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American Mission Press, 167, Fopham's Broadway.
1 862.
Copyright Secured.




This Comprehensive Tamil and English Dictionary, as its title indicates, embraces both the Common and
Poetic Dialects of the Tamil language, including its principal Astronomical, Astrological, Mythological, Botanical,
Scientific and Official terms ; as also the names of many authors, poets, heroes and gods. Containing, as it
does, upwards of 30,000 words more than any similar work, it will, it is hoped, be found a most important help
in acquiring such a knowledge of the language, as will enable the student really to profit by its literature. It
will also be found useful to those who may wish for condensed information on the philosophy, the religion, the
superstitions, and the customs of the Hindus. A few remarks on the relation of the Tamil to some other
languages, may not be here out of place.
Professor Max Mulleb, in his celebrated lectures, divides nearly all the languages of the world into
three main familiesthe Aryan, Semitic, and Turanian. The Aryan includes the Sanscrit, Greek, and
Latin ; the Semitic is divided into Aramaic, Hebraic, and A rabic ; and the Turanian consists of the Tungusic,
Mongolic, Turkic, Finnic and Samoyedic of the North, and the Tamulic, Bhotiya, Taic and Malaic to the South.
According to this classification Tamil belongs to the Turanian family. The Rev. R. Caldwell, ll.d.
has conclusively shewn that all the Dravidian languages are from the Scythian, and especially, its Finnic branch.
But from affinities traced out by him, in addition to those hereafter given, it would seem that we may go farther
back for many roots and forms in these tongues, to some common fountain both for them and for the languages
of the Indo-European family, including Sanscrit; nearer to the time when "the whole eartii was of one language."
He specifies 85 words in the Dravidian, as having Scythian affinities, 31 as Semitic, and 106 connected
with the West Indo-European family, distinct from those in Sanscrit.
It appears that some Aryans from the North, as missionaries of religion and civilization, had in a measure
humanized the tribes in the Southern part of the Peninsula, previous to any warlike irruption ; which perhaps
never affected the Southern tribes as it did the Northern. When Rama, a fabled incarnation of Vishnu, con
ducted his army of monkeys, or wild men of the woods, from Oude to Ceylon, he found in his march holy
ascetics from Ar'yavarta, lying between the Imaus and the Vind'hya mountains. Subsequently in the sixth or
seventh century before Christ, at the head of a similar Colony, we find the celebrated Agastya, called the father
of Tamil. He is said to have learned it from Skanda, the second son of Siva. We are not to suppose that
he formed the Tamil Alphabet. The words erqg/iBi, letter, and s-aitf., book, are original Tamil ; and show that
such existed before there were any innovations from Sanscrit, which Agastya himself commenced. He formed
the first Tamil Grammar. It contained 12,000 Sutras. All is now lost except some fragments preserved
by Tolkapyan, in a Grammar which bears his own name. Agastya wrote voluminously, both in Tamil and
Sanscrit, especially on Medicine ; but probably few if any of the works now bearing his name ore genuine.
In the opinion of the Rev. William Tatlor, the able Editor of Dr. Rottler's Dictionary, "there was origi
nally one simple homogeneous dialect, spoken by rude, simple aborigines from the Himalaya to Cape Comorin."
Mr. Taylor thinks that, "the earliest probable refinement of it was the Pali of the North, and the Tamil of
the extreme South ;" and that, " the Sanscrit assumed its own form by engrafting numerous Chaldaic terms of
science and others of common use on the old Pali." It is evident from their names, that the Pali must have
been anterior to the Sanscrit, the former signifying root or original, and the latter Jinished or polished.
It is stated by Colonel Sykes, that very ancient inscriptions on rocks and coins, are found in Pali and Pracrit
four hundred years earlier than in Sanscrit. *
It is said that the language of the Mountaineers of Rajah Mahal abounds in terms identified with Tamil
and Telugu. What is more singular, the names by which the ivory, apes, and peacocks, conveyed by Solomon's
* Asiatic Journal, vol. xii. p. 415.



ships of Tarshish were known, are the same with those still -used in Tamil; seeming to imply that the
traders visited Ceylon or India, and obtained with these novelties their Tamil names, danta, kapi, and togai,
as found in the Hebrew Bible.
The Tamil is not a vulgar dialect. Before the principal basis of the English had a written character, it
was a highly polished language. Its name signifies stveetness, and though not so musical as the Telugu, in
its poetic form especially, it is not without its claim to euphonic charms, and "linked sweetness."
Unlike several of the Vernaculars of India, it is not, as some have supposed, a daughter of the Sanscrit. Its
Alphabet differs not only in character, but in sound ; and is more limited. Its Grammar, though conformed to the
Sanscrit, as far as the genius of the language would allow, is still very different, It has no article,- no relative
pronoun, no dual number, no optative mood. It differs in its numerals, in many nouns, verbs, and adverbs,
and in technical terms in grammar. In the declension of its nouns, the conjugation of its verbs, and the ar
rangement of its sentences, it more resembles the Latin.
While nearly all the Vernaculars of India have been greatly enriched from the Sanscrit, that wonderful
language has condescended to borrow even from the Dravidian group, of which the Tamil is the oldest, and
the principal. Dr. Caldwell in his learned Dravidian Comparative Grammar, instances 31 word's in Sanscrit
taken from Dravidian tongues, and 25 borrowed by both from some common source. He is of opinion that
the Sanscrit derived its cerebral consonants from the Dravidian.
It is evident that there was an early literature in Tamil independent of Sanscrit ; and now, within certain
ranges of thought, omitting terms of art, science, religion in a great measure, and certain abstract forms, we
may write in pure Tamil, as in English we may in pure Saxon. In fact the nearer we approach the ShenTamil the less we need Sanscrit. Dr. Caldwell has well said, "the Tamil the most cultivated, ab-inlra, of all
the Dravidian idioms, can dispense with the Sanscrit altogether, if need be, and not only stand alone, but flourish,
without its aid." It is certain that Tamil could do without Sanscrit much better than English without Latin.
In many respects, it would have been well, if tbe aboriginal tribes at the South had been left without Aryan
civilization. Undoubtedly the Brahmans improved their dialects, and taught them much of useful art and
science ; but by bringing them under the influence of the Puranic system of idolatry, they shackled their intel
lects, perverted their moral sense, and bound them fast to error by the chains of caste. The reason why
Tamil is more independent of Sanscrit than the Northern languages, and even than the other Dravidian tongues,
is, that it has not been left, like those, principally to the cultivation of the Brahmans. The Cural of Tiruvalluvsr, or sacred Pariah priest, written perhaps in the ninth century, A. D., and containing 1,330 distichs, is
regarded as one of the finest productions in the Tamil language; but its author was a Pariah. A reputed sister
of his, called Auveiyar, or Matron,. wrote brief epigrammatic moral verses, of much merit, now used in all the
Native Schools. The Chintamani "a brilliant romantic epic" of 15,000 lines, was written, probably in the tenth
century, A. D., by a Jaina ; and the Nannul, a High Tamil Grammar of great value, a little later, also by a
Jaina. The imitation, not translation, of the IiamayanH, was composed about the eleventh century, A. D., by
Kamban, the son of a king, and not of the priestly tribe. His production, consisting of 12,016 stanzas, in live
books, is considered by learned Tamilians as superior to the original.
The Tamil has certainly been greatly enriched from the Sanscrit, and has borrowed from it some letters, rather,
however, as a convenience than necessity. There is no reason for rejecting this aid, within proper bounds. By it,
the language has become copious, as before, it was precise, philosophical, and energetic. A native author
of repute, well versed in English, as well as his own vernacular, has said, adopting the words of Mr. Taylor
before mentioned, "it is one of the most copious, refined, and polished languages spoken by man."* This
Author has added, what may admit of doubt, "few nations on earth can perhaps boast of so many poets as the
Tamils." As, however, all their earlier literature was in poetry, even Dictionaries and Grammars, and works
on Medicine, Law, Architecture and Theology, the number of poets, so called, must have been great. The
Chola, Sera, and Pandyan kings of Southern India, especially the latter, from the 6th century before Christ,
to the 14th century after, were liberal patronizers of the Poets. A college of literati, called the Madura sangam,
was long in existence. The sunshine of royal favor brought many poets into light, if not into life. Their works were
"Tamil Plutarch by Simon Casie Chitty, Esq. Preface.



mostly destroyed by the Mohammedans in the early part of the 14th century. It is not perhaps extravagant to
say, that, in its poetic form, the Tamil is more polished and exact than the Greek, and in both dialects, with
its borrowed treasures, more copious than the Latin. In its fulness and power it more resembles English and
German than any other living language. Its prose-style is yet in a forming state, and will well repay the
labor of accurate scholars in moulding it properly. Many Natives, who write poetry readily, cannot write a
page of correct prose.
In one respect the Tamil has an advantage over the other vernaculars of India. It has a greater amount
of Christian literature. As the number of Native Christians speaking Tamil is two or three times greater
than of those speaking any other vernacular, so the books prepared in that language are proportionably more numerous.


It will be seen, therefore, that a Lexicon which will enable a student to read their books in poetry, as
as prose, is very necessary. Hitherto the Dictionary of Dr. Rottler has been the only one professing to
any aid to the student in reading Native books, except of the most elementary kind, and that, though
valuable, is too limited in its vocabulary, and deficient in Astrological, Mythological and Scientific terms,
to answer the purpose. It is very much confined to the Tamil of the Continent, not embracing much
is in good use in Ceylon.

To tbose who may wish to know something of the history of this work, it may be stated, that it was com
menced before any part of Rottler's dictionary was printed, by the Rev. J. Knight, Church Missionary at
Jaffna, assisted by Mb. Gabriel Tissera, a learned Native connected with the American Mission there. The plan
embraced not only a Tamil-English Lexicon of the common and poetic dialects, but, on a smaller scale, an
English-Tamil Dictionary, and one of Tamil synonyms. Mr. Knight, who was an accurate Tamil scholar,
labored diligently, as far as other duties allowed, in collecting materials for these publications, and was ably
assisted by the Rev. Peter Percival, then of Jaffna, now Professor of Sanscrit and Vernacular Literature in
the Presidency College, and other Missionaries, as also by Native scholars. After four or five years a voyage
to England, in 1838, on account of ill health, obliged him to suspend the work; and his death, followed
immediately on his return to Ceylon.
The materials collected were transferred to the American Mission, in Jaffna, which had borne the expense
of their collection. From them, in part, the Rev. Levi Spaulding, h. a., brought out the contemplated Tamil
Dictionary, and the Rev. Samuel Hctchings, si. a., removing from Jaffna to Madras in 1842, continued the
printing of the English and Tamil work. At the same time he carried on the preparation for the larger Dictionary.
In little more than a year his health failed, and he left India with no prospect of returning. It then devolved upon
the present Compiler to take charge of all the materials collected, to carry on the preparation for the larger work,
and to finish the correcting and printing of the English-Tamil Dictionary ; of which about one fourth remained
unfinished. This was done in a few months. Subsequently in 1852 Mr. Spaulding, who had assisted in first
preparing the work, brought out a second edition in Jaffna.
It is unnecessary to state all the causes of delay in commencing, and of subsequent interruption in prose
cuting the principal work. One or two circumstances may be mentioned to show why, between the time of
undertaking its preparation and its final completion, so many years elapsed. It is evident that a Missionary
with the entire care of a station, having a Native church, a large English school, and several schools in the
vernacular, could not devote a great proportion of his best hours to any literary pursuit, however important.
Besides these occupations, there was, in the present case, an extra draught of four hours a day, for three or
four months, in as many successive years, in the revision of the Tamil Scriptures, to say nothing of labor as
Secretary of a Mission, and, through most of these years as financial agent for two other Missions.
The. task to be accomplished was also great. Besides large deficiencies in the materials collected, I hey
were arranged on a plan which it was thought best not to follow, and however valuable, as a whole, were
somewhat like fish brought to shore in a net, good and bad together. A selection had to be made, and the
Vocabulary required to be greatly increased.
So far as the materials had been arranged, the words collected were placed alphabetically, without reference
to their origin, whether Tamil or Sanscrit, or to their being primitives or derivatives. The representative of



the verb was the past verbal, after the manner of Sadur-Agaradi. This is convenient, but exposes to error;
because the verbal has sometimes a different meaning from other parte of the verb. After much consultation, it
was thought best to take the root of the verb, as of other parte of speech, for the leading word. This is the
imperative singular. All the parte of the verb flow naturally from that. This arrangement, though the most
simple, as well as most philosophical, had not been adopted in any Dictionary, and required an entire re-casting
of the copy so far as prepared. It was also thought necessary to separate the Sanscrit from the Tamil
words, designating the primitives by an asterisk, and, in important cases, giving a reference to Wilson's Sanscrit
Dictionary, which had not been done at all in the copy. Often a single word stood for both Sanscrit and
Tamil. The derivatives, too, were to be brought under their primitives, when it could be done without making
it too difficult to find them. On this account it was necessary to write and re-write the copy several times.
But what was a vastly greater labor, Tamil renderings were to be added to all the principal words, and the
various meanings, with translations of the examples. This was for the double purpose of fixing the definitions
more precisely, and of making the Dictionary useful to natives not understanding English.
Though a very small part of the copy was at that time in any sense complete, a commencement in printing
was made in 18.53, and proceeded with by the Compiler to September 1855, when he was obliged, by loss of
health, to leave for his native land ; and was absent nearly two and a half years. The Rev. Peter Percival,
before mentioned, very kindly undertook the supervision of the preparation and printing, for a time ; and con
tinued his labors about a year, when his professional duties obliged him to suspend them. Only 280 pages
were then printed. When resumed in 1858, and 80 pages added, there was what threatened to be a final
stop to the undertaking for want of money. The American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions,
who had hitherto borne all the expense, could not, on account of a large debt, make further advances, even to
save themselves from the almost entire sacrifice of all that had been done.
To prevent the waste, in great measure, of what had been printed, the loss of the manuscripts prepared,
and the failure of bringing out a book so much needed, after application to Government for aidwhich was
unsuccessful, except to the extent previously promised of taking one hundred copies of the book when finished
the Compiler proposed to carry on the undertaking by dividing the expense into 70 shares of Rupees 200 each,
and to allow to every share 10 Copies of the Lexicon ; which would be at the rate of Rupees 20 for each copy.
If all were taken the estimated expense would be met, and 500 copies of the edition remain for the American
Board, toward their previous large outlay.
This proposal was responded to only in part, as will be seen by reference to the list of Subscribers. To the present
time, including the subscription from Governmentthe amount subscribed is scarcely more than a moiety of
the estimated expense. Had this been as great as was expected, there would be Rupees 7,000 to be provided
for. It has been considerably less. Still it leaves a debt of more than Rupees 5,000, to be met by the gradual
sale of the work. This of course rests on the Compiler, who commenced it on his own private responsibility,
with the expectation of probable loss, and with no chance of gain. Whatever is realized, above the actual
expense, is to go to the American Board. When only a small part of the money needed was given, or promised,
the printing was re-commenced in September 1859, and steadily prosecuted to its conclusion, in July 1862; or in
a little less than three years.
In the preparation of the work the Compiler has been aided at different times by competent
Natives. Of these, the first was Raraanuja Cavi Rayar, long well known as a leading Munshi in Madras. He
is not living. The next, and for some years, until he was appointed Head Munshi in the Presidency College,
was T. Vizagaperumal ; then, until he also left for the College, Veerasawmy Chetty. For the last two
years, Athimoolum Moodelly, and for a longer time Mr. Abraham Alliene, a good native scholar. The sheets as
issued from the Press have had the benefit of correction, for a short time, by Mr. B. Kellogg, connected with
the Department of Public Instruction, and for roost of the remainder by D. C. Visvanatha Pillai, b. a. To all
these the Compiler would express his obligations, also to Mr. Nevins who was with him for a year after
recommencing the printing; but more especially to Mr. Percival, as having charge of the preparation and
printing of the work during the absence of the Compiler.
For the neatness of the typography, and general accuracy and taste of the printing, all who use the Lexicon
will feel themselves indebted to Mr. Hunt, Superintendent of the American Mission Press, and his Assistants.



The work was begun and has been prosecuted, principally, to promote Christian Missions, by assisting
Missionaries to acquire the Tamil language. This is not to be learned by a few vocabularies, or from
Dictionaries of the common dialect only. Who could fancy that he had a knowledge of Latin or Greek
if he had not read a single poem in those languages ? It is not that Missionaries should use high words in their
conversation or preaching, that they ought to know something of the poetic dialect, but, on the contrary, that they
may know how to avoid them, and use good words neither too high nor too low, that is too vulgar. As,
however, the natives are exceedingly pleased with any tiling in the shape of poetry, or song, a preacher who
would address them with most effect, should be able sometimes to quote from the songs, and poetic sayings, of
the "wise men" among the Hindus.
A missionary, who has a fair acquaintance with Tamil, stated publicly that It was long before he learned that
the Tamilians have a high and low language, and that he was, while in this state of ignorance, not understood
by the people, because he used the former, as learned from books. But his mistake consisted not in using good
words, such as he might learn from well written books, or from good speakers in public or in conversation, but
in not using the right words in the right place ; or, perhaps in not pronouncing them correctly ; for most foreigners
fail more in pronunciation than in the use -of words. No one need to employ vulgarisms, or imitate the patois of
horse-keepers, or any other low dialect, to be understood. The common people understand a grammatical sentence,
and the proper use of finite verbs, as well as one ungrammatical, in which the persons and lenses are merged in
some imperfect form of the verb. If a scholar, leaving the proper rules of the language, tries to learn the vari
ous vulgar dialects, which a native may use intelligibly, he will be constantly liable to make ludicrous mistakes.
Who but an Irishman would undertake to use the English of a low Irishman, or who but a Highland Scotchman
venture upon Gselic forms? The truth is there is not a high and low Tamil, except of the poetic and common
dialect ; but there is a simple grammatical Tamil, intelligible to high and low, as in English, unless interlarded with
high wordsas may be done in any language, if one wishes to show his learning, or knows no betterand there
are endless varieties of provincialisms, cant-word?, words peculiar to a trade or profession, and vulgarisms
differing in different places, and among different classes, and not intelligible to all, even of the Natives ; and
much less at proper command by a foreigner. The missionary has little to do with these, except to avoid them.
An accurate knowledge of the language is indispensable to every Missionary to the Tamilians, who would,
in the highest sense, magnify his office. One reason of the comparative inefficiency of many who speak and
preach in a vernacular, whether foreigners or natives, is their limited acquaintance with its richness and power.
Even those principally employed in teaching Native youth through the medium of English, would find themselves
possessed of a new faculty, if able freely to use the mother tongue of the pupil. They could then ascertain whether
their teaching was understood ; and could not only teach but educate. The great desideratum in all AngloVernacular Institutions is, to make the pupils thorough in their knowledge of their own language, as well
as the English, that they may be able to transfer the treasures of the latter into the former. The actual fact
is, that many natives who are good English scholars, neglect, if they do not despise, their own tongue. To
all Government officers among the Tamil people ; to all educated Native youths in their midst ; and to all
Oriental scholars, a knowledge of this language is important.
There is an increasing conviction of the value of this knowledge. The Government have given a wide-spread
stimulus to the study of the Vernaculars, by requiring many of their agents, both in the Civil and Military
service, to cultivate them, and by establishing Examinations to test the fitness of natives as well as other
applicants for employment, as in other respects, so also, in an acquaintance with some vernacular. In the
Missionary Schools, and Government Institutions, more attention is paid than formerly to the native languages.
The Press is also aiding in the work. A brighter day is thus dawning upon the natives of India.
Amidst the various hinderances and discouragements which have attended the prosecution of this work, nnd
made its wheels drag heavily, and sometimes to stop, it is only by the special blessing of God, that it has been
concluded. At the feet of Jehovah-Jesus it is humbly laid ; to all Missionaries among the Tamil people, it is
respectfully dedicated.
American Mission House, ChinVidrepeltah,
Madras, August, 1862.


In using this Lexicon its plan should be understood. It is intended to combine, as far as possible, a
philosophical and alphabetical arrangement of the words, without repetition. The derivatives are brought under
their primitiveswhich are arranged alphabetically, in large typewhen the initial letters are the same or
changed by common grammatical rules.
If different, the important words arc given as principals, with a
reference to the root. The verbs also are given as principals in large type. The derivatives are in a medium
type, and are arranged, with the exception mentioned, under their primitives, either alphabetically or in the order
of the definitions with which they are connected. The directions for using must therefore be consulted.
When verbal nouns are given, it is to fortify the definition of the word by reference to the Sadur, or
because the verbal, as is sometimes the case, differs somewhat from the verb, or one form of a verbal from
another. Those ending in t> and in l/ often differ, as the latter takes more the meaning of a substantive,
and is regularly declined. Though it has been intended to place the definitions, generally, in the order of
their importance, the most common are not always given first. There are other considerations to be taken
into account, in determining the extent of a meaning, which are not in every case obvious.
It will be noticed that Adjectives, Adverbs and some Particles are given as primaries. This may not be
strictly correct, according to Tamil grammarians, who make little distinction between these and Nouns, especially
the two former ; but it is convenient.
Adjective forms of abstract nouns, as jy^aoto, a^mw, QairGtmm, GtjptGnw, Qu^mw, &c, might be arranged
under their nouns, but in some of them, as for instance the two last, it is more simple to make the adjective
also a primary. In some cases it may be doubtful which is the root. Adjectives proper are not very numerous,
their place being generally supplied, by .nouns and participles, but there are some, and these of course, are
primaries, as isec or <eud, Seo, ueo, and u>pp. We might add tyjj and Oungi, but they may be formed from the
abstract nouns Lfgimw and Quir&eaw.
The grammatical rules occasionally given for the change, omission, or reduplication of letters, may be consi
dered by some as superfluous; but to many they will be a convenience. The reference of important words to
Wilson's Sanscrit Dictionary, Second Edition, when found in that, is for the better satisfaction of those who
can thus verify the meanings there. When authorities are given, as Rottler, Beschi, Ellis, or
for e&naunp,
Sadur-Agaradi, especially in regard to the last, it is not to be understood that other words have not like
authority, though not given, or that the definition rests only on such authority ; but that these especially sanc
tion the word in the use given. The former of them, within the limited plan of its Vocabulary, and making
allowance for the meanings being given by Synonyms, is usually correct. There is scarcely a word of which
several exact synonyms can be given, much less will each of those be words synonymous with every other. For
Instance, while under jy^^ii, twenty-five synonyms are given, scarcely half a dozen of them could be used for as
many others in the list. This source of error is to be guarded against, in using the Sadur.
Great assistance has been derived from Dr. Rottler's Dictionary.
When doubt existed as to his render
ings, and they seemed not fully supported by others, his name is given. In Botanical names he has been often
followed, because the old system is better known, except to professed botanists. Other authorities have, however,
been consulted ; and sometimes the new classification has been adopted. As to Beschi, and the Old Dictionary,
they are not authority, except as to the fact of the word having been in use. The addition of prov. for
provincial, has a general, but not exclusive reference to Jaffna usage, and that of local to Madras. Poetic (p.)
implies that there is only poetic authority for the word, and (c.) for common, that it is frequent, but not
classical, while (v.) for vulgar carries its own meaning.
In the first part of the Lexicon to the name of some medicinal and other plants M. Die. is annexed to
show the authority to be a Medical Dictionary, as Ainslie or some other; but as reference for these is some
times to Ainslie, sometimes to a Botanical Dictionary, and sometimes to Drury on the Useful Plants of India,
this reference is omitted in most of the pages.


Look for the root of the word sought, which in verbs is the imperative, among those in the largest
type. If the first two or three letters are known the word will easily be found. If there be a change from
these in the derivatives, it will generally be sufficient to recollect the usual rules for the mutation of letters.
For instance you have &p&, and do not find it in this form, you will, of course, look under sen; or for l&pa,
under i9io. Imperatives, however, though capable of being traced further back to a primitive root, are given as
primaries, for ease of reference. Thus you find s-q^C, though it comes from a-^eh-. Whatever part of a verb
you may have, look for the imperative, which will be its first letter, or first two or three letters, unless changed
by rule. If a word supposed to be a derivative is not found as such, it is to be looked for as a primary,
for the reason before mentioned.
It is to be remembered that the alphabetical order is followed for each
distinct class, whether primaries or secondaries, and, therefore, the search for a word is not to be given up
until both have been carefully examined, bearing in mind the rules for the change of letters. Let it also bo
remembered that the letters u and ai are often used interchangeably, also i and or, and that at sometimes
stands for car, and p for n with a mute following. Thus for uireuw is unuih, for SCicaui is 8daru>, for messresau,
is siskeriM, and for SiuuirdQtuw, you may have iSpuirdQiuu), For the Sanscrit form atppn you find a^ppii, atippti
and even appi; for &neb$Du>, you have the Tamil form &npfinu>, for ^apiii, you see jyil*_ii>, for (Q&fiou) (s^dpnui
for <5g.i_ii @ilt_ii>, and for iSfliuiiiSidiuw; for the vulgar forms iSj>ii, and QflaBx, you have tS^aw, and
Oitteoaj. These are only examples to be borne in mind in looking for words not readily found. With the
leading word, notice any that may be connected with it, or mentioned subsequently, whether as common or vulgar.
In words like $pp, remember that the root may be only the first vowel, as in this case 9, and look for that.
When there is a verb in which the consonant of the root is doubled, but you do not find the imperative in that
form, look for the root with a single consonant, as jyear for j^esr^n. For QpiupS, s-^ilS, &c, refer to Qpiui,
B^cir, &c, and for creat and a.>i_, see the roots er(S and -. In compound words of a genus and species,
the former, as the root, will often be the last part of the word, as, ouL-taendso, a road shaded by thick trees;
Seoauraw, a hard style in writing.
Observe that verbal nouns are usually placed after the other derivatives of the verb, unless, as sometimes,
they are made primaries ; and that Tamil words, and Tamil letters, take precedence of the Sanscrit. The letter
f, follows il. The Sanscrit prefixes, whether they are privative, or otherwise, are followed by their compounds,
as jfu, privation, jyuanaih, ingratitude. Such Sanscrit words as Qpaiuij> and
are found in their Tamil form
QpdSvui and *pp.
As b and eo are not properly initial letters, g or t will usually be found placed before them, but some
foreign words, and a few others, are given with these initials. Some beginning with s, and two or three other
Sanscrit letters, are entered, being frequently found in print.
The Abbreviations scarcely need explanation. The principal are, prov. at the beginning of a sentence, pro
vincial ; at the end, Proverb ; St.. or Sans. Sanscrit ; Hind. Hindustani ; Ar. Arabic ; Pers. Persian ; for. foreign ;
Mah. Mahratta ; Jig. figurative ; inf. infinitive ; v. noun, verbal noun ; appel. n. appellative noun ; priv. privative.


The London Missionary Society kindly took four shares; the Church Missionary Society, two; the American
Board for its Ceylon and Madura Missions, two; the American Reformed Dutch Church, one and a half; the
Vernacular Christian Education Society, one; H. Stokes, Esq., one; W. H. Bayley, Esq., one-half; W. E.
Dodge, Esq., New York, one; London Missionaries, South Travancore, one; a Lady, one; Jaffna Missionaries,
one ; Messrs. Spicer Brothers, London, one ; Messrs. Triibner and Co., London, one. Besides these there have
been subscriptions for separate copies from Missionaries, and other friends, in India and America, amounting to
about seve n shares, of whicb tbe Wesleyan Missionaries took half a share, and the Missionaries in Tinnevelly
one share. The names of these and of the Jaffna Missionaries, are in the List of Subscribers below. In the
List will also be found the names of many others who were pleased to patronize the undertaking in this way,
in its earlier and later stages; and of donations generously made by the Honorable J. F. Thomas, Esq.,
George Arbuthuot, Esq., and some others in England and America; and of Lieut. Col. J. Maitland in India.
SUBSCRIPTIONS. (In advance.) *
His Excellency Sir W. T. Denison, k. c. b
D. E. Carmichael, Esq. ...
Rev. C. E. Kennet, Tinnevelly,
Rev. J. Seller
Rev. Robert Caldwell, ix. d
Rev. J. F. Reams, Paid Rs. 10
Rev. J. Earnshaw,
Rev. T. Brotherton, u. a. ..
Rev. E. E. Jenkins, m. a. Madras
Rev. Henry Bower,
Rev. Alexander MacCallura,
1). H. Paterson, Esq. u. d.
Rev. S. E. Symons. ...
Hon. C. Pelly, Esq
J. 1). Bourdillon, Esq
Walter Elliot, Esq
C. F. Chamier, Esq
J. D. Sim, Esq
G. S. Hooper, Esq
Rev. David Fenn, North Tinnevelly,
Rev. Levi Spanlding, m. a. Jaffna,
Rev. M. D. Sanders, u. a
Rev. E. P. Hastings, m. a
Rev. James Quick,
Rev. Robert Pargiter,
Rev. John Kilner,
Rev. C. C. Arthur,
Rev. Richard Wilson,
Mr. Robert Breckenridge,
Rev. P. Rajahgopaul, Madras,
Rev. Robert Halley, m. a
Rev. R. J. Sargent,
G. T. Beauchamp, Esq.
Thomas Clarke, Esq
Sir Arthur Cotton, K. C. B
J. Townseud Fowler, Esq
Captain M. W. Carr,
Rev. W. O. Simpson,
Rev. A. F. Wolff,
Rev. P. Batchelor,

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Rev. A. Levell,
Rev. G. Hobday,
Rev. W. H. Dean

John Cassie Chetty, Esq
G. Worthington, Esq
Rev. W. Talbot,
Rev. C. F. Kremmer,
R. Speeling, Esq
M. E. Saminaden,

Rev. R. Watson,
Rev. A. B. Valpy,
Captain R. J. Mainwaring,
Rev. S Hobbs
A. C. Burnell, Esq
James Short, Esq
W. E. Jellico, Esq
Mr. T. Gamier,

Rev. W. Clarke,

Rev. W. Stachlin,
Rev. E. Webb
Rev. D. C. Scudder, m. a
Rev. J. C. Smith, m.a
S. W. Ambalavanen,
F. B. Mainguy, Esq
S. Ambalavanen, Esq
Captain. J C. Macdonald,
J. W. Weir,
Lieut. 0. A. Porteous,
E. Carper, ...
J. Page,...
Rev. W. Tracy, m. a
A. F. Sealy, Esq
Rev. J. Whitechurch,
Rev. J. F. Gannaway
Rev Willam Taylor, Madras, ...
Rev. Edward Chester,
R. 0. D. Asbury, Jaffna,
A Gnanamuttu, Kandy,
Professor E. E. Salisbury, New Haven, America.
Professor Green, Georgia, America, ...

The names on the list arc generally in the order of Subscription.

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SUBSCRIPTIONS. (In arrears.)

His Excellency Sir Charles Trevelyan, k. c. b....
Kev. E. Sargent, Tinnevelly,
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Miss Richard,
Rev. Peter J. Evers, Madras,
Rev. John Jones, Trichinopoly, ...
Arthur Hall, Esq., Madras,
W. Hudleston, Esq
The Madras Government

T. L. Strange, Esq
Hatley Frere. Esq
Hon. K Maltby, Esq
Free Church of Scotland,
Rev. J. Guest,
William Underwood, Esq
T. Fycroft, Esq
Messrs. Triibner and Co., London,
Rev. D. Warren Poor, d. d. America.
100 Copies [at share-price.]

10 copies.
I copy.


Honorable J. F. Thomas, Esq. England,

George Arbuthnot, Esq.
J. M. Strachan, Esq....
Colonel Lavie,
Colonel Smith,


John Walker, Esq.

General Alexander,
do. ..
Lieut. Col. J. Maitland, Madras,
Mrs. Ireland, New York







^ycE/EiaS//?, s@Qpetir, pQpek, uQuesr,

**, v. n. To be proud, haughty, arrogant,
self-conceited, fanux**.
jy&iEjasiTl&iX, in/. To be joyous,
happy; ex
mind, (p.)
^jsmsetfluLf, v. noun. Joy, hilarity,
gladness of heart.
xw^/nruD, s. Pride, self-conse
quence, *cr"i. 2. One of the four intellec
tual powers, the energy which excites to
action, jq*0A*ratrB;a<f<Qwifirg>. (See
futb.) 3. Self-consciousness, individuality,
regarding one's self as performing actions
instead of the deity as operating within,
'Qer^S$Q*(yA(5. 4. (p.) An operating
cause of transmigration, Jj>Ba<5g/>vi; ex
jy*ii myself, el *inb that which acts.
^l&iEiarro @jt& JgljiiGtaainrd&jriijd,
s. The bond of the three evil princi
ples, afitiwaiii, which bind the soul from
eternity, and subject it to births, (p.)
/atibaiTir0$Bl!TUJu>, s. The three
MM 0, viz. Qp&QtuuilSirih, QpiSajBQpiS
I(A :f
[fl, and v1*6 - ^.<L!l .4-.-.-:. (/')
gjatEiGinB, s. A proud person.
^sy^flHOT)^, 5. The palm of the hand,
&.drcrero; t\r J|[*io, inside, '/
*^ySiL/ti, s. Mimicry, ridicule,
making sport. See cgB<u</>. (c.)
^js&tusrrnm-, s. One who makes
sport. 2. A king's jester.
jya*, . Time, QunQggi. 2. Day
Wilson's Sanscrit Dictionary
p. 100. Ahan.
^jS3=<3nL.(S , s. The demonstrative
prefixes, jy, g) and when they form part
of the word with which they are con
nected; as, jyir, )/or, &./&-; ex ,jyt0,
interior, e<
^y<5F/_ti3, s. [prtP. ,=gy c< <iL_ti, Jtwft'ce.] Injustice, jy<S>. 2. A wile, trick,

jy. The first letter of theTamil alpha

bet, gp^Q^Wj*^. 2. A demonstrative prefix,
as, fAQsr*>psBr for j/tfJtQmppeSr,
3. Termination of the neuter plural of verbs,
jf&;SBixijljsiriC?c5,S), as, isfitar. 4. A sign of
the 6th case followed by plural nouns, as,
otct. 5. An interposed vowel, *rA>aj,
as, in i=r*c3. 6- Sign of the number 8, we
<3i_<*i rsir*rf6r(g;9. 7. A vowel affix to
every consonant not a mute, QuiiQtuQpjigit
*irJj*Oii fj?sii. 8. A privative prefix
from the Sanscrit, as, sKsrii, ^is^yani.
j>] j^. A.n interjection expressive of
surprise or pity, jP*jj!j*A^Siiq. 2. Hia
tus, a dissonance in metre, Su.i$_o. (p.)
jyootSli,*. Grain, gnssfttuw, as, jyoosig;
3iSi, Make not grain scarce (dear.) (p )
jyoo-xriis, s. The Qa/si-GJar(T5<!E(g,
shrub. (Medical Dictionary.)
^ oo * .r ear, s. The letter ^gy, (jc^
jy0oQ3), pres. QQpesr, past jyoofi
Qsrar, fut. Q*i*ir, inf.
b. n. To dimin
ish, shrink; be shortened as a vowel; be
reduced, as wealth, &c <gsa>piu. 2. To be
come closed or compressed, as a flower,
umbrella, &c cjk*. 3. To be acute, re
fined, as knowledge, 0eHa>unui*. (p.)
^f&Q'jjpesfiiS'teo, s. The letter oo
^jooBujsuiSai, s. Penetration, acu
men, discrimination.
j>j 00 (&j so eQ , s.
A kind of cake,
Jiia. 2. Any light food, %.jjt5Vi$_. (p.)
jyoo^sssrtii, $. A name of the let
ter A, ^SjfiQiQftg. (p.)
^ooja, dem. That thing, the thing
distant from the speaker, jf&^lm Qur
sj#lLS. (p.)
=jy00o3i_/T(Sa7ii, . The bartavelle or
Greek partridge. See liWgpB. (p.)
00*8 Ssssr, s. Names of the infe
^syaiaS^iLo, s. Chicanery, strat
rior class, whether animate or inanimate;
agem, treachery, circumlocution, pcGi
[ex jjA>, not, et >Sot, class,] not the
superior class, t-uifUtajmiitoipg. (p.)
jy i_6ar, s. An unjust, deceitful,
^jyosaataiysrr, s. God, as inhabit
treacherous man.
ing the soul, jJ*4*rf>p(oir. 2. The soul
as God, the divinity within, ,gsrar.Note. *jy<S_s3Tiii, s. That which cannot
Other derivatives from jyi4 will be found
or ought not to be done, (opp. to *i_ni)
under that word.
Qruuuui-ifig. 2. Hurt, mischief, S. (p.)

jyais^iuui, s. Injustice, j>/!.

^gt/s(^,s. Wickedness, Qurr)eo/riib(3j.
(c.) 2. Interior, inside,
3. Middle,
a. 4. The belly, paunch, mnSjt. (p.)
^/sGiQ&ujuj, in/. To tease, vex ;
kjiV/i the accusative.
&I&<B<R, s. A snake, uitldl/ ; ex
to crawl, (p.)
a owf?, s. Interior, as of the fi
brous part of the bark of a tree, -*. 2.
An inland, agricultural, rice district, u><y
fiSaitn. (p.)
^ysssaafl^ii, s. [priv.
Innumerable quantity, *OT*flr?uj. 2.
Mental calculation, counting differently
from the usual mode, loesr&xsnfiaii ; (j>.)
Note. The words beginning with j> and
having a negative sense are generally
formed in the same manner.
SI&gs&P u^^itisjsu), s. An alma
nac made by mental calculation.
*^y<ssjor< i, s. [priv.
et seasriw.']
That which is without parts, entireness,
jyJSrnA. Wils. p. 5. Akha.NDA. (p.)
em-l-ldnth, adv. Entirely,wholly.
jsi&<sbsriesr)S. The undivided One,
the Deity; also used for Siva, Vishnu
and Argha. (p.)
^/s aksrirra east ear, s. The Su
preme Being, (p.)
^I&esannsnnui, s. Wideness, ex
panse, boundlessness, (p.)
^laessriirann^iTearih', s. Perfect
wisdom, (p.)
^seminsns eS^^^I, s. Bound
less desire, spiritual aspirations, (p.)
^jy ,35 aarz_Lb, s. [ct/Z.] An earthen
lamp, metweSsr&Q.
^I&smuf-, s. A kind of musical in
strument, giiultSwh. (p.)
* 65 snr u/, sj ih , s. [priv.
et sesur
if-fii^."] Entireness, immensity, o"Cfu\
Wils. p. 5. Akhandita. (p.)
*-jy65^, s. [priv. <gj et b$.~\ A desti
tute person,
^yis^, s. An acacia tree, Qeueouaru!,
Mimosa, L. 2. A tree, Excsecaria agallocha, L., ^liiiStumrii. (M. Die.)

*=jy s i , s. A class of leguminous

trees, Coronilla granditlora, L.. including
three species, the leaves of which are
edible, g^na. (c.) Wils. p. 5. Agastv.
&ir<ss>Lf. tusif^sl, s. A fruit tree.
Q&dusu&pjS, s. A small tree with
red flowers.
1jb p* &
s. A small tree used
for medicine.
Jf&pjRi, inf. [ex ^isii, inside, et
to give.] To insert, inclose, infold,
,^yi,?, v. noun. Embracing, an
jtjs^^eiossr, s. Rules for amatory
poems, &c. opp. to l^aSs.-^. 2. Mental de
lectation, especially in love, ^s^ffitlsQifcQft
See ^auQur^jir. (p.)
^s^^l'^smui^pw, s. as ji/suLjpu
QurqrsB or sasA&^grzj-ji Quqs*$?asBijUi. Voluptuous desire on the part of one only
in sexual intercotirse. (p.)
**>!3'>iil3tLiLb, s. A grammar of jf
s^uar, of which little remains, pig*.
2. (Improperly,) needfulness, indispensableness, ,sy/S.ui.
"^/x^Qiu ssr^yasn.i^ujsar, s. A
poet and sage celebrated in thellamavanam,
ISkandam and other works of antiquity.
He is regarded as the former of the Tamil
language which he is said to have learned
of Skanda the son of Siva. He is also the
reputed author of several works, still ex
tant, in whole or in part, in the Tamil lan
guage; such as, a Grammar, Materia Medica, a work on Astrology, Astronomy, and
several essays on the unity of the divine
being, as opposed to the iiopular system of
polytheism, Sec. He is regarded as the son
of !x>th Mythra and Varuna by Urvasi; is
represented to be of very short stature, and
to have been born in a water jar. He is
famed for having compressed and swallow
ed the ocean, for the sake of the celestials.
Other wonderful stories are also told of him,
and received with undoubted credence. He
is considered as the regent of the star Canopus, o,!(jptfl. Wils. p. 5. Agastya.
(glajri(^ Lruii-j, s. A famous
compound cathartic. See csjoiit/.
jij s p fsl uj ir, s. An immense, un
fathomable abyss, miujj ^,tf*. 2. The
ocean, *&t$nb.
*^gtiamss>r$, s. Pride, self-conceit,
arrogance, insolence, ^si^'^H. (c.)
SISBenpuS^eoijilpsi). Falling by
jya'Uijn, s. [ex ^sii, inside, et
l/>.] Secret enmity, hatred among rela
tives, fc-iJ-usroa.
<=gy*zjt_/<i<S(ii, s. Ground of infe
rence (in logic.) See utsm. (p.)
jy&uui, inf. [ex ^/sih, inside, et
u.] To be obtained, )<_*. [with dat.~\
as rsjr*ML/L/i_rj. 2. {with nom.] To be
ensnared, entangled, _i^ui_ as pigirpjiiij
BiesrauuiLQissr. 3. [with nom. and dat,~\
To be within one's power, influence, ad
vice, &C, wfijut. as &<$i!8it[b rrearauu
<?_*. 4. To submit, become subordinate,
Stfluui as sC-ifcriserairsuutirfir. (r.)

sgi/auutSsFss, inf. To entrap, en ^jsuQuujs Siebfj'ss! , s. The au

thor of a poem on abstract devotion. Sec
snare, involve, n-LLuSpp.
j>j 3iuupi^i\u ti, s. Abstinence from
^gu^LJsnu, . A ladle or large spoon,
venery as a medical prescription; ex
usually of cocoaimt shell, ilKni. (c.)
^jausmudanwi-i, s. Handle of a
^jjy ce u u t to, s. A raised area for
sitting, Q/)<a*. (p.)
piLis uevu, s. A ladle used in
^ <t, u u pjv, s. Self-attachment.
cooking cakes, com. fu-t^ausmu.
See uip; ea* ^jaii, mind.
pirtfjgs uss>u, s. [j)rov.] A trowel.
j>jtsuur, s. A parapet or raised
GlppausBu, s. A small kind of
area within a fortification, wPgs<*(?iBi_.
2. A surrounding wall,
3. A ditch
round a fort, ^ag. (p.)
ji/suQun-Q^sir, s. [ex ^yii>, mind,
jy u u iT lLQ a/ shr snr ld . s. A kind
et <5ur(j.] Rules for amatory poems, jf
of poetry in which the subject is com
dQui(j*jS. 2. Hules for reasoning, ei*
plete but the verse incomplete, ofi^urg:
3. Mental enjoyments in love,
uii. 4. A Ixiok treating of mental de
lectation, gfie-jaiaaip. j(*uOuj(Ta is de^PjiEULjiTLLQrjvuLi, s. The twelve
veloped in these three constituents, vii.,
members of ^ijC3ur^ir or gi*t$tlsn, viz.
1. opffiQutija, primary arrangements of
1. gjiueoua^'Ssssr. Method of
nature with regard to (a) rfsuii, soil,
in five varieties, and (b) CW^, time,
defining a thing or showing its nature,
in two grand divisions. 2. *rsuQutt3&3
quality, &c.
natural peculiarities incidental to each of
2. euemsius p^I'Ssmsr. Amplifica
divisions ofthe soil under 14 heads viz.,
tion, or detailing at large what has been
(a) Qcemixs, peculiar gods belonging to a
said briefly.
place, tutelary deities or penates, ( b) cur*
3. QurrjpwapgUckm. The rule for
C/wr, chiefs or lords of the district, (c)
summing up or recapitulating.
g)#*cjsf/, subjects or inhabitants under
them, (d) 4=r, birds, (e) ievc(g, beasts, (f)
4. &puua^^2E!ser. The rule for
nr, city or town, (y) it, water, (h) u,
discriminating, or explaining the differ
flowers, (i) icrii, trees, (j) au^, food, (k)
ence of things.
uts>p, drum, (I) urti, musical instruments,
5. s-euwsus^^l'Sessr. The-rule for
(mi) ue&r, tune, and (n ) O^ruSA), occupa
illustrating a subject by metaphors,
tion, trade or mode of earning a livelihood.
comparisons, &c.
3. m-tiuQui($a, essential characteristics of
lovers. The subject matter of this trea
6. LjpSle^uja^^l'Bsissr. The rule for
tise, to which the two former are auxili
exemplifying a subject by examples.
ary or conducive, is developed in five dis
7. 6T$rrr8'fo)uj&p(3%esisr. The rule
positions or actions, either mental or cofor elucidating a circumstance by its
poral, viz., (a ) l/sjs^, union or the state
in which husbands and wives are together
in their family, (b) J^cv, separation when
8. annessr or * (njeS ma ^^IHemr.
for lawful purposes, (c) <7a^, the state
Showing the condition or quality of a
in which they continue solitary, especially
thing by its original cause.
the bride, (d) kftl-Aj, love quarrels, (c) Si
9. sirifftueus^fdtkmr. Proving a
weeping and lamentation in any pe
thing by its effects.
riod of their life for any cause. These five
characteristics are respectively ascribed to
10. gnz&euapl'&Bsr. The rule for
the above five species of soil, as appropri
relating an action, event, &c, to which
ately adapted to their nature, as
belong the following: 1. Q*juy<*r,
l5^*> to ufJw,
to opcjSsu,
who. 2. Q*iuQabS&i, what. 3. (yS*s,
ami^ to lochia, and jgjB-jw to Q^iu^ev. gf*
by what helps. 4. uu<Sr, why. 5. ._<i
or rfuio, where. 6. rvi, when. 7. fip&,
pfr<5*'3$00 p)bmii2&issai BtsuQutcjsrsteQmQg
in what manner or how.
11. Qpeiresreaieuius^^^Eimr. The
tg/j&uQunrTjjLLQsiTGnei!, s. A poem
rule for foretelling events from signs.
which treats of ji*uQurcj&.
12. ie8TG8res>6iJuj&p$l2stsisr. The *^<56LOii), s. A tree in general, usnu
rule for foretelling the consequences of
Qurgi. Wils p. 5. Agama. (p.)
any action, (p.)
^jSLnirrrisLCi, s- Singing in a low,
j|ul(,s, Depth, =gif(i>. (p.)
deep voice without opening the mouth.
In 9>iiy defined by ^i^a>wtSf,uriAi. (p.)
*g>]&LJL-ipu>, s. Enjoyment in love
on the part of one only, w>AS>a./i Ou ^gtfSLCs, s. Interior, inside, within, car.
(j*)iOT/'i. 2. Ten enjoyments treated of
5y d s tsgv , s. In anatomy, inner
in the book called ^yauQunyar, viz.,
tuberosity, ^iju? */aiij.
^/sssrrip^^/Ba/Ttfi, s. The in
en*, @Kfiis\B, JgwsufraiTcywSw, and ugvmp
side, solid part of timber, the heart of a
Qfl&jfol. (JJ.)
^y<E u Lj p @ $ 2s3ar suLjpuQurr
jysG^fi, s. [vul. t9inQp&.~\ A reli
(jor, s. as ^y*L/L/pia. Partial enjoyment
gious mendicant in his own country
in love, (p.)
used in opposition to uiQgS).
^l&ut-lpuuinL, s- A poem made
^IsiSVeo, s. The self-existent God,
concerning any of the 10 things men
2. Inside, B-n*J.
tioned in jfsu^pii. (p.)

^asH/eg, s. Inner petals as found

in tlie lotus and some other flowers;
jy<SLf , S. House, dwelling, inSssr.
^s^isf-iLinin-^j-S'SuniLisf.y s. A wife.
2. A female domestic.
sy,^S/T^, s. Those of one's own
family friends, relative?; opp. to Ljpt#ei.
^isQpsmi^iurTesT, s. A householder.
2. A landholder. 3. A caste man.
41 & ii> ui$-tLi a ft, s. A caste among
tlie Hindus form.rly employed as ser
vants in the palace and in temples.
iy s/x, *. The earth, yuP. 2. Depth,
4ja>. 3. Place, <g<_ia. 4. Form of the 7th
case or locative, vtfS"Si-i- 5- Grain, /trafl
uu, as ^f&*& used in almanacs, (p.)
^s^aSSso, s. Tlie price of grain,
jys/x, j. Mind, heart, will, one's
self, (eerie.
^sfFgirpiCjn, . Qualities of the
mind or heart, as kindness, mercy. 2.
Internal organs, &c, opp. to wMa>
(/' )
s u>@ & S$ jSyaLosu/f
sure, joy, inward happiness, expansion
of the mind.
<9f & <JdlS a anil, .i. Self-importance,
self-wiil. 2. Pride,
.iysti, s. Sin, urrenua. Wils. p. 8.
Agiia. 2. Tree in general, meuQucgi.
Wils. p. 5. Aoa. (p.)
An incantation repeated while bathing;
ex to(5>, wash.
^f&iDffiLeizr^apgwiS. A species of
bathing when the above incantation is
* jy a lc l8 iu ld, s. Ten thousand
quintillions, ^Qrno-. (/.)
jy-Jiiti?iJ)uj, . A harlot, concu
bine, Our^Kdt. fp.J
SiSLDLMiunsLDGsrw^ s. Committing
adultery ; gfsthiSu*, wenfl, going.
^j^wLSliurTsineenh usxrsssr, inf. To
commit adultery.
^j-swiSitunsLDSsnjo uemrgng/Speuebr.
He who commits lewdness.
*jtjXTUj, s. The name of the letter
^y. &Qrat4&. ?. A suffix of consonants, g,a
QpQf4&ar*rer>u, aS iMrii. 3. A town or
village iu an agricultural district, ic^/sie^
&r. 4. A village of brahmins, uiiuussTtGefl.
5. Mercury, quicksilver,
(A/. Z>ir.)
* j>j s iP: stp, snri-T, s. [prtr. ^sy e< /fla^
csj, drawing, jr.] {Si.) Dislike, <3
jtul/. 2. borrow, gxxtb. (p.)
^jy stj, *. A fragrant wood. See
Wils. p. 5. Agabu. (j>.)
^y sirp^rr, s. [priv. jy e< sfrppn,
maker.] One not a creator, one without
action, Q*-^B^p/s^. (p.)
ftsnpppgi'suiss,s. Not creating, but
having power to continue the order pre
scribed at the creationone of the three
prerogatives of the Supreme Being.
* J)]3;t lcs ,t ajsS iff u l9.j- Qturrsti,^jy
simsvfjB<5u\2rQij!sj>, s. [priv. et zsiDslj
^rtiiJrSxi-'ji.] The neuter verb, QriuuuQi
Quwrji'Qar^LiiSiar. (p.)

*j>/T,,T(Lp&ii>, s. (St.) Morning, the

(lawn, tmwsaop. (p.)
=iy 3"'^, s. A dictionary, vocabulary.
2. An alphabetical index, table of con
tents; ex j/*ra, et ^fi, first.
jya\3to, s. Width, breadth, exten
sion, tSfiaf. 2. The breast, chest
; ex
distance, (p.)
^jaeoisLLesii , s. Narrowness, want
of breadth, (c.)
j^aeos>jsnrr,s. One of the four modes
ofexplaining verse, explanation at large,
exposition, as rf(s/P/r. !>ec
*^ya;si9na5, [pro/).] j>j %<s9, muj , s.
One of the five matrons and wife of Gau
tama a sage and philosopher, uigssarafl
ei>B*tf.Qsw(3figl, Wils. p. UK). Ahalya.
s. The earth, ytiO. (p.)
ty <r, sS iu oh , j. Tree in general,
tDFuQutrgl. (/>.)
=j!y a1, >G?#ir, ^jSGnQpssr,
r. a. To leave, yield to, re
tire from, tia*. 2. To prosper, increase,
jfii*/i**. 3. To remove from, become dis
tant, iStu. 4. To spread, widen, extend,
ur. 5. To escape, get away, Seu*; ex
si*ii, width.
^jsediSppeo. Standing afar off.
jy*6iiif, s. Low persons, out-casts,
persons excluded from society,
tistn. (p.)
syeiisi) ^speo, v. noun. The
state of iK-ing removed or separated.
2. A going or wearing off.
^/ae^esis jyaeosms, v. noun. Go
ing out of the way, stepping aside, re
jyaSiieif, s. Wideness, extension,
^/6tiQsijniT, s. Out-casts who must
keep at a distance.
^l&Gsrpeupleii, s. Extensive knowl
*isttmsarfiiis:Q*v&i7eJ&&efip*ii, they who
observe a courteous address without
fqS*appxtir(g(5i&'fa>, the envious will
not prosper, (<5?*.)
^jytSjjysrr,*. Breadth, extension, jijs
2. Town, village, mi. 3. A coun
try, inhabited district, ifiS. 4. Greatness,
honor, Quests, (p.)
jy^jGa), s. The hollow or bowl of
an open lamp,
(<-.) 2. An euphemism
for the mons veneris, jf&xgii. 3. A tree,
Qujriorio. Ailanthus excelsa, L. 4. Width,
breadth, expanse. Mj. (p.)
jijfEsiJsd, s. The call or cry of a
peacock, weSp(sr&. 2. A dance,
A species of verse called ^pif.uuut. 4. A
peculiar musical sound, ^cus*. (p.)
jijseiigiiifle 9n^/aeuplpiT, s. A
species of feet of two syllables, chiefly
found in <s*//>u-.
^&sijQeotretn&, s. A musical sound
in which the verse, ,sf*<<~ is sung.
ji/seupu it, s. A kind of verse
See ^jfi/iuuur.
^y*ay, QQpeir, ^j&eSQetsreisr, Qeuesr,
c^*^, v. a. To call,
2. v. n. To
dance, play,

^seueo, v. noun. Calling.

jy<BS3)av, s. Interior, internal thing
or quality, (in )uuui) .L.Qur3*. a. Age,
mug) (i(3-oS3er.) (yj.)
j>ja,(ip-j)ia>Lp,QGpsT, jijjtgiGf Gsr,
Gaiiir, ^j*<jj, t. a. To dig out, excavate a
well or ditch, form a hole as a rat, &e.,
C>rAr!_. 2. To dig, turn up the earth,
plough, c-ip. (/;.)
as the ground which supports the plough
^IsLprreisr ^jaQtfi, s. A large
kind of field-rat.
y<f LfinQenrQ^^eo, s. v. Burrowing
and casting out the earth, as rats.
j>j&y9 jy.-stp, s. The ditch round
a fortification, cg> ^o^&L-t.
* jyBT/7E/ti, s. [priv. ^/ el smia
sib, spot.] l'urity, apfib. 2. A kind of
arsenic. ^rsL/-ta*fwi). (p.")
^ijseniiiSQpn^pl^j% ssir /a s eir, s.
The spotless one, God. 2. iiudha.
^gy & git Lb, s. A large' earthen pot,
<i-r. 2. A water pot, /mfi. (p.)
^jyasif?, s. An earthen pot with a
large mouth used as a reservoir for water,
pickles, &c,
^/s/bjpi, QQpssr,
s jb tSQesreisr,
Gvdr, gjx.ip, v. a. To remove, put away,
expel, disperse, dissipate, chase away,
banish, ttx. 2. (p.) To extend, augment,
increase, cJ^Pilt-**. (*?js)Q*flJ.) ex
^axpjui, it will increase knowledge, ex
pand the mind, augment wisdom.
* jy a; sir ld , s. (St.) [priv. gif el sesriii.]
Want of weight, wriStiem-ji. 2. Want of
honor, Quqs>^o:9shd. (p.)
j>j iB sdt ix ssnfl', s. A flat gem. See
tosscfi; ex ^*<&, Width, Ct weed. (p.)
^mssTfS:^, s. The male of ^gst
a bird noted for attachment to its
mate, Qess&fi&i . (p.)
<j)j<s,ri^, adv. (Hin.) Before, in ad
vance, op<ir. 2. *. The rope with which a
horse's fore-feet are tied, LjgeSopsfr&r&airfi
* ^j&n-SBih, s. [priv.
el sngOi, fix
ed phiee."\ Bottomless depth, 4^10. 2. (p.)
A hole, chasm, Ourfai. 3. A river or body
of water of swimming depth, <r*.iL/crA<.
4. (c.) Cunning, artifice, falsehood, nsj**".
Wils. p. 5. Agatha.
gy rrp u u @ ^uitoii. A time of
extremity or adversity.
^isnpeisr, s. A cunning, crafty man,
(lit.) a deep fellow.
* ^an-fbfiiu uh, s. [priv. ijy. prop.
jyStj/^iiuio.] Deceit, wickedness, Gurw
<vffC^. (p.)
* <S>] miTtr snr/i), s. [jmr>. ^1/ c< siruemw,
cause.] Accident, casualty, the state of
being uncaused, absence or non-existence
of a cause, /spQeuii. Wils. p. 2. AkaKAKA. (p.) _
^imn3eemm,s. The Deity, sieyerr.
^yas/riTii), s. Name of the letter
gjOr^j!. 2. An adjunct used to help the
pronunciation of a consonant, Owii&was*

^(S1jyffira-ti, s. [ex
mountain, et (75,
to rise.] A house as rising like a hill, ffQ.
Wils. p. 5. Aoara. (p.)
jya/r/fl, s. A name of the Deity,
i_e|s; e.r
sin. et jffl d rover.
* jt] <s,7"/7?hjlo, s. [prit). 5y ef airrflujw,
affair.'] An unimportant affair, useless,
unpromising pursuit, trAiuuippff, Wils. p.
2. Akarva. (p.)
* j)f <&tsO lo, s. [pric.
ei /T6i)i>.]
Unseasonableness, untimeliness, ug-/uSsSr
bio. 2. (p.) Unlimited duration, j/crd&j
rii. 3. (c.)Tiine of affliction or distress
from want of food, u*srwib. Wils. p. 2.
^y<s/T6i)io7(5^7, s. Untimely death.
*jyS, s. A snake, uirihLj. 2. Iron,
gjcT^w. Wils. p. 101. Am. (p.)
j>l@u$jyS^OT, s. The king of
j>/@t-l&u>, s. The brahminy kite.
2. The peacock; ex iyg, to eat. (p.)
^gy .SsM.ss, s. .The silk cotton tree, Jj)
uo). Wils. p. 101. Aiiika. (p.)
^Sjcj jssr^, s. ("St.) A poor per
son, pftf&ri&r. Wils. p. 2. Akikjaka. (p.)
*^g>jSjsLD, s. [priv. ^1 et a$pia.] A dis
liked, unpleasant thing, g$gidrmw. 2. Hu' tfulness, hostility, malefaction, uwj. 3.
Unfitness, unsuitableness, m. 4. Wi fl
out right, having no claim, a.rttBu.iterams.
,yS/r, s. Foes, enemies. Wils. p
101. AlIlTA.
*^Q(TFjJ;iQujLCl, 8. \j)riv. J)j fit Q(T!)ji
^>mii, ivhat may be dune."] Improper con
duct, non-conformity to rn'e, jftQcieii. (c.)
jyQ/f, s. [prov.] A kind of scurf
upon the head. See ^ei.
^aySsOii, s. [priv. Jtj et Qsoii, sepa
rated.] All, the whole, 7&unA. Wils. p.
5. Akhila. 2. The earth. hA (p.)
tPlQeOfWjuek, s. Equivalent to ereo
mmrG&iSr, he who is of every form,
he who is all.
^>jQeC .rshri ii, 3. AH worlds, the
universe, *<j;Sanaa; ex ^<onn_i.world, (p.)
^iQeon-eesnQsirif., s. An immense
number of worlds.
j>jQeCfrsxiri^.eiiffi>eS} s. (Jiff.) Parvati, uFfai$i,
s. A fragrant wood the
smoke of which is used for perfuming the
hair. Aquila, or eaglewoodXylaloo, &f
tcrib. (c.)
^l@p&LL<ss)i.<2)iQjb(S)p(Si,s. A
block of Aquila, sandal.
.^^ai-iKS, s. A compound of five
ingredients, viz., rwii, an unguent, iju
urii, pure camphor. r^*r, spices, **gtmb,
sandal wood, and
honeyused for
perfuming the hair, (p.)
gl@jbi-f<as)&iy,L-i,inf. To fumigate
the hair with the fragrant smoke of the
*atj!iTp$Bl, a. [priv. <y et ff/r^g?.]
Disgrace, ill-fame, gH9r^i. Wils. p. 2.
^(ajZii, s. A kind of cathartic
medicine, the *<JrrSarf. fAT. Die.)

*jygilt_ii, s. Pepper, uSetrgj.

(M. Die.)
* jy(ffjS3Qnio, s. [priv. j>j el @ saariii.]
Detect, a fault, tgpptb. 2. Absence of good
qualities, badness, (gtartSasrib. 3. Being void
of attributes, )aiLL<Kru9raau:. Wils. p. 5.
jygssafljS. An ill-natured, mischiev
ous man. 2. One who is maimed or
lame, (p.)
=sy (35 i_b ss) u , s. A plant, as .saS^
Borago Ind., L. (A/. Die.)
<3^.uir a- 6sr, s. A tortoise, the
king turtle, the tortoise which is supposed
to uphold the world, ,glx-ruia. Wils. p.
3. Akoopara. (p.)
^ysaia, dQQpebr, pQpeisr, ijCueir,
v. a. To break as a stick, gy.*
*. 2. To break with violence, opfi*. 3.
To beat, sji*.**. 4. To cause to go, to
drive a carriage, &e. Qe&t/ifi. 5. To inflict
suffering, erA*. 6. To part or cut asunder,
jis>**. 7. To elevate, ^opOu. (p.)
<9/&Da iliLj, v. noun. Breaking, cut
ting, driving, afflicting, elevating.
^jy sjo a l/ u eu ssar s*rrz_b, s. Want of
flow or harmony in a poem, jm'A>ji^Q*'QI>0
^jff^Lfl; ej- jyensijL/, breach, /4rewi. (p.)
*=jy\?,i/r, in/er. An exclamation of
surprise, concern, bravado, jy^wojiopuiy.
Wils. p. 101. Ahoe.
'jyQt&ir&iTLb, s. [priv.
et G&irs
id.] Incomprehensibleness, the slate of
being not perceivable by the senses, jpj
Qttfrgytma. (p.)
*cgi/Qarr^rs!nrr, s. Pouring in pen
cil forms, &c., as rain, iSsuQurifia>x.
jyQ&npnetDrTtuiT&srLDGtDtp. A pouring
Q&ir<ii!!ri}>, s. [priv.
of ancestry, i. e. of a bad descent, <w
tSarcntb. (p.)
* jyQsir1S1 gold, 3. A place sacred
to Vishnu, N. W. of Madras, ^/f^euu. (c.)
* cgjQ&inrui, s. Fierceness, severity,
fervency, formidableness, QsrQesw. (c.) 2.
One of the five faces of Sivathat to the
SOUth, ^/s?r gJ'-bQpet^Qgzargj. (p.)
jy(?rrjjuS uSufgQvrrar, one who performs
severe penance is a great rogue.
*^>j(San-j'ir1s;iQj-Lh,s. [ex ^ayni, day
e< rripit, night.] Day and night, uipuSroiA
^(offi/rsin/r, s. An astrological divi
sion of the day into sections of one hour,
or two and a half nalikies each, in which the
seven planets reign successively, succeed
ing each other once in every cycle of seven
hours. The order of succession is as fol
lows, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn,
Jupiter and Mars. From this it follows as
a matter of course, that the planet which
gives name to the day commences its reign
at sun-rise, ^iriJg(iLLLS*<i).
-jya;<55 &irck), s. A mint, swulLlniu. 2. A jeweller's shop, jys**vsr Q#i
fiSi-ib. 3. A mechanic's or smith's shop,
^/ssfrrieotuiT, $. Smiths, workers in
metals. 2. Jewellers, goldsmiths.
^yoia;/^L, s. [prop. Roasts/..] Diffi
culty, disaster, trouble in a voyage or
journey, peril, jf&u/. (c.)

^fSiSSSSTLD Ji] & & S33T LC , S. [eX ^

dem. et semi.] That time, that instant,
^jfcQ&d^ia. See
j>j ss33tl6, s. A kind of alum, as
Qu^fismb. See jyEoffto. (.1/. Die.)
cgyaaga;, s. A tree, Terminalia, L.,
fiHtrfitmm. (A/. Die.)
^Si/daQ^zSl, s. A grass, QenVesrilj
4*). (if/. Die.)
'^j&aeinp LL.&an&; , s. Whole
rice used in some ceremonies to secure an
auspicious result, ui*ui"fi. Wils. p. 3.
Akshata. (p.)
^(Sds/s^ii), s. A tree, ^nasr/Sii>!iu>,
Terminalia, L. (A/. Die.)
^yffi<s/j^7, s. [prov.] The last range
of chaff in the threshing floor, QBp<g*>:u
l-ip&ffi Scu4Wulffr. See QuraSt&ig.
^syaau/TL-ii), *. An area, a boxing
or wrestling ground, wptaH. Wils. p. 4.
Akbhapada. (p )
^i&uuiT , s. A disaster at sea,
loss, or injury of the lading of vessels,
lor&a^iaQapiii ex ufS). loss. (c.)
,jy<s;.35Lo, 8. Grain, pne&ojio. See
gfsm; [prop. ^Asib.] 2. Hope, cord, mtSp.
3. A tree, as fird^icrib. (p.) 4. (r.) Side,
L'ffji. as
.* . urefigiu Cufiir, he
looked about him and spoke.
*^ys<a;i rraa ijd, s. Terrestrial
latitude, yGircrrtijii. 2. Metal, gold, mo
ney, Oufeir. 3. l'rice, cost, ^itrfojrffe. (p.)
cjycS.SLb cg>/LL&Lh, s. Eye, 6iBr.
2. The seed of the ela^ocarpus, worn as
a bead by religious mendicants,
rril*iA. (p.)
^jasLnemsfl^LLffwesS, 8. A bead
of the seed of the elseocarpus, worn by
religious mendicants.
rosary, a string of beads, especially of
the elreoearpus.
*=jy65<sj'Lb =gy lL&j zi, s. A letter
of the alphabet, a character, the marks
on an amulet, traits. Wils. p. 4. Akshara. (p.)
<gil&e!j&0&u>^C-fUjSsus^ s. A
kind of play in writing, arranging let
ters in a fanciful manner, iSmptxtStS
jpj ssueS go s sessr w^iLLffseoil.f
wni, s. The properties, forms, names,
powers. &c. of letters, orthography. 2.
One of the sixty-four &urrii; ex Sim*
Beginning to teach a child the letters
of the alphabet, with appropriate cere
monies, on the fifth year.
*^$l&a!rLb^/&&!rLh^y t-l^irto,
. A disease of the stomach causing erup
tions on the tongue and lips; thrush, aph
tha;, giiGn'U. (c.)
.jy as <ss ir/r irT
8. A medicinal
plant, Anthemis Pyretheum, gr^atr.
jy<ssrfl, iQQpesr, pQ/$eir, uQuenr,
*, v. n. To rejoice, exult, io=ricfijp.
^jydsssm/D, 8. (Tel.) Concern, neces
sity, Jf/SJli. (c.)

jydsSsafl, g. Urine, Qp$rni>. 2.

* ^ji&etsr, s. A clog, (smb. (p.)
^.BdB.T, s. A mother, pnth. (p.)
Saltpetre, Qmiq-nun. 3. Bolder, miterr*.
(M. Die.)
jtjixT, s. \j>rop. ^/d&ireir.'] Elder jyaffiesfl,
. Fire,^. 2. The god
sister, QpariSp*03s. (c.)
of fire and regent of the south-east, j/*B
jyi/7G*a9, s. The goddess of
csflu*ir*or. (See B&tguirwsi.) 3. (M. Die.)
evil, asS/sot, the elder sister of eu*i4.
The plant <2>Qmi$.Ci/5. There are reck
oned different kinds of ^*SeS, (o) cg/cy
*^y -35/riTLo, s. Sugar, f(^ds&s>u.
Qa^rtBaH, of three kinds, for preparing
2. Cloth, clothes, ?fcu. (ji.) (p.)
medicines, as *tourA-ntf, *?u-f*fl,
8rf, which sec. (ft) Three other kinds
jy*<s,7"srr, s. Elder sister, pinions,
called QmgnStsg for sacrificial purposes,
as, a^rjaUj?.fiiLjiht jsAsgxpiBafliutii. cQ**ief<uib.
jyaS, . [ex
Eye, <ot.
(c) The tire which will consume
fj>.) 2, (c.) A kind of scabby disease or
the world, rur*fiirf. Wils. p. 6. Aoni.
erysipelas on the breast or back, chiefly
eSy d Q esfi s SOT ld , Tlie same as
found in children, ^ter**ru*jar. 3. Heat,
pismih, an inauspicious measure. See
-Lii_ii. 4. An insect,
^tdSprrastr, s. The eye-ball.
^/dSajRsiruuih, s. A spark, 2.
syi_iz_6Uii>, s. A disease of the
A crystal with fabulous qualities. 3. A
eye. (M Die.)
decayed cuttle-fish bone, Os sepia;,
* ^gy & Q iu T ^ Lh (5 (5 itp ti> , s.
^sQeerl a^ec, *. Breath coming
fjm'v. e< SuiyA.] Obscurity, urnope/, (p.)
from the nostrils, in mi^Btib.
^dQu-iirpeuiT&ih, s. ("properly and
^idQesrlQarrpj8!Tij>,s. One of the
elegantly, .jf^s**
A life of pri
twenty-one vrsib. 2. One of the princely
vacy, living incognito under a feigned
^pj&Suj Tenth, s. [prir.
e/ Siu/r
^jdSesBdsiL, . Restraining the
power of fire by magic.
for nan>.] Ignorance, lack of wisdom,
destitution of spiritual knowledge. See
Sjd QesB d a got em sir, s. A fiery
man, one having a terrible countenance.
^/dSiufrenf), s. An ignorant per
^idQesB^asrwesr, . One born of
son, one destitute of the knowledge of
fire, Skanda. See jjtBca^
God; as jy^^jjrsafl.
ePI&Sesft&iTiifsl, s. [in astrology .] Of
^yaSj-Loti, j. [priv.
et Qinoiii.'}
ferings to fire; this is done with ghee,
Want of order, or arrangement, confusion,
plantains, cakes, &c, after repeating an
irregularity, gopiBarmo. 2. Wrong, in
one hundred and eight times
justice, jfiffii. 3. Daring impiety, Qsr
to avert evil from j(*8c*G>ir. These
o. Wils. p. 3. Ackraha.
offerings are made particularly at the
m &>t Co, s. The point of any
time of marriage and of doing penance.
thing, gtdl. 2. In astronomy, amplitude,
ji/dSenfffrr&Jui, s- Tricks or arti
Qi*K) ff^CsoAi T^lsj*pAi. (p.)
fices made by the agency of fire.
gy i@esfif& 6i) to, s. A plant, Gloris. Civilities, honors, respect as paid to
osa superba, L., siijfiios&Bgiixg.
the first in order of a company.
egy dQssfldQ & ireaeu, s. [prop.] A
&l&&!tenux>, s. Foreskin, jgienflp
Gpr&i ; ex *ftnib, skin.
^ d 6sfl lL (?t_ iru>LDy dQesfleif,
^fi@nf earlcsdt, s. A priest. 2. El
dt-rwib, s. One of the twenty-one mrsi.
der brother. 3. Brahma.
jyi SjyfVesr^dSpLyase, s. The
. A pillar of fire. 2. Stopping the
respect paid to the principal person at
power of fire by magic 3. One of the
a feast, or to the principal deity of a
sixty-four afej^rard.
^idStecfl^^iiiueir, s. Siva as a co
^fs&irwmSI&w, $. The heart.
lumn of fire. See j*u&.
j/dSiresrjsjsQifttueisr, s. Elder
^dQesftp^lmuu), s. The aggregate
of the three fires maintained by the
^iSjair t ii^gtjiQTrrsn-Lci, .
Brahmin householder, the Garhapatya,
ss<5*ufiBiutb, Dakshanagniyam,
[vul. jptfirrrp.] A village or street of
Safl*jii. and Ahavaneya, #*efui. See
brahmins' houses, uiiuuartGeH. (c.)
^jiSa-^i^iresfl, s. The register ofj ^d@et^^!Tireusi}>, s. Fire-water
such as nitric acid, &c.
human actions kept by Yama, the judge
of the dead, recording all actions from the
original birth, iioa<<ij.
s. [aatrol.~] An inauspicious nakshatra
* ifij^/r jyaSjrtzitfj/r^>/<
or day. There are three in a year, viz.,
when the sun is in the last quarter of
fitwfioM/, *. Versed sine.
second nakshatra, urmR, when in
jyaS-r.a^/r, s. The sine of the
the 3d nakshatra, *r/j*Po>, and when
in the 1 st quarter of the 4th nakshatra,
jy iSj-irs&n-rri}), . A kind of root
which is used as an ingredient in a med
^/s QevR u(E5 j thy s. Danger of
icine, G0r**rr&">u/&Qpriir0.
fire as an astrological result of the ag
jtjiQri^, s. A finger, eSsed. (p.)
gregate of five items.

jy d Q asfi u iu w, . [in calendars.]

Danger or fear of fire.
^/dQssBuLSjQeuffti, j. Entering
into or passing through fire, as a reli
gious act.
^dSesButSifi ii>i-i, s. A body or
flame of fire.
^/dQesfluiSlefruLi, s. A volcano,
volcanic eruption.
^dSenffuDessTieOih, s. The seat of
fire in the systemthe abdomen.
\d@e&LC,kpici, s. Indigestion.
^6irf?u)?eo, s. A volcanic moun
jijdSesBLSfSdsy inf. To tread on
lire, one of the thirty -two kinds of selftorture.
^/dSeeflQp'ieo, s. The south-east
^idSenfiiunQpujui, s. One of the
]d@ esB lu n eru^l ULoy s. A kind of
arrow, grjBrib. (c)
^jdSesFlQiuiTaihy s. An inauspici
ous conjunction of the days of the week
with the tithi S9, as follows : 1 . When
the 5th or 11th tilhi, Lunar day (09)
occurs on Monday. 2. When the 5th
tithi occurs on Wednesday. 3. When
the 6th or 9th occurs on Thursday. 4.
When the 8th or loth occurs on Friday.
5. When the 9th or 1 1 th occurs on Sat
urday. 6. When the 12th occurs on
,jyasaf71si!5LD/LJsz!r<_o, s. Stopping
the power of fire by magic, j/tBaMscQ.
2. One Of the Sixty-four ijtujjrarii, a&ujjr
*^j<hSesFlLj>, s. [ex ji/dQeeB et y blos
som.] Skanda, who led the celestial armies
against the Asuras. Siva having cast his
setd into the flame for the purpose of
generating a warrior able to subdue Daruka one of the chief Asuras, Skanda was
produced. In the Skanda I'urana, where
his wars are described at large, his birth
is given differently, jjtBscfifarmiir.
,-jy<5(3j, s. Little shells, cowries, ueo
p. 2. Beads or rings made of conch
shells, *A(5aisrf. 3. Beads of religious men
dicants, of seeds of the elajocarpus, *-eytB
rnLtii. 4. The hump on an ox's back,
*'aA&t&'a*j. 5. Bone, fxniL/. 6. The fruit
of a tree, the Dellenia, L., tusnxrii.
y(gt/>fr26o, s. A necklace of sa
cred beads.
cjy*(5(3<5) s. Consumption of
the bones.
jyffij^^^j, . [proc] Crisis,
*op*Jsu. 2. Doubt, uncertainty, in
stability, risG/Hiib. 3. Condition, terms of
agreement, Qu<jAi4.
^a^fiQ^iri&GOsotrpGueiryS. One
destitute of food and clothing, one without
friends and relations.
3i (&) ir sir, s. One of the seven of
the 2d class of alms-giving princes,

ir esr, s.

The prime minister


**g>] & (3jQ tit s$l ^gij & (S airessf!
.syACirBssofl, s. [prop. ^4Q*i)tarf.] A com
plete army consisting of 109,350 foot,
C.),610 horse, 21,870 chariots and 21,870
elephants, pSuanifiQesea*; ex jyi^-*. a car
riage, et .^5aofl, assemblage. Wils. p. 5.
jy*(^srr jyoo(^orr, s. The arm
pit, iiA. (c.)
* j>/ &53>&,s. Elder sister, s/dsir. (c.)
i ? /< / , i;i7er. An exclamation of
surprise, pity or distress, ^pisucS?***
Q*rAi. ("p.)
jya(?/rsi);i3, s. The QppQrf tree,
and its nut, fAT. Die.)
^>f iei s ^ it Ssdch annr sir: s. A village
servant, tlie same as j-.ru)iju8cSOji(;rcr.
who by order of the head of the village
calls a meeting of the inhabitants, pro
cures things wanted.
^gy/E/csawrLc, s. A court, a yard, Qpjb
pii. Wils. p. 10. ANOANA. 2. A water
pipe, aqueduct, a covered gutter or drain,
eerier, (p.) 3. Mud, mire,
5. Bo
rax, Q^iohMirdi. (3/. Die.)
,_jy /s <s snr sir, s. Siva, &euasr. 2.
Vishnu, SlLQi. 3. Argha, j|<j*- (p.)
^ B-sssjfl, s. Parvati, unneu^l. (p )
2. Kali.
3. The *p<3**p plant, aloe.
(Af. Die)
^jy E7.5 jot, . That place, (used adverbiully) there, as sjtsai*. (p.)
* w 3i3i its , s. Epaulet, a bracelet
formerly worn over the shoulders. Cdrsro**.
Wils. p. 10. Angatha. 2. A snake, unity.
3. Abuse, contemptuous language, sar
casm or offensive allusion iucn^Q^rA. 4.
Falsehood, Quriu. 5. Elephant's food, m
&arflynr^. (/I.)
^jy /b ar<5 ssr, s. The name of a
celebrated monkey, one of the hemes of
the Ramayana, the son of Bali, miwtSmmtptt,
(e.) Wils. p. 10. Angatha.
^liB>S/g)), s. A term of respect used
in addressing pandarams, which answers
to fiirnxsw. (c.)
^eslc, *. A limb, member, part
or organ of the body, j/iajmiui. 2. Body,
3. Mark, sign, ,jy*i_iursrii. 4. Skel
eton, trgtibt-i*K-Q. 5. Symmetry, well formed
human or other shape as of letters, &c., as
ureter. 6. (p.) A division of learning com
prehending such science as is considered
dependent on the Vedas; hence called <2m
to-UCGiit'j> and LSrJtffl+itriDaib. 7.
A country, giiQpuiii. 8. A language, $iui
<i. 9. A bedstead,
Wils, p. 9.
and 10. Anga.
^i/B#toBr, s. Kama, The Indian
Cupid, mthmflar; CX jj, to be born, (p )
j>jwa#tTS3r ua, s. A sign, mark,
(c.) 2. The signs of the stars, &c, at
one's birth.
^liiafiT/gei>Tii>L2L$-006V. Finding out
any thing by signs or circumstances
fixing suspicion upon one.
^/iBsQfLLsai j$j iei Cretan!,
s. Distortion of the countenance from
habit, grimace; ex <?*s+ai_, gesture.



SjiKi s n i$-dai-.eiDi- , s. A peddler's

Stw&iSu-itr&iii, s. A mental appro
priation or the assignment of various
parts of the body to tutelary divinities, *^warr T&uj~j>i>h]air!rii,,. Char
by touching the several parts, and ap
coal, burning or not, <9. Wils. p. 10. Akplying sacred ashes, accompanied with
incantations, according to the usual * ji/GAltACA.
fa 3 >r j~ a sir^jy iei s it st eh, . Fire
mode of Hindu worship; ex ifiureu, ar
or the god of fire, C(ju4. 2. The planet
rangement, (p.)
Mars, from his fiery color, QtAirii. Wils.
^jikiauisf. eSfiEiaesj Hi., s. Stirrup,
p. 10. Angahaca. (p )
*^jijn<;TTs>i^:s@, s. [also written
,y isj * u l9n'(S d< sunt u> gy w a li {3a lL
^B*r;iutJ.] A plant, <gfi$}er. Wils. p. 11.
^kt^. s. A mode of worship by rolling
Angar.wui.lt. (Af Die.)
round a temple after a car, &c, turning jy/E)<35/r/n, s. Borax, Qeueasr&mnii.
to the right, in performance of a vow,
&c. ; (e.) ex lir, before, et flC-Qtsviji, jy in as it a-rfl, s. The goddess Kali, jyiEi
*ff<riflSB5U). (e.)
^ikiaui$nr!uJ3:&;i;$ii>, s. Expiation *^/ w, s. A cloak, long garment,
gown, surplice, 0rS*c>i_. (c.) 2. (p.)
for bodily impurity, especially the obla
A person, one with a body, ^E:^a^e/i_
tion offered by the heir at the first fu
iui<cs>-, ex jfEiii. 3. (p.) The third lunar
neral obsequies to remove the impurity
asterism of the Hindus, mtt^fitm*. 4. The
contracted during the period of mourn
thirteenth lunar asterism, ^ppmiir. 5.
ing, (c.)
Fire, jyABfl. 6. The god of lire, jy*E*rt
^jisjsu>n^so,s. A iSliruitjgw or poem
describing the principal members of the
^ycfi /uSurS*rfiu^jti/cir, I perform all rites
body, such as the eye. face, breasts,
due to fire, (urr^tii.)
&c, in the female, and shoulders, arms,
SliaQ^iTiT'Ssm, s. The principle of
breast, &c, in the male. The order of
fire as operative in the body.
description must be from the feet to the
<gj iki Slit mar , s. The third lunar
hair of the head, or from the head to
the feet, (p.)
asterism. 2. The thirteenth lunar as
terism, the day on which the god of fire
cgjiKi&GujiT&w, s. The eight quali
was born.
ties of a Yogi. See Cu!-*<i. (p.)
Sjiiia jjda rr, s. [local] s\ iki an lL#it . rjy ib S <s ifl jy ib S <x iB , ^(c/Dear,
fiSfitrr, uQutir, **, e. o. To accept, receive,
A jacket, QiajS0iLem
welcome, wp^jAQ*-6rcr.
Sj isi a a lL & bssB , s. A coat of * *g)japprove,
IEI Q T, iT T LD ^y IEI 3 (S IT !T LC , i.
mail, (p.)
Acceptance, approval, vp j>AQ*rur(gii>*.
^ibsh/tsu), s. Anointing the body
Wils. p. 11. Angkkaea.
with perfumes, sacred ashes, sandal, &c;
S/ isjS & it it (er,Gl & uj. Receive me,
e.r naii, anointing. (p.)
gratify me.
^/isjsiT, s. Inhabitants of the coun
*j)J!eiQ&lci, s. One of the thirty-two
try, gjnsib.
n-ufii0ib. B-Us8^ptbQpuu$sa6Fw.Qf3T,esrgi. (P)
jf iki sirQairiDireBr, s. Kannan the
king of the
country, sxnsrtir. (p.)
t. One who frequently changes his party
^jia/E G&uueo, s. The constituents
or place, mrQit^.. 2. One of fickle or va
of royalty. See jyrKiuA). (p.)
grant habits, as to dwelling or otherwise,
rsi a Q?>r6Br, s. One who has
rf)2e\jQLli_/sSr. (e.)
^sy /E/Sfi5(-b, s. A scar, mark on the
bodily defects,
body, n-ifspofwii. 2. Name given to the
^jisis rr$u irgd), s. A system of
hero of a poem, uiiiQDi_,jlsJ6u/ar. (p.)
anatomy; ex
first, et utpih. (p.)
egy ear m s ear , s. [priv. jy/s.] One ^ iki Q t sir , s. The name of a son of
Brahma, a Rishi, one of the seven sages
without body, _i_e>rd!. 2. The Deity,
who were transferred to the skies where
*l_a|Cr. 3. Kama, mannfiarr. (p.)
they app; ar as the stars of the great bear,
jyisi&irtk-siui, s. All kinds, with emeu
^Kffr*tir. (p.)
Cl/iti, as, jfibsrn*aDaiGursiA, all Worldly * jij iki Q ill , s. Foot, sireJ. (p.)
enjoyments. (j>.)
^/Eissornu, dSQpek, siQ/gersr, u ^ E/Sssfl, s. A species of aloes, n
2uA, *, v. n. To lament, be grieved, g* tSfi&xp&aitie. (.V. Die.)
^sy/E/^, [adverbially.'] There, in that
8*. 2. To covet, desire greatly,
place, yonder, thither, in that life or state,
ex gjsih et swriu. (e.)
in yonder world, j(ifi_i. (c.) 2. (p.) A
^sy/E/^Sssr, s. A woman, a female,
poetic expletive, ^sa^i.
a damsel, Ou*. Wils. p. 10. Axgaxa. (p.)
SjikisisiQs. There and there.
^jisisir^ aQQ/Dehr, pQgeh^ uQuehr,
S/iaQs. There.
*s, v. n. To gape, open the mouth freely,
yawn, mriifipts, (p.)
^gtj ib (&j & iSl & it iR jijikie^ &sQ, a.
Horse gram. Glycine, L. Qstii. (M. Die.)
iki sir,v.noun. Opening the mouth.
fQ<ufi&Qi-fcfi'iej\uEiaBQpiDp, (*<*-) The let *j>liki(&)<FLh, s. An elephant's goad,
ter <6 originates in the head, and is pro
lUf&r^Qsrillf.. Wils. p. 9. AXGI SHA. (p.)
nounced by opening the mouth.
j>]i5i(9j#!$iTir~l, s. Yellow sulphuret
jy iei a;irio,, s. [Tel. siisis if.] Bazaar,
of arsenic, sffinmb. 2. (p.) Gancsa,
iussr. 3. An elephant keeper, lurSes-uurxdr.
street of shops, n>i_a?S). (c.)

* & iei a; lis ih cjy-y/E/ffiii, s. [pr.
A name of Gancsa as bearing a
si et eisuitb,
] Disunion, opposition,
L/OTi*fis&i^. 2. Opposition of the sun
cord and goad, (p.)
and of a planet, Vc2r cg^ujg&Acg srplap9t>*.
^gysy^aj^ u/tkbA, s. Ganesa, eSisiru.1
Wils. p. 93. ASAXGAMA. (p.)
**r, us holding a goad. 2. Kali as hav
jij j ib Q uj ld. A nuisance, jy^a/
ing a goad in her hand, (p.)
^Ef (^^(or/r<s= earti, s. The flour of
the root Curcuma angustifolia, x-es>*tp. jyy.E/Q, QQ/D6itr, ^j&iii QQesrear,
Qmar, Sjviim. v. n. To move, Stir, Jfrnfu. (e.)
(M. Die.)
& iw 3D a , *. [/jri. ^gy, j>rot?.] Dis
>ei (3j Q & /r eS! , s.
The =sy^@,
honor, tngluJiarwui. (p.)
gras9, &?t-i6i.
j- u> , s. The Offi^gjfieJ plant,
^jmnjjA'prek, s. (For.) A wild
Tribulus. 2. A tree, Hyperanthera Mogoose, Qusitfirrr. (c.)
ringa. opcji>*. (A/. Die.)
The thumb, Ous^ri. 2. (./if?.) A dwarf
ish person, beast, &c. (gp'S'SThimble, a word used by Moormen, Sr^
* ji] .iiQfjiT ti, s. Germ, shoot, sprout
from a seed, blade, opt*. 2. A kind of
shrub, ^ua>uQxaS. Wils. p. 9. Ankura.
^jisj^nnnuuesaili, s. A ceremo
ny preliminary to a religious or nuptial
feast, in which seed is made to sprout,
as an auspicious sign; ex ^iuuexni,
p. n. To sprout, shoot, iySa*. 2. To
occur, appear, originateused only in the
third person neuter, *_4n_r*. (p.)
sQffOii, s. A finger, eSjreo. 2.
Finger's breadth, Sr*>>i_ 3. (c.) Digit,
one twelfth part of any dimensions. Wils
p. II. Angula.
^DjfSKVjeQjyisgrf, s. A finger,
toe, Jri. 2. Tip of the elephant's trunk,
^j^issAens^afi . (p.)
^/ IB (3) &S U> ^IBQjeSllUlh, S. A
finger-ring, CuPrii. (p.)
si s&Qp mr esariii, s. The trilineal mark of the Siva sect, p^*r
i-xii; er Qgnaaib, TOW. (p.)
cSy/s jf^r/i, . A process in bone.
jy E/ssia, s. Palm of the hand, e_sciMi. (Contraction of jyniax.) (p.)
jjj&Q&iT&OLh, s. A tree whose bark,
leaves, roots and seeds are medicinal,
K5ei>. (p.)
J>j IB IB Sff Lt> *g)/ !EJ IB sir, s. (used ad
verbially.) There, in that place, ^mi^^
2. So, in that manner, jyAcS^mno. (p.)
,-gy & a sor f_ /r, *. A plant, Cleome,
Criiju(r<S. (Af. Die.)
jy<y<sto, . A mountain sheep, u>2sd
urQ. (p.)
* ^/ <T S UJ Lb, S. [vul. ^/fElSlJUW.]
Disgust, dislike, j/tsnsuLi. (p.)
jy<r-S ujii, s. [priv. y et
*.] An impossibility, gNw, (c.) 2.
Sand with zinc, u>w*i.
ji/s: d & u ear, s. An incompetent
* .y/srds^u), s. [euZ.] Dis-respect,
dis-esteem, contempt, *ii*f5. 2. False
hood, Qutit. 3. Irregularity, ,.-.y(bi!^ra

Immobility, firmness, tranquillity of

mind, jy5jS^a. (p.)
cjyiF, s. Meanness, lowness, fftp
. (p.) 2. Fault, tgbpib. 3. (e.) A small
splint, a loose, uneven portion of a sur
face, as on a plate of metal, the finger
nail, &C, S-Q-vsatL-arPfi Qu&uieGi.
^ffz_ff, s. Low-caste people, illbred persons, Spuix**.
egy&L-'snu-, s. [priv. jy et #tlsii3i_.J
Neglect, inattention, heedlessness, reck
lessness, indifference, <?<iri_rojj. 2. Con
tempt, disdain, disesteem, disrespect, mfiu*
hj>. (c.)
^j^LLasiiusssrem^ v. a. To neg
lect, disregard, contemn, disdain.
s. Ridicule, scoffing, laugh
ter, joking, pleasantry, SiftgiuQuraia. (p.)
2. (u.) Suddenness, rSgl. 3. Lightness,
carelessness, (often used for jy^jp.) 4.
5. The name of a cer
tain man who was praised by gsro>iur,
supposed to be a shepherd, gareoa/iufi Qs,
tnmiurtijQufipwe&r. (c.) 6. (^.) An un
chaste woman,
ji/^fidQsireiDeii, s. The name of a
book wherein a shepherd named jy^Ji is
praised by gswa>ai<uri; it contains four
hundred stanzas like all
gl&$El&GiirG&,s. Apoplexy. (M.Dic.)
tgi/pfsltup, (used adverbially.) At
tentively, giving the whole attention,
free from other cares.
w/,affjj>sro0>;<5ySjpffj5!ijp.cijf,they in
dulge not in laughter in the presence of
the father and mother of their husbands.
**f>/&=<fiLh, s. [priv.
et fdpw.']
Absence of sound, Astiara>ui. (p.)
^jy^^P, s. [priv. j>/ el fijisl.'} In
capability, weakness, impotence, uvJni.

* <]&i Q<3;ir L^LOJtl&lhQfiirGpLC,, s.

[priv. ji et
Displeasure, dis
satisfaction, regret, Qagnj^.
* ^j>j;FULCi ^jp/tfenu, s. A particular
Wils. p. 12. AjArA. (p.)
* j>/ &u l9 uj la , s. [priv. ^/ el fuiuii.]
Vulgar and obscene language unlit for an
assembly, commonly jy^Juii.
*ju Tin auraLb &Q'lot^anh
tQtaipih, s. Omum, Ethiopian cumin.
Sison Annni, nu4. (M. Die.)
*^>l J ld is ti, s. A mountain fig,
ujJaiiUijp. 2. [priv. ^-.] Drowsiness, stu
pidity, laziness, m*gicsri4. (c.) 3. Uncon
formity, fliiuifii&iirmiU.
^jffLDihjSeeiir, s. A lazy, stupid per
jy 5FLD1UU5, s. [/?rir. jy e< ^ioiutc.]
An unsuitable, inconvenient, unpropitious
or improper time, giimit**u>mib.
*j>/&LDiTS3rLh, s. [priv. <^y e< #lo/t
sni> ] Unlikeness, incoiuparableness,
^/^i-b, s. Goat, sheep, ^. 2.
Three years old paddy, 5pi3i_Q*j. 3. An
onion, Qjjii>. Wils. p. 12. Aja. (p.)
jpi&s&niipiTLo, s. A phrase meaning
as different as a sheep is from an ele
phant, widely different ; ex s, ele
phant, et s/ianb, difference, (c.)
^jy^LCL/a/LD, s. [priv. ^y et &u,u
4.] Improbability, an extraordinary
event, jjfP#ui4. 2. One of the three de
fects in composition, ^cr"^"^'*' &>*(Bflf>4
pQ<vrjrjj. See C>ieii. 3. Non-existence,
LSpaiffeoui. (p.)
[pn'r. ^y e< <?ii)
L/f^ii.] Improbability, *iiuff**A*.i_v^i.
(s*.) 0.)
a= io l9 ^y^tismLj, s. A bag,
budget, a double bag, a traveller's wallet,
jy^LOLc^Lo, s. [priv. jjy ei ^iiuj^iii.}
Disapprobation, jibicfiiAartnu},
jipj ti, s. [prit>. ,gy ci ^jii locomo
tion.] A motionless, inanimate thing,
^jJFj-iT^i, s. The Q&rreisrantD, tree,
Cassia, A.
^jy^/F/fl, s. [prto. ^sy e< ^/f/fl.] An
incorporeal being, a spirit, voice or word
spoken from the skies, the speaker being
invisible, si"""^.

f. b. To become faint, care
^.y^SujLD, s. [/>ric.
e< j^,
less, drowsy, &c, for jju(y. (c.)
jirit&Gui&ar, he was fatigued.
Untruth, falsity, Qurii. (c.)
*=4y =9=^^J, s. (>rir. ^y e< <f^7.] That jy^snjT ^gtf&sinr), s. A small lam
prey, river fish, $ti&&. (c.)
which is vile, J?u> (us). 2. Unreality, -ir
^y^/f, *. [prop, jq&gv.'] Scurf, dan
druff, scab, ^w*siTa. (c.)
A friend, Qn*ar. (p.)
* jy^i)ti, s. [prtp. ,gy e/ ^Wld motion.]
**/&p&ieiiLc>, 8. [priv. s{ et
Fixedness, immobility, jjs*iur*Jw. 2. A
3. The earth, yia. (p.)
/A] Want of power, jStjrDio. (p.)
jy^6tisBr, s. The Supreme Being,
*j)/3:r5^irLjutjb, s. [priv. jy
^iuuio.] Inconvenience, a!<irui. 2. Un
the immovable, immutable, God as not
fitness, *flCjutf*U). (c.)
affected by emotions or passions, *i_
I*- 0>)
"^jyff/s^ja^io,, s. [pric. ^gy
jy^Fsosarii), s. [pric. jy et #6i)jrii.]
jpan*..] Discontent, dissatisfaction,
Immovablencss, jf*Si*uj. (p.)

*j>]&dsi>, j. The earth, yto7. (p.)
jtf&ev, s. [.prop, ^jiueo.'] Vicinity,
neighborhood, jj(j*uj.
cjy&so, s. (Hin.) A very excellent
thins, a first rate thing, a-i/**^. 2. The
original, QptpiSrfr. (c.)
^jy&eusci, s. A gnat, a very small
mosquito, Qsn&ts. (;>.)
*j>/ 3:&nsv, s. Name of a muntra, gf/f
tamfirih. (/>)
<?ji/, . Scab, dandruff, scurf,
4rrfu*5). (c.) 2. (p.) Mud, mire, Q*s>.
3. A small insect, p*4r9.
s. A dark red color
used in painting, gubJi^eaJi. (p.)
* j>j ysirti, s. Food, Qurr^esnh. 2.
Boiled rice, Q**s>. Wils. p. 88. Assana.
3. (p.) The Qiiisn; tree. Wils. p. 94.
j>jfeeruiSlifluJw,s. Epicurism, glut
tony. See under u*/txb.
^iy^saf], s. The thunderbolt as one
of the twelve sources of pain or death,
2. Weapon of Indra, wtf)rr*ieio. Wils.
p. 88. Assany. 3. A tree, ^&t*\b. (p.)
jy^sjr, s. [priv. syprop, ^ujsjr.]
The unborn, an underived being; used for
Brahma, Vishnu, Siva and Kama, JpiiJoJ.
2. Father of Dasarada, p/ri/sarpias/i. Wils.
p. 12. Aja. (p.)
j>l&sh/l&ir, s. A plant, Cleome, L.
C/Juy*<3. (p.)
^js=rr, s. Weakness, faintness, p
^frjIAfrgippKsJfiA, distress from lassi
tude. (In ffVi$., 0fip&0(fir&).')
^/prreuirsBim, s. Vigor as oppose d
to faintness, as fr*.r.*iM,
* tgj&iraQTGsijSi s. [priv. ^gy et sirs
firso^.] Unwatchfulness, inattentivencss,
as*A, common."] Speciality, species, a special
quality, Ou^J>ir<>iD. (p.)
^/r^Ef/fluj/i), s. [prir. ^ e/ errgitB
iuio.] Want of eloquence, Qtrpfip^oremo.
See rrgitiui&. (p.)
^jy^/r^jjiiuiii, *. [prip. ,y c< &irp$sl
uti,] Impracticability, unprofitableness, jg)
iusuhoui. 2. Incurableness, irremediableness,
gmiiiKi, 3. Uncertainty, doubt, suspi
cion, iflSejuEareoifl.
^jy^/nrtii, s. [prir. ,jy e< ff/rjii.] In
sipidity, unsavoriness, *iru9sriij. 2. Un
profitableness, JrGjr!irl**iur>tt>.
*^j>l&!rQeu!fl, s. [priv.
et frrQaitfl.']
One of the thirty-two tunes of the Hindus,
*j>j&,. The soul as identified or
combined with the Deity. (-u. 69.) 2.
A sneer, contemptuous smile, j/iuptS/iuLj.
3. A weapon in general, ^puQurg. 4. A
sword, cimeter,
*g>l&li sSQpeisr, pQpeisr, uQuesr, <<s,
. o. To ridicule, **>s*s. 2. To destroy,
jyS**. (p)
^S^S/i, s. One of the twenty-eight
A'gamas, ff*iflt(yu4Qjiijf.Q@r.sr. See
&K3*tD&. (p.)

*^>/&p^], s. [priv. <$y et S/ifi-'] ^jyartiiL/, s. Mud, moist land, slip

pery ground, a>**ni. 2. A well, &**j>.
Matter, n-ii. See fi^. (p.)
3. Bad ground, Our*i *>rtiwii. (p.)
^&^^iuQun-(r^&r, s. Matter, ma
* ^Df aur it , s. (sing. <#y<jBr.) A class
terial substance. <Fi_uQurcy&.
of evil demi-gods the foes of the Devas,
*=iy Sti^slajLh, s. [priv. ^sy.] A num
.j^ot*. Wils. p. 96. Asura.
ber, a thousand quadrillions, giQrolr. 2.
syj@(3, *. The planet Venus,
Inconceivableness, S*se>Js*Q*Liiau>. (p.)
cjy Ssstld, s. The skin of an animal
jy^j^/F^, . Afternoon, evening,
used as a seat, bed, &c. by religious devo
tees, Q#ireirssisr6. Wils. p. 13. AjlNA. (p.)
^Sy^j/F/rsir, . The nineteenth lunar
*^>j fj-s3M"ld, s. [priv. gy.] Indiges
asterism, a""*, which is the natal
tion, *tiursB>u>. (c.)
nakshatra of the demons, and therefore
^l&nemxQu^^ s. Diarrhoea from
considered very unlucky, (p.)
indigestion, indigested discharges.
cg/anrtLszrw, s. One of the eight
^^ffensreuiTiLi, s. Flatulency from
kinds of marriage. See mcmi. (p.)
indigestion, dyspepsy.
^^nmk^liB^i&ir/rLDiilif!,8. The
*S>jir,s. (Hin.) Readiness, prepar
planet Venus, or its regent, being the
ation. ^dj##ib. (c.)
Guru of the Asuras, as Brahaspata is
of the Suras, *ABar.
**, i>. n. To be disgusted with, jycji<yi. *j>f&Gi]g:LLiy.!rii>, s. A plant, as
2. To suspect, surmise, **Qj*m. (c.)
Qi<5558&. (p.)
jy<9F(wasaf), s. A kind of eruption, ^jya^si/Lo, s. A horse, tgfslGan. (p.)
chiefly about the ears, &tiax*srCiLntr. 2.
jy&eiiaftSd, s. A medicinal shrub,
A small insect bred in plants and feeding
jloptSrr, having the smell of a horse.
on them, g>*y#fi. (c.)
g\eu&kfl(Q!jsisa!io, s. The medi
^/^awds, s. [prop, ^jesi^esis.'] A
cinal root of that plant.
conjp- tural circumstance,
^l&eu&G^HempuSeilui, s. An oint
*=Pfer&, s. [priv. jy.] Impurity, pol
ment from the oil of this root.
lution, SuSarcmu. 2. (fig.) Disgust, Jf<J<
^ffai/^/r^^jii, *. Horsemanship
*g>j & u u t_, in/. To be defiled,
as a science, ^*/u^sbj.
polluted, soiled, #*40tiut-.
gl&euptnLut-, s. The swiftness of
^s&uu^, inf. To defile, pol
a horse, .S>awj7(;uiii.
jya//^/ru>6or, s. One of the seven
jqarGssritiir^sy.s-sasrtL, s. A species
ftf9Jij*, which see, #Crw<*-B*r. (c.)
of bird which is said to be charmed by
s. A shrub, ^eoiP,. (p.)
music, and while under the charm, to die,
GssujuLfsr. (p.)
One of the sixty-four a&vsraii. The
As the sound of a drum to the bird ^***i>.
knowledge of the good or bad qualities
of a horse. 2. The act of trying the
*^^lS^!Tl}i, 3. [priv. y.] De
pendence, subjection, destitution, *^*^fu9*<
^/etjQu>^u>, s. The sacrifice of
^^^^ii, s. [priv. gf.] Impurity,
a horse, as practiced by former Hindu
kings, prtursib.
pollution, uncleanness, defilement,
j>l& ai6i)Ll#6!iwii, s. The qualities
om. 2. Unchasteness, diSlumtath. (c.)
and temper of a horse.
&l#$puui, inf. To be defiled,
*^y#a/^, 8. [vul.,prop. ^ffmeSesB.']
polluted, soiled.
The first constellation, or lunar asterism,
^/&puu(Bpp, inf. To defile,
of the Hindus; which, besides indicating
pollute, soil
both the horns in the ram's head, and
jyaFLJti, s. [priv. jy.] Inauspiciby two stars the base of the greater tri
ousness, unpropitiousness, ,syiiuii. (c.)
angle of the head, comprehends one in
*<g>juLn^ s. A plant. Physalis, i.,
the left foot of Andromeda. It is depicted
^QptSrr. (p.)
in the form of a horse's head, gasw*.
jyL/L|, s. [ru/.] Suddenness, un ^g>/3rLpili, s. A dog, isndj. (p.)
*j)f(W)s:li^/(ajS, s. [priv. ^y.] Un
^3rLr>irp/Du>, s. [pror.] Suspicion,
cleanness in general, ^u!era>u. 2. Cere
2. A hint, a conjectural circum
monial uncleanness, <gi*i. (p.)
stance. o*ar>s.
* jy@^i 3. [priv. gy.] A barren wo
gl&wirpfDisisinLi, inf. To give a
man, u>eui_ (p.)
hint commonly as one thief to another, * j>/ (3y sm iu , a. Envy, Qu n Qtfsmit!.
or to make a noise as a thief, to ascer
2. Calumny, Ji-msi. Wils. p. 97. Asoova.
tain whether people are at home or
^/K-LDir/bpuuL., inf. Tobeheardas * m Q&epih, s. [priv. <sy.] All, the
whole, Qpotgni. Wils. p. 88. Assasha. (p.)
a noise, or seen as a sight exciting sus
picion of thieves or of mischief at hand. jy C & <s ear ti, s. [pric. jy.] Ir
^y<SrLo/rssrS/fl, s. (Hin.) A tester,
rationality, unconsciousness, ignorance, j/fi
8<jracio. See Gefiesrib. (p.)
canopy, GtcpsiLif.. (c.)

^sy^ncT, s. An expletive, ^emfSHeo. <g]<5!n,!F, ASQpeisr, pQpeisr, uQuesr,

2. Accent, Qa&utStial. 3. ('.'.) TIlC Cud, gaol
**, v. a. To shake, move, stir, agitate,
Jtiq. 4. (p.) Metrical syllable, Q*iiHQ&uut
<UlLi_. 2. To tie, bind, fasten with a tie,
fiQ&arsi- There are two kinds of
bandage, &c,
3. To warble in sing
ing, lengthen the sound quaveringly, mo
(a.) Qmxes>&, when there is a sin
dulate the voice, gn>*QuQ**. 4. To trans
gle syllable, fjrsv.
act, perform, operate in nature and in all
1. When there is a long vowel, as ^j.
sentient beings, as the deity the solo
2. When the vowel is short, as uS.
spring and operator in all their movements
3. When the short vowel is joined with
and actions ; to cause action, growth, &c.
a mute, as Q*a.
throughout the universe,
4. When the long vowel is joined with
a mute, as >j.
S>igs>&@P&) ea # u Lj , . noun.
Shaking, moving, ^jlL5!d*. 2. Tying,
(b.) t8eminuss>&, when there is a
binding, *^_a>. 3. Speaking, Osrii^a
compound syllable, *r*ic.
4. s. (Jig. prov.) Arrogance, s>
1. When two short vowels arc joined, as
2. When a short aud long vowel are
(odF/rajtL, s. [priv. s\i el Qffireiii.']
joined, as *<g.
freedom from sorrow and
3. When two short vowels arc joined
suffering, Cw*iiareaj. 2. The Ashoca tree,
with a mute, as in tfpii.
Qmi&u, Uvaria longifolia, L., an ever
4. When a short and long vowel are
green. 3. One of the five arrows of
joined with a mute, as Sri4.
Kama, iDariBpar *?jOTc50cftt3rg)r. Wils. p. 88.
l<aD&&9ir, s. A foot of one syl
Ashoca. 4. The Plantain tree, an&>&. 5.
A tree, ta^jswrth.
lable, as w* and mat.
^jQ&tTseisr, s. Argha, the god of
/8B&&Q&rr60gi3s>&iQ?Bu, s. An
the Jainas, to whom the Ashoca is sa
expletive, jj*i*Jj*CWi.
cred, ^(Jicir. (p.)
s. The Ashoca tree, ^
<5i^_, inf. To chew t]ie cud, to ru
Cffi-*ior<i. 2. One of the arrows of Kama,
c$ias>&ujif., s. One of the members
^gyCo' {F IT GSSTLb JtjQiF.Tshriy-, S. A
plant, #/rfCwr,4>nii, Trichosanthes, L.
^/an&ujibprr^, s. A poem in which
Unthe last syllable of one verse and the ^QffGTr.rLb, s. [priv.
first of the succeeding are the same,
Wils. p. 89. Asiiowciia.
cjyss)^, Cff)6or, /sCc^esr, Co/ear, to, ^jy cF <3S ih , s. A plant, ^aQpareifl,
v. . To move, stir, tremble,
2. To
Barleria, L.
waver, quiver, totter, not being able to sup ^/^jFamrth^(F&tnr ii>, *. (Tel.)
port a weightas a slender waistcd woman
Earnest money, money given in advance as
is poetically described to waver in walking,
security for the completion of a bargain,
frora the weight of her breasts, ^Aor_. 3.
(p.) To lodge, sojourn, dwell in an appro
priate placeas men in houses, towns, &c. ju&&pQ, s. A plant, sppifl, Solaboasts in the forest, fishes in water, &c,
num, L.
4. (o.) To walk or ride for recre
ation, be active, be engaged in the per jtj ,t a= u j ti> , s. A grass, /s/rsssr/DL/a),
formance of works, in distinction from the
Saccharum, L.
quiescence of the Gnani,
5. To be
iF^FLCLo, s. A grass, (Tp&g/uLjeo,
indolent, inactive, idle, Cmbu. 6. To be <gjPommercullia,
disturbed, discomposed, agitated, vm. 7.
To be weary, exhausted, faint, &nt. 8. ^jy^cTii, s. The Agathy class of
To fluctuate, hesitate, be confused by a
trees, jj*a), Coronilla, L. 2. Pear, dread,
alarm, apprehension of danger, uuib. 3.
Timidity, diffidenceas one of the four fem
^jeo^etns, r. noun. Motion, moving,
qualities, icscf.isrp^aafi^iQariirff. 4.
jja). 2. Conjectural circumstanceas
Thinnessas in a metal plate, g)Sa>*. 5.
a rustling among leaves may excite con
A plate of metal, p*. (p.) 6. [ml]
jecture of a snake being there, sua.
Purcncss, clearness, <rt,QucuLt ; as jjo/bt*
<&/GB)&ujrr'?B0, s. A fixed state, imjij,5*>3CL/rri(j4S(TCT. He is the pure like
movableness, steadfastness.
ness of his father.
^foaffiun wessB, s. A bell seldom
.Sfi fig^uq, s. The use of
rung ; attached to the royal palace to in
words which express by their sound,
form the sovereign of any calamity or
the emotions of fear, surprise, &c, umij
other extraordinary event, .grrsi#S)u>fl.
^yao*uj(Tsa)tD, neg. v. noun. Firm
.sy^^ffy^, inf. To alarm, intimi
ness, fixedness, immovablcness.
date, frighten.
^Gts>& suit
inf. To hover, move or
stiras wind on the surface of water. ^/^JU^san^, s. A threat, uujQpgu
fi^ssiK. 2. Caution, care, atrfiuL/.
.^an.? cy, v. noun. Shaking, moving, * ^jy
j: sf tu sir , . [priv. si et de$iu, de
motion, jys>*^*i. 2. A kind of swinging
struction.'] The Supreme Being, the im
shelf. **. 3. Motion, passion, emo
perishable being, i_o/s*. Wils. p. 4. Aktion as applicable to the qualities of the
mind, io^O*^
4. Stir, bustle, agita
tion, r$,TN6. 5. Weariness, failure, faint cg>i&{F!rLD, s. Tlie thrush, mrreSeo qj
ing, Cff.
cjQicciduffi. (c.) See ^**no.

^y.F^Fffi), s. Repetition, turn, suc

cession, prib. (c.)
iBse>(flu&&eu6aaiijQuiQp4p. It rains
shower after shower, one cloud following
<j>l&<rir, s. Father, master, /siieajs,
[prov.] of the Coorg country.
s. The a-ppiiDozl) shrub, Cynanchum, L.
^y 5= Sy s. Achecn, a country, grr
^/rSiBjjisQeQyS. A tree, Cordia, /,.
See ^9!al!.
*=sya:3r> s. Sanscrit vowels, en
OioruSi/iIi. 2. Type, mould, stump,
*(jS. 3. Axle of a carriage, also the cross
beam supporting a well shaft, ^#cu<isd.
4. A weaver's reed, Qmuwrt&ffc8tSQaiidr&.
5. Soul, the form taken by the soul in any
transmigration according to the actions of
previous births, E-eM. G. Mark, print, im
pression, ^oi_<urciii. 7. An epoch, yeti.
S\8&ts)-&&{#&uu$dsafinf. To
iiJ6ar,s. Printed cloth, chintz.
Sjf&nassfl, s. A linch-pin, QpnQpp
^j&&dsthiSlt s. An iron ramrod.
5/^<siiiL/, s. A ramrod of wood.
5y<f &uugobs]&, s. The weaver's
giea-uL^LLuf-uSqgia, inf. To pass
the thread through the loom.
^f^rT^eniresafl, s. [impr. for ^^f
(jajreirf.] The central bolt of a car.
gl&&Gd&Gay s. The axle or cross
beam of a well sweep.
^je&emp, s. The body, as the case
of tlie soul.
,_gy &Q& Qgpgi-, s. Printed letters,
words in print. 2. Sanscrit vowels.
*=3y.'F<97(!flFiii, s. [priv. ^/ ct &0ii>.] Per
manency, fixedness, indestructiblencss, G
G^aSortouJ. WUs. p. 12. AciIVLTA.
j>l^pasr, s. The imperishable dei
ty, ^iSojrs5)eii/A<?CTjr. 2. Vishnu, tSCQ
gs. 3. Argha, ^3**. (p.)
^&&gG&(Lp6G!ss!n@iikQpnG&, s. The
eighth incarnation of Vishnu, uaiu^iar.
^tsum^QscSifiQest. O Govinda of
imperishable bliss.
^yj a-^lci, s. A mixture of white
rice, kusha grass, turmeric, and powdered
sandal wood, put on the foreheads at wed
dings, and while muntras are repeated, #
jy&Gur ti, s. A plant, the same as
Q(jjSu, Tribulus, L. 2. A tree, a>ai
a>x, llyperanthera Moringa, L.
tjpj&ei-sij^i/sthfS. A species of Ban
yan, the holy fig tree, ^t-juDrii, Picus religiosa, L. (;>.)
*j>jjF.a?suih, s. Horse, (g^sn/r. See
^/saiii. Wils. p. 90. Ashva. (p.)
SI&m-6ii8np$l!SiD, n. The art or sci
ence relating to horses.

^I&&eii(ip8nssru>, s. One of the

hundred and eight positions of the Yogi,
in which he sits cross-legged, places his
elbows on his knees and rests his cheeks
on the palm of his hands,

text's Qptp&firtfligtJ) QpiffKionSQtAr/SiSTaxrGlitstci


r -x-sQsssFI, s. The first lunar man

sion, (p.) See
AVils. p. 91. AsiiVINEK.

a The two physicians of the

gods, ufgjfmt, as born from the nostrils
of a horse.
*gtj -tO! cfT, inter. An exclamation of
wonder, #$*n*Qtt&. 2. Expression of
pity or grief, ^rti*Oftii. (;).)
^jyej/f, s. The ignorant, ^/rQeSeo
*iri. 2. Affliction, distress, grief, gtsruui. (j>.~)
^jjej/r, . Extreme sorrow.
s^soth ^ sijffi), s. A gnat, mos
quito, Qsrng. (p.)
* OTj-Fti, s. A bird resembling a
swan, ^tfirwno. (p.) See jy^io.
^/^fuir^ib, s. The footstep of a
swan; the mark -f- resembling it, g><
*jy thj&eQ, s. Worship or respect
by closing the hands, and, commonly,
carrying them towards or over the head,
iMQ. Wils. p. 14. Anjalt.
g^^fsQ, s. A shrub, wpiL&eScru)..
Mimosa, L. 2. A bat, Qanraw*. 3. A
tree, loraSwBSBs. 4. A Shrub, jejabj^ulS.
5. A creeper. See ^3^<*uurir.
jj ^feSlssis, s. A bat, Qsueireurrio.
^yg^ffi), s. Post, express sent by
authority, ^ur>. 2. Mail-stage, resting
place on a journey, jst&iAi. (c.)
jygjj&p&inreBr, s. A post man,
messenger, courier, fiurpsmir.
^TSJi&PQjjStr&Sl, s. The same as
osj^iouratrsraii, one of the thirty-two kinds
of prepared arsenic.
*^)f (Wj 3= sjrti, s. Blackness, dark
ness, black coloring, suq. 2. A collyrium or black paint for the eyelids, a*r
^*8Sa>i0. 3. A black coloring or magic
ointment put on the hand, &c. to assist
in discovering lost, stolen, or concealed
property; a species of magic, Geu&Qutari,
QjifleSuxrcQerjw. 4. One of the eight ele
phants which support the world, being
that of w<3oxrtir, regent of the west point,
GmfifaMJrta: Wils. p. 14. AjfJANA. 5.
Medicine for the eye when a person is
bitten by a venomous snake, and also for
one who has fits, xcSnj,. 6. A black
stone, marble, cjsia*<\i. (p.)
^^ffesrdseiSsaLD, s.
A magic
ointment rubbed on the eyes or palms of
the hand of one who wishes to discover
any thing lost.
^(Ej^esriaa), s. Sulphuret of an
timony, a combustible used in fire
works, giving a blue flame. Sec iiSi*.
(M. Die.)
gl^feisragiTxeBT, s. A soothsayer,
conjurer, sorcerer.
jy^ffenrdQaneo, s. A paint brush
or pencil to blacken the eyelids.

v. noun. Fearing, dread

jtj^fesr^ffiuu), s. Three species
ing, ujiiui_*>. Also the optative, "Siubj
of magical ointments, viz., ^r^ani,
2. Defeat, G^^sS.
that which assists in discovering whe
ther a person is possessed or not; Goin^}
^1 lii) & rr u u iL L. iuii>, s. [prov.~] A
<an4, that which assists in discovering
certificate from the king, formerly in
stolen property; and ui0iorr$ynaib, that
scribed on metal, clearing a man from
which assists in discovering treasure
the charge of guilt and re-establishing
buried under ground.
his rights as a citizen; a writ of autho
rity, a security against oppression or
*gj(G#e8TuiTeif,iTemii:,s. One of the
ill-treatment. 3. A passport or writ of
thirty-two kinds of native arsenic.
in passing through a coun
^gy^jj&eBrQiDQfjg, inf. To paint the
try, ,v . '": - i f;i t .-.
jyt&j&irenw, neg. v. noun. Fear
^j^^esresjescrestsrGsr^s. Vishnu, the
lessness, <ftsrtic.
blue colored, $<gur&.
<jy (Cj^dBii,*. A parrot in general,QesB.
lt&5&^s)Su$Bl, s. The female of the *^gif ^cFLnireir, s. One of the twelve
elephant supporting the north-east, or
SUIIS, utercsDraSrQ <grfiu^Oif(jorBr. 2. One of
the eighth angle, of the world, an-ffii^p
the twenty-eight A'gamas or sacred books
of the Saivites, Sturs^tS^u^QfiC-t^-Qeitaigf.
3. Grandson of #rar,
. .-.^pff-isr.
cD/gjjfesB, s. A small flower-tree,
, Memecylon, L. 2. A gr.iss, miomp ^>j(Si)3reus3rr<s^jir/r,s. A tribe of weav
ers, chiefly Mussulmans, QruurAG&iGupii.
qik, Saccharum, L. (/>.)
*=ay (Gj 5= cW, s. Female of the ele ^^(Bj^^auLD, s. [priv. sy.] Ig
norance, destitution of spiritual know
phant supporting the north, or seventh
ledge, QreriSattvui. Wils.p. 13. AnONATVA.
angle of the world, *iu$as>sur'b?&t3uQueia
ujtTsu. 2. Mother of Hanuman, sis^''<3", * jy(g5(S5sar, s. [priv. jy.] An igno
also called
J. Wils. p. 14. Asrant ]>erS0n, jjj9Sir4ir.
*=jy(gj@/rsz>r.ijb, s. [priv.
^ (g> & <s S3) , s. [impr. for
rance, spiritual ignorance, worldly illu
sion, belief in external appearances, desti
tution of the knowledge of the true God.
^Sdsm, s. Existence, &,essri^n
This is the state of the soul from the be
2. Agreement, union, Qurcy*^jsi>*.
ginning, and its condition till its wmii is
3. Worship, srA<i.
removed. When the fruits of its former
5y@6?#(50<sii, s. One of the four
actions are worked out, in sufferings and
enjoyments, the soul begins to be enlight
teen expressions of the countenance; the
ened by the grace of the Deity, its
reclining of the head on the shoulders
nni then ceases, and $yrari& commences, in
from pain or lassitudeas one bitten
creases and ripens for its union with the
by a serpent, fi^frhtgi^Q^iebQusK eSjf
Deity. Wils. p. 13. Angnana.
*. See cy*ii,
^y@(G5/76sf?, s. An ignorant per
^jy^*, s. Five. See g>iig>.
son, a heathen.
^1 (Ej # it ld en (Tj 65BT ti, s. The fifth
s. An ignorant person,
caste, Pariahs, &c.
jy^!ojcurir. 2. Ignorance of spiritual things
^l^&rrGSuSaai.tun, s. [prop. *sy
or the beclouding of the understanding as
rt> g)ai_iu*.] A tribe of cowherds ;
the result of former actions or worldly at
whose women wear, in their marriage
tachments, ooi_ii. (/>.)
neck jewel, five ornaments, or s*/wrS.
sjyfQ, s. (p.) Greens, vegetables,
l<&rj#nnuQuLLis}., s. [prop. s\<gi*
u*Qi*>. 2. Leaves used as food, SjJw*^9.
aopijQuiijf..] A box that has five com
3. (c.) Pledge, pawn, 0^ao/. (). 227.)
partments, one in the middle and four ^jyiiiBLD, s. Restraint, repression,
surrounding, made of palmyra leaves or
compression, ,jfi_isj)*. 2. Subordination,
other materials for containing flowers,
submission, SitiuuLf.^. 3. Kestraining the
spices, &c.
senses, self-control, forbearance, QurjSCW
(TTj e rremsfl, s. ("as ^sq^enn
Qaio. 4. Continency, command over the
*.) An iron bolt passing through the
appetites, temperance, modesty, chastity,
five tiers of a car.
good behaviour, jD#>*iui_**ii. 5. Conceal
ment, sepulture, interment of a dead body,
iur*r4. Even a young girl will be able
ti<J^iDi_Ao=D*. 6. Ketiredness, reservedness
to make a curry, when she has the fol
silence, taciturnity, Qmerarw. 7. Contents
lowing three and five things, viz., iyrf),
of a box, &c, that which is comprehend
souring; i&e*(g, pepper;
salt; s<d<g,
ed, ,#i_iS.uaj. 8. Contents of a book, &c,
mustard; and 9isw, cuminwhich are
epitome, abstract, summary, import, sub
the five ; and the three are ft, water;
stance, QurtfuL/. 9. Shrinking, compress
Q*uii4, fire; and
ing,as a tortoise its members ; re
by an angry husband to his wife when
duction, condensation, compression, &c.
the curry is not good.
of the powers of the mind, syncope from
yfiEXor ^^aib gf*Qfia(3ib. The five
snake bite, &c, g**^. 10. [prov.~\ Fire
elements will laugh within themselves.
works in layers, producing successive dis
charges, urtxrib. 1 1. Treasure kept in con
cealment, or laid by unobserved by others,
Lj*>fiQur&sr. 1 2. Erudition, profound know
v. a. [used with the dative, some
ledge connected with paucity of words
times with the accusative.] To fear, dread,
and gravity of manners,
; ex j^-Ag
utuuui, as jygyA**fi^<*-, I fear him;
Or jyi_B(5,
,Sr&ariufiar. lie feared him.

jftd&QLDQpilnj, inf. To revive cjy /_ u u (g) ir^i_iju6Br, s. [prop.]
An honorific appellation among fishermen,
as from the stupor caused by the bite of
a snake, a fit, &c
sswLjakresBT, inf. To bury, *^y/_/ii, s. Obstinacy, pertinacity,
inter, entomb.
violence, tii.wpii. Wils. p. 967. Hatha.
2. Disgrace, contempt, *orib. 3. Inter
s. Restraint, &,c, as sy
course, wandering, j^wi-i. (c.)
<9/t@#rrfslda, inf. To withstand,
*iyz_.s(3), 8 (Spear, ^idQQeisreb,
oppose each oilier.
<?*, Jt<-**, v. a. To subject, control,
^jtuiueBsreair, inf. To do evil, in
curb, bring to orderas foes, &c, com
jure, (u^. 71.)
press, coerce, restrain, tame, breakas a
horseconstrain, repress, cause to recede,
eg/LeuirJs!, s. An obstinate or re
bring one to terms, to still, compose, 8iu
vengeful person.
2. To reduce, lessen, condense, ab
breviate, (s*>p**. 3. To deposit, conceal, efiftthurnrih,)!. The whole at once,
altogether, in the mass, cpofg^. (p.)
stow away, cover, inter, infold, ^aqiii. 4.
To contain, hold, Q*cr. 5. To encroach ^gyc-LDL/, s. A running flower plant,
upon, seize unjustly, *r. 6. To engross,
including two species, viz., ^lL***ui_i6^,
monopolize, t^if<ijQgiiu. 7. To embody,
and uwSr<gGrtoui_tiL/, gsQawiy..
incorporate, pVc_i_.
^gy(_, s. A taciturn person, one
. The above creeper.
who conceals liis real circumstances,
cjyi_iuo)Qrip.^*i)rsKri_&u9Q4&. Even
ability, &c.
the jfi-joty creeper when several are com
will be strong, i. e. very weak per
j)j t_j (}, SQpehr, ^iinQQetsrcir,
sons, when several are joined together,
jfL-dis, v. n. To obey, yield, become
may be strong.
subject to, be subdued, Stsuui^tj. 2. To
<S>I t u> u lo j>j (_ uu icy, s. Its
shrink, become compressed, be reduced in
size or vigor, be crammed into, condensed,
evpu. 3. To recede, be repressed, sup
s. Closeness, crowdedness,
pressed, restrained, s^ho*. 4. To settle,
<2*9l. 2. Pressing, oppressing, urging,
subside, be laidas dust, jprnnu. 5. To be
Qcr*<so*. 3. A tliin and flat plate of
embodied, incorporated, ffira. 6. To be
metal, &c, ps. (p.)
reduced lowas the system when near
death, &c, r, i.t.
^tuuf-uiiTUf-, s. Close onset,
desperate fighting, hard scufflesome
^jL-iiiG), s. All, the whole, Qp
falling and others treading on them,
&c. j confusion as from trees beaten
LfriaiKx&mQpgKTssa. The arrow which
down in a storm, Qpppmjiiaa;
destroyed the whole of the three cities.
=ay iir jyi_0, QQpm, ^irrii:
(In s!v'i>.)
<?, jjfi-r, v. n. To be close together,
thick, crowdedas trees, stones, men, &c,
insubordinate persons, ua>M*>i. (p.)
Qctk*. 2. To fight with, Quit. 3. To
^fLEiseirryieap, . A book which
follow in close succession, Q<jB>,i<2pri_f.
treats of the ceremonies of the Saiva
sect, Qfliwri.
^ij/nr, s. Foes, ueaseuir. (p.)
liiT&@, v. noun, \impr. ^jtirpf5l.~]
A rebellious province, S^uut^uijui Sis*
Closeness of trees, the hair, the threads
in linen, the lines in a book, &c., Q*ostxib.
^iL-i&dsiruiiriR, s. An audacious,
^jiir^^uueoeas., s. [prov.] A
contumacious, insubordinate woman, cp
thick plank.
^L-hkQ^ppw<g/i^irihQppp1, s.
jyt_K(<E(rB3UJ, neg. p. noun. Insub[prou.] Great vigor, oppression, force,
ordinateness, rudeness, haughtiness, unviolence, Q<3u!.
tractableness, S^uuif-uimo.
jyz_/fz-/^iff-Q/, v. noun. Thick
^/iiii&rrajiTrflfs), s. Urine, Qp/ij3
ness, closeness, Qm^t'ib. 2. Thinness,
rii. 2. Sea salt, si-giuy.
flatness, being the qualities of a plate of
metal, &snio. 3. Thin plate of metal, &c,
iSaneasresniaa, inf. To faint, be
dy*A**Q. 4. Close succession, QxQsSp
in a trance as dead.
,jy_t_/r, inter. Exclamation of sur
^/lituuw, s. [prov-l Thickness,
prise or vexation, ^i&eajttgfiuu.
closeness, Q*(j*<ia.
^Lir,dQQpeBr,ji(o@e!ir, uGuesr, <s,
how sweetly he sings.
t>. a. To press, oppress, urge, Q(j*. 2.
jyt^TsiTLD, t. A mode of beating
To attack, make an onset, Quit.
time, one of the seven
^/l-ituli, v. noun. Attack, onset,
jifi^^t s. Premium for ready
battle, Quri. 2. Crowding, Q*cy*<5o.
3. Urgency, oppression practised or suf
fered, Qr<j*fflsii)i_.
^iw^/rcrrii, s. [prop, gji-pvrsirio.]
A mode of beating time in music.
jy_&), s. Ashes, &nu>u&). 2.
Battle field, GucUssrib. (p.)
jtjiuu tx>, s.[proji. jysot_u6S)u.] A
j>l Lteooptteo, 8. [prop.] Vain
betel pouch, Q^&uul/. 2. A barber's
batr, (?Jukju.

=syt_si), . A kind of fish, epniBesr.

\j)rov.'] 2, Power, strength, r5. 3. War,
conflict, Cur*. 4. Victory, success, <3^9.
5. Murder, Q*jtSw. 6. (as a v. noun from
the root jyQ.) Cooking,
7. The
optative mood of the verb ^Q, duiiQatoii
QpfaSI- (P.)
<g/L-.eorriT, s. Foes, enemies, ff^-gi
gtscr. 2. Warriors, soldiers, GurisSii. (p.)
=yi_aff, s. Forest, juiifflc, a hilly fo
rest, mrS). 2. A grove, Gntu. 3. (Jiy.)
Collection, assemblage,
(/<.) bee
0t*t-*S, "^-cJ and u$m>i_.
^/u-eSdsffQ^neoiii, s. A kind of
drug. See **<?ui6.
^1 ie& ffQftreo, s. Bezoar, G?a(r
^izr, s. [prop. 67i_/r or eyiir.] A
term 'of calling, used to inferiors only,
ff(ciliK4>fl*<5i3<2Aj. 2. An exclamation
indicative of anger, contempt, reproof,
surprise, &C, gi^r^tSaaS.
stfcrLj. Why, what, sirrah.
=gyt_/ra;<33f?, *. The LjeifituireiaiT plant,
Oxalis, A.
^//r*, s. [r/.] Putrified matter,
any substance spoiled or damaged, an old.
abject, mean, contemptible thing, wL-B*
ji/L-irfr, QQpetst, <&i z_ it & Q ear eh ,
<?;<*, r*, . n. [proc] To recede, give
place to,
p. a. To stulT in, cram,
^/^(Sro), s. One of the forty-two
new Tamil tunes, pHrism.
^iir^^liuth, s. [prop.] Impropri
ety, injustice,
*2>l trrjigu , s. [prov. impr. for ^\u.n
fis-l Insult, indignity, provocation, im
propriety, fiar/sg.
jij L-irei}m*5i, s. Impropriety, ^iliun
mi. 2- Grievance, &aruj>. 3. False re
proach, llCi_p<a. (c.)
Source, origin, bottom, foun
dation, beginning, basis, <&6>. 2. Lower
. part of a tree, mountain, page, &c, mrcp$
cHjjaip^arif.. 3. Lineage, ancestry, stock or
family, descent, /u!*<u9. 4. Root or pri
mitive of a word, the radical, oc^affiu. 5.
A line in poetry, Qin/*C@cy^>uL;. (See
ML-jtuLi"). 6. A man's foot, *>. 7. A mea
sure, twelve inches the length of a person's
foot, also of a pace, step, jjtMusr^. 8.
The print of a foot-step, foot-print, ves
tige, *rp**i. 9. The sole of a sandal,
shoe, &c, iQiif->SBri!-, 10. Vicinity, neigh
borhood, nearness, proximity, aJuii. 11.
Underside, lower part, Bj>. (uij}. o_-.)
Note. There .are five kinds of jf*. as a
metrical line. \.<gpaq-. 2. GUpy.. 3.
-r , Or - '
4. 'Qvty.cuif.. 5. *|4Qfftp.cuiy.
wluch see.
^1 i^Qsirareir, inf. To begin, ori
ginate, be founded, Qfi_A,
^jUf.Qsrr&), inf. To lay a founda
tion for any building, jfA^Wf^Curi
2. To take measures, undertake, make
preparations, opupfiQr^iu.
^liQ-ssiy., adv. Frequently, often,
repeatedly, reiteratcdly, ut^es^.
uf.d (5 ip., *. Suburbs; ex if ,


^y^L(5f-6U, s. The suburb of a

town. 2. A village of the Vedda people.
giiq-d(eh(2eir. Within a moment,
in the same moment, before the next
step is taken.
^jisf-fffaeo^ s. The first furrow in
^uf-fSuLf, s. The first formed
and best plantains of the bunch.
jUf.ffST6ii)8. Footsteps,<5/r(<Q/.
^eyif^o, s. Heat felt in the sole
of the foot when walking.
jyiy. &Q&tfl,s. Suburbs. See Gg=iB.
^ifUf.^'bso, s. Order, regularity, eua
ujjr. 2. Upside down, a&Gmii. 3. Be
ginning and end,
glisf.p%3opinnppw, s. Confusion,
derangement, oppfft/sGiatppui.
ip-ppLL , s. The lowermost
deck of a ship.
Sjisf-^einh, s. Principal place, (tp
0aSi_i4. 2. Lower part, Bu$i_ii. 3. Foun
dation of a Wall, gf<hlairrii.
egyif-^iS(yiii)i-/,s. The print of a foot
step, vestige, srpxmQ. 2. The mark of
a stripe, points of a rod, .sy^-uLii-^ajiiL/.
<g>/iif-P0etrw, s. A ground-floor, per
aAaasGurCj- iSoiib. 2. Lower part or
foundation of a well, ^if.uuri. 3. Lower
stratum or laying of a pile, ,jfi.iAa*j. 4.
The rear of an army, Ltorrf.
s. The root or lower part
of the tongue, mraSioij..
^ji^uetmHuj^inf. To fall at one's feet,
reverence, submit, obey, sx>&ixn&Qiuu.
^isf.i3uf.ssy inf. To get a clue to
a thing, npeisn$uupp. 2. To pursue,
iS<3r(3(3!i_ir. 3. To discover one's footstep,
iq.Quuj!j, inf. To start, take
a step, move from the spot where one
stands, Qut.
<gjis}-uui, inf. To be in subjec
tion, 8(Aijui_
^ifuu^, inf. To subdue, sub
ject a country, a foe, bring into pos
session, S^uuSas.
^ltp.uuaBt,8. The chiefdivision of
an army. 2. The first layer in a well, &c.
gjty-uuLLtairibfd, s. One of the
thirty-two kinds of prepared arsenic.
esya.uL/tli_<y/rw,S?, s. Great meek
<glig.uuLLi&ireiirG(7>piT, s. Ancient
jij isfi-u u$p, inf. To tremble as
the feet, o-Qe. 2. (fig.) [pruv.'] To
fail in business, lose a situation, wife
or property. 3. To be perplexed in con
sequence of failure, &c.
^ly-uuiifsl, s. Head of the table
or row of guests.
^i$.uuG)ii>,s. The first benefit or ad
vantage received by a person, o^ueudr.
g$is).uupp,inf. To be scorched
as ricp by heat with wont of water, &c,
aaiaQupf,. 2. To stick to the bottom of
a vessel when boiling, jfifjSQiiC^,

^gy^uu/r, s. Path, way, beaten

path, urxs>n. 2. Usage, custom, ug>**ib.
<gi/t9-uumu, inf. To leap as a child
over a mark, play at leap-frog, jtrekri-.
eSy i$l u u rr a ii> , s. Ballast, the first
layer of goods in a vessel.
jt/i^uurrirds, inf. To deliberate,
think how to act GiurQ&x. 2. To mea
sure time by the shadow, /Sywcrisgi Qui
^jisf-ULS^eertS. Sand mixtwith lead,
^/up-uQutrt, inf. To begin, un
dertake, make the first effort, edict an
object, Qjri-)S.
^/t<f.LDtd(^, s. [in prosody ] Re
petition of a word or words with differ
ent meanings in the beginning of a line,
or the repetition of a line in a verse
with different meanings, 8,*liir*stSi2
Qwrtsrjj, as, ^SK>xe6ru-*eBwppaiBtr1
^yi^-icif, s. A secret place in the
waistclotll, E-tre>i..
^luj-tumt, s. The commencement
of a water channel, oppiiueni,
^jiq-iDGStsr, s. The earth adhering
to one's feet, taken for enchantments
against him (i).uii) or for witchcraft,
A ralC
' . ST.
cgy uf.LDius (5, s. Transposing the
lines of a verse without destroying the
sense, ^i^rp^snx. 2. A verse so formed,
^ifi-lir, as, ^f&xfxriDfsluiDfiSioraiBuuULLQi^ariJ,
Uf-wpl ld&Sist U).eO en rr&ifluj uu /r, s.
One of the four kinds of ^R^ii, the
lines of which are interchangeable at
pleasure, the meaning remaining the
Same, ^ieisDSiue&fiijuur.
JijlS^WpllIHTpfflU Q UIT(7Tj&rQ it sir,
a. Construction in which the lines of a
stanza are interchangeable, the harmo
ny and meaning remaining the same, or
the harmony only slightly atl'ectcd. Sec
QuB(jsQsr&T^ as, 0eDriurtpaiiniifi0tjLHvee>riu2snr
j)jUf.Qpe'2esr^ s. [vul.] Beginning
as of a story, &c.
Sji^Qp^ s. Order, regularity, emr
mrjsi. 2. From beginning to end, ^,9iu*
fiii. 3. Upside down, StpGmij. 4. Head
and foot, rsi*,sJw/i4.
^u^QpusSnrQinisai^s. One of the
forty-three kinds of rhyme in which the
first word of a line has a meaning op
posite to that of the next, Qtij^QL-waoLaSQwrarpf, as, ^^iru^ksasrartDBiitc^KiSiGsr^
t6evef(vjfSj0ssrTQaiafirii}exTQatr(59lee>p1 where
darkness and moonlight are opposite.
^ip.GWeSsar^Qjfffrszoz-., s. One of
the forty-three kinds of rhyme in which
each line begins with the same letter, g
miens QiDtfar/sQfiBODl,
^iq_ujiy.ujrr&,adv.[prov.'] In succes
sion, as the descent of title, Sta^fcuGP"0?
^/^.uji^ir^, s.
A repetition in
verse. See

jt/Lf.ujeiTQueaL-^s. Prolonging the

. sounds of long vowels at the beginning
of every line, QfsBm-<SBpu#QpB<rgi.
,y 1$. ujjriid fi, s. A flat piece of
wood by which the potter marks his
work and cuts it from the wheel below,
cSyif iujCT)^, s. Time immemorial,
antiquity, C.--. .->QinL*arru!i.
^Iiq-tunir, s. [sing, ^ji^vundt =sy?Slaves, servants as applied to
devotees in reference to their deity, and
used by persons of themselves in ad
dressing superiors, to show respect, obe
dience or submission, ^rfei_if.
<5yifn5z_, inf.
To set on foot,
commence an undertaking, a law suit,
&c., Ojsii-Bjt. 2. To make a beginning
in braidingas the bottom of a basket,
the first end of a mat, &c, u--.:, .
^ytf nyjii, s. [prov.~] Ancestral pro
perty, original stock. 2. Crop of a past
year reserved for the sustenance of the
following. 3. Jlanuro put on the soil
round a tree, &c, <j. 4. Strength from
food, power of wealth, &c ; ex -rio,
jt/ip.Quj<3<ggieiD6>j&a, inf. To be
gin to walk as children.
^u^QujgiGin&pQpneni, s. One
of the forty-three kinds of rhymes in
which the second letters of each line are
of the same class, .. ' - 4G(5>^.
^gyifQiuesr, s. I your slave, your
humble servant.
)jUt_QtLinQai, inf. To be de
stroyed utterly, extirpated.
^i^QujitlLi^.^ s. A triangular in
strument with spikes, which, however
placed, has one spike upward to pierce
the feet of men or cattle; used in war,
&c, a caltrop.
^iuf_eiiii$ip}, s. The lower part of
the belly, the abdomen, S&anSg.
jijisp-Giinedngii, s.
Source, princi
ple, cause, srrosih. 2. Beginning, origin,
bottom of a tiling, Q/ui^tsib. 3. An
cient lines of ancestry, u5ju^ji.
jyij. ai t u tgj^O^ii. Understanding
from the first
^^LQ/jTjt, inf. To chafe, stroke,
or shampoo the legs of another.
^juf-eunniii, s. The foot of a hill,
^tif.Gvnmw,*. Horizon, fsl-iEniE/iw.
^jiSf-eSij>jt$.efiiflujcSyif a9sn-ar,
inf. [ vrov.~] To be cracked as the bot
tom of a chatty, &c. by use, ^i.y>i-iLi.
^Iiy-emeuds, inf. To step, set a
step, rcuif.t>/A*. 2. To begin to walk
as a child, i_**jiQ^i_E. 3. To in
trude one's self into an affair, 0fculi_.
4. To begin a work, ^jjniji*.
a>$sD(Uf uuL-Uf. , s. A village at
the foot of a hill.
Slppty., s. A small or delicate

^>jisf., s. A blow, stroke, lash, stripe, ^gy, aSC/psnr, ^G^sar, uCuear,
a puff or blast of wind, jfiMcsii J**, (c)
r. a. [ms/
/Ae accusative.] To ap
proach, approximate, come in contact with,
<9ftf.ui ^ftp-i^aarsssr, in/. To
2. To be near, close, adjacent, prox
be beaten, jjj!>i/e*rB-. 2. To be pro
imate, to propinquate. Or. 3. To adhere,
claimed, published, made common, uB
apply for protection, r. 4.
,muui_. 3. To be consumed, expended,
v. n. (with dative.) To belong, pertain, re
late to, be fit for, suitable to, deserving of,
mruwarfidjissf!'2- l_ . :r . One TCrScd
conformable to, becoming, c_.:'. ,
5. To
in, or acquainted with many things.
happen, occur, iiuS*.
^uf-i^uf., a. [vul.] A scuffle, fight,
(n-ij".,!"'!.'.'-. The people associated
with or belonging to me, our own people,
=fiy-, s. [prop. erq..] A word for call
jgigA*li!pQL/OT. She is a suitable
ing a female of lower caste, or an inferior;
woman for him.
as, *., come here, you. (c.)
<J>jiy-t d@Qpeky jsQ^osr, uQueisr, ds,
05*010. The same word will lie repeated
twice, thrice, or four times. (Nun.)
r. a. To beat, lash, smite, scourge, stamp,
blow or beat as wind, if*. 2. To defeat,
^itrpgi, appel. n. That which is
overcome, wash away, carry away as
improper, unfit.
waves, flowing water, &a, to flap, (as
gjvgiiar fftl^Gsv mrii ^fisff. It is bad
with wings)
3. [fa/.] To kill, slay,
for you to have him come to your house.
slaughter, Q*r&ei. 4. To fasten, make
^/L-iriSibenp, s. Injustice, unfound
firm, drive in, jf^<. 5. To act with force
ed reproach.
and energy, make thorough work of, 91^
ftyi_crQ#jti. c. v. n. To emit as a scent,
j>l sroi_<9i ant_uant_,
mwfieri/ti.**Note. Tbis word joined to
v. noun, [prov.] I-ying down at a per
other verbs increases their intensity, as,
son's house determined not to leave till
wa>tpiji}.)CjQui&pg)J It rains very hard.
the thing asked is obtained, fr&ihut4@us>t-.
Cu<fiuif.^JLj_nir, He confuted by ar
S^<s,in/. [used adv.] Near, near
gument,spoke with fluency and over
at hand.
whelming eloquence. j^it.$s*QnAitSliQmreit
a Cur, Speak fast, forcibly, fluently, &c.
^l<3;5(i}pgjfQ&iT&)eo, inf. To re
Added to neuter infinitives, it makes them
active, as, fi^pif.**, to disperse.
jy^iS^6!art_2ssr, s. Deserved pun
^uf-snpsv, s. [prov.] A very pow
gfflp$ticsrprsttiiDiueesrtDr*rQih. The associ
erful wind, a strong gale, a tempest.
ations of the soul determine its charac
<&jup-gad(ol&iTaretr, inf.
To beat
ter. (In 18itsmb.)
one's self.
^S^SfflS', s. The next house.
f&*<3 jyPoj.<-ii
Good for
^/(Bpptrir, s. Adherents, relations,
tune abounds to him.
.-syiy.dseir, s. (sing, and pin.) Deity, <e*_
^(QpptrpQunQeo. Very nigh, next
(*. 2. A lady, fitutl. 3. Gurus, g^ij*.
to, near.
4. Munis or holy sages, oj9a/r. 5. Elders,
seniors, &6Qpii. (*&.)
inf. To
kill one by treachery.
.jjyi^-SJso s. Boiled rice, provisions,
jyQpgiewT, inf. To follow close
<2*'i> ; ex <s|rS, to cook, (p.)
ly, come immediately after, in time or
^gyi^-SSJU), s. Slavery, bondage, ser
place, QegmBair.
vice, Q**rSij#^mi. 2. Slave, servant,
^)j(SlS3SsQi,inf. [prop. ^/(BdSeSIt ]
devotee, C)|Wn_raritSr. (c.)
To pound paddy the second time, clear it
Lsf-enwQsrr&rerr, inf. To receive,
well of the husks, &c, Q*oi3unS-eJri_*iia3
or use one as a slave, or servant.
<*>?><pp. (c.)
eSy i.aDtoLessor , in/". To become the cSydEa;ffi), s. A mountain, to^so. (p.)
bond-servant of the deity, &c. (p.)
2. v. noun. Heaping one upon another, <g
^lup-tantAuut, inf. To become a
,jy ,<&yr, s. A kitchen, a cook
in/. To en
<gl(Vj, s. A pile, row, tier, regu
lar arrangement of goods or things, regu
, (?,> 6ar, ^2*1 tlQiek, Qoiek,
lar series, order, adjustment, system, it
jfi_, p. a. To cook, dress food, boil, roast,
tcr. 2. Orderly arrangements of subjects,
fry, &c., $iSf,ur*ur**. 2. To destroy, kill,
the heads or topics in a writing or discourse,
Q*cu. 3. To conquer, subdue, subject,
&c., trgfffapxop. 3. Four threads of yarn
suppress as the passions, senses, &&, Gup
in use among weavers, "na*. (c.) 4. KcQmAst. (. 104. 3.) (p.)
pctition of a phrase implying alarm, &c.,
jy*srii, *. Field of battle, Qurnr
with no other words intervening, #<3i($*
isa-Jt; ex Mertbt area.
Q*iA>, as #s#ft& fire, fire, fire, (p.) 5. [tn
gju-ilSihuw&i**BQiiSp(3eiragi. Though
anat.] A layer, fiOre*.
milk be boiled, its flavour docs not di
,y <s d a rr a eneudx , inf. To
minish, (gtmo.)
arrange many things in rows, pile up
^yil, v. part, of sy, (sc<Z sm6in order.
slantiveh/.) [pron.] Cooked or prepared
jyQd ssireoT&Gsr&sB, s. A perfect
provisions, *cwfii*uL(Cu-57.

^sy (g <s(5
inf. To put in
disorder, as things in a row, pilj, &c
.sySigigSsuiu, inf. To b.xome
disordered, deranged as business affairs,
to go to decay as one's circumstances.
ld(9jp$uiii,8. A kind of lamp in
tetnples.used by the priests before the idol.
tS/QdtgjgQptrttT, s. Repetition of
a word or phrase two or three times, as,
c2/d(9}uu6tkeisBr,inf. To arrange,
put in order, prepare.
j>/<Bd(8}uuiriTda, inf. [prov.] To
rehearse as stage players, previous to
the public exhibition, (g^isasuriix is
used 011 the continent.)
=sy(5uu/T2sB7', s. Pots arranged,
especially in a cook-house, one upon
another for various uses.
jy*(5L06i)sii?6S)ff, s. A species of
the Arabian Jasmine,
j>ld(^Qpareifl, s. A species of the
(Tpfrefl shrub.
^SsgO^an^, *. A couch with
pillows placed one upon another. 2. A
house built of different lofts, or stories.
^dx-u>^<SDfi, s. A species of the
^ffi@, QGpear, ]<$dQQesr<<k,
v. a. To pile up in order,
place in rows, pack, arrange, put in con
tact, $Qfiistx*<2is. 2. To arrange in a
series, Q/srQts.
yi(5S!n, v. noun. A heaping up
or laying in heap.
=gy Sebids/rj-ti, s. The Q&ihmir
i/a-J plant.
^y^5p, s. Usury, extra premi
um for money, (used in the Southern
provinces of the Peninsula)
c/(3lji-I, v. noun. Adhering, join
ing, CJjfso* ; [ex sy(3, approach.] 2. s.
Hearth, fire place for cooking, as
the fire place being made of
three stones or pieces of dried clay to sup
port the pots.] 3. The star B'harani, the
second lunar astcrism of the Hindus, uiesii.
4. Fear,
^/Quuiisetarr, s. The front of the
hearth ; ex g/ib, el *w, margin.
guuSun, s. A moveable heat
ing apparatus, chafing dish, &c.
82eirujuLfQarTtq-Ujui-iy $. A
side hearth,
^cua), s. [prov.] The mixture of
paddy, and other grain, mcslin,
^yffli_, s. Resort, attaining to, <oy
QM*>. 2. A kind of cake, wafer, gttuad!*i
no. 3. Cake or bread in general ^/Ouaiait
a. 4. Incubation, ^am. 5. A leaf,
6. Gravity, weight, *ni. 7. A slight
support or prop, ^r.S. 8. [in grammar.]
A prefix, qualifying word, or clause, ad
junct, accompaniment, ^km-QiohS. In this
meaning it includes _^Q*j or adjectives
and adverbs, (p.) 9. A pledge, Q^,o><.
10. Tribute, the king's proportion of the
produce of the land whether one-sixth or
one-tenth, or otherwise, iB^e3a>p. (r.)

^letntsrraa,jy soil. _.__, inf.

To sit on eggs, incubate.
y6a>z__/r_', s. Belel and areca nut.
<g/a i-.Qan'Sds, inf. To render
the king's share of the produce.
jyaoi-Cs/n^1, s. A hen that sits
on eggs.
cPietDidsiriu, s. Areca nut.
j9ietf)td(3j00GD&, s. [prov.] Re
venue from grain as farmed out by gov
^yaaz_^^il, s. [prov.] Receipt
for the payment of tithe or tax.
^/emi uetnu, s. A betel pouch, Qsup
^ai_uaou/rj63r, s. The servant
who carries the betel pouch, &c. of a
great person.
^esiiuQ^surr^Qumir^ s. A spe
cies of metonymy, as, irKttQsiQftigisc.
!_>*, lie planted a twig of the absin
thium, that is, the plant itself.
^sjnt_, QQpeisr, isQ^eer, Oa/sir,
i_iu, v. a. To approach, frequent, gain
access to, reach, arrive at, <?. 2. To
obtain, get, enjoy, suffer, Qup. 3. v. it.
To drift ashore, off. 4. To apply for
refuge or protection, take shelter with one,
.-.--.. i. 5. To subside, sink to the bot
tom, be deposited as a sediment, /*i_o
uit-tj. 6. To collect, adhere as dust, g/Sl
jsi_io. 7. To be choked, filled up, in
closed, stopped up, git. 8. To be conti
guous, adjacent, border upon, >__. 9.
[pro,] To settle, become close, compact,
hardas bread not well leavened, sand by
rain, &c n-rts. 10. To be preserved as
pickles, &c, 3fsoisiiia>im, 11. To incline
towards a color, Apwupp. 1 2. To die, as a
great or holy person, obtain bliss, absorp
tion, &c, CPAS', being understood.
cPI<3Di60, s. The anvil.
^I<asi&ndj, s. Pickled fruits, vsngj
syaa)i_(5/r),s. An anvil. 2. Tongs.
^yss3i_an*, v. noun. Approxima
tion, Q*<3esm. 2. Attainment, acqui
sition, QufiODM,
^jemLQsirCeiBL-^ s. A blockaded
jp/eniiQ&r'G)jyeaiQwnLjSl, s. A
particle qualifying nouns, verbs, &c.
^IsmiuintEJsniLi, s. Unripe mango
cut in pieces salted and dried in the sun.
^saiojean^asiiiuetinn^s. Op
ponents, foes, uanawi. (p.)
^yami_uJ6i), . Any thing settled,
drifted, deposited. 2. AIL 3. A verbal
from ,sy.
s6sa60BraBL-ii^urreo, s. Milk part
ly spoiled from keeping.
c^yani , dQQpdr, Q.eir, uQueir,
**, v. a. To shut, close, stop up, mf^r.
2. To lock, uCj 3. To block up a pas
sage, obstruct,
(see piV. #tiruent-a>ui.
Ellis 215.) 4. To enclose, encompass,
shut up, encage, fold cattle, &c, u<5t#. 5.
To secure, keep safely, conceal, *ruu*Q*eju.
aiiSg)!<;^afifitKi^firt. Swamy thought
kept in his mind.

^/es)L-s&>, s. A stone placed at .ji/ant^LarrszrLh, s. Means, method,

-ufM. 2. Pledge, pawn, Q. 3. An
the entrance of a sluice to prevent the
equivalent, tSrfi. 4. Resemblance, compa
water from flowing, u^iaoA**).
rison, iiztartlt. (c.)
j>ism i (garii, s. [prov.] A tank
u3)l_ iuir err ti, a. Mark, sign, sym
with no outlet, pent up, stagnant water.
bol, emblem, representation, g)g*rJi.
.gyaDi^&v, s. Cloth steeped in a
medical preparation and put in the mouth jysj)(__^, s. Manner, fitness, or
der, propriety, succession. uS. 2. Pledge,
for a sore throat, &c, jy~_jfQL/i_i_><.
equivalent, G). 3. Resemblance, compa
j>/eB>i^(^n6^-, s. A hoarse, husky
rison, sunitararih, 4. All, the whole, rwvfifl.
(/>.) 5. v. noun, [ex
attaining, &c, including all the meanings
jyaD/_u;_, inf. To be closed,
shut up, jjooi^imoui
2. To be ob
fcra_SCu4(jii)j5QiFj. Practise acts of
structed, as a passage, &c., ^oi_ui
benevolence daily. (0ruif.jys>#.)
^1 aa i_ uu ear, s. Obstruction of the
*=^y L!_&Gtf, s. An entire grain of
throat, quinsy in cattle, 5>;!<uf).
rice, QPQfmHSl. Wils. p. 3. Aksiiata. 2.
jyaoi_ _u, v. noun. Shutting, clos
Whole rice mixed with saffron and put on
ing, stopping. 2. s. Obstruction. 3.
the forehead of an idol, or of its worship
Enclosure. 4. Trees, &c., enclosed. 5.
per or given to a Brahman, ioisi*svj.^ft. (p.)
A plug, stopper, peg. 6. A door.
jen^Ou/ril, s. Mark made
artpsni _u, s. Obstruction of the
on the forehead with jji^*s>^.
ears or dullness of hearing, from cold,
lL& ti, s. Eye, aaxir. 2. Terhunger, (c.)
restiial latitude, j)**io. Wils. p. 3- Aksiia.
warrant uLj^s. Obstruction of the
^lLS, s. A seer.
^1 lL e x ear 6bt ii>, s. Argument of
^syani ujsntp, s. Continual rain,
^LL&ufrana, s. Degree of lati
=jy 33>i_ iS <$ sold, s. Obtaining pro
tection, taking refuge, or shelter, *r6ru*iv.
^/LLsurr^esr, s. A name of Qsgit
2. A deposit entrusted to one, ui^<>
&tn, ltishi, the author of pisicseehtynib, and
Qs,!ui3foQurir. 3. Asylum, refuge, place
of shelter, L/~_ii.
/xs&stweogiriii ; who had an eye in the
foot. 2. A follower of Nyaya system
^jeaidseidr^rr^eS ^jemidseoiii
of philosophy.
<5<jJ, s. A Sparrow that resorts for
jLL#u>rr'Zso, s. A Rosary. See
protection to houses, &c, commonly,
^/asidseoiasirda^ inf. To pro
eg/LL&eSjijgltuiTffii}), s. Difference of
tect a refugee, to take care of a deposit
on which the Indian law is very strict. *^fLLs=iu, s. One of the sixty years
^jaaidseouQuirrT^iar^s. A depo
which form the Hindu cycle, g>;<y_ii.
sit, a thing deposited with one for safety,
lL&iu uhy s. [priv.
jy eta i_ d&etiii>Li&) inf. To fly to
nence, that which will not waste or decay,
one for shelter, take refuge with one.
Ci.irs>iu. (p.) Wils. p. 4. Akshaya.
jyDi_A*fiui2i QaisweyfieSttrfg. The appro
^/LL&iugire&sfl, s. A quiver of Arpriation of a deposit is improper. Ellis
jlina, jyc7^#aroriOLyAA_.
298. (u 62.)
jytl^/ijufri^jto, s. The vessel or
^jysflL.*, QQpehr, ^/eBiQQasresr,
plate given to the Tandawars by the
jf>"-*, v. n. To deviate from a
Sun, uresriit^Ats* (gfluthQaiGlfyLiwflfirtb.
course, recede, give place to,
2. To
2. A beggar's basket carried by the
incline towards a color, tip^n. 3. To
Vishnu Brahmans, ajwanraistr giu&ap
crowd, get close together, increase, Q*ej*>*.
4. v. a. To stuff in, compress as cotton in
a pillow, grass in a basket, &c., put or *j>/LL3:!rLh,s.(See^ds!nD.) A let
ter, character, >a*i. (/).) Wils. p. 4.
keep in the mouth as betel, ss**. 5. To
cleave or adhere to,
6. [prov.] As
^L-#nseis&fB\ss, s. Algebra, l5V
fa>L-&uGut. Give way, make room.
gy 6toi_.su a)an,s, s. A board to fill
^jilffsrsf^;^, s. Correct utterance,
the space above a door frame.
exact pronunciation, iL**fiuu&jii(Kis#i. 2.
Correct chirography, icf,*5;A8ciA*A
ffjoL-^ar, QQp6BTi<gitas)Ld&Qe8reisr,
^ILLfjr^rruearib, s. Enclosing let
v. a. To adorn the head
with flowers, stick flowers in the hair,
ters or incantations in magical circles
(ow7<gi. (p.)
for amulets.
saAresTiQifiufiglESg:uupwee>L-4$t. Sticking
jyLLffisruLjG), s. A kind of grass,
in their hair the mellifluent and fragrant
iSar^uuAi, Punicum, L.
neythal flowers. (In Swuujiissrih.')
*^lLQ, s. Eye, 6st. Wils. p. 4.
^g)jss)L-UUthy s. A small bag in
general, tnmeeiresu. 2. Barber's case, jyii
s. Parvati, the fish-eyed
u__g><y^|op. (c.) 3. (r/.) [ex
leaf.] A betel pouch, Qapfifaussu.

jyt-L/_7"<3=iD, 8. A loud or horse

laugh as in defiance of an enemy before
an attack, Qu&*t*>s. (j>.)
jtj lLl-%5bbt, adv. Across, (Sjgi&Qs.
^jLLt^esa-isireo^s. Folded feet.fc.J
^lLiU)=2y>a^t_u>, s. Nutmeg,
* =jy i-L i lo, adv. Cross-wise, across,
<5P*<9. 2. s. [proc] Side, vicinity, utsii.
&j lL _ mi s n ev), s. Sitting crosslegged.
jyi-Litijy3^(_ti, s. Eight,
flL. (p.) Wils. p. 92. Ashtan.
sesaril,<^si^.i_68sri2i, s. [in
poetry.] The eight kinds of feet with
which the invocation of a poem may
begin; four indicative of good, and four
of evil. See *wi4.
^4&z_<eld, . A collection or se
ries of eight things,
2. A
Sanscrit poem, every eight stanzas of
which are of the same kind of verse,
mn-QiatGS)iiSiuit0ib. Wils. p. 91. AshTAKA.
syal^t_(r5u)/i, s. The eight kinds
of cyioij. (p.") See tfojiaia.
^gyo^zSrf?, s. The eight sacred
mountains. See Si.
(gp/Dti, s. The eight im
perfections of creatures. See <gppj>.
.gya^igsarLDu), s. Eight different
kinds of disease occasioned by obstruc
tions. See oMTioiD.
3ya!t_G!)s, s. The eighth
jjCi-iS. 2. One of the twenty- one Bacrificial rites, ^(su^Qfitsw^^^'^si.
The eight regions or cardinal points,
trC<3j}aD&. See QaBesatb.
The eight super-human powers, r4ri
Sy si^ i_ & U W ^Q^l_LD/E/<SOli, s.
The eight auspicious objects, to meet
which is thought a favorable omen.
See tsBwia.
^ !,(_ pijSn- su irpth, s. One of the
eighty disorders from flatulency, com
bining eight bad symptoms.
5ya(_tf6Bni>, s. The eight spe
cial advantages ; viz. 1. (yuii, beauty.
2. rmupg, acquisitions. 3. S,*bi>, skill.
4. JQisii, wit, ingenuity. 5.
good disposition. 6. parti, gold. 7. *j
<3uio, good caste. 8. mtigt age.
^jeL?.iprteBrufiil.es)&, s. The eight
symptoms of disease. See lAl>*.
^ieZf.Ll&8uju>, s. The eight ele
phants of the cardinal points, mL<3fiB<*>#
jr3K7. See Sssvtb.
^ei^i^d(^uurrei)sir, s. The re
gents of the eight cardinal points,
<9-flBjuurA>x/. See &*<gLjure>is}.
The eight serpents, c-.-s a
^/ eif. u. u ispenrih, s. One of the
eight forms of puja. 2. Binding the
cardinal points by incantations, &c.
See $>*<3**.<S>.

c9/&f.t-. u linear
inf. To
put a mixture of wax, resin, vermi
lion, frankincense, butter, &c, in the
niche around a stone idol.
^a^iCuffsii, s. The eight spe
cies of enjoyment. See Sur*i.
.gys^i-.L/Lflffuj/rsawii, s. The eight
laws of evidence. See tSwarii.
.oya^tioeisrtc, s. The eight kinds
of marriage. See
s. Saturn situated in the eighth sign
from that of one's birth, when his in
fluence is deemed the most malignant,
cgi/eif,tiAtriipth, s. The eight kinds
of disease in children. See tor&ptb.
^ai^,i_a5, s. The eighth day of
the moon, cither waxing or waning, ml.
_.*).>. 2. The eighth of any series or
number, c<C-\tw&.
j>) o!^ i QP irpp to , s. The eight
forms assumed by Siva, spiritual and
natural, regarded as his bodies.
<g>j<si.t(*pfr$, s. Siva, Qaissr.
See the preceding.
^jdf,L- Qpeoth, s. The eight medi
cinal roots. See sp*
ijuA6, s. The eight sensations of the
body. See Qtoiuuufotb.
sli_ Qiuits ih^e^iiriiisQiurr
xih, s. The eight things to be observed
by a Yogi. See Qursib.
t5ya^.z_eDtl#68Brii, s. The eight at
tributes of God. See mna.
^jSLf.i&)LLiAI, s. The goddess of
fortune, or patroness of wordly things,
traktaiss>&z2evA(gi, viz. 1. fiareniLdftS, pa
troness of riches. 2. piaHiuaiLxjS, pa
troness of grain. 3. >diuuLi,ii, pa
troness of boldness. 4. QjtfjL.<i,
patroness of bravery. 5. t*.6WiLu9,
patroness of science. 6. 8i#S*>iL*iA,
patroness of fame. 7. tStvni^xtS, pa
troness of victory. 8. g)*$iuoiii.*uS,
patroness of kingdoms.
^ieLf.u.Q&>irsuauui}>, s. A medi
cine composed of eight metals : 1.
Qurar, gold. 2. QiA0, silver. 3. Q*iiL/,
copper. 4. Sig&li, iron. 5. 04r*wii,
white copper. 6. #rt, brass. 7.
lead. 8. 0$0n*&% zinc, with different
salts and vegetable juices; the whole
prepared by fire and reduced to powder
to be used in various diseases.
ejyo!^_ai/<5<Esir, s. The eight en
4or, a class of Gpoii or gods. See
^jis^taieimfls^emil), s. The eight
qualities of a good tradesman. See
^ysi!^i_a/(5<sii), s. The eight
things used for medicines : 1. Pr<a,
cumin. 2. ty<s*ii, black cumin. 3.
dry ginger. 4.
pepper. 5.
)uJoS, long pepper. 6. *^ij4, rock
salt. 7. Qugisujiii, assafaetida. 8. g>
uxijimpraib, the omum seed. 2. The
eight astrological divisions of the rising
sign at the time of one's birth.

jya^(_a/(T5(5, s. Impr. for sj&f-1(5**6 in the latter meaning.

jyo!^i_<aS*/rju), s. The eight evil
dispositions of men. See d*irti.
j>/e^L-&j) ffj/, s. The eight percep
tions of the senses. See
egya^iQeu j^ii, s. The eight na
tural defects of the body. See n*stb.
<9/GLi_Qeii/r)r6l, s. The eight kinds
of conquest. See L/^*p&jnr.
<9jeif,L-Qeij/b/8LLrr'!fv, s. The eight
kinds of wreaths with which conquerors
were crowned. See Q/^u>?6u.
^jeL^iiTiEisi}), s. Tiie eight parts
of the body, viz. ; the feet, hands, shoul
ders, forehead, breast.
^ai_ffiE<s/5to6Tii/7,.!7'ii>, s. Worship
with the eight members of the body,
the feet, hands, shoulders, breast and
Gpiasa, i^r/L/,
^>/<sif.u.niaai8eoiiQrriLijSG)i v. noun.
Prostrating on the face, causing the
above eight members to come in con
tact with the ground.
j)/s^,litieisQujitsi}>, s. The eight
qualities and observances of a Yogi.
See Qtuisib.
^leipiiTp&aeisiirih, s. The eighteen
classes of celestials. See oi4.
sya^_/r^^(5S!)srix), . The eighteen
properties of the body, -;ii.ri4,; j 3,v-;,':
ulQarLL. See cjeiaya.
feif,i_rrp&.5(n}LD&rreivfiliTu>, s. The
eighteen books of the Hindu law and
doctrine. See ptswgi *>;
^I^Ln^sfuiTeiai^s. The eighteen
languages of India. See uram_.
^/sif.trrfifLjiriTseaw, s. The eighteeu Puranas. See
g/eitrr0#(tpGi)w, s. The eighteen
kinds of medicinal roots ; viz.
1. QsnittQeueS. Ashrub,Plumbago Zeylanica, L.
2. 6T(5(5. A shrub, Asclepias
gigantea, L.
3. Q$n&&. A medicinal tree,
Vitex Negundo, L.
4. (tp q$i ems . The Moringa
tree, Ilyperanthera Moringa, L.
5. LDireSeodnsBis. A tree, Cratasva Tapia, L.
6. &[hsKi(3jui3. A shrub, Volkameria inermis, L.
7. pogpireaifi. A tree, Clerodendrum Phlomidis, X.
8. (5^9^. A shrub, Gmelina Asiatica, L.
9. urrglifl. A tree, Bignonia Chelonoides, Z.
10. eSeoeuiii. A sacred tree, Crata;va religiosa, L.
11. a earl laa^^ifl. A medici
nal plant, Solanum Jacquini, L.
12. sfSQpareffl. A thorny plant,
Solanum Indicum, L.

13. Q/r>Q^LDei)eSI. The wild jas
s. [/jro. impt. for ^ssijf?, @Qpeir, rnQpeisr, Qeu&sr, sjesS
mine, Jasminum augustifolium, L.
S^-ffi-jfcu'iJ.] Mirth, festivity, show, pomp,
u, v. a. To put on jewels, garlands,
clothes, &C, y,Kr. 2. To adorn with or
magnificence, Qt-ibunb.
14. QurrinpeOetS. A spreading
naments, beautify, embellish, garnish,
^jyaajr/E/QSj, s. An inferior deity, a
jasmine, Jasminum undulatum, L.
*ti*s. 3. To put on, wear, cSts.
divinity not supreme, Qpimu. 2. A fe
15. Qeuir iQsniiiLf. Green gin
<9{ 65sff <s a) ii enefla &i e&r) s. An
male deity, goddess, a female inhabitant
ger, Amomum Zingiber, L.
ornament, dress, jewels; ui4.
of Svarga, QpiimiuQuei*. 3. Women in
16. &smes>$. A plant, Oivmum
general, Quo**ar. 4. lleauty, jjip. 5.
eizfl a &) & Q& u li , s. A jewel
IJasilicum, L.
Desire, 4(00*. 6. l'ain, affliction, suffer
17. snjB^sn-. Tliree lobed night
ing, cfAj<. 7. Disease, Cwu. 8. Killing,
.Sy essfl/^szD/r, s. Preface, introduc
Q*t!w. 9. Fear, jf#ii. 10. A species of
shade, Solanum trilobatum, L.
tion, uffeSrii as u!*?*7r>r, which see.
18. wsir(gp(fl. Country sarsapaQupptb fadRB0m4)<2*>tj. (> ! excellent
rilla, Periploca Indica, L.
man adorned by virtue. KUis 141.
Dance to Skanda, Siui_Ai.
^idf.tir^QfrruLjn'iTeiinru), s. The
S/essriiisaL^, inf. To be possessed ^jif exifliEtl,, s. A palankeen, litter,
eighteen treatises on history and my
fiSo. (p.)
by a spirit so as to utter oracles, attended
thology; [e.r cSf-'i-iffia-n-u-LfSBatrib.] VIZ.
with various gestures and actions, *arasr?ii>. ^633/9^53)5=, S. The /F/TtC61)6li?6B)<S
I. tuaarib. 2. Lleuifl. 3.
4. #r^i
plant, Justicia,
S/GssriasiTLL, v. noun. Possession
(giarsih. 5. fftihumiib. 6. QtuflfSriotb. 7. Q*cj
ffii. 8. ^(jwf^. 9.
10. KisGiiiBib.
with its accompanying gestures, Q"iS =sy 633/9 xh}So, s. [prop. impr. /or 5y
11. frj?utA. 12.i uttfttb. l.'l. utitsotib.
i^qBAi.] A tree, g<ioni.
1 4. (^C3flO. 15'Ur/jlj. 1 6 . lOf*BTf(0. 17. ^gy JDr/E/(2), QQpeiir, s/essriaQQesresr, cjy 63sf!i5) (SM) , s. [jiroc. and foreign.'] A
/*jLli_2wiiA. 18. f(jewiA.
kind of tree, bullock's heart or custard
(for, ^JyttdBJ*, V. a. To kill, Csrw.'j, 2.
^eLf.tireu^irenrih^s. The art of at
apple, 9$fit.
To desire, rfcjiiu. 3. To fear, jf&r. 4.
tending to eight things or studies atonce,
tf. n. To suffer, be in distress, cs*j. (pO ^ssafl/i^/i, s. The scat or pial
near the entrance of a pagoda, 5ijij
^ysMT/i^aysior/r?, s. The palate or
gjGL^L-iTGupneisft, s. One who is
roof of the mouth, GwAinii. (p.)
skilled in the above art.
^sysnrso, s. The lower part of the * essfl lot, s. The faculty of re
ducing one's self, or any thing else, to the
cgyo!^6mi_#<5Fa///?iiJii), s. Essentials
mouth, Sijinii. 2. Throat, windpipe, i<-s>.
size of an atom, one of the eight ^aP,
for prosperity, or eight kinds of wealth,
which see, jyait-fi/j^WQ*^ ; ex Jt,
atom. Wils. p. 15. Animan. (/>.)
^jLLtLhurrifliiB, inf. [prop.] To
essr ei] , SQpebr, s/ east eS Q ear esr, ^gtjas&Qpdso, s. The y<F653/7 creeper,
enlarge in bulk as a tree, u<y**. 2. To
t>. n. To approximate, come
pass side by side, walk abreast, u*g/*
Cucurbita, L.
close to, C*r. 2. To unite, join, coalesce, =jys3af?s3)LD, s. Nearness, proximity,
gQatku ; or j(lLi_<4, side, (o.)
either of time or place, *>luib. (p.)
jy ilisu&or, s. Index, table of
contents, register, iAm*t<g0uLi. (e.)
^655/?^^/, appel. n. That which is
Co/ur, .syp-jpuu, . a. (j<roB. not apjiroved.]
=3y lL t_/r^y ayj t_ ii ^gy /J_ i_/r^7 i^L ,
*. Abuse of power, overbearing -cruelty,
^j&sSiULo, s. The prow or head of
<5y(g3)ijL/, u. noun. Cheating, de
atrocity, insubordination, jyu^an-^firii.
a vessel, suueSssQppuitsib. 2. (fig.) Means,
ception, .' :
readiness, tools, &c., wfoth. (c.)
*jy(J-/_/reoto,s. An upper room, or *j>jss3?l, s. Boundary, limit, Mta. ^ay essfl iu ffO , s. Garland or necklace,
pavilion on the flat roofof an Indian house,
Wils. p. 15. Am.
ariu. 2. The optative mood of jfw*, fi/j
Cukowi_i4. (p.) Wils. p. 15. Attuala. ^sysicfl, *. Ornament, adorning, de
GsieixQPtSl, Put not on. (j>.)
^jlLl^itSso^gy i-Li_/refrrr, s. [prop.]
One of the eight
coration, jycus7fij, 2. Jewels, ^sgL/rswifl. 3. ,-gy essfl sti63T, s.
A kind of roofed seat or stage in a garden,
svaisa Or demigods, jj(aja_/*crfIQjrcyicff-.
Beauty, jyip. 4. A rhetorical embellish
field, sheep-fold, &c. in which a person
ment, a figure of speech. g)to*Ju*sniii. ^ essflsc, s. A squirrel, ^6asRji)LSar'2etr.
may watch, sripuie&r. 2. An upper room,
5. lihetoric, ^ssSiSm*saaj}iii. 6. Order,
Qxesriart-ib . (c.)
regularity, gopi. 7. Row, rank or file of
^1essfl&)e>/irlijjebr, s. [prop.] A kind
an army, OjlxAior. 8. A main body or
j)j LLiird&tTLnrih, s. A tree, Ficus
of streaked water-melon, ><aie<QauSrs?/).
division of an army, ui>i_/@l/u. 9. A
Acetosa, Abft.
2. A species of streaked jack fruit,
garland, wreath or string of flowers, wi^u.
jy zJ_i^-, s. ( TeZ.) Hinderance, impe
eienauuweuuipib. 3. A striped kind of
10. Greatness, Oucjooio. 1 1. Goodness, tar
silk, pruai>*uL/LLQ. 4. A cow with a
bod. 12. Instruments, tools, utensils, im
diment, procrastination, delay, ^-, (ug.
grey stripe on its back, girfpiiu*.
jfn-.) 2. Licorice, jySlioi!Jrii,(^r.) 3. Red
plements, Asra-M>. 13. Materials, ,-sr.Sandal wood, Qs&sijsezus.
See ugwii.
i-ii. 14. Stores, tiburiin.
^1essfleoeuiTppTBesT, s. [prop.] A kind
c5yLlip.Q,Fira>a>, in/, [used wn// <ne
of white millet with ears, supposed to
jy 653/9 up0, inf. To arrange,
dative,'] To put off, postpone, prolong,
resemble the tail of the squirrel, s>'
regulate, set in order, in rows, in array.
procrastinate, speak in disapprobation

of, ^n.QAai.
c^yg?J, s. An atom, a minute or
troops, set in array.
<g>j Ciy-ssi a, s. [pit/.] A necklace
elementary particle of matter, jot>idu
^gssflsugjuL/, s. Battle array, u
worn close to the neck, ^oiia>4srf.
er/B. 2. Smallness, subtleness, fijiaoio.
Wils. p. 15. Anu. 3. Soul, spirit, ^enor.
cjy LLuf-SMA, s. Sison, or Bishop's
weed, gmai.
s. Ornamental string
jygjy<!F68)<Fffl/ii>, s. One of the six
teen varieties of the Siva religion, u$
of jewels, necklace.
^gyLl/^-ffi), s. A kitchen, LoesiL-uueir
ex jyO, imper. cook, (p.)
j^essfleSrreo, s. The ring finger,
cSy^/gjutii, s. The minuteness or
QQpehr, sf-^-^-QesTesr, Ga/ssr,
form of an atom.
jfiii-, . o. To pour out,
C?tjj653/?, s. Main body, or cen
SjSSSMWji^iS- Soul, spirit, sjesrwiT.
tre of an army.
2. The Deity,
(<gr. 20.)
^)/lL'S3)1, s. A leech, also several
iSebremesS^ s. Hear, or rear-guard. ^/^Sg^O* QQpesT, 5y,gra2/C> 63r6ar,
kinds of small reptiles as centipedes, &c.
QpesresTeesH, s. The van, or ad
gimi$amrsup$Qvii^T&. (c.) 2. [Madr.]
Quor, jya*, v. n. To draw near, ap
The sole of a shoe, Qs&uJary..
vance guard.
proach, Si^i

^/e&yaeo, v. noun. Drawing near,

approaching. &ti?<M. 2. The optative of
>sys> <8ui!QaisaiQppgi, Approach not.
^sjg/aeu/f, s. Enemies, uGmsejn.
^S/ckor, s. An artificial bank, dam
or ridge for retaining water in fields,
airing. 2. An embankment, causeway, (as
Adam's bridge, so called,) jf!r**tlS). 3.
A biink of a tank, river, sea shore, &c,
*smruQLjr. 4. Pillow, cushion, mattress,
Oarjau^. 5. (c) A support, prop, buttress ;
anything to recline or lean on, gpC. 6.
Protection, help, assistance, accessoriness
to a crime, &c. k-^ssS. 7. Accompaniment,
attendance, adjunct, /elm*. 8. A yoke of
oxen with a prefix of number; as, g>rW,
one yoie of oxen, *tJot, two yokes of
oxen, &o/!ct, three yokes of oxen.
Qtuirsfdii(^(Tp^GasijiesaGuriGieAr'^i. Pcfore the flood comes and the water rise,
we must cast up the dam.
^SesBr^ffil, s. An anicut.
^I'SessrQ&irdo, s. A word spoken to
assist another, a prompting, gtm*Qn
2. An expletive, j)=i>*#0*r<.
Sj^sssriu treats, s. A clout or strip of
cloth put under an infant, cteep&B&i.
2. [/<*/.] Cloth tied over the navel of
an infant, Q^ru4%r*ff!e>j.
u@^3s3sir, s. The five kinds of
beds, or mattresses.
^?6ouj3s3sr, s. A pillow.
Lysxiso&Bsr. A layer of grass,
yajffasr, s. A bed of flowers.
Qpesrear'Bssar, s. A crib, a manger.
2. The court before a house, the hall,
jytfeor, CVjeir, liQ^sor, Co/sor, 10,
v. n. To become joined, to unite with,
come or be in contact with. Gsr. 2. To
lean against, (as children against their pa
rents) resort or have recourse to a person
or thing, m. 3. To copulate, lyewr. (p.)
4. (c.) To be quenched, extinguished,
fiesfi&i. 5. [ill grammar.'] To accrue, be
derived from,
is*, a child obtained by penance.
5*!rar*jjj. The lamp is extinguished.
eSfizsrujiTetiBassriLjiiQuiLiiT, a. Inflec
tions of verbs declined like nouns, as
B^arsSr, he walked, or he who walked;
*(__*j53sr, him who walked; n-^f^w,
by him who walked, &c.
jy3=OTrai/, s. Help, support, pro
tection, safeguard, as a cover to a book,
a thing joined, annexed, &c.
j>j &3ST, dSQ/nsir^Q^m, uQueisr, ds,
v. a. To embrace, hold, clasp in the arms,
adhere to, popi. 2. To join, bring or put
toas earth to a tree, the calf to the cow,
&c, jjViu#0*iiu. 3. To get or win over
persons to one's side or party, to influence,
G**&*Q*ii*e*. 4. To brood over, gather,
Qf>Q*3<f*Geiis. 5. To quench, extinguish,
.***. (<)
icr4**u,n*",'S!'A"*. He put earth
round the tree.
*4&<5*>ij0*&3tia'tcfifri$r. He won over
his enemy.
gy 3ss>r suSgv, s. The cord with
which a calf is tied to the cow's fore
foot, when she is to be milked.
jy(5SsKir^j, v. part. Closely em

ujn'ZssTUj'ZEissrpfSl, s. The pillar or

post to which they tie elephants.
Sj 2sssr e es> as) Sott <ip eos/ 3sror
v. noun. Embracing, an embrace.

lygwrresBrL-ih, s. Microcosm, or
the little orld. 2. Capaciousness.
hrL_& id, s. Animals produced
from eggs or spawn, oviparous animals,
Opi^o^iSpiSpOuar, viz. ]. All kinds of liz
ards from the newt to the alligator, unil,
g!^tr, ^rSBWa-jStvTajKr. 2. The turtle, cgiroiu.
3. Progs, ^nS. 4. Crabs, oArS. 5. Birds,
Ljpfw. 6. Snakes, uBtLt-j. 7. Fishes, tSar.
8. Shell fish and others, @
See Gfifipiii; ex g, what is born. Wils.
p. 15. Akdaja.
^sabrL/r, s. (Tel. m0tj-) A large
copper boiler, Qu<sihur#jsiiiii.
skr instil , . A species of wild
dog, Q**mi. (p.)
^IGSsriij.sti, s [prov.] A worm trou
bling the eyes of cattle and of horses, mS

Gwcjr, ^Ssotj, v. n. [/>ror.] To give way,

step aside, 8*. 2. To take protection
g^caj*. (liott.)
<^y (J(33)<sffi(_D, s. [prop. gy(?(6!p.u>.]
A tree in general, iciuQurg.
^jyanr, s. A leash for dogs, a run
ning knot, Gaid-am^nnSgt&ejsaSg. 2. (ifofr.)
A notch, ^i$_uj'rfjQiiii$.iAj/i>r.
^ siyri ^Gyirmsii, SlQpeisr, ^exjreaaf)
Qesrsnr. ^(BT^sCaw, jyfiwear, v. n. To ap
proach, approximate, he near, Gut. 2. To
cleave to, be attached, join, unite with,
jytaonu. (/).)
^emesafl^^ijessressfl^i., appel. nmi .
That which is near by. (p.)
jysaiir, QQpm, jij ear i$.Qetsr ek,
^HjsssrL a/i, s. The (SjuemuQi&eiif!
G/sir, <#*!_, v. a. To approach, approxi
mate to,
2. To join, unite with, Grr.
plant, Acalypha, L.
3. To resort, or have recourse to, ^er^iu.
^sy snri_ n , s. Pastry, cakes, bread,
4. u. n. To be bruised, injured or hurt by
juutv(5*su}. (/).)
pressure, or contact, jyap*^.
J)j S33r Z_ iEJ & IT & LD J>j shr l_ IBISITS
^SJr^^jasri^eSsufifsmaujitaiTi-rgi, If free
*, *. A raven, a crow entirely black,
from desire (if it approach thee not) thou
having no ash-colored ring round its neck
wilt be free from sorrow.
like the common crow, $i*r*ms, Corvers
<$eiterujasai$-ui5ai>tpAa. To live by one's
Corone, L. (c.)
*^gy SOTtii, s. An egg, (JolLsbii.
^jesBneoir^s. Foes, enemies, uosss
2. Testicle, iSeib. Wils. p. 15. Anna.
3. The solar system, _s\j*i4. 4. An imag
S\ esa I 6\) SI swr (San s si essr
inary shell surrounding the earth and
fii>, v. noun. Approaching, resorting to.
its accompany ing sphere, ,-ym_<?**s*ii. 5.
The sky, the visible heavens, ir@;eii. G.
Knr3j>z_, s. Nearness, vicinity, side,
Ether, one of the five elements. See ty.
eituih. 2. A thing attached, annexed, &c,
^jessr L-St its ld ^jemiQanmih^
as a piece to stop a hole, a patch, gd.(S.
(c.) 3. [prov.'] A support, q^Q. 4. The
i. The shell supposed to surround the
raised side of a field,
; as jjcwui_
earth and its attendant spheres.
Q;lLi_<n, marking a boundary.
Sje^anQsnsw^s. The egg-shaped
jy5roDi_ ^u&usefgCiGuaS'Tg, Speak
universe. opC-mi
or ^jasrttb. 2. An
ing with one in secret ; (hf.) Speaking
astronomical treatise,
with near neighbors.
^y6OTz_#ai/(f, s. Wall or shell of
the mundane egg, .syafri^i-fAfanat.
onyii. disgrace will happen to the king
who has not a competent person near him.
^]6stsriu@'a essri ih^jeminemi
("<s. 7.)
u&saaii, s. This world and the worlds
intajajitfip ireuGJbi_fiyii/yy. There are
beyond the mundane sphere; ex u^9
ways to death in every direction ; (/it)
u<v9ou, outside.
on four sides ; ex ufir, outside, (mg. 31.)
^iemiLSemiis>, s. The universe
SI essrem iQurri , inf. To patch,
and the body; the latter is said to con
to clout.
tain in embryo, or miniature, every
^syaBranjtu/f, . Neighbors.
thing found in the former.
jye3iri_^)&flwPVSLSejlrl_,sjj!& ccsy. What
^6sjrs5)t_aff, s. A neighboring
is in the world is also in the human
Slis^essreiB'i That side.
^jossn-QpsQ, s. The highest part
@/j^6Kjrsi_ , s. This side.
or top of the imaginary shell that sur
rounds the solar system.
erekesresBretni, s. My side.
^iOTi_(?j/rsirf7, s. The sun, @/fl
033rs33r<Bsir, s. [pi-or.]
jot; ex Gutafl, the place of birth.
^jeiin-.irestiriw, s. The world of
test) tip,r sir, s.
the gods ; ex jyofci-i, gods.
a cord is
gy6rari_/f, s. The celestials or in
fastened round the neck, and the head
habitants of the supernal world, the
tied close to the great toe, while the
gods, //<?. 2. Foes, opponents, ene
hands are kept behind, <s*p<S<g*
mies, us*/r. 3. Herdsmen, cowherds,
yLl^caiJ'jj ; ex ^ansf>, cf
shepherds, g)<i_iuf. (p.)
jy ws337"ti,s. Palate, the upjier part
^/eesrieuiTesiriT, s. The gods, ce
of the mouth, <Jio*i;<i/. 2. The uvula or
small rounded process which hangs from
e&sr i_ eu np tosi essri eu (ruy, s.
the soft palate at the posterior part of the
mOUtll, C-CKrgj.
Rupture, scrotal hernia, piGnii.

^1 saSr 33tt jo, s. Greatness, dignity,

^l$LLu/-uunfts&, inf. To sound <j,:T>ir, s. Way, path, euL$. 2. A
way made by beasts in jungles. Sec, Tuij
exaltation, loftiness. Qu^a>n>. 2. A supe
one's mind by menacing.
QjAi/yS. 3. Fine Sand, ^vsriaesiAi. 4.
rior, a great man, Qucijraci/>fip*C,srfSr. 3.
Making a noise
An eliler brother, ^miar. 4. The god of
Dust, Liaffl. 5. A kind of wattle or ex
lie drove away the beast.
the Jainas, ^cr*. .">. (iod of the Budcrescence, sometimes hanging under the
neck of goats and sheep; a dew-lap, ^lL
hists, nJifiA. G. A king,
7. A
ruler in a jungle district, (pAiiurfaiAs&uaidr.
it-AsQspfrsxp! . (/>.) 6. [/w.] A lengthened
^i/&lL, v. noun. Rebuke, reproof,
excavation, for a hedge or foundation,
refutation, rant, hector, xl.j>&@.
^ sssrsmsir, s. Elder brother, pus ^ TjLJl'iiU US, S. [prop. <g>j&Ul9liJUS.~\
jij&nQarTetTo)^jfifrQssn&r^ v. noun.
Obscenity, low abuse, filthy talk, ra>ut*
Highway robbery, *t$uufipfi&i.
sot sssfl, s. Wife of an elder
^^liu/Slds^j^nQesjiLL-^ inf. To
^puiSlu-iusQuffi, inf. To express
dig a ditch, moat, trench.
s. Uvula, ^gySOT-ig^*^one*s self indecently, or vulgarly.
2. Vocative of jyejrtusrdr.
* ^/fZLtiLD, s. Inferiority, lowness, s *j>l s,t3u srsr us^ay^s.fsi/ii, s. The
fourth Veda, *rrii(?<0u>. Wils. p. 19.
jjiir toW), a(?2)3r, /sCo^sot, uQuasr,
ei_A5rij. 2. Vileness, baseness, G. Wils.
p. 21. Ad'hama.
*, r. n. {used in the past tense and in the
imperative.) To look upward, CiaS**.
js/pusprretsrus, s. Giving for the ^j/rjes) Q9)s9> ecus, s. [ml.] Tumult,
bustle, *<yio.
2. To open the mouth looking upward,
sake of praise, or through fear, partiali
sy^f 60 (jj^fgo us u cot 65ST, inf. To
ty, &c, which is of the lowest merit, as
make a tumult, put into confusion, or
^ snr
siiSljp], s. [inyjr. for ^etarr
^/^usulL&us, s. The lowest kind jy^sv'ii)jy/necQevir&us,
A girdle, (not in good use.)
s. The
or class, lowest degree.
S. The UVula, e_6OT
first of the abysses or seven nether worlds,
^ipusesr, s. A mean, vile, aban
(^*. (c.)
SQ-fiafV^A'^f- Wils. p. 15. Atala.
doned man.
^ 3337,(533) LOSS!) , S. As ^(^(gra^eOU),
^y(-7jsi/tijsj^sij, s. The fig tree,
^gjtSusrriKiaus, s. The foot, srreo.
the name of a mountain,
.syASWJi, Fieus, L.
^tipusnpusasr, s. The vilest of the jsjJisQiUs, s. Impr. for ,gjj@eSi
^y 333r (33) afl, s. [prou.] A teacher,
vile, most worthless, the most aban
mi, which see.
jy 3337 Q 3337 ifl ^ 3= IT S3T S337 , S.
^^Bip,s. A petal, Lj,e8?i. (p.)
[illlpr. for ^aTQpAafirssr^GfaQ.] A little *^j^Lh, s. Lowness, a low place, ^//nerfl, s. Noise, confusion, ^Loerfl.
downward course, 0'ifi. 2. Low land, hole,
shrub which can be used as fuel as soon
hollow, &c, uAsri. 3. The lower worlds,
as cut down, pi^e/n.
jij^etfluesareimr^ inf. To hurry, put
urjsfsrii. Wils. p. 21. Au'iias. 4. Destruc
3337 rip, C^sar,
estsr u Q ear eisr,
tion, destroying, sissmh. Wils. p. 968.
into a bustle, raise a tumult.
<?isr, jftoiru), . n. To approach, be near,
s. A plant with bitter fruit,
e^. (/>.)
&l0iLn&,inf. To perish, die, <g>jy9cu.
which is eaten when boiled, iBmuJi*,
gjaxi&uQet. The chariot which is coming
Cucumis tuberosus, L. 2. A large pot, g,i
on close. (In xckpu.)
^/^usrrds^^ususssrsmr^ inf. To
Qutgiiuifigitw. 3. A ball made of the pulp
^as?utr. They approached.
destroy, kill,
of tamarind fruit, 4*iu/jSt. 4. A hut for
<jy 3337S3)tD, s. Nearness, that which ^Ir&th,s. The fig tree. See iy^.
the shelter of those who watch the liaris near, Jui. (p.)
vest, aijj9jQ*if$iSpsil.GlK}Sir*ipfgi9-eB>*.
<gias&giy sym. v. That which is ^gsj^usuus. One of the thirty-two
jy^Ssrra^/Dso, s. Preserves made
of the jpte fruit.
extras)us #&l-Q, s. [in gram.] The
ih l Qeisr ear, ^spjjgsrr, s. Skin, cuticle, Q^rreo. (p.)
demonstrative which refers to a person, *$>j us Lj, QQpeist,
OasSr, jjjsmu, v. o. To rebuke, upbraid, <J>jjZJ)J, QQpek, rgqpplQasTeBr, Qev6aj ,
place or thing near, opposed to (?*jsu)#
Jdiii-. (e.)
Jlffi, v. n. [prov.] To be confused, put
out of order, upp.
jy^iEi^-, s. [proo.] Menace, threat, *J>//SiTiD, s. The under lip, &Qp
^O. 2. The lips, -^Q. 3. {St.) Pudendum <3)jcSS3rui, s. [ml. prop, jsjpsgu.'] Ex
persisting in a claim, unreasonable hector,
muliebre, QucArigfi. Wils. p. 21. Ad'haea.
(Not a classical word.)
cess, tip.
^ayjj^i-o, s. A medicine, medica
Sipxunesnii, [in erotics.] Moisture
tgipearuu/bgii, s. Much, too much.
ment, mcy*^. (&&I cuf_ii.) (^).) 2. The Qu(5
imbibed from another's lips iu em
^fiesruLSirffisjQ, s. One who talks
ujg-*^ creeper, Aristolochia, L.
in a forward, impudent manner.
,_*y r<2) <$ Q , @Qpsk, ^/sdQQesr^r^ *=gyi!s/fl^:s37ii, s. [prio. ^.] Invisibil
jsipaiTUL^tj., s. What is over and
ii. a. To grind or rub in the
ity, imperceptibility, sraeruu<ram. Wils.
above the settled or usual quantity.
2. To soften fruit, press soft
p. 20. Adarsiiana. 2. Blindness, <yQ.
*jy jj,gy, s. Largeness, greatness, u9
3. To turn in the mouth as
^lpifl&6STeBr^^/fl, s. The un
betel, <g/suu. (c.)
<5)9. 2. Excess, tip. Wils. p. 15. Atasu.
seen god, *i_|<ar. 2. A blind person,
^jy sjj!__ii>, s. Precipice, QstEi^igp.
*j)jl&!ri3(TT). s. [priv. ^/.] A miser,
Wils. p. 15. Atata.
one who is extremely parsimonious, a - j .
^cS/fl^S^rssr, s. [priu.
ji/^ lLius, s. The poisonous breath
AVils. p. 20. Adatri.
of snakes, ^r^iSiut/. 2. The fang of a
A particle used as a prefix
serpent, ***uu&i. (p.)
to words from Sanscrit to increase their
meaning, iiS<g)ijQui<y&iAfL.icDi_Qr
jy /s lL , QQpesr, ^ipLLuj-Qetsreisr,
wii, s.\priv.
Injustice, wickedness, ut
Wils. p. 15. Ati.
Omar, jf4LLi_, b. o. To rebuke authorita
tively and vehemently, *csrijLA. 2. To
jsfjslaGnp, s. A speech or ex
make a sudden or vehement noise to
pression which has no sense, a non
j4i(r!jwnfi$El&niuLD, s. A body as
frighten beasts, &c, n.iu. 3. To rant,
sensical speech, Q;^b>i.
sumed by the soul after death, to un
hector, bluster, upbraid, &c, in order to
j>I Gil a n&uS) s. Violent or loud
awe, or silence, u-&ttx. 4. (Jo.) To at
dergo suffering for sin in the inferior
laughter, horse laugh, G)u<3n>. Wils. p.
regions, isip^sfaib ; ex fefifi, sin, et *'
tempt to refute one by sophistry and
18. Atihasa.
blustering, jyiotLi-.
tsib, body.

ireo w $ & trleo, s. The

early part of the morning.
^l^lfisjssSfiuo^ s. The summation
of a series in geometrical progression
whose first term is one, and ratio two.
^fSlfnsQgsmp, s. Great circum
#jH&d@ii<}>, s. Great speed, uCg
d g u> ti> $ 135 lL to ii> , s.
The state of being very minute, sub
tile, iSg^air&xa. See tgAfjtfiA.
^ijdp&inh, s. Great haste.
J>/)7 iluii, . Criticalness, dis
crimination, niceness, subtleness,
jy^uajj), . Great fear.
jy^u/rfiii, *. Heinousness, sin,
the worst of tlie great sins. VVils. p. 17.
u/rjii), s. A mule, Q&nQsugi
ttfsoa. Wils. p. 17. AriB'llABAGA.
uJTinii, s.
A very heavy or
great weight. Wils. p. 17. Atiu'hara.
w^nriisyS. Licorice, (the plant
or root) g,irr*<g, Glycyrrhiza glabra, L.
2. Excessive sweetness, iStSaBa>u.
<$/$(tpijd<su). s. Rage, violent
anger, vehement fury.
^j^Qpiidaissr^s. A rageful, violent
jy^(?to its u>, s. Lasciviousness,
^^iLjeLf.essnl), s. Excessive heat.
cgjfiSj.ffiJ>, s. A species of sweet
cake, siustoacRsriib, 2. A kind ofdrink,
<S/$QrnTsu>, s. Complicated dis
ease, iS&Jart. 2. Consumption,
Wils. p. 17. Atikoga.
jffieS (5(uii, s. Excessive obei
sance, affected humility, fawning, hyp
ocritical flattery, wifrwrtw*.
^I$s8iunu$s> , s. Redundancy of
matter, as one of the three faults of
composition, ies>aui-*x^p6j, See Gpr^A.
Wils. p. 17. Ativtaptl
jy^aSjTja^.^, s. Heavy rain, sear
>. Wils. p. 17. Ativhishti.
g>$sl<3s>jeir'2eir&@iiginn}>, s. The
sublimate of mercury, *fni.
^1 jsiQ a; a to, s. Great velocity,
A Sanscrit prefix, implying
superiority, in place, quality or quantity,
_u*,'!iQu<j3*--LLBK:ii_C>*fA>. Wils. p. 22.
^f^s^LD, s. That which is out
of reach, past, Qe*pg; ex
Wils. p. 22. Ad'higata.
^^sjessrui, s. Supremacy, supe
riority. Wils. p. 22. Ad'iiikarana.
gffgltges&eisr, s. The deity, he who
is possessed of all attributes, or according
to Hinduism, he who is above all attri
butes, who is without attributes,

ji/lgjrjseBr, s. A chief ambassador

nr>;njj?;, s. A plant, plumbago,
a chief messenger. See wrGwrsavib-*,
c9/H\p06iJt3!>0, s. A specific or tu '^Q&irispiii, s. (St.) A precious
telary deity, as Saraswati presiding over
2. Great beauty, uSgo/yg.
the arts, &c. Wils. p. 22. Ad'uiokvata. jy^jjusir,
s. One of the sons of
egy^^ii, s. The first of the four
liavana, gfrp/wrU)A*.^0vjr(5;r.
kinds of royal chariots used iu war.
*^ijQsir TLn, s. Power, authority,
rule, dominion, prerogative, ^>. 2.
^^lapasr, s. A warrior of a par
Chapter, section, jrg*puLi. Wils. p. 22.
ticular class fighting in a car, one who
Ad'hikara. 3. Ownership, jsk^ni. (In
protects his chariot and army and deunld.) 4. Predominancy, excess, ^<d*tiuu.
troys his enemy, cpofflQ^nr^r. Wils. p
5. One of the fourteen subdivisions of
17. An hatha. Also see Wils. p. 23.
which see. 6. {St.) Order, regula
Au'm hatha.
rity, $Qfii(g. 7. Fitness, competency,
^js^uto, s. A superior form
worthiness, eligibility, fi<s9>. 8. Disposi
fine features, excellence of figure.
tion, nature, ueiru ; ex
el m&.
^^eurrft},, s. The day before a
To extend
feast, preparation day. 2. A religious
authority. 2. To take effect.
ceremony, with perfumes and other in
S\ $ n app^GO m 6sr , s. A chief,
gredients to purify a house, person, &c.
3. Great perfume.
Si^Qsn^ssn'o.^ s. Marrying again
&rnjuLfpenTes)L^, s. Explana
while the former wife is living, w}fri3tS(j*
tory notes on a chapter in a literarywork.
art*. Wils. p. 23. Ad'hivedana.
^.SsnTTQ/aD/r, s. One of the four
*jy s' Jtti, s. An elephant, lun'bssr.
teen subdivisions of tS^fiyair.
^^Sasxirtii, s. The sixth of the
.glfslxiTxasrji/^lsirrfl, s. Super
intendent, director, ruler, master, one
twenty-seven yogas of the lunar path.
in authority, a superior, Qu&itStriZimt
(See Quisib.) Wils. p. 16. Atigaxda. 2.
The pains of death, wrgjease*.
'srnfl^/^larnflaeir, s. [in gram
=2y ^ is ir rfltjytgl&ptftB), s. An
mar.'] One of the eleven subjects treat
acrid plant See Q*ffit;/evS.
ed of in the introduction of a book, *p
*^^1/Kih, s. Much, il(l. 2.
Cuffdr. (See uesSriit.) 2. [in philosophy,
Abundance, plenty, OuaSv. Wils. p. 22.
literature, frc."] The persons, for whom
Ad'hika. 3. Pre-eminence, C?uKSrio. 4.
a work is written, as it regards compe
(p.) Gain, profit, @euruii. 5. Name of a
tency, eligibility, worthiness, &c., as the
tree, tj**^#. 6. Army, usi_.
^rarjuAi for such as act up to the pre
scribed rules. The persons are three,
^y^L/ui_, inf. To exceed, sur
u^plsreiry.. Qrarsge&if., who
pass, excel, be above mediocrity, pre
are the principal, and the following
dominate, increase, uS*. See uQ.
eight who are subordinates, *<juf, goo^-,
gy^uui5)ar, inf. To promote,
jUi3ujiGl, ^Sk'tjeJ, ^c^L-or, sSQaiS, t2r0*irt
enhance, aggravate, further, facilitate,
s. A kind of fast
^/jS&uupgij, s. What is taken in *^j3S*(7f)<3:&rih,
16. Atikrichcrua.
s. The Gamtunkp&tsnn
^/tSsut-Sir&iii&ih, s.
Talking yfQ(^LDS!n/_/,
plant, Eclipta, L.
proudly, extravagantly or too much. 2.
Sauciness, sulkiness. 3. Insubordinate cgypsi Q & treo ts>, s. The ^lySI^Q go
tree, Alangium, L.
jy^lsuiSltr&isjS, s. A mischievous *^tQiS!TLuuht s. Transgression,
impiety, iniquity, s*Srioi; ex jyP, et firuni.
Wils. p. 16. Atikrama.
^/^sLDir^iii, s. An intercalated
month, occurring once in six years.
Qutir, *, v. a. To exceed proper bounds
iir, s. A chief personage.
jfsreitgsQjipui-. 2. To transgress, violate,
2. God the Supreme Being.
tip. 3. To neglect, disregard, ^fCsoicjy^ScB ifl , iQQpasr., pQ^sfr, uQueisr,
QffSjuj; er. ,$&&3irnli.
**, v. n. To increase, enlarge, excel, ex
ceed, surpass, <%$isuut-. 2. To be aggra *jtf $! & & n it m p; i9 i , s. [in </tc
Ayama philosophy.] The principle or type
vated, excessive, superior, (in rank, qual
of the male semen, as one of the nine dif
ity, authority, learning, &c.) to prepon
ferent forms or constituent portions of the
derate, predominate,
3. To be
I)city, or one of the higher characters, in
the theme of a section or chapter, Gpt* ; ex
which no form is developed. See isaQufiii,
and <S*ai.
Jijrgiufr*fiiG>f>&. The sickness increases.
^^sifiieaagf<slaifluL], v. noun. =5/ a,
s. [prow.] Acting very
istentatiously, assumingly, &c., through
Increasing, improvement, surpassing,
prosperity, eS-jjutcsrEaiti
^gy^cEso, s. A Jasmin plant. See
s. The Licorice plant,
either the runner or the root. See ^Jajsnh.



jy(Sa=iuti>, s. Astonishment, sur

prise, wonder, admiration, delight, captivation, ^iafuii. 2. An extraordinary oc
currence, any tiling wonderful, strange, mi
raculous, gjpt-ipib. 3. News, information,
4.3jaui. 4. One of the eighteen defects of
the body, ulQnraiir(gppgQ0tt~&. 5. [in
rhetoric,] Hyperbole or exaggerated des
cription, >f*iiistT\h.
c$>l)&tu&Q&neJ, s. A worrl indi
cating wonder, surprise, an exclamation
^>l$5l&uj6El!j&&a:QfiTeo, s. A word
expressing wonder and pity.
^I$&iueisr, s. God of the Jainas,
Jy:5sir. (p.)
jyiS&uSdx, inf. To wonder, be
surprised, delight in, or be enraptured
jytd&QujiTjits!, s. Hyperbole, u9#d
&^<?urrw*wni. Wils. p. 18. AtisiiaYOKTI.
^jy SB ^ t ii , s.
Stispiration, sigh,
* ^3 T ,fl , dQpgj, ppgli d(S)ii>, da,
i>. n. To pass as a planet from one sign
to another, ra^jQ^&w; ex gi$\*inb.
>l$B!&iflpigi'Sijs'ifl&&, inf. To
pass as a planet from a sign and return
to the same, by retrogression.
ttiHssiiu , s. The Q a/ got (5 6sr
fi plant. Wils. p. 18. Atisamya.
ju^^irirsmffLo, s. The wnsSi^iaeiaa
tree, Cratteva, i.
*=S/f titTill, s. Diarrhoea, dysentery,
_i><KrCu.S). Wils. p. 18. Atisaha. >.
The passage of a planet from a sign be
fore the expiration of its proper period,
to which it will return by retrogression,
jyplff nT^ffijeS'uj is 6tt, s. Different
kinds of medicine used for the disease,
viz. : 1. QoiC-uifojzjAed. 2. gi$&iijih.
3. lC-tj&$fl(JUL3. 4. iDLl#OTIf.. 5.
(9. 6. &&a<uQ*$J9$. 7. fS|!yfi/ijiJffi?r. 8.
').:" "'* T 1 0. tOtlhurj^ULf. 11. IulSoS12. Sfib&Q3sfi. 13.
i. e. n/pil.
and ^rutir. 14. ff^^&B'ij. 15. i^ff
OpCrtft^aofi. 16. Qp$p&*t&. 17. <wcfi)eiPllii.
18. **u-l^P
19. fimfii/. 20. <ytJ*f
BuJ^iBT. 21.
22. L/fliu(fl(*/r.
23. /Jtp. 24. QmiigttiQvitjfisih. 25. (*>r
26. *aGei&. 27.
LieflUEiQxsC^aot^QfitAl. 29. Qfftarari^LirScr.
S\$&<isQujl, s. A kind of dys
entery united with fever.
^/tsl&rrrreud&liru), s. The passage
and retrogression of a planet. See j/P*
j>/iQlLi,tQ3:sosQ, s.

See )&$<t

*jy(S?42' jy^tlui, s. Luck

good or bad, (commonly good) fortune,
propitious events happening as the fruit
of actions performed in previous births,
m&fSteruuiJer ; cr
Wils. p. 29.
^gy fislsL^td&nzssrsj^l^iffneS
jy.S)i.[_/nSr, i. A lucky, blessed, fortu
nate man.
^I^Sd^i^eorrr, s. Unlucky per
^j^i-Liil, s. Pepper, LSeir^.

^Safc (_ts3tlojiffs! lLl /rszrnii, s.

Situation, location, Ufa. 2. Prescribed
rule, Oiuuiio. Wils. p. 23. Ad'hishtana.
\$EliLin<sisr<sg!isiG)fi\iuu>, s. The
passive, immoveable essence of the Su
preme Being, the Deity in abstract.
cjy d? a}?. , d G?2> ear, ^Q^dr, uQuair,
is, k. n. To be situated, abide, iMziuul^.
2. To inhabit, possess, ^wSitiuiSss.. 3. To
become inspired with divinity as an image,
^jistioit. (p.)
163, 164, 197, 205.)
8*er*ff.S),i>.*jii,u,ff)<i).iMJs". The god has
inspired the image.
c5 AS f sa 4 evBe*%ti*i,i9-&SLluC-i~-g. TllC
image is inspired by the god.
^^s^^CdsOlLOldld, s. A kind of
phlegmatic disease, g>iQ*ii.
^/(-9/7; , s. Gold, Qurresr. (p.)
0>/3/g.TTii>, s. The @su<5ss>,ff tree,
Zizyphus, X.
**S>/!3/l, s- The daughter of Daksha, mother of the gods, or devas, one
of the thirteen wives of Kasyapa,
LnjJr!raSrw!a!rSd)0ur(ji*p. Wils. p. 20.
Aditi. 2. A guest, t8*0tir. (p.) 3. A
stranger applying for hospitality, or re
ceived as a guest; an unknown, religious
mendicant, ujGaSl. Wils. p. 16. Atithi.
(rKr.) 4. The anniversary of one's death
occurring inauspiciously on a part of two
tithis, so that the ceremonies cannot be
performed, ^Tf^^fiQar&iajf^^). 5. One
of the seven i-S^lf, whose manes are pro
pitiated in funeral ceremonies, *4^ul!^!;<*
S\^^^"^Ti The seventh lunar
constellation, L/irafs.
^A^ysn^, * Hospitality.
^/(sIlj&lS, s. The Qsnetsremp tree,
Cassia. (Jtf. Die.)
*^>j^!u^>, s. King, sovereign, @j/r
2. Lord, master, superior, protector,
jjVjiot ; ex s{9, et up, master. Wils. p.
22. Ad'iiipati.
^^S/U^j^ii), s. The seed of euirgi/
(cjodoi, used medicinally, ir^iro!L;^fi.
*j>jfslushr, s. A lord, master, owner,
assuror. 2. The Supreme Being, tjuQuicsc
<guS<3>pi<Sr. 3. A king, sovereign, g)rr*i ;
ex jy.>, et u, who preserves. Wils. p. 22.
jy^uDSOub, s. A tree. See uj/raJ

g\$i?l#<ssr, s. The Deity, the in

visible being, ii-sj*. 2. A blind m n,
^jflSlQJ) ji^Qir, QQpSlT, ^l/^llTIS
Qaoir, Csutir, jyPr, i'. n. To shake, quake,
as by an earthquake, the fall of a tree, or
the rolling of chariots, sihiSt*. 2 To lie
startled, alarmed as by the sound of a can
non, the report of thieves, the prevalence
of an epidemic, &c, thrill, eE<i. 3. To
resound attended with a shock, as by
thunder, by an earthquake; to sound as a
drum, &c., reverberate, vibrate, roar as
beasts, tinckle as bells or ornaments,
yu9njlsrffi_fflff;5ue>tTBfl<iJ/ffr. A good man,
one who is careful not to give offence.
The loud sounding
yuOuj^ffQ), t?. noun. An earth
quake, trembling of the earth.
<sy^?/f, v. noun. Commotion, shak
ing, trembling, fear,
2. s. Sound,

^l^lnQsuisf.<giJ3nQeut-L, s. The
explosion or report of small cannons,
&c, to excite alarm. 2. [/iruy.] The
cannon itself.
^^/fjfi, v. noun. Quaking, shak
ing, trembling as of the earth by an
earthquake, thunder, or the fall of a tree
&c., s/woi. 2. Resonance, repercussion,
concussion, reverberation, trfiiQrrell. 3.
Agitation, stir,
4. A great noise,
a loud report, an explosion, SuQnsi.
^sy^/TL/L/, v. noun. A shock, con
cussion, &c, attended with noise, fi*0
OiufoSioc*. 2. Clamor, shouting, vocifer
ation, ^jrifii. 3. Tremor, trembling,
mQis'i. 4. Fear, alarm,
"jij^QtsiI, s. Wonderfulness,
2. Pre-eminence, Qwinuidi. (|gr#ioi
loenrii.) Wils. p. 17. AtiHEKA.
j^^t, dQQpesr, pQpeisr, uQudsr,
i, v. n. To thunder, roar as the sea,
(gopp. 2. To shout in order to alarm, to
intimidate, &c., ^msltt*. 3. v. a. To
cause to shake, ^f!n*Q/nu^. 4. To speak,
dictate, Q*ffAw. (In tieawwao^,) 5. To
rebuke, menace, jf/su-"-. (p.)
^itSri/ipeo, v. noun. Reproof. 2.
jy-BlsQiiuil, s. A medicinal root
used for dysentery, as jpfiA
^jSojiTLnih, s. A kind of grass, * ^ppi^i * Exaltedness, pre-emi
nence, that which excels or goes beyond,
tlLi_^. 2. That which is beyond reach,
jyjSlTffO, s. A low jungle of con
exceeding the power of human comprehen
siderable extent, S^j. (/).)
sion, ei-xpg. 3. An attribute of the Deity,
^jtslTT&ll, S. Sulphur, <S/F,ff.U>.
loCJgBjoiff***^?:^*. In an incomprehen
*jij^!TiT^^lTil. One of the twentysible and ineffable manner.
one sacrifices. See urxib.
^I^ulSitwiI, s. The Deity as
*j>I^Itituj il,s. Astonishment, wonbeyond human comprehension.
derfuluess, jffavib.
cgi/$ir, s. The celestials, eunQ^H,
*jijiS it! <Til^:Sifl Siu il, s. [priv.
2. Ascetics, wise men who by their
Invisibility, ajsicc;s>u. Wils. p. 20.
austerities have obtained great emi
Adkish and Adkishya. 2. Deity, *i_a(4r.
nence, ryudlli.
3. The power of becoming invisible,
^$rre>jeh>GB)js, s. The state of the
auruui^rffiiiirasno. 4. One of the sixty-four
soul abstracted from sensible objects by
slejisyartb. 5. Blindness, want of sight,
meditation, insensibility, giftvrflfiib.
privation of vision, g<j.

,jy sups
Propriety, the relation which property
bears to the owner, right of possession,
*-ffg>. (p.) 2. Dependence, 4.
jy^j, pro. That thing, it, the thing
remote from the speaker, j/Agi. 2. A
form of the sixtli or possessive ease sin
gular, ^5<5^Qcyioay(54 ; OS gfatear&VD*,
liis hand.
simG". That very thing.
^spmuupb. Beyond that, further, be
jf/iApts- To each respectively.
cgy^Digsfr, adv. Within that, it,
&c. 2. By the time, in that, within
that time, in the mean time.
^Q^Q^esr^eo. I (you) ask holy
that (is) for, because, wherefore.
* j>j axis, s. [priv. ^y.] State of
being free from grief, gstsiStsrems.
^y^7 cSQ, SQpesr, ^jgi&QQ 6oTear,
v. a. To press, squeeze, &c,
as a boil, a ripe fruit, &c. with the fingers,
compress as in the hand, or in a vessel,
stuff in as cotton, &c. to a small space,
press food, &c. to one side of the mouth,
move it about in the mouth in tasting or
chewing it, j/<y>**. 2. To slap with the
hand, slap beasts to hasten them forward,
(In Scanda and Gift.) (p.)
cgjgiaseo, v. noun. A pressure,
a squeeze. 2. A beating.

^jQssrr. A word used for calling

attention, lo, behold, Gr^^tac. (c.)
*^/Q^iTiKr3, s. Downward course
or tendency, descent, Sip
2. Valley,
low ground, uAsni. 3. Hell. ***ib ; ex
<sy,5ou, below, el
going. Wils. p. 24.
"^jQ^fTLDirstnuj, s. One of the
five kinds of Menu. See uru. (#.)
*^Q^ir(ipsLr>^ s. A down-cast
look, the head inclined downwards. 8tlap*i4.
2. The junction or confluence of a river
with the sea, ^ppitustfoptib ; ex jyjsou, et
opsii. Wils. p. 24. Ad'homukiia.
ji/Q$ n QpQ , s. A plant whose
tlciwir bends downwards; as, f^mi^u.
* ^Q^rrtniLciuih, s. A perpendicu
lar. Qjd^ ; ex jy^sfo, et wibuib, hanging.
Wils. p. 24. Ad'holamba.
* ^g>jQtSTsuiriLj,s. Wind downwards,
jjUvasrmBij ; ex gqfim, et iBij. Wils. p. 24.
=jy^^(?<B/r3-/ii,s. The Qis&ieQ tree.
*jy isiojsia Lh ^jsjajLC} to^1 stop to
jyAsi, . Disappearance, setting, van
ishing, j(s^uPss). 2. Tlie western moun
tain behind which the sun and planets are
supposed to set, ^4*8^. Wils. p. 97.
^^jguLS^sffsir, s. One of the un
seen planets, &C, srikgfiDpGxrarsefiQ&argi.
See <*.
m) as to ear to j>/ ^ u> ssr ih , s.
Setting, disappearing as the sun or other
heavenly bodies, u<3a>s. (Opp. to^suKiOTii.)

lpiDS8Bru.uu), s. The court in a

temple next to the sacred shrine. See
^y^s^j-LD, s. Desire for wealth,
COVetOUSlieSS, Qui^aienr.
^1 Q@ T jfujLO^jirj&Q
iu ii>, .v.
The rising of the sun and moon, in con
junction, at the beginning of which, the
sun is in Capricorn on a Sunday in the
month of January, and the moon in the
22d asterism, and the 17th Qursib; deem
ed a most auspicious moment for religi
ous bathing, alms-giving and other du
ties. These five things do not occur
together oftener than once in sixty
years. An important circumstance is
the half rising of the sun, with which
are connected the four other things
abovementioned, gfSG*i_^A.
^^Q^n-^iueruiBirearw, s. Bathing at
the auspicious period of the ^Cpi/ivd,.
<Jf,S3jLb, s. A way, road, euil.
Wils. p. 25. Adiivax. 2. A difficult way,
si^Qn^. 3. A jungle, *'<3. 4. A gum,
bdellium, &69*tutb. 5. A drug, as @*)A>.
6. A medicinal root, as j(fflSi_jii. 7. A
mirror, o4rCTi?-. (p.)
j)jp)p3iT, s. (Hin.) Attar or otter of
roses. 2. A kind of ointment which is used
as a perfume 1 y females for their lovers,
^/^sseiiiTffULCi, s. All upper garment
falling down loose to the waist behind
and held up by the arms in front, Qurr
a/*S3su. 2. A jungle, *<S. 3. Pleasant
ness, gaiety, foppishness, iLwtuuii. (p.)
^jskasdssr, adj. So many, thus much.
See filer.
jt/tkissir, s. Father, psuuesr. 2.
The supreme Being,
(^i^-e-*-.) 3.
Priest, <5<y. 4. A person of dignity or
eminence, ajuiiQftsSr, 5. Elder, &pQpiar.
6. Siva, Slmidr. 7. The god of the Jainas,
jycr*<ar. (p.) 8. The same as *<S*sj, a
fruit, Terminalia, L. (M. Die.) 9. The
same as Qiirsfuib.
^IPpeareiDLCi. In that manner. See

5f^s6*, v. n. To remove to another place,

cfux. 2. To be forced out or in by pres
sure, as matter in a boil, the pulp in a
melon fruit, &c, to be pressed, stuffed in,
compressed, &c. jjcyiB*. (p.)
* *3>/gi]Gi)LD, s. [priv.
etgieoii, equali
ty.'] Incomparableness, that which is un
equalled, -/soiSdrDm. Wils. p. 1. ATCLA.
v. n. To set, go down as the sun, moon.
Cp.) 2. [prop.] A number, (according to
&c. vanish, disappear, uisopu. 2. To perish,
lieschi) one thousand quintillions, giQre&r.
become extinct, Qi_; ex jt&fmib.
^gieoGsr, s. The supreme Being,
^Isw^uSdeinsjyppL&ui-i, v. noun.
God, the unequalled, i_a/or.
Setting, disappearing, u9a.
'^Sfz&sSlpsiii, [priv. ^i, et gieSpw, *j>/3h)<$ii>j>/a)psu>, g. The hand,
iceighed, equalled.'] Unchangeableness, wr
bm. 2. The thirteenth lunar mansion,
<5m. 2. State of being unequalled, $uJar
$im.<r#$>l<b. (p.) Wils. p. 972. HaSTA.
jpn , s. The distinguished sages,
mo. (p.)
^lpatati>, s. A bracelet, eas
QpaAwi. 2. The gods, Q^if. (p.)
*^)jjgisCe9iULb, s. [priv.
et g/eosSI
equal.'] Incomparableness, $ui3ara>u.
pj/5 T lLS), s. Proof, evidence,
^gpzesmtirpssnh, s. One of the
(p.) Wils. p. 18. Atclya.
demonstration, testimony, )e+!_*aia. (c.)
hundred and eight positions of the Yogi
j^O^.jj), (TeZ. >'3oJ&>, used in
!ptTLL&aiTLLiy inf. To show
Tarn, poetry.) Fear not, uuiiuuC?^. (In
proof. See **cJd.
the other, presses one hand on the
^IPpnLL&&nesBr , inf. v. a. To have
ground, and. with the other, takes hold
of the extended foot, g^srii Smrfijjp. maoa
proof. 2. v. n. To be demonstrated.
r. n. To rebound as a ball, spring or
^/0jSiTLL@Qarrda,inf. To prove,
start back, unbend with force, recover
make evident, verify.
straightness as a bent bow, fidBJa. 2. To '^sSjSnh, s. Signification as of a word
rdp t rcf? , s. A throne, ^n&(T^i
swell, puff up,
or sentence, half, &c. See j^Asii. (p.)
fomfptseffitsniGuidp/). He has grown
Wils. p. 69. Abtha, and 71. Abdd'iia.
arrogant of late, he is become too proud;
it 65>j9 mestsr i u to, s. Senate
when said of a woman, it denotes immoral
house, presence chamber, ^/iBcjiacsw^
^/0&&iraju>, s. Pecuniary aid,
^/sa^^Qfisih, s. A swelled face.
^j^psTujLd^s. [prop.] The treadle of
^sppppsSeogii, s. An unbent bow.
a turner's lathe, ami-tspetxrtgiariSgipit..
j>ippftru>ui>ip&!rn/i$lif}, s. Mid
night. Wils. p. 71. Audd'uahatba.
^1 gs>0 uLf, v. noun. Rebounding
prtSJ&sn*. 2. Swelling, prominence,
jy,i^/ru)uys!D#, s. Pooja per ^Sf3sssTS3rtx>,s. Gateway of a temple,
protuberance, <t*aw.
&c, an abreviation of .goo^roni, which see.
formed at midnight See
'^fsm-srFI ujLh, s. [priv. ,y.] Timid
sy,s>5/F/77pj6sr, s. Siva, he who is .$y 33 3; it ek , s. A brother-in-law,
y, want of fortitude, dispiritedness,
elder sister's husband, ^tmiamexriar. 2.
half woman. Wils. p. 71. Abdd'haWils. p. 24, Ad'haibya.
A COUSin, PU!^swMr. (c.)

ty^Sj. A tree whose fruit is eaten

and the leaf, fruit and bnrk are medicinal j
the wood forms one of the nine kinds of
fuel employed in sacrificial fires, g,im<ii ;
Ficua racemoso, L. Several species are
mentioned, as srcu-lt
w^infi^y Qafriq-iu$, wfiv,i), which see. (c.)
*<g>j&i)lljypjBjS. An elephant,
miter. Wils. p. 872. Hastix. 2. Longpepper, fiuileS. 3. A bone, reaiiiy ; as
jjoo^l. Wils. p. 98. Asthi. 4. One of
the ton ff/t*-, fiemsif-aSQfgfsrsi.
Sl$fil*!iu>i s. Fever settled in the
bones, crg#<jysiDuuup@arafTih.
^l/is$djg$ui$<s@-i s. A large kind
of long pepper, uSik>sPuJciS.
^gtSu^&nii, s. A skeleton, eiesr
ty*.sR_Q; ex jyfifu^ bone,
u&*gib, cage.
Wils. p. 98. Astiiipanjara.
>l g$Q u $ , s. A medicine for
elephants, giim^ig.
*^.irS, s. Killing, murder, Q&rr'teo.
Wils. p. 968. Hatva. 2. Sea, ocean,
*i_<fc. Wils. p. 51. Abd'hi.
SffifilsajesnssiSlp^lffiusisr^s. Vishnu as having slept on the sea of milk,
SLig>. Wils. p. 32. Alto'lIISIIA YANA.
iSsruia^^l , s. The slaying of a
Brahman. Wils. p. 608. Brahmaiiatya.
iSlrrL>a1lL9up-&&, inf. To be pos
sessed with madness consequent on the
performance of the above act. 2. To
be deranged.
ervfzliflujppl, s. The slaying of a
woman. Wils. p. 951. Strihatya.
Qsnevji^l, s. The slaying of a cow.
Wils. p. 302. Goiiatya.
Qs-en^^l, s. T.je slaying of a child.
^gif/biSdttErrLJLh., s. A disease in the
eye, ^snjsarQrista.
^ptElQairGOLC!, s. A tree, <giy5j<j)
fiiu. Alangium, L.
^fS, dQQpssr, pQgssr, uQuebr,
tst v. a. To halve, uiffimsss. See .sy'AS1',
ex ^jjsib. (p.)
*.jy dip! & ti, s. A plant, MrtQp&retfl,
Barleria, L ; ex ,#,*,>, ocean, et g, what is
^ swrj/r j Lbj>j <nj!S urr t ti=?yr
fiirnb, s. Foundation, jqif-uuem. (c.)
j)j ^ 5! aj Q tssfl lL (? z_ it ld lis , s.
One of the twenty-one aisib, uisiSgup
QjSrti'^QfgiirjZr. (p.)
*^{b^AU il_&!T is, s. The mysterious
syllable O'm, gii. (p.)
* jy/c^SiUL-.ysar, s. An overseer, a
superintendent, GxAitSfirte&ssirar.
*<^jfilSiUii1^Lh,s. Much, excessiveness, boundlessness, unchangeableness, ^
mifib. Wils. p. 18. Atyaxta. 2. A num
ber, ten thousand quintillions, pQeeir ; ex
beyond, et sf*ip<j>, boundary, (p.)
g$pJs? iu ifS u etmH eij , s. Profound
<5i',5.!ws5LS^(u<AffcTjrffisrcSr. The inesti
mably precious life.
jt/pfiltuitpiTurreiJiri, s. [in logic.']
Absolute negation or non-existence, qpop

,5? ujiuld,s. Destruction, <3>l$ .

2. Transgression, vice, (sPp^. Wils. p. 19.
jy^.S "J iu S3TLOjt/ji^iuiriuearih,
s. Study, reading, especially of the sacred
books, one of the six duties of Brabmans,
QwfQmr&mx. Wils. p. 24. Ad'iiyayana.
^1 p IS iu uj ear w u esar astir, inf. To
study religious doctrines.
*=jy(i/JTo5J"snrti,s. Supplying an
ellipsis. O.-rigdiirssmifljiiqco*. 2. HcasonIDg, discussing, wrsQux*>*. (p.)
*^0jli^5:iurr3:Lh ^gtjfB 'u n G'n ir u ti>
q?.jdv:G3Buarib, s. [m lSfl/oSsi.'] Mistak
ing one thing for another, illusion, j%Gu
utii. (p.) Wils. p. 25. Au'hyasa, and
*=y,fSiL;/r<!FS3rii, s. A part of the
ceremony of BQsrfici-ii, presenting the
ashes of the burned bones to the Brahman,

^leki^rruLSjrQiLiiTsiii, s. Discharge
of arrows.
^jetv^l n it ti>gjetvfslanptrirth, s.
A quiver, jfiiL/^^""^'
* 35^1titfti, s. Fearlessness, utu
itirsa. Wils. p. 19. ATRASA.
*=yr,'f?i s. An ass, sQpetofi. 2.
A horse, SW. 3. A camel, 9lLi_A. 4.
A forge bellows, e-T*i?;g:<3fijii. 5. An arrow,
*Sot. 6. The atmosphere, S*r. 7. One of
the eighteen treatises on /Jcji/xi, ^ic^rAiu^)
QexC-iy-Qf&ixTp. 8. A mountain, io&u. (p.)
9. One of the seven stars of the ursa
major, or great bear, supposed by the
Hindus to be the seven great liishis,
=?y^5^(25, s. A tree, s\nsr, Ficus, L.
^jy^S^o, s. A shrub, the Qs=(^u

<j)j &vjSl eu it j~ ti>=gy

en it j~ ti, sA foundation ; as ^^usfih.
* =2y ^,S tu ir{5,{$i iSdsuacjy/s^s! iu it sir *^l/vG*S3TL]!rii> ^Ijfli^.SSTLfTLD
iSmih, s. Disease occasioned by one's own
^pfif^qsib, s. Name of a city, ^iuC-u-eoath.
misconduct, ^<3rw(7jj:jruio.
Wils. p. 972. Habtinapcra.
See pirug@giuib,
* j>I i>j3 edfl^gy^Ssafl,*. The low
est of the four classes of women. (See
5r*i, s. Three shasters of human com
OudraiM.) 2. A female elephant, Qua*
position concerning God and the souls
uriw j ex jia,s, a trunk. Wils. p. 972.
of men ; the three are, erv&uib, urp^fsduih
and Qi#rGp&.
=sy 55<S>ii * A woman's girdle or
*<g>//niQiu,Tuaeir, s. A teacher of
waist-ornament, ^sntuu\i.at.<x>s. 2. Red
the Vedas, QufiQuxgitauQutsk. Wils. p. 24.
ness, Sau^. 3. Accuracy, correctness,
straightness, Qffiaoo/. (p.) 4. (Tel.
*^g>j35^ujirue3rijb, s. Teaching the
ftsffe.) Boundary, r*>Jw.
sacred books, one of the six duties of
Brahmans, QifiQmeguSisns. Wils. p. 24.
To join, attach, unite, make to
agree, to combine, g>Bo*. (p.) 2. To
*^yr^.S(UT(ULD, s. Section or divi
apply as medicine to a wound, icasmQ/irpp.
sion of a book, ui_o>ii. 2. A chapter or
3. To lean, rest, stay upon,
also (fig.)
lecture of the Vedas, C^^rSiueJ^ijaSw^S
to depend upon, glasCjupp. 4. v. n. To
iu^t9.i!s^s>Lx<S. 3. Sacred writings, Qujiib.
reach, arrive at, ."yam-m.
Wils. p. 24. Ad'hyaya.
united and sewed the two pieces.
*^/blQjrr&ir, s. The charioteers of
U}fTfKatysalTiuii$<srG5vjlmalj$ee3r, He ap
the 4th and lowest order in war,
plied the medicine to the wound.
Kjreirsirib miaostjiri. (p.)
T r Q^nsmiJfl^sQssa^sQ&iTe^Tse^l. Is it
sk'/SiTLD ^ i5r5?4"ii, s. [priv. ,y.]
wrong for you to lean on my shoulder ?
Unsteadiness, uncertainty, that which is
That news has reached our master's ears.
unworthy of confidence, as the world and
its enjoyments, ^JwnIsSreoiD. (e_u, sut
^y#^7, noun. Uniting, joining,
a.a..) Wils. p. 99. Asthira.
making to agree, Si^ul/. 2. A seam,
^jy sk> 6t it ld ^jy^pj-LD, s. An
the joining of cloth, &c., s/isa>s.
arrow, jjiiq. 2. A dart thrown forward, ^jfbjUi. A #rriFles>uj used in declin
OP*JEiDmq. 3. Any missile weapon, a>*e$
ing nouns ending in ii, and others, as m->a^,
QmiiifiuQurg. Wils. p. 98. Astra. 4.
tree; mr^pJw, the leaf of the tree. 2.
An ass,
5. A horse, tsfi"'. 6.
An expletive, j/a>irQ/rir&i. (p.)
A mountain, mtw. (p.)
jysru^r, (St.) Be, let be, be it so,
(the 3d person singular, imperative act
s. Both missile and projectile weapons.
of the Sanscrit verb jpw " to be,") a term
used in salutation, &c. See Jflrmgj, uu3s?y^j,
^jetv^lsrf iifS it 6bt ih, s. Vollies of
OJ^fffifu^p, Jtfiseu&i &C, amen, ^uu^-Gmurss
arrows in succession.
^w]3!T&ireivf3!Tu>, s. Archery as a
^iigjSLhirsS, s. The jyj# tree,
science, aS&cffscw^.
I'icus, L. (p.)
qeM$!!Qp<5iirt,$. An image in form
of a weapon preceding the god of the .jy^^E/eBLD, . A tree from the ker
nels of which the castor oil is extracted,
temple in processions, a weapon god,
,ju>miA<g, Bicinus, X. (p.)
^jeki^rrui? lL<ss>^, s. Practice of cSy^^ffffLD, s. The most auspi
cious degree in the vertical sign, in which a
archery, tSAj^anfspans. One of the
planet may be placed, BisiBp*&i&iMw. (p.)
Bixty-four *3w^3J<s-u>.

^j/hjip ekaar, adj. So much, so many.

See jsSot-. (p.)
jypgp lulu, s. A shrub, as ^sr^esi^,
(Af. J5ic.)
jy^^so/riS, s. A plant, a^^S
i**, Nigella, L. (M. Die)
* cSy ,j <f ti , s.
A way, road,
Wils. p. 25. Ad'hvax. 2. Redness,
j>/igjieurr<&iTtULh, s. The sq^^
9r*ii>, Cuminum, L.
*=3y,*^S7swr'^ii, s. Twilight, .s/t&u
mrJtuQ*#*!i. Wils. p. 25. AlVlIVANTA.
JtlibgiietUT sir ti, s. A desert, deso
late place, Lir^siisG). (c.) (fi. 19.)
* ;igii sft t& La gsjpiGwsu % lis, s.
[priv. jf.] Unity, oneness, the existence
of but one principle in the universe, the
deity as indivisible and inseparable from
creation, so that every thine- is a part of
ex ^pon^ii, duality, (p.) Wils. p. 21.
^y^^TJ-tL, s. A medicinal tree, the
^ly^sn^, s
A lady, a woman of
rank or eminence, alejtS. 2. The wife of a
priest, (5g!iiriofcc9. 3. A mother, a ma
4. A father's sister, a motherin-law, eriS. 5. A poetic expletive join
ed to the Second person, cynirt02&iajao:*
Qsr&jaSajr#sB>fitirQ*<3<{l. Four out thine
.>i(AQ**jw^oj^. Go thoughtfully.
^Dj^QjiB it, inter. An exclamation of
wonder, pity and distress, ^ftnut3iis*Qfii.
^jy/FdiL, s. [priv. jyii.] Sinlessness,
usmiar*>n>. Wils. p. 25. Anag'iIA.
*^y.5,<s(i, s. [priv. ^i/ib.] Immate
riality, oj-oJbtodu). Wils. p. 25. Anakga.
tglismi&ssr, s. See ^esrdisair.
*jymmpiri, s. [priv. <^ys.] Immensi
ty, eternity, &c., ^srctesDin. (See ^gt*
/sialso for all the derivatives); ex jy*
.ai. (p.) Wils. p. 26. Ananta.
*jifvi5^TLD,'adv. [priv. ^/i.] Next,
after, &c. (See .s/cjr^fa) ex ^mgeJi. (p.)
Wils. p. 26. Asantara.
^^t9u9rs<XQ^tiS^eir, s. [in grammar.]
The agent, r(Tp/ri:eS&7(,0w. (p.)
^jy TTSi/sir,
A plant, Qsu/sQ^nssr/Q ,
^jy/zr^ffjati, s. [/>ri. ^y/F.] Unfitness,
See jy<s*ii. Wils. p. 27.
^^/r^sti, s. [pn. sy/E.] That
which is without meaning, foolishness,
nonsense, uue&cxmta.
* j>j xirp t ii, s. [prio. ?y.] Dis
respect, ic^liucooin. Wils. p. 28. AjiADARA.
* j>j <s 7- S5 sir, s. [priv. ^y.] One who
has no master or protector, .jj^reJsjsvijsanSr.
Wils. p. 28. Anatiia.
^/ferr^^esriasar^s. Poor, helpless,
destitute people.

j>j KnpsC-S&n, s. Patron of the

helpless, particularly, God.
s. [priv.
The eternal ;
0. Thnt which has no beginning. See
Wils. p. 28. Anadi.
^.Tr.r/LfisDar, s. [priv. y.] The ring
finder, the third linger, ^Azii, the name
less. Wils. p. 29. Anamika.
*=y,5/r<u<jb, s. [priv. jy.] Want of
government, anarchy, political distrac
tion, ISStLL.luStZT>lD.
*^ij!Ufr a-^ua, s. Duration, the same
as ^jtirpb. (p.) Wils. p. 29. AnaraTA.
* .jy is rr sQ qrj mp. iy_,jy rs irsQ(j^LLuf.,
Drought, ic<x>uit(gx>p*i. Wils. p. 29. AnavnisiiTi.
^>jru!rsQffOsir, s. The planet Venus,
*^>lSjiLD jiifisLc, s. A part of
an army containing three , which see.
Wils. p. 30. Anika.
*jy S.iQ !r<r.Lc, s. [priv. =gy.] Unrestrainedness, liberty, xLLQuunf.^rss:u>. (.
5. -,8.) Wils. p. 29. Akioraha.
*=jy &&th, s. [priv. jy.] Eternity, that
which is eternal, tijfiuib. Wils. p. 30.
* ^gt] t$
t_, s. [priv. ^sy.] Unsleadfastness, unsteadiness, lu^itljiioj!. W iis
p. 30. Anisiitiia.
*^)f '/Lh4y <fi uj/sii, s. [priv.
Transientness, jffygivii. (aJi*.)
*jy $ J! TjLb
dj(QlULD, . f/'rio.
That which is temporal, worldly illu
sion, transientness, time in opposition to
eternity, Jtutltarroifl ; [cr *#^.J Wils. p.
29. Anitta. 2. Falsehood, Qwiu.
l$@ujaneoiii, s. Limited time.
*=gy ^LC/rsSssrtL, s. Death, ^csi/.
*^ SiULcLD, s. [priv. ^gy.] That which
is undecided, unascertained, uncertain, un
determined, rfiumiieismui. 2. Improper con
duct, liL/rersi_, Wils. p. 30. ANYAMA.
<gyiiuu>&@Qeoeti_) s. [in rhetoric]
Ambiguous terms in verse employed in
an indeterminate sense, 'Ctusmi_iuiiaSil
^SajLDQfeueiaui, s. A figure in
Khctoric, a-/!a/s^^Qffure^.
& lurriuii, s. [priv. jy.] Unrea
sonableness, injustice, a wrong action, illogicalncss, /piSairsiouj. Wils. p. 41. Anyaya.
*=Pji(rr)r/5 sir, s. [priv. ^y.] Grand
son of Krishna the invincible, E^iii-CTijr
Querj&rar. Wils. p. 30. AmRCDI>'HA.
*^yfS/f^/i, s. [pric. ^.] Unsubstantialness, delusionas in the mirage.
See urcroiLT.
.jy.f.sui ^y/^S, . [priv. <y.] The
same, as ^nruii. Wils. p. 31. Asm.
^y^s/f<giliuiT, s. The unjust,
unrighteous, ^^mtu^QfijQaitr.
*=3yj5/, s. The jaw, see jyja/. Wils.
p. 968. Hanc.
*J>Jj*>i. A particle in Sanscrit, signi
fying together, &c. See gtgt, for this and
most of its combinations. Wils. p. 31.

^ jgi <s^eo ti>, s. Favor, auspices,

kindness propitiousncss, il&Bcniiiiramii.
Wils. p. 31. Asikula. 2. Success,
prosperity, the accomplishment of an
object, a happy issue, consummation.
See j&*-J>. (c.)
^j)a.aiuui-, in/.
To prove
tgy^.ffTuti, s- Repentance, tresr
e-^mi. Wils. p. 32. AKUTAPA.
.syjr/'F/r^Lb, . An echo, ei^QzneS .
Wils. p. 33. Am nada.
5yj5ysi)/ruii), s. Tautology, repeti
tion, aL^uut.p>. Wils. p. 35. Anit.apa.
^jjSisuM&nsw, s. The retrograde
transit of a planet. Sec jjgi/*firii.
g\j$ie>i#GGrw, s. Concordance of
words or sentences with each other,
o/rificjii. Wils. p. 35. AnUVACHAMA.
**2>j,0l Ssjih, s. [priv. ^gy'5.] False
hood, Quia. (pv.) 2. Unfitness, unsuitcdness, ^@PnIisrau!. Wils. p. 32.
*=sy^Zf a^anrii, s. [prit>. cSy''5.] Idle
ness, supineness, C^icuA). (See urfirw.)
2. Chilliness, coldness, <5W. Wils. p. 30.
-^yjs^/r^^u), s. [/)rir. ^gy/s.] The
grave accent in chanting the vedas, <?/
fiSlffiQe^lsssi. Wils. p. 32. Am DATA.
**j>/ig. A particle of negation pre
fixed to Sanscrit words. pfrf&empzjt-iffrAees.
jyig;, pron. adj. That, a demon
strative prefix in colloquial use for sf. as,
glifimrji, that tree.
jyi^i^, adj. Some, several, each
distributively, severally.
^fepsaiib, s. A shrub, ^LDetxrdfSj,
Kicinus, L.
*jtj is cs <e esr, s. Destroyer, ^ji$u
Qucar. 2. Yama the god of death, mSr.
Wils. p. 37. Antaka. 3. A blind per
son, <5(ji_r. Wils. p. 39. And'haka. 4.
The planet Saturn, ran. 5. Soap, >a|in,
j>jkfiSfjJBsr) s. Siva, he who
overcame Yama,
y isp & n rf) , s. Siva the foe of
Yama ; ex jf/l, foe.
*j>f!BJ-,sinruD, s. Darkness, gloom,
@a*. 2. llental darkness, bkotoJu*. Wils.
p. 39. Akd'hakaRA. 3. Hell, *fJi ; ex
^i/sii. blind, el stub, that which makes.
^jik^QsiriTLu, s. The QiB&eS tree,
- Fhyllanthus, L.
**g>jii<s ciffi/rswrii, s. The intellec
tual facultiesembracing, 1. ioetio. The
mind or organ of thought ; 2. 4*t, Rea
son, the organ of consciousness, or appre
hension ; 3. <%iiirrib, Energy, any one of
the passions ; 4. fi^ii, Will, resolution,
desire ; ex
within, et *rsrti. (p.)
Wils. p. 37. Antaiikarana.
.gys^ dan sasr& nlL &, s. Conscience.
^gi/ipsnrsir, s. The supreme Being,
2. Rrahma, J.-u>s*-. 3. Siva, Bo/ct.
4. Argha, jy^*ar. 5. A sage, recluse, qoS
6. A Urahman, uriuvrar. 7. The
planet Jupiter, tSajiyJi. 8. Saturn, ^rf;
w jyii, beauty, c< ^kwooid, coolness, kind
ness. (/).)

^lii^essrminSl, s. A sacerdotal an
tidote for a kind of poison. See
^1 mp em n eu ir d (5 , *. The vedas,
g\k$^8V)mn, s. Brahmans, urrnu
uir. 2. One of the five confidential
servants of a king, a kind's household
priests, gfi*i*<5&$ii**pp6$Q<&<5mii. 3.
Recluses, Qpatiir.
jy/jc^sri^, s. (Hin.) Order, regu
larity, so1*. 2. Condition, tfSw.
m.seresrB03v#4&g:QajrAQiuw4jt. Tllis does
not agree with your circumstances.
*^m^uL^7 ii,s. A place f>r kings'
wives, &e. (p.) See ^ruiui^rib, uuder
,sy*0f. Wils. p. 37. Aktaui'L'ra.
jyF^ti, s. End, termination, &
2. Death. f. Wils. p. 37. Axta.
3. Beauty, handsomeness, comeliness, sin
<g. 4. (Jb.) Musk, smgiti. 5. [in anaf.]
Extremity of a bone, rsrLSr*>sub.
<9l&ps&nifl, s. A fair, handsome
^/is^dQaQ, s. Deformity, ugli
ness, jptant ; ex <?*S, ruin.
e._60re#ii, s. The end or perish
ing of the body, i. e at death, dissolu
^jipiT, s. Low caste persons, ffip
y/s,s/f#2so, s. End and beginning,

^j&@irei#ei/u>, s. One of the di

visions of the Saiva religion, g>ia>*nb.
^jHfiUff&i^i^s. One of the thirtytwo kinds of arsenic in its natural
State, apui^iaaih.
<2li?fi!7$eB>&, s. A nine-fold sub
division of the period of a planet's
influence on a person*s life, Sis1m. [jy*
firih. 2.]
^ji^^u^^tncmin^ s. A species of
lotus whose roots float in the water,
not adhering to the soil, ^aiupifw'.
[jftgrii. 4.]
jyiifrrgglQeoi&pg, inf. To be for
saken by all, be abandoned, [^i/iti. 1.]
Tjr2Brtu*^s-<jpc<vJuLi_j(ar. He has for
saken me.
^li^nuBuesB, s. Motion through
the air, ^snusmtsrii. 2. {Jig.) Very great
swiftness, i@a*>sib. 3. [proo."] Any
thing that goes swiftly, QmsmiuiQe&i
8>"&. [JfA*"i. 4.]
sy i & u u lS & it * s!r, s. The evil
spirits of the air.
^jis^iTLD^fiwLijS^I, s. Difference
between the mean and true daily mo
tion of the sun, or of a planet, [jy*
flib. 4.]
^lipneueoeS, s. A medicinal creep
er, GW4jue?rsro*/. [^izfirii. A.]
^jii^irsnesrii, s. An uninhabited
desert land. [^r/snh. 1 .]
gjftprreiinsii), v. noun. Dwelling in
the air, ^*iu/S^ljvfii>*. 2.*. A med
icinal shrub, gtitcgigiuy,. [jj&fiftb. 4.]
jiimpijeiiniLi, s. Hydrocele, eSw
i3*ib. [jfi^afio. 2.]
k p ireS # & , v. noun. Beating
the air.
cg>/iifi!!e8g:&darr!ietsr, s. One who
beats the air, a cheat, a fraudulent man.
<9/i50!rnuJth, s. Disaster, obstacle,
mishap, dilemma, exigency, impedi
ment 0aw>. (p.) Wils. p. 38. Antahava. [jftprii. 7.]
^/lipirneiru), s. Middle, interme
diate space, *G>. Wils. p. 38. Antarala.
(p-.) See Bcuu&rstb. [^fPfiriii. 2.]
jy/j^j/rsirajr, s. The son of an
jj^Gufio father, and iJi^lCurm mother,

tg>/!i&irg), s. A species of verse.

(See Qjsrsni-.) 2. A poem of f*s'$*
verses, pitlruBpib. 3. Uodthe first
and last, unuii.
**<s>A5*>*j?, s. See T(y>4i.
jjsBjtu^F^), s. See
jfifjutjsiP, s. See .syip..
Srt^'P, . See 9*.
^kpnfsl&Q@nssii, s. A conso
nance or connexion in a stanza, wherein
the syllable, word or words, which end
one line, begin the following. See Q
*j)jihfliTLb, s. Open space, Qweifl.
2. Intermediate space,
3. Ether, as
the vehicle of light and soundsuppos
ed to pervade all things and to extend
through the universe, uis^ha^PQ
4. The sky, atmosphere, ^m&. Wils
P. 37. Astara. 5. Temple, (2>//(?fJo<.
6. Singleness, loneliness, solitariness, faH
<!io. 7. Disaster, mishap, dilemma, fmu.
tgijiipif), s. A goddess as inhabit
(u. 49.) 8. End, taken distributively,
ing the atrial regions, ,Knu<rifl. 2.
end of each, ow-of- 9. Difference, dissen
Durga, &i&o>*. 3. Farrati, uiivfii. (p.)
sion, Qugib. 10. Measure, syerv. 11. Re
mainder after subtraction, difference, Grsvi,
12. Period of time, sttii. (*,#.) 13. Dark ^jiaufi^ sQQpeir, pQpeisr, uQueisr,
**, v. n. To be forlorn, solitary, lonely,
ness, g)<y*. 14. Crowd, s-Ci-ib. (p.)Note.
pcJi#$c$ta. 2. To be friendless, helpless,
All the meanings may be referred to the
forsaken, without means of subsistence,
idea of within and without. (S. Die.) In
to be in difficulty, or extremity, n-ftimpfi
combination some variety of meaning is
<y*. (c.) 3. (p.) v. a. To find the differ
found, as, Q/snspnb, a foreign country;
ence between two quantities, Grs*wfla.
(je0ri4, every year; mpispziS, every
month; Qpmimpitb, on account of; u. - .- .
^/is^ifluL^, v. noun. Forlornness,
the remotest isle, &c.
solitariness, fieHff>cjta>x. 2. Helpless
^jiipjr^Giksr, s. The time be
ness, being without means of subsist
ence, C0SaSrDtf>,
tween any given points. [j,*jni. 2.]
S\kp!jfi,ni&, s. A horse which goes jy/s^/flsVJiiuti, s. An acute-angled
triangle, u?(y^C>wifl; ex ^
et evibuih,
above the earth, through the air,
Wils. p. 38. Aktahi.amha.

' <J>I'ib < it s. The interior, inside

used only in combination,
Wils. p.
37. Antar.
^yra^frE/LD, s. Privacy, secrecy,
what is said in confidence, rEiuii.
(li. 91.) 2. The interior, the mind,
n.irci. Wils. p. 38. Antaranqa. 3.
Sejiarateness, asrtfii.
S\isp!JtaaGtupneBiici, s. The pri
vate parts.
^ikfisiEisesr^ t. One who keeps a
secret, one who may be trusted with
j)jiifiiflm^SiLiii>, s. The internal
senses, of which there are four, as
specified under,
tgjisptBujn&W) s. Internal or men
tal worship, a-iluao*. (jqi.
See uBflu
y ispiFluj n lS , s. The deity, <si_o/s(r.
Wils. p. 38. Antartami.
^jUpirsxpui, v. noun. Disappear
ing, becoming invisible, iDp^(y*.
Wils. p. 38. Antaroata.
^mprrppnemLD, s. A secret place,
wa>p>Si_ii. 2. The privy parts, ^li/srmx
A^rariii. 3. Disappearance, concealment,
umfunm. Wils. p. 38. ANTARDD'HANA.
^ji^nuLfnih^ s. A place for kings'
wives, the queen's apartments in a pal
ace, zenana, seraglio, women's apart
ments, ^jtfiB! GpeSeStfAssis.
j>j ibt, Sso , s. Iprov.] End, extremi
ty, border, qpi?.l|. 2. Result, object, Gu#.
3. Juncture, /njsiuL/. 4. Erojection as of
a roof, QmQ.
cannot tell where the affair will terminate.
jy/j^srrLD, s. Coat of mail, eeueii).
^/ib^srB, s. A temple, QpeurrQ&tt
J*. (*ai.)
*j>] linear, s. A blind man, (^Q^tGsr.
Wils. p. 39. And'ua. 2. The planet Saturn,
J)] IB ^ IT Srfl U IT S3)
s. A kind of
tune, ^ffufirfr. (plains.)
^P/ibSx, s. Evening, evening twilight
as joining the day with the night, io&u*
2. (p.) The meeting of three ways
or the place where three ways meet, off
^i^sfisj60sir, s. The guardian
deity of the evening twilight, supposed
to walk the streets, &c.
cgjiijisldaneoih^i&$uQutTQpjp, s.
The evening.
glk$5l&k$gl, s. Morning and even
ing. 2. Continuance, perpetuity.
S\k$i8iL&p(Bl!jir>, s. The evening
kGilwk@nbid^/j^tD/F^/rew/r, s.
A flower plant that blossoms in the af
ternoon, j/*jdiSj)Li<},iSt<gib tjw9, Polyanthes, L.
cg/ihfgleijeBiiresBrebr, s. Siva, he whose
color is that of the evening cloudsred,
^raS, &8/ojp,
@to, <5cs, r.n.
To unite, join, be connected, Ouiu*^. (p.)

^gy-s^atii, s. Nearness, proximity,

jjirAi. Wils. p. 39. Antika.
=jy5,a. s, Night, g)j<r. 2. A
woman. Qua*. 3. A disease of the eye,
g(**<;>-T, . Wils. p. 39. And'iiika. 4.
A fire place, jiuu. Wils. p. 39. Anti
ka, or Andika. 5. Blindness,
i(Su)T3r, s. One of the seven
of the second class of liberal kings,
jy.iSiuL/LD,*. The twenty-seventh
or last of the lunar asterisms, SlQrti$i.
Wils. p. 39. Akttab'ha,
* ftj iu ii> , s. End, termination,
opif-l. Wils. p. 39. Antya. 2. Death,
L'-(5'-D(i, s. Funeral cere
monies. See **i_e(5. Wils. p. 39.
5)f ts^iua ir60 is, s. The time of
^ ifjai en it ear li, *. The fourth
caste, <gj8rri&. Wils. p. 39. Antyataksa.
^/lifSQiustycp., s. Funeral obse
quies performed for the benefit of pro
genitors, ^tf*tfe4jJQ6uffrjjf; [ex
sacrifice.] Wils. p. 39. ANTYEaHTI.
<j>/ ft>3 TaQ&iru^&S), s. Sul])hur,
* ^ ft *si t ld , . Intestine, (jL.a).
Wils. p. 39. Antra.
^jyftlSTeu&esr ii,s. Betel-nut, Oa/r/il
(Af. Die.)
jtfftCjjsO. A particle of place, there,
jf*alt_^; aS, (?#J>sp ^fm&pQM^epxtfvfiiu
QeApera, the woman went there to see
her husband. 2. An expletive, j|au4Qna ;
as, j)tfipt*S)^arMifeiSjTar, one who wears a
girdle and foot-rings. (/).)
jt/ftjfa, t. A small insect found in
stored grain, Qy*. (c.)
**&/ftFgi&ii>, s. A ring or chain for
the ankle, ifioJ. 2. An elephant's chain
fastened to the foot, jf8csr**KES. Wils. p.
39. Andcka.
jtjft Qjb & to, *. [/)ror.] Extremity,
great straits,
^fiu^p^fTy inter. Alas! an exclama
tion of surprise, pity or distress, j/Seutli
^fis(c^sir/ry s. The QmeoeSI tree, (p.)
^/jiftsoiTir, s. Those females,
Quatrxir. 2. The fair sex, females, <syiB/
Ou*rA; [fx those, or j/ii, beauty, et
mitmt*, females.] (jj.)
*^,z,Suj ti , *. A strange or foreign
thing, &c. Sec jKrtfiui4. Wils. p. 40.
cjy/j, prep. A particle prefixed to
Sanscrit wonlsimplying inferiority, pri
vation, separation, contrariety, &c. sou
Wils. p. 42. ArA.
Sf u a ff essr ii>, s. Impropriety, illtreatment, injury, $Qut
Wils. p.

^)juair!Tu>, s. Ingratitude, un
grateful acts, mttrjSuppQftuaox. 2. Inju
ry, offence, effrontery, insult, mischief,
JJeDul; opp. tO LUMli. Wils. p. 42. Al'AKAltA.
Sjusirifi, s. An ingrate, tsasrifi
0<ru-i_tir. 2. A defrauder, cheat, As*Sr.
3. One who does evil to another, an evil
Wils. p. 42. Al'AKAKIN.
<g/uS np) , s. Infamy, disgrace,
dishonor, disrepute, *rfra. Wils. p.
42. Al'AKIRTI.
^uSi/igiQuppmiar. One who is dis
Slu&Qiungt, s.
Disrepute, disesteem. See j,*S*'p> , opp. to tit*
<>l u s 8 iu rrfiHtu it esra irrfttutb, s. A
shameful, ignominious thing.
gfuaSQlnn&ui) s. Reviling, abus
ing. Wils. p. 42. APAKR08HA.
SI u & g ear ih , s. A bad omen,
Siu&ppih, s. Ungrammatical lan
guage, ai^s-Otu^. 2. Vain talk, fe*f
Quiet. 3. Inauspicious expression, jy*
uQwtifi. Wils. p. 45. APASBABDA.
^u^iuii)jifuQ&ujih, s. Defeat,
vanquishmcnt, G^reue*.
S/t-i&iuuui, inf. To be defeated,
Gffi*. See uS, t>.
^u^a-ewLo, s. Departure, egress,
upuuiQ. Wils. p. 46. Apasauana.
S/i-i & iflpiii^gyu fiflanp, s. His
tory of bad transactions, stt+gfiflr*. 2.
Improper conduct, grararm-.
j/usaieSiuu)) s. The right side,
Bietigiuiisii. Wil8. p. 46. ApASAVYA.
S/ufirjjih, s. Incivility, disrespect,
affront, irreverence, impropriety, sl.uhh
lissom. 2. Non-conformity to the Shasters, wrong conduct, misbehavior, (sp
pit; [ex r, to move, go.] Wils. p. 42.

Sjt-ifnjuu), s. Deformity, ugliness

JYvil**riA. (p.) Wils. p. 45. Aparlpa. 2. Scarceness, jytjaoB. (c.)
^uo/(5u3, s. Final beatitude,
deliverance from births, exemption from
farther transmigration, c/w>>; [cx i(jr, to
leave.] Wils. p. 45. Apavaroa.
Sjueuirsw, s. Inference, deduc
tion, dycrA5"4*#. Wils. p. 45. ArAvaha.
Siueurrpih, s. Censure, abuse,
reproach, u$*Q<rr4i. 2. Defamation,
slander, scandal, Ouj*iiQ. 3. Contra
diction, opposition, $aimiuGut*. Wils.
p. 45. Apavada. 4. Defence, (in law)
replication, u)iB*rpib ; [ex up, speech.]
5. Comprehending fully without mis
take, v.-' *-L-.;---',rs.
umiifji. It is a common saying that
tigers kill and eat people, (ug. 31.)
&\ u su ns etzrih, s. Concealment,
disappearance, icaopo/. Wils. p. 45. Apavarana.
5yu(raj6aBTii), s. Liquidation of a
debt, i_c0ji4m. Wils. p. 46. ApaKARANA.
Sjuiriisui^s. The outer corner of
the eye, *oDi_Aa*r. Wils. p. 4". Apanoa.
2. A side glance, *i-A4wu**n/.
Slt-iiT/gi76BrLD, s. Tlie meaning of
the fifth case denoting removal,
<JPwiuSQot AilsvuQurGa. Wils. p. 47.
Sjunwnndati), s. The plant isniq
<j9, Aehyrauthes, L. Wils. p. 47. Ai'AMAKGA.
S/unujLD, s. Loss, injury, /Fa!^i_ii.
2. Disaster, mishap, calamity, dilemma,
@*^(jjr. Wils p. 47. Apaya. 3. All
unforeseen danger, jeopardy, an unex
pected evil, r&iuriijmi(5UituS>p. 4. A
trick, stratagem, scheme, mischievous
device, JKI<i&r.
Sji-itTujpihffitTiby s. Artifice, trick.
SjunujwuaMamT , inf. To deceive,
defraud, act treacherously.
Sj u nQiu a u trtu ti> , s. Expedient,
shift, what is done by hook or by crook,
by any means direct or indirect.
SluirenriA, s. The anus, @^i. 2.
One of the ten vital airs,^;rs/'<2'*a;
as, jfuiarar; [ex jy, to breathe.] Wils.
p. 47. Apana.
S/uiresrsiiinii^u/TeaTeir, s. Wind
from the anus.

return civility with incivility.

fi_ioAOT(W)Qwarfcar gfuagrtjaaimpgp'i What
injury have I done you ? or what re
proach have I brought upon you ?
Sjufitifl^ s. An impolite many
one who deviates from the Shasters, a
bad man, mtiuiavpiSiiRiidr. Wils. p. 42.
S/ueerrantusjGu&ffnaauj, s. A
shadowless being, as a deity or celestial
being, *ia>uuppgi. 2. An unlucky sha
a, tj. a. To seize by fraud, dispossess,
dow, g,iwfeai(sfi. 3. Deduction accord
defraud, usurp, steal, /&5lorjiiJA<ivT. 2.
ing to the time of the year from the
To bereave, deprive of, plunder, Qarl
length of the person's shadow, cast by
[ex ^jusrru.^
the sun or moon, in calculating the ^L/igya/Lo,
s- [priv. jy.] Inunahour of the day or night, fia^ui^Sifii ;
shadow.] (p.) Wils. p. 42.
turencss, unri])eness, [r/.] over-ripeness,
what is past the proper age, u*o an/f^aou;;
[ex uig, ripeness.] Wils. p. 42. Apakva.
SjuQpfiii, s. Evasion, prevarica
^uigaiir, s. Unfit, unworthy
tion, disguise by dress, &c., pretence,
contrivance, pigtrib ; [ex {sir, to show.]
persons, persons ineligible for an ad
vanced, $lL<hhf.
(/).) Wils. p. 43. Apadesiia.
S/uuS(5,4^7, s. Sudden death, *^0juiajiLh, s. [priv. jy.] Want of
defect, perfectness, l/WiSKkcid. 2. One of
dying of some casualty, not of sickness
the thirty-two kinds of arsenic in its na
or decay, ^y*suiojcoiii. Wils. p. 43.
tural state, Q*B6auB&iaa&ib.

jtj u iL.es> m , . One of the lower

poisonous fangs of a snake, oriiJer *s*u
*^jULL&ih, s. [priv. sy.] Dislike,
opposition, uL^iSwasm. Wils. p. 42.
^u^stjujyeu&rjji, s. Ill-report,
slander, scandal, Dj#QunJ. 2. Rapine, <3
*jifu 3j<Lc,, s. Mistake in speech,
error, nonsense, untruth, falsehood, Quiii,
Wils. p. 51. Abadd'ha.
^jifu^pth, s. [prov.~] Disaster, ac
cident, calamity, Qmreib.
^jyu/iji?, s. [priv. sf-"] Impiety, u,i
^itSskesao. Wils. p. 52. Ab'iiakti.
^gijupplujth, s. [pric.
er, unfit or unsuitable diet or regimen in
medicine, deviation from prescribed diet,
ufiftuf^mg. 2. Transgression of absti
nence from venery as a medicinal pre
scription, gj#Li^iui4i^j>M. Wils. p. 43.
*jtj u ib uj ssr us , s. Removing, de
stroying; liquidating a debt, xi-tdt&tasx.
Wils. p. 43. Apanayana.
*jt]uQiGirpus, s. Taking away,
removing, rf*sM. Wils. p. 43. Apanoda.
^(-/loiL, s. Declination, in Astro
nomy, Siptspi. Wils. p. 43. Apama.
*^>fuiuus, s. [priv. jy.] Fearless
ness, intrepidity, jy#*uS!r>iD. Wils. p. 52.
Ais'iiaya. 2. An appeal, &K>ih. 3. (fig.)
A place of refuge, shelter, ^oi_*jtuii. (p.)
Sfu2jQiiirpeB>tBG0zr. Those who have
applied for protection.
u msn ass/i-iiuirehipuss/t-ituir^
fiii, . The right hand of a deity, idol or
great person raised in token of dispel
ling fear and in assurance of protection,
SlutuikiQsnQikss/umaup ieiQsit
Qts, inf. To dispel fear, cheer, encour
age, dispel fear by raising the hand or
otherwise, to give assurance of protec
tion. See 08, v.
Sjutuusli, inf. To call for suc
cor, cry for protection, appeal as in a
suit. See Q.
S/ututr, s. Warriors, veterans,
QuiieSii. (p.)
^utuei' <7.s(5, s- Assurance (given)
of protection, encouragement, dYo<?i
Sjutueisr, s. One who removes fear,
jl*easg)0<2uws&r. 2. The Supreme Being,
!_(*. 3. A warrior, hero,
A king of the Solar dynasty, Q*iq<&.
jsjuirt&Q, s. (Tel. (siatfoS-) Fine
gold, f/ '** ' Qirnlr.
*aq uirih s. The end, after part,
iif,u**,i. 2. The back, qpjj. 3. The hind
quarter, or hind leg of an elephant, ur\au
i!rocr4i. 4. Variance, discord,
The west, Gufxg. Wils. p. 44. Apara.
6. Hell, ri4. 7. The stern of a ship,
t/oSjrj^L>**6. 8. Coat of mail, *it. (p.~)
S/ug^ebr^ s. A younger brother,
lisirG*; [cx g;, born,] also written,
^m*, which sec.

S/urri&jrrearth, 3. Limited and su

SjU6d&.rTjyub-OLDneisr&rT, s. An
perficial knowledge obtained by the
ignominious death.
senses, &c, and subject to interruption, ^jyuaS^^irii, s. [priv. sf.~] Im
oblivion, &C, Quwfisai^^ij^f.
purity, uncleanness, l/c*^oS*)io; [exutSf
Slt-inisn^th, s. One of the five
Pub, purity.] Wils. p. 45. Apavitra.
powers or e/t&nb belonging to Siva.
*jt/uir<ELh, s. [priv. s\.~\ Immature(Ji. 157.)
ness, rawness, unripeness, uraiAAewa. Wils.
SI u a u jay, usg^un us sicsi us
p. 46. Apaka.
ulL^w, a. The second fortnight of the
moon, the moon in its decrease, Gpi> *^gijurraQiULh, s. [priv. sy.]
Unfortunatcness, wretchedness, iuui*tt<uib.
SjusQppJs), s. An inferior heaven,
Wils. p. 52. An'iiAOTA.
SI uns Stuck, s. An unhappy man.
S/ussrrptglsus, s. The last watch, "^juir^LD, s. [priv. sy.] Want of
sot_#u>ii. Wils. p. 44. Al'AHAHATKA.
desire, dguiJfiiaDio.
^/ujaiuff, s.
Advanced age. ^utr&Lh, s. Distortion, as st^nsw.
(9. 229.)
SI u s est it d @ uj th, s. A resulting jw u irefi essr uj^jy u it u_ stm to, #.
[priv. jf.'] Silence, Qmtrerii. Wils. p. 52.
equation, or correction following a cal
culation. 2, [in Hindu Astronomy.] The
equation of a given tabular number or
u rr gsht i_ ld, $. A false accusa
argument answering to the preceding
tion or report, Sifi*>^.
*T&Gia(2*JiuLiiabriibQunljr3r. He charg
SjuseSHgi, s. One of the five
ed me falsely with a crime.
powers or pp&aiis of Siva. (a-u. 157-158, *^uirp^,!Tu>, s. [priv. si-] Unfit
^rescue. 33.)
ness, unworthiness, ur0$tiS&atw. Wils. p.
S/usnSpefr, s. A name of Siva
47. Apatra.
and Vishnu, (lit) the unsurpassed.
*\Sj u ir T^sasr , s. [j/riv.
Wils. p. 44. Apaiiajita.
ing, omitting a meal after a partial fast,
Sit-inasmas, s. The afternoon, the
fourth part of the day or from twelve
minutes past one till thirty-six minutes * *g>l u rr t tb, s. Boundlessness, im
past three, tldrGarrii. Wils. p. 44.
mensity, r-i'.?..i.ji;L_ . WilS. p. 47. ArAAl'ARAIINA.
ra. 2. The supreme Being,
*j>fuj-irpu>, s. Offence, transgres jy uirtsu li, s. [priv. s/-} Non
sion, fault, guilt, insult, affront, <gppw.
existence, absence of a quality or thing,
Wils. p. 44. Aparad'ha. 2. Amerce
nonentity, gi^aoui. 2. [in Rhetoric and
ment, penalty, mulct, Q,s*i_ii; [cx jyu, et
Loyic.'] Negation, absence or destitu
rrp, to accomplish.] (*;*. 38.)
tion, i6iuni&icSQ&>i*n*m. 3. Annihilation,
9iiirarurrfi0iB}puQLigi@lri2-G}uugj. Pardon
<Cf<y:uii. Wils. p. 52. Ab'hava. [ex ur
my fault and save me.
mii, being.]
v&ttxiutuh. Universal negation.
S/usit^^Qsujuj, inf. To trans
jfttrenFlGiLjrarafltur urr(^}(tvQ. There is
gress, offend. See Q*i, v.
mutual negation.
S/usit$, s. A faulty or guilty
SI u it toil si cr
cSyu ireuuiSIrr wn~
person, an offender, <5^pi*. (og. 13.)
aaib, s. One of the eight laws of evi
*<juifi&&r5ih, s. [priv. s/-~} Nudi
dence of non-existence, the certainty of
ty, nakedness, /icyratrii; [ex uftiep, cover
the non-existence of a thing,
-.ing.] Wils. p. 44. Ai'AKicnciniADA.
* cjy/J ifl Lctrexiru), s. [priv. sf.~\ Im- *jyi5). A Sanscrit particle used only
measurcablcness, immensity, jycrsSuraxo.
in combination, implying superiority, &c,
Wils. p. 44. Aparimaka.
ptjuii- i. Wils. p. 52. Ab'ui.
*cS>IuiBl11is>, s. [priv.
UnliSIlS^itui}), s. Great heat, uPg
mitedness, immensity, ^adarsmc. Wils.
QiC/uii. 2. Agitation, affliction, ... .
p. 44. Aparimita. 2.
Wils. p. 53. Ab'hitapa.
i9 r, it, l'd, s. Striking, wound
*^/urfl tulip lis, s. [priv. jy.] Im
2. Tain, torture, c?^<.
mensity, u)tlij.*ieyffu).
Wils. p. 53. Ab'hig'hata.
*^>/u(Dj-irLL3:ih, s. [priv. jy.] Union
with the deity, a state of proximity to * jytSds/TUJLD, s. A pulmonary com
plaint, phthisic,
2. [pror.] Iras
liberation from births and of absorption
cibility, irritability arising from a dis
in the deity, *i_a|S^**w. One of the
ease, impatience, malice, envious or re
seven f&ast&.
vengeful feelings leading to sudden reta
SjuQrnrtl.^c^iTeBru>, s. Conscious
liation, Jtmp; [ex J, et
ness, or knowledge of identity with the * jdjlSI&iT <tis>, s. Robbing, Q&neh2etr
iSQods. 2. Attack, ct,v.*. 3. Taking
*^juecu>, s. [priv. si-] Weakness,
up arms, uw-Qvq(*&. Wils. p. 56. Ab*uiwant of strength, uoitfani. Wils. p. 51.
AnAi.A. 2. Unprofitableness, uselessness,
s. A companion, fol
unfruitfulness, vainness, unproductive
lower, Gimper. WTils. p. 56. Alt'lUSARA.
ness, uutrfomoio. Wils. p. 51. Al'IIALA.

*^li9&irTLh, s. Magic for a ma *j>Ii9ujt,ld, s. Consent, pleasure, *<J>jL9QFjl, s. Ambition, desire of
fame, 3iptuiSfiiuib; [ex jyj, before, et sft,
liking, wish, assent, rjiwfib; [ex j|lS, con
levolent purpose, practised with sacrificial
light.] Wils. p. 55. Au'nniuiiii.
sent, el lop, thought.] Wils. p. 54. An'uifire, spells, diagrams, &c, supposed to pro
duce mental aberration, love, hatred, loss
jytff^L/sar, s. A learned man,
of mental powers, paralysis and death, * *dtj l9 inmplir snr ld, s. Conjuration,
^^eoiQtjiar. 2. Name of Kama, Siva,
nifirtlji*?, Wils. p. 53. Ae'hich.vea.
Vishnu and the Moon, nudr,
enchantment, u>tgictSieeff. 2. Consecration,
* J)f l9 & it iR^iQl &iriP,ss>&, s. A
stfliarg^miaisQui; [ex ^lS, before, et
jf,SWaoi_ Wils. p. 54. Ab'iiimaxtraka.
er", to have form.] Wils. p. 55. An'mcourtezan, C<5. 2. An unchaste woman,
^jiSuxifslifiss, inf. To conjure,
Ji/JwfA Wils. p. 56. Ab'hisarika.
enchant by means of incantation with
*j>jiS!SliBj}py . An expunged naksacred ashes, &c, held by a magician *^i9si>ir3=LC:, s. Desire, eSr^uuLh;
[ex <syJ, before, et ua or u*, to like.]
in his hand and afterwards thrown on
shatra, sometimes introduced after the
Wils. p. 55. Ab'iiilasiia, or Ab'hilasa.
the person to be enchanted and into
21st, for astrological purposes, thus in
creasing the number to 28, ^QrriKSsLLj^
his mouth ; applied also to cure a disease, i^liSltsStUjijSLh, s. Clearness, dis
firi. 2. One of the eight muhurttas or
or to effect some specific object; to re
2. That which is re
hours, &r&@iAai. Wils. p. 53. Ad'iiijit.
peat incantations with the reception or
vealed, Qi.0iiuaDi_; [ex jjlS, to, et Juijj,
administration of medicine, atpuSjem
plain.] Wils. p. 55. Ab'hivyakta.
Qeiiv. 2. To consecrate, ilPe>i_
curse, oath, rtu. Wils. p. 56. Ab'hish'^/iBsQiuit^^!, s. Omnipresence,
r&eitSiuiuxib; [ex jyJ, everywhere, et tSiuruiji,
l9 ld esr jtj lQ ld eirGpi, s. Son
<jyi3 Hawaii}^yt5K?i_ti, . Sa
spreading.] Wils. p. 55. Au'iuvyapti.
lQ eQ QTj jifQ , s. Increase, aug
cred or royal bathing, or anointing as an
inaugurating ceremony a king, a guru,
mentation, continued increase, growth,
High esteem,
Sc.; the daily bathing of an idol with * =2y l9 lbit sir ld , s.
accession, tS*uQu<s(gms. 2. Advancement,
s[)ecial estimation, msrurani. 2. Care, love,
Ganges* water, oil, ghee, milk, ^ctopw*.
affection, Q**ib. 3. Regard, respect, honor,
Wils. p. 56. Ak'hisiikka.
(to others) **nb. 4. The sense or feeling ^jiSleS, s. (Hin.) Opium, efiru>(j^is^i.
^i_9(?fii,_il, . Macerated
of honor which leads one to abstain from jytSssr, s. Opium, ^itldq^is^i, Papaspices, &c. for anointing an idol.
mean or unworthy actions, magnanimity,
^diQeif,Lbu as/rear, inf. To anoint,
ver Somniferum.
greatness of mind, intrinsic dignity, nobi
pcur water, milk, butter, honey, fruit,
lity of soul, *.jrnr.i. 5. Glorying in, *^>jLQeke>>7Lh, s. [priv.
&C upon an idoL
294, 15.) Wils. p. 54." Ab'hiness, identity, unity, lomogeneousness, as
sears iti3(SeLf.SLD, s. The pouring
of heat in the sun or in fire, spffsnm.
of gold.
Wils. p. 54. Ab'hinka.
ji/lS ld nssrs(3jeis->p&&60U6sin6i>Tirii>, e.
utLi-iTLSQeLf.su>, s. Unction, the
^jiSeiiriGiri&pfsl, s. Visible nature,
noun. Dishonoring, disgracing a person.
act of initiating into office,
or maya as identified with the deity,
S\ lSldn earh$bI'neisr, s. A son adopt
jjreartgs)i$Q'sLf.su>, s. The pouring
ed after the proper age, or otherwise
* ^gy lQi earth, s. [priv. ^gy.] Kind
of boiled rice.
ness, gentleness, *^i4. Wils. p. 48.
*j>f l9 lL i_ ii , *. Quicksilver, gi
^/lSld near Qp sirsir QQnQpebr, s. A
familiar friend, one dearly beloved.
jyiSioriGifl, s. A very honorable *^tQeLf.iLheg>ji3LLiU>,s. Great
* ,!>! :1 n t svrih ^sy l9 (? ^ aj ld , s.
desire, wish, love, that which is beloved,
Name, appellation. Quay*. Wils. p. 53.
person, ivrdr. (o.u. 59.)
iB&ti<3uuib; [ex jjJ, superiority.] Wils. p.
Ab'hid'haxa and Ab'hid'heya.
^liSlwneerlss, inf. To honor, es
57. Ab'iteeshta.
jyiS/Stuti, s. Indication of pas
teem highly. Cm**. 2. To regard, love,
wQig>s)L5eLf,L-Lh, s. Great desire of
respect, aesnbuvitair. 3. To prize, value,
sion, purpose, &c, by gesture in dramatic
the mind.
appreciate, take great care of, glory in,
personification, acting, gesture, esQiui;ii
* ^gy lQ'it sir , s. [ex gyti?.] A cowherd,
boast of, icfit*.
VIA. on. 55.)
Qa>*. Wils. p. 53. Ab'hinaya. 2. A
treatise on gesticulation, ^jdiugrii.
Jga>i_!uSr. Wils. p. 57. Au'lIEEKA.
*j>jL9(Lp.mLCi, s. Presence, nearness,
l9 wit, s.
Actors, dancers,
*jyyrLo s. [priv.
et y^, been.']
QriQpmib. Wils. p. 55. Ab'himdkua.
Non-existence, absence, (*s;ia W7ils. p.
$ts*i?siT&ji3Qp&insueDifig. Calling one into
fL9isu9ss, inf. To express sen
57. Ab'bcta.
one's presence.
timents, as anger, sorrow, joy, &c, by * ^LQS^SQij-ijZem, n. [in grammar.']
^gyy^ffl/ eues>LD, s. A rhetorical
gesture; to assume an appearance, feign,
Quict {o[o.
jfiSmv^Qjuij. (ui&. 54.)
jyyuui, s. [priv. ^.] Cakes,
j>ii9r3u ld, *. Novelty, an extraor
pastry, <syijL//(jAii. Wils. p. 48. Apupa.
* jyiS) G> iu iron}), s. Challenging to
dinary or wonderful thing, mtigi. Wils.
fight, Gui<Tstsa>ijitawt. 2. War, battle, Suit. *^>ILj)Qf)<TULh ^jyy/favti, s. [local
p. 53. Ab'iiisava.
3. Prohibition, prevention, ^>i_; [ex jyJ,
and improp. ^f^ud>.] [priv. ,^,] bare
*j>\ l9 i Q su 3= ld, . Engagement
before.] Wils. p. 55. Ab'iiiyoga.
ness, unfrequency, an extraordinary or
in a particular business or department, ^>Il9tieiSi, s. The sq^Qis&ibS tree.
wonderful act or thing, j/tjtmio. Wils. p.
Q*tSs^Jr<;iia. Wils. 54. Ab'hini48. Apurva.
'^lQtlLsd-)^, s. Universal protec
tion, benevolence, rlnCjmii,. Wils. p. 55. *^jQu lLS, aSQpeisr, pQgeisr, u
jy i9 ljl9 i it iu ld, . Object, inter
Cubt, *, v. a. To desire earnestly, ii9
nal design, real purpose, intention or
(jiiu; [ex ^CJuLlao*.]
motive, _u-ai*ji. 2. The main object, *j>jiSl!T^!,s. Pleasure, @btuu). 2.
ji/QulLSui-i, v. noun. Desiring.
design or scope of a writer, C**4. 3.
Practice, occupation, QgciSa. Wils. p. 55,
The real or hidden meaning, iosnpQu(j*.
* Qu lLssi cF , s. Desire, hope, ex
389.) 4. Opinion, judgment, ad
pectation, desire and love united, anxious
j" it in ld, s. Beauty, ^tpg;
vice, counsel, naSmmb, Wils. p. 54. *^gtj[exl9<s>lS,
desire, eagerness, ,g>*. Wils. p. 48.
l%*mrim0t*iSuiSrT!jQj>iirt!r. To what
s. [priv. jy.] That which
does this word allude.
is not discordant, or dilferent, &c, union,
beautiful females, ff^uir^^QeuftyiJP. 2.
concord, similarity, ffu^nl^cwc. Wils. p.
Parvati, utimfi. 3. baraswati,
Speak from the heart, disclose your
57. Ab'heba.

*^>j G? u sar /i, s. Opium, ^/iSlevB.
Wils. p. 51. AriiENA.
*j>\up{F(Sits, s. A century, ^ir
(jkotS ; [ex ^ufiib, an era, et
Wils. p. 51. Abdasiiata.
*^H'jQrBiT iR hj rr u> th , s. One of the
twenty-one wmio, turstS^ufiQ^Bssr^Q^aiTp,
cSy i_j u .jy u u ill u. An interjec
tion of admiration, from which, by add
is formed ^uui^t ; expressing
also admiration, but more frequently la
mentation ; ah, alas ! jy##j#0&i.
^/ijuisf^ado. Thus, so. See uuf-. (c.)
^tf ill u lL i_ ir , s. The euLip$
cjuJ plant, Cissampelos, L.
^fijuSosar, s. [proo.] License, leave,
b-Asioj. 2. Security, bail, lS&ct. 3. Prop,
^syL/u^jTcir, s. [/>ro.] Elder sis
ter, ^i*r=r.
^gt/uuth, s. Rice cakes, bread,
pastry, [^iM/'iee.] hoppah, Sppekrif.. 2.
plant, Cissampelos, L.
jyuufCj^i, in/. To bake cakes,
bread, &c. See *G).
^uuen^dsin, s. Various kinds
of cakes, pastry, &c.
jy;ju/f, s. One of the three cele
brated votaries of Siva, who composed a
portion of the poem Gpaiifib, Biesnq-iuti
QpmtAQe4tGsm*- 2. Fathers, pkon^i.
jyuuarii, s. A kind of thin cake,

u lS iu ei sew istTeBTLD, s. Bathing

after anointing with oil.
*^gifuiSliu^3:e!srih1 s. Smearing the
body with oil, ib-QrajtjcM. 2. Apply
ing collyrium to the eye-lashes, mxaflcGima.
Wils. p. 57. Ab'iiyan.tana.
* ^gij lj lQiu t5 ss ii, s. Procrastination,
postponement, delay, ftupib.
*jij u iSliu iris^sk, s. Visitor, guest,
jf&jd. Wils. p. 58. All'lIYAGATA.
*^g>/iljL9iurr&ihy s. Exercise, prac
tice, application, custom,
p. 58. Ab'htasa.
nartsLnStjr<riA&}im. I have no practice,
no experience.
^1 u lS iu it ffwniLiQu ir0G), v. norm.
Becoming acquainted, accustomed, ha
&lui9iuir@, s. A practiser, one
who accustoms himself to any exercise,
^/uLSiun&ds, inf. To practise,
exercise one's self, u. (c.)
^jyut^iraLD, s. Mica or talc,
g>/M(2ur*Ai. Wils. p. 59. Au'nraka. Of this are five kinds: 1. Qurar
ruJiiA, gold-colored mica. 2. <2/*oS
uCiLSrxtb, silver-colored mica. 3. G>onj
tiraii, honey-colored mica. 4. B(ja>.^ij
Llnii, black-colored mica. 5. Q*i/s*iu
LSr*ii, yellow-colored mica.
^luL$tr<ssQ&ginru), s. Red oxide of
j u l$ irsppa, s. A plate or
lamina of mica.
gluiSasiseu&piii, s. Mica made
into an ointment.
^uiSliTsupuw, s. Oxide of talc.
^/uiSl!rsuirsLf.aee!irih, s.
One of
the thirty-two kinds of arsenic in its
natural state.
*=l>filji9<r&ir&ii>,8.[priv.<9/.'] Dark
ness, absence of light, gto*. Wils. p. 49.
jyuiBn-QjiiBLbiS. [priv.
uncelebrated or unpublished, Lirua&uutoeom.
Wils. p. 50. Aprasidd'ha.
*^g)j ill tStir^m^ shut ii ^sy ill i9 it lLS
atri6, *. [priv. jfj] Walking around an ob
ject of worship, or a temple, keeping it
on the left side, s^iscAutiitxpsimM; opp.
to iif?tiBa'(&.
* ^ui9j-^irei!rii,8. [priv. jy.] That
which is unimportant, a non-essential, qp4
Bujmpfig. Wils. p. 50. Aprad'hana.
^juLSnpneisFI, s. An insignificant
or unimportant person. (u^.)
*^){lj&!t usirGSsriis s. [priv. jy.] That
which is the cause or origin of true wis
dom, i. e. God, _(*.
*j>j u i3 r in it G8& as ti>^ui9nrir
mia&Asib, s. [priv. jy.] Unfaithfulness,

e_ Qgii@u u or ii>Gl&nppuueffiii, s.
Thin cakes made the first, of -"*>,
the second, of rice,
^ay ill u air it & it it ii , s. One of the
twenty-five bodies possessing sharpness
With SaltncSS, tL.snpui^QpiiuLlQpersj peeimg.
j)j u u (n?j jir 3s& , s. An unfailing
quiver for arrows, jjiAl/**- ; [ex ,^4, ar
row, the ih changed to ii, et sits, negative
to ceaseunceasing, unfailing,
ci^J, arrow cast]
^gyuussr, s. Father, p&uuehr.
Q u 18 iu u u ear, s. Father's elder
brother, (c.)
Qppuuebr, s. Father's younger
brother, (c.)
jyuu/r, s. Vocative of ^uue&r.
2. A word used by parents towards their
young children; sometimes to others in
calling, especially inferiors; and com
monly a word of respect to aged men.
3. An exclamation of surprise, grief or
pain, (c.)
^/ju/TLLzSsr, s. [prov.] A great
grand-father, cpiiufi^i-*.
<gq u u /reo, adv. Further, beyond,
on that side, furthermore, moreover, after
that, afterwards, Sagii; [ex jy, et urii.]
jijuuirsQ, s. A harmless, artless,
undesigning person, *ui_iAirr. 2. A
simpleton, Clkbj. (e.)
^uiSl, s. [p-oc] Elder sister, jyi
^uiSliruDiTeisfidseir, s. A liar.
*^)fuiSl iu ih a iij>j ill l9i'iu miasm ii , * J)/ ill i5l <r (Lp^uiBneisiLa, s. Fe
t. Anointing the head and body prepa
male of the male elephant supporting the
ratory to bathing, opQf* aeStQenru^nasM.
cast, Sijt^sna'iuBTssiAi^uQuelaiuiiiar. Wils. p.
Wils. p. 57. Au'iivanoa.
59. Au'iiuamu.

"^IiIii^tQldiuld^s. [priv. ,#y.] Unboundedness, immeasurableness, a&i%x^*>
pff. Wils. p. 50. Aprameya. 2. A
numljer, a hundred quintillions,
[ex iSiQwuib, measurableness.]
^/uiSlriQLDiuesr, s. One unlimited,
the Deity, <_ir.
* eg)] ill i9 t ii , s. A cloud, QldsslL.
Wils. p. 59. Ak'hra.
'jt/iljtSlj-Qiuir&ssTUi, s. [priv.
Uselessness, unprofitableness, fruitlessness,
*j>jilii9!rQajirG]xii>, s. [priv.
Any thing useless, tStQuiatsuppgi.
* ^jy u i9 cr it Q (r^JTi ii, s. [priv. ^."} Uneommonness, superiority, newness, rfC*
Wils. p. 50. Aprakrcta.
^luLSurr&0^^ iPffu>, s. Superior
or immortal body.
**g>liljiSt!rrre>s<$,x. [priv. j|f.] A poor,
pitiable person, nm,p. 2. A harmless, un
designing person, sutiS&> atmr. (c.)
^gyiliLf, s. A tree, un^liflwnih, Bignonia, L. 2. An arrow, jfiiy. 3. (Tel.
WSvy.) A debt, _*. (p.)
jyuLj, s. Water, Si. 2. The
sea, *i-Ai. (p.} Wils. p. 42. Ap.
jytjL/a9ar(g65Brio, s. The proper
ty of water, itAarp&mio.
jijtljLj, QQpssT) ^uiSQeeresr, Go/ear,
^iju, v. a. To stick or clap on with the
hand, as sandal paste, plaster, &c, or with
a trowel, as mortar against a wall, rAs.
2. To snatch at, as a dog, Q*t#. 3. To
apply in a patting manner, as, a lotion, a
fomentation, $pp. 4. [prvv.~\ To beat
gently with the hands, as in washing
miiu jyL/LiAQAf*rQGLVi/Bili_^. The dog
snatched and carried it away.
jyuu6>), v. noun. Beating, clap
ping. 2. Plastering with mortar, &c
^L/L/^y, s. The sound which the
elephant-keeper makes to excite the ani
mal, luf&eraBiuuuBaGorflu-GHQuireB*.
jyuL/p ii, . [used adverbially.] Fur
ther, beyond, on that side, furthermore,
henceforth, afterward, after that. See
jfCit-ip$g:*MuLipib. Let the future take
care of itself.
^juLfpuui, inf. To become
more distant.
ill l/ (vy^^irsaafl, s. One of the
thirty-two kinds of arsenic in its natural
State, 0rr4ri_L(j*#Qwifi.
^LissiiJ, s. A plant, ^uemusQan
sfi, Bryonia Kostrato, L. 2. A tree,
Qsrs&renp, Cassia, Li.
^juQuir(Lp^i^jytjCoi-//^, [vul-1
jltiGur, [poetic] juGu*&giyti. [used adver
bially.'] Then, at that time. jfA*ri>p*,.
2. Then, in that case, in such circum
stances, or under such condition, jyuoi^iS
<gia; [ex SI, et QuiQfff.]
Sfu(2uteD0*suGur.3[j. On proper occa
sions, forthwith, henceforth, from time to

^jtf tc/sdsstf lo, s. [priv. jy.] Inauspiciousnesg, mEXular<D0. Wils. p. 59.
^u)/siffssyu)/s<s?eu, s. A wi
dow, fiMfiDu; opp. to t&K]&u, a married
ui^uiaii, s. [^)roc] Cover,
concealment, mmpOLi.
.sfiD f l_ &wnuj&Qfujujy inf. To
act with secrecy.
jjfii>#t_*iooOTcw, in/. To keep
under cover, wrap up. 2. To preserve,
protect. 3. To do a thing without
noise, quietly.
^g>f lo 4= s= 6bt, . A king's minister,
<ar$fi. 2. The planet Jupiter, fluri0<i.
^sytciF*, j. The office of a minis
ter, aigitjQpiifiii. 2. A minister, u>*^A
^wfe&rr, s. King's ministers,
statesmen, senators, officers of state, at

^)jiMT&dsomQsis^sui, s. One of
the thirty -two kinds of prepared arsenic,

^sytciTii), s. A Sanscrit vocabulary,

the Amara Kosha, s'ffl*/lfi*<oi.
^yiniTii), s. A disease of the eye,
si(?CTj. 2. The revenue of a village
granted by the king to any one, 4f9*4.
3. The command of one thousand foot
men, t9teiaircvr&ale* turbans. 4. [prop.
dfuni.] The stern or hinder part of a
Vessel, G0iadle2arLSf>u*sib.
^/unrsainrear, s. The commander
of one thousand infantry.
*c/u>!rir, s. [priv. ^y.] The Devas,
inhabitants of Swarga, foes of the Asuras, the immortals, celestials, /<Jf; [ex
mi, those who die.] Wils. p. GO. Amara.
Siuinwnpncgytoj/fm/rfftf, s. God
desses, the females of the Devas, Qpiimiu
^wsnu^y s. God, at ajar. 2
Indra, *)fr. 3. World of the gods,
^LojSJttja), s. Office of a mi
^/ld!tit6u$, s. The capital of In
nister, am&titjsnb. 2. A cabinet, coun
dra, feijflrsirmih, Wils. p. 60. Amabacil. j*^iM<?r*Sar. 3. A chapter on the
duties of a minister, (spdlatQuw^i^ur^i
ww it en ^Qvuiresr^ s. Indra, Qp
jy ld^S^lS^S, s. (For.) Com
ldQ n & air, s. Indra, ^ib^hsst.
pelled service, _BQ*_#iflw mat ^itQmiu.
Wils. p. 60. Amauksiia.
^LD^Qiuirar. s. A pressed work * J)/ lo t & tu ih =gyu>J'/r<s=iZjLo) s. [in
physiology.] One of the
of the body,
the stomach,
^aym, s. Inveigling, entrapping,
.jyto //?,. Ambrosia or nectar, jy
uS|i.s>. 2. Urine,
3. The goddess
^fwQuakiressr, inf. To inveigle,
Durga, gx*<x>e. 4. Poison, Be>ii. (p.)
take one in.
^/LDifliijuLj, s. Urine salt, the salt
taken from urine, 8jpAv!><5*Q0<di<g<!puLi,
jf">tLi_, tr. a. To reprimand, up
one of the five kinds of a-iiq.
braid, jpiiij-. 2. To inveigle, entrap, en =jy Lhiil <hst<B, s. Quietness, stillness,
snare, a*<suu<240. 3. To hector, bully,
tranquillity, calmness, jycnua) ; [ex ^wi,
overpower by sophistry,
4. To
to be quiet.] (c.)
move tiles, &c, qnLi 5. To overcome
one, as sleep, Cio/>Q*iorsr. 6. v. n. To wab *g>l lmBiu in, s. A tree, the (5(5/5^7,
ble, turn aside, be unsteady as a bench
Trichilia, . 2. The 0**uij(i, flower of
with uneven legs, i^ra.
the Michelia, L.
*aar4srAimji^Q8p^. Sleep overcomes =gy Lc/f, s. War, fighting, strife, with
all the din of war, Qurf. 2. Wall around
^ldl1 <gj m lL es> & , v. noun.
a fort, tofiii. 3. Rage, fury, crisis of a
disease, the violence or paroxysm of a
Threatening, threat, menace,
fever, delirium, -*fflrii. (p.)
tcsjartb, s. Twenty thousand betel^/wuit, s. Foes, enemies, usaa
nuts, @(5U$&eSr0ur*<g. See .jyafegriA.
Note. In poetry it is used for jftimaaii,
-1. (p.)
^wani ^/wiBiupfl, inf. To
fight, war. See ,g and Quipp.
9-<7u. In this the number ugi^SraQstc.
s. An undaunted
is the same as ^mBuioaanb, half
hero, one who considers his wounds re
naked, and so the verse is ambiguous and
ceived in close action as ornaments.
may mean, she was naked.
^LDsisr, s. The Jaina religion, <f
f/iDndswii, s. [impr. j/LDdsarw.]
vts&rtafiih. CP>)
Field of battle, Guiitxaib 2. A confus
^/Loeetrir, s. The Jainas as a sect.
ed noise, stir, bustle, tumult, agitation,
See *tcsB*r.
conviviality, ^rrii.
jyLc azor _ii), s. The castor-plant,
eSjTj/E^LOffff^oT-ii, s. Stir and bus
,gioOT*<g. Wils. p. 59. Amanda.
tle, as talking, cooking, going out and
coming in.
ji/ltj^, s. [priv. j>j.~] Want of
QeiiartTeairGauiuJLDrrsaeni})) s. Stir
knowledge, ignorance, u^kldrcuo. Wils. p.
and bustle of harvest.
59. Amatj.

Spar, G*ar, jf">', v. n. To l)e or become

still, tranquil, settled, quiet, hushed, calm,
serene; to become pacified, appeased, obe
dient, submissive, ^ow. 2. To rest, re
pose, enjoy repose, g)*uurp. 3. To settle,
sink, be deposited as a sediment; to sub
side, become close and hard as sand by
rain, j/i-m*. 4. To agree, Qurgig. 5. To
become compressed, condensed, u^m. 6.
To abide, dwell, remain, S><t*. (P(jtli.)
7. To rejoice, be placid, cheerful,
8. To abound, be abundant, QuroSu. 9.
To be magnanimous, Oucjewcura. io. To
wish. desire, %iiLi. (op*.) II. [</.] To be
(p.)Note. This verb
forms a past. part, jjiotfu, as well as the
usual, ^u>i&0 ; as, .syujAuG^azr, tlie army
which fought.
sippioiiffttcigi. The wind has subsided.
LynflS>ruioi*,sj!. The dust is settled.
igeuj/ir&xmtikfQptjPii. Office agreeing with
his rank.
jfsannitg!. Rejoicing in heart.
QpxanoiBg/ivi. Giving with a shining
j/oigiiigiCfaatcMfigj. He has obtained
^/LtuririT, s. Foes, enemies, the
insubordinate, ue*/f. (p.)
=jy Lo/f
QQ/oeor, ^inrr^Qesrssr^
C/<Sr, jfurfAj, v. n. To make quiet, tran
quillize, settle, make steady, quell, miti
gate, appease, &c, j^-**. 2. To press
down, put or keep down, (a person or
thing inclined to rise,) put or hold down,
suppress or curb pride, anger, &c, repress,
restrain, j^ior*<2jiij. (c.) 3. To prepare,
tr^/ltaibuemm. 4. To engage, employ, Bf>u
5. v. n. To engage in battle, Oun.
laT>0a(Gmiei*i9-il]>w*\*uuii$$sg*ar. He haS
prepared things necessary for the puja.
ui5$uju>it0, inf. To seat a com
pany in rows at a feast.
cSy lo ti , s. [priv. ^j.] Purity,
beauty, q^it. Wils. p. 60. Amala. 2.
Spotlessness, immaculateness, ^ASttmm.
^weoesr, s. The Supreme Being,
*i_lr. 2. A pure person, u>nis. 3.
Siva, &ior. 4. Argha, jj<y*. 5. Vish
nu, <Si^Qgw.
^lo^o, s. The goddess Lakshmi,
gu*,gut. Wils. p. 60. Amala. 2. Parvati,
xg/LciSso, s. Noise, din, sound, e?eS>.
2. Boiled rice, Cjj. 3. Abundance, <gfi.
eStjLDSCjyLD^ffi), a. Abundance,
tBigfr. (^t/*fii.) Tp.)
^gtjixi&fl, s. Tumult, uproar, bustle,
stir, press of business, ^runt. (c.) 2.
Bed, mattress, &c, for sleeping on, Qn>*
wp. (p.) 3. Sleeping room, uewtt^oop.
4. [pro.] Abundance, fruitfulness, i*^).
900. What is the bustle in his house
uartbuifiifiuGueglB&>to>miu>fiiure2(!fJc(gui. Now
palmyra fruit will be more abundant.
^gy ld etfl u sott csor, inf. To scuffle,
contend, wrangle, scold at.
^lo^tt, s. A plant, gf/TLi.
^yLo/r^^uj/r, s. King's ministers,
councillors, um$As4t. Wils. p. 60. Amatya.

c^te/r/f, s. (Port.)

A cable,

*j>j isiirir&xih, s. [jjriv. ^sy.] Heresy,

irreligion, Qaifu^rcQ, 2. Viciousness, go*
iDr**ii. Wils. p. 61. Amahoa.
*^>j u> it eu Sjif Lorreu it S?jij ldit
w0m, 8. The new moon, conjunction
of the sun and moon, gjnAflpCuriio; [ex
jfur, et #, to abide.] Wils. p. 61. Amavasi and Amavasya.
^1 w a eu rr@si-Qp60, v. noun. The
ending of the titlii preceding the new
moon, the commencement of the new
^Lo/rsarii, . [prir. jy.] Immensi
ty, countlessness, jysSfsrou!.
usiresr), s. [Arab.] Land or other
sources of revenue not rented but under
the direct control of the Government offi
cers, g)iT*S'riM<*Awrd)u*&.
^gytSdFii, s. Part, portion, a frac
tion, UD. 2. The numerator of a frac
tion, Gu)*)/jScu*Ji. Wils. p. 1. Amsha.
3. Good fortune, ^a^i-ii. See jyiBio.
^sytfl*, s. The sun, /flujeor. 2.
An atom,
3. Light, ray of light,
splendor, Jrom, Wils. p. I. Amshu.
^lSsJiL, s. [priu. ^gy.] Immensity,
boundlessness, jfatSarasio. Wils. p. 61.
^jiDptglirekj>j lS
(T7j, s. [prio.
^.] Foe, enemy, ueo*uar. Wils. p. 61.
*^lBqf)^blc1 (St.) ,=g>/
Immortality, jy9j>ui. 2. Ambrosia, nec
tar, milk, honey, ^Asii. 3. A restorative,
a reviving medicine, stimulant. zpi*as>*
$B$gia2(3wfi(5in<5sg!. 4. Sweetness, gjfiiflewfl. 5.
Water, /*. 6. Final emancipation, Quxc
ib. Wils. p. 61. Amiiita.
/lIit&60&ud, s. That which con
tains nectar, (fig.) a woman's breast.
ji/uSrr^&'Sei}, s. A phase of the
tgjiHrp@!TGtmeisr, s. The moon.
jfiHir^iEis&liEis, inf. To be dis
turbed, shocked, &c. as the brain by a
^jt^iT^f(^&e36sB, s. A medica
ment supposed to restore the slain to
^iBn^iStkgi^ s. One of the thirtytwo a-ui$ifiib.
lS Ap a & to, s. An ambrosial
^jtdliTpQjeo&S, s. A creeper. See
gyn2/f#Br, . An immortal, God,
*i_G|<sr. (p.) Wils. p. 61. Amkita.
S\i&npn&<ssrnjuQpgiT&eBnT, s. The
gods, Qpmt. Wils. p. 62, AmritaSHANA.
^lBtss)^, s. (Si.) Immortality,
imperishableness, jySSr>in. Wils. p. 61.
^LSeo.s/r/r, s. (Hin.) An officer
employed in collecting revenue, ^rW.

* ^jy Qp p U>eg/ lB (TFjjB ld, 8. Am

^lSlp, QQpsisr, ibQ^sbt, Qeueisr,
if, v. n. To be immersed, plunged; to
brosia, nectar, the food of the gods, obtain
sink, <g(e.
ed by churning the sea of milk, Q^s^amai.
2. Sweetness, gcaflaom. 3. Milk, u/4. 4.
ff&s*QP2$iir$*titii}ikg&iLi-iBsr. He sunk
Water, t>. 5. A medicine, a medicament
in a sea of sorrow.
that restores to life, a cordial, g/twsiff. 6.
^/lSlp^lti, s. Ambrosia, nectar, the
Final emancipation of the soul or eternal
elixir of life, C,cj<i|. (j>.)
felicity according to Hindu philosophy,
GP,i>. 7. A kind of liquor supposed to
=sy lS i^jgs , 8.
Ambrosia, nectar,
ooze from the brains of a class of yogis,
jyu9r,sii. 2. Sweetness, any sweet thing,
on which they subsist. (Sec ^q^/j'jSot.)
J)ceSi>i/). (p.)
8. Curds, ptSi. 9. Three kinds of medici
nal fruits, P^ujw. 10. Three kinds of
spices, Wi<g. 11. A plant,
<?*, jji/ftiAj, w. . To immerse, ingulf,
jy(jD^d>u), s. The sea of milk,
sink a thing, .gfM*. 2- To press down,
ur;i>i_*>. 2. Water,
3. The female
into or under another substance, as press
ing a thing into the earth, &c., to lower,
breast, Q*m. (p.)
^IQpgigGtiii, 8. Shepherds, ^eai
i. The learned, the great, t*Co?'.
<?(*, jyuS(*j, 1). . As jyiitf , which
^jQppmianmpiE^&i-, s. A poison
ous substance enclosing something valu
able, as the covering of ginger root,
^Il?53),s. (Hin.) An inferior officer
which is to be rejected, &c. 2. A per
in charge of village affairs under the
son with harsh words and good disposi
Amildar, gg$$<2uis<iiijser.
^IQp,i3 t it<j>y (Lp s
/r, s. A
jyQpjg&tTTjdaeiDiT, s. A medicinal
medicinal shrub, branched winter cherry
sugar prepared from the 9ti&i root or
with a tuberose root, having deobstruent
and diuretic qualities. It is pulverized
s. The nectarine
and taken as a decoction, g,i\o^i^uy,Q,
principle in the head or brain from
Physalis FIcxuosa, L.
which the silent, motionless devotee is
^jQpiSgird@ifiiKi(^j s. The root
supposed to obtain nutridon, support
and enjoyment, when living without
of the same.
external food.
IQppL\L-uii>, s. A creeping plant,
GmcSr, gjcpt*, v. a. To crush, press or
Roo;5"! Periploca, L.
squeeze, as a fruit, a boil, &c, jrovr*. 2.
Press down, press in or under, as a vessel
jPIQppuunnss)eu,8. A favorable or
into water, immerse, depress, press down
propitious look, as of a lady towards
or in, indent by pressure, jynfifA*. 3. (.fig.)
her admirer, (^^BfiuBisaai.
To oppress, Q*(jA.
^IQppGLDihpGO, v. noun. Giving
AQ&iQsut>uuQp&&Qii!Bssur. Sink the
food to ascetics and other virtuous
brass pot in the water, draw it up, and
persons, guests, as one of the nine
bring it.
kinds of qKri=tfljii, and of the sixteen
jy(joi(5, v. noun. Compression,
depression, oppression as by nightmare,
^/QptsQiuiTgu), s. [in astrology.'] The
pressure as by the hand of the bailiff,
auspicious conjunction of a certain day
jjOtfignv*. 2. That which compresses,
of the week, phase of the moon and lu
depresses, &c, an incumbent weight,
nar constellation. See <?iuri4.
^IQpprr, 8. Celestials, euirQ^ir.
IQp*(aAw aflfiiQsBtfaGl&iisfiStnr. lie
2. Herdsmen, si_io/. (p.)
lay crying out, prostrate under the
jy Qp$ eueoeS , s. A creeper, as
Qp a 6bt , s. One who does
tilings secretly, Sim9^ffi^s(giiiSpui.u
^IQppQeufippg), s. Letters deemed
Gun*. 2. A sly, cunning person, dis
propitious and proper to begin a poem,
sembler, a deceiver,
(c.) 3.
or to be in other important places.
[proi\] Nightmare, ^^is>nSeuGP*iofS.
They are the vowels, ^y, g),
, and
=D/(ip<iQ&ir]5<S-)8.[local.'] Acleaver.
the consonants, *, *, t. *, "j. ar, or all
the letters but the eisQ*af^.
^Qppn&esrir, s. The gods, as
Ca/CT-, sjopms, v. n. To be pressed, crushed,
to yield to pressure, (as a ripe fruit, a j>l(ip^iri0, s. A plant, the ySsw*
boil, &c) l>ecome shrivelled, dried up
mvB, Dolichos, L.
as a blister, jfof'/s. 2. To sink, ^liiji.
Ambrosia, ^Qpfiih. 2.
3. Water, ti. 4.
*JQSfpQa/Aw r&GQpsiSuGurf&rscr. The
Milk, urAi. 5. Boiled rice, Cms>. 6. Food
house falling, they were all crushed.
A restorative me
^fQp&LD, s. A shrub, SgnQs-gu
dicine, elixir, cordial, ginxsi^. 8. Taste,
dmmi. (p.)
^g>j(zp&y s. Soot, $LlL-eB>p.
^l(ipgjQ&ujiLi,inf. To take food,
(applicable to superiors.)
^(Lp^t&aLh, s. A shrub, as ejgws
'<-"$> s< Raw rice.

^/QpjpGLDtr/T, . Sour milk used

for curdling.
Sf(jo#rf-li_, inf. To give food,
nurse or suckle a child. See ani.
slLlQp^i, 8. Rice tied up for a
j^Qp.i^tsi, s. A vegetable poison,

jyDica/, v. noun. Subjection, sub

ordination, acquiescence, Qurasigx**. 2.
Composure of mind, tranquillity, con
tentment, wria>ic^). 3. Repression of
the senses, subjection of the mental
powers, jyi_A*i.
gjenweuL-axixiy s. Concealment,
security, silence.
^jsnweussr, s. The god of the
Jainas, jy<j<ar. 2. An ascetic, gjptQfirdr.
3. A tgysdi. 4. (in general.) One who
controls the passions, jfL-*s(tp<m-Qjtor.
5. A learned man, .jfjSejsra-Siuri*. (p.)
cjyamto, dQQpeir, pQp&sr, uQuesr,
**, v. a. To settle, compose, cause to
yield, reduce to order, adjust, subject or
bring to a right state, adapt, prepare, rfiu
u<3fp. 2. To get into possession, secure
unjustly, get over to one's interest, secure,
f.:-i!. (u<s. 21.) 3. To appoint (di
vinely), destine, institute, fix, spi*. 4.
To make, create, form, produce, a-RfcO
uekraxf. 5. To effect, accomplish, bring
about, perforin, manufacture, Q*iig:Qpi$.tx.
6. To cook, prepare food, h<>a*. (j>.)
si{eraDioj*jBuif^>*(5u>, It will take place
as God has appointed.
jyw.uiUL/, v. noun. Appointment,
institution, destination, destiny,
^IsaiLD&ai-y s. The office of a mi
nister, io*W,jC>JB$A>. 2. A minister of
^antsS, s. Quietude, peace, still
ness, calmness, submission, obedience, sub
jection, subordination, acquiescence, jfi-*
4. 2. (p.) Greatness, excellence of cha
racter, glory, ifliLiflaom. 3. Quality, pro
perty, ptiranji. 4. Opportunity, ewutb. 5.
Satisfaction, contentment, >crAff). 6. Time,
srtiib. 7. l'lace of residence, >/f<*iJsuii.
an in iu lb , s. Time, <s/rsv>ii>. 2.
Opportunity, euuib. See .synuuui. (p.)
*jy(?t/>/r<sii, s. [priv.
et QtniraLo,
vain, barren.] Plenty, abundance, uS>.(p)
^Q^tsioiiuiSiiimfigi. There is a rich, abun
dant harvest, or crop.
=2yi-b, s. Beauty, ^jjfi^. 2. Water,
a. 3. Cloud, Sio*iS. 4. A connecting
particle, esfivnu, as u^ajcaruj, Tamarind
fruit. 5. Termination of a verb, ^issruSar
as, Bs&tmfmb A>serii, also of some
verbal nouns, !&<jrijQuu#'jJI, as,
C*rili-|. (p.)
**g>] Lh&Lh, s. {in Tamil, ^/@&i}>.']
A goose, gander, swan, jiarartb. Wils. p.
967. HensA.
'^LhuaLb, 3. Eye, seesr. Wils. p.
62. Ambaka. 2. Elevation, -.,
Grant, leave, permission, dismission, 0.4
firi. 4. Copper, Q*i4q. (p.)
^fLhusBLci, s. [proc] Money agreed
to be given to an actor in a comedy, ajpr

^tfftpfi, 3. Urine, Qjpi&ir.

^/QpiftiLiui-i, s. Urine salt, QgiMtB
el^iQjjQAgapiiq. One of the five kinds
Of A-UU.
^tfapso, s. (Hin.) Theft, detection
of theft, smuggled property, ef.
jKSPiiJij.AsKir. He detected a theft, he
brought out a thief.
^>f(Lpir^<zLD, s. [priv. jy.] That
which is formless, shapeless, unembodied, incorporeal, -(ySAp3j. WUs. p. 61.
<Slgpn$ssr^/Qpirplsl, 8. An in
corporeal or immaterial being, as the
deity or the soul in the Smnii state.
^{tpnp^l&irprTsQiuui, s. One of
the immaterial benevolent states of
Siva, &miar$$C-0e&jrexftiia$(5iiQtz&git
^D/Qld^jSiuld, s. [priv. jy.] Uncleanness, excrement, jfx/tpib. WUs. p. 62.
,jy sj) ld, s. Bamboo, QpiaQio. (p.)
^^yaDui, QQpssr, isQp&r, (?a/6Br, nj,
v. n. To yield, come to a right state,
submit, comply, obey, acquiesce, <nim$its.
2. To become settled, peaceable, quiet;
to subside, uy.u. 3. To be at one's dis
posal, as a thing that may be effected,
acquired, brought to good order, &c,
mmatM. 4. To fit, suit, join nicely, be
adapted to, fflwiu. 5. To be destined,
be subject to a divine appointment or
destiny, good or bad, J^lAgiiui-. 6. To
be made, formed, adjusted, p*^. 7. To
be satisfied, contented, composed, comfort
able, resigned, fiafi&aiwM. 8. (in the third
person only) To be enough, sufficient, Qur
pax*. 9. To happen, occur, come to pass,
10. To belong to, be connected
or combined with, be appropriate to, Our
(S*s. 11. To be obtained, #<at. (p.)Note.
Most of the meanings of this word have
reference to the mind.
6tm$rfi&pstnu>i&mi&Qpmdr. He is one
who obeyed the shastcrs.
QwLf&)eereawi^eueBr, 8. One who
has suppressed the five senses, or to
whom the senses are subject.
trSBrd*rglmsmw&fi srfitudt. It is a
matter at my disposal.
ter<l($liulpxeDUl*0uij.mLjipgi, It has
occurred to my satisfaction.
*a&&siti ssrtfsarui). J|fsio/io. Good and
evil are appointed according to former jyLoz-jarsjr, s. One of the thirty-two
kinds of arsenic in its natural state, 8)ui
QrqtimnQeijuiifiGtaBSAitmiff, Owing to
dissatisfaction at inability to do charity.
cg>] ua u i_ ld , 8. The shrub t-j Qpi
Jfsoujuafairliar. Eat enough.
girLifluu &i*>pm&i*ase>ii>tfig. Salvation jyusuu-Gdui, s. [not common.] A
is of God.
grinding stone, ^yiiuS. 1. A chariot, >ytb.
^/enwujn-siD'j), neg. v. noun. Un3. A boat, g>i-i4. 4. The open air, Qirf.
subniission, insubordination, disquiet5. Silver, 0ar*. 6. Lead,
7. A cornmeasure, mtst&i.
ness, unfitness, 9uuii*jiw>id,

to u lL t_ ear ^t/Lhu-p.L-.ssr, g.
A barber; the barber caste,
Wils. p. 62. Amuasutua.
^/wuLLids^^l, s. A razor.
^/U)ULLlP$g), 3. [prop. jU>ULLL-&
9.J Barber's wife.
,jy ii>u sssrp-sl, s. Durga, the evil
goddess, gjitmm. (p.)
^/LhussiirLh, s. A corn measure,
mrixr&i. (ffiwiiup.) 2 . Tortoise, tganio. 3.
Water, is. 4. Plantain tree, /ris. 5.
Beam of weighing scales, gatiQsiAi. (ji.)
^jLhusssrsuir, s. The name of a
caste, &i0t$zjts,
*^PjLbua-LD, 8. The sky, atmosphere,
ether, as one of the elements, <k"i6. 2.
Cloth, clothes, apparel, 91*>. Wils. p. 62.
Amuara. 3. Region or point of the com
pass, W. 4. Sea, ocean, i_a>. 5. (a:.)
Bed, tLQsib.
^titJS3)/r, . Bismuth, StSlHsir.
jijwueanisnfili), s. Mica, as jyu
cgyiiu/r, 8. That place, there, sya;
Ji_i4. 2. Name of a town in Qtiy<2in><i>,
g,<st. 3. Amber, Succinum, L. See 9*Gwfc>.
LfiasrthuiT, 8. Ambergris, amber of
an ash or black color.
Ou(T6sr6Brii)u(f, s. Amber of a
yellow color.
j>j LDuea^S, 3. The ^nasrrS tree,
Terminalia, X. 2. The )>&\> tree.
^$1 ihuetiLh, s. An open building in
a village for public concourse or for trans
acting affairs of justice, u. 2. Open
space, public, Q<. 3. An ornamented
or painted room, a room containing pic
tures and statues, SfcV_i_i2>. (p.)
jjwueit&uatigBiQ<y(2ujr. Do you transact
public affairs ?
cGro(p(Ju**l5jnucu(?ic1pCifl#. Will the poor
be heard in the court? 2. Justice is over
ruled by power.
^jfnrjQatpQ&rcirL-ihuevGopairGar. Can
one partially informed come before an
assembly; i. c. lor discussion.
^1 a> u 6xi d s n jj ear , s. A chief of
the ivarllcr caste, as saeitstfippteiwar,
2. He who publishes the decrees of the
assembly, (p.)
^/wueOLDns, inf. To be left to
the wide world, be abandoned. 2. To
be made manifest, to become public.
^q^s-^p pihuoiih, s. One of the
names of the pagoda of Chellambrum.
=jy Lhu<rtsQ(Tij<i<!ELh, s. The fsleo'Zeo
^gjLhueo, s. Private conversation
concerning an improper action of others,
especially concerning love intrigues,
fitgmpix^pAj. 2. Detraction, ill-report
founded on truth, defamation, abusive
language, uSO(otJ. (p.) 3. (c.) Name of
the country of C**^tjr, an eminent man,
^LhuiriULO, s. Pains of childbirth,
iSnrvaiuip). 2. Pain in general, t-wfi. (c.)
^Lour/rii, s. Heaps of tobacco,
palm leaves, corn, &c, whether in or out
of doors, guSu*;. (c.)

^gtjLbuirifi, s. (Hin.) A howda or jytoLysS, s. The moon, #k$neisr.

scat placed on an elephant, turtesGmpptS*.
2. One of the ten parts of infant poetry
showing the moon to the infant, jyiiL/Sij
,jy ihsuir siSswa, s. Mother of uireaar
u<5i&. (p.)
Q, ua*rfflS<*cjj. Wils. p. 62. AmBAIJKA.
jfWLfeSlu>irekt s. The moon, sis
2. Durga, &itv>x. 3. The goddess ^erm
fit*, (c.)
lj &$ ld rr ear a it lL Q^ei), v. noun.
^/LhuirsO, s. A garden, Q^iruLiii.
Showing the crescent moon to a child.
it) uireu earth, s. Name of a bird
to Lj en it Q esFI , s. The lime tree,
with eight feet, in Hindu mythology, or =jytrgii&tsK*.
2. The ur&/l tree, Bignonia, L.
uuuC&. (pi)
s. The earth, &&ii> ; [car
^yii>t9, s. A raft, float, Qpuuu>.
j/ii, water, ct iyS, land.] (pi)
2. A small hoat,
3. Dhoney,
4. An instrument or beam for rais *^gy /i> an /_/ , s. One of the three daugh
ing water for irrigation, water works, #i
ters of kasirajan, xcSiwirnp&fi.
o^irii. 5. A well-basket, a basket for ^Hjihetnu, s. A kind of odoriferous
casting forth water, ,anp>x^ax. 6. A
root, Q/lL<Ji#; Andropogan, L.
rope used for drawing water, piibLj. 7.
s. One of the
Water pot, i4u. (p.)
seven members of $j0*ifla>0taeSijur, in
ld l9 !, . Parvati, uttneufsl.
which the lines increase and diminish like
(pi) 2. Mother of Dhritarashtra, M*rni
the waves of the sea, seSuuisSS^^uq ;
is,-.Wils. p. 62. Ambika. 3. /sc^
[ex j/ihuA, water, el prdt*'A, wave.] (p.)
Gflaxmg. 4. Kali, *.
s. The sea, ocean,
libt5aDeuwivjjlw&nbu*Qtor(5srgBib, Ambii_Ai. Wils. p. 63. Amb'iiou'hi.
gai did not open her eyes at all. (un^ii.)
^jiinSeas^eanuesr, s. Ganesa, e&isir ^g>f tisQ u tr^B, s. Wind, mirpjp. 2.
Meaning of a poem, uriii^arcy^jsii. (pi)
^/wLSeasuirsdir, . Siva (lit.) who ^gijthiM. A word calling for atten
tion, GxQaar&i, as jjiioO^(j. Listen,
possesses l'arvati as half of himself.
Kottan. 2. An expletive, jwiud**0&i
^lcl/, s. Arrow, <$ijilirw. 2. The
as, umedlarj^ioarpthtDSsinib. It is plain tliat
lime tree, tgtiSia^. 3. Young and tender
lust is injurious, (pi)
4. Bamboo,
5. One of ^gtjLbiiiiL., adv. So much, so far.
the thirty-two kinds of arsenic,
Sec u>ti.
utavaaib. 6. The urfiA tree, Bignonia,
^LQUqrfpgnets&cSiwt-i&apsneissfl, s. ,-jy iitosrarii, s. Nakedness, Sq^eun
mii. 2. [prou.] Obscenity, lewdness, cjw
An inexhaustible quiver. Sec j/uugp
^lu>i$p(ets>$jij usLjdQemp, s. The ^ytiiLoti), s. The female breast, (jo&o.
feather of an arrow.
ld Ldossr s. A kind of play with
^gytoL/ids-, s. A quiver.
balls, ^ibuxlar. 2. Balls used in the game,
tythioB%ar**riu. 3. A mother, firiu. (p.)
^/LDL/Loi'ifit s. A shower of arrows.
g. Mother, pirtu.
^jiiLjeS(B^irjnh,s. A bowshot dis
jtjLBLLir, s. Mother, piriu. 2. Ma
tron or lady, wu>ra. (c.) 3. An exclam
* ^gy iL l/ , s. Water, /f/f. Wils. p.
ation of grief, sympathy or surprise, pro
63. Ambu. 2. Cloud, CmiA.
bably from .syiiio, ^PjiuAo/SOl/. (p.) 4.
^jwt-i&ui&iihu.&trpw, s. Tlie
An expletive, g>ix,n*Q>tii. 5. Vocative of
jfiiiOTir, mother.AW. It is used by the
lotUS, erweur. Will. p. 63. AmbCTA.
as an honorific, as int^ibmi, Bp
^u>L/^ii,s. Cloud, Glo.su>. Wils.
Qfijiiutbioa, iJgaiSliutbiDr.
p. 03. AmBUDA. 2. Water, ; [ex
lis in rr is^1 t ih , adv. So much.
what gives.] (pi) 3. A grass, draw,
See u*&&Bih.
^/wLf^ ^wLjiSfil, s. Sea, ocean, ^jyzijUj/riu, s. Maternal grandmother,
ptm>uijQu^<sit. 2. A coaxing expression,
<y4jjWi. Wils. p. 03. Akbvo'hi and
dear mother, (c.)
^wLjiuii, s. The lotus, prrwanrr. j)j titfi/roV, s. A mother, fSiriLi. 2.
Any matron by way of respect, spAjitA. (c.)
Wils. p. 03. Ambuja. 2. Well-basket,
.jyiiLo/refear, s. The same as ^li
bJbt. A play with balls by females, gid
ayii)L/ luppeueisr ji/
iu 6Br , s.
fcnurii. 2. A species of verse originally
Brahma, (W.) he who sits on the lotus.
sung with the game, but uow not so
ji/iiL/ff/T, s. Sea, ocean, sido,
limited, gtttSrukpm.
(lit.) collection of water. Wils. p. 03. c&lujLtstreisT, s. Mother's brother, the
maternal uncle, piiiamk. 2. The father's
^jihQuneuo, s. The lotus, fsnw
sister's husband, ji0*>p*ss*meir. (r.) 3. A
Wils. p. 03. Amb'hoja.
father, ^uu*. (pi)
tseoeoiiwirar, s. Mother's brother,
jytoCuiT.jw, s. The moon, ffi
uncle by the mother's side.
fit*. Wils. p. 03. Amb'hoja.
jyLoG?uff-(T5<iLo, g. The lotus, ^sn- ^jLOLbir^uu j=5=//?, s. A plant, &<i
giiijutfinS, Euphorbia hypcricifolia, L.
mow. Wils. p. 63. Amb'iiouciia.

&Giiuuuimneisru&&ifl&) s. A plant,
Euphorbia rosea, L.
QuiflujtiiLDirebruf0:ifi&) g. Euphor
bia pilulifera, L.
Qaiek%emuwLDneiru&&ifl@j s. Eu
phorbia incana, L.
euiueiiiiiDneBi u##iB&, s. Euphor
bia decumbens, L.
&jbpiiiiimeinuff#tfl&, s. A plant,
Euphorbia macrophylla, L.
jy/itS jij LLiBiaSa, s. A hori
zontal stone to grind on, for macerating
fine mortar, curry seeds, &c, jfxt^ii. (c.)
gfu>ifi(i a9, s. The roller or cylindric stone used in grinding seeds, &c,
the muller.
(3}l$uji}>liS, s. An oval stone with
a hollow in the middle for macerating
^LhiBtuii), s. Toddy, sar. 2. A
3. A small trumpet, %i
firri6. (p.)
jtjLh(Lf!, SQpesr, =gi/ii)Lo?G'a)T68r, Ge/ear,
j^iim, v. n. To dissemble ou hearing a
tiling spoken of by seeming to know
nothing of it, to act with reserve and
duplicity wanting ingenuousness, mitrm
uatoexx. 2. ffip^i, ^iiSargj, ifl, jfiAio. [prOV.
impr. for uitLji] To cover thickly as a
mass of motionless clouds, overspreading
the heavens, obscuring the rays of the
sun, &c., cp"-. 3. To feel the sensation of
weight iu the head, as the effect of cold,
^jwQpisareirear^s. A cheat, a frau
dulent fellow, one who is void of honest
principles, one that is a rogue within.
^jytiQLDSZiTffi). A particle imitative
of sound, a hum,
j>jLh<ss>iri, s. The small pox as the
sport of the goddess Tarvati, >igrt. (c.)
2. Mother, a matron, ^aj. (p.) 3. l'arvati,
urtm@. 4. Beauty, <sytf. 5. One of the
eight beauties of versification, the use of
very short sounds easily pronounced in
verse, ufBQsTsm*iBruiSQfB,i&Tj&. 6. The nextbirth or state, the next transmigration,
/cjjpijq. 7. A nun or female recluse of
the Jaina sect, /njQutsr.
^/wetBLDuurrei, s. Lymph of small
pox pustules.
ihsauiuu n n s>-Bpeo , s. See ere$&
Q/r>S, a plant,
jyiciswixja/, s. Small pox-pits.
j/ihentDaiirisS) inf. To have the
small pox.
sy>DLoei9?is!Tuj/Til, . The pro
gress of the disease,
^ujaii, s. The periploca creeper,
&sitfi&". 2. Calamus, .#104. (M. Die.)
^ (/_/*, s. Slippery ground, euQgi
*jy iu a-, s. Iron, steel, e_(75.5(5.
Wils. p. 65. Avas.
^jiu^uisf.eo, s. Sand mixed with
tin, QJSrofiiJ!flBWW.
jt/iu^., s. The ^(t^isiriDuun'ieo, a
creeper, Sarsaparilla, L.
ay iu lot /_d, s. The oleander. St-e

^gt/iutQ, g. A plant, Qeu sacra g; ,

Mustard, Sinapis, L.
"jyojii, s. Sheep or goat, ^j.
Wils. p. 12. Aja. 2. Horse,
p. 9G8. IIaya. 3. Iron, ID^q. Wils.
p. 65. Ayas. 4. Good luck, caused by
deeds of former births, favorable fortune,
m&i&la. Wils. p. 64. Aya.
^jiusurr&ssrear, s. The god of fire,
who has a goat for his vehicleone of
the eight guardians of the world,

Sjiurr$, r. noun. Fainting, swoon

ing, languor, weariness, drowsiness,
stupor. 2jo/. 2. Forgetfulness, forget
ting, liability to forget,
egyuj/fo/, v. noun. Fainting, lan
guor, weariness, drowsiness,
Affliction, distress, pain, mtsfrib. 3.
(fig ) Disgust, hatred, O^uiy. 4. Dulness, stupor, r.
5. Laziness,
CiiL/. 6. Breadth, jy*no.
^lujfreifiiSn^^eo, v. noun. Rousing
from languor, stupor, distress, &c., vp

Sjii-i^nQ^eSgn Gil@Qpirn, s. Those

who proceeded from the thigh of Brahma,
the agricultural and mercantile tribes,
^jiuissTufi^^lga^i^QfliriTf s. Those
who sprang from the feet of Brahma
Sudras, the servile tribe,
iu esr ih'SestsS, s. Saraswati, the
wife of Brahma,
$'^Q'pirn, s. Those
who came from the face of Brahma
Bralimans, iSnamrr.
S{ iudsr(?(T^(e^^^Q^!TiT, s. Those
who came from Brahma's shoulders
the military tribe, *b}t$ifluh
<$l iu it, s. Distress, affliction, lan
guor, fatigue, /(TAsii. (/>.)
S/uireyuSirds, inf. To recover or
be relieved from fainting, distress, &c.,
*/^fifiiinteis. See
,jyu9>sijb, s. The sm.LDjges:p plant,
Datura, L.
jyizSdEcELD, s. Union, fellowship.
See ffiAaii. (c.) Wils. p. 173. Aikya.
*jy ii9 sar ii, [prop, gjeasrti.] Deer
skin, ujjbtGcjAi. See ootio, antelope. Wils.
p. 174. Aina.
^uSirti, s. Sugar-candy, seearis=
<5*i*x. (.)
jyiiSir/rswfl, s. Wife of Indra,
fiirratfi. 2. Parvati, uiiu&. (p.)
* ji] uSl ir it eu essr lis jyi/Sj"/rsuaErii, s.
Elephant of Indra, G/sQa/iSdraruitzr. See
/grrifiib. Wils. p. 174. Airavana and
Sj 11$ rrjr eupu urra earg\u!rn<aijpsir,
s. Indra, ?(?*^rdr.
jyo/fl, s. A knife for taking out
the bones of fish, ufas-apAa^^). 2. Long
grass, Q*Liif_ijL/w. (p.)
jtj n9 tfl iu ll , s. A plant, QislLi^.,
Aeschynemene aspera, L.
^yi/Ssjn/r, s. A species of very small
fish, i. JK
2. Pine sand, giebum.
jif ti9 it, s. Fineness, minuteness,
sharpness, juakoitn. 2. Pine sand, &ehm
or*i. 3. Jaggery or a kind of moist su
gar, #<y*ir. (p.)
^g>jti9/r,&@Qpei)T,(2j6Br, uQuesr, ds,
v. b. To suspect, surmise, conjecture,
suppose, doubt, gjiuuui. 2. To infer, in
cline to an opinion, have doubt partly
removed, perceive or ascertain indistinct
ly) jy&wB***. (p.)
fiiAi*iBdr>u*iesr$A*'iSti*3iLi&<g. Entering un
suspected by the sword armed Moorish
S/fSirui-l, v. noun. Suspicion, sur
mising, conjecture, sji4.
j)ju9.s0,s. Sharpness, keenness, _/f
aom. 2. Javelin, mC**>. 3. Steel, iron,
gjcjiiL/. 4. A plough,
(*&) 5. A
kind of grass, Q*mruy&i. 6. Beauty, jyjeg.

^g/tudQifajeBT, 8. Vishnu, fslq^wrr *St\\urry d 8 Qp ek, pG>.$eor, uQueir, <s,

Ai uS'^aififttfiQitieirst. 2. The name
v. a. To forget, wp&s.
of a giant who had the neck of a horse,
S/iuiruq, v. noun. Forgetfulness,
; \ex Qfmj,, neck.] Wils. p.
liability to forget, mp,). (c.)
968. Hayaoreeya.
^fiusQifeusek, s. Vishnu, as the jyiufaiy, s. Breadth, width, ^/seOii.
destroyer of jyuifi/**, jfigtuiAi. Wils. cgifiuso, s. Neighborhood, nearness,
p. 969. Hayaureevahan.
adjacency, that which is next in place,
j/sBu-ib. 2. Place, Sl'-'i. 3. What is out
eg/ -jj d-zarib Qj, s. Oxidized iron used
ward, or foreign, ^cjrffBfliL/iororjp.
as a medicine, Susui-ifigts
Sjiuetis dp n frsfueoeurr^jineonfr
^/tud&irtipw, s. Loadstone, mag
jftiGirt, s. Neighbors, those at hand.
net, r84*4ii. Wils. p. 65. Ayaskanta.
2. Strangers, iSpi, persons not of the
^liudBis&nrw, s. Red oxide of
same family.
iron, &zsibLi&&i*gfrJi.
<Sj iu $ eS^ iup ru^emsr, s.
^/lus^earffrnrih, s. Iron dust, @
neighbor or neighbors, regarded as a
help by night or otherwise.
S/iu&)sS<3, s. Neighboring house
^iudjs!, s. One of the tliirty-two
fr-ppiueo, s. {in grammar.'] The pe
kinds of arsenic, prura>jii.
^fiuupuLD^jujuavuLb,s. Oxide
j>j iu <su it , s. Acorus Calamus, L-,
of iron.
^/tuQsueir'Serr, s. Iron reduced to
^ftusQ, s. The Spprrpenp plant.
a medicinal powder.
^Qiunpaih, s. Iron filings, gy<r *<^ius3TLh, s. A road, path, evySj.
2. Course, especially the half yearly course
of the sun, /a-i_iiu>. 3. Equinoctial or
^ayttiii, s. A festival, feast, efitprr.
solstitial points. Wils. p. 64. Ayana.
2. Mud, mire, <?*p. 3. Water, it. 4. Tank,
S/iuesraireOii, s. The interval be
pond, goo. 5. Ground, earth, rftuii. 6.
tween the equinoxes, jy.uar!*rf;><_tf
Oleander shrub, ,jyai4Qif_ 7. A ditch,
s$*iruii. Wils. p. 64. Ayanakala.
hole, pit, osJ.
2. The time of the commencement of
^zy iu /r, s. Distress, languor, eiird
the tropical year, months, or either of
the two; this is commonly called jyunr
^. (p.)
^gftUiT, BQpsir, /5<?^s5r, Qe/eisr, <3)U-UT,
gjuuasr&eoesTLn, s. Amount of the
v. a. To do, perform, execute, discharge
duties, rites, &c, exercise, practise, Qnuiu.
precession of the equinoxes at any given
In this meaning it seems commonly, as
sociated with pleasant and gratifying sen
jyiLieBrLoaxriGHui, s. Colures, equi
sations, as, ttgtavr, to perform the rites
noctial colure.
of hospitality. 2. v. n. To faint, swoon,
^luesrwrr^ui, s. The month reck
languish, par. 3. To lose the power of
oned from the true equinox.
consciousness, as in faintness, drowsiness,
sleep, &c, 5w, 4. To become weary,
jyujOTa/ffear, s. The year reck
droop, gasr**.
oned from the true equinox.
fiaurCjL-uiiptdr. Tie has played.
e-^^j^iijezartc, s. The course of
^mi&seiaCBBviKfimfiuurififf. Seeing him
the sun from south to north, north de
drowsy, (ug. 80.)
clination. Wils. p. 142. Uttahayana.
SftuauQutru-s/<U!re>$i-,inf. To
let rest for a better opportunity, as
The course from north to south. WUs.
thieves, till persons are less on their
p. 395. Dakshinayana.
guard, or as persons in a law suit.
^gyujsarzi, s. Birth, iBpuij.
^lurtkp&ptslaon) s. Deep sleep, *^}jUJS!ir, s. Brahma, LSawssr. 2.
profound sleep.
The son of Raghu, and father of Dasharatha, grrpeSrptaa^. Wils. p. 12. Aja.
giiuir<T@, v. noun. Forgetfulness,
SjuSeonissr, s. Kumara, the younger
3. Argha, god of the Samanar, #cssar.
mpfi. 2. Languor, faintness, spiritlcssson of Siva, bearing a javelin, <gwtir.
Sf. 3. Laziness, drowsi
sy iu ,3) &r , s. The fourth lunar ^iiSleO ii9jjjj, QGpebr, <*>/u$esr
ness, GrrihLj. 4. Weakness, L/tvJcsni.
5. Distress, affliction, *cs$i[ib. 6. Dis
mansion, iuQirscxfi*rsr. 2. The age of
Qp&, QmOr, ^yIsu, p, n. To eat, drink,
gust, Ql&ulf.
Brahma, iSrme&rmritctfr.
take food, make a meal, .. Cp.)

^fuSffO<g)ju$eOei]^/uSpeO ^
tS^rpi, v. noun. Eating, taking food,

cP/ad&eo, e. noun. The act of rub

bing or grinding.
*^g>/TiEi3sih, s. A theatre, stage, ball
2. A field of battle, ffui/
tmaii. 3. A place where acting, singing,
gaming, &c, are learned and practised,
r\. ,v "-.-o.'^ ,
a. 4. A square hall,
#j/*m2w. 5. ITcncillg School, ftftiioLfAai-i-tf).
6. A place of public entertainment, tjfPnt.
7. An assembly especially of learned men,
eestu. 8. A school, a place where literature
is taught, *&S#Jw. Wils. p. G93. Kanc.a.
9. An island formed by a river or rivers,
^pflmt-tiSenp. (p.')
s. A place, J)z_ti. 2.
Room, lodging place, Jr=p. 3. A theatre
or place of public exhibition, an assembly
room, an arena, i_-Jw. 4. A public
assembly, ju. 5. The squares on a chest
board, @ArLP<sal<3^A*"ap. (/>) Wils. p.
693. Ranga.
jqTB Star aji2-L-rL-fpltf>i$tSiSrfluQu*slQtoriBr.
To attempt playing draughts without
squares, and a fool speaking of things
which he does not understand, are the
^jzikiQ&p, inf. To be exhibited,
as a dancing girl, for the first time.
2. To be produced at court before the
king or in a public assembly, as a new
a ijQsp p, inf. To exhibit a
poem, a drama, dance, &c. in a public
assembly, raoutSC^ipp.
^rnhQsppwginikiQ&pg)!, v. noun.
The exhibition of a new art, book, &c,
the performance of a new dance, drama,
&c- in a public or learned assembly,

g{tj&nd(ajpS)i'ieaiteiin, s. The eight

assistants of a king; viz. : 1. Minis
ters, wisfiAiur. 2. Kulers, *(ju:i^lri. 3.
Relations, *<tpi. 4. Door-keepers,
xruurar. 5. Citizens of his capital, r
uiB&ser. 6. Commanders, u*t_^2eo<^. 7 .
Cavaliers, ja|tfiopii. 8. Warriors on
elephants, luitssttStt.
gin5nd(rr)}$Bld&ppii>, s. The five
confidential servants of a king, as, Com
panions, niui; Brahmans, j/i0^e?i ;
Cooks, icsra-iur ; Physicians, o>^'f,
and Prophets, iSjt*r.
jyj*/f65T6Brti, s. The twenty-one
distinguishing marks of a king. See

g/'dSssfi, a. Boiled rice, Gftrgi.

<g)fu9sir(n?3rr, s. Mother, prrib.
*^it/sirxi}i jyiLjpjBLa, s. [priv.jj.']
Unfitness, incongruity, a term in Uhetoric
in which an effect is ascribed to a contra
ry cause, gjjsuiiiMjii. (p.) Wils. p. 65.
*^jii]jLrJ, a. Ten thousand, ufsltes)
MSrA Wils. p. G5. Ayuta.
'^(oiuir&QiULD, s. [priv. ^gy.] Unsuitableness, impropriety, incompetency,
^js j/f saiiaiesstSiusiLj, a. The
GwtButtarii. Wils. p. 65. AyoQYA.
four special qualities of kings; viz. :
jtjQiu it d 8 iu sin pjyQ iu it d 8'tup
1. jywsxu, fearlessness, fortitude. 2.
0&n, s. Unfitness, impropriety. Wils.
ifgd*, bountifulness. 3.
p. 65. Ayouyata. 2. A reprobate or
ment. 4. i=isi, prowess.
abandoned state.
^IjrfireueOGOeinLD, s. The four acts
cg/QturrdSiuuui, inf. To become
or powers of kings; viz.: 1. gi*>pp*>,
unfit, unsuitable.
making acquisitions. 2. >tiLi_a>, collect
jyQiLmdSiuear, a. An unfit, un
ing his revenues. 3.
worthy, improper person.
them. 4. ~i3Ajw, distributing or ex
^gyCoiu/rs^), s. Oude, the capital
pending them.
of Kama; one of the seven sacred cities,
,gyir^Q)3sOT, s. The order or de
j.i.sL/ftjQairBr.jr. See i-ifi. Wils. p. 65.
cree of a king, *.
^ljr&gpiu$Tr&iTpGiT6Br, a. A uni
tijQiur, inter. Alas! See g>Qtuir.
corn, as the fabled protector of a king,
^sj <r i&Ln, a. The ibbst^iB creeper,
Hemidesraus Indicus, X.
jyir#a7-aS(5^ii, a.
A kind of
poem describing the country and mag
^y^rsaf, s. A feigned race of be
nificence of the king, piJrui^ii.
ings, foes to the devas or inferior gods, a
class of demons. See gi)ri*a*.
J)/!t8, a. A queen, )sn&eiv$E!if.
^jud8, a. [mas. ^rrdaesr.] A fe
2. A lady, ^SwS.
male liaksha, S)j-i4*iSijC3iJE*r.
^gyj-^sar, a. One of the thirty-two
t ia (Sj, 8 Qp ear, x it 8Q ear eer,
^Syj-*^, s. Redness, 8euuLj. 2.
kinds of arsenic, xtiQpBpuiQjjamb. 2. The
Oanfr, jyiriD*, v. n. To become depressed,
same prepared, urtxrQstp. 3. A kind of
Lae, stick-lac, gum-lac, &c, from which
lowered, pressed down,
vitriol, gx5*.
a red color is extracted by boiling, grf>*
Qintjfg. 3. Sealing wax, gjonifiiSQuiaio.
jyjis)<E, inf. [used adverbially.] jyir&eisr^GiiTirfi?!, a. The Qsrreasu
(p.) 4. (.For.) Arrack, ertruu, (See the
Thoroughly, entirely, (p.)
creeper, Bryonia, L.
poem of nijslwStf, and Qut*i^xrtSB.) 5.
io<*s>,surB/t/jiS. Prune the tree ^>j!r&, a. Royalty, government, j)
Honey, G>jr.
c&fird&iTihueti, s. A water plant
rmiisib. 2. A king, Jg"*'. 3. A king
grnnbstzfiQeii. Those who are well
dom, the territory of a sovereign,
the red nympha:a, QiAiaS, Nymphsea
versed in a science.
Smth. 4. The planet Jupiter, aiur^ti.
rubra, L.
^jniEi&io, v. noun. Becoming de
^j!ri(^ssni5fiw, s. A kind of load
jjriraoi-*^*. He is come to the throne,
pressed, lowered, pressed down,
stone used in medicine, one of the one
he has obtained the kingdom.
^ayj-^ssr, s. (jplu. g\n&TT.) A king,
hundred and twenty kinds of ore.
oyzrff/s/ii), a. The six safe-guards
2. A supreme master, God,
gyj*(5U)^5^sr, s. The saffron of
of royalty; viz. : ui_, gij.,
niQurcjLigiisojD /*. 3. The planet Jupi
a deep yellow, Curcuma longa, L.
ter, tSujipA. 4. The title of the chief of
Oa/riiuir(5, s. Stick-lac, as from
the op**? caste, Qpi^^f^^w^e*-.Note.
^juseiflds, inf. To govern.
the tree; [ex QsriiL/.']
There were three famous kings; viz.: 1.
^Ufireir, inf. To reign, govern.
gjsue0rr&(9j, s. A coarse kind of
C--.-.V. 2. G>v-T- 3. u-ei+j..v, which
see. (p.)
lac, in form of a wafer; [ex
jyj*/ri-l, v. noun. Reign, gov
^ sr & (gj8Qpasr,
n d 8 Q esreisT,
^/jfQimeifl, s. The splendor or
ernment, the exercise of government,
the right of possession to the throne,
Qett&cy j/Tis, v. a. To waste or wear
glory of kings; it is of four kinds; viz.:
1. 0ra>t_, gifts. 2. &uu<A, condescen
away by rubbing, jibSa*. (Jo.) 2. To
sion. 3. Cjc
justice. 4. <3if.Qurii
mash with the palm of the hand or the
^y/rSaja), s. Royalty, $!rn#rnki&iii.
ljAj, care of his subjects.
sole of the foot by a wriggling motion,
2. The duties or functions of a king,
Qpijix. 3. [prov."] To push, drag, or
^jiTfffr^sssrw, s. The three pro
gfrrrrt*Qpa>piB>vi. They are six; viz.: jyp*
otherwise move a heavy body, as the
perties of kings ; viz.: 1. ,tV .:,<.-. de
wooden frame of a house, ^nyuL/JiLQu
cision. 2. *<vS, learning. 3.
Ouuria. 4. v. n. (c.) To move in a
prowesB.hitching or wriggling manner or by jerks,
g{!T&(Trjd<55)&, a. The place of a
hitch along on a seat, crawl as a child
^>l!r&iid(gjd(3)(ip,s. The five differ
king, or throne.
or snake, hobble or walk with difficulty,
ent officers of a king; viz.: 1. Minis
gjaSesip, s. The king's tribute.
waddle as one drunk, Qid)*;g*i_**.
ters, wiptfui. 2. Soothsayers, t-iQn&tf,
^/jt&Q&ujuj, inf. To exercise the
r2jriQtus&&GL-&G)ijiir. lie walks hitching
3. Generals, C#u.S)iuf. 4. Messengers,
functions of government, govern, reign.
5- Spies, QiujI.

ciy J" 63T

uoDi-utgsAjrcufcirfAijw. A fort is no de
=2y T 3r t j lo j" ii>, s. A tree
fence when the defenders are mutinous.
the Ficus religiosa, Pecpul, or poplarleaved fig-treeforming one of the nine
syff(g2)Sjruz-Lz_!!!7[i>, s. A fortified
kinds of wood used in hurnt offerings,
S,rj,fj,. (See riSt/s.) Its seed is used for
^jssaflfTjassj*, s. A fort.
medicinal purposes.
Siseasrueatem, inf. To fortify.
^jafnesSasn&},s. A bough of this
tree, which together with others from jij!T^ssrils,s. A gem, precious stone,
the *vSiirsirQ05*a, (or erythrina,) &c.
jewel, the best ofany thing, ^*onoajfl. (See
is fixed between two of the interior posts
H$r#jslanh, of which this is the poetic form,
of the marriage pandal, round which
Saiis. rs); [ex no, to sport.] 2. One of
the parties pass, performing particular
the thirty-two kinds of arsenic in its na
tural state, iStsfiuta^ieaib. 3. A trinket of
gold or silver, worn on the feet by women,
syzr)36u, s. The leaves of the
fiwiouftJtrf). (p.~)
Jr. 2. The figure of a leaf as brand
ed on beasts, &c., <syrfi&uAi9.
*=sy3"^, s. [priv.
dislike, disgust, C/Mbri_roio; [ex rfl, plea
sure.] AVils. p. 66. Akati.
*. Hangings, resembling the jyr*
y3"G?<s?, s. [improp. for ^sQ^&.]
Qs nut-tuns-, s. A different species
A pilgrim, used only with uaQpS. (c.)
of Ficus.
r <& u>, s. Blood, )jTp$u>.
yeiuTSr, s. The portia tree, l^u
2. Red color, ftoiuL/. Wils. p. 690. Kakta.
3. Coral, umwib. 4. The shoe-flower, O^io
u<5f&, Thespesia populnea, L.
t-n6<B>f. 5. The red water lily, QjegoiJar,
^ppssi--, . Another species of
(Ny_mpha?a rubra.) 6. The Cadamba tree
Ficus growing in the vicinity of rivers.
bearing red flowers, si-iiy. 7. A species
^ T lL l_ /t, *. (sing,
u lL t_ ek .)
of red cotton, Qeiiu&n. 8. lied sealing
wax or lac, j/r*<g. 9. Gold, Our*; 10.
Kings of small territories, governors, <aj>
Nicety, neatness, Qjiiwoio; [ex rtp, dyed,
rfaitocirarr. (p.)
tinged.] (p.)
^fTiLis^, s. Fear, terror, ^deii,;
^/!T^ear,s. Mars, the planet Qssu
[ex jfr*, imper. grow terrified.]
r jtjtlo, s. Protection hy forests,
^lupQpnpueow, s. Red water lily,
&C xrifisr. 2. A fort, C*fiioi_. 3.
(Nymphoea rubra) Wils. p. 692. KakWall, *>. 4. Hedge, enclosure, GaeS.
5. A jacket or coat of mail, /^i2>. 6. A
door, *p (, 7. A dart, a javelin, <Sm*t. 8. ^jyj-^ss)^, s. A shrub whose root is
A bed, 10^*10. 9. A sandal, Q>f!<iQjsiti. (p.)
medicinal and forms a drug, &iwsit&*
t dsafl, a. A wooden instrument
Qrif-, Galanga, L.
for kindling fire by attrition, 0Mm-Sari.
Quuapeajs, s. Alpinia Galanga
2. The sun, gAuar. AVils. p. 6G. Aram.
^gyj-araf?, s. A jacket or coat of
Sppapaap, s. Alpinia Galanga
mail, *ifi>. 2. A fortress, wall or fortifi
cation, u>$ii.
3. A jungle, forest, jy t ih 3$);$, s. Affliction, sorrow, dis
r3. (JiM-4r...-7i*T.-.) (/..)
tress, &aruib. (p.)
^fTssifi, dQQpebr, fQr&r, uQudir,
s. Nutgall, s(Sdsniu, Termi**, . a. To fortify, defend, jyr^**. 2.
nalia chebula, L.
To adorn, fisiij**. (/>.) 3. . n. ['n the
third vers, sing.'] [prov.] To grow hard as ^ijTULj, s. [prop. jyemiTuLj. which
a boil, mjtm.
see.] Ground stuff.
^zesSppurr^, s. A hard boil.
j>f t Lo*6rr, s. (plu. LD&afliT.) GoddeSS, QtauailASST. (p.)
^fjemfluLi, v. noun. Being fortifi
ed or defended, a strong or fortified ^jy a- ui
s. King's house, royal
place, j(t-<aiririiq. 2. Ornament, deco
palace, contr.-form of jjrSrioSa-. (c.)
ration, ftpiiiMo. 3. Hardness as of a ^oy/TLSttJU),
s. A palace, a man
boil, or other hard swelling, eaa/tuL/.
sion, ^nofcr. Wils. p. 971. Harmta. 2.
* jyj ssafliuixi, s. Jungle, forest, a/r.
A terrace on the top of a house for a
Wils. p. 66. Aranya. (p.)
Walk by moonlight, tSiL^.arQm^eirt>iiiQaitilj>j t mst) ili tr, s. The siTLLQ&girVessr
[ex niu, pleasing.] 3. The Jrii plant,
plant whose root is medicinal, s>b, DraCP)
contium polyphyllum, L.
^yj"/i, s. A file, rasp, ^irs^eS.
jyr&xir, s. A species of streaked
2. fj.) A cellar, cell, cavern or sub
terraneous room, Sifixop. 3. The abyss
lizard, very smooth and shining; its licking
including all the nether worlds, uiprani.
is considered poisonous. (See jy*fi_*ii.)
Lacerta interpunctala, L.
^gyjOuffif, s. Filings, iron filings,
jsfrsar,s. Beauty, jyt>(5. 2. De
fence, fortification, including four kinds;
viz. : (a.) Walls, u>Slw ; (6.) Seas, rivers,
gjjjQPjB, s. A kind of herb use
*->: (c) Mountains, mSw; (rf.) Forest,
ful for its root, gtoiimjp/WQjij..
*r3. 3. Fortress or castle, C*rLLs>i_. 4.
^IfftAiSleJiji, s. The abyss, infer
A jnngle for defence, **if>si. 5. A for
tifying wall, u>ta<. (p.)
nal worlds.

#.^y ^riiasiLj, s. A plantain tree, a/fr

Musa paradisiaca, /.. 2. One of the
dancing girls, courtezans, in the world
of the gods, QfimG^i**,Sl, Wils. p. C97.
Ramu'jia. 3. The ^1010 plant.
* tr tu eisr , s. [generully jyn&eisr ] A
**&j<rirui, s. A door, &peq. Wils.
p. 66. Akaha.
j>j!rSso, s. A w:en, 2eo a lL if..
2. The sea, _A>. 3. A fort, Caniao^.
(/'.) 4. A plant, w**i, Sansevera zeylanica, L.
^ij !r <sn Ssssr, sSQpesryJsQ.ga!T, uQueisr,
v. a. To embrace, fondle, /softSt
Q*/r&er, (c.)
jy/ra/ii, s. Sound in general, a
rustling, rushing, roaring, &c, goS.
2. A confused noise, clamor as in a ba
zaar, outcry as in danger; stir, bustle as
at a feast, the birth of a child, Sec, Su
QrreS. Wils. p. 697. RaVa. 3. Foot-rings
with bells, SlKiibLj. (p.)
^Tsiiih, s. A snake, unwL\. 2.
The ninth lunar constellation, ^tScSu
mi*. ( p.')
jyrxiMtitJ^Ai. Play not with a snake.
^jrreudQsrrif.Qujrr eisr<5yjQ/uj/f^
Qfotr, s. An ancient king of Delhi
called ffUQur/sarar, whose banner was a
^UGuesny-GBis, s. A snake's crest
found chiefly on the head of the cobra.
*j>j TeBii^s ii>, s. The lotus, pnw
aw, Nelumbium speeiosum, L. AVils. p.
66. Akavinda. 2. One of Kama's five
arrOWS, affiaSsjrEa&aweSQeuDCjr^y.
rj)jrei],s. A snake, unwi-i, as g\n<suw.
egyja/eoafl/sG^/rsor, . Siva as wear
ing a snake, Ra/=v.
b en (Sear, s. The serpent gqasris
psir as a bed for Vishnu.
^jsren'2essrdQ & eiia/esr, s. Vishnu,
a a9(CS)sff-j>j!r eyisnm, s. The '
ninth lunar constellation, ^
jyjsyuCjuL/, s. The breath of a
snake when hissing, considered poi
^yj-srf?, s. The iSisnpS tree, Sterculia fcetida, L.
^/ireifl'sQfrrdQj, s. Its medicinal
.sjyirjenj-jyirsyr, 8Qpeir,^iirestirQisir,
Cjbt, jfrsr, v. n. To be amazed, grow ter
rified, LSrt*s. (p.)
jyn-pjjJ, QQpssr, ^ BpplQmesr,
C/aV, jyr^p, v. n. To cry, weep aloud, be
wail, stv. 2. To make a noise, sound with
quick and continued repetitions, 9014*.
00 _
^gy/rsar, s. Siva, a/6or. Wils. p.
969. Hara. 2. One who has supreme
power, ftuQuSQsC-t^iSaripwm.
ji/seeflL-^jseuar, s. Parvati, uirn

^jirssrwaesr, s. Skanda, Qp(n)seisr.

2. Ganesa, tSsrmsar. 3. Veerapattran,
1zear Q eujb Lfi s. The same as
eoi&uioJai, silver mount, Siva's moun
^sssrQryifiGsr, s. Kuvera as a friend
Of Siva, (Sourer.
^rir ^gyj", s. Snake, uirwLj. (p.)
tgyiriresieuifl, s. The kite, srgieisr.
2. Peacock, wSii. 3. Mangoose, 8/1;
[ex mifl, enemy.]
*eg>/j-iT{Bi}>, s. [priv. jy.] Absence of
desire, coolness, g|**iS*Mo. Wils. p. 66.
TircBLh, s. Insatiable desire, gree
diness, covetousness, g)*Miui_Ban>u>. 3.
A tune, g)*uti>. .3. The sound of certain
notes on the lute, supposed to have some
reference to a barren soil, uilejiur&pfipib.
4. Red as a color, Q*<i}l/. See QfrrrBib. 5.
A succession of short letters in verse ra
pidly repeated, cpQSiuu. 6. Gold, Oun*.
j>j titm
[prov.] Indifference,
coolness in friendship, Ca/otn-jQoyjijq.
^gy airu^ /x> , s. A humming insect,
*ie&rQ. (uirff-^ifl. 12. Quiri.) (p.)
_jyj-/r<-D/i>, s. A. grove, Q^irtee. 2.
Growing grain, ueSi. (p.)
p. a. [out] To file, polish,
j(a>A*. 2. To grate as in the friction
of two pieces of metal, to rub, stroke,
&c, n-rr*. 3. To reVolve a thing in
the mind, ruminate, S)*jsits. 4. . n. To
use sarcasm, jeers, &c. reciprocally, to be
in a state of collision, to clash, disagree,
jar, iSaUrL-.JVvte. The root of this word
may also be jyre, and [prov.] gfi'tg.
*jy$, s. An enemy, epgiQ. 2.
Wheel, ***rii. Wils. p. 66. Am. 3. Green,
u&9D*ftpth. 4. A horse, <g$wx. 5. A lion,
Saaib. 6. Leo tlie constellation, &i>m8ir8.
7. The sun, sAu*. 8. "Vishnu, tlcJ&ggi.
9. Yama, Kioi*. 10. Air, wind,
The moon, **Vsir. 12. Indra, <?,a(?i*W.
13. A ray of light, SsexxJi. 14. A parrot,
paroquet, 8*. 15. A monkey, cgrei. 16.
A snake, urii>4. 17. A frog, ,srlr. 18. One
of the nine divisions of the known conti
nent, isasekri-fsQfirsirff. 19. Fire, $. Wils.
p. 969. Hari and Harit. 20. An eme
rald, wrspib. 21. Color, tipii. 22. Smoke,
yms. 23. Hatred, ua>s. 24. Keenness,
sharpness, at-isu>. 25. Arms, weapons,
QijpuQutg). 26. A Saw, trsvrss.
Ayauar, s">'^ifls&r, s. Foes, enemies, uao<s
gjifldaKSiiiiL-^iBeuifl, s. The child's
first book, the alphabetthus called
from the Hindus prefixing to it the name
of Vishnu.
^1 iBp rr s ii>, s. Lukshmi, wife of
Vishnu, Siw*<5"9. 2. Yellow sulphurct
of arsenic, yellow orpiment, &twsh@.
aLLirBprrnwseOeOrH^irji}>, s. Or
piment or arsenic in lumps.
0&lL I ififirnrih wiGtiiflpwrw, s.
Leaf orpiment.

QurrssresriBjginnii, s. Orpiment of
^/iftuLSiRemiu, s. Lukshmi. Wils.
p. 970. Hamphya.
.gjiflLDi^iTw-, s. A lion's den.
gjitli&QTjseisr., s. Skanda, QpQsesr.
2. Ganesa, J*riu*iir; as the nephews of
^/iBidit, s. A lion, 0E7<siL. 2. A
male lion, <ge*fiia*!i. 3. Leo of the zo
diac, SmiJIriB.
^ifiiDirQisirdsih or &isisQisrrdsih, s.
[in grammar."] Lion-look, one of tho
four kinds of cai^lrtfSu, which see.
.gyjflnjSswr, s. A throne, &im&rr&
arib; [ex jfjcjcr, a seat or cushion,] a
seat supported by artificial lions.
^jiftuj'Seisisr&Q&eoeiiGsr, s. Argha,
^/ifiujLoeBr, s. One of the twelve
suns, gmrfi*!frfoAQ*!i(5mcir. Wils. p.
72. Auvaman.
^jiBiuiiiiT, s. The sun, (^iftiueir.
2. A class of manes or deified ancestors,
&iiSgifGfiaa>0. Wils. p. 72. Ahy'ama.
^jifiiuiupsifiQiurrm, s. Siva.
^iBQiu/S, s. Durga, who rides on
a lion, ffitsnM.
jy//?, s. A reaped handful of paddy,
&e., ^fAuiSq.. 2. An ear of rice, Q*p8r.
3. A car, GM- 4. A grove,
Gold, wealth, Qun*. 6. Lines in the
white of the eye, xmrmifi. 7. Line, streak,
i/l. 8. The sea, i_*>. 9. A humming
insect, tiabQ. 10. A ram, Qfiimfi^rii.*
*<_t. 11. A hog, pig, u&fi. 12. Any
hollow thing as an elephant's trunk, &c,
MLjlJi&xuGluftsa, 13. A bamboo, (y>n8&.
14. Closeness, thickness, (as of bushes,
hair, &c.) Q<y**ii. 15. Thinness, as of a
plate of metal, ssTO0""-af- 16- Narrow
ness, si<-^>H- 17. Soft, drizzling rain, a
">u>$si *. 1 8. A garland, wir&j. 19. Peb
bles, small pieces of metal put into the
hollow of a dancer's ankle rings to cause a
tinkling sound, ffiioLSaru(j*i>*A*A>. 20.
Dancers' or children's ankle rings, former
ly worn by women, ffiwiiq. 21. Strength,
force, <s0>. 22. The solid part of tim
ber, ariiSni. 23. A bedstead, couch, a bed
or other thing to sleep on, xiLif.ii. 24. A
board, bench to sit or sleep on, uam.
25. A drum, ua>p. 26. A hill, mountain,
mlej. 27. Fermented liquor, toddy, *ir.
28. Fault, blemish, (gpp&, 29. The strings
of a drum, SR (p.)
siiiiii$fisisit. They have shaken out
the sheaves.
syifl<s<z-l, s. A sheaf or bundle
of reaped grain, ^ttSttcQ.
juifty QQpsr, rnQpesr, Qeuair, iu,
v. a. To cut, (commonly by applying the
instrument to the thing cut) cut off, nip,
strike off, rip, part asunder, chop off, am
putate, mince, chip, 5fjr*. 2. To saw,
ajmrecflu. (c.) 3. [prov.] To cut off the
excess of clay from the mould in making
bricks, Qe&s&agi**.
Qsejej^iiucja/iA. The season for cut
ting (harvest) rice.

jyrf/^/rsfr, s. Stubble, s^ajpipppneir.

jijiBQiseoeS, s. A tree yielding a
sour fruit, sometimes called country
gooseberry, g>sicrii, Cicca disticha, X., so
called from its Bulcated fruit, which
appears as if it had beeu carved out
with a knife.
iff su inar , s. A sickle, reaping
hook, Q*rijyiMi/4io. 2. A Saw, wrmsa
j>) ifl eu rr lL Q&rrGstn teisr ^Seurress
&**ar, s. [prov."] A kind of sea-bird,
one of the heron-species, ^fQ*o.
^/ifleurr&rLD^assr, s. An instrument,
like a knife, fastened to a plank for cut
ting in pieces, fish, meat, &c, ^on>>*
srvjiarfleiirTdr, s. A jagged sickle.
QeuLLiitleuiT&r, s. A hook, a crook
ed knife to slay victims,
^y/f?, d@p^/,
d(3jti>, da, v. n.
To itch acutely as in a cutaneous disease,
or from the bile of vermin; to irritate, as
a COUgh, fisersjiiif-ts.
SrciattSpg}. The itch itches.
^jiftsiTuuexir, s. An eruption at
tended with itching, g>fuussr.
Jijffl, dSQ/Deisr, ^G^sar, oCueir, da,
v. a. To sift, separate larger and smaller
bodies with the hand, sieve, riddle, &c, Q*r
tfit*. 2. To separate rubbish from dried
leaves with the hand, in order to gather
the latter for fuel, *&sfiii. 3. To beat and
wash away, as flowing water on sand,
or waves on the shore, washing away the
earth and leaving the pebbles, &c. behind,
eiinam^nf.in. 4. To wash rice, separate
dust and grit from rice, &c, by washing;
or particles of gold, silver, &c., aoftSuiS
its. 5. To gnaw as white ants and other
vermin, Q^w^aPuja^Aa. 6. To corrode, as
rust, &c, cut away, as caustics, consume,
mar, as moths,
7. To tease, vex by
importunity, as creditors, an urgent child,
&c, u3SBr<a^5iu3sy*. 8. To take away one's
property by little and little, &fi&/n*
9. [in ariM.] To divide, u<bi_
jy^i^njiifiEtsSocr. He teases or vexes
by incessant entreaties, {lit.) he stings or
bites as lice.
itmniiisZtiufyQfQffidr. He separated and
took the precious stones.
^jiBasnpiunssr, s. A teasing per
son, (lit.) a gnawing white ant.
Syrf?L9sfr65i>a/, s. A cancerous for
mation, constantly eating into the flesh,
^>/irlLj(Lp, s. Worms constantly
gnawing and causing itching Irritation,
&c. (c.)
^/flOuilif., s. A sieve or cullen
der, tf&USB>i_,
<s>jiBu>GsisTGi, s. Fine sand.
^/ifl u Lj, c. noun. Sifting, separat
ing. 2. Nibbling, gnawing, &c. 3. Itch
ing. 4. Corrosion. 5. Smartness, (c.)
Sj iBuussr^jiBuurrssr^/rfluLjd
error, s. A sifter, one who sifts sand
in the street, or the dust of the gold
c9//fltjq,si_aDi_, s. A riddle.

ifl&sSsrL-ib, s. An iron grate, or

frames of cross bars, worn on the neck by
devotees, as a mode of self-torture,
Qi*.*!h. 2. Teasing, annoying, vexing as
the continual application of creditors for
payment or other constant troubles, Q/w*
^atf; [ex *<9fA, Ct eOTt_i.] (uewaSQ^ip.)
jy/r?*_t_iii, s. A room under the
tower at the entrance to a castle or pagoda,
QsrLjrmirtSAl. (p.)
cg/ifl&snTih, s. Indian saffron, tur
,jy/r?iF/r, a. A tree, as Qu^ia^uS^,,
Gmelina, L.
tr?, . Rice obtained from pad
dy, ^BirQejii. Oryza sativa, L. 2. Any
kind of grain cleared from the husk, as
millet, &c, fiteriufi QopjeSiuBr. 3. Bamboo
rice, <yBfii/fi. Note. The six medicinal
species of jydW, are ^rtuH9, sweet fennel,
a.jsn'fi, coriander, veifiS, cardamom, fq
the seed of a plant, -sirj*ffl, dill,
and QauJ-uttenjAQ, Merium antidysentiricum.
S{ rf) & <y f tr/g to&i iB & &G&irH, s.
Kice not well boiled.
ifl&& mpssrih, 8. One of the five
trees that grow in the world of Indra,
a*<st *r&*/. (See fits.) Wils. p. 969.
sfi 3=&iifsi3 sir, s. The name of
one of the seven kings of the middle class
famed for liberality, g)i_Q,ucipuirersQjr
(jsSr. Wils. p. 970. HaRISHCIIANDRA.
**&ffi3:&&6Br,s. Chandra, the moon,
**g>l iesnrii, s. One of the twentyseven astrological yogas. See Guixib.
Wils. p. 971. HarshanA.
s. The * (35 Q n n s emfl
plant, Helleborus niger, L.
*j>/ifiisj-<xih, s. One of the thirtytwo divisions, or orders of architecture,
*J)fiflu-l *g)J ifl<ap.llh, s. Vi
nous spirit, toddy, &c, **. 2. A crow,
sttot*. 3. Disaster, ruin,
4. Evil
portent to the child, or some of its rela
tives, from an unfavorable configuration of
the planets at its birth, generally limited
to a certain period of life, commonly un
der the sixteenth year, Q*-mC^i>ii. 5.
Butter-milk, Gwrf. 6. Garlic, QiaQmum
"i. 7. A house where a woman is con
fined, Jr*/J<3. Wils. p. 67. Akishta.
8. An egg, Q(iii^i_.
gfrfliLtiSeiiiTrrestin}), s. Expiation
or doing away of the unlucky jjACi-ib
or period.
jififlLLuf,, dQQpesr, dQpesr, uQuear,
*, r. o. To kill, Qii. (#51.) (p.)
*jy .flsnr/i, s. A deer, wrresr. 2.
Whiteness, Qa/otrm. Wils. p. 969. HaR1XA.
jy if! got lis , s. Gold, Qu/rsar. 2.
Redness, ffieuijq. 3. Elephant, mSar.
jij if? awf), s. A creeper, en <sj 6? <s
Q*N.. Cp.)
=3y flebar, s. Toddy, ar. (ejp.) (/>.)

rflfsS, . The gall-nut tree, <8

Miiiinri*. Wils. p. 970. Hareetakee. Cp.)
*<jy//?^U), s. Greenness, verdancy,
u#m. 2. Gold-color, one of the two colors
of gold, u*du>. 3. A meadow, pasture,
land with green grass growing on it,
u*i4oSr.jtfsui4. Wils. p. 9G9. Harita. 4.
A quarter or region, one of the points of
the compass, W. (p.)
**g>liflpiTG>rLrs, s. [commonly gjiftp
Orpimcnt, Quiattsfiftub. Wils. p.
970. Haritala.
iB p it err ih, s One of the nine
kinds of musical measure, nuprsi#Qis*ai2>.
=&/ifliSieirei]tu3:&, s. The /ssargp/r?
^jiB^i, s. Difficulty, unattainableness, rareness, preciousuess, j/a^. 2.
(p.) Greenness, u#o*. (#.)
*J^if]^^srLn, s. Indian saffron, tur
meric, wig**. Curcuma longa, Z.. Wils.
p. 970. Haridra. 2. A rudder,
Wils. p. 66. AitiTRA.
*J>l!rlj3xTiruih, s. Yellow, goldcolor, QutcbroHpib.
Wils. p. 970.
* ^1 ' J&g} , *. Greenness, verdure,
u**>*. ("p.) Wils. p. 969. Harit.
jtjifipetnp, s. Pain, jpetxuu). 2.
Sorrow, SCiii. (*jj.) C/>0
^sy/fl/S, s. One of the four kinds
of women, as
Wils. p. 969. Hakini.
^jy flrsfiLDesr, s. A conqueror, vic
torious man, QmpjSiuratSr. Wils. p. 66.
Arindama. 2. Vishnu, JiL^.
*jiliflurrgpi<ii, 8. The name of a
shrub and of its nut, *Cmit, Wils.
p. 970. Haribaluka.
jiffiuL], 8. Fault, (ppw. (p.)
*^y//? LDghj&ifl, s. A plant, (gusmu
Cioctf. Acalypha indica. (Roab.)
*g>l ifl iu , adj. Difficult, see under;
[ex jyuaoiii.]
jijifliuptALp, s. High, difficult Tamil.
^SiusitlLQ, s. A rare sight.
^ijifliuii>, 8. A name for musical
instruments, mt*9utb. (p.~)
jyfitusi), s. Toddy or other fer
mented or vinous liquor,
cjy/Wffi), s. Fault, defect, blemish,
<5,bpti. 2. Dissension, variance, discord,
jtsn-*. (Jb.) 3. Hatred, uim. 4. A
thicket, small tract of low jungle, Gi&sisi.
^sy /fl i5u ir err to Saar l/ j^eArQ , s. A
plant, Sida lanceolata. (lietz.)
j>j ifl eQ , s. [prop.] Sheaf, reaped
corn, handful of reaped grain, ^HulSi^..
<9j iff eS Q s ir ib tu , inf. To reap.
See Qxno. (Imper.)
^/ifleSujrrleuirar, s.
A sickle, a
reaping hook.
^jiBeSiDoSn, s. The feathers with
which soldiers adorn the tops of their
lances or spears, taken from certain
birds that frequent rivers in Ceylon.

jy/flsno;, s. A woman, lady, dam

sel, Qu*rQurj. 2. A woman from the
age of twenty to twenty-five, ctijs^*^ii
\u0uQuakr. 3. A beautiful woman, divine
woman, Qpiue/uQum. (p.~)
^gi/irt^ih, s. Black hellebore, sQ(^
=^0, s. That which is formless,
destitute of shape, incorporeal, spiritual,
tLj3*>mi>pgi. 2. (Jiy.) Deity, the Supreme
Being, *i_f*. 3. Intellect, jfjSf. 4. Mi
nuteness, atom, jfgw. (p.)
jy(5^saf), s. The QuQireOm plant,
Cardamom, Elettaria cardamum.
=jy (ja 6aaf? , *. The L9j>rDi_ plant,
Cissus quadrangulus, Z.
^(TJ-Sir), s. Fitness,
Holiness, ufafob. 3. The religion of the
Jainas, jmsArm^ii. Wils. p. 72. Ariiat.
^(Tj^ff, s. The Jainas, &wemnr.
^(Tjarear, s. A worthy person, one
fit or competent for a privilege or em
ployment, Cui*ffiiuer. 2. A partisan, as
sociate, friend,
3. God of the
Jainas, #ia<KrC^arar.
^(53sar(jozD.^/fl^ffsrr, s. An ex
cellent woman,
^j(V)Q, s. A worthy, qualified fe
male, GiurA&ajQp&eridr.
^gy^, . Toddy, sar. (p.)
jtjQ^Qaj <r ppij), s. A plant; the
same as y,lsristts.
-Y(5@i s. Neighborhood, nearness,
contiguity, mtmi. 2. Border, edge, &rJ>.
3. A shade or light carried before a great
man, #uti:j_.
^/(H) a <kssr d s , inf. To embrace
Sj((3^0errsrr/r/f, s. Those at hand,
9K5(5P, inf. To approach, come,
or be near, 8iii_ See a-jr,
jf(5<?ar, ao!p. Near.
=9/(5(5, SQpdr, t9/(TjjQ(2m68r, (Senear,
csycr*, w. n. [prin. 3c/ person neuter.'] To
become scarce, bo reduced, diminish, <s
opu. 2. To happen rarely, be of uncom
mon occurrence, jy<jSir. 3. To die, *.
4. [improp. jyeref.] To drip, dribble, drop,
sot*. 5. To approach, embrace. jjStemu.
6. To smart, prick, &c. as the eye from
dust, *rutr(y*.
^if(^sQesiLLL-4o^ v. noun. Cutting
ras9uuriifito. The water dripping,
little by little.
j>l(trjaeo, v. noun. An embrace,,^ Saw
ao*. 2. Approaching, SllQods. 3. Dimi
nution, <5pian. 4. Dying,
*=jy(5<Sii^>jirisLD, s. A milky
shrub, "cy*, including two species, Asclepias gigautea, L. 2. The water crow,
0 <5 erf?,
ear, pQpetsr, u
Cuoir, *, u. n. To be frightened, uouul,
(c.) 2. [eti&] To loathe, abominate, ^ty
af A.
gy(5<srsrr7ijL/, . noun. Fear, ter
ror, loathing.

(rrj & sar in j>j rr & &r sm ti , s.

The leap* tree, Terminalia alata, L. 2.
Whiteness, Qmttomv. Wils. p. 69. Arjgna.
3. The "(s*@ shrub. 4. Gold, Our**.
* ^qrj&zi-isvrek, 3. The third of the
I'andavas and son of Indra, Srutir. 2.
The name of a king with a thousand
arms, ariteJMudr. Wils. p. 69. Arjuna.
^>Iq^lLiU>, s. The aQgjQrrtTaassti.
j>/ qf}lLQ, SQpeisr, ^Q^lL if-Qesrebr,
f. a. To excite, wake one
from sleep or from inactivity, rouse to ex
ertion, VQfUiSlll (C.)
gjQjjL-Uf-, v. noun. Waking, excitatioi , agitation, r. .mi.
^(5^1, v. noun. Waking, rous
ing, exciting, 7**/7uty.
* ^(Tjjsmrii, 3. Red, dark red, bright
red, the color of the dawn, ^<sfiniL/.
2. A dawn, jycy<?jiuii. Wils. p. 67.
^/(T^esir^rR, s. The cochineal in
sect, g)ipf!?uii.
^(TjOTircor, s. The sun, (Qiftiuebr.
2. The dawn as charioteer of the sun,
QfiuwrGpiuuBsar . Wils. p. 67. Aruna.
3. The planet mercury, hj<*.
syG5ig5*:6l,"> A- famous hill sa
cred to Siva, )(yw^ifl3w j \_ex ^*<vw,
^(T^^^&iLjrriTassn}), s. The history
of this mountain.
^(^^(gBp.si/jLo, s. Sun rising, (18
Guipiuib. 2. Daybreak, i>p ; [ex a-^
uii.] Wils. p. 67. Arukodaya.
^(WjaBTLb, s. A deer, io/res. 2.
A sheep,
3. The lime tree, truijtemr.
Citrus Liuietta Kiss. 4. A country, also
tsmttuGuiQiD iStcS. He who drinks his
the language spoken in it, >. - ^j-.'. 5.
water after boiling, his curds diluted, and
Gold, Qurar. 6. Elephant, jtar.
his butter made ghee, will find sickness ^gy^saarsuLo, s. The ocean, <it_6U.
flee at the sound of his name.
Wils. p. C9. Arnava.
<y(5*gM noun. Scarceness, s{
a*-*. *. Haggling in a bargain, re j)j(7T)S3!sF!e8riii, s. A creeper, isssr^ifl.
luctance to do a kindness, &c., ^tsiean. jyQTj&smr, s. Same as ^(j^^aJii,
3. Fearing, ^*<.
a hill sacred to Siva.
^(TjS^s. [priv.
Aversion, dis
s. Mean
like, disrelish, /siarsiD. Wils. p. 67.
2. Wealth, property, substance, gold, Our
*J>j(nj3:<9zS6ir jy/f^.rssjr, s. A
BT5r. 3. Fruit, profit, result, consequence,
uiuar. 4. Gold, Quiar. 5. Added to San
priest, yfirrfl. Wils. p. 69. Archaka.
scrit words in the sense of the dative case
*J>/(ff)&JF<)5Br ^g>fir&g:fl5gr, s. Puja,
"for," thus: SSKi#i4^ii, for liberation.
a species of worshipthe homage paid
Wils. p. 69. Artha. 6. Half,L/). (See
to the deities, and to superiors, by obla
cjy<*^ii.) Wils. p. 71. Ardd'ua.
tions of rice, sacrificial grass, flowers, &c,
^jrT^ppQ&iTetrii)jpjiifiipQ&nemii) s.
with water,
Wils. p. 69. Arcuana.
A hemisphere.
s. The crescent
bGuesr, A, v. a. To offer puja in worship,
moon, the moon in the first quarter.
perform the daily service in the temple,
Wils. p. 71. Ardd'iiachaxdra.
^(ijjppfk^jliiunessiih, s. An arrow
^jrn)&&iXGisr^jirf&^dsr, . One
used in ancient wars with a head like
who is worshipped, ^8i<uu(l(i.
the crescent moon.
Wils. p. 69. Ahcihta.
<9{(T5PP& iriow, s. Half a watch,
<&l(nj&G3uLi, v. noun. The act of
one and a half hours. Wils. p. 71.
worshipping with flowers, &c, u,flA<o*.
Arud'iiayama. 2. [vhL] Midnight.
*J>j (5 & & iu ti J>] it & & safl iu lli
s. The midnight
jj*fttyii, s. Veneration, dedication,
*i4. (p.) Wils. p. 69. Archya.

* =3y 0 * er, S3? cjy /r <s eir, *. The

sun, aui, Wils. p. 68. Aiika,
^Kg&aLifjg), s. The daily motion
of the sun in his apparent orbit, 9<u
also used for its mean motion for
some stated days.
^gyjTj* seSlaQsuw^jQ^sseSQsif,
ui4^y(y*J^a#ui4, s. The latitude of
the sun, g
^(^i^safl&o, s. The place of the
sun, astrologically considered. @il.urf8tj.
^/(i^asesreS^l, s. The ecliptic di
vided iuto three parts of four signs
(75 & as rr suS , s. Rareness, preciousness, nobleness, jfcj. 2. Shifts, re
luctance to accommodate, closeness in a
bargain, &c, gfryteih. (c.)
jiK^danessflsiTLLi, inf. To be
backward, show unwillingness or re
,y (5 a & it 6ssfl u asjr eesr, inf. To
* =S/ (tjj
iu to jijjiQujLc, s. A
libation of water poured from both hands
united, icigintp.snpian*. 2. A respectful
oblation to the gods, venerable men, &c,
of rice, sacrificial grass, flowers, &c, with
water only in a small vessel, y,r2saQp*Bf>ii
Qni&s). Wils. p. 69. Arg'hya.
(T7)(3), QQpek, ^(njaQQesreir,
C/r, j/ts**, v. a. To diminish, gaopA*. 2.
To make scarce, reduce in quantity, <yA*.
3. v. n. To keep back from others' use, (as
keeping up grain, making it scarce and
dear,) to stand out in bargaining, stickle,
haggle, sjistsituJluf^atr. 4. To grudge,
spare reluctantly, give sparingly, show
unwillingness to serve or benefit another,


. Siva. Wrils. p. 71. Ardd'hakaSEE8HA.

^jri^^^uneasy s. The meaning or
essence of the Vedas, C^jt^Ouju*.
Sec SQuaiiuBOfiSi and $yarihui*B>s.
jy(5A*C?60/rtjiJ), s. Covetousness,
avarice. See under usp*m. Wils. p. 70.
^KTfjpjSeSjbupjsil s. Skill in ex
plaining the meaning of a word or sen
^l(T20pQeii0ii>, s. One of the four
secondary Vedas.
csy(25^>ST'E'ff<STJi.o, v. noun. Being
half-minded, undecided.
jycvj&piiti&BiSiuTT&ih) s Difference
of meaning, a secondary or figurative
Sense, G*upjpuQur^aeMiwuusaJt. Wils. p.
70. Artiiantaranyasa.
wna, . [in logic.~\ Deduction or con
clusion from premises given, an infer
ence from circumstances, .or(5>pijOijf
cT^o^iju. (See j|ws j) [ex .jj^p, gain
ing.] Wils. p. 70. Abtuapatti.
^jQF) j Sjl , s. Desire, ^d<f. 2.
Dance, s~$s>, 3. Foot, urpih. (p.~)
^KSr^^i G'/5SBr, pQpeer, uQueisr,
**, v. a. To divide into two parts, halve,
divide in two, ur^liu4; [ex jf'Asii. ] (/>.)
*y (3 A ^ > fi^/PSBTj <$IQ5&$bIQ ear got,
v.a. To feed (a person) give
food, riii 2 . To cause to enjoy, or suf
fer the fruits of actions, performed in for
mer births, L/SuiStx. (p.)
*^>\(TF)liQpiT^iULti1 s. A rare pla
netary conjunction in the month of Janu
ary supposed by the Hindus to be very
auspicious for bathing, j/fQfit/wui; which
^(75/5^^, 8. Wife of the ascetic
Vasishta, fiey-sno&irS. 2. A star in the
great bear supposed to be the wife of Va
sishta, a pattern of female chastity, <5yc>*4
Jp*ii*)nj. Wils. p. 67. Arcnd'uati.
Jl(nji5pl&rrtli, inf. To point
out to the bride the star jycr*^, at the
time of marriage, urging her to follow
the example of the said star in chas
^(TTj/jsSso, s. Scarceness, rareness,
dearncss, jy<j<o. (c.)
tcrihutfl&iSa ^(yA^syrcS^Afip^sJ. Mango fruit
is now very dear, rare to be found.
jyQfjiB&l, QQpeir, ^(njii glQeBrebr,
<?/<*, jjesi/i, v. a. To eat or drink, take
food, betel-mtt,
2. To enjoy, ex
perience either good or evil, pleasure or
pain, receive the fruits of actions done in
former births, ^ruSA*. (p.")
cgifrJFjLJULh, s. Killing, QsttIgq. 2.
Disease, Siurp. 3. Sorrow, grief, #**th.
4. A town, village, */. 5. A village in an
agricultural district, ms#ifl*itart. 6. Slip
pery ground, U(ifA<5*tvi2>. 7. (urr,pjjtji6.)
Vinous liquor, toddy, *. 8. Butter-milk,
Qwti. 9. A kind of meal cake, JlLO. 10.
Flour, mr. 1 1. A forest, . 12. A shrub,
the Qai_r!, lthamnus, L. 13. Fort, C

jy (77)>(_>
*&f(TF)LJLjsoi), s. A flowering tree,
^QrjLcpirsrrti), s. One of the nine
methods of keeping time in music, s<bu&
jy^Loso^, .

A musical mode,

^>j(^snin, s. Rareness, scarceness,

scantiness, jyufiii. 2. Preciousness, de
sirableness, pre-eminence. 8im*w. .3. Diffi
culty, laboriousness, (svs,*ii. 4. Impossi
bility, unattainableuess, t-i_rsio. 5. Deli
cacy, dpuq.Note. As an adjective, M>m
is dropped before a consonant with a
change of that, when required in combi
nation, and jfjr may be changed into jylu
with or without ^, or tlie last vowel may
be dropped, and the first lengthened as in
4p$iV, precious life.
^/(rrjiEi steo 15 mu sear, s. Buddha,
the lord of eminent sciences, tyAsos-.
eg/ (5 /ei ?su eS (JjCBj^ear, s.
devoted to learning, one whose time
is spent in cultivating the arts and
^(Tj/aSszci/, s. Extreme hunger
from long abstinence, &c., uiii*.=s.
sy (5 /b @ an <_ ffi i_ & s , in/. To be
in a starving condition.
^l(T^isiQstS!r, s. One who is im
perishable, who will always prosper.
(<&p&.) 2. (c.) A very treacherous man,
a profligate wretch.
^KjrjmiQsiraai^s. Vehement heat.
2. Severe drought.
^jQ^i^&aap^s. Rigorous servitude,
(Ram.) 2. Hell, r*io.
s. A cruel hell.
^0/S?6v), s. Difficult standing
said of a fort when impassable.
^/(rfiSipeo, s. A slight shade.
^fd^QsjS, 8. A narrow or diffi
cult way. 2. Gate-way or entrance.
^q$kpilip, .. Elegant Tamil.
sy (tj hp oj ii, s. Rigid austerities.
sy<3^a"r Ascetics.
^q^Kgnpesr, s. A tormentor, one
who inflicts pain, GifiierQeiiGmirtir.
jy^to^*^?, s. Nectar, jyt/O/r^u).
In classical works, this in the form
jys-tD(g-*4fflrrLSdrfcr is contracted to ^gmtf.
precious as nectar, as, jyg-ioi^jcrfcr. A
very dear child, jjtsubfQfi. A very
costly chariot.
^/(t^wem/D, s. The sacred Vedas.
11. 145. 4.
^f(^u>es>jDdQsiri^.Qiuirar1s. A name
of Dronacharya, the military preceptor
of the Pandavas and Kurus, because of
the Vedic device on his banner.
^I(njes>u>uu(i)p$, inf. To make
scarce, hard, difficult. 2. To impart
reluctantly, make much of.
^K^usueaariuy, s. A rare article,
choice wares, valuable commodity.
^KVjtlLSessR, s. An incurable dis
ease, (m*.) EU. 118.

^(njiiyLL, s. [proc] A girdle,

er, v. n. [improp. for jyty.] To stir,
waist-string, necklace, &c, so short as
move, go out by little and little, flow as
scarcely to be brought to meet, a string,
water by small degrees from a spring or
rope, &c, so short as to be tied with
from stage to stage down a mountain,
difficulty, a bow-string so short as to be
Qm^jQcucn-AQjAjcu. 2. As v...'., to be
liable to break if brought up too far,
scarce. 3. To approach, SCj_ 4. To
any thing too little, too short, too nar
smart as the eyes, <^ai*.
row, &c, nii_#tjHLi<a. 2. Difficulty in
settling a negotiation, agreement, &c, =sy(77jarr<SLb, s. A shrub, QeverrQetr
fi)e>!riAa!_l_M>u>. 3. Entanglement, en<5*<3, Asclepias gigantea, X.
snarement, QiBrsfi&wsuuQaBs, 4. Forc
ed connection in language, clauses dis ^D/Q^smrS, s. A medicinal plant,
connected or not joined naturally, diffi
Holanhena Codaga, L.
cult or unnatural construction, Qfii-itS) ^ijQ^efreuLd^s. A tree, the ^jfi^r,&&>,
Alangium decapctalum, L.
He spoke in an unconnected manner. ^(S^-SV^i * The margosa tree,
Melia Azadirachta, .
^l(j<)ihQuiT(n)&r, s. Excellent ad
vice, hard doctrine, a rare or difficult ^sy^fflfr. s. Grace, mercy, kindness,
meaning. 2. A choice or precious ar
favor, benevolence, fi<ya". 2. The act of
giving, ra}*. 3. Power,
4. (^3.) Per
mission, command, lLi_J. Cp.)
.syjTjal 2ssr, . A great sin.
jtJSfarb*^. The five great sins.
^j0LLaessr, s. A gracious eye.
C . - JtkiG x'i - r_ QsSTSB CC _ r' tfi ,'kfiJ iv
j>/(r!jLL(3jaDiQujngoT, s. God, as
jts*S7aris\ii gwptb. The five great sins will
be forgiven him who worships the one
God with singleness of heart, (siiuar.)
^(^CQsnuf-Qeuis^ehr, s. Argha,
god of the Jainas, as a gracious sove
ji/Qfjihuircbi), s. A tune or musical
reign, jy(J**.
mode, gitiitsib.
^/@LLQ&fres>L-QtuiT6&r, s. God, as
^(T^ldI-/, . A bud, a flower bud,
granting mercy,
QicicJS. 2. Small globules or granules of
goid, &c, in imitation of flower-buds
,5y (75 tl
s. Quick-silver, u/r^
in jewelry, QunsiQpfic$iJippQfijfl*i(5ibn. 3.
Soft hair or young beard, Qio*iotajios*.
^(TjiJLO^eJa'J), s. Divine grace,
^(TjiiL/tcssafl, s. A necklace of
as the true felicity, i_af&*i_rtL#u. 2.
gold beads set with granules of gold.
Benevolence, kindness, or mercy to
^(Tjiiy^sDa, v. noun. Making
creatures, as distinguished from, Qurcyii
globules of gold by blowing.
=jy (77j ld /-/, @pgi, &i(75wi3etsrgi, to,
giqjjLLQ&nffi, s. God, ujrrrujni.
jygiiu, v. n. To shoot up as the teeth,
2. A kind of arsenic, the sefAu;a>rrio.
horns, Qpirts. 2. To swell as a flower-bud,
Benevolence, one
blossom, cpmsts. 3 To appear, spring
of the three good qualities of the mind,
forth, issue as particles of perspiration,
msor^larKp^eatrio^fisk^Q^a/jf. The Others
fruit, as tears in the eye, Quiets. 4. To
are, .gawinjFAsAi, and pmCiupj/.
smile, showing the teeth a little, qaratent
*m. 5. To sprout or grow as the hair and
<g/(VjeirirySI(2eiiiBeBr, s. God, i_
beard, or the breasts of a young female,
2. Argha, jigsot.
s. Benevolence,
^sy^si/Lr), s. Destitution of shape,
kindness to all creatures.
formlessness, incorporealnessa quality
jyjTjBff-^j^a), . non. Abound
of the Deity, _<y/iiSers>u>. (p.) 2. [yul.
ing in grace. 2. Displaying grace.
prov.] Scarceness, rareness, jfcj*^>.
^(T^&rLjifl^&i, v. noun. Exercising
cg>/(7Fj6U(Trj, dQQpek, jgQpeisr, uQuear,
grace, being gracious.
a*, v. a. To loathe, abhor, abominate, ex
perience loathing at the sight of impure or
disgusting objects, feel disgust, Qwj>ts. (c.)
Qartir, Qassr. jy<jsr, v. a. To be gracious to,
(tj a/ (5 u Lj , v. noun. Disgust,
favor, grant, bestow, 8<s>uQ*iuiu. 2. To
loathing. 2. (Jig.) Abomination.
create, cain-tt*. 3. To preserve, *. 4.
To say, C3Aieu. 5. ("_/>?) To command,
^(TTjsuiTettrtii, s. (For.) A platter
permit, a-^i^ucirsxr. (p.)Note. It is
made of copper, fruit.
used also as an auxiliary to other verbs,
^(T^au/r/s/r, s. One of the districts
as G*ai0(j(5ii, graciously do it.
where the common Tamil is spoken, *cgj(>fj)ULh, s. [priv.
et gjuii), form,
^c.] Formlessness, destitution of shape,
jy(77ja//rsiy/_j2k)/F/r@, s. Another
incorporeality, invisibleness,
district where the common Tamil is spo
Wils. p. 67. Arcpa.
ken, QrStfiJ^*--^,C t?drjr.
jp/^lSI, s. An invisible being, spirit,
jy(77jafl, s. A mountain stream, a
_c7fii5A)cur5cor. 2. The deity, *t_;w.
water-fall, ulaiiSaitSttrp. 2. The mouth of
3. Siva,
a river, stfcpxm. 3. Millet stubble, p&ri ^jy^tS, s. Camphor, sQu^nti).
fta. 4. [proo.] Sheaf of grain, as jy/U.
^l<T7jeSluiTtLi0e0, v. noun. The flow j>l Qr&s emQ, s. A plant, the
jaraiOTiB^E, Dracontium polyphyllum, L.
ing of a mountain stream.

^syC?tr&<3iLh, s.

The plantain tree, jyan/r, dSQpesr, pOpeer, l/CukV, as.

v. a. To grind, macerate, mash, pulverize,
triturate, <3fi*s. 2. To rub, grind as
j>j Qj~gF2iaSii, s. Long pepper, euireo
the wheels of a carriage,
3. To
ia(s, 1'iper longim, L. 2. Root of the
graze, gall, destroy by rubbing
nut-gall tree, s^ssBiumtQai.
4. To cause to wane, to
.^yssj/r, s. Half, uir$, ("marked
destroy, jftS**. (c.)
, or .) 2. Waist, middle, loins, si_.
u^ssBitrds, inf. To pick cotton.
3. That part of the trunk of a tree, or
_tlt_B/r, inf. To grind curry
shruh, which reaches from the ground to
where the branches begin, (occurs only
in composition) thus: Qiryiesr, a smooth
inf. To grind grain
trunk, like the plantain; Quif.ua*, a
in a mill.
rough trunk, like the tamarind ormangoe;
.gyan/ruL/, v. noun. Grinding, trit
QP&srsDi, a thorny trunk.
urating, &c, ^MiM. 2. s. Any thing
^jeairdsds-jt/eairdadeaf, s.
ground, macerated, &c, j(nu&i. 3. The
girdle, a belt, zone worn round the
refuse, residuum of Sksusbu seeds, Gjau
^/enirdsireo, s. The eighth part of
jyGBiruLjdsLLif., s. The refuse of
the whole, half a quarter, (marked ggp,
Q&uodu seeds.
j)j eairu Lf sQpill pgi Qfs Qp (3j an ,
gies>ir#&tBSG>&, s. A string of
r. noun. Bathing after rubbing the re
bells worn by children round the waist.
fuse of gitsumu seed on the head, for
&l an it (Gj it ssur&\ an nte it em<g/es>ir
extracting the oil, previously rubbed on.
*. A cord worn round the loins to
^/emiriue\), s. Any thing ground,
which the cloth to cover the nakedness
&c, a kind of seasoning, w>ai<u<b.
is attached, or sometimes worn over
the inner cloth, and made of gold, silver,
^l&nniueSHSeGia, v. noun. Rubbing
&C., Called, Quffaj-Mrsuw^jrciar, Qai&sjlljaDr
and wearing away a place by standing
or sitting.
^lesiiriseoeuehr, s. [prov.] A bull
jyemniLiG)jyan/rizjaiasr, s. [prov.
not well castrated.
vtiL] A slow, inactive, spiritless per
em tr is /ran a/, s. A part of the
son, Qetibueb.
plough which receives the share bent _jy ssiir iu sir , s.
A king, jyir&eisr.
one side and unfit for use, the tip of a
hoe bent one side.
t&jQirir. A poetic expletive, ayn<F
^/eairiBirary . The half of a day.
*QAi, as s~&irw<2n, we will speak, (p.)
^iea>rruuLLif.eaa, s. A golden * j>j (? ir ir & a to ^gtj Q or it & to , s,
or silver plate or girdle worn by danc
Loathing of food, loss of appetite, Qui*ar
ing girls and some other women round
Qmijinu. Wils. p. 68. Arochaka. 2
the waist, sometimes also by men,
(Jig.) Disgust, aversion, QijpuLf.
.gyan/ruy tl.
xc<S. 2. A joint of the loins, g)iiLS<*
^jemnQpiSf-, s. A small plate of
metal worn by little girls over the
private parts.
^learTiuiruLj^/eairiuiru LjdaiLq.
s. A venereal swelling, tumor or bubo
about the groin, Cu>*<?n/rJM_iSg<!4ri_r
gyan/ra/*_ii, s. A string of beads
worn round the waist, (p.)
emirevil t_ti), s. A semi-circle,
2. A small plate of metal worn by very
small female children, as j/emi^if..
Sj etaireuaSiseir, s. [prov.~\
husks half full, or with the grains half
perished, for want of rain, &c, *crisi.
gjewreurrS, s. Half, (c.)
^jeeiireuirih, s. Half a mouthful.
2. A flat mouth with thin lips.
^SD/rQa/aS?, s. The state of being
half drunk, partial intoxication,
^jysjnr, @pgi, ihpj?, ti/ti, <u, v. n. To
become ground, macerated, pulverized,
&c, jyerrui_ 2. To be grazed, galled,
eJ!. 3. To decay, degenerate, wane,

e$;i$uji7rr$, s. One who asks

learning, a disciple.
^/iruussiULh, s. [invpr. &pueesru\>.']
Making an oblation, &Q*$i*sb*. Wils. p.
71. Arpana.
04fi_i&ms uasriMtuueaameiSQatA. This
body have I given to you.
Qpain ii u u esorw, s. An offering
acceptable to the gods.
^gtjrruiQy dQQpar, ^G^air, uQuesr,
v. n. To make an offering at a shrine.

*^g>jiTLJi9SLn, s. An offering, any

thing offered, an oblation, HGipaui. Wils.
p. 72. Arpita.
*^)jirLJLj1st}i, s. A hundred millions,
gjOroor. Wils. p. 72. Aebbuda.
.jjyao, dQQpesr, (sG^aV, uQueer,
v. n. To be distressed with anxious desire,
troubled, harassed, be wretched, be in dis
tress, mtjfifiuui
^leO/hpiTiT, s. The distressed, those
who are in want.
jysi>d5iL, s. A large kind of long
pepper, ute^jf)iiLJs.
j>fscsiil ^sysoffl/fl, s. A large wave
or surf, a flow or influx of tide, tSrt>.r*<i.
( p.)
^iJOQ, s. The blade of a weapon
or instrument, the top or head of an ar
row, ^irtfiwtg. 2. Weapon, arms in
general, ^^uQuig. 3. Glow worm, iSar
iBtdi. 4. A bird's beak, upatm^ptig. 5. An
ear of rice or other grain, uAUa&f. 6.
Number, calculation, treir. j. Poetic num
bers of feet or syllables, Q#ityerug. 8.
Cowries, small shells used as signs of num
bers in reckoning, utu*p. 9. Seeds of
u>8< tree, mEijii
Mimusops elengi, L.
10. Grains of paddy, Ceta-iscm*. 11. A
^jyG? <r/rJ, csfiCflxar, pQp6sr, uQuesr.
(p.) 12. (c)
**, v. a. To loathe food, abhor, dislike,
The mandibles, jaws, Qi*p. 13. [proc]
feel aversion to, ^angtM.
Breadth, extension, Jv<i. 14. A weav
glQfiesrtxQrtBjguGunSpgi. X have taken
er's stay or staff to adjust a warp, Q>^
a disgust at it.
^iQnir&ut-i, v. noun. Loathing of
g(tl&s jKui5^lpASpP*)Sw. The eft does
food, dislike, aversion, ^siguu.
not bite, (lit.) does not open its jaws.
^jyGV/r&dSLD, s. Disgust, nausea,
^&)Qi,inf. To reckon, compute,
number, saxritguuitst. 2. To measure
aversion, ptarcnti,
verse, scan, QsiiuC-Qmi&>tu,cJSntiQui<siL-i
j)j rra <zii, s. A shrub. See ^j(i^d
ufii_ 3. To sweep the sacred precincts
of a temple as one of the duties of the
eftmptstier, or religionist of the lowest
=gy/f<?:)95ujSa^z_/f, s. [Roman Catho
degree in the Siva system, CilsuufEi_.
lie use.'] Saints, u^4s<ijraar; [ex^r^fiiu,
adorable, el
^60(5 .arilt-, inf. To bind (charm)
the mouth of a serpent, a dog. Sec. 2.
* *S>jn si^in^ s. Meaning, significa
To charm a weapon to prevent its cut
tion, &c. See jycFAf*.
ting, &e. 3. To settle an account.
^jHfi^ffn, s. Arc of a circle, also
inf. To subtract or
used for sine.
deduct a number in reckoning with
^jn^wesisriuiiiy s. The court in
kernels, seeds, &c.
a temple next to the sacred shrine.
^eo^QilJBeas, e. noun. Having
See, ff0"ijuASir*u3CciSriU(6.
the lock-jaw.
^jrr^wuesnTenDT, inf. To explain,
s. A basket made of
twigs closely twisted together, used to
^/iTfipirgurw, s. Desire for wealth,
draw water.
avarice, uaaacer./r.
sy60(5/3eo, s. The result of a
"cP/iT'gtSy (St.) A beggar, gfrseueOeh.
reckoning, as the sum in addition, pro
Wils. p. 70. Artuin.
duct in multiplication, &c.

^eo^rSgvpjgio, v. noun. Placing
a sword upright. This is a ceremony
jH'tfornicd in the pagoda of gidnrusc^
before the festival in honor to her is
commenced. A sword is set up the
point downwardson the side of a
vessel tilled with water, and if it does
not move, they think that the ceremony
will be attended with success. This is
also done in private houses.
^6i)(^u(T^uLf, s. A kind of pea.
jyaiguSsar, s. The long, flat leav
ed palmyra, Borassus flabelliformis, L.
<9ieO(Z}uird(3j, s. Betel-nut sliced
thin and boiled in water in which its
husk has been boiled, giving it a red
dish hue.
^eo^Quirt, inf. To perform a
penarice, in which the tongue is pierced
with an iron wire, strings are drawn
through the sides of the loins, or the
breast cut with a knife, (c.)
gy so (a? u y lL , v. noun. Closing
the mouth in penance.
^IGOfgeSanjBun, v. noun. Becom
ing cold and stiff as the jaws in child
birth, fits, hunger, &c.
Ga/tj(jsi>(5, s. The rib or small
stalk of the leaves of the margosa tree.
,(56i/6(5, s. A broom used in
Q& irn)pG<)(3}, s. A sort of rice
strainer, made of ribs of palm leaves,
^gy V(3j trjdTii, s. Glowworm, ufisar
tSeJI. (p.)
^t/sosns, s. Devil, evil spirit, de
mon, Jwi4. 2. Wild aloes, ifi^SA^asxi/!.
^IBdgD&dQiEtriq-tunar, s. The god
dess Kali, on whose banner a devil is
^jeosasQp^soiLfsiaQirrssr^ s. Vish
nu, who, when an infant in his ninth in
carnation, suckled the breast of J'uthaky (iE) a female demon, so as to kill
her at last, Sa^emer.
^sc&cKsnr, s. Sorrow, distress, mi
sery, &druib. (p.)
c/so&xl/9, sSQpek, /iQpeiir, uQuasr,
**, v. a. [impr. for ^j3wi*uS.] To vex,
distress, (c.)
^fsi'Ejasui, s. A rampart, a bulwark,
0r4^srii. (unfub.) 2. A fortification, #
t^jsow&Taani, s. Ornament, de
coration, j|4j^. Wils. p. 73. AlajjkaRAXA.
^sysO/E/dS//?, d8Qpesr,pQpeir, uQueir,
**, v. a. To adorn, decorate, ornament,
deck, embellish, garnish, QiixrfiAx.
^gjeoieiaiftuLii v. noun. Ornament,
decoration, embellishment, adorning,
garnishing, QiimiHun.
jyaiB'JSi), s. A sprout, petfltr. 2.
A garland, a wreath, uuw&u.
j)/ so w a <G3) ./?, s.
A pearl-oyster
[ ex

cgtjeotEiiBrnrLb, s. Ornament, deco
ration, embellishment, 6)puij. 2. Beauty,
dfio. 3. Rhetorical ornament, figures of
language, rhetoric, ^jcst^^nsanin. 4. One
of the sixty-four *2fij$jorifl, sZu^fscaiDgufe
HsmerSlQ^Jsjsi. Wils. p. 73. Alankaka.
There are thirty -five figures of language;
viz. : 1. /sJsana, a word or phrase express
ing the nature of a thing. 2. _/>ic, a
parable. 3. a.***, metaphor. 4. g/*ii>,
a word once used and understood in
the other parts of the sentence. 5. Jr
/<y/2su, the repetition of the word be
ginning a sentence with the same or a
different signification. 6. irawicSeuAig,
rejecting a truth asserted, by showing
its absurdity. 7. Gvp&uQucg&imaiuLi,
establishing the truth of a particular fact
by a general truth. 8. Co/fewm, contrast.
9. tSuroitor, separating, effects from their
proper causes and attributing them to
other causes alluded to. 10. sc, an alle
gory. 1 1 . sjgiozjib, hyperbole or exaggerat
ed description. 12. pptgfiu<!uppibt a prin
cipal kind of metaphor. 13. sg>, a figure
showing the cause, &c. 14. js^uib, a fi
gure which presents a suitable idea, by
a corresponding hint, &c. 15. jgCeujii, a
figure in which a trifling excuse is given,
as a cloak for a thing of greater magni
tude. 16. firafiasp, one of the eight kinds
of construction of a sentence, i. e. the
separate successive arrangements of a
series of nouns and their verbs in natural
or reverse order. 17. ^imQar^, an affec
tionate word or phrase. 18.
passions or emotions of the mind ex
pressed by gesture, exhibited in action
and transferred to poetry. 19. pcbQamumi.
sr, self-adulation. 20. uitiuiuw, a figure
in rhetoric by which one thing is told
and another connected with it is intended.
21. smwib, the accomplishing of one's ob
ject by indirect means. 22. n-prfoib, a
figure which expresses copiousness, rich
ness, enterprise, &c. 23. fjy>, denying
the character, quality or essence of a per
son or thing in order to attribute the
same to others. 24. Cfusa>i_, a word of
double interpretation. 25. !<?._&>, distin
guishing a cause by ascribing to it
effects which it is inadequate to pro
duce. 26. gii4mA.Uj..ii, enumeration of
analogous words, &c. 27. SC^io, oppo
sition. 28. iDyjuffli^/jjiflSM, praising a per
son or thing to the disparagement of
another. 29. ^smiru^x^tS), praise, flattery,
&e., couched in terms of dispraise. 30.
fyJIranH, feigning a tiring in nature as do
ing good or evil to another, a species of
personification as a mode of moral instruc
tion. 31. L/OT/ntf&u, a figure in which the
same epithets or attributes are adapted to
two or more different subjects. 32. uH
ew8ar, a figure in rhetoric, describing an
exchange of beauties, excellencies. 33.
congratulation. 34. MjSrearii, the
blending of several figures. 35. ui<St\
moral instruction, inference, applications,
&c, from events related in epic poems.
^/eoiiisinreiBisQQj^^uji}), s. An of
fering made in front of a temple, for show.
l3mi&rruutg$&&u>i s. A poem of
a hundred verses, (lit.) the five forms
of beauty. It is a series of five kinds
Of VerSCS; Viz. : Qa/awuf, s<*2pg:apt gja
Qa 12^X3$ gjQ9tUij5l


^eoiasiriruu^, inf.

To adorn,

ji/eo ieis itjru lSifliu sir, s. Vishnu.

^eOisjatrjuQu^si-^s. Fine, elegant
language, flattery.
*^>j a)/a(25r<srix ^jsoiLQQ^fu1, s.
Ornament, beauty, emlxdlishment, j^tu*
AfrcA; [ex ^yeuii, ornament, el &an, made.J
Wils. p. 73. AlaMKBITA.
ei IB
QQpf&r, ^^^ffairsar,
G/tsr, jimbs, v. n. To shine, glitter, flash,
9SQjijijj. 2. To dangle as a garland or
locks of hair, move, shake, swing as
branches of trees, be in motion as waves,
jpawu. 3. To be agitated in mind, be
troubled, be in grief,
4. To pity,
sympathize, yearn, grieve, be distressed,
^1 soil snot, s. A plant, the gietr&.
^jy^/E/Co* it sulcus. Disorder, sloven
liness, confusion, (in dress) want of come
liness in appearance, rrcfiovtcuj. (e.)
Tftjvffia<vtiCJvJf(iScjAejrpr. AH things
are in confusion.
t&jeo&so, s.
Laziness, Q^irtiueo.
2. Langor, <?;iv. 3. A cloth thinly
woven, g;ss;!096uAmr<B7/*nj,ff)ffw. 4. What is
huddled, carelessly or negligently put up,
&*&e!ai~uugi. 5. [Metaphorically.1 A
business which instead of succeeding,
grows Worse, umarppQilM. (c.)
ay-stiS, s. A kind of muscle or shell
fish, that sticks to the keel of ships, to
rocks, Sec Ostria edulis, an oyster, pi*
efts r/
^ijffOar, QQpeisr, <y 6U
6Br, Gaysar,
^sm*, v. a. To wash, rinse a vessel, &c.
OP*, (c.)
*^&)35i)&>rii>, s. An earthen waterjar, pi ttittlf-. Wils. p. 73. Al.ANJAltA.
*^tjsOLLQtuLD, p. noun. [priv. ^sy.]
Undistinguishableness, undefinableness, S
luiiLSorsM/] 2. Meanness, contempt, AcufKuii.
Wils. p. 73. ALAK8HYA.
^eOLL&iuwuesstsmr^ inf. To de
spise, contemn.
^sOlLQ, QQpeir, jyedLLiy-Qeareir,
CucV, jysuuj_, r. a. To tease, trouble, im
portune, annoy, perplex, Qpt*fiimQeii<u.
2. v. n. To rave, talk muchas a crazy or
delirious person, be boisterous, iSppp. (c.)
^yeUilif, s. [proc] A bully, a
blusterer, jytuiij.
6\) C j>i so lL O sb) a , v. noun.
Teasing, importunity, ,^3su.**uSuiy. 2.
Raving, incoherent talk, delirium, lS
fipp. 3. Trouble, vexation, perplexity,
urgency, G^t^m). (c.)
^/sOLL&f^&sresTl, s.
kind of
convulsive fit attended with raving.
* j)j so p $ lis^D/so^i^iii- s. Red
cotton from which a red dye is derived,
Qi4ui^. Wils. p. 73. Alaktaka, and
j/eufoMiyiii-Si&QsihQurairit.. Feet adorned
with gold and covered with sandals of red
^)/so^Q,s. Aglow worm, issnletsrl.
<jy sois)3So30, s.
Distress, vexation,
great perplexity, ffttrujs. (p.)

^gtjscik^B<s\>,s. The Qeikiappnifi plant.
^/siiismp, s.
Trouble, vexation,
ffitruib. 2. Tank, pond,
^jsOiliLj, QQpm^61) u lSCWott,
Qtuar, jywuu, p. . [i kA] To chatter, bab
ble, talk in vain, tSeZiSuiruQur. (c.)
^jeouueisr, s. [impr. ^jetruu&r.'] A
babbler, prattler.
^jeOLB(jT), SQpeir, ^sOuimQ^ssr, Qeu
*, f*>u>r, v. n. To whirl,
2. To be
confused, agitated, distressed, asuifc*. 3.
To be afraid, uuuui_ 4. To have vex
ation, to be agitated, (3*. (p.)
^/eoimreo, v. noun. Spinning, whirl
2. Being confused, agitated
as the sea. Sc., perturbed, distressed,
3. rearing,^**). 4. Vexation,
agitation, <jjjjii. (p.)
,jy sOtoa), dQQpeisr, ihQpdr, uQusra,
v. n. (fig.) To be eager for, ,iwuiajA.
2. To be confused in mind,
^gysOt/i/rr/?, s. [improp. <gueoeumfl.'] A
COVetOUS man, ^tuiQl&Qaiicir.
^SOiil, S. A plough, 6l)US!DLJ.
2. Water, <. Wils. p. 971. Hala. 3.
Scorpio of the Zodiac, Sg-*S*S?i). 4.
The sting in the tail of a scorpion, Qrfl<*
QssQ&cg. 5. A scorpion, Qjsi. Wils. p.
72. Ala. 6. A term expressive of suffi
ciency, QurgQtntirSD*. Wils. p. 73. Al.AM.
g)*^u(Tirj4j5to ^wio gjoiib. This suffering
is enough.
^ysi)/ruy^6or, s. Balarama, one of
the ten incarnations of Vishnu, who
used the plough as a weapon, uaiufifiiar;
[ex <qhs, weapon.] Wils. p. 971. Halayud'ha.
^jsOLh, s. Whirling, &ipp@. 2.
Agitation of mind, e^mth. (p.)
^jsOLbL-j, (BQpdsr, sisiuiiSQeisresr, Qeu
or, ^suiiu, v. a. To wash, rinse,
2. t). n. (p.) To sound, tinkle as little bells,
murmur as a brook, as the sea when calm,
gal**. 3. (o.) To move, wabble as water
when carried in a full vessel ready to
overflow, itp&u. 4. To fluctuate, or be
uncertain in condition, as a person whose
situation is become doubtful, ^laiu. 5.
To swerve from a proper line of conduct,
as a woman becoming loose in character,
^1 so ii> u eo , v. noun.
trouble, encumbrance with business,
aatstb. (c.) 2. s. [pror.] The small
branches or boughs of a tree or bushes
cut for mending hedges, jyuiAi..
gfnhu&iwfft9-i{i2UL-Gi<Sr. I am vexed
and troubled, I have suffered hardships.
SO Lb LJ<53> I_ jGdU> L/(5Dt_, S.
One of the ten (.) nerves, or blood
vessels of the human body, ^*iwif.lQir*j>.
^jsciB, s. Sweet sceuted Oleander,
Nerium odorum, L. It is deemed sacred,
and is generally planted about the tem
ples and tanks; the flowers being used in
daily oblation to the deities ; its root is
poisonous, arsStib. (c.) 2. (p.) Streaks or
lines in the white of the eye, *rA 3.
A flower in general, uuQurg. 4. The
sun, (gfiujar. 5. Boanty, si\p<s. 6. A bee,
Qfl^. 7. Vapor, steam, iretS.

^Qdssoifl, s. A species of double

fFtfppeoifl, s. A tree, Plumieria
alba, L. ; [ex s>ii, gold.]
igeoiR, s. A plant, Polygonum
barbatum, L.
(&)tEi(8jLDeiiGdifl,s. A yellow Oleander.
Q&euaiGOifi, s. The red Oleander.
Qsuerreireoift,s. The white Oleander.
^ppsoifl, s. The river jy6\J/fl.
Bearded Polygonum, L.
JtjeOir, s. A blown flower, meonk^L^.
2. Water, it. 3. Public exposure or re
port of faults or of secret affairs, as of
love intrigues, uaiipsgufigipga!**. 4. 111report, ill-rumor, m#. 5. (fly.) A
garland, mor&w. (p.)
=gy<so/rio<i8rr, s. Lukshmi, ^eodf^iS.
jijeC.TeS>/60(T$, Qpgj, jueorr&pgi,
jgf", Ji*>>, v. n. To blossom, open as a
flower, mum. 2. To spread or be diffused
as the rays of the sun, water, news, &c,
to expand, aSAu.
j% eo it s (si fr (Ej rruS^i, s. The beamspreading sun.
^eoirii^air^eo, s. Expanded love.

^jy sCiT rfljsiT) s.

The oleander shrub,

eg/sSl, s. That which is neuter, a her

maphroditeapplicable to human beings
and to animals in general, Guy.. 2. (p.)
Trees soft, pithy, without heart, unfit for
timber, *iit&i&)ifiiDf6. 3. The name of a
tree, *^iSatu!rii. 4. Yauia, g)iito^r.
Fire, O^ui^.
jiieSldSirsu), s. A neuter planet
either Mercury or Saturn.
^jaSnirar, s. A neuter lunar man
gjeSQujQgpgi, s. In the Alphabet,
the guttural letter, ^flii.
*j>je9, s. Baladeva, ueoQpeusisr.
(urspib.'); [ex
plough.] Wils. p. 971.
'^gs/isQ^ih ^ysffjEii, s. The fore
head, QmfijS. Wils. p. 74. Alika and
*g>js'&rr, s. Striped stuff, gingham,
>oiri_r. 2. An oar, ^srfr.
cjy.gjy, iQQpeisr, pQpeer, uQuear, is,
v. n. To be discouraged, dispirited, ha
rassed, wearied, fatigued, tired with a
person or tiling, to prove tedious, ^Tec*

lord, we are greatly fatigued. (*.)

s. A full-blown flower.
^gy^uL/, v. noun. Weariness, dis
jyeo/TQp'OEt), s. Distended breasts.
couragement, Q^rj(.
^eond&, v. noun. Blossoming, <J>/&!I
SQpeisr, &i ffi&QQasreor,
blooming, inaiim*.
Qmar, jyjyi**, v. . To strut, swagger, J
^fsdeuSso _gysoa/so, s. That which
is loosely woven, SwAtcffjj Qmi<uuuiij0. ^S^ii^sss, s. (For.) An ear-jewel
[prow, vul.] 2. A bad state, either of con
worn by Mohammedans, i*tfiasfi.
duct or of circumstances, j^uwAuii. (*
*&lg?)&(B)(lsd<sii, v. noun. Becoming
disorganized, derangedas a lock or watch,
cSysOsi/sir, s. Crab, Beam. 2. The
or a family by death, &c, ^f.pisfgvja>. (c.)
male of the crab, ^n*S. 3. Cancer of
the Zodiac, *4*i-a9rR 4. Chundra or *g>jg;]&<Jihi-jso, s. [prov.] Disorder,
the moon, eiplleir. 5. A cat, uScr. (p.)
derangement, confusion, gjtiiu*!.
^si/sun /Eg, s. A crow-bar, <si_u jtj G}] en Q ensured, v, noun. Bab
aroar. (c.)
bling, chatting without ceasing, ^muuii.
^jsosurriLQ, s.(Tel.
[ntZ.] ^j^uevsi, s. Business, engagement,
employment, occupation, ffJw. 2. Affair,
Custom, ai^Axto.
concern, mm/mm. (c.)
cgjsxijy, QQp ear, ^gi/eo/SQesrair, aurar,
b.usrAsytug^vkr(2u-r^ Are you engaged ?
^>p, i). n. To cry out, vociferate, roar
with grief, pain, &c, tx;llow as a cow for jtjgfiGiiir, s. (Hin.) A kind of cake,
its calf, *^jb. 2. To scream, make an un
natural sound in crying,
3. To sing ^jyjjyisf?ld, s. The Bilba tree,
with a grating, harsh or unmusical sound,
/uirii, JEglc marmelos, L.
^t/sosirpeo, v. noun. Dying, errpeo. *^gt/ (?sxid5ii, s. [/(He. ^y.] A blank
book, either of palm leaves or paper, 0a
oo _
CctQj [ex Qua, a letter or writing.]
^yso/rig, s. (Hin.) {vul.] Wrong,
soaisi, s. Iron-sand, Qennsin
injury, ^e.
^json-pir^y0/r^5J, s. (Hin.) That egySso, s. A wave, billow, sipplanir.
which is separate, distinct, unconnected,
2. A ripple, Liccrpfieew. 3. The sea,
alone, Qigi. 2. That which is unemploy
4. Black sand washed by the waves, <jo
ed, at liberty, at leisure, 0/jfS^ui-yj.
csv A>.(p.)
*^>j<o0iruih, 8. [priv.
Loss, iseif.
^j'ieowsar, s. Lukshmi, $eod(LiS.
i_iA. Wils. p. 74. Aj.ais'iia. 2. Detri
ment, mischief, injury, #am. 3. Mishap,
inf. To rise as
casualty, disaster, accident,
waves, jySwQ^ij. 2. To wash as waves,
so it Lj, s. A gourd, the bottle^1 yeu eu rr dj d s ea it , s. The very
gourd, Ms>r, Lagenaria vulgaris, L. Wils.
brink of the sea shore.
p. 74. Alabc.

2a0, QQpeir, wG^eor, Go/ear, tu,

v. it. To move, wave, shake, play in the
wind, move as a reflection in water, <gi_.
2. To go to and fro for an object, roam,
wander, waver, gifiu. 3. To be lazy, <2*twu
4. To be agitated, harassed, vexed,
tj*j*. 5. To suffer, be distressed, agitated
and afflicted by births and deaths, or sub
ject to transmigration, iSpfsfiptspinu. 6.
To stagger, totter,
7. To be en
gaged in the performance of works in op
position to the quiescent state of the ad
vanced gllalli, SriamiSautoiu. (c.)
^I'teo^iTiq., . Dewlap or excres
cence, found chiefly ou the necks of
goats, cifluii; [t*-r fin*-, beard.J
^/fyvpeo, v. noun. Affliction, dis
^Itevjizy, v. noun. Moving, waving,
^3cy*n. 2. Agitation, <sy>[ofl*ari>a,. 3.
Trouble, distress, r<yAs<i.
.jyikv, d QQposr, _(?ffar, u(?uot,
r. a. To move, shake a thing, jy&uiurfQ*
w>.j. 2. To reduce a family to poverty,
ruin, Q*<3*m. 3. To disturb, harass, vex,
afflict, annoy,
(c.) 4. (/>.) To slap,
beat, gf*>piu.
euu2p?Gud&, inf. To slap the belly,
as a woman when overcome with grief
at the death of her husband, or near
^iteout-l, v. noun. Moving, shak
ing, jfuMuLi. 2. Teasing, harassing,
3. Disturbance, distress, trouble,
*cs/vJ>. 4. One of the nine varieties of
dancing, x-p&^JlMputb.
^gyPsO ixift, SQpeisr, isQ&zir, (Sevehr,
i, v. n. To be agitated, vexed, harassed,
troubled, disappointed, _Swi/. (c.)
sy'&o<iy0a/, v. noun. Continued
trouble, a labor attended with repeated
disappointments, vexation, derange
ment, ill-success, &c, a_Sw|.
Qu^r, ix, v. a. To vex, perplex, discon
cert, molest, tease by continual disappoint
ment, a-lai**. 2. To ruin, disappoint,
CSi*. (c.)
jj^riruSsjAiiAj^r**-. He has seduced and
left her. C<iri_3swjr/j1ijto.)
^ SsO T- IS). Jt/ 8s0 & SB) L_ , 8. [ou/.]
Trouble, vexation, Qji*>fj.
^jctod&sc, s. Affliction, gjeisruii>.
2. Wandering, jyfeiq. 3. Laziness, Qniin.
jysfeo Jr, QQpetsr, ^teo&Qesrar, (Seueir,
^jZe>t, r. a. To wash, rinse, shake as
water in a bottle, m^aur. (c.)
^'JsoSi@qi., in/. To drink,
having shaken the liquor.
^lleti&sQ&auueifl&a;, inf. To
rinse the mouth with water and eject it.
.jySisoH.sF.TeQ, s. [prov.] Trouble,
annoyance, vexation, jffatstfai. See <?ml.
&i'te>Q&ne$uui,inf. To be vex
ed, annoyed, harassed. Sec u<&.
J5j & t so , s. [mi/.] Weariness,
vexation, uneasiness, molestation, Qs*
Jf't.Pjlevi&pui, inf. To be vexed,
troubled, molested.

<gj dsOfij/gi en rib, s. Excessiveness,

superfluity, uScaP. (/).)
^Ssosiitiu, s. The name of a town,
!(j#Q#*6ri. ( p.)
^Idso/tS, s. An lierb, u&m.
^QsdtTlB, S. The Quirpp'?GaS6)tS
lutkfiseB? plant, Wedelia calendulacea,
.jy jo, s. The Sanscrit consonants,
^jysi), s. Night,
2. Darkness,
<j*. 3. Wall,
cg/eogy wusgim. Night and day.
j>/ eo ff &) n 6pr , s.
The moon, &k
eSjso. No, notthe root of a sym
bolic negative verb allixed to nouns, pro
nouns and other verbs, tiffiiun^p, (See
fi|*i.) Except as a personal termination of
other verbs, (see 2) it expresses a partial
negation of the quality, thing or action in
question, and invariably implies the ex
istence of some other, as ^.wuruAiu, that
is not milk but something else. 2. A
verbal affix or negative poetic termination
of the second person singular imperative,
a$i\iu}ss>pQ<uiQ*ie(59nui<S&$il ; as Qur/tiv, go
not. 3. It sometimes expresses not only
the absence of good qualities, but the pre
sence of bad, sis ,$i&jvjvxjwG&wpwQu(i5<gtiit as
vice diminishes, virtue increases. 4. An
expletive affix joined to the root of the
verb and, like other optatives, common to
the different numl>ers, persons and gen
ders, S1uBj<?rffrffg<), as c-^uaQ^ww, take
what is suitable. 5. A termination of the
first person singular, future, ii.iruAjar>io
Oajfiyi)iS<5.9, as n-siruAi, I will eat. 6.
A poetic expletive, *rt.t**u, as Ojjs>i_iuAi, a
chain or garland being affixed mere
ly for euphony. 7. A termination of many
verbal nouns, i~*-.-'J>:
counting, (p.)
1 eoQu nqT)6ir , s.
A rhetorical
figure, as ^ite^uib, which see.
^ya)6DSjeo. Plurals of the de
fective jy*i, of which j/arsi and j^su/b are
singular. In common usage, a simple
negative not, as .;--';.. not those,
in-Aiw, not he, (someother.) In this usage
it is regularly used for all persons and
genders and in both numbers. It is also
used substantively in a negative sense,
and added to nouns, pronouns and parti
ciples, (c.)
^I&ieo^i, conj. If not, the adver
sative conjunction.
OAsfCuf? Hast thou eaten it, or given
it away to some one else ?
j>j do >D irjyitiGOiTjgiTiT-^ieoedtTiTjs/so
Ct\i/f, *, Evil persons, the wicked, {p.)
^/eoeoQajesreBr, inf. To say no,
to deny.
giGOGiQeuiueieO. Not at all.
^IGoeoirpgi, appcl. noun.
which is unfit.
Wealth must not be sought, nor the
pleasure of love, &c, obtained by evil
means. (Jn)t/riirii.) See tsp^, p. 128.
<gy6t>6)/ru>6v), prep. Without, as <jy
/2zr^&suffu>A>. without him; ^,y^ii)Aisvr
ic.'j, besides this, moreover.

^jeoeuLfi, n. [in grammar.] The

mode of combining two words without
the forms of declension, C^^jiaounuRitvf/s
S; [ex mff, way.] (;;.)
^j&ieui^j uL^esnrfrf&i s. The agree
ment of two words of which the first is
undeclined by case j of this there are
fourteen kinds; viz.: 1. tSixr, verbs, as
Qffw^ff3scr. 2. uoKJiy, adjective, as ctc?
n3sr. 3. a_<OTiD, comparison, as iniS^i.
4. B.ii, the words having the particle
n-ii suppressed, as g&nuuxii. 5. ^aiQmi
u9, the words having the usurf2w sup
pressed, Sec, as QuipQatt-. 6. sTQfmrtu,
nominative, as Q*eppexaitfirar. 7.
vocative, as QstptgQaBir. 8. Qu*jO^#it,
relative participle, as
9Sicr<2iu#ii, verbal participle, as e-owQ
Gl/j^sw. 10. Qfift<TiAi$ta!rQppgi% a de
clarative verb in the terminative form,
as a_aw_rr*ff/<5Br. 1 1 . <guLiQpp&t a sup
pressed verb in the terminative form, as
tgepip^jf&rQaKfipar. 12.
preposition and interrogation or parti
ciple and expletive, as ^ooreQrA.
13. k-H, adjective and adverb, as *aM2u
14.j>5)*(s, repetition, as uni^uniiy.
.jyiojseii, *. Night, an. 2. Day,
mrer. 3. Destitution, want, poverty, pAp
fitib. (p.)
v. n. To diminish, lessen, shrink, diminish
in quantity gradually, (svpu. 2. To stay,
abide, sojourn, lodge, p*-*. (p.)
^eoaeo, v. noun. Reduction, dimi
nishing, diminution, -*pet.
jf &i Qj &ySl, s. A diminutive salt
river.or small creek, 5^ejo. (>a<C^. 10.)
^yAioayy-Pjs^igQtfweu/r^srac-W ? Will llOt
an ocean fill a small creek?
^jysiigjsi), s. A woman's buttocks,
the circumference between the hip and the
loins, i&jsibuih. 2. (Jig.') Muiis veneris, Quaa
^yaos^<ssr/_ti, s. Distress, afflic
tion, ffaiuib. (p.)
^jscxpfBL-t, inf. [vul.] To refuse,
refuse compliance, object to, abrogate, dis
own, disavow, /fa-m. 2. To frustrate, dis
appoint, ^:.-"AaQaQ*.
jyiDoOti, *. (Tel. wejajo.) Undried
j)jsO0Cifl njen, s. [prov.'] That which is
slightly woven, or braided, /tebamaripqatrgi,
as, .syAiai^ir^sasi-aDa;, a cloth thinly woven.
^sostiffO, s. Suffering, affliction, dis
tress, sorrow, evil, misfortune, adversity,
grief, ffarutb,
gy &) eop ut_, inf. To suffer, be
grieved, to regret. Sec u<S.
j^Aw^)utli_j(*)c^:ETfia sabrfmfr&Gg Qa&aijs
tB&G&dj&&tbueB>i- ? Will not the unendumblc grief, (lit. tears) of a people be
come a file, to wear away the wealth
i. e. of their oppressor 'I
jijsiisCHT //?, 8. A water plant, Qeuet
ewiicS, Nymphnea stellata, L.
^gysoeS, s. Tlie lily, jjiiuai, Nymphsea rubra, L. 2. Inner petals of the
lotus, ^aSsiJ. 3. The filament of the
flower, u*/5'a>. 4. Thei;i tree. 5. Night.
g|rr; [ex j/ii, nighta night flower, or
notnot a day flower.] (j>.) fi. [prov.]
A new root shooting out, crC/j.

cg>l go e$ pp em , s. Peduncle or
flower stalk of tlie ,sy*iS.
/&>sSlutSliGTj&, s. A very young
Q&weueoetfl, s. Red lily.
QemkeireoeiS, s. The white lily.
G$ppe0 6$, S. As &p 0>U3 u 60.
NymphEca stellata, L.
^>/i\)eQcEi}>,s. A creeper, Quih&Qsn
ihcCn)., Cucumis colocyntliis, L.
^/eosSiUih, s. A village of herds
men, aoi_ius*. (l1k*u*od^.) 2. One of
the dances of Vislinu, the other two
being, <s<ib, and ujw, a!iiQgp4L.^4>. 3. The
Q*ctiAf- plant, (p.)
^gy jo ei0 aJ S3T, s. [com. ^siviiJOTT-.] A
single elephant separated from the fold,
^syaosfiuj/TLOj-Lh, s. A long oar, ui
=sysoj)y, v. a. (Tel. esexi.) To knit,
braid, plat, gpi_bj.
jyffO^O, s. A creeper, a running
plant, the root of which forms an article
of food, giiQsii?.. (c.) 2. (/>.) l'oetic form
of the 2d person singular, of the finite
conjugated appellative, o"o-#SfuQxi(y*
jya) 2so,sip.'E/(5, s. The edible
root of the jf&fcu creeper.
-gy s\>bv), s. [in dramatic language.}
A mother, fitii. Wils. p. 75. Alla.
jij eu s su t iLiy s. The tsniuQz
[ml. ff!erQ*AiS.] A plant, PhylIanthus, L.
.jy su^/r^ti, s. Time, opportunity,
*nuib. 2. l'lace, situation, space, extent.
g)i_!i>; [ex
between, ei
to shine.]
Wils. p. 75. Avakasiia.
^sya/s/r^ui, s. Ability, means, ^j/r
<*. (c)
erssracg Jfiststb
is no way to discharge the debt.
^jaisirffuQuujiT^&jS. [prov.~\ Pe
cuniary or other ability.
j>jGua3;iou<iQ3>sjre\), v. noun. Snap
ping, reaching forth the head as in snap
ping, barking, kicking, &c, tSmtois^fiu^.
(e.) 2. Ueing afraid, 3i**t(g0uLi.
^lais&axQ&ssrff fjiplQiuGAQgar. lie VOmitS
jjaiA&QiAQ&tirl flst^ScjeaJr. They push
him forward by the neck.
*jai&w&Q&^r& eriu@luiQp&. The dog
barks terribly.
)Qida6aQ'Seirjgie3(ipes>&) v. noun.
Falling on one rapaciously.
^youaSiriFii, s. Vinegar, situ/..
^su^ti, s. [priv. ,jy, et a/<f.] Sus
pension, a bewildering or obstruction of
the senses as in delirium, swooning, &c,
uimai. Wils. p. 81. AvASIiA.
jyev&LDirpei), v. noun. Fainting,
*c^ysi/a=3'tc, s. Occasion, opportuni
ty, juncture, crisis,
Wils. p. 81.
Avarara. 2. Hurry, haste, urgency, exi
gency, pressure, tSuwrei. 3. [uti/.] Neces
sity, need, want, ^o/SW; [ex ^y<, et )<s,
to go.]

*^g>ja])iuLh, s. Necessity, urgency, cjy su^ rr saf?, &@Qp6sr, gQpesr, ill

Cut*, *x, v. a. To commit to memory,
want, need jf^/rrA 2. Certainty, <*u;
learn a lesson, fix or retain in mind, un_ii
et fisou, to go.] Wils. p. 81.
u*reT. 2. To be attentive, think, be
Studious, lifari*; [ex j)i^rrio.]
iag)uu>ri0(jQ*ar, I will certainly
give it.
^jeu^iresffiliLf^ v. noun. The act of
learning by heart, attention.
must necessarily go home.
*^/sutS, s. Period, time, season,
*sg>/G)jj--@sirs3rLh, s. Division, sepa
s.Tnr. 2. Expiration of a term, limit,
ration, insulation, iM^; [ex si", et
termination, r*;jw. Wils. p. 78. Avad'hi.
cut.] Wils. p. 77. Avacuiiixna.
Qurmr j^)aw mrihtSMm^^fiuu^Qijib. Wo
suffered much the last time.
*^gt/su^, s. A hole in the ground,
tgyeufilfuu^eu^lQuns^ inf To
a cavity, otf'al. 2. [in anatomy.~\ A sinus,
go beyond the limit, to pass beyond the
g&*. Wils. p. 77. Avati. 3. A screen,
term, to fail at the promised time, (c.)
curtain, g)s**9'iM.
^jysv/snrLc, s. Twenty-thousand betel- ciysw.iSj s. Calamity, disaster, ^,up
0. 2. Suffering, distress, /ejA5ii. [ex sjo<,
nuts, Jfinaaih. (c.)
et pi, to have.]
,jy si) ss3r ek, s. A strong man, $dem
^feu^uui^, inf. To suffer, be in
es&ut*. 2. A man of influence, 4*a>o._
great extremity.
Giurdr. (p.~)
^sya/srof), s. Good, benefit, isdreaw. ^jycu^ds^JSti, s. A sea shell eaten
by age, xi~^jsa>r. (M. Die.) (p.)
jysi/sMT, s. There, that place, <9j<su
^su^iiEinraiii, s. [in grammar.']
The fifth caseshowing removal, &c. as
*j>jsu^!r ld, s. Occasion, juncture,
fintififriifirer. He has relinquished his re
as sjmifrib.
lations, (p.)
cg>jGu<xrfl, &Q(ppeir, /sCo/Seir, uQu *\-&io>],r$iTjSih, s. Renunciation of the
world, entire devotion to an ascetic life,
or, *s, v. n. To stay, lodge, abide, si*. 2.
cpppt&p***i ['x
et gifi, shaken.]
To be born, become incarnate, assume a
body and sojourn in itas a deity, &c,
Wils. p. 78. Avad'iiuta.
i3p*x; [ex sffl"^, birth.] (p.)
jyeu^/rtfffsD;?, s. The name of the
*jifsi]j$!r<gLh, . Whiteness, Qsuessr
book which treats of the attainment of
the fis state, (p.)
[ex jy, et tap, to cleanse.] Wils. p.
78. Avadata.
gjift&rpeisT^ay^sr^, s. A nak
ed mendicant of the Sannyasi class, one
*jfjau^5irj-issiTUs, s. A spade, hoe,
who has renounced every thing for,an
io*rOa/uuf.; [ex
down, et pty, to tear,
ascetic life, oppp4ffp'Aa"^. Wils. p. 78.
rend.] Wils. p. 78. Avadauan'a.
^jeu^mrih, s. [prov.] Tearing, divid ^su^^ii,
. Falsehood, uselessing, llAsiBS.
ness, See jyu^i*. (p.)
p^iuen^nnwuesassa^ inf. To be ^su^S/fliULo, *. Suffering, distress,
^jya/^/Tirii), s. Birth of a great or
^sWfT/sniSj)]6iJGtvs3><5, s. State,
divine person, the assumption of a body by
situation, age, or position as what belongs
a deity, incarnation, JpiiL/; [ex jy/, down,
to any 6tage of life ; also enjoyments
or over, et fii-s, to cross or pass.] Wils. p.
or sufferings from the actions of former
78. Avataka.Aofc. For the ten incar
[ex jyu, et *>^r, to stand.]
nations of Vislinu, sec ><3w*i.
Wils. p. 82. Avastha. 2. Agony, GtvfSsr. 3.
^ieu0rnjQu>da, inf. To become
End, csp*(. 4. A physical and intellectual
incarnate, assume a body, as a deity, to
state, the local position of the soul in the
be born.
body, ffwsSrth opfieSiu MuStiGfattuifi. Of these
there are five, u{5;^m, showing the
wesff^irai^iTirii, s. The incarna
place of the soul in the body and the
tion of a deity in the human form.
consequences, viz.: 1. tiiBni, vigilance
^su^/rssrtL, s. Attention, jntentor the soul in the forehead with all its
ness of mind, 8iSis>*. 2. Care, careful
powers awake and in full force. 2. Qrru
ness, trieifliiadi. 3. Retention of memory,
uerii, dreaming, the soul situated in the
remembrance, sjrusw. Wils. p. 78. Avad'iineck and its powers suspended or reduced
ana. 4. Skill, Jtffiifajui. 5. Flight of imagi
as in dreaming, &c. 3. *of/*>, entire
nation, uta'ar; [ex Jfm, et /St, tO have Or
insensibility, the soul situated in the breast
and its powers still more reduced as in
^eupne&LDnQujIBpgiaQ&iTeireir, inf.
deep sleep, fainting, fits, &c. 4. ^rtiuo,
the fourth place, the soul sunk to the
To steal in an artful way.
navel, abstraction of mind, absorption,
jPjeupiT6iirii>rrujLji3es>LpS) inf. To
trance. 5. gfuigpib, beyond, the soul
live circumspectly.
having sunk to the upairprrib or last stage
cSya/jS77asrtht-ie&irastir, inf. To com
and just about to depart; (in e-u. 20,
mit to memory, learn a lesson, fix or
the seven ^/^s) are given.)
retain in mind, L/n_iius!f!r. 2. To be
^jeupesisju l5nQiunstD^s. One of the
attentive, think, be studious, Hierss.
sixty-four xfaxyanb, the power of sta
tioning the soul at pleasure in any of the
it, s. A capacitydepending upon a
five stagesin full energyby virtue of
strong memoryof doing eight different
abstract devotion for converse with the
things simultaneously.
deity. 2. The art of killing by sorcery.

LDZtgspejptaap, s. The death agony.
^eu^irS, 3. A place sacred to Siva,
*iyaW^ A species of figure in
rhetoricone of the thirty-five, embrac
ing several varieties, (tpuu$a>2i0e>ijirrgi
Qpui-i, Qus&sj g$]aipi9gjiairatia
^gusuiaiSDiT^ukcBsnir, s. Con
fusion, tgicuuib. 2. Inj ury, damage, uselessness, waste, C^ii. (c.)
^euiperaniuirdfrrs, inf. To die
forlorn and desolate, perish.
^leuiipeaniuirdQ^ujiu, inf. To do
in vain, to no purpose.
^/euiipearriuiruQuirs, inf. To be
come vain, fruitless,
ai.ia?, s. Avanthy or the modern
Ougein, one of the seven sacred cities,
Ji,i4rtiSQSpr,j>. See nH. Wils. p. 79.
*.jya//5r9sc5, s. The same as ^ueu
*&. Wils. p. 79. Avaktika. 2. A parrot,

mu&Ttfhj&iit, s. Vulgar, ungrammatical language, 9*<?siQiwuS; [ex

jju.etJrgj, tu fall.] Wils. p. 43. Apau'hKAMSIIA.
.jyaiii, s. Uselessness, futility,
abortiveness, uiuaflairaiuj. 2. Fault, defect,
rata. As a prefix, it expresses negation,
contrariety, privation, also from, out,
inferior, &c. Wils. p. 75. Ava.
^/eu&iw, s. Vile deception,
trick, wrong, guile, ^larojjj ; [ex
et *i_i4, right.] [vul.~\ also commonly,
Wils. p. 75. AvAKADA.
gjeu&npw, s. Sudden or violent
death, a violent or fatal blow, jyAO
&i. Wils. p. 77. Avag'jiata.
^jeusneoiit, s. An unlucky, unpropitious time, 'A)<w*w>io. [vul.] 2. (c.)
Time of public calamity as death, epi
demic, famine, &c., C/s'.-.i,
^euQcr^pgHiuw, s. Unlucky cir
cumstances, jyi0xjM4*ro,). 2. Evil ac
tion, ffsjQe^jvna.
<gfei$pu>, g. Disgrace, iSiieap. 2.
A satirical song, <a*iiurLL. 3. Bad
singing, gj*i&ui<3as>x. Wils. p. 76.
jeu3a(sl, s. Ill-fame, disgrace, as
j/u3i#&. Wils. p. 42. Apakeerti.
<9)eti(&jeBBiil>, s. A bad symptom,
i*<3$. 2. A bad disposition, QsCi-
^jeuQs&, s. A barren tree,
gmxt-iirpmrii!; [cx Qxgti, hair, here fruit.]
Wils. p. 76. Avakeshin.
eu Q <s , s. Calamity, loss by
casualty, ill-luck, disaster,
^sudSiun^^udSiuir^, s. An
ill-report, slander, disrespect, disrepute,
dishonor, &i*3ifi$.
<g/ais(3}f6l, . An ill-omen, a bad
sign, unfavorable symptom, Qxd-tgp.
<&l eu Q s neat, s. Rewards or
gifts bestowed in vain or for the en
couragement of vice, idleness, &c., as
to prostitutes, strolling players, jug
glers, &c

&j en &(8jesrth, s. A bad sign in ^usviuua, s. A grass w^hose root is
augury, an ill-omen, gKa-cHiS^ji.
fragrant, uiii*s>*, Andropogon, L. 2.
Brood, jyaoi
^jeusiheias, s. Dishonor, discre
jusuiuiQsiTL^j, s. A brooding hen.
dit, disgrace, ><spu4.
^eud^rreu, s. An untimely death,
^isuajiisrrds, inf. To sit on eggs,
brood, ^oDi_r*.
Qstl$tiiajiisitS>p&. The hen is hatch
^1 eu filial jriii, s. A bad device,
scheming trick, an underhand dealing,
^jemuLSi, inf. To call for suc
a stratagem, rgiQureisr,
cor, &c. See jfuutSi
fiarimUflcib. Evil scheming
promotes self-ruin. Prov.
* ^DfsyujsuLh, s. A limb, member,
a part of a body, part of a building, of
^eupiiglifl, s. A scheming dis
a tree, animal, &c, b-&ul/. 2. Body, (of
sembler, &c.
a man or other animal,)
3. [in
^jeurswiSderas, s. Unbelief, dis
rhetoric.'] A subdivision under the descrip
trust, doubt.
tion of metaphor, j)r*iuf/(g-a/*io; [ex jyi,
et /, to join.] Wils. p. 80. Avayava.
^euiSiutrtuw, s. Injustice.
jusviugS, s. The body, e_i_ei). 2.
^jeuupgH, s. Impiety, irreligion,
A whole or system having members,
superstition, atheism.
divisions or component parts, ijuii.
^jeuupfSujii), s. [prop.] ^jupgl
3. [in rhetoric] The counter part to
Sec .<y*<i. Wils. p. 80. Avavtb, which gee.
jy eu u irp ti, s. An evil, injury. **g>jsi]a
iFssr. s. [ex ^eujr, et gj, born.]
Wils. p. 79. Avapata.
A younger brother, /s<iJ. Wils. p. 80.
^/euLjpfd, s. Bad advice, inu\-\
^gueustnir, s. A kind of pulse includ
^euuQuiu/r, s. An ill-name, illing several species, ^iiQiif., Dolichi
and l'haseoli, L.
Qpnjjdssjeiarr, s.
^jaiuQurr(ipgj,s. Time mis-spent.
^l*uQutQ(i$Bm finuQuiQfff. Better is
snLLieueair., s. Wild beans, srrtl.
the time spent in penance than that
QQtrvtmf, Lablab vulgaris, L.
spent in vain.
Qa n
eu em n 9 6nfl tu eu em /r, s.
<gyeuw(s), s. Insulting treatment.
A kind of pulse whose fruits are in
^loiwlSds, inf. To treat with dis
respect, despise, contemn, insult, dis
& eu u ueuanrrQeeueueuemir, s. A
grace one, if*gl*. (usrfiii.)
red species of pulse, Lablab cultratus, Z.
^jeuw^d&iBuLf, v. noun. A grin,
s. A
a scornful laughter.
kind of bean used in medicines, caua^euw^uLi, v. noun. Disrespect,
valia (i lad iat a. L.
disregard, contempt, indignity, pro
issaeuearr, s. Dolichos Rugosus.
vocation, difitzr.
^aimjrearth, s. An untimely death,
QuneueaiiT., s. A large species of
a violent deathwhether by suicide or
otherwise, jyareuiflrflsria.
uneoeueairQeusfr err euemir, s. Pulse
^/euiniflujiree)^, s. Incivility, im
that brings forth white fruits, Lablab
politeness, disrespect.
cultratus, L.
aessyeuaieiBir, 3. Pulse that brings
^/euLoeaifi, s. Unseasonable, ex
forth fruits in boughs also.
cessive and injurious rain, j/wwidskip.
$eunrs$neueutsarr, s. A bean from
^euLDirds, inf. To make useless,
the eastern islands.
euirerreuaarr, s. Lablab cultratus, L.
jDjeuwiresrixigjeuwrresftpiii, s. Dis
grace, dishonor, shame, indignity, meat
@jbpeues>ir, s. A small kind of pulse.
sSanb. 2. Lowness, baseness. See jyu
They, ji/eunsar. 2. He,
uwaru, and S(. Wils. p. 79. Avamana
(honorifically) for <jy*.
and Avamanita.
^jeumiresrlpwuear^iieas, v. noun. *j>] gu it essfliu ti>, s. [priv. sj."] [in
rhetoric] The thing with which another
Despising, disdaining, disregarding.
is comparedas, uiAiGursiiAarQsrii, words
^euQsrrsemw, s. Descent, de
sweet as milk.
scending, alighting, gipsigtM; [ex as*,
to mount] Wils. p. 80. Avarohan'a. * ^gueusoti,, 3. [prw. sy, et ueow,
strength.] Weakness, feebleness,
^1 eu eo & s bust ih^eueOLL^eesriii, s.
2. Suffering, pain, sorrow, distress, ex
Deformity, uncomeliness, unseeminglitreme sympathy, gs&uji. 3. Fainting,
ness, ugliness, impropriety, inelegance,
swooning, syncope, Q*iicq. 4. [in rhetoric]
indecency, &c, in language or other
Despair, dismay, intense grief, one of the
wise, jytpfidrawfl.
nine passions or emotions. See r*ii. (/j.)
^jeneoiL sastsieisr. s. A homely per
<0I eu go d s i_cu, s. Sea of distress.
son, rude fellow.
( *p. 67.)

^jya/sOLcuti, s. Asylum, support,

^yeur. lizzie rreorQajerfl, s. A desert *^gij<sQj;jFLh, s. [priv. ^v, et e3a&ii>,
expansion.] That which is closed, shut,
plaii , a wilderness,
prop, stay,
2. A perpendicular,
<S9A9;. 2. (Anal.) Contraction, S(.
rfi^iii_Vi. Wils. p. 80. Avalamba.
^ysy/r^^/r/r, s. (Hin.) A havildar,
p. 83. Avikacua.
^aya/eiS, dQQpebr, ^(c^esr, uQum,
a non-commissioned native officer, a ser ^jyWils.
s. [priv. ^y, et eSsnais,y
xx, f. n. To suffer, be distressed in mind,
<s*f. 2. To regret, lament, weep, be
cluinyc] Sameness, unchangcablencss,
moan, LywiAL/; [ex jya/evu).] (xmput-fsteontb.}
tSxtgiS^sBn. 2. [in yrammur.~\ That which
*r, j/armi, v. a. To desire, want, S(jiiu. 2.
is not varied from its original form,
*^>j su Q ffO & sir ih, s. Licking with
To desire intensely, crave, covet, burn
mru. Wils. p. 83. Avikaha.
tlie tongue, *<a> ; [ex .sym, et Csu^e*,
with lust, SunoxOsiaii. 3. (fit).} To ap
^jeSangesr^jeSsniR, s. One
proach, S)iii_ 4. n. n. To descend, &piix.
licking.] Wils. p. 81. Avalehana.
free from the desires of sense, one not
cgysuQeti fLb, s. That which is small,
subject to change, modification, as the
^)6uniLii'fe>, s. An elliptical form,
unimportant, of little value, diminutive,
deity, xt-^a.
needing some thing to complete the
#)iuib. 2. Disgrace, discredit, ^amissrib.
sense. 2. Agreement of wordsas of a *-jy sQ -S.Qearii, s. [priv. ^sy, el cSdQ
nominative with a verb, (marts/, and
arii, obstacle.] Freedom from distress,
^jya/so^ sm qjiu so, s. Unhusked
obstacles and imiKtliments, tSs<3riaiaj3.
rice steepeil in water and then dried and
Wils. p. 84. Avig'uxa.
^gya/dsi/^eb, v. noun. Descending,
bruised, piSppe***. 2. fp.) Low or hollow
/><&s*>. 2. Desiring, oScjiity^A).
*^/ jfljfl'j'LD, s. [priv. j)f, et efi&rr
land, ueraih. 3. A tank,
rii, discussion.] Want of investigation or
^jeupstretrirar, s. A very small ^ffifJ, s. Boiled rice and other
judgment, error, fully, incautiousni'ss,
kind of fungus, s>ixien&. (c.)
tilings otTered in sacrifice to the gods, Q/s
iSsiciSiaantb. 2. Freedom from care arid
mrftarei. 2. Ghee, clarified butter, Q*i.
^/eupupih, s. Gram or other grain
anxiety, tranquillity, xiTaiiSarsom. Wils.
so boiled as to be suitable for jy*i.
p. 84. AviciiAitA.
^/eSuuirsiii, s. [prop. jtjeSnuun
*=yswsrflsn<$,s. Curtain, @stDrrf@'2G0.
<s & rifl, s. A harlot, prostitute.
*ii.] Portion of an oblation,
See jJ*<?.
j>j &] Sstr^i su cbir , s. [/jroc. citZ.] A ^yafl, Qpgi) is^giy ayii,
f. To jyafl.*-, s. Food of the gods, Qpsu
mixture of rice, curry, ghee, curd, &c,
become 3oddun, boiled, cooked by boiling
ero"l, as ^ tt). 2. Pure food consisting of
or by steam, as rice or other substances in
milk, raw rice, &c, without salt, 0y?
^ya/srr, ^rtm. /cm. She, that woman,
liquid, G*x. 2. To become extinguished
C#yr. Wils. p. 972. Havis.
as a light, the sight of the eye, &c, be
<gjaS uurraih., s. Ghee, rice, &c,
come extinct or suppressed (as the senses
^fsup&ih, s. [pror.] Conjee, <s@S.
of an ascetic by austerities,) fadtiu. 3. To
apportioned to different deities in a
*jy a/asfl, s. The earth, yu9; [ex
perish, become ruined or destroyed, j^uSu.
meat offering, C^cjOTei; [ex
to preserve.] fp.) Wils. p. 79. Ayam.
4. [imjiersonalty.] To feel hot attended with
ucxib, share.]
perspiration, to swelter, L/ofix. 5. To heat
^_gy a; 6sf? u n&) 3 ear^QyOTflu/reUesr,
as moist straw, fruit, &c. heaped up, to fer
s. A king, r*r, the affix, uiu*r, being
inf. To present the essence of food,
ment as vegetable matter, Qi&iu. 6. To
protector. Wils. p. 79. Avanipala.
&c, in oblation to a deity or an idol.
jysusir, pron. mas. sing. (plu. jysu/r
&c, as the mouth or skin with lime or * jyffl&*su^ra=ii), s. [priv. ^sy, et eS
lie, that man, that person.
other caustics, or the ttesh by a tight band
mirib, belief.] Unbelief, faithlessness, in
age, raiC. 7. To be in the state of raw
^euearenear, /)ron. Each one, every
fidelity, jfuupgi. Wils. p. 85. Avisiivasa.
sores, small blisters, eruptions, &c, as
ie&&eun&, s. An unbeliever, in
found in some cutaneous diseases, nakan
jya;/r, s. Desire, eagerness, avidifidel. Wils. p. 85. Avisiivasin.
dity, greediness, craving, cupidity, .saw.
* j)] a & 1 sin oJTld, s. [priv. ^.] Con
2. Intense or sensual desire, as lust, ava
9. To be afflicted, v<j*,. (c.)
tinuity either of things, place or time,
rice, great hunger, thirst, &c, ^atxuQuasx
that which is unscparated, ursuri^sraotn.
.syaS is^rresBtuih, s. Spoiled, dam
3. Descent, g$pi><g*>x. (j>.)
Wils. p. 84. Avicuhikka.
aged grain,
^ en n su uSl sot e& th ueo , p. noun. The
sS & <sn ^=^jysrfLi ss)^, *. [prir.
longing of a loving and affectionate busjy, et S,tiir.] Mental illusion, spiritual
guishable fire.
band and his wife when separated.
ignorance, jfsni4. (p.)
<gfe8iuei),v.noun. Boiled food, ^/eS
ieuneuipis&, inf. To extirpate the
s. A curtain, filetBn&@'ieu.
desires arising from the senses, ,gs./4*,
S>>sp. 3. Heat of the body with per
[* ^*-]
spiration in sultry weather, sweltering, ^sUlLiLci, s.
^1 en neS arH)u), s. Freedom from
n-.ii.ixi. 4. Fermentation, heating of
lunar mansion of the Hindus, the Dclphin
vegetable matter, of grain, &c., Qmuui.
desire, exemption from avarice, lust and
of the Europeans, gsKC&fijgisii>.
other sensual appetites, suppression of
5. Soreness of the mouth occasioned by
the passions, t8@uuiarm>ui.
heat in the systemchiefly found in *^o)9 3, s. [priv. ^1, et eS$, ride.']
childrencanker, salivation, &e., aruu
Irregularity, that which is contrary to
*j>]3utQj)j eu ir Q<ssr zi, s. South,
6. Heat from a crowd of people,
rule, EriouSJr<oio. Wils. p. 84. Avid'hi.
southern direction, Qpfxg ; [ex
2. [local, corruption of jywj).] Distress,
downwards, e/ jy5*, to go, the south being
straits, i&faJi.
S\ eS lueo tnesir ii>, s. The offensive
considered downwards.] Wils. p. 82 and
smell of fermenting vegetable matter, &c *^>jdlfiiuii.) s. Indication of passion
83. AvacH and Avacheena.
^eScupsrS, s. Boiled meat.
by look, gesture, &c., theatrical gesture
^eun&ujn, s. People of the south
or action, lLi$.oji4. 2. A work on Pro
^feSiunjsrruj, s. Boiled fruit, fruits
country, Q^*ij>iii_i. 2. The learned,
^<^7*j. See ^tSsvii. (/j.)
wise men, xyafiaa. (uffffftat_/#ftuxrfiDiri_io.)
fermented, spoiled, &c.
s. A dancing room,
^/eSujjbudo, s. Soiled teeth.
*^>f surrii^!rLD, s. A void, vacuum,
play house, theatre, ni_3w.
0/^>Oo/*. 2. Interim, intermediate time jijsQ, d&KS/Desr, fiQpeir, ijGusnr, <a,
^jeSisiurr. s. Players, actors, tin
or place, uv*>; [ex ^/, et j(*ji7, inner.]
v. a. To boil in a liquid, seethe, par-boil,
Wils. p. 83. Avantara. 3. A desolate
or solitary state, *-pi>t2&ssm. 4. Ruin,
* ^)] eQ ,v it u t en ih^syaff jgju.Tfa; lp.,
supwaste, ^ifiai.
. press or extinguish the senses, &c, /staRxx.
8. An inherent or essential quality, jj
fitreaxfiinut ; [ex jy, ct
without, ct uixi.
3. To ruin, destroy, jfS*. 4. To salivate,
Fire breaking out in the air.
burn with caustics, /riuCjj.4. (c.)
property.] Wils. p. 84. Avikab'iiava.

cgtf aSfipjB^, s. [priv. jy, et e$Qp jy tBydsdsayciQaswsv), v. noun. Sound
*?.] A holy place, a city near Benares,
ing as hawking, vomiting, &c, severely
famous for the resort of pilgrims, &i
and in quick succession, seS*<zi<8uLj. 2.
Being eager, hasty, earnest, Jaw.sou. (c.)
aSujirsjQ, s. [corruption of ^iSI
jpf**|AQ*BW)ar8(37<ir. He eats gree
.) Too great conciseness, one of
dily, hastily, &c.
the three faults in composition. See
,jy*f44e,'t<2<3ra/r*US<5elr. He IS vomit
C^rsii, and j(Jtti^.
ing greatly.
jy aff r-sth, adv. [priv. jy, et eSap."]
mrij ^yej^*a/AO*cjrflr tSofQpff. The dog
attacks (us) barking eagerly.
Always, truQutQf^ii. Wils. p.85. Avirata.
^f^is^iQssBr^ (Jfi/StuQ^iu^**-. TTe works
^jy^JfTjati, . A medicinal plant,
with great diligence, or with eagerness,
also. j('jf> Ji_/i6 and #406.
for his pay.
*^9f JKoTirpih, s. [priv. jy, eteSQsrn
gfeiimatiQs&QiriQeadr. He rims about
opposition.] Concord, concurrence,
his business with great eagerness.
non-opposition, tStiirptftiiseui. Wils. p. 85. <J)/G>j&, s. [prop. .jyaSaF.] Neatness,
^jsSQirtrpf&QeosRti s. A figure
^/eys-irs, adv. Neatly, compactly.
in Rhetoric in which a sentence is
^eym-dsnnesr, s. One too fond of
taken in different meanings or one op
posite to its apparent sense.
^/eSQjjnpajiifslujiriT, s. The name
^ai&darTifl, s. Feminine of the
of a book composed by ntp tms u9.
jyafl.r, j. Light, splendor, iSj&n&ih. cjya/a^ii)jya/i^U), 8. Medi
2. Grass, t^^v. (utvfiih.)
cine, a medicament or drug, an anti
dote, remedy. See
Wils. p. 177.
jfJtym, j)fSr, p. n. To glitter, glimmer,
corruseate, shine, iSisifi&s, 2. To tear,
^l<siieif,pui!rQujiTau). s. Medical
means, medicament, . 5*^ Cm.-' .rend. Jp. (*g>.) ( p.)
, . . - 1?, s. The shining moon. ^gya^ swrajr, s. (]>lu. .jysyesjr/f.) The
jy sQsuiTJiih) s. [priv.
ct eSsuir
name of an Asura, mris. 2. An Asura,
pii, discord."] Concurrence, concord, con
sent, js*f. Wils. p. 85. Avivada.
jya/^/r, 8. (Hin.) A seat on an
elephant or camel, iuteCio^>aS.
jy jfiC?a/<5ii, s. [pric. jy, e/ tSQai
u. sayaci/y.] Dulness of intellect, stu- **g/e>j<j5!fFi>LL3in&, 8. Instruction
pidncss, uuskilfulness, r:;!iL-.: . fj>. J
of a disciple by a Guru through symbolic
Wils. p. 85. Aviveka.
characters, of which there are two kinds,
55?a,;"? ' and >. .'..-^,<~ -.. See j?iir*.
^eSQeuS, s. A foolish person.
Wils. p. 85. Avivekin.
^s>juscuirap.irs!arLC), 3.
One of
^jyafltp, s. A single grain of boiled
the thirty-two kinds of native arsenic, g,i
rice, - -. CcJ
mi^^fiur^BBTMSQairrJqplQmuvrj. A single ^jya/zfl, s. [improp. gjsSiB and sj a
grain of rice will not be found in a well
d.J The indigo plant, /8iiua(rQ. Indicleaned vessel.
gofera tinctoria, L.
MviaiiSfiargGvirrtl&iLLjfir? If you Cat
twelve marcals of husks, will not one grain <4>/s>{j)iJfiLh, s. A bilious disease, i3p
of rice touch (your teeth?) i. e. if you
/sijtusib. 2. Venereal disease, ffir*>. (Af.
take much trouble, will you not derive
some lienefit ?
^snai. pron. neut. pi. They, those
tilings, ^f&;StsafUUeiima&*tl.QluQuijt. 2. 8.
^ftiofii^ jfjifi, v. n. To become loose,
An assembly of poets or learned men, a
untied, unfastened as a knot, &c, *L:^rSj,
council of state,
3. An assembly in
2. (/>.) To open, expand, &c, as a flower,
a public office, Ct *b. 4. Poets, iyu/. 5.
The place of an assembly, a king's court,
t_2; Ja.-ar,t. A garland of opening
gfxu&iui; [ex jy, et >*.] (p.")
^muuimai. Such as, they are.
**J#C?*r!w. The honey-distilling
s. The professed
modesty of an autiior.or the apology he
^ayaffip, d&Qpesr, piQ^esr, uQuosr,
makes in entering on his work, in order
*, v. a. To loosen, slacken, untie, unbind,
to disarm criticism. 2. The modest be
unpack, unfasten, unscw, opi^urfij**. 2.
havior of a speaker or singer in a pub
To cause to open, as the snn opens flowers.
lic assembly.
Humming insects are also described by
poets as opening the flowers, .-::7*Qiiu. j^saia/, aQQpeisr, pQpeisr, u(2u6bt,
**, v. a. To bruise or beat rice, &c, in a
3. To solve an enigma, unriddle, explain
mortar, to pound, press so as to bruise,
a difficulty, cS.~..svtJ.?!**.
2. To Crack,
break, Quilts, (p.)
What he has bound with his foot, none
can unbind with their hands ; i. e. he is
^sneu^ei), v. noun.
a crafty man whose schemes no body,
breaking. 2. Beating of rice. 3. Stab
though ever so skilful, can defeat.
*.jysfJgj-t^szi, s. A natural affini j>j OTii/iusi), s, Collection, !3jilL@.
ty or relation, *ur**iLurp>h.

=iysu, pron. neut. pi. They, ^foofS

i&xtjuars&iot&u^QLiQuiui. AS jysoof.
^jeueSiun'^issr, s. Those elephants.
^jya'isfiuj^^Lo, j. [priv. jy, et eS
A thing that cannot be fully per
ceived or comprehended, an attribute of
the deity. (1/inga Purana,) !o'M*OTij
uujflgi. Wils. p. 86. Avyakta. 2. A num
ber, sextillion, &Qtetr.
^gyei/afJujii), s. Wrath, weerdQsiril.
(See 9iSui4.) 2. Scandal, reproach,
reports of jealousy, siosas'S. (p.)
^ysi/affujtii, s. An offering made
to the godsa word used by brahmans,
Wils. p. 972. HcvTA.
* sti af3 cu iu tis , s. [priv. gy, et gSiuuj.']
An indeclinable word or particle. Wils.
p. 87. Avyaya.
jijsusDsu, s. (Sec ysiraDffl/.) Mother,
aii. 2. A female ascetic, piuQuair. (p.)
3. A female authoress, *-._-'.
^sytpis/r, s. The Qa/ sir Qar (jrj&Qj
shrub, Asclepias, L.
<$l tfi&iu eutrsnrsir, s. A coarse kind
of rice, g*Qs*j. (c)
jy tp
Beauty, comeliness,
liandsomeness, elegance, propriety, fine
ness, Qujoismi. (c.) 2. The beauties or
graces of language or style, jraSk*uAp.
These as given in the uriSni of mdrgr&i,
are ten; viz.: 1. ub**<3AhuA, speak
ing concisely. 2. tSamsa>ifo&i, treating
a subject clearly and plainly. 3. *tS^rQ(S''
Ban*, acceptableness to the educated. 4.
msaQ<t*$Limi/t0A>, using elegant words,
suitable expressions. 5. ^ao*iyi>i_>u!, being
pleasant to the car with a good rhythm
and cadence. G.^tfap^i-M'f^, being com
prehensive, profound. 7. qpsi>psSa>m*uLi,
systematic arrangement, method. 8. -u*
iD&jumom, being without obscurity or con
trariety. 9. tSofiSiugeuiufoii, giving a good
sense, as allegorical, &c. 10. tlaa^rr
c-i",.'.'""r.j-:J. having common examples so
as to be understood by all. 3. One of
the eight varuLi, in composition, the pro
per choice of words. (See *aniq.) 4.
Jaggary, coarse sugar *(yiMr. (3/. Die.)
,^yp6Br, s. [fern, ^ip.] A hand
some man. 2. [Per antonomasia.'] The
god Vishnu, honorifically, jjic**.
^tp(fio?a), s. One of the hundred
and eight places sacred to Vishnu. 2.
One of the six places sacred to Subramania.
^Lp&irjrih, 3. Brilliancy of ex
pression, Rf)iici*uGu*ss>s. 2. Mere,
empty compliment, ff>ir4*iJ*fijfij(Ju
* oo
^ tp (5 n LL l_ , inf. To display
one's beauty, ornaments, make a parade
of dress. &c, 2. To make odd gestures,
as children, &c, mimic, mock by ges
tures, ajff^Qffiuiu. fy.)
^jifi(^^Q^weo, s. A beauty spot.
See Qpaii,
^i(V)&]GniruQuGnr, s. A kind of
prepared arsenic, SUfirurKtttmji.
^tts*3tusk, 8. Assafcetida, Ou

s. Fire, O/f^ul/. 2. Heat,

rii. 3. The eighteenth lunar man
sion, C*i^a>t_. 4. The planet Mars, Q*/
mtiu. 5. Hell, rr*^. 6. Pungency of heat
upon the tongue from acrimonious plants,
&c., ^s. 7. Envy, jealousy, rage, Cui4.
8. Smarting of a wound, Qsigtuu. 9. The
burning of a fever, r*<s. 10. The heat or
burning of poison in the system, !i_4Q^<i(.
Sj Lp eo ev ears\ LpQeoireisr, s. The
sun, ^P^*. 2. Mars the planet,
.--'. 3. God of fire, jy*BcsfiC/ii*-.
^fipeoniy. ifQeom^, s. Siva,
jy tp a) a? (fl iu sir, s. A poisonous
snake, as nMflvdr.
Slgjbaememsisr, s. Siva, &euesr.
S/tfipsessreuiiQ^irasr, s. Veerapattra, <Set-t&$tdir.
^jipibiSp$ii>i s. A kind of bilious
^ItfipiSxaseu, s. One of the seven
hells in which fire is the instrument
of punishment, %ci<g^^(CTjjld, . A species of snake,
the bite of which causes insufferable
burning, &iuwmu.
^jipsO=3ytpjjy, QGSpdr, SjlfianQp
tar, QmOr, jf(j>u. V. H. To bum, be hot,
glow as coals on fire, mrw. 2. To be
impatient, irritable ; to burn with envy,
jealousy, rage, G*mSii*. 3. To smart as a
wound, be inflamed as the body when
poisoned with the bite of a snake, &c, to
smart as the mouth after eating pungent
spices, &c. nfiu.
^1 ip eSI
v. noun. A burning,
smart pang.
S/ippS, v. noun. Burning, heating,
smarting, raging, &e. 2. s. Envy, jea
lousy, irritation, irritability, G&ruib.
!P pj)>i SQpeer, ^/LppfSQenresr
C<aSr, j/iffip, v. a. To burn, scorch, heat (as
the sun), cauterize, cause heating, smart
ing, &c. as a sore, a burn, a caustic, poison
&c, to inflame, irritate, exacerbate,
d>jLpetirii>, s. A corpse, a carcass,
iSmm. 2. Fire,
^Lpek, s. A corpse, a carcass, l9
cgyt^?, QQpsisr, isQ/sssr, Q&jsk, s/j^liu,
v. n. To decay, degenerate, perish, be
corrupted, ruined, wasted, blighted, ef
faced, obliterated, abolished, demolished
2. To fail (as a pro
mise), be frustrated as a hope, &c., be
refuted, pep.
^jila(nj, s. Abortion, &(nj<auL$Gq
^ifi^iLisf., s. A miscarriage, an
abortion applied chiefly to brutesthe
casting of the young, eisSpfiiiicfippgi.
<9li$ihQiiTeiBiri8gij0GO,v.noun. One
of the eight constituent parts of virtue,
.syi^L/aBT, s. A foul ulcer, s^ayu
uakr. (M. Die.)
SjL$iD$, s. Waste, extravagance,
malicious intention, Q<&^.
<$>lilQppG0, s. Waste of property,
as of capital, principal, &c. G^w^a/.

tg)ijSI&&iTLLijf-ujii>, s. Improper
sy L$(ii_/, s. [vul.~] The non-pay
treatment, an unlawful or wicked pro
ment of a debt or the non-restoration of
another's property from dishonest mo
tives, liic. 2. Ruin, devastation, in
fl/(jS(3iar. He gives much trouble by
jury, damage, <?.
delaying to pay the debt.
i". - .-i -> , r.
. He talks
of destroying my property.
^i^danL-Uf-iuaansGsr, s. A tur
bulent fellow, a bully.
j^ijliiiLjQffujiij, inf. To damage a
thing. 2. To debauch a woman.
^/ySjut-i, v. noun. Destroying,
ruining, wasting, consuming in an ac
S/ySliiiueir, s. [fit/.] A spendthrift,
tive sense, j[Sii>*.
a profligate, txrfi/l. 2. One who makes
excuses for not paying debts, restoring
l^I u u it erfl , s. A spendthrift,
property, &c, ly/Ci-oSr.
squanderer, prodigal, profligate, amprdL
SI il tunp,up$Eis&, s. A name of ^tfi (GjS^ffi), s. A medicinal tree
D'hurupaty, the wife of the Pandu
whose root, bark, fruit, leaves, flowers,
&c, are an antidote against poison, QB
ions, Alangium decapitalum, L.IVote.
^/y$ujiT(Tp60,a. Property devoted
From this is extracted wood-oil, a medi
or entailed in perpetuity to a temple or
cine for looseness, Sirmfi^itSiuib.
other charity, tifaiuiar ,gi>l. 2. God,
^/{fljOir, s. A hermaphrodite, ^eS.
^fL^iunemw, ncg. v. noun. Incorruption, immortality, imperishableness, ^gjLfitsQ, s. The mouth of a river in
which the tide ebbs and flows, sifiopxib.
SH^I-euffid^, s. An unjust lawsuit, <*>j(ii, QQpeisr, C^sor, Co/sir,
a groundless prosecution, a frivolous or
v. n. To weep, cry, r*. 2. To bewail,
groundless defence, a lost lawsuit, jyrf
lament, l/wiJu. 3. To whine, figs***. 4.
To low, bellow, (as a cow for its calf),
apuySliurrpQuear, s. A pure vir
bleat, (as a sheep), mew, (as a cat), caw,
(as a crow), cry or hoot, (as an owl),
ginIn some of these a cry of distress or
SI $ens, v. noun Destruction, deanxiety is indicated as of the dam for its
cay, ruin, fisn^oj.
tg/ifleii, v. noun. Decay, injury, ruin,
Would you be adorning your hair with
loss, desolation, the act of perishing.
flowers while your belly is craving food ?
C. 2. That which has perished of
itself, <2*lLi_i. 3. Fault, immorality.
infaGrr iohOsu^Ai? What though we roll
(in a restricted sense,) deviation from
in sorrow from year to year, can the de
rule, <sppJ>.
rz< -j .-. i_ Cr.-r ;.T
Just the
ceased return again to this nether world ?
same appearance as before.
(Lp a eear sasfl, s. A speciea of
plant from which water is continually
<9iy!ileleisreB)LD, ncg. v. noun. Free
oozing and dropping, g>ttO.
dom from decay.
Qp z Gfretr ear, s. A hypocritical
^t^Q//ra)tD, s. The time of a
universal deluge and destruction at the
end of an age, y 1 j~- --^
S/Qp<3GaR> A crying one,
aaniiuySlpio, v. noun. Suffering
SlQgems, v. noun. Weeping, crying.
SempujySlpa), v. noun. Being dis ^(y<g,lslpg!,SI(!#lslesrg>, u>, s/Qps,
heartened, dispirited, without hope.
v. n. To rot, putrify, decay, corrupt, u>
ntfia. 2. To be raw as sores, ulcers, &c.
cSfLfl, sQQpssr, pQpesr, uQuek, da,
v. a. To blight, blast, ruin, Q*Q*s. 2
S/Qpsei). s. Rotten fruit, &c, any
To waste, injure, damage, uipr**. 3. To
abolish, consume, annihilate, destroy, de
thing rotten or putrified, ^jttf&arg.
molish, exterminate,
4. To efface
SjQgSsQsLLQuQurrp), v. noun.
obliterate, o&ui*. 5. To refute an argu
Decaying gradually.
ment. *rt^*.
SiQ{)(8>&i->unes$, s. A sore on the
Qfi-itt$*8fiuti-jliQiiy-yib. If you spend
what you have not earned, you will sutler.
hands or feetsupposed to be from the
lick of a poisonous reptilecausing
the flesh to putrify and drop off by
*(7r;iAi^li_ft<iiCp. It would be better
little and little, s..-8<_Caro. 2. The
to destroy the foetus, (to cause abortion.)
reptile causing the sore, j>a--s
mfi&ez$$$\i-it. They will waste nothing
in vain. (fia*ri_i4.)
SiQg^fnuuiii, s. The name of
syi^/i-l, s. A fabrication cither
a reptile whose lick is supposed to be
verbal or written to deprive another of
poisonous, gj*!j.O**^.
his right, a forgery, (a law term), Qur
j*9c<3. 2. An excuse, pretence, sub
Siqg(3)Gts&, s. A kind of eruption,
terfuge, T*<;uji(5. 3. Obstacle, im
chiefly about the ears, g>iaruusSr.
pediment, hinderance, />i_. 4. Means ^1 (Lp a irjv, s. Envy, grudging,
used for counteracting magic, poison
Qufoeou. 2. Falsehood, deceit, guile, Ourj.
&C. uapsi.

j)=s>,j yjarP<Ij vQf&fiCiuii. Imprint this
*9*iusvB0reixQiGsnT$s}QsAm>tu. The tur
j>j (Lp<(3), s. Filth, impurity, stain,
on your mind and attend to it.
rets which reached to the sky.
taint, pollution, moral defilement, ur.
wTsafflaiijuttu4iasG!(yar. He measures
sy Qp4$ uQuf, inf. To speak
2. Knvy, Q'jftsooio. 3. Excrement,
thrusting in the mareal j i. e. into the
A tortoise, ^aoto, change of Jtofv.
impressively, emphatically.
fteiu<&**iiS,sABtr. She lias an unclean
&IQJ!PcSy<3>^giets>&, v. noun.
head, i. e. she has her menses.
He measures by striking oft" the excess of
g\Qgm&*pt8', . Lie or lixivium.
(i iv&l , s. Depth of water, iorr
the grain.
gfqgiaeatiu, inf. To grow un
pit. (aipuLirtBxxib.) 2. (c.) The ridge in
ggiuarstifiuif.. As God allots.
clean, dirty.
which betel is planted, QmpfZaHtQibiriiLj.
gferr dsns _ ^/etrppev, v. noun.
^Qpsaessrsueiri s. A small insect, *>jq>mjgi, QQpehT, ^QpiifiQearssr,
blight, &c. about plants, leaves, &c,
Ox*, Jttp*p, v. n. To become pressed, be
v. noun. Measurement, ^
&'-iq?\ [<* J*"*', adhering, el jjar, termi
impressed, pressed close or hard, ^qpk*.
The lengthening of the sound of
2. To become firm, close, fast, compact,
a letter, ^wQui_
jf^igd&gr&a, inf. To be envious,
to be pressed together, n-g^uuS**. 3. To
^enQuQis, inf. To lengthen a
be immersed, to sink, be overwhelmed,
to SllOW envy, QulGODicQsrster.
ingulphed, plunged, (in sorrow, joy, dis
Utter, whether vowel or consonant, by
^KgianeBLD, s. A species of tor
ease,) jyuSip. 4. To be enchased, inlaid,
the insertion of another short letter
toise whose shell is used for the handle
or mute, as the case may be, fur the
of penknives, &c, prraua.
Brsj\Qs*itu<y,rig}eirar. He will suffer long
sake of the poetry, and sometimes for
^IQgd sneeridearii>, s. An envious
and greatly in hell.
euphony, as,
for <jp ; wfifmiS*
gft&ustsTpg\Gffj!ij(ip*ilg,tsr. They were
immersed in an ocean of joy.
^QpsSeireroLD, s. Purity, immacu^yrrOu6K>z_, v. noun. The length
*orcy(yjff0*c^3. Write so as to in
lateness, spotlessness.
ening of a letter chiefly for the sake
of the verse. There are two ways of
T^,E/.s/rsnLD j)j(i,tB(8j, s. The
sreSarSmzpep. To be trodden under foot,
doing this. 1. e_tSrcrQLiDi_, the addition
armadillo, ^g^. 2. (*.) A tortoise,
pressed into the earth.
of a short vowel to a long one, either
in the beginning, middle, or end of a
<gfQpt5j(3juLQt9-, v. noun. Pertinaci
word as ffjg)
gift for
^/Qpiefia)giQgfcgi&eti, v. noun.
ty, persistence, obstinate determination.
ess, bannerfor ui_a; and si"-, mul
Depression, humiliation, the state of
j>j(tfisjQsrr<S, s. The scales of the
titudefor <sqp. Again this is divided
being sunk, sinking, suffering by a dis
into ^iupaDSiucsQusBii_t and QwpcDsiuesGu
ease, pain, &c.
*>i. 2. $pjne*Qua>^, the lengthening of
^j'tgiiQlj, SQpebr, ^QpisiSQearek, cSyi^)iji_/, s. Boiled rice, Q&njpi.
the mutes, n, 15, r, *, to, *-, At, uv, w, cr, and
C<jr, jyty^f, t>. n. To suffer, be in dis
('*) (p-\
<S> by being repeated twice either in the
tress, i^tf. 2. To be injured, ruined, Q*i_. ^/(LpuLj^LD, s. World of the gods,
or end of a word when they
3. To grieve, sorrow, regret, be in anguish,
after one or two short syl
&c, be anxious for, gaiuuui. 4. To cry,
lables, as ^[rBsisia, (yir^tg*, icairdrg^,
weep, j^f. 5. To pity, gj/i*. 6. To sink .jy ^o/Lo, s. Extension, an extended
down, be depressed, pressed tight, &c, ^
surface, (of country, sea, &c.) an extended
<gjGiruuu>cgyetruLf, v. noun. Mea
level, a plain, uiul/. 2. Country, *. 3.
oe'P. ". To become dim, 9*ioopd. 8. To
suring, iata>*. 2. (Jiy.) Fate, destiny,
be diseased, SjS>#>. 9. To sound, re
Sea, *i_*i. 4. Muddy, slippery ground, m
smiji. 3. Needless repetition, chatter,
CPjgi^ftiii. 5. A hill fort, &ssii}. (W.) 6.
sound, s"5**- 1 0. To fear, jfis*. 11. To
jywiiq. 4. Expressing dissatisfaction,
be idle, inactive, QmZu. 12. To be unset
Greatness, Quasmtm. 7. Trembling, mdiisw.
13, [in love poetry."] To loiter,
8. A drum, optx. 9. A field of battle, Quri
leave home reluctantly,
txaib. 10. Various kinds of cakes, jjuu(j
HBfia>fi<ufe3iji2e<ir, The damsels are
ssw. 1 1. Filthy ground, jfcyiicgrfsuii. (p.")
without number.
Lgespua, s. Compactness, tight
^gi/eiruuerrds, inf. To repeat, use
ness, firmness, closeness of texture, p* jt/snLp, sQQpear, pQ^ear, uQusnr,
is, v. a. To invite, bid, call, accost respect
sib. 2. Hardness. *q.artb. 3. Tenacity,
needless repetitions, prate, chatter,
fully, cite, summon, andaiirar. 2. To in
close-fisteduess, Jit-urtsrii. 4. Impression,
kiOu. 2. To complain, grumble, express
voke the deity, &c, to adjure a spirit
imprinting, upiiiy. 5. Reservcdness of
dissatisfaction, oi>o5^'*.
to take temporary possession of a person,
mind, closeness, jy._ii. 6. Obstinacy,
&l<s<ruuehr,8. [prop. eg>jei)uueisr.'] A
in order to utter an oracle, Qsm/hr^ueoipss.
pertinacity, energy,
7. Hard study,
babbler, prater, chatterer, d^suGu*
3. To lead, conduct, &c, /s-d-tf-uGurs. 4.
close application of mind, it0Mwarib. 8.
To introduce as into an assembly, saius
(Jig.) Avarice, .Cv#uio. (c.)
sonyst*. 5. To call (a snake, evil spirit, jysrrsi], s. Measure, degree, pro
&c.) by incantation, enchantment, &&,
A miser would rather lose his life than
portion, quantity, magnitude, size, ca
ti,tfi\rp#r*ias>yi*s. 6. To evoke, charm, in
give any thing from his fortune.
pacity, bound, limit, compass, number,
jjtipjifidsirijek, s. An obstinate
standard, manrussip. 2. The proper or
required measure, the complement num
man. 2. A hard-hearted, an inexorable
ber, size, weight, &c, iol-Q. 3. With *-ii>,
man. 3. A reserved man. 4. A coura
it expresses a limited extent of mea
geous man.
own me as thine. (.Ste^/wii.)
sure, time, distance, &c, as ^su.sr(i4,
^/QP^LOirsuuirirds, inf. To be
gfai?!rxjai>!&sQsffaBfGltvKfi!rsn: He Called
only so far, even so much. 4. Suffixed to
strict, exact to the utmost in dealing.
and brought him.
participles, it means when, as soon asas
2. To be precise, particular, to make
eflrvjiig/jsaemtpds, inf. To invite
L/ffff*<giCKa?*fc, as soon as seen. 5. A mea
much of a little fault, to be rigid. 3.
or thing to measure with, jye|(jS.
to a meal, or an entertainment.
To criticise.
There are four kinds of measurement;
^jeBLpsenx, v. noun. A call, a
viz.: 1. r5rOTAi, computation. 2.
Jj(lgjjfJ, QQ/Debr, jtiQp^^Qesresr,
weight, measurement by balance. 3.
G~sr, siQftf, v. a. To press, press hard as in
^jeatfiuLf^v. noun. Invitation, re
Ofs^/sti, measurement of capacityas dry
writing with a heavy hand, impress, im
quest, citation, summons, invocation,
or fluid measure. 4.
print, jioptfiQeiiu. 2. To make firm, com
of extension, a long measure and land
pact, uuJ*. 3. To set diamonds, &c,
measure.Some add a fifth O^^w, jerk
enchase, inlay fine gold in jewels, up**. tjystT) sQQpebr, liQpeirr, uQudr, as,
ing with finger.
4. To repeat, reiterate sentiments or argu
v. a. To measure, fathom, explore, esti
ments in order to make an impression on
g)ir ^IcrtSpQsfipjn, It has gone up to
mate, ^sro/Q*iijiu. 2. To apportion, mete
the in i m.!s of otliers, to insist upon, main
(the limit of) the king; i. e. it is too late
out, measure out, ub8i_. 3. To extend,
tain tenaciously, *<5A9^<sAa. (c.)
now to adopt measures to prevent it.


" ^eri?vG j-.- -. .r.'^:,:j. There is no

QtfisnpiuaJGeaQfiu&iSuuy.. The news
importance in the thingit matters not.
were so up to yesterday.
(SsuAscSoiiH-gsEigiOTii. According to the
fteisrpeireyi}>. Until this day, in
caste will be the disposition.
the course of to-day.
j^;iir/<jui7!(!i. Till he comes.
jt/errsneu, s. Measure, a definite
GuMBeiTiaiustmiib. As high as, or as far
quantity, .sysiaj. 2. Bound, limit, 7&8w.
as the region of the clouds.
3. A measure, or thing to measure with,
fr&affewSQs<jii3Ciui$-*>mflgi. It has so hap
sysirs/4i(jJ. 4. A medium of knowledge,
pened to me; at least in my case, &c.
artiK^siCiuJrmisBubaor. 5. The name of a
logical work, jqssfnv^&i. 6. Day, mr&.
There are eight ways of obtaining the
limited the feast to his own circle.
true knowledge of a thing or occurrence ;
gy sir eu
s. A line containing
viz. : 1. MiiB, by the senses, especially
four metrical feet, *rp9ni>i(s^^..
the sightby experiments, iSig\ui^sui2r
ietreui$-G$(i!)<ijgii>, s. A eS(T^ppii>
torsarih. 2. ^^loifsna, by inference, by draw
verse of four lines, each of which
ing conclusions from what has been ad
contains four feet, <?*ri-3<3Aj<4.
mitted or is supposed true as QnguiSpcg
Jajiijiiuii L/aMQutirp^is*'. where smoke is,
^jeirsuL^^^fem-LSiii, s. A kind
there is fire. 3. <g*uno, by the testimony
of poem, gtiiSiutptb,
or assertions of great men, either orally
^jstrsiigs/sa, inf. To find out, as
or in writing, QuHQtuii^iijiQfiii. 4. jya
certain a number and decide, was>rapta.
by deduction established from
eg/ eir en p p gi^ sir eS eo eo n p gp.
premises, ^mHnfiajfuu^ftas g)fS&isKrS
appel. n. That which is beyond num
BtQpasiitS), 5. n.m>ariii, by similarity or
ber, measure, weight, &c.
likeness, comparison, ior u^uQu^Q^wsr^Qfi
^/Gtreuns, inf. [used adverbially .]
tsai*&. G. jyufaiift, proof of non-existence
Moderately, to a limited extent, accord
(y)rfl6u2w, ilfsrejleuTeOi QfiQQgit&iTiii, gsarfl
ing to.
ttrupQcsiirftitiM. 7. jg0&, by traditional
jysfra9L_, inf. To estimate, cal
testimonyas gbwiDrjftp(2uq&Qfi&uffi, this
culate. 2. To guess, conjecture. 3. To
tree is haunted by the deviL 8. ^uuici,
measure, explore, fathom. 4. To in
proof of co-existenceas ^Jififign^atiQi
vestigate, examine, search into.
arii, where a thousand is, there is a hun
^oiiar s5ycff?i_A_i_jrj. One cannot
dred, (p.)
fathom him.
<gjetres>eujir(8jQuuJiT, s. A meto
j>j erreS i_ u u t_ np, neg. rel. part.
nymy in reference to measure, weight,
number, &e. In Nannool, four kinds
are given, TCj!yc5yverDu^jFigQuiur, ciQpjiej
tg/erreSeBii, v. noun. Measuring,
e*SB>nimBcQuut, Qps0ejes9B>*iiuB(Quiurt and
admeasurement, j/fd(da>x. 2. Estima
tion, calculation, guess, <o.8ulS<3. 3. *.
Weight, iBa>p. 4. Capacity, extent of t^gjsir&Ln, s. A curl of hair, u>u$n&
one's power. ifi(j/r*ij.
*<ySr. Wils. p. 72. Alaka. 2. Woman's
*&gi(3&> / "
tuii. Estimatean
hair, QusHmSi. (p.)
enemy's power.
^>/eir&uj3, s. A knot of woman's
^ssreStupQ^emisib^ s. A kind of
hair, iostilirGUB0e2iBruir$i).
<-gy arras/i, s. Water, Or. 2. A por
^eireSpss, inf. To exceed the
cupine's quill, utirfiQfdr. (p.)
measure, the appointed limit, &c, &>
air 65 srr lj <_y, s. [corrupted from
&oi_a*. 2. To transgress, violate a rule,
^^isrijL/.] Sociableness, sociality, a*ii.
iSp. 3. To exceed all bounds, be immea
surable, inconceivable, nattaSptm.
jyeireSpihigQutrrrtjek, s. Immense * j>j etr 65 it Lj ft^gy srr S3) 65, s. The
name of the city of Kuvera, <gQun& smth.
property beyond the power of calcula
Wils. p. 72. Alaka.
tion, a thing incomprehensible, a mys
^/etretsaujrTeifl, s. Kuvera, the king
of <%eesri-{A.
,y sir eSasr sold, neg. v. noun. Immeasurablcness, couutlessness, immen ^jysiTQ, s. The hen of an owl, fowl,
Or peaCOek,
(?irS, iosSAi jga/ji^drQuMtr.
(QjSiAiMNi.) 2. The hen of a swan, jjt&raru
^gysfro/Cs/ra), s. A land measurer's
Oua>l_ (r<5.) 3. A COCk, QseiAi. (^){7f
!2ar.) 4. The third lunar asterism,
^gysrro/iF/n^s. A stamped measure.
^gyara/u^, inf. To measure, as
As the cock-swan approached, its hen
certain, to limit.
declined embracing it.
gysrrQai@i<, inf. To take a mea
jqtxoDsuQuirfi^fi Q&rif-vSixGiusGBr. Skanda
sure, dimensions, &c, of a thing.
whose banner is painted with the figure
cgysueuetra] @a;a/sira/, s. So much,
of a cock.
so many.
^jysrrias/r, s. The salt-marsh, luu
^jeusuefre^LD. Even so much, only
aib. 2. The sea, ocean,
3. The third
so far, that is all.
lunar mansion, rj^3>*sier. 4. The loam,
waVa/sira/, s. How much, how
<ga>mG*gi. 5. A long road, tamfi. 6. The
earth, y,d. (p.)
Qieppen-aj. Up to or till yester ^gyarrL/uLO, s. Measurement, ji/eir
day, in the course of yesterday.
liqj [exj(ar.] (p.~)

jysrrii), *. Salt-pans, salt-works, a

place where salt is formed.
2. fp.)
A maritime district, one of the five kinds
of land, 0j^rfuii. 3. Sharpness as of
a sword, &c., also of intellect, asJswo. 4.
^/eap^ujir, s. Females of the
salt-making caste, a-uua>tjiu<2uisGii-ieiT*r.
^/etrjijpiS eo u>. s.
Brackish and
barren ground. See *w;*uiA.
^jsrrpgiuueianff, s. A plant grow
ing by the sea and in brackish soil, icg*
^ueir^iuL-ieo, s. A kind of grass,
Fomnierullia cornucopice, L.
^gysir^^ijySsir, *. A species of
Illecehrum, lllccehrum brachiatum, L.
sysirsi//f, s. (sing, ^jeneassr.) Saltmanufacturers,(the caste,) n-uuancuQuir.
srr en eir ir a/, SQpear, ^/eireueiriTeS
Qarar, Qa/ser, jyr/srrj, V. n. To be Very
intimate, live sociably, converse freely,
^etreuetrnpG\> ^iGtrGueiriTGueO^f&r
mwraijqsraialopAl. V. JlOUJl. IJelllg A'try
intimate, sociable, g&*ti>ciS<s0ii.
+0ti iQanpippgi. The prosperity of the
man who does not cultivate sociality
with his friends, is like a tank full of
water without banks.
err a/sir, s. The Qfn&un a itemix>.
One of the thirty-two kinds of prepared
jysrrjy, s. Mire, mud, a slough, (5
eotfilsff. 2. Hell, misib. (p.)
^gyztrjai, QQpasr^^eirplQeBreisi , Go; ear,
Jl"p, v. n. To split or become mauled
or shatteredas a tree in lopping off' the
branches with a blunt instrument, fi^Qn
if-t*. 2. To splitas a palmyra tree in fall
ing, iSaAx. 3. To be fracturedas the skull
by a fall or blow, to be broken or bruised
as any part of the body, also as palmyra
fruits, Qrriu.
,_gy srr it si], 8 Qp sir, ^zirrmSQsnresr ,
Gmdr, ^vri, v. n. To converse, hold
social intercourse, &c, mti-ji_. 2. v. a. To
mingle, mix,
3. To reach up to,
reach forth, extend as an elephant its
trunk, throw out the arms to catch some
thing, fsi. 4. To grope in the dark,
scrape after something as for particles in
sand, ftm, 5. To cool by stirring, or dry
by waving, to poke, stir in water,
wpp. (p.)
urCsuji_wftSiiii. Water mixed with milk.
/rarjaopvartSartiilM. The mountain that
reached to the skies.
* j>/ stfl , s. A beetle, a/essrQ. 2. Fer
mented liquor, intoxicating spirits, &c.,
af. Wils. p. 74. All (p.)
jysifl, s. Gift, present, 0/rss3i_. 2.
Love, kindness, clemency, affection, favor,
3. Coolness, rff*ffl. 4. Honey, Gr.
5. Sweetness, ugirib. 6. Unripe fruit,
7. Poverty, wretchedness, rA>in. (p.)
8. [prou.] A lattice, grate, fir*p.
^tfffiurffluiBiOT. I will bestow (it) freely.
aKAuaiwa/er. Oh! the poor, forlorn

irjfW^lcsraietrQ. Swarms of humming
^l&fliLieisr, s. One who is kind and
insects that work among the filaments of
affectionate, B&tvuqiieridr. 2. A poor,
the flower.
mean, destitute person, *rf7u<*-.
^ysn9, &pgp, is&gj, it/ub, uj, r. n. To
^yenkpQ&rpi, 8. Moistened clay
become over-ripe, mellow, mature, jp*
for potter's work.
ms&u. 2. To be over-boiled as rice, become
tSlHerribpQ&rTg)!, s. Boiled rice that
as pap, @<{pu.
has been handled by persons eating it.
jfrflu SiBjijeSpGMrpeSiiligi. It is better to
sutler death than disgrace.
<gj'2eirpeo.gySsrrey, v. noun. Mix
QjtpiMgGunSfig. The rice is over -boil
ed, or reduced to pap by over-boiling.
^jysrrjsrj, s. The ear, sngj. 2.
j/eJIifuipui, s. A fruit well ri
The cheek,
Sharpness, keenness
pened or over-ri]>ened.
of an edge or point, *jdu. (p.) 4. A cramp,
^gtfdrfi, dSQpesr, jsQ^esr, uQueir, <t,
a clasp, a clamp, a metal plate fastened
v. a. To preserve, protect, defend, keep
round the corners of a box, &c, a ring or
or take care of, nourish, cherish,
other iron bandage to hold pieces to
To give, present, grant, bestow, be liberal
gether, a cramp-iron, a ferrule, iron hand,
to, */. 3. To consign to one's care, de
bandage, cincture, upfi^iiq. 5. (p.) Close
liver over, auuWiti. 4. To yield, produce,
nessas of hair, branches, &c, Q<y**i. (1.
beget, rar. 5. To keep, store up, lay up
[prov.J A disease among children, atro
for future use, uJ&rtiuQfa. 6. To share,
phy, g)/ffru.
ucSl. 7. v. n. To come near, Qr(jM. (p.)
^1 err (65 d a lL z_ , inf. To fasten
.urf>^i*. The mother of the world,
with cramps, with plates of iron, sew
she who produced all worlds.
together with wire, &c, Lfl^gtfti/i'.i_.
moa*f\njtfypnir. He has begotten a son.
afiiarrnettg.-' '. The love which lovers
2- (fig.) To confirm, usvuuSjfi.
^jsireneo, s. Mud, mire, QsaipQs
gjGiRppeo, p. noun. Preservation,
s>. 2. One of the seven hells, vofttrnfl
air^fi*">*. 2. The act of bestowing,
Qfiliirp. (p.)
granting, j^goo*.
err sir it p *s!, s. The name of a
^srfldSLO, *. Brow, forehead, Q.sp
fi. Wils. p. 74. A i.i k a. 2. Great beauty, fish, g/itSar. (c.)
^jy sirf^,&Qpe&)^aretfl(ceBrear,Qeueiir,
zifli^Lb, s. A terrace before a
jyAw. !\ a. To take up a handful, lade,
bale, take up in the hollow of the handhouse, Ciityra/nJ^raW. 2. A verandah
as water, sand, grain, &c,
at the gate of a tower or at the outside
2. To sweep away as a flood, carry off in
of the entrance to a pagoda, Tiijj.irQ/d?#
large quantities or great numbers as an
rjw. Wils. p. 74. Ai.inda. (p.)
epidemic, famine, thief, &c, to ravage,
c^SiSsi), s. A term expressive of
plunder, pillage, spoil, devastate, tucHi
fear, jf*r*<sui-i. (c.)
j)f eijji(3j, SQpear, ^f^sQQesrssr,
^fcseirgtgaBpiurgj QstAiwrgi ilpeiwg. If
v. it. To terrify, frighten,
nothing bo taken, nothing will !>e want
ing ; if nothing be spoken, nothing will be
*>nj!B(&j, s. prop. ^i(Lpi(3), which
rumored ; i. e. there is no rumor however
vague, but has some truth in it.
> / 7 ., *v wj .
jy%*r, s. A hole, a hollow in the
wanders about as greedy (of gain) as the
ground, in a tree, &c, (as a rat's hole or
crow is of the rice which it steals.
snake's hole,) a hole or cavity at the side
onsmmjafftuQusC-tfSo. It has grazed or
of a tank or well, the resort of alligators,
taken off the skin of my hand (whether a
<ir. 2. (p.) A cave, a cavern in a mountain
bow, hot iron, or any thing else.)
or rock, u>3w*^;s. 3. The hole of an ant
hill, <-ips>. 4. A place,
5. A form
^lerreiflaQsniLt, inf. To take
of the seventh case, c^gwy. 6. Curds,
up from a quantity and shoot down
curdled milk, ^J/. 7. Whey, butter
2. To give liberally.
milk. Corf.
^jareS(r^ar, s. Thick darkness, or
darkness so dense that it may be grasp
Construction in which the sense begins
at the end and goes backward to the
beginningOne of the eight Qu.-<yA(I*r*.
^/arter^Q srrar'Serr, s. Great waste,
^ 'Betr O uj * *j tetransua
profusion, extravagance or taking more
than what is right, Qu^iiQttaiai.
To burrow, i\*Q*uu. 2. To grow
hollow as an ulcer, L/snrmimit*.
jyefrjGrj, v. noun. A handful of
J)j%sir, @Qpeisr,mQeisr,Qeii&sr,uj, p. a.
grain, &c, given to the man who mea
sures, ^so/_t5//foSiui2).
To mix up, mingle, macerate as food, paste,
&c, with the fingers or hands,
2. (p.)
s. The man
To handle, finger, (as a boil, &c, in apply
who receives the handful of grain for
ing medicines, &c,) i<si 3. To mingle
dust as children in play, handle any thing
^Iiar/G^pa), p. noun. Being narrow,
dirty, dirty one's self, y,9*Q*rita. 4. (c.)
To caress, put the hands or arms about a
close, Ooriiii5). 2. Talcing up a handful
person so as to cause defilement,
of water, rice, grain, &c, getting water
qp**r**. 6. (p.) To roll and mix one's self
in a basket, pot, &c., taking out rice,
withas bees in the pollen of flowers,
milk, &c, by a spoon from a cup, &c, |

^gyarr&rr, s. A devil, a spirit, i$&n

At. (p.)
^Ips^smriSsir, s. A kind of fish,
j;.- v. .-. (c.)
jy/DiEioos, s. [improp.for
Palm of the hand, s-uneox.
^jy/D Lh-^>jpeir, s. Moral or religious
duty, virtue; the performance of good
works according to the shasters includ
ing justice, hospitality, liberality, &c, also
what is prescribed as the duty to be prac
tised by each particular caste. Compare
<jioi. The thirty-two acts of charity are
the following; viz.: 1. ^(ji<uir*(j5*ijsv>,
building houses for the poor. 2. ^o.'ii
(gOTv, giving maintenance and education.
3. ^jr"""^''<5*'., feeding persons of
either of the six religious sects. 4.
i/eyexp, feeding cows. 5. QmpiCetp, feed
ing prisoners. C.
giving alms. 7. jSar
providing for travellers. 8.
jypi>/#<;j>, feeding the destitute. 9. vmCi
QujuSfoij, rendering assistance in child
birth. 10. io*(ucr^<s', nourishing chil
dren. 1 1. utaijij3&>Gi?irl504>i, giving milk lo
infants. 12. jypD/iija>ir<jSaA), burning
or burying the poor. 13. jfpentup&titjw,
furnishing clothes to the destitute. 14.
*trOTii, giving chunam to use with betel.
15. QiBiiumQfsg:, giving medicine to the sick.
16. i4ro'> l'aymg for washing the
clothes of the poor. 17. ura!^/, the same
for shaving. 18.
giving a look
ing glass. 19. *e<?ai&u, giving cadjan or
palmyra leaves to women for their ears.
20. <otu:(j*ji, giving black paint to women
for the eyes. 21. ^jJejAQieiirCWai, giving
oil for the head. 22. QuBbGunw, aid to
enjoy a woman. 23. iSpigsiuixrfoii, re
dressing injuries. 24. petoesfiuuipii, keep
ing water pandals to give drink to the
thirsty. 25. mi_i, erecting inns or build
ings for the reception of Brahmans, pil
grims, &e. 26. /5<_iA, making tanks. 27.
planting topes, groves, &c. 28.
erecting stakes at which cows
may rub themselves. 29. SuB^Krv,
feeding all kinds of animals. 30.
giving a bull for covering a cow. 31.
8!>Qi,i!MAjAi, giving money to save
life. 32. Marsdiwftmih, giving assistance
towards marriage, (p.)
j^PQ#x/S(jiity. Desire to do charity.
^pssnQ, s. A desert place for
burning the dead, *.
^IpdQsiruf-Qiunair, s. God; He
whose banner is charity, _,.
^/piEisemi ^jpekseai^ s. Sin,
what is opposed to virtue; nonconfor
mity to the shasters, uimi.
jypiiaao^jJpQjAjcurr. They who will
not enter in the way of vice.
^ipfe/r^eo, s. An alms-house, a
hall or room where the thirty-two acts
of charity are practised.
^/pdQf&leS s\p^^l&srQpnfi,^^ s.
.Parvati, mimfi, famous for alms-giving.
2. A name of ^<3>(iis>ff.
^IP^JdehresyLDtbpeiir p sir ids <ssr,
s. The elder of the five Pandavas.
^ipp&ziuuneo<gjpuun)y s. A
section of the book <&p&, which treats
of jypto.

jlP$*(smx-tgfiQutv0iu*nfi*ir. The jewels
^Ip&gigvuLj, s. The attributes or
of the maiden whose hair hangs down
constituent parts of charity or virtue, in
in black anil glossy braids.
cluding dispositions and actions. Eight
are given ; viz. : 1. soOut-faju, being ^j/oSnrr, s. [prov ] The teasing, fretvoid of doubt or scepticism. 2. S(Sij
fulness, murmuring, &c. of old people,
Jtjruj, freedom from covctousness or of
repining, babbling, &c, as of the old or
inordinate desire for any supposed good.
sick, Q-iS'r/sixi. 2. A disease, s>'<2bii.
3. Q/jjuLS=rsa)ui, freedom from disgust. egU/S, QQposr, HQfiOff, (Senear, iu,
4. wiu*inSejra>m, being void of perplexity.
v. a. To know, understand, comprehend,
5. uySswij tAsw, avoiding reproaches, berecognize, be acquainted with; have a
ing void of censoriousness. G. jyuS*C?^r
carnal knowledge of, Q/ifu. (c.)
relieving the distressed or
LitPufiefiQue)*. A marriageable girl
ruined. 7. aptiuSc**, bringing into
l&iMmoup'GmrJi. We will find out
light the nature of benefaction and ex
is the most competent, (by way
pounding it. 8. (JurorL/ooi-eDio, the pos
of bravado.)
session of abundant love.
^Ipp&npisnuGlutTeisr, s. The god
/rCio. To know one's self is knowledge,
other knowledge is inferior.
^/pS'Seo, s. The practice of virtue,
^jpls^sS, s. The organs of sense.
a virtuous state or condition, /wswtb.
^pl($pl, s. A sign, mark, token,
2. One of the eight kinds of marriage
as i^rwjiavib. See toavtb.
ji/fiS^eir, s. A man of knowledge,
^jpS^scuQuiTQ^eir, s. One of the
especially of divine things, jy^Safsox-Curur.
six jfiKuA)the collection of revenues
2. A poet, L/eu;fSr. 3. A Sage, <y9ior. 4.
justly. 2. Wealth gotten by continu
Mercury the planet, 4r. 5. Buddha,
ance in a proper course of duty and by
<2/plgiu$G0, s. A kind of sleep or
j/pi%soujptl>. s. One of the six
meditation, in which the person under
,syrBjAi the duty of a king to preserve
stands all that passes about himan
his subjects from breaking the rules of
attribute supposed to belong to the
the respective castes.
gods and sages, especially to Vishnu.
p & "ieo u$ eh u u>, s. One of the
s. Vishnu,
six jfirHuoipleasure from a virtuous
course ; marrying a virgin of proper
^/plLDiii. s.
Indisposition to
age, caste and good manners (includ
ing conduct prescribed by the Shasters)
reduce to practice what is learned. 2.
and of good disposition.
Inability to recall to memory, stupidity
in learned persons from infatuation.
^IpQispl, s. The path of virtue.
3. Feigned ignorance.
^/puL/pii, s. A place for the prac
^IplQpsw, s. Acquaintance with
tice of virtuous actions. (See ^piffi'^i.)
persons (and in vulgar use) with things,
2. A hall for learning or reciting the
slight familiarity.
^/pliuaQsnQda, inf. To inform
^tpeufrjqpQeurrlr,!!. The virtuous,
against one, indict, impeach. 2. To
those celebrated for charity and other
communicate information, instruction,
good deeds, ^CTioQ^Siur*. 2. Ascetics,
Cari. 3. Brahmans, uriuurt. 4. Sages,
jyplujiTenw, neg. v. noun. Igno
jyffja/gsr, s. Buddha, t^sejr.
jpliune&$&), s. One of the six
^/psuiryfl, s. The sea of virtue.
forms of interrogationas when one
^peu rrySItulinearear, s. Siva. 2.
asks for information.
Vishnu. 3. Argha.
jij rfi Q jj n akr (KM) ! to, neg. v. noun.
The impossibility of knowing.
t*is*il\g). It is very difficult to swim
^plsSiss), s. One of the six forms
and escape from the sea of vice, except
for those who worship at the feet of
of interrogation ; questioning in order
him who is the sea of virtue.
to teach.
gjpaun^Qwmpes!, s. God, #*_
^pleas, v. noun. Knowing, un
l*. 2. Argha, jyer**.
derstanding, knowledge, K-cwisf.
pQ'eun esr, s. A charitable man. ^ pi x S3) js, s. [prop. ^nBe&ana.~]
2. A sage, an anchorite. 3. A Brahman.
Notice, information, communication, ac
4. Argha.
knowledgment, confession, avowal, pro
fession, tSsriburtb.
^eneopib, s. Domestic life.
jjpl Dds u earem^pldeasuSi,
j/ppeupih, s. Religious or ascetic
inf. To notify, inform, apprize, confess,
avow, acknowledge, advertise.
ffrrpih, s. The two species of life
^jplaeasuufi^ifiesia, s. Adver
tisement, notification, written notice,
^IpsOy s. Water, irr. 2. Wave,
ripple, &c, LyojjSjiSaoi. 3. Black sand
found on the sea-shore, &c,
4. jBjplsQ, dQQpear, pQpasr, uQuesr,
Low jungle, Qpgig. (p.) 5. v. noun, [ex
**. To inform, publish, announce, make
j.p.] (c.) Kuiu, destruction, extinction,
known, relate, conununicate, convince,

^jpleSuLfy v. noun. Notice, com
pi a/, *. Knowledge, wisdom,
learning, science, erudition, one of the
four <{if?-A<5wii, 53rifl, 2. Intelligence,
intellect, reason, n^fi. 3. Feeling, per
ception, comprehension, tonfej. 4. The
senses as the medium of knowledge or
knowledge acquired by them, Qurfitpniq.
5. Instruction, advice, (Junior, (c.)
^jple>iL$, s. Toddy or other in
ebriating liquor, *. 2. A devil, iSir
tib; [ex syS, to ruin.] (/>.)
j>lp1 eu ySI iu, inf. To lose one's
reason, be bereft of sense, be under a
delusion, be infatuated.
^jplsuemp , s. One destitute of spi
ritual knowledge. 2. Destitution of
spiritual knowledge, delusion, infatua
tion, illusion; [ex jtop, bereft.] (p.)
jlfwpGuitSari. They became bewil
^Ipleuek, s. A wise man, a skilful
or learned person, ^imi_<Iijrtir. 2. An
artificer, smcurt^. 3. The planet Mer
cury, npibr. 4. The twenty-sixth lunar
mansion, -,sPrLLi_W4. 5. The planet
Mars, Qjeituru. 6. Uod, *t_^dr. 7. Arj^ha,
jf(jir. 8. Vishnu, Ai^. 9. Siva,
Biar. (p.)
^/zffa/^err, *. The twenty-sixth
lunar mansion.
jijpi sun&jor, s. A person of pro
found erudition; [c.r ^*rio, seat.] (p.)
g/pleurretreisrjuplsunettl, s. A wise,
skilful or intelligent person.
pi eS e\> nesrjqplzSeS^/pleSei
ui<Srj)9<Jacjr, s. An ignorant person,
one without spiritual knowledge.
c2/pla8e\iG)nas>LD ^pleS earsolo
fleSortb, neg. v. noun. Ignorance.
^plojQsrr d <sj)fpleijQsrr^^f,
inf. To impart instruction, teach, in
struct. 2. To allow a lucid interval,
as to a dying person after a season of
stupor, delirium, &c.
^^QsiQ^gi* Qsitjgtib. (Death, dis
ease, &c.) will allow a lucid interval
and then kill (him.)
^/pleuQ&iTGOeo, inf. To communi
cate instruction, give good advice, ex
ji/ple>]eiDieiBU>, v. noun. Knowledge,
the possession of knowledge.
gjpledemrtpp ^>jplei\uii9ppJjfl
qA*i "!/ To instruct, communicate
^jpleu^as, inf. To dawn as wis
^IpleuiSp&s, inf. To dawn as
knowledge in the mind, to become in
structed, enlightened, informed. 2. To
be restored as the senses, conscious
ness, &c.
>jplenuuuSp&, s. Education.
cgupleutLiudau}, s. Loss of consci
^pleuLDOjiks, inf. To faint, lose
consciousness either by swooning, fits,
sleep, or the approach of death, &c 2.
To be surprised.

jy/rSa/srrsra/SBr, s. A wise or skilful

person. 2. A grateful person.
^Ij&Qeu it titled a rretort go. v. noun.
Questioning to ascertain if another's
views correspond with one's own. (p.J
j&azreiSBrflei], s. Minute or exact
Quarflen, s. Perfect knowledge.
SppfSeif, s. Imperfect knowledge.
^jyj?/, num. adj. Contraction of ^gu,
six, used in combination.
^^sn&i ^jseupth, s. A bee or
beetle, **. (p.)
^fg&iT<r>iJiLb, s. A pedestal of
an altar, or the altar sacred to ufti8
at Maduraof mystic virtues.
cS^Cg sswebr, s. God, <i_a/srV. (p.)
^/gvQarr&sisrt}), s. A hexagon, hexangular figure.
cSfjrii&irih, s. A sweet sounding
lute, (/).)
jy^5?S!oa/, s. The six flavors.
^/g/QpirySGeoiTiT, s. Brahmans.
See Qfit^Ai. (p.)
^fSUMS', Six hundred.
Sisnugi, s. Sixty, six times ten,
gu upgiisneo u/.d& igj, s. The
best kind of
odes of sixty-four
jg)iLfiGar>i ggsundj, s. The pleiades regarded as six stars l)eing the
third lunar constellation of the Hindus,
jqgufissrsnpGoeisr, s. Skanda,
jqgiQpsesr, s. Skanda, r^wassr.
Ji/jji, 8pgi, A#7, ">> ^Pi To
be parted, detached, separated; to break as
a rope, jyjiui_ 2. To cease, become extinct,
perish, end, vanish, j^stf*/. 3. To be deci
ded, ended, r. (c.)
<9!Pi '/ [used adverbially.] With
a verb it expresses; 1. Wholly, entire
ly, quite, QPQfjs&. 2. Intensely, exces
sively, uS|ii. 3. Negation, being with
out, as tgpp-zp, without fault.
lpfQrc<tSQP(ifis*n-.di. Selling things
too dearly will cause entire loss ; i. e.
avarice causes loss.
jipuuif-pfiar. He has learnt all per
trof&pirS). Bead with distinct arti
^pdstLi, inf. To tie tightly,
g\jx**iij_ 2. To monopolize, gatSts*
^pdsniu, inf. To be over-dried,
over-boiled, over-heated.
l/Dsz-iLi, inf. Tosweep clean
or thoroughly.
cgy(z>i-/fs!OLo, s. Excessive sharp
ness as of a writing style.
gjp d & oj u Lj, s. Deep red, ex
tremely red.
^jpd&jBiLigi, appcl. n. The small-

j9lpuutTLeo, v. noun, [commonly,

^cicuffiw.] Composing poetry con
taining imprecations or spells. Note.
Verses of this kind arc supposed some
times to lie made without design, and
thus to injure the maker and others.
cgy/D u u irnda, inf. To examine
thoroughly, sift. 2. To take measures
to defeat, ruin or injure one by defama
^IjDiJI^iijSireo, v. part. At most,
at the utmost, by any means, with the
greatest effort.
lpi(Hg}Gir5psf$mmis\l.!b. If it must
come (if no effort will avert it) let it
p eS otr d s , inf. To polish
.Sy/og,,^^pemeiida, inf. To re
fine metals by fire,
^Kyafiyev, s. An exorbitant price.
^gu^eap, s. A headless body,
cSy^J"5/<25sa!ir">, * Emergency, exi
j>jg)j!ijQ@rT<ans,s. A sum, number,
&c. in dividing, in which there is no
^IS>/euniLi,s. The parting made in
sawing a piece of timber. 2. The open
ing of a cut or wound. 3. A junction,
a conj unction of two periods of time, ex
tremity, end. 4. Deficiency, what is
wanted to complete a whole; [ex
parted, ct mirii, opening.]
jf.piriimp*flmniiaifi. The bright moon
whose waning is restored.
gippg$, s. A complete end, en
tire ruin.
stPPt$t<-ij>ppg\uiui2lLi-g. All commu
nion is withdrawn.
SI p (n? ek, s. A poor man, piflp
firar. 2. A sage, opoflislr.
SIP&iuQuns, inf. To be lost,
to cease to be.
pemiujp, inf. [used adverbially.']
Without impediment.
^ipei), v. noun. Cessation, ceas
ing, extinction. 2. Parting, separation,
^/peijeifl, s. Incantations perform
ed over a sick person in order to re
store him. 2. Cessation, end, <y-fglpipGO, v. noun. Finishing, liqui
dating a debt. 2. s. A broken thread,
string, rope, bandage, &c. gtD*$itsuug3.
3. A mean, despicable or faulty person,
,Sy*;5,J/.9lJJn)SJ<?i/j-Si_eur*.-/B. You
must not allow that vagabond to be
fiitbLjtBgjs&i G4fB&r(9_y{&Quirsej, A brok
en rope and a leaky water-pot.
<gt/jpi& sol, s. A widow, emswQu
<sr; [ex ^sifii, being plucked off (the
marriage jewel), et JD, fern, termination ;
or jiff, torn off, et ^jsJ), contracted from
preS, the badge of marriage.]
J{ff0s3to*&/&&B3Qw6if<iir&GfSL}*s>L-. The
son of a widow is mischievous through
out his whole frame.

noun. End, close, ter
mination, git.e|. 2. Decision, decisive
ness, determination as a decisive sale,
entire renunciation of a title to landed
property, ji'uLf. 3. The purchaser'!
possession or title to property purchas
ed, iSpQrijigLi., 4. Absence, non-exist
ence, @yyrro^). 5. Death, *f/.
jlxifiutuuGuiiSpff. It is settled, comp'ete 1, ended.
^j>5)tj;c.Q*Q*rBinSr. He spoke deci
mws<gtBa>ip/<ff sjitnffgi. Thus much
is realized and we shall not have to
part with it,
have relinquished that custom en
<gilgiij3daeiiT, s. The proper and
just division or distribution of land.
j>\ 31 $ d & itp ear u>^i^ti^luLfgu^l, s.
A deed of transfer, ^ffgii9cQ.
cgi/giitsls-Q&iTe]), s. A decisive word
or sentence.
glgyQuutsitTF,, s. What is given in
full of all demands, a final allotment.
^IJOiSiluun, s. Being accom
plished, finished, decided.
ii$t, inf. To determine, to
point a day, &c.
<J>jjp>, dQQpehr, pQpenr, uQussr,
v. a. To cut off, part asunder, cut or
break off as a string, Ql1i_ 2. To reap,
Q*aiQP#e$ui!riu. 3. To disjoin by cut
ting or untyingas the marriage string,
to separate, sever,
4. To extirpate,
exterminate, QaCnt^^*s. 5. To saw asun
6. To kill by severing the
wind- pipe of beasts, &c, to slay, *a>4
Pff**. 7. To burrow, excavate, form sub
terraneous passages, b^5i*i.. 8. To
motdd bricks, C**AieupA*. y. [with *w
*.] To settle accounts,
10. [with
/.] To explain, define things clearly,
finish a dispute, ^iioftrf**. (c.)
s/.5r4^<JuS giif.*(3^ru0uiii. Agitated
(with sorrow, anxiety, &c.,) as a fowl
with its throat cut.
#fftis,y/!&u(SijaS>i3tir. He speaks dis
tinctly. 2. He speaks decisively. 3. He
uses cutting words.
paoivffii&iQstGiuQuair. I will remove
the obstacles, obviate objections, break
the enchantments which prevent success
as in fishing, &c.
??0*u3/*3rpuwiu<5/kj9fr. And Vecran cut
off his head.
gjKS'.rjsAQfQfiixgi?. The rising sun which
exterminates the darkness.
jy^iDcfcOT, s. An instrument for
cutting vegetables, fish, &c. 2. A slut,
slalterer. 3. A woman ugly or deform
ed in features, (c.)
^1gii61/60)1, v. noun. The act of
reaping the corn,
^nj/a;//?, 8. A tax paid at fixed
^IgiieSjsl, s. Decision.
en t> d /egad , inf. To decide a
^tguds, inf. To slay sheep.

&IJfvun, v. noun. Sundering, se

parating, cutting a part, reaping, &c,
d^. 2. A piece, section, jy,pA^<*S.
3. An imprecation of widowhoodin
allusion to the Hindering of the marri
age ornament at the death of the hus
band, ficSvj,*es>s. 4. The opening of a
wound, an open cut, &c, , -.^-j. 5.
The opening made in sawing a piece of
timber, wropfi^^ivnaaSa^^msiu. 6. Confu
tation, refutation of another's argu
ments, <gLl<?*J*>*.
sygu u Ly itso w, s. The time of
gy gv "j l/ em <s, inf. To be cut
asunder, to be divided, be severed by
cjyj^Q, s. A kind of grass deemed
sacred to Ganesa and others,
Agrostis linearis, L. (c.) 2. (p.) A lion,
ftji4. 3. The yali a fabulous beast,
4. Male tiger, ^*4t. 5. An elephant,
gy gv & rR&, s. Sacred grass and
rice combined and put on the thighs,
shoulders and heads, of the new married
pair, at the time of marriage, as an
auspicious ceremony.
-UU gQfj Q& IT Lf-tU gll(8) .gSsjrUJ
&Jsp4i& QmrrrH&p p S<, S.
Different kinds of sisxg.
j)fjr>iUcSLh, s. A plant, etaeiurr/s^s
tor, Eclipta prostrata, L.
^jt/ii/Ly, s. Scarcity of corn, dearth,
u&stb. 2. Wantonness, wickedness,
^isvusussr, s. A wicked fellow.
jy gv S3) sii , s. A cloth, gani_. 2.
The fourteenth lunar constellation,
antra, (p.)
^jemp, s. The sound of a letter,
*rQft$iQfs<*>tr. 2. A word or sentence as
uttered (not as written), Q/rrij. 3. A rock,
ursop. 4. Peak of a mountain, ioJsuiy*0.("p.)
5. A room, a chamber, cell, a separate
apartment of a house, jj^f(S. 6. (c.)
Drawer of a box or otherwise, QulIimj
p. 7. (p.) The apartment in a chess
board, jft-B. 8. The cells in a bee-hive,
9. Hanging
. <?^s4r-LL^.arop.
' .<: '., >. 10. A curtain,
11. An
excavation, cavern, opsm^.
^lemp^eap, s. Wants, necessi
ties, troubles.
^enp^eapurrrrds, inf. To repair
eap <<Su a/, inf. To challenge,
summon to combat, (p.)
^/ em p s & LL <s & lL i_, inf. To
build rooms and apartments in a house.
2. To construct a temporary temple on
a certain festival.
^jempQurrs, inf. To undermine,
make an underground passage, 8wsi**.
2. To desert to an enemy.
^iempQpempu$L^, inf. To com
plain, state one's wants and complaints.
5y empty mi <g empty u>near, rel. pari.
Incomplete, unfinished, half-done. 2.
Injured, loose, defective, torn.

^fernpeS, s. A house with sepa

rate rooms or cells. 2. A room,
chamber, room for security.
iSeoeiiemp, s. A cellar, a dungeon.
*]'3$>Pi QQpeisr, AQpesr, Gei/sar, izj, f>.
a. To slap, strike with the open hand or
with any thing flat, j^.**. 2. To hammer
a nail, &c, i_r. 3. To beat a drum,
G(e*. 4. To beat as wind, also as a wave,
to dash as a mountain torrent, Qmr#. 5.
(p.) To speak, say, declare, Q*f*i.
^szBiuempuj, inf. To drive a nail.
uemptuempiv, inf. To beat a tom
sesresr^eoempiu^ inf. To beat on
the check.
^/emp, v. noun. A slap with the
hand, a blow with a hammer, &c, jyi?_
2. A gust of wind, xrppif.ta>s. 3. The
dashing of a wave or of a mountain tor
rent, jy&uiuiMxD*. 4. The beating of a
drum, uaypiJt^.itBis.
^empuyemem^ inf. To be struck.
wemasinempi s. Smearing clay on
a wall, daubing as plaster, throwing
or clapping on, &c.
egyempiSanir, s. A species of Sean.
Amaranthus tristis, L. See under Sm. (c.)
cgypaeti, s. Knowledge, ^pley. (p.)
^jy/DQ, QQpek, ^ipQQenreisr, Qeuebr,
v. n. To be permanent, to remain,
endure, tdfa**. (p.)
^fpartSu&iLSpjpjQeAjmiib giQupgwpQU
ri>Ci>G)*iuAi. Hiches are not permanent
in their nature; if you get them, do with
them what will prove permanent ; i. e.
practise virtue.
^ijpseo, v. noun. Duration, per
^psneaiD, neg. v. noun. Want of
permanence, instability. 2. Ignorance.
*^p L/srarii, . Oblation, deliver
ing, OfTering,&C, xrarH*attaQa^lpg)Bi>s. Wils.
p. 71. Arpan'a. (p.)
*airiS*xpuami:r**gi. The offering has
been made to God.
^Ipuesmte^QfibiU) inf. To make
an offering.
@(T^eif.^)pu6ssriiij s. An offering to
{^urirwrrpuessrui, s. An offering to
65 en np u ear ii>, s. An offering to
*\J>I puii, s. Littleness, any thing
of trifling import, of small consequence,
insignificance, fijofau. 2. Inferiority, a
trifle, t|. Wils. p. 74. Ai.i-a. 3.
Slightness, Csu*. 4. Cp.) A dog, erii.
Gfftf.^o;^sw^AQ*0A^[6. The
coveting of a small thing destroys the
penance of years.
gbGipits ^/pusifliutb. This is a trifling
^jpufiBjemss\ p u rr&weisril>i s.
The act of making urine, modestein
reference to those who wear the string.
^Ipu^eoruiy s. Vileness, mean
^jpui^fi^i s. Low wit, folly, silli

j>lpuLi>rr<ij, adv. Meanly, basely,

^ipueisr, s. (pl.^/purr.) An inferior,
low-caste or ill-bred person, a mean per
diq-uurar. If a mean person has obtain
ed wealth, he will carry an umbrella
even at midnight.
jtjpuirLo, s. A bed, mattress, &-c.
for sleeping on, i/da*lLuad. (p.)
**g>/pu(TF)^ii}>ys. Plantain, evrremLp.
**$/piSl<3;Lc:, s. That which is given
as an offering, srad&sB>3iurK&QarA*uLjiLigi.
Wils. p. 72. Akpita. (p.)
eg/PL/, s. Affection, love, friend
ship. See jy<*4i of which this is another
form, (p.)
*^fp L/^ii, s. Miracle, what ex
cites wonder or astonishment, ^gisiuib.
Wils. p. 20. Adr'huta. 2. A hundred
millions. ^QmSr. Wils. p. 72. Aruiil'da.
3. (p.) Beauty, jyje. 4. Wisdom, rrarii.
^IpiypQpirpfil, s. The Deity or per
former of miracles, the wonder-work
ing or wisdom-embodied God.
^/pLjprr, s. Wise men, sages.
2. Smiths, artificers, mechanics of five
^pLjjSQjrrpw, s. A convulsive
disease by which the body is distorted,
&IP L/^o/{j5sutD, s. A kind of
mixed metaphor. .
glpHpeyeveimD, s. [in rhetoric.'} A
species of simile, a comparison of what
cannot take place.
^pLj^ek, s. The Supreme Be
ing, God the wonderful. 2. Vishnu. 3.
Siva. 4. An artificer.
^pLj^iTALDij), s. The apocalypse.
^ippija, s. Leisure, opportunity,
*uxjii. 2. Distraction, stupor. Gsrtf. 3.
Secrecy, a secret, im>p/. 4. Ruin, ^S(.
5. Leanness, QmcStq. 6. Truth, Lfrsxo.
7. Fear,
[ex j^jr.] (p).
tpgi*<sppp'u. According to one's
present means.
jppwer>p0fiGtvr LfejevpltturibattSp ($ppiDQB>pur
wifi. It is vain to cover our nakedness,
(small faults) while our crimes are expos
ed to view; i. e. not relinquished.
*2>]Pcg)i. A symbolic verb or a parti
cle of similitude, as, so, like, &c j^^sra>i4
ff. 2. An expletive erfsmai, chiefly em
ployed in declining neuter plurals in jy,
as <sy*cj&, by them, (p.)
uffQsvffc^or*e#^c?p. Dike honey mix
ed with milk.
ueoeupgtidQsiT, s. The branches
of many (trees) or the horns of many
c^ipemp, s. [ex gqebrgii.'] That day,
generally used adjectively, ^arevptpisatb.
2. [prou.] Smallness, jjpuihas ^pa>p*
-v8, that day's hire, i. e. hire for the day,
trifling wages.
jfpmp*snr*(gvi. Till that day.
^peapdsirifiujih, s. A little thing.

^/J)ss)peurrd@ujii, s. The moon's cpjsnrjipj jysarffi), QQtpeor, jesters ^(tsar) j-jgii, adv. [priv. ^ih, et
tabular longitude, two hundred and for
Gpor, C?ir, ^arw, u. n. To glow, be hot,
prefixed to no, to lie pleased, et *p, affixed;
ty -eight of which, are registered in the
to cause heat as the sun, fire, fever, or
having no cessation.] Always, eternally,
l'anciianka Vaikiait is always to be
disease in the system, &c, Qanb*>wtjp. 2.
truQuiQfffni. Wils. p. 29. Anarata. (p.)
added to (aPf&smA') Mathithuruvani.
To blaze, flame,
^jysarati, s. [pric. jy/F, et ^sua, cSysarao, s. Heat as of fever, warmth, * =$1 (Ssr) ffifl (77j a^Z is)- jtf ^3)aQQfjLLiq-,
s. [priv. sj*, et before, et f(ya>[j_, rain.]
sin.] Sinlcssness, purity, urmiSssrsnin. Wils.
a glow, cii^aarii. 2. fp.J Fire, . 3. One
Drought, u>>iA4>pa(. Wils. p. 29. Anavp. 25. Anao'ha. (p)
of the twelve afflictions which a living
ltisirn. ( p.)
gjasrsGsr, s. The Deity, the Su
body suffers, H-iiSiQeifitersSQfgiZrgi.
^/(SS) si) sir, s. [priv.
el ^j,e>9
preme Being, the sinless one,
j>/ei>Teo&asruLL&, s. A bird said to
2. Argha, jcj<*.
devour burning coals, &c, the ostrich,
planet, *Sror. (fiCr/sg>.) (p.)
^St/ sjr iei & ih, s. A running flower
fiyivjtSfTfkjS. (p.J
plant, Arabian jasmine, m&ieSaD*. Jasmi^syearaf, s. The sun, ^iftiuek. (p.) ^jisnFi^fui^sysafl^Fss)^, s. A spe
cies of sensitive tree, celebrated by poets,
nuni samboc, L. 2. Another flowering
jy mQeogv, s. [ex ejge, entering.]
whose flower droops when exposed or
runner, g>(jiu.ft. (/).)
The thunderbolt, (p.)
even smelled, ^(juuejii. (p.)
* jij est iii & est, s. [pri'r. ^yw, el J/As,
^>jGBrQeonQe>j!5peisr, s. A kind of * jy soft & ss) &, s. [priv. ^
et @#
Aorfy.] Kama, the Hindu cupid, ios,jtir.
native arsenic.
si, desire.] Want or absence of desire,
Wils. p. 25. Ananqa. (p.)
aversion, indifference, suppression or ex
^/esteoe$&, inf. To flame, be heat
tinction of the sensual or earthly desires,
ed by taking spices, &c.
e(/.] Immensity, jj.-Jr=>w. Wils. p. 26.
g)*aiJairB>u. Wils. p. 29 . AN1CBCBHA.
^jesrpQunrSl, s. A spark of fire.
Ana.nta. 2. (p.) Ether pervading all
space, the first of the tive elements and
that into which, at the termination of
en i en eargo, s. The submarine fire, * cSy esB lL i_ ih iy safl a^. /_ ii, s.
[priv. jy*, e/ gjiu-ii, pleasure.] Un
things, all become involved,
riA?. (p.)
pleasantness, unacceptableness, tS^iiuuu
re.) 3. A numberone hundred thousand ^sysOTiajj-^Lb, s. [priv.
l^rffiena)^. Wils. p. 30. AmSHTA.
quintillions, uijjil*ffui;ii.. 4. Gold,
ffi, stopped, ceased.'] [used adverbially.] ^/saflsoti, . [ex ^y/F, to breathe, et
Om*. 5. One of the thirty-two kinds
of arsenic, Csur+/cRri0.
fflsuii, nffix.] Air or wind, *spg. Wils. p.
gb. Wils. p. 28. Anavarata.
gisskptsnpesr, s. Lord of all.
30. Anila. 2. Birth, LSpuq. (p.)
^issrikp Qpisf-s:&, s. A gold-orna
^jesBeoisrreir, s. The fifteenth and
ment worn by females.
sixteenth lunar asterisms, Qi^mri, and
5yajrifs(?6i>/T,f swear, a. The deity.
2. Buddha.
S\ esB 6H 6ar, s. God of the wind,
ieaten.] One of the six ^fni or mysti
jij est ikp e& & uj u> , s. The shell of
mitfustites. 2. The name of one of the
cal chakras, situated in the heart, ^<sf>'t
D'harmaraja; [ex <S^u, victory.] Wils.
j)^i_i*i*W!Gevf(j;ir. Wilt. p.
Qarci^r. Wils. p. 29. Anauata. (p.)
30. Anila. 3. The name of a giant,
p. 26. Anantavijaya.
* j>j S3T i5^ ssr, s. The deity, ateuar, *j)j(S3)&!rTLri, s. [pric.^ii, et ^fwr,
civility.] Irregularity, nonconformity to ^safaLojyesfSssfl, s. [ci ^/i,
2. Vishnu, tSc<2&i. 3. Argha, jf<j*e>r. 4.
et ***.] ([sometimes written, ^oflio.) An
the shasters, $Q(t*iSa;a>io, 2. Incivility,
Balarama, u*i .".
5. One of the eight
impoliteness, ^.uririStssom. 3. Ceremonial
^Cj^jets/iQfisdsrff. 6. Siva. Sla^iT. 7.
2. A certain division of an
defilement, AuS<4<oui. Wils. p. 28. AnaThe king of serpents, .g>
army or force, one tenth of an jjA@<?r
srf. Wils. p. 30. Aneeka and Aneep. 26. Ananta. ( p.)
K1NEE. (p.)
gy ar tip 9 iu est lis, s. The chief of *j)/^S)J3i!ru>, s. [priv. ^i, el *2&!T,
respect.] Disregard, inattention, disaffec ^yeofdr, s. Star-anise, Qur^^^n
the Naga or serpent race, as the couch
tion, jfwiLBtjtb. Wils. p. 28. Anadara.
of VisllUU, eiuususaib. 2. A town, g>et.
sib. Illicium anisatum, L.
2. Being without aid, helplessness,
3. ear f U6orear, . Vishnu, o2tl
*^>j^u, s. [sans. >\si] The jaws,
(AsAianw. (p.)
mandibles, mfiiti. Wils. p. 968. Hanu.
2. prep. Following close, succeeding, to
^jeDT.ijgeS&jSLo, s. A ceremony in ^(so)^t sa/, s. [corruption of Si^iS
gether, Q^i_#*fl. 3. Alliteration in poetry.
rib.] Disrespect, j>ull8iui4. 2. Helpless
honor of Vishnu. Wils. p. 26. AnanCimSbt. 4. Like, equal to, nicib. 5. A prefix
ness, being without aid, *-fS*$&ei>ii>. (p.)
words from the Sanscrit implying af
gr6sr kesip , . Parvati. 2. The
ter, like, in the same manner, with, to
my story with respect.
earth. Wils. p. 26. Ananta.
gether with, severally, each by each, &c.
^jjy^, s. [priv. Jt/i, et ^,$0), be
JjesriS^ir, s. Drowsiness, stupor,
Wils. p. 31. Anu. (p.)
ginning.] That which has no beginning,
loss of consciousness, delirium, derange
^ ep s id est w s. Accompanying,
j$sSara>u>. Wils. p. 28. AfiAIJV. 2. (p.)
ment, iflajA*ii. 2. Sleep, tBfijiiax. 3. Bile,
_!_<*Gufgjaw. Wils. p. 31. Ancca[in grammar.] Priority to the immediate
iSi/e. 4. A peacock's crest, uxSp&c.. 5.
causeas cotton to cloth made from it,
shrub, (p.)
^gjgussressTil), s. Imitation, doing
Msarispio, s. Sleep, soft or gentle
or a Sanscrit word to the same in Tamil
a thing like another, gtsr^Cui^Ojiuao*.
sleep, particularly the morning sleep, a-ps
characters, where the Tamil letters are
Wils. p. 31. Anukaran'a.
** (P-)
^glatsesaib, and the Sanscrit Jf&fisegairib.
^zripetsGiii. Indulge not morning
3. ai-of*. 4. Siva,
5. Vishnu, <Sc
gy egu sl. 60 to, s. Favor, auspices,
^lesrkpp <-ip$, s. An arbor to rest
^/Gtr,@)arnTesnTii>, s. First cause or
kindness, propitiousness, tSiBtsriS^mio.
in during the heat of the day.
the cause of secondary causesas cot
2. Success, prosperity, the accomplish
ton of cloth, thread, &c. (p.)
* ^sstsdih, s. Fire, Oi^uq, Wils.
ment of an object, a happy issue, con
p. 27. Anala. 2. Heat, _ij_ori4. 3.
summation, *rti*j&fi\. Wils. p. 31. AnuOne of the twenty-eight Agamas, flan*u>
iSaujGji^it-Q&arsi; [ex jji, to be.] (p.)
^<G)$slQppp6isr, s. One eternally
* jysjreusar, s. The god of fire, ji/s
Appearing favorable to both parties.
free from births and their attendant
BatGpKir. 2. One of the eight
jy@j/i_GDLJui_, inf. To succeed,
entanglements ; i. e. the Supreme Be
Wils. p. 27. Anala. (p.)
be successful.

cgt/eeji&i-GOeiir, s. Patron, benefactor.
2. (o5/iC5*r,4/o.) A husband who docs
nothing in brunch of his faith to his
wifeone of the four fi*irnu*f.
ji/gvusk-sS, s. Patron, benefactor.
jy3sj/G><E/r!sii), s. (Anat) Cerebel
^l&pidQz&Lc^s. Favor, grace, be
nignity, jycr- Wils. p. 32. Akuoraha.
2. Illumination of souls,one of the five
acts ascribed to Siva, u&eBapjiiiufQpr
carp. See B^fi^^uih.
tg/sgudQjT&snfipir, s. The gracious
^jsgiiQx&i^QfftLiuj ^gtydQrraiii
uesrescr, inf. To exercise favor, be mer
^yg2/Sjr/r/s/(5iTU), s. The sprout
ing of grace.
jygjff fijfii*, inf. To be grac "ii' , benignant, to bestow favor, show
kindness, grant, be propitious, gjrs&Qv
^/ggudQijQuL-i, v. noun. Favor
ing, aiding.
jygrudQuwih, s. Order, regularity,
train, Brow. Wils. p. 31. Anukuama.
^Izgi&iifirTSisrw, s. Search, inquiry,
investigation, ^rriuui. 2. Meditation,
contemplation (on an image of the
deity) in the mind, Si_!&urii. Wils. p.
36. Ahusand'hana.
^sp#/F#/reBriiuaOTOTr, inf. To fix
an arrow in the bow, SAjftS*o[jL/yLij
^1 |p & k$ d
inf. To contem
plate, meditate, tSit^urafin. 2. To
attach constantly as the arrow to the
how, ^ihilenicSistLpLSiQdJiQAa.
^Igsperremihjpjggu&n'P&asr, s. Cus
tom, habit, visage, er.mformity to usage,
as, j/sgi+rrib. 2. Cleaving unto, upfi
n-Aws. 3. Attention, kindness, n-uesrih.
Wils. p. 30. Anlsaran'a.
IG$)iS!J<3sr^jgsusirdl, s. A fol
lower, adherent, siinQpsor. 2. A com
panion, assistant, e-peSiaeriir. Wtls. p.
32. Ancoiiaka and Anucharin.
^jsgiifrflsa, inf. To follow, prac
tise, adhere to (a friend, a deity, religi
ous opinion, &c.,) iSOtufip. 2. To wor
ship, serve, reverence, i/Sui_. 3. To
celebrate, observe, keep a day, rite, &c,
CUf*i_ri_. 4. To apply, wait upon,
make persevering application to, an.
5. To join one"s parly, embrace one's
opinion, unite with one, become a pro
selyte to, Or.Note. Perseverance is
always implied ; [ex ^gunriLb.]
g)Piry--6ro/ mgfi&figrtljtJU QupQpixr, By
continual application to the king, I
have obtained promotion.
^jGvu^ifldeas^fsgu^ifluLj^v. noun.
Following, celebrating, worshipping, &c.
gpi # eisr ^gy sp & rr @ 6&r, s. A
younger brother, puiS. Wils. p. 32.
Anuja and Anujata. (p.)
^Igfy&irrriii, s. Adherence to cus
tom, following after, accompanying, &c,
Qpit-jff&i. Wils. p. 36. Anisara. 2.
Ketrogression of a planet, <ifiio.

Exercise of prescribed daily duties,

performance of religious rites, ^svlLij.
jl) [ex jy.si, according to, et <xgt, to
stay ] Wils. p. 30. Anlshtana.
jy@2/(_li_/7 6B7-#0#to4, s. A pure pot
used in the daily worship.
Si egti lL iq. d <e , inf. To perform
religious rites and ceremonies as fast
ing, penance, bathing, repeating incanta
tions, &C. Srpcf-2=3ueui2lfA&*. 2. To
practise, habituate one's self, observe,
g:sg0M%3iC-i$_p@& QaC-QuQur$9,r. By
pii evil course of life he was ruined.
jygyLl^LUL/, v. noun. Performing,
practising, (religious rites, &c.) obser
jijgglijd earth. Daily, eruQutTQggiiii.
Wils. p. 32. Anldina.
^/exySilearQpih. Day by day, every
jPlgsyuifgf detf.L-UJij> ^gpiuipLD,
s. Union, connection, gJonuL/. Wils. p.
34. Anubund'iia. The four
properties of a book to be mentioned in
the preface are, eSt^uih contents ; jthuzflui,
order ; Jrffiu*<sn6, object ; and
persons for whom intended.
^>/eguu&>e^sSl,s. The stanza imme
diately following the chorus in the spe
cies of verse called u#t&. See opJs>.eniruu&i
^cpuisnii, s. Feeling, experience,
enjoying or suffering the results of ac
tions done in former births. Wils. p.
34. Aklu'hava.
jsjgnusijuui, inf. To be realized,
2. To be attended with success.
^ssuueSda, inf. To enjoy, suffer,
experience good or evil, enjoy or suffer
the effects of actions performed in for
mer births, enjoy the benefit of, giits;
\_ex jygi'ij/iA.]
#*^AeTf?ffs7arjt_E/[g>tueJAC<5i!. We ex
perience both joy and sorrow.
IUB*i@ir>i$i}B/g)lu<$@i!eu ^suefifcfwrt*^. If ally
one have the possession of the house of
another for ten years, and this be gene
rally known, the house becomes his.
y egu u aS? u Lj , v. noun. Enjoying,
suffering, experiencing.
jyesyunsw, s. (Anat.) Maxillary
portion; [ex pingi, jaw.]
jycxi/urTstsni}, s. A fluid vehicle in
medicine, drink taken with or after
medicine. 2. An ingredient to take
with, or after medicines, as sugar, &c.
Wils. p. 33. Anui'ana.
jy@2/y^), s. A boon or blessing
obtained from the Supreme Being con
nected with or leading to final bliss,
divine knowledge, favor, grace in refer
ence to divine tilings. 2. Superhu
man knowledge ascribed to or obtained
from Siva. Wils. p. 34. Anlb'iiooti.
3. Sentiment, fl*ji5zr.
^/&p)Qansu>,$. Experience, prac
tice, ^uJujii. 2. Enjoyment or suffer
ing, ^ygu/ii. 3. Delight, mutual de
light, j&aruib. 4. Venery, LieniiB.

gy gpC u n@ d , inf. To enjoy,

have mutual delight, sexual intercourse,
experience good or evil.
^/gxuldJS, s. Assent, approbation,
consent, s&ufii. 2. Order, command, *lL
i_ler. Wils. p. 34. Anumati.
jy/f5-i_(D ^j^/xBuuif.. By his order
or in his name.
j)jsgiL)nemii>,s. The voluntary death
of a widow on the funeral pile with the
deceased husband, .i_erLLii_C.upF*.
Wils. p 34. Anumauan'a. 2. A system
of architecture. See Bpugii*.
^l&piLDtreoTLh, s. Inference, illation
one of the modes in logic of arriving
at a conclusion, as from smoke to infer
the presence of fire, *tA*j0rp&era>vtcp~etM.
Wils. p. 34. Anumana. Some reckon the
following four kinds; viz.: 1. ^usQureTtl
gytrf*ff[ii. 2. tSprQuB&il^gitcrGjnii. 3. JyfcW"
&ni'U*igfliDBesdl. 4. QmplQzs&. . . In
jy=rentt the four are; 1. v&ev&tciarti, in
ference of an existing cause from sight
of the effect, as of fire from the appear
ance of smoke. 2. Qu*g*i&iManh, in
ference of the existence of a thing or
reality of a thing by the presence of
another, which is not wholly conclusive
but probable and consistent. 3. vtragt
innards, inference of a past cause from
a present effectas fishes in the. rivers
show that torrents have fallen on the
mountains. 4. oppngtwiexii, inference of
a future effect from a present cause
as that rainy clouds will bring rain.
Another. 1.
inference of a
thing from previous knowledge of its
propertiesas when we see a flower, we
identify it from its smell. 2. jjgnciasi
giicianb, inference from an inferenceas
when we infer that a man is learned
from his mode of treating a subject. 3.
cjju!;giwi.crii, inference from the mles
of Agauiasas the punishment is owing
to former deeds. 2. Doubt, hesitancy
uncertainty, conjecture, SQpeuib.
^gpiLorreiiTULSiTLcnestiru), s. One of
the eight laws of evidence, inference,
j>/es3iu>n6sBds, inf. To neigh as a
horse, @Paw4a7*. 2. To doubt, hesi
tate, niGfiB**. 3. o. a. To imagine,
infer, understand or determine by infer
ence, ssfiutf^ipateaatai^u.
^jgstiLDiresflfiui, v. noun. The neigh
ing of a horse.
^spCujujii, s. The thing sought
to be known as fire which is infered
from smoke. Wils. p. 34. Anumeya.
^I@pietau>, s. [in logic] Inference,
conclusion from premises, jyi^ru^p.
Wils. p. 34. Anuma. 2. Front of the
temples close to the back of the eye,
^OT2/i7/7-u), [ex
desire.] At
tachment, fondness, faithful love of a
husband and wife. Wils. p. 35. Ano
^eguansQunsih s. Sexual enjoy
^^lnnsistn^so s. A poem.
^fzjpi^frjuih, s. Likeness, resem
blance. Wils. p. 35. Amiuoopa.

The child or descendant of a high caste

Gather by a low caste mother; [ex Cura,
hair of the body.] Wils. p. 3b. AnuLOMAJA.
^/gysi/dSaw, s. The transit of a
planet in retrogression into the preced
ing sign.
^^sjiSQud^iw, s. The quan
tity expressed by *-, 3 20 .
j/gpiaifdss, inf. To repeat what
has been said before, ,;; ---.-<.. ntii.
jy en Tjg ii> , s. Repetition of a
reason or argumentopposed to
f -.
. 2. Abuse, reviling,
; [ex mg, to speak.] Wils. p. 35.
j/sg)iriT0gjeuiTeivfgl,s. (Anat.) Upper
maxillary bone.
jifSpiSLD, s. Red sandal wood, Q#
0**^arJi, Pterocarpus santalinus.
^sysss <s a u> , s. Suffering, distress,
pain, grief, <cyA<4. 2. Lethargy, indo
lence, Cniq. 3. Fear, uuJi. 4. Sandal
tree, *npes\*. 5. A snake, utibLf. 6.
Weakness from fever, &c, rCi_u>. (p.)
j|f*a:fij(Jufi*. He spake with a
weak voice.
.i ; ts.--si.rZ.tS: -k". He reads mumblingly.
jyga/*tSiTiJ_i_, r. n. inf. [prov.] To
appear slightly, BpsQftsiirp. 2. To give
a slight hint, *tAeDssrLLt
Csms.f^siisTiL^.psi. The possession re
turned to him and showed a few and
slight symptoms.
mtii*aei&t*tcq-ps). The fever was slight
and of short duration.
Gmiar, #31**, v. a. To distress, cause to
suffer, oppress one,
(p.) 2. To touch
or strike undesignedlyas in the play,
jf B * & js ufs/*sari>iS pHs*t3. The lady
whose cooil-bird-like voice, oppresses (by
its sweetness) the sweet sugar-cane.
gg/ d @ tulip. $G0 gpi m; Q uj up. p
a -j, v. noun. A play, &tJftaui.<S.
*^jSpiisns, s. Permission, order,
command, e-jft*. Wils. p. 32. Anujna.
SPI ib
QQpeisr, gjgipitkiQQeisreisr,
Ssier, j/giib*, v. n. To suffer pain, be in
distress, affliction, &c,
2. To groan,
sigh, moan with pain,
(p.) 3. [prov.]
To read or speak with a mumbling tone,
to mumble, mutter, tS&i&^ts. 4. (p.)
To be weak or slight as fever, flame, &c,
mm 5. [prov.] To be reluctant, unwilling,
backward, J8. 6. (c.) To be touched
undesignedly, causing a forfeit in the Q*
dr play, &C, Qp^Qeirar.
jqggi & s u>, v. noun. Groaning,
moaning, .....
jyga/ a;ii>, . [priv. g\m,el e.S^u>,
fitness.] Impropriety, unfitness, *iS<*
Dia. Wils. p. 32. AlfOCHITA. 2. Uncleanness, ceremonial impurity, abhorrence,
jAiA. 3. Falsehood, untruth, Ca-j.

*$lgpiT(!5> The planet Mercury,

&ttr^n_sprut_uff[j ? How can we agree to
the impropriety which he proposes ?
*=jy@a/(_ii> ^/SHie^Lh, s. The se **jQesrxLh,8. [used as an adj.] [priv.
jy*, c< , one] Many, multiform, plu
venteenth lunar asterism, giitnij^^mi.
ral, much, usm. Wils. p. 37. Askka. (c.)
^/Qtasraipinii, s. Many times, often.
r, Aeat] Idleness, supincness, ffu>q
One of the seven urpxib. 2. Coolness, Q
^(SenrsihQun, or ^Qersrair, s. Many
CiuiSarsma. Wils. p. 30. AnUSUn'a.
* jyj3B/,#<rs5^ii, s. [jmt>.
el e-p,
cgijQetsr&n-iB&eiKnjeiiaiD, s. A figure
Ai^A, e/
pronounced.~] One of the
in rhetoric, ^ar^aaBSiouwapeppi^Qpijmja^
three accents to be observed in reading
Glriifie. (p.)
the Vedas, (the grave accent.) 2. That ^gychsr, s. A kind of fresh waterwhich is unaccented, uG^Cwrao*. Wils.
2. (p.) Mother, ;wai, (an ab
p. 32. AnUDATTA. See a-Mltmrtb. {p.)
breviation Of jytirSBr.)
"jifSpi^^tli, a. A lie, falsehood,
*jtldasT3>QiULCi, s. [priv. ^i, ei g
Quriu. (p.)
fliuii, i/w/on.] Want of union, anarchy,
SjAB-juJaraDio. Wils. p. 37. AnAIKYA.
s. [priv. jk*, et a.uu^, demonstration.] [in
logic.] Not supporting an assertion by
good argument, inconclusive argumen jt/Sstr^^i is, s. Entirencss, univer
sality, all things, crAwm. (p.) Note.
tation. 2. Non-completion, not effecting
This and the following word receive the
or accomplishing, failure. Wils. p. 33.
termination of the cases before the final
syllable n-iias jy&riso^ii, &e.
*=?y,S2/ u lo to, s. [/mo.
et e_u
mii.] Incomparablcncss, being without
^/7esreu(7^Lo^'2qstQ&iijqw^ s. All
similitude as an attribute of the deity,
the persons, ^.-*r>A
the state of having no parallel, ^OlS^o>j>.
ek ear. The crude
Wils. p. 33. AnLPAMA. (p.)
form of a symbolic verb derived from the
* jy^BL/sjnLD, s. [priv. ^ib, et b.u
having two distinct
comparison.] Ineomparableness, ex
uses. As a term of similitude, it is an
cellence, Giatiremo. 2. Female of the ele
affix but regularly conjugated in two
phant at the south-west point, Qf&Gxpp
forms, being complete in each, in all it
KOJiuiteraSarQuaknueZsr. See jjlAQustep, Wils.
persons, varieties and uses, as a verb,
p. 33. AnUFAMA. (p.)
a participle, a noun, &c, the same as
other symbolic verbs. It also expresses
likeness to the person or thing indicated
s. [in logic] The absence of the cause
by the word to which it is affixed, s-im
inferred from the absence of the effect
yq. 2. It is sometimes equivalent to the
as, the absence of cold shows that there
simple pronoun ; as, jfar&ar. Such a
is no dew falling, ssftu&sasetui snairiSarenu
man. (p.)
jyfe-OJcrJftarCutSr. I am like.
C/<ir, jyaiju, t>. a. To send, despatch, send
j(JznuriujySzraci,. Thou art like.
away, dismiss, remit, Qui**Qsiiii. 2. To
jySjwiusOT-jy&DTiuffajr. He is like.
accompany one a little way out of respect,
jftsr^rar. Such a man.
"tfiugiudtS^.. (f. )
jy*r. Such a matron.
gjzgi>ui3e8i-) inf. To send away,
: v. Such a thing.
to dismiss.
jysguuLjeSfigidQ&rreiretr, inf. To
jySwOiuii jyln-(*otAjyfcw&urifl. We are
bid farewell, to take leave.
te-iMjf&riJf. Ye are like,
Q&djj3iuggii uu, inf. To send a
jyfcrufjj&ruif. They are like.
jfcaartj^*/. Such persons.
a/ySlujgpiuu, inf. To accompany
^harujj8sriut8r-^f6frOT. They (things)
are like.
one a little way.
ftsviijun6rarp*!0aiQp*dbi-riiQ6rGil ? Can
^etrgpiuu, inf. To send a messen
such a prince ever be ruined ?
uaenn&onumraj. The coral-mouthed.
*j)/^2iLii5jsesr jyjga/Lossr, 3. Hanut- :
- j i\. -' u --It is not possible
man, ^sjtQanuar. Wils. p. 968. Handfor
*aS*)ar&ii. You who are (elegant) as a
*2)/g!llt-B, sQQpeisr, ^Q^esr, u(?usar,
peacock, (addressed to a lady.)
*s, v. a. To infer, ascertain, determine jysir. An increment, epnsniFI<as>iu
by inference, *tfitifiinpswi*B\Bfiij ; [ex sj&
as, si-ifitair. 2. A termination of the
third person masc. sing. ^e*iuipui-iiB>s
dif&pjGULfil, s. Mercurythe planet,
&ur(ja>iflS,p. 3. A termination of the
HJlOr. ("p.)
first person singular, 0<*eoiQiir(ja>fi)cS<gJji.
4. A termination of some appellative
*=sy^Qfl"(T5) * [priv. jijis, et 2sr<3,
nouns, Quzjr*2t$ias, ioZwiusbt. (p.)
tliigh.] A cripple, a lame man, cyi_/.A.
jjiar!(jnar. He will come.
2. Charioteer of the sun, <gfiuaiGpiuut
*. Wils. p. 37. Anooru. (p.)
luitiroicj**. I will come.

637 Ssfl
^i/sii uxrr, s. The sQp^nQffti.
^ehrQpifikfjiTehT, s. A small shrub,
A plant. Convolvulus, L.
jij ear Qp eh sin p
sstims\ eh
^jekLj, s. Love, affection, attach
eopiupsjrii, *. That very day.
ment, friendship, Qnsib. 2. Grace, favor,
kindness, tenderness, ^anu. 3. Desire,
^ehQp. Not that, emphatically,
complacency, q<*>*.
or is it not that ?
SIP Upp^sn, s. The bond of love. j)j sir smrm it sm tp , s. The pine-apple
plant, jydngjfi, Ananassa sativa.
^/pQuiT(T^(7^, s. Love embodied.
^jshssrQu^l^shsmQeu^l, s. A
drug, sulphate of iron or green vitriol,
^jsnusesr, s. A good hearted man;
sulphur which is said to liquefy boiled
[ex >y.iiD, heart.] (/).)
rice, g>in<s&&i [ex ^an&ii, boiled rice, el
^ijekuesr, s. A husband, semen ear.
(p.) 2. An associate, friend, Moved *ji]sksoTiA, s. Boiled rice, food in
person, Qpt&ar. 3. A pious man, Q/sii
general, Gns. Wils. p. 40. Anna.
csysarsBr.i3syr, s. Faintness through
ek Lj sitlL i, inf. To manifest
hunger; languor on eating too much
kindness, affection, henevolence, &c.
food when weak.
^ssTLf^-ir jyeBTLj/o, inf. To
^/earearssireijuf., s. Boiled rice
love, feel or cherish kindness, abound in
carried with ceremony under a canopy,
&c, to be presented to the idol. 2.
Boiled rice begged from house to house,
g\ehrL\&n$sm, inf. To cultivate
to be distributed to mendicants.
lovedivine or human.
giGsreisraQsiTis)-, s. A flag hoisted
ear L] Q & ibiueg/ ebr i-i asoids, inf.
on a choultry to give notice that rice is
distributed gratuitously.
To be affectionate, show affection, kind
ness, attachment.
^jenrssraQsneoi, s. Liberality in
^jasri^eenemw, s. Love, affection,
giving boiled rice.
kindness, loving kindnessespecially
ear ear s &0 s ih <year6Br<y/rSsY), s.
of married persons. ( p.)
A choultry where boiled rice is distri
s\mi]3)ipp, inf. To create or pro
buted gratuitously.
duce affection. 2. To act so as to in
ji/ebreBr&inrw=sy ear earn&ii>, s. The
crease kindness or friendship. (p.)
essence of food, chyle. Wils. p. 40.
Annabasa. 2. Conjee, rice-gruel,
^jsksrtuy, s. Negation, the nega
tion or non-existence of a quality, jj*jif
j>jssTS3T^^l , s. Ghee, QibiL.
eST SST ITjS? (7J, S.
jyebrQLDiTy5!Q0ireia&, [in grammar."]
One who gives food, a charitable per
One of the six Q,rotfSw. See also,
son. Wils. p. 40. Annadatbu.
ai$uHesBt4&. (p.)
earearpitearm, a. The giving of
^jy sir$ so, s. The nightingale of In
boiled rice as alms; [ex frarib.] Wils.
p. 40. Annadana.
dia, much celebrated by poets for attach
ment to its mate, which it is said never
^/eZreurpirmuiSlirLi, s. A very li
to leave nor long to survive, g><4* ; [ex
beral man who gives boiled rice daily,
arp, without, et j)Ai, not.] 2. The
nineteenth lunar asterism, tymmrtr. (p.)
^ehremu n earth, s. Food and drink.
sbrj)), s. That day, then, any
^jehremuni^^seir, s. Food, drink,
time but the present, jy**. 2. (The
third person masc. sing, of the defective
It is not (that, but something
jyssrear uu/r(5, s. (Anal.) Chyme.
else), ,jyA<a>j5>. 3. An expletive, fas>s*
giebasruuiTs\>,8. The water strain
Oniias, QiiftSrGp ; for ^<ugi, it happened.
4. [in poetry."]
is used for jysSr9as,
ed from boiled rice, conjee.
*rsrBr^C?u,-, for BSs*rfluQuiQ,
^ehearui3'rrireesrii, s. The cere
mony of feeding a child with rice for
^1 earpear gv. Daily, every day.
the first timeif a boy, on the sixth or
Note. In the high dialect, words which
any other even month afterwards, as
imply time and end in jj, or 6), are
the eighth, tenth, &c.if a daughter, on
made adjectives by changing the pre
any odd month after the sixth. The
ceding or, or *, into (>, or c, and
direction is given in si8srairi-mt and
into sas ,?(s*a, is made ^p<s^p, giargiis regularly practised by Brahmans, <s
; also ^jBbr-^jiisji_, yearly.
&a>fiA<5Q/iGsrari4Gffftl^jm WilS. p. 40.
^ehrtT^iw, adv. Daily, (c.)
^ehrpletsin, s. Foes, opponents,
<g/eir6oTLDtuQ&ir&u}, s. The gross
[ex g)crii.] (JftycvtM.)
material body, sustained by foodas
one of the investitures or supports of
jqekgiiQppeo. From that day for
any soul, #/ni. See <Ji. Wils. p. 40.

^1 siiT ear Q a em a , s. [in palmistry.]

A line on the hand indicating abundance
of Hie means of support to him who
has it, OMiiSQiraDSiSQ&arjp.
^jehresreijenj^/sTU}, s. Food and
^jsaesr^Lpeo, s. ^Rice-gruel, or
water in which rice has been boiled,
<gjebrgis)i3 Ci_ <sujcgyeBr(6!r)[_fiOei<Sii>,
*. Anointing an idol with boiled lice.
^637(63) 50^,, s. Lamps of boiled
rice before an idol, or a new married
couple, to dispel the fascination of un
lucky eyes. See Q*>ifijii.
jtj stt S3T lis , s. A swan, ji/esrearui-jeir.
2. (p.) The bosgmnniens, or yak, as *ifer.
S\ 'ssr em dQarriq., s. The swan as
the banner of Brahma, iSiwen Qi_.
^y6BrOT0/rtp.G'aj(76Br, s. Brahma.
^/ekemaQsiruLj, s. An ear-orna
ment with a circle and the swan en
graved on it, iL&disgpes&tSQ&fsrff,
^1 ebresrpgiraS, s. Down of the
swan. See *ves\b.
^lehesn&^f&i, s. A kind of swing
turned by a person unseen.
^jesrenr^iTjS, s. The swan as a vehi
cle, jf*af>f*ni. 2. The god Brahma
as riding on the swan, ducw. (/>.)
^jsksmLauirp, inf. To complain;
to utter expressions of regret, grief, sor
row, &c, again and again, tyeuiiu. (c.)
^jy ek ssr su lo, s. The sea, sie).
Wils. p. 69. Arn'ava. (p.)
^jesr^3)S, s. The pine-apple, rr
* j>j sir ssfl tULO,s- That which is other,
different, heterogeneous, Qmjp. 2. That
which is strange, foreign, another's, alien,
exotic, npfiGpujgisiewg:. 3. [in logic] That
which is of a different species, iffimjimm
ai(rs*si. Wils. p. 40. Anva. 4. The
Indian cuckoo, i*>.
^eircuBuj^GOtii, s. A different tribe.
^leisreisTlmsn^l, s. A strange caste.
2. A low caste.
^SBTGBrlujpnsnpppgiajih, s. Go
vernment through subordinate agencies
one of the tViree prerogatives of the
Supreme Being.
^emenf! iuLj lLiu>, s. The cooil bird,
or Indian cuckoo, ii> ; [ex 4<6.._, nour
ished.] Wils. p. 40. Anyai'ushta.
The crow is supposed to sit upon the
eggs of the ss*.
^ekswlujiT, s. Others, strangers,
aliens, foreigners.
^eiredlOiuneiiresRujih, s. Mutuality,
reciprocity, interchange, union, friend
ship, intimacy, sociability, s*Biuii. Wils.
p. 41. ANVONl'A.

jy est esfl Q iu n etsrenR m rr u rr eu u>. [in

logic] Absence of mutual relation as,
(5i4iutt&jaM ui_4)|(gi_iA'ftj3w. There
is not the (substance of) cloth ill the
pot, nor the (substance of) pot in the
cloth. Wils. p. 41. Anvonyah'hava.
jifsjispisviuija, s. [in logic.'] The
connection of cause and effect, of proposi
tion and conclusion, Qsj.-mB. 2. Syn
tactical construction of words, <2*wolo.'4.
Wils. p. 41. Anvaya.
jqssrggn su ujld u essr esar , inf.
parse syntactically.

gj. The. second vowel of the alpha

bet, ^jaSwujQfiSQtQftg. 2. A contraction
of the infinitive cg, to becomeas QueUr
^OtSptpmia, one become (born) a woman.
3. s. A neat, a cow or bull, uxuQung, 4. A
cow, Ouiru*. 5. A she buffalo, Quotr
OojrgsauD. G. A she elk, gayal, Quewia
. 7. An interjection of pity, regret,
pain, desire, contempt, admiration, g)r#
Omit. 8. A particle expressive of eager
desire, gaping for a thingas, ^jPu&gijsitS
c?<*, he wanders in quest of what he can
get. (See <gOio^*).) 9. An affix of inter
rogation, S> as S(*/sr? is he awake ?
10. The termination of the neg. neut.
plural of verbs, tt$H\HBop u&fitemu udr>tfi!
(sfi as, jf/0<ii<iur, they will not go.
11. A contracted form of the negative
gerund, cr^Htnenp oS3as-Qu*#?g^>as fi_*r3>
tipster; for tLe&f&ufuimfiiar, he Came, not
having eaten. 12. A contracted form of
the neg. rel. participle, erfii^puQuzjGsfr
as &ir*@lsB>r j for &t^^lw, a
horse that will not run. 13. A poetic
form of the gerund, satexQ>ti*rtS(gias
L/jfiifl)^*1ar3-, he saw, worshipped
and rejoiced ;ussranersisi for u-t&gaiaxr
ifi. 14. A neg. particle which may lie
expressed or understood before the ter
mination of any verb except the neut. plu
ral as
he will not walk ; i_
mail, you will not walk, &c. 15. A poetic
contraction of ^jp, way or manneras,
uBdraiXfimisQ9-6sr$uibLiiQj&>1 if you will go
and give information of my arrival. 16.
A poetic name of the ^istmrji. 17. One of
the letters on which to exercise the voice
in singing, running through the notes of
the octavea musical mode, j&zoi'iSGejcsns.
18. A prefix to Sanscrit wordsas,
eg QiLC?i_<ijr. Ah ! I am undone.
eg QsrQuujii. Oh ! thou wouldst give
thyselfi. e. thyself and thy familyto
Yama the god of death ; [vul.] generally
used by women.
^t,$e6sr(8(9jibf3^eqrfli^&piB, s.
A rubbing post or stone for cows, erect
ed as a meritorious deed of charity.
eg, ul9 ^lduuld, s. Cow-dung,
sitlLlit, s. A wild cow.
srrsrrr, s. Buffalo, (lit.) a black
cow or ox.

S\ ear gpeu iu eS so d semth, s. The jyekcksr, s. A mother, pndj. 2.
Klder sister, .s^mcf. 3. A companion, Qpitf.
specialities of grammatical construction,
embracing five particulars; viz.: 1.
^fiiTTaT^'jiiS/SB^Qpsisrar^Q^iimtib. 1 1)0 first
JCf#i_wii, qualifying terms. 2. rfC.Vif.iuii,
objects of adoration are the father and
the thing qualified. 3. *>stf', the agent.
4. acruM, the object. 5. M<nu, the action
or attributeas ^crg*""u^yafisffiueni* cjy sir (o (S3) , inter. 0! admiration,
jy^*Bj*dAi. 2. 0! pity or distress, r*
A'dr. The pious devotee obtained bliss ;
wherein the first term jjc5"-" is S
GVimo, ^'sbH is tSd^t^iuii and *<spfi*i *fi ,_jy sir (J (gj em cf$ , . [prtv. .jyeii, e/
C?fffc6r8>io, strengthor <VffrpAi, bearing as
is <?p!!ii, and dji_*,Mr, the verb or
pain, jpc.] A person of a weak or feeble
Constitution, uBiwppaar.

d^O) /0*5r> ^QQesreir^iiS

<?8reV^Ccscir, eg
eg*. V. n. To
become, happen, occur of itself, come into
existence, iiu94*. 2. To be done, become
finished, completed, cjiislo. 3. To be, exist,
n-c&i_cs. 4. To be tit, proper, agreeable,
5. [Sometimes.] To be prosper
ous, wry,
eg;<5, inf. A particle of comparison,
!_vsaM>,'g-4, 2. (e.) (a an adverb.)
Wholly, entirely, absolutely, qppffib.
egsLiQii. Let it be done.
.s> eg^ijOujiu. This is a positive lie.
s. Total, grand total.
^sQsj. Whence, therefore, it
being so, wherefore, then, of course,
since it is so, cg*lur4i.
eg,/r. The third pers. plu. neg.
neut of the verb eg. 2. A contraction
of the neg. relative participle gp.

An interjection expressive
of surprise, pity, grief, &c, jy^WjS-i*#
Qffs&>. ( p.)
egj/^LUJ ii, s. Mockery, ridicule,
banter, uftsinb. 2. Injustice, cruelty,
lurajth. (c.)
eg, is). il> d a rr a esr, s. A mocker,
scoffer, a sycophant.
^sisf-iuihuesatetar, inf. To mock,
*^^<ss3TL^ensk, s. Indra, (gDiJslxear.
Wils. p. 104. Akhandala. (/>.)
^dSLoii, s. Sacred writings, divine
science, shasters prescribed by the deity,
cpp&miireij&ig. 2. A set of sacred works
connected with the Siva sect, twentyeight in number, containing directions for
the various rites of the system and much
other abstruse matter, not deemed proper
to be read by the vulgar, e3raiioii. 3. [in
grammar.] Insertion of letters and par
ticles, iSigfiii. (sftCraruSnjii.) Wils. p. 105.
Auama. 4. Learning, AiS. (p.)
ld uiSlffLon emii, s. One of tlie
eight laws of evidence or modes of
ascertaining truth from the instructions
of learned men. (p.)
.garujuj'Ssosi/, s. Any thing con
trary to the doctrines of the Agamas,

God has pronounced an evil destiny

upon mehas written an evil fate in
my head.
^(Vjmsirtflujw, s. A proper thing, a
thing fit to be done, a practicable thing.
^(sjQuiuir, s. The figurative use
of a wordmetonymy, $arparQutur0p
<&6iouBiaBeir rf^Qgs&flpsrji&i as Lfarts
iSfeiBiLiidr, He has planted tobacco
leafthe leaf being used for the plant.
wen'en eta a/, s. See ^/etretaen.
pmss>r(5u)_fs,dr. He wore a lotus (wreath)
the plant being used for the flower. egjsLDii, s. [prop, ^sldld.] A tree
It includes several kinds, as Quigtrig
in general, u>iuQut&. (yj.)
Quutr, gg)i_/r@Qu!U?, cFfCv fiircgQuiiji, 7&cr
lUpgOuiuff, @<OT*/f@Quiuff, QjjsrySiwgQtjiUff, ^jSLossrii, s. Reaching a place,
arrival, ai&Gtrti. Wils. p. 105. AoaQua;?, airs(OTtyr(gOuiur, ssrAuwr^QuuF, stsji
Jl SNA. (p.)
^<eld, s. Breast, wrrrrLj. 2. The
body, a body as connected with transmi
grations or as assumed by a deity, iu-A.
t . _ .
tSu-rfir&Quui, &c.
Shaking, trem
egj/E/ /raj ii, s. The season when *eg5 lc >3fB ld, s.
bling,**^. Wils. p. 102. Akami'ita. (p.)
fortune favors, and all things prove suc
^sldlS^qpsu), s. The nod of the
cessful, KpMlWlD.
head expressive either of approbation
eg; ear ld n esr en cor, appel. noun. [/.]
or disapprobationone of the fourteen
A worthy respectable person, %*^/r.
aspects of the face.
^se\)^(gstudr, v. noun. Becom e^cEj-ii,
s. (Abbr. of ^tsmnh.) An
seat, unpafi-iA. 2. A
egjsB), v. noun. Becoming, being,
house, inner chamber, closet, TO. (p.)
happening, jiiuS4s*. 2. The ablative
^anesr, s. One who dwells, has
of this word, when in the beginning
his seat, &c. (in combination.)
of a sentence, means thereforeas eg>*
iSCsu ; and because, when it is subjoined egjaszrii, s. One of thirty-two kinds
to a wordas mB/,sfgas>*uc&i.
of native arsenic,

s. A kind of tune for mid
night, gitnxib. (p.)
QT)?, Us
^(ji_3ot, s. Pulling, drawing, attracting,
gjQfinna. Wils. p. 102. Akahshan'a. 2.
Inviting, calling, attracting, a summons,
jyD;cA>*. 3. Summoning or invoking a
spirit, or absent person, visibly into one's
presence, by means of incantationsit is
one of the jfii_cy""i, and also one of the
sixty-four ajsugr ; [ex <g, et Sua*, to
draw.] (p.)
*,^cB0a), dQGpeisr, pQpeisi, uQu
<*, in/". To invoke or adjure a demon,
jysnaiA*. (p.)
*^o6suld, s. War, Quir/r. Wils. p.
128. Ahava. (p.)
^ssuyufl, s. A field of battle,
<^*suzi, *. Cloth,
^asajsufujld, s. Consecrated fire,
G<JjiA0<sfl(!psfrjiSQ)!Sr,jir. See)?. Wils. p. 128.
jp/.ssjrssrLo, odt). As far as the ear,
^/r. An exclamation, eSiuuLjd
Qrr&>. See gJ|f.
*^<s/r, s. The name of a celestial
singer, a gand'harba, t>i*j*:j<*. Wils.
p. 974. Haha. (p.)
ira & str mi (3j, s. One of the
thirty-two kinds of arsenic, iSGfwiSmS.
* S IT IE1 Q G5> & ^ < /T IB Q SB) <s^,
. The affinity of one word with another,
jfmnutBtu. Wils. p. 102. Akangsiia. (p.)
*^gj)&tr&Lci ^sirtuuh, s. Air, ether,
u&ryfitQftesg). 2. The sky, the visible
Wils. p. 103. Akasha.
3. One of the eight *oti6, (see oii,)
a measure in poetry of three <sya>, two
dissyllabic, and one monosyllabicas *er
g s n # s ld ear ld^snLustnearLD, s.
Passing through the air. 2. An art
supposed to be acquired by the power
of incantations and magical medica
mentsone of the sixty-four xTm$y&nb.
g; rr & s Qij ielsr
it iu(^i_ssr,
. A creeper, QaiAnuKdrsc*/, Bryonia
^sit&sbsjit cg^arr&dsanrrdiSLL Q
^j#uriii, s. A fancy, chimera, decep
tion, toGG$FS*@iUtfl.
^snssniE^sitlusulS , s. One
of the three kinds of horsesthat which
has power to walk through the sir.
ir& d s & if)^siruuds^^iB
3jnuiQ]i3air, s. A plant yielding an
edible fruit, Hibiscus longifolius, L.
^stress), s. An atom from the
airy regions which it is supposed
strikes the eye, which does not recover
till the same hour next day, ^wjgip
^sn&isprnDasiiT, s. A water plant,
Pistia stratiotes, the roots of which
float in the water, si'urfotiosci. 2. (fig.)
An aerial or sky-lotus ; i. e. a fanciful
or ideal thing, absurdity, impossibility,

The sky-lark, &n ^<5<5ti, s. An abstract from ^

fiA>, or
indicating change from
one state or quality to anotheras in
n & ldbsst
ld, s. The aerial
@jr **)^)..fr, he has become a good
regions, vazrxmrieuui. Wils. p. 103.
man. 2. Gain, profit, acquisition, Si<utu!i.
Akashamandala. 2. A kind of danc
3. Wealth, prosperity, riches, fortune, af
ing, g,i^3l.
fluence, Qjeo/ifl. 4. Gold, Ouj*or. 5.
^sn^usiuiii, s.
Emptiness, that
Lakshmi, (gcuAgii. 6. The front division
an army, Qif.ijL/<>i 7. Elevation, r<y
which is void of substance.
tf>. 8. Enlargement, i[icrease, Quiz***.
^s, n & ld n ti d s u>, s. The aerial
way as passed by gods, by the planets,
jQdasQ&ireo, s. A word or phrase
and other heavenly bodies regarded as
used metonymicallv, ^<5<2L/iu*#Qii ;
gods; and by men who by austerities,
such as, *iiwt**Q#*>, <liifmiis*
incantations, magical rites, &c. have
acquired superhuman powers.
^d&tgiQ&uueo, v. noun. One of
.Qair&eueoeSI, s. A running plant,
the ten jy^ac^ talking much of a
)iQri$_, Menyanthes cristata. (Iioxb.)
loved one.
^air^eun&aar, s.
The inhabit
^dGuQuiuir, s. Nouns or names
ants of the ethereal regions, &i<20i
xenibone of the eighteen smth.
given at pleasure, arbitrary signs differ
ing slightly from the pure, S)(s^SuOut//.
^sireeurressfl^aniueuiresuR, s. A
It is of two kinds; viz.: 1. g/Q^unisu
voice from heaven, an oracle delivered
Quui; as opiimi, though already an ar
by an invisible being, gf*fAni<g\ [ex
sign to denote an egg has yet
mussel, speech.] Wils. p. 103. Ablathe
of Subramanian, ns a
name given to him subsequently by
^snujuLSnQeijftii, s. The power
QLiijfQujuSuLysoi/, at his own request.
2. Mrrtevmir4suQuiuir\ as
of self-concealment, in the ether of the
son of Parvati the above Subramanian
atmosphere, by means of magical spells
one of the sixty-four *&ujjariA, which
g s u Q u it (15 &r, . A meaning
given to a word or phrase not originally
^af/r^^tfjii, s. Opposition, obsti
and directly belonging to it, ^(sQuiuru
nacy, rMei_. (c.)
*^3sitlSlu ih, s. Vileness, impiety,
^sssS2esrd(^fSluLj, s. A verb indi
deviation from the rules prescribed in the
cating a natural change of state or quashasters, jf)*QimJ>. 2. (p.) The actions of
the present life in reference to their ef
fects in future births. See
* ^j&trr lit, s. A name of the letter *"^<' *" Offering oblations with
ghee and fire to a deity, with prescribed
4j, sQ'Ov*#. 2. Shape, form, figure, out
forms and incantations, ^wiiSaficSQarijapf
line, structure, ii?.*. Wils.p.102. Akara.
ciSlwpaDpuQuiinx. Wils. p. 128. AUUTl.(p.)
3. Food, meat and drink, nourishment,
sustenance, o-ott|. Wils. p. 128. Ahara. *<^(3jffi)LD, s. Confusion, confused
4. Ghee, melted butter, Q*aj. Wils. p.
state, **sib. AVils. p. 103. Akula. 2.
106. Ag'hara. 5. A house, dwelling,
Grief, sorrow, distress, anguish. (See dui
as jymrio. Wils. p. 105. Agara; [ex
3. Sound, ss. 4. Clamor, turbu
,g, et fig-, to make.] 6. Body, _i_a>. (p.)
lent noise,
^Qtt, s. A cityAgra, ^HulIl- ^QeS, s. The class of ^sSean
qT)(e1 , s. Figure, form, shape, ^(igsS, sQQpssr, pQptsisr, uQues,
Wils. p. 103. Akriti.
v. n. To be distressed, to suffer grief,
*<*HB. 2. To bemoan, cry, weep, Jflfi.
ewpLouirSQ^jgl, s. A round figure,
^Qsrf), s. A small drum, &ggueap.
QF) is ear is p iL, s. The qcarg
tree, Dalbergia arborea, L.
^QSjenflsuir^iji, s. One of the eighty
kinds of .-,"j or humor, a disease pro
*'&>(5i *
large kind of ratas
ceeding from that cause, $iQ*rii.
QugtereS the vehicle of Gancsa. 2. The
common rat, trS. Wils. p. 104. Akuu. ^(SaL-.&Lh, s. The chase, hunt
ing, fishing, &c,
Wils. p. 105.
ijguira^ircBirij, s. One of the
Akhedaka. (p.)
thirty-two kinds of arsenic,
*<gy>s&(3f5iuLh, s. The south-east
4g@4<3> s. A cat, ytfan-; [ex
quarter of which Agni is regent, Qc*
<5. ' 4, eating.] Wils. p. 105.
Sii^pao*. Wils. p. 1(15. Agkeva. 2. One
of the eighteen Puranas which treats
^(gj^ear^(^euirsesrair, s. GaOf the god of fire, ujflQ&rafrLfTFexrjQfrGrsi.
nesa, tStrusar. Wils. p. 105. Akiiu- *^j)iStu ld, s. Name, appellation,
term, wank. Wils. p. 105. AKHYA.
^(^, s. The navel, Qsiruy,ifi. 2.
iuin9&<s, inf. To command,
The tail of the bosgrunniens, used as a
' Wag.
fan for idols; as oimib. (p.)
^snfuiLQ, s.


S aj ir ear zi, g. A tale, legend,

i1S**d^. Wils. p. 105. Akhtana.
d^&SQ UJiTstir, s. Author of a book,
author, maker, Q*aj(J^ar; [ei
i St a ti, s. Power, ability,
valor, display of military bravery,
prowess, &c, chiefly shown by gestures
before an opponent or an opposing army,
leSusai. Wils. p. 105. Aguaua. 2. Great
anger, ur^ASrii. (p.)
j^i 3 t stuj gs&, s. One of the
constellations, consisting of three stars,
one of which is '/. Orionis, figured by an
antelope's head, i(js9flt-ii. Wils. p. 105.
gjiSj"S, dSQpar, pQ/SGsr, uQussr,
**, v. a. To display one's power, ability,
prowess, ?JiMrLLi_ a. To take by vio
lence, fCyrrflfrQ.uA* ; [ex ~. 3fii>.]

^<5 (.J, QGpear, ^dQQesrssr, Ca/ear, ^^tfisarr/i, s. Sipping water before

v. a. To cause to be, create, effect,
religious ceremonies, before and after
make, e-rin_ri*. 2. To cook, to mature,
meals, &c, from the palm of the hand and
to accomplish, eaoamm. 3. To raise one
swallowing it. The ceremony is fullowed
from obscurity, want, distress, danger,
by touching various parts of the body,
*r*8Ji_. It is frequently joined with
and repeating in Sanscrit short mystical
nouns to form compound verbs, as gaw
expressions or incantations of homage to
wttgji*, &c. ; [ex .]
the respective gods, which are supposed
to ward off evil and secure benefits, vi^if
gjaei) ^igaos ^d^peo, v.
filefiwiiSpQstiamm; [ex
et JQPt to Cat.]
noun. Making, creating, &c, -*i_r*
Wils. p. 106. ACHAMANA.
^^LosifFujii, s. Water for rinsing
* ^a^Qnrir&iA, s. Abuse, censur
the mouth, ^siBfa-aiueAigpih ii. Wils. p.
ing, a curse or oath,
2. An angry,
106. Aciiamaneeya. 2. The water drunk
clamorous sound, ^rfri4. Wils. p. 104.
with incantations, .',;.',',''.-;'.
Akrosua. 3. G reat rage, **Cui4. (p.)
*^i(3^suujLDy s. Name, appellation, *^)S:lS, dQQpSST, dQj$68T, uQussr,
term, Qui;*. See ^iBiuil. Wils. p. 128.
mm, v. a. To drink,
2. To swallow,
tBopiis. 3. To sip water with the repetition
of the purifying incantation, ^.
--'=..^ieins, s. (A contraction of tuird
yLlOsfflr ; [ex ^U3wrio.J 0>.)
>.) Body, the human body, aj-aity. (p.)
He seized my house violently.
t^iaa. A poetic expletive, gz<asi& *^>&iL, s. Laughter, Mul), Wils.
p. 974. Hasa. (p.)
*^j)&j-i5jE,pti>, s. [prop. j^eSvtsiijS
ifcj. (p.)
. Asylum, abode, re
One of the five paces of a horse ^iki&iTT is, s. Pride, vanity, haughti
treat, -i>;BJi_ii. 2. A receptacle, a re
Wils. p. 126.
ness, self-will, .ysBsrruj. See ^miimittt for
cipient, a containing vessel of the body
its three-fold distinction.
as sauuii. Wils. p. 123. Asiiaya. (p.)
^*Sj-tDii), a. Might, valor, in
& trjr ib & it lL l_, in/. To act *^&!rG!i3rii> ^ffj Sonar, s. Obser
vading, attacking, falling upon, surpass
proudly, be vain.
vance, instituted rites, ^sr- '-j
J. 2.
ing, G&QMQfjB. Wils. p. 104. Akuvma.
^iKiaiTtfl, s. A proud, vain, con
Usage, practice,
Wils. p. 106.
^<sSj"lS, dQQpssr, pQpesr, uQuesr,
Achakak'a. (p.)
ceited person.
**, v. n. To go or rise, to combat with ^E/as/r//?, dSQpesr, pQpek, uQuetsr,
^yj&iBiruasiraiiir, in/. To perform
bravery and indignation, to display power
a religious rite or duty.
and bravery, ft<yA-,*fjQbQi_<spiflu.
Conceited, &C, m&*/BiQmesra.
^a=/r?, dSQpesi, pQpasr, uQueer,
a S :r tu ensr ti , s. One of the
**, v. a. To celebrate, solemnize a day,
twenty-one muta, njisi<TsufiQfii<&rfiQ&wri. *jPf,iEi@r&[i), s. One of the eighteen
a festival, &c, observe with due rites or
forms, to keep holy, to hallow, consecrate,
^afi1 j-.tststlc, s. Smelling, wesap
jigtsfts*. 2. To pay worship, reverence,
Wils. p. 106. Ao'hran'a. 2. The * <g>f iej 3 o~ & sireSQihiS j" sir^ieiQ
&c. to a deity, mmms. 3. To show civili
nose, a*. 3. A kind of medicinal snuff
ties, be courteous, be polite, civil, oblig
intended to dispel humors from the head,
ing, mannerly, obeisant, respectful, -u
constellation of the great bear, j^Jgif.*
to clear the brain, &c, &*Qj><:ui<2GidiIlo<3*
sihnLieiasar. 4. To practise, follow habi
fuQuri^. (p.)
tually, work out, operate,
*^jiiej@!TLD, s. One of the second
^dSniraxruQunuj., s. Snuff.
^/fluq, v. noun. Celebrating,
ary Puranas, tx.ut{iissa^Qfsat/f.
observing, worshipping, &c, #si*t.un.
^iSj-T&ssfl, dQQpebr, pQpeir, u
QuOr, mm, v. a. To smell, snuff up, wear**. *^j)ik$!r&, s. One of the sixty years M&iTy 8. (Hin ) Readiness, being
ready at hand, <gA*i.
of the Hindu cycle, gfgii.
^i<s if] sfiisi, s. Anger, Qairuui. ^iEj(3j. There, in that place, ^jeu ^^suti, s. Toddy, any fermented
or spirituous liquor, up. Wils. p. 126.
Sssr , 3.
Order, command,
2. A particle of comparison or si
Asava. ( p.)
militude, expressing as, so, like, thus, &c,
mandate, the exercise of sovereign power
c. e.:T-:?^ Q,-7ff.'- ; aS upifirB<gm/rtbufl. A ^3=J)l^,3. End, termination, (Mif oy.
and authority, *iii_a. Wils. p. 107.
horse running as swiftly as if flying. 3. ^eenrih, s. A seat, any thing to
Agna. 2. Punishment, penalty, chas
A poetic expletive, jit*>rlu; as %*Q,*k*
tisementgenerally corporeal, *._&. 3.
sit onwhether a mat placed on the
(jOa-*(5j(s. The guests, kindred, and
Severe or rigorous treatment, torture, or
ground or a raised seat,
2. A tiger's
deal, C.j*j5vs<ri_asr. 4. One of the six
skin, a plat of sacrificial or other pre
which see.
^msiBsstiA, adv. So, in like manner,
scribed article on which the worshipper
tr At (2 u rrmQQisimerrmltiBrm(gtLuLL.(2twAiGm
*,*<**<. 2. In that place,
squats, or the more advanced devotee sits
^ ._ u.;f>. In order that all may
for the performance of his worship,
submit to our power, and act in obedience *^f)&iB6s><9;, s. Doubt, uncertainty,
GfrarQpeaSlumirtaiib. 3. An altar on which
to our commands.
sacrifices, oblations, &c. are offered, re
^dS^&daaw, s. The discusgarded as the seat of the divinity, ueSiSi_w.
2. Hesitancy, apprehension, inquiry. Sec
4. A throne, fficn. 5. The funda
weapon, as held by some ancient kings,
films. (p.)
ment, posteriors, scat,
6. Any of
in token of absolute and universal
iej Qda, inf. To doubt, hesitate.
the prescribed postures of the du8, or
power. (See
2. The mystical
silent devotee, ^^-Qun^Qaiiarff, of
circle or diagram, described by the *^jflL, s. The eye, sessr. (p.)
which are nine attributes. 1. *aJijii*j>.
Gsrqpstb. 3. U?tia, 4. tffub. 5. (isfji.
Desire, eSq^uuih.
^d&2eanQffg^d^, inf. To exer *^ & tQ , s.
u$stb. 7. Qpjfltb. 8. mg^ru). 9.
cise royal or other jurisdiction.
Sitting, g)(j*>. Wils. p. 126. Asana.
^d@^esruSnsnnia. According to *^&i53, s. A bier, unaai. Wils.
^fearQLDpp, inf. To seat one,
p. 126. Asandi.
provide a seat for a great person.

^fesrojL^iuiTuj, ado. By way of the

@mrr&6iiru>, s. A throne.
iSiuniunsesrui, s. The judgmentscat.
u^^rrirsenrw, s. A royal throne.
*jjyi4=e3reir, s. The planet Venus,
^tSrdr. (p.)
^rrS, s. A creeper, the @ti$eo.
^jfi'L.ii j^ai^/ri_ (i, s. The
month of July, ^^lor^ii. 2. The twentyfirst and twenty -second lunar mansions,
y,rri a-filrrimtL*#$sBser. 3. Tile Mala va
mountain, Quifiumlai. Wilt. p. 125.
Asuadha. 4. A stick of c/><j*<a tree.
*^<5=/r/-lL_iL, s. Indistinct vision
as of a person whose sight is imperfectly
affected by the sun, &c; a slight, indistinct
appearanceas of a thing at a distance,
QfizflmippQfiippib; [ex
small, ef
motion.] (c.)
*cgy)&rrLjir&ii>,8. Enticement, snares,
the attractions of the senses, the allure
ments to which the soul is subject during
its various transmigrations, .jjswmiuiiii ;
et uefih.']
* ^fir ir ii>, s. The performance of
prescribed rites, walking according to sa
cred rules, ordinary conduct, jygii-raru.
Wils. p. 106. Achaka. 2. Purity, cere
monial or personal cleanliness, *fotb. 3.
Custom, practice, usage, the rule or dis
tinctions of a caste, propriety, order, go1*
4. Civility, respect, politeness, man
ners, reverence, courteousness, courtesy,
affability, complaisance, urbanity, saluta
tion, ruwi. 5. Ordinances, observances.
6. (p.) Consecration, iirPiii_utOT
gsveo* ; [ex
et r to go.] 7. A king's
residence, ^jifl^tatx. 8. Cloth,
9. A
heavy shower, Qu(juisj.
^& n a & & err sir ear, s. A flatterer,
fawning rogue, flattering impostor,
gipiQeiiuiar. 2. A person who walks
externally according to rule, but who is
privately irregular and vicious, mrui
jgernrdsarerft, s. A base woman
who outwardly appears faithful to her
^smri^neuiif., s. King's court,
^j)&inrgli6Bf)(nj&4;, inf. To re
main uncontaminated, unpolluted after
^pnnQung-mi s. A person of
very respectable and dazzling appear
na u l9 an tp, s. Ill-manners.
2. Want of cleanliness.
^frrnuL^L^esieu^ s. Silk cloth, or
some other, worn when the daily rites
are performed. The former is deemed
the more sacred and not needing to be
dipped in water for purification. Those
unable to keep silk for the purpose,
wear cotton cloths and dip them every
time to purify 1 hem.

^>&nneun&&>^smrojiruSleo, . The *cf.&!rLDii), s. An anchorite's abode,

outer hall in a king's court, where his
&c. See QtGliiDib, Wils. p. 124. Asukasubjects may assemble. 2. A room at
Ma. (p.)
the outer gate, or place of entrance of a
'^Qyujih, s. A place of refuge,
house, filMur*>.
an asylum, 4*Si_ii. Wils. p. 124. Asn^ffnQsnufnsiD^ s. Civilities, po
liteness, compliments,
1P1 uj in
ifl uj u ur, s. A
.j^/r/fl, s. A title of respect appli
metre, being
ed to head masons and carpenters, an ar
the second of the u class and giving name
chitect, Btbiolaar.
to three species of similar character; viz. :
jmfieot, &a>p, >S(Sfifiii; .gSMuii being prefixed
*^<r/r/fl, s. A term applied to Brah
to each, jy/^ur. See u'. (p.)
mangurus, LSirriiJBinAgtj. Wils. p. 106.
^(diflujf&iT, s. The kind of poetic
Acharya. 2. One who walks orderly,
foot peculiar to the jgOfont verse, also
c tiled b<up9i or *svi>0&&i.
*jy,&rriflujeir, s. A spiritual teacher
(fl uj ek, s. A priest, Guru or
and guide, the Guru who initiates the
spiritual teacher, cr. 2. A teacher of
disciples into the mysteries of his reli
science and literature, a-urfgiurajar. 3. A
gion, @cr. 2. A master or teacher of
military preceptor, utsu-isMiiutSpj^Cas^r.
science or general literature, a precept
4. A doctor of science or literature, *4#
or, doctor, professor, n-uitjiiiuiu<ir. 3. A
tiispiSuQuiar. 5. The author of any sci
name of Urona the military preceptor
entific work, jjisuK,fldJcf. (p.)
of the Pandavas and G urus, gQir^siiudr.
Wils. p. 106. Acuarva.
^(fluJffl/.Fearii, s. Aphorism, quo
tations or textuary proofs from other
^GirifituuiLiii), s. The authority
authorsone of the fourteen subdivi
or title of a priest given him at his or
sions of S<5^n,'Df. See e-sav.
Qp6urT@ifliLiiT, s. Three classes of
^fnifliLnSlQeL^su) jQ&nrfltuiriSIQt-.
teachers; viz.: 1. jsreinSWk/tj.-, the author
. The anointing or
of a scientific work. 2. _xiurfirf!iuar,
ordination of a Guru or Priest.
a commentator. 3. Cu^jErftAues-, a
rr if!aj Lj Tr,sif,eir, s. As jqs rrrfliLietir.
*J)j)&irgS!juir(&j^g^&irgpieijrrrvj, s. j^Setfil, s. A species of jack tree,
Hands reaching to the knees, or the person
rrOusji. 2. The sky, the visible heavens,
having such handsdeemed an excel
3. The hard or solid part of
lence, QoipA^rwcyftf/otrfatstjeauJS-ijear. (ugiq,
trees, tniieSrtb. 4. The tree, the bark of a
tree which is used by hermits for clothing,
^rrreh, s. A Guru, priest, (5(5.
2. A teacher of religion, literature, science, ^Ifil/ld, *. The country Fennell,
a preceptor, superior, h-ub^vbiusbt. 3. A
a plant, jgfiJo, Nigella saliva.
division of tunes or musical mode, as uiJw
wifipfipm. 4. The planet Jupiter, AufsJii. * ^ 9 it en & ear ld ^Sitsiht^lc,^ s.
5. Venus, *a't. 6. Argha, jytj**. 7.
Blessing, benediction, ^jBO>rS; [ex
8. A senior, &t<!ptdr.
et /*!.] Wils. p. 124. AsmitvACiiAKA
and Ashiuvada.
^^/Tsir, s. A lady married or un
married, fi'wfS. 2. A priest's wife, @oj
v. a. To bless, pronounce benedictions ;
when bjr brahmaus, they spread open the
*<jy;!, s. Blessing, benediction, eurr
left hand, (no others bless with this form)
a- us w Qfi ff *e$i$KGfg&&&s&)a^p.Note. The
&frg>. Wils. p. 124. Asms, (p.)
person who blesses is supposed to have
^@aK.p, inf. To bless, ^Srreu
the power of bestowing good or of secur
2. To wish prospeiity, felicity to
ing it by his merit.
^i?a/,E/r, s. The priests, teachers,
j^SJ, sQQpear, pQjseir, uQuear, <,
and ascetics among the Jainas, jncir^rf
v. a. To desire intensely, wish earnestly,
it. {p.)
covet, long for, %'"L'.
^geusuuerrerfl, s. The convent
j^Q-isBGdi s. One of the one-hun
of the priests of the Jaina sect.
dred and twenty kinds of ore, smtStw.
Rapidity, quickness, swift
^/.'Semi, s. Blessing, auspicious
ness, ?ASri>. Wils. p. 124. Asnn. 2. Ex
wishes, it^gi. 2. Cloth, 9lu. 3. A com
temporaneous poetry, &C, uiQaQtutt.-p jjsr
pany, <*-ij_ii. (p.)
tSpuiQiiuci^Si. 3. Subject given for an ex
temporaneous poem, *uts*.
^ $ em ^ uj sir, s. A barber, isireS
^&&efl, s. An extemporaneous
fiar. {p.)
^poern made by request; the theme, the
j^Siuld, s. Mirth, laughter, laugh
kind of verse and some of the rhetori
ing in contempt, one of the passions of
cal figures to be wrought into, being
the mind, j/axgitQiluu. See SjjjiA. Wils.
givenone of the four kinds of ?, ui
p. 174. Hasya. 2. Pace, op*". Wils. p.
Qi_4rp ^s<s!^L/tKJ. 2. The poet who
127. Asya.
writes such a poem, ^*SuSii4orf.

s. Fault, defect, blemish, stain,

<3pp*. 2. A trifle, any thing small or
mean, j/puii. 3. Armor, coat of mail,
*iA. 4. One or two si*** affixed to the
penultimate foot of the second line of
all ^ccH_Qa/s3vur, Q/sf.eBj^QaeirUTtSppc^
Qrtp<gQpar x-iU-uu<2ux*>*. 5. A small tube
through which the yarn is conducted from
the spindle of a spinning wheel to a ma
chine, t%re2Qo&>giis(Tyt$3e$Qeo?arjj. 6. A
small particle used in soldering metals,
7. A mark or butt, Si5"*- (c.)
A kind of arsenic, g/J,jL;r*rii. (p.)
^Qi, inf. [in poetry.'] To affix
either one or two syllables to the third
foot of the second line of an ^Slum-Qu
2. To cement the particles of
gold, &c.
*. The consonance of the second
and third letters in each line of a stanza,
with this license, that one of the four
consonants i, i. Ai, (, inserted after the
first letter of the first line, is omitted
after the first letter of the second line,
and vice versa. ^Q.-^otjas /mj*,siSs>3sjr
(Oi BertflijitAQsStatT CufK^!i_#ifl(yor(*C7, &C
jQ&satQsueasnjrT,s. AQ^/essruiT
of four lines in general, to the penulti
mate foot of the second line of which
is affixed, ,gBi)i_tIiii_Q(aJjur.
g*u3&aar, s. A flat, oblong board
with ten pins, on which the yarn is
made into skeins.
^*<3Slo, s. Wind, snpg)i. 2. An
arrow, j^toq. Wils. p. 124. Ashuga. 3.
A bird in general. upaiiuQurgi. (p).
^&&esr, s. Wind, &rrib*)/. 2. God
of the wind,
.. .
s. A bird in general, up
^j*j-ld,s. One of the eight kinds
of marriage, ^i*ixmii. See ami. Wils.
p. 126. Ascra.
*^3i-Tsns)j^ii!e!ujil, s. Surgery as
one of the modes of healing, gfrrmsnif
^*ay ujih, s. Speed, haste, eSes>a
X (J>0
* ^ 3r sij eo it uj &uj to, s. One of the
thirty-two a-uiCt-^a, a-uHt-fopuutflrairif*^j)3reSs3Tijbjfy&vff&th, s. The
month of October or Aswin, suuR^ia.
Wils. p. 125. Asiivixa.
* *&> 25
* Uncleanliness, cere
monial impurity, a^*i4. (St. ^Qtas.) (p.)
^sn^, s.
Desire, attachment,
strong inclination, !(j^ui4. 2. Avarice,
lust, cupidity, concupiscence, .*e*. (c.) 3.
(p.) A quarter, region, any of the eight
points of the compass, W. Wils. p." 124.
Asha. 4. Gold, treasure, Qur^sr.Note.
The desires of the senses are supposed
to be all comprised in m*, Quei and
Quidras icaAr^ao*, the desire of land or
dominion. 2. I_,*r^j, lust or sexual
desires. 3. Q-u&sms, desire of wealth,
^em&sirt-Li, ir>f. To present a
bait, attraction, to excite desire, allure.

^ one OdE ireireir^sm&uut, inf.

To desire, yield to the first impressions
of love, desire sexually.
^sn^Ljsil (_ ^sro^ytli-, inf.
To engross the affections, captivate,
ensnare, ^f3><r*spS)***Q*jtj.
^eit)&uQu(njd&u>,s. Cupidity, lust,
strong desire,
^esifuQudo-s. Flattery, (slp^sld
suQuaihQu**. 2. Persuasive speech, *
^stRfLDQ^m^lL^ inf. To administer
a love potion, give a philter, fi&ifmts
^snfiu^uis, inf. To extinguish
the desires or passionsone of the four
good qualities, dguQuid)**.
^mffGBHiu&s, inf. To desire, long
for, place the affections on an object.
^Q&.TsncBiS. ( Tel. esf^dJ Cessa
tion from work, rest, g)Sijurj>s>*. (c.)
* j^Q & srr & ti,^/&ey&i}i, s. Uncleanness, jy.A5ii. 2. Ceremonial impu
rity, (SfSii. Wils. p. 124. Ashoucha.
^^y/^Jis/rs^zi. As long as the
moon exists.
*^ T&m^STiriraiaiib. As long as the
moon and sun endure.
j<y/r?iuLD, s. Amazement, admi
ration, surprise, astonishment, wonder,
jlffisu'Ji. AVils. p. 124. Asjicharya.
^ftfiflujuui) inf. To be sur
prised, astonished, amazed, to wonder,
^iF&ed, s. [perhapsfor ^/ea^^ei).']
Impulse, beat, gust, &c., as uiii**i>. (c.)
^^F^/r, s. A kind of timber tree,
ebony, ^imni, Diospyros ebenaster.
^^^/tlL, s. A state of ground
neither wet not dry, getting dry, &c, as
a fieldused only in combination, Sip
frti. (c.)
^fs-n lL Q u uuS it, s. Growing
grain, crop, &c. from land newly dry.
^&iTLLelGB)ui-i, v. noun. Sowing
in land when becoming dry.
^& & & & , s. A kind of play
among children, g,iSfa<uiLLS. (c.)
*jy tQiulc, s. Ghee, melted butter,
"oi. (p.)
^#&uj&p$Bl, s. Purification with
ghee in a puja,
*^fSjtldld, s. Hermitage, the re
sidence of an ascetic, sutflxAyiiJi-ii. 2.
Religious condition as prescribed especi
ally for the Brahmans, including four de
grees or orders, rfjw ; viz. : 1. iSnti*
.- - - j, the state or condition of a ba
chelor, who, from the time of his invest
ment with the sacred cord, is required to
tend the sacred fires and to follow his
studies under or in the presence of his
preceptor. 2. Sics&iptiGiimb, the state of
a house-holder, who, from his marriage,
must strictly observe his religious duties,
maintain the sacred fires, and liberally
practise hospitality for the support of
the other three orders. 3. narutSr&pi* \

ftruiii, the state of an anchorite or recluse,

who, with or without his wife, relin
quishes domestic life, retires to the desert
feeding on leaves, roots and fruits, or on
the hospitality of the second order, and
continues to perform his daily rites. 4.
*jrc#jrfiiu#S3ru><, the state of a reli
gious mendicant who performs no rite
whatever and lives only on alms, some
times appearing in a state of nudity. The
fourth order embraces four distinctions
and each of the others two. See Ellis.
Wils. p. 124. Asiikama. (p.)
^p&itlSI, . One who belongs to
either of the four religious orders.
)jriUL>, s. [corruptly ^s-Qir
mii.] Support, protection, defence, urf
ml/4. Wils. p. 124. Asiiuaya.
^sfu^/rssrui, s. An assembly,
2. Royal audience. See g^"".
Wils. p. 127. Asmana. (p.)
^ehjjs it esrdQ <$ ir ea> ip, s. A timid
man unfit to speak before a senate.
^enjjSireoT&iiQpneLfru}, s. Buffoon
ery, mimicry in dances, a farce, S*i_*
^eivprretirffiiQprreifi, s. A buffoon.
^sw,, [in poetry,
perty, estate, riches,
*^f)&n)u^Lb, s. A place of refuge,
asylum, L/*oti_iA. 2. Substance, solidity,
as QrfiQetotoSGevQiusitmUf
(piM>i. There is no substance in this
paddy, it contains no nourishment, (p.)
^{ZTjir^(^, s. [prov.~] A father,
*^(55<9= C? saruj sir, s.
jfgwidr. Wils. p. 108. Anjaneya.
^tSTj&iresr, s. [in seamen's language.}
A halliard or rope for hoisting a sail, *u
upztSg. a. A rope for lifting weights with
a pulley or otherwise, a hawser, mSp, 3.
The loue, slender stem of a tree, flflufai*
QsiULI ; [ex .gstD*.] (c.)
^^^nssrupfS , s. A beam across
the stern of a dhoney to which the hal
liard, &c is tied.
SGsesr^f^ffnesr, s. A small stay
rope, as utS!fi*xiiS#.
s. Motion, vibration, jy<ao#
l. 2. Idleness, laziness, C*noty. 3. Danc
ing, play,
4. Cardamom,
^^Sso, s. The
shrub, Monetia tetracantha.
*<$y,&'SB,&i * An order, command,
Wils. p. 107. Aknoa. 2. One of
the .fjjwni, that is situate in the forehead,
^iSfi-s!, s. One of the thirty-two
kinds of prepared arsenic, tsB^mur^mi.
*^i_d5ii, s. Gold, Quirebr. 2. One
of the four kinds of gold, regarded as of a
greenish hue, and likened to the wings of
a parrot, Saisa>suQuFia; (See Qurisr
Wils. p. 978. Uadaka. 2. A shrub, the
*<^l_, s. A kind of shrub, gisu
mt, Cytisus, L. Wils. p. 108. Ad'haki.

gj i_ (_ ld, s. A mountain con

taining brass, Qjii^mSw.
juttn, . [proc] A measure of oil
containing twenty uy.,
*^i.iiuTUi, s. Pomp, parade, os
tentation, state, gLLCi_uii. (e.)
^L_aw/r, s. (Sing, ^ieuebr.) Male
persons, <gixujiA. 2. Men between the
ages of thirty-two and forty-eight, t/cyi-i.
3. Young persons, gjfadiurf. (p.)
st/sfr, . A woman in the prime
of life, iatt}enauLJt5iuQufnr.
^i_er>6u, s. The third of the twelve
signs of the zodiac, iSpanSiiS. (p.)
^uLrr(o<5irsB)i_, s. A medicinal
kind of shrub,
>j.. 2. Malabar nut,
Adhatoda vasica.
*. The month of July, sits
i_*!,<4. (e.) 2. (/>.) The twenty-first
lunar asterism, .jj)m--ar. 3. Mirror,
s. Dark clouds in July
regarded as indicative of plentiful rains
in the ensuing monsoons.
^ip_i^^A'y>,+ .if6j mmip(ge>pls&Qurib, Tf the
teeming clouds in July discharge their
contents, the rains will fail in the ensu
ing season.
^ly.&sesiLpss, inf. To take away
or separate the newly married woman
from her husband, and to put her under
her parents during the month of July
of their first year of marriage. This
separation is indispensable to prevent
conception in that month, and delivery
in the coming April, which is believed
to bring ruin upon the family.
^ULUUGRsr f.ao, s. The first day
of July (4(1?.) a day of feasting, mutual
visits, &c, when the sun is supposed to
enter on its southern coarse.
^iq-uQutrrj&rvj, s. A festival held
on the day when the Cavery over-flows
in July.
s. A goat, sheep, ("the word is
common to both,) ^m. (c.) 2. The sign
Aries of the zodiac, C?mi_Jf18. 3. Victory,
Success, Qmiflfl. (p.)
^1 eisr (Q) u ufffeu, s. A plant,
(lit) that which the goat will not eat,
LiaftQtrAieS, Aristolochia bractcata, L.
See uitu.
gu>ff, s. Cattle, the mixed mul
titude of cow and sheep kinds. The
varieties are iLi_r, a wild sheep ; <gs>i>
uiQ, a crump- horned, fleecy sheep ; Q*n$_
uiQ, Qmiirm or , a long legged sheep
or goat ; Q<riix3<Stji(d, a reddish sheep
u*&r<ur, a prolific goat or goat of low
size, and /oonoi, a mountain sheep.
9, s. Mutton.
si_/r, a. A he goat or ram,
^LLQssiiTppireisrih, s. The gift
of a he goat, with money, to avert or
counteract the evil effects of an uupro
pitious planetary influencemade to a
Brahman who is to offer incantations
for the party for a certain number of

^LLtQmfS&s, inf. To enter on

^ildsei), s. . The bezoar of the
a rash or odd enterprise, to beat another
sheep, ufsy en$Qpr*top.
in the above play.
^iLQssrreo, s. The <g/tii>Li creep
^,(5?e_, s. A man, a male of the
human species, ^*uisr. ( p.)
^lL d s np s &), s. Coral stone,
^(Ss-eufSQ^rr&i, s. Words of the
masculine gender, <g*ij^8<*tS.
^zJ.afflsB)z_, s. A sheep-fold.
.^i-lSigitlif., . A lamb or kid. <^awt_, s. Cream, scum, thick con
cretion on the surface of liquids, c3. (c.)
^t-LQ&Q&efil uuw, s. A certain
2. Cloth, clothing, dress, garment, 0Jw. 3.
immature stage in the growth of the
A thin film or spot on the eye, Q*t$r6
kernel of the cocoanut, the maturest
ui_o>i. 4. The fourteenth lunar asterism,
state in which the jS)r/r can be eaten,
Bt$t*>t*wa. (p.) 5. [prim.] Inner skin of
edible palmyra roots, i >.-r.d
^emu.turrurrestirw, s. Clothes and
jewels, attire.
v. n. To move, wave, shake, vibrate,
swing, jfineiLi. 2. To dance, play, sport,
, s. An amaranth,
gesticulate, to act a part in play, s^fon-. 3.
CuajijiyAi, Desmochaeta atropurpurea.
(p.) To wash, bathe, play in water, <s**.
2. Lice in clothes, -"'..<: 'J^.r.
4. To war, fight, join in battle, Ou. 5. To
ui-li_/7Di_, s. A garment of silk.
copulate, 4w-. 6. [in combinnlivn.'] To do,
to act, 0*ju. 7. To speak, Q*A>u.
urr surreal, s. A petticoat.
*jKr^a;A*S8ojiar. He is urgently soli
netni u rr eutrem t_ s. Cloths spread
citing money.
in the road at a great solemnity.
^ z_ an su , *. Place of dancing,
n.eirerrrree>i, s. A woman's under
garment, a shiff.
^tp., s. A dancer.
p(n?Gmi) s. A cloth or garment
^uf-ptSlifitLi, inf. To make much
for a little girl.
ado about a thing. 2. To go around
or be too much in company.
*^lLQ 3= u im, s. Abuse, reviling,
^(Ssireo, s. The supporters of a
a .>-. 2. Censure, blame, reproach, <g/>
pii. 3. A figure in rhetoric, ..-...
lever for a well-sweep.
Wils. p. 104. Aksiiepa. 4. Objection,
g0^nrsroz_, s. The inner fleshy
adverse argument.
5. Confutation,
part of the thigh.
the refutation of an argument, u*ie**.
gto/r?6o, s. [prov.] A gay, lively,
laughing girl, young woman.
tyiLQ&u&uirrprrerstiD, s. The re
60, t. noun. Moving, shaking,
joinder to an objection, wD*4^ni.
rocking, &c. 2. Fighting, battle, war.
3. Being powerful. 4. Victory. 5. Play
ing. 6. Coition. 7. Dancing. 8. Wash
**, v. a. To reject, obviate, refute an
argument, tiirtHi*,
ing, bathing. 9. Boasting, friendly word
or conversation. 10. Saying.
^L-Uf-, s. A lady, a woman of rank,
Qt eo u n l .eO,
Singing and
fteJ. 2. A woman in general, Ou<*. 3.
An affix joined to some nouns forming an
appellativeas lates^icu^ Qutdat-jc^ u3w
%<-PP<5> A dancing song used
vrCif. ; [ex ^ct, rule.]
in comedies.
giJ-_ii, r. noun. Motion, vibration,
QQp6tsr, ^iLuf-Qeareh, Qa/ear,
agitation, vacillation, rocking, swing
4(iLi_, v. a. To shake, rock, swing, wave,
ing, rolling or pitching (at sea, &c.)
move, agitate, brandish, joggle,
2. Dance, play, game, prank,
ini, 2. To teach or cause to dance, *i*-0
an act of play, a turn-about, a turn,
M*. 3. To harass, trouble, vex, jy!o.*.
once playing the game,
4. To bathe, anoint, *rmi_ 5. To spin
Likeness, the assumption of a character,
a top, uiiuiwij_ 6. To grind or triturate
profession, conduct, shape in imitation,
as medicines, sandal wood, &c,
fiorauo. 4. Moving about, energy, vigor,
[ex jfi, .]
action, opvp&. (c.)
s. One who causes mon
j^CiClm }jiii_u>r>8<5!ir. He insists
keys, snakes, &e. to play, dance, &c.
on going there, (contrary to advice.)
as uiwurC-ii-, a snake-dancer.
1*A ^,^-i~fiff*0*Ajnru>miartofiurar, He
will not be moved by this agitation.
^lLQs&bo, s. A stone- mortar for
jyi<*- ^c.L-i$/ifig}. His power, bustle,
agitation, harassing, &c. has come to an
^tl, v. noun. Dancing,
2. Gesticulation, agitation, j>,^^uH. 3.
Power, energy, action, *j>jdu.
Gfirp&uQui&tir. He played two games
and lost one of them.
iL eS s s, inf. To teach or
gili_Lo^^ars\), v. noun. A play
train persons for acting, dancing, &c
among children in which the 4<*is, or
in a play.
small stick, being swung round so as ^l1sb)_, s. [in combination.'] A
to fly to a distance, is struck by the
year, <yi_i4. (c.)
Bcj*., or larger stick.

g L6eai*anr)LOu. gi_Li_ p$d fill

s^unesS, s. A pick.
1 ^ZBsarQ&Qipp, inf. To sway the
^ar*jfimfu, s. The first anniversa
sceptre, exercise the functions of gov
ry funeral ceremony, performed on the
same day of the moon on which the
^Setssr^ffisnili, s. Sceptre. 2.
unreunetmfi, s. A plug, wooden pin.
person died, (e.)
(fig.) Royal power.
(tpa/iTLLeatQis), s. Rice three
seiretrnesS, s. A very small nail.
^basBTLS'p, inf. To disregard con
years old. (c.)
juration or interdiction.
^snrti, 3. Soup, or a thick, consis ^ejof?, s. Excellence, principal or
.^3sronifiz_, inf. To take an oath,
tent, liquid curry, any liquid food thicken
kind of corn on the feet, supposed to be
swear. 2. To adjure one.
ed with spices, &c, broth, porridge, <5K>iiL/.
caused by the prick of a thorn, &c, sreS
tS^b/oeo, v. noun. Subjec
(c.) 2. (p.) Love, friendship, affection,
ftjniri-ro^isofl. 3. A kind of block set
j/cry. 3. A vessel, Qf**uia.
tion to the kingone of the ten good
into the mortar, when that is worn too
qualities or virtues of the liberal.
u9strsnsmrtli, s. Pepper broth.
lOW, R-ffWfffiBcfl.
iii/. To release from
Q&niliLinGzri}>, s. Chicken broth,
^essfld(^0^^!, s. The heart, or
an oath.
prime part of a palmyra shoot.
^sjw/f, s. Singers, panegyrists, uir
2. Goodness, r>i0. 3. Prosperity,
^assfl #8 pa), s. [vul.] The core ^saar, s. A male of the human race,
or inferior animals, ^adur^Our^. 2. The
fruitfulness, aiirmm. (p.)
of a suppuration.
male of human species, man, ^Srm4r. 3.
^5OT5utii, s. Pride, arrogance, man
^[6iij/)^ib & wjQesfiuQunear, s.
( p.) Manliness, eminence, superiority,
2. Self-importance, self-will,
The best kind of gold.
conceit of doing some thing one's self, in
MetBriEj&niu, s. The branched spa^Gts&ppxih, s. First quality, Qp
stead of ascribing all transactions, to the
dix of the flowers of a palm tree,
fpptib. 2. [in pearls.] Superior pearl,
deity; in which sense.it is one of the three
u^-J.-ajJ. (('. )
K&>*iQf>/igi, 3. (fig.) Firmness, u.~:-:-.
evil principles or
in which the soul
is involved from eternity, and by which
^eusrrfl, s. Male jackall, epifl.
^essfippntLnesreueisi , s. An excel
it is excited to the performance of moral
^^syutSljD'iptsjeisr, s. A male, one
lent man, one of first rate accomplish
actions and kept from union with the
born a mala
deity. These must be subjected and an
^6saflijy, s. A disease of the eye
^^rojsi-, s. [in astrology.] The male
nihilated, for the soul's liberation, by the
a kind of cataract.
jycj* of the deity. It is used as a means
division of the lunar asterisms, observ
of benefit to the soul, as the acid in fruit
^GsiPiQPPgii s. A very superior
ed in horoscopes,
becomes a luscious juice, opiiiocv^Q^MSr.p;
vowel, or
[ex <g*.] 2. One of the thirty-two kinds of
a short animated consonant, <sP^>posisarsenic in its natural state, -.-.*.. -. ,
gj6asflCa//r, s. The principal root
^6JBjrjii, *. In the Hindu sys
of a tree, as
^esor&juL$8isf)uLi, v. noun. The
tem of astrology, any one of the three
umnunessfi, s. A kind of venereal
bondage of moral evil, original sin,
planets, Mars, Jupiter, or the Sun, ^*r
miamuisfiia. (]')
disease, an eruption upon the breast.
gjBra/u>6t)ii, s. One of the three
(^^I'junesS, s. A corn in the heel.
^6OT(5/z9, s. Membrum virile.
kinds of uu.
aneonesS, s. A corn on the toes,
^6!ari_^?, s. A male character
.gasira/uisniptjq, v. noun. The il
in the drama.
lusion or blindness in which the soul is
e-zeonesfl^s. A pestle. 2. A kind
g got i_ ao*, s. A king, ^jafeisr.
held through the power of
of block set into the mortar.
2. A manly person, fip*C^f<4r; [ti ^a,
befitting.] (p.)
^sjof), . Nail, spike, pin, peg, S ^ewfl&Q&QFj'i&Li, s. One of the
g;6Kiri_ s536edui, s. Manliness, for
thirty-two kinds of prepared arsenic, g)u
mi. Wils. p. 108. As'i. 2. A piece of
titude, inherent bravery,
gold, used as a standard, for comparing
the quality of other gold, a.muj<nA. 3. =g^sgjy, s. Sweetness, deliciousness,
^emQtni^leo^s. Exploits, mighty
( p.) Style for writing, rWA"<rt.
deeds, heroism, (p.)
2. Goodness, a benefit, ..-- j>.
^essfis t-.no/, inf. To drive nails,
^amQinySltdneiBLcthpsir, s. Arju(P.)
to naiL
na, jyjr**'"'*- (p.)
^Ssssr, s. Oath, as in a court of
^jaafl<E(?/rana/, s. A string of goldResist u/Des>eu, s. The cock, the
pins for testing the quality of gold.
male of any bird, G*miA>.
fane swearing, ?4r#u,*ji. 3. Truth, Qwii.
^?(75/rasrf?, s. A screw.
4. Conjuration, adjuration, obstructing a
^jsaruSssr, s. The male of the
procedure by oath; checking by oath a
palmyra tree.
beast ready to fall on one, or a law
s. A nail for ledgers, reapers.
^sarueiirfS, s. A hog, boar, ty(njp
atLineeS, s. A pin for ear-rings.
perioras to the deity, the king, &c,
obstructing or hinderingas the water
^einrunQ, s. The male energy,
uilirressfti $. [prov."\ A clasp, a
from flowing over one's land, &c, *lL. 5.
j^eijisaaji. 2. Man's affair or work.
clamp, a clamp-iron, a clincher.
^akrutQQuiiiuiQuC-i-gi. The man and
Qoiihuiressfl, s. A little nail.
power and authority, a command, j urisdicwoman labored.
wnnunss&i s. A capital or prin
tion, mandate, order, an injunction, edict,
^esnTurreo, [in grammar.'] The mas
^jiBfar. 6. The sign or insignia of autho
cipal nail.
culine gender, male sex, 4*;cvSi*ii. 2.
rityas the sceptre, national colors, the
SDsiutressB, s. A nail used in join
Masculine qualities, ^jeSri_ors!u; ; [ex
seal, the stamp, the badge of office, the
ing the spars of a roof.
utii, class, nature.] (p.)
impress on the coin, &c, ^aoi-a/roni. 7.
sent tunsaafl, s. The axle or linch
Conquest, victory, Qipjs. 8. Rules, in
^assnS&r'Ben; s. A male child, a
pin. 2. The fastening of a neck-lace or
junctions, usages, &c. established by the
boy, a person of the male sex in gene
other ornaments.
learned of old, *r*Cg#*iij_Ji>r.
ral. 2. A man of priority, ahead-man.
h ..r- - k. By my eyes.
(^Gmttunesiflffoni^tuneasfl (9}uS
3. A clever man, or a man of capacity.
jyiiurtoor. I swear by my father.
(trcrf, . A nail with the head.
^sar ij/sfrcterr & tki
s. A bold,
_r,s*iiu!OT. I conjure you by your
a-GRntunezf), s. A golden pin, or
heroic, intrepid man, one who does
bravely, signalizes himselfa term of
test, used by goldsmiths in assaying
.jrjo. By thee.
applause, A*.


^asnTLDsar, 8. An eminent man.

2. A man. 3. A husband. 4. A son.
^Lemusrrw, s. The class of trees
whose interior is hard, solid and suita
ble for timber, -oriir<y>iofi. 2. The
^emmnifl, s. A masculine woman,
a scold, a termagant, an amazon.
g!}6OT<aDLo, s. Manliness, courage,
fortitude, intrepidity, energy, man
hood. 2. Strength, vigor, virility. 3. (p.)
Truth, certainty.
srQarorpwrairaMn. Presumption, selfconceitedness, pedantry.
^em su y$l , s. Family descent in
the male line, any peculiarity in the
male line.
,^swri_&o, s. The gallinaceous
fowlcock or hen, Csrifi. (p.)
^^srt'hsosQsni^.Qiunm-, s. Skanda, */* (p.)
gj saiw , s. A religious beggar of
the Siva Sect, u*ri_rr<i.
^sj3r,s. A year, a/^zii. 2. (j).)
That place, jf*fli_<a.
^f^mietruQumssr^ s. Jupiter the
planet, iSturifiib ; [ear jyOTii(Tudr, who1
measures], he who passes through one
sign of the zodiac every year, (p.)
^sarstni m/r, *. Men, mankind,'
the human race, uiofaf. (p.)
* cPjjfBiBsLB-, s.
Mishap, calamity,i
affliction, distress, ^ufig. 2. Sound of a'
drum, upiiSffo#. Wils. p. 108. Atanka. (p.)
*^j^uw ^^eu/i, s. Sunshine,i
QtS*i. Wils. p. 108. Atapa. 2. Lustre,
3. (/ij.) An umbrella, >i_ (p.)i
jgpup^lsui, s. A large umbrella
of silk or leaves, used in the east,
Wils. p. 108. Atapatra. 2. An um
brella, a white umbrellaone of the1
insignia of royalty, Qa/lr(3M__ (p.)
*^susirj^&sueir, s. The sun,
O^tnftr, 2. A brahman, urt&ut&r. Cp.) 1
jysnh, 8. Protection, .g^ja/. 2.
The x^ififiular, Caryota wrens, L. (p.)
^pii>urr<iLlG)GOrrp<a>ieBr, s. One who
is destitute of protection or support,
^^ihCSu^, 8. The 0*ul/0^(75@
ffi*> plant, Indigofera enneaphylla, .
^pfcssirih, a. Desire, ^sro*. 2. Love,
affection, kindness, regard, jy*iy. 3.
Town, /. 4. Ankle-rings, &*nhLj. (p.)J
^^irti, sv Freight, Carina/.
Wils. p. 108. Atara.
^Sifffl|, s. [wi<A dative ofper.] Pro
tection, support, patronage, defence, shel
ter, succour,
2. Desire, love, affection, kindness, regard, jftfrm 3. [with'
Comfort, consolation, Geppii. 4.
A support, prop, stay, buttress, basis,
&c, j&nti. (c.)

ty&HGupfDetiek, s. A destitute per

son, one without friends or property.
/ , ^G^eir, pQpeisr, uQuasr,
**. v. a. To support, protect, defend, up
hold, nourish, regard, patronize, shelter,
^JQjjiw. 2. To desire, wish for, crave,
^-r. 3. To console, comfort, Qfpprq
uobrar. 4. To worship, solemnize, ,$j*/a*.
^S^-s^ii, s. A mirror, <6ror(gra)i$L.
2. A commentary, -*. 3. Original ma
nuscript, eesQiuQfjffuiSrpl&iRiib. Wils. p.
110. Adarsha. Cp.)
^^/fl^ssr/i, #. A mirror, looking
Wils. p. 110. Adarshana.
^psti, s. Science, seoeSgnei. 2.
Dance, "-t0. 3. Vision, peranb. 4. Mi
nuteness, jtgs*i4. (p.)
^jgcisfr, 8. A species of the .gtoaiar
* tree, Jatropha glauca, Glaucous leaved
pliysic-nut, TvSMrA<g.
^pSsrrmirpcierr, s. [prop.] Great
agony, -eyAfi.
*jgifB sarih, s. [in Anal.] Diastole,
Wils. p. 108. Atana. 2. (p.)
Seat or throne, ,g*ni. 3. Cloth, Pfcu. St
^peBTQpirji^S, s. An imageas the
seat of a deity. 2. The linga, or phalic
emblem of Siva, (p.)
j;56k,8. Life, soul, e_aSif. 2. An
ignorant person, Qu*>0. 3. A guru, <y.
4. Argha, jforatir. (p.)
*=g5rTtu/i, s. Profit, gain, advan
tage, proceeds, JSnj<i. (c.) 2. [in astrolog;/.] The favorable influence of the
planets and constellationsas ^hujsQjw
l. 3. [in almanac] Income and expenditure for the year, as incident to persons
born in given signs, g)MuJru&.
*^r/rj-ti, s. Support, stay, secu
rity, protection, basis, foundation, pedestal, ^fr-t. Wils. p. 11 1. Ad'hara. 2. (p.)
The body as a receptacle for the soul,
.!_*>. 3. Rain, (a change of ^m,) ikujjc.
4. A region of the body,
In Indian
physiology six regions are given ; viz.: I.
OfiMtfirrib, situated between the anus gpii,
and the genitals,
. 2. *ii$. 1_ a,
situated in the genitals, fitr$*ji_ii. 3.
in the navel, _*U*i0w{A. 4. ^ r.!\
in the heart, <y,jiu*icviA. 5. J*/tfi, in the
root of the tongue, ^.f. 6. 4^ or
^aCVt, in the forehead, ntsmv&pimib.
^pirirQtei>, 8. The base or funda
mental stone of a pillar, pedestal &c.
^pirerfl, s. [ml.] Noise, bustle,
stiras in a quarrelthe roaring of the
sea, GuQneS. 2. Boasting, bragging, os
tentation attended with noise, bravado,
ui_f<?i_iuii. 3. Agitation, perturbation,
ir a/? d ir jot, s. A bragger,
boaster, vaunter.
^^/re^msarsarsar, s,
A bear,

s. Source, cause, primitiveness, beginning, sui4. 2. Excellency, cw#

drwto, 3. The Supreme Being,
An independent sovereign, a supreme
ruler, an emperor, g)pi4r. 5. A master,
proprietor or one to whom a right or
duty is owing, r#ior<ir. 6. The sun, gAu*.
7. Running in a direct course, <2*Qnm*.
8. Antiquity, uje>ui. 9. Siva, S)mar. 10.
Vishnu, rfcgj. 11. Brahma, iSraar. 12.
13. Buddha,
Joined with a noun, it includes the thing
mentioned and the rest of its seriesas
tSucMfi. 15. A mode of time or measure in
music, ^pigiaih. 1 6.
for mp.} A, cir
cular course, io<airi_uun<;jr(So. (p.)
g^<Ei_o/sfr, s. The primeval deity.
^^snuessri}), s. A primary cause.
^^i(g#/n/!, 8. Solder, a me
tallic cement said to consist of nine
Salts, v**rri.
A druggreen vitriol, sulphate of iron,
^r3gif, 8. Soap, s=eijsaiTjTu>.
^^IdiSCSi Earth impregnated
with soda,
^$#nnu>, 8. One of the thirty-two
kinds of architecture, Rpugc&Qpuutfii**
6BT^^iQsiwsr, 8. A
fabulous serpent supposed to support
the earth on his headking of the ser
pents, <vHe is said to have
existed prior to the creation of the
world and to continue to exist after
its destruction j [ex C*a>sr, who re
^fdf&enfl, 3. The tenth lunar
mansion, ioir*. (p.)
^^s^itiLi, 8. The first mother
Eve. (Christian usage.)
g ,8? /5
/f, s. One of the nine
Sidd'has. See A*. Cp.)
^^isnniriusmm^ s. Vishnu, bSlL
>gw. 2. The diamond, a>4r**i.
.g^^ma), 8. The Vedas, the sa
cred writings, (Jvii. 2. [in grammar.]
As (ypgrit. (p.)
^^luaenasr, s. Godas in ^jsir
^^u^^iuui, 8. Supreme or pa
ramount government, (p.)
^jsluuBSTyS. The primeval God
the Supreme Being as the cause of all
things. Cp.)
^^lueoisi, 8. Nut-meg, fn^ssnh.
^,Lj/rani_, s. The original or
ancient languageSanscrit.
^filt-liKiseueiir, s. The deity, su
/*. 2. Argha,
^@u>siT((i2,3. Blue vitriol, giif)@.
id a n is iTfiw, s. Iron-sand,
^Ptcz_<S(5, 8. Repetition of a
word at the beginning of a Hue. (p.)

^JfiLOJTir&ath, s. The principal or *<&j)*slp?BliULc,, . Attention to a

high road, the right and straight way.
guest, hospitality, a.umJ>. (p.)
^Sd&^njihu esa essr, inf. To show
^fclQppei)^jJslQpeiui, s. Rudi
civilities, to entertain, feed, &c.
ment, first principle, primeval cause,
2. The Supreme Being, "^^Uji^liuih, s. Majesty, royalty,
3. [in astrology.-] The govern
sovereignty, jifimib. 2. Right to pos
ing planet, ^ctt*Sii*j,. (p.)
session, ^ftflrii, Wils. p. 112. Ad'iiiPATYA. (p.)
The deity as the source of all. (p.)
fyjSueBr, s. An emperor, sove
reign, jfr*. 2. A master, chief, lord,
. The full duration of an eclipse ex
icrarsar. (p.)
pressed in Naliki and Vinaliki. &c.
ujjSleuiGij&iii, 8. One of the six
uu is pu ttfilir it, s. Tabular
of swerga or QuisyiS. ( p.)
correction for the parallax of the orbit
of the planets, from the first of Capri- ^j-lo, s. Melted butter, Qmib.
cormis to six signs, &&Qr c.'Oalso
culled, ibst**t.
^fSuj/hpiSeoaiiTpeijiT, s. He who ^^lireS^QSsi), s. Reddle, Qfi&Q
has no beginning nor endthe eternal
^^b!ir esr, s. A great personage, Ou
.g si U tu /r tf. so i_tct_ (5, s. The
AQurar. (p.)
repetition of a word in the beginning "U^amT, *< The sixth lunar man
and middle of a line with different
sion )(jiW*. Wils. p. 120. Ahdra.
meanings, pjes'ifaxiu**. (p.)
jj^Oiij(raDi_u3i_<S(5, s. Re
mgH, s. One of the thirtypetition of a word in the beginning and
end of a line, (p.)
two kinds of arsenic in its natural state,
^Sieurnrseisr,s. Vishnu, q9lL@2/ .
,M^sBrrr&ek, s. One of the thirty(P.)
^^enrr^esmtx, s. The first caste . two kinds of prepared arsenic,
Rrahmans. uriuuii. (p.)
=^,S, *. A kind of prepared arsenic,
irirL-ULiueiir, s. A name of
two of the thirty-two kinds of prepared
arsenic, C*rruffajffsrri and Qfius^savib.
A finite form of
ear ti, s. [properly sifiesrih.-]
Proprietorship, hereditary inheritance, &c,
^^sth, s. A creeper, Gymneraa
sylrestris, the &<sfi<*}9*.
u a it$air gar, s. One who serves
*c^,S' to , s. Superiority, priority,
under another.
dignity of office, power or trust, <yjjjars>aj ;
#a//r(*wir, .. One who is his
more.] 2. Right to possession,
own master, a free man.
Op tij &i n $e ear ih, *. God's disposal
g,S<sOTr, . A person of dignity,
and direction, God's right of bestowing.
in high office, *e., a superior. 2. An
A form of the sixth or pos
case singular, ^y>0<js)j</ty4. 2.
*^r9t-Lt_LG 4y4z' * Frag
. The sound made for driving elephants
ments or leavings of a meal, a.o*ri-.<7_ii.
Onward, nJttarmHuuuBssgrflCJSlGt&tm*. 3. A
Wilt, p. 111. Adishda. (p.)
raft, QfiuuA (.p.)
j>pir, s. The celestials, Qpeun. * ^Mgi sr ia, *. Strong desire, Qujtit
Wils. p. 111. Aditya. (p.)
^ZSjs-ssk^jdp^iuszir, s. The
nek, s. A diseased person,
C/ifffdr. Wils. p. 109. Atura. 2.
gun, gAu*. Wils. p. 111. Aditya.
An avaricious or covetous man, a miser,
K^^GiFirijj, . Heliocentric
^tnrqp <7(5<*. (p.)
ar, *. A poor person, ptflp
g^^4i_io, . The longitude of
the sun.
^$ffi-ffijd, s. The daily motion *^^y6i/ti, *. Toddy, 6i-. (p.)
of the sun, as jf<$**Lttfi.
*^0( /fl^ti, s. Looking glass,
^glfipujemrieoih, s. The solar
*iriif.. See ,0/1*6. (p.)
system, <s*xiu)airi_vA 2. (p.) The region ^(J^s^ti, . [in grammar.] Trans
of the stomach or heart of human
mutation or change of letters, "(ntgit&fii-i,
bodies, _i_aS<#rfrjrtErca.
Wils. p. 111. Adesha. (p.) 2. [proi\]
^j)$&wplwnp), s. The mean
[improp. for ^f*uib.~] Gain, profit.
daily motion of the sun, given in mi
*^(?^i/jlo, s. A thing upheld, sup
^^ppenra^-nsmin, s. One of the
ported, &c. (opposite to
*iDt*uuiLj-9. VVils. p. 112. Ad'heta. (p.)
thirty-two kinds of arsenic, wjf
2. [prou.] [improp. for .g^ruA] Gain.

/rsMrs3)/_, s. A creeper, Capparis horrida, ^*Qi.. (c.)
'^(SjSitt emir, s. Elephant-riders,
drivers, &c, ^imrCutsi. Wils. p. 112.
Ad'horan'a. (p.)
fisr, . A friend, companion,
an associate, tiiarfp. 2. A great person,
a superior, qp^Ai**. 3. The Divine Being,
*i_|fSr. 4. Argha, jy<y*<*. fp.^
. The custard-apple tree,
9>j, Anona squamosa, Z. ( c.)
wenffeoiTenrr^ir, s. The bullock's
heart, or coarse custard-apple, Anona
^jipireir, s. A mother, ^/riu. (c.)
2. fp._) Parvatias mother of the world,
*^j/^piresrLc^em^irsnnii, s. An
assembly of state, the royal auditory,
the senate, wou. Wils. p. 127. Asthana. 2. A senate-house, court of jus
tice, iSurtuAifeaib. 3. The gate of a tower
being the place of audience, C<nyrnSi.
^avptresriDemiuuD, s. The room
at the gate of a toweras the place of
audience. 2. A place where the jury
men assemble together.
^^^1, . A tree, gj/fujjii, Bauhinia racemosa, L.Note. There are
two species ; viz. : 1. ii!_f/4.S>, the rind
of which is used for withes, Bauhinia
parviflora, L. 2. Ba^'Af1, a flower-tree
sacred to Siva, also medicinal, Bauhinia
tomentosa, L. (c.)
^^^(5 uf-, s. Siva so called as
wearing a garland of flowers from the
,gAS> tree, 8<*. 2. A book composed
by 9o, so called from its beginning
with this word, g>jjrA>. (p.)
*^/! $ y~ jg th, s. Undried ginger,
S'H^i Zingiber officinalis, (p.)
^iS^jr/i, . (Tel. es^sfcj.) Ne
cessity, emergency, j>i4. 2. Hastiness
in anger, &c, <J*uSwi. (c.)
j)i>r uS|i4 ^^iriiuisea!*. He is pressed
with great necessity.
^SjpJLD Lippit, s. The y8ss7-/reu7
plant, Mucuna prurita.
lc iijf^fB&i us it, s. The
soul, life, 8*wfi&u*. 2. A living creature,
an animate or sentient being, 9mQrmg,
Wils. p. 109. Atma and Atman.
^^^iwffeBr, $. A son, Ljpe\ieueBr.
Wils. p. 109. Atmaja. (p.)
^,&iu>&&$-) * Purity of the soul,
freedom from sin, spiritual purity.
Wils. p. 110. Admashld'hi.
^^^LD^nemih^^^u>Quirpu>, t.
Individual consciousness. 2. Spiritual
knowledge, instruction. Wils. p. 109.
Atmakgnana and Atmabod'ha.
^pgjwp&gieuw, s. Faculties of
the soul. Wils. p. 109. Atmatatva.
id$I& earth, t. The soul's
perception, spiritual illumination, a con
sciousness that the deity is the operator
in the actions of the souL Wils. p.
109. Atmadakshana.

^pgjuiiSQeijpeisnji, s. Dedication *jy)ulth, x. Straits, calamity, ad

of the soul.
versity, exigence, peril, j^u^g. Wils. p.
114. Apadasi. (p.)
ldQ iu rr enfl, s. Brahma. 2.
^uQpnpptnremeisr, s. One who
Siva. 3. Vishnu. 4. Kama; [ex Ouic*.]
Wils. p. 109. Atmayoni. (p.)
disperses calamity. 2. A name of Bhairavan, fj-/tar; [ex ll-^ffawto.] (p.)
^PSiwnnppui) s. Any thing done
for the sake of one's self, fptSrGurrasrw. *J$)L-> ^ j5 tii u ih, s. One of the
Wils. p. 110. Atmarttha. 2. Any
eighteen treatises which treat of laws, g,f
thing done for the benefit of the soul,
,CTia,^Ai. (p.)
^effwniutgipQfiugi ; [ex jftfa, begged or
^u^iiu@^^jto, s. The rule,
gained.] (p.)
order and statutes which a certain class
wan^giLDiT, s. A patriarch, an ilof Brahmans follow, observe and recite,
lustrious,eminent. or holy person. Wils.
p. G49. Mahatmas.
*^j)uis3n, $. Straits, calamity, ad
ujjLDtrpgiLoiT, s. The supreme soul
versity, exigency, extremity, n.uAS>r/ii.
Wils. p. 504. ParaWils. p. 114. Apad. 2. Agony, anguish,
peril, !iigni^r.
@aiit!$gjiDrr, s. The soul-the spirit
j^ujifeiir&ifliLiiT&w, s. Taking the
of life. Wils. p. 352. Jeevatman.
degree of ascetic when at the point of
jupsm^, s. Mother, prnu. 2. (c.)
deathas Brahmans, &c., iDfit<si:*tpQu
&*S>f>t. (p.)
An exclamation of surprise or pity,
^upg/fibupjp, s. Loss and
gain ; adversity and prosperity ; some
^fi^iur^ssifi. [tmi] Oh ! dear, Oh !
times deatli and matrimony, mi$yu\jiei.
dear a cry of distress, grief, &c.
*<j)!5!ruj ld, s. A net, eufeo, Wils.
**j)u it enar ii, s. Ornament, deco
p. 1 13. Auaya. 2. (Anat.~) Air-cells,
rationas jewels, &c,
Wils. p.
115. Ab'haran'a. 2. (*.) Clothes, gar
^/Fjuj?eo, s. Cellular tissue.
^/SffOsar, s. Hanuman, ^gygp/uj/r
^ u s em # Q & u Lj , s. A casket,
or. 2. Bhiina, tfxar. Wils. p. 113. Anila.
^uBsesyfsl&eir, s. Jewels and other
ornamentsas clothes.
<g&ekjy. A form of the present
tense of affirmative verbs, rfj2*rsuSai_ *^j/uir&Lc, s. Disorder, damage, in
ifijtu as SurxiiBarGptir. I go. (p.)
jury, ruin, Q*ff<5i. 2. [in logic.'] Sem
^iS-rzi, s. One of the five drablance of a reason, fallacy, erroneous argu
ment, CuftvS tiziiuA. Wils. p. 1 15. Ab'hasa.
vidascountries or languages ; the Te^un&eS&euirffui, s. Violated
lugu language, u^fifSi-^Q^carsi. Wils.
p. 114. Anii'hka. (p.)
@j&irurr&w, s. Concealment of
*^g>it5 ]S iB & lo s. Viscera, gji_/f.
sentiment, attributing evident emotions
Wils. p. 114. Ahtrika. (Anal.)
to some cause different from the real
^iT^liflseS&JssemLD, s. Splanch
one. Wils. p. 698. Rasab'hasa. 2. Loss
of flavor, virtue, juice, (p.)
nology, or visceral science,
^.ism^, s. An owl with large eyes, #^u/tl_lo j^uirsfiLD, s. Intro
duction, preface, proem, prologue, uisSim,
Wils. p. 115. Ab'hasua.
^iempssirpei), s. The screech
ing of owls, (^*sB^j_o/an* ; [tx
sireaffection for its mate which it
^urjvfoti, adv. From foot to head, all, the
calls.] 2. Augury by the screech of
Whole, B-4'&}QriK}&iyzxsrib3reuaierird(F^. (p.)
the OWl, jftkecpglii, (p.)
ir ssr ih, s. A tavern, liquor^ieta^sSyHI\ s. An owl's look. 2.
shop, icfftsxi-. Wils. p. 114. Apana.
Eyes like an owl's.
*^>j)mQjgtr<3i?l, s. A tune, epiflzrraw. *^j/i3 tia, s. A village of herdsmen,
QaH-uiQtfl. Wils. p. 116. AB'HEERA. (p.)
(p.) 2. [prow.] A kind of palankeen, *^iil6ZTih, s. A cow's udder, u
SsSnmj. ; [c.r ^(,aC0W, el iJarii, fat.] WUs.
*^udEti^usma, s. A river, gj
p. 114. Apeena. 2. (p.) A street of
j>. Wils. p. 114. Ataoa. (p.)
sculptors, %>u?S).
*<j^ u & S3) 5= su sir, s. One of the *^(Suir^ei!rLBy s. Swallowing up,
eight demigods, jyii_/.A**CW(y/sjr. (p.)
drinking from the palm of the hand as
*^/_/33jrti, . A bazaar, market, a
Agastiar is said to have swallowed the
sea, SQfiifi*.
[in 7omj7] ; [ex ^b,
^SunfenrwuemenBr, inf. To de
e< uot, to trade, deal, &c] Wils. p. 114.
Ar-As'a. (p.)
vour, swallow.
^ul-j, s. A wedge used in splitting
palmyra rafters, &c, iL7<btSa*<smiijLi. (e.)
market, any thing belonging to a bazaar,
*oi_?a. 2. Ware for sale in a bazaar,
^uOusstl/, s. The cuneiform
bone. (Anat.)

S3Jr<S(3j, s. The castor plant,

criri_!i, Kicinus and jatropha, L.
oj>jg:,s. The seed of the castor plant.
^LD653T(5<E(5?ei;, s. The bunch
or spike of the shrub called Palma
^ ld em sQsemQemib, s. Castor
oil, Bicinus communis.
smLirTLoemag}, s. An angular
leaved shrub whose nut is used in me
dicine, Jatropha curcas, L.
upiaSmiTLDemsQ, s. A tree of
the species Carica papaya, L.
aeSluj/Tu>ema(3j, s. A small castor
plant, Jatropha glauca, L.
w tea iu n to em a gj , s. The coral
tree, Jatropha multifida.
Qurrnuiem&(8j, s. The smoothfruited Palma Christi, Kicinus inermis, L.
& l-go rr mem&
s. A variety of
the same.
Lje\)60irwemd(8j, s. A grass, Melanthium indicum, L.
Q3 a Gu rrlc em & (5 , s. The reddish
variety of the castor plant.
& p (ttf ld em s g;, s. A plant from
which the castor oil is extracted, Ki
cinus communis, L.
*^u>Lh, s. Rawness, state of being
un-dressed, un-ripe or un-annealed, u
Cei*uOuji.i?mo. (p.) 2. A kind of disease,
Oij. Wils. p. 116. Ama.
^lds em ii, s. Diarrhoea,
earevil s. A fit of apoplexy
in children, caused by ^w^rti.
^LD&jrnpfith, s. Raw or un-dressed
articles of food, presented to the officiat
ing brahman, at the annual ceremony,
for the dead, (p.)
^j>LDjTLDi s. A certain fever in
^jic@?6w, s. One of the
arthritic disease.
^lcujlo, s. Disease, Gistruj; [ex
^ic, sickness, et m, from mr, to obtain.]
Wils. p. 116. Amata.
^lo//?, s. A word, eurrrrjiBsip. (p.)
*^j)LCsecsLo, s. A kind of tree, the
Qs&ei, Phyllanthus emblica, including
three species. 2. Crystal, ufie<g. Wils.
p. 116. Amalaka. fp.)
MrflwriowfibGurej&makGisor. X Saw it 8S
clearly as the transparent Q**t*S fruit in
my hand.
^ld.t, s. The wild ox or cow, the
gayal or bos grunniens, whose lick is sup
posed to cause death,
( p.)
^LDTQsirerTiT, s. The flower of
gall-nut, Q*iiiiy, Terminalia chebula.
eg^LLir&iULh, s. [in physiology ] The
stomachas the receptacle of food tak
en, gjaorijenu ; [ex ^mii, hardness of the
fseces, et <g*cj<i, receptacle.] Wils. p. 116.

^ lo rr 3 aj rr^ u> itpjgj srrr, s.
jQtiiGuirQeo. Agreeably to, pos
s. A deceitful fabrica
sibly, perhaps.
tion, used with uiu*iiQ. 2. The totaV
[com. jfu*AS)ji.] Kings' ministers, councillors, mtfifta. Wils. p. 116. Amatya.
extent of land in a district, (c.)
LD6ssr^sis)iEi&il.is/., s. A clod.
2. Physicians, doctors, m*t$vt. (p.)
& s r-Lu.rrs> uQ u
inf. To
^LDOffO, s. The water-lily includ
*^lBt to, s. The mango tree, wrr
utter a falsehood so as to deteriorate
ing two kinds,
; viz. : Q*//rtou,
one's character.
wm, Mangifera indica, L. Wils. p. 171.
the red lilyand Qmiaembuii, the white
Amiu. 2. Sourness,
water-lily, Nymphrea alba. L. the globe
^tLidsrrneisr, s. A tax-gatherer, a
^lSjOld ^iBeSsns, . Acidity,
amaranth. 2. The bamboo tree, ao>8
custom-house officer, a publican, *n*-imii
oj. 3. A species of wind-instrument, a
sourness, iy*uiy. 2. The tamarind tree,
lyrfiiurj. Wils. p. 117. Amila and Am^ujppeow^lupgieiD/D, s. A cus
4. A hunter's horn, nr^i0*riq. 5. An
LIKA. (p.)
tom-house, or place where toll is paid.
elephant, artzr. 6. Toddy, *. 7. Tunes
*^ Ops ih, s. Prologue, proem,
played on the reed-pipe, usd*. 8. The
^ujipir, inf. To pay toll or duty.
moon, *>rar. 9. Affliction, garuit. 10. A
prelude, commencement, ^niuii. Wils.
^lutieurriws, inf. To take toll.
number, gjOrtob-. 11. Praise,
12. Ar
p. 116. Amlkha.
rangement, order, ga>. (p.)
^ujQpibairGijeti&sr, a. Kuvera, (5
^?Lpso,T&! Tih, adv. From root
Qusdsr. (p.)
to stemthe whole, ffrr0^ri_jS^<eflmiiii; .jj^iitS, s. A mushroom, srrerrrrek.
2. Sound, sot. 3. A basket for irrigation, * g{ iu ear lc, , s. A year, euqrjL-w.
[ex gpmi, root, e< jy*firii, top, point.]
fflsop_eo^. (p.)
Wils. p. 973. Hayana. (p.)
^j33)ld, s. A turtle, tortoise, s^Aldw,
s. A name of Dhri- ^tuesr, s. A cow-keeper, one of the
Testudo gracca, L. 2. A kind of disease,
tarashtra, )/ljsmiif-ir. 2. A name of
cow -herd caste, jSJaoi-iutSr. 2. A name of
Skanda, jfL/LSjioxoBiudr. Wils. p. 117. A.MKristna, as a herdsmanthe ninth incar
^soLcdaeJ, s. A hexangular brick,
nation of Vishnu, EeT<i>.OTar. (p.)
or stone for flooring.
i3 iu li, *. Mercury, @j,#io.
^turrurriy.^liiuurruf., s. A Vil
.gaoifluyi-L, s. Padlock, eprreu
(AA. .Die.)
lage of shepherds. 2. A name of the
town where Vishnu, in his Kristna
^gsmujLDi?-, 5. A small, close udder d^<_bLS?ir/i, . Sourness, acidity, qafl
avatar, was concealed and bred up. ( p.)
yielding much milk, S)j*-..%.
"V. 2. A sour species of mango tree,
s. A shepherd's horn.
umoriig am u> iu rr tjp, s. A kind of lute,
s. Fatigue, weariness,
^sauiQiurr, s. A tortoise-shell. ^titSsOti, s. Sourness, acidity, *^iu it <s=
faintness, lassitude, languor, weariness of
L/tfCiLi. 2. The tamarind tree, L/t&uiorii. 3.
^2lltp tit, s. Fragrancy, a good
mind, gj&rii^. Wils. p. 1 18. Ayasa. 2.
Toddy, *. (p.)
Dissatisfaction, displeasure, we-mew*. 3.
smell, perfume, mpstfa. 2. Joy, pleasure, ^th lj, s. A plant, srrtb^Qfrr^,
Kegret, g.**ih. (c.)
iSts'-cQi**! ; [ex <g, et a,e, to be pleased.]
Tragia involucrata, Z.. (A/. >\)
BoarQ<rt6&rasTg!w&&liur*tLrbS(5&G)pfir ? Do yOU
Wils. p. 117. Amoda. (p.)
feel displeased at what I said ?
^lc, s. Water, //f. 2. Moisture, ^ujLys^ti ^U3L^3J/, s. A thorny
shrub, (5>', Zizyphus glabrata. L.
rr & i < sr, inf. To be relieved
tgytuaa&rtrtA, s. A kind of fever,
after fatigue, to be refreshed.
^ti, *. One of the poetic exple
^turrerr, s. Mother, nurse, Q&e&eSp
tives, *i/sBu. 2. An expletive, jy~/*Sw.
f'ii. 2. Mother's mother, unit?.. (c.)
3. A termination of the first person plural, cgfytu <& a si), s. A kind of caustic
stone or mineral,
in verbs of both classes, 0*ra>uuusirts>wd
*^j)iurremih, s. Natural disposition,
<S$. 4. A termination of the plural of ^luaarreo, s. A prop to a wall, or
gtjo*giKru. Wils. p. 118. AYANA. (p.)
verbs embracing the first and second
roof of a house, <s^aAi. . 2. A staff or
person, Q-&uueil.(dp0aran<iUueBrenxi9<g$. 5. A
pole on which a palankeen, or similar jyuB, s. Mother, prriu. (c.)
contraction of
used to denote a quo
vehicle may rest, ^i(5Ai. (c.)
QuiflujrruS, s. The mother's elder
tationas Qui?-ja.ii, it is said "he is
great." 6. A contraction of the future ^ujaQSsirsti, s. The forked sticks
of 41, in the third person neuter. 7. A
on which the bamboo of an old fashioned
6?687-<6S)(ifi, s. The mother's younger
particle of assent, yes; it is often doubled
palankeen rests, or to which it is fastened,
4ji, written,
and contract
ed to
8. A particle of comparison, ojyiL/^ii, s. Length, extension, an <j^tt9j"ii>, s. A thousand, gQuemr. (c.)
5>r _iflf<yiYas jyAiwfej(5jcw/dr, a woman
^uS!issrreS,s. A milliped, a woodoblong figure, taii. (p.)
whose hair is black as darkness, (p.)
louse, ijttisi_ 2. A broom, #w_ijuii,
^uj^sSii, s. Preparation, readiness,
itfnb. We came.
promptness, ovarii, (c.)
urfa/ttfQuMSr,pa Quc5eoio. Greatness is
^uSiriiisesnresorar, s. Indra, j}is$
always humble.
^iu^jpadS(iFj<gr<Gir, s. One of the
vfgpid ftiQsQssfftgto. I and you went.
thirty-two kinds of arsenic in its natural
^uSiria s^Qnnesi -^iSnrki Qrremeisr
jj/T6Uto, . The season when
State, jy*63TLira**awifl.
4pSi$,Qsigi, s. The sunthe thousandfortune favors and all things prove
LDiresr ih, s. The vital parts,
( p.)
mMOaw. 2. A secret, @j*fioi4. (p.)
^>uSDiiisnihi&, s. A very produc
g/5,a;2ssrtiytc^Losn-Q/ii. As much ^i/jld, s. Gain, profit, income,
tive cocoa, or jack tree, (c.)
as possible.
revenue, ^jfi'^ib. Wils. p. 117. Aya. 2.
QuSnisnwek, s. Vishnu, e&iKSggu.
&y>rrjp, s. The proper manner of
Duty, custom, toll. *iio. 3. Dice, *^ir
doing a thing, <n<3QP*>p. (p.)
4. The cast of dice in a game. @^s*/Jti/i,,
julditear eu ear, s. A worthy, compe
5. An assembly of women, female attend * t^ufie iu u> jj^uSsv1, s. The ninth
ants on a lady, ur^is.u.i_ii. 6. A female
tent, respectable person, fip*^**. (c.)
of the lunar mansions, that in cancer, 4js
companion, Qfmfi. 7. Mother, jtrii. 8.
oSiuKii*. (p.)
jgthuu?-. In the manner which is
Bow-string, *. 9. A kind of drum,
agreeable to, or sufficient for.
u9 ec, s. The name of a large
u>Ai ;A 10. Length, extension, rfs* (p.)
g w q ^
. Good or suitable
^/4#**<?wuu/ij. A small gain in a
timber tree, yielding Cliittagong wood,
gitufw, Chickrassia tabularis. (p.)
advice, discrimination, cleverness, skill.
small traffic.

^ u9 em Lp , s. Choice ornaments, * ^ Co tu itps tbcf^Q uj ir<s ear tl>, s.

War, battle, Qutt. Wils. p. 1 18. Ayod'htSQaaifamraiaatb. 2. A woman, lady,
ana. 2. Army, Crier; [ex,g, e*/, to war.]
damsel, Ou*r ; [ex .gu, select, et fi)0,
ornament.] 3. The tip of a sickle, ^Hir
Sroft. (p.)
^[GturfiairQpsfiSilairtjfitGfiQQpgGurvj. Like
searching for arms before the battle.
^uSsarCotosBr?, s. An emerald, u&
s. Distress, suffering, eu(rrj@
fib. 2. Fineness, minuteness, &c.u<h. 3.
**gj/u-l it-/ e$ ili u> ^iL/eir, s.
Mother, niu. 4. The termination of the
[impr. <gi/.] Age, duration of life life
2d person singular, QpareHfaQiurQcom !<s,).
time, ipir. Wils. p. 118. AyCS.
^tif&rnr&ebr, s. Saturn, who, as the
QQpm, mQpehr, (Senear, ^"J,
god of life, fixes the age of man, *fl.
v. a. To select, choose, cull, Q^tfrQ^jQa*. 2.
To separate, garble, pick out the refuse
^ uy eS (5 @ (3^n/a//fjs^2sar, s.
as stones from rice, withered leaves
Longevity, long life.
from greens, &c, Sar*^Ji_ 3. To in
quire, investigate, examine, consider, re
^rrdsiriLj^, s. A long life.
flect, determine after investigation,
^ipuiriLjg!-, s. A short life.
(p.) 4. [prov.~] To gather, pluck, nip off,
^iLj&GQQfjpjsl, s. Iron-sand, a.Qeon
^uxQfirhrffurrffit^r (gsBT*rm/tsi*isSr. He
who docs a thing inconsiderately should
jP^ilj lL t_/T63r tb^iLjjijgrrssriit, s.
suffer loss.
[in a*t/W.] The eighth sign from that
ampQfififiQxixiiKiiigii. Selecting stones
which the moon occupied during the time
from the sand, represented as rice, by
of one's birth.
children in play. This is used for express
ing that a writing, &c. is full of blunders.
*^'Lj p tb, s. A weapon, arms in
SmwtlpLj&iGiriup&i. Picking grass out of
general, uom_a^uiA. Wils. p. 118. Aynpot-herbs, when boiled and dished.
d'ha. 2. (c.) A tool, implement, instru
ment *<jtS. 3. (p.) Dancing place,
^uu itO is eo, s. Rice uncleaned,
.gn/^f^ff&o, . An armory, arsenal.
^ijQp^Qiunn, s. The aged who
should be cared for. (p.)
^iLjpihjsiflds, inf. To bear arms,
to be armed.
^iLjiiiurrifiQfiesfl . s. The sage skilful
on the lyreNarada,
^iffiuueSpS, s. Military exercise, the
^jjbikGlfin/T, s. Persons of knowledge
art of fencing, &c.
and research, r<?r. 2. Brahmans,
^iLj/guirassfl, s. An armed man,
one under arms, (p.)
^tliLDjs), 8. Intelligence, (p.)
.gii/^yaB^, s. An annual festival
^>iLwuS&)1 s. A beautiful pea-cock.
in September, when worship for nine
days is offered to different kinds of
^iLweo/r, s. Selected flower. 2.
weapons, tools, books, &c.as a per
Lotus-flower, (p.)
sonification of Durga, Lukshmi and
Sarasvati, the goddesses of war, wealth
guj, v. noun. Searching, selecting.
and learning; three days being appro
f>) m
priated to each, and no learning, or
^nbpeo, c. noun. Being nice, fine,
special exercise attended to, during this
time, ririj&A.
subtle, minute, guLuuxiuij utt^ii. 2.
Silent contemplation of the deity, put
^i^s&isoa, s. The two kinds of
weapons ; viz. : 1. missiles, j/jfirib. 2.
Those held in the hand, r^rii.
gj dj a/, v. noun. Investigation,
examination, attention, &c, ,girii#8.(p.)
^nj^euQ^dsii, s. Armor in gene
ral, different kinds of arms, panoply.
^ ili & a), s. [prov.~] A turn, a
*^j>iLj QTj Q ev p tb^ iLj ewGlev pli>,
heat, an impulse, a bout, gp*^for ^a>f
. One of the four cuGaijsih, that which
^ijfeeeriu&feiirLi uMsnfiQuiiStpff. It rains
teaches medicine, .uC.^^)Qufdij>. 2.
shower after shower.
The medical art, pharmacy, ac^fi^ii.
o't-t ^ihteeSGw. In the heat or velocity
Wils. p. 118. Ayurveda, (p.)
of (his) coming.
^y -njQiL'itrra&egf), s. A kind of
fire used in preparing medicines, which ^iu&Q, s. [prov.~] Mother, pntb. 2.
consists of three kinds; viz.: 1. &ur*i
Cp.) A female of the herdsmen tribe,
on, flame of a lamp. 2. jsurA6W, fire
glowing as the lotus flower. 3. n_r*
Ssitf, immoderate fire, (p.)
^jrii>, . The letter Jo, so called
^u-isirQeujSujir, s. Physicians, doc
from the indistinctness of its sound, or
from the peculiarity and minuteness of
tors, medical practitioners, e>i^.ffW.(p.)
its form. It is chiefly a consonant, but
^(ouj/raii, s. Offering of flowers
sometimes occurs as a vowel; yet it cannot
and perfumes in worship, jf#*fa-. Wils.
be confounded with another letter, gaUSlai.
p. 118. Ayoga. (p.)

jQiiips^jriiaaixi, s. A contracted
sound of the letter Aas in the words,
m&fgi and <&&m.g, formed from
and opetjSgi.
^djpuLfeireifl, s. The letter <?o.
*^j-<5ii>, *. A divisor, ffiLfQtuesr.
Wils. p. 973. Haraka. 2. The denomin
ator of a fraction, ^ni.
jvi7"*/i>, *. Blood, @j^ti. (p.)
A_(_ti> ^jj-^sold, s. Brass,
iSfoi*. Wils. p. 1 18. Arakooda; [ex ^i,
what goes, et
a heap composed of
^TSSiii, s. The wood of a supe
rior kind of sandal tree, j(fiii*Lii_
(Af. Vic.)
A tree, Q*fr>pajrii, Cassia fistula, L.
Wils. p. 118. Araqvad'ua. and p. 119.
Ahovad'ha. (p.~)
* jQa-sssru), s. Sacred writings of
the Hindusthe vedas, Qmfii. 2. The
sacred or mystic part of the vedas, <?>i<4
g\ar$jieruw*>s. 3. One of the thirty-two
auspicious words that may begin the first
verse in a treatise, Qjiui/MgAuCairiiaraai
QimiiS. (p.)
^xesisteijnem/r, s. Brahmans, unfru
utt. (p.)
^ a em ear , s. Brahma, iSljweir.
2. A brahman, uiiuuiA. 3. Siva, fiar.
4. Vishnu, Ji^Sgpj. (p.)
^rretzr), s. Parvati, unnoifil. 2.
Kali, *. Cp.)
**g>j)!res& uj to^ t asrr eanFI iu to , s.
i'orest, jungle, S. Wils. p. 118. Aran'va. (p.)
^ sr p to, *. [prov.] Food purely
cooked, according to Hindu notions, with
out flesh, eggs, &c, Affuarii.
^ir^ss/jS, s. Curries of vegetables
only without fish, &c.
^apwndjf&rruiSli, inf. To eat,
or feed on pure food.
*^zrP, s. Waving lights before an
image, dni-r ^jum^QftOrp. Wils. p. 118.
Arati. 2. A kind of offering made to pre
vent the effects of the evil eye, A'Afi.
*,^zrto, s. A pearl, Qp$gi. 2. A
string or garland of pearls, qp>^uSw. 3.
The divisor in arithmetic, or denominator
of a fraction, ff(i.iJu**^. Wils p. 973.
Hara. 4. A breast-plateas an orna
ment, u,FiA 5. A flower-garland, ^wto.
6. A necklace, mrfrmfiaL-ib. 7. A string of
gems, j8-4Wu_ii. 8. An ornament, ^jur
mih. (p.) 9. The ring round the neck of
some doves, parrots, snakes,&c. ; variegated
or spotted parts in birds, &c, htqp?*$u
mpfiarsQffgiwii ; [ex A to seize the mind.]
10. [Wils. p. 1 18. Ara.] Brass,
Oxide of iron,
^uiheSQgikfiQeiB, s. The streaknecked parrot.
^neuiLD, 8. A string of pearls,
Qpt&ii-ib. (p.)

^tlc, a. The pendant membrane

on the under part of the neck of the goat,
&c, gLU_^r. 2. A kind of arrow, $tur
axrib. 3. A flower-garden, mt/sarmarii. 4.
tree, Bauhinia racemosa, L. 5.
The sandal tree, **garmrib. 6. The
tree, Eugenia, L. 7. The ffi_lw plant,
Justicia, L. (p.) 8. One of the thirty-two
kinds of native arsenic, j^re^uiafrmih.
^nwn'ieouussT, a. A king of the
Sola race who wears a wreath of
flowers of the ^rii tree, (p.)
*^JUiLJLh, a. Beginning, com
mencement of a thing, introduction, pre
lude, prologue, Qsn_*ii. 2. Preparation,
readiness, mt*m*; [ex ^j, et rii, to com
mence.] Wils. p. 119. Akamh'iia. (c.)
3. A great noise, CuOrroS.
^aw uvaser, s. A forward person,
one more ready to undertake, than pa
tient to execute, Q_4*4P*)frii%i}
Curer. 2, A boaster, blusterer,
g5T(i)L9, sQQpasr, pQpeisr, uQuesr,
**. e. a. To begin, commence, enter upon,
undertake, Q,wi_ij*. (c.) 2. To sound,
resoundas instrument, to roaras the
sea, .
^j-oOii, s. Hatred, enmity hosti
lity, Lir. (p.)
^tso, s. A kind of fish the lam
prey, 4fr*>i*ar. (c) 2. A plant,
3. (p.) Fire, Qsgijy. 4. The planet Mars,
G -i*-.v. 5. The third lunar mansion,
ni^aMiiar. 6. The wall of a garden, &c.
covered at top, uiffiAi.
^ira/ii, s. Sound, ^eS; [ex </is>,
et <s, to sound.] Wils. p. 1 19. Arava. (p.)
*^iT<sumrLoy a. Sound, a loud noise,
sounding of instruments, shouting, roar
ing, clamor, stir, bustle, QuQneS).
suitj ui,s. [prov.~\ Mirth, joviality,
jubilation, festivity, pomposity, osten
tation, ^<ihurth. (p.)
Gfi&tiGuQinrrnr&QfiiStirpar. The COCk
and hen birds are amorous.
^TGUiTrfl, QQtr>ek,pQpeisr, uQuesr,
v. n. To sound, clamor, roar, shout,
&C, i&MQ*leSix.
its eu iB ttj us, a. As jyj* tree,
Ficus religiosa, L.
ir /_L, @Qpesr, ^giriLuf-Qesreisr,
Cdr, 4jlLj_, v. a. (A contraction of ft
miffl.) To lull a child to sleep, ^rjii_.
itp'ttest , s. Temple-service, offer
ing flowers, &c before an idol, u*!br. 2.
Worship, adoration, divine service, tri
Wils. p. 119. Arad'hana.
^vnpfcstQfiiuj, inf. To worship,
adore, venerate.
JjfJ'f^, sQQpeer, pQp&r, uQuasr,
v. a. To worship by offering flowers,
&c, to adore,
^Tir^irS, g. [rai.] Prodigality,
extravagance, profusion, *tTrti*<ssnr<i. 2.
Lasciviousness, wantonness, g^i-^/^snb.
3. A prodigal, spendthrift, ^iu-i, (c.)
^rirpjaHtLifr^Tirp^iBiuir, a. A
sort of Saiva brahmans, who wear the
lingum on the breast, tSrsDrmiuuiiuuri.

cgjir/r^^iraflujiii, . Royal wealth,
great treasures, jyrjOur**i4. (p.)
*s^f)Tir^^!iftsLo, a. Waving lamps
at night before an image, <jjcur,i^iSai.
Wils. p. 119. Aratrika.
^TtruUji'BujLCi, a. [prov.] Very
rigid diet, *<$ibufi$utb. 2. A very trifling
thing, jyj6u(i.
^irff-LOLb, a. A grove, Cf/tSiso. 2.
A flower-garden, y*(?^fLLi_^ ; [ex <jji>, e<
ra, to please.] Wils. p. 119. Arama. (p.)
^j"/ruj, QQpeisT, liQpek, GenesT, g
rru, . o. To investigate, scrutinize, exa
mine, inquire, deliberate, contemplate,
explore, Cnfus. 2. To seek, seek for,
<?_ ; [ex ^f, et ^ii.]
*4ri_irrjioar<?m. Consider well, O my
^nirujih^urrnss, inf. To examine
well, search into, inquire after.
^nniLi9&, v. noun. Search, exami
nation, investigation, deliberation, Qn/s
to-. 2. [per*, noun."] [p/w.] A sheriff
or bailiff, one who has the command of
the inferior officers in a court or office,
a superintendent, ^Swur^.
^nntuG^airiLif&wes^y a. A
bell attached to a royal palace, rung by
those who seek for justice from the
.ggj/riua/, v. noun. Search, exami
nation, investigation. 2. Extensive
acquaintance with science and general
knowledge, jy*cr^/.
^irireo, a. A fish, ^neinfiesr.
Jfyifl, a. The name of the Sola
dynasty that formerly reigned in the
Carnatic, cj^bt. 2. Excellence, eminence,
ClflWTSDlO. (p.)
//?, s. Durga, ginsems. 2.
l'arvati, uti*>. (p.)
*^rfiiii>^/fls^LD, s. That which
is related, belonging to, or derived from
the Rishis,
2. One of
the eight forms of marriage, jy*i_<oB>jp
Qwrdrp. See icwi4. 3. The Vedas, Q*/nb.
Wils. p. 120. Arsiia. 4. Science, learn
ing, *&>S. 5. Moral, religious and judicial
knowledge, learning communicated by
Rishis, ^f*iDii; [ex rt*j3, a Rishi or sage.]
6. Worship, t*w. 7. Slippery ground,
IQftQlBQitb. (p.)
^/fl/_/f, s. The Jain as, swemif.
2. Rishis, g8(yij.*<5r. (p.)
u> s. One of the eighteen
codes of laws, p3t*t,->$,si$.<SK'tt.n, (p.)
^rfliuuuirsineu, s. A curious kind
of dance, a puppet-show, ^#us>*.^.
^fBtuuL^LcrrSso, s. Wife of Kattavarayan, *r^ifri/i*-iDtorcS. 2. A gay,
sprightly, wanton, young woman,
*^rf?ujii, s. The country extend
ing from the eastern to the western sea,
and bounded on the north and south by
the Hymalaya and Vindia mountains,
p'Ouii. 2. Beauty, ;
3. The San
scrit language, *io*B(5viio. 4. Wealth,
treasure, u*i_i4. (p.)

^iflujutSjitiinemrr, a. A class of
^ifliuQwiryS, a. A Sanscrit word.
tueuirrruL, a. A class of musical
modes, consisting of three varietiesa
sub-division of
^iB luQeusirnrQaireoeS, a. A class
of musical modes or tunesa sub-division
of Qr6f.
^/flujsar, a. A learned man, a
sage, jj^o)i_Ciutijr. 2. A guru or priest,
<ss. 3. A poet, 4u/Sr. 4. A superior,
Cunaidr. 5. A physician, eemfigtudi. 6.
An out-cast, an unclean stranger of a
foreign faith, iBQ*>*t<ir. 7. Eyanar, gpj&t.
8. The sun, oAueSr. 9. A buffoon, juggler,
Qfiiihusor. (p.)
^ifliuss^pgi, a. A curious kind
of dancing, with pole and ropes. See
Though it be a sight ever so alluring,
yet draw not your attention from your
*^f, ifl em iu , a. Parvati, unireugl.
Wils. p. 120. Parvati. 2. Durga,
ma. 3. Kali, swif). ( p.)
^iBaniup'iemLielsr, a. The son of
ParvatiBhairavan, ilj-n*-. (p.)
^ crab, /F6ter. 2. A hog,
u*S. 3. A pitcher,
Wils. p. 119.
*<gyiQF)apiis^/fa^ti, s. The re
ligion of the Jainas, gwexr^njii. Wils. p.
120. Arhata.
^(^s/Iit, a. The Jainas, finessrn.
Wils. p. 120. Arhata.
^QFjS p in, a. The tsneu&nii>snii,
Eugenia caryophyllifolia. (p.)
^(TjaKif?, s. One of the thirty-two
Upanishat, *jua6t-fit&Q&tirsi. (p.)
*-#<25^<'3!n/r#^res>/r> * The
sixth asterism, ^cri^aw*. Wils. p.
120. Ardra. (p.)
*^QfjU3;Lh, a. Brass, lS^Sstt. Cp.)
*^(gL/tSiijLo, *. Lead ore, eL//s;
^q^&jth, a. Water, (f/f, Cp.^
^ijrjtii, a. Rising, the state of
being risen or having ascended, <tjkx.
Wils. p. 119. Arood'ha. (p.) 2. The point
in reference to the zodiac, where a person
stands to consult the astrologeror the
sign designated by that, mentioned at the
timeone of the three parts in divination
made by astrologers. See
^{rrjiwuirrrds, inf. To foretell,
to divine by the aspect of the planets
and the signs of the zodiac, in reference
to the place where the person stands;
also by consulting the five kinds of
birds, according to the rules of augury.
^ /_ ear, a. One in a religion
who has retired from the world, ^
glpGpfiarmidr. (p.)
sq^l. ir(VjL-eir, a. Vishnu riding
on a hawk, (p.)

Qjnit(gibG*ic&. One armed with a
dart emitting splendid rays.
ii$.&&cwbusicju4Q*<3:tKi&. She passed on,
her ankle rings resounding.
u&rairL-ili<2mif.tmnitfleT. He shouted SO
loud as to burst even the surrounding
globes. (rr.)
^irpjieo, v. noun. Dressing, ^gyessfl
,Ai. 2. Sounding, soS/jsAi. 3. Binding,
lLl.&. 4. Fighting, Qur@#<i.
g<rij(-/, v. noun. A loud noise,
roaring, clamor, GuQir*s. 2. Laughter,
hearty laughing, neighing, StuL). 3.
A battle, Quit. 4. A tie, bandage,
xcJS. (p.) 5. [prou.] A small particle
of a broken thorn, &c. fonnd in ulcers,

jgarprrgFjiehr, s. One riding on a jjj/f, . Fulness, completion, density,

4**pi. 2. Sharpness, pointedness, *Umn.
chariot, (p.)
3. Lightness, lustre, 6plendor,
gfriurr&L-ebr, s. Siva riding on
The bars passing through the five floors
a bull, (p.)
of the car,
5. A kind of tree,
^^iioni. 6. The spokes of a wheel, /*
^^juiri, . Disagreement, epeueun
i^if&j. 7. Syrup from sugar, ur<g. 8.
mm. 2. Continuance,
Delicateness, ji*uj. 9. A tree, Qmarmp,
^sb)/t, . A kind of water-plant,
Cassia, L. 10. The earth,
11. The
axle-tree hole, miskn^uimitii. (p.)
the leaves of which are eaten, iirax,
^snxve&gutnummfiiitb. The five delicate
Marsilea quadrifolia, L. 2. A surround
members of the turtle, which it projects
ing wall, lap*). 3. A mat made of grass
out of its shell.
or rushes, i/purG. ( p.)
Lj&flujiTvDir, s. A medicinal plant,
^ffifirisGsrstr, *. Qrrydr, who Uses gar
Oxalis corniculata, L.
lands of flowers of
QjeoeoiremiT, s. A medicinal plant,
third per
Hydrocotyle asiatica, L.
<gpxmS&tCiLi. The neighing of horses.
Q&Gueurresiir, s. A four-leafed plant
Mi_/As*S<gPas i*fi't, they came. Also ^/f,5), s. Long pepper, fstuiSeS.
of a red color, found on hills,
honorific for the singular, as *i*/ni. 2. It ^iraeQ, s. The sea, ocean, stio.
is sometimes affixed to a noun, as an ad
evperrneo /r, s. A plant on dry soils,
2. (fig.) Rain, may), (p.)
ditional termination, $<sw1sBrn<ui0jft*x~sn&i
used for fodder ; [ex
pff6Q*B&MtiuiiisBias p&t'ju^B, father; ^/fLb, s. Blood, glj^sii.
*cgjlQ> irirsGtssTLb, s. Ascension, er(y>
Afiuti, mother ;
the god of death.
(p.) 2. [prop.] Profit, ofuii.
*&. 2. Rising, s)>*>*. 3. Step or flight
^/r(^, s. A species of shell-fish of
of steps, a stair-case, stone-steps, *puu..
*-, ^r, v. n. To become full, complete,
Wils. p. 119. Anonan'A. 4. An inclined
the cockle kind, *ufr.
entire, crowded, to abound, fimpiu. 2. To ^,Tisj),
roof, firit migrin, (p.)
s. A band, bandage, slL
abide, stay, fii>*. 3. To join, belong to,
^Qsrirmesiiragl, s. Sounding the
Quiasmf. 4. v. a. To eat, drink, take food,
0. fp.) 2. [prov.] The Bhred of a palmleaf, taken off lengthwise, /ni_.
ijui_ 5. To suffer, enjoy, experience,
lute from the lowest note to the highest.
receive the fruit of actions, performed in **iyiir&&eisrLci^n-^^Bosr ^/f<s=ffi
2. Rising up, upward passage, &c.
former births, Sfenjuiugj(*r. (p.)
^jCjffjsswdFjii), s. The singing
fii, s. Acquisition, accumulation, vibuwf
jg/tkfmrbgiGiti:. Be expeditious but with
of the gamut from the lowest note to
caution; i. e. let not your haste out-run
the highest.
your wit.
s. Acquisition of wealth.
#a>inurgwQwpu. O! king of the hills
*jy(s>!rira&tULD, s. \_priv. ^g,iw, et
covered by the bamboos.
L9^/T/T/f^#3sar, . Patrimony.
<stg, to be sick.] Return of health, salu
gJ^/f, . Abundant sorrow, tSI
brity, freedom from disease, Qra*Q<uw.
^it&&&&, inf. To acquire, ac
2. Wholesomeness, safety, comfort, m<5tfi
cumulate, fiiutfits.
iSaratm. 3. Soundness, safeness, right,
^jQ^ar, s. Full grace, perfect ^it^iuld, s. The ^{npasp plant,
Wils. p. 119. Arogya.
Alpinia galanga, L.
"^(oTiruassnh, s. Elevating, plac
.s^/uo, s. The sign cancer of the j^/f pputii, s.
The menstrual
zodiac, *psist2ti9. 2. A crab, *rQ;
ing in or on vppms. Wils. p. 119.
discharge, monthly evacuation, catamenia,
[ex ^f, abiding, et
moonthe sign
Aropan'a. (p.)
testf,i$.<S>. Wils. p. 119. Arttava.
deemed peculiar to the moon.]
jpeu&nQrnruesnrLD, s. The hoisting
enndsngeunujinr, adv. With open ^/r-jspir, s. Distressed persons, the
of a flag.
mouth, mouthfully.
afflicted, the poor, gixspGvti. 2. The
^(oj-irijii, *. Mistaking one thing
Qm^sitnujearpirjr, adv. With
great, the wise, the exalted in spiritual
for another, f?arvr>pu>pQ@dr(3u0*aiS ; [ex ^7,
attainments, vrarGgl. (p.)
willingness, readily.
et <s*, to mount.] Wils. p. 1 19. Aropa.
a ear <otji sr d a it ear, inf. To see *^irp>d, s. Pain, affliction, sorrow,
* ^ Gj t it i_9, d 8Qp ear, pQpetsr, uQur,
fforuib. Wils. p. 119. Arttt. 2. Desire,
clearlyas an eye-witness.
enjoyment or suffering, experience, exer
**, v. a. To lay or place upon another,
sirpirnaQaiLs, inf. To hear with
cise of the mental or bodily faculties, jjap
impute, attribute, ascribe to one thing
ui4. 3. One of the five feminine forms
the qualities of another, rrifif. 2. To
emaiutnr, adv. With full, open hands,
of Siva, corresponding to jy(7wr>p. 4.
accuse falsely, Quriutuiaj*(gppm5*tpp.
with a prompt hand.
The end of a bow, Sjf>a>>*. (p. J
*^(?j"/rt5(!sti, s. That which is at
it a/, c. noun. Fulness, abun
QiCiuq-iutipffiijuiGirQiai? Can I thus suf
tributed or ascribed, deposited, ^GtitlA*i
dance, ifisnpef. 2. Eating, feeding, 4u4.
fer? [vul. ^4^.]
uiLu.g. Wils. p. 119. ARoriTA. 2. Lay
3. Drinking, (sif-taos. 4. Investigation, ^/f^^j-dELD, s. Ginger in the uning, attributing a false charge against one,
.grtiu^Ai. (p.)
dried state, 5).g, Zingiber officinalis.
^/f, d@Qpesr, pQpetsr, uQu6bt,
Wils. p. 120. Ardraka.
^/f. Who, the interrogative pronoun
v. a. To fill, iBxptx. 2. To bind, tie, ^/f/j^ti, s. A beetle, a/ sir. 2.
common to both numbers and all persons,
3. To put on clothes, jewels, &c,
in the rational class, though properly the
jjafiiu. 4. To cause to join, unite, knit,
third person pluralcontracted from utmi
Quwgfp. 5. To give food, smCi 6. To ^iruuifl) dQQpesr, pQ^esr, il(?ueSr,
or vtt. (c.)
war, fight, join battle, Qucr. 7. v. n. To
**, v. n. To shout, exclaim, cry out for
iutil Who art thou?
sound, resound, roar as the sea, as thunder,
joy, huzza, ^rirtitx. 2. To roar as the
j>r/? Who is he?Note. When tuh
sea, clamor as opposing armies, resound
is added to ^f, it implies all, and with
as drums or other instruments; to vocife
a negative, noneas mrgii, all; <ur<yuSAjjj,
object of desire.
rate, roar as beasts, clamor,
^ffffJanri^Qur*. To go in great eager
no onealso when it is doubled, it is
used distributivelyas ^ir^t^m QnQfi
ness, anxiety, with shouts of joy, victory, ^irssiLDf s. Keenness, sharpness,
prer? To whom did he give?
*Ja>io. 2. Wall, ioS)<S>. (p.)

^r sulci, s. Desire, pleasure, grati *gj,so eu lL l_ th, s. A circular form

fication, J-yuuio. 2. Affection, love, jy^rty.
made of cloth, roots or palm-leaves, carried
3. Sound, gsS. 4. Hell, ro*. 5. Clotli,
to decorate processions, also before great
persons, *iiQ#ij/iit-ifl. 2. (;<.) A small
fan, ?S.
^freuQLDiTLfi, . A figure in rheto
&p(nf&ieuLLiiii, a. A small circu
ric(in expression of love, affection, &c.
lar fan. ( p.)
^rsuscsbr, s. A kind or affectionate
person, j/^qsmiurar. 2. A friend, lover, *^j/xsvTscu>, s. A trench for water,
ftC.iA. 3. A husband, *w<*sr. (p.)
round the foot of a tree, miif^put^.
Wils. p. 121. Alavala. 2. A corn-tield,
w* t(3, s. The name of a place
3. Garden beds, or plats made
sacred to Siva, &!8i<ivf*>&.
with ridges round them, so as to contain
water, Stgurjgi. (p.)
*^scSiuiis, s.
Idleness, slothfulness, apathy, laziness, a tardy disposition, ^sdr, s. A large water-bird, the
G*tx>u&i. Wits. p. 121. Alasta. 2. Delay,
white-headed sea-eagle, giucR. (c.)
tarrying, postponement,
s. Hail, hail-stones,
^sclo, s. Water, Sit. 2. Rain,
water, et
<3>ip. 3. A blossom, a blown flower, maifr
nective, et
congelation.] (e.J
A battle-axe, ia>. 5. The banian
tree which throws down roots from the *^j>si>T^Lh, s. A fire-brand, Qibq^u
branches, ^nurii. 6. Lead, *uib. 7. Power
ijiO44 Wils. p. 121. Alata.
ful poisonas of serpents, LwiiJerg*. 8.
^ e\i it p rQ , s. [in poetry, sometime*
A quiver, j^a*-. (p.)
gjoU<iari_6Br, s. Siva in whose
coutr. to
The ceremony of wav
ing lighted camphor, to avert the blight
throat remains the poison vomited by
of the eyes of unlucky persons, on mar
>8. (/>.)
riage or other special occasions ; also in
^si)ff6\)ii, s. Poison, strong ani
front of the idol, after the procession, be
mal poison, the poison ejected by
fore it is taken into the temple. The
snakes, Si_*>. Wils. p. 373. Halauala.
term is applied both to the light, &c
waved, and the wavingas ^rfi.
^t)aQaiu$-#&, s. Orpiment, or
^t<?dnpglatril.i , inf. To wave the
an arsenic in its natural state,
above offering.
^eeQpaatQajneisr, s. Blue vitriol,
^eonpglppiL, s. The salver in
which the ^r^fi is waved. 2. One of
gj eo ap as G? z_ n ear, s. Siva who
the decks in a ship.
swallowed the poison of the serpent
np $ Q uu ( s s, inf. To take
Vasuki, which it disgorged into the
sea of milk, (p.)
lighted camphor, &c. before the idol
and wave it round; also before a new^eoainiL, s. The city of Madura
married couple, &c.
as encircled by a coiled serjK'nt
* ^sV.tu lis^sCTueirth, s. Con
whose mouth and tail are joined,
versation, speaking, *iiuiJia. Wils. p.
121. Alapa and Ala tana.
g si) q9 (5 lL & w, s. [iniprop. ^eoir
w8r*;c.*ib ] The banian tree,
jqs$tl9, dQQpesr, pQpebr, uQu&r,
Ficus indica. 2. (Jiy.) Any large tree,
*, v. a. To raise a tune, &c, (j).lL_.
2. To speak, utter. Cut. (ji.)
^Ji'(jjt_/(i, s. A prop, support, up
8. PoisOll, I5@&. Wils.
j,*t?cni. 2. An asylum, a refuge, jy<_*
p. 973. Halahala. 2. A bat, Qrr*.
3. A perpendicular. \jiiui ; [ex Mp,
et wiJ. to go.] Wils. p. 120. Alamba.
^ii'i/jLo, s. An abode, asylum, a ^ffO/raz/f^dSti, s. A fan made of
cloth, gsviii^i_ii. Wils. p. 121. Alavartta.
residence, receptacle, ^icsA-ii. 2. A tem
ple, place of worship, church, <7n>*. 3. *^sc/r earth, s. [in Tarn, ^etrnesrih.]
A brahman's residence, Jruwsvt/io. 4. A
The post to which an elephant is tied,
Wils. p. 121. Alaya. 5. An
vjitessCSiipfl. 2. A rope or string, muSh.
elephant's stall, a shed in which to keep
3. A rope to tie an elephant, iuiterLL
elephants, t/r5ars-i_ii>. (/>.)
j*iSj. 4. Tying, binding, ilG)m. Wils.
^suaj//ailt_, inf. To build or
p. 121. Alana.
erect a temple.
s. Rain-drops, utetsiLppg/eirl.
^eoiuwuQp^iuiTiTds, inf. To re
ioai. 3. Hail, ^suhoilLij.. 4.
pair a temple.
Wind, aij>s>. 5. Toddy or fermented li
auffsuiuii), s. A temple or pagoda
quor, dr. 6. Nectar, ambrosia, jyoPjji.
of Siva.
Qpaiir&snjixi, s. A heathen temple. *^siS/ ^s)^, A woman's female
2. [in christ. hsjk] The temple of
friend, <?,ar9. 2. A scorpion, C>ct-. 3. A bee,
Jerusalem, a synagogue.
Gjiet. 4. A row, range, a continuous line,
jysOoVti, s. A garment given by the
<3>fi_i*ft. 5. A ridge or mound of earth,
crossing ditches, dividing fields, &c, wtby.
bride-groom, to the bride, at the time of
marriage, s^vnp. (/>.)
Wils. p. 121. All

*^s9, &QQpeisr,pQjiGisr, uQugsi, ss,

v. n. To be joyous, cheerful, *c04. (p.)
egftSAc^ux^ssawi m/eiplKrp-i\>bl. Cllillumbrum where brahmans rejoice. (^aiju*nf
*^ g9 mi & ear ti, $. An embrace,
embracing, 0<yif<m. 2. Copulation, the
conjugal embrace,
Wils. p. 121.
Alinoana. (p.)
^sSih^esruj u sour sum, inf. To em
*^s6 L_ti, s. One of the four
positions of archers, jyiiQuajffa/trA^^rfiVu
*fiiraOcjrj. Wils. p. 121. ALKED'ilA.
A pitcher, a small waterjar, /<*i_ii. Wils. p. 121. Alu.
<^J), &Qpsir, ^ebrQpehr, Qsuebt, ^<w,
v. n. To dance, play,
2. To sound,
make a noise, geS**. 3. To become com
plete, iSsmpa. (p.)
^ 60 6U, p. noun. Waving, danc
ingas a snake its head, ^S>*<. 2.
Sounding, making a noise, shrieking,
gsvS&fleu. 3. Crying, or screaming as a
peacock, muS^gr*). (p.)
* ^Qsiisssrih, s. Writing, paint
ing, ttQggaiM. Wils. p. 121. Alekiiana.
^&0, 8. A press for pressing sugar
cane, &c., siswurlu. 2. (p.) Vinous or
spirituous liquor, *r. 3. C/mlJ Oppres
sion, affliction, c.u->iii.
^ivn5w w.Tgic3 AfflQijenuLjy^jrrAi5ff. The
flower of the <yu>u tree is sugar, where
there is no sugar-cane-press; i. e. a person
of mean abilities is esteemed in those
places, where men of superior talents are
^evuntuped, v. noun. Working
at the sugar-cane-press. (/>.) 2. (c.)
Being undecided, vacillating,
^Jaiuajr/ii. The sound of working
at the sugar-cane-press. (Qe&o.)
^eciMiTleti, s. Trouble, vexation,
^?6uujitlLl. , inf. To press sugar
cane in the mill, to express juice in
the sugar-cane-press.
^ (o go t <e ii)^ (? s\) /r s ear lis , .
Sight, urf<. 2. Light, Jranx. 3. Flattery,
Wils. p. 121. Aloka
and Alokana.
so its sir, s. An intelligent man,
Qfiftiifimiar. (p.)
^Ssilirff&ir, s. Sight, seeing, <s/r
cS. Wils. p. 121. Ai.ociiana. 2. Counsel,
consultation, <?hj#!. 3. Delilieration,
reflection, consideration, SimfiiiLi. 4. (Jig.
usai/c.) Advice, ij/ipi.
^j)Qeoirs'2esTQffiTei>ei, inf. To give
counsel, advice.
go a & Vest s sitsppnn, s. The
privy council of a king, &c.
^Gso/T#2s!>rL/6!ar6oB7, inf. To take
counsel, to consult.
j^QgOit S3, &@QpGsr,pQebr, uQuesr,
*, p. a. To take counsel, consult, deli
berate in assembly, Qui9*m. 2. To deli
berate, consider, reflect, think,

* jyfosorrsOLD, s. Trembling, agi

tation, Jtutnrli. Wils. p. 122. Al.OLA. 2.
Whooping, calling, &c., to drive away
birds, 4i<7OT#M. 3. The sound of water
when running, or poured, #Qd> ; [ex ^j,
et (Jaifsu, shaking.] (/>.)
*^j)rvsoireSiSLh, s. Desire, joy, iSfi
luii ; [ex ,g, et QaroSfi, wishing.] (/<.)
^Qeo rreSpQp s ti>, s. A counte
nance blooming with joy.
^rnQsOirsk, s. The moon, ffi^nesr.
c^so, s. That species of banian tree
which casts roots from its branches
deemed sacred to Vishnu, and commonly
regarded as the abode of goblins. Its
roots form one of the kinds of sacrificial
Ficus indica, L. (c.)
Qurpapp Qp&urio6j . v; l "
May you
flourish as a banian tree, put forth roots
and spread as the creeping stems of the
arngu grass, and prosper being encircled
by kinsmen as thickly crowded bamboos.
^60tc(f<si_Q/sfr, s. Siva, &eueisr. (p.)
^eoihsflfzpgj, s. The roots grow
ing down from the branches of the ba
nian tree.
^eSekQiDpi^eog^^eSl or neogirifl,
*. A mistletoe that destroys the tree
on which it grows, even the
otherwise is never known to die, as it
throws down its roots and continues to
spread itself.
aeosoneo (gjpieutreo )jb(n?eo, s.
The /*,S> tree, Ficus virens. ( p.)
The chief form of the third
case, or instrumental ablativeimplying
cause, agency, instrumentality, express
ing^, by meantof, with, by wayqf, inconse
quence of, QfiargibGeJpjpmotj&Ll. 2. A poetic
expletive, usually annexed to the finite
verb, also to nouns, ,jy<r*j*Q*&i. 3. A form
of the subjunctive, joined to the gerund,
or in poetry, to the finite verb, expressing
if, cSZzrQutsiSfsgi. 4. An optative termi
nation expressing may, let, &c, tuBC*i*
S,3,S>. 5. A negative form of the opta
tiveas jysneu, don't weep. 6. A form of
affirmation, for yes, ^Ovarii. This defi
nition, though given in Saturagarady and
Negundu, is not proved by examples. 7.
A form of the third case, expressing each,
even/, distributively. (p.)
fai/srAi. If you come.
ri_ujr>. It is a country, or one's na
tive land.
ssuBQwsgQfiaiQeutb. A temple in every
e/$g) luQjs.-riii. May you knowor know
know you what has happened.
iTOTeuQa/Liij.gjOT. lie cut with a sword.
jyrge<jr9Jii>&!r. A house built by the
^sOsutlL, s. The drying of a
thing in the sun, k-cimS). (c.)
Take (the grain,) when a little dry and
put it in the shade.
^ 0 si; rr lL , dot, ^sowm-Liy.
Qartir, Gaiar,
-ul , v. a. To dry a
little in the sun, dry to a proper degree
of temperature, G<$asriu*Qfuiu. (<.)

^sosy, 8. What is wide, broad or

extensive, j**imargi. (/>.)
* g^su ) iu a th , s. A necessary thing,
necessity, jfi4. Wils. p. 122. AvashTAKA.
^suaorzi), s. A bazaar or market,
sane-. 2. A bazaar-street, street in gene
3. The seventh lunar mansion,
L/airtyfii. 4. A deed or bond, opfi*9c<d. 5.
Right to property, -rts>. 6. A sign or
7. The inner part of a
car, in which the idol is placed, QpiQmiC
CiQurc56l>ut3u-tb. ( p.)
^a/6wfl, s. Augustthe month, rr
ami. (c.) 2. The twenty-third lunar man
sion, jySLli_*li ; [ex Siwmimrib, the asterism.] (p.)
^Gues&Qpeou), s. The nineteenth
lunar mansion of the month of August.
This day is considered as auspicious
for divine worship, among the Hindus.
^a/ssiflujsi9ili_ii, s. The twentythird lunar mansion of the month of
August. That day is considered by
Hindus, as appropriate for changing
the sacred thread.
^a/snFi/jio, s. A market-street,
that which belongs to a bazaar, &c See

e-G/j/f LoneueS, s. A row or line of

hair, growing down the bosom of females
described in poetry as an ornament.
Wils. p. 712. Bonavam.
^suaf?, <G?2>6ot, pQpm, uQuear,
**, v. n. To desire eagerly, long for,
yearn after, ,$**_r. 2. To weep, cry,
lament, 4uiiu. 3. [in Skandmn.~] To gape,
<2^-i-rSrft_. (p.)
i"p - L. f..i!.';/-:. The females wept.
^ sij so, s. Great desire, longing,
yearningas of a mother, for her absent
child, *->iAi. 2. Insatiable desire, hunger,
avarice, Inst, &c., craving, Currx#. 3.
Zeal, earnestness in a cause,
A bend, turn,
g en eo it, s. Friends, partisans,
those attached to one, *-p<s'. 2. Hus
bands, sesnmt, (/).)
^sueoirfd, s. [rit/.] Covetousness,
cupidity, avarice,
; [ex ^f), be
ginning, as of avarice, &c]
^jjsiifS, s. [prop.] Eagerness, intense
desire, earnestness, exigency, urgency,

J^sujSgii, s. [prop ^upgi.'] Distress,

affliction, sorrow, critical lime, gsfouit.

. \ .- - k ^ n . . 1 ~ a - 1 Oh ! who
can calculate the merit of the penance
performed by Kuravars ; i. e. it is incal
culably meritorious.
*^sujT<sesTLb, s. The deifying of an
image, causing the god to enter it by
incantations, &c, -v.
Wils. p. 122.
Avaiiana. (p.)
^lsu ita earw ueimeiZT, inf. To in
spire an image with its god.

^cuih, s. A quiver, case for arrows,

.syii^a*.. 2. A bowstring, mail. 3. A
tree, j<giooa-io. (/>.)
^sutsnySI, s. A quiver or arrowcase, .syiiL/Aas- ; [ex sruj or uSM, a
hollow thing.]
*^su j-sswLo, s. A shelter, screen,
covering, uxmputy. 2. A fort, GseCeni 3.
A wall, 10.0*1. 4. A cloth or garment, Sfcu.
5. A shield,
; [ex ^, et tey, to
screen.] Wils. p. 122. Avakan'a. (_p.)
^Lanresar&pJS, s. The power of il
lusionthat which veils the real nature
of things. Wils. p. 122. Avaran'aSIIAKTI.
^svifl, s. An arrow, jfutLj. (p.)
^su/r^tSLD, s. One of the seven
classes of clouds that which yields rain;
also one of the seven classes of rainy
clouds, sfoopQeSQartirg). (/.)
^ajffOti, s. Noise made with the
mouth in defiance, nntry4*. 2. An
enclosed garden, OmAiSw.
^ su eo iejQs it tit, inf. To make
a noise with the mouth, patting it at
the same time with the handa sign of
triumph, or defiance feigned to have
been the practice of demons, and con
sidered disgraceful to other races, and
inauspicious, isui^Bipput, (/>.)
^siiffOrJS, g. [proe.] A base slander,
infamous report, gipgpii.
^svsSI^ajarf], s. A row, range,
a continuous line, series, lineage, dynasty,
SCfibo ; [ex ^, ct emu, to move.] Wils.
p. 122. Avai.i. (p.)

^r<9iuf,j9Q/rC@Qfl<9<ir. He runs with

great eagerness.
^svrr. An expression of pity,
sttsfiuif. 2. An expression of surprise,

*s, V. a. The Same as ^wisesiiueirsxr. (p.)

* jQsu it & Lb , s. A house, eiF. Wils.
p. 122. Avasa. (/>.)
* egfysu itu ssi Lc, s. A loom, QiBiLieuarr
#0. 2. A reel for winding thread, ^*iebsx.
Wils. p. 122. Avai-ana.
^su it s> rr , s. Cassia auriculata.
The ^SrQif.. 2. The *um*.
^suiToOLh,s. A bat, Qaveireuneo. [p.)
it so Lh, s. A hollow for water
round the foot of a tree, u*p$estii.p<2si
cJiuur>p. Wils. p. 122. Avala.
^dJ, s. Life, spirit, soul, e_ttS/f.
2. A vowel, *-3QrQttg. 3. The breath
as emitted by opening the mouth, breath,
*a>rit, 4. Steam, vapor, exhalation, it
QoiQfwi^. 5. Smoke,
6. Smell, fra
grance, scent, odorgood or bad,
7. A pond, tank, 31110. 8. A sj)ecie8 of
meal-cake, (dressed in steam) JiLO. 9.
[in christian i/.vc] Ghost, spirit, jytyJ^ar^ji.
Qurdpp. Being exposed to the breath
of that masculine woman, his life was
^eSdQsrrQpdsLLetnL-, s. A su
perior kind of pastry, cooked in steam,

^ S. SU


jQs$@sunarii>y s. [prop, lunai&if ^Qsuir. A particle of admiration,

pity or distress, j^*aj8ri*Qjr*i. (p.)
>.] One's goodsbudy and life.
^o9 u/Suj, inf. To be exhaled ^Lpih, s. Depth, profundity, great
us steam from hot food, &c. 2. [prov.]
depth, abyss, ti<_A 2. Mature thought,
To expire, to die ; (lit.) the breath to
learning, discrimination, comprehensive
ness of mind, ^,\p*it*<5p&. 3. That which
cannot be easily understood, sifep'ftvgi.
^sSKeuirs, inf. To depart as the
life to die.
^lip(TlQ#rTfgla&, inf. To prove,
g9 eu ami s , in/. To take away
examine, examine one's depth of know
another's life, -Ji/r. 2. To take
ledge, &c
away one's strength, property, &c, like
^Lpinneijr&tTijpgi, s. Abstruse idea,
life. w3f. 3. To inhale, ampmpua
profundity of meaning, deep or profound
wisdom, sense.
ga9a9i_, in/. To die voluntarily
tyLpQptsmipisnpio. Comprehen
as on the funeral pile, in war, &c, to
destroy one's self, commit suicide.
siveness of languagebeing one of the
ten beauties of composition, ^!(;u^
^eaSaff?, inf. To spread as odors,
to become diffusedas an unpleasant
^ipihuirhaa, inf. To sound the
^sffsii, s. An awl, drill, giinblet,
depth of any place. 2. To sound or
sift one.
!cj-*-e. Wils. p. 123. Avit'ha.
^ySlujeiir, s. An impostor, deceiv
^jfiL/^cfti, s. The QunnQptLufer, one who conceals his opinion.
plant, l'avouia odorata.
^oSiuiis, s.
Spirit, life, bodily ^Lfiec, s. White ants, termites,
asnpiuear. (p.)
2. The body, receptacle of
^Lprrs(^, . A dry or liquid mea
the SOul, trffio. (J;*w*soi#.)
sure, the eighth of a ui., marked thus,
Qur&jt. Being reproved by the king, he
gyp or gpt ^j^isepuj^.. (c.)
became like one bereft of life.
s. A circle, euilu.w. 2. The
^sQiurr, s. Hunters, Qeuitr. 2.
discus weapon, ***im. 3. A ring, Cu>SW
Agriculturists, Geiarai. (p.)
4. A wheel, carriage-wheel, Opts**. 5.
A car, carriage, reirij_. G. The sea, the
^ afl t ti, s. A village or town of
great deep, i_fj. 7. The sea-shore, bank
herdsmen, ooi_uj(I^. (p.)
of a river, tank, &c, aooiiQui^s. 8. The
^a? tt^S?, s. Term, timeswhen
tip of an elephant's trunk, MMex^rf.
added to a number. <ynp. 2. A complete
^tfisSfigi, s. A pearl.
number of the revolutions of a planetas
utiai<30$. Wils. p. 123. AVHITTI. (p.)
. The fourth or ringjgjim^jJzsffiiipwar. He came twice.
finger, ut3/s)QidrAi.
^<jflsT, s. A shrub, including seve
^ i$ Q eti ib Qpn (Senear, s. Kama,
ral species, gtQr^., Eared cassia Cassia
manwfissr. (&U&. 6.)
auriculata, /.. (e.)
s. A seal-ring.
MaStriisiriu, s. The fruit of the
#tTbvni$, s. A foot-ring.
above shrub.
.gaSjiiy, . Its flower.
^(r^euntfi., s. A signet, seal.
KeoneSan/T, s. Senna Cassia, L. jp^Lflsa, v. a. inf. To fix deep, ^tp
Q&ajeurre&GBiiT) s. The peacockaflaw/r, . A small plant, Linum
flower tree,
usitatissimum, the seed of which is me
Q&arstnreSetDiT, s. A species with
dicinal, China wall-cress, g>>u. 2. Lin
white flowers.
seed flax. (M. Die.)
QutT6sr<GV)s3as>ir, s. Gold-colored

flower tree. Cassia sophera L.
jgp, v. 71. To be depressed, be deep,
^sSsolo, s. Foul or turbid water,
profound, &c,
2. To sink, be
puddle, xuiisiiti. Wils, p. 123. Avila.
immersed, be overwhelmed, to plunge, ftp.
3. To be intense, severe, a.i*s.
^yp&uiAB^eti&itjiKflsiCT. He plunged into
^stjsmiiurir, s. The lingum re
a sea of the deepest affliction.
presenting both sexes. uiar<LLi_ii>.
jfi&i&gnS&ipptSfir. After he has fallen
*^(osu.fii>1s. A spectre, ghost, ^eS.
into deep sleep, (unpii.)
2. The entrance of a spirit or demon into
LtG0&Q5gti s. Deep senseas
a devotee naturally, or as effected by in
of a verse, not easily made out by or
cantations, for the purpose of uttering
dinary minds.
oracles, ranaxpib. 3. A paroxysm of religi
is p& (tppfsls ui, s. The deep
ous frenzy, through excessive zeal, u>r.
Wils. p. 123. Avesua.
^pihgaip&ai, s. Deep knowledge,
^(Ssu&sjrLc,, s. A street of artists,
profound wisdom.
0ji>fiY<f>. 2. The disc of the sun, fir
^jfieo, v. noun. Becoming deep.
S**ri_wio. Wils. p. 123. AvESHAXA.

^S>i SGpesr, ^u^^^Qesrehr,

v. a. To sink into the earth
or water, to immerse, plunge, involve,
pip**. 2. To bind or build, lL>_
Q#(ja5(p^!i_oj. Do not plunge into
pride. (narQarfi.)
^Cpeuirrr, s. The twelve devotees, or
disciples of Vishnu.
.gip eu it it u n i &), s. A poem in
honor of Vishnu by his twelve disciples,
^crrati), s. A creeper, bottle gourd,
Lagenaria vulgaris, L. (p.)
*egj/siT it euros, s. A plough, aevuemu.
2. A stake or post to which an elephant
is tied, lurtersCGiipfi. 3. The post to which
a cow, or other beast is tied, siLQfofl ;
to fasten.] See ^iBerih.
^gjsrf?, s. The lion as the king of
beasts, Rmw. 2. A governor, a master,
^^Ssusar. 3. Leo the zodiacal sign, S)e
SrrS. 4. A fabulous animal (the wi>,)
like a lion, but with a proboscis as an
elephant. 5. A kind of seed, ^cCalonjj.
6. An embankment, or boundary for
keeping up water, *j>r. 7. Hank in
general, B<**uQur0. 8. [yul.~\ An oyster,
iolLi*.. 9. An appellative affix, mas. or
feni. joined to nounsimplying a ruler,
owner, manager, master, one who owns a
thing, possesses a quality, &c., as from
USB* is formed, uss^mssfi.
^erFl^ir^l, s. Kali and Durga, so
called because conveyed on an animal
of the lion kind.
^arr, s. A person, grown man, ^akr
Mir. 2. A man of property, power, in
fluence, consequence, &c, ^ji_r. 3. A
servant, slave, jyip.oDm. 4. A laborer, mes
senger, i-Sii/r*. 5. A devotee, O^iaoi_s.
6. The common termination of the third
person singular feminine, <2us*ru^iji_i)
^err&ar. He has attained to manhood,
has become a person of consequence.
jfmiarflfisiQai ? Is he competent for
that ?
tccEwffOTujij(?L/fsSar. The trees have ar
rived at maturity.
^ lL s it lL if, s. The forefinger,
*u-QSr*. 2. A bird, the lapwing
which screeches on the approach of a
person by night, g,iupa>i,
^lL&^eSI, s. The hire of a work
g lL Q a it e\) 6iff, s. A murderer,
inanslayer, homicide, assassin, Qniu
snar. 2. (fig.) Gold, money, usmw.
^ilQaneaeir, inf. To employ as a
servant, admit as a worshipper, devotee,
&c.used in reference to the deity, or
a great person implying grace or con
descension in the receiver, and benefit
to the person taken, ^if*aQsrci,
g(_l u<_, inf. To become a ser
vant, devotee, &c, commonly to a
deity. 2. [pruv.~] To rise from obscu
rity, become a man of some property,
or consequence. 3. To come to man
hood. 4. To regain strength, &c, after
jj,QOTr(?eu[LmiijCirr. He became
eminent by me.

^iLu<i0, inf. To adopt one as
a devotee, servant, &c. 2. To raise a
person from obscurity. 3. To rear,
bring up a person from a child to a
man, cherish, nourish.
^LLunirds, inf. To seek another
2. To watch as a thief, guard himself
against detection. 3. To look for per
sons for any bail purposens a prosti
tute, &e.as Yania the god of death.
Since Yania the merciless god of death,
who goes about looking for his victims,
does actually exist.
^sirift, s. Vishnu in li is incarna
tion as a lion.
git fiipuQu soar &rr IS, s. A wife
^eirrreareueiir, s. One who is ar
rived at the state of manhood. 2. One
who is become eminent, or exalted over
^QstrrriLiy.^QeirirjyiaQ, s. A
hiding place, toaop^. 2. A sentry-box,
sir rr lL uf-, s. A slave-driver,
task-master, overseer of workmen, spm
^prGjtjpifiOi r. noun. Recovering
strength or stoutness.
. I ua^ lL if. lL i u>, s
J)epth. capacity of a person. 2. Marks
for recognizing a person, recognizance.
^eireueairiEiQ, s. A tree, Ficus, L.
^araSSsar, s. Energy, alacrity, di
ligence, application, exertion, perseve
rance, an enterprise, opvpQ. 2. Bravery,
^sfr eS^sriLjeat earn, s. The pos
session of energy, (p.)
eS^li <refr, s. A house-servant.
0/5(Tyeir, s. A servant boy.
(?,*, sn, v a. To rule, reign, exercise
royal power, whether supreme or dele
gated, jyf*0#jjij. 2. To possess and em
ploy slaves, jfif.a>ioiursT. 3. To possess and
enjoy the produce of land, the use of a
house, &c, ^C-RQeusj. 4. To govern a
wife, household, &u, ts^^ufa^fwa. 5. To
accept, adopt--as a servant, slave, &c.,
receive into protection, ^cQnita. 6. To
use, establish usageas in language, Qu>.(jSjjftiBQjiuu. 7. To cherish, maintain, cul
tivate, exercise, &ibu. 8.To manage, di
rect, ooajjrr. (c.)Note. An ap|)ellative
affix is formed from
by adding jfr.
for the singular, and si' for the plural
as use a foe ; u.- -< ..
^Tu3jtij-J4/^ri(5L/QuBi(?t_rfr? What does
he want with a wife, who cannot govern
*T'}tfiieitfiQutt$QfimiSff, A thing not used
becomes useless.
*Ti6r?serAGi*rv$fB>4i0atfl&), If thou receivest me with cheerfulness into thy protec
*lLui*ui;. Those sincerely united in
tua>^;r<gsG),raSAi. Employed even by
night. ((5p.)
#for<Jf#wfwijuLi(_Q#TA). A word used
by the learned ancients.

t&tAr&tSGr r ialSiu <y a i it mil. They who

cherish and exercise charity toward all
jyAivi(yOTft/r?iifi<kjsc. Evil cannot as
sail the charitable.
g gin i_ <au ek ^esor i_ n eisr, appel.
mum. A ruler, governor, lord, master,
^aarif, s. [/cm. ^easr up. & @.~\ A
religious mendicant of the Siva sect, a
devotee, ftw^u-^xdr. 2. A ruler, an ap
pellative of the deity, transferred to the
^essretai^, s. [/em.^sabrsDi-.yS.]
A master, lord, landlord as spoken by
low castes, in reference to their feudal
chief of su]K'rior caste, i*icr*.
lord, listen to me ; 1 will confess the
truth. (rtwQti.)
^lL&, v. noun. Possession, heri
tage, inheritance, title,
2. Go
vernment, domination, rule, reign, s}<3
3. Use, practice, occupancy, usage
especially in language by classical wri
ters, ,.!.',
^LL&lppneariii^LL&rrirff, s. [in
astr-jluyi/.] One of the five situations in
which a planet has government that
of its being in a sign deemed its own,
during which it exerts special benignity
an occurrence favorable to the birth
of a child, &c.
g lL & u u
inf. To become
one's right by long possession, ^fiu">ui
spirit or demon that has long been sub
ject to him, or with which he has long
been familiar.
^lLGiuu^, inf. To secure a
title by long possession,
.gjjgjso)*, v. noun. Rule, govern
ment, domination, authority.
^(eifGBjsQfujuj, inf. To exercise
^eketiniRedeonivn, s. A cow or bull
appropriated to a temple, which is left
to stray as it likes; such are well re
ceived and fed.
^ array err
s. The Tapioca plant,
whose root is edible, '^siUi-t, Jatropha mauihot. (c.)
^pQlmir <r ti, s. The Qairesremp
tree, Cathartocarpus fistula, L.
SEii, s. Asbestos, aeoienn.
^(ffLLiLD, s. The anxiety of a
sick man, Gt'upQgUivMsib. (c.)
j)9*aO^ sjf3>^>-*'"S<5*'Sg>. He is in
great trouble and pain, anxiety.
^(t^lLiuui, inf. Tobeanxious.
^(trfjprgii, s. Slander, calumny, uil
glppii. (c.)
^JJ/, * and adj. Six (.) six things,
pQiab. 2. As a prefix to words begin
ning with consonants, the initial is often
shortened, especially when the number is
specificas jj,psni, the six flavors, (c.)

^l^ieuirnji. Six by six, six to each,

six of each.
emirear, *
deity he who
possesses the six attributes,
[er <gmaJ>, quality.] (p.)
^jrpiQ&nemLD, s. A hexagon. 2.
A magical diagram of two equilateral
triangles, one laid over the other so that
their sides may be parallel, making six
outward and six inward angles.
5y5<9=LonJoD, s. The six systems of
religion maintained by Hindus. See
tg/gyQ^nqSlQeviriT, s. Brahinans
from the six duties prescribed to them,
Gvpvi. See Qf'^ii, office.
jp/gyueina, s. The six hurtful pro
pensitiesas siwth. &c. See usx,
jjru(Tt)eiiu), s. The six seasons
of the yearas .
&c. Sec ugni.
.SfjjOu/i^i s. The six different
portions of the day ; 1. icf&j, the first
four hours after sunset, or ten nalikies.
2. jnoii, four hours, or ten nalikies after
imSu. 3. o;*i>p. four hours after tiio<4
or before sunrise. 4. *r5eu or Jlf_JA.
four hours after sunrise or e>p. 5.
meUxumAi. from eleven a. m. to two p. m.
6. epuiQ, from three to six p. m.
^ISeun, s. Six persons men or
women, (p.)Aote. For other similar
words, see sis>.
^piEjsw, s. The six subjects em
braced in Spr*ft j which see. (/>.)
^<2y uResrpQeuinL, s. The transit
of the sun through the pleiades, regard
ed by seamen, as a critical or disas
trous season, when rough weather is
to be looked for.
^jpixilif., s. A kind of ear-ring
worn by a set of Pandarams.
^gtianGi, s. [commonly ^psrr.]
A town near Vellore, ei~jua*fn&. (p.)
, s. A river, natural current,
brook, channel or passage through shal
lows, a canal, P. (c.) 2. (p.) Way,
road, path, mode, manner, rule, method,
order, custom, circumstance, S. In this
sense, in verse, the si, is sometimes omit
ted. 3. Morality, virtue, good conduct,
way in a moral sense, the good or right
way, 9Qt*sm.
*i<5*tQ*jffmfpsQ&0iar. He endowed him
with the bliss of the gods, or literally,
granted that he should attain U> the
world of the gods.
uraritpmitQesisrfluihi-fii. Go and tell that
I am come<g for ^p.
aarpmigi. A form added to explana
tions of grammatical rules, &c, implying
such is the meaning.
^pVeoss, inf. To rob in the high
way, infest the road, ai^uu/^i. ( p.)
.g/P&u^SaJuq. v. noun. High
way-robbery, street-robbery, .. . . ^pSw*spcy us tfi >u r j s & p. Even the
highway-robbers have proved friends.

^(ir?uf-,s. A lascivious, idle fellow,
a vagabond, a pest. 2. One not to be
relied on, a changeling, man without
^>i4lLl- , inf. To construct a dam
across a river, construct the banks of
a river.
^ g * a lL zp. , s. A guide, pilot,
^emp ^pgnnr, * The name of
a town in the Carnatic. (/).)
^eaprcsrrsrraieoeir, s. The king of
that town.
jgjbpisj&enn, s. The bank of a
river, shore of a river.
^p jS eta i gj eta p, s. Blank, or
dried spots in a river, an inlet, ait,
; [ex .->_, intermediate, et <5<*>p,
^Japloaiuut, inf. To be in the
way, uSiSoI(ji*. 2. To meet in the way,
i . .
^psndsttoiniLuf-iufr, s. Agricul
tural women of low caste, n-m/ifiiut. (p.)
^pgndarrio, s. A dike, channel
for conveying water to the fields, ^jj>s>
A whirlpool, vortex,
JUJD gr dQs (nju u if., s. A small
water-plant, g^u.
^2>^<S9, Rice tied up for a
journey, *cQ*Grifi. (p.)
^p s*&) wLDiLuf., s. Colocynth,
Cu^*Qii^Lii., Citrullus colocynthis, L.
^pgnrruQurr0&rQsrrerr, s. The
natural construction of a sentence. Sec
s. The &nd&Ganup-,
a water-plant, Aeschynomene paludosa.
^yb*l<uufeB>&, s. A curious, green
stoneone of the one-hundred-andtwenty kinds of mineralsas f*uu*~e.
jjr>jpiuu0.) inf. To lead, direct
or conduct a person into the right
2. To give advice,
to conduct into the path of virtue, r
^prpiuuemi, v. noun. The act
of conducting, directing, &c., either
physically or morally. 2. A poem, the
object of which is to conduct one to a
eSjDsStujnpjryuues)!., s. A song
stress directing another to a benevolent
unasanrrrpgi/uuem, s. A singer
directing another to a patron.
at^ppunpgiuuen), s. An actor
on the stage directing another to a
generous man.
QuiTQtjtsunpipiuuBnL^., s. A buf
foon directing another to a prince.
^p gf u u rr & , s. A water-plant,
S'u'5. Caulinia indica, L.
Jj,pgv u
e\>QpQ (yjii, .
bide or bank of a river.

^pguuLfrGuam-, s. A tree, epnuniw,

uppeip^ar. Though the fortitude with
Trewia nudiflora, L.
which those who practise austerities en
^pgHuQu^dQ), s. A swelling of
dure their hunger is very great, yet it is
inferior to the energy of the generous
a river.
who feed the hungry.
^pjpiwetBi, s. The channel or bed
^ppeoQaQ. 8. Great weakness
of a river, ^pgiineS^tD^nt.
from sickness, great fatigue, vsSturfai.
^mjriiifiifl, s. A shrub, ii(nju>rR.
^pg/iuoaieSaaa, s. A species of
^ppgtisa, inf. To deprive one of
the Arabian Jasmin,
z. Jasmipower, reduce his strength, &c, desert
nuin san iliac.
him in time of need, a/aSQx**.
^psuQpa/ggieuiTjiii, s. The mouth <$>ipfi S3rafi(^/, s. One of the oneof a river.
hundred-and-twenty kinds of minerals,
typgjQparefi], s. A thorny plant
growing by the river, p<uS, Dilivaria ^pju, s. The outer door, or en
trance to a house, ;-:..viwi_.
^pjpiGLDevtfiS, s. A plant, ^/fy, M/tUP) @Qpek, jgpplQenrehr, Ga;ar,
Celsia coromandeliana, /..
^pp, v. a. To cool, refresh, <5/V*Q*uiii.
^pjp/evncleir, s. A river-fish. See
2. To assuage, appease, alleviate, soothe,
console, compose, lull, mitigate,
3. To slack, loosen what is tied or twisted,
^pQpgilnuai, inf. To meet on
opptigfoaipp. (c.) 4. (p.) To do, act, per
the road.
form a duty, O*iou. 5. To bear a weight,
^pQ(ni'(igd(3j1 v. noun. The flow
fas. 6. To carry, or sustain a burden
or calamity, Qutptx.A'o/e. This verb
ing of a river, stream, current, Qp&iQu
is sometimes used impersonallyas S&xp
lLi_i4. 2. Rules following each other in
I cannot get along
regular and natural order, (/it) the
this road.
flowing of a riverone of the four as
pects of a grammatical rule. See tgtflr
^pp, inf. [used adverbially.]
Greatly, exceedingly, nS,5)i/nu.
^lunguetaiiunebr, s. An immoral
<2p. Sweeter than
The husbands
m 61) eo irjjr so (_ iu n ebr, s. A moral
person, one whose conduct is agreeable
^PQrp&QsGi, s. Extreme poverty,
to rule.
indigence exigence, great necessity.
&p(itf3)i, s. A rivulet, a brook.
QptTfffffGicttq-, s. One who per
^jfJD-'t QQpasri ^plQetsrebr, Qeuasr,
versely persists in application for aid
cgp, v. n. To abate, relax, cool, grow cold,
through poverty, one past shame, an
be refreshed, (gsfit. 2. To be appeased,
insatiable wretch.
alleviated, mollified, ^orfu. 3. To heal as
^pryppenTiii, s. Insatiableness.
a wound, hurt, &c, 0d .
4. To
rest, repose, Sfauuip. (c.)
^p^nfuuiLsLD^ s. What cannot
be borne, intolerablenessas ^cjwi.
&si-g>ir6. Anger should be appeas
neg. v. noun. Inabi
naSa^jspip, The wound is healed.
lity to l>earas excessive hunger, pain,
^Il(n?uu&, s. Aii insatiable hunger.
&c, fi*i-i_s>Ki. 2. Impatience, Qui
3. Voracity, voraciousness, insa
^(/yuL/aor, s. An incurable sore,
tiableness, l(5fi$IJiir<*xii.
ulcer, &c,
* Foes, opponents, ri
LDesrprrp, inf. To be appeased
vals, those who envy one, ueimi. 2.
when angry, be consoled.
The poor, the afHicted, fH^ii. {p.)
4g,g)i&>, v. noun. Abating, being
^p pi dQ s n 0 a & , inf. To cool
alleviated, consoled,mitigated, refreshed.
and give. 2. To help or relieve one at
^ppi'u ear em, inf. To relieve, aid
one by carrying his load, &c, give one
^p/SfiiQgppi inf. To soothe and
rest, respite.
* j^pupiL,^ehujSSih, s. Virtue,
^ppl'uQunppldQxnetretr, inf. To
treat guests with civility, J(5*Poirsr
essence, vigor, strength, mib.
tfurHtx. 2. To render aidas to a sick
^f,ufiiQtc.i-isr. One whose strength
person, to help one in distress, #t*L/^C(5
is reduced.
mt*KA*. 3. To console, ^pp.
Q*#Q*wpfl<i"utpu0iSiibM. There is no
substance, nourishment, in this rice.
^p wjr q9 d * , inf. [causul.] To
console, cherish, atf'ord consolation, orf
Jfyppev, s. Strength, power, prow
luiQfiiiu. 2. To inspire with courage,
ess, ability, itu>. 2. Knergy, spirit,
3. To enable to bear, or endure,
OP^pSI. 3. Abundance, much copiousness,
Atgfi. 4. Wisdom, knowledge of divine
^ppeo, p. noun. Cooling, assuag
things, rani. 5. Stability, fixedness,
ing, consoling, &c. 2. Knduring, bear
firmness, <J<u/i_a>o. For the verbal
ing patiently. 3. Bearing a load.
meanings of this word, see under ^pa. v.

^sursub, s. One of the ever-greens

of Swerga, tlie Kalpaka tree, Qffs- (/')
*^sOT<siii, s. A large military drum
beaten at one end, GuBtuump. 2. A double
drum, or two drums put together to be
beaten at once, Ciosni. 3. A small drum,
fj>uc.iii. 4. A tliunder-cloud. op.u>*QpA'i
[ex ^jsj, et j^*, to sound.] Wils. p. 112.
Asaka. 5. (Anat.) The tympanum,
*jysur <sj57 rnjsi l9 , s. Vasudevan the
father of Kristna, !*<?*;<*. 2. [as <gssr
sib. 1.] A large drum with one head. Wils.
p. 112. Anakadlndl'u HI.
tMSBTjiQjSir, s. A shrub, e3ipQpir&
Q^tf., Mimosa, L.
^ssris/s, . The forty-eighth year
of the Hindu cycle, gi/<3i_iD.
* ^mKfsis, s. Great joy, bliss, su
preme delight, happiness, Gutsauti ; [ex4j.
et *gt, to be or make happy.] Wils. p. 112.
^earii^sseifluLj., s. Exceeding
great joy, superior enjoyment. 2. A
devotional poem composed by yogis.
^/lasripip$Bl<aBir, s. Abstiact me
ditation in the state of sjnani, on the
deity, Cujr**A-W.
^esripuuSireS, s. The name of
one of the thirty-two tunes, s>fassib.(i>.)
^GBrixpuireu&th, s. Extacy of joy,
especially in divine things, (p.)
^enr&puiuL uih ^j)eBnhpun&j,uw,
1. Tears of joy, weeping from excessive
joy, ^ax8fi&aasaesr. (/>.)
^eariipwiuCD&tr&iij, s. The state of
insensibility produced by excessive joy,
being one of the forms in which the
soul is manifested, u&aGsBffQjsBarj).
Wils. p. 113. Anandamayakosiia.
^eorihpwQutTLfluj, inf. To be very
jovial, happy, &c, .gtsr^sjCWrfiu.
^asri^eu^eS, . Tears of delight,
flowing in streams, jjfcri/stBahaxtiuQu
or*, (p.)
^esrii/sesr., s. The Supreme Be
ing, *i_(<. Also in NegunduSiva,
fidr, and Argha, j>(j*r. (/>.)
^asriifsl ^asr/heap, s. Parvati,
UBtiffl. (/'.)
ssr is ^ lit , s. A medicinal root,
jji^n. Alpiniagalanga, L. 2. A supposed
inauspicious form of construction in poe
try, uit<5pp*i*tfiGQ!>tisB*. It is of six kinds;
viz.: 1. lattpartpb, lengthening the final
long vowel or mute of the name of the
patron of a poem, uBLLQestifisfaiaisvQutuB
ODBiuGmiBtp Qm&uer QsjuaBxvQasbpaniifiGuB
00. 2. Q*t*>trarifi&, using a word in a
poem, so that an undesigned, inauspicious
meaning may be applied to its patron,
seaiuUjtp; B-'to. pekfto^iiUiSawsdlmifiefii^E^jjQai
Qargpih. 3. Quigarssrifiii, inauspicious ex
pressions of different kinds, in poems as
following, (a) Stating in a poem written
in praise of a king, or a great man, that

the productions of his land are injured ^safl, s. Junethe month, spnionfeu).
or ruined, jjjitmp*8uGuB(3kBf}siuii*~gi#Ai;
2. (p.)The eighteenth Naksh:i1 1ra. C^oi
3. The nineteenth lunar mansion. spui4. 4.
G0rcoQc7A>cv?tt}tt>^)*4rE>) lUQfsj QuftiuGfiBBS
The twenty-first lunar mansion, *.^lfi_ii.
miteQiOQffififimisuinBmiu QiuE^tSuGuBtSQaatisr^sBr.
5. The name of a river in the Madura
(6) Stating inauspicious actions as praise,
district, which overflows in the month of
June, QuBtfiargi. 6.
A tender leaf
fmwQpSBB aiiJituBflsaiffitfiimiiTfppflaEpTj&fi&iGs&BDa&B
of the palm, cut off, Qm/iL*^^.
QuQfiff Qpig.&Sl&evrgn2fijffit(i)ULjraiBr *>9o>BGto&t.
(c) Stating an inapplicable comparison,
^ei$$3(r!jW(GTi&eBriD, s. A sacred
B-*imit)Aa3iLlti$QgarmGp3erpA6^-0aig]; B--ib. Qu
battling or anointing of the idol at
Chillumbrum. celebrated in the eifrhth
lunar mansion in the month of June.
(</) Stating that a calamity or injury
^esfljfgirds ii>, s. [prov.] Calms in
happened to that which is compared to
the month of June.
the patron of the poem, uiC-Gaot-paUwGfgi
SlmitSisuutl.i-.fifi fioOL-y^L/t* QsBeofp:i& ; *^sjfl, s. Di stinction, loss, decay,
a_-i. QifiLSafipQuB(50 BSpGsvBSBraBOB Quxpujp
ruin, <?*S. Wils. p. 973. Hani.
u<5B.0BL-(2uBfis&giBX0. (e) Comparing the
patron of a poem to the meanest thing, ^enfliu ii, s. A day of twenty-four
}puuBS($SflalsixrM0 a. &**.-. . ; B_-ic. *u .'rQsBeSpglu
hours, *ta. 2. The fit season, u<gmtb. 3.
Quipaaij QvzSstg ioBiar(gtpi Q^er<flu$*aEpGuB
Time, Outtf^s. 4. The nineteenth lunar
Qsuaiatjflvtn Bti&ttptg tDBevBesiGHBror tDeAsusmfi
mansion, npcvrsi. (p.)
IbC-U.B?3Z GlOSB(TsGwVUBB sSiBtBiffi. (J ) GOm- <^gSHi * [prop. -g;6gg.] Sweetness,
paring the meanest person or thing to the
deliciousness, jgafloom. 2. Goodness, a
highest, gftpuu jiurfi AiBarifiajwoDif]
good, benefit, i*mio. (p.)
Q$*iBQ.~(iuBgiswQeBfi2t3j aepfipQ mmfljGm Cub
esrgl&g u}&) evffstn mxpsjsglfi fisiP<5 B&GuBajgaffapB ^Sssr, s. An elephant, lun'iasr. 2.
toffZftjdjioicffSio Qj(ipwc&KiicoaB. ( <j) Coinpar{M. Die.) The
tree, Ficus racemosa.
ing the patron of a poem to a thing that
.^ESTSlLkfijB^l35TUj'iESSlfijS, S.
loses its power or eminence, SbpigutcQ
uiantaaJBajrifiia; B-~lb. QffargiuGluft3dipG>piBt5<GfiB
A post to tie an elephant.
ppfismfi. 4. lUBuuBoriftti, constructing a poem
s. Round, black spots
so that the name of its patron may follow
in fruits, when they are over-ripe, or
a noun which is preceded by a word placed
after the rhyming word of the stanza, opfip
QejenttogibSliir Qu>r$tljpQ0B(5QutuJlBOi-.uui>0
ot/i&>, v. noun. The appearing of spots,
mitgjGswaTtlBjffiiUajliUBmaoBmBiu Gu>S$g?>&liA*ir&&l
or defects in fruits.
QiLoStigaHBiSfi *tBa0$l$gGarpa(S ssiQ^j *)jr u ofl
uvjBuuifftor^Barsssatjutl.'SlCi GuseSpgi. The
sanamiBu KBsfifil^ierioBAj smtBpituuL-i tBs$&i
jack fruit has got a defect or flaw.
Cm. 5. gissBvsriifiib, constructing a musical
^ Ssar a i u l/, s. The frontal
poem so that the name of its patron shall
be inauspiciously, indistinctly, or abruptly
sinus of the elephant, from which se
pronounced, ojBQtfiB<Slusaeisau*B3puiC-G)a>t-0
cretion exudes when the animal is in
pfaiif&rQunjB ^fiUBBCtitoBapQfliatfAamlib, t?(5ifi
(guui^SB^I(^safui. t^Hiefiieoa&*e\tbuBp9j. 0^gSsir a s err erfl (jcSferr iu trek, s. A
QsBee>tiuBeBr*/nb, placing the name of the
plant, #*h.
patron of a poem at the beginning of the
^2esra&ibp%o0, s. A fish, ^UlS'Sst.
stanza, so that it may rhyme witii ^aQu
ol_ ; jyCTQuL_;aQ^#Ji_Lji_;rLli$_gvLlijriJJ3gifi
0fol*narQu*jB*Bifip~liUstQuGluu0Q0BGluugi', tu-tb.
mii, *. A kind of assafcetida given to
*ISgj aiQpfill2&r>BlDJpt6rfipQuBQ2ueB>*QpfaluGuBB.
elephants, &c. See Qu(jii*ra/i4.
^ssTii^&Jir^l s. A kind of arsenic,
^%3sr s, s n ei), s. A diseasethe
elephantiasis or large leg, Cochin leg,
miBf&SBii. 2. A big tube fixed on the
ts, v. n. To be glad, to rejoice, experience
walls or roofs, for rain-water to pass
fi<Bkra^Bi(gifBi. (c.)
spiritual joy, Ougiciij*Syp. (p.)
^ssrtD/rsara/sar, s. [cu/.J See under
^SesrdsrreiieiijS. Watchers to de
fend a garden, a field, &c, against ele<S or
^ajTii, s. Toddy, any fermented,
^ Vest *_ i_ u>, s. An elephant's
or inebriating liquor, **.
stall, ^^xrati-QuBt^ib.
^sarujii^esrtuearuh, s. Bring
ing, <3*io*rS.cja. 2. The ceremony of
aTrtftpii, s. An elephant's tusks. 2.
investing a young Hindu of any of the
first three classes, with the sacred thread
^SssrsOstTuDuair, s. A kind of
worn over the left shoulder. See
Wils. p. 1 13. Anaya and Anayana.
rice, p(fMQoi. 2. A species of plan
tainas ^jfeiBentp.
*^esrs3TLb,s. Face, Qpsiii. See gj/5
^SesrsQsiriaiTs-BniT, s. A gourd
mtb. Wils. p. 112. Anana. (p.)
whose fruit is compared to the elephant's
^(SjnsWLD, s. An abstract noun be
tusks, and is used for a curry, the
longing to a kind of defective negative
snake gourd,
[Trichoverbthat which is inseparable; not leav
santhes anguina.]
ing, unceasing, /bsboow. 2. The twenty^esrQff^esr, s. A great quantity,
first constellation of the Hindus, *-?&bb
abundance, uS.S).

^^Esris-uuwLD^ s. A seat on an
elephantas jpiurf.
^Sesr&Qeoisfs), s. A kind of scabby
^>jasre&U!k!(8j, s. A kind of itch
in large blisters.
^^Esrf&rrsih, s. A plant, g?>ry.
$2a>7 fQ&e&iuif., a. A pricklyleaved plant, giiutdb. 2. The lower
part of the elephant's ear.
), s. A kind of
creeping plant with acid juiceused in
polishing brass, giui-JQst^..
^2esT0&up-ut-i, s. A plant, ^/fy.
.gStesr ^ jsleiae, s. [in astrology.']
North, mitt&.
^'2bst0$s1 u l2 e8, s. Pericarps of
1'otllOS officinalis, g>is*rf)ijiJS.
^Sesr^Q^iru.10., s. An elephant's
hook or goad.
^jjban Qis
&i, s. A low plant,
a kind of spreading thistlepricklyfruited l'edalium raurcx,^/ua>QsH*i.
.gtkarij u a/ ear, s. A kind of
scabby diseaseas the jj*Q.
^fiGsruuaPL-, s. An army of ele
gg 8sar u u is
s. An elephant's
stall. 2. A row of elephants.
^Oesruu no, ear, s. An elephanteer,
or one who tames or guides elephants.
^!'&gruL$&&irajr, s. A plant, fptr
^VesruQuenr, s. An insect that
lives in the brinjall plant, sfoAtQrqjSQi
ffl2saTu)#sir, s. A plant, 6j/ry.
^Sswuj^sti, *. An elephant's rut.
.g&sr id & pa ii>, 8. An elephant's
skull or part of the head, (gibum.

f}. A short letter, similar to / in

English, s><<3pG>pQfj3i. 2. A demonstra
tive prefix, *^(3t-(<ffgas S*^, this. 3.
A termination of the second person singu
lar, <y**-^2wQ*jcyio?cg,Si as _eiip., thou
hast eaten. 4. An imperative second per
son Singular, QptiraflfaGiuaiQevr(5VDuid(gjl
as Q*jp, say thou. 5. A feminine
appellative termination, QusAruiinSiggi
as _safl, a hump-backed woman. 6. A
singular termination, common to the
masc. and fem., _u#pss!F<3aji(siDtpas
mrtf, an honorable person uS, a sinner.
7. A termination in the singular, common
to each gender, jgupZCTg/iA.K-^QggwoJgJS]
as QftSilcS, a man, woman, or animal
without ears. 8. An expletive inserted
at pleasure, when the preceding word ends
with any letter except ii, and the following
word begins with j, a>uas mieSurp,
from *(, foot and urgi, which. 9. A ter
mination of some participles, tSarOij^Sg
Sias olrf, Q*J, &c 10. A prefix to

^fcsrLcuStr, s. The hair of an

elephant's tail.
^esrtnuSnssnui^^ s. Bracelets of
^jgj/6U@, s. One of the seven
the hair of elephants' tails.
superior worlds,
^SsjrLD&u, s. The name of a
^C?SBT^J/, S. A bull, GIQ^gl.
mountain in the south near Madura.
^esrsan^u, 8. A calf.
^Iggt Qp s eii eisr^Ssjn- Qp m aw, s.
Ganesa, alnuxcir. 2. An Asoor, mtQpti
^6i;ffl/a)(?6U/r/f, s. Cow-herds.
*. (/>.)
^dsrplueir, s. A crowd of herds.
^j,'tesr(y>g>(3,8. An elephant's back.
^Vssriuu/., 8. The footsteps of an ^63r. The common termination of
the third person masc. sing. uiJim
0:u#<ytDiur(DiTLfffAirf<5^1as urtuusfb, he will
^Sear10,52/(5, s. A kind of grass,
see. 2. A poetic expletive used with a
change of the word ufa, nAmjas (j
unSr, twice ten. 3. A form of the third
ijiy*$p>rtiair<5<g, *. A fabulous bird
or instrumental case, w^pbksh- See
said to devour the elephant.
^2m-uSeo^^l, s. Elephant's dung.
who guides his live (senses) with the
^Zesrujirfsly s. Indra whose vehicle
elephant goad of wisdom. (Cural.)
is the elephant, gj)*lrr. 2. Ian, gu*,
^sartor, s. The soul, spirit, life.
^l'2ssrQujppu>, s. Learning and
See ^fsxr. (p.)
practising to ride on an elephant, ufa
^skpe\>. An irregular defective
noun. 1. Extension, width, breadth, being
^esT&iessriEiS, 8. A kind of plant
extensive, jy*ni>. 2. Greatness, vastness,
whose flower is supposed to resemble the
dignity, being great, wlAns, 3. Abun
trunk of an elephant. It is also fancied
dance, copiousness, luxuriance, i0<sP; [ex
to be a preservative against the attack
,sy*su*), extending.] (p.)
of a wild elephant, which, it is said,
will retire abashed at the sight of it,
^eisr p (3) earn u>, s. The highest
Gee 0 'Si^uu^a.
gj3air eu rrea jfi, s. A species of
s. The extended earth.
plantain, ptm/fBamiteaifi.
^2ssrelQpiij(3jieBr, s. A large fish
Learned persons, the wise, poets, the
said to devour the elephant, )iijEn.
greatas sages, &c, those who are
.gSssraSjff, s. One of the eight
great in moral excellence, *i*rGigi.
assistants of kings, j^Qfjobanajj^jOT
^drc5<JLLB^Q*!4atjj*(5ia. (Words so
wicked that) the great will shut their
^sar, s. A neat, cow or bull, u&u
ears against hearing them, (ui^ii.)
Ouw, 2. A cow, QuMfru*. 3. The she of
^ebr p Q eu it Qp d @, s. Exalted
the buffalo, or elk, Quebuw*- [ex ,g, cow,
te r, termination.] (p.)

Sanscrit words beginning with j, , was

iu*^rii, jg)u*S)fid, machineimu, gjjrrstt har
mony, melody
ggcuBrox, Lanka.
)ssazrih, s. Now, immediately,
this moment.
&d(p7, s. [prov.] This time, this
once, filiiopaop. 2. This mark,
l(p1QaiLQune!sr) s. One who
has learnt once, now.
g)ias_j2/, s. This part, |)uud@.
2. This manner, g)iiJrna.
@/b/s/6btu), 8. This place, JJ)a/a9
i_i4, [adverbially.'] here, hither, g)D<?.
2. Thus, so, in this manner, &tjui?..
g^ff^Ssaar, s. So much, so many,
g!ii.-cj. 2. This aid, gip a^9. See
@iju, s.

This cow.

gluuif, arf. Thus, in this man

ner. See uif..
g^uuireti, s. and adv. Here. 2. This
side. 3. Hither. 4. Henceforth ; [ex
urc, side.]
@)ut-ipu>, s. Here, this, this side,
hither. See upti.
@ ij O u it Qpg))uQuiTgiy adv.
Now, at this time. See QlwW5j.
@u)iz)il, s. This measure or
quantity, thus much, so far, hitherto.
@oildl1u), adv. Only so much,
this is the amount, the extent, &c.
@iu>u>np@l!itb, s. So much, ^eueu
eu asm emu w^eueiitrjpiy s. This
course, this manner, thus.
ggjog>l , pron. This thing.

^)*. A poetic expletive, annexed to

the imper. second person singular of
Verbs, Qptsesfliejiuvgyff^QsrAi.
jjoirSoosywarf*. bee, O ruler of the
well-watered district.
g):5, dSQpe&r, liGpeisr, uQudr, da,
v. a. To leave behind, pass over, go be
2 To transgress, violate,
deviate from rule or .justice, itp. 3. v. n.
To depart, go, pass, Cuts, (p.)
w .:. :*-.<.-. Those that exceed limits,
things that are boundless.
u>i_<rfsJ**(5[i. Ignorance will in great
measure be renounced. (i*g>r.)
@i!^)ui_, inf. To be confuted,
to fail, pai&ui-. 2. [in grammar.] To
vary from a ruleas an exception, opp
*^)d5ii, s. Here, in this place, now,
Wils. p. 134. Iha. 2. The pre
sent birth, gjijJpJ. 3. This world, this
state of enjoyment and suffering, iiu>.
gjsu^LD, s. This world and the
next, earth and heaven, Qibsn'jiiupBm.
{gj&uir&ath, s. Earthly (temporal)
and heavenly (elherial) prosperity.
^*uauij8'Un&euGisr, s. One who
knows not the difference between right
and wrong, one who knows nothing.
@(?60/rii), s. This world.
g)3<rii), s. The letter Jg, QpeoTfy
QPi5r. 2. A tune, tipib, ( p.)
^)sud(^g>idsiii, s. The letter @,
shortened in sound, <spfiueSmi&as
^)<si), A particle of comparison,
^c5idu)i!/cj4. See under
u^j<ssi, s. Enmity, hatred, opposi
tion, contrariety, hostility. us*. 2. Bat
tle, war, warlikeness, Quti. 3. Valor,
strength, prowess, mcS. (p.)
gfr&eoebr, s. An old jackal, Sipififi.
2. A jackal, irt. ( p.)
^sedniLi w, s. Diversity of opi
nions, controversy, disputation, alter
cation, CutHLj-ii. 2. Competition, con
tention, vicing, rivalry, shifting a duty
on another, o~ so .
7A(JffyQp!iSasyttli_u)jrtS(3-*par. He who
is always disputing.
^aeonn@C?s\)/r/f, s. Foes, ene
mies, adversaries, rivals, competitors,
um*miF, (p. )
gUjssO@tsgP, QQpasr, ^s&srQpasr,
p. a. To hate, oppose, to be
inimical to, ua*. 2. To oppose in war,
to tight, Quir. 3. To vie with, lie rival
to, compete with, agiitm. 4. To dispute,
contend, *i&cgaifiQG>*uiij. Note.The in
finitive and some other parts of this verb
are used as particles of comparisonas
Ojiaffionj.isvBi/aiino*, hands resembling
rsju<st*G^rir. Shoulders grown so
large as to vie with mountains.
gJjfirirSigcjaSarfaftluLjfSfiMrpsw. Two birds
are vicing with each other in song.
s. Dispraise, defamation, af
front, contempt, censure, contumely, re
proach, abuse, reviling, scorn,

or, <?.*,
v. a. To contemn, scorn,
defame, reproach, revile, disdain,
@ Lp irefi &
0, v. noun. Irony,
^syeunn, s. Scorners, gain-sayers,
revilcrs, opponents, iSmfiuuit.
jfl, v. noun. Dispraise, cen
sure, contumely, defamation, **.. 2.
Meanness, baseness, inferiority, SuSf.
3. Korgetfulness, neglect, mpfi.
gfr**&iSp QmCtnviijaigs. Consider
how many have been ruined by forgetfulncss.
^a^d&ueesrem, inf. To scorn,
^s^d&iurrgsrsniflajw, s. A con
temptible thing.
jg)<sipey, v. noun. Contempt, scorn,
defamation, &c, <>i^.
)sif?, s. A thunder-bolt, @tf. (p.)
4@Qp<SBr, jiQpeisr, uQuasr, da,
v. a. To repel, put to rout, disperse, hp*>
Mu.i_iiuir<!>r. 2. To give, bestow, exercise
3. To throw, cast, fling,
send, transmit. vfiu. 4. To kill, destroy
life, Q*. 5. To wipe away, efface,
clear away, aoi_i. 6. To cross over,
7. To invite, call, jfm><f&s. 8. To
throw down, Aibf*. !). To afflict, give
pain, imfo. 10. To bringdown, lower,
P'ibAfi. II. To macerate, gtojc**. 12. To
stop, arrest, u>**. (p.)
s. A creeping shrubthe
^Qe*Mi_, Capparis horrida.
f}(3jiJb. A poetic expletive, ^esi&d

^)tsQa;ss7so. A term or expression

of speed, fi*afA<gjiJ4. (p.)
^}sQ<xir. An expression of wonder,
pity, grief, &c, ,sf5Wfa**.*Q*. (/>.)
* gg)m/ELh, s. A hint, sign, indica
tion of feeling or sentiment by gesture, <gp
iliy. 2. Purpose, intention,
Wils. p.
129. Ingita. 3. Sweetness, agreeableness,
jgB*>i. (p.)
Jftfi &n&AA$&G*> utQ&<Bj;rrxrzj. Being
disturbed in mind by (her) gestures.
BVAff^j*)s))i Gu*ipaiis&. Those
who wait about them, (for opportunity)
and then make known their wishes.
Q)isi8j$s6>S, s. A poem in which
the poet expresses the object or wish
of his patron, having ascertained it by
signs, gestures, &c., urLLi_^2cD'c=r*(jr^
Da9sr*(5i!9. 2. A poet who expresses
his thoughts sweetly,

urtSQmittr. 3. A sweet poem, Si^uijt

jjjtiEiQpd&iraeoT, s. One who ac
commodates himself to another's views,
a flatterer, g)isrQ*pO4iGi<ir.
j)iBi80u>rTeisr(2u&&, s. Language
accommodated to circumstances, flat
Musk, aav&rtfl.
jJD/BQSj, s. Assafaitida, QuQ^iEisniuii),
Narthex assafVrtida. Wils. p. 174. Hikoc.
^/bq, s. This place, this world,
the present life, [u*erf adverbially."] here,
in this place,
and there.
^/B(g*ds<5T6Jor/_^63r, s. The iSit
dfiAtfi plant. Asteracantha longifolia. 2.
The <2e<5iBS*i plant, Tribulus lanuginoras.
^) w (5 to ih^/E/gsrP, s. Assafoetida, <3ucyiiijii. (of. Die.)
^.B^^iT/fl, . One of the one-hundrea-and-twenty kinds of oreas (Joffrr

Have we not seen what your friendship

is, O! maritime ruler?
(gj %str, s. A female companion,
C,sA 2. Kindred, relatives, *ppii. 3. Af
fection, love, attachment, friendship, olL^.
Jj)(3)<jrr, s. A thunder-bolt, jj$i$.Qtu g) mj (8j a; ir y9, s. An exotic plant,
tf\ ["' <3. throwing.] 2. The third lu *$}<si(9) ffSdstc, s. Vermilion or red
nar mansion, 3ci0p>aB*mrjr. 3. The ,j<riu
sulphuret of mercury, PoIj*iA. Wils.
fish, (p.)
974. p. UlNOUU. 2. Tictitious cinnabar,
g) (5 i_
* ff dr p jr Qwb(i0. (The
red paint, fl>ut/.
clouds) ejected thunder-bolts one after
another, every where. (-<s.)
[vaL] Disturbance, irregularity. See
^}^3)<s, d@Qpasr,^Q^asr, uQuasr,da,
i). a. To give, bestow, grant, QrS*.
(glCr^gj-) 2. u. n. To walk, pass,
Jj^/bq, s. A thorny shrub found
in hedges, &c, medicinal and bearing
white berries, jb*Q*i>., Azima telra^)i>s/LL, s. Straits, distress, strait
cantha. (e.)
ened circumstances, being straitened for
room, poverty, S)iaSr. 2. Impediment, ^T^IJ, GVnsor, @^eu?(?or68r, Can sir,
obstacle, difficulty,
*v>, p. n. To strive pertinaciously, speak
obstinately, uptt.
^qmasriS* Qft&*ii.<biuLjQ(yar. He is greatly
Qj)siirumttSrs$tQsieh uiQB^pesr. TllCV
(the birds) sing sweetly emulating one
^g)jSs5)i_(j5-9=0, s. [prow.] Diffi
culties, straits, obstacles, impediments,
@#> (Til i_ii>, v. noun. Strivingas
calamity, [prop. g)i*r and
j^gwrCj ib. (c.)
^)/T?, s. A kind of thorny shrub,
, dSQp&sr, pQpeisr, uQuesr, dss,
v. a. To strip or pull off as leaves, bark,
* Jj) i
s. Sugar-cane, srvjihij,
&c, to sliver,
(*jj ) 2. To break
off, 9***. 3. v. ii. To laugh, ffi^A*. (^.)
Saccharum offlcinarum. Wils. p. 129.
Iksiiu. 2. Fermented liquor, toddy, sa.
4. [kii/.] To contract a3 the muscle by
spasms, anbiSQfia.

v. noun. Stripping, pulling

offas bark, leaves, fibres, &c, break
ing offas a branch. ..:-. 3*. 2.
Laughter, laughing, QAul/.
fj)@ui-l }Seij, v. noun. Draw
ing, pull, strain,
2. Laugh
ing. BfuLj. 3. Spasm, convulsion, a con
traction of the muscles, stricture, distortion,distension, ariiqaa^a^.
^j&Qfffssesfi , s. Convulsion, fit,
tetanus, lock-jaw, gi**rfdi.
oiuSmrS&aj, j. Colic, belly-ache,
f^Qsisr. One of the intervening par
ticles, indicating the past tense, @p*^e
ttm-1tu as varfiQCagi. They said, (p.)
^JF^ST^Tj), s. The sithy tree, Barringtonia raccmosa. ( p.)
s. A sound, noise, ^siff. 2.
3. A word, Qtr*>. 4. A tune,
melody, ii^pptSpa<giSia>a. 5. Instrumental
music, mij>i3pi3pA&i&i*>r. 6. Sound, har
mony in music, a harmonious or musical
sound, tone, note, &c, g>#uuiiQ. Also
a term common to the different parts in
music. (p.)
The seven principal
sounds or notes in the vocal and instru
mental music of the Hindus are called,
in singing, and *?(i>4, on stringed in
struments; they are, 1. tgi&>, the guttural
sound, tbe sound coming from the throat,
t&t-fiGtKS'- 2. piflib, the second tone of
the gamut, or * modulated by the tongue,
rrtl^ifisi^ii. 3. oaS!1*, the sound caused
by the palate, j^t4rnr^>*n<o*8l. 4.
the cerebral, or the sound coming from
the head, fir^i4>(s. 5. JS*, that which
proceeds from the forehead, QtpfmtoStfi.
6. tf.-rd, the pectoral, or that which pro
ceeds from the breast, Q*jjrAiSsrrt. 7.
that from the nose, or nasal, ai
Mip'gwib.These sounds, they compare: 1.
With those of animals as that of a pea
cock, a bull, a sheep, &c. 2. With the dif
ferent tastes of milk, honey, &c. 3. With
the different scents of jasmin, nymphoca,
&c.The letters (jyiJ-*.) by which they
express these notes are as follow : l .
2. 'Si. 3. et- 4. 7r. 5. . 6. gj$. 7.
>s>a_The time or measure, (iMASlaoi,) of
these notes is as follows :
The 1st note -'- contains 4 measures c-.-z
2d mtf^ contains 4 measures *.A5(i.
3d aoiSb
4th ->

3 upOrffs^if.

4 ararStH.

3 w*-0<S^fl.
7 th grt-b
2 rotr9^<ni.
From the combinations of these notes
or sounds, are formed seven different
kinds of airs or tunes; (u!iu) viz. : 1.
Qfiiuwlu, or the air in which the first
note is doubled, rGe<j{gr&i. 2. l/QioSwu
ui&j, the air in which the second and
first notes are compounded,
3. Qsaiiifiuutlu, the air in which the
third and the first notes are compound
ed, o*3sTJii(5rA). 4. jfcyciurSw, the air
in which the fourth and the first notes
are compounded, t ir;C,;g;.j, 5. Qama.
uurlai, the air in which the fifth and
first notes are compounded. g)rfi<?i>(gr*j.
6. tla^uuriu, the air in which the sixth
and first notes are compounded, aCnriCu

<gr&i. 7. Cio^OffwurJw, the air in which

the seventh and first notes are com
pounded, 0rrGa<sr&i.The differences of
these tunes are as follow ; viz. : 1. Q*r
i^ijuriu, a tune higher than Q#iuJw.
2. tSetfluuBfa and Cm^CWufffcu, tunes
higher than Q*iif_*Qi>u&u. The three
different parts in music are: 1. mis/nSa>a,
bass, or the lowest pitchalso called,
iB*pjih or
2. tc4Pujffsro#, tenor or
mediumalso called, m^iii or amir. 3.
fmSmr, treble or the highest pitch
also called, *.*rib or mA/^aaa.The dif
ferent parts are not sung together, but
one after another in successionmap
9>*, takes its pitch in the key note of
the bassthe utffim
in the fifth
and the *-*aib, in the octave. The term
is also applied to the several notes or
sounds of the octavealso called *rib
as the first atti, the second
&c, and
the whole are called the anil or gamut.
@sd#(?, . Dissonance, dis
cord, want of harmony, mQu/stt. 2.
Dishonor, disgrace, ill-fame, gi<uSi@. 3.
Want of opportunity, inconvenience, inauspiciousnessas of a day, g^gAQarer
arenm. 4. [proc] Reduced state, ema
ciated State, i_*a;<Jurt3nS&u>ui.
{^sm&Qxrreireir, inf. To be renown
ed, 8if$lGup.
@)an&&(3)Lpe0, s. A musical windinstrument, ascr^cgtfw.
^oTO^^uPif), s. One of the three
kinds of Tamil odes, or other poe
try adapted to songalso the various
changes made to accommodate lan
guage to music, QppeiStfQ&B'g.
sa)#^)flL/, s. A change of tune
by mistake, g>sMuiSf,yi^. 2. Variation
in music, jjjtaeamrsima. 3. A different
enunciation of the same terms, accord
ing to the different senses they are in
tended to convey, o*i/^>4^*_jjon*
as QaibQusasru^arajfia^a-^ may be QaiLL] $ex
ufi&sjp&x, the copper is nine s5*or
QjicQuffsor L/^)ar*^?g#, the fine gold is ten
*sc?5*. So (s^xustiLf may be tggubus
jftoq, the army of territorial chiefs
utibL), a short board used for
smoothing ploughed fields.
j) en <f is it sir, s. The twenty-fifth,
also the twenty-sixth lunar mansions,
ytjL-t*i and a-6$sC-is$i.
l3)as>f$eB>ir), s. [in poetry."] The use
of a letter, or word to fill the measure
an expletive, $fiai-aQ*rej ; as
Qc"<y,*5)ffuif.. Heh ! This is a herma
{gj&n&jpreo , s. The science of mu
fg)es>#uurril , s. A melody, tune,
song, aiafiieib.
@)eiD&u>L-iBeiDjS, s. Sarasvati, the
wife of Brahma ; the goddess of speech,
of music, fame, praise, &c, etaamgi.
g)s^(zysrrair/76Br, s. A man of fame
or praise.
j) en & Q tu & e ti>, s. [in grammar.}
Ellipsis or omission of a word, Q*i

jg)D#Qnj*<s, inf.
begin a tune.

To pitch or

Proficients in music, nbS^uri-ai. 2.

Heavenly choristers,
g)m#, C^dgSt, /s(?^;ar, Qeuebr, iuy
v. n. To join, unite, blend, mingle, flmu.
2. To agree, suit, be adapted to, to ac
cord with, u<-cn\a. 3. To combine, har
monize, to accord in sound, r? m*Qcjf
Am. 4. To consent, assent, comply,
5. To be matched, be like, to pair,
become fellows, *^uui_.
g)s>#uir/jrrgti. Though it (the action)
may appear unsuitable. (#<2s.)
g|smiuiQrr^G)uj(jcr. A thing that can
not be given, got, &c. (orsuif..)
@6s>.y^C1a/2sr, s. Due time.
@ero^, v. noun. Closeness,
2. Union, agreement, ;*(.
@SKja|, r. noun. Union, agree
ment, compactness, fitness, unity, har
mony, a joining, joint, connection, com
bination, fitting in, consent, compliance,
correspondence, Qura^w
j^Bc*irj. Corresponding to it.
There is no harmony or concord be
tween the lute and your voice.
^ea^eijQs s. [imp. @d<fC.s.]
Disunion, disjunction, disagreement. Qua
G^fi&u-soto. 2. Disappointment, want of
success, abortiveness. tttufigmp.
QmwQsiriuuGuBhrTaffliLiu). An abortive
contrivance, an unsuccessful thing.
gysa&eijtSl/Djpeii, s. [vul.
.] Disorder, 9(ifB6racic. 2. Disagree
ment, gj*o*sS.
|go*(LS^ii/fr*rer. An unfavorable, un
fair, or unpropitious day.
v. a. To join, combine, reconcile, blend,
mingle, Ci*. 2. To bind, tie, fasten, ac
i_. 3. To hum, chant, continue a musical
sound, wu 4. To say, tell, speak, de
clare, Qua. 5. (fig.) To give, bestow,
yield, produce, am. i. v
) 6. v. n.
To sound as musical instruments, ^s*.
HsibtSai3*a<ge>gi'cs!\<iJBiuu. ~,
The noise of, the
stringed instrument resounding.
r. noun. Combination, CV/r
)ss)&ul\, v. noun. Joining, con
necting, reconciling, junction, combi
nation, jgSOTTiiLy. 2. Speaking, utterance,
telling, Q&aiM. (p.)
^jssi&^Lpis}-, s. A plant, G)&>k}ibit
ma*, Kuellia repens, L.
gjfid-3:aih, . Flattery, adulation,
blandishnii .it, opa^gjii. (c.)
J<5 @ Q& IT 6060 g$f&&wQuf,
inf. To Hatter, speak flattery.
g)#j5QjufG>. Speak not flattery.
)ffesiDitii, adv. Flatteringly,
gSj&Q ^Qiuirei, s \j>rop.^j^.']
A tree, Ficus virens, L.
v. a. To desire, wish, crave, covet, desire
intensely, to lust after, at^vSas; [ex Q*
*] (c.)

t!Pijita>ut3*t/iis&Gwir. The good who

longed for heaven.
g^r&ujsc, s. A medicinal plant
as s(B(Qij*Btfl, Helleborus niger.
*) & em
s. Wish, desire, eS(T^u
uib. Wils. p. 130. Iciiciia. 2. Intense
desire, uf<gi%ijuii. 3. Covetousness, lust,
irregular or inordinate desire, #ttm. 4.
Inclination, choice, will,
5. (p.)
Ignorance, jujjjjusrii. 6. Falsehood, Omu.
7. Expostulation, a^ffaQ^rii.
l<gld&iT&dGi), a. One of the three
active or female energies of the deity
benevolence to souls or creatures, .tls*
m^Qtmrfii. See
$&&irupliui}>, s. Generous diet
in sicknessbut abstaining from veneryavoiding only what will disagree
with medicine.
^jderrQunaih, s. The gratifica
tion of desires, (p.)
@*65)^tji_/z_, inf. To desire, covet,
wish, to become libidinous.
frd&s>&iuid&u>, s. Mortification
of the sensual appetites.
gtrftfao&, s Evil desires, vicious
$eae&d:3s>s:, s. Free will.
^(CTj.y/rdSii, s. Shrimps, prawns,
c3*<. Wils. p. 130. Inchaka.
s. Green ginger, g)@ffl
tfco. Zingiber officinalis, (c.) 2. (p.) A
fortification or round wall, wfiii. 3. A
tank, wnS. 4. A shield, <J*l_!A.
@r*jftl)^3rp (gffKcgCi-ifffti. As a monkey
irritated by eating green gingerspoken
when a man is suffering pain as the
result of his own foolish actions.
s. A piece of green
@)er,&uuiT(S), s. Preserved ginger.
2. A kind of ginger electuary.
s. Pickle made of ginger.
@)(i)&Qeo8ujuj, s.
made of ginger,


t>. n. To be curdledas milk ; congealed

or thickas ghee, J&3. 2. To be absorb
edas water in the ground,
^pfiG fieHTasf/iffQuSurcSpsi. The river
is become dry.
dSGpetsr, liQpsir, uQussr, ,
w. a. To dig, dig out, scoop, to hollow, Qgi
2. u. a. or n. To cleave open, open a
way through ; splitas a branch, &c. ; tear
a person to piecesas an elephant, lS**.
3. To stand or walk straddling, to distend
the legs, stride, dfisgtipm.
v. noun. Cleaving, open
ing, hollowing, forcing a way through,
a large cleft or gap, L5eii<+ 2. Disten
sion, Sifl*M. 3. s. A clod of earth
thrown out by digging or ploughing,
uLj da n&) s. Distended legs.
g)(_.ia:/f, g. Vulgar language, terms
of things or actions, too obscene to be nam
ed openly, wenpfautifemf. 2. Fornicators,
adulterers, #<Ai. 3. A water-pot, (5i_.
4. Closeness, narrowness, Q*<y*ii. (p.)

{lu.dairi_da60, v. noun. A sym ^iLHTirLcs s. [improp. @)iis>ftesriii.']

A kind of large drum, ^/Qucjiiup.
bolic expression to avoid indecent terms.
^iii), s. Place, room, site, situa
*t8pgi. To put water on the feet, i. e.
tion, location, spot, station, mifitartb. 2.
to wash after stool, (p.)
Ground, foundation, reason, &c, in argu
ment, ^fiirii. 3. House, one's own place,
) j_< 8 tu to, s. A double-tailed
residence, TO. 4. Breadth, width, exten
flag, the flag of a car, a banner, standard,
sion, jy*oi4. 5. Time, ability, opportu
QfitQsri}.. (p.)
nity, convenience, mm. 6. (p.) Greatness,
Jj)z_(3j, s. Incivility, rudeness in
Qutsaan. 7. The left side, gt-*"u*i4. 8.
answers, contumely, C*m>i_. 2. Indecent
The three persons in pronouns, cp*i_ui.
words, jguJQ*\i. 3. Opposition, contra
They are ^frs>>, the first personGwaSSfu,
riety, non-compliance, Q(jLiAj<aria. 4. Ca
the second person and ui_i*>, the third
vil, pugnaciousness, captiousness,
person. 9. Wealth, riches, prosperity,
Qjrui4. 10. Theair, ^mium. 11. Expanse,
g)<_*(3#Q,friug>>(5. He uses subter
spaciousness, !<uii.
fuges, he opposes, speaks against, &c.
jiui_Quiiut&Qrarmspi5gn!!. Though ex
j/aiarQsii8pQfA>t<>tiSi-*(g. His Conduct
tensively taught in divine knowledge,
is all contrary, unyielding.
(iuji. 11.) (.-...;.)
@t_eir, s. A rude, saucy, dis
i-ihu^tSQi-.GL-ii. Do not build too
respectful person, ptpvxgQshumar.
spacious a house.
<;*iii_tfi .^iii-.C_'
On being
^id^uueasremsr, inf. To deal
asked, he said no.
knavishly, fraudulently, to do wrong.
^jLdeas@i_(E/aa igiGQ& ,
@t_(5u(?u<?, inf. To cavil,
. The left-hand.
speak unmannerly, use indecent lan
Jj) i_ /b
t_, in/. To indulge
@i_(gioz_(5, s. Trouble, dif
one, to humor, encourage, &c.
@_E//r/ru), s. The left hand of
ficulty. 2. Cavil.
a double drum, the end of which is
ig)(_ss)<s, s. The district or city
glued, Qpp&efliULfpib.
Decca, piC^u/h. 2. A large double-headed
$l-iei @y&@i_t<Sai)i_ tu, inf.
drum, >#/#0iui2>; [ex
imitative sound.]
To be confined, be narrow, close, to want
^ t_ <e/ as swr /i>, s. Borax, Qeuem
room to pass, Ace,
^tAQsLLiuireS, s. An utterly
jg) i ibj fisaR , s. A stone-cutter's
destitute person, a miserable wretch.
chisel, -*. 2. A chain, **8aS j [ex i_fi,
{)iisjG*(D, s. Poverty, pifldfiljrw.
to bind.] (p.)
@ u. la Qs rrt rreaui, neg. v. noun.
);_/B<tL, *. A chisel, a stone-cut
Non-concession, non-indulgence, obsti
ter's chisel, -*. Cp.)
nacy, (y(3tii_rii^io. 2. An assumed in
) z_/ej <s sr ii, . Defilement from
difference, otc. in one who has done
menses or otherwise, any impurity that
wrong and conceals it, sang froid, t.
causes temporary absence from society,
inf. To give place,
^jiikaiT, s. An alligator, Qppteo.
yield, admit. 2, To allow, permit, suf
2. Fornicators, adulterersas i_**r. 3.
fer, grant liberty, permission.
[prop. Si_a/.] A narrow or close way,
@i_ lEjQ&ireheir, inf. To take up
Ss>"A 4. A water-pot or jar, i**rA>.
room, gfrt-ihiSq-**. 2. To be spacious,
capacious, Ssi*>umS(s*s.
g) i_ /B <5S tp/ g) i_ /B7 yS S3) LO, S.
.i-v;;-^..>. The wide-spread
Crowding, pressing uponas an opposing
earth. (-.)
army; close fighting, pressing by robbers,
QscjigtM; [ex
place, et *uS, passing
jj)tiiiGaiT60, inf. To gain a foot
passing the place intervening.] fp.)
ing, establish one's self in place. 2. To
take preparatory measure, make inter
gjftiEi&yQujir, s. Lascivious per
with one, &c. 3. To make larger,
sons, fornicators,
2. Filthy per
wideras in digging a well, a founda
sons, gli&fii. (p.)
tion, &c.
gUjlpQ, @pgl, g)i-^ili_j57, u>,
gfttsmtlgfrL-d&p&i, s. Turn
o. n. To flame, Qs**.
ing, wheeling, &c to the leftas in
dancing, military tactics, horseman
s. [Sana. /fla^L/tij.] A bull,
ship, &c.
an ox ; it is the vehicle of Siva, cy#.
3. A curl on the body
Wils. p. 169. Rishab'ha. 2. The sign
of Siva's flag, fiiSr<2arif.. 3. Taurus of the
to the left.
zodiac, S)i_uSrrfi. 4. Device on the ban
^tm^^souun, s.
One of the
ner of the guardian of the west, GiDp/9oi>
s>a>p in love poetrythe meeting of
tjtwwr&fi. (p.)
lovers in a place previously agreed
z_ u d Q n tf.CS tu it est, s. Siva,
jg) i in tu <Sf & u> )i_i336oay, . As
@ i_ u a?,, s. An astronomical
cribing things to unnatural placesas
pearls to the mountain, gold to the sea,
trisection of the zodiac, embracing four
signs. See (gtutigi.
&C s
@t_u/r^t_sar, s. Siva the bullg)i_u)li)(2)t5arasrr) *. A child with
rider, the bull-borne deity,
out fortune.

j)t-.wrreBru>, s. A spacious place.

ig. 8. Asseveration, affirmation,
s. Frustration, obstacle, or
QfiAi. 9. A throb, palpitation, eyy-CiL/, 10.
2. An honorable place, {Old Vic.)
check, hinderance, counteraction, impedi
The standard of Indra. *#ir*0i..
ment, fmu- 2. Misfortune, calamity,
^L^LoneBTLDiresreSQf 3. A spacious
j{5^ii. They who are too idle to en
f}iu>un, s. Width, spacious ^)(_3J/, QQpeisr, @)ijflQeBreh, Qeu&sr,
gage in any enterprize,will hear the words
lSli_p, v. a. To kick off or away, to sever or
ness, extensiveness, S*ruu>. 2. Wealth,
of rebuke which are applied to them.
strike off a head, a limb, &c, with the
prosperity, greatness, affluence, Q**>/u>.
Eating also millet-meal.
foot, a bent bow, &c, Quoj/a*. 2. v. n. To
$iu>utriTd&, inf. To seek or find
stumble, trip, strike the foot against,^i_i.
a place, a situation, an opportunity.
8. Small
@ G),-iLiQ^--.-Q*^i^&-^;-j'-ri' . Kollillg
)iwLjif), s. A conch, a species
mortars fastened upon a pole, which
the towering mountains, as one might
are loaded with powder and discharged
of shell from which bangles, or handdash to pieces a pot-sherd with his feet.
at festivals, funerals, &c
rings are cut, jo. 2. A left-hand
shell, fi)._!iqrt**i(5. 3. A species of
^uf-iQanuf., . The flag of Indra,
t.iSi_ji9>aai/t<8^(i. The forest where
medicinal plant forming a drug,
the bear plays, knocking about (the
4. A rope twisted to the left,
fruits, &c.) with his feet.
^jis/.iQsirisf-Qujnasr^ s. Indra,
uAsirrfivitSi-fi. (An elephant) striking
Jyi_a/sn.s, s. A house, eS. (fgi.)
@ifUL_jgjif iL/ esm eesr , inf. To
srcSi-jS^Qfifinir. He stumbled and fell.
2. Local affinity.
be pushed about, elbowed, shouldered,
@ <_ a;
*. [in grammar.] The
battered, demolished, &c as a wall,
He caused the heads of the enemies to be
wrong use of one person for another.
bank, &c. 2. To be poundedas rice,
struck off, with the foot of an elephant.
@i_a;6ar, 3. [prop.] The left ox in
the yoke, ffli_^siri_0(y^. 2. The fel
s. Thunder.
block, hinderance, an obstruction.
low or mate in a yoke of oxen, _llQi_
A kind of paste
jgjipeo, v. noun. Stumbling, trip
or cake cooked in steam, f.,
ping. 2. Offence, scandal.
^ia/ffgOuiu/f, s. A kind of me
{jipput, inf. To take offence,
tonymyas the place for that which is
{jjjjiy-iuuuppil, s. Flat circles
in it, ^<sQuiuie$Qsurs6ri.
to be offended, be hindered.
or squares of braided rattan, &c, used
}iQeuntliu>, 3. The left-hand fi tp & ld, 3. The QjdSeo gum.
for making the giis-njuuii.
passagespoken of the imaginary plan
ets, rr<s<7*j gii-iiiv.jjCujri-*). 2. Every
uf-iuuueqnei>, s. The mould or
other three of the lunar mansions, be ^tsar, 3. Place, @i_ii>. (p.)
cullender through which the paste is
ing twelve in number.
@i_6Broi?#a>, p. noun. Knowledge
pressed to form the cake.
<)iiA. A common form of the
of a placenecessary to a king.
)uf.ujuuaiiTpsss!ir, s. The holes
seventh or locative caseexpressing in, * J)t_/rfisafl, s. A kind of female
of the ^it-muuii mould.
on, with, within, stjv. It also implies
imp, or evil beingattendant on Kali,
gli^aSip, inf. To strike as light
to, after verbs of motion. As a case, it is
sitfQviii&iQtiuQmirfr. {p.)
ning, to fall as a thunder-bolt. 2. To
itself either declined or not.Note. Ac
cave or fall inas a well.
cording to *t*gr6i, the seventh case ex g}t_fl-(3}, 3. A dot, mark, spot, Lj&r
presses the locality of things; it also in
*. (*&.)
$)ty-, Sp^J, v&g), iyu>, ili, v. n. To be
dicates place, time, component parts,
^jffgCu/ri, inf. To brand cat
broken, battered, demolishedas a wall,
qualities and actions, the relation to the
&c, to fall to pieces, crumble in ruins, u
tle with the owner's mark.
persons or things indicated, whether as
m-u. 2. To be washed or broken down
naturally belonging to them, or as dis
as the bank of a river, *:tli>.iu. 3. To be
v. a. [/.] To press, strike,
come partly bruised as rice in a mortar,
iojJi_4Q,ar<#. The lustre in or of the
come in collision with, Q*&ts. 2. To beat
in competition, &c, QupQsraar. 3. To dis
^jL^seair, s. A broken bank, mar
s*iSsSi_4r*i_*id. A bracelet on the
regard, neglect, &c.as a servant, wife,
gin, &c. of a river, tank or well.
&c. their master, husband, &c, ^iicfr**.
^jisf-^niLua, s. [ru/.] A time of
u3arJrfi^jr^4i. The
bird on SgfiiruL-i, s. A list, catalogue, roll,
the palmyra.
ruin, Q*sui6. 2. Defamation, re
register, j/i^i-itea. (com. usage.)
iraf<_/0mtr<ifft_i&. In or with me.
proach, ia>0.
ggjiihuih, t. (Tel. o-usSn.) Pom
sfojir, s. A dead wall, a bro
Qiuar, i_fijLi, v. n. To straddle, walk
posity, ostentation, parade, ^i-iiurii. (c.)
ken wall.
straddling, --?.. : -tx.
Jj)t$i_a/, v.noun. Demolition, ruin,
QQpesr, biuSlQeBrtasr,
iriliSs ek, s. (Tel. -zzobXi$3-)
dilapidation, the washing or crumbling
(?*, i-i6u, v. n. Iprov.] To shun, keep
A pompous man, a coxcomb, i_iour.
away of a bank.
aloofas persons on bad terms, eT...
d@Qp&sr, pQpeisr, uQueir, ,
j)i_/f, s. Affliction, distress, pain, @i_/r/f, s. A basket for irrigation,
ip.<ji_ (p.) 2. [proi\] A trap for
v. a. To pound, beat in a mortar, commi
calamity, sorrow, misery, gnxuto,
squirrels, or rats, rv5(y)fffi\BlL'rJt?-*c3^C?L"A
nute, pulverire, reduce to flour, giar*s. 2.
g)i_(fu_@lin uut_, inf. To
g^<rrfcvxtjuiii rAff(7ur(<u. Like a rat
To strike with the fist, a club or any thing
suffer, be in a state of sorrow, affliction,
caught in a trap ; i. e. perplexed.
blunt, slantingly, not with a direct blow,
pt*M. 3. To push, gore as u beast, to thrust,
^iirQrrfip, inf. To set a 3quirrel
)_6tfti>, s. [proo ] Width, spacious
to buttas an old calf in sucking, Qntii_. 4.
or rat-trap.
To thunder, eject thunder-bolts, Q^iS^.**.
ness, distance, extent, Si4.
s. A stroke, blow, push with
5. To beat so as to break, bruise or batter
Jj) i_ eu i_o , . The gum of the
the fist, elbow, shoulder, &c.also with a
to pieces, demolish, shatter, gsti*. 6. To
mango tree, mjiijfi*. 2. The gum of pal
club or other blunt weapon, prttgsas. 2.
speak forcibly and emphatically, to use
myra trees, utcnbrf&or.
A thunder-bolt, j/*td>. 3. (_p.) A roar,
strong language in order to make an im
thunder, sound, noise, gt>J. 4. Ground
pression, to urge, insist upon with earnest^i_sus3r, *. [prop.] A clod or broken

ness, *j>)Qmiij. 7. v. n. To throb, beat

grain, flour, rice-flour,
5. Cakes,
piece of earth, metrt^Bsci^. 2. Any thing
sc., as a light meal, luncheon, tiffin, &pp
as the head when aching ; to beat, pant,
split or cloven, jj5)i_*ijuiii_^ j [ex
*!-. 6. Pulvil, powder, dust, any thing
palpitate, m<**. 8. To strikeas a vessel
to dig.]
pulverized, &c, *r<i. 7. Hair-oint
against the shoreas a gun fired, &c,
j)t_s3>a/, *. A way, euy$. (p.)
ment, probably made of powder, wditrr
tL.eoftx. 9. To sound, make a noise,

fimsentntueiB ? Who can destroy those with

whom are counsellors, that caution them
faithfully ?
pushed Neelan with his knee, and rolled
him over, (jgnior.)
3 if
<sa>/r, s. Affirmation, as
surance, *&fi!*Q*r*>.
Jj)t9.u>ff-ii, s. A pestle, e.60sffi.
j) cp. t/j (5 /j^? , s.
Pulverized or
comminuted medicine.
g) ff (OT; so, s. A round, earthen
iq- lo Lj , s. Haughtiness, ^euw^l
uy. See <iq. (p)
*^)Le.anas, s. A commentary, gloss
ary, ^j^aj^ro)!uf*ffluriri4. Wils. p. 359.
Dekka. 2. A Sanscrit Dictionary or
vocabulary, ^Atieisugi.
^)fi.(5, s. Pomp, parade, show,
eclat, gji-iiuio. (usage.")
DS, QQpeisr, ^ilGiear, Qeueisr,
t>. o. To set, put on as ornaments,
2. To put in, deposit, keep,
3. To
give, bestow, grant, devote, appropriate,
wu, 4. To throw, cast, poke out, poke or
thrust into, aflti. 5. To designate, ap
propriate, assign, allot, destine, dictate,
8)*. 6. To pour, shower, QAu.As
an expletive, it is joined to the gerunds
of other verbs in which, it sometimes
gives additional force or emphasis to the
action expressed, or serves as a kind of
finish, fifl&rQijrftf'1a(3is.TC*i*C?^ffffLj^)^jsTOU3^r
The gerund llS is sometimes
used to express cause, instrumentality,
&c.as, e^*wiws?Ctf.*^ijLjySa/ffjj^f, this dis
grace happened through him.
Q^r&ospsiii. It will drive away every evil,
as a stone thrown at birds in a tree puts
them to flight.
g)Di_, s. A. door or gate
where much liberality is exercised,
QaiSuCuTeeflApafinSAi. (p.)
{$<3&peo, s. Fuel, e&pi. (&
sfaQ.) (p.)
@#/7, s. A burying place, l5?Cj
,siiL/o;3*(gu9i_to. 2. A place for burning
the dead, G)r.
^<SfS@/(3jrf)uQuiuiT, s. Ar
bitrary names of things, primitive
$(l(3jl3&&puijuQuujir,s. [in
grammar.] A specific term or primi
tive nouns not common to allas Q#
b, a cocoanut tree.
^SgoJuOu/r^uOuBjl, s. [in
grammar.'] A generic term, or primi
tive common nounas wni, tree or
jafrQpiEi&u), s. Refined gold, gold
of the best quality, yt-MfsisJ). 2. Gold
inlaid, set, mounted, &c, xAixm>stSg/i&
g)^aarz_i, s. A penalty, e3$a
suuL-L- ^iBSsr. 2. A penalty, fine,
mulct, [fi\uniuelatib.
@,Sdi7, s. A curtain, @mir*

{g)u>(jj)i5gi,s. A philter, 6tieiLtta&

@Lli_^P, s. A fixed time or lim
it, iBaiiS/ifQa&ibu. 2. A critical time,
gjiiabQ&igppsmib 3. Destitution, extreme
want, u^r>fl.
j)i-La&LLut.dQ&rTeiretr, inf. To
disparage, asperse, to bring reproach
(joW6j/?ilu(?un-, inf. To go
iSekesBLLQuQuna, inf. To go
@ss, v. noun. Bestowing, ir
> . 2. S. Gift, Qsi_.
,07, @3T^7, li, j),
t>. n. To become slender, strait, confined,
er*. (p.)
!3Ss>i_ioi_#. Slender-waisted women.
@(5, v. noun. Narrowness, close
ness, 94*ii.
a star, s. Suffering, affliction,
distress, adversity, straits, tribulation,
persecution, giaruii.
inf. To afflict,
oppress, persecute, giaruuuQpf.
$ld(9), s. The claws of a lobster,
scorpion, &c, Q*tttg. 2. A small hole,
nook or corneras the parting between
the fingers or teeth, the arm-pit, any part
ing where a thing becomes infixed, confin
ed, pressed, &c, a recess, **s>. 3. Nar
rowness, trouble, gisaruii.
u6je$a&GeuiauuLLQsrracrigz, It has
stuck between the teeth.
{3)iesifl, s. [proc] A corner,
nook where a thing may be heldas
under the arms, between the fingers,
under the hams, or where a person or
thing may become confined, jammed
in, wedged in, &c.
J) < @ wjTih, s. A narrow pass
age through posts to a field, for men,
which cattle cannot pass, *i_>iiojio.
@(5(jd;_(5 @g(joi(5,
*. A close, confined place, a narrow
corner, QpC*sigi. 2. Straits, difficult
circumstances, embarrassment, difficul
ty, BSIlb. (c.)
gSifjai^! s. A narrow way
or lane.
@i(5ffl//rjsi), s. A strait gate.
g)0<55g), QQpeisr, $<3/s@Qesrzk, Qeu
*, g)QA, v. a. To press as between two
boards, Qsg-**. 2. To pinch, ^Q*BulS^.*
*. 3. To take between the fingers, toes,
&c, to graspas a crab, with its claws; to
lay hold ofas with pincers, to take under
arms or between two things, /Do,ffa5u
/mievLSsate?GK>tuaS(b}&&iQre/lwaivflrcr. She
came with her child on the hip, holding
him under the arm.
<3uf(jaarSiSijJif.*B(j;sSr. He holds his
property very stingily, tenaciously.
@, s. Pincers, tongs, forceps,
tweezers, nippers,
2. A stingy,
parsimonious person, a niggard, n-Cwrj.
(tfietrerflQdQ, s. Pincers to draw
out thorns from the feet.

j)ifflD_, s. Closeness, narrow

ness, QurgtSlb.
@(5^tf, s. A double stick
used to press things withas that of a
toddy-drawer to press the flower or
fruit-stem of the palmyra, &c.
@<5(5u8sbt, s. [prov.] Palmyra
trees from which toddy is drawn.
@(5ti?s<r3sTr, s. A child in arms
carried on the hip, **,s^laiA(gioLJcr(y
@)d(3)U>!rii>, s. A kind of oilpress, *TvjQaa^pjptnrih.
@<ni, v. noun. Closeness, con
finement, narrowness, Q(j4*ii. 2. Af
fliction, adversity, straits, fi*<*.
@i<uu_, inf. To become nar
row, close, confined, 9**uui_. 2. To
be oppressed, be persecuted, to suffer,
jg)&&uupfi,inf. [ca<s.]Tomake
narrow, close, &c, Q*<j*. 2. To op
press, persecute, distress, gitiruuuQ^.
@3ui^, s. The hip, sides, wq^iej
<b&. (c)
u Lj eu eS, s. ' The lumbago,
pain in the loins.
^)@/i)i_/6Br, s. The name of an in
ferior deityone of the generals in
Skanda's army, (s<oiGariioQeij<Jiisar. 2.
The name of a giant, gmitsar.
@iiii), a. A giantess, the sister
of g}iiutBT, s,fija&s@l.
@<8wiSIQsiT(LpiBeiir,8. Bhima one
of the Pandavas, Jt3ar.
^)iiLy, s. Haughtiness, arrogance,
jj*>0. 2. Audacity, impudence, G*iix_
3. Disesteem, disdain, contumely, j<ic^tjLy.
4. Cruelty, oppression, tyranny, persecu
tion, Q*ffato.
@ ld u it, . Haughty persons,
the arrogant, Q*cj*(5eoi_Ciujf. 2. As
&ut*pi, which Bee.
g)iin_9, s. A haughty woman,
^jQihsmu, s. Suffering, affliction,
distress, calamity, gidruib. 2. Evil, jfo.
3. Fear, j>#i4. 4. Poverty, ^u>. s.
Prideas one of the eight evil disposi
tions, eSafffQimLtf-Qeitrargl.
ebQiS<S\ba>utSM. To those who have ador
ed, at the feet of him who is without desire
or aversion, there shall be no suffering
for eternity.
*^)QeS, s. A female turtle, Oum
^,diij. Wils. p. 360. Dull (p.)
gg}<su&!g), s. Calumny, defamation,
false accusation, jyuiiTi_ii. 2. Oppression,
extortion, ^yi_j/A 3. Injustice, jy'P.
^Qenm^Hsnnssr, s. A calumniator.
@!ni_, s. Middle, midst, centre,
. 2. The middle of a body, the waist,
io<je><5&>. 3. As g)aoi_*Qiiia particle.
4. Interval of time, &c, mG>Qni&. 5. (p.)
Place, room, space, position, situation,
)_!. 6. A form of the seventh or loca
tive case, aii>si<sH- 7- The side of a thing,
place, quarter, region, u**ih. 8. An ele
phant, ufibi-. 9. Interim, opportunity, con-

venient season, season, *ori4. 10. The full
moon, Quarter. H. A measure of length,
breadth, thickness, &c, Alr_ameau>Q<vf
12. One of the three
or pass
ages for the breaththat through the left
nostril, the lunar nerve or vessel,
ilQiM.jr. 13. One of the (<*-) nerves
or arteries, prKrq.*SQ*iicbrii. (See
14. (misused for c7oi_.) Weight, gravity
(See aJQpuKr, and <Ji*8ni.)
rr&jeu/rlsoc-ijij*. Associating with the
@ant_?6u, 4. The breath of the
left nostrilas jSlr2w. See tlKaSw.
@603i_i-l, s. A girdle, sash.
2. The allowance made for the weight of
a vessel before weighing any thing in it.
Jj)aot_ <i ui 6sr, s. A Kishi or
&foaione of the eighteen.
j)an_<sfiaDi_. Here and there,
interspersed, *<a)3i. 2. Of like weight,
even weight, equilibrium, *6a>pise>p.
@aDi_<s@6\J/s/T|S6ar, s. Vishnu as
brought up by shepherds.
i & (5 es>p, s. [in grammar.]
A word shortened in the middle, syn
cope, elision ; as g,$ for g>*&, camelion.
(See S-ni.) 2. An island, blank space
in a river, &c, Qpfiem-tigmp.
<g) em i_ d Q s it sir cferr, . Pillaging,
plunder, free booty, plundering without
regard to cither party, QAQfcr. 2.
(in Agasliar.') The ravages of an epi
demic disease, 0*S<Jjufjruii*^.
g)aoi_(5(B(5 ueap, s. A small
drum tapering in the middle, E_Eian*.
jJa(_fi9, *. [proc] Gold or silverbeads interspersed here and there be
tween sacred or other beads, m^^fin*m
. The eleventh lunar asterism, in
which Saturn is considered very malig
nant. See *9t>iQuQp&*sBfi and oppQaiof^
^soiffffdsr, s. The second child,
QraviriSGujt, (c.)
@sDi_<F#/r,@, s. The second or
middle tribe of aoiSaithe third caste.
$ ee> l-. e G # 9, s. A shepherd's
$6s>ip$il , s. Getting profit
indirectly by interposing between par
ties, &c. or by purchasing goods of one
and selling them again from a distance.
Jj) so il /f , s. The middle em
phatically (a pleonasm in rhetoric.)
$ an 1_ is so ir, s. Hair or beard
growing grey here and there.
^eaiS'Seo, s. In verbs generally,
the characteristics of tense, asjrJei_if3Jru.
2. A neutral state, neutral or middle
state, stagnation in business transac
tions, jS);jijp4Prs*rr9pei>. 3. In some
compound nouns, one of the component
parts, QuijflwirfZw.
f$sB)L-i8'2eup$u&u>, s. One of the
beauties of poetry, SnAsezfi&iarfiQardrji.
See 9um*.

@stD*_f6'26UU>HJ,s(sj, s. [in ortho

graphy.'] The proper combination of
letters in the middle of a word, QiatftS
v2!<dxQi-of$& mzjiiGl&pmaif the same
consonant be repeated in the middle of
a word, it is called, n.i_cofl?cuQuiimjiui<5; if
otherwise, it is called, Qip^StaiQiciim
@ 6B> i ififl 6sr) p s , inf. [prov.] To
swim with the body erect and the
water only up to the waist.
@ni_ijuz_, inf. To interpose,
happen in the interim, come in, between,
among, &c, to happen, {Sei_t%u<ari_>x.
@ni_ iiiu(Slpneisni>, s. Giving of
a secondary order, bestowing through
pity on the poor, the blind, mfigimpnanb.
@ai_iji_/ipii>, s. Ripe fruits inter
spersed among the unripe.
@sd_ u u Lfi th u (tpji/i o)j v. noun.
Eipening as fruits here and there.
{)es>iuiSlpeiirri>, v. noun. Words
intervening between any one word and
another with which it makes senseas
between the noun and its attribute, &c,
crQpaietijQpfivSiLl QfiSift&ieB fifteenuSGwpp LSp
@oi_uij-(t, s. Land in a state
for sowing, neither very moist nor very
dry, MBium&Biagiugl(5A&pL{Qft.
@ai_ uL/eireifl, s. Marks scattered
here and thereas in tobacco leaves,
&c, fruits, &c
@D_ ijyL., s. A truss, girdle,
@sd (_ uQu rrs u>, s. An interior
crop, out of season, fir*~ t'fii/'n r-'fTphr^.
@!Di_Z)i_(g, s. Silencing one by
vociferation, i_JppA>. 2. Haughty
speaking, Qitigim-tMrarGu**. 3. [in
prosody.] The repetition of a word in
the middle of a line with a varied
meaning. See mi-.*.
{^saiQpeir, s. Small, new erup
tions about a healing ulcer or bile,
opdrurums. 2. A disease, a kind of erup
tion, ptsstiusb.
@sjn_(?u>, s. Rice-land of mo
derate height, *44rmra>r<?io.
{g)etaitup, inf. To cease or termi
nate suddenly.
@Dz_uj(2y>a/607L/, s. Never-ceas
ing love.
^)s5>i_uJ6BT, s. (fern. ^3nte&.)
A shepherdas occupying a middle
g)=L_ijij^iJi_i?j<;w. The shepherds
have their wit in their nape; i. e. they
have none.
j^eniujeBr&iTGoQei/eireifl, t. [prov.]
The star Aldabaran in the constellation
Aries, pieSairrfsir.
{]eis>iujiriB0!jui, s. An intermedi
ate space or time.
Spp. The business was interrupted,
spoiled in the interim.
@ eta i iu n iv it, s. Persons of a
middling class in piety, excellence, &c.

JJ) an i_ uS i, inf. To intervene,

be interspersed, to have intermediate
spaces either of time or place, to inter
mit, happen intermediately, S!pC<j<*p.
^etS)L-ULLsurs/iQ&e\}Giiw, s. Ac
quired wealth and prosperity, obtained
during life, not derived from ancestors.
^eiaiuSilQi^ieina^s. The ergi
at> or rhyming of the third letter in
every other line.
@6i_aS6S)(_. From time to time,
at intervals, intervening space.
^etQiuSQetQ <$ rr em QQ u it a, inf.
To take by theft or force, to plunder
fruits, furniture, &c. 2. To take off
property at one's deathas persons who
are not heirs. 3. To seize and carry
off property from one who has stolen
itas a constable from a thief, (c.)
)es>iiiSQe^eiiuSl^ieueirijda, inf. To
get a living at the expense of others, not
reducing one's own stock, (c.)
)s6>iu$emQeiigiem&, s. One of the
gjorQ^eo*that in which the second
letter of each line is any of the medial
Jj)es>i_ uS, s. Obstacle, impedi
ment, frustration, tStQscrit. 2. Equiva
lent, equilibrium, .
^eaiu^sii, s. Frustration, inter
ruption, disappointment, obstruction,
hinderancc, mishap, casualty, contingence, misfortune, disaster, JS^J. (c.)
^es>L-.Qiuesm , s. A poem increas
ing and decreasing like the waves of
the sea, L^
jjgie8)iQiurrQaeB)tu>t&(9j, s. A
figure in Rhetoric, repetition of a word
or phrase in the middle and end of a
line with different meanings, St#.crj'
@633i_si;tf @, s. [prov.] A suit at
law instituted by a new claimant while
the previous one is going forward, fi3
f<ietsjieuLp&&iTerfl, s. An inter
vening party in a law-suit.
^anisvtfS, s. Midway.
^esiL-.eueireire\i, s. A term common
to the second of the three classes of
kings famed for liberality, (p.)
@aDz_6v/TiZ;, s. The degrees mark
ed upon a steel-yard.
@6o/_6iffi_, inf. To intermit, sus
pend, interrupt, leave intermissions,
interstices, &c.
(Soi_!i^SllQ. Every other one.
^eaieSiiTLDeiaLp, s. Incessant
$eau.e8ilTLDe\), neg. v. part. In
cessantly, constantly, without intermis
jg)emQe>iLL(Buuesati), s. A clip
ped or imperfectly stamped coin, MsiQpt
fgimonSoftfucsjib. 2. [prov.] Profit made
indirectly, Qut&*G>QiuQ#fluav6.
^eaiQeuLLQuQuf^, s.
sion, ridicule.
j)6B5*_Qa/6ifl, s. An intervening
space, J -:.

stl1d_ er&rsifleBiii s. The

thickness of a rape-seed, (c.)
tstrebr^ o9 irpQapi anekr^eSneS
*ot Four fingers-breadth, thickness.
Qp p eS sd i_ a em i~ .
middle and end.
^)ss>i_, QQpebr, isQ^ebr, a/sir, tu,
. n. To recede, go out of on<!'s way,
2. To retreatas before a foe, Joto*.-. 3.
To be reduced in circumstauces, to be
come poor, 0iy.
sfHQrgHI&&(Zurvl>B>^-t0wuQurQ(ltj. Wllile
(his army) was scattered before the
enemyas darkness by the sun.
^)ai_@ 3=a), s. Narrowness, @
*<s. 2. Closeness, <2*<y.*<4. 3. Oppres
sion, tyranny, persecution, n.u^ficmnb. 4.
Obstruction, fmi (c.)
I am driven
to straits, I am obstructed in the way.
gf0$Qes>iQsejBtuiQ&Gpar. I was a hinderance to it.
aBL-gj&pui, inf. To suffer
oppression, persecution, calamity.
^satri^fpuesBrsmr, inf. To mo
lest, frustrate, obstruct, retard, oppose.
@(?t_/rsS,s. (Tel.
A dooly,
a litter, .. ~c ma#Bs *.
Gi_/rso, s. (Te/. S^wo-,) A kind of
$jiLi<stni_} s. [prop. @Lltf aoi_.]
Poverty, misery, calamity, a>eruii.
*Jj)LLi_ii>^)a{2.z_u>, s. Voluntari
ness, freedom of choice, option, one's
own pleasure, tSAtuih. 2. Desire, wish,
choice, opinion, approbation, dguuib. 3.
Kindness, friendship, love, attachment,
affection, jjotl/, Wils. p. 134. Ishta. 4.
Manumission of a slave, ,jy!.s>ii!<sSjJj. 5.
Tin astrology.] Indication of good or evil
from the planets according to their posi
tion, firi2wuffiT<g:>Lisuffijttjr. 6. fin astro
nomy.] The longitudinal difference between
ffanh, and the end of a sign.
{^iLL^aniHtLiib ei?, i & it lI uj il>,
. What delights, satisfies the mind.
^)iLl-ieislLl@ lL i wea eu < ,
inf. To construct a plan, or lay down
the situations of the stars, in entering on
astrological calculations, g|rjfi*2aiiojaj.
@Lli_^i-li_li j)aL_<!FLli_tO, s.
Voluntariness, freedom from constraint,
free choice, luG^em*.
@6^i_C,#a/aD#, s. The family or
guardian deity, ^farru9u0,aj;ii. Wils.
$sLf>ii$a#npu>, s. A gift from
benevolence, free grace, utsiiui'&Qwkii
tQxiaa 2. Free grace of God, C;iS<y
m>u. 3. Boiled rice offered to the idols
and eaten joyfully by the offerers, Qs**
iSirr/si,. Note. Among christians it is
often used for the eucharist.
@)eLf.tQuiTsui, s. Enjoyment of
wished for pleasure, gratification,
@SL^i_iiucOT76Kir, inf. To emanci
pate a slave (commonly
To make friendship with one, to ingra
tiate one's self with another, **C>/>u

^iLL-wemeud-i , inf. To love, set

the affections on one.
^lLl^sS, s. A kind of cake, pie,

@6Bar<B(2W1S60, s. A deed of ces

sion, agreement, reconciliation, e.i_iiL5.

g) shut <s (3), 8Qp&r, ^esaiQQesrm^

Qiar, jgsRrix, v. a. To cause to agree, to
j)LLtsrr Lb, s. Affliction, pain, sor
unite, connect, adjust, fit, correct, confirm,
row, ^iSruii!, (i.) 2. Weakness, languor,
rectify, bring over, persuade, reconcile,
lassitude, naia.
conciliate, ii-iiuS;;.
^lLl^, s. See under @.
g^mr/aasiir, s. Salt-petre, Oai/ifi^
s. A spear, lance, ffiLif-.
gg) sssr iei (m , s. A devil, lS^/t^ld.
*g)tJ_i$L j)a^Zi9_, s. A sacrifice,
any sacrificial rite, w ; [ex
to de ^)s33r/H(g, QQpeir, ^etmriaQQestasr,
gjOTiia, t>. n. To agree, consent,
sire.] Wils. p. 134. Isiiti.
yield, comply with, to be reconciled ; to ac
l1 iy- etn s, s. Bricks, Q&tkiseo.
quiesce in, be agreeable to, Sec, _i_<*ui_.
Wils. p. 134. Ishtika. 2. A narrow
jy^(a#a<rtii!<nijw. He has not ac
way, aiSUa^iA 3. A mixture of wax,
quiesced in, or been satisfied with it.
resin, &c, used by gold-smiths, -iiSQm
@6B5rE/6i)/rgfteimiEJsncr, s. Ene
mies, ueasmr.
S3>z_, s. Smallness, minute
^esarisiQ, s. A lady's female friend
ness, ftjiaoui. 2. Straits, adversity, fAjtpni.
or companion, GisiiS.
3. \jprov.~] A vise in the turner's lathe,
^)anr/f, s. A cluster of flowers, y/
Q*'6gi. 2. A blossom, a blown flower, w""'.
)LLuf-Str>t <<ij&eO, s. [prov.] In
3. Filaments of a flower, u*f'g>- 4. The
justice, oppression, persecution, *<*uuu8
e*oS tree, Citrus, X.
m*. 2. Adversity, straits, great extremity,
^swrQniB, s. A large fire con
extreme necessity, aij/mm.
@& 8$iC-tQ-tt>i*&iBaieitf&&i0i6. This
sisting of many flames, uikmj&hQi
will render assistance at the time of ex
treme necessity.
Though one causes affliction as cruel as
that effected by fire of many flames.
He protected me from all oppressions.
*}lL(8 ^)a^, . Desire, wish,
il , s. [prop.] Fish-gills,
%uui4. Wils. p. 134. Ishtu.
i/r<3*Yi. 2. A small piece of ola, pints
^)l1. [cx @.] A particle some
times employed as a component of verbs,
^jiSm)U Lj, QQpebr, @<ctb)uiJ'Qeerear,
g,rs*>s*Qsr&ias i*,ff)tLi_Br, he is come.
Ca/er, ^^iju, v. a. [prov. T a/so
g)_l, s. A little, small thing, Splgi.
iiL/.] To deceive, cheat, disappoint, entice,
cgarpersSL-ifvJjuigpiii. Though the income
be small. (@p*.)
jg)gss)uLi, v. noun. Deceit, cheating,
lLQju $3, s. Firmness, severity,
defrauding, siuul/.
rigor, aabq-jtib,
s. [prop, ^jessfl-l A row of
{jUlL-CeippLb, s. [prov.~\ Tyranny,
squares in a rice-field, sair^j). 2. Bound
cruelty, injustice, QarlSmw. 2. A gross
ary, limit, o&fcu. 3. A ladder,
falsehood, false accusation, qpgpCiQuiiu.
s. Twig as formed on
j)ul/i$_ ^cQippihQu^&pflisi^. It is not
branches, mri. 2. A handful of cocoanut
good to speak such a gross falsehood.
..--/.*..:.;. * 2ippibu9ia&pQ(*}iuY' Why do
leaves, &c, or of fruit from a tree plucked
Off, ftt>suiSi9-Ujett8&t**UUL-i3l. (c.) 3. The
you do so unjust an action ?
interstices between the separate olas of
jj)ij_(?t_/r, s. Disunion, discord,
the palm leaf, r*r&ff&u*e0tfa*_Qo/0.
4. The fork or joining of the twig to its
larger twig or branch, SS.T0j^svJu)**a*
^L-QirrLL, s. [prop.] Vexation,
trouble, <s/!j**bSi.
Drar<s<Lo, s. Agreement, union, g)>^2;>S(g, QQpesr, ^esgtidSQeBrebr.,
Qeifcr, gB}g'4, r. a. As QlgpBcg.
congeniality, conformity, congruity, con
tEi(8ji &Qpebr, ^ggmi&iQQeisreBr,
junction, connection, friendship, famili
arity, acquiescence, acceptableness, a.i_sjr
Qatar, Qjigsiii*, v. a. To pull off with force,
ui. 2. Fitness, suitableness, acceptable
split offas a twig from a brancha
ness, Qurg/tfiib. 3. Adjustment, correc
down from a feather palm leaves, &c,
tion, amendment, fi^/tw.
from a tree ; to tear off with force, giQts.
giim&suiftsfiBxiins. Make friendship with
s. Union, conjunction, com
the worthy.
munion, fellowship, g)oj(. 2. Comparison,
parallel, similitude, resemblance, siiq. 3.
with the unworthy will cause mutual pain.
(p.) Two things of a kind, a pair, couple,
^smsrds u uQpp, inf. To bring
brace, plm. 4. A companion, associate,
about a reconciliation between two
partner, escort, protector, gtsxttias. 5.
Desire, g)*e*. 6. Women's hair,
^estsrs&ixiQuf, inf. To try to re
QUmiSQar&rGa. O ! mind, debased be
yond comparison. (;?*.)
concile two parties.

^ n;D ifi I Jaw Qto J nj rfa sy /. Holy men

who unite themselves to the feet of the
Supreme Being.
j)<kisBrdxuje0, s. A couple of carpfish, figures of which in gold, silver, &c.,
form one of the eight auspicious articles
placed on special occasions as good
omens, also as pleasing to the gods,
i_jic^Q^i<ft^7. 2. One of the emblems
of royalty, jjiaSlaiarfiQfiiebixi.
@2b5r6ii?s, s. Two leaf-plates
as set before a religious mendicant
or pandamm, while feeding him.
j^2asiirdQ)uQuiT&, inf. [prop. @)%sbbt
vr*uGui*.~\ To walk with another, to
walk abreast.
$$sasrd(9}/De<rnGiifluJuutr, s. A kind
of ^SIAuuui, some of whose middle lines
are shorter than the first or last line.
)2sssrLDsaLDn^>, 8. A poem con
sisting either of the kind of verses call
ed Qitabruw and
or Qa/asrurand
MoS/igtvp, in hundred verses and com
posed in accordance with the rule of
j.*?-ptone of the tirutjii.
^%&isrQp!JGSisrQitT<anL-,8. [inpoetry.]
A kind of rhyme where the first two
feet in a line are opposed to each other
either in word or meaning, g,iQ^tmu.
as - - : 1 - ura s -;- "
j) 2essr Qld rr'fasrpQprrsn i_, 8. A
species of rhyme in which the first let
ters of each of the first two feet are
the same. See Qfrm-.
gj&aarujsro^, s. A compound me
trical syllable, iitw.
gjSaaruj if. or <s tp aS &Hsr, s. The
two feet.
j) Ssssr iu if @ i_, inf. To adorn,
crown one's self with the feet (of the
deity or guru) regarding them as
flowers.Note. To place the feet of
another on one's head, is a figurative
form for expressing great reverence,
devotedness, respect, &c.

v. a. To join, unite, conjoin, adjust, com

bine, Gsit*. 2. To couple, join in pairs,
fasten together, connect, _tii_. 3. To com
pose verses, sentences, &c, mnmiSiixs*s.
^)i533ri_/r, s. Shepherds, ^eeiiajfr.
(gfiszarQ, s. (also @6rori_0^if , the
final - being dropped and st<*> added.) A
thorny creeperas rss>MtQsi^., Mimosa
rubicaulis, Z.
QfdjeSemQ, s. The red species.
QsumsSahD, s. The white species.
g) 633/-S3) i_, s. The @6zeir creeper.
2. The lotus, fium*. 3. The cy*iJw, a
flowering shrub. 4. A garland, uJw.
g\sGnr/i^sarar, s. A high shed
with a platform secure from wild beasts,
for watching a field, srwputair, 2. A
scaffold, a raised platform, ujntr. (p.)
"^J^jlSiulb, s. Pleasure, satisfac
tion, sweetness, gfrtiruii. [ex gnA] (/>.)
*@^ii, s. That which is acceptable,
pleasant, agreeable, delightful, gratify
ing, welcome, gfraruuxargi. 2. A good, be
nefit, fSr<rau. Wils. p. 975. Hita. 3. Taste,
gust, relish, s>etfMj. 4. That which
belongs, .^aio. 5. Word, Qas&i.
s. Tastelessness, insi
jg)p t&j Q & n do eo @)piiiQu&, inf.
To give good advice, give appropriate
2. To speak good
things. 3. To speak kindly, sweetly,
gfrfihucssra/nr, inf. To please, gra
tify a person, &c, S)<*uQ*iuiu.
^i^nQ^ii, s. Good and evil, timgi
$0. [in usage tj&m&pui.'] Wils. p. 975.
enriudSptii, s. Being pleasant to
the taste.
uj la, s. The mind, heart. See
of which it is a contraction.
*$jTLb, s. That which is different
or foreign, another, jydrtrfi. 2. Vileness,
lowness, n4. Wils. p. 130. Itara. 3.
Kuin, evil, injury, jte. (urr^ii.) 4. Quick
silver, UlfiW*&.
gfrpxupunppuo, s. Other things,
Other objects, Gmgaimpxa.

^)fffa|, s. That which is pleasant,

agreeable, gratifyingas
^I^tfit s. The Qsirssiisnp tree, Cas
sia, L.
s. The petals of a flower,
uS,fi. 2. Lip, the lips,
3. The eye
lids, *!rraflroo. 4. A palmyra leaf, a palm
leaf, uaartJiuG). 5. A strip of palm leaf or
other materials for making baskets, mats,
<J/r!u. 6. The strips in Vene
tian windows, &c, sfltSofihj. 7. A square
or diamond in braiding mats, uSj.Vi. 8.
Sheath of flowers, &c, u.-Ssr. 9. Leaf, jg!eu.
tlB$fiQPpiiu<iiu>nSp*(gdi. The letters ij. and
ii, are produced by the lower lip coming
in contact with the upper one. (*<*.)
tp e8 t, inf. To open as a
flower, 3ur.
g; a9
inf. To close as
flowers. 2. To join the lips conically,
&c 3. (.fig.) To shut the eyes.
l eSeif, v. noun. Joining as
the lips conically in sounding the let
ters, a_, <XT, ^, ^cr.
^fiLfa^-L. z_, inf. To join the lips
for speaking. 2. To join the lipsas in
fants when they begin to make articu
late sounds.
#te eSoreir, inf. To open as a
flower, nur. 2. To open the mouth,
c-. Ji'-.ia. 3. To speak, Qur.
$)petr% s. Quick-silver, asw.
^^,8. A devil, LSftr&w. 2. Strength,
steadiness, firmness,
^^ds/r^ti, 8. Ancient heroic his
torya class of ancient books including
the B'harata and Kamayanaone of the
sixty-four Jttjrri4. Wils. p. 130. Itihasa.
*@iSliL(/r<?:ti, s. An example, an au
thorityas *-pite*wib.
@^7, *. This, this thing, it, s-tKSf
{QgiMefiiuiBBiumisfrar, He has come on
this account.
@t)0P(5G<r. Within this. 2. Ere
this, by this time, within or before this
$es>p-$i&nei)-{gigiL-elsr. Oblique
forms of
occasionally found in ap
proved writings as well as in common
g)G>ir, This! lo! behold!
gjC^ruf/. Lo ! see.
a. v'
See, he is come.
g}o<s, s. A kind of pulse used as
food, srrmifl. 2. An enclosure newly
cultivated, L/^*0*ffrfj3was *^--v-~--- . 3.
The sail of a vessel, ur***iuunii. 4. A
:ru. (p.)
A species of tree, one of
the nine kinds of sacrificial fire-wood, *>
*), Ficus virens, L.
g|^P/5Sii)i_ uj ih, s. The snail,

verse in which the first letter of the

first two feet is protracted.
jg) 2essr ttS tl u u rr n a a , inf. To
compare one thing with another.
@2ss!iru5sa)iiJL/^0^/r!Di_, s. The
repetition of the same letter in the last
two feet of any line. See Qfrsm-.
gj\%essrQujg]es>&QjsnaBi^, s. [in
poetry.] The rhyming of the second
a. The soul undetached, universal spirit
letters of the first two feet in each line.
undivided by union with a body, QpmCi
Jj)2awQ!(j(y>,#,7, s. A substituted
letter, GurrSQvQpjg.
@^j/r, 8. Strangers, foreigners,
aliens, jycSrnfliuf. 2. Inferiors, persons
3esbt a9 an ifi &
s. Unchastity,
of no worth or character, xorl.
unchaste desire, *JAiurio. (*S)Q*;S.)
2. Sexual desires, ami, (p.)
(nolo, s. [in rhetoric."] A reciprocal
sessressfl^Eser, s. A pair of eyes.
comparison as *<**(giuAiGtjrstfor**
gjfickar, SQpear, liQ^seer, Qeuek, tu,
<ar*w<?u^*rf3A(gej*iu^fl[o. Your eyes re
v. it. To join, unite, coalesce, Qrt. 2. To
semble the carp-fish, and the carp re
harmonize, agree, be suitable to, acquiesce,
sembles your eyes. [^w^.iuu*rii.]
,a. 3. To be like, similar,
s- A kind of grass, snaiil
g)^^0, s. The navel, Q&rruyLp. (p.)
To copulate, o*<?jrjQ*jiu.
i-iityAi, Andropogon, L.
g)2asarffl/, r. noun. Union, conjunc (aftpsd, s. A partridge, seypiTrfl. 2. ^)^s^7(V5, . Sand containing tin,
tion, connexion, copulation,
The bird called
a quail.

3)^59)^, s. A poetic expletive join

ed to verbs of the second person, <jn*8Sw
QiUfff3rgtuji$-ai>fi. Sing something.
@j}t5^. This, a demonstrative prefix,

@)&(3!!&pgi, s. The conqueror

of Indra, the son of Ravana, Cu*v<ar.
Wils. p. 132. Indajit.
@)k$n&ibuw, s. A work on
architecture, &$u3?aSQgni>jy.
{1 is $ u& gpl{j)i*$El!jsfied, s. The
bow of Indra, the rainbow, irrSAi;
[ex #&, bow.]
^k$la$s!<3S)#!li5$irl, s. The east,
Hi)iijBl!ru0w,s. The world of Indra,

perception, emotion. 2.
ing, conception, reason, intellect the or
gans of examination, investigation, reflec
tion, comparison, device, experiment. 3.
^Bxitii, emotion, self-importance, infla
tion, precumption, energy, impulse, the
organ of excitement, resolution, effort, &c.
4. Sn#ib, volition, will, purpose, determi
nation, that power of the mind which
leads to the accomplishment of objects.
2. The sperm, seed of men, tSrsgi.
)&JijltFlujQ&n#!ru>, s. Perceptibleness, capability of being determined
by the senses, gi*^/iu^AS<.>ajoj#(5ie>.
Wils. p. 132. Indrvagochara.
^is^ifiiussnLL& j)k$s!iflujLjL2rjp
iiiL*ib, s. Evidence of the senses.
gJ/F^/fioj^^a/n-ju), s. The inlets
or avenues of the sensesas means of
)i5$lifltju8@ji&iii, S. The subju
gation of the passions, gi>Auu>i_*<5(a>.
jjlii$5lifliujp&iT&@, s.
of sense, @fri$AuagiLi
[g)iiltflujiieiE;&i}>, s, Stoicism, de
tachment from sensual objects, A>uO
fiuui j [ex ^jiun, doubt.]
^/s^sw/r, s. Lukshmi, fceod(8jil.
(p.) 2. Orpiment, a prepared arsenic,

f^thjgd&ntfltLiiii., s.- This thing,

jgfiispih, s. The tamarind tree, l/h/?
(uujiio. Tamarindus indica. (p.)
rs^ sir to, s. A censer-stand, girud
2. A tunc or musical mode, u*r;
[ex a*/!, to kindle.]
^k^nSnsnesetw^ s. Indra's thun
*^)/5f*s<jrLD,s. Fuel in general, e$p@.
Wils. p. 133. Ind'iiana. 2. Incense, *j>ii
derbolt, fay- Wils. p. 132. Indhapraiiaran'a.
Lfms. 3. Above, high,
4. Flame
$jiilirui5l!TGV0iii, s. Ancient
Delhi, ur4ri_if*i4. Wils. p. 132. In{gfitspir, [citZ. honorifically ^m^n^w.']
A word signifying, take this, gjavsa/rBfi*
^li^SffeSiuirsnssnrLb, s. A Sanscrit
Qzrir. 2. Come here, ffliCaM.
grammar, said to be written by Indra.
s. A cat, y&srr. (/>._)
s. The eighteenth lu
iu tQ Q s ir u ih, s. Lead, fftuii.
nar mansionthe day in which Indra
( AT. Die.)
was born, (?ci_ssa,
H)i5@!iu ti, *. The sensesa con
gj/j^jsirsrouxir^sar, s. The son of
traction of sM<u<A.
2. Arjuna,
*^)/5^zrti, . An assembly room, a
Wife of Indra,
hall, *sisE)*jaucfQ. Wils. p. 131. Indraka.
Jg|,S)fOTiofci-8 ; [ex J^arafl, she who is
united.] Wils. p. 132. Indrak'i.
*g) /jjs? j- a; so ld, s. The mandara
iih$iilenitQ&<3ireueisr, s. Vishnu, the
mountain, mi^rafcu. Wils. p. 131. Indraconsort of Lukshmi, JiLfSgp.
iScS&i. Wils. p. 132. Indravaraja
)ib$BleG>ir3(BiQpfipneir, s. The god
^i^ltruus, s. A tree, OajLltj/rSeu,
and Indranuja.
dess of ill-luck, the elder sister of
Wrightia antidysentirica.
sCyfj^jrar, s. The name of the
Lukshmi, so?j>a9.
^li^liruireip.irsmLci^ s. One of the
chief elephant, that was delivered by *$iG$aur /i, s. The blue lotus,
thirty-two kinds of prepared arsenic.
Vishnu, from the mouth of an alligator.
Omiifti, Pontederia vaginalis, L. 2. The
^jis^It Lj
/_/ ih, s. A medicinal
e_(?u,j6Sr, s. Vishnu, aSilOeg!/.
black lr flower. Wils. p. 131. Lndeeplant,
Wils. p. 132. Indravara.
isQiTii^nasr, s. The king of men.
The moon, f^Ssssr. 2.
*^ji^lTLr>, s. An organ of sense
Crude camphor, u#ojA*uarii. Wils. p.
2. [in com^.] Excellency,
131. Indu. 3. A bear,
4. A char
GpQaisjslrreisr, s. The king of the
what is best, Cun*iu>. Wils. p. 131. Indra.
coal, A 5. A kind of prepared arsenic,
QMatututttmi, 6. The river Indus,
Qpenfm^jreBTj s. The chief among
{gfiihglirQ&iruu), s. A scarlet insect
the munis.
^)^?/r/5^ti, s. The lunar gem,
appearing after rain, the cochineal, /sw
uiiit4*8, Coccinella ; [ex g)*pr, best, *g) isjisl ifl iu ti , s. [contracted into
the moon-stone, **^)rf*^***>.
Cm, light, e< u, which nourishes.] Wils.
)*iui.] An organ of sense, or organ of
s. The Hindustani
p. 131. INDRAGOPA.
the body, Qurfi ; [ex
the soul or
language, piufsi_
self, or what is with difficulty restrained
@/5,Sjj/r6\)ii>, s. Conjuring, jug
j^ihgjQpfLO, s. India, a country,
by the soul.] There are three kinds of
glingone of the sixty-four Stuisn4;
g)*g)rfk/iA, or sensual organs j viz. : those
[ex fa>i4, net.] Wils. p. 132. Indra@ (5^7 neS - lL i to, s. The con
of perception, those of action and the in
junction of the sun and moon, the new
Jj) i $s! n ld it & it eo ti, s. The art of
moon, gi'&witGltexu.
I, jfCer*5)AuiJ, the organs of sense or
producing supernatural and wonderful
kg] Q n an , s. A digit of the
appearances, gbigiietimb.
**r, the eye, the organ of sight having
moon used in Hindu Astronomy, >r
^i^lniedti, s. Sapphire. Wils.
C*ir,sijii or Q*S, the ear, the organ of
p. 132. Indiianeela.
hearing, having *Ae<4, (sound) as its object. @/i^iuL|, s. A fossil salt, brought,
jjih$rreueoeSI, s. The Qanppnetsr
it is said from Ormus and much esteemed
3. QASHimib or o!*, the nose, the organ
in medicine. 2. Cloride of Sodium. 3.
plant or creeper, Cassyta filiformis, L.
of smelling, having
(odors) as its ob
Muriate of Ammonia.
2. The Jr*rii_ creeper.
ject. 4. S>(5e or r, the tongue, the
organ of tasting, having
(flavors) as ^k&lift $)iG&jetfl, s. Narlhex
@isjSjfii;(r^LD, s. The Qfttupa)
its object. 5. Q/ti&ts or
or n-iihLf,
assafoetida, QuQisriuia.
plant, Nymphtea pubescens, L.
the surface of the body, the organ of feel
*&R$!rn, s. Indra, king of the
ing, having u/!*ib, (touch or contact) as its ^)/5^6rrii), s. The Cadamba tree,
i_iiiuuiriS, Nauclea cadamba, L.
object. II. *A<?io*.)Auio, or organs of ac
Devas or genii who inhabit Swerga, lord
tions are five ; viz. : 1. 4, the mouth ^jis^isrr, s. The QiseoeS tree, Emof the clouds, rain, seasons, crops, and
or organ of speech. 2. ur#w, the feet. 3.
worshipped at the seasons of sowing and
blica officinalis, L.
reaping, ;usjr. In composition it signi
urrf, the hands. 4. lw^gt, the anus. 5.
cL/snj^iD, the genitals. III. gfmp&stesn& or *$)iiQprrfftrii>, s. One of the new
fies chief, prime, supreme, &c. Wils. p.
jftgtvfi/i^di, the intellectual powers are
131. Indra. 2. The fifth constellation
musical tunes for the morning, &trr*ib. 2.
of the Hindus, nS(jiMi_.i. {p.)
four; viz.: 1. wmnb, the organ of thought or
A swing, *a**i. Wils. p. 975. Hindola.

) u ib a; is), a. A species of sour ^)tSip, dSGpeir, pQpesT) uQussr,

mango tree,
**, v. a. To sound, sf**. 2. To vomit,
spew, eject from the mouthas after
*)z_fi/>, a. An elephant, iuir2esr.
gargling, 0iiurf*. 3. To bind, tie, xCa-.
Wils. p. 133. Ib'ha. (p.J
^Juld, s. A branch of a tree, vans $<ss>ia,
s. The eye-lid, semessfiesnD.
2. A twinkle, twinkling of the eye, *
*$}usu, s. As eSueuthe second
rfii>ijQur(ipi. 3. (p.) A small or minute
thing, a particle, j/fiuA, 4. A bear, n*..
year of the Hindu cycle.
5. A peacock, imSAi.
gUjULjiijS, s. A feeble or weak per
<&ercaAcUKs}iQivr[9.iucr(?af lorijSroof. The
son, U.--J..:-.-. 2. A hermaphrodite, Cui..
time of a twinkling of the eye, or snap
3. A miser, m.QmuJ. 4. A stupid fellow,
ping of the finger is the duration of a
a dunce, w>*QpfiiUifimitar.
{)uutslujtr, g. A sheep begot
^sawQanili, inf. To twinkle,
ten by two different species, pris*i/Q.
t^uuir, g. The third of the four
jg)Du>.s(5(^?e/, t. A hollow form
regular castes, oevQviQuigi, 2. Merchants,
ed within the eye-lid, causing acute
paeavSliii. 3. Herdsmen, QmtmmSuit. (p.)
)ljl9, g. Bivalvular shell-fish, oys
^jeaLDiueuir@s85tc(?uj/r/f, . The
gods who never sleep nor wink, *re*
ters, pearl-oysters or the shell of such
fish, SuiS. 2. The conch-shell,
JJldld, s. Frigidity, coldness, @@
^eaioiueunQeuik^esr, t. Indra the
king of the gods,
crii. 2. FrOSt, Snow, _aop*u8. Wils. p.
975. Hima. 3. Gold, Quit*, (p.)
^eawujirL-, inf. To twinkleas
the eyes.
@tD<Ej6or, s. The moon, g-mtsloeisr.
gfrsBiwuS), g. Garudathe watch
Wils. p. 975. HlMAKARA.
ful bird that never shuts its eyesthe
vehicle of Vishnu,
The Himalaya, or cold mountains which
bound India on the north the lmus or |) sb> ld, aQQpax, pQpeisr, uQueisr,
Emaus of the ancients, giving rise to
*s, v. n. To twinkle with the eyes, to wink,
the Ganges, Indus and other rivers, fii^
g)oio<3iii_. 2. (p.) To coruscateas
uou. Wils. p. 976. Himalaya.
the stars, to glitter, emit light, 9*Q*b1iu.
Giupfi*>Qmstr<3t. (The ter- j
gfriouiSzoneti, s. One of the seven
restrial inhabitants) exclaimed we are not
liellS, C(TjJ*f*B*^QwF-Brjf.
gifted with unwinking eyes (as the gods.)
j^wajnesr, s. The Himalaya range. jj)LOLj/f, g. Here, this place, g)ffl/aS
Wils. p. 975. Himavat.
L-ib. 2. This world,
See j^iuf,
*^loil/lo $}&F>LGUJih, s. The Him
and tiu*. (p.)
Wils. p. 975. II ims. A root for dying scar
aja. 2. The gold mountain, Qutonci^i. ^lol^oO,
letas id<?iJ, Chaya root or Indian
j) lduj a/ ei> siff, . Parvati who was
madder, Oldeulandia umbcllata, L.
born on the Himalaya mountain, and
^juiL^pib&aaetr&fiil) t. A plant,
said to be like an entwining creeper, uit
Hedyotis dichotoma.
^}u>tueSe>)&S, s. Siva, Sleuosr. (p.) ^)lclo^l, s. Elephant, ujn'farr. (p.)
^jLneCih, s. A medicinal tree, usn ^)ldlS,s. The smallest fraction, the
1075,200th part of a unit10$ <iii make
one 9(iai!*WM. Of these three-hundredJj) lS ss>
s. Killing, slaughter,
and-twenty make one Qw&iQptgitiaiiti, of
which, three-hundred-and-twenty make a
Qr2M. 2. Pain, affliction, <jAsii. Wils.
unit, s>Qr<sir. 2. An atom, a minute par
p. 974. IIutSA.
ticle, ^<**wi. 3. (p.) Gold-color, Quram.
^lS T,
@)ljS(n}U>, @LO?i7,
4. Information, q^ib. 5.
r. a. To sound, hum, buzz, &c, $cSam.
grain of a certain grass, <%nt>uijL/Aia./.
2. To rush, swarm, crowd, to be thick
g) ld 0 ui ear eo. An imitative sound,
together, Qu^**. (p.)
gliias expressive of haste, jf&simGneDr.
A garland of flowers
2. A particle of quickness, Soorsf*^^.
in which bees swarm.
^JlBso, s. The hump or bunch on
gjiiO^arKitdnSLi^r*. He is come already.
a bullock's back, "a/igi^tS^. (p.)
(The spectre) not being separated, from
^lSlp, s. Sound, hum, roar, Stc,
him, even for a moment, he was frighten
jsiS. 2. Sweetness,
3. (/%.) A
ed, finding no means to be rid of it.
drum, usop. (p.)
JjjLcsnLo, s. The present birthas
n. n. To be sweet, QaJl**. 2. To sound,
distinguished from the past or future, the
roar, hum, &c, $oHm. (p.)
present state, this life, gjijjpij^. (p.)
<&Cp i_eu, s. The roaring sea.
@ ii sa> lo nS eo say (? u /r lo, s. The
@ jfl ifi (jo ff , . The sounding
enjoyments or sufferings of the present

* {gftiusaii,, g. Greatness, wealth,

power, ability, physical strength, Oucjacu.
2. (p.) Light, brightness, LSr*iA. 3. The
north, northern point of the compass,
mi fimt,
$uj&aiT, g. One of the eighteen
classes of demigods, t.^.. .-.-vc_.*.i
fiujasnQani>neisr, g. Kuvera, the
king of gbiuisr.
^)iL/<S65r, g. Kuvera, (sjQuaeisr.
Wils. p. 677. Yaksiia. (p.)
^)(u<s<asaT, . A dog, isrrtu. (p.)
^)iL/<iffl, s.
Goddess of benevo
lence, ^asicQfoD/i. (p.)
^)(L/(g, QQpsisr, @oj(?65roT, Ga/
or, uj**, u. a. [causative of ^hjsi.] To
cause to go, move or pass, Q*&fi?. 2. To
train, reduce to order, break in (a horse,
ox, &c.) to exercise, practise, um*s. 3. To
direct, influence, manage, perforin, com
mand, m-4, 4. To operate in sentient
beingsas the Deity, who, being the life
of their life, influences their movements
and is himself the agent in every ac
tion they perform, uk>,g!A.
anlleaeBmjuSujda, inf. To train a
steer to the plough.
m ib (9j, g. The {Q&iiiQf shrub,
giQfCQeif., Monetia tetracantha.
)il/ ib (W, QQpsir, j^ujiBiQQesreir,
v. n. To move, stir, ^-k^hj.
2. To go, walk,
3. To move about,
.uf. 4. To respire, breathe, ept&vtis.
5. (p.) To appear, be visible, to shine,
cv.f";, o.;. 6. To abide, f*.s.
g}iL/ii, r. noun. Motion, loco
motion, going, moving, action, jyo(.
2. Respiration, motion connected with
life, .'<"irLlj*j*tii<2ii4p*^fi<. They relin
quish not (their austerities) though
their very bones protrude. (*SiC>9.)
*-..c:-t:.r ..^-c:l--_.r,-._ _ All things are
kept in motion by God.
@io(5, r. noun. Motion, going,
JjJiuarjTTj, s. The second Veda which
particularly treats of the ceremonies to be
performed in sacrifices, @naiTi_iii(?/^ii
as iu(j. Wils. p. 678. Yajls. (p.)
lUjifi esrus, g. Effort, exertion,
perseverance, energy, opujift. Wils. p.
679. Yat.va. 2. Preparation, tg^ii. 3.
Means, cj!.
* ) uj w (S) a- ld, s. A machine, an
engine in general, any piece of mechanism,
<s4j)rii. (See r*Pri.) 2. A diagram of a
mystical nature or astrological character,
tixiii. Wils. p. 680. Yaktra. 3. (p.)
Engines set on fortificationsas weapons,
bombs, &c, wfi&iffULt. 4. A car, Qfi. 5.
A press for pressing sugar-cane, ^iw.
{ujih$inDu!2eo, g. The mechanical
peacock, caused to rise in the air by
means of machinery.
@ uj ii Ssl s uS ujjbp , inf. To form
or construct machines, &c. (p.)
$)iui6 0(S!,, s. A kind of guitar used
especially by husbandmen, ^^r,if9pii.

*^}iuLDijs, s. One of the eight yogas,

^fC-i~JBaQiutafiQfipi^r^it See Qtuffsii. Wils.
p. 081. Yama. (p.)
*^}ujLceir, k. Yama the god of death,
regent of the south, and king of hell,
(stmb.) the place of his capital, in which
he site in judgment on departed souls,
sending the good to Swerga and the
wicked to Naraka. In the latter there
are 281).000,000 divisions appropriated to
different classes, according to their respec
tive demerits. He is figuratively describ
ed as devouring souls for food. He takes
the buffalo for his vehicle ; and for wea
pons, the battle-axe, club and cord, *mr;
[ex iuu), to stop, restrain.] Wils. p. G81.
Yama. 2. [Med. usage.'] One of the two
poisonous fangs of snakes, uriiiSar^xuupufi
^jiuws em m^ajinQieisirtT])uj
"Wf/jfg)umLii_f, s. The messengers of
Yama, vuxtypi.
@(uu)jar^, s. One of the lower
poisonous fangs of a snake.
^}ujLDQ&lirsil), s. The place of de
parted souls, the purgatory of the Hin
dusthe kingdom of Yama.
*$)turn /rearsir, s. The conductor
of a sacrifice, one who institutes it and
directs its performance, iut*$}Qiu3uQurtir.
Wils. p. 678. Yajamana. 2. A master,
manager, chief, lord, umardr, 3. The life,
the soul, mM. (/.)
gjujios-OTtsr^sioagJcisJ). Invoking Indra
to preside at a sacrifice.
{^tuLDiresrs emrui, s. One of the
eight kinds of ominous feet. See
*$)iu tn/rsar, s. [contr. of luggmrr
ar*.] A master, manager, conductor. See
also emafar.
Jj)tfjLr>, s. Sound in general, $>e$.
2. Musical instrument, r#8<u(i. 3. A
word, Qr*>. 4. Fly, . (/>.)
^}ajihLj, QQpeisr, )tuwi3Qesrasr, Qeu
dr.fijajiio, v. a. To say, speak, utter, Q6i.
2. To sound instruments, attSluopip**. 3.
v. w. To sound, roar,
4. To sound
said of instruments, ntBtiQiareSis.
CMif-iuiiLSnyia. Blowing the horn.
stQstQQuaai&csrfiuibuwg. The roaring
of the sea and clouds.
gjujiiua), v. noun. Saying, speak
ing, uttering. 2. Sounding instruments.
3. s. A proverb, maxim, by-word, old
sayings, upQmifi.
JDujso, s. Nature, natural property or
quality, gewii. 2. Good conduct, conduct
appropriate to a person's caste, rank,
office, &c., sof&sib. 3. Order, course, rule,
method, smb. 4. Aspect, appearance,
shape, likeness,
5. Melody, musical
harmony, *. 6. A chapter, section
treating of a series of subjects or things
in order,
7. Natural and plain
Tamil. (See oj/f>pu9(j.) 8. Destiny, ap
pointment, assignation, decree, allotment,
SS. 9. Grammar, gjeuAiawii. Q>.)
C?.ffflw(?sufffflL/iG)r&B)*iusA'. One dispos
ed to maintain a course of conduct proper
for a king.

@ujj$e/u)ii>, a. [in rhetoric.'] A com ig)iU6x)L/, 8. Nature, property, qua

parison of the properties of different
lity, natural or essential quality, instinct,
things, udst^uea>ia.
2. Conduct, a proper course
of conduct, good character, gofA*. 3.
j}tu/r)@iT, s. The ^&iBiLie^iBg:^n
A prescribed rule, order, method, custom,
versea metrical foot of four ,900*.
habit, opsi>p. 4. State, condition, circum
See Si.
stances, situation, rank, class, &c.as
applicable to man, brute, vegetable, &c,
^iu/b& rrQeuessri^etr, s. Combi
6. Propriety, regularity, legiti
nation of two simple or ^gSMujii feet, or
macy, genuineness, Orstem. 6. Simplicity,
connection of an
foot, ending
plainness, honesty, frankness, umm.
with a compound
with another heginning with a simple one, or vice versa,
@$iijjiS&tf&)A'*tf&aDairifi-i*ieB: TllC llOURCholdcr who discharges his domestic du
ties with propriety.
^lupQf rr&), s. A word in com
^ujeouiresrueas, s. What is na
mon usein distinction from $\tiQ>si&i
exclusively poetic usagewords under
turally uncongenial or counteracting
stood botli by the learned and un
as medicine to the disease.
^lueounesruensujireifl, s. A foe
gjoj^Ouiu/f, s. Proper or arbitrary
by natureas the cat to birds.
names, titles, terms of office, &c,
inf. To be
uFSi_iiuiii_Quiu* ; also names of things
dishonest, to act dishonestly, live dis
indicating a whole as distinguished
orderly, go beyond the proper bounds.
from parts. 2. Simple or original names
as distinguished from ^sQuai or de
@uja)mjL/6SBr/f#0, s. [in grammar.]
rived names, QribQunslxijaiiitgviQuut.
Combination of words suffering no
change, tSarffisatf^^uufiuiLjesariatsJas
gfrtu jbp i&
s. Natural Tamil,
QuiisTicadl. (p.~)
whether common or poeticas dis
tinguished from />i*i4, or Tamil
ibei)eSma) l) as) t_ Qiunesr, s. One of
adapted to music, and Bi<-s$fiB, or dra
a good nature.
matic Tamil, in both of which various
^uStueOLjeiBiQuJir&ir, s. One of a
changes occur in combination, con
bad nature.
struction, &c, ev^^uSQ**.
gjjJaj^/nSsrr, *. Connection of gfS5/r?
uj eo 5! , s. The eSeoeuih tree,
iuii verseas jgjflfiiutfsii. See .
Ogle marmclos, L. 2. The ai<?*i plant,
Polanisia icosandra.
^iu^ir&>, s. A system of gram
gUjtueuih, s. Rice, O/fsa). 2. A kind
matical rules.
of grain, pipieiiuib. (*.) (p.)
j^jtueirQwnySlei/iTippjp, s. A poem
instructing children by the good dis ^)(U6i//r, s. Inferiors, low castes, Sif
position and behavior of their fore
wAser. 2. Villains, rogues, *abi-jai, 3.
fathers, s;Jtu/J>.
Drummers, those who play on instruments
made of skin, Pariars, QptpsQdtaai. (p.)
s. Moormen, Qsneerslt.
<", v. n. To be able, be possible,
Wils. p. 682. Yavaka. 2. Smiths, me
x-q.ufidais. 2. (/>.) To be incident to,
chanics, artisans, xiimiai. 3. Painters,
be exposed, Qur<st0. 3. To agree, suit, be
carvers, workers in the fine arts, St?$M
adapted to, g)a*iu. 4. To be done, per
serf. See mm/suri. (p.)
formed, made or composed,
5. To be
destined, decreed, allotted, Sp**iiui_. 6. $IHJ3>], s. Way, eutfl. 2. Country,
To happen, pass, to be in vogue,

3. Forest, m. (p.) (Iiott.)

Note. This word is often changed to
a&i both in poetry and in the colloquial g) uj a>y err, s. A famous person)
lord, a superior, master, ivif
^luiiagixirQmii. Do not refrain from ^jtustneu, s. A road, way, path, 6>/t^.
doing what is in your power.
2. A kind of rice, <3*awQ**>. 3. Thes*
Qmlo8iu&iQi(3fiA. The parched desert
mr plant, Cystisus, L. (p.)
exposed to the scorching beams of the
{gfiiupeo, s. Heavenly bliss, Qpp$^#o!iusirpfa. A house made by the
2. [ex Siuii.] v. noun. The act of moving,
going, Qucp&i. (p.)
T<*s\!uur,gj. I am not able, I cannot ^ujpstn^, s. Nature, quality, dispo
do it.
sition, inherent or primitive quality,
rdrnJiUtSrp/ora(i4. To the CXtent of my
2. Ability, influence, power, fun**.
ability, as much as I can.
3. Custom, habit, practice, what is natu
ral, customary, &c, miptmb. 4. State, con
^iueOirssiLD, neg. v. noun. Impracti
dition, circumstances, ^*om. 5. [pruv.]
cability, impossibility, incompetency,
Means, instruments, tools, LirfGfC.
Note. This word is opposed to G>*upm*,
gfcujeot-iJj)njsv)a/, v. noun. Ability,
artificial productions.
being able.
^lujbeasd^essriii, s. The natural
g)uja)u/raS(5*, inf. To be able,
disposition, natural temper.
be influential,
^lueOLj&reireussr, s. A man of abi
t. Natural, inherent or intuitive wis
domas a property of the Deity.

^luperas^utSleareu^r , s. A dis
honest person.
ens u q esar it & ), s. [in lore
poetry.] Marriage indicated by destiny,
arising from previous actions and by
natural choice and inclination, ,.;..,>
0InsS idqpQe?tfiffu4teasa.
@uj peas tii Q u it (ijar, s. A thing
in naturethat which is not artificial
as the elements.
^tupaDsiutSaf-, s. The knowledge
which cannot be increasedas that of
God. 2. Instinctive knowledge in dis
tinction from that which is acquired;
opp. to QmptMiu^; which see.
^tu/bansiuesri-i, s. Love formed
naturallyaccording to Hindu physio
logy, the result of love in a former
birthopposed to QnnpaMuarq. or love
brought about by external means.
^jujpetaaiurtearr^isf., s. A respect
able family.
ai^istnuiujiteor^tjupetas, s. Indigent
GftiupaS, s. Energy, endeavor, per
severance, application,
( p.)
^lupju, s. [prop.] Implement, uten
sil, any hollow vesselas a cup, a cocoanut shell, &c, uifguib.
^iuprg, QQpssr, gfrtupplQesrear, Qeu
or. Qufip, v. a. To do. make, effect, per
form, execute, bring about, cause to take
place, discharge a duty or obligation, exer
cise or use an art, Q*iia. 2. To transact,
manage affairs, superintend, cause or
excite one to do a thing, *t-fi/s. 3. To
destine, appoint, assign, tSfi**. (p.)
Qufip&tZCj-gtiisipf&Hb. Devising means
to increase the finances, collecting and
keeping them.
tiicu^oi^uSii^. Performing every spe
cies of austerity.
Si&QwadniSiupfi. Offering the five
daily oblations.
QpmpmtMa*t(Tpii(5&*t*tiliup0. Duly dis
charging the debt demanded by departed
Gfl*', *.
grammar.] The agent, the
actor in distinction from s^fp'tstis',
commandejras Qnufiar, distinguished
from Qf-utyfiiar.
@ tup try w eS efear , s. [in grammar.]
Verbs expressing action performed by
one's selfas Qsupitb, in distinction
from efi2>J8ar.
$}iu earth, s. [prov.] The apparatus
of a toddy-drawer for ascending trees,
cutting, &c, especially what is tied round
the waist, &ftflpA(3<farcFeSQu;j4<j-i$.w.
Sec Cejric-.
^ tueard, silt, inf. To fasten the
apparatusas a toddy-drawer.
^tuirsih, s. The Qsrtesreap tree,
Cassia, L. (M. Die.)
* gjfiujir^ih, s. Driving or guiding
an elephant with a goad, c,tii.ur*
mu*QffSstffan'- Wlb. p. 684. Yata. 2. A
goad for an elephant, ajt^BPfiQ^nLi^ariSii.

^jiLj/FtreQiuth, s. Cassia, L. Qstrear

@ja/su/f@/7Ca//r/f, s. Beggars,
religious mendicants. (/>.)
JDanaj, . Junction, connection, *g)j-*ffi!uzi, s. A secret, mystery,
union, g>uiy. (*#.) (p.)
any thing hidden or recondite, a religious
or mystic truth, ico^o). Wils. p. 699.
<)S3>iUy SQpebr, tkQpeisr, Qeuasr, tu,
HaiiasYa. 2. (/>.) Pudendum muliebra,
v. n. [ The mere pttetic J'orm .for ^g)n*.] To
verenda viriet muliebris, Qus*g^. See
join, unite, agree, be proper for, agreeable
to, &c, Qutgtp.
$n&&tupg>nesri}>, s. A private or
}eniiuuj, inf. Used also as a term
secret place, oipJi_ii.
of comparison, -ixm/ct4.
s. A secret,
J)aD!JL/, v. noun. Union, agree
a thing not to be revealed to improper
ment, @d*o(. 2 Fitness, worthiness,
or unworthy persons.
&c, for undertaking the study of reli
^nsSttuwQug:, inf. To talk se
gion or of a literary work, QufoAJA
3. [in poetry.'] Constructing verses in
such a way that they shall end in any
inf. To whis
of the consonants, air, *, ii, r, ii, t, *>,
ii, tb, *.One of the iotuli, or beauties
of comparison, Qiu^.7cirijJQ<*j. 4. *$)!r!<5th, s. A being free from
The rhyming of the last feet or letters
being without, /iSiflpsM. Wils. p. 699.
in the lines, jyis.atfl.-rf.ijfiQmavjC/jstQQ.M
Rahita. (p.)
w(?vgyQi0ff4>/<yfj. Sec Qjs#j_ (p.)
weorrSpir, s. Those that have be
@siuL56or83u)HJC3af?, . A figure in
come free from the three defilements or
rhetoriccomparing a thing to itself
evil passions.
as QuB^)in^mi9ain.
s, A king of Oude and
@ sb) iu q &j ear ear ti>, s. Poetry in
great grand-father of Rama, ^nwaBism
which the medial letters abound,
i_iiiufi^i_c>. Wils. p. 692. Rag'hu.
@j@w/r^6ar, s. Rama, ^nnmear.
fj^emtuLjeirebT, s. A worthy person,
Wils. p. 692. Rao'ucmatha.
^j^ai/uffjii), s. The genealogy
JjJaoiL/o/, v. noun. Consent, agree
or pedigree of the family of Rag'hu.
ment, Qui^fiii. See jgtf<a|.
2. A poem by Kalidasa on the ances
^}sa)tu, aQQpesr, pQpeisr, uQudsr,
tors of Rama in Sanscrit now also
in Tamil, g,urujuib, Wils. p. 692.
As,v.a. To join, connect, adapt, combine,
reconcile, s)j4. 2. To arrange, appoint,
Qpmpuuf/l. {p.)
Jj) <r <s .s zi>, s. Mercy, compassion,
<u(?ld, s. The plantain tree,
Snjcsu. 2. Pity, compassion, mercy, sym
pathy, anxiety, commiseration, melting
aiiasy). (M. Die.}
of mindas of a mother at the sight of her
gjftr, s. [contr. of @j/rused in com
child in distress, and the same feeling on
bination.] Night, (/j.)
the brute creation, wara^gtsii. 3. Grief,
regret, sorrowas of a person reflecting
{$!rsu0w$d, s. The moon which
on his own sufferings ; remorse, com
makes its nightly visits.
punctionas for sin, gautb. 4. (p.)
^j)zr, dSQp&sr, tiGpeir, uQuebr, ds,
Sound, resonance, get.
v. a. To beg alms, solicit aid, seek sup
^srsstkiQstr&rtstr, inf. To pity,
port by beggingas religious mendicants,
commiserate, compassionate,
tS*sn*CLi*. 2. To pray, beseech, entreat,
Solicit, Caiob'tg.AQar&er.
{SfttrdafQfireo, s. Interjections ex
gfczi:gu:ip*ji*Sipwr. Those who give
pressive of pity, grief, &c.
to beggars although they themselves have
^irds^Qffiiiuj, inf. To show
to ask alms.
@ n kgi eaafi@j(s^7Btir6Hrf?, S. A
^ssestSeieDir^euasr, s. An unmer
beggar, QiuGuibt. (c.)
ciful, a pitiless man.
gljuLj, v. noun. Begging, asking
alms, seeking relief, vrGut-j. 2. (/.) Po ^rtb(gj, QQpeisi, ^nmQQetsrasr, Qeu
verty, pfyptib. 3. (fig.) Alms, J*e.
csr, fE, v. n. To pity, compassionate,
commiserate, u^lSa*. 2. To grieve, re
@jiJU6ir@ n u u rreir ott, s. A
gret, relent, to feel concern, anxiety,
beggar, one who lives by begging, lS*
uuui-. 3. To weep, cry,
4. (/).) To
ensKaties. (p.")
sound, resound, gcto*.
gljc^, v. noun. Begging, mendi
QuiesriFrC&rEsojibm^ia. And regret may
ensue for the days past (in vain.)
city, the begging of religious mendi
cants, iS*m*Q*C-as>s. 2. Entreating, soli
@/76V, v. noitn. Weeping, &x.,
citing, imploring, >piSi4>. 3. Mean
jyap/jAi. 2. s. An expression of sorrow
or cringing entreaty, praying or urging
in lOVC poetry, jy^llQufffLLfflaDpiiSQgiiir^i.
for favor, @cAj#sh>,jup)ad*. 4. it. (.fig.)
Alms, iSteor. 5. Poverty, otpano. (/>.) *$)a-&pih $)!r)<gih, 8. Silver,
@ffffl/^,ru), s. Shame and fear of
Qaiittf ; [ex r#, to color.] Wils. p. 693.
Rajata. (j>.)
begging, (op*.)
'J I

jl<T&0ueiuuii>, s. Medicinal pow

der of silver.
^a^/SLDsimTei), s. Sand containing
tg^ir&ii, s. Flavor, relish; what is
tasteful, agreeable, palatable, delicious ;
taste in general, good or badalso the six
flavors. (See /.) 2. Sweetness, <ofl>i.
3. Sweet juice of fruits, &c, vegetable
juice in general, tig. 4. Mercury, quick
silver, hydrargyrum, uipieib. 5. (/).) One
of the juices of the body, *^^*^io<*j>.
It corresponds more with chyle
than any other, but probably it is fanciful.
6. Pepper-water made of several ingredi
ents, uSct/. 7. [in rhetoric] The passions
or emotions of the mind expressed by
gesture, exhibited in action and transfer
red to poetry, ?r^svSjjQ<i*5>i. Of these
eight are given ; viz. : 1. afrit or MmiS,
courage. 2. jy*ji4, uwii, or uuiar*ib, fear,
terror. 3. ggyStity, dupsih, <$pa>*, jycy^cy
ul/, abominating, loathing at or disgust
ing. 4. Ajijiy or jy^i^ii, wonder, surprise,
astonishment. 5. anatA, SUseati, @g&e.Trih,
love, sexual love. 6. jyiw<i or *<j8ot,
acute sensibility, weakness, tenderness,
mercy, pity, clemency. 7. e-<s6ginb, C
uJ>, g|Qrs?4Pfi4, QugiiGsraii, warlike fury,
wrath, displeasure, rage. 8. ra><, Qugr
mm* or ^fiuii, laughter, mirth, risibility,
great or intense laughter, laughing in
contempt. By some, r*,*ia, tranquillity,
equanimity, peace, abstraction or the
stoicism of the ascetics ; and by others
*ipr*>&, parental tenderness are given as a
ninth meaning; gji-jii is added at pleasure
with the loss in some cases of its initial
as tSitnb, g)uSiiJiwii, &c. Wils. p. 697.
gDirfsikfirtutii, s. Tribute, the fat
ness of the earth.
jfffai/firiuu>iTdjuQuft inf. To
speak pleasingly.
ff* *(5tj y aCa-, . Muriate of
mercury, e>'^<5'>fl-#(g6SBr, s. [prop. @)!r&d(9j6nr
<B.] A globular glass filled with mer
cury as a decoration at weddings, &c,
also as a charm.
A quick-silver pill employed in medi
cine, Qr*l&)pQ*iii0iarfi)enr. 2. [m al~
chemy.~] A pill feigned to be used by a
class of persons called fi/M', now in the
world of Indra, who thereby perform
supernatural actionsas
or passing through the air to any de
sired place,
@i7-^dEtl, s. Condensed mer
cury, 0**iiQ.
^aesQamgi)ir#&(VjL$,s. A pit
or mine where quick-silver is obtained.
@ff*(5aB, s. A little bottle
of mercury.
gfrtreSigirirLo, s. Red precipitate
of mercury.
(3 u astir ear, inf. To
purify quick-silver.
^treprrgi. . Quick-silver, @,u>.
Wils. p. 698. Rasad'hatc.

* (^jj&TrpeciLti, 8. One of the seven

nether worlds, SStfofais^Q/narsi. Wils. p.
698. Rasatala. (p.)
T&iriue>iru>, s. A kind of elec
tuary applicable to a class of medicine)
fancied to prevent old ugc, restore juveni
lity, &c, ei'^W'S- 2. Chemistry, alchemy,
^irml/nb. Wils. p. 698. RAbAVANA.
$j-rg:0m&, s. A cord,
rope, string, a lock of braided hair,
Wils. p. 694. Rajjd. (p.)
@3-(55^lo, s. (Tel. tfcKS'Si:.)
l'riming powder, upsiiriuicc'gi*
<y & ii, s. Love, affection,
jyorq. Wils. p. 694. RaKJAKA. (p.)
lS a it azr a @ # s 63r, s. A friend
dear as life.
*^}Tid^S^Lh, s. Pleasantness, af
fection, a being excited to love, iMua.
Wils. p. 694. Ranjita.
ff^ffi^y a?. assR, s. A woman
who wears good colored or attractive
ornaments. It sometimes occurs as a
proper name.
$iT(GTi&0eut7jQ, 8. A pleasing
woman, a charming or fascinating
uj(?@j(55 & p ldit 6oTgi, s. That
which is delightful to the mind.
a-LL&aiii $j!r LL&asafttULh$
iiijiaa .-i; -<., s. Preservation, pro
tection, salvation, deliverance from evil,
carrying forward the operations of
evolved nature, *ruL/. See
p. 692. Raksiiaka, Raksuan'a, Raksiian'i.i. va, and Raksha.
prop. gis>riraoj0.] A species of plan
tain, Gu<UGXml9B>!fi.
@j^sB>ffl/ijL/, 8. Any preparation
trpiufi, a. A protector, preserver, savi
our, Sluumor. W'jlS. p. 692. RAKSIIAKA.
from mercury as a muriate, sulphate,
&c, an amalgam.
$!uL#trur5peBrLo, s. An amulet,
^ff^Sssr, . Flavor, deliciouscharm, ^fCsitSiui^irtb.
ness, sweetness, delicacy, *</. 2. The jjjnlfi, i&Gpasr, pQfiesr, uQussr,
3. Juice, sap, essence,
*a, v. a. To preserve, protect, guard, de
fend, deliver, save, restore, stuuipp; [ex
j^irfirfdugl^nfftrgluBsr, s. [in
astrology.'] The sun or one of the plan
iiI endeavored to save him but
ets presiding over fruits, vegetables,
could not
&c, for the given years, jg)j*#*c*>
crOT$curaru]C.(yJcBr&s-KnlLrC?Lrca~. I will
protect thee as far as lies in my power.
@j*u/rfii, s. A loss of flavor, or
@/r/-lft^)oSi_, inf. To deliver,
of juice.
rid, set free from misery, peril.
J^C^/E^jii, s. The philosopher's
^jlL&uli, v. noun. Preserving,
stone, gfrtti$i&pQ>fiiifi *,SW. Wils. p.
protecting, saving, conferring eternal
699. Raskndka.
bliss, salvation, siuuipstacs.
^nQffis^iBiuLo, s. The tongue,
gftj LLtg-iuir, s. The third of the four
divisions of the Hindusmerchants,
gfia&is, inf. To be pleasant to the
Slur. (/>.)
taste, ear or mind ; to delight, gratify,
s. The name of a caste,
giifigi. 2. Sound, vibrating sound, reso
j)j tj l/, e. noun. Sweetness,
nance, echo, ssiS. (p.)
flavor, <=fls>io.
^ulLl^., s. One of the @jtl
* gjfir&eaTiii, s. Flavor, taste, mmeu.
2. Sound, noise, $J. Wils. p. 698. Rasana. @/rtl, /d^7, $HtlL Uf-etsrg), ii>
3. A tooth, uii. 4. An organ of sense,
gtrLL.-, v. n. To sound, resound, rever
berate, gnJA*. 2. v. a. To wave a fan to
*$)T&esrl, s. Night, gfirnrpglifl. (p.)
and fro, cause to oscillate,
(p-)_ 3[ex roira.] To double, repeat a motion,
2. Indigo, *ui4. 3. Turmeric,
Lac, utS*. Wils. p. 693. Rajaki.
sound, action, &c, to reiterate, r^.**.
&&&iT6ffl, s. A species of plan
tain, *uu*vm/reBifl.
@<r ffpesip d s lL if. ul)u.lIi., inf.
To reduce mercury by decoction.
i)!;g:j<3BpuuervtDU>nB&, inf. To
reduce mercury into powder.
gftn&tsirpLD, s. Quick-silver, @j7
Wils. p. 698. Rasanatiia.
@ B & ubivulojx#ueruu>u>@ir<f
upuii, s. Mercury reduced to white
powder, a kind of muriate of mercury
or calcinated mercury, a^uAuii. Wils.
p. 698. Rasak'hasmam.
@j & u it eif.IT am ii>, *. A kind of
prepared arsenic
@y#uii?/f)a&mn$iT, s. One
of the hundred-and-twenty kinds of
arsenic in its natural state.
^j^tDsasf?, s. Hard globules of
mercury prepared by incantations, &c,
and worn as an amulet in order to pre
vent evil, cure diseases, to promote suc
cess in undertakings, &c.
$a&Qpr8aa, inf. To prepare
mercury for medicine. 2. To carry
mercury ofl" from the body.
j)j<? aSisjsih, s. Vermilion, gn$
eSistb. 2. A case of mercury for a linga.
gytreeunpw)nfe8pas>jS, s. Al
chemyone of the sixty-four storyer^.
{}ir&aiiTLbueims<m, inf. To prac
tise the art of alchemy.
}zfwn$El, *. An alchemist.

)tlLQlB, s. A kind of drum, grr

f#6aj<o. ( p.)
J} <r sar <jb, s. War, battle, (Surra.
Wils. p. 694. Ran'a. 2. Hatred, enmity,
um. (p.) 3. A wound, ulcer, sore, iyr.
g! a- sot ar ii>, s. A field of battle,
$!TaaQauitSju>, s. A shout of bat
@j68cr*fflj6ir, s. A disease of
the eye.
Quasar near, s. A brave soldier,
hero, f?r.
[)!T6isBrgrTtflujt}>, s. A military drum,
Guiruuevp. Wils. p. 694. Ran'atookya.
@)aGstsrpgjrT5&iiD,3. The longitude
of a planet required to be subtracted in
astronomical calculations, Bis^^gips^
^uermr^Q^rreai, s. One of the
five divisions of rhymingas qfiemQi-i
See O^fem-.
gfrneisaQurR@j6Wr(?u/r?o, . A
battle-drum, yAapf*.
@!76usrjii), s. The field of bat
tle, Qu;U*aib. 2. The part of an ele
phant's face between his tusks. Wils.
p. 694. Kan'aranka.
Qxesareaaipjsliuui, . Surgery,
nesiireB>eii$$BujGsr, s. A surgeon.
$r earth, s. Brackish ground, e_u
uaJi. 2. Food, eatables, _*/. (p.) 3,
[change of g)<jii.] Debt, ai_**r.
mtSpfiCeitSratniiiiu. lie has no
thing in his stomach.
gftnGsaurrpstii, s. Unfaithfulness
to creditors, mt-xufnuutpxa.
gg}Tsxliuih, s. Gold, Qunesr. Wils.
p. 976. Hiban'ta. (p.)
)iresujs(r^uuesr, s. Brahma, lS7j
a*. Wils. p. 976. Hiban'taqarb'iia.
. gxessfiiijprreara>, s. Gift of gold
made to Brahmans, &c, Qtiitrfmik.
^uesfimair, s. An Asoor, gej^jeor.
2. One of the twelve suns, urartfr*n_ip
^nss&iuQmnw^sres^iLiQai'Berr, s.
Evening, the evening twilight, the time
when r*Aui* the Asoor was slain, ur
@js5if?iu/76Br, s. Elder brother
of gj/ssrfujer, )r<srfucfr(pdr(?69C&-. Wils. p.
976. Hiban'taksiia.
^)Taor, s. and arfj. Two, Quasart-.it
jh*.As an adjective prefix, it often
becomes SW and **, double, ^^^.uutser
aa <5&pi!>, two colors, a double color; *t
two syllables. See jjv.
gj-a*r^.Oijiirjj<3jiAi6j. Say either this
or that.
*i.rir5)ui^_a;. The country is divided
into two factions.
@)<jL-it inf. To double, repeat
a motion, sound, action, &c, to reite
rate. See SfritLif***.

n lL i_ rrrEt a rreS, s. [prov. prop.

riin>i_ioni.] A double treeespecially
of the palmyra species.
gffi-li^., s. Double quantity, twice
as much, ggwui.
^pBrCit-flsQatir. I will give double
the quantity.
upwind, uf., s. Twice ten.
QsnLuf.ss, inf. To double, re
peat, reiterate, filial-. 2. (e.) To return
as a disease, 8.uW*tfA*. 3. To
plough the second time, always cross
wise, ^i^i-i(ipsi>p^ip. 4. To differ from,
be discrepant, &c,
5. To dis
agreeas different kinds of food eaten
at once, to be indigested, tuiraii
ISl*0*rtLf>u*#*M.eii&rii.*Opffi. This
evidence differs from the other.
msnSrtLif.fr0. The consonant ii, is
Qeitiri^if-tSarpgi. The pain is double
what it was. 2. The disease has re
@ffiltfjkpQseOaii s. Double ex
QlirLLut-pgifQ&rreOGO, inf. To re
peat, say a thing a second time. 2. To
make a discrepant statement, or a state
ment different from that of another.
inf. To plough the
second time.
Qiril.Uf.uu, s. Two-fold, twice as
much, a double quantity. 2. v. noun.
Doubling, making two-fold.
@ji-L, s- Two-fold, Jj)(7yu>i_iE/
<g. (p.) 2. (c.) Double-threaded cloth,
either coarse or fine, sack-cloth, g>r
JpjilOijaou, . A sack made of
coarse cloth.
QmLpQu>rrySluj, inf. To state a
rule so that it may comprise another,
the one plainly apparent, the other to
be made out by study ; or the use of
terms of double meaning either of which
serves to make good sense, though the
ideas will be wholly different ; or the
use of terms by which one thing is em
ployed and another implied. See e-i.
QsrCesii, s. Two things natu
rally conjoinedas a double fruit, leaf,
&c; twins, two things alike, g)r*Qi_ir
argi. 2. (p.) Gemini in the zodiac, two
females, iSgmnS. 3. Even, even num
bersOpposed to SpmP< JfirC)i_u*r
as 6, 8, 24, &c. 4. A couple, two, <?Q.
5. A female songster, urQtS*S.
SpmptSrtLxa-iS^gii. A kind of play,
playing at odd and even.
Qn il so i_ sQerr eS, s. Double
words imitating certain sounds, sJ*<9
fluL2&iii3ifiLeBiQii&$as ferraQeiaruNsijfi
efiwsviMitirper. (The clouds) poured a
shower of rain, with a murmuring
sound. (".) (p.)
s. The symbol eo
of the vowel . 2. Two curls in horses,
cattle, &c.as cyuJ.

@ a iL an i_ p Q p ir era i_ , s. One
of the forty-three kinds of rhyme
in which the same word is repeated
through the line, (see Q0x_)as 9*
(g&c QiuiAqGio G)^jrt@(2to QuiAqzth t$.?A$y
an?*, the color of the flower of the
water-plant <2ru_i., resembles the deli
cate flame of the iamp. (p.)
^ULLesiiuuiQeuesmesar^ inf. To
count even, making a series increasing
by a common ratioas 2, 4, 6, &c.
hiLgbi uurrd^, s. An arecanut with two eyes producing, if plant
ed, two trees.
j)ji-Lai_ij(J)o-rr26rr, s. Twins. 2.
[prov.] A double young areca or co
coa-nut tree.
^jLLemiuurfl&aiiSjpi, s. A rope
or string made of two strands.
gftlTL-eintLoas&uDn'teo, s. A poem
consisting of twenty verses of Q/ru
and a. ">4.-np, or QmfisDffQaakrur and
jfjti, and composed according to
the rules of .sywS). See iSnum/nb. (p.)
gfrrresorisu,, s. Treachery, perfidy,
duplicity, dissimulation, double-dealing,
ffCrrmii. (c.)
gyxe&riailiS'iGgr&s, inf. To frame
a treacherous design.
@276bVi_ J>LJ6SBr6Kir, inf. To be
tray, act treacherously, perfidiously.
@'T68CTi_<s>a//r(, s. A treacherous
person, an insincere friend, gGiiS.
^aeSaridsreiaiDyS. Sameness, (lit )
being not twoas jy4#a^i, which see.
jl ir ear i rripiTu), s. Secondary
kind or classas of cloth, tobacco, &c.
2. The second time.
@}<TearL-irihuLl&w, $. Second or
secondary class, kind, &c, not the most
^nessri nuau itiL Iear, s. A great
^asssrirraigi, s. That which is
the second. 2. adv. Secondly.
{)ffearrs(SjuQurra, inf. [vtd.] To
go to stool, (usage of children.)
^nearQdigp/D^, s. Critical junc
ture, a crisis in a disease, tt^fiudximtr
fftuGtniQmsiiug. 2. Dubiousness, possi
bility of two contrary impending issues,
a double probability, g^Cw^CwQ*
@j ear ieiQ a lL iQ is a ii>, s. [vul.]
The dusk of the evening, used for an
inauspicious or untimely season, &c.
^nesar<ilisjQsLLiaidsr, s. An in
different man, neither good nor bad.
)rressrQfne\ied, inf. To evade,
refuse, give an indirect or evasive an
^aesaQffiiuj, inf. To act perfi
diously. 2. To act against one's com
mand, to behave disobediently.
@T6sV^3sb7<s, inf. To be hypo
critical, to meditate treachery under a
show of honesty.

8(yaifgrii. A person of a double curl

may live in luxury or be reduced to
}0@'%5o dQaneirerfl., $. A brand
burning at both ends.

^0u^:, s. Twenty, (lil.) twice

ten, gCitesT.
^(njutreSQU&i, s. A poem con
sisting of ten Qictwur and ten j/**
See ilium^A. (p.)
l9 p u Lj, s. [literally.] Two
births, g)<y*rs=7!Dsaid of persons or
things twice born as 1. The moon,
etpiitir. 2. Birds and other oviparous
creatures, Qfiiism^pi^puuesr. (See
3. The teetli, uii. 4. Feathers,
G)p<S. 5. Brahmans, utiauri. (p.)
@(5 Sp u u netrri, s. The twiceborn casteBrahmans ; investiture with
the sacred thread being deemed a kind
of regeneration, jj*^<ot#.
s. Omission of ^jSu or
where two
nouns are used in opposition, g>u*44
Qgreesas ^Sdusmdr. God the source
(of all things.)
@<25 Q u ff(5ir, s. Learning and
riches. See Quits*, (yj.)
@(3ioi_/@, s. As much again,
two-fold, JgTirQuE<g.
ft(n}LDU)-iurr(8)Qutuir, s. An
Ouu# of the second degreeas black
when used to signify a cloud is called
^fgQuiui; but when used for the lainy
season, it is called ^us^itgduajit. (/>.)
fjgi(njLDem u>, s. Pleasant and un
pleasant Odors, Mpato0&i&sfcjss<i?. (;>.)
IJguijiy, s. The two ancestral
linespaternal and maternal, piiiai4 ^*
SBfitOfLf. (p.)
H$(B)LD6Brih, s. Hesitancy, dubious
ness, doubt, irresolution, indecision. 2.
Double-dealing, treachery.
J)(75koio, . Duality, a two-fold
state, two, g$fiar*nii. 2. The two states
the present and the future, or this life
and that to comewhether as distinct
from the body or as reunited with it in
another birth, QineBiawgifam. (p.)
^0ajea)s^Q^irppih, s. The two
classes of beings produced*ta and jy
rib. See Gfiipptb. (p.)
$<Tr)6uniLu/.pjseB>n, s. [prov.] Land
compounded of earth and clay,

*. I am like an ant between two

fires ; i. e. I am in straits.
{^(TfpltevuuLLQ, s. A kind of bird
fabled to have two heads.
@ (5 p 2g\j w essfl iu ear , s. A snake
said to have two headsone at each
^QS&iresinsspfsl, s. Two-edged
sword or knife.
Jg) (Tj $ Zzssr, s. The two classes
n-tiifilaa and
into which Tamil
nouns are divided. (See ptow.) 2. The
two classes into which creatures are
divided, g^tuinsffliaai and Duir>)&>nr,
which gee. (p.)
(3^ipa/6Br, *. Kuvera, (5
QurOr. (p.)
@(5/5?8ssra/, s. Double-mindedness, oscillating or wavering disposition.

^(t^euiriLdf^Q^eS , s. A kind of
bird, Hornbill, buceros, gif(jS.
JjUfTjaffffear, s. The two classes of
moral actionsgood and evil, in every
one of which there is merit or demerit,
leading to future births in which they
are to lie suffered or enjoyed, while they
keep the soul from union with deity,
ff& S&s 3S8=r. (p.)
(fir. An adjective of @)rrem, two
used before words beginning with
vowels, &c, as g)<y is used before conso
nantsas TmJrii, two-thousand ; gbasug,
ffBta#&@n, s. A poetic foot of
two J(S*, cgjflrtiu***. (p.)
ffjrif, s. Two lines, Qftsmiuu)..
(p.) 2. That which is bifurcate or two
3. Doubtfulness, fluctua
tion, earGfisib,

gfisremSiui- , inf. To vary from,

differ in the issue or event, disagree,
dissent, become opposed, C/^>ui_. 2. To
be discrepant, appear discordant, &c,
gp>mu>*Sar<3*. 3. To be doubtful. SHPgftiremQu^, inf. To disjoin,
disunite, cause to differ, sow dissen
@ & cm u em em, inf. To act
^(Tj. Two, as @/r6r and ff/f.
@(5'Fjsii>I s. Good and bad smell,
g)(jioKri4. (p.)
@(75<s/r6i).] Twice,
g)ri<3J. 2. Two feel, glcr^itv.
@<3*/ri^/, [pror. 1)(3/h#.] A
palmyra or gjg-urau fruit with two ker
nels, J)ra&QQaffLLa>i_a/G!_fUf.i> ; [fx tp,
^(^(^pQemifteasOeiiemuiTf s. A
C^vjOr*rur, consisting of two <5psr
Qwairur, and a foot affixed to the se
cond line for the sake of harmony, g,t
tti^sQstia'cruB. (p.)
@(5/T60, s. A certain cast of
the dice in playing a game, ""pfipisiSA
j$(n}fwuje$eirdau>, s. A contro
versial treatise on the merits of Saivaism and Vishnuism, &>jrA>.
^Q^fiDOjeSardsd^Q^'SuetB, . A
treatise written in confutation of the
j$0@srsih, s. The two different
kinds of &i*tbas *p9im& and
which see.
@(3.*z_/f, s. The two lightsthe
sun and moon, <gtiukist. (p.)
^Q^snn^Q^appm, s. One of the
divisions of Qu<sd>mtatStji, ofuttpGnp
(5i$, .

A double curl as a


tf ffty-uuiueir, s. Ambiguity in con

versation, equivocation, double-mindedness, cuufr^d, 2. Double-dealing,
acting under-handedly so as to suit
both parties, *l/i_i4. 3. Uncertainty,
doubtfulness, eiGjsw. 4. [proc] ])iverseness, disagreementas of a report
or account differently related, Jiui ;
[ex jfif., step, course, et uii, mcaniiifr.]
ffn isf.uu n, s. A stanza of two
lines. ( p.)
ffi7t{i.u3i_<E(5, s. [in poetry.'] Repe
tition of a foot or feet in two lines with
different meanings, <*^<3*&r(Jutrr<*i_i.
aSfgnbti/guutigl. See ">i
ffHUf-Qeuemun, s. A kind of Qsi
irui of two linesthe <gpAQ*rui. (p.)
if!TsQsneSI, s. Reiterated words
imitative of sound as Qs&QsQparffQpfii
fs, it broke with a reiterated crash;
/HBTi9.<fu*-Qi_s37C?e-l5.p<^, the carriage
rolled along with a rattling noise. (/>.)
fTipih, s. The two kinds of jfpth,
or virtuous actions according to the
shasters; viz. : gAisupi, matrimony and
its accompanying household virtues;
and ffpvpii, the virtues of ascetic prac
tice, (p. )
ffj/iJsi/ttS'r, s. Beings that have the
sense of feeling and tastingas snails,
shells, &C, ufl*Qp&&aDai&itcfii{ibemg!Qp09S<ij
Q*t&. (p.)
fpmT&eBjiQeuemurr, s. A species
of Q!4hj, with two <g. affixed to the
end of the third foot of the second line.
ff anuf. ffj/riltjL, . [prov.] A
changeable state of the wind and wea
ther, previous to the change of mon
soon, indicative of rain. 2. A calm,
a lull, the failing of the wind at this
season, *rp$ara>io*t. 3. Fickleness, hesi
tation, fluctuation of mind, rCfonSarsmc.
this affair my mind wavers.
ffJ/ri-lif-, s. [prov.] Two wives,
ff/fl, s. A play of girls, two stones
being taken up from the ground while
a third is tossed in the air, pfArunLO.
/T/fl%ouuuS/f, s. A young shoot
when two leaves appear.
FFifleatp, s. Double-thread used in
some kinds of clothas in muslin.
irifleinLp&feoediT) s. A muslin whose
warp consists of two untwisted threads.
ff^PCfft A- cow tnat has had
two calves. ( p.)
ff(75t_a), s. [in mythology.] Beings
possessing the form, in part, of two
bodiesas Vishnu manifested in the
form of man and lion, S)w^ss^ArusV1-^'.
(/>) . .
ffjTj uS lids
it /fl, s. The two-lived
used of a pregnant female. ( c.)
ffOj^^LD, s. See erd&ih.
ffQiriTLL, s. Uncertainty, doubt,
crisis, criticalness, state of suspense,
conditional bargain, (c.)
GKBiurtf^tijrsrfi&jiBQffri^iriiJGA&firpjp, The
case of the patient is doubtful.

ffQ n n iL t n & #Q# n&)6d, inf. To

speak doubtfully, uncertainly, ambigu
ffQanu-i its suitmis, inf. To take
things conditionally, that is, if approv
ed ; or, as a merchant, to pay for them
if sold.
A tree, j),s,9, Ficus, L.
s. A dove that goes
like a car, 43 ; [ex cpib, car, et ufii, foot.]
"^Jtjsld, s. A chariot, coach, warchariot, <?s, of which are four kinds ; viz.:
jy^r^io, loeiflii. etDTfib and gfipflsptb. Wils. p.
693. Ratha. 2. (p.) Coition, copulation,
venery, nemiiS), Wils. p. 694. Rata. 3.
A tooth, uAi. Wils. p. 696. Rada. 4.
Flavor, tasteas
Wils. p. 697.
Qjupmggm&uptt^El&etr, s. The
four divisions of an armychariots, ele
phants, cavalry and infantry.
^rrfsttnfiH, s. A charioteer, driver
of a chariot, the coach-man, Qfiiuuiaar.

@j^<i^ffii, *. A fever affecting

the blood.
LL&UJlh, s.
Spitting of blood, Hemoptysis,

w. s. The primitive element of taste,

@ s$ u ii# ib)apukpesrio, . A
poem written in a figure painted in the
form of a car, SlfifficstSsdQactxji; which
$apufliLes>&, s. The art of cha
rioteering, coachman-ship, aurigation.
See a&ugrani. (p.)
gfrnQpnjbfeuw, s. A chariot festi
val, <5si^PcJ!. (p.)
jT<u>, s. A waist-string, a waistornament, jjfa>fi*. 2. Mango-tree, an
3. Mercury, quick-silver, us/iism.

fjifiirppdaiTLLQiif), s. A female
demon. See *m<?i_tf
@}!rp'gd@!irTe8sf), s. Discharge of
blood from the bowels, giimazxtSepuQugi,
^HjipdQsnfsl, a- [prov.] Heat of
blood in youth inflamed with sexual
desires, lasciviousness. 2. Feverish state
of blood, such a state of the system as
induces anger, venery, derangement,
&c., fulness of system, plethora.
g^uppdQstTQgun, s. High mettle,
wantonness, the state of being high-fed,
voluptuousness, giwi^t?.. 2. {fig.)
Pride, arrogance, &c.,
{gjappsQ&itLottrfl, s. A disease of
cows producing a discharge of blood,

Removing the power of mercury from

the system, or from a medicine.
JjjTjgssTLn, s. A tooth, ueo ; [ex
if, to divide.] Wils. p. 696. Radana. 2.
A waist-string, jysnja4r. 3. A child's
waist-string of bells, BebBaX. (p.)
gfi tp sir, s. Eye, saxir. 2. Parrot,
SW). (p.)
* >T$i * Great desire, sexual love,
delight, no*. 2. Coition, copulation, neat
*&. 3. Desire, wish, tSatOuib. ( p.) 4. Wife of
Kama, uKSriD^tSno&s-B!. Wils. p. 695. Rati.
5. (/>.) A female elephant, Quewiur&r.
Wils. p. 696. Radih.
^s^snpsoeis! $)v$u$, s. Kama,
ic<Sr. Wils. p. 695. Ratipati.
);r^i@iBaBujjur$Hld @ iFeto i, s.
Venery, *>mgenb. Wils. p. 695. Ratikuva.
{^t^S, s. A thorny fruit-treethe
jujube, eu*ei[ojia. 2. The
3. Brass, lSA*- ( />)
* ^rp/BLci, . Red, crimson, a/
(j>.) 2. Bloodas one of the seven
or constituent parts of the body, -pni.
Wils. p. 690. Rakta. 3. {p.) Red coral,

^UppssiL. tp., s. Clot or con

gelation of blood.
^npfsssssxismeGt, s. A fierce, iras
cible man, Gnutamartb.
j^ZfijSS&eo uLf ^trppaipeii, s.
Consanguinity, gbtfipswut/iib.
jjftrfoiaaiULSQaiQucsxQ&nirrAi. Taking
a wife from among one's kindred.
ftngpdae&g&, s. [oh/.] Offensive
smell of blood, i$0*'ppih.
gfrn/ip&a tl
$. Dysentery,
bloody flux, gtpGuB.
jg)ffp&aeB)p, s. A stain of blood
on cloth, dried gore in a wound, &c.
2. Blood extravasated and coagulated
on the lungs. 3. A collection of blood
in local inflammations, contusions, &c.
^jH^pssesruLf^ s. Obesity, a full
or morbid state of the blood, plethora,
Q&rteiijjeos. 2. (Jig.) Pride, arrogance,

^uppmass, inf. To raise or eject

blood whether from disease or injury.
fiijpptEi&eisrp, inf. To turn black
and hardas a bruise or contusion.
*, rAsiAB*, inf. To bleed, to take
blood from.
@ff^'(5Lf//?i_ft n
u>l$ ifl l..,
inf. To spring, flow or spout as blood
from a vein.
^nppensiii, 3. The Qf in (senit
@ n$p 9 it lL ) , s.
( Christian usage.)
s. Swelling in the ab
domen from obstruction of the menses,
operating as a preventive of pregnancy,
^n$p&8rBUL\, s. Local inflam
mation, r^ap*i. 2. Fulness of blood,
jDrAsiiQuffAg. 3. Suffusion of blood
from a bruise, g)j^*GjS(. 4. (fig.)
Insolence, haughtiness, !As*Q*r(ifuq.
j^Hr&pfiji&tTa, inf. To look aghast,
appear pallid.

^ir^^Slip, inf. To shed blood.

2. (fig.) To kill.
^tapp^&Gsnriy inf. To have the
blood driedas in emaciation. 2. To
turn pale by having the feelings wound
ed or mortified. 3. To be reduced in
flesh by hunger, fasting, &c, be ema
^npfrigiut. ul|, v. noun. Thrilling
of the blood in seeing or hearing a near
relation under suffering, also superstitiously supposed to lake place on such
an event, though not seen or heard of.
@}srpppQ&tTL-ne>\, s. Relation,
consanguinity, g^itfisibutp\b.
^tr^isnwLj, s. Vein, blood-vessel,
@a^ua5, s. Libation of blood
which it is supposed some of the deities
partake, G$ite%li:gtbue$. 2. Bloody sa
crifice, Ma^C>s,M>u>S. 3. (fig.)
Murder, QJw.
^iTjipuitp^lujw, s. Consangui
nity, kin.
Jj)a isipu neLf,itemirii, s. One of the
thirty-two kinds of prepared arsenic.
IgjrrppiSlppLD, s. The name of a
disease, a vehement casting up or vomit
ing of blood.
@f^uu*ij t-i^np0uuas>iD,
Plumpness of body, fulness, sleekness,
jg)!Tpuuy5l, s. Blood-guiltiness,
revenge for blood-shed.
@j p$uini&vLiLo, s. A urinary
passing of bloodas in bad cases of
gonorrhoea, g>*(?*fi.
^Hj^uLSffeuitsii, s. A flood or
deluge of blood, girAsuQura-Ags.
^ir^uiSireineiiyS. One of the seven
hells, aQpisB&frQflliirgl.
@)BfSpu t$ if) weir, s. A blood
thirsty man.
f)rrfpuiS6tsr&Lo, s. A species of
inflammation in the head with dis
charges of blood.
^a^uLfeaiiu^r, s. A species
of the beaver snake, the bite of which
speedily causes hemorrhage from the
eyes, nose, mouth and other passages.
^n^LcakieS, s. A very venom
ous kind of snake whose bite causes
the blood to issue from the pores.
$DppLonL-eist, s. A demon fabled
to be dreadfully cruel.
@5^aru)ffj6Biiru), s. The atteSds&i
Reddle, red chalk.
$!rp0Qpeou>i s. Hemorrhoids.
^jiT^eiieSuLj, s. Convulsion by
too great a fulness of blood.
@j^i56i/eirs(fl, s. A species of red
j^nfipeuittfl, . Immoderate flow
of menses. See ginto.
@ff^a9/r?ttJ6ar, s. A species of
beaver snake.

^ffji^QeufS, Wanton cruelty,
high mettle. 2. Fury from drinking
@)npn&ujii>, s. The heartas the
receptacle of blood.
gftuppnuDuniii, s Red vestments,
blood-colored cloth, &iuii*81ai ; [ex #a
uiii, vesture.]
gj)npQptipustiiii,s. The red waterlily, Q*i(g.ir, Nymphoea rubra ; [ex
e-puKib, lily.] Wils. p. 692. Rdktotfala.
itppiriLGl, s. The fifty-eighth
year of the Hindu cycle, S{S"-ism<5'-^^'f'^t>. The jgl,*, tree, Ficus
tsiela. 2. The u*t# or jujube tree,
Ziziphus jujuba, L. (p.)
gbrfrQif), s. The
tree, (p.)
gjftTjSSjslsnrLH, s. A jewel, a gem,
precious stone, miiamf. Wils. p. 695. Ratna.
The nine gems are, 1. SsiQ^Mib gomada.
2. /aiti, sapphire. 3. umaib, coral. 4.
LfCujtrmA, topaz. 5. wqvb, emerald. 6.
iofcfl**ii, ruby. 7. opts, pearl. 8. ><
fmib, lapis-lazuli. 9. nvii, diamond.
[<lp#jsleard&wu emit{)npleBrdati>
utii, s. A kind of carpet of various
colors, probably studded with gems in
ancient times, &tgir*aibuaii.
^ird^eard^f^ssih, s. A book of
comparisons by l/*<?i*), &j>LfM<ur4j.
2. A medical book of Agastiar, s>riii_ii.
^ud^esruifttLsaf, S. Acquaint
ance with gems, the art or practice of
examining precious stones, girfi&arQfrp
farone of the sixty-four &wgfar<4.
^)jr^i^earuueoeod(g, s. A palan
keen ornamented with precious stones.
)!ip$mtiituii>, . That which is
like, made of or adorned with gems,
the nature or appearance of precious
stones. Wils. p. 695. Ratnamaya.
^ns^earinirleo, s. A garland of
^ss^t^snw s. The ocean, siio.
Wils. p. 695. Ratnakaka. (p.) 2.
[prov.] The sea north of Ramisseram.
See wQ*'&.
t6Gusp$GBtw, s. The nine kinds of
gems. See Qbifflscnb.
J- -sjSleisflt s. A kind of cubit
measured with closed hand, iSy-opipib. Wils.
p. 695. Ratio. 2. A bone, the ulna, qp<*
ca .* ....
. .. { Anal.)
^jir&v^j, s. (Hin.) Stores or pro
visions for an army, C&mJ&@M.
!r fBgi
v. noun. Clamoring,
) it ik tS <r il), s. A hole, fissure,
chasm, giumi. Wils. p. 696. Rand'hba.
2. [in astrology.] The rising of a sign at
the moment of one's birth, QsttrmeaiBanb.
<r ld saw ld g) t ld eszifl IU LD , s.
Pleasing, charming others, QariipjQ*L*>s.
Wils. p. 696. Rahan'a and Ramas'ueya.
jjgnrLDetssTsisr, s. A husband, isniusasr.
Wils. p. 696. Raman'a.

To be pleased, satisfied, contented, smCpt
*^}!TlSujld @ju>u9(ut>, s. Plea
santness, agreeablencss, satisfaotion, con
[ex s, delight.] Wils.
p. 697. Ramya.
^jjlduld () a ld es> u , *. (Tel.
tfoTSSxs.) A saw. Wot*. 2. (p.) The
musk-cat, m*egtt.iSts*ib.
jg)!Twud&eo, . Spatum adamantinum, (s<sifi**ii.
ldiSsuld, s. Pepper, ufleirg.
*^)tSsc, s. A stag, alevwrresr. 2. A
species of deer. nitmtti. 3. The first lunar
mansion, jftadati. 4. A sounding horn, an
instrument of music, imfiQOsiiiui. (p).
j"aJC33Tii, . The koil or Indian
cuckoo, <gilA<. 2. Bell-metal, Qbtu:i.
3. Jesting, utmniutitg^fit. 4. A camel,
giii_*ii>. Wils. p. 697. Ravan'a. (p.)
ggjreuGO, s. Any thing borrowed or
lent (money excepted,) itoit<d*t*jfrstQ*r
Qucjdr. 2. A loan, lending, licEr*^*
^KiOarAaM ; [ex Jgr, to beg.] (c.)
^/rreiJeoQsLLs, inf. To ask the
loan of a thing
@ja/ei)0/r,tn/'. To lend, loan.
j a/ ei> S 6D ii>, s. Land lent to
another who shares the produce with
the owner.
^!reueosS(S, s. A borrowed house,
^jaiing^, s. A family living
with others, the owners of the house.
2. A family occupying a borrowed
^neujbQffng)!, s. [pror.] Support
obtained by spunging on others.
^}jeujr>Ljita!>s>i, s. A cloth lent.
*gjj)reQ, s. The sun, ^^^sspr. 2.
The right canal for the passage of the
vital air, snAfitira/su^a/ini. Wils. p. 697.
Ravi. 3. A hill, mountain, u>Jw. (p.)
j<i$ffe3&eBreiiri}>, s. True distance
of the sun from the earth, uit<g&gfii,&
^neSan&pus, s. The sun-stone or
burning glass,
Wils. p.
697. Ravikanta.
@ira9(56i>ii, a. The solar dynasty,
@jaS(?/Fpju>, s. Argument for
the equation of the sun's place.
g)jo9/Fflw, s. The twenty-seventh
or last lunar mansion, a contraction of
gUreSLjiLj^jS, s. True diurnal
motion of the sun in his orbit,
gjaJir^m^,, s. The mean
daily motion of the sun, @faarg:m^to
^ueSeSsQsuui, s. In solar
eclipses the sun's declination. Bi*a*jflp

gg)>reBaas,a,s. (Tel.
A short
jacket worn by women, a tucker, Qfiu*
g) <r afl u>^7, s. Silver, Qevarafi.
(M. Die.)
$g}!T(Sij, s. The night-time from sun
set to sun-rise, consisting of four watches
or nmb or thirty H^fasx, also written,
and iri&$fl.
^rreurSsunsir, s. A cock as mark
ing the watches, of the night, QtmpCst\jt.
gjjsi/iig/zJ, s. [in lore poetry.] The
place agreed on by lovers for meeting
by night, a
.jj.-.j:..?..; ;
ui.(g^^*i_i4. (p.)
^jsQeuiBimrw, s. A kind of tree
of phosphoric quality shining in the
dark, Qvrgi<Sa.*ib. (p.)
)nQsunesr, s. The moon, skfiiaGsr.
^ira/^^j-LD, s. Wrath, fierceness.
See fi)Qfv*ifio. (p.)
*^)j"ffl/irsi/LD, s. One of the divi
sions of hell, p/r*iA. (See g)Qrs<i.)
2. One of the twenty-eight Agamas of
the Saivites, gj<ju4Q^i_rai>pOjf<irp.
gjfij-ssxsu, s. (Tel. $syo.) A particle,
JFgBy. 2. Shot, >ljur4)ac\9Qiu4*cBran&. 3.
A diamond, mtSni. 4. A trifling quanti
ty, Q*rpuib.
g) /rsrf?, s. The Qsaasremp tree, Cassia,
^)j"/r, s. Night. See g)ja|.
To get a
living, property, &c, by working day and
iSiiico. 1 labored day and night but gain
ed nothing.
jSlri!*)*i_*jjjii_rdr. He slipt away tak
ing advantage of the night. 2. He tra
velled by night.
jg)rTir&&Js>rr, s. The moon, sh^ssst.
^anssniisa-eo, s. Fever occur
ring only by night.
j<jna&neOii>, s. Night-time.
gfriTirppisis, inf. To pass the night,
tarry or lodge a night. See ^<s.
jj)niruusei), s. Night and day.
^lairuunnrnLeirnp, s. Night
time. 2. adv. Nightly, by night.
@ a rr u iS & en # , s. Begging by
nightconsidered despicable.
^artuQunfesru), s. The Lord's
supper. (Christian usage.)
^Hriru>rreiiru>, s. The length of the
night in different monthsused in
astronomy, girierufaD*.
{"yiraQpfgiTppu), s. An auspicious
hour occurring in the night.
jgVj/ra/i^/, j. Travelling by night.
)aireS i$.iLi, inf. [used adverbially ]
At day-break.

Jj)<r/r.szi>, s. Love, desire, affec
tion, passion as a power of the soul in
operation while in connection with matter,
2. Connubial love, sexual desire,
Ciaraii. 3. Color, tint, dye, ip<k. 4. Red
ness, BmiuLf. (p.) 5. A tune or musical mode,
a*rrf#. Wils. p. 699. Raoa. Of this
mode, four classes are given, Sin*fg<sfi, r.
viz.: I. &>*>, tunes appropriate to dif
ferent districts of countryas maritime,
agricultural and mountainous, ^aaggi!*
Ag>"_j!ir*ia. Of these there are five, viz. :
1. <5&Q- 2. u^riA. 3. eifiift. 4. torsgib.
5. OeiimJ). II. Qtuji/A, tunes applicable
to different kinds of poetryas to Qmiatr
L/r, *cafffU/(CTii; tO jy**, -v'"-~r-: to *nStjuF,
uwgliritti; to Mo2fgiea>p, ourrf. III. &ari,
tunes suited to peculiar occasionsas
>riL<*_, martial music; s?2utgi, n
and **afl<ufft, dancing tunes, or tunes for
festive Occasions;
a*n-W<2>, jfwrifiL/^,
L$iur*i_i and Lydr*irr<l, for condolence.
IV. uii, tunes adapted to seasons as
to the spring, ^nQit, &c; the morning-,
QiGflietib, g)cr!ccvP, &c. ; noon, /risuaih, Qfi
tfr^JL*/, &C. ; evening, nr<WL_io, *e5;ursMfl;
Others are applicable to all
times. There are thirty-two tunes men
tioned; viz.: I. urS. 2. C*>4)^><[j. 3.
?tf)A8r53. 4. ^C^. 5. yijrtfsii. 6. Ca/srff
8. Quod). 9. frrsii. 10.
QmGgiaih. 11. L/A)u,S>. 1 2. *.-(?//). 13. ui_
14. C^fl. 15. uf>0. 16. fits-*.
17. irtgi. 18. riii>*B.Jisa>^. 19. /rjfl.
20. afl<ii. 21. mad. 22. mniMt. 23.
0rt_)fasu. 24. *J*fA. 25. L/BJffsrto. 26.
27. xswQurfi. 28. Qerfl. 29.
uiIodl^ 30. GgrsiLrJI. 31. nkgsH, 32. *i
ri*i Of these, 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25. 29,
are male tunes, and the three following
each of them respectively are their wives.
Of these, 1-5 are appropriated to Brahmans; 9-13 to kings; 17-21 to merchants;
25-29 to tradesmen and laborers. The
deity of the 1st is r<*; of the 2d figunii;
of the 3d rt*igi; of the 4th
Of the 5th gAuor; of the 6th sugar; of
the 7 th tlmumdr; and of the 8th gnhqcs
*the wives being joined with each.
^/airsiiiseods^ansms^eoiu, inf.
To run into another tune.
^srna^^esruu/.uni, inf. To sing
agreeably to the tune.
l)!riT4Sibpuu, inf. To fall out of
flairs u iR iLeta&s&rmeisr, s. One
skilled in music.
^nrrsuuiiSp&, s. The practice
of vocal or instrumental music, the
knowledge of melody or music in ge
neral, gj0*uaSAjls.
gfrrrirsQuiQ&a, inf. To pitch a
tune, ^aiatXOiti^*K.
ggjrrrr&ihuirt , inf. To sing.
gfrzn&sSan&w, s. Secular passions
and pursuits, and the contrary, aSgij^
* jt}7tr&euesr, s. Rama in his seventh
incarnation a grandson of .-<g and son
of pet$or and Qisrjjuborn to kill the
giants jgjTi*rir, &c, @rru<r. Wils. p. 700.
Bag'hava. 2. Any one who is born in
the family of the monarch Rag'hu.
^firaefl, s. The Qu(^QiSQ^(i^&eo
plant, Tribulus lanuginosa, Z.

@%}rirae8 <ssrtjanr) i_au>, s. The Oa/r

ortvp tree, Cassia, L.
f}rirl, s. (Canarese.) A kind of
grainas C*i4if<g, Elensine cozacana.
*^)ir'r(5 * The ascending node
regarded as one of the nine planets in the
form of a monstrous serpent or dragon,
which, with
the descending node, is
feigned to grasp the sun and moon and
thus to cause eclipses, xtstbutibLj. Wils. p.
705. Rahd.
^nrrQsrr&iw, s. An inauspicious
portion of time containing an hour and
a half, occurring daily, being that part
which is under the influence of g&rmg.
^/t/tq, s. The QarrGwp&w gem,
cat's eye.
*Jj)j"/r<s<s^Lo, s. One of the eight
kinds of marriagethat in which the
bride is seized by violence. See umib.
Wils. p. 699. Raksbasah. (p.)
*$)4~rr<sXjrr^rtriL&pir, s. One
of the two classes of foes to the Devas
or genii, sometimes improperly called
giants. They appear to be of various
descriptions, being either powerful Titans
in a preternatural formas Ravana and
othersor mischievous and cruel goblins,
demons, vampires or fiends, haunting ce
meteries, devouring human beings, &c,
#r*si. Wils. p. 699. Raksiiara.
@jair&aa exrthy s. A set of demons
as Rakshasas one of the eighteen
^nnaapLDasmiLy s. See insists!us.
@}<jn&$, s. A female fiend.
(g a n i.ijs S if i^njii, s. Valiant
exploits, gigantic feats.
^aniLfpu&pun, s. The pro
geny, or race of demons.
@lanaif,$u>nmuj, s. The illusions
or charms of demons.
t it a S safl, s. A queen, ^s&.
Wils. p. 701. Rajkee. See Rajan.
*$}rrr&&ihgjfirrr&jSLh, s. Pride,
arrogance, presumptionthe quality or
passion, the predominance of which leads
to knowledge, valor, &c, QpA&mgpiQwisirj).
Wils. p. 702. Rajasa. (p.)
^ar>8p(8jesisnhi^sQ^rr^eearih, s.
A predisposition to pride. See <gtnru>.
<r ir & 6sr
s. ( fern.
A king, monarch, prince, jfr
2. The moon, *#r*. Wils. p. 701.
jy/or ^TSSQfiSggitQx^tiS^axutfith. He is
like a lime, pleasing to the prince.
@ff/7<F<s>!utD^nns uun'Zesr, s. The
royal elephant, peculiar for its symme
try and used by the king on special
occasions. It is seven cubits high, nine
long, and thirteen round the belly.
* $TiT&=a!ri>, s. The royal tribunal
of the king's ministers in Travancore.
(Besch.) 2. Wils. p. 700. Rajakaha.
Tax or toll imposed by the king, g$cs>p.
^nn&aeo&ihy s. War between
states, sjj&iQ&LijQeafosBi. 2. Tyran
nical acts of a king towards his subjects,
Q*rOB<?*ii#w>u;. .3. The invasion of a
foreign power, QmippsasQaiu^KS^ista.

^anfsrr rflaj ld, s. Political affairs,

affairs of state. 2. [uswjc] An im
portant thing.
@xr/r^f?/r7, s. The ichneumon king
said to be white, of diminutive size
and carried by others, Qu<airSA
(5 essr ii, s. The attributes
of the kingbeing three, viz. : ^bxhbu,
vigilance; &S, learning, and gtczfieiam
*>u>, courage, resolution.
^nneriijLDnaeisT) s. (fern. (Sjicrrrpjsl
giofil ) A prince, king's son.
{)n rr gQ s n &) ii, s. Royal attire,
princely bearing.
n tr&Q sneer-ip, s. A violent dis
ease in which the phlegmatic humor
is supposed to be prevalent, attended
with bloody expectoration, ^'Crit.
^irnffffiEisLDj)!w&&erDu, s. The
royal assembly, senators, courtiers.
Wils. p. 702. Rajasau'ha.
^ziTe&Qpappnri, s. An assembly
of state, assembly in the presence of a
^jrrirf&meisrui, s. Ensigns of royal
ty, regalia, the apparatus of a coro
nationthere are twenty-one of them,
viz.: 1. opi*., crown. 2.
the um
brella denoting safety and protection.
3. sif, hair-fans. 4. Qfid-q., elephanthook. 5. qui*, drums. 6. *si<i,, the
discus weapon. 7. utter, elephants. 8.
Qij_, banners. 9. ioSIAj, eity-wa'.ls. 10.
Ggwnxib, festoons or other decorations.
11. /iA<3i_ii, pots full of water with
other things. 12. uun-fcu, garlands. 13.
*Bcg, chanks. 14.
seas. 15. lossrut,
the sword fish. 16.
turtles. 17.
jgtoBrAauAi, a pair of carp-fish. 18. Pj
sii, lions. 19.
lamps. 20. jg<_uii>,
bulls. 21. ^"o, the throne.
^ij^oiiJU), . A sacrifice perform
ed only by a universal monarch attend
ed by his vanquished tributary princes,
piutsii. Wils. p. 702. Rajasoova.
@(7/r<fG*sa)ai/, s. A visit paid to a
sovereign. 2 . The service of a king.
^anfpiBgasrui, s. A visit to or sight
of the kingdeemed auspicious on new
year's day, &c, fr*?ncr**rmens.
@)!iiT&$(nju>ih^inrreifil, s. Juris
prudence, public justicewhether con
duct proper for a king towards his sub
jects as prescribed in the shaslars, or
as consistent with acknowledged prin
ciples, jjr*^. Wils. p. 700. Rajad'haumma and Rajaneedi.
ma: - ^nratcswsr^, s. A metropolis, the
residence of a king, a court, gjceoienqp
wMitb. Wils. p. 701. Rajad'uani.
^unff^irsnBiLHTuSry^Aay inf. To be
arrogantas a bold or immodest woman.
^aiTfftBlrre&ujW) s. Royal treasure,
^nn&giQnn&LD, s. Treason, dis
loyalty, sedition, any act of unfaithful
ness to the stateas smuggling, not
paying taxes, &c. Wils. p 700. RajaDBOBA.

jg)j/r#6ru/r?, s. A queen,
{g)!jrr&gi6uij>, s. Royalty, regal
power or qualities, imperial dignity,
government, dominion, royal preroga
tive, jyj^i/^q. Wils. p. 700. RaJATVA.
^tjn&isnaw, s. One of the four
high castes of the cobra snake, jw/s*
{<)!7iT&Qt5n&aw^nn&Qis its g;, s.
Royal favor or benignity, clemency in
general. 2. A king's look.
Gjjnn&Qitng&n, s. The final or
most excruciating throes in child-birth.
ja it # u <f)& s w, s. Danger from
public authority as the result of an
astrological calculation, gr*u<uiA.
^antFutL i_ti>, s. Kingship, kingly
office, r*<rrlsn-w.
^nnsupQniA, s. A royal edict,
@ff*iii_s. 2. The title of a royal
grant, - ! r? .y sstu$ s^
@)!jn#up$Ele&, $. A queen, an
J.inii8zr!. Wils. p. 701. RaJAI'ATUKK.
@ztnffiuiuih, s. Danger or appre
hension from government, jyugjCarifl
{^urneuifl, s. A royal horse having
prescribed specialities, ufiui*.
)ane u n lL gbi g^inr&urresip
g)rr*m/ii*i4, s. A public road, a high
{g)arT&i5l6trsB)eu, s. A virulent
species of cancer on the back, jgr*iyd.
s. Special wisdom,
such as leads to great enterprisescon
sidered peculiar to those of princely
birth, S2*a^4^.
jg)a nitldQa is$nth, s. The name of
a city.
^lUnfwesarteiw, s. A royal con
With the royal congress which throng
ed every where, (urr^ii.)
^xn&w'fcsr}an&u>neifl<3s>&, s. A
royal palace.
)an#wnmnaw, s. A species of
venomous snake, <j/icJw.
j^rnT&LDrresfluJili, s. A royal gift of
land or otherwise, a munificent grant of
a king.
@)<jttgwn&uj!jneg\m , s. A title of
excellence used in addressing.
$srr#(tpp$Blanrr, s. A royal signet.
^junffQiurrsw^ s. A configuration
of the planets, denoting the highest
prosperity and honor to one born under
its influence, Q/rszresrjglpauAQsr<S!3&/ii-if.
2. One of the four yogas exer
cised by a sage, letfAgAiiGdjrasrOTSQaji
^nnesn&ssr@an snj&nire ear, s.
A king of kings, an emperor, a pa
ramount sovereigna title given to
princes or used in compliment merely,
**ta8. Wils. p. 701. Rajabaja.
702. Rajad'hikaja.

)an#!inQ#avsiiiB, s. Durga,^?/f
>*. 2. Parvati, uitmfi.
@)nn&iflaii>^jn&rfldaih, s. Roy
alty, reigning, state, government, do
minion, rule, jyfJrCft.
^anfiftsihueiaeaisr^ inf. To reign.
@ snffGdiL* u5, s. The goddess
who presides over kingdoms, wifr<5.
<).y n & eu & iu w@ffff#a/^.szrii>, s.
Captivating or winning over a king by
magic, &C, @stseet>m>ffairi3uu(S#glSB>s.
@nnffGULLL-w, s. [vul.] Puhlic, po
litical matters.
^unffenu-L-iliQuff, inf. To speak
on political subjects.
^smseuiBeas:, s. Royal honors,
^HJiriFeuiTSSii, s. The king's an
cestry or lineage, the king's relations.
2. A color mixed with white and black.
$ntr&eue>)eo<5imjD-P!, s. The prero
gatives of kings are four, viz. : 1. Qup
p&, making acquisitions. 2.
lecting revenue. 3. A**>, preserving
treasures. 4. usiAaAi, distributing or
expending revenue.
^anfeuarerfl, s. A large, red spe
cies of yam, fw*<4G*..
)stit& eunsesru>, s. A kind of pa
lankeen used by kings, fito*.
@ an 9 eu n uS ai, s. The gate of a
royal palace.
^!rns=eSu.(B!Tu>, s. Tyranny.
^air^eSiiessTih, s. A large ulcer.
@ffff<Fei9j(r#6ar, s. Kuvera, @(?u
f*. 2. A king of kings, ^).-.'*^r. 3.
Duriothana, giAQutjiarar.
@j/TcFa9 (r^iLffija^ s. The Qsnm
p tree, Cassia fistula, L. Wils. p.
702. Rajavruksha.
f^iriT&QSQrrnpih, s. Sedition.
s. A high road,
royal road, main street.
$nn&naQ2izisT, s. The government,
command, justice of a king, ^r^zam.
Wils. p. 702. Rajaona. 2. Penalty
of law, ^rffi&kru-tb.
^jrn&niiisw, s. Government,
dominion, royalty, monarchy, ^ifrcR.
2. The component parts or body of a
state, which arc sixteen. See p*ri>*ib.
^anen&eisrw, s. A throne, &msn
^anrn^snuwi s. Royal power,
authority, jurisdiction, ^TtgsitgAiauffl
)nrT&n$uf3@j/rf j^uot, s.
An emperor, a universal monarch, a
king of kings.
@j/r^ii, *. Kingly authority.
@ nn @s iiQ@ in eS& ii, s. Unfore
seen events, prosperous or adverse, that
may happen by royal authority or
providencea term employed in mak
ing contracts, &c.

$Tn-&n-6urrigr&ihi, s. A gem,
jporii. There are four different kinds, viz.:
*Gifistewiitfiib, of a white color
Asia, blue or azureilfn*wii#pib, golden or
yellow, and *Giraair*tm/i#/sti, of a red color.
Wils. p. 702. IIajavaktta.
D TTG=ir<srfl, $. A large kind of hawk,
a falcon, giuLifi.
^nn&naflQGuLLiSDi, s. Hawking,
catching birds with a tame hawk.
g)j-tf~f, s. A zodiacal sign, epemir.
2. (p.) A collection, flock, constellation,
cluster, assemblage, _tLi_ii. 3. Heap, ac
cumulation, <5SajAi. Wils. p 705. Kas'i.
4. Assortment, row, class, file, regularity
in conduct,
Wils. p. 702. Raji.
The twelve signs of the zodiac are: 1.
<Juji_ii, Aries. 2. i_uii, Taurus. 3. ifgsri,
Gemini, twin daughters. 4.
Cancer. 5. ftcni, Leo. 6. Marsd, Virgo.
7. aiei)J>, Libra. 8. S(5#fi*ui, Scorpio. 9.
Sagittarius. 10. irr<i, Capricornus.
11. tgihuib, Aquarius. 12. iSssrii. Pisces
Of these, six are in the northern hemis
phere and are called -^rriirnR, and six
in the southern, named, fiii^^vewSithe
three first and three last are cuiSnS,
ascending signsand the intermediate,
pii<giSri8, descending signs. Note. In
astrology, the zodiac is divided into three
equal parts of four signs each, in reference
to their supposed influences as *r.-rfi,
the four signs auspicious to movements,
as journeyings, &c, Aries, Cancer, Libra,
and Capricornus; mfirmB, the four signs
auspicious to stationary actions or em
ployments, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and
Aquarius; and _uiuirf), the four signs
alike auspicious to both classes, Gemini,
Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.
)nn&4anDsh)n n & are/ratesr,
s. A fortunate person, a lucky fellow.
)nn&&#s&aii,^Bn&euilLw, s.
The zodiac.
f^HrnSisnpeBr, s. The ruling planet
at the time of a configuration, ftfi*P
^nn&Lf i_ti, s. [in astrology.] The
situation of the planets in the signs,
^anSuuessriji, s. Coin in quan
tityeach piece not being separately
)zn&lu<3ifleii, s. The passage
of a planet from one constellation to
another, iiB<ax.
{j$rm@uQun(TTj0;Sio, s. Agreement
in several particulars, between the zo
diacal signs of a man and woman in
order to their being adapted to each
other for marriage, u>asuQuK3tpicu$
Q<sr^r. 2. The supposed influence of
one's signspoken when any thing
unfavorable happens, gj.-rfiijuon*.
@j/rRu)6!xiri_siiii), s. The zodiac,
gjiwfittLLi-iA. 2. [in astronomy.'] Zodiacal
sign, oor.
H$lcS)<Deiri-*im<gs*>pt3pG*Qi. If less, add
twelve signs to it.
<^an&tuerrd&> inf. To measure a
heap of grain.
^jirn^iuneorisetat, s. Regular con
duct, good behavior.

^rrnSan&iuiruj, adv. In heaps, * ^la-.T LL&jsir, s. A kind of titans

companies, assemblages, by files, rows,
or demons. See
Wils. p. 699.
fggwn&eu&Qatii, s. [in astronomy.]
tit lLi$- earth, s. A spinning wheel,
Retrogression of a planet to the next
^atnLuf-eBr(gr)&piD^aml. u^esfis^
@tt@, s. (Win.) Union, agree
fit*g!iiiLif.4si'iijfiit_, inf. To spin yarn,
thread, &c, with a spinning wheel.
ment, an amicable settlement among liti
gating parties, reconciliation, umicable^hitlL Lp.68ra//rDip, s. A species
IleSS, Qsamimii.
of plantain whose bunches have an in
termediate blank space, giiism&vtanip.
jgj/r/r user oar, inf. To reconcile,
to form a contract, &c, to make a thing
a hlLi^. ear^feij ^nitLLisf.etsr&^iit,
s. A kind of turning swing with
four vanes like a wind-millsometimes
@}anQuui, inf. To agree as in
the fandango, ^sa.
making a bargain, to consent, become
agreeable to, be reconciled to.
*^titlL, s. A king, ^jHfeisr.
jf*/iMiu(2urlTt5)ijuCt9.(TfAQ(3CSer. They
are now reconciled.
* gfitrirsnTLn, s. A leaf, @9g\>. 2. A
peacock's tail, unJj&ffgso*. Wils. p. 703.
%)tt!,s. Noon, mid-day, wpl\un
J~ it srafl, s. [prop. Jgj/Tujasa/?.] A
s ir ) iu tii, s. A secret mystery,
queen, jjrfi. (c.)
any thing hidden, recondite, jOui
{^jintGs&sunffwi s. A seraglio, *gi/if
cr=r. 2. (p.) l'udendum muliebre, Qua*

s. Sugreeva the friend
of Kama and the king of his monkey
hosts, aiTu*. Wils. p. 704. Ra.maSAKHA.
{g}ljiTLC&thilrreisr, s. Rama, ^inrrw
Wils. p. 704. RAMAC1IAKOKA.
n !tu>&^it, s. The ji/eBsfljp^x) or
bullock's heart, Anona reticulata.
)onwgn@stsr, s. Hanuinan. \Vrils
p. 704. Ramaooota.
j^aa'AisirpLiziii, s. Rainnad chief
town of the Maravars.
^umaunemw, s. A very small in
sect that lays eggs on hooks, papers,
&c, mars them, &c and afterwards
assumes wings and becomes a moth,
u/S/stfcaSw^^Atgijy^Q. (See ><k.) 2. The
arrow of arrows, ^eiwssibL/. 3. A medi
cine, $)Qiai-~fid>.
^unwisnQpsS , s. Sita, the wife of
jjil)!riTLDrrjgi&eBr, s. The younger hrother of Rama, g;cui<gB!r. 2. The name
of one of Vishnu s followers who propa
gated Ills religion, >LiQg#>*(oiu,j/L,tfQeur

$}Tirgspi&i ti, s. (i/in.)[uZ. <)!iti

An army, band, company, G*!ar.
^an^ueuiis^tLi, in/. To enlist,
enroll soldiers.
sir&Srrrr^usuw, s. Infantry, foolsoldiers.
^j!rir<Eih, s. A fire-brand nearly
burnt, *si_iQ*r4Srd). (p.)
*g) <r /r aa)^, a. A famous shep
herdesswife of Krishna, B(jLi[j_rcSnofo
9. 2. The sixteenth asterisni, metsib, 3.
Lightning, if**. Wils. p. 703. Rad'ha.
jgnrirasjpsiTiifeBr, s. Krishna, (75
Night, @j/r, Wils.
p. 703. Ratri. (c.)
ggir'4pifl3ivj6$i<2ajfiAjjt<!0 . Do not go out
in night times.
Qbi'tSfitopofgiib. The whole night.
g)r4py)*^rcir. He came last night.
unfstnnpgslirl, s. Midnight.
ggjTirrb^i, s. (For.) The hip, reins or
kidneys, fi)3iju;.
^uni^isQss, inf. To have pains
in the hipas in labor.
*, ff"Tto6sefi, s. A tune, fpiftsnsiD.
Wils. p. 704. Rauakalke. (p.)
@j-/ru3>saii), s. A dangerous kind
of measles, coming out and striking in
again, pteae/tgiR. (c.)
*g})!rn-usa'fFlsts)uj, s. One of the
thirty-two tunes, jjjirz*ibQpOugiitihi}.@iQ>ai

@jit tcmuestiru). s. The most cele

brated epic poem of the Hindus, re
cording the adventures of Rama, sove
reign of Oude, g>iorta. Wils. p. 704.
jg)rrnQw&rru>, s. A sacred island
of the Hindus situated between Ceylon
and the continent of India, ^i&a/cn^cuii.
g) T IT IU dF LO. S. ( Tel. T^O>-,^.)
Secretaryship, the business of a secretary,

a & uj$ n ear w@ j rr& tueivpn

rio, s. A secret placeas i*8utfii
arii. 2. The interior or secret place in
the templethe sanctum sanctorum.
epcDsfajsmrii. 3. The women's apartments
in the royal palace, the zenana,
Hii 4. The secret parts of men or
women, . .... .i.v.--.-. (/*.)
* 0lT TWsJti) s. The water-snake,
tiuuiii-i. Amphisbxna, L. ; [ex rrfl, a line.]
Wils. p. 703. Rajila. 2. The rat-snake,
/> *uut
( /'. )
gg) tit{?suds, s. The lotns flower,
/KjxmuKii, Nelumbium. Wils. p. "03.
gjftj-ir&Sttuih, s. A kingdom,
state, realm, jywguSi-ii. 2. A territory,
reign, country, i3. 3. The administra
tion of sovereignty, the exercise of royal
power, jf.-rg(>. 4. The world, h-j.
Wils. p. 703. Kajya.
@!M#iur8urredsisni, s. Protect
ing or governing a country, &u*8ju
^jir&QiuufluireoeisrtriueBiireBBr, inf.
To protect a country, to govern so as
to promote the prosperity of its inha
QjtTirsSiujuinrih, s. Reign, govern

To govern so that not even the clapper

of a bell shall be moved; i. e. to govern
justly so that no body shall have reason
to complain.
gjim^&iuuinrii^iTiKis, inf. To bear *^Tirmi tii, s. Assafcetida, Quq^ei
the burden of government, to reign.
siuib. Wils. p. 704. Ramao'ha.
g$ titlim, s. The name of a * ^jTiTLntii, s. Beauty, beautifulness,
country. giGfiwt. 2. (p.) An ass, <v>>.*.
any thing pleasing, jyw. Wils. p. 704.
3. (M. Die.) Onion, Qi>imn. 4. AssaRama, (/j.)
fictida, Qi_i;jeji4.
*@ TiriMsisr, s. Ramaone of the in
* {! 3 /r lL & <9> , s. The forty-ninth
carnations of Vishnu. See fanaatk, Wils.
year of the Hindu cycle, gf/(ji_iD.
p. 704. Rama.

^nnuu&ssnneisr{g)znuj.PBir, s. A
public secretary or accountant, jiiJrj*).
g) sr irtu oBsfl , s. A queen,
* gjfinrujsiiT, s. A king, an emperor,
^jssor. See &re*or.
j-/rsut_ti, s. The as'oka tree,
Guatteria longifolia. (p.) 2. Fil
jx rr en U.Q eueo, s. Work exe
cuted by the file.
^)3"/rsw^_, s. The cardamom, ejeoth,
Elettaria cardamomum.
^jjireveosrui, s. A lamp, eSeird^.
>j) r it eu ssir sk, s. The king of
Lunka or Ceylon, killed by Rama, gjtviieo*
GitpA. AVila. p. 704. Ravan'a.
^aire>j6siiTffdireeflujn&, s. A name
of Havana when he disguised himself
under the mask of a hermit. 2. (Jiy.) A
deceitful person.
^juneuesBiekLcib^ltr), s. The minister
of Ravana, icGsrftrdr. 2. (fig) A de
ceitful person, a hypocrite, *ui_sr.
^uneueiTirasnSeaf, s. A species of
grass resembling the whiskers of Ra
vana, 6>'4&, Spinifex squarrosus, L.
^)un6>i(g<si!)ppic>@jn'sii(raa;6n)ilsu), $.
A kind of lute formed with a hollow
cocoanut-shell, &cuti}.

@j/ro;33fl, s. The eldest son of
Havanaas Sb*Prf>Am. Wils. p. 704.
Ravan'i. (p.)
gl)!j ireQQ<r(3j,8. (Tel. tj^^So-) An
ornament suspended from the hair on the
forehead of children, (ssjiansaweirfiiSQ surer
s>. 2. An ornament of the form of the
leaf of jjr* or Ficus religiosa, ^rfi!co**LLis..
3. A plate of silver or gold worn by fe
male children to cover their secret parts,
jyaolgpni. (c.)
^jTTsx], QQpm, ^ixrreSQesreisr, Qeu
rr. v. a. To file, rasp. See Jfl,
which is more correct.
^rireqppsk, s. (Hin.) A horse
man, a horse-soldier, trooper, <gBet>i*G*i
*. (c.)
^Uire>f^nisisiii, s. An amusement
in which men or women ride in disguise
through the streets at festivals.
{gjjifl, QQpasr, liQjSear, Qeusar, iu, v. n.
To be destroyed, broken, Q*._. 2. To be
routed, defeated, discomfited. Gjrps. 3.
To retreat, flee awayas defeated ar
mies, to scamper away through fear, Q^p
<?i-. 4. To run, flow, recedeas waves
as darkness before the rising sun, &c,
j,*. 5. To incline, nm. 6. To fear, jj*
gftiBffGO, v. noun. [prop.] A break,
crack, ^j*>. 2. s. Alienation of mind,
diSCOrd, laarQpflfi&l.
@/t?l/, v. noun. Hatr