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Gaurav Agarwal

Post Graduate Diploma in IT

Infrastructure, Systems and Security

ACTS, CDAC (Govt. Of India, Ministry of

Communications & IT, DEITY).
Current Location Pune, India.
Permanent Location Kolkata, India.
Phone No. +91-9433308940.
Email id. gauravditisscdac@gmail.com

Career Objective
I am actively seeking a Full-Time Job
Opportunity with an Organisation, where I can
use my Skills-Past Experience-KnowledgeAbilities, and, Get the Opportunity to explore
& get better at my areas of Interests, in order
to achieve the Organisational as well as
Personal Goals.
Current Employment Status
Fresher, Actively Looking for a Job, in the
field of Networking/IT Infrastructure/Systems
Security/Digital Forensics.

Educational Qualification
Pursued PG Diploma Degree in DITISS Course, from ACTS,
CDAC (Govt. Of India, Ministry of Communications & IT,
DEITY), from Aug2015 till Feb2016.
Pursued B-Tech Degree in Computer Science & Engineering
from Dr. M.G.R. Educational & Research Institute, Chennai with
CGPA 7.46 & 70% marks, from 2008 - 2012.
Completed Class XII (Science) from Xaviers English School,
with 62% marks in 2007.
Completed Class X from Xaviers English School, with 65.8%
marks in 2005.

Skill Set
Technical Skills
Database: - Microsoft Access, MySQL.
Operating Systems & Administration: - Windows & Linux.
Languages and Methods (Very Basic Knowledge of these): -

C, Java, OOP, Data Structure & Algorithm, Python.

IDE & Editor: - Open Documentation Tools & Suites, Eclipse,

MS Office Excel PowerPoint Word, etc.

Network & Hardware: - Monitoring, TCP/IP Protocols, DNS,

OSI Layers, LAN, Maintenance-Troubleshooting, LAN, WAN,

WLAN, NAT, Bridge, Routing, Switching, VLAN, Access List,
Static, RIP, RIP v2, OSPF, IGRP, EIGRP, BGP, STP, etc.
IT Infrastructure, Systems and Security: - Nagios, Basics of

Datacenter Design and Maintenance, ITIL 2011, Monitoring,

Firewalls, VPN, IPSEC, ACLs, IPTables, SAN, Proxy, DMZ,
Policies, NAS, etc.

Digital/Cyber Forensics: - Research & Analysis, FTK Imager,

Previous Work Experience
Steganography, FTK Forensic Toolkit, Encase, OSF, Dumpit.
I am having a FREELANCING work
Experience of 1 year and 9 Months, from 1
October 2012 till 30th June 2014.
Non-Technical Skills
I have handled and looked after family
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Strategic Thinking,
business for 1 year 1 month from 1st July
2014 till 31 July 2015.
Planning, Bottleneck Resolving Abilities.

Areas of Interest
1) Computer Networks
2) IT Infrastructure
3) Systems Security
4) Digital Forensics
5) Internet.

Fluent Communicator in Hindi, English, Marwari & Bengali.

Always trying to Improve, be a Quick Learner, be

Innovative/Creative, be Resourceful.
I always try to be versatile and learn to improve myself, thus I

always try to keep myself busy with something.

Workshop Seminar

Relocation Yes, I can work in any city in India & in abroad.

Academic Projects

IPSEC VPN Network Design for Remote User Access. (2016)

We made this project with a vision to provide a secure VPN
Connection for seamless and hassle-free access remotely over
the internet but privately along with the protection against
Attended Various kinds of Workshops &
wire taping or intruding on the private communication. Tools
Seminars during University Curriculum on
were implemented so that the Network can be secure & tough

to break thus providing the necessary freedom to

Distributed Computing, Database
communicate and transfer data.
Management Systems, Web
Monitoring Service Systems. (2011-2012)
Technologies, Modernization of
We tried to make a Monitoring System, which was made to
Railways through I.T., Role of
monitor a network and generate alerts in the form of email &
Multimedia in Todays Life by Adobe
pop-up notifications if there was any kind of anomaly within
Systems, Data Mining and its importance
the network. Also this system was able to provide minor
in todays Corporate world,
defence against intrusion, if that ever was going to happen.
Programming & Software Development Hotel Management Systems. (2011)
We tried to make a software package, which could be
deployed within a hotel. The vision for this software was to
Attended National Level Project EXPO in
serve the purpose of Billing and Management of the Hotel
2012 held at Dr. M.G.R. University.
accommodation records by the Receptionist. Also extra
privileges were provided for the manager, where the manager
Attended seminar on Cyber Security & Cyber
was able to provide discounts to the customers in case if it
was required.
In-Plant Training done in Ardent Computech
Pvt. Ltd.

Projects as a Freelancer

Personal Details
Availability Yes, I am Available for
interview & Quick Joining.
Gender / Marital Status Male / Single.

Website Development using CMS Joomla and Wordpress

Co-Developed Websites for different kinds of purposes &
uses, for Different types of Individual-Firm-InstituteOrganisation-etc., by directly using CMS such as
Wordpress Joomla, Open-Source tools FileZilla, etc.
Blogs & Content Writing Creation, Maintenance, Editing

Created different types of Contents, Papers, Blogs,

Educational/Study Materials, Articles, Reports, etc. as a
Citizenship INDIAN Available to work
Freelancer. I have also used skills such as Copywriting,
anywhere within India.
Editing, Extensive In-depth Research, etc.
Digital Marketing
Passport YES.

Managed Digital/Online Marketing for my Clients by using

technologies-methods - SEO, SEM, SMO, Google Tools,
Spare Time Internet Surfing, Social
Scanning & Monitoring the Social Network & Research
Networking, Movies & Music, Badminton,
Websites, Analytics, Link Building, In-Deep Search, etc.
Cycling, Traveling, Cooking & Reading.
Web Research & Information Gathering along with Online &
Offline Data Search-Analysis
Extra-Curricular Activities Was an
Effective Member of the School Cricket &
Analyze & Synthesize research findings to develop valuable
Volleyball Teams, Tutoring For Free, Carrom
insights and strategic recommendations. Also, I designed &
Board, Photography, and Social Service.
created efficient client-ready presentations using Microsoft
Excel, PowerPoint & Word. Along with all the these, as per
the requirement I also had Managed & Negotiated with

people for my work and also on behalf of

my clients for their work.