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Michael: The Angel Prince of Israel

The name of the Archangel Michael means the one who is as God/YHVH. In almost all angelic lore, regardless of text or

Gabriel: The Divine Trumpeter of Heaven

The name Gabriel means My strength is from God/YHVH (although it is sometimes interpreted as Hero of God/YHVH).
In the angelic lore of both the Muslim and Judeo-Christian traditions, the Archangel Gabriel is second in rank only to the
mighty Archangel Michael

Raphael: Protector of the Eden Tree

The name of Raphael, who is commonly considered the third highest in angelic rank, means God has healed.

Zarachiel: Angel of Prayer

The name Zarachiel means The command of God/YHVH. Zarachiel is also commonly referred to (especially in the
Roman Catholic tradition) as Salaphiel, which has the somewhat similar meaning of The one who prays to God/YHVH.
No matter what name you call him, he is the patron angel of prayer.

Uriel: Angelic Light of God

The name Uriel (sometimes spelled Oriel) means Fire of God/YHVH or Light of God/YHVH. As with his fellow
archangel, Raphael, the oldest mention of Uriels name is found in an apocryphal text, the Book of Enoch. In this text, Uriel
is specifically referred to as the leader of them all [the angels]. This suggests that, at least at some point, Uriel outranked
Michael in the angelic hierarchy.