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Indian Geotechnical Conference IGC2016

15-17 December 2016, IIT Madras, Chennai, India


Author 1
Author 2
Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai 600 036.
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Author 3
Department of Civil Engineering, Anna University, Guindy, Chennai 600 025.
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ABSTRACT: This article presents detailed instructions for the preparation of camera ready ABSTRACTS for the IGC-2016
at Chennai. The abstract will be reviewed and the authors of the accepted abstracts will be requested to submit full length
paper not exceeding 4 pages (2 columns) of this print size. Template for full length paper will be provided subsequently.
Kindly follow the guidelines strictly for the preparation of the abstracts. The contributions shall be of high quality.
The paper shall use one of the themes listed below. The abstract shall then be named THxx-Title.docx where xx is the theme
number. Convert it into a pdf document (use the option in MS word to save as pdf to make a pdf document) and upload after
registering at the site using relevant link. The number of authors may be limited to three.
The paper title shall be named as [TH-xx]YYY, where xx is the theme number in the format 01, 02, .,11,12 and YYY is
the paper title in CAPS.
Main Theme - Geotechnology towards Global Standards

Characterization of soils, rocks and synthesized materials


Shallow and deep foundations


Ground improvement and geosynthetics


Geoenvironmental engineering and behaviour of unsaturated soils


Soil dynamics and earthquake geotechnical engineering


Stability of earth and earth retaining structures


Rock engineering, tunneling and underground constructions


Analytical and numerical modeling in geomechanics


Geohazards: Analysis, mitigation and management


Forensic investigations and case histories


Reliability in geotechnical engineering


Special topics: Offshore geotechnics, remote sensing and GIS, geotechnical education, Codes & standards

To begin with, prepare the one-page abstract in a new sheet without any formatting. This shall include the title, author
names, affiliations, abstract text, etc. It shall also have a list of keywords (not less than 3 and not more than 5) at the end.
The abstract can have one table, or one figure. The total number of words in the abstract shall be limited to 400. If table or
figure is included, the number of words shall suitably be reduced.
This template can then be used for formatting the abstract. Save this template as a new document file with the name as
described above. Delete all the content. Copy and paste your entire unformatted material into the blank template.
Keep the cursor at any place within the title. Go to Styles. Then click the style IGC2016-Title. It will be formatted as title.
Then keep the cursor anywhere over the author name. Select the style IGC2016-author. Formatting can be completed by
placing the cursor at appropriate locations and selecting the appropriate style. Do not select the entire title, or name or text
while formatting. You may have to individually format later the symbols, subscripts, superscripts, etc.
Keywords: format, IGC2016, abstract, author