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Int erfaces

Audio/Voice interface cards
Analog telephony
2 wire a/b (FXS/FXO)
4 wire E&M
Digital telephony
UP0/E / UP0
Voice over IP via Ethernet
interface card
E1 2.048 Mbps
T1 1.544 Mbps
Public Address
High Quality Audio (15 kHz)
Mono / Stereo
Backbone technology: deterministic Time Division Multiplexing (TDM)
Data interface cards
Basic topology: RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 (Point-to-
Self-healing Redundant Fiber Optic Ring or Daisy Chain Subnetworks point, Multipoint, Multidrop)
can be coupled redundantly. 64 kbps G.703 co-directional

Backbone ring capacity: LAN Interfaces
150/155Mbps STM1/OC3 Ethernet (10/100 Mbps)
600/622Mbps STM4/OC12 Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mbps)
2.5 Gbps STM16/OC48
10 Gbps STM64/OC192 Video (fixed or dynamic connections)
Analog video interface: PAL, NTSC
Optics (H.264/AVC, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
1310 or 1550 nm or M-JPEG compression)
Intra office up to Long Range (<1 km up to >100 km) IP video via Ethernet Interface cards.
Node types:
8- interface slot node 483 x 267 x 290 mm (19 x 10.5 x 11.5”) Video Features
4- interface slot node 483 x 133 x 290 mm (19 x 5.3 x 11.5”) ƒ Analog & IP video capabilities
Integrated node 483 x 44 x 316 mm (19 x 1.8 x 12.4”) ƒ Embedded channel switching
ƒ Integrated Video over IP
Power supply streaming capability
Redundant power supply ƒ Integrated video recording
and management solution
Broad range of input power: 90 to 264 VAC, 18 to 60 VDC, 125 VDC

Operating Environment
ƒ Real-time/high-resolution images
ƒ Open interfaces for 3rd
Open Transport Network (OTN)
Temperature -20°C to 55° C (-4°F to 131° F) party products

-20°C up to +70°C
20% to 80%
(-4°F to +158°F) for N20xx-R node
(non-condensing) OTN Management System (OMS)
Put Your Entire World on a Fiber
ƒ Graphical User Interface (GUI)
ƒ Client - server architecture with
Single, Multiple or Remote Clients
ƒ Hardware Management (nodes,
interfaces, optical connections)
ƒ Connection Management Deterministic communication OTN stands for Open Transport Network. It is a state-of-the
ƒ Monitoring and Error Reporting
art fiber-optic networking technology for mission critical
ƒ Logging Network Events
ƒ Internal Alarm forwarding Low cost of ownership applications. OTN applies the latest technological advances to
ƒ External Alarm Management
meet the data, voice and video telecommunications needs of
ƒ SNMP Alarm Forwarding
ƒ SNMP MIB interface Future proof specific industry and transportation sectors. OTN is designed
ƒ On- and offline operation for companies and organizations that rely on their own network
OTN Systems NV
Atealaan 34, 2200 Herentals, Belgium Ref. No.: A31003-Z3931-S031-8-765 for their operational communications needs.
Fax: +32 14 25 20 23 Issued September, 2008
E-mail: info@otnsystems.com Specifications subject to change as design
www.otnsystems.com - www.otn.be improvements are implemented.

the Mean optimal network topology. As OTN is the communications backbone ital. ƒ Airports taken from the backbone and converted tional communications backbone. spent to ensure backwards compatibil. VoIP or E1/T1 trunks). • Rail available for the OTN nodes. • Metro’s video.g. optic infrastructure. availability. an integrated video recording plete OTN network. Unlike short-lived ICT hard & software. voice or connected directly to the OTN nodes. this leads to an excellent overall secure way. since the Non-stop an easy adaptation of existing equip. which are field proven in harsh condi. In the matically in case of an optical fiber ca. . and management solution can be pro- nodes contain all configuration data. be it data. Most types of applica. as the network is ƒ Municipalities eliminates the need for additional converters. optic ring topology is used. you’re looking for. event an upgrade is needed. can be directly connected to the customization or a custom made interface card is an option. Multiple of these redundant site. and is parameters in non-volatile memory. reliable and non-stop 24/7 operation during a life time of over 10 years. network size >2000km (1243 mile)) with excellent transmission The redundant ring concept automatically restores network connectivity within quality. This eliminates the bandwidth and are protected by OTN’s ƒ Petrochemical plants Time Slot on the fiber optic backbone. Thanks to the plug-and-play concept. Because the nodes store all configuration capabilities. LAN. The use of optical fiber and laser tech. • Bridges node’s common control card (BORA) via that it can be integrated into other applications such as SCADA systems (Supervisory gle network. such as power supplies or common logic cards (BORA) can OTN rings can be coupled to provide the be protected by a redundant unit. redundancy features. Time To Repair (MTTR) can be kept very short. need to renew the backbone infrastruc. The OTN Furthermore. requiring little or no updates. network. makes it ideally suited for (OMS). which are connected via a fiber Time Between Failures (MTBF) values. tween 2 nodes. (Open pit and underground) The common control card will then insert OTN guarantees product life times of All of these services have guaranteed ƒ Pipelines for oil. SCADA applications and CCTV on a sin. OTN guarantees operational simplicity. ƒ Public safety The allocation of application data to ity. the OTN system is truly plug-and-play. this can be done centrally. • People movers interface cards convert the different so that it can be easily integrated into other systems. However. and changes or extensions will be ƒ Campus networks format. the ment to new or changed requirements. Based on the newest Network OTN network can be operational without OTN is the backbone for mission critical applications. Critical components. This reduces the need time allows users to benefit from new OTN offers. ƒ Mines the node’s backplane. gas or water the application data into a predefined Simplicity 10 years and more. dig. applications that need to be connected applications. Therefore it is designed for New nodes can easily be added to the Video Recording (NVR) technology. serial data • Intelligent Highways analog or digital application interfaces that supports critical operations. deterministic and predictable. Control and Data Acquisition). the fact that all applications can be connected directly to the OTN nodes. excellent video transmission quality used to configure and monitor the com. The management of this network is ƒ Ports back to the appropriate digital or analog This is apparent in many aspects of the product: easy. • Tunnels to a digital format and pass it on to the OTN’s video solution for remote surveillance applications also provides interfaces so er important factor is product lifetime. OTN can be the solution ƒ Transportation projects All applications. OTN is open to virtually all applications. ture every 3 years and avoids the associ. This ex- be made over very long distances cludes unwanted interference when new services are added or if existing services (e. connections. the management system (OMS) is very easy to use and shields the net. The modular concept of OTN also allows of OTN. while the network and existing is a valuable application in any control services remain operational. in OTN equipment and at the same The large amount of bandwidth which is done by the OTN Management System work administrator from the underlying technical complexity. No configuration effort or network manage- fiber optic backbone. The OMS has an easy to use for training and reduces the risk of errors. the data is Because OTN is designed for companies and organizations that run their own opera. The node design is largely hardware based. are overloaded. In the design of OTN a lot of effort is simple and free of risk. If a specific or proprietary interface is needed.HOW DOES OTN WORK? WHAT ARE THE MAIN ADVANTAGES OF OTN? HOW CAN OTN HELP YOU? WHERE IS OTN IN USE TODAY? The OTN concept is based on network Openness In combination with excellent Mean If your operations require a mixture of OTN is used world-wide in different nodes. To improve the reliability of the 50ms in case of an optical fiber break. First of all. ensures that connections can Bandwidth is dedicated and guaranteed for each individual connection. Features that guarantee the non-stop behaviour of OTN include the following: nology. video applications. anoth. • Light Rail wide range of interface cards which are Future-proof OTN allows you to combine all your in. without the need to go on ble break. more than 140 km (87 mile) be. a redundant fiber ment action is needed for this. As its name implies. This allows the OTN network to restore itself auto. ƒ Utility/Power Companies At the destination node(s). which protect previous investments dedicated time slots on the backbone Furthermore. this the presence of the OMS. room. over certain distance in a reliable and Main applications include: tions (new & legacy) that are used in the industry or transportation sector can be tions. ated outages and costs. OTN’s Management System (OMS) provides the necessary interfaces ternal telephony services (analog. LAN interconnections. vided. codecs or multiplexers. To complement the Graphical User Interface (GUI).