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Assignment : Week 1

Due on 2016-07-27, 23:59 IST

This assignment covers the following lectures -

Lecture 01 - Cement : Production and Composition

Lecture 02 - Cement : Structure and Hydration
Lecture 03 - Cement : Structure and Hydration (Contd.)

Total Marks - 20

Note : In case of fill in the blank questions with two (or more) answers, please enter the answers separated with
a "single space". Please enter your answers carefully and practice caution or else your answers may not be
evaluated correctly.
Characteristic gel porosity is 25%

1 point

The compound of cement that mostly contributes to very early strength is C3A




1 point

The volume occupied by solid product of hydration of 'C' gm of cement 'h' degree of hydration is 0.49Ch

1 point

The approximate average amount of CO2 liberated for production of one kg of clinker is 100 gm
300 gm
1000 gm
5000 gm

1 point

________ is added in cement production to prevent flash setting

1 point

The maximum degree of hydration possible for water to cement ratio 0.25 is _________ .
2 points

The capillary porosity for water to cement ratio 0.5, at 50% degree of hydration is
_____________ .
2 points

Among Bogue's compounds, typical low heat cement should have lowest amount of _______
2 points

OPC mainly contains oxides of ______ , _______, ________ & ________.

descending order).


(Arrange in

2 points

The main raw materials used in the production of cement are _______ and _______ .
2 points

The process of transition of plastic mixture of cement and water to a solid state is called Hardening

1 point

Major long term hydration products of cement are __&__?

1 point

On complete hydration, 100 gm of typical OPC cement reacts with ______ gm of water
1 point

Ratio of actual lime content to maximum lime content that can be allowed without producing
free lime is called __________ factor.
1 point

Reaction of active silica with lime is called ________ reaction.

1 point
You may submit any number of times before the due date. The final submission will be considered for grading.
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