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Lesson Plan for Microteaching Tech Module

Name: Maggie Seter

Thematic Unit: Zoo trip
Lesson: Animal characteristics
Grade Level: Grade 1

Proficiency level: Beginning

Description of the Background and Context. How does this activity fit with the
lesson: The students will create this activity following their end of the school year field trip
to the zoo. This lesson will be done at the end of the Zoo unit. The unit is two weeks long
and we will be practicing writing descriptive words and sorting animals. Students have
already compared and contrasted zoo animals in Minnesota and zoo animals in Madrid in a
previous lesson as a culture objective. The students have some technology experience but
will be introduced to a new tool called Buncee. While the students are at the zoo, they will
be encouraged to make observations of the animals with their peers and chaperones.
Minnesota Common Core Standards:





4. Life

1. Structure
Function of

1. Living things
are diverse with
many different

Describe and sort animals into

groups in many ways, according to
their physical characteristics and
The students will write descriptive words
of each animal describing their physical

English Language Arts




Writing process

Production and
Distribution of

With guidance and support from adults, use a
variety of digital tools to produce and publish
writing, including in collaboration with peers.
Students will use a new technology tool called
Buncee to create and publish their work of
describing animals.

Activity Objectives
What will learners be able to do with what they know by the end of this activity?
Students will be able to describe five different animals characteristics by producing a
presentation using Buncee.

Language Objectives
can do statements
Students will be able to describe
five different animals characteristics.

knowledge they identify (you can list)
Students will know animal names.
Students will know types of characteristics.

Students will be able to use Buncee

to produce and publish animal names
and their characteristics.

Students will know the title of animals they see at

the zoo.

Content Objectives
Learning Strategies (if any)

Follow step by step instructions when led by the

Listening skills.
Produce a digital tool.

Formative Assessment
Task: To create a Buncee
presentation that contains:
The student's name
Five different animals seen at
the zoo
One adjective describing each
The name of each animal
A picture of the animal

Mode of Communication

Make description detailed enough that I could teach this activity for you. Include
estimated time needed. Script out your teaching as much as possible.
1. Students will choose five animals they saw at the zoo trip.

They will write the names of the animals on a template that is divided into five sections.

(they should ask how to spell their animals)


The teacher will post a list of descriptive adjectives on the screen and instruct the

students to choose one word for each of their five animals that describes them.

Once the students have their list of five animals with at least one descriptive word for

each animal, they will draw a picture of the animal next to their names.

Next, the teacher will meet individually with each student to correct spelling mistakes.


The teacher will collect each of the students papers.


The teacher will prepare the students that they will be going to the computer lab to

create a presentation on their zoo animals. The teacher will show the students an example
of what the teacher wants from the students.

Then the teacher will take the students to the computer lab and will demonstrate how

to find and log into Buncee. (the students will follow the teacher step by step)

The teacher will ask the students to find a theme. (background)

10. Once the students have picked their theme, the teacher will check it and give them
their list of animals.
11. The teacher will explain how to find the stickers (picture of the animal), the text box
(adjective of the animal), and the drawing tool (to write the name of the animal).
12. The teacher will show the students how to add a new slide on Buncee and will instruct
the students to continue with the rest of their animals using a new slide for each animal.
13. The students will have four days to complete their Buncee presentations in the
computer lab (one hour each day). On the fifth day, the teacher will allow each student to
share their presentations with the rest of the class.


Computer lab
Template divided into five sections