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BBC great composers

piano concerto 23
le nozze di figaro
string quartet k387 + k427
don giovanni k527
symphony 40
symphony 41(uses 5 themes)
clarinet concerto k622

klavierkonzert 5 op 73
cantata on the death of joseph II
piano concerto no 2 op 19
beethoven sonata no 8 pathetique op 13
string quartet no 6 op 18
symphony 3 eroica
moonlight sonata 12 op 27
violin concerto in d op 61
string quartrt no 7 op 59 razumovsky
symphony no 5 schicksal
klaviersonate 29 op 106 (openly tragic slow movement)
symphony 9
string quartet 13 op 130
resent the emotive intention one gives to, one would like sth to
realx to more, but you come back to him because you have to
for me the reason why he is the greatest composer is that i feel
that he is prepared to share his life with you more than any other
composer, all the bad parts of life as well and because of that you
learn more about your life and yourself
its like a mirror and you are told this is you, this is me.. and only a
great artist can do that.. every other thing that makes you dance,
makes you weep, makes you jump, makes you laugh but a greath
piece of music is like a mirror and everyone sees himself"

elliott carter

Quartet for strings and piano in a minor
Das klagende lied
Symphony 1 the titan
Lieder eines fahrenden gesellen
Symphony 2
Symphony 3
Symphony 4
Ugliness is beauty in its truth.. Sometimes never get back to motives thats life
it evolves
Symphony 5
Symphony 6&7
Composer: i find the 6th symphony the one work i dont want to here its so
powerful.. The last movement.. I have not listened to it for 20 years.. Id be
afraid to have a heart attack
Kinder totenlieder
Das lied von der erde (8th symphony)
(complete synthesis of song and symphony)
Symphony 9 (adaggio especially good)
Symphony 10(heartrending dissonances)

Love theme from romeo and juliet

The seasons 37b (children start by playing stuff like this, kind of russian home
Characteristic dances
Piano concerto 1
Symphony 2
Swan lake
Evgeny onegin (based on pushkin poem)
Symphony 4
Violin concerto
Pique dame/queen of spades
Symphony pathetique (best and most sincere of my works, love it more than
any other of my works)