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NSS Road Safety

Internship IIT Delhi
Entry No.2015MT10606
Partners NameRohit Kumar

Entry No.2015ME20756
As this is the last phase of the
internship in which we have to make
a detailed report on our suggested
solutions and its feasibility.
As you have read above in the
previous report that if we install a
traffic light at the chowraha then
much of the problem will be solved.

Report to be
submitted to the
I Prakhar Anand and my partner
Rohit Kumar , both from IIT Delhi are
doing a road safety internship. In this
we have to identify local traffic
problems in our locality and propose
simple and feasible solutions to

In this regard, we have identified the

problem of traffic congestion at
Nehru Chowk ,Chappra.

Problem StatementDuring the whole day the traffic at

chowk or intersection is very high ..
This is
due to the fact that this chowk
connects many important areas of
the town . The Collectorate , Main
Market , Schools are connected by
this chowk. In morning time ,school
buses,cars etc have to cross the
chowk in order to go to their
respective destinations ,also there
are many trucks which are in a hurry
to enter the city because after 8 am,
there is no entry for them . These
trucks also use this chowk. Now , all
these lead to traffic jam as the roads
are not wide enough to handle such
large no. of vehicles . During evening

time the situation is much more

serious. After 5 PM, vegetable
sellers ,thela walas encroach the
road area and at the same time,
offices end so the traffic at the
chowk increases and due to the
decreased road area (due to
encroachment) , the situation
becomes more worse.

Proposed Solution:
The solution is very simple. During
internship we came to know that the
traffic department of Chhapra is
facing shortage of trained traffic
policemen to control the traffic there
and thats why no traffic man was
deployed there till date. So, we
thought of installing a traffic
light(very common these days) to
control the traffic there. We also took
opinion of many people and majority

of them told that it was the right

solution to the problem and
wondered why nobody has done
anything to solve the problem when
it could have been solved only so

A Traffic Light Installed at a junction

How it would solve the

Lets see how installing a traffic
light(very common these days)
would solve the traffic congestion

This is a satellite map of Nehru

Chowk, Chhapra.

As you can see there are 4 roads

connection to the junction .Now,
usually what happens is that all the
people are in a hurry so all of them
move towards the chowk and no one
wants to slow down and this creates
a jam at the junction as no one there
to control the traffic. Installation of
traffic light will prevent this from
happening and we can also deploy a
policeman (trained or untrained
doesnt matter) to prevent people
from breaking traffic signals.

Feasibility of the
The solution is very simple and
completely feasible as there is not
any technological complexity in a
installing traffic light.
Therefore Sir, I request you to install
a traffic light there as soon as
possible and by this hundreds of
people will get relief.