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Unit exam:
Respiratory Medication


__________1. Main groups of bronchodilators to treat asthma except:

A. Beta 2 adrenergic agonist
B. Alpha 1 beta antagonist
C. Methylxanthine
D. Anticholinergic
__________2. Main group of anti-infalammatory agents to treat asthma except:
A. Glucocorticoids
B. Expectorant
C. Leukotrene modifiers
D. Cromolyn and nedocromil
__________3. Contraindicators to precaution to consider for Beta 2 Adrenergic
A. Pregnancy category D
B. Tachydysrhythmias
C. Hypothyroidism, hypotension
D. All
__________4. The most effective administration of Beta 2 Adrenergic Agonist is
three except:
B. Oral
D. Nebulizer
__________5. MAOIs/tricyclic antidepressant can increase the risk upon
administration of B2 adrenergic agonist:
A. Tachypnea
B. Tachycardia
C. Bradypnea
D. Bradycardia
__________6. When taking both B2 adrenergic agonist and glucocorticoids which
should come first:
A. Glucocorticoids then B2 adrenergic agonist
B. B2 adrenergic agonist then glucocorticoids
C. Both should be taken at the same time
D. All
__________7. It relaxes bronchial smooth muscle results in bronchodilators:
A. Glucocorticoids
B. Mehylxanthines
C. Beta2 adrenergic
D. Anticholinergic
__________8. If higher therapeutic levels of theophylline and symptoms occur it is
necessarry to administer:
A. Activated charcoal can be used
B. lidocaine
C. Diazepam
D. All
__________9. phenobarbital/phenytoin can _____ theophylline levels.
A. increase
B. Decrease
C. increase and decrease
D. All
__________10. blocks muicarenic receptor a bronchi results in bronchodilators:
A. Beta 2
B. Methylxanthines
C. Glucocorticoids
D. Inhaled anticholinergic
__________11. local anticholinergic effects of Atrovent:
A. Dry mouth/ hoarseness
B. Tinnitus, blurring vision
C. Nausea/vomiting
D. All
__________12. prevent inflammation, suppression of airway mucus production and
promote responsiveness of beta 2 receptor in the bronchial tree:
A. Beta 2
B. Glucocorticoids
C. Methylxanthines
D. inhaled Anticholinergics
__________13. When glucocorticoids when is ≥ 1.0 can result in suppression
A. Adrenal medulla
B. Adrenal cortex
C. Both
D. none
__________14. Side/adverse effects of glucocorticoids: select that apply
A. Boneloss
B. Peptic ulcer
C. Ketonuria
D. Peptic ulcer disease
__________15. It suppress for chronic nono-productive cough :
A. leukotriene modifier
B. Antitussure-opoids
C. Mucolytic
D. Decongestant
__________16. Enhance the flow of secretion in the respiratory passages:
A. Decongestant
B. Mucolytic
C. Antitussure opiods
D. leukotriene modifiers
__________17. If high therapeutic level of codeine the initial interventio upon the
doctors order is to administer:
A. naloxone
B. Morphine
C. lidocaine
D. All
__________18. Acethylcystiene used to treat for poisoning;
A. Ibuprofen
B. paracetamol
C. Acetamenophen
__________19. Stimulate alpha 1 adrenergic receptors causing reduction in the
inflammation of the nasal membrane:
A. Decongestant
B. mucolytic
C. antitussive
D. Leukotriene modifiers
__________20. Bonus


__________1. Suppress the secretion of gastric acid by selective blocking H2

receptor in parietal cells lining of the stomach except:
A. Ranitidine
B. famotidine
C. Cimitidine
D. Necatosidine
__________2. It decrease libido and impotence and confussion for older adults:
A. Famotidine
B. Cimetidine
C. Ranitidine
D. Nizatidne
__________3. To prevvent exacerbation of peptic ulcer, GERD during and after the
coarse of treatment : ( Most priority nursing intervention):
A. Absolute no aspirin medication
B. Suggest eatinng 6 small meals
C. Minimize drinking
D. Adequate rest
__________4. Reduce gastric acid secretion irreversibly inhibiting the enzyme that
produces gastric acid:
A. Ranitidine
B. Omeprazole
C. Sucralfate
D. Amphogel
__________5. Delayed absorption proton pump inhibitors except:
A. Ampicillin
B. Digoxin
C. Ketonazole
D. Ciprofloxacin
__________6. Viscous subbstance adherse to an ulcer up to 6 hours;
A. H2 receptor antagonist
B. Proton pump
C. Antacids
D. Sucralfate
__________7. Neutralize gastric acid and inactivate pepsin:
A. H2 receptor antagonist
B. Proton pump inhibitors
C. Antacids
D. Sucralfate
__________8. Frequency of administration of amphogel is:
A.4 time a day
B. 5 times a day
C. 6 times a day
D. 7 times a day
__________9. For which of the following clients is a laxative indicated (select all that
A. An adult female who is postpartum from vaginal delivery with an
B. A young adult male with constipation and preumbilical pain
C. An older adult client with limited motility and minor incontinence
D. a client preparing for colonoscopy
__________10. Laxative containing Na are contraindicated of the following client
B. Arthritis
C. Depression
D. Seizure Disorder
__________11. For which of the foloowing clients with peptic ulcer disease is
cytotec contraindicated:
A. 27 year old pregnant woman
B. 75 year old cliennt with osteoarthritis
C. 37 year old client wiith kidney stone
D. 46 year old client with UTI