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Pre-AP 9 Course Syllabus

Brindlee Mountain High School

(256) 753-2800
Instructor: Ashleigh Robertson

E-mail: robertson.ashleigh@marshallk12.org

Website: www.robertsonela.weebly.com

Google Classrooom Code: xnkv2b

Materials needed: 3-ring binder, paper, pencil, post-it notes, highlighters, colored pencils. **Bonus
supplies- tissues, hand sanitizer
Required Text: Prentice Hall Literature, Grade 9, Pearson. The text will be provided for the student
during the school year. The student is financially responsible for any textbook not returned at the close
of the school year.
**Night needs to be brought to class by September 1st.
**Fahrenheit 451 will be needed for the second semester.
-PDF files of these books are available online if you would like to bring your own device to view it on.
Course Description: This course provides students with a variety of learning activities to contribute to
the understanding of the various processes of writing, an appreciation of selected literature, a mastery
of basic grammatical concepts, and a development of reading and comprehension skills.

Course Outcomes: At the end of the year, students will be able to:
Read with an emphasis on synthesis, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation.
Make meaning of literature from the following vantage points: authors style and purpose, major
themes, literary and/or historical periods, and personal experiences.
Write with adherence to Standard English conventions; write with focus, support, clarity and
integration in the form of argumentative, informative and narrative pieces.
Listen and speak effectively in a variety of situations including formal and informal oral
Utilize technology to enhance understanding and improve computer literacy skills.
Course Outline (subject to change):
1st 9 weeks: Theme: Heroes and the Search for Justice.
Major Work: Night by Elie Wiesel
Short Story: The Scarlet Ibis
Poetry: Sympathy and If We Must Die
Nonfiction: Reading an Informational Text Legal View: Representing Unpopular
Clients: What are the Ethics?, Black Men and Public Spaces
2nd 9 weeks: Theme: The Search for Adventure, Truth, and Self in the Heros Journey
Major Work: The Odyssey by Homer
Poetry: Ulysses by Alfred Lord Tennyson, An Ancient Gesture by Edna St. Vincent
Nonfiction: Excerpts from President G.W. Bushs speech to Congress after September
11th, 2001; Former Vice President Al Gores Nobel Peace Prize 2007 Acceptance
Speech; Author/ Poet Maya Angelous Eulogy for Coretta Scott King in 2006

3rd 9 weeks: Theme: Human Relationships and the Consequences

Major Work: Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
Short Story: The Necklace by Guy De Maupassant
Poetry: Shakespeares Sonnet 18
Nonfiction: Critical Review on Franco Zeffirrellis 1968 production of Romeo and Juliet
by Roger Ebert
4th 9 weeks: Theme: Values that Define Society
Major Work: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
Poetry: Independent study through the Poet Focus Research Project
Nonfiction: Selections found in research for synthesis essay; The Declaration of
Independence; various quotations from John Locke
Assessment: Students will be assessed by their writing, tests, quizzes and projects, which will count as
[70%] of grade. Class work, homework, attendance and participation will count as [30%].

Grading Scale:

F=Below 60

Standard Writing Guidelines: All papers submitted must be formatted in the following manner:
Typed and double-spaced with a one inch margin on all sides
Legible, 12 point font (Times or Ariel)
Page numbers on every page with your last name at the header of each page
No blank lines between paragraphs
A saved additional copy on disk (just in case)

Classroom Rules:

1. Be courteous.
2. Be prepared.
3. Be on time.
4. Follow all policies and procedures.
-Not choosing to follow the rules will result in:
1st-Warning and documentation
2nd- Detention
3rd- Parental Contact
4th- Disciplinary Referral

Mrs. Robertsons English Class Contract

Phone: (256) 753-2800
E-mail: robertson.ashleigh@marshallk12.org
Welcome to this new and exciting year at Brindlee Mountain High School! I am anticipating a rigorous
course this year, so lets get the school year started off right by understanding the rules and
expectations for this class.

Treat all my students with courtesy and respect.

Make myself available for extra help when needed.
Return all parent or guardian phone calls or e-mail within 24 hours.
Assess and return class work in a timely manner.

Signature of Teacher _______________________________

Date ______________


Bring all needed reading materials, a pen and paper, homework or other assignments, as well
as a good attitude about my classmates, English and learning.
Attend class regularly and on time.
Complete assignments. If an assignment is not completed by the due date, I understand that the
assignment will be marked down a full letter grade for each day late. I understand that
assignments will not be accepted if they are more than four days late.
Be courteous and respectful towards my classmates and teacher.
Understand that if I am absent, it is my responsibility to check the make-up work folder for
missed assignments. I will be responsible to make up a missed quiz or test the day following my
absence (only if the absence is excused).
Complete my own work; cheating will not be tolerated. I understand that plagiarism will result in
an automatic failure for the assignment plus a phone call home.
Follow all the school rules.

Signature of Student _______________________________

Date ______________


Do what I can to ensure that my child attends class regularly and on time.
Encourage my child to develop good study habits.
Stay informed as to what my child is learning and the progress he or she is making.
Call my childs teacher with any questions or concerns.
Signature of Parent/Guardian _______________________________

Date ______________

Parent/Guardian Email__________________________________________

Parent/Guardian and Student Information

Contact Information

Relationship to student:

Cell phone: