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Approval Sheet

In partial fullfilment of the requirements for the degree of the GAPT (Graphic Arts and
Printing Technology) course this compilation entitled “Fundamentals of Offset Printing” has
been prepared by Eniorga, Alvin C. and hereby submitted for approval and acceptance.


Prof. Noel D. Bulawan

GAPT dept. head


Mr. Neil Hipolito

student teacher

Graphic Arts and Printing Technology or abbreviated GAPT is a degree course

dealing with the concepts about the process of producing or reproducing an image through
different kind of surfaces and plates but the same methods of application which is exposure
to light with the use of several machines. This is based from my conception about the first

From then, I knew already that this wouldn't be as easy, whereas there are so many
things you must have to bear in mind, like implementing the proper ordering of procedure to
prevent whatsoever would be the result which can't pleased your desired conclusion.
Furthermore, you should be in an active presence opening your all senses while performing
an activity especially in a light tight room places where your sense of sight is disabled. This
kind of circumstances did really intersected my path, when I was performing the halftoning
process which is quite different from any other process that produces image on a film. In
that juncture I mistook the extraction of the magenta screen from the copy board instead of
the exposed film. I didn't realize that the film was thinner than the quality of the screen, as a
result I bought it to the developer and then I did as a procedure utter. I had known later that
if it is developed it looses its effectiveness of producing a halftone dots on a film. In that
execution of wrong judgement there is an indispensible lesson I have learned that I can be
with at all times. I suggests “presence of mind”.

In that passing days, it have showed the gold of time and the measures that induced us
to implement patience and perseverance to accomplish objectives. I learned that every single
mistake have a lot of appropriate lessons, moreover mistakes will never be forever a
mistakes, but rather it will serve as your direction to do your work accurately when you
encounter the activity for the second time around.

This compilation has been made not only for a purpose of completimg the
requirements in the degree of the GAPT course, but also to serve as an instrument for further
information hereafter through the foresighted years. The materials presented in this work is
the summary that have been carefully chosen to represent the most significant data about the
fundamentals of offsset printing , its historical background and the important people behind
the development that contribute to the continuing progress of printing technology.
Also included herewith the studdied lessons we engaged in and the application of those
facts which attached herein.

I wishes to express my sincerist and deepest appreciation from the priceless guidance,
constructive criticism, and valuable suggestions of my talented proffesor Mr. Noel D.
Bulawan and to my devoted student teacher Mr. Neil Hipolito who gave me the procedure in
making this compilation.
I would like also to acknowledge with heartfull gratitude my guardian and families
who keeps extending me moral and financial support that becomes the path of
accomplishment for this compilation.

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