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Kurukulla Unification Sadhana

Revised & approved by Guru Yutang Lin

Edited through Imitation by Disciple Jing Xing
Arrange offerings as usual.
Do prostration three times.
Regular Practice
Ascend the seat and practice in accordance with the sadhana as follows:
1. Motivation
Fold palms together and sincerely recite:
In a blink the swift changes of impermanence may arrive,
Sentient beings are drifting in the ocean of suffering,
This altruistic session born of sober clarity is all too precious,
For all beings this sadhana is practiced to realize Compassionate Embrac
e Mother.
2. Original Purity
Rest the hands in Dhyana mudra, and silently recite three times:
All things are conditional phenomena,
Mutually dependent and coexistent;
Renouncing antagonistic discriminations,
All appear as original purity in oneness.
Visualize the whole Dharmadhatu return to original purity, and appear as bou
ndless sky-blue light.
3. Totality
Visualize that all the four classes of saints and the six realms of sentient
beings appear from this blue light.
Visualize that one's father and mother are to the right and left side, all b
eings related to one through past karma to the front, and the rest of the sentie
nt beings behind. Among the six realms of sentient beings behind one, those in h
ells who need salvation most are closest to one, then are the other beings in th
e order of hungry ghosts, animals, humans, asuras, and finally the heavenly bein
gs. All sentient beings are facing the same direction as the practitioner.
Visualize that in the space in front of the practitioner are all the holy be
ings: Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Arahats, Pratyeka-Buddhas, Dharma Protectors, etc.
At the center is the red Kurukulla , with the red four-arm Chenrezig presiding i
n the space above Kurukulla, and they are surrounded by all holy beings of the W
estern Pureland of Utmost Joy. These are in turn surrounded by layers after laye
rs of all the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and holy beings of all other Purelands. With
great compassion all holy beings look attentively at all the sentient beings be
4. Taking Refuge

Fold palms together and sincerely recite three times the following refuge fo
rmula while visualizing that all sentient beings are gazing with admiration at K
urukulla in the sky and recite together in unison:




the Vajra Guru.

thorough Buddha Dharma.
holy beings of Bodhi.

Visualize that all holy beings are rejoicing over sentient beings' ability t
o recognize and choose the path toward liberation. Kurukulla, on behalf of all h
oly beings, grants refuge to all sentient beings. From the heart chakra of Kuruk
ulla rays of red light radiates forth to each and every sentient being. In this
way each sentient being's bad karma is eradicated, merits increased, and Bodhici
tta nurtured. This ray of red light then stays, like a candle flame, in the hear
t of the sentient being, shines forth the light of Bodhi, and sheds light on the
right path of Bodhi forever.
5. Offering
Visualize that all sentient beings take delight in participating the making
of extensive and long-term offerings and donations, and that they join the pract
itioner in reciting in unison the following stanza:
Filling the whole Dharmadhatu with treasures,
Pouring all attainments of the wisdom path,
Offered without reluctance nor omission;
Beg to accept out of compassion and empathy,
Exhibit skillful display of the wondrous Dharma,
Salvage without neglect nor omission.
Visualize that all holy beings are delighted by the Bodhicitta which is the
pure motivation underlying these offerings, and therefore gladly accept and enjo
y the offerings. Each and every holy being obtains complete enjoyment of all sor
ts. All holy beings emit lights in blue, white, yellow, red and green color that
enlighten the whole Dharmadhatu and give blessings to all sentient beings. Then
all holy beings other than the red four-arm Chenrezig and Kurukulla transform i
nto lights and merge into the red four-arm Chenrezig. And then the red four-arm
Chenrezig also transforms into light that descends through the top of Kurukulla
and merges into Kurukulla's heart chakra.
6. Praise
Recite with ardent devotion and may use accompanying Dharma instruments such
as bell, drum, inverted bell (Yin Qing) and wooden fish; visualize that all sen
tient beings join the practitioner in ardently reciting in unison the following
The happiness of one-taste of all things is on your merciful face.
The floral bow and arrow in your hands will induce all beings.
The hook stick has merits to gather all bliss of Buddhas and Dakinis.
The hook rope is wisely employed to draw in all kinds of beings.
Adorned with beautiful floral garland and having wondrous family,
You are loved dearly by all who sees your image or hears your mantra!
The patriarch that served you was inspired to be the national Guru.
For such a holy Karma may your holiness grant me all the blessings!
Great compassion, responding to sentient beings' capacities, exerts indu
Thousands of ways and hundreds of plans employed in enticing and convert

Unless all sentient beings have comprehended and attained full enlighten
Thorough and detailed guidance and encouragement will never cease to fun
Supreme merits and wisdom of all Buddhas are hooked by you to spread to
all beings
Deluded thoughts and biased inclinations of beings are shot down by your
floral arrows
Your ropes of compassion wind around and around lest beings go astray or
fall behind
Your joyful countenance attracts beings into practice and realization of
lively application
Mother Buddha of great wisdom, displaying all kinds of ingenious and ski
llful means
Countless Dharma sons and daughters will all take refuge in you and the
Triple Gems
Skull crown of Five Wisdoms, human-head necklace to adorn your body,
Floral arrow on a full bow, nowhere in the Dharmadhatu cannot be reached
Merciful face full of joy, Sunyata Pleasures relieve hindrances and hard
New animosity and old grudges, all evaporated outside the Three Realms.
Guan Yin engaging in inducing and conversion, applying tender approaches
as need be,
Hooked stick and hooked rope, bring in beings from afar and attract bein
gs nearby.
Surrounded by embrace so warm, and under gazes so tender,
Bliss of harmony simply thaws and melts, and all sentient beings take re
fuge in Thee!
Visualize that Kurukulla, upon hearing this praise, is very pleased by the r
ight faith of the practitioner and the sentient beings. Kurukulla emits bright r
ed lights from her heart chakra shining through the whole Dharmadhatu and giving
blessings to all sentient beings. Then Kurukulla sprinkles showers of nectar up
on sentient beings to purify their karma of body, speech and mind. The nectar is
also granted for sentient beings to drink in order to nourish their wisdom and
expand their lifespan.
7. Accomplishment
Visualize that, through the nectar blessing of Kurukulla, all sentient being
s in the whole Dharmadhatu have returned to the original purity; they all transf
orm and merge into a boundless sky-blue light. Kurukulla, having thus purified a
ll sentient beings, also transforms and merges into this light of original purit
y. The whole Dharmadhatu becomes a limitless and indiscriminative Oneness.
In this vast expanse of blue brilliance, suddenly there appears a karma vajr
a. Above the karma vajra, there appears a magnificent Dharma seat supported by e
ight lions. Then above the seat there appears, one after the other and one above
the other, a lotus, a moon cushion and a sun cushion. At the center of the sun
cushion there appears a red seed word "Hrih" standing upright. Hrih transforms i
nto Kurukulla with red brilliant rainbow body, appearing as a teenage maiden, wh
o has one face, three eyes, four arms and complete with all adornments of a Samb
hogakaya. Her red-orange hair streams upwards, she wears a crown of five skulls,
a necklace of fifty freshly severed human heads. Her earrings, bracelets, neckl
aces, armlets, anklelets, etc. are ornaments of bone and jewels. Her first left
hand holds a red upala flower bow and her first right hand holds an arrow, decor
ated with red upala flower, in shooting position and stretches the bow to its fu

ll. Her second right hand holds a red upala flower hook upwards, and her second
left hand holds a rope of red upala flower downwards. She wears a tiger-skin ski
rt, standing in a dancing posture with the right leg drawn up and the left leg p
ressing on the heart area of the corpse of a female demon. She is completely sur
rounded by a circle of burning flames of wisdom fire, emitting great bright red
lights. In the heart chakra of Kurukulla there is a lotus, above which is a moon
cushion, and a sun cushion atop. Standing upright at the center of this sun cus
hion is a red seed word "Hrih,". Evenly distributed around and above the circumf
erence of the sun cushion are the words constituting the Heart Mantra of Kurukul
la. All words of this mantra wheel are red in color and are arranged clockwise i
n their regular order (as in the diagram below).
The Mantra Wheel of Kurukulla's Heart Mantra

Weng Gu Lu Gu Li Ye Suo Ha
8. Spinning
Recite the Heart Mantra and simultaneously visualize that the mantra wheel i
n the heart chakra is spinning. The word Hrih at the center remains still. The m
antra wheel spins counterclockwise (left spin) with ever increasing speed. After
a long while of spinning, the mantra wheel gradually slows down until it comes
to a complete stop.
As the mantra wheel spins, it simultaneously emits waves of red light spread
ing in all directions throughout the whole Dharmadhatu. With each wave of red li
ght countless numbers of transformations of the Kurukulla are sent forth. These
Kurukullas surf the waves of light to all corners of the Dharmadhatu in order to
salvage all sorts of sentient beings.
9. One Breath
With mouth closed and tongue touching the upper front palate, practice deep
breathing through the nostrils. While inhaling visualize that the ignorance, sin
ful karma, sickness, suffering, sorrows, karmic hindrances, etc., of all sentien
t beings are transforming into foul and black air, and yet are inhaled by Kuruku
lla out of great compassion. While holding the breath visualize that all such fo
ul and black air has been purified by the profound wisdom and countless merits o
f Kurukulla into clean and fresh air of wisdom and compassion which will nourish
the wisdom life of each and every sentient being. While exhaling visualize that
this clean and fresh air of wisdom and compassion permeates the whole Dharmadha
tu, nourishing and maturing all sentient beings so that they would open and expa
nd their minds and attain full enlightenment soon.
10. Identification
Having merged through the communion in one breath of Kurukulla and all senti
ent beings, Kurukulla and sentient beings transform into light and become one in
the brilliant blue light of original purity. The nominal distinction between "M
other-Buddha" and "sentient being" gradually fades away. The whole Dharmadhatu a

gain appears as limitless blue brilliance.

From this brightness of original purity Kurukulla appears in human form as t
he practitioner to facilitate teaching and salvaging sentient beings in this wor
ld in accordance with their various aptitudes and conditions. Then Kurukulla des
cends from the seat. Afterwards Kurukulla employs the form, speeches and activit
ies of the practitioner to expand ingenious contrivances in limitless fashions t
oward the compassionate salvation of all sentient beings.
The day (August 28, 2008) before yesterday, I received a letter from Ven. Khoo P
oh Kong of Taiping , West? Malaysia. He presented to me a short letter from Guru
Lin which was written on March 2, 1982, and the manuscript which Patriarch Guru
Chen enjoined to combine the rituals of Sakyamuni Buddha, White Supreme Pleasur
e Vajra, kurukulla, and Six-arm Mahakala, as taken from "Mi Cheng Fa Hai (Dharma
Ocean of Tantrayana)," into one booklet, and entitle it as "Collection of Four
Rituals of Guru, Yidam, Dakini and Dharmapala." After reading it, I was pleased
to request Guru Lin to compose a "Sadhana of Kurukulla," based on such a ritual,
for our daily practice.
Yesterday((August 29, 2008)), Guru Lin told me to imitate "White Tara Unificatio
n Sadhana" and to adopt the praises of Guru Chen and himself in composing a "Kur
ukulla Unification Sadhana" for his revision and approval. As the causal conditi
ons dictate, I just respectfully obey Guru's instruction to reverently compose t
his Sadhana. May all sentient beings be granted the blessing of Mother-Buddha so
that their merits and wisdom increase and their attainment of realization arriv
e soon!
Note: Red Chenrezig is the Sambhogakaya of Guan Yin, with the epithet, "Supreme
Ocean of Great Compassion," which means that the compassionate will power of Gua
n Yin is as limitless as a supreme and incredible ocean. His body is red in colo
r, with one face and four arms. The first two hands folded together before his c
hest, holding the wish-fulfilling gem. As to the second pair of hands, the right
hand holds a coral mala, and the left hand holds a red lotus. He wears the Five
-Buddha crown, Bodhisattva outfits of silk, and gems and jewels ornaments, sitti
ng on a sun and a moon cushion above a lotus seat.
Edited in Chinese on August 30, 2008 (Holy Birthday of Earth Treasure Bodhisattv
Translated into English on September 3, 2008
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
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I had reviewed it and done much revision.
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May all beings attain Enlightenment soon!