choru
popular wih he Tradiion a a whole .
A he Myhic Age ended, he Choru moved o preerve
heir power . Wih he widepread ignorance and uperi-


Peer he Grea paved he way for he Technocracy . By

bringing cience and reaon ino Ruia, Peer capured he
imaginaion of hi ubjec . Wih Peer came he Guild, an
older verion of he Syndicae, and he Hippocraic Circle,
forerunner of he Progenior . A he Tar e cieni o
he ak of bringing Ruia "up o dae", he Technocra
made heir influence fel . Acro he land, Paradox crep
ino once-ecure baion of magickal power . Alhough he
mage were able o reain heir influence ino he 20h
cenury, he power of he Choru waned while he
Technomancer grew rong .
Technomancer brough heir greae influence o bear
in he year preceding World War I, while he oher mage
hrew heir influence behind he ide of revol . The final
revoluion, however, mahed he influence of magick in
he Moherland for decade o come . The Progenior were
expelled from Ruia following he Revoluion . Their
heorie were denounced a "couner-revoluionary ." The
oher mage were forced furher underground by he Communi' aheiic docrine . Boh facion were hu ou
unil Salin' reign . Alhough he Technomancer' ideal
ruled Ruia' imaginaion, he Technocracy remained
hidden unil World War II .
I i aid ha Salin had he rong uppor of he
Technocracy ; ome even peculae ha he wa Awakened
himelf. Whaever he reaon, he dicaor evaded aemp by Ruian Brujah, Garou, Tradiion mage and
imple Sleeper o forge he iron migh of he Sovie
machine . The nex fify year would ee Ruia dominaed
by Technomancer ideal and he cruhing migh of indury
gone mad .

The Preen
Humaniy goe forward, perfecing i power . Everyhing
ha' unaainable now will omeday become familiar, underandable ; i i only ha one mu work and mu help wih all
one' migh hoe who eek he ruh .
- Anon Chekov, The Cherry Orchard
Baba Yaga had aiance in conrucing her Shadow
Curain. When he conolidaed her power, Baba Yaga
ough ou a powerful Celeial Choru Chanry, one riving o recapure he church' influence a communim fell
away . Wih a few fale miracle, he won heir aenion .
When a aue of he Bleed Moher wep ear of blood,
he aweruck mage gahered he ear . When he Bleed
Moher commanded hem o drink of her ear, hey did .
Soon, Baba Yaga had a Chanry of Blood Bound mage a
her dipoal .

Rage Acro Ruia

She appeared o everal Verbena vedna a well and

commanded hem o raie he power of he land . Wih he
unwiing help of hee mage, combined wih her own
orcerou migh, Baba Yaga cu off he Moherland from
he re of he world . The well of lifeforce, he Node, have
alo been cu off, reuling in he horrific deah of dozen
of mage caugh in heir Horizon Realm over Ruia . A
he Quineence o hee Realm i cu off, Horizon Realm
powered ricly by Ruian Node fold up, wiher and
ulimaely diappear .
The Technocracy i in a panic over hee developmen .
Four major Conruc have lo conac wih he worldwide nework, and maller Chanrie wihin Ruia ielf
are ilen a well . The inernal chao in he former Sovie
Union ha hrown he Technocracy ino diarray ; hey
would give much o find ou who or wha i behind hi
ourage .

The Tradiion do no fare much beer. Myeriou

repor of miracle wihin Ruia have drawn he aenion
of he Celeial Choru, bu no deail have been forhcoming, and he Tradiion a a whole i beginning o worry .
Verbena and Dreampeaker wih conac in Ruia have
heard imilar repor, bu nohing more . In Chanrie
acro he world, mage are beginning o wonder . . .
Wihin Ruia, many of he remaining mage are eiher
rejoicing over a new age dawning for he Moherland or
fleeing for heir live . Baba Yaga will brook no inerference
in her plan . Inide he border, her pawn alk he
Technomancer, he mage who would furher poion he
land . Underground vedna and urviving Technomancer
have banded ogeher in ome place for muual urvival,
while mage under Baba Yaga' way aid her in a new Pah
oward Ruia' Acenion .
The migh of he Bogayr i orely needed now .

Chaper One: Hiory


Rage Acro Ruia


No a ingle hecare of land hould be lef unown .

-Vaily Yefanov, Sovie Ruian Poliical Poer, 1931
Ruia, formerly he Ruian Sovie Federaed Sociali
Republic, i he large componen of wha wa once he
Union of Sovie Sociali Republic . I exend from he
Arcic Ocean in he norh o he former republic of Kazakh
and he People' Republic of China in he ouh, and from
he Byeloruian and Ukrainian former republic in he
we o he Pacific Ocean in he ea . Ruia cover an area
of 6,609,000 quare mile and ha a populaion of approximaely 200,000,000 people .
Ruia i a land of diveriy, encompaing a grea variaion of climacic and geographic feaure . In he norhern
area of Ruia, reele arcic plain, called undra, are
prevalen, while in Siberia, wampy, coniferou fore
called aiga are found . The ouhern par of Ruia coni
of eppe, and he cenral porion i marked by a foreed
bel . Ruia i divided ino eaern and weern porion by
he Ural Mounain . The eaern porion i larger by far and
conain he area known a Siberia .
Major river of Ruia include he Volga and Don,
locaed o he we of he Ural, and he Yeniei, Amur,
Lena and Ob river locaed o he ea of he Ural .
Climacic condiion range from he ubropical hore of
he Black Sea o he permanenly frozen Arcic laiude .
Ruia conain one of he highe concenraion of
mineral wealh in he former Sovie Union . I produce
40% of he iron and coal, mined in area of he Ural
Mounain and Siberia, and 20% of he peroleum, found

primarily in he Black Sea bain, he Ural Mounain and

ome area of Siberia .
Cenral Ruia i principally agriculural, and he republic conain approximaely 70% of he grain-growing area
of he former Sovie Union . The cenral agriculural region
i marked by ferile black oil on an almo reele plain .
The area around Mocow and Leningrad conain he
majoriy of Ruian indury, and he norhern region of
he counry uppor imber and agriculural indurie,
principally liveock and flax . The bain of he Volga River
uppor large-cale indury and farm and conain numerou mineral depoi . Souhern Ruia uppor whea
and obacco, heavy indury and ubropical agriculure .
The Aural region uppor mining and heavy indury, and
he eaern ecion of Ruia conain large fore and rich
oil ha i ill largely unexploied .
For i ize, Ruia por a relaively mall populaion .
There are va range of open counry and exenive wild
area . Siberia, for example, i largely unpopulaed, epecially in he norhern reache . Ruia por a va ecological
yem, one where caribou, wolve, bear, mooe, wild boar,
deer, eagle and numerou oher creaure play a par . Snow
leopard and iger hun ide by ide wih bear and wolve .
Becaue of i ize and i diveriy of climae, Ruia
uppor animal and plan life repreening a broad range of
ecoyem from ubropical o arcic .

Chaper Two : Geography


Change and Upheaval

The change going on righ now in he former Sovie
Union are ofen unpredicable . By he ime hi book
reache he helve, poliical affiliaion and whole
region may have changed, epecially conidering Bori
Yelin' recen (a hi i wrien) dibanding of he
Parliamen . The map provided here repreen only he
mo baic informaion, uch a he locaion of major
caern and ciie, and ome republic . Before running a
Ruian chronicle, he Soryeller hould conul a
recen ala or read curren periodical o ge he mo
up-o-dae change in Ruia.

The 'Whie Nigh

The Whie Nigh occur every June in Ruia during he
ummer olice . Norh of S . Peerburg, he un remain
in he ky for wo o hree week . Many feival and
celebraion are held during hee ime .
I i during hee ime, obviouly, ha he Kindred are
a heir weake . They are forced o leep for wo o hree
week while he Garou can run abou unhindered . The
vampire huner alo come ou during hee ime . Member of he Inquiiion, along wih he Orhodox Church,
ake o he ree o hun down he leeping Kindred .
The mo powerful and experienced vampire of Ruia
have learned o eiher ake a vacaion ouh during he
Whie Nigh or hide where hey canno be found .

No oher grea indurial civilizaion o yemaically and o
long poioned i air, land, waer and people . None o loudly
proclaimed i effor o improve public healh and proec naure
while degrading boh . And no advanced ociey faced uch a
bleak poliical and economic reckoning wih o few reource o
inve oward recovery .
- Murray Fehbach and Alfred Friendly, Jr .,
Ecocide in he USSR

Environmenal caarophe ha become widepread in

Ruia a he mo pervaive legacy of Communim . In he
former Sovie Union, ome 290 million people breahe
poioned air, ea poioned food, drink poioned waer and
ofen bury heir ickly, poioned children wihou knowing
he ruh abou heir deah.
The Ruian people are only now dicovering he exen
of wha ha been done o heir counry in he name of
progre . Sadly, here i lile hey can do, a he counry
lack he reource neceary for environmenal clean-up of
he degree required ; he people are oo diorganized and
poor .
So many problem exi ha opping any of hem could
make up a chronicle, or a lea a ory, in and of ielf . The
following li of Ruian environmenal problem exempli-


fie he iuaional horror ha exi wihou even playing

up he upernaural .
- Approximaely 70 million Ruian breahe air conaminaed by polluion ha i a lea five ime he
normally "accepable" limi for dangerou chemical conen .
- A lea 130 nuclear exploion ook place on Ruian
oil . Mo were conduced for geophyical inveigaion, o
creae underground preure in ga and oil field or imply
o move earh for he building of dam . The exen of
damage done o he land, waer, people and wildlife i
unknown, bu i cerainly grea . Near wo iland of Novaya
Zemlya, nuclear reacor and oher radioacive wae were
dumped ino he ea .
- Each day, approximaely 920,000 barrel of oil are
pilled in Ruia, equivalen o one Exxon Valdez diaer
every ix hour . During conrucion of oil pipeline, huoff
valve were inalled every 30 mile inead of every hree
o ha conrucion would ake le ime . A break can pill
up o 30 mile worh of oil . In Siberia, one pool of pilled oil
i ix fee deep, four mile wide and even mile long .
- The Siberian fore are diappearing a he rae of five
million acre per year, rivaling he derucion of he
Amazon Rain Fore . Thi damage reul from polluion
and indicriminae clear-cuing, principally by foreign
companie, in oil ha i unforgiving of uch pracice .
- The Chernobyl diaer alone conaminaed more han
50,000 mile of erriory .
- In he Ukraine, 1300 on of beef conaminaed by he
Chernobyl diaer have only recenly been buried .
- Mo of Ruia' nuclear reacor are old . Many were
buil in he ame yle a he Chernobyl plan . The iuaion i uch ha he preure o keep he plan operaing
overhadow concern abou heir afey .
- Some area of Ruia have uffered myeriou oubreak of illnee . A recen anhrax epidemic i one
example . Ruia i known o have exenive ore of
biological and chemical weapon developed during he
Cold War ; recen problem could have led o unafe dipoal pracice .
- Million of acre of farmland have been depleed by
eroion or poioned by he indicriminae ue of peicide .
Alo, 30 percen of all food were found o conain hazardou peicide .
- On he Balic Sea, facorie dump unreaed cooling
and cleaning fluid and on of indurial wae . In norhern
Siberia, houand of ga flare burn, ending huge cloud of
black moke rolling acro he Siberian fore .
- In Eonia, one of he former republic, wo kindergaren were buil on op of radioacive wae dump .
- In cerain area of Ruia, he brea milk of ome
moher i conaminaed wih peicide .
-The Volga River, long known a Ruia' river of pleny,
i dying . A plehora of dam, power plan, chemical and
ewage ha urned i ino one of he world' mo pollued

Rage Acro Ruia


river . The hore of he Volga are crowded wih facorie,

dam and hydroelecric plan . I exi in he hear of wha
wa he Sovie miliary-indurial complex, and he facorie have been polluing he river for year . Some 3000
facorie drop approximaely 10 billion cubic yard of
conaminan ino he river each year . Damming ha grealy
lowed he river, and polluan have a endency o accumulae in he eigh manmade reervoir along he river'
coure or ele ino he riverbed and i dela . In ome
area, chemical concenraion have reached 100 ime he
acceped level . Seveny percen of he fih in he Volga
conain mercury, and he urgeon, he ource of Ruian
caviar, i lowly becoming exinc .
- The former Sovie Union had one-enh a many
auomobile a he Unied Sae . The amoun of auo
polluion wa equal o 67 percen of he auo polluion in
he Unied Sae .
- A large percenage of Ruian, epecially in he facory
bel in he Ural Region and weern Ruia, uffer from
repiraory ailmen emming from he level of polluan
in he amophere .
- A variou level of he Ruian governmen, here i
relucance o admi ha here i a problem .

The Ural (Diaer:

The Forbidden zone
We croed a range, uninhabied and unfarmed area .
Highway ign along he way warned driver no o op for he
nex 20 o 30 kilomeer . The land wa empy . There were no
village, no own, no people, no culivaed land . Only he
chimney of deroyed houe remained .
- Sovie emigre' accoun of 1961 drive ino Ural
Mounain .
In February 1958, a he ciy of Kyhym-40 (a ciy buil
a par of Salin' drive o ge a nuclear weapon), an
acciden occurred a a nuclear wae dump . According o
repor, reacion from he hallowly buried wae caued a
maive exploion which pread radioacive debri over a
large area . A region reching abou 100 mile eaward
(downwind) from Kyhym wa affeced . MVD roop, he
forerunner of he KGB, moved in and ealed he area . The
populaion wa no allowed o leave . Food and waer were
brough in for hem unil ranporaion wa readied, bu by
ha ime, mo of hem had pen a monh in he conaminaed area .
Afer he people were evacuaed, he roop ho all of
he farm animal, burned all of he village and bulldozed
he rubble ino huge mound . Several hundred village and
farm were deroyed . Over en houand people may have
been affeced by he fallou .

Rage Acro Ruia

To hi day, ign in he area advie paing vehicle o

drive hrough he area quickly wih heir window up .

Nuclear Gulag
Emigre Konanin Simi had been a defene lawyer in he
Sovie Union before he came o America ; one of hi clien had
ecaped he deah penaly only o be en o a uranium mine .
Refleced Simin : "Radiaion performed he ame enence in ix
monh, a year, a year and a half - he enence i he ame ."
- Oberg, Uncovering Sovie Diaer
One Sovie eimae claim ha from 50,000 o 100,000
premaure deah occurred in he fir decade of he Sovie
nuclear program . Thee were ju among he worker .
Anoher cla of people alo uffered : Salin e up nuclear
gulag, where prioner wih life enence would mine
uranium wihou proecion (a Mocow-10, Tura-38,
Sverdlovk-39 and Chelyabink-40) . Radium mining ook
place a Ukha.
Near Kyhym (ee he Ural Diaer, above), unproeced prioner helped in he cleanup of he 1958 diaer,
fencing in 100 mile of a conaminaed river . Slave labor
from Camp YaV-48/6 wa ued a nuclear weapon faciliie
a Chelyabink-40, while labor from Camp YaV-48/7 wa
ued a he Kyhym uranium enrichmen plan .
In he Dzherzhinkiy diric of Novoibirk, prioner
from Camp 91/8 were ued a a weapon facory . Furhermore, a Olga Bay and Shamor Bay (boh on he Sea of
Japan), a Cape Medvezhiy on Novaya Zemlya and Vaygach
Iland, near Frunze, a Zeravhan, Bekabad and Leninabad,
over 22,500 prioner from Camp UYa-64/2, /4, /6, /8, /9
and /37 were ued in variou fuel enrichmen plan . Over
en houand of hee worker were hopialized, probably
for bone marrow collape .
Oher faciliie exied a Margilan, Fergana, Lenink,
Rudnyy, Aku, Goznyy, Toma and Cherepove . A
Borovoye, an open uranium mine wa worked . Thi li
could coninue on inerminably, a i probably already ha .
There wa lile hope for vicim of hi pracice . The
prioner ried o rike a he Zeravhan mine- he KGB
ho hem .

Lake Baykal and he Aral Sea

Lake Baykal i he deepe frehwaer lake in he world .
The poioning of Lake Baykal i one of he large ecological diaer in he world .
The Aral Sea i a huge waerhed for i area . I ha been
drained by far oo many irrigaion yem . Boa lie in dry
and mile from waer . The aliniy of he waer i far oo
high o uppor any ueful life . The ea ha dropped over 46
fee, and he urface ha hrunk by 40 percen . Thi ha
changed local rainfall paern, raied emperaure and
increaed he Earh' amopheric conen of al and du
by more han five percen .
The Sovie have effecively deroyed he ecoyem of
boh area .


None of he environmenal problem lied above are

manufacured for he purpoe of hi book . All are real, and
ha knowledge hould make campaigning in Ruia all he
more horrific . In he Gohic -Punk world, he iuaion i
wore . The majoriy of problem area are infeed by Bane,
wheher Smog Bane, Oil Bane or Radiaion Bane . They
are here, and heir maer are no far behind .
See Chaper Five for more informaion on Bane and
Wyrm devaaion .

There are a number of caern in Ruia, and a large
number of ep . Many of hee are very large ep wih
large proecorae . Given here are he mo powerful
caern and ep in Ruia . All of hee can be ued for he
eing of a chronicle or ory, or he Soryeller can ue
hee for guideline in creaing heir own ep . Each of
hee i adminiered by a ingle ribe, a are he majoriy of
he caern and proecorae in Ruia.
Pleae noe ha he order in which he caern are given
are alphabeically by conrolling ribe, beginning wih he
Black Furie' Blood of he Sea Sep and ending wih he
Wendigo' Sep of he Siberian Wild .
Each caern ha wo Gaunle raing ; he one in parenhee i he curren Gaunle under Baba Yaga' Shadow
Curain .

Blood o f he Sea Sep

Caern : locaed near an unpopulaed region on he
eaern hore of he Black Sea
Level : 4
Gaunle: 3 (1)
Type: Wyld
Tribal Srucure : Black Fury, bu open o oher by
Toem : When he Black Furie came o Ruia, hey
were led o he hore of he Black Sea by Pegau and were
charged wih preerving he Wyld here . Variou piri of
he Wyld and waer dwell nearby a well .
The caern here i of he Wyld, and i focu i he everchanging, rippling curren of he Black Sea ielf. Thi i
he large Black Fury ep in all of Ruia, and hey
violenly guard heir caern from everyone, including oher
Garou . In fac, oher Garou are welcome only in pecial
circumance, and only hen under he ric uperviion
of he Furie .
A new of he draining and aack on caern pread,
he elder of he ep have moved o cloe i o he ouide
and hore up i defene .


Sep of he people' mill

Caern : Gorky Park in Mocow
Level : 3
Gaunle : 4 (5)
Type : Viion
Tribal Srucure : open, bu currenly adminiered by
Bone Gnawer
Toem : The Bone Gnawer who aied wih he
Bolhevik Revoluion eablihed hi caern under he
guidance of a piri of he people . The piri who aied he
Gnawer i much like a Ciy Faher, only i repreen he
egaliarian principle of Communim . The Bone Gnawer
of he Sep call i "Marx", bu i rue name i unknown .
There i no acual organizaion o he caern ; everyone,
upon eing foo in he Sep of he People' Will, i equal .
All deciion are made by he group . Forcing leaderhip i
dicouraged, omeime violenly, a i preing one' rank .
Alhough he ep i predominanly Bone Gnawer, all
Garou are welcome a long a hey do no violae he
implici rule of he ep .

'Whie Sea Sep

Caern : locaed on he hore of he Whie Sea, ome
diance from he ciy of Archangel
Level : 2
Gaunle: 4 (5)
Type : Samina
Tribal Srucure : Children of Gaia, bu open o Gla
Walker and Bone Gnawer
Toem : Unicorn i cloe o her perecued children a
he Whie Sea Sep, and i i from her ha hey draw heir
amina o rei and urvive . I i he only ep remaining
in Ruia ha i conrolled by he Children of Gaia . The
Whie Sea Sep wa eablihed long ago by he Children
when hey followed heir Kinfolk from Finland.
The ep mainain a cloe a conac a poible wih
heir Kin in Finland, bu he recen limiaion on ouide
communicaion ha worried hem grealy .
Only a few Gla Walker, Bone Gnawer and Sargazer
know of he exience and locaion of hi caern, which wa
ued by he Children of Gaia in ecre a a place of
conemplaion and eing .

The Sep


Fafnir' Brood

Caern : a cove on he Balic Sea near S . Peerburg

Level : 3
Gaunle : 3 (4)
Type : Rage
Tribal Srucure : Ge of Fenri, bu oher Garou are
grudgingly allowed enrance
Toem : Fafnir' Brood Sep wa eablihed by he Ge
of Fenri following he iege of Leningrad during he Sec-

Rage Acro Ruia


and World War . Afer he iege, Fenri himelf led a mall

pack of hi Ge o an area on he hore of he now pollued
Balic . There, he piri of hoe who had died in he iege
had gahered ; heir anger ough releae . The Theurge of
he pack, Gorman Sonefi, channelled he anger of he
piri and creaed he caern .
A a caern of Rage, emper flare high here, epecially in
ligh of he Wyrm-pawned devaaion ha characerize
he Balic Sea and much of he urrounding area . The Ge
are waiing o rike, and heir rage migh lah ou in any
direcion .
Oher Garou are grudgingly allowed enrance ino he
caern, bu hey mu olerae he diparagemen of he
Ge . Oddly, Silver Fang who ener are no ubjec o abue
of hi kind, alhough hey may find hemelve in an
occaional figh .

Sep o f

he Learning Hall

Caern : Mocow Univeriy in Mocow

Level : 2
Gaunle : 4 (5)
Type : Widom
Tribal Srucure : Thi caern i jealouly guarded by he
Gla Walker .
Toem : Oochiyel, he Scholar
The Gla Walker of Ruia have long mainained a link
o learning, for he echnology he Gla Walker love o

much em from hi learning . Thu hey have a long

hiory of being involved in Ruia' univeriie and echnical iniue .
Their ep coni of all of he Gla Walker of Mocow
and mee in he lecure hall of Mocow Univeriy . The
caern i he univeriy ielf, and i oem piri i he
combined eence of he hough of all he learned who
have paed hrough he hall . The Gla Walker know
hi piri a Oochiyel, and i purview i knowledge.
The Gla Walker guard heir ep jealouly . Oher
Garou will be allowed enrance, bu will be moniored .

Winer fore Sep

Caern : a glade deep in he fore of norhern Siberia
Level : 4
Gaunle : 3 (4)
Type : Feriliy
Tribal Srucure : Thi i a Red Talon caern, and only
lupu Garou are allowed o ener . Oher Garou ofen find
i dangerou o approach i .
Toem : Sag led he Red Talon o hi place of power .
He old hem ha a long a he land remained pure and
ferile o ha he piri could graze, hoe who guarded i
would remain pure and ferile, wih many herd o feed
hem .
Pegau ha been een grazing in he glade and ha led
more han one Black Fury lupu o he area o find a wolf

Chaper Two : Geography

Sep o f he Crecen Moon

Caern : hidden in he Ural Mounain
Level : 5
Gaunle : 2 (3)
Type : Kinghip
Tribal Srucure : Open o all, bu he Silver Fang are
upreme here
Toem : Falcon
Thi i one of he mo powerful caern in Ruia . I i a
caern of Kinghip, which mean ha he naural order of
Garou ociey end o impoe ielf on viior and dweller
alike .
A more complee wrie-up of hi caern may be found in
he ourcebook Caern : Place of Power.



he Cryal Mind

Caern : a cryal groo beneah a mounainop emple,

near he Mongolian border .

Level : 4
Gaunle : 3 (4)

Type : Enigma and Widom

Tribal Srucure : The ep i conrolled by he Sargazer, bu hey will allow anyone enrance provided he
viior i honely eeking inner widom .
Toem : Chimera revealed hi caern o he founder of
he ep hrough dream . Appeal o hi oem in he caern

mae . Thi ha brough abou an arrangemen where Red

Talon receive all he male children born of he Furie .

are almo alway anwered . The anwer ofen ake he

form of an obcure omen, requiring grea kill wih Enigma
o decipher.

Thunderrike Sep

Oher oem alo hold ome way here . Sphinx ha led

Caern: locaed in he weern foohill of he ouhern

Ural mounain

pack from all over he world o hi caern o eek knowledge . The children of he Sphinx are alway welcomed by
he Sargazer and are given free run of he caern .

Level : 3

Wih he rouble plaguing hem, many of he Children

Gaunle : 4 (5)

of Gaia in Ruia have found heir way o hi caern . They

Type : Srengh

have brough heir oem, he Unicorn, wih hem . The

Tribal Srucure : In heory, he caern i open o all ; in
realiy, he Silver Fang and heir upporer are imply no
welcome .
Toem : Grandfaher Thunder hold power here and

addiion of Unicorn' aenion o he caern ha been

welcomed by he Sargazer who ward he caern . Becaue
of he hopialiy hown o i children, Unicorn ha vowed
o help Chimera proec he place .

endow hi children wih he rengh of hi hunderbol .

Hi orm crow are alway circling he caern and give
warning o he Warder when rouble come .
Typhon alo hold ome power here . He i he oem
piri of everal pack operaing ou of he caern . Though a
leer piri han Grandfaher Thunder, Typhon ha been
known o ake a more acive role in he affair of i
follower . Recenly, lile ha been heard from Typhon,
hough hi pack ill come here for moo and rie, and
hey coninue o grow in renown . (See he Appendix for
more deail .)



he Spiri Sone

Caern : a mall Yaku village locaed in he aiga of

Level : 3
Gaunle : 4 (5)
Type : Gnoi
Tribal Srucure : Ukena ward hi ; i i cloed o
everyone bu Sargazer .
Toem : Ukena helped o provide hi reing place for
i children . In he world of Ruia, here i o much lore and
o many creaure o be recovered ha he Ukena' job i
never ending and alway preing . Becaue of hi, Ukena


Rage Acro Ruia

led hi children o hi place of re, hidden well in he

Siberian fore .

Winer Wolf in hi place . Thi ha alo led everal of he

Wendigo pack o chooe Winer Wolf a heir oem .

Sep of he Siberian Wild


Caern : hidden deep wihin he arcic norhea of Ruia,

roughly 70 mile inland from he Bering Sea .
Level : 2
Gaunle : 4 (5)
Type : Will
Tribal Srucure : Excluively Wendigo
Toem : Wendigo ha made i preence known here o
proec i children . I did no lead i children here, ye if
hi i o be heir home, he piri will give hem i bleing
and help hem if i can .
Winer Wolf howed he Wendigo ribe hi place of
power . In heir journey hrough he wae long ago, he
oher ribe had given up and reurned o afer and eaier
ground, bu he Wendigo ribe had no home o which hey
could reurn . They carried on heir earch, hough hey
were in danger of arving . Seeing hem and admiring heir
courage, Winer Wolf came o hem and lead hem o hi
place of power. When hey had reached afey, Winer
Wolf aid o hem, "Know now ha your mind can uain
you even when food canno ; here you hould come o
replenih ha which food canno reore ."
In exchange for howing i children he widom of will,
he Wendigo piri ha been willing o ake a econd ea o

There i a cloak over he Umbra in Ruia, a piri curain

ha wa placed here by ome unknown force . Thi curain
darken he Umbra, worening all percepion and hiding
he horror ha migh lurk here . I alo make he piri
realm harder o reach from hi ide, alhough i i eaier for
piri o reach ino hi realm . Even in he Umbra, acion
are more difficul, and abiliie and Gif are harder o ue .
The appearance of he Ruian Umbra beray he many
year ha he Weaver and he Wyrm exered heir influence over he counry and i people . Mo ciie and urban
area appear a collecion of feaurele building conneced by ruing pipe and machinery . Gray piri move
lilely hrough hee waeland . Rarely can uch hing
a Glen be found, and hee normally exi on he edge of,
or are urrounded by, agnaion and decay . Some building, uch a cahedral and oher moly pre-communi
rucure, appear a area of color in he grayne of he
Ruian Umbra, for hee are place where corrupion and
agnaion have been unable o ake hold . In he unblighed
counryide, he Ruian Umbra appear much he ame a
anywhere ele .
The Penumbra in Ruia i a udy in va conra. The
unamed wilderne i a home o powerful piri and

Chaper Two: Geography


Wyldling of many or . The fore are lovely, and heir

beauy can make he mo one-heared of Garou feel
Gaia' power, bringing ear o heir eye . The color -a e
brillian, and i i no rare o feel a genle breeze from a wind
piri a you i under he leave of a grea ree and dicu
weaher wih a fore piri . The landcape reemble he
Earhly Land, wih all he good poin accened more fully
by he piri ha end uch hing .
The Umbral landcape i no all beauy, however, for i
reemble he land in oher way . Large area have h
decimaed, leaving polluion Bane where wind piri once
walked or flew . The piri of ree oon become foul Bligh
Children . The Lehii fore piri become wied, diguing looking creaure, violen o all who approach hem .
In cerain area, he fabric beween Earh and he Umbra
ha begun o weaken due o he devaaion . Malevolen
piri wander in and ou of he world wihou knowing hey
have changed locaion . Moral who wander ino hee
area are rarely found again . If hey arc evenually found
hey arc alway inane.
In he area of environmenal devaaion,
Lion of Nine can be oo grea o comprehend . The
for Garou in hee place i far greaer han he mere lo of
life . Thee place ac a addicive c orruping influence
The ciie are perhap he mo horrific of ig
nd one
alway know when one i approaching a ciy in e Umbra .
The preence of he Weaver exend far ouide he ciie
hemelve, and before he ciy can be viewed, he agnaion can be ened . Geomeric paern begin o form
ouide he ciie and even he ground begin o look like a
carefully laid moaic of finely rucured paern . Spiri
naural o he area ake he form of dark auomaon,
emoionle and unfeeling .
The ciie hemelve are work of he mo horrific
gohic ar. The building are all dingy gray geomeric hape
made of ome feaurele maerial ha appear parially ;
alive . Some building are inerconneced by erie of pipe
ha urn and wi wih no recognizable paern . Thee
range from one building o he nex, forming a maze of
barrier in he ree . People walk abou like zombie
wihou he lighe hin of expreion on heir face .

Only wihin he few cahedral or warm home can

friendly piri ill be found in he ciy . The Bone Gnawer
claim many friendly piri exi, bu are imply hiding .

The Shadow Curain

There i a grea piriual barrier placed upon Ruia . I i
called he Shadow Curain . Thi "wall" preven communicaion ouide of he counry and renghen he
Gaunle .
The Shadow Curain alo preven ravel ouide of
Ruia' Penumbra . No Garou can reach he 13 Near
Realm from Ruia, nor can hey eaily reach Dream
(alhough hey ill dream, i i harder o conrol dreaming) . The only excepion o hi i he Scar . A cerain

Rage Acro Ruia

ime, when wandering he Penumbra around a Ruian
indurial ie, a Moon Pah o he Scar can be found . Brave
Garou may hen ener he Scar in an aemp o reach he
re of he Near Umbra . Good luck .
Thi grea magical apery wa ereced barely a year ago
by Baba Yaga, who aroe from orpor in 1990 and immediaely began o deroy her oppoiion . Thi include every
kind of piriual or magical being, wheher Garou, vampire
or mage . Only hoe in her hrall are pared, and hey are
only puppe whoe uefulne will evenually come o an
end .
The Curain erve her inere for now by prevening
he Garou from gaining aid from ouide . I alo preven
mage from freely uing heir magick, for hey canno eaily
reach heir Horizon Realm Chanrie anymore . (For more
informaion on he Shadow Curain, ee Chaper Four:
Enemie .)

Sepping Sideway
The following guideline apply while in he Umbra :
- Spiri are no hampered by he Curain .
- All Percepion roll difficulie are normally one higher
(o a maximum of 10) .
- The Gaunle i raied by one in all area (o a maximum of 10) .
- Spiri can, in area of a lower Gaunle, force heir way
ino he maerial world (he abiliy o Maerialize i no
longer required) . Their chance of doing hi i equal o he
piri' Willpower again he area' Gaunle + 4 . Ue he
Sepping Sideway char o find he ime i ake o pa
hrough he Gaunle. Thi co he piri five Power
poin in addiion o he normal Maerialize co .
- All Gif and Abiliy roll difficulie, including comba,
are increaed by one .

Chaper Two : Geography


There wa a ime when nohing really maered,

There wa a ime when here wa nohing I didn' know,
There wa a ime when I knew ju wha I wa living for,
There wa a ime and he ime wa long ago,
There wa a ime and he ime wa o long ago,
And I never really leep anymore . . .
- Mea Loaf, "I Ju Won' Qui"
Depie variou aemp o wipe hem ou, he Garou in
Ruia have urvived . Each ribe ha a lea one ep in he
area of he former Sovie Union, and many of hem have
more. Today, here are nearly a houand Garou pread
hroughou he land, from he weern border of Poland o
he edge of he Bering Sea . The mo populou ribe are
he Silver Fang, Bone Gnawer, Gla Walker and Ge of
Fenri . They are followed by he Shadow Lord and Black
Furie, hen he Ukena and Wendigo .
The Red Talon, once a numerou a he Silver Fang,
have lo nearly half heir number . Silen Srider and
Sargazer are rare, a few of heir number remained in
Ruia when he Iron Curain fell . The Fianna are one of
he poore repreened ribe in Ruia, bu here are a few
- very few - and mo of hem are immigran . The
Children of Gaia were exiled, and now number le han
half heir previou number in Ruia .
There are a number of oher werecreaure hroughou
he counry . In he Ruian Far Ea, among he Siberian
iger, a few Bae Khan may be found . In he far norh and
he wild of Siberia, Gurahl leep or lumber abou, and in

ome ciie, he rare Rakin prowl . Flying overhead,

wherever here i new o be had or food o cavenge, he
Corax gaher .

Garou poliic
Among he Garou, inernal poliic have begun eehing
a he Silver Fang' role in Ruia wane, due, he oher
ribe believe, o heir repued madne. Nonehele, he
Fang of Ruia are ronger han in he We, a Ruian
nobiliy wa well noed for breeding ouide heir line,
epecially wih oher royal familie, and no merely Ruian
one . Bu he rumored madne ill exi and i aking he
Fang lowly ; apahy and agnaion are a prevalen among
hem a among human .
The Ge of Fenri and he Black Furie are he wo ribe
who are cloe o he Silver Fang, bu beween hem, old
enmiie ofen flare . Boh group are aware of he Silver
Fang decline, and boh are working o preven i, bu heir
pride preven hem from working ogeher . While he Ge
and he Furie rive o deermine how o reore or replace

Chaper Three : The Tribe of he Moon


virually merged wih he Gla Walker and Bone Gnaw-

he Si er Fang, he Shadow Lord ake grea pain o

ruing ha heir name and howl will be enough o rally
advance heir own inere . I ha become obviou ha
he oher ribe hehind hem when he ime come .
hey inend o wre c
of of Ruia' Garou from he
The few Children of Gaia remaining in Ruiahave
Silver Fang, bu, wi
e majoriy of he ribe again
e of ucce .
hem,hey have lile
mp o maquerade a member of hee ribe .
o will replace he Silver Fang if hey ulimaely fa They do, however, keep rack of heir own pup and
e irredeemable? The Ge of Fenri? The Black Furie? mainain heir own ideniie beneah he facade . Their
n ruh, neiher ribe wan he leaderhip of ia The erm goal i o ave he Garou of Ruia from hemRuian Ge are o cloely ied o er Fang ha hey elve .
canno imagine aking po , and he Furie
believe hemelve underequipped for he poiion of leaderhip in a Ian
ere a Ruia.
P fo e Bone Gnawer o ake and . I may eem odd ha lie Furie are a y we repreU fo unaely, are virually hunned among he higher ened among he Garou in Ruia . Long ago, ere
invied ino Ruia by he Silver Fang o carry
rank of Ruian Garou, even hough hey are one of he
mo populou ribe. Much of he anmoiy em from he
diaeful job of enforcing he Impergium . Mo Furie
he Gnawer played in he Ruian Revoluion, inad- eled in he ouhern region, epecially in he area of he
verenly cauing he rie of vampiric power over he Capian Sea . The only Black Fury caern in Ru ia i found
governmen . The Bone Gnawer are a poen force, allied nearby along he edge of he Black Sea and guarded by he
wih he Gla Walker and he remaining Children 'o Sep of he Blood Sea . However, he Furie mainain a
Gaia . The Bone Gnawer have he cleare inigh ino he preerce i almo every major caern in Ku I (excep he
need of he naion and i people, and hey more auned Ge' : and he Children of Gaia', ) . There he',.- JO wha hey
have alway .I ,nr defend h, AV-I J .
o he problem of he Garou in Ruia han any oher ribe .
Member of hi ribe in Ruia mainain a rong ene
The Gla Walker are hiding and proecing he few
Children of Gaia ha remain and are cloely ied wih he ' of ierhood, and i, ,~, al among he Furie know no
bound . Black Fun, are ,xpeced o aid one anoher,
one Gnawer . They end o ignore he more ariocraic
epecially in he a, , ~ .,w recen adveriie .
ribe, alhough here have been numerou communiqu
Poliically, he ki cl . Furie are allied wih he Silver
heir leader and he Shadow Lord,
, bu hi alliance grow more enuou wih each
Thi ha caued concern among he oher ribe, far a
paing day . The Furic~ rongly oppoe he growing power
G a Walker / Bone Gnawer / Shadow Lord alliance would
of he Ge of Fenri and he Shadow Lord . They alo fear
powerful hing . The Gla Walker know nohing of a
he growing imporance of he Gla Walkerand Bone
uppoed hree-way alliance ; hey eek only o ue he
Gnawer . The Black Furie, more han ever, are having o
hadow Lord o help locae who or wha i behind he
figh for equaliy of poiion wihin he caern hey help o
a gene ha ha plagued Ruia .
Sargazer and Silen Srider have virually abolved
A he Silver Fang decline, he Black Furie have been
hemelve from Garou poliic . The Sargazer in paricun a panic over who will rie o replace hem . They are no
by and oberve, peaking only when recly queioned . A for he Srider, he majoriy have e impreed by any of he Ruian Garou, no even
diappeared, and hoe ha remain eem o be waiing for . eming hemelve worhy for reaon unknown o oher .
Recenly, o me Furie have come o ee he meri of he
ome grea occurrence . In acualiy, boh group are deeply
v Ived in finding ou exacly wha i going on behind he ' radical Red Talon plan . Thi ha caued inernal rife
wihin he ribe . Depie he fac ha he Ge are he only
cene in Ruia . More han any oher ribe, hey are
oher Garou ha will and o aunchly behind he Silver
lacing hemelve in grea danger
The Red Talon, oddly enough, have become one of he Fang, he Black Furie are a odd wih he Ge . Since he
mo vocal ribe in he council, balanced again he Ge favor he Red Talon plan, he Black Furie will no
Wendigo and Ukena' virual wihdrawal o he deepe offer public uppor r '
wild . They raie heir voice in a howl of war, fuilely rying
S i
e Garou ino a concered aaul on humaniy,e
aempi g force he ecre power in Ruia o
e ne major Black Fury ep in Ruia, he Sep of
ielf o hey can ink heir fang and alon ino i
he Blood Sea, bu here i a lea one Fury in reidence a
While mo of he oher ribe ee he Silver Fang a
each of he major caern . There are 35 Black Furie a he
he Fang ee hemelve a biding heir ime and
Black Sea caern, and 40 more Furie pread hroughou he
o wha hey have . They do no wan o rik
oher caern .
open war unil hey can idenify he enemy . A va amoun
of informaion pae ino he hand of he Silver Fang,
and depie many dreadful even, hey coninue o wai,

Rage Acro Ruia

Bone Gnawer : They may be he downrodden, bu hey
had no excue o rebel again heir leader . Look a wha
ha happened!
Children of Gaia : Our unforunae couin were righ in
promoing peace beween he ribe of he Garou, bu hey
carried heir belief oo far . They forge ha Gaia' mo
powerful mehod of cleaning i a raging orm .
Fianna : Their men are worhle, diorderly drunkard,
rake and rogue who are more inereed in aifying heir
ego and appeie han aving even one pup from he
Wyrm. There are only a few of hem in he Moherland, and
hank Gaia for ha .
Ge of Fenri : Thee ineffecual, unruly, waggering
braggar need o be aken down a few noche . Alhough
hey will never admi o error, we grow ired of having o
ake care of heir miake . Were we no boh allie of he
Silver Fang, we would each hem a leon .
Gla Walker : Thee ciy wolve are oo cloe o he
enemy o ee how i encroache on hem . Becaue of hi,
hey are no o be rued .
Red Talon : Our wild ier and broher are noble in
heir fierce inegriy and are be lef o heir own counel .
They have been he mo poorly ued of any of he Garou,
no maer wha he Bone Gnawer ay .
Shadow Lord : Alhough heir mehod are differen,
hey are wore han he Ge . Their hiory in hi counry
prove hem o be a grea danger o our ribe . Their
arrogance could prove o be heir derucion .
Silen Srider : Myeriou loner can be helpful, bu
hey pend oo much ime ravelling and no enough effor
in fighing he Wyrm .
Silver Fang : They are our leader, and perhap he
noble of he Garou . Their lack of direcion alarm u . We
fear for heir fuure, bu ee lile ha we can do .
Sargazer : They pend oo much ime in conemplaion and no enough in acion . However, hey have given
valuable advice in he pa and, herefore, hould no be
diregarded .
Ukena : More myeriou in ome way han he Gla
Walker . They keep o hemelve and walk a piri pah
ha few of u can ee .
Wendigo : We admire hem for heir piri, bu hey
hould pend le ime rereaing and more ime earching
for a way o defea our enemie .

Moher' Pride
Breed : Lupu
Aupice : Ahroun
Naure / Demeanor : Alpha / Caregiver
Aribue : Srengh 4 (6/8/7/5), Dexeriy 4 (4/5/6/6),
Samina 3 (5/6/6/6), Charima 3, Manipulaion 4 (3/1/1/1),
Appearance 2 (1/0/2/2), Percepion 5, Inelligence 3, Wi 3

Abiliie : Alerne 4, Ahleic 2, Brawl 3, Dodge 4,

Inimidaion 5, Primal-Urge 4, Melee 4, Leaderhip 3,
Sealh 3, Survival 4, Enigma 4, Occul 3, Riual 5
Background : Allie 2, Conac 2, Kinfolk 3, Pa Life 4,
Pure Breed 1, Reource 2
Gif : (1) Falling Touch, Inpiraion, Razor Claw,
Sene Prey, Sene Wyrm ; (2) Cure of Aeolu, Spiri of he
Fray, True Fear; (3) Comba Healing, Silver Claw ; (4)
Soking Fury' Furnace, Venom ; (5) Gorgon' Gaze
Rage 7, Gnoi 7, Willpower 10
Rank : 5
Rie : Rie of Taliman Dedicaion, Rie of he Unveiled Glen, Rie of Praie, Sone of Scorn
Feihe : Tear of Gaia, Pine Dagger, Elk Tooh Necklace, Moonwach
Image : In Lupu form, Moher' Pride i a middle-aged
wolf. Sreak of gray hine hrough her fur. In Homid, he
i an average-looking woman of above average build . Her
face how her middle age, bu her eye and hair ell a
differen ale, a ale of counle year filled wih hardhip
and lo dream.
Roleplaying Noe : Moher' Pride i a wie and diciplined leader on he field of bale . She i alo proecive of
her young . Pride ha fough a long, hard campaign, and her
dream have gone up in flame . Gaia hur, and he can do
o lile . Beneah her depair lie he hear of a warrior
waiing o be unleahed .
Background : Pride i he leader of he Blood of he Sea
Sep, a poiion he ha held for a number of year . She ha
been hrough a lo, fough many bale and done many
grea hing . Now he i growing ired . Even hough here
are ill bale o figh, he may no be able o rie o he
challenge . Were i no for he fac ha he oher ier a
he caern demand her aenion, he would ep down and
perhap become Warder .

Breed : Homid
Aupice : Ahroun
Naure / Demeanor : Alpha / Compeior
Aribue : Srengh 4 (6/8/7/5), Dexeriy 4 (4/5/6/6),
Samina 3 (5/6/6/6), Charima 3, Manipulaion 4 (3/1/1/1),
Appearance 5 (4/0/5/5), Percepion 4, Inelligence 3, Wi 4
Abiliie : Alerne 5, Ahleic 4, Brawl 4, Dodge 5,
Empahy 3, Inimidaion 4, Primal-Urge 5, Suberfuge 3,
Animal Ken 3, Firearm 2, Melee 4, Leaderhip 3, Sealh 4,
Survival 4, Medicine 1, Occul 1, Riual 3
Background : Pure Breed 3
Gif : (1) Heighened Sene, Inpiraion, Sene Wyrm ;
(2) Cure of Aeolu, Spiri of he Fray ; (3) Viceral Agony
Rage 8, Gnoi 7, Willpower 9
Rank : 3
Rie : Gahering for he Depared, Moo Rie, Rie of

Chaper Three : The Tribe of he Moon


She ha been given he reponibiliy of guarding he

Sep of he Crecen Moon wih her pack and ha done very
well o far . She and her pack have lo only one bale, and
hey aunchly refue o peak of he inciden .

Ahena ""Windchaer" Remov

Feihe : Sone of Luna (Level 5, Gnoi 7 ; hi fei

a moonone in which a Yua Hua piri i bound- ee he
Appendix for a . When acivaed, he marking on
off, forming a mall himmering ribbon o
wih a blue and gold aura . The Yua Hua will hen open
on Bridge o a deinaion from wo o fify mile away .
e Bridge uually exi in a cope of ree . Since hi feih
a Gaffling of Luna, i i ucepible o lunar
During he new moon, hi feih hould be
ed wih exreme cauion, for here i a 60% chance
a i will open he Bridge o a Wyrm-ained locaion .)
Image : Taiana i a beauiful, medium-ized wolf wih a
gloy black coa, full ruff and five ilver reak beginning
a her forehead and ravelling down her back . In Homid
form, he i an aboluely gorgeou, raven-hai e
eauiful han an ancien Greek aue . Thoe who are
percepive will recognize ha par of her beauy I e in he
cold, killer glin of her eye .
Roleplaying Noe : You are a houghful nd excepional pack leader, viciouly proecive of your pack and
alway he fir o ener bale . Thi form of leaderhip ha
endeared you o your pack, who exhibi undying loyaly o
you boh in comba and a moo. You are well aware of he
effec your appearance ha on people, epecially men, and
you are ofen annoyed by i . Becaue of hi, you rea all
wih exreme deriion .
Background : Long before Taiana' birh, her family
v d o a mall fihing village in Crimea . The Turk had
eir home near Conaninople . Becaue much of
died in he migraion o Crimea, her Kinfolk
were overjoyed when he Fir Change came upon Taiana .
She wa hen recruied by her grandmoher, a Black Fury,
and rained in he Way .


Breed : Homid
Aupice: Ragabah
Camp : Freebooer
Naure / Demeanor : Compeior / Show-Off
Aribue: Srengh 2 (4/6/5/3), Dexeriy 3 (3/4/5/5),
Samina 3 (5/6/6/6), Charima 3, Manipulaion 4 (3/1/1/1),
Appearance 3 (1/0/3/3), Percepion 2, Inelligence 2, Wi 2
Abiliie : Alerne 1, Ahleic 2, Brawl 3, Dodge 3,
Expreion 2, Primal-Urge 2, Suberfuge 2, Animal Ken 2,
Melee 2, Sealh 4, Survival 2, Enigma 2, Inveigaion 1,
Occul 1, Riual 1, Kindred Lore 1
Background: None
Gif : (1) Heighened Se e, Open Seal, Peru un,
Rage 5, Gnoi 4, Willpower 6
Rank: 1
Meri / Flaw : Immune o Wyrm Emanaion, Animal
Magneim / Overconfidence
Rie : None
Feihe : Fang Dagger
Image : In Homid, Ahena i a unning, hapely and
anned Greek girl wih long black hair and green eye . In
Lupu, he i a long, leek black wolf wih whie highligh
in her facial area .
Roleplaying Noe : You are inaiably curiou . Enough
aid .
Background : Ahena wa an orphan on he ree of
Leningrad unil wo year ago . She found i eay o ue her
look o ge by, epecially ince he wa an early bloomer .
She pen ime a a proiue unil he Black Furie ook
her away from ha life and howed her wha he ruly wa .
Ahena eaily ook o her new life and ha ince proven
herelf o her ribe . She doe no, however, hare he
common Black Fury enimen regarding men .

nau er
e Bone Gnawer claim area of rur l and urban qualor a heir home . They are a common in Ruian ciie a
hey are in he former cooperaive . The preen on,liion
of urban life in Pruia caue he lo of many Gnavy cr pup
before hey undergo heir Fir Change, and he ocainl
pup i barn wih he ain of he Wyrm . The oherwie ofpoken Bone Gnw+ ,r are homo driven o rage .
The Bone Gnawer arc a Ruian enigma . They dae
back o he ime of he Impergium in Ruia and have
alway been he one o peak for he downrodden, he
erf and he lave of he nobiliy .

Rage Acro Ruia

The Ruian Bone Gnawer race heir lineage from

hee folk and he wolve ha dwell on he fringe of human
habiaion . They are differen here han in Europe and he
We, boh in characeriic and emperamen, bu here i
one hing ha hey hare wih heir brehren : a deeply
ingrained ene of urvival . In Ruia, urvival i ofen
direcly dependen upon ilence . Of all he Ruian ribe,
he Bone Gnawer are he mo reicen .
Few oher Ruian ribe reain he Kinfolk connecion
ha he Bone Gnawer claim . They are ied o he peaan
and working cla of Ruia a cloely a he Silver Fang and
he Shadow Lord are ied o he ariocracy . Ruia' Bone
Gnawer are he decendan of he mae ha he communi revoluion wa uppoed o free . In fac, he majoriy
of Bone Gnawer uppored he Bolhevik Revoluion, and
he idea of equaliy epoued by he Communi ha
become ingrained ino Bone Gnawer hough .
The Gnawer in Ruia are a knowledgeable abou
urvival a heir weern brehren, hough mo of hem
have no lived a ree people or homele- a lea, unil
recenly . If he communi leader did anyhing, hey kep
people houed and fed . Survival for Ruia' Bone Gnawer
ook on a whole differen meaning . Food wa available, and
everyone worked . People failing o work were omeime
incarceraed by he auhoriie . The member of he ribe
did heir be o avoid hi . In jail, one' Garou naure migh
be revealed .
The Bone Gnawer of Ruia are differen han hey are
in oher par of he world : hey have been fed beer, are
cleaner and have kep heir opinion o hemelve . However, a Ruia ha begun o reemble ome naion in he
we, he Bone Gnawer have changed a well, reembling
heir weern brehren more and more .
Ruian Bone Gnawer have he cloe ie o he
cener of populaion and he common folk . The problem
ha affec he working clae and lower clae of Ruia
end o find heir way ino he Bone Gnawer populaion a
well . They uffer from he urban and uburban ragedie
ha have befallen numerou area . Many have had o eke
ou a living under appalling condiion of polluion, are
poioned by chemical dumping and radiaion or are ained
in ome fahion by he pervaive influence of he Wyrm .
Unil recenly, mo of he effor of he Bone Gnawer
o cleane he Wyrm' poion have been largely unucceful . Now, however, hey have begun receiving aiance
from he Gla Walker and oher unknown ource . The
wo ribe of urban Garou have formed cloe ie, and he
looe organizaion of he Bone Gnawer ha been renghened by he need o unify . Thi i an alliance ha could
accomplih much, and wih he problem ha hey face,
he Bone Gnawer are one of he few ribe in Ruia ha
poee he moivaion and he number o acually carry
he figh o he Wyrm .
Oddly, none of he Bone Gnawer caern have uffered
from he myeriou loe of power ha many oher Ruian caern have encounered . There are many who believe

ha he Bone Gnawer have been corruped by he Wyrm

and poin o heir caern a evidence . While i may be rue
ha he Bone Gnawer are more likely o uffer from
corrupion han many of he oher ribe in Ruia, in
general, hey are e more firmly again he Wyrm and i
agen han he oher ribe, even hough hey ee hemelve a embroiled in a hopele figh .
Though ofen diregarded, here can be no doub ha
he Bone Gnawer repreen one of he mo poen poliical force among he Garou of Ruia . For now, he Bone
Gnawer are ilen, debaing he meri of he Red Talon'
plan . Their opinion mean a grea deal o he Silver Fang,
hough mo of he oher ribe look upon hem wih

Each Ruian ciy ha houe worker or common folk i
he domain of he Bone Gnawer . Their proecorae
rarely exend beyond he boundarie of he ciy or own in
which he ep dwell . Caern are generally locaed in field
or park, wherever oil ha helped o hape he land . Gorky
Park, in Mocow, i a major Bone Gnawer caern . Nearly a
hundred Bone Gnawer compoe he Sep of he People'
Will a he Gorky Park caern .
They alo mainain caern and ep in S . Peerburg
and Kiev, wih a few mall caern caered in oher ciie ;
hey hare many of hee caern wih he Gla Walker . A
few of he proecorae of hee ep exend ino he
counryide near heir home ciy . There are perhap anoher hundred Bone Gnawer pread hroughou he
counry .

Black Furie : They conider hemelve o be he champion of he downrodden, bu hey kowow o he imperiali
Silver Fang . They are no allie of our .
Children of Gaia : Poor, miguided purveyor of peace .
They will be remembered a allie in our que for equaliy .
Fianna: We know lile of hee . Wha few here may be
in Ruia do no eem o erve any real purpoe, bu we will
no urn hem away .
Ge of Fenri : More agen of he imperiali . Thee
warlike buffoon hould be removed from he Moherland .
Gla Walker : While hey do no epoue our idea of
equaliy, he Gla Walker are hone allie and have been
a grea deal of help o u .
Red Talon : They are uncivilized and cling o he old
radiion of dominance . Raher han changing wih he
ime, hey eek o deroy everyhing ha doe no fi wih
heir idea of he "naural order ."
Shadow Lord : A imperiali pig-dog go, hee are he
wor . Suppor he Silver Fang and heir lackey if you
mu, bu do nohing for he Shadow Lord .

Chaper Three : The Tribe of he Moon


Silen Srider : They are wanderer who do no fi

wihin he yem .
Silver Fang : Tari and ariocraic leader of he
Garou . Their ideal would urn u all ino heir erf, and
hi mu be avoided .
Sargazer : Myic and foruneeller in a world ha no
longer need hem . They are excellen arbiraor, bu heir
philoophy doe no mach our own .
Ukena : Backward folk who cling o piriualim and
pracice queionable ar . They hould be hown he error
of heir way and brough down he pah we follow .
Wendigo : They are much like he Ukena, bu are more
violen in aiude .

Nichola Zukeine
Breed : Homid
Aupice : Theurge
Naure / Demeanor : Direcor / Conniver
Aribue : Srengh 3 (5/7/6/4), Dexeriy 3 (3/4/5/5),
Samina 3 (5/6/6/6), Charima 4, Manipulaion 4 (3/1/1/1),
Appearance 3 (2/0/3/3), Percepion 4, Inelligence 3, Wi 4
Abiliie : Alerne 3, Brawl 2, Dodge 2, Empahy 3,
Expreion 3, Primal-Urge 3, Sreewie 3, Suberfuge 3,
Animal Ken 2, Drive 2, Firearm 2, Leaderhip 3, Performance 2, Sealh 4, Survival 3, Compuer 3, Enigma 3,
Inveigaion 3, Occul 3, Poliic 3, Riual 4
Background : Allie 2, Conac 4, Kinfolk 2, Reource 1
Gif : (1) Cooking, Moher' Touch, Peruaion, Spiri
Speech, Scen of Swee Honey ; (2) Command Spiri, Sigh
from Beyond, Jam Technology ; (3) Beg, Umbral Sigh ; (4)
Ulimae Argumen of Logic, Spiri Ward ; (5) Survivor
Rage 9, Gnoi 8, Willpower 9
Rank : 5

Rie : Rie of Conriion, Rie of Cleaning, Rie of

Taliman Dedicaion, Rie of Becoming, Rie of Binding,
Riual of Summoning, Gaia' Vengeful Teeh
Feihe : None
Image : In Homid, Nichola i a all man wih horcropped black hair and a perifying gaze . Hi Lupu form i
able o hal a pack a a glance, in pie of hi ragged pel and
ooped poure .
Roleplaying Noe : You were one of he aunch upporer of he Communi Pary . You ill believe ha he
yem can work ; you were brainwahed by i all long before
your Fir Change . I wa ju a cae of he wrong people
being in charge . You ry o keep your ep quie and orderly .
Background : Nichola wa a raher digrunled member
of he Communi Pary during he la year of Salin . He
firmly believe in he eaching of Marx and Engel and ha
helped o mainain he Sep of he People' Will a a living
example of heir andard . A elder advior, many Garou
look o him for advice, and Nichola advie .

Perov Koldar
Breed : Homid
Aupice : Galliard
Naure / Demeanor: Survivor / Compeior
Aribue : Srengh 3 (5/7/6/4), Dexeriy 3 (3/4/5/5),
Samina 2 (4/5/5/5), Charima 2, Manipulaion 4 (3/1/1/1),
Appearance 3 (2/0/3/3), Percepion 4, Inelligence 3, Wi 3
Abiliie : Alerne 3, Brawl 1, Dodge 4, Empahy 2,
Primal-Urge 1, Sreewie 5, Animal Ken 2, Sealh 4,
Survival 3, Linguiic 2, Riual 3
Background : Menor 1, Toem 2
Gif : (1) Bea Speech, Cooking, Mindpeak, Peruaion
Rage 6, Gnoi 4, Willpower 6
Rank: 1
Meri / Flaw : Jack-Of-All-Trade, Immune o Wyrm
Emanaion, Moon Bound / Banned Tranformaion (Silver), Low Self-Image
Rie : None
Feih : None
Image : In Homid, Perov' clohe make him look like a
bum- worn ou miliary jacke, boo wih hole in hem,
hreadbare pan and a duffel bag ju a cruffy a he re
of him . In Lupu, he look more like a mu, bu a friendly
one .
Roleplaying Noe : Look a you, you have o be he mo
paheic werewolf here ever wa . Take, for example, your
rouble wih women . I mean, you couldn' ge a dae wih
he Elephan Man' ier! And ome fighing machine you
make! Ju le here be ome ilver in he area, and you can'
even hif . Good hing almo no one ha ilver in he
guer . Bu all he ame, i' a beer life han nohing, and
one of hee day you'll how hem .


Rage Acro Ruia

Background : Recen even in Ruia lef Perov wihi a home . He ha been a Garou for a while, bu hi lack


of confidence ha prevened him from riing far . He pend

The few Children of Gaia ha remain in Ruia are

a good deal of ime a he Sep of he People' Will, for he

looely ied ogeher in a communiy of common knowl-

feel like he' acceped here, and he can go here unnoiced .

edge . They live among he ep of he Gla Walker and

Children of Gaia

depending on where hey have eled . The Children of

The Children of


Bone Gnawer, or among heir human or wolf Kinfolk,

Gaia mainain one caern in ecre on he hore of he
Whie Sea near Archangel . There are 20 Children a ha

were he voice of calm and

become he pariah, he - , uca and he damned of he
Garou . They did no ill o he corrupion of he Defiler
Wyrm, bu were, oni ~ i i wd by h,.: hared (and envy) of he
Red Talon . Now hcr~ ac G v, , I +~i , i remaining in
Ruia, and hem are ac .epied ,i k 1 , % Bone Gnawer and
Gla Walker, ind dwv - heir m\ v :11 o hem. . The
Children of (iaia .ire
(2 x l,d v dw o jomy of

Garou in Ruia.
The Children of ( ;, iia were once he religiou leader of
Old Ruia, nururing he religion ,i he Moher Godde

caern, and here are 25 Children hiding elewhere hroughou Ruia .

Black Furie : They are noble huner working for Gaia,
and would likely uppor u if we ried o reurn o he
council of Ruia .
Bone Gnawer : Many believe hem o be miguided by
he eaching of he human named Marx . However, heir
idea of equaliy are an ideal from which we all benefi, a
heir pligh i errible o behold .

among he human . Even afer he coming of Chriianiy,

Fianna : Thee rogue can reduce enion wih heir

he old religion and uperiion died hard . Indeed, ome

y hey never died ; pracice merely hifed from he public

baner and promoe cheer wih heir muic and dance . If

only here were more of hem in he Moherland .

domain o privae life and coninued unabaed . The ribe

a long radiion in Ruia . They were he one who
eablihed he nework of Kinfolk ha ha been o fruiful
for he Garou .
However, in an effor o op he rampan derucion of
he Ruian environmen, he Children of Gaia lo a vial
ruggle, reuling finally in he deonaion of nuclear
weapon on Ruian oil by Ruian people . Wih hi
defea came a lo of face among he Garou, for he oher
ribe had choen, again heir beer judgmen, o follow

e Children

of Gaia' plan o conrol he human . When

e Children' mehod failed mierably, o ragic conequence, he rage of he Red Talon wa unleahed . The
Children of Gaia are no longer he voice of compaion
e ribe, for hey now have no voice a


The defacemen of he ribe wa o complee ha many

Children were exiled from heir caern . The Red Talon
were quick o capialize furher upon he Children' weakened condiion and began ecrely huning hem . The
Children wen underground . Many wen o live in afey
, h heir long-eablihed Kinfolk . Wih he aid of he
Gla Walker, who were ympaheic o heir pligh, he

Ge of Fenri : Warrior and bererker . They are

allie of he Silver Fang, and if for nohing ele, hould be
repeced for heir dedicaed piri . Their ac i, however,
anoher maer.
Gla Walker : The mo adapable of our kind nex o
he Bone Gnawer . They are our only rue allie in all of
Ruia and could perhap be he one o bring abou change .
Red Talon : The pligh of our fore broher adden u,
bu we find i hard o forgive hem heir avagery . The
piri of our fallen Kin cry ou, and he Talon have made
a pecial place for hemelve in he Realm of Arociy .
Shadow Lord : Villain all . Thi ribe ha he wor
characeriic of Eaern European nobiliy, Their wa
hreaen o deroy u all .
Silen Srider : Thee raveller ofen bear imporan
new, and hey are quie ueful for carrying meage . Bu
hey alo carry a deep ecre . Wha i i?
Silver Fang : Our leader . They allowed he Red Talon
and he Shadow Lord make war upon u, bu hey are our,
eader, and we mu uppor hem . If only here wa
anoher choice .
Sargazer : Of all he Garou, hee myic value knowl,

Children of Gaia e up a rong underground informaion

nework. They now keep rack of boh he Wyrm and he

edge, peace and piriualim a much a we do . Srange ha

Red Talon, hough none can ay which he Children hae

heir voice were ilen when we needed hem he mo .

aid ha hey have pie in he caern diguied

a member of oher ribe ; if ha i rue, hoe Garou are
in rue danger if hey are dicovered .

Ukena : Walker of he Umbra, binder of piri . There

i much we can learn from each oher. However, hey hav
a endency o delve ino myeriou an
inead of dealing wih he hrea of he

Chaper Three : The Tribe of he Moon


Wendigo : Cold heared warrior of he Siberian fore .

The Wendigo could be of grea aiance o he Garou if
hey could be peruaded o come ou of heir elf-impoed
exile .

Alyoha Lyubou
Breed : Homid
Aupice : Philodox
Naure / Demeanor : Caregiver / Caregiver
Aribue : Srengh 2 (4/6/5/3), Dexeriy 4 (4/5/6/6),
Samina 3 (5/6/6/6), Charima 5, Manipulaion 2 (1/0/0/0),
Appearance 3 (2/0/3/3), Percepion 3, Inelligence 4, Wi 4
Abiliie : Alerne 3, Brawl 3, Dodge 2, Empahy 5,
Expreion 4, Inrucion 4, Primal-Urge 3, Animal Ken 2,
Drive 2, Melee 3, Leaderhip 4, Sealh 3, Survival 3,
Enigma 3, Law 4, Linguiic 3, Occul 5, Poliic 3, Riual 5
Background : Allie 1, Conac 2, Kinfolk 3, Reource 4
Gif : (1) Moher' Touch, Peruaion, Rei Pain,
Scen of he True Form, Truh of Gaia ; (2) Calm, Luna'
Armor, Srengh of Purpoe ; (3) Dazzle, Tongue, Widom
of he Ancien Way ; (4) Cocoon, Unicorn' Grace ; (5)
Halo of he Sun
Rage 6, Gnoi 6, Willpower 10
Rank : 5
Rie : Rie of Laing Glory, Rie of Cleaning, Rie of
Conriion, Rie of Caern Building, Voice of he Jackal,
Rie of he Feih, Rie of Taliman Dedicaion, Rie of he
Opened Bridge
Feihe : Silver Sword
Image : In Homid, Alyoha i 66", wih a moherly look
of caring and compaion . She ha blond hair and compaionae blue eye .
Roleplaying Noe : You believe ha fighing and compeing i he Wyrm' way, no Gaia'. There mu be peace .

Each lah of claw on fleh bring doom o Gaia . The righ

way mu be augh .
Background : Alyoha i ill young, bu ha managed o
achieve leaderhip of he Whie Sea Sep . She wa born in
Finland, where he became one of Avar' Choen, a camp
of Garou who ravel he world wih a meage of uniy
beween humaniy and he Garou . She came o Ruia o
pread he word, bu upon eeing he poor ae of he
Children of Gaia here, he choe o ay and help hem
recover .

Breed : Mei
Aupice : Ahroun
Naure / Demeanor: Viionary / Judge
Aribue : Srengh 5 (7/9/8/6), Dexeriy 3 (3/4/5/5)
Samina 3 (5/6/6/6), Charima 4, Manipulaion 3 (2/0/0/0),
Appearance 2 (1/0/2/2), Percepion 3, Inelligence 2, Wi 2
Abiliie : Alerne 2, Brawl 4, Dodge 4, Empahy 4,
Inimidaion 3, Primal-Urge 2, Driving 2, Firearm 2,
Leaderhip 3, Performance 3, Sealh 2, Enigma 2, Occul 1,
Riual 2
Background : Kinfolk 1
Gif : (1) Sene Wyrm, Inpiraion, Moher' Touch,
Razor Claw ; (2) True Fear, Luna' Armor; (3) Hear of
Rage 6, Gnoi 5, Willpower 7
Rank : 3
Meri/Flaw : Mixed Morph, Calm Hear, Venu Riing
/ Driving Goal (Unie he Garou), Mark of he Predaor
Feih : Harmony Flue
Rie : None
Image : In Homid, Bringer-of-Ligh i a ix-foo lab of
mucle . Hi Lupu form i almo a large a hi Hipo, wih
a chilling are ha unravel he rage in he mo avage of
bea .
Roleplaying Noe : Unpeakably calm, you alway aemp o promoe cooperaion beween warring facion .
However, you will no heiae o reor o force if neceary . Your name come from a viion you once had, a
premoniion of being one among many carrying orche of
uniy ino he chaoic Ruian nigh .
Background : Bringer-of-Ligh wa born a he Whie
Sea Sep . Hi moher, a Garou, died giving him birh, and
he wa raied by he ep leader . Lyubov inilled in him a
love for hi enemie, along wih her own goal of evenually
uniing he ribe of Gaia and humaniy . Thi goal ha
become Bringer-of-Ligh' reaon for being .

Rage Acro Ruia

The grea dire wolve of Ire l . ud are perhap he mo

poorly repreened ribe in Ruia . by -hc Fianna have no

poliical power in Ruia and have n r ermade an effor o
eablih hemelve here . I - he fen, ha can be found are
eiher foolooe individlu<,l, vn ii.h an abiding wanderlu or
brave lone wolve who h av -Lled in he region . Some can
be found among he Gl pie ha ravel he counryide .

A he Fianna .'nave no ce nnil organizaion in Ruia,

hey have no ca in or ,

The Fianna ha can be found in Ruia have many of he
ame ereoype abou he oher ribe a he Fianna
everywhere . See Werewolf Player Guide for a li of he
Fianna' opinion on he oher ribe .

Scream-of Nighmare

ed : Mei
i e : Philodox

Naure / Demeanor : Caregiver / Lone Wolf

Aribue : Srengh 4 (6/8/7/5), Dexeriy 3 (3/4/5/5),
Samina 5 (7/8/8/8), Charima 5, Manipulaion 3 (2/0/0/0),
Appearance 5 (4/0/5/5), Percepion 3, Inelligence 3, Wi 5
Abiliie : Alerne 4, Ahleic 3, Brawl 3, Dodge 4,
Expreion 4, Inimidaion 3, Primal-Urge 3, Melee 5,
Sealh 2, Survival 3, Enigma 4, Medicine 3, Occul 2,
Riual 4
Background : Allie 2, Conac 5, Reource 3, Kinfolk 2

Gif : (1) Sene Wyrm, Shed, Rei Pain, Rei Toxin ;

(2) Call o Duy, Howl of he Banhee, King of Bea ; (3)
Awaken Bea, Eye of he Ca
Rage 9, Gnoi 6, Willpower 10
Rank: 3
Mei Difiguremen : Blackened Eye (loe wo Percepion dice whenever looking a omehing in wiligh or
darkne, bu gain one die o Inimidaion
you unnerve
people when you look a hem .)
Rie : Rie of he Opened Caern, Rie of Cleaning, Rie
of Summoning, Rie of he Feih
Feihe: Tranlaor' Ear (Level 3, Gnoi 7 a ilver
earring embedded wih a diamond ha allow he wearer o
hear and comprehend any converaion wihin 100 fee,
even in anoher language), Fang Dagger
Image : In Homid form, Scream-of-Nighmare i a
middle-aged man wih hor reddih-brown hair . The irie
of hi eye are a dark black . In wolf form, he i a huge, bloodred wolf wih black reak acro hi houlder . In boh
Homid and Lupu form, he wear an earring in hi lef ear.
Roleplaying Noe: Your are unnerve people . You
wan o be friend wih everyone you mee, bu you are
afraid ha you will care hem away . You kulk around in
he dark, hoping ha he darkne will hide your flaw . You
are very lonely . You ofen wrie poery o human female,
bu are oo hy o confron hem, fearing ha hey will
brand you a bea .
Background : Scream-of-Nighmare wa born o a
Fianna and a Silen Srider . The Srider, hi faher, wa
lain, and Scream wa raied by hi moher, a Fianna gypy .
He ha made a name for himelf, alhough he i conidered
a Ronin by he Ruian ribe .

Ge of Fenri
The Ge of Fenri have long been a par of Ruia . Their
dedicaion o he war again he "ryrm nJ heir abiliy o
recognize -uuperior bale lc .ider iri
hen a grea
ae . I wa Rurik, one of heir hin,i
o eaed he
l~uirn Empire, ung off a period vi r
i y be ween he
Oe and he Silver Fang . The moue wa brccJing ock:
whoe Linolk rv u1d rule he hrunc . Ih, ~ilvcr Fang
evenually . . n he conflic he C'ei La, l ; _ d d n n True o
Lupine form, he C '' of Ru ;aa iel l irrr, , he 'ole , >econd
wolf ; , ind now I c, i - i long radii . Iu of following he Silver
Fang na .,rl - I iieiren ciy i , marhalled by he acic
of he 1 aura .
Over he wear . I I)c nobiliy and pure breeding of he
Fang greur 1 lnpreed he C le, and .hey now uppor he
Silver Fang-' leaderhip wihou queion . I i aid ha
none of he iik
ricve a deeply for he problem facing
he Silver Fang a do he Ge . If hi i rue, hey have le'
no oher Garou ee heir, grief .
The Ge of Fenri uppored he plan preened by he
Red Talon for dealing wih he nuclear crii, bu he

Chaper Three: The Tribe of he Moon


influence of he Silver Fang ha had a empering effec

upon hem . A he madne of he Silver Fang woren, he
Ge of Ruia have aken i upon hemelve o fulfill he
obligaion of heir choen leader . Thi bring hem ino
almo direc conflic wih he Shadow Lord and he Red
Talon, wih whom hey would normally ympahize . The
majoriy of he Ge ake on hee reponibiliie wihou
queion, and, in fac, go o grea pain o mainain he
illuion ha he Silver Fang are ill in conrol . Thi
illuion i o complee ha even he Silver Fang do no
realize he exen o which he Ge have aumed heir
reponibiliie . If here i a leading ribe in Ruia now, i
i he Ge, and only hey know i . The problem i ha hey
do no wan he poiion and do no ee anyone a worhy
of i .
Ruia ha changed he Ge of Fenri, much a i ha
changed every ribe of Garou ha ha e foo on i . True,
he Ge are ill bloodhiry warrior, bu heir rage ha
been empered by he need o urvive and he nobiliy of
he Silver Fang . Now ha he Ge have had o houlder
ome of he reponibiliie of leaderhip, hey have dicovered ha widom i no omehing unneceary o hem .
The Ge of Fenri have learned emperance .

Se p
There were once a number of Ge of Fenri ep locaed
in norhern Ruia near he eacoa . Tha number dwindled
o only hree a he Ge of Fenri were drawn away o care
for caern normally guarded by he waning Silver Fang .
One of hee caern ha recenly fallen prey o he myeriou aaul and draining ha have plagued virually
every oher Ruian ribe . Thi i a grea inul o he Ge,
and hey grealy deire o learn he ecre behind he
draining .
Of he remaining wo caern, one i locaed on he
norhern coa acro from Novaya Zemlya, where i provide he main defenive force again he Black Spiral Pi
here. I i guarded by he Arcic Axe Sep, compoed of 35
member .
The oher caern i locaed near S . Peerburg on he
coa of he Balic Sea . I i guarded by he Sep of Fafnir'
Brood, which i compoed of 40 Ge . Throughou he re
of Ruia here are 30 more Ge, mo of hem guarding
Silver Fang caern.

Black Furie : Thee willful biche of war are ofen our

rival, bu hey do repec he Silver Fang, and ha, if
nohing ele, how ha hey are no all bad .
Bone Gnawer : The mo uele of he ribe in Ruia!
They brough he Wyrm upon u and hemelve . Why
hould we help hem ge rid of i?


Children of Gaia : They have been exiled! The few ha

migh remain are worhle o u . Thi i war. We do no
need peacemaker .
Fianna : Thee rogue end o appear and diappear like
he Gypie hey ravel wih . They are one of he mo
unreliable ribe in Ruia .
Gla Walker : They claim o "underand" and "conrol" he ciie. If o, why do hey no purge he Wyrm ain
from hem? Perhap hey are no o powerful a hey make
u ou o be .
Red Talon : A ad group of warrior whoe ime loom
on he horizon . They are one of he only ribe in Ruia
worh aving .
Shadow Lord : Baard all! They eek o ou u and our
righful ruler, he Silver Fang . When he ime come, we
will deroy hem if hey will no bow .
Silen Srider : They are oo few o be of much help o
u .
Silver Fang : The only ribe worhy enough for u o
follow . The Silver Fang are our lord, and we mu do all
ha we can o ave hem . . . from hemelve, if need be .
Sargazer : They hink oo much . They hould learn o
figh like real Garou .
Ukena : We don' underand hem a all, nor do we ry .
There are oo few o really affec he iuaion, alhough
hey eem o be quie able o deal wih piriual hrea .
Wendigo : Excellen figher, bu hey don' underand
ha in order o win, hey mu ake he bale o he Wyrm .

Anon Nordenkald
Breed : Lupu
Aupice : Ahroun
Naure / Demeanor : Bravo / Bravo
Aribue : Srengh 5 (7/9/8/6), Dexeriy 4 (4/5/6/6),
Samina 3 (5/6/6/6), Charima 3, Manipulaion 4 (3/1/1/1),
Appearance 2 (1/0/2/2), Percepion 5, Inelligence 3, Wi 3
Abiliie : Alerne 3, Ahleic 4, Brawl 4, Dodge 5,
Inimidaion 4, Primal-Urge 5, Animal Ken 3, Firearm 2,
Melee 3, Leaderhip 4, Sealh 3, Survival 4, Enigma 3,
Inveigaion 2, Occul 3, Riual 4
Background : Allie 5, Pure Breed 3
Gif : (1) Heighened Sene, Inpiraion, Leap of he
Kangaroo, Razor Claw, Rei Pain, Sene Prey ; (2) Spiri
of he Fray, Hal he Coward' Fligh, Snarl of Predaor,
True Fear; (3) Comba Healing, Ca Fee, Hear of Fury ; (4)
Soking Fury' Furnace, Clenched Jaw ; (5) Song of he
Grea Bea
Rage 9, Gnoi 6, Willpower 9
Rank : 5
Rie : Rie of Cleaning, Rie of he Huning Ground
Feihe : Scar Feih (Level 5, Gnoi 8 ; each ucce on
he acivaion roll add one exra oak die again any ype
of wound, including aggravaed damage . Thi carified
aoo appear a a medieval hield .)

Rage Acro Ruia

Rage 3, Gnoi 8, Willpower 6

Rank : 1
Meri /Flaw : Charmed Exience/ Compulion (pey
hef), Nooriey, Overconfiden
Rie : None

Image : In Lupu, Anon look like a cro beween a gray

norhern wolf and a imber wolf . He ha a number of car
croing hi pel, bu one eem o occupy a place of honor
on hi houlder (hi Scar Feih) . He i geing more gray
wih hi age .
Roleplaying Noe : Anon i he Sep Leader of he
Fafnir' Brood Sep . He rule aboluely and enforce hi
dicae peronally. He ha never lo a figh, and i beginning o hink ha he only hing ha can bea him i ime .
Background : Anon i a grizzled old warrior . He fough
again he German in World War II when hey ough o
invade hi home in he land near Leningrad . He ha never
been defeaed, for he i a mar and wily a he i powerful .
Unlike many of hi bererker kin, Anon favor hi and run
acic over rue fronal aaul . He wan o ay alive, and
he wan hi ribemen o urvive .
Recenly, Anon ha ared enaive overure oward
he Black Furie, acing again he advice of he majoriy
of he oher elder a Fafnir' Brood Sep . He ha begun o
feel ha he wo ribe' coninual conflic i poinle in
face of greaer rouble,

yang Jumper

e : Ragabah
Naure /Demeanor : Compeior / Jeer
Aribue : Srengh 2 (4/6/5/3), Dexeriy 4 (4/5/6/6),
Samina 2 (4/5/5/5), Charima 2, Manipulaion 4 (3/1/1/1),
Appearance 2 (1/0/2/2), Percepion 4, Inelligence 2, Wi 4
Abiliie : Alerne 3, Brawl 2, Dodge 3, Primal-Urge 5
Sreewie 2, Animal Ken 2, Sealh 5, Survival 2, Enigma 2,
Occul 2, Riual 1
Background : Reource 1
Gif : (1) Blur of he Milky Eye, Leap of he Kangaroo,
Open Seal, Rei Pain

Feihe : Collar of Innocence (Level 4, Gnoi 8 ; a mall

leaher collar ha, when acivaed in Lupu form, make
he wearer appear o be a mall, harmle puppy .)
Image : In Homid, Fang Jumper i a imple, nondecrip
man wih large curiou eye . Hi only memorable feaure i
he way he look around conanly . In Lupu, he uually
appear a a puppy .
Roleplaying Noe : You are a jeer among an arrogan
warrior race . You are alo one of he luckie people alive .
You ge away wih o much ha you've opped wondering
when i' going o finally cach up o you . You aren' even
aware ha you end o wap he belonging of hoe people
around you . Life i o amuing ; here alway eem o be
chao everywhere you look .
Background : Fang Jumper i an anomaly . A a pup, he
wandered ino a Ge of Fenri caern a he ime of hi Fir
Change . He i alo a good-humored Ge of Fenri . However, hi ene of humor i one ha end o ge him in
rouble wih he oher member of hi ribe . He ha been
hrough everyhing he Ge can pu a pup hrough and ha
come ou melling like roe every ime . Mo of he Ge
wan him o be omewhere ele, and o he ha ravelled a lo
ince hi Rie of Paage . _

Cla Walker
The beauy of naure i in he wealh of he naion!
- Vyaua Kauhini, Sovie Lihuanian Poliical Poer, 1962
The Gla Walker long ago brough "modern" idea o
Ruia, upporing he rie ) he ciy-ae and ouing he
radiional power of he prince, who were uually Silver
Fang Kinfolk . The Ghi- V,ilki= helped he own o
iniue an early form of democracy, called he Vehe . The
Silver Fang ill ruled Ru , ia,
ver, and he Gla
Walker alway found i o be an uphill bale o improve
he commercial inei"i - of heir viri(,.
Becaue of heir iiiomciiionol way, many of he
ribe conider he (II o-,
in unwelcome burden
upon he area . Then - , i c cc, i i 11 , fih i i i, i) i ofen mee wih
deriion, only o b4 grudgim_, Iv ac- 1~lecl a indipenable
year laer . Bu he 1, ma 'i grand, in Ruia more han
elewhere- "he GLi Walk,r walk only oward he
Wyrm ."
Thi could ri, , r be fo,rrhcr i , m rue ruh . I i imply
prejudice again he Gla Walker' ciy way ha caue
hi opinion among he Garou . While he Gla Walker
have lile ay among he Garou council of Ruia, hey
virually conrol many of he ciie now ha he Leeche no
longer hold way.

Chaper Three: The Tribe of he Moon




Only he Children of Gaia welcomed he Walker when

hey arrival in Ruia . For hi ac of kindne, he Gla
Walker feel hey owe a deb and have gone o grea lengh
o proec he now-perecued Children . Recenly, hey
have worked ogeher wih he Bone Gnawer on variou
projec . Many ay ha he coaliion beween hee wo
ribe form he ingle mo powerful alliance in Ruia . If
hi i rue, hey have ye o reveal heir inenion .
Many Garou are concerned ha he Gla Walker are
he only ribe whoe rank have increaed noiceably wih
each paing year . Many alo wonder why, like he Bone
Gnawer, he Gla Walker have lo no caern o he
myeriou draining . The leader of he Shadow Lord,
Black Furie and Ge of Fenri have been leaning on he
Gla Walker in council, rying o ge hem o dicloe a
ecre ha many feel hey mu know .

Gla Walker ep exi in he major ciie of Ruia,
primarily o he we of he Ural Mounain, in Mocow, S .
Peerburg, Kiev and even in ome own hroughou Ruia . They hare ome of hee caern wih he Bone Gnawer .
Their caern are locaed in place of learning, poliic and
manufacuring and are generally moderaely powerful .
The Sep of Learning Hall i compoed of 40 member,
and here are 65 more Gla Walker in he ciie and own
of he land .

Black Furie : Impreive in boh kill and appearance,
bu no very ocial . They end no o ru u, o wach ou .
Bone Gnawer : One of he only ribe o live beide u
in he ciie . We have a profiable alliance wih hem, bu
our ideological difference could prove o be a problem
evenually .
Children of Gaia : They were one of he fir ribe o
accep u when we came o Ruia, and we owe hem a deb
for ha . Help hem when you can, epecially if you can
anger he Shadow Lord while you're a i .
Fianna : There are oo few of hem, and few of hem deal
wih u . Thoe ha do, however, are eay o ge along wih
- a long a you keep an eye on your valuable .
Ge of Fenri : Bruih, hulking killing machine kep in
check only by he waning power of he Silver Fang . Keep
an eye on hem, and plan on heir doing omehing upid
and violen .
Red Talon : They hould learn o change wih he world
raher han expecing he world o change for hem .
Shadow Lord : An inereing group . They eem quie
anxiou o ge u on heir ide . While hey would make
ueful allie, aiing hem in aking power from he Silver
Fang i abou a appealing a a roo canal .


Silen Srider : Probably he be, mo reliable meenger in Ruia . The mail yem in hi counry cerainly
in' ueful . We need hem .
Silver Fang : They claim o lead he Garou of Ruia,
bu we haven' een a lo of leaderhip laely .
Sargazer : We could learn a few hing from hem, and
hey could learn from u .
Ukena : Their maery of he piri world i inriguing,
bu hey are exceedingly hard for u o approach .
Wendigo : They o rarely come o he ciie ha i i
difficul o figure hem ou . Be o avoid hem for now .
Bori Tergov
Breed : Homid
Aupice : Theurge
Naure / Demeanor : Maker / Perfecioni
Aribue : Srengh 2 (4/6/5/3), Dexeriy 3 (3/4/5/5),
Samina 4 (6/7/7/7), Charima 4, Manipulaion 3 (2/0/0/0),
Appearance 4 (3/0/4/4), Percepion 4, Inelligence 4, Wi 3
Abiliie : Alerne 5, Brawl 3, Dodge 3, Sreewie 4,
Suberfuge 2, Drive 2, Firearm 2, Melee 3, Leaderhip 5,
Repair (Compuer) 3, Sealh 2, Compuer 4, Enigma 3,
Inveigaion 3, Linguiic 2, Occul 3, Riual 5, Science 4,
Area Knowledge (Mocow) 4
Background : Allie 2, Conac 3, Reource 5
Gif : (1) Conrol Simple Machine, Peruaion, Sene
Wyrm, Spiri Speech ; (2) Command Spiri, Cyberene,
Hea Meal, Jam Technology ; (3) Conrol Complex Machine, Daa Flow, Diquie, Elemenal Favor ; (4)
Aunemen, Phone Travel ; (5) Feral Loboomy
Rage 7, Gnoi 10, Willpower 7
Rank : 5
Rie : Rie of Conriion, Riual of he Queing Sone,
Rie of Taliman Dedicaion, Rie of Binding, Rie of Spiri
Awakening, Rie of Becoming, Riual of Summoning, Rie
of he Feih
Feih : Surge of Fale Energy
Image : In Homid, Bori i he model of a Univeriy
Don . Hi ui i never le han impeccable, hi ie i alway
raigh and hi expenive hoe are alway clean . He reek
of money aefully pen . There i omehing compelling
abou hi beauiful face and manicured hand . Hi Lupu
form ha gray fur wih a very fine nework of ilver line
running hrough i .
Roleplaying Noe : You are he head of he Sep of he
Learning Hall, which i baed ou of Mocow Univeriy .
You end o ue all of your reource o accomplih any goal
you have . You alo work on only one projec a a ime, bu
you alway give ha one projec your full aenion .
Background : Bori ha been he head of he ep for a
while now and all bu own he univeriy . He i currenly
hrowing all hi abiliie and reource a idenifying he
new, myeriou force in Ruia . He i racking down all
informaion he can ge and verifying i rigorouly .

Rage Acro Ruia



Ellion Coraud
Breed : Homid
Aupice : Ragabah
Naure / Demeanor : Jeer / Gallan
Aribue : Srengh 3 (5/7/6/4), Dexeriy 4 (4/5/6/6),
Samina 3 (5/6/6/6), Charima 2, Manipulaion 3 (2/0/0/0/),
Appearance 3 (2/0/3/3), Percepion 4, Inelligence 4, Wi 3
Abiliie : Alerne 4, Ahleic 3, Brawl 3, Dodge 4,
Primal-Urge 3, Sreewie 2, Drive 3, Firearm 2, Repair 3,
Securiy 4, Sealh 4, Compuer 2, Enigma 1, Science 2
Background : Conac 1, Reource 2
Gif : (1) Conrol Simple Machine, Open Seal, Scen of
Man; (2) Hea Meal ; (3) Conrol Complex Machine, Daa
Flow, Inven
Rage 3, Gnoi 5, Willpower 7
Rank : 3
Rie : None
Feih : Phoebe' Veil
Image : In Homid, Ellion appear a a young man of
average build wih ligh brown hair and gray eye . In Lupu,
he i a moderae ized brown wolf wih a black mak and
ock .
Roleplaying Noe : You are a neak . No he kind who
manipulae people, bu he kind who ge ino building a
nigh . The challenge of breaking hrough ecuriy i your
greae joy in life . You are almo compulive in planning
break-in . Lien o he people around you and mark poenial enemie and allie . Tru no one unil hey prove heir
ru .
Background: Ellion figured ha he upheaval in Ruia would allow he perfec opporuniy for acquiring wealh
- by ealing i . The problem wa, Ellion didn' underand much Ruian and found i hard o operae in a
counry of people a privae and cloe-mouhed a he wa .

Ellion wa oon marked by a Bone Gnawer horly afer an

inciden in evading he police . The Bone Gnawer, Perov
Koldar, led him o Gorky Park where Ellion made hi fir
Garou conac . He wa inroduced o he Gla Walker of
Mocow and i currenly ravelling o variou caern in he
company of a mall pack . Only one member of he pack
know Englih .
Breed : Lupu
Aupice : Philodox
Naure / Demeanor : Lone Wolf / Cub
Aribue : Srengh 2 (4/6/5/3), Dexeriy 3 (3/4/5/5),
Samina 2 (4/5/5/5), Charima 3, Manipulaion 4 (3/1/1/1),
Appearance 3 (2/0/3/3), Percepion 2, Inelligence 4, Wi 3
Abiliie : Alerne 2, Brawl 3, Dodge 3, Empahy 1,
Primal-Urge 2, Suberfuge 2, Leaderhip 4, Repair 1, Sealh 2,
Survival 2, Compuer 5, Enigma 1, Inveigaion 2, Riual 2,
Science 2
Background : Allie 2, Reource 2
Gif : (1) Truh of Gaia, Heighened Sene, Conrol
Simple Machine ; (2) Cyberene, Jam Technology
Rage 3, Gnoi 3, Willpower 3
Rank : 2
Meri / Flaw : Fa Learner, Compuer Apiude / Sof
Rie : Rie of he Opened Caern
Feihe : None
Image : In Lupu, Chae-Afer-Dream i a lim, dark
gray hape wih very lile o call aenion o hi preence .
In Homid, he i all man who crouche o appear le
hreaening . He doen' look complee wihou a compuer
in hi hand .
Roleplaying Noe : A you grew up, you had an inexpreible feeling of incompleene . No maer wha you
were doing, you were alway ad . Then came he day of he
Change . You were aken in by your ribe, and you encounered your fir piece of elecronic, a cellular phone wih
exra . You were almo inanly enranced . You have
never been he ame ince .
Background : Chae-Afer-Dream' moher wa born
an experimenal wolf being held by Mocow Univeriy . He
pen he majoriy of hi ime in capiviy unil hi Fir
Change, when hi ribe came and ook him away . He ha
ince learned much abou he new and facinaing world of
human, and ha done a grea deal o advance himelf in he
eye of he oher Gla Walker, who originally viewed him
a an idio child.

Chaper Three : The Tribe of he Moon




Red Talon were once of he mo imporan

ribe of Ruia, econd only o he noble Silver Fang . Bu
ha ha changed draically in recen vc .rr The Sovie
rnmen, conrolled a i %A a by he Bnij ih vampire,
iniued a meaure o eliminae he Garou once and for
all . Under he guie of proecri n he pe(,ple an, ' liveock
in oulying region, a `'urea a ,Iron V >lve w ;,> , u"ugaed .
Wolve were rappc ii dpoi poi-,nod
romhelicope, .Th
. Uarnnw,aerehein~;l:illedbyanenemy
hey could only i aely l . were machine-gunned
down from hov, rin iper, and aemp by he Garou o
urn he able ,n he huner mewih only limied
ucce . The E r ,eupl~ Garou vicim of he hun were he
Red Talon orJ rl a iew Wendigo ha dwell in Ruia . Bu
he udden, rapid decline in he wolf populaion i omeg ha all Garou mu mourn.
Becaue of heir major loe, he Red Talon have
become poliically acive . Thi change of yle urpried
many of he Garou, and he vigor wih which he Red
Talon wen a heir choen ak wa aounding . The ribe
adoped he ame philoophy for poliic ha hey mainained for war: complee derucion of he oppoiion . The
oppoiion in hi cae happened o be anoher Garou ribe,
he Children of Gaia, who were driven ino exile, hounded
he fang of he Red Talon .
e edTalon are he voice of genocide in he council
o e Garou, advocaing a reurn o he Impergium in
Ruia . Their argumen are o vehemen, and heir evience o convincing, ha hey have almo won he uppor
of he major ribe of Ruia . Only indeciion a he higher
leveland liberalim among_ he younger Garou have prevened he Red Talon' plan from becoming realiy . The
Gla Walker have been in conan oppoiion, and many
Red Talon fear he repued alliance beween he Gla
Walker and he Bone Gnawer .

Bone Gnawer : Rrrr. I heir faul Wyrm come o

Children of Gaia : They fail! They die! Tha all we ayFianna: Who? We no know hem .
Ge of Fenri : True Garou. They angry like
Gla Walker : They wrong! Wyrm ain! Why no
anybody ee hi?
Shadow Lord : They lie . We no ru hem anymore .
Silen Srider: Never here when needed . Alway lea
i g . No righ .
Silver Fang : They leader . Show your h a o hem!
Bu hey oo lazy . Need o ac!
Sargazer : Srange .
Ukena : They play wih piri . Bad piri . They in
Wendigo : We call hem broher . They loe family like
u o human . They will kill human wih u .
Tundra Runner
Breed : Lupu
Aupice : Galliard
Naure / Demeanor : Survivor / Direcor
Aribue : Srengh 5 (7/9/8/6), Dexeriy 3 (3/4/5/5),
Samina 4 (6/7/7/7), Charima 5, Manipulaion 3 (2/0/0/0),
Appearance 3 (2/0/3/3), Percepion 4, Inelligence 4, Wi 3
Abiliie : Alerne 4, Ahleic 3, Brawl 4, Dodge 4,
Empahy 2, Expreion 2, Inimidaion 5, Primal-Urge 5,
Animal Ken 4, Leaderhip 4, Survival 3, Riual 5
Background : Pa Life 2, Pure Breed 3
Gif : (1) Babble, Bea Speech, Call he Wyld, Leap of
he Kangaroo, Rei Pain, Sene Prey ; (2) Bea Mind, Call
he Wyrm, Sene he Prey ; (3) Ca Fee, Song of Rage ; (4)
Avalanche, Quickand ; (5) Gaia' Vengeance
Rage 7, Gnoi W' l o e 0

There are few Red Talon ep lef . A heir number
v ged by he war on wolve, hey were unable o
eir caern again he myeriou draining . The
Talon have lo four caern o he draining, more han any
oher ribe . Even wih aid from he Ge of Fenri, he
number of caern held by he Red Talon ha dwindled o

ore Sep guard hi la e
iber a .
i compoed of 40 Talon, he Garou who have
urvived he war on wolve and he draining . There are
maybe 25 more Talon wandering hroughou Ruia .
eo y pe
Black Furie : We
run wih hem .

e wih noble ier . We like o

Rage Acro Ruia

Rank : 5
Rie : Moo Rie, Rie of he Depared, Rie of Woundng, The Hun, Rie he Toem, Rending of he Veil
ihe : Gnoic Bag
ge : In Lupu, Tundra Runner i an overwhelming
olf. Hi claw are prominen, bu hi fang are ubdued
ough ha he can peak well . Hi Humid form. ha flaming
red hair, hu no oher ruly diincive feaure ; he very
rarely ake Homid form .
Roleplaying Noe : You are an ang
paience i running ou . When your goal i in igh, hen
can play he game of quie and calm, bu unil hen, you
mu work wih all your migh o reore your ribe .
Background : Tundra Runner i 43 and ha been he op
Alpha of all he Red Talon in Aia for 20 year, a fea no
mached in a dozen generaion . He know he i ougunned
and oumached, bu he i he be leader available . The
Sovie pogrom on wolve ha
he ribe draically,
and he will do anyhing' in o ge revenge for hi, even
ending pie ino human ociey.



Breed : Lupu
Aupice : Ahroun
Naure / Demeanor : Predaor / Judge
Aribue : Srengh 3 (5/7/6/4), Dexeriy 4 (4/5/6/6),
Samina 3 (5/6/6/6), Charima 1, Manipulaion 1 (0/0/0/0),
Appearance -4 (3/0/4/4), Percepion 3, Inelligence 2, Wi 3
Abiliie : Alerne 2, Brawl 5, Dodge 4, Primal-Urge 2,
Animal Ken 2, Melee 4, Sealh 3, Enigma 2, Riual 3
Background : Menor 1
Gif : (1) Heighened Sene, R zor Claw, Scen of
Running Waer
Rage 10, Gnoi 5, Willpower 5
Rank : 1
Meri / Flaw : Huge Size / Dark Fae (will be killed by
human), Dark Secre (killed a Homid Garou during hi
Rie of Paage)
Rie : None
Feih: Far Bie (Level 4, Gnoi 8 ; hi i a Scar Feih
depicing a pair of fang wih wing . I i carved ono TearA-Fleh'-houlder . When acivaed, i allow him bie
amy one wihin line of igh . He mu pend one Gnoi
poin for hi .)
Image : In Lupu, Tear-A-Fleh i a rong wolf wih a
reak of blood acro hi fur (Tear-a-Fleh decorae
himelf wih he blood of hi lain enemie) .
Roleplaying Noe : Human are like mice. They curry
wound in fear, and occaionally you ea one .
Background : Tear-a-Fleh i quie poibly one of he
amgrie Garou in Ruia. He frenzie a he lighe opporuni y . Some elder believe he i he rage of all Garou given
erm and made fleh . Mo believe ha he hould be
moniored and conrolled.

They o no know ha on hi Rie of Paage, wih a pack

of Red Talon and Wendigo, he lew one of hi horrid
packmae . So far, no one know hi ecre .

Shadow Lord
The Shadow Lord' Eaern European roo ave made
hem almo a influenial o R j,ia aG he Silver Fang .
Only he,SuRcr I .mg, alliance ~v he ac of Fenr ha
prevened per ,'nAic L_ra a he !!ieir nhe and he
ShadowLonl~ .l, i-xeliknownhahe``1) o,h wLord-an
he poiion held by he Silver Fang, and hey hive even
openly admi r ( d hi . Thi, along wih he arrogan pride of
he Shadoa Lord , , h ;a ; i, m~ h' r h ; >>ii of enion in
Garou poliic .
Wih he Silver Fang uffering from a eeming ae of
degeneracy ha even heir ancien allie he Ge of Fenri
canno deny, i eemed clear ha he Shadow Lord would
finally have he leaderhip hey long ough. However, e
diligence of he Ge in defending he Silver Fang, a well
a he udden emergence of he rong poliical fron of he
Red Talon, ha caued he Shadow Lord o bide heir
ime . Perhap, hey hink, he new rife will make i all he
eaier for hem o aume conrol a a laer ime .
The Shadow Lord eek any poible advanage over
enemy and ally alike, ofen uing conrived iuaion o
increae heir worh in he eye of he oher Garou . They
are enviou of he Gla Walker' eeming conrol over he
range new piri of indury, and hey have given power
o hem in reurn for heir knowledge . The Gla Walker
have purned hem o far, which ha raied he ire of he
Shadow Lord . Bu hey know a good hing when hey ee
i, o hey wear he face of conciliaion- for now .

Se p
Shadow Lord ep are locaed primarily in he area o
he far we of Ruia, cloe o eaern Europe . There are
only wo caern,bu hee wo caern are fairly powerful a
very well guarded . One of he caern i locaed in he
Ukraine, on he border wih Romania, and i guarded by
he Brooding Sky Sep, compoed of 30 Shadow Lord. The
oher caern, in he ouhern foohill of he Ural, i
guarded by he Thunderrike Sep, compoed of 25 Garou .
There are abou 20 more Shadow Lord hroughou Ruia .
The Thunderrike Sep ha already fended off an aac
by whaever force ha been draining he caern . They cla
o know who or wha i behind he aack, alhough hey
refue o divulge ha informaion, hoping o ue
furher heir own end .

Chaper Three: The Tribe o : he Moon

Black Furie : They
They canno be convey
Bone Gnawer :
hi could make hem ueful allie . If
u, hen we may have o force hem o
Children of Gaia
ai : They have been eliminaed from he
goo ha
hawe aw he poenial for rouble wih
o iminae i hrough he grace of he
Red Talon.
Fianna : A wild card ha mu end up in our hand or be
eliminaed from he d .
of Fenri :
ong wih he Black Furie, he Ge
o b one of he greae obacle o our
o mu be convered or removed from he
picure .
Gla Walker :
have hing ha we wan . They
llie, epecially becaue few oher ribe
o do wih hem .
Redd Talon
: Uef
Uefulool. I i doubful hey have figuredd
ou ha
hem a a weapon again he Children of
bab ly be able o manipulae hem ino
Gaia .
our oher enemie a well .
Srider : Th ey know omehing hey are hiding .
be one
ne o enure heir loyaly .
ang : Our
he one whoe power we mu
break in orderorder
o aume
o aume conrol and lead he Garou again
our enemie
.. Their adne make hem a dangerou o
a o
r, omehing ha can work in our
Sargazer : They
Thre a myery o u, bu our and i
u or be deroyed .
Ukena :
ery of he piri world i omehing
hing we have done ha convinced
on . They refue o even ai
US .
Wendigo : In order
er o ge hee gho of he cold wae
mu fir lure hem from he deep fore and

Alexander "'.ga
Saha" Volkau, "FahernighN~gh
: SepLeader
Aupice : Galliard
Naure / D
r: Confidan / Direcor
Aribue :: Srengh 4 (6/8/7/5), Dexeriy 4 (4/5/6/6),
Samina 5Furie
(7/8/8/8) Charima 2, Manipulaion 5 (4/2/2/2),
(2/0/3/3), Percepion 3, Inelligence 4, Wi 4


Abiliie : Alerne 2, Ahleic 3, Brawl 5, Dodge 3,

Inimidaion 5, Primal-Urge 4, Sreewie 3, Drive 3, Melee 4,
Leaderhip 4, Survival 3, Enigma 3, Poliic 4, Riual 5
Background: Conac 5, Kinfolk 5, Reource 4, Allie 3
Gif : (1) Faal Flaw, Sene Wyrm, Smell of Man, Razor
Claw ; (2) Clap of Thunder, Diracion, Inner Srengh,
Saredown ; (3) Paralyzing Sare, Rehape Objec ; (4) Bridge
Walker, Open Wound ; (5) Obedience, Shadow Pack
Rage 7, Gnoi 9, Willpower 8
Rank : 5
Rie : Rie of he Opened Caern, Rie of Toem, The
Rending of he Veil, Rie of he Phoenix
Feih : Sword of Granie (Level 5, Gnoi 6 ; hi i a
wo-handed word made of granie ; when hru ino he
ground, all peron wihin 15 fee ink ino he ground wo
fee per acivaion ucce . For every wo fee, he vicim
need four ucce on an exended Srengh roll o break
ou . Vampire wih Earh Meld can exi anyime hey wan,
bu mu pend a full round doing o .)
Image : In Homid, Saha and ix fee all and walk
wih a mild limp . He ha long black hair, green eye and an
elderly look. He appear wier han hi phyical year . In
Lupu, he i a large black wolf wih a muliude of minor
car and five major car ha appear o have been made by
a ingle lah from ome ungodly huge moner .
Roleplaying Noe : You are ired. When you were a cub,
you fough well and aw your friend die . When you reached
middle age, you were choen a par of he Silver Pack, bu
again your friend died . You are pa your prime, and you
know i . The problem i ha no one ele doe . You will
each he young he way of bale and lead for now, bu he
ime approache when you will ep aide o le a new pack
lead he figh.

Rage Acro Ruia


Background : Saha i a man who ha grown old before

hi ime . Many of he hing he ha een, and done weigh
heavily upon him. He ha all bu relinquihed hi place a
he leader of he Thunderrike Sep, and he i planning on
g o become Warder evenually . He i ired of he
power game he Shadow Lord play, bu doe no dicourage hem . The par he played in he exile of he Children
of Gaia ill haun hi dream .

Silen Srider
T' r Silen Srider have v r i organizaion n Ruia .
The Srider in Ruia are o . found wih he Gypie,
v,u1,irrnn_ fn,ni c,,, rn o caern . -cek_inc new an,i p,, . -ing
o h i he)
w . l":ecenl~, ho_rve\ e,, byarrI I(,, r r~-arh
'Ill ribe
been rep r ', and i i } e-hee,,l
Silen S~rnler, h ;
, reed undergr .,und_
In he p a . ne Silen Srider provided much of he
informaion ha ravelled beween caern, and hey never
involved hemelve in he poliical machinaion of he
oher ribe . They ough informaion inead, and barered
heir ervice a courier for he ecre of he ribe .
They pen ime wih he Gypie of Ruia, and became
enaive allie of he wo vampire clan ha are cloe o
he Gypie, he Gangrel and he Ravno . From hee clan,
he Srider learned much of wha hey paed on o he
oher ribe, bu he Srider learned oo much . Through
heir vampire conac, hey dicovered ha Baba Yaga had
arien. And oon, Baba Yaga dicovered hee curiou
Garou who aked oo many queion .
They know ha Baba Yaga i omehow behind he force
behind he Shadow Curain and he draining of he caern,
and hey are aware ha he ha even General who
command her minion . They do no know he name or
face of hee General . Wha name hey have heard are
carcely believable, for hey are ou of legend . The Zmei
were deroyed a millennia ago, and Kohchei wa ju a
ory, wan' he?
Now here i a hun on again he Silen Srider, and
hey mu be very careful who hey mee, for Baba Yaga'
eye are everywhere . If anyone ha a chance of geing ou
of Ruia pa her minion, i i he Srider, bu hey may
be oo few and he oppoiion oo numerou .

I' I),



Eduard, "Sun-Curer"
Breed : Homid
Aupice : Philodox
amp : Sociey of Nidhogg
ure / Demeanor : Predaor / Survivor
Aribue : Srengh 2 (4/6/5/3), Dexeriy 2 (2/3/4/4),
Samina 2 (4/5/5/5), Charima 2, Manipulaion 5 (4/2/2/2),
Appearance 3 (2/0/3/3), Percepion 2, Inelligence 3, Wi 4
Abiliie : Awarene 1, Brawl 2, Dodge 3, Inimidaion I,
Primal-Urge 2, Suberfuge 1, Drive 2, Eiquee 1, Firearm 3,
Leaderhip 1, Performance 2, Compuer 1, Inveigaion 2,
Law 1, Linguiic 2, Occul 4, Poliic 1, Riual 2
Background : Pa Live 4
Gif : (1) Aura of Confidence, Faal Flaw, Peruaion,
Scen of he True Form
Rage 3, Gnoi 3, Willpower 5
Rank : 1
Meri / Flaw : Lack of Scen, Bad Tae, Common
Sene, Eideic Memory / Overconfiden, Shor Fue, One
Eye (righ), Mark of he Predaor, No Parial Tranforman(,n
a : Taliman Dedicaion, Rie of Cleaning, Rie of
B riding, Rie of Summoning
Feihe : None
Image : In Homid, Sun-Curer por a black goaee and
ha peneraing gray eye . In Lupu, he i an impreive
black wolf wih maive houlder .
o eplaying Noe : You wan he un ou of your life . I
break up he cloud and weaken your power. You conider
,111 oher a being below you and manipulae hem in an
offhand manner . You are all ha really maer. Thoe
Wyrm creaure are ill an uppiy lo; beer end ome
more pawn o ge rid of hem .
Background : Eduard i a young bu impreive Garou .
ha alway haed he ligh of he un and believe
elf o be inexricably linked o he nigh . Since before
hi Fir Change, he ha loved he velve blackne ha
cover he land when he un drop below he horizon . He
underwen hi Rie of Paage a he Thunderrike Sep in
he Ural Mounain and quickly became he leader of a
ly-formed pack . I i almo hi ime o advance
u he ha done a few hing ha, if dicovered, could hur
i repeced repuaion . Someime a creaure come ino
hi dream and whiper of a world wihou ligh . He ha
old her hing, and he ha promied him reward .

h .c11


Se p
The Silen Srider mee once a year, during he-celebraion of he fall equinox a a random locaion deermined a
he prior year' meeing . They do no mainain acual ep
in Ruia, nor do] ey conrol any caer i doubful ha
any Srider will appear a he,elecrcd i
i year, for he
rik i oo grea
Now, 20

ck Furie : True warrior of he Wyl Re e e

or avoid hem, bu know ha we need hem i
bale .
Bone Gnawer : They are differen in Ruia,
differen . However, he Bone Gnawer are a adep a
urviving hardhip here a hey are in he re of he wo
Perhap we can ue heir ; aid .

Chaper Three : The Tribe of he Moon


Children of Gaia : The Children of Gaia eem o be

gone, bu we know hey aren' . If hey have any plan, hey
mu work carefully and quickly .

Abiliie : Alerne 3, Ahleic 3, Brawl 2, Dodge 5,

Primal-Urge 3, Sreewie 3, Suberfuge 4, Animal Ken 2,
Firearm 2, Leaderhip 2, Sealh 3, Compuer 1, Enigma 4

Fianna : Be careful, for many of hem roam wih he

Gypie. Le hem no ee u, for hey will alway ell ale,
and hee ale will fall o dangerou ear .

Background : Reource 3, Conac 3, Kinfolk 2, Pure

Breed 4, Pa Life 3
Gif : (1) Blur of he Milky Eye, Peruaion, Speed of
Though ; (2) Bliful Ignorance, Jam Technology, Summon Taliman ; (3) The Grea Leap, Silence
Rage 6, Gnoi 8, Willpower 8
Rank : 3

Ge of Fenri : They are elf-derucive, bu rong .

Their amina and rengh will be needed .
Gla Walker : Thi i a ribe perhap beer a adapaion in Ruia han he Bone Gnawer . Who ele ha aken
he ciie of he human and made hem heir domain?
Avoid hem, however, for heir ciie have oo many eye .
Red Talon : They are mindle in heir rage, and i ha
nearly deroyed hem . We can do nohing .
Shadow Lord : They conider hemelve our avior .
We conider hem arrogan . Can heir arrogance be ued a
a weapon?
Silver Fang : The Silver Fang are urely going mad .
They i in heir caern and wach a he world pae hem
by . If only we could warn hem ; all pah o hem are
guarded .
Sargazer : Perhap hey will ee our clue and realize
he danger.
Ukena : We will need heir aid ; if only we could reach
hem afely .
Wendigo : They are a ribe worhy of repec, bu I fear
hey will no aid u when he ime come .

Naaha Ferdman, "Moon Chaer"

Breed : Homid
Aupice : Ragabah
Naure / Demeanor : Rebel / Gallan

Rie : None
Feih : Mirrorhade (Level 1, Gnoi 7 ; hi i a pair of
American mirrorhade unglae ha, when acivaed,
produce a mirrored urface on he inide of he glae ha
will allow he uer o ep ideway wih eae . The hade
reduce all Gaunle difficulie by 2, and he uer doe no
need o are ino a reflecive urface .)
Image : In Lupu from, Naaha i a leek, quick wolf wih
je black fur and deep, oulful eye . In Homid form, he i a
riking, beauiful woman anding 5' 6" all . She ha
horly cu black hair .
Roleplaying Noe : You ued o be a happy and carefree
wanderer . Tha ha changed . Now you are paranoid and
alway looking over your houlder . Being huned doe ha
o you .
Background : Naaha came o Ruia horly before he
recen problem . She i a raveller who ha been all over he
world and deperaely yearn o leave Ruia for oher par,
bu he alo feel a reponibiliy o warn he naive Garou .
Who hould he approach? How can he be ure anyone he
approache i no working for he Hag?

Anubi Farrider

Aribue : Srengh 2 (4/6/5/3), Dexeriy 5 (5/6/7/7),

Samina 4 (6/7/7/7), Charima 4, Manipulaion 4 (3/1/1/1),
Appearance 4 (3/0/4/4), Percepion 5, Inelligence 2, Wi 4

Breed : Homid
Aupice : Ahroun
Naure / Demeanor : Lone Wolf / Relucan Garou
Aribue : Srengh 3 (5/7/6/4), Dexeriy 5 (5/6/7/7),
Samina 3 (5/6/6/6), Charima 2, Manipulaion 2 (1/0/0/0),
Appearance 2 (1/0/2/2), Percepion 3, Inelligence 2, Wi 3
Abiliie : Alerne 2, Brawl 4, Dodge 4, Primal-Urge 4,
Drive 2, Firearm 3, Melee 3, Sealh 1, Compuer 1,
Linguiic 1, Medicine 1, Riual 1, Science 2
Background : Feih 3, Menor 2
Gif : (1) Smell of Man, Razor Claw, Speed of Though,
The Falling Touch
Rage 5, Gnoi 3, Willpower 6
Rank : 1
Meri / Flaw : Huge Size / Perien Paren, Animal
Muk, Sric Carnivore, Sign of he Wolf
Rie : None
Feih : Fang Dagger
Image: In Homid, Anubi i olive-kinned, wih heavy
Slavic facial feaure . He i immene, give people he



Rage Acro Ruia

creep and can barely pa for an in Ho id! In Lupu,

he i he large jackal ever een.
Roleplaying Noe : Thi whole Garou
ng ink . You
dun' like i one bi . If you can ever ge back o your
hcnneo , you'll ele down and never ray . a
ound : You had a good life a home ; mom and dad
Were devoed and underanding . Then came ha nighmarih nigh ha you were kidnapped on he way home
fn am chool in your Polih border own . Tha wa he mo
horrible nigh of your life . To ar wih, you Changed . You
wen ram being he econd bigge kid in your groupof
friend o an immene moner . Now, you alway mell,
have all he ign mom ever old you abou for werewolve,
can' ea vegeable (maybe hi in' o bad) and are ju
Main huge!
You couldn' go home o mom in hi condiion, bu he
wa o worried, and a be you know, ill i . Ju o make
ha nigh wore, omehing aacked he pack a you were
croing he border and killed almo everyone . I wa fa ;
you never aw i come or go . You go aken in by anoher
ep, bu now you can never ay in one place oo long .
Goad keep moving, doen' maer where, o long a i in'
here . Bu you are quie willing o ake omehing wih you,
and % ou c an almo guaranee delivery .
Anubi ook hi name from ome book he read in he
lier ry . He doen' wan o be a Garou, he ju wan o
reurn o hi normal life . The Garou of Ruia ha know
hum ,accep him, and even like him, alhough hi endency
for no aing ill for long ha lo him a few friend .
Unknown o him, an agen of Baba Yaga' Army of he
Nigh i waching him and reporing hi movemen . He i
nro ready o rike ye ; he migh ill learn omehing ha
could be ued .

Silver fang


ire he 41, rril - -e o
and heir
hio~r, i inexorably linked o ha of Eui .A . In he day of
he mi~4 hy by arbaric h~ , ade, Silver Fan
re he lead r,
helpngor her nl , , keep hr ,, pul
a , 1 lava in under
cconr( )l . Ii wa Ih, Si l~rr hang ~~Ii,, iinpbyeuic n red he
Imper , iuna, he, uiu learl - , - hlr rhev , 1 , 1er c .nar, l
oeer wir fl,,, k .
A riac .ar, i,, . , .H !I,,, ik - ,r Fang grew in power, bu
alo in pride . Even he lailur,_ of he Impeigium did no
ain he Fang' grea ego . No only did hey have heir
dock under conrol, bu hey had he Wyrm on he run in
RuLi . They had even managed o defea and rap he
ircire minion of he Wyrm ever, puing Kohchie in a
piri prion where he could no longer pread he Wyrm'
influence . And a modern ime approached, hey were ill
proud ,,f heir achievemen . Wa no Ruia, he greae
naion in he world, ill free of he cancer :of durializa- i,


Then diaer r c
elea,ae hem, he Silv

. Wi
e o
ang had far o all . The obeion

wih keeping heir bloodline pure evenually bred rece

gene ino heir children. Member of he ribe who
mpending diaer creaed a grea uproar wihin he Silver
Fang . Then, while he Garou were o occupied wih
poliic, he minion of he Wyrm ruck, Hiory record
hi a he Bolhevik revoluion ; he Garou record i a he
fall of he mighy .
No only did he Silver Fang loe conrol of heir flock,
bu he Brujah clan of vampire aumed a near oal
poliical conrol of Ruia . If hi were no enough, he
Silver Fang found hemelve on he loing end of a
defenive war . The vampire rapidly plunged he counry
ino indurializaion, heedle of he environmenal derucion hi unleahed . Wha wa once he greae ucce
of he Garou oon became he world' large environmenal diaer area .
In pride, he Silver Fang refued o reach ou o he
oher Garou for help . Now he enire naion uffer for hi
pride. The oher Garou are only now beginning o re 1' e
he folly of heir greae ribe, and he Silver Fang fear he
humiliaion o come . For he fir ime, in hiory, ome of
heir number haveurned o he Wyrm, and hi hame he
ribe furher. A if hi were no enough, rumor ha i ha
he mo ancien enemy of he Silver Fang, Baba Yaga, ha
once again arien . The Silver Fang fear he wor, for hey
feel hey are no longer rong enough o handle he reponibiliy of o many ak .
Depie everyhing, he Silver Fang remain dominan
in Garou poliic in Ruia . Their voice are alway heard,
and nearly alway repeced, alhough whiper in council
peak of he large rolehe Ge of Fenri play in keeping he
Silver Fang in power .
The Silver Fang are very indeciive in council, which
ha reduced heir acual influence among he oher ribe .
Garou peak of a ime when even uch a he Red Talon'
acion again he Children of Gaia would have reuled in
wif reribuion by he Silver Fang . Bu o hi dae, hee
inciden ha received only minor aenion . Silver Fang
moo have degeneraed' ino lecure abou he hiory of
he Garou, and hopelely opimiic view are expreed
regularly .
Beween he cloe
f he Silver Fang, he Black
Furie and he Ge of Fenri, here i a grea deal of enion .
Thi enion grow a he power of he Silver Fang wane
in favor of he Ge. In he wing, he Shadow Lord wai for
a chance o make heir own move oward leaderhip
among he Ruian ribe, a fac well known mong he ,
Garou .
The ai
of he Ruian Silver Fang are divided .
There are a lea hree facion, poibly more . A few favor
acion ; hey wan o do omehing o ake he war o he
Wyrm, bu hey are undecided a o wha acic o ake .
They are rerained by hoe who are conen o imply hold
on o wha hey have unil ome opporuniy come along .
Wha he opporuniy i, hey will no ay, imply aering
ha all Garou will recognize i when i come . Anoher

Chaper Three: The Tribe of he Moon


group live in he pa, glorying in hiory and pa exploi,

diregarding he preen . The number of hi la facion
are growing a he Silver Fang piral ino madne .

The Silver Fang are one of he olde and mo prolific

ribe in Ruia . Mo of he orie of heroe concern hem .
They conrol he mo powerful caern, he large proecorae and he legendary ep . The Silver Fang have lo
one caern of lae, bu hey acknowledge i a a weak caern .
The large and mo legendary ep, he cener of he
Garou council, i he Caern of he Crecen Moon, hidden
deep in he Ural Mounain . Thi caern i home o nearly
30 Silver Fang. There are cloe o 70 Silver Fang pread
hroughou he re of he counry, eiher in charge of heir
own mall caern or gue a caern guarded by oher ribe .

Black Furie : They are among our greae allie . If only

hey could learn o ge along wih he Ge of Fenri .
Bone Gnawer : We reen he fac ha hey caued he
downfall of our ar, bu we hall no punih hem for hi,
a long a hey recognize u a heir rue ruler .
Children of Gaia : I i ad ha hey are gone, bu heir
failure could no go unpunihed . A lea, o I believe . . .
Fianna : An amuing lile group of mendican . They
are wihou peer a enerainer . I i ad ha here are o
few of hem in Ruia .
Ge of Fenri : They are our warrior, urpaed only in
reliabiliy by he Black Furie .
Gla Walker : We believe ha hey know omehing
we do no, and if hi prove o be he cae, heir arrogance
will no go unpunihed .
Red Talon : I i a ad fae ha ha befallen he Red
Talon, bu heir recen poliical aciviy i roubling .
Could i be ha we are loing ome meaure of conrol?
Shadow Lord : Upar pup who will be deal wih
when he ime come . They hink we have grown oo weak
o be a hrea o hem . They couldn' be more wrong .
Silen Srider : Srange Garou, bu hey are excellen
meenger and pie . They do eem o know ecre ha
will no dicloe . We will ak hem he nex ime hey come
o u .
Sargazer : Excellen councilor who know ha heir
place i o advie, no command .
Ukena : Very knowledgeable in he way of he piri,
bu no o in he realm of poliic .
Wendigo : Powerful warrior . If hey would only come o
council, I'm ure heir demand could be me .

Chae Sree-(Demon
Breed : Lupu
Aupice : Ahroun
Naure / Demeanor: Bravo / Survivor


Aribue : Srengh 4 (6/8/7/5), Dexeriy 5 (5/6/7/7),

Samina 5 (7/8/8/8), Charima 3, Manipulaion 3 (2/0/0/0),
Appearance 2 (1/0/2/2), Percepion 4, Inelligence 3, Wi 2
Abiliie : Alerne 3, Brawl 5, Dodge 4, Inimidaion 3,
Primal-Urge 4, Animal Ken 3, Melee 5, Leaderhip 3,
Sealh 4, Survival 5, Inveigaion 3, Riual 3
Background : Kinfolk 3, Allie 3
Gif : (1) The Falling Touch, Leap of he Kangaroo,
Razor Claw, Rei Pain, Sene Wyrm ; (2) Awe, Scen of
Sigh, Sene Silver, Spiri of he Fray ; (3) Comba Healing,
Hear of Fury, Wrah of Gaia ; (4) Ignore Wound ; (5) Luna'
Rage 8, Gnoi 7, Willpower 9
Rank : 5
Meri / Flaw : Ambidexeriy / Overconfiden
Rie : Rie of he Opened Caern, Rie of Feih
Feih : The Twin Sword of Lohair (Level 6, Gnoi 8 ;
a pair of word which mu be wielded Florenine yle
(one in each hand) ; if eiher word i ued eparaely, i will
bury in he ground up o he hil . The word have everal
pecial power, he lea of which i he abiliy o ore up
o eigh poin of Rage wihin hem . They can alo produce
a Clap of Thunder if hey are croed in he air in he form
of a cro above he head of he wielder . When acivaed,
he word caue aggravaed wound .)
Image : In Homid, Chae and a lile over ix fee all
and ha long flowing ilver hair wih black ripe . In Lupu,
he i a long ilver wolf wih black ear and a black riped
ail .
Roleplaying Noe : You are rong-willed and overbearing . You are no calm ; "brah" hould be your middle name .
You are no a wolf of few word . You alk and brag o oher
wihou end . If you weren' he be, hen omeone migh
hu you up . Bu hen, you are he be, o wha you do in'
really bragging- you're really ju educaing hoe around
you .
Background : Chae-Sree-Demon eemed o have
been born a hero . He gained hi feih, a powerful a i i,
on hi Rie of Paage, and alhough he wa quie inexperienced in he way of word comba, he learned quickly .
Hi name em from he fac ha during hi Rie of
Paage, he chaed down and deroyed a car . Now he
pend hi ime eiher ravelling acro Ruia or anding
before he wall of heroe a he Caern of he Crecen
Moon, forever hoping o ee himelf on i.

Nicolai Predaelki
Breed : Homid
Aupice: Ahroun
Naure / Demeanor : Direcor / Judge
Aribue : Srengh 5 (7/9/8/6), Dexeriy 4 (4/5/6/6),
Samina 5 (7/8/8/8), Charima 2, Manipulaion 4 (3/1/1/1),
Appearance 3 (2/0/3/3), Percepion 3, Inelligence 3, Wi 5

Rage Acro Ruia

Nicolai ha a ecre . He ha begun walking down he

pah oward he Wyrm and ha acceped hi fir Gif from
i. Thi i in reurn for hi aiance in bringing down he
Sep of he Crecen Moon . He believe himelf o be well
along he road o accomplihing hi . He inend o advance a quickly a poible in he eye of he elder of he
Ural Caern before deroying i from wihin .

Breed : Mei
Aupice : Galliard
Naure / Demeanor : Maryr / Aui

Abiliie : Alerne 4, Ahleic 4, Brawl 4, Dodge 4,

Empahy 2, Inimidaion 4, Primal-Urge 4, Sreewie 2,
Suberfuge 3, Drive 2, Firearm 4, Melee 3, Leaderhip 2,
Sealh 4, Survival 2, Inveigaion 4, Medicine 1, Riual 3
Background : Kinfolk 1, Pure Breed 2
Gif : (1) Razor Claw, The Falling Touch ; (2) Hear of
Fury, Saredown, Spiri of he Fray, True Fear ; Rend Realiy
(pecial Black Spiral Dancer Gif)
Rage 8, Gnoi 6, Willpower 9
Rank : 2
Rie : Moo Rie, Gahering for he Depared, Riual of
he Queing Sone, Rie of Taliman Dedicaion, Rie of
Feihe : Tear of Gaia
Image : In Homid form, he i an aracive young man
wih plainum blonde hair and an uneling, blue-eyed
gaze . In Lupu, he i a large, ilvery-whie wolf wih cryalline blue eye, powerful and leek in appearance .
Roleplaying Noe : You rea everyone, human and
Garou, even elder, wih a of-poken, angry, conempuou condecenion . Speaking o oher Garou eem
degrading o you . You believe ha hey would urn ail and
howl if hey really knew wha wa going on . Wihin your
pack, you demand abolue loyaly and will no heiae o
eliminae hoe who queion your leaderhip .
Background : Nicolai i he pack leader of he Crecen
Moon' rike eam. Hi pack coni of anoher Silver
Fang, a Bone Gnawer, wo Shadow Lord and a Gla
Walker . They are he one who deal wih hrea ha
originae in he nearby ciie and he facorie ha do he
Ural area . The enire pack ha rien in renown in a very
hor ime . Thi ha boh impreed he oher Garou of he
area and made hem wary of Nicolai . He rule hi pack wih
an iron fi, oleraing no dien and no failure .

Aribue : Srengh 3 (5/7/6/4), Dexeriy 3 (3/4/5/5),

Samina 3 (5/6/6/6), Charima 4, Manipulaion 3 (2/0/0/0),
Appearance 4 (3/0/4/4), Percepion 3, Inelligence 2, Wi 3
Abiliie : Alerne 3, Brawl 5, Dodge 5, Empahy 2,
Inrucion 3, Primal-Urge 3, Suberfuge 3, Animal Ken 2,
Eiquee 2, Performance 5, Inveigaion 2, Linguiic 2,
Riual 1
Background : Pure Breed 4, Pa Life 1
Gif: (1) Call of he Wyld, Creae Elemen, Lamben
Flame ; (2) Awe, Dreampeak
Rage 4, Gnoi 5, Willpower 6
Rank : 2
Mei Difiguremen : Beial Reflecion
Meri/Flaw : Concenraion, Fa Learner, Time Sene
/ Pack Menaliy, Wolf Year
Rie : None
Feihe : Harmony Flue, Sancuary Chime, Spiri
Image : In Homid, Sing-for-he-Bea i alway culured, refined and downrigh beauiful, bu he look a lile
older each day . In Lupu, he i a rue whie wolf, going gray
fa .
Roleplaying Noe : You are a follower. True, you prefer
people no o know ha you are mei, and you are embarraed a how fa you are aging, bu boh of hee are
produc of he puriy of your breeding . Since ,ime eem o
hor for you, you ry o be where everyhing i happening
or where people are gahering . You wan o each, bu
before anyone will lien, you have o be famou . You need
glory, o you ry o be where i can be found . You are living
a fa a you can .
Background : Sing-for-he-Bea wa he produc of a
Silver Fang maing wih one of he Lo, a Garou who had
lo her Kin Fech and had no undergone he Change . Her
moher underwen her Fir Change horly hereafer and
wen hrough her Rie of Paage while heavy wih child .
Sing wa born, and her faher prepared her way in Garou
ociey . She work hard o keep her place and hope ha
one day her ory will grace he Cliff of Heroe mainained
by he Sep of he Crecen Moon .

Chaper Three : The Tribe of he Moon


he Sargazer ha e a a par of Ruia ince he

mpergium . They have Ion:, by en he advior o he grea leader of he Garou, a ruby , h, v , in uually be found a
he grea caern of Rui ; i . Th i i preence ha remained
relaively conan, ~v- , r rh e . r,,
l ~i 1, ile hey are no a
major power, none Joiihr heir'i -dom .
Poliically, he ` rga_ r ~C ve ,,- idvior and councilor o hoe who nnike do cii,
They do no conider i
heir place o do ;
dune 1, a advie . Alo, while hey
conider i digiaeful, m,in~ r~r, i_rr are ofen called
upon o judge c n,fl meon, he uaar , a.
The Ruian ,ar'aze, - > arc rni .e<6, foruneeller and
philoopher . T},,,
afer ruh and olver of
myerie . They Ir:rv ( 1, ken chi pi :ice of he Children of
i a he voice of emp; anceon he council . The Silver
Fang univerally repec i a for heir widom, bu nowahey are ju a likely o ignore heir council a o
I ha become an obeion among he Sargazer o find
wha i ruly going on behind he cene in Ruia, bu
feel hey mu find inconroverible evidence before
eening heir finding o he Silver Fang . If no, he
Fang will ignore i, and he Apocalype will come ha
h cloer. The Sargazer are one of he only ribe in
Ruia ha ee he curren even in Ruia a ign of a
orm o come . They are ofen dimied a peimi .

n< .

Shadow Lord : There i lile place for arrogance i ligh

of he rouble .
Silen S
ey have diappeared from council,
and I wonder why. I ha alway been heir way o leave .
Silver Fang : They are oo ied o he Liany . Only r
can break heir apahy, bu where will hey find i?
Ukena : Inn heir ojourn o he piri world, hey
lo igh of our rouble here .
Wendigo : In heir rerea from he world, hey have
rereaed from he ruh.




TheSargazer mainain a ingle caern in he Ruian Far

, near he Mongolian border . I i locaed wihin a
cryal groo beneah a mounainop emple . There are 15
er a hi caern . There are even more Sargazer
oughou he counry . They live among he oher ribe
he mo powerful or imporan caern . Recenly, hree
Sargazer from he Ukena Evergreen Sep were killed
when ha caern wa drained .

Chien Sun, "flounain Wind"

Breed : Horrid
Aupice : Galliard
Naure / Demeanor : Confidan / Viionary
Aribue : Srengh 3 (5/7/6/4), Dexeriy 5 (5/6/7/7),
Samina 4 (6/7/7/7), Charima 4, Manipulaion 3 (2/0/0/0),
Appearance 1 (0/0/1/1), :Percepion 5, Inelligence 3, Wi 3,,
Abiliie : Alerne 5, Ahleic 3, Brawl 4, Dodge 4,
Expreion 2, Inrucion 4, Primal-Urge 3, Animal Ken 3,
Drive 3, Mediaion 5, Melee 4, Repair 3, Survival 3,
Kailindo 5, Enigma 4, Riual 3
Background : Allie 3, Kinfolk 4
Gif : (1) Balance, The Falling Touch, Peruaion,
Sene Wyrm ; (2) Inner Srengh, jam Technology, Sene
Silver, Surface Aunemen ; (3) Clariy, Diquie, Hear of
Fury,, Merciful Blow, Whipering Wind ; (4) Queioning;
(5) Widom of he Seer
Rage 6, Gnoi 8, Willpower 10
Rank: 5
Meri / Flaw : Calm Hear, Ambidexeriy / Inolerance (of fighing beween he ribe)
Rie : Rie of Opened Caern, Rie of Feih
Feih : Sick of he Sea Wind (Level 3, Gnoi 8 ; a
of comba ick ha mu be wielded in andem ; if he e

Black Furie : Their uele bickering wih he Ge only

cerbae all our problem .
Bone -Gnawer In rying o achieve equaliy, hey have
only ucceeded in dividing u furher.
Children of Gaia: In heir earch for he ruh, hey
rlooked human naure. I hope hey can oon reurn.
Fianna: They mu be judged a individual, for here are
oo few Fianna in Ruia .
Ge of Fenri : One who e
a a eapon can have
i urned back a himelf.
Gla Walker : They have imprioned hemelve a
Weaver' web, bu do no recognize heir peril .
Red Talon: They will die haing, and hey will be
ourned .


Rage Acro Ruia

wai ill he end of he round o rike, he receive a bonu

rike wihou a reducion of hi Dice Pool or an expendiure of Rage . The uer ha hi normal Dexeriy + Melee
Dice Pool for hi aack . Rage canno be pen in he ame
round ha hi power i ued . Damage i Srengh + 2, bu
e amage i no aggravaed .)
Image : In Homid, Chien Sun i a mall orienal man
anding ju under five foo ix, Hi righ eye i milky due
o a hi o he head long ago and hi righ ear i frayed from
a bie ha never healed . He wear minimal dre, lacking
howy decoraion or unneceary feaure . In Lupu, he i a
leek gray wolf of hin aure wih black paw .
Roleplaying Noe: The calm warrior, ready o deroy
if neceary, bu more ready o each he young and he illinformed . You each ha paience i he key o life and
ucce . Only hrough clearne of he mind i rue vicory
poible .
Background : Chien Sung rained in he way of he
marial ar before hi Fir Change . Shorly before hi
Change, a group of myeriou men and women arrived and
ook him from he monaery . They explained o him ha
he wa o be a warrior for he world piri, one who would
inerpre'heong of Gaia hrough he dance of comba .
Chien acceped hi new role and welcomed hi abiliy o
change hape.
He roe hrough he rank of he Garou hrough dedicaion and inene work . Now he lead he Sep of he Cryal
Mind . He i he chief eacher here and i one of he mo
qualified inrucor of Kailindo o be found .
The recen developmen in Ruia have been brough
o hi aenion, and hey worry him . He i currenly
working very hard o rain he new warrior en ou o py
and fi h for he Garou .

The majoriy of Ruian Ukena ,ire rongly ied wih
he Yaku and Mongolian peop by ha r dwell wihin Ruia,
mainly wihin Siberia and i cR i ; ianFarEa.TheUkena
are neiherprol ic nor pohica Iv _icO.c a Ruia . They are
oo few and oo divere u1 hci, - inrcrc<r Ic band ogeher
hL ,florid ha no ye
a ye. In he -&I fiucr of Sib(-, - i,
fully caugh 111) o he Uhrena .
They are in olJ ribe rlia i, recoLnized ;nd repeced,
bu hey mal c lile- e for o furrhcr rbeir pulrical end .
Occaionally, hci handin- , >rk c .un he Jeeacd a variou
caern . The Ukena Ecn iu : of _'-~beria are generally
young and idealiic, big v, ell vered i n hL way of he piri
world by heir meno r
Of all he ribe, he Uk , i i Theurge ha
e lea
rouble piercing he Sh :idow C u rain o reach he Umbra .
None of he oher ribe _aiderrandhi, buoheUkena,
i imple heir oem, Ukena himelf, allow hem hi
acce . The Gaunle i reaed a normal for he Ukena .
However, here i a dark ide o hi ; anyime an Ukena
ep ideway, he
ce of deecion by one of Baba

Yaga' piri minion ncreae . Arbiraion of hi i lef o

he Soryeller, bu
hould ill be a riky hing for an
Ukena o bray
iri world .

The Ukena n Ruia are rumored o conrol a lea one
and poibly more caern locaed in he wilderne of
Siberia and he Ruian Far Ea . Their alen in dealing
wih maer of he piri world are ofen ough ou by oher
ribe, uch a he Shadow Lord .
There are 35 Ukena a heir major caern, he Spiri
Sone, and 25 more Ukena pread hroughou Siberia and
upper Mongolia .
The Ukena have recenly lo a caer
e Evergreen
Sep, o he draining. Fifeen Ukena and hree Sargazer
were killed . Only one Garou ecaped o ell he ale of i

Black Furie: They walk he Wyld pah and are aonihing in heir righeou rage .
Bone Gnawer : Eiher hey have reied he Wyrm well
or i ha conumed heir oul o hroroughly ha none can
ell of heir corrupion .
Children of Gaia : Poor, lo children . They ough an
enemy wihou and were brough low by he Wyrm wihin .
Fianna : Though hey are differen, hey bring a freh
poin of view o he old way .
Ge of Fenri : They hould learn o conrol heir rage
before i bring hem low . We would do well o avoid hem .
Gla Walker : Their new approach o he Umbra i
facinaing, bu heir cloene o he Wyrm i poenially
dangerou, boh for hem and for he re of Garou .
Red Talon : They are like angry children, our broher
of he undra, bu hey mu be hwared, for hey will bring
he re of u down wih hem .
Shadow Lord : The Shadow Lord are he mo openly
corrup of u . They mu be wached, for he Wyrm wai
deep in heir hear .
Silen Srider : Thee Garou are knowledgeable in
ny ecre, ecre we mu convince hem o reveal .
Silver Fang : Depie heir nobiliy, he Silver Fang
walk a pah ha lead o agnaion and ruin . If hey are no
hown he way ou, hey will be lo .
Sargazer We hare much in common wih hee ie
0 e, hough our radiion are differen.
Wendigo : They are he cloe o u in boh or g and
piri, bu heir iolaion can only lead o orrow .

Chaper Three : The Tribe of



You ake your poiion a pack leader of he caern

guardian very eriouly . Your pack ha proeced he Ural
Caern uccefully, and you are willing o do anyhing o
mainain hi flawle record . You honely believe ha
whaever ha been aacking he oher caern will rike he
Sep of he Crecen Moon wih grea force .
Background : Speaker-o-Mounain came o he Ural
Mounain caern a few year back and approached he
Warder, Grimfang, in hope of gaining hi uelage .
Grimfang aw he poenial wihin he young lupu and
placed her in charge of a pack . Her pack coni of five
lupu and a homid Silen Srider Ahroun . They are charged
wih proecing he Umbral Glen ha correpond wih he
locaion of he Ural Caern .

)van Bolkov
Breed : Homid
Aupice : Theurge

Breed : Lupu
Aupice : Theurge
Naure / Demeanor : Maker / Viionary
Aribue : Srengh 3 (5/7/6/4), Dexeriy 5 (5/6/7/7),
Samina 5 (7/8/8/8), Charima 4, Manipulaion 4 (3/1/1/1),
Appearance 3 (2/0/3/3), Percepion 5, Inelligence 5, Wi 4
Abiliie : Alerne 5, Ahleic 2, Dodge 3, Empahy 5,
Expreion 1, Inimidaion 3, Primal-Urge 5, Suberfuge 2,
Animal Ken 2, Eiquee 2 (Garou), Leaderhip 2, Mediaion 4, Sealh 2, Survival 4, Enigma 4, Occul 4, Riual
5, Herbalim 2, Spiri Lore 3, Wyrm Lore 1
Background : Pa Life 2
Gif : (1) Find Waer, Spiri Speech, Sene Magic ; (2)
Command Spiri, Name of he Spiri, Sigh from Beyond ;
(3) Umbral Sigh
Rage 6, Gnoi 9, Willpower 9
Rank : 3
Rie: Rie of Cleaning, Riual of Taliman Dedicaion,
Rie of he Open Caern, Riual of Summoning, Rie of
Becoming, Rie of he Feih, Rie of he Shrouded Glen
Feihe : Spiri Tracer (Level 2, Gnoi 5), Spiri While
(Level 4, Gnoi 8)
Image : In Lupu, Speaker-o-Mounain i a mall dark
gray wolf wih almo runelike whie paern on her back .
In Homid, he i a mall, lender young woman of Tibean
ancery wih a long, luxuriouly hick black braid .
Roleplaying Noe : You are reerved in expreing your
feeling, bu hi doe no mean ha you are quie . You
eem o have a way of making your feeling known wihou
all he uele blabber and creaming ha mo of he Garou
ue . Since your pracice of piri weaving ha augh you
ha unconrolled behavior can be exremely derucive,
you rive o remain calm in every iuaion .


Naure / Demeanor : Relucan Garou / Cub

Aribue : Srengh 4 (6/8/7/5), Dexeriy 3 (3/4/5/5),
Samina 2 (4/5/5/5), Charima 2, Manipulaion 2 (1/0/0/0),
Appearance 2 (1/0/2/2), Percepion 3, Inelligence 3, Wi 4
Abiliie : Alerne 1, Brawl 2, Dodge 2, Primal-Urge 1,
Drive 3, Firearm 3, Repair 2, Sealh 3, Survival 2, Compuer 1, Inveigaion 2, Medicine 3, Riual 1, Science 2
Background : Pa Live 4
Gif : (1) Peruaion, Sene Magic, Sene Wyrm, Spiri
Rage 2, Gnoi 6, Willpower 7
Rank : 1
Meri /Flaw : Mercury Riing, Naural Channel, Mixed
Morph / Foe from he Pa (Gangrel), Inane Pa Life
(come ou in he preence of hi foe), Nooriey (inaniy)
Rie : Rie of Conriion, Rie of Cleaning, Rie of
Feih : None
Image : In Homid, Ivan look powerful, wih corded
mucle ha and ou well from hi houlder, neck and
leg . He i alway in jean of ome or (he wear cuoff o
wim or work ou), and he alo like o wear ankop . He
ac like a rebel becaue he refue o accep wha i going
on around him . In Lupu, he alway appear confued, a if
he would raher be elewhere .
Roleplaying Noe : You refue o be a werewolf . You
were raied hearing he radiional orie, and you ju
don' wan o be one of he "bad guy". Unforunaely, here
are hee voice in your head, and hey refue o leave you
alone . The wor one i aboluely nu, bu you can' do
anyhing abou i . They ay you are a "Theurge", bu you
don' wan o deal wih i . Too bad you eem o be good a
i . When you wach anoher "Theurge" perform a riual, he
new knowledge burn ino your memory like a branding
iron earing a mark ino of fleh .

Rage Acro Ruia

All in all, hi i a very painful life ; you came o Siberia

o ge away from i, bu he voice are ill here . There i
ome oher pycho ha keep rying o kill you ; he ay ha
you berayed him cenurie ago .
Background : Ivan wa no mean o be a Garou . He
enered he Red Army before hi Fir Change and wa
kidnapped by he Ukena oward he end of hi fir year
of ervice . He waned o be a oldier and have a normal life,
bu all of ha ha changed now . Normalcy i impoible .
One of hi pa live i a reaonably powerful Theurge
who croed a powerful vampire . The Theurge evenually
ied. The vampire did no . Now he vampire, who i one of
he lieuenan in Baba Yaga' Army of he Nigh, i afer
hi old rival' decendan .
Ivan' elder feel ha hey have done all hey can in
rying o adap him o Garou life . If he can no urvive, hen
o be i .

when i wa ill poible o eaily cro

Lw, cn Norh America and Euraia via he Bering Srai
land bridge, a amber of C,arou from he Wendigo ribe
reurned o he by mJ< of Siberia . They pread mro die
1 ad,hreCdin-,A jrhih
he YakurNanaheChukchi


e neckr icni,iily conended wih he Silver

he wo group were eparaed by

Ural V( unain,- During he ime of Ruian indurialilaion, he Wendigo rereaed far from any human
habiaion and were he lea affeced by he change ha
marked he beginning of he wenieh cenury . Laer
developmen, and he expanion ino he Siberian land
by he Sovie indurial machine, led o uch developmen
a he huning of wolve uing helicoper baed gun plaform-pecial ammuniion wa upplied, of coure, by he
"people" in power who knew he real reaon for he huning
of he wolve . Since he Wendigo had been ou of conac
wih civilizaion for o long, hey had no idea of wha hey
were up again, and he huning ook a far greaer oll on
hem han on any oher ribe excep he Red Talon .
There are few Wendigo lef in Ruia, bu here i a
rumor circulaing among he more learned Garou of a
hybrid line relaed o boh he Silver Fang and he Wendigo .
Neiher he Wendigo nor any hybrid ribe are poliically
acive in Ruia . The Wendigo keep o hemelve, fiercely
guarding heir land and caern from human and Garou
alike . If uch a hybrid ribe exi, i i mall, ha lile power
and i, a ye, unrecognized by he Garou populaion .
Ruia' Wendigo are a mall, very poen force . They
conrol one mall area of Siberia, and woe beide any who
ry o ener i wihou heir permiion . They are adep a
urvival in he icy wae, maer of animaliic comba
and conroller of powerful piri of he now and ice .

ac for ,by, m --

n once, for

Se p
The Wendigo ha e one caer
ih ep and
proecorae, locaed near he hore of he Bering Sea .
There are 30 Wendigo here . From here, hey will aack
any minion of he Wyrm or, indeed, anyone who ge oo
near . They have no been aacked a ye, nor do hey know
of he aack on oher caern . I i poible ha heir
iolaionim will prove o be heir downfall .

Black Furie : Awarrior of he Wyld, hey are wihou
peer and are worhy of our ru . Bu heir direpec for men
could prove o be heir weakne .
Bone Gnawer : They adop human philoophie in an
aemp o creae equaliy among he Garou. They only
creae heir own doom .
Children of Gala : While hey are he mo openheared of Ruia' Garou, hey are unable o ee he
enemie ha lurk in our own caern . Tha i why hey were
brough low.
Fianna : We barely know hem, bu hey are a happy
people .
Ge of Fenri : We do no ruck wih he Ge. They are
oo belligeren for heir own good .
Gla Walker : The Gla Walker walk oward he
Red Talon : We, oo, eek revenge for our hur, bu
hee wolve are oo reckle . Their rage ake hem ino he
maw of doom .
Shadow Lord : Nohing good come from hem . They
are darkheared conqueror who eek o exploi u all .
Silen Srider : We have become friend, a hey are one
he few ribe who are willing o vii our caern . Sill, we
haven' een hem for a long ime .
Silver Fang : Their failure i clear . Why he oher ill
follow hem i a myery.
Sargazer : They pend much ime in conemplaion,
and heir piri are noble .
Ukena : They are our broher, bu where we walk he
pah of war, hey walk he pah of piri .

B1ood-on-he 'Win?
Breed : Lupu
Aupice Galliard
Naure / Demeanor : Survivor / Direcor
Aribue : Srengh 4 (6/8/7/5), Dexeriy 4 (4/5/6/6),
Samina 5 (7/8/8/8), Charima 2, Manipulaion 3 (2/0/0/0),
Appearance 3 (2/0/2/2), Percepion 5, Inelligence 3, Wi 4
Abiliie : Alerne 3, Ahleic 4, Brawl 5, Dodge 3,
Inimidaion 4, Primal-Urge 4, Suberfuge 4, Animal Ken 2,
Melee 4, Riual 4, Survival 3,
Background : Familiar Spiri 4, Pa Live 4

Chaper Three : The Tribe

of he



Gif : (1) Call of Wyld, Camouflage, Leap of Kangaroo,

Sene Prey ; (2) Cure of Aeolu, Dreampeak, Eye of Eagle,
Sene he Unnaural ; (3) Cafee, Chill of Early Fro ; (4)
Aunemen, Bridge Walker; (5) Song of he Grea Bea
Rage 7, Gnoi 8, Willpower 7
Rank : 5
Meri / Flaw : Huge Size
Rie : Rie of he Opened Caern, Rie of Toem, Rie of
he Feih
Feihe : Fang Dagger
Image : In Homid, Blood-on-he-Wind i a all, darkhaired man wih pale feaure . In Lupu, he i ark whie
wih gray ripe leading from hi ear o hi ail .
Roleplaying Noe: You are calm and colleced, alway
ready and alway cauiou . Supidiy rule he foolih who
would raher figh han hink, and you will no be par of i.
he enemy come in many form and urround you from all
ide. They mu be augh heir error . Order will prevail,
and when i doe, o will Gaia.
Background : Blood-on-he-Wind became he leader of
he Sep of he Siberian Wild everal year ago when he
challenged and bea he former leader . He ha brough a
new vigor o he Wendigo, bu i i a vigor ied o mainaining heir iolaion from he re of he world .

alk-for-he .Co
Breed : Homid
Aupice : Theurge
Naure / Demeanor : Alpha / Reveler
Aribue : Srengh 2 (4/6/5/3), Dexeriy 4 (4/5/6/6),
Samina 3 (5/6/6/6), Charima 3, Manipulaion 2 (1/0/0/0),
Appearance 2 (1/0/2/2), Percepion 3, Inelligence 4, Wi 3


Abiliie: Alerne 3, Ahleic 2, Brawl 4, Dodge 4

Primal-Urge 3, Drive 2, Melee 3, Sealh 1, Survival 1,
Enigma 3, Inveigaion 1, Occul 3, Riual 3
Background: Pa Live 3
Gif: (1) Call he Breeze, Peruaion, Sene Wyrm,
Spiri Speech
Rage 4, Gnoi 9, Willpower 7
Rank : 1
Meri /Flaw : Mercury Riing, Naural Channel, Concenraion/ Driving Goal (find he Croaan), Sof Heared,
Overconfiden, No Parial Tranformaion
Rie : Rie of Taliman Dedicaion, Rie of Binding
Feih : None
Image : In Homid, Walk-for-he-Dead fi young
man . In Lupu, Walk i a lean imber wolf.
Roleplaying Noe : You know you've go a grea deiny
ahead of you and can' help bu be overjoyed . So many
around you are ju waiing for he Apocalype, bu you
know here i a way ou . There' goa be You lead a whole
pack who you have convinced o believe a you do .
Background : Walk-for-he-Lo ha abandoned hi
human name in favor of hi new Garou one . He i facinaed
by he lo Croaan ribe and i convinced ha he can olve
heir myery . He believe ha he Croaan mu have lef
Kinfolk in Ruia on heir march o he Pure Land long
ago, and if he can find hem, he i ure he can revive he

he Siberakh
The Siberakh ar, a hybrid bloodli nc ;,f Silver Fang and
Wendigo . They an , ,byc,:cen,icd rop ih r Fang who aw
folly in rying o a lnain hcc peri, A_ di, , ir bloodline and
bred inead vii h.c Av; , ndigo'o 1l .xk . They mainain
elemea in il,c wil,P of Siberia lr.i r ,Ipe r much like
human villa e , , r com laune. They : fre o hemelve a
he Ouider, an .I r ricl . gularc orreci beween hemelve an,l in oher ribe .
Officially, he Lcrakli ,1o u e hey have no
influence on . iar, ci poliic in Ru, ,ia,,excep wihin heir
own area . Inde, cd, ~ lie only oher ; ri I, ,_: who are fully aware
of heir exi _ nc re die Silver hang and Wendigo . The
Silver Fang deny r
, reaing hem a Ronin . They do
no menion hem, fear
ha i would reflec badly on
heir lineage o he oher Garou . The Wendigo underand
he Siberakh' deire o rerea from ribal poliic and keep
heir ecre afe .
Some among he Gla Walker, Children of Gaia and
Silen Srider who have heard he rumor of hee ou er believe ha hey may repreen a hope for reoring he
Silver Fang ribe. The u r ay ha he Siberakh are

Rage Acro Ruia


paragon of he legendary Silver Fang virue : nobiliy,

virue and bravery . I i believed ha he naive ock from

could be he be chance for a ruling ribe in Ruia, one

ha will lead he Garou o vicory over he Wyrm . If only

he Wendigo flock invigorae he lineage of hee Fang .

hey could find hem . . .

A few of he Children of Gaia believe ha he Siberakh

Chaper Three : The Tribe of he Moon



Rage Acro Ruia


&9enex ana he
Diaer eache you a lo - ha i rue . Bu hee ime
mehod of learning.

demand differen

- Geydar Aliyev, chairman of he Acciden

Inveigaion Commiee
Unil a few year ago, Ruia had no corporae bae of i
own . The corporaion acive wihin he counry could be
raced o ouide money, and mo of ha money could be
raced back (only by he mo reourceful inveigaor) o
Penex . For many year, Penex, hrough i holding corporaion, helped he governmen of Ruia remain financially
ecure while running a virual buine monopoly wihin
he counry, allowing hem o do buine a hey aw fi .
The reigning Brujah council didn' realize ha he numerou corporaion hey were dealing wih were all ju
enacle of one ocopu .
For he Garou, he reul wa an ongoing war he like of
which were een nowhere ele in he world . Wolve were
huned by helicoper gunhip, and he land wa depoiled
a a rae difficul o believe . All of hi wa ancioned by
he governmen .
I wa oo much for he Garou o op . Penex wa
winning a hey expanded heir conrol of Ruian indury .
Under he blanke of abolue unaccounabiliy, he Wyrm-

ained corporaion helped he Black Spiral Dancer eablih Pi afer Pi all over he counry . Some of he range
Wyrm caern in he world are found in Ruia now, and hi
pleae boh he Black Spiral and Penex . The company
fel ecure allied wih he naive Black Spiral Dancer .
Wihou heir uppor, he operaion would have fallen
apar under Garou preure .
In lae 1990, i all came apar . For ome reaon ha
Penex could no underand, he Black Spiral rebelled .
Thi i he fir uch cae in he company' hiory, and no
one could comprehend i . All conac wih he leader of
he ribe wa cu off. Meenger en o he caern eiher
never reurned or were o compleely inane ha here wa
no poin in liening o hem .
A if i wa an omen, he governmen ared o loe
abiliy a he ame ime . In a deperae aemp o alvage
he governmen, he ruling council increaed opporuniie
for rade, opening many of he door Penex had held hu
for o long . In ome cae, oher companie, many of which
were run by vampire of variou or, were invied ino he
counry . Penex found ielf in economic compeiion for
he fir ime in Ruia .
Sening he weakne in heir opponen, he Garou of
Ruia rallied and began puing more and more preure
again Penex ubidiarie . Thee problem caued Penex
o ake a emporary leave of abence from Ruia .

Chaper Four: Enemie



Wih he wihdrawal of Penex money, he governmen

began o collape faer, and Baba Yaga epped forh o pu
down he ailing yem . Many companie lo everyhing in
he chao ha enued, and life became very hard for people
in Ruia . Penex wa glad o be ou of he war zone for once,
bu hey ill do no know who or wha wa behind he
governmenal collape and he reachery of heir mo
poen allie . The only lead hey have i a peron calling
himelf "The General ." They would dearly love o remove
hi "General'" head .
Penex i no wihou forehough, however, and ha
choen o bide i ime for now . They upec ha when
Ruia abilize, i will once again be in need of poen
inveor, and Penex will be here . The megacorp hink
hey will face lile reiance when hey ake up where hey
lef off.
They are miaken .

lack Spiral (Dancer

The Black Spiral Dancer of Ruia never held much
power unil he revoluion . When he Brujah council came
o power, hey caued o many problem for he Garou ha
he Thireen Tribe could no longer devoe ime o heir
coninual war wih he Black Spiral Dancer . When Penex
enered Ruia, hey did o wih he aid of he Black Spiral
Dancer Kinfolk in he governmen .
The Black Spiral are reponible for he eing of
nuclear weapon on Ruian oil . In a brillian piece of
manipulaion, he Black Spiral Dancer uccefully
"planed" ome of heir Kinfolk a reainer o he Brujah .
Thee Ghoul, who occaionally had he ear of he council,
convinced he Brujah ha if hey did no e he weapon,
oher vampire would coninue o develop hem overea
and one day ue hem again he council . The normally
paranoid vampire wondered why hey had no een hi
ooner and promply enered he Cold War .
Nuclear eing, accompanied by he environmenal
devaaion of he Penex corporaion, provided everal
prime locaion for Pi. The populaion of Black Spiral
Dancer began o climb eadily . When heir number had
reached a ufficien level, hey again ook up heir war wih
he Thireen Tribe . Thi ime, hey had he advanage .
The Black Spiral were happy wih he iuaion a i
wa, ye hey could feel omehing more wa o come . In
1990, i did. The elde Theurge of he Black Spiral, an old
lupu called Poion Tooh, wa viied in hi dream . The
viior wa none oher han a Wyrm ervan . Wha ele
could produce uch a moner?
Poion Tooh wa in a hu, an impoibly large hu, which
eemed larger inide han ouide . He a a he able, and he
ca on he floor old him o make himelf comforable . The
mire would ee him horly, a oon a he finihed her re .
Then he noiced he Hag . She lep on he ove, hough he could
hardly fi upon i . Her head hung down on one ide and one leg


draped over he oher ide . The oher leg wa folded up, and he
covered herelf wih her foo .
A he looked upon her, he opened her eye and lowly began
o unfold her ugly limb . Her hand dug groove ino he meal
of he ove a he roe, and he could ee he harp prong of
jagged meal where he had been laying . She roe o full heigh,
and he knew ha even in hi mo warlike form, he would eaily
fi ino her maive jaw .
A ha hough croed hi mind, he miled, and he aw eel
eeh dripping wih blood and pile . Hi courage falered . Hi
hear fluered . She poke :
"You look a me wih uch awe . Do you find me pleaing?"
The voice carried wih i all he malice of a raging Nexu
Crawler . The bierne crep ino hi oul, forcing him o
anwer before he had ime o lie . Hi voice made him ound like
a pup raher han he mo repeced of hi ribe in Ruia, ye he
poke . He had no choice .
"I find you gloriou ." And he knew he would loahe him
how could he no, a weak a he wa in her preence? She miled
again, and her fang came cloer o him . She poke again, and
hi ime he wa cerain ha omewhere, omeone had died
horribly o produce he power of hi voice .
"Bring your children o me, all your children, and we will
revel wih your children in a celebraion of my glory ." Having
aid hi, he allowed him he bli of her fang .
He awoke, knowing he would never forge wha happened .
He alo knew wha had o be done . Leaving he chicken hu, he
ough ou anoher elder of hi ribe and brough him o he Hag .
Soon, anoher Spiral fel he bli of he Embrace . The Black
Spiral would follow him, and he would follow her .
The Black Spiral are now one of Baba Yaga' favorie
ool . She ue hem on every dangerou miion ha mu
be carried ou, and he ake grea glee in waching hem
figh . She ee hem a an excellen weapon . To keep hem
happy, he ha allowed hem he ue of her pace aion,
MIR . However, hi ha recenly become he ource of ome
rebellion again her leaderhip. Perhap i i ime for her o
fly up here and explain he iuaion . . . or perhap no . One
hing i cerain o Baba Yaga : here i only one way o rea
an excellen weapon once you are done wih i . You deroy
i o i may no be ued again you .

he Hive of he unleahed Aom
Caern : The Chernobyl nuclear reacor in he Ukraine
Level : 3
Gaunle : 4 (5)
Type : Toxin
Tribal Srucure : Open only o Black Spiral Dancer
and oher Wyrm creaure
Toem : G'louogh, he Dance of Corrupion

Rage Acro Ruia

The Che nobyl nuclear reaco

he Ukrain
become he mo recen addiion o he Ruian Black' '
Spiral Pi . I ared a a low-powered caern, bu ha
myeriouly rien in power wih every new ragedy ha
occur relaed o he reacor' meldown in he 1980 . The
radiological effec of ha diaer are far-reaching, from
children born wih cancer o he corrupion of crop and
cale mile away . The radiaion wa even carried a far
norh a Lapland, killing many reindeer and deroying he
way of life of he nomadic Sami people . Many Sami had o
move o own or village for job.
Baba Yaga doe no like Cherno . I ymbolize a
poion in her moherland . However, unil he uefulne of
he Black Spiral ha come o an end, he will olerae he
range aciviy around he reacor . Should here be anoher meldown crii, however, her anger again he
Black Spiral will know no bound . The Spiral en
and are very c e
o ake heir revel'oo far .

The MIR pace aion, in orbi aroun he Earh, i
cerainly he odde pi he Black Spiral have buil . Deail
can be foundin Book of he Wyrm .
Baba Yaga ha no ye realized ju how powerful hi
caern i, for i provide a direc pah o Malfea, he Lair of
he Wyrm. When he dicover hi poenial hrea o her
power, he will quickly hu down he caern. If any Garou
can dicover a way o ge uch informaion before her, he
will be graeful and pare he meenger' live . . . hi 'me.

The Hive


he Cilowing Sea

Queion : How do you ell a ma

he Norhern Fle
Anwer : He glow in he dark .
- Sovie Navy joke
Caern : A unken nuclear ub o Novaya Zemlya
Level : 4
Gaunle: 4 (5)
Type: Enigma
Tribal Srucure : Open only o Black Spiral Dancer
end oher Wyrm creaure
Toem : Kraken
Ju off he iland o
aya Zemlya, nuclear reacor
ere dumped ino he ea . A nuclear ubmarine alo ank
here 10 year ago, i reacor forgoen . Now he Black
Spiral have aken up reidence on he land nearby
cloe o heir hrine under he a
On pecial moo ; nigh, he Black Spiral wim down
below he frigid wave and board he unken ub, which ha
been magically ealed and filled wih air . There hey dance
heir bizarre and blaphemou rie far from he igh ;of
human or wolf. Each hive ember ha a feih o
he Gif : Spiri of he I .

Chaper Four: Enemie


Soryeller 'Warning
The Grea Zmei are ruly fearome bea of immene
power. They are being of an older ime, when he
energie of he world ill ran rampan and Wyld.
Indeed, hey were once creaure of he Wyld unil he
Wyrm wa corruped, dragging he Zmei (among oher) down wih i .
A Soryeller mu be very careful when uing he
Zmei in a game, for hey are a challenge o even he
greae pack of Garou warrior ; a ingle Garou doe no
and a chance before one . Even hough i wa he
Silver Fang who drove he Zmei o heir lumber, he
radiional dragonlayer of old are no Garou, bu
mage . High magick and cunning can work where claw
and fang are uele .
If he Soryeller i uing Mage wih hi Ruian
game, perhap he Zmei could repreen an inereing
challenge . They are corruped Marauder creaure from
before he Myhic Age and are now par of he Nephandi
horde . They can ay on Gaia longer han oher draconic
being (unlike Ik-Thazai in Mage) becaue of he naure
of Baba Yaga' ummoning long ago (which make hem
immune o Paradox) . However, hey ill need o devour Quineence- and hey ge i from Garou caern .
Thi i he caue of he caern draining, for he Zmei are
digeing he power whole .
Nonehele, valian Garou can ac again hem .
How player paricipae in he defea of he Zmei i up
o he Soryeller. However, he ale hould be a hard
and dangerou one . The be acic by far i a group of
mage and Garou unied again he Zmei, like he
Bogayr heroe of old.
See Chaper Five for ory idea involving Garou
characer and he Zmei .

The Zmei are dragon . They were fir ummoned o hi

world long ago by Baba Yaga in her aemp o kill he
Noferau Anediluvian who had urned her ino a vampire . There were even of hem ummoned ino he world .
They are known a he Grea Zmei : Goluko, Gregornou,
Illyana, Ruarin, Trevero, Sharkala and Shazear . Each of
hee grea creaure reemble heir rue maer, he Wyrm,
hough ome were able o ake oher form a will .
For year, even afer Baba Yaga enered her lumber,
hee creaure held way over large area of land . People
feared o ener wha became known a he "dragon land ."
Finally, afer much debae, he Silver Fang of Ruia
decided ha he ime had come o rid he world of hee
creaure . They enlied he aid of ome of heir Kinfolk,
who had he power o work magic, and wen ou o lay he
grea Wyrm.


Excep for he derucion of Sharkala, hey failed . They

were unable o kill he re of he creaure, who were far
more powerful han hey originally believed . The deah oll
mouned a, one by one, he Zmei were bound ino magical
Each ime a Zmei wa fough, he Silver Fang would
record he comba on he Wall of Heroe in heir Ural
Mounain caern . The Garou managed o bind all he
known Zmei, hiding hem in locaion remembered now by
only he olde Galliard .
The Garou did no know of all he Zmei, however .
Shazear ecaped he hun and ha remained awake o hi
day, excep for long period of leep o preerve hi energy.
During World War II, Gregornou wa accidenally
awakened . He hid from all conac unil he knew hi maer
had rien again . A he bidding of Baba Yaga, Gregornou
ha managed o find Shazear and awaken Illyana . Preenly,
he hree of hem are eeking he oher and hoping o wake
Clue and poren have old he Garou ha hee
creaure are irring . A lea wo pack have failed o
reurn from miion o inveigae ighing of "abnormally large Wyrm creaure ." In one inance, a urvivor
came back o he caern elling orie abou dragon . The
oher Garou only laughed . The elder, however, heard he
ory and now upec ha he Zmei walk again . So far, he
miion o check on he leeping Zmei have been hindered
by he need o guard he caern from he draining . I ha
alo aken a long ime o find hoe who remember he
burial ie of he Zmei . Only Trevero' omb ha been
inveigaed o far, and he i ill deep aleep .
The young Garou believe hee creaure are imply large
Bane and, depie heir elder' warning, he pup are
excied abou he poibiliy of huning hem down. The
elder know ha, oon enough, he pup will learn he
ruh, and hen run in fear .
Ye, he elder are worried, for hey know ha if he Zmei
have been releaed and Baba Yaga ha ruly rien, he
Kohchei can no be far behind .

Zmei cower
The ix remaining Grea Zmei all hare he following
power :
Fear : When fir engaging wih a Zmei in erpen form,
a Willpower check i required again a difficuly of 6 . Only
one ucce i needed . However, hould he player roll more
han hree uccee, her characer will ener frenzy and
aack . If he player fail her roll, her characer i frozen in
fear and can do nohing unil he make a ucceful roll
(he can roll each urn) . If he boche, hen her characer
will ener a Fox frenzy and flee .
Regeneraion : The Zmei regenerae a a rae of one
Healh Level per round, provided ha hey are ill alive a
he end of he round . Thi i imilar o Garou regeneraion :

Rage Acro Ruia

a Zmei mu roll hi Samina (difficuly 8) o regenerae in

comba .
Rend Realiy : When in erpen form, he Zmei have he
abiliy o ravel beyond hi world by ripping a hole in he
fabric of realiy . Thi co hem a grea deal of peronal
energy, refleced in a lo of five poin of Rage, wo poin
of Willpower and one permanen poin of Gnoi . Any
creaure following a Zmei ino uch a rif mu make a
Willpower check, difficuly 8, o remain ane . Even if hey
do make he roll, hey will acquire one permanen derangemen . Enering a Zmei rif will deliver he Garou o a
blaed and barren plain in Malfea : he rue lair of he
Zmei . The Zmei mu alo pend he co o reurn o hi
world .
Fligh: When in erpen form, all he Zmei have wing
and are capable of fligh . Their full fligh peed i equal o
30 yard + (3 x Dexeriy) per round .
Aack : All Zmei can aack wih fang (diff. 5 ; Sr + 4
damage) or claw (diff . 6 ; Sr + 3) . They can alo rike wih
a ail lah (diff . 7 ; Sr + 2) ; if ucceful, he vicim mu
make an oppoed Dexeriy roll (difficuly 6) again he
Zmei' damage uccee . Failure mean he vicim i knocked
o he ground .

ucceful Percepion + Alerne roll, difficuly 8, can aim

for hee locaion . The aack difficuly i raied by one,
bu he damage Dice Pool i increaed by 2 .
Image : Goluko i 30 fee long, in addiion o hi 15 foo
ail . Hi once-lurou cale are now a ickly green and are
falling off in place . He ha muaed war growing acro
hi belly now, a ign of he radiaion dieae .
Roleplaying Noe : AAAAaaaaaaRRRggghhhHHH!
Pain! All i pain!
Background : Rage i all ha i lef of he once grea
Goluko . Hi mind ha been haered . When he wa bound,
he Silver Fang negleced hi reing place in he remoe
Taimyr Peninula . I ju o happen ha remoe locaion
are he preferred ie for modern nuclear eing, paricularly underground eing . No even he force of muliple
hermonuclear exploion could deroy he magical bond
ha held Goluko . Unable o ecape, Goluko wrihed in he
deph of he earh . Radiaion lowly devoured hi weakened body .

Due o heir ize in erpen form, all aack roll again

a Zmei have heir difficuly reduced by one .

Once he mo paive of he Zmei, Goluko i now

nohing bu rage . The problem i ha he Black Spiral
Dancer are rying o raie him wih heir Rie of Draconic
Liberaion . See Chaper Five, "The Sleeper Awaken", for
an idea of wha could happen . If Goluko ecape, he
derucion could be on an unprecedened cale . Even Baba
Yaga canno allow ha .

Body level of he Zmei are a follow : ok/ok/ok/ok/ok/

-1/-1/-1/-3/-3/-3/-5/-5/-5/Incapaciaed .


Oher hing of noe :

In erpen form, a Zmei' cale ac a hree dice of

armor o oak all phyical aack . Zmei cale can oak all
form of damage- even mo magical damage ha normally ignore oak (uch a damage from he Gif :
Bacchane' Rage) .
The even Grea Zmei are lied below :

Aribue : Srengh 12, Dexeriy 6, Samina 10, Charima 0, Manipulaion 0, Appearance 0, Percepion 2,
Inelligence 0, Wi 3
Abiliie : Ahleic 5, Alerne 2, Brawl 6, Dodge 3,
Inimidaion 7
Rage 10, Gnoi 3, Willpower 7
Power : Balefire Bla (Goluko can breah balefire . Roll
Dexeriy + Ahleic, difficuly 6 . Trea he bla a a gou
of radioacive flame : difficuly 9 o oak, wih hree wound
aken per bla. Thee wound are unoakable and ake
wice a long o heal ; in addiion, any roll on he Bale Scar
char i a +10 . Thi bla co Goluko one Rage poin .)
Radiaion (Goluko i radioacive - he even glow in he
dark! Thoe who approach him uffer he effec of hi
radiaion . Anyone wihin 10 fee of him mu make a
Samina roll each urn, difficuly 6, or ake low level effec :
one wound level, unoakable .)
Weakne : Radiaion poioning i lowly killing Goluko .
Hi cale are falling off in place . Any Garou wih a

Aribue : Srengh 10, Dexeriy 5, Samina 8, Charima 0, Manipulaion 3, Appearance 0, Percepion 5,

Inelligence 4, Wi 5
Abiliie : Alerne 5, Ahleic 5, Brawl 5, Dodge 3,
Empahy 2, Inimidaion 9, Primal-Urge 4, Suberfuge 5,
Sealh 3, Survival 4, Enigma 5, Linguiic 3, Occul 4,
Riual 4, Area Knowledge (Ruia) 4
Rage 7, Gnoi 8, Willpower 10
Power : Hex Scream (Gregornou le ou an ear-piercing cream . A far a he ound can carry-which i a long
way, conidering he creaure' lung- plan wil, he
earh hake, building umble and he life force of he
world cream back in pain. Moher micarry, and calamiy
rike . Everyone wihin hearing range mu make a Percepion + Empahy roll, difficuly 7 . Anyone who fail will
be cured wih a calamiy : one bad hing will happen . Thi
calamiy i up o he Soryeller, bu ome example are : he
breaking of a characer' be feih, a dicovery made by a
nearby werewolf huner, or an afernoon lo in he wood .
Gregornou mu pend one Gnoi and one Willpower
poin each ime he ue hi power .)
Image : Gregornou i roughly 50 fee long . Hi ail alone
i 20 fee long, and hi cale are a black a oo . Hi
preence caue depair in mo who look upon him . Hi
cale do no hine, and looking ino hi eye i like aring
ino he void .

Chaper Four: Enemie


Roleplaying Noe : Ye, you are grea and powerful, bu

you are here only o erve he "Lile Grandmoher ." Thi
i rue of he oher Zmei a well, even if hey will no admi
i . You may have o how hem how o repec heir real
maer .
Background : Gregornou wa accidenally awakened in
a bale beween a Technomancer and a Celeial Choru
mage omeime during WWII . The Paradox piri unleahed during he bale purged he area of any magick ha
did no conform o he law of cience, including he
binding pell ha held Gregornou . Gregornou himelf
wa immune o he Paradox' effec, due o Baba Yaga'
ummoning pell which brough him ino he world . Alway a clever one, Gregornou laid low, hid in he wilderne
and ried o figure ou wha wa going on in he world now .
Of all he Grea Zmei, i i Gregornou who deire he
approval of he Hag he mo . He ecrely wached over her
reing place for year unil he finally roe . He doe no
remember any exience before anwering he call of Baba
Yaga ; a far a he i concerned, he brough him ino
exience . He would do anyhing o proec hi "moher",
hough he doe no ell he oher Zmei hi .

Aribue : Srengh 9, Dexeriy 6, Samina 8, Charima 2, Manipulaion 4, Appearance 0, Percepion 5,
Inelligence 3, Wi 4
Abiliie : Alerne 6, Ahleic 5, Brawl 5, Dodge 4,
Empahy 2, Inimidaion 6, Primal-Urge 5, Suberfuge 3,
Sealh 2, Enigma 3, Occul 5, Zmei Lore 7
Rage 7, Gnoi 10, Willpower 9
Power : Combuion Word (Illyana peak one word
and all hing wihin 20 yard of her bur ino flame including Garou . Garou mu roll heir Samina again a
difficuly 9 ; failure mean he Garou ake hree wound .
Thi damage i oakable, bu aggravaed. The problem i
ha, for he nex 10 urn, anyone wihin he 20 yard area
mu make hi roll each urn . Any combuible objec in
range will alo bur ino flame . Illyana mu pend wo
Gnoi poin o ue hi power .)
Image : Illyana i a erpen roughly 65 fee long . Her
cale are he color of he rainbow and parkle in ligh .
Roleplaying Noe: You are quie and deadly. If omeone puhe you oo far, or how a diinere in your ale,
blow hem up ; hey clearly have no ae . If omeone ak
you abou your race, you will gladly ell hem . I maer no
if hey ake hi knowledge o he grave . They will know
he honor of dying o a Zmei .
Background : Illyana i he lore keeper of he Zmei . She
live o collec orie abou he exploi her broher . She
alone among he Zmei eek ou he company of he oher .
She alone i welcome o vii any of he Zmei wihou
inviaion .
Her greae paion i he ale of grea bale and grea
decepion . She i ecrely glad ha Trevero i no ye
awake ; he find him o be poor company .
Illyana alone know he rue record of he figh wih he
Anediluvian vampire, and he alone know hi reing
place (or believe he doe . . .) She ha no revealed hi o
anyone, a i give her a ene of power he ha never before
held, and perhap give her an advanage hould hing ge
really bad.

Aribue : Srengh 11, Dexeriy 6, Samina 10, Charima 1, Manipulaion 5, Appearance 0, Percepion 6,
Inelligence 3, Wi 4
Abiliie : Alerne 5, Ahleic 5, Brawl 4, Dodge 5,
Empahy 5, Inimidaion 8, Primal-Urge 5, Suberfuge 4,
Sealh 3, Leaderhip 5, Enigma 5, Occul 4, Linguiic 2,
Area Knowledge (Ruia) 4, Area Knowledge (Umbra) 5
Rage 7, Gnoi 9, Willpower 10
Power : Commanding Gaze (Ruarin can gaze a a
vicim and caue him o freeze in place . He will be unable
o move for 10 round or a long a Ruarin are a him,
whichever i longer . The vicim may make a Willpower roll
oppoed by Ruarin' Willpower . He may no pend Will-

Rage Acro Ruia

power for auomaic uccee on hi roll . If ucceful,

hen he vicim can ac freely for one urn and every
addiional urn in which he pend a Willpower poin . If he
ha five uccee, hen he power i broken and will no
work on him again for anoher week . Ruarin mu pend
a Gnoi poin o ue hi power.)
Image : Ruarin i 80 fee long from head o ail . Her
cale are a deep blue, and hey himmer like apphire . Her
eye are hifing kaleidocope ha draw oher ino heir
gaze .
Roleplaying Noe : You are in command, le none of he
Zmei doub i . If hey do no doub your auhoriy, oher
will no queion i . Should a leer creaure offend you, ea
i. You are eager o how how powerful he Zmei are, for
hey are your roop, and heir power reflec on you and i
repreened in you . You wield he oher Zmei like weapon
and, wih he excepion of Shazear, hey are perfec ool .
Background : Ruarin i he leader of he Zmei . She ue
her kill and power o impoe her auhoriy upon he
oher . She i a good leader, and none of he Zmei reen
her, wih he excepion of Shazear and Trevero .
I wa Ruarin who fir anwered he call of Baba Yaga,
and he old he Hag he name of he oher . Ruarin
underand wha i i ha each of he oher Zmei repec .
She ha managed o keep heir repec and conrol hem .
She doe no like Baba Yaga anymore, for he reen he
Hag winning Gregornou' loyalie . Ruarin hink ha
leer Wyrm creaure hould defer o he Zmei .
Ruarin ill leep, alhough he binding i weak . Her
locaion i omewhere in Kazakhan, near he Aral Sea .

41 ,

Aribue : Srengh 9, Dexeriy 6, Samina 9, Charima 3, Manipulaion 5, Appearance 0 (3), Percepion 5,
Inelligence 5, Wi 6
Abiliie : Alerne 6, Ahleic 4, Brawl 4, Dodge 3 (4),
Empahy 4, Inimidaion 5, Sreewie 3, Suberfuge 5,
Drive 3, Melee 4, Sealh 3, Compuer 2, Enigma 5,
Linguiic 3, Occul 4, Science 1, Area Knowledge (Mocow) 2, Area Knowledge (Ruia) 3
Rage 5, Gnoi 6, Willpower 10
Power : Shapehif (Shazear i able o aume human
form . He appear a a very good looking young man in hi
lae wenie. He ha black hair, a medium build and gray
eye . The aribue in parenhee above for Shazear in hi
human form . Shazear alo doe no incie fear in human
form, nor can he fly .)
Image : Shazear i he malle of he Zmei . He i only 40
fee long, including hi ail . He i a hadowy gray wih
reflecive cale ha look like cryal . Hi eye glien and
move wih inelligence and cunning .
Roleplaying Noe : You are he mare of your kind he oher are moron! Baba Yaga i mar, hough, marer
han he le on . Tha make her even wore . You wan no
par of ha. The human ciie appeal o you more . They ay


Chaper Four: Enemie



he We ha even greaer ciie ; perhap you will go here

omeime .
Background : Afer he bale wih he ancien
Abimiliard wa over, he fir hing Shazear aw wa a
nomadic camp of human. He immediaely became facinaed wih he lile creaure and ook heir form o ge a
beer look . He liked wha he aw and ha had a facinaion
wih human ever ince .
Of all he Zmei, Shazear i he mo clever and reourceful. He ha on more han one occaion ricked he oher
ino doing wha he waned wihou hem realizing i . He i,
by naure, curiou and inighful .
Shazear ecaped he Silver Fang' hun of he Zmei
becaue hey never knew he exied . He ha carefully
hidden from hem for year, living among human in heir
ciie . He ha ome Gla Walker wondering abou him,
bu ha cleverly hrown hem off hi rail many ime.
Shazear ha come o love he way of he lile people . Of
all he Zmei, he i he mo likely o be urned from he pah
of he Wyrm and back o he pah of he Wyld, he Zmei'
original heriage . Due o hi long abbaical among human, he i no longer ucepible o Ruarin' command
or her are .
Gregornou found him afer Baba Yaga' awakening, bu
Shazear ha convinced him ha he ha only been awake for
a few year now ; if he oher Zmei were o know ha he
wandered for o many year wihou rying o free hem, he
migh no urvive heir anger .
Baba Yaga, hough, i he only being he ruly fear . He
erve her now, bu wan ou . Thi in' for ehical reaon ;
he ju can' and leahe anymore .

Aribue : Srengh 15, Dexeriy 6, Samina 12, Charima 0, Manipulaion 0, Appearance 0, Percepion 3,
Inelligence 1, Wi 4
Abiliie : Alerne 5, Ahleic 5, Brawl 7, Dodge 3,
Inimidaion 7, Primal-Urge 5, Enigma 5, Occul 4, Area
Knowledge (Ruia) 3, Area Knowledge (Umbra) 3
Rage 10, Willpower 8, Gnoi 7
Power : Poion Spray (Trevero can pew a ream of
highly oxic green poion from hi mouh . He mu make an
aack roll of Dexeriy + Ahleic, difficuly 7, and pend
one Gnoi poin . Anyone hi by hi pray ake eigh dice
of damage ; hi i oakable. The damage i aggravaed and
can only be healed by he Gif : Rei Toxin . Trevero can
pray a a repeaed aack ; ue he firearm rule from
Werewolf or he Werewolf Player' Guide .)
Image : Trevero i he large of he Zmei . He i 50 fee
long, no including hi ail, which reche anoher 20 fee.
Hi cale, wih erraed edge, are he color of freh blood .
To look upon Trevero i o look ino he face of rage .
Roleplaying Noe : You are filled wih anger and a
hunger for derucion . Why hould you op and alk when
your acion can ay o much more?


Background : Trevero i he ronge of he Zmei in

heer phyical power. He love he concep of derucion
and i a ervan of he Bea-of-War . He remember bearing
he Maelj in, Hellbringer, upon hi back in a war again he
Garou in he dian pa . He carrie hi memory and a
hared for he Garou o hi day .
When in comba, Trevero i ruhle and will decimae
large area ju o cach a ingle arge . When no in
comba, he i alway looking for a way o ge ino a figh .
In he year 1908, Trevero broke free from hi binding
pell . The reuling bale wih an Ukena, a pack of Silver
Fang and a mage reuled in he deah of over 20 Garou
nearby and he creaion of he Tungua Bla .
Since he renewal of he Rie of Draconic Binding,
Trevero i deeper aleep han he ha been in age . Even
Baba Yaga canno break he pell ha bind him . Bu
perhap here are ome unknown force ha could . . .

Awakening he Zmei
The binding rie performed o lay he Zmei o re are all
ancien, and heir power weaken wih each paing year .
Already, Gregornou ha been freed from hi bond and ha
releaed Ilyana . Goluko may follow oon, if he Black
Spiral ge heir way . A for Ruarin, he Zmei are ill
earching for her. She wa he la o be pu down, o no one
know where he lie . A oon a he i found, hough, he
Zmei are ure o figure a way o free her . Trevero i he only
one who ha lile chance of riing oon, a hi pell wa
renewed in 1908 . However, he following mehod may be
able o releae him :
The Rie of Draconic Liberaion : Thi i a Black Spiral
Dancer rie, developed hrough year of reearch and piece
of knowledge eized from Garou anceor piri who once
knew he Rie of Draconic Binding. However, only wo
Black Spiral know hi rie, and hey were boh devoured
by Goluko a hey ca i (ee Chaper Five, "The Sleeper
Awaken") . Wheher or no anoher Black Spiral i around
who know hi rie i he Soryeller' deciion .
Paradox : In ome pecial inance, he effec of Paradox can deroy he binding . Such wa he cae wih
Gregornou . However, he rie i, meaphyically peaking,
"aic" or "coincidenal" magick. Only when i ha been
weakened hrough year of neglec will Paradox affec i .
See Mage : The Acenion for more informaion on Paradox .
Vampiric Thaumaurgy : Baba Yaga know many dread
rie unknown o any oher vampire . I wa he, long ago,
who ummoned he Zmei ino he world . She can alo
ummon hem back ou . However, he canno direcly
oppoe he Rie of Draconic Binding . She mu indirecly
aack i hrough oher mean . She know ha, ince Garou
magic made he rie, Garou magic can undo i . If he can ge
a Garou o ca a Rie of Caern Opening on he ie of a
buried Zmei, he i convinced ha he can ake he power

Rage Acro Ruia

pen for ha purpoe and urn i inead oward aacking
he Zmei' magical bond .
The problem i convincing he Garou o creae a caern
on uch a upec ie . A oon a he dicover where
Ruarin lie, he will e plan in moion o lure Garou
here, where he will plan fale evidence of a lo caern .
When he foolih Garou gaher o build heir preciou
place of power, he will be here o ake all he power hey
end ou and ue i for her own greaer end .

he 61aba yagA
When Ruia wa young, o, oo, wa Baba Yaga . A Ruia
grew in power, o, oo, did Baba Yaga . A Ruia became
corrup, o, oo, did Baba Yaga . . .
- Silver Fang proverb
Bu you, my beloved, will belong o our moher, he damp
earh .
- Peer Kvahin, "Dear Broher"
There are many ale old in Ruia of he dreaded Baba
Yaga . Many of hee legend conflic wih each oher.
Some Galliard ay ha if even a few of hee orie are
correc, Baba Yaga i cerainly omehing o fear . Re
aured, many of he orie are rue . . .
Of hee orie, here i one which i omeime old by
hoe who know more han a lile of he ruh behind he
mak of hiory . Even hi ory i upec ; any who could

verify i ruh have eiher perihed long ago or no longer

peak .
Long ago, when he fir eed of corrupion wa own in he
land of Ruia, i wa no he Garou who reied i, bu a
powerful earh priee called Baba Yaga . Her magic wa linked
o he land ielf, and he land wa Baba Yaga . Baba Yaga ued
her power o help her people live in harmony wih he land and
he piri .
Wihin he ime of Baba Yaga' life, an inviible enemy came
o Ruia . I wa a long ime before hi evil became known o he
people, bu he had been preying upon hem for a while . Baba
Yaga wen o confron hi evil hing of he nigh, a vampire who
drank he blood of he living . She wa arled when he aw him,
for he wa ruly hideou . Never before had he een uch
ugline, and he could no allow i o reide in Ruia . She hurled
corn a him, admonihing him for hi foul look and demanding
ha he leave her land .
Abimiliard, he fir of he Noferau clan, wa ye again
purned by moral for hi ragic face . He wore ha hi earh
priee, hi Baba Yaga, would regre her remark . He lunk
away from her, leing her believe he had driven him off.
The nigh of he nex moon, he came for her . She pu up a
grea figh, bu even her mighie magick could no low he nigh
creaure' march oward her . She called up he piri of ree
and ream, and he land cried wih every ep he vampire ook .
Her hand hone like he un, burning hi dead fleh . The wind
proeced her, hough he vampire ripped ree from heir roo o
hrow a her . The old one wihered before her, and hi anguihed

Chaper Four : Enemie


form burned . He creamed hi rage and ill he did no le up,

for he knew ha if he releaed uch a creaure, he would die .
The old one only miled . Then he wa gone .
He had vanihed wihou race . Baba Yaga dared o hope i
wa her doing, ha her magick had deroyed him .
The very animal of he fore hen urned again her . The
ame creaure ha had helped her in he pa now hrew
hemelve again her . She urned o run, for he had never
experienced uch berayal . She ran raigh ino he vampire'
arm and wa oon locked in an iron embrace .
Wihou peakinga word, he old one old her of good and evil .
He old her how he had earched he world for one worhy of hi
power and ha he had finally found her . He old her of how he
would erve him . Togeher hey would rule Ruia . He hen gave
her deah and darkne, pain and new life .
Baba Yaga woke he nex nigh wih he old one iingnearby .
She ried o run, bu wih a ingle word, he opped her from
leaving . She knew her mind wa no her own, and her body no
longer coured wih life . She fel her ie o he land begin o
weaken . The old one miled, and he recoiled in digu .
She reached inide herelf and began he Summoning . In her
mind, he could feel he land rebel again hi, begging her no
o do uch a hing . Ye all he waned wa he derucion of hi
vampire who had made her le han human .
The old one did no move . He wa ranfixed by her word
a he called upon he darkne . The Zmei anwered her call,
irring in he deph of Malfea . One by one, hey ore hrough
he fabric of realiy, decending from he nigh ky .
A Baba Yaga' command, hey e upon he old one, bu hi
cunning far oumached heir . A powerful a hey were, hey
were weak from heir journey ino hi world and unwie in i
way . He creaed figmen of himelf in heir mind and en
hem caering o he far corner of Ruia o find her .
Baba Yaga aw hi and wep . She knew he vampire would
make her hi lave, a hrall o hi deire . She could no bear o
conemplae hi . Once more he reached ino he darkne, and
hi ime, he brough forh all ha he feared .
A pac wa made wih Kohchei, he Talon of he Wynn . I
wa freed by he will of Baba Yaga . Kohchei epped forward o
bale he old one, and Baba Yaga fled in fear . She ran from he
maelrom on he balefield .
There are no winee o he bale, for he very piri of he
local land had been deroyed in heir figh o ave Baba Yaga he
nigh before . Epic and legend recoun gloriou blow delivered
by boh ide, and cunning decei made by boh conean . No
one know for ure wha happened . All ha i known i ha
Kohchei reurned, and Abimiliard wa never een again .
Baba Yaga knew ha he old one did no reide in Ruian oil,
for he land ielf old her ha . Bu he land wep, for he grea
Baba Yaga now owed her exience o Kohchei . Tha wa he
pac .
In chooing o figh her fae and rei he vampire, he had
doomed he land . Now Kohchei, one of he Talon of he
Wyrm, wa free in he land . Corrupion had aken hold in
Ruia .


Baba Yaga knew ha he could never urn back . She had

choen o live when he ime had come for her o die ; now
he wa immoral . She had broken all her vow o he earh,
and he earh urned away from her. Baba Yaga lo her
power of magick and gained new power inead . She knew
many ecre of he land, and hee would work o her
advanage again many enemie in he year o come .
Baba Yaga can ill feel he pain of he earh, and he
know ha much of hi i her faul . She believe he i
beyond redempion and play he par of he ogre . If he
canno be aved, he will rule in her damnaion, bu deep
wihin her oul, he crie for her lo . She would dearly love
o heal her land . Thi i why he will never hur a ruly
innocen peron .
Becaue of her pac, he now owe Kohchei- and he
Wyrm . She i working o bring him back from he pell
ha now bind him, pell placed by he cured Bogayr of
old .
She i ill one wih he land, hough he ie i weakened
now, and he mu rob he land o ca her mo powerful
pell. She ha alway een herelf and Ruia a one ; he
ee he new corrupion of he land a a manifeaion of her
own piri . Thi revelaion hur her .
However, here are hoe who whiper ha hi ale i
pread by Baba Yaga herelf, o ha her enemie will piy
her and perhap faler if hey are ever in a poiion o deliver
her deahblow . Whiper ell of how Baba Yaga wa no
Embraced by he Noferau Anediluvian, bu roe o
power inead hrough cannibalim : diablerie of her own
kind .
Baba Yaga will admi weakne o no one, and he
demand repec from everyone around her . If he i no
given ha repec, he will kill he offender. There are no
econd chance wih he Baba Yaga .
She i fond of children becaue he ee hem a pure . She
will no direcly aack a child unle i how ome corrupion (hi include rude behavior) . If he child i corrup,
he will kill i before i can grow o furher corrupion . She
kill mo creaure by wallowing hem whole .

Z aba gaga
Sire : Abimiliard
Clan : Noferau
Naure / Demeanor : Bravo / Ploer
Generaion : 4h
Embrace : 5000 BC
Apparen Age : a lea 200
Aribue : Srengh 8, Dexeriy 6, Samina 9, Charima 6, Manipulaion 6, Appearance 0, Percepion 7,
Inelligence 9, Wi 7
Abiliie : Alerne 4, Brawl 7, Inimidaion 8, Suberfuge 5, Animal Ken 4, Eiquee 6, Pilo (Morar and Pele) 7,
Sealh 4, Survival 6, Alchemy 8, Area Knowledge (Ruia) 9, Inveigaion 3, Linguiic 3, Medicine 3, Occul 9

Rage Acro Ruia

Dicipline : Animalim 7, Aupex 7, Celeriy 3, Dominae 8, Foriude 8, Obfucae 7, Poence 7, Preence 8,

The General are ome of he mo fearome of Baba

Yaga' creaure . They are never called by heir real name ;

Thaumaurgy 9, Proean 3

each army call i leader "The General" . Becaue of hi

Virue : Concience 0, Self-Conrol 2, Courage 4

pracice, he Garou miakenly hink ha he rouble

Humaniy : 0

plaguing hem are he work of one peron called "The

Willpower : 10

General". Thi i an illuion ha he General wih o


Meri / Flaw : Ea Food, Manion (he chicken hu),

Occul Library / Monrou
Canno harm a oally viruou peron (One who poee Concience 5, Humaniy 10 and eiher True Faih 5+

The General work well ogeher ; doing oherwie would

incur he wrah of Baba Yaga . A wih all organizaion,
however, here i bierne wihin hem and conflic
beween hem . Baba Yaga allow hi becaue he feel i
keep her roop on edge . They are alway looking for he

or Golconda)
Derangemen : Deluion of Grandeur

be way o gain her favor .

Blood Pool / Max per urn : 50 / 10

Image : The mo hideou hag imaginable- eigh fee
all, four-inch iron claw, harklike iron fang, ringy hair,
gnarled gray fleh covered in boil, eye laced wih caarac
and a long wary noe .

The Army of he ;ligh

Thi i Baba Yaga' main coningen of vampire . They

Roleplaying Noe : You are he mo powerful orcere

furher her poliical goal and carry ou her ciy-baed

operaion . They alo help parol he Shadow Curain by

on Earh and he ruler of he Moherland . Men, oher

Kindred and even Garou are cale o auage your ravenou

conrolling he red ape proce needed o ge over he

border .

hunger (and you are o hungry) . You are generally coare

and crochey, bu you hide a errible cunning wihin and
enjoy playing ca and moue game wih your prey . You
repec poliene, and if a leer being can and o gaze
upon he abominaion ha i your face and humbly refer o
you a "Lile Grandmoher", you migh pare hem . . . and
hen again you migh no.
Haven : Baba Yaga live in a magical hu, her "chicken
hu" . Thi peaan hovel ha wo gian chicken leg for
walking hrough he wood, moving anywhere Baba Yaga
like . The inide of hi hu i much larger han he ouide .
Who know how many room i ha inide?
Morar and Pele : Baba Yaga flie abou he kie in a
large morar, which he eer wih a gian pele .

The Army of he Nigh i lead by Vikor, a powerful

vampire who allow no room for error in himelf or oher .
Vikor wa a ervan of Baba Yaga before he enered orpor,
and hi coninued loyaly o her ha earned him a pecial
poiion in he eye of he Hag . Hi loyaly i unqueioned
and unqueioning . Rumor ha i ha he ripped hi own
childe apar for failing o how he proper repec for Baba
Yaga in her abence .
The Army of Nigh i compoed of nearly 25 vampire,
including Vikor.

Uikor, General of he
Army of he Pligh
Sire : Unknown
Clan : Gangrel

he General

Naure / Demeanor : Gallan / Conformi

When Baba Yaga awakened, he refued o believe ha

Generaion : 6h

he world a he knew i had changed . Thee piiful crea-

Embrace : 3 BC

ure called vampire would no conrol her land . (How

dare hey even hink i!) No one would doub her conrol

Apparen Age : lae 20

of Ruia - her Ruia. Mo imporanly, he could no le

her enemie have he power o figh her .
Baba Yaga declared war on he re of he world .
She ummoned back her immoral minion, he vampire he had ired ha were ill in he world . She emped
and recruied new ervan, boh moral and upernaural .
Her power grew .

Abiliie : Alerne 5, Ahleic 5, Brawl 6, Dodge 4,

Inimidaion 5, Leaderhip 4, Suberfuge 5, Drive 3, Firearm 4, Melee (Sword) 5, Securiy 4, Sealh 6, Survival 6,
Bureaucracy 4, Inveigaion 2, Linguiic 4, Poliic 3,
Garou Lore 2

Once again, Baba Yaga conrolled legion of ervan .

She hen divided her ervan ino group, and o each
group, he appoined a leader . Thee leader were he mo
powerful and loyal of he ervan Baba Yaga had a her
command . A he group coninued o grow in ize, hey
graned hemelve he ile of "army" and called heir
leader "general" .

Aribue : Srengh 5, Dexeriy 7, Samina 7, Charima 2, Manipulaion 3, Appearance 2, Percepion 6,

Inelligence 5, Wi 4

Dicipline : Obfucae 4, Foriude 3, Animalim 3,

Celeriy 4, Aupex 2, Preence 4, Proean 7
Virue : Concience 1, Self-Conrol 5, Courage 5
Humaniy : 4
Willpower : 10
Blood Pool / Max per urn : 30 / 6

Chaper Four: Enemie


Image : A all, dark man of good build . Hi body i in

perfec hape . Hi glare i inene and commanding, he
kind of gruff official who can bend he rule o hi own will .
Roleplaying Noe : You are old and ired, bu you erve
Baba Yaga wih a zeal reerved for fanaic. Your ervice o
her i he only hing prevening you from going ino he
earh for re . If an enemy i no Garou, you how i no
mercy . Werewolve, hough, hould a lea be given a
Background : Vikor ha been Blood Bound o Baba
Yaga from a houand year before her orpor. He ha waied
all hi ime o erve her again . He i powerful, and he year
have augh him much abou comba and urvival . He ha
maered boh .
The only hing ha rival hi love for Baba Yaga i hi
repec for he Garou . In anoher life, perhap, he could
have befriended hem . Depie hi order, he omeime
how leniency o he Garou in bale . Baba Yaga doe no
know of hi, and he would no be pleaed o dicover
Dmiri' failing .
Quoe : "Tha will imply no do, lile one . I rule here ."

The Army of Converion

Known alo a he Army of Corrupion, hi legion i in
charge of recruiing new follower for Baba Yaga . All ype
of creaure can be found under heir conrol: piri, Bane
and werewolve are he mo numerou .
Thi army e he loyaly of new recrui before ending
hem o anoher army for acion . They give each recrui a
baery of e deigned o deermine one hing : loyaly o
Baba Yaga . The mo powerful or imporan recrui are
Blood Bound by Baba Yaga herelf . The final e for
recrui i looking ino he eye of he piri acing a he
General of he Army of Converion . If he recrui i found

diloyal by he piri, he i ripped apar by he army roop,

who hen fea on he body .
Elder of he Garou lamen he number of warrior who
have been lo o corrupion in hee ime . They wonder
how hi can be . The anwer i imple : Baba Yaga doe no
like he ecological derucion her land ha uffered and
wan o correc i . To hi end, he epecially wan o
recrui Garou o her ide . The Army of Converion recruier offer powerful incenive o any who would join . Bu
mo of all, hey have convinced many Garou ha, when
he Apocalype rear i head, Baba Yaga will be on heir
ide . She doen' wan he world deroyed . If he did, how
could he rule i? No Garou wan o be on he loing ide,
and many join he army wih hope of winning .
The Army of Converion i lead by he piri known a
Typhon . When manifeing in hi world, he appear a a
black hunderhead wih eye of crackling yellow lighning .
Typhon can look ino he piri of hoe brough before him
and know heir loyaly o Baba Yaga . Thi abiliy ha
proven very ueful o he Hag . She wihe he could do he
ame for Typhon, for he i unure of hi rue allegiance .
Typhon i an Incarna of he Toem family . A uch, he
i more powerful han hi characeriic could reflec .
However, he i ill of mall au a a oem ; he ha no
realm of hi own, bu mu hare a porion of Grandfaher
Thunder' realm.
Typhon i a deceiful piri who i ou for heer power . To
hi end, he i playing boh ide of he field . Many Shadow
Lord pack, impreed wih hi power, have choen him a
heir oem . If he Garou were o dicover hi acion, hey
would diown him and even go o far a o realiae wih all
hey had . If a group of heroe found evidence of Typhon'
reachery, and poiioned Grandfaher Thunder o ac
again Typhon, Typhon would be deroyed . For Typhon'
Toem aiic, ee he Appendix .
The Army of Converion include, Typhon, wo corruped Garou, hree Skrag, one Pychomachia and one
Enicer fomori .

he Army of War
Thi i Baba Yaga' comba force . They are capable of
converging on a locaion, eing up command channel
and aauling arge in a maer of hour . The army
coni mainly of ained Garou and Black Spiral Dancer .
There are alo ome fomori and Bane . The Army of War,
along wih he Zmei, i reponible for draining he caern .
During one of hi army' fir miion- an aack on a
Red Talon caern- a commanding fomor wen again
Baba Yaga' order, ignoring her acical advie . A Black
Spiral Dancer, Snap-a-Shadow, aacked he commander
and killed him afer her pack wa wiped ou for he fomor'
idiocy . A reacherou Bane immediaely repored he "muiny" o Baba Yaga . Upon hearing he Bane accue her,
Snap-a-Shadow aw red and wen ino a frenzy rage,
earing he Bane apar .

Rage Acro Ruia

When he regained conrol of herelf, he realized in

horror ha, in her frenzy, he had ruck Baba Yaga . The
ancien vampire appeared compleely unharmed and miled
a Snap-a-Shadow . Before he could apologize and beg
for her life, he Ahroun wa rewarded wih he command of
he Army of War .
The Army of War i made up of five pack of Black Spiral
Dancer (31 oal), hree renegade Penex Fir Team (6
fomori, 9 highly rained human), one newly formed pack
of Garou Ronin (4 oal), one Brujah vampire (bound o
Baba Yaga) and 10 Ghoul (furnihed wih blood by he
Brujah) . Occaionally, Sovie miliary uni are dominaed
ino aiding miion, alhough he upernaural force i
kep ou of heir igh .

Army of (Depair
Thi army, if i can be called an army, i he malle
coningen . I i alo he mo poen . The Army of Depair
coni of hree awakened Zmei : Gregornou, Shazear and
Illyana . The Army of Depair i led by Gregornou, a lea
unil Ruarin i freed .
Thi army ha hree primary funcion : he draining of
caern, he earch for heir leeping broher and he earch
for Kohchei' Soul Egg . They have been quie ucceful a
he fir ak, bu a complee failure a he la wo .
So far, Baba Yaga ha been pleaed wih he Zmei' caern
raiding, bu if hey do no find Kohchei' egg oon, he
erpen may find ha Baba Yaga' fang can penerae even
heir hick hide .

The Army of he Arcane

The Army of he Arcane i he only facion of Baba
Yaga' force ha i no vulnerable o inernal dipue . The
army coni of mage he ha convered o her ide ; mo
of hem are Blood Bound .
They have one major duy : he upkeep and gradual
renghening of he Shadow Curain . They have alo been
called upon o aid he Army of Depair in finding Kohchei,
bu o far, ha earch ha revealed nohing .
Joeph Sranvich i he leader of he Army of he
Arcane . He i a Celeial Choru mage devoed o old
Ruia and he power of he Orhodox Church . He ha
fallen under he hrall of Baba Yaga, and he ha convinced
him ha anyhing he doe for her aid he greaer glory and
power of he Church . Hi mind ha become o poioned by
hi lie ha he ha ummoned a demon called Bezariel, he
"Blood Angel," o become he General of he Army of he
Void .
Many of he mage in he Army of he Arcane ee hi
war a heir perfec chance o break down aic realiy and
allow ome dynamim back in . Only Baba Yaga i powerful
enough o aid hem in hi, or o hey believe . Baba Yaga
doe no wan hi . Defeaing aic realiy would only
empower poenial enemie of her .

The Army of he Arcane include a Chanry of hree

Celeial Choru mage (including Sranvich), one
Dreampeaker mage and a Chanry of four Verbena .

Tamara Anareeva
Naure / Demeanor : Viionary / Fanaic
Eence (*) : Dynamic
Tradiion (*) : Verbena
Aribue : Srengh 2, Dexeriy 3, Samina 3, Charima 4, Manipulaion 4, Appearance 3, Percepion 2,
Inelligence 2, Wi 3
Abiliie : Alerne 3, Ahleic 2, Brawl 2, Dodge 1,
Expreion 4, Sreewie 2, Suberfuge 4, Animal Ken 1,
Drive 2, Firearm 3, Leaderhip 3, Sealh 2, Survival 3,
Herbalim 3, Linguiic 3 (Ruian, Englih, French),
Medicine 2, Occul 4 (Verbena magick), Poliic 1, Riual
2 (Ruian Verbena)
Background : Allie 3, Avaar 2, Conac 3
Sphere* : Correpondence 2, Force 3, Life 3, Prime 1,
Spiri 2
Willpower : 7
Aree* : 4
Quineence* : 10
Paradox* : 6
(* Thee are aiic from Mage : The Acenion. For
impliciy, aume ha Tamara' magick allow her o heal
wound (like Moher' Touch) or dieae, ca elemenal
effec like fire, wind or elecriciy, ene hing a grea
diance, peak wih piri and aler her appearance . Her
Dice Pool for hee effec i 4 if he effec i "coincidenal",
i .e ., hey could conceivably occur naurally, or 3 if he effec
i "vulgar" or obviouly upernaural . Aume her difficuly
for hee fea o be 7 or o, depending on wha he i
aemping . Noe ha mage end o avoid "vulgar" magick
under mo circumance .)
Image : A hor young woman of medium build, wih
warhy kin, large brown eye and raigh black hair going
nearly o her wai . Tamara ha a firm, clear voice, and he
cu a more impoing figure han her heigh would ugge .
She dree in layer of peaan clohing and prefer a more
radiionally Ruian look o modern Weern fahion .
Tamara focue much of her magick hrough a dagger, a
gnarled wood wand or a pouch of herb which he caer
o he wind . Alhough only 24, her eye reflec a widom
beyond her year .
Roleplaying Noe : Year of hiding have augh you o
be careful . Sranger are no o be rued, and ecre mu
no be freely given away . Cover your doub wih an
enigmaic air, implying ha you know far more han you
acually do . A a Verbena, you have a keen ene of he
acred in he mid of he carnal . Go wih your ininc, bu
alway leave an ecape roue behind you . You have alway
rued he piri of he land above everyhing ele, bu
now you've found ha even hey are no o be rued .

Chaper Four: Enemie


Background : Tamara' grandmoher, a vednaa named

Andreeva, wa aken away by he KGB . Young Tamara
wore o carry on he old woman' eaching . Andreeva'
coven, he Volinchaya, found her and learned of her
poenial . Tamara oon Awakened o he poibiliie of
magick, learned he way of mage and ook her
grandmoher' mage name a her own . A Glano looened he bond on Ruian ociey, he Volinchaya ook up
freedom' caue, encouraging local folk o look ahead o a
new era while embracing he piriualiy of he old Ruia . . .
a very old Ruia .
The coven wa huned by he KGB, bu hid ou in
Siberia . They lowly pread he worhip of he Earh, he
blood and he piri . Tamara' oraory kill and naural
charima brough many conver ino he fold .
When Grandmoher Ruia appeared and poke o he
vedna, he convinced hem of wha hey mu do o aid he
Moherland . The cabal channeled heir effor and energie ino weaving he Shadow Curain, waching for ouider
and picking off he occaional KGB agen .
The Volinchaya are popular wih he people of heir
region, bu Tamara i uneay . In her dream, he ee a
wied hadow land where gho haun he leep of he
weak . Though devoed o Grandmoher Ruia, Tamara
ha begun o doub her coven' acion. If omeone can
provide Tamara wih proof ha her acion did more harm
han good o he land, he migh become a crucial ally .

The Army of The Voia

Nex o he Army of Depair, hi i Baba Yaga' malle
army, bu i i growing . I coni of he darke and mo
foreign of piri, all under he command of Bezariel, a
demon .
Their ak i o capure piri and uck heir energy from
hem, all for Baba Yaga o conume in her Thaumaurgy
rie or feed o her Zmei . I i rare o encouner hi army,
a i mainly reide and operae on he oher ide of realiy
in dark realm of he Umbra .
Baba Yaga i no o foolih a o hink her demon doe
no have i own agenda . She imply work wih i for he
momen, wih he realizaion ha he iuaion may no
la. The demon doe i job wih enhuiam and efficiency, bu Baba Yaga ha no ye been able o divine i
own inere .
Bezariel himelf i a beauiful creaure wih a face ha
command ru and hough of innocence . Thi imply
make hi painful aenion all he wore for hi vicim .
He i never alone and alway ravel in he company of he
four minion he ha creaed . Thee creaure are called
They appear a all, lender, humanoid hadow . Each
one wear a dark gray robe and carrie a long, lender word .
Alhough he word appear fragile, and migh break on
conac, hey have proven o douber on more han one


Rage Acro Ruia



occaion ha hey are comba worhy . Anyone hreaening

Bezariel will dicover ju how effecive hey are .
The Fade can urn inviible any ime hey chooe . Some
Garou ini ha he Fade do no become inviible, bu
acually ceae o exi . Whaever he cae, even when
Bezariel i apparenly alone, hi Fade are near .

G.>'ezariel, "The Ooo) Angel"

Aribue : Srengh 9, Dexeriy 8, Samina 7, Charima 4, Manipulaion 6, Appearance 8, Percepion 5,
Inelligence 8, Wi 8
Abiliie : Ahleic 5, Brawl 5, Dodge 5, Suberfuge 5,
Inimidaion 5, Melee (Sword) 4, Performance 3, Sealh 6,
Survival 4, Occul 8, Torure 9
Rage 7, Willpower 10, Gnoi 10
Healh Level : Bezariel ha 13 wound level a follow :
ok/ok/-1/-1 /-1/- l /-2/-2/-2/-3/-3/-4/incapaciaed .
Bezariel ha phyical form (Phyical Aribue and Healh
Level) in he Umbra ; he i no a piri, bu a ype of
creaure made of boh piri and maer .
Power : Telepor (Bezariel can move o any place he
can ee in he blink of an eye . He mu concenrae lighly
o do o ; a a reul, any acion aken ju afer eleporing
i a +2 difficuly for him . Teleporing ake one acion .)
Demaerialize (Wih one round of concenraion, Bezariel
can imply ceae o exi for all inen and purpoe . Only
magick, rie or riual may effec a demaerialized demon .)
Creae Fade (Bezariel can creae up o four bodyguard .
I ake one full day and nigh o make each Fade . The
living body of a upernaural or Awakened creaure i
required (a werewolf, mage, fomori, ec . ; vampire or zombie canno be ued, a hey are already dead) . The proce
i exceedingly painful and reul in he infuion of cerain
power and he removal of all idenify and ene of elf .
Saiic for Fade are lied below .)
Spiri Sore (hi power allow Bezariel o ore he
energy from i vicim for Baba Yaga . The demon kill he
piri and ore he piri eence (Power or Gnoi) in a
mall, gla phere, which begin o glow once full . I
amazed Bezariel ha one could imply walk ino an Earhly
ore and purchae hundred of hee valuable gla phere .)
Deec Eence (Bezariel can deec any piri nearby
ha ha Power or Gnoi.)
Summon Sword (Bezariel and hi Fade can call heir
word ino exience from nowhere . The ummoned word
i very long and hin, averaging five fee in lengh and one
inch in widh . In darkne, hey glow a pale blue . They are
magical and inflic aggravaed damage . Bezariel ummon a
ronger word han hi Fade ; hi word doe Srengh + 4
damage . The word ceae o exi if dropped or e down,
and i canno be given away . I ake no ime o ummon a
word .)

Regenerae (Bezariel recover one wound level per round .

He can alo oak aggravaed wound wih hi Samina .)
Image : The mo beauiful young man imaginable .
Roleplaying Noe : You are a maer of orure . I i one
of he only pleaure lef for you . You alo enjoy waching
oher look a you wih a mixure of awe and dread . You are
dreadful, even more dreadful han hey upec .
You repec Baba Yaga, a creaure of evil wih a purpoe .
Perhap repec i he wrong erm. Afer all, he ha he
power o kill you, bu you will no le ha happen .
You alway mile your weee ju a you are abou o
kill . You are he Blood Angel, he killer wih he face of
innocence . They have every reaon o be afraid . . .

Aribue : Srengh 4, Dexeriy 5, Samina 5, Charima 0, Manipulaion 0, Appearance 1, Percepion 3,
Inelligence 2, Wi 4
Abiliie : Alerne 5, Ahleic 2, Brawl 3, Dodge 3,
Inimidaion 4, Melee (Sword) 5, Sealh 6
Healh Level : Fade do no feel pain of any or . The
reul i a Healh char ha appear a follow : fine/fine/
fine/fine/-1/-1/-1/-1/-3/-3/-3/-5/incapaciaed .
In order o kill a Fade, Bezariel mu fir be incapaciaed . Should he Fade reach incapaciaed, i will remain
o unil he nex nigh, when i will arie and begin o
regenerae .
Power : Demaerialize, Telepor, Summon Sword
Shadow Meld (a Fade become inviible whenever i
ener a man-ized or larger hadow ; he hadow mu be
Silence (Fade are upernaurally quie creaure . They
make no ound when hey walk, and even in comba, no
ound i made when a fade rike a blow .)
Regenerae (Fade recover one wound level per round
unle hey are in direc harh ligh .)
Noe : Fade are creaed from he ill living bodie of
upernaural creaure . They generally have he Phyical
Aribue of he creaure from which hey were made . If
he bae creaure ha muliple form, uch a a werewolf, i
will alway appear in i human form and never hapehif
again .
All of Bezariel' Fade are former Ge of Fenri Garou .
They were unforunae enough o encouner he demon
ju afer hi fir vii o Baba Yaga .
Roleplaying Noe : You do no peak . You ee everyhing around you . You wach. You wai . When i i allowed,
you kill . Tha i all . To do more i o remember, and o
remember i o live i all again . You wach . You wai .

he Eye
The Eye keep Baba Yaga informed of everyhing ha
goe on. Everyhing . The Eye are a group of Baba Yaga'
childer and ghoul who are fanaically loyal o her. They are

Chaper Four: Enemie


pread hroughou her armie, pying on her follower .

Image : An exremely ugly old man who i ill in good

They ue heir power of informaion gahering o warn her

hape. He hide hi face behind an upurned collar, dark

of any hrea . Nohing ecape hem . They are upervied

glae and a large ha .

by Baba Yaga' own child, Sergei Vohkov, and hey are all
a ruhle a he i .

Roleplaying Noe : You are he childe of one he mo

powerful vampire on he face of he earh . Your loyaly o

Through he ue of her Eye, Baba Yaga keep her people

your ire i unwavering, becaue nohing offer you a good

in line and wache her enemie . No one in he world i afe

an opporuniy o wield power a doe your curren unlife .

from her pying, lea of all he Garou .

You are inherenly upiciou of everyone who work wih

you . Only your mo rued agen know anyhing more
han hey aboluely need o know . You will allow nohing

Sergei Vohkou,
The Eye of dSaba gaga

o op your dominance of Ruia .

Background : The hadowy cheboard of Cold War

Sire : Baba Yaga

Europe wa he omping ground of many powerful player .

Clan : Noferau

In he epionage communiy, one man bore he mark of

Naure / Demeanor : Fanaic / Aui

Generaion : 5h

diincion . Sergei Vohkov wa a premiere KGB agen and

eaily he mo viciouly effecive py in he buine . Wih

Embrace : 1991

he MI5, he CIA and variou oher agencie cloe on hi

Apparen Age : 68

heel, he maer py lid hrough every obacle in hi way,

leaving a wake of diappearance and brual murder . In an

Aribue : Srengh 5, Dexeriy 4, Samina 4, Charima 3, Manipulaion 5, Appearance 0, Percepion 5,

exploive world of brualiy and arociy, Sergei Vohkov

Inelligence 4, Wi 6

wa clearly he wor .

Abiliie : Alerne 5, Ahleic 3, Brawl 4, Dodge 4,

Vohkov wa already a legendary figure by he lae 1980 .

Inimidaion 6, Leaderhip 5, Suberfuge 5, Animal Ken 1,

Drive 4, Eiquee 3, Firearm 5, Melee 3, Securiy 5,

Rumor abounded concerning hi nefariou exploi . Unforunaely, Sergei never lef eyewinee capable of relaing

Sealh 5, Survival 3, Bureaucracy 3, Inveigaion 6, Lin-

any informaion . Wih he new decade came change-

guiic 5, Occul 1, Poliic 5

draic, dreaded change . Tha damnable Gorbachev kow-

Dicipline : Obfucae 7, Poence 4, Dominae 4, Foriude 2, Aupex 4, Celeriy 1, Thaumaurgy 1, Animalim 4,

Virue : Concience 0, Self-Conrol 5, Courage 5

Willpower : 10
Blood Pool / Max per urn : 30 / 6

KGB . Hi once powerful vehicle of depraviy and error wa

no more. Reiremen offered lile for Sergei Vohkov .

Proean 2

Humaniy : 1

owed o he imperiali We and mohballed he mighy

Jaded by hi many year in he KGB, lile moved

Vohkov o emoion . Wih ome difficuly, he reained hi
digniy when he Hag maerialized ou of he hadowy
corner of hi elegan udy . In Ruia, one hear he ale
of Baba Yaga, bu ha doen' mean everyone believe
hem . The orie can be dimied a Tari babble or
peaan ignorance, bu nohing wa going o dimi he
Hag. Vohkov gahered hi digniy abou him, me her cold
malfeaan gaze and waied for her deadly iron claw o rend
hi body .
Inead of an agonizing deah, Vohkov received oohing word . She wa peaking o him . Her voice permeaed
hi oul wih he ound of cruhing rock, bu her word
gave him purpoe . She needed a General, omeone loyal o
he Rodina . The Moher of Ruia called for him o lead he
armie of he nigh, purging he old order and reoring he
land o he people . Vohkov' hunger for a purpoe conumed him. She offered a new vehicle, depie he horrible
co, ha could carry him for eerniy . Vohkov became her
childe .
Vohkov erve Baba Yaga hroughou hi ravel ; he i
her Eye . Hi formidable moral prowe in epionage and
warfare, combined wih he upernaural migh given him
by Caine make Sergei Vohkov a deadly opponen .
Quoe : "You canno hide, comrade . I will alway find
you .


Rage Acro Ruia



paymen. By he power of Baba Yaga and her berayal of

The Kohchei

Gaia, Kohchei he deahle came ino he world again .

Long ago, early in he war again Gaia, he Wyrm

Kohchei ecaped hi imprionmen and hurled himelf

reached ino he world o grap i . The valian Garou leap

forh a one and gnawed off he Wyrm' hand . The Wyrm

ino a bale again Abimiliard, he Noferau elder .

creamed and pulled i arm back, wihdrawing i hrough

a rif ino world where he Garou could no follow hem .

Alhough Abimiliard wa ired from hi bale wih he

Zmei, Kohchei wa no a he heigh of hi power, having
ju been releaed from hi enrapmen over he cenurie .
No one know he rue oucome of ha bale . Kohchei

The Garou fell upon he evered hand and ore i o piece,

bu hey could no deroy i uerly .

wa he only one o walk away from i, bu rumor ay ha

A he finger were bien off, hey quirmed away in

he and Abimiliard made a deal, a corrup pac, whereby

differen direcion, and he Garou pli up o chae afer

Abimiliard, who could oulive he earh, would free

hem . A each finger wa caugh and orn ome more, he

Kohchei from any ucceive imprionmen in he year o

alon came apar . When hey ouched he ground, hey

come . Thoe who have heard of uch a hing hudder o

reformed ino humanoid hape, and each one ran off in a

differen direcion . By hi ime, he Garou were oo ired

hink of hi pac, a pac which, if fulfilled, guaranee boh

he Apocalype and Gehenna .
Kohchei errorized Ruia for many year, and hi leg-

o ay on heir rail, and all he alon ecaped ino he

world .

end are ill old in ale oday . Bu Kohchei wa evenually

Over he pan of he year, he Talon reurned o caue

caugh and rapped again by he Silver Fang and bound

rouble . They were primal manifeaion of he Wyrm, he

again ino he Soul Egg .

phyical uff of i fir manifeaion in he world of

Wih he awakening of Baba Yaga, Kohchei ha gained

maer, and were hu almo inderucible by any force .

a limied form of awarene, hough he canno communi-

Bu he Garou were able, hrough grea fea and earh

cae wih he re of he world . Kohchei know he i

magic, o bind hem ino objec . The Garou ill ell he

ale of he Talon, caring cub around he campfire lae a

imprioned, and he know ha Baba Yaga will evenually

find him and free him .

nigh . They alo prepare he cub for he dreaded day

when a Talon migh break free of i binding objec .

If he locaion of he Soul Egg i dicovered, i will ill

ake ome ime o free Kohchei . However, when he i free,

One of he Talon i he Narlhu, he Talon ha

he world i in big rouble . Kohchei i he Talon of he

ecaped o he Norh and errorized he frozen world . I wa

Eaer-of-Soul, and a uch, he migh find a mehod o

finally bound ino a ar one fallen from he ky and

remain here o hi day . However, he one ha come ino

reurrec he Conumpion Wyrm, which would feed on all

he hand of he Black Spiral Dancer, who work zealouly


he oul of he world . Thi would be an Apocalype,

o free he Talon from i hell . (See Rie ofPaage for more

deail .) The Garou ay ha he Narlhu wa he humb

Treeing Kohchei

Talon, he claw of he Bea-of-War .

Anoher Talon, whoe name ha been forgoen, i
carefully guarded by he Sep of Bygone Viion, a Black
Fury caern in he Medieranean Sea . Almo no Garou in
he world oday know ha i i here, and no one know
which objec wihin he va horde kep by he ep conain he Talon .
There i debae over he number of Talon ; ome ay
here are five, bu oher argue ha, a wih dragon, he
Wyrm had only four finger, including he humb . Regardle, one (or wo) Talon have been forgoen by he world.

The freeing of Kohchei i almo guaraneed o evenually bring abou an Apocalype by eing off a chain of
even ha will free he oher Talon . The following
informaion i given for he Soryeller, alhough hing
hould never come o hi . I i no advied ha he
Soryeller allow Baba Yaga- or anyone- o find he Soul
Egg . I doe no how up on Sene Wyrm or any upernaural ene ; i i ju a gemone a far a crying i concerned .
A any poin in he age below, even can ill be
prevened by brave Garou and he proce can be haled .
Pray i i o .

The final, and in many way mo fearome Talon, i

Kohchei, he Fir Finger Talon, "He-Who-Poin" .


A Kohchei ecaped ino he world, he ran o he Ea,

o he land ha would become Ruia . Bu he wa oon
found by he greae of Gaia' children, he Silver Fang,
and hey bound Kohchei ino a gemone called he Soul
Egg, opping him from ever ravelling he world again.
Time paed, and he world changed . New evil and
corrupion conumed he land around Kohchei' egg .
Finally, Kohchei fel a ummon reach hrough he darkne, and Kohchei ook he offered pah and he offered

1 . Finding he Soul Egg

The gemone i in he poeion of a mall group of
Ukena Theurge in Siberia . Their only ak i o guard he
Soul Gem. They are aware ha Kohchei i irring, alhough hey do know he caue, which i Baba Yaga . I
could be oo lae when hey find ou . Even he re of he
Ukena do no know where hi mall ec of Baneender
live, and hey will be very hard o find .

Chaper Four: Enemie


2 . Cracking he Egg
Once he gemone ha been obained, cracking i i very
hard . Once Baba Yaga ha i, he can ue an ancien pell
ha only he know. However, i require fir bahing he
one in he blood of 10 Silver Fang heroe (each of Pure
Blood 4 or more) . Baba Yaga will overcome hi hurdle
when he ime come ; fir, he mu find he one .
There i a econd, much impler, mehod of cracking he
egg, alhough no one (no even Baba Yaga) know i . A
normal moral mu wallow he gem . Thi i, in fac, a
beer mehod, for no maer how he i freed, Kohchei will
need a moral body o poe . Should he gem be wallowed, he will have one ready .
3 . Kohchei i Free
Kohchei will need a body . A oon a Baba Yaga ha he
gemone, he will earch Ruia for he perfec body for
Kohchei . If hi i a werewolf, o be i . The body mu be
dead, bu in perfec condiion (frehly dead) . When
Kohchei i freed from he one, he will poe he body,
and i will become hi .
He will ill ake monh o grow o hi full power .
Nonehele, he i powerful a all age . Wihin he fir
hree monh, rea him a a very rong and agile ferecoi .
Wihin he nex eigh monh, hi connecion o he earh
will increae ; he will gain he power of a Wyrm elemenal,
one every wo monh, unil he command he abiliie of
all of hem . For he nex ixeen monh, he will regrow hi
power, gaining many Gif and piri Charm . A he end
of hi period, he will reach full power and can no longer
effecively be given game aiic .
Should Kohchei be freed wihou a body, he will ake
he form of an ugly, hor man and will be a weak a a
normal moral . I will ake him nine monh o grow a
ferecoi body and begin he growh age lied above .
During hi ime, he can be killed eaily .
Kohchei can be killed before he reache full power; he
mu hen begin he proce all over again .
4 . The Empy Egg
Even when free of he Soul Egg, Kohchei i ill conneced o i . The gem i linked o him in a pecial way, and
anyhing done o i will affec Kohchei . For hi reaon,
Baba Yaga will hide he gemone in a carefully guarded
place . However, he i afraid ha if he kep i on her
peron, he migh loe i . She will hide i in her chicken hu .
Anyhing done o he gemone will effec Kohchei, bu
he gemone i inderucible, and o Kohchei i deahle . A nuclear bla will no harm he one, alhough i
would ge very ho (uncomforably o for Kohchei) and
radioacive (making him dangerou o oher) .
Kohchei canno handle he gemone himelf; if he
ouche i, he loe hi power for a long a he remain in
conac wih i . He mu ru Baba Yaga o guard i for him .
The only way o ulimaely op Kohchei i o ake he
gemone o Malfea and hrow i ino he vorex here .

Rage Acro Ruia

However, once he gemone ener Malfea,<i will ac a


a beacon o every Bane here, who will figh o gain he gem

Shadow Cur am

hemelve . If i can be hrown o he vorex uccefully,

hen Kohchei will be deroyed, regardle of wheher he
reide in he one a ha ime or no .

n ing ou of ga, can occur . Thi i due o he

To enure ha hey do no loe heir conrol of he media

d ranporaion, Baba Yaga' force have been lowly
aking over he Ruian governmen by bribing official and

The gemone can alo be aken o he Aby, where i

oining heir memher o imporan poiion .

will diappear for good- or will i? The Ukena Theurge

have debaed hi for a long ime . The Aby i rumored o
be he dorman Eaer-of-Soul ; if Kohchei i in fac he
Talon of he Eaer-of-Soul, hen hrowing he gemone
no he Aby migh be diarou . No one can ay for
ure .. .

Dur a 5 yn' gorce

Baba Yaga' main compeiion for power in Rui
Durga Syn . She ha charged her children, he Ravno, wi
fighing he force of he encroaching "Awful Hag" . They
have been only moderaely ucceful in defeaing Baba

5 . The Chain Reacion

Kohchei i freed and allowed o gain power,


begin huning down and freeing he oher Talon . He will

find he Narlhu righ off, bu he oher may ake him a
while . He doe no, however, need a powerful rie o free
he Talon ; he can ue hi own hand .
Once he Talon are freed, hey will begin freeing all
manner of Bane (uch a he Caaclym in San Francico) .
Thi aciviy will probably awaken he leeping
Anediluvian (if hey exi) . Thi will bring abou one
verion of Gehenna .
I i no advied ha Soryeller le heir chronicle ge
o hi poin, unle hey wan o play ou one verion of he
Apocalype . If he player characer canno defea Kohchei
during any of he age, hen he Soryeller migh wan o

Yaga' m alfeaan horde .

While heir illuion are exremely powerful, hey are
very diorganized- Even wih Durga Syn, a powerful leader,
he Ravno are a hard lo o dicipline . In addiion, heir
cauion and repec for he Land of Ruia reric hea
from uing more derucive mehod .

Alhough he eparai ry no o be
volved in he
war beween Baba Yaga and Durga Svn, hey really erve
he facion ha ha -hem under i conrol
. For example, a
Venrue, who wa very proud of hi independence, erved
a an infanryman in a kirmih for Durga Syn . He wa
capured and en hick o he Ravno for a uicide aack .

hem play epecially powerful characer for one ory,

perhap including he premier Silver Pack of he Garou
Naion, who migh and a chance again he Kohchei
when oher have failed .

he Vampire
Like he Kindred of Europe, he Ruian vampire have
a ized hemelve ino rong alliance . However, hee
organizaion have lile o do wih he Camarilla, Sabba
or Inconnu . Inead, hey are loyal o an individual, eiher
Baba Yaga or Durga Syn, or are par of an independen
group of eparai .

G3aba J7aga' Force


enly, Baba Yaga' force conrol mo of Ruia .

They wan o iolae Ruia from he ouide world .

So far, hey have managed o gainconrol over he
media. They have prevened any repor of upernaural
aciviy from reaching he weern world or fromalering
Garou or Kindred ouide of Ruia o Baba Yaga' plan .

Their conrol over he media allow hem o know many

hing ha happen inide he counry .
They alo compleely conrol ranporaion boh ino
and ou of he counry, a well a ravel wihin he counry .
Am, Garou, Kindred or mage ha ry o leave he counry
uddenly dicover ha heir ranporaion will no cro
he border . Amazing "coincidence", uch a a car hrow-

Chaper Four. Enemie

Unforunaely, he did no perih immediaely, and hi viae

ufficed o heal he injured neonae .
Through hi Venrue' fae, hey have learned ha hey
are no rong enough o proec heir own blood . There i
a Ruian proverb- "a bird who i on he fence during a
bale ge ho ." The Ravno have found hi o be rue .
Slowly, he eparai have joined eiher one ide or he
oher. Their reaon vary, bu mo eiher join Baba Yaga o
rampage or ally wih Durga Syn o hide and hope for a way
ou of Ruia .

(Durga Syn
Sire : Unknown
Naure / Demeanor: Caregiver / Maryr
Generaion : 7h
Clan : Ravno
Embrace : A .D . 923
Apparen Age : 42
Aribue : Srengh 3, Dexeriy 5, Samina 5, Charima 6, Manipulaion 3, Appearance 4 (1), Percepion 4,
Inelligence 6, Wi 6
Abiliie : Alerne 6, Ahleic 3, Brawl 3, Dodge 3,
Empahy 4, Inimidaion 2, Leaderhip 4, Suberfuge 4,
Drive 1, Eiquee 2, Firearm 2, Melee 5, Securiy 4,
Sealh 4, Survival 6, Bureaucracy 2, Inveigaion 5, Linguiic 6, Occul 4, Poliic 2
Dicipline : Obfucae 6, Poence 2, Dominae 4, Foriude 6, Animalim 6, Chimerry 6, Thaumaurgy 3
Virue : Concience 3, Self-Conrol 4, Courage 5
Humaniy : 7
Willpower: 10
Blood Pool / Max per urn : 20 / 5
Roleplaying Noe : You are reponible for he people of
Ruia . You mu keep hem afe from he menace ha i
Baba Yaga . Even hough he Wich' goal i o reurn magic
o Ruia, you mu oppoe her . Afer he magic ha reurned, wha heinou crime will he Hag commi?Anyhing
a evil a Baba Yaga mu no be permied o coninue i
unlife .
Background : Long before Baba Yaga enered orpor,
long before he force of Chriianiy warmed over he
Moherland, Durga Syn erved he Moher Godde and
he people of Ruia . A he gained widom and underanding, he would ue her faih o boler crop in ime
of draugh and eae he cold of he fierce winer .
Her beauy and power brough Durga Syn o he aenion of he ancien hag, Baba Yaga . The Hag wa once a
former follower of he Moher Godde, and he chemed o
make Durga Syn her ervan . Baba Yaga blew her foul,
blood-cloed breah upon he land, uning he crop and
ruining he liveock . A Durga Syn ruggled o dicover
he caue of he horrible bligh upon he land, Baba Yaga
came o her offering he oluion . Baba Yaga alo offered her
he golden apple of widom and eernal life . Flaered by he

Rage Acro Ruia

people . The Hag ca a powerful cure upon Durga Syn,

apping her of her beauy and youh .
A Baba Yaga' behe, he armie of he Chriian
marched over he oil of Moher Ruia, cruhing he
religion of he Godde beneah heir fee . Depie her be
effor, Durga Syn could do nohing o ave her Godde .
The Hag appeared once again o offer her he embrace of
immoraliy . Raher han and by while a ervan of he
people wa ued o cruelly, he Ruian Ravno vampire
aced o ave Durga Syn from an unlife of erviude o he
mo vile creaure in Moher Ruia . Uing heir predilecion for illuion, he Ravno creaed a horde of Chriian
warrior o occupy Baba Yaga' aenion . While he Hag
deal wih he Chriian' aemp a religiou converion,
he Ravno embraced he Durga Syn .
Uing her new power o augmen her previouly poen
magick, Durga Syn reied Baba Yaga' corruping plan .
Afer Baba Yaga enered orpor, Durga Syn concenraed
her effor on foiling he plan of he Noferau .
Quoe : "Look pa illuion . There you will find ruh ."
aenion, Durga Syn hanked he Wich for he graciou
offer, bu aid ha he could no accep i . Enraged by hi
ligh, Baba Yaga wore o deroy Durga Syn and her

Chaper Four: Enemie


Ruia ha many problem . The Garou have even more .
Like he re of he world, Ruia ha polluion . However,
he problem in Ruia ha reached an enirely new cale .
Radiaion Bane reide near chool . Oil Bane live in lake
of oil many mile acro . The Ruian environmen i one
of he wor on he plane . Thi i he direc reul of an
ongoing policy of ecocide . If you wih o add a real ouch of
horror o your game, i hould be noed ha none of he
environmenal diaer menioned in he beginning of
Chaper Two are ficional .
Beide he problem wih Bane in he area, here are
oher piri ha roam Ruia . The Ruian land ha long
been he home of piri . In he old day, piri were of grea
help o he Garou in keeping he land in balance, bu wih
he pread of polluion in Ruia, hee piri have become
ained ; many of hem now erve he Wyrm .
Thee are ome of he problem he Garou face from day
o day . There are alo he "regular" problem of Black Spiral
Dancer and oher Wyrm minion . Ruia doe, however,
have addiional problem, many of which are unique .
One uch problem i ha he caern of Ruia are loing
heir power . Unil recenly, no one knew why . Thi i a
grea lo o he Garou, becaue wihou hee place of
power, hey are a an even greaer diadvanage in heir

The ource of hee caern draining i he large problem preenly facing Ruian Garou . Tha ource i none
oher han Baba Yaga . The Garou upec ha he i
draining heir caern for power in order o ake over he re
of he world . They are only parially correc .
I would appear o caual oberver ha mo he Ruian
people are all in he hrall of he Wyrm . They have waged
an all-ou war on heir plane, even o he poin of dropping
aomic bomb on heir own oil . Thi percepion of he
Ruian people a corruped by he Wyrm i diored . A
wih all people, he populaion of Ruia ha leader and, in
hi cae more han mo, hoe leader are he pawn of he

wyrm (Devaaion
And no I, Miery, alone, bu all my relaive,
and here i a godly race of hem :
we are all genle and ininuaing,
And he who join our family will end hi day among u!
-Miery-Luckle-Pligh, anonymou Ruian poem, 17h

The following i a li of eco-diaer in Ruia and heir
poible effec on he Ruian Garou . The upernaural
peril hee ie now poe can be he ource of many orie .
Chaper Two include a li of he "mundane" eco-horror .
- The ie of he ever popular Chernobyl nuclear power
plan i now highly radioacive, and i now he home of

Chaper Five :Problem and Plo


many aomic elemenal and radiaion Bane . I i alo he

ie of a new Black Spiral Dancer Pi .
- The oil pill in Siberia make mo oher oil pill look
mall. The oil pan an area of almo 28 quare mile wih
an average deph of ix fee . I could be conidered a lake
now. Thi pill i he reul of a rupure in he oil pipeline
ha run hrough he area . The caue of he leak i ill
unknown .
The oil lake i preenly home o one of he large
collecion of Bane on he plane . A would eem appropriae, mo of hee are Oil Bane . However, i i he
profuion of oher le likely Bane- uch a Breeder Bane
- ha make he area ruly an enigma . None know o hi
dae why Bane are gahering here in uch number .
- The Volga river ha alway been he lifeline of Ruia .
I i he primary hipping roue, i waer have produced
food and human have worked he river o live . Now he
piri of he mighy river are creaming in agony. The waer
i now brown wih he filh of human wae where clear
waer once flowed . The fih ha are ill in he river are no
fi o ea . The one ha have been ained by he Wyrm are
even wore . Touching he waer of he Volga i riky,
alhough people ill work here and even fih here . The
waer carrie numerou dieae in addiion o oher danger .
The Garou have been fighing o ave hi river, bu i
ha done no good . Under he Wyrm' guidance, he river i
now home o a grea number of creaure ha were once

fih, and dieae and polluion Bane claim he area for

heir own. The powerful river piri ha once helped boh
Garou and human are now in alliance wih he Wyrm, or
hey are o weak from deecraion ha hey canno rei
corrupion any longer .
Thee are ju a few of he environmenal Wyrm problem confroning he Ruian land and i proecor . The
very land of Ruia i being defiled by he Wyrm, and he
Garou are kep o buy rying o figh i ha hey are unable
o ee he larger, coming diaer .

In he mid of all he problem Ruia face, one ha i
ofen overlooked i he frequency of people vanihing .
During he communi rule, he KGB wa charged wih
removing all peron conidered undeirable . They carried
ou hi ak wih ruhle efficiency. During he recen
urmoil, he number of uch vanihing increaed grealy .
The rae of diappearance ha no declined, even hough
he poliical iuaion ha abilized omewha .
Thi ha no ye come o he aenion of he Garou .
Many of heir Kinfolk are among he miing and hi, in
and of ielf, mu oon draw heir aenion .
The iuaion i he following: in he ime of he communi rule, i wa clearly he KGB ha wa removing
undeirable. Now, wih he Brujah council gone, he
moivaing force for he vanihing mu be he ame force

Rage Acro Ruia

ha oued hem . While i i rue ha Baba Yaga ha, in
fac, removed ome of he ronger pawn of her oppoiion,
he i no reponible for he ma vanihing ha have
aken place . Baba Yaga ha no reaon o make imple
peaan vanih .
A few people realize ha he power behind he poliical
change i far oo buy o boher wih uch hing, uggeing
ha he caue migh be ome oher agen . Thi upeced
agen i dicued in whiper a he caern . Wih wachful
eye, he Garou have dicued he poibiliy ha ome of
heir own people have ued he urmoil a a diverion o
rike ou a he populace of he counry . In hee whipered
converaion, he Red Talon are ecrely accued by heir
brehren of being reponible .

The Sep of he Crecen Moon wa buzzing wih converaion . A young Garou had recenly arrived bearing
new imporan enough ha Grimfang, he warder of he
caern, had come down from hi mounain rerea and
piried he pup away ino he cabin of he elder . Word
had pread hroughou he caern, and mo of he Garou
had gahered near he moo fire, alking among hemelve .
Some were mingling, while oher ood aloof, keeping
heir converaion wihin heir own pack. Several Garou
who had been a he caern long enough o know noed ha
all hree of Grimfang' choen pack were preen .
Nicolai Predaelki ood omewha apar from he re
of hi pack . Sneering lighly, he urveyed he aembled
Garou . Unlike he majoriy, hi pack didn' convere among
hemelve, bu merely mainained an air of uperior aloofne .
Taiana' pack of Black Furie chaed eaily among
hemelve, occaionally caing dark look a where Nicolai
ood . The pack leader, Taiana, ood ou like a ore
humb, a he wa eaily he mo beauiful Garou a he
caern .
Cloe o he re of he aembled Garou, Speaker-oMounain and her pack looked ou of place when compared
o Nicolai' or Taiana' pack . However, when i came o
knowledge of he way of piri, here were perhap only
one or wo Garou a he caern more adep . Speaker herelf
wa deep in converaion wih a younger ju ou of hi
Rie of Paage .
The door of he cenral cabin opened, and Grimfang,
wearing Homid form, rundled ou . Behind him wa Pior
Volk, he Silver Fang leader of he ep, Andrei Bolkowki,
he Gaekeeper, and Ivan Sukoin, he Maer of he
Challenge . The four elder made heir way o he fire a
converaion died away. When here wa ilence, Pior
epped forward . Hi old bu ill vial Homid form dwarfed
he inewy, ancien form of he Warder .
In a voice like eel graing on one, Pior addreed he
aembled Garou . "I fill my hear o ee o many of you
Chaper Five :Problem and Plo


inereed in new from he world ouide our mounain

cackling above he balefield a we fough he invader .

home," he aid . "Bu I fear he new ha ha been brough

She wa borne alof in a large morar which he eered wih

i no pleaan word of peace, bu grim word of war ."

a huge pele, and I fled from her a I fel her burning eye

Murmur wep hrough he crowd .

Pior coninued, "Our new gue ha ravelled a grea
diance o be wih u, placing himelf in coniderable
danger . We are forunae ha, unlike ome of our brehren,

ligh upon me . They pierced me o my oul, and I ran a if

he Wyrm ielf wa on my heel .
"I came back he nex day, and here wa nohing, no

he wa able o recognize he beer par of valor and flee

cerain deah a he hand of our enemie . Thi allowed him

ign ha a Garou had ever been a ha place . I fel wrong,

oo, a if he connecion o Gaia wa gone . The caern had
vanihed, and my ep vanihed wih i, o I wen earching

o come here, and he came bearing knowledge of our foe ."

and ended up here ."

Sepping forward, Grimfang wep hi gaze over hoe

pec from even he Shadow Lord and Ge of Fenri among

Alexei hivered and hi head dropped . I wa clear ha

hi ory wa a an end . Crie-a-Nigh leaned her head
again him o comfor him .

he gahering . "Our viior i going o ell hi ory, and i

i a ale of fear . While he i before you, give him he repec
you would give Pior or myelf ." The old Theurge epped

he Evergreen Sep . I inend o ry and conac hem,

alhough I doub I will achieve any ucce . I ugge we

aembled . Depie hi age, he Warder commanded re-

back a a young homid walked ou of he cabin in he

company of a nondecrip ilver lupu, who many recognized a Crie-a-Nigh .

Grimfang addreed he gahering, "Tha i he ale of

ake hi pup' ale and learn from i . Whoever or whaever

hi force i, i i ealing our caern . They are no conen
o merely corrup hem - no, hey mu drain he very

The newcomer, a young boy, epped nervouly ino he

ligh . Crie-a-Nigh eled down a hi fee and gazed

eence from hem! Thi mu be opped ."

around, a if hoping omeone would commen diparag-


ingly abou he newcomer o a o give her an excue for

violence . No one moved .
Pior poke up again, geuring o he boy . "Thi i Alexei
Perov . He repreen he Sargazer, and i i hi ory we
will hear onigh ." The ep leader looked a Alexei expec-

The proecion of he USSR ae border i very imporan, an

inalienable par of he defene of he ociali Faherland . The
USSR ae border i inviolable . Any aemp o violae i are
reoluely uppreed .
- Preamble o he "Law of he Border of he

anly .
Alexei cleared hi hroa, glanced down a Crie-a-

The Garou of Ruia are loahe o reach o he ouide for

Nigh nudged hi leg, hen looked around and lowly began

peaking . "I repreen he Evergreen Sep, alhough I migh
be he la of i member . Only a week ago, I finihed my

aid, and in ome cae, he Silver Fang have ricly

Rie of Paage and became Garou . Following he rie, I wa

old ha i wa cuomary o have a revel . The revel laed

Garou ofen aemp o communicae wih heir kin ou-

for day, and I may have learned more in hoe few day han
I did on my rie .

ide of Ruia, or even o leave he counry enirely . Thee

aemp are no working . Phone line have a endency o

"Wha happened hen i confuing. I wa almo a if an

icy pall had fallen over our hear . Everyhing ceaed . . . and
hen hey came .
"I don' know wha hey were, bu hey clambered ino
hi world from he Umbra and began o aack . They flew
hrough air and lihered over he ground - hey mu
have been dragon! Oher hing joined hem - vampire,
I hink, leeche or zombie . I had never een anyhing like
hem. Oher appeared, ome earing heir way ou of he
ground ielf.
"The iniial bale laed bu a few minue, for many of
u were oo drunk or ired o figh . We hadn' expeced an
aack, and we were unprepared for i . I'm cerain hey had
been waching u, for he enire aack wa well execued .
We never had a chance . Then I aw omehing ha made
my blood run cold .
"A he bale raged, I heard a cackling above u . Wha
I aw here allowed he Fox o ake me . No Bane, no
vampire - Her! The Baba Yaga! The horrific hag flew


forbidden any aemp o reach he ouide world . However, in area where he Silver Fang' hold i no o rong,

go ou, a do oher communicaion . Even he Gla Walker find communicaion device non-cooperaive .
Shorwave radio eem o funcion normally, bu how
many Garou are radio operaor?
Since he coup, i ha become almo impoible for
Garou o leave Ruia . If hey ake he normal roue of
ravel, hey are hampered by bureaucracy, fligh are cancelled, rain break down, ec . If hey go on foo, hey are
huned and hounded by piri a he border ; hey eiher die
fighing heir way ou or urn back . Someone or omehing
doen' wan hem o leave . Mo who ry o leave end up
vanihing . Thoe few who have ucceeded in croing he
border ineviably find hemelve back in Ruia oon
aferward, by ome range coincidence .
I i ju a difficul for Garou o ener Ruia . The eaie
way in i by Moon Bridge . However, raveller will oon
dicover hi o be a one-way rip, a i i impoible o open
a Moon Bridge o a locaion ouide of Ruia .
Trea all difficulie for ravelling ino or ou of Ruia by
Moon Bridge a having a 10 difficuly . (Any aemp o

Rage Acro Ruia

ener or leave hould alo be roleplayed .) Succefully

leaving will reul in he characer being huned by peron
unknown unil he i eiher killed or reurned o Ruia . If
a Garou ener Ruia, he will be wached, epecially if he
i fairly powerful . The force guarding Ruia' border are
le adaman abou upernaural creaure enering Ruia
han Garou leaving .
The Garou do no know ha hi iuaion exi for all
being of upernaural origin . Ruia' border are currenly
being wached by agen of Baba Yaga . Thee agen have
order o reric any and all upernaural being . Violence
i an opion, bu i i no neceary a long a he meage
i clear : no one of upernaural heriage will be permied o
ener or leave Ruia wihou pecial approval . Thi li
include werecreaure, vampire, mage and fomori .
Baba Yaga enforce hi wall, par of her Shadow Curain, wih he aid of mage Blood Bound ino her ervice .
Through heir magick, amazing coincidence around he
border occur . The Black Spiral alo aid he Hag in hi by
binding piri o croroad and along key place hrough
which Garou migh ry o ecape .

Sha?ou, on he Moon
Thi i mean a an inroducory cene for a chronicle e
in Ruia . I aume ha he characer are a non-naive
pack coming o Ruia on a miion, unaware ha geing
ou i no a eay a geing in .
Thi chronicle, like mo chronicle and orie e in
Ruia, i no mean for inroducory characer ; i i deigned for a lea Rank Three Garou . Ruia i a dangerou
place . Many powerful plo ake place ha will deermine
he coure of he Apocalype . Thi ory i bu he fir
epiode in an ongoing drama .
Welcome o Moher Ruia .

The characer are given he imporan ak of finding
ou wha i going on in Ruia . Their elder have enrued
hem wih he miion of enering he counry, finding ou
wha i going on wih heir Kin and hen reurning o
repor . Their finding will deermine wheher he Garou
Naion diver i aenion away from he Amazon War o
aid Ruia . Nobody know ha he pack may be uck here
for ome ime .
The characer gaher a a caern powerful enough o
end a Moon Bridge o he Sep of he Crecen Moon'
Ural Mounain caern . The mo likely caern would be he
Hand of Gaia, a he Finger Lake in New York Sae, bu
he Soryeller i free o ue any device ha will ge he pack
o Ruia .
If he Soryeller deire, he can give he characer
feihe for heir journey a a gif from he elder . They will
need all he help hey can ge .

Scene One: AConaon 6 ridge i

galling (Down . . .
The Moon Bridge walk eem o ake longer han uual .
Allow he player ome ime o ge ino he lull of endle
walking . Once he characer are uiably ired, and reaonably cloe o heir deinaion, a dark hadow in he hape
of a hand come over he Bridge .
A fir, characer will need a Wi + Alerne roll o
noice, bu he iuaion oon become quie obviou . The
clawed hadow wrap around he Bridge and hake i
violenly . Everyone need o make a Dexeriy + Ahleic
roll, difficuly 7, o remain anding .
Finally, he clawed hand pierce he Bridge . The Garou
may ry o rake i, bu i i imply a hadow, a conruc of
magick, and may no be affeced in any way . I coninue o
cruh unil i ha deroyed he Moon Bridge . Garou mu
make a Dexeriy + Ahleic roll, difficuly 6, o avoid
being caugh in he grap of he hand a he Bridge crumble

Chaper Five:Problem and Plo




abou hem . Anyone who fail mu make a Willpower roll,

ained on one ide of he field by Garou, and loe eem o

difficuly 8, or lape ino caaonia and he hock of fear a

be mouning fa .

he pack i mohered in he darkne of he void .

A he cener of he caern, by he menhir, and an old

A he Bridge collape, a via open up beneah he

Garou defended by he circle of Garou around him . Hi

characer : he ground i everal hundred fee below hem

and heir purchae i diappearing fa . All of hem begin o

hand are oureched and myical energy crackle around

him . Hi gaze i focued upward a omehing, and if

fall, even hoe graped by he hadow hand, which lowly

characer follow ha gaze, hey can make a Percepion +

diipae, dropping everyhing in i cluche .

Alerne roll again a difficuly of 6 . If hey ucceed, hey

A he characer fall, give he player a hecic care a

he ground approache fa . Characer wih Gif or fe-

noice omehing flying acro he moon . A he flying

ihe ha allow hem o fly may ue hem, bu wheher

howl of defea i heard below . The old one i impaled on a

hey can carry omeone ele i anoher maer . Characer

uffering from he caaonia infliced by he hadow hand

ilver haf. I run compleely hrough him and pin him

can do nohing .

The Garou below figh on, bu now a few of hem have

frenzied . They ear madly ino heir enemie and eem o be

Ju before hey hammer ino he ground, he Lune

guardian of he Bridge reappear, weak and aered . I
cache he pack wih i own emi-maerialized form and
hen diipae, no longer rong enough o keep ielf
ogeher . The characer plumme once again .

hape pae over he moon, a brigh ligh flahe and a

where he and . Run-in-Mi i dead .

finally winning .
The characer can ry o reach he clearing o aid in he
bale . They mu roll Dexeriy + Ahleic (difficuly 7)
o quickly navigae he now-rewn, wooded lope . They

Thank o he help of he Lune, heir fall ha been

omewha broken . They will ake only 10 dice of damage
when hey hi he ground . Thi damage i aggravaed, bu

need 10 uccee on an exended roll (hree roll only) o

reach he clearing before . . .

oakable .

. . . a chilling roar hunder from he ky . Anyone looking

The pack rike he ground on he ide of a mounain

up canno mi he creaure decending from a rif in he

Umbra : a dragon . I nakelike body i huge, and i i held

covered wih now . Mounain rie up even higher all abou

alof on maive, beaing ba wing . I maw gape wide,

hem . Thee dauning peak canno be climbed wihou

equipmen . There are no obviou rail off he mounain,

waiing o devour a fea . Thi i Gregornou of he Grea

Zmei .

bu anyone wih a ucceful Percepion + Survival roll

The dark, flying hape fli pa he dragon, and ream

(difficuly 6) will dicover wo ledge below, one running o

he norh, he oher o he ouh . They each require five

of energy begin riing from he menhir below . The dragon

wallow i up . A i jaw nap hu, everyone can feel he

uccee on an exended climbing roll o reach .

udden lo of piri . All Garou in he area feel he draining

of he caern a i energy i ucked from he cener and ino
he bea' mouh .

There are wo opion : he Souh Trail and he Norh

Trail . Ue whichever ecion applie .

The Souh Tram .. The cale

The creaure urn away and flie off ino he diance,

oon lo in he cloud. The dark, flying hape i gone . The
Silver Fang' Howling Wind Caern i no more .
The aack of he Bane and Black Spiral in' over ye .

Afer an hour of walking ingle file along he ledge, he

characer come o a break leading o a valley below . The
un wen down a half hour ago, bu he ledge i no danger
a long a he characer ake i lowly . Before hey reach
he break ino he valley, characer can make a Percepion
+ Alerne roll (difficuly 9) ; anyone who ucceed will
hear, from far off in he diance, a Call o Succor howl

They weep in o aack he demoralized Sep of he

Howling Wind . They will aack he characer alo . Even
if hey flee, he Bane will purue a hey are preading ou
o cach any fleeing Garou .
The Soryeller can now ue he cene given for he
Norh Trail below.

he Ylorh Trail

followed oon by an Anhem of War howl .

When hey reach he break, hey have a vanage poin
o look ino he valley below . There i a bale aking place
here . In he clearing, Garou gaher in a circle around a
cenral menhir one, fighing off creaure from all ide . I
i obviouly a caern under aack, a place in danger of being
overrun .
Wyrm creaure of all ype run amok on he bale field .
Large, muli-headed war Bane cruh Garou and eem o
ignore heir own wound . Purid fluid bleed from hundred
of injurie. A pack of Black Spiral Dancer i being con-


Shpuld he characer chooe hi pah, hey will walk

along a ledge imilar o he ouhern rail . Afer wo hour,
he rail end on a lope, reching down oward wood .
Beyond he ree, a human village can be een .
They will alo ee a wounded wolf umbling oward he
wood . I ha no noiced hem ye, bu if hey approach i,
i will urn around ready o figh . I i Fore-Walker, a
member of he Sep of he Howling Wind . She opened a
hor Moon Bridge (uing a Gif) o hi po and ecaped
he remainder of he bale . She had o run, for cluched in

Rage Acro Ruia


her Lupu mouh i a wonderful feih : a Faberge egg

conaining he oul of Run-in-Mi, he elder who wa
ruck down in he bale .
When Fore Walker realize ha he characer aren'
enemie, he beg hem o help her. She explain wha
happened a he bale and ay ha he mu ge he feih
o he Ural Mounain caern, o he norh of here, o ha
Run-in-Mi' oul can go on o Gaia . She will no ay why
hi oul i in he feih or why hi piri could no pa
beyond on i own . If preed on he maer, however, he
will whiper ha Run-in-Mi had he feih prepared
epecially for he bale, for he upeced who heir enemy
wa and anicipaed he aack. He believed ha, if he wa
killed, hi oul would belong o hi enemy ; he feih
preven hi, however .
The enemy, of coure, i Baba Yaga . She i aware ha
Run-in-Mi had dicovered rue knowledge of her and
aacked he caern o kill him . She upec ha he ha
omehow ecaped, hough he doe no know how . Thu,
he ha dipached a pack of Black Spiral Dancer o guard
he pah o he Ural caern in cae urvivor ry o reach i .
The characer mu confron hem before hey can
reach he caern .

Ongoing Mo
Thee are imply he inroducory cene of a Ruian
chronicle . The re of he ory i lef o he Soryeller.

There are a few crucial fac o remember : he feih doe

conain Run-in-Mi' oul, and Baba Yaga wan i . I ac
a a homing beacon o Bane, and whoever carrie i will
have o figh o keep i .
The village ha he pack can ee from he norh rail i,
in fac, he aging area for he Wyrm roop ued in he
bale a he caern . The village i alo populaed by Silver
Fang Kinfolk known o Fore Walker . The Wyrm minion
are in he guie of Sovie miliary roop on ome or of
exercie in he Ural . If he characer are careful enough,
hey may be able o neak ino he village and gain aid from
he Kinfolk .
Anoher problem i ha he land beween he Howling
Wind Caem and he Sep of he Crecen Moon i he
Forbidden Zone, a region of nuclear wae devaaion . The
acciden ook place year ago, bu who know wha Wyrm
creaure roam hi region ill? (See Chaper Two : "EcoDiaer" for more informaion .)
If he characer can ge he feih o he Ural caern, hen
Run-in-Mi' oul can be freed . Before deparing, he will
ell he Theurge wha he know : Baba Yaga i indeed he
new power in Ruia, and he Zmei have arien . Wheher
he Silver Fang acually believe hi, hey will, nonehele, be heian o ac. They will wan o end he characer
off on fac finding miion o dicover if hi i indeed rue .
A exaperaing a hi inacion i, i will give he pack a
good chance o explore he plo eehing in Ruia .

The following complicaion can be added o he ory .
Lo in unknown wood : Fore Walker loe concioune from her wound and canno guide he characer
direcly o he caern . They mu chooe a direcion and
hope i i righ .
Comba draw crowd : The fighing ha drawn he
aenion of he local auhoriie . The characer will be
queioned abou wha hey know, where hey are from,
why hey don' peak Ruian and where heir papor are .
Thi will bring hem o he aenion of he vampire in
charge of he auhoriie .
Anoher pack lo : The group encouner anoher group
of foreign Garou in much he ame iuaion, or o i eem .
However, hee foreign Garou alo peak fluen Ruian . In
fac, hey are working for Baba Yaga and waiing he proper
momen o rike .
Umbra rif : The characer encouner he reul of he
re placed on he Gaunle by he Zmei . There i a unnel
ino he Umbra ielf. The Gaunle ha a raing of zero, bu
he area i Wyrm-ained . On he oher ide of he unnel,
he characer will encouner wha appear o be a Glen .
All he piri, alhough no obviouly Wyrm-ained, are
dihone and will lie o he pack . They are ju preending
o be kind . The unnel i only emporary .

'A" .

Chaper Five :Problem and Plo


Image : Fore-Walker i a all, lender, dark-haired

woman. Her dark eye are very expreive and end o how
no only her inellec, bu alo her orrow and depair . In
Lupu, he i a lanky brown wolf wih black marking and
a black mak .
Roleplaying Noe : You do no have ime o a e wih
hee newcomer ; hey mu help you and ha i 11 here
i o i . Anyhing le han ha i unaccepable .
Background : Fore-Walker ha lo her pack in he
bale and i now alone . Even Run-in-Mi, her menor, i
gone . If her life ha any purpoe now, i i o enure ha
Run-in-Mi' oul i delivered afely o he Theurge of
he Crecen Moon Sep .


Sory Sprinboar
Preened here are ome ory idea for ue in an ongoing
Ruian chronicle . They can be adaped for play wih new
characer or experienced Garou .


dropping: T e c e
er a group of enemie
(Black Spiral Dancer, vampire, ec) dicuing plan for
ing aack on he Sep of he Crecen Moon a
I caern. Thi can pu ome upene ino he ory,
a he characer mu ge o he caern quickly and warn
hem . Wheher or no he plan for aack are legiimae i
up o he Soryeller .

ore Valker
Breed : Homid
Aupice : Ahroun
Tribe: Silver Fang
Naure / Demeanor : Lone Wolf / Confidan
Aribue: Srengh 3 (5/7/6/4), Dexeriy 5 (5/6/7/7),
S a . a 3 (5/6/6/6), Charima 3, Manipulaion 3 (2/0/0/0),
Appearance 4 (3/0/4/4), Percepion 4 Inelligence 4, Wi 5
Abiliie : Alerne 2, Brawl 4, Dodge 4, Empahy 2,
-Urge 2, Firearm 2, Melee 3, Leaderhip 2, Sealh 3,
Survival 2, Enigma 1, Inveigaion 1, Medicine 2, Riual 3
Background : Pure Breed 2
Gif : (1) Inpiraion, Smell of Man, Speed ofThough; (2)
Jam Technology, Meenger' Foriude ; (3) The Grea Leap
R 3
, Gnoi 8, Willpowe
Rie: Rie of Cleaning, Taliman Dedicaion, Open
B idge



The pack encouner a child obviouly uffering from a

Wyrm-oriened afflicion . The child i ickly and mihapen, wih ign of a beginning deformiy . She lack
energy - he doen' even laugh - and if viewed from he
Umbra, he will appear o be riddled wih iny worm .
Afer inveigaion, and a lile leg work, he pack w
find ha he child' chool i locaed on a wae dump .
Chemical and radiaion Bane rie o y heir corrupive eed ino he children . Several chi
n have already
been infeced .
To ave he children, he pack mu journey ino
Umbra and comba he Bane urrounding hem . Howe
even hi will no compleely cure heir afflicrio
ha been planed deep in heir piri .
Only a journey o he Arociy Realm, in he Near
Umbra, can ulimaely ave hem . However, geing from
Ruia o ha realm i almo impoible ; he Scar mu he
reached fir (ee ChaperTwo : Sepping Sideway) . In he
Arociy Realm, here i an emanaion reflecion of he
children' chool . I i a diguing place, where clae are
augh by cruel Bane raher han kind eacher . Emanaion of children cry a he Bane eacher wa hem wih
ruler .
The Breeder Bane ha laid he eed of corrupion re
in pond of chemical lop in he baemen of he chool . If
i can he deroyed, hen he corrupion will leave he
children .
Bu he corrupion will no lea e e chool, for re
OD corrup ground, I
u be
he ground
mu he hurn before he bligh will
ly leave he area .
The corrupion coninue even deeper, reching back
o he governmen level, where he deciion wa made o
build he chool on he wae dump . . If he characer are

Rage Acro Ruia

crafy enough, hey can find file in he Arociy Realm

chool office ha will lead hem o he real perperaor .
Bu even hi will ulimaely lead hem o more level of
hadowy evil, and evenually o he ource ielf : he
Sevenh Generaion. (See Umbra : The Velve Shadow for
deail on he Arociy Realm, and Rage Acro New York
for deail on he Sevenh Generaion .)

In' Tha ...?

The Garou are minding heir own buine for once
when hey ee a group of people hey recognize a Shadow
Lord . Thee Shadow Lord are known follower of Typhon .
The Shadow Lord, no noicing he pack, hif o Crino,
a do heir previouly unrecognized raveling companion :
wo Black Spiral Dancer .
A hi poin, he pack ha everal opion . If hey i and
wach, hey ee he Shadow Lord and Black Spiral ener
a building where poliical reform alk are aking place .
Soon, cream and panic enue a he Delirium caue he
human o go nu . The Shadow Lord ue he confuion o
kill a known and popular reform figure .
If, a any ime, he pack chooe o involve hemelve,
he Shadow Lord will repond by welcoming hem or, if he
characer aack hem (righly o), hey will aemp o kill
hem . Somewhere in all he confuion, he Black Spiral
diappear .
If hey wai and ell oher wha happened, he Shadow
Lord will have only one hing o ay in defene, "Typhon
old u o do i ." Any furher accuaion will have o be
reolved a he Thunderrike Sep . The Shadow Lord
judge of ha ep accep he Typhon excue a valid, and
criicize anyone who doen' agree, claiming "piriual
perecuion" . The "guily" pack will be found wihou
Wyrm ain .
If he characer furher inveigae, he Black Spiral
will ry o kill hem, a will he Shadow Lord pack . If hey
urvive hi gaunle of aack, hey may dicover clue
ha Typhon ha been corruped and i erving he enemy .
Wha he pack doe hen i up o hem, bu rying o ge he
re of he Garou o believe hi wihou proof will be almo
impoible .
If he pack can provide definiive proof of Typhon'
corrupion, hen he realiaion again he Shadow Lord
will be dire indeed, ruining heir poliical fuure in Ruia
for ome ime o come . However, ince many Shadow Lord
who are no allied wih Typhon are joining he hun, he
ruinaion will be miigaed omewha .

The Sleeper Awaken

The characer are en o check on he reing place of
a powerful Wyrm creaure, omehing he elder called a
Zmei. The elder were awfully cloed mouhed abou i ;
hey ju aid o check on i .
The pack ravel pa he arcic circle o he Taimyr
Peninula and arrive in ime o ee he end of he rie
Chaper Five:Problem and Plo




which waken he leeping body of Goluko, one of he

Grea Zmei . I immediaely devour he wo Black Spiral
Dancer who led he rie . The oher ix Black Spiral all
flee . I hen noice he pack of characer . Now i' ime
for deer .
Luckily, Goluko i weak . Decribe how he Zmei i
hrugging off he effec of hi long leep . Hi a are all
halved for he nex five urn . For five urn afer ha, hi
difficulie will all be a plu wo . Afer hi, hough, he will
be fully awake and poe hi full power and abiliie .
The window of opporuniy allow he pack an opporuniy no oher Garou will have : he chance (alhough lim)
o kill a Zmei . The problem are a follow : Goluko i 60
yard away ; i will ake characer a lea a urn or wo of
running o reach him . Characer can, of coure, ue ranged
If he characer can even knock Goluko down o half hi
Healh Level by he ime 10 urn have paed, he will flee
raher han figh . In hi way, he characer may a lea
urvive and have one hell of a ale o ell .
Renown for Killing he Zmei :
If he characer can acually kill a Zmei, hey will
become quie famou among he Ruian Garou . Renown
award are a follow :
Goluko - 8,000 Glory
Gregornou - 6,000 Glory (poible Widom if any
cunning or rickery wa involved)
Illyana - 5,000 Glory
Ruarin - 7,000 Glory
Shazear - 5,000 Glory
Trevero - 9,000 Glory

buing (Down he Zmei

The only oher chance o op he Zmei i o perform he
ame rie on hem ha wa done long ago by he Silver Fang
heroe . However, hi rie i largely forgoen (even by he
Ukena, who ued i a lae a he urn of he cenury) .
The pack dicover a clue leading o one who know he
rie : a Siberakh . They mu find her and convince her o
each hem he rie . Her village i in a far eaern ecion of
Siberia and may ake a long ime o find . The pack' only
hope o ge a Wendigo o lead hem here, bu fir hey
mu convince he Wendigo of heir ju inenion . Thi
will require undergoing a e for hem, uch a rerieving a
feih in he Umbra, which would mean riking a confronaion wih one of Baba Yaga' or he Wyrm' minion . If
hey can uccefully rerieve he feih, he Wendigo will
lead hem o he Siberakh village .
From here, hey mu convince he Siberakh o help
hem. She, oo, will require a e of ome or, bu hi one
will be more menally rying . They mu olve a riddle or
puzzle before he will reward he rie . Once hey ge he rie,
hey mu wear no o ay where hey learned i . They mu
no even peak of he exience of he Siberakh .


Rage Acro Ruia

Now, he pack mu confron a Zmei and perform he

rie . Thi i he really hard par.
The O ie of (Dragon ainaing
Level : 5
Thi rie require a lea hree paricipan : a Warrior,
a Defender and a Riemaer . The Warrior (here can be
more han one) aack he Zmei o dirac i while he rie
i being performed. The Defender (again, here can be more
han one) defend any aack again he Riemaer o her
concenraion i no broken ; he Riemaer mu pu oal
faih for her afey ino he Defender' hand .
Finally, he Riemaer (here can be only one) perform
he rie . She mu make an exended roll of Wi + Occul
again a difficuly of 7 . She need 23 uccee . One roll can
be made every urn if he Riemaer i undiurbed . A
boch a anyime mean he rie mu be ared all over
again (ofen faal, conidering he enemy) . If he Riemaer
i wounded a anyime, he rie can ill coninue, bu he
Dice Pool i lowered a per he Healh char .
During he rie, he Zmei, who know very well wha'
going on, will ry o ake ou he Riemaer, devoing all i
acion oward geing o her . Thi i why he Warrior and
Defender mu be willing o give up heir live o proec
her .
One hing which would aid grealy in hi ak i he
blood of heroe: a Silver Fang wih a high Pa Life . If one

of he characer fi hi decripion, he Soryeller may

allow her o channel an anceor who pu he Zmei down
long ago . The Soryeller hould only allow he roll when
in igh of he Zmei, and hen he difficuly i 9 . The
Soryeller mu decide which role he anceor played :
Warrior, Defender or Riemaer . Each ucce will allow
he characer one exra die for variou acion again he
Zmei :
Warrior : add dice o Brawl, Melee or damage (you know
a weakne in he Zmei' cale) .
Defender : add dice o Samina or Iniiaive (you can
anicipae i acion and ac fir) .
Riemaer: add dice o Occul .
Thee exra dice can increae a characer' Aribue or
Abiliie pa heir normal maximum .
If he rie i ucceful, he Zmei will howl a cream of
rage and fruraion, only o be cu off in mid-howl a i
ink deep ino he earh, frozen in a magical lumber .
Nohing (hor of a nuclear bla) can releae i ; even Baba
Yaga' magic canno undo he rie unil. "en generaion
have paed from he earh" (a lea 500 year) .
I i imporan o chooe he ie of he rie carefully, for
i will become he burial ie of he Zmei .
Luring he Zmei
The characer will probably have o lure a Zmei o he
deired ie . Thi can be ough, a hey are rarely encoun-

Chaper Five:Problem and Plo


ered wihou one of Baba Yaga' oher armie (uch a he

'Who' G5uriea in Lenin' Tomb?

Black Spiral of he Army of War) .

If he Soryeller decide o run hi ory, hen he hould
give he pack ome help, in he form of oher Garou who
will dirac he Armie while he player ake on he Zmei .
(The ma comba rule from Rage Acro

he Amazon

can be

The pack hear a range rumor from a Gla Walker :

Lenin i allegedly a vampire . The Gla Walker i normally
a reliable ource, and cerain fac make ene in hi ligh .
Why doen' Lenin' body decay? Oh, hey claim here i a
"ecre poion" which preerve him, bu no one ha een

ueful for aging a bale in he background .)

hi poion or he formula . Doe he pack inveigae?

If i i ill oo ough, hen one opion i for Grimfang, he
elder of he Ural caern, o ake he par of Riemaer,
allowing he player o ge down and diry wih he Zmei .
Alhough he pack' riuali hould evenually learn he
rie, he final leon migh be a demonraion by Grimfang .

Geing ino Lenin' omb a nigh will be ough, a i i

locaed in Red Square and guarded . If he characer manage o find heir way down he granie air ino he red and
gray mauoleum, hey can ee he remarkably preerved
body of Lenin encloed in a cryal cae .

Renown for Binding a Zmei :

They will ee a man in a lab coa walk o he cae . In hi

In addiion o he Glory award below, characer can
alo gain Widom or Honor, depending on heir acion
during eiher luring he Zmei or binding i .
Goluko - 5,000 Glory
Gregornou - 4,000 Glory

hand i a bole : he famou "ecre poion" ued o preerve

Lenin' body . If he pack i hiding, he will proceed o open
he cae and apply he alve o Lenin' expoed hand and
face . When he i hrough, he will leave he way he came .

Ruarin - 5,000 Glory

If he noice he pack, he i arled and rie o hide he

poion . If he characer are in Crino, he i immune o he
Delirium . He will ell he werewolve ha he ju wan o

Shazear - 3,000 Glory

be lef alone . If preed, he will ell he following ory : he

Trevero - 7,000 Glory

i Andrei Zenkovky, a member of he Sociey of Leopold,

Illyana - 3,000 Glory

an organizaion devoed o deroying vampire . He ha

infilraed he vampire power rucure and managed o
become a rued reainer of one of he vampire . He i

Rage Acro Ruia

enrued wih he duy of applying he poion o Lenin'

Inveigaing he rail furher will require eiher an exper

body, a poion which i made from vampire blood, along

wih oher preervaive .

hadowing of Andrei over a period of day or a good py

nework . If eiher of hee are poeed, he Garou can

He hen realize ha hi chance meeing wih he pack

i he opporuniy he ha been waiing for, he chance o

race Andrei back o hi Toreador maer, an old Boyer

prince .

deroy he ruling vampire . He will ry o gain he pack'

aid in an aaul he following nigh on a Venrue . He will

f-upu Myerie

give he characer he addre o he vampire' houe

ouide of Mocow, where a dinner pary will be aking
place . He will help hem o infilrae he houe and kill he
vampire .
However, Andrei i acually he ghoul of anoher vampire, a Toreador who now erve Baba Yaga . He ha been
waiing for an opporuniy o kill he Venrue, a poenial
enemy of Baba Yaga . Andrei and hi Toreador maer will
boh be a he pary, and Andrei will make ure ha hi
Toreador maer ha a reaon o leave he room (and hi
houe) before he help he Garou in heir aaul .
If he characer le Andrei leave Lenin' Tomb wihou
confroning him, he will no reurn o reapply he liquid for
anoher monh . If hey follow him, he pah lead o he All
Union Scienific Reearch Iniue of Medical and Aromaic Plan . There, in Andrei' guarded office, hey can
dicover he ingredien which make up he ecre poion .

The va, unexplored fore of Siberia offer many chance

o dicover myerie of naure a ye undicovered . Much
of hi region i unouched by humankind ; who know wha
hing of old may ill reide here, unouched ince he
world wa young? Wha law of naure are differen here?
The Red Talon live cloe o hee wood, and hey
may know many lupu myerie unknown o oher ribe .
Thi i a good eing for an all-lupu game, where characer can advenure ino he primeval fore o unravel
enigma, uncover wonder or figh off humankind' encroachmen ino hi ecreive land .

Way of he Wolf give

ome idea for lupu chronicle .

Hiorical ale
Ruia' medieval hiory i rich wih legend, epic and
royal pageanry . I would be a hame no o ue i in a game .
There are many poibiliie :

There i a veriable alchemical workhop . In a refrigeraor, inide a jar marked "V", i he vampire blood .

Chaper Five:Problem and Plo


Hiorical Chronicle : Thi chronicle ake place enirely in he pa, where characer ry o enure he Wyrm
doen' ge ino Ruia. They can be Silver Fang heroe,
Bone Gnawer erf, Gla Walker merchan, ec.
Myhic Chronicle: Thi can ake place in he far pa of
Ruia, even back o he Impergium . The characer can be
he fir heroe o op he Zmei, or hey can be Bogayr
fighing again Baba Yaga .
Pa Life Sorie : Pa Live inrude on he Garou when
hey lea expec hem . Pa Live can be ued o provide
flahback in he game, allowing he characer o play heir
anceor in vial momen of hiory, giving hem a viceral feeling for he pa. Figh wih your anceor again
he Zmei, ride in he army of Alexander Nevky, ruh
hrough he ree wih your faher' Bolhevik friend in
he Revoluion, or aack Nazi horde wih your moher'
parian fighing force . The opion are endle .

The Tinal Word

Oumaneuvered, Ounumbered
and Ouclaed
by George "Hucky" Neal
I have experienced he following cenario muliple ime,
and each ime i ha reuled in he dirupion of an
oherwie very good game .
Player 1 : "Wai a econd, I ju hi ha hing for more
damage han I can ake, and you ay i' no hur?!"
Player 2 : "Yeah, he ame hing ju happened o me . We
can' hur i - wha' he poin? We go hrough all hi
rouble and we're gonna die"
Player 3 : "Yeah, hi uck ." (Followed by laughing)
Soryeller: "Look guy, hoe are he a he hing ha .
Tha' he way i work, and ha' how I'm running i ."
The problem here are oo numerou o coun, bu he
bigge one i a problem wih fruraion . When characer
feel fruraed for long period of ime, hey ofen ar o
dilike he game . Thi can be a poenial problem wih
Werewolf, where he mood of he game i e deeply in a
ene of fuiliy even in ucce .
There are a number of way o deal wih i, bu in my
game I have found he following mehod work excepionally well . I preen hem for you o look over . Find he one
ha ui you be .
One rick i o imply reward people who don' ge o
wrapped up in he iuaion ha heir fruraion overwhelm hem . If you aren' rying o e a very eriou one
for your game, hi mehod work well . However, i can lead
o abundan illine if everyone finally ay "ah, wha he
hell, i' ju a game," followed by really illy acion on
behalf of player and/or characer.
If you wih o mainain he flavor and erioune of he
game, omehing a lile more complicaed i ofen nece-

Rage Acro Ruia


ary . One hing you may wih o ry i o keep he hing he

characer wan o figh away from hem . I add o he
fruraion, ye i keep hem from feeling ha you wanonly laughered hem. If hey keep having o purue i o
figh i, hen clearly hey wan whaever i can dih ou .

I am alo raher fond of planning my opping poin . No

maer wha happen in my game, I end a eion in a
iuaion where he characer are foaming a he mouh o
find ou wha happen nex . The cliffhanger ending i a bi
rie, bu i produce reul.

Along he ame line i he concep of he recurring

powerful bad creaure . Thi i fairly andard uff, bu i
work . The imporan par here i o give he characer
ome ay in wha happen . For example, if all he hing ever
doe i aack hem, wai for hem o aack i, and o on, i'
no fun . However, if hey deal wih i for a long ime only o
find ou i ha i berayed hem, inuled everyhing acred
o heir pack and ho heir dog . . . hen ha' a villain!
The poin i, when dealing wih powerful characer
conrolled by he Soryeller, make he player hae he
creaure enough ha hey'll go o he end of he earh ju
o find ou how o hur i . Enire orie can be buil around
rying o find a way o kill one hing (ee "Puing Down he
Zmei" in he ory idea above) .

Le player have ome kind of clue wha hey're geing

ino . If you have a powerful characer ha hey are going o
run ino ha i hoile o hem, give hem ome kind of
noice . Have hem walk up on i a i rip off he arm of he
local Ge of Fenri Ahroun or omehing like ha . Suble
mehod like orie around he fire and whano will work
a well, ju a long a hey don' go ino he iuaion feeling
like you baied hem ino a deah rap . If hey don' ake he
hin, hen heir characer' deah are no on your hand .
The la piece of wo-bi widom i ha powerful creaure hould be conien and believable . A maer che
player i no likely o go head-o-head wih a pack of
werewolve he know he can' bea . I i fruraing o have
opponen handed o you on a ilver plaer . Clearly, on
occaion, he "god in he machine" ha her momen, bu
hey hould be few and far beween, never ecliping he
characer . Should he characer ge hemelve ino a
poiion where you feel like you hould pull hem ou, even
hough hey did i o hemelve - make i hur!
For example, imagine you're in he mid of bale,
urrounded by he member of your pack . You're heavily
wounded, and your pack i loing . An evil oem piri
hover above your head . A your warrior are falling, he

I i imporan wih he recurring villain o have him do

ju ha- recur . Periodically, i hould how up and me
wih your group, preferably a a ime when hey feel high
and mighy . Have hem reurn home afer killing he hirdin-command of he bad guy only find a dead body (a
girlfriend, menor, dog, ec .) and a noe form heir foe
aying, "You may have won hi round, bu I will exac my
price ." Whaever work i fine, ju make ure hey never
feel apaheic abou your villain .

Chaper Five :Problem and Plo


oem decide o revel in i power . A voice call o you .

"For your help, hough i wa unknowingly given, I hall
keep you alive hi ime, bu when nex we mee, no quarer
hall be aked or given ." Then he oem uck he life force
from an ally of your o ue a energy for keeping you alive .
You've been pulled ou of a deadly iuaion . . . bu a a price .
There are a lo of powerful creaure in Ruia, and mo
of hem are hoile o your characer . Providing your
characer wih a goal, no maer how mall, and a ene
ha hey can poibly achieve i (even if he odd are
impoibly long) will uually be enough o keep he player
going. If i i no, well, ry omehing new!
Safey i for hoe afraid o live and afraid o die .

he final, final Wora

by David Key
There i much afoo in Ruia . The Wyrm rear i head
in place once believed o be free of corrupion . Baba Yaga,
he grea wich of legend, alk he Moherland, conuming hoe who would oppoe her . All eem hopele, for
how can he Garou figh again uch a menace?
I i imporan ha he horror of hi iuaion i fel .
Wihou ha, he ory become nohing more han a
comba game . Tha' no wha hi book i abou, alhough,
a fir, ha i how Rage Acro Ruia migh appear . Mo
of he villain in hi book are epic in cope ; defeaing even
one of hem i he ubjec of a chronicle, or a lea a long
ory . They are powerful, and direcly aauling hem
hould be poinle . The majoriy of hem mu be ouwied or ricked, and only hen can he characer pa on o
he nex level o confron he evil lurking even deeper
below he urface .
Conider alo ha no all of hee characer are necearily enemie . For example, he Gangrel Vikor i
ympaheic o he pligh of he werewolve, even hough
hi loyalie lie wih he Hag . An inereing ory could
deal wih rying o conver him, or a lea ricking him ino
inking ino orpor and geing ou of everyone' hair .
Back o he concep of iuaional horror : how would you
feel anding on he befouled bank of he Volga River, or
waching cancerou fih wim in he Balic Sea? Wha
would cro your mind a you aw he vicim of Ruia'
errible polluion? Sickly children and dying adul are he
legacie of he rapid indurializaion of he Communi
Era. There i no upernaural villain dihing ou oxin o
he haple world like a cook in a cafeeria line, bu here i
horror . True, i i no he horror of confroning he Grea
Old One a he culminaion of a Lovecraf Sory, bu i i,
in ome ene, more real .
A ene of iuaional horror may be found in he
following cenario : in an area where he oxin of he Wyrm
end o kill raher han corrup, and where he Bane have
long ince depared, a pack of Garou find hemelve
aiing a group of human rying o eke ou a living . A he
human die wihou he Garou being able o ave hem, or

Rage Acro Ruia

even figh he force ha i killing hem, he horror of he
iuaion become obviou . The Garou are fighing a hopele bale . Or i i? Wha could he pack do o help he

The oluion o iuaional horror are generally far le

obviou han he player expec . The key i o build he
iuaion o ha ucce appear o be impoible wihou
acually being impoible .

Chaper Five:Problem and Plo



Rage Acro Ruia


I'd I

"I i be o ak he chair for permiion before iing down ."

-Old Ruian Proverb

The Ruian people have long believed in piri . Their

lore i ome of he riche in he world for orie abou
piri, and wih good reaon . Ruia i rong in magic, and
hi myic rengh i linked o i piri . Ruian piri
inhabi everyhing from ree and ream o bah houe .
The Ruian piri are rong and, in many cae, are able
o effec he world around hem . Thee piri have no
alway been kind and helpful, bu hey have alway been
here .
The curren ae of many of hee piri deeply boher
Garou Theurge . Where once hey could call upon grea
waer piri o ai hem, now heir call go unanwered,
or Wyrm-ained piri rie inead. Where once he Umbra hook wih he power of moving elemenal, now hoe
ame piri are harried or unreponive . A he land wa
ripped of i power, o were he piri ied o i .
On he few occaion when a powerful piri i found, i
i clear he price of i power wa ubervience o he Wyrm .
Now powerful waer piri move o drown unwary Garou,

and pup are old of he danger of he Umbra, no of he

allie o be found here .
The Ruian Garou know and deal wih many ype of
piri . Mo of hee piri are more neural han friendly
or hoile, a lea in he cae of hoe ha have no been
ouched by he Wyrm . Thoe ha have been ained,
epecially he Lehii and he Morozhko, are capable of
wreaking a grea deal of devaaion . A creaive Soryeller
can have a grea deal of fun fooling he player when hey
have o deal wih a Ruian piri . Few hing are wha hey
really appear o be, and anyhing can be corruped by he
Wyrm . The world i unpredicable : many hing believed o
be corruped by he Wyrm are acually unained.
Thee are no he only piri in he Umbra over Ruia .
Bane, Weaverling and Wyldling may be found a well .
(Noe : Some of hee creaure can be ued a gho or
faerie, bu for eae of play, all mechanic are lied for
Werewolf. The Occul abiliy migh be ueful for predicing he behavior of hee "piri" .)

Appendix : Spiri

1 21

Rage 5, Willpower 8, Gnoi 8, Power 20-40 (depending
on he ize and cleanline of he houehold i proec) .
Charm : Maerialize, Reform, Air Sene, Inviibiliy

The Domovoi i a houe piri, he overeer of domeic

aciviie . I i generally beneficial . The Ruian believed
ha keeping he Domovoi happy wa eenial o he good
working of he houehold (hey are occaionally he gho
of former family head) . A Domovoi live in an oven, and
will leave if he fire in he oven goe ou . He uually appear
a an ancien peaan wih a long gray beard, or a wreched,
gray old man wearing a blue hir. A female Domovoi i
known a a Domikha and i he wife of he Domovoi .
Familie would ofen ake he ember from he oven of an
old houe when hey moved, o a o bring along he
Domovoi . Inruder in a houe occupied by a Domovoi will
alway be aacked .



Rage 5, Willpower 8, Gnoi 8, Power 20
Charm : Maerialize, Air Sene, Inviibiliy, Prophey
In Ruian folklore, he Bannik were piri of he bah
houe; hey regulaed bahing ime and he number of
baher inide . They were killed a prophey . When maerialized, a Bannik, much like oher piri of he houehold,
appear a a mall, dark, hairy creaure . Generally, hey are
aired in peaan garb . Bannik will ofen be found in he
company of a Lehy, epecially if bahing ime have been
violaed . If hi i he cae, he Bannik and he Lehy will
maerialize and aack he unforunae violaor.

o olon yi
Rage 8, Willpower 8, Gnoi 9, Power 40+
Charm : Air Sene, Maerialize, Swamp Sene (imilar
o Fore Sene, bu work only in wamp), Cleane he
Bligh, Shapehif, Conrol Swamp (ee he new Charm :
Conrol Fore), Reform
In Ruian folklore, he Bolonyi i he piri maer of
he wamp and ofen live in he aiga . They are virually
idenical o he Lehii in power and appearance . However,
he Bolonyi are more wampy in appearance .


Rage Acro Ruia

Cel ii

-4" \Ak (

They poe a number of power over he fore a well

a any advanage a paricular hape migh give hem . The
Crino form of he Garou i no beyond heir abiliy .
A female Lehy i known a a Leovikha .


Rage 6, Willpower 7, Gnoi 9, Power 40
Charm : Air Sene, Maerialize, Prophey
The Lugovik are he piri maer of Ruian meadow .
They are virually idenical o he Polevoi ; hey are acually
lighly weaker, ranplaned verion.

Nl orozhki
Rage 10, Willpower 8, Gnoi 6, Power 30
Charm : Air Sene, Maerialize, Frozen Breah (co 1
per die of damage)
The Morozhki are Fro Demon . They are ofen ouched
by he Wyrm, bu no alway . When maerialized, hey
appear a 15 o 20 foo all creaure wih froed, mangy
whie fur . A Morozhko ha red eye and lip, long ivory
claw a he end of gnarled finger, and large canine juing
from hi lower jaw . When maerialized, hi eeh and claw
do aggravaed damage . They are a prone o frenzy a Garou
are . They can alo pend Rage for exra acion .


Rage 7, Willpower 8, Gnoi 8, Power 30
Charm : Maerialize, Shapehif (he Dvorovoi can
urn ino a ca a a co of 3 Power poin), Inviibiliy,
Thee are imilar o he Ovinnik, bu inhabi yard or
barn . The Dvorovoi wa capable of changing ino a ca and
paralyzing inruder. I appear a a mall, dark-haired man
wih burning red eye . Depie appearance, he Dvorovoi
i one of he variou piri ha proec houehold from
hieve or inruder .

Rage 8, Willpower 8, Gnoi 9, Power 40+
Charm : Air Sene, Maerialize, Reform, Fore Sene,
Cleane he Bligh, Shapehif, Conrol Fore
A Lehy (plural : Lehii) i he piri maer of a fore . I
can hapehif and aler i ize from only a few inche in
heigh o he ize of a gian . A Lehy' appearance varie
wih he area i guard . I can appear a a big walking ree
in a fore (like one of Tolkein' En), a a brown-kinned,
green-haired beial man on a plain (like a Glabro), or even
a a gian on a mounain.

Rage 7, Willpower 8, Gnoi 8, Power 30 (+1 per gif

received in he pa monh)
Charm : Maerialize, Shapehif (he Ovinnik can urn
ino a ca for 3 Power poin), Inviibiliy, Paralyze
Ovinniki ypically inhabi barn or grain ore, proecing hem from hieve and inruder in reurn for gif .
Inruder are ubjec o a gaze aack ha induce paralyi .
A maerialized Ovinnik can hapehif ino a ca a well a
i normal form . An Ovinnik generally appear a a hor,
dark, hairy humanoid being . They hae whie hore, and if
one i ever brough ino i barn, he hore and maer
would immediaely be ubjec o a violen aack .

Rage 7, Willpower 7, Gnoi 9, Power 40
Charm : Air Sene, Maerialize, Prophey (he Polevoi
can ee more clearly ino he fuure han mo piri and
can deliver more accurae predicion) .
The Polevoi were he piri maer or guardian of he
field . They are oracle piri, able o perform divinaion of
poible fuure . They appear a humanoid formed of rich,
blackened oil and have gra or weed growing from heir
head and bodie . They will ai anyone who pay hem
ribue : imply give one a crowle cock and everal egg .
They are o fond of hi gif ha hey will aack anyone
who would harm he peron giving ribue .

Polevoi' picure on page 124

Appendix :



They grow older or younger wih he waning or waxing of

he moon .

yua Hua
Rage 3 (7 during full moon), Willpower 7, Gnoi 6,
Power 25
Charm : Open Moon Bridge (power co 10), Air
The Yua Hua (pronounced "youA HOOwah") are
Gaffling of Luna, poeing power imilar o a Lune, bu
no a poen . They look like mall ribbon of moonligh
wih blue and gold aura . They are very enien, bu are
ubjec o he ame lunar madne a all apec of Luna .
During he full moon, a Yua Hua' Moon Bridge will
connec o a Bane' home 90% of he ime .

llemenal (Major)
Mo of hee Ruian elemenal are combinaion of
elemen raher han pure elemen .

Rage 5, Willpower 9, Gnoi 7 Power 40
Charm : Hold (engulf opponen in mud), Air Sene,
Thee are mud elemenal . They appear a large, vaguely
humanoid agglomeraion of mobile mud .

O ual a
Rage 8, Willpower 8, Gnoi 8, Power 30 (+ 5 per vicim)
Charm : Siren Song, Air Sene, Maerialize, Reform,
Life Drain
The Rualki are powerful, dangerou gho, uually from
he piri of a drowned maiden. Much like a iren, a Rualka
will lure men o i wih ong . They are omeime bound o
a ree near he waer' edge where hey died . They appear
a young female human who obviouly died from drowning . Rualki are ofen clohed in waer-damaged peaan
garb . Their eye beray heir hunger for he life hey have
lo . The majoriy of Rualki are creaure of he Wyrm.

Rage 8, Willpower 7, Gnoi 6, Power 40 (+ 5 per vicim)
Charm : Maerialize, Reform, Shapehif, Air Sene
The Vodianoi of folklore were half-demon . However,
he Garou know hem a foul-empered waer piri, ofen
ained by he Wyrm . They require fleh for uenance.
Vodianoi will omeime maerialize o drown vicim . In
i naural form, a Vodianoi appear a a beial humanoid
covered in hair, wih long horn, clawed paw, a ail and
huge oe . I vaguely human face ha eye ha glow like
ember. They are quie capable hapechanger, however,
and are able o aume he appearance of virually anyhing .


Rage Acro Ruia


ice Man


Rage 4, Willpower 10, Gnoi 7, Power 40

Charm : Freeze, Ice Shard, Air Sene, Maerialize
Thee are walking ice elemenal . They appear a large
men apparenly chieled from ice .

In Ruia, he oem of he Silver Pack i known a he

Firebird, or he Zhar Pia, raher han Phoenix . The
Legend ory a he beginning of hi book i a ale
concerning Phoenix .

O ock Mouh


Rage 6, Willpower 8, Gnoi 8, Power 45

Charm : Gnaw (co 4 Power poin ; funcion a he
Garou Gif), Maerialize, Air Sene
Rock Mouh are Earh elemenal . When maerialized,
hey appear a large humanoid compoed of one and dir .

Type : War
Co : 5
Typhon i a darker, more violen reflecion of Thunder.
He i alway boiling, orming and hurling lighning from
he kie . Ye he i more inclined oward piri maer
han mere rage . Typhon alo underand he darker ide of
inerperonal relaion and he orm of paion . He eache
hi follower hi a well a he can . Children of Typhon can
lower he difficulie of educion or aracion roll by wo .
Thi make Typhon' children ome of he mo ferile . Hi
underanding of darker naure alo allow hi children
wo poin of Suberfuge .
The mo impreive hing abou Typhon i hi willingne and even deire o ake par in comba . Any follower
of Typhon can pend wo permanen Gnoi poin and call
upon him . The follower mu roll hi Charima plu Toem
(heir own raing, no he pack oal) vere a difficuly of
8 . If even one ucce i achieved, Typhon will ake par in
he bale . The more uccee, he greaer hi paricipaion . Wih five uccee, Typhon will appear and ar
hurling 10 dice lighning bol a hi foe .
Ban : Typhon i ill young a oem go ; he i ill rying
o gain power . He require all of hi follower o give him
one permanen poin of Gnoi .
(Typhon play an imporan par in Baba Yaga' hierarchy- ee Chaper Four : "The Army of Converion" .)

Rage 5, Willpower 9, Gnoi 7, Power 40
Charm : Hold (he Smolnik can imprion an opponen
wih i icky ma), Maerialize, Air Sene
Thee bizarre elemenal are conruced from ar or
pich . Smolniki appear a large, vaguely humanoid agglomeraion of mobile ar or pich . People and hing can
become uck in hem .

ner wolf
Type : Widom
Co : 7
Winer Wolf i he maer of urvival in harh condiion. Hi domain coni of ome of he harhe land in
he world, and here he ha managed o live a a king . He
i very in ouch wih he Wyld ; hi animal naure i rong
and cunning . He i a fierce a any creaure can be, ye
know when a hun hould be lef o more foolih creaure .
He eache hi children how o endure in harh condiion, graning hem a plu one o heir Samina and wo
poin of Survival . He alo how hi children he Wyld
wihin hem, graning hem an exra level of Primal-Urge
and Animal Ken. The greae gif of Winer Wolf, however, i rengh of will . He give hi follower acce o
hree exra poin of Willpower per ory . To gain hi exra
Willpower, however, he child mu gran Winer Wolf he
emporary gif of one Gnoi poin .

Appendix : Spiri


Ban : Winer Wolf ak ha during he harh monh,

food hould be lef ou for hoe of hi kin who did no find
he proper rock under which o dig .

Conrol Fore : Thi Charm i imilar o he Children

of Gaia Gif : The Living Wood . The piri can animae one
ree per 2 Power poin pen .
Freeze : The piri can draically lower he emperaure
in he immediae area. The co i 3 Power poin for every
10 yard radiu, and 3 Power poin per die of damage ;
anyone in he area uffer hi damage .
Frozen Breah : The piri exhale a breah of bier cold
air . The co i 1 Power poin per die of damage .
Ice Shard : The piri can fling harp hard of ice a a
arge . The co i 5 Power poin per 3 dice damage .
Inviibiliy : Wih hi Charm, a piri can make ielf
inviible in he Umbra or he phyical world (if maerial-

ized) . The Gif : Umbral Sigh and Pule of he Inviible

will no deec he piri, bu Sene he Unnaural and
Sene Wyrm will . If he piri aack omeone, ha peron
can make a Percepion + Enigma roll veru he piri'
Gnoi o perceive i . The co i 2 Power poin .
Life Drain : The piri can drain one Healh Level from
a arge for every 3 Power poin pen . The piri mu be
in phyical conac wih he vicim .
Paralyze : Thi Charm ac like he Shadow Lord Gif :
Paralyzing Sare . The piri are ino he eye of i arge
and roll i Willpower veru he arge' Willpower ; he
arge canno move for one urn per ucce . The co i 5
Power poin .
Prophey : The piri can peer ino hing o come and
ell a queioner one fac abou heir near fuure . Generally,
hee will be mundane even, uch a a marriage or inheriance . The co i 5 Power poin .
Siren Song : Thi i imilar o he Charm : Suggeion,
bu he piri can only lure a arge o i hrough ong, no
uggeing any oher command . The co i 5 Power poin .


Rage Acro Ruia

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