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Baptism is the sacrament

of Faith which:
brings us new life in
Christ and forgiveness of
sins through water and the
incorporating us into the
Church, and
into sharing in the
Trinitarian divine life as
adopted sons and
daughters of the Father, in
a progressive way that
looks ever to the future.
Confirmation is the
sacrament in which,
through the power of the
Holy Spirit, a baptized
person is drawn into
closer union with the
Church and endowed with
strength to actively spread
the Gospel.

Becoming a member of
the Church of Christ
(Christian Initiation); also
being forgiven of one's
sins or cleansing from all
sins and rebirth to new life

* Water
* Salt
* Paschal Candle
* White Garment
* Oil of the Catechumen
* Oil of Chrism
* Immersion in water
* Pouring of water over
the head
* Sign of the Cross
* Baptismal Promises

"I baptize you in the name

of the Father, and of the
Son, and of the Holy

Confirmation strengthens
and confirms the grace of
Baptism, strengthening
and confirming the
mission to give public
witness to Christ and the
Church. This witness
flows from the permanent
character imprinted by
the sacrament on those

* Cross
* Candle (light)
* Word
* Chrism (oil)
* Laying on of hands

"(Name), be sealed with

the Gift of the Holy

Being strengthened by the

Holy Spirit; being
"confirmed" in the

(the "Trinitarian

The source and summit of

the whole Christian life.

Holy Eucharist


a Memorial of his death

and resurrection:
a Sacrament of love, a
sign of unity and bond of
a Paschal banquet in
which Christ is consumed,
the mind is filled with
grace, and
a Pledge of future glory
is given to us.

It is the sacrament through

which we:
obtain pardon from God
for sins committed after
Baptism and for which we
are truly
repentant, and
are reconciled with the
Christian community, the

fullness of the Christian

Receiving Holy
Communion worthily:
unites us with Christ,
separates us from sin,
reconciles us with one
another, and
builds up the Christian
community, the Church.
Being spiritually
nourished by Christ's body
and blood; being united
("in communion") with
Christ and other believers.

Begin forgiven of one's

sins; being reconciled to
God the Church, and other

* Holy Host (Bread)

* Wine
* Paten
* Chalice
* Consecration of bread
and wine
* Liturgy of the Eucharist:
Preparation of the
Eucharistic Prayer
Breaking of the

* Confession Room
* Purple Stole
* Raised Hands
* Cross
* Acts of the Penitent:
Penance or
* Absolution of the priest

"Take this, all of you, and

eat it: This is MY BODY
which will be given up for
you. . . .
Take this, all of you, and
drink from it: This is the
cup of MY BLOOD, the
blood of the new and
everlasting Covenant. It
will be shed for you and
for all, so that sins may be
forgiven. Do this in
memory of me."
(the "Words of Institution"
from the Last Supper)
"God, the Father of
mercies, through the death
and the resurrection of his
Son has reconciled the
world to himself and sent
the Holy Spirit among us
for the forgiveness of sins;
through the ministry of the
Church may God give you
pardon and peace, and I
absolve you from all of
your sins, in the name of
the Father, and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit."

of the Sick

Holy Orders

The Anointing of the Sick

is the Sacrament which,
through the laying on of
the prayer of faith, and
anointing with blessed
provides the sick with
Christs healing grace of
the Holy Spirit.

Holy Orders is the

sacrament of apostolic
ministry through which
the mission entrusted by
Christ to his apostles
continues to be exercised
in the Church till the end
of time.

Through the grace of the

the whole man is brought
to health,
trust in God is
encouraged, and
strength is given to resist
the temptations of the Evil
One, and anxiety about
death. A return to physical
health may even follow if
it will be beneficial to the
sick persons salvation.
Being strengthened in
time of illness.
Configures the ordained to
Christ by a special grace
of the Holy
Spirit, in view of serving
as an instrument of Christ
for his Church. By
ordination one is qualified
to act as representative of
Christ, Head of the
Church, in his triple
function of Priest,
Prophet, and King.

* Oil of the Sick (Olive)

* Candle (Traditional)
* Anointing of oil in the
forehead and hands
* Sign of the Cross

* Stole (priest and deacon)

* Ring
* Miter (Bishop)
* Oil of Chrism
* Laying on of hands
* Anointing of hands

(the "Words of
"Through this holy
anointing may the Lord in
his love and mercy help
you with the grace of the
Holy Spirit. May the Lord
who frees you from sin
save you and raise you

A long "Prayer of
The prayer of ordination
according to the particular

Holy Matrimony

Both the celebration of the

Marriage Rite and the
couples married life of
love are a sacrament of
Christs love for his
This means that Marriage
between Christians is:
a saving symbolic act
and life,
grounded in Christs
ministry, and
continued in, by and for
the Church, which,
when celebrated in faith,
fashions the married
couple into the likeness of
by making them actually
share in Gods own love
and faithfulness
through the power of the
Holy Spirit.

Becoming a member of
the "ordained" clergy, the
church's official
leadership "orders".
Being united ("one flesh")
in God's eyes; becoming a
publicly and legally
recognized couple.

* Veils
* Unity Candle
* Cord
* Flowers
* Exchange of Marriage

"I, (name), take you,

(name), to be my
husband/wife. I promise to
be true to you in good
times and in bad, in
sickness and in health. I
will love you and honor
you all the days of my
(or a similar formula)
I do.