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Cisco accelerates Start-up Ecosystem

SAP supports start-ups with IIT Bombay

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August 2016


JULY 2016

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July 2016

July 2016



July 2016

AMD technology powers the leading game consoles.

So that last attack you dodged? We made sure you saw it coming.
Discover all the leading businesses that count on AMD every day.

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June 2016



June 2016


Dell Launches SonicWALL Secure Mobile Access 100 Series

Fujitsu launches PRIMERGY CX600 M1 Server

7th Eastern India Information Technology Fair 2016

Friday, 22nd July 2016

Hotel The Park,
Kolkata, India


JULY 2016

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Innovation The driving force for Intex


HPE Announces
Universal IoT Platform
Simplifying Connectivity

t IoT World 2016, Hewlett

has announced the availability of the
HPE Universal IoT Platform.The HPE
Universal IoT Platform is aligned with the
oneM2M industry standard and
is designed to be industry
enabling IoT operators to
simultaneously manage
heterogeneous sets of
sensors, operate vertical
applications on machineto-machine (M2M) devices, as well as
process, analyze and monetize collected
data in a single secure cloud platform.
The value of the IoT lies in enriching
data collected from devices with analytics
and exposing it to applications that enable
organizations to derive business value,
said Som Satsangi, VP, Sales, Enterprise
Group, HPE India.

Microsoft enhances
public cloud adoption
with 3 datacenters

ith three datacenters located at

Mumbai, Pune and Chennai,
Microsoft is offering public cloud
services from local datacenters in India.
The company announced the availability
of its three
in September
2015. Since
then, Microsoft continues to witness a
high rate of adoption of its cloud services
across sectors like BFSI, healthcare,
media & entertainment, telecom and
government customers.
The company has invested heavily
in four key areas to strengthen its cloud
services through the local datacenters
Security, Privacy, Compliance and


July 2016

July 2016



July 2016


Digital India creates Growth Opportunities

in Smart IoT

Brexit could undoubtedly be one of the most significant geopolitical events in recent years. Some
apprehend that it could even signal a short-term reversal of globalization and the start of an era of inwardlooking political and economic realignments among the major countries. In spite of such global crisis,
India still remains one of the most favoured destinations for global capital investment.
So how will Internet penetration help the economy for the much-needed fillip by adding $17 billion
to the gross domestic product (GDP) annually which will have a bigger impact on economic growth?
According to a report India: The Impact of Internet, a 10-per cent increase in Internet penetration can
increase the GDP by 1.08 per cent. It is an absolute fact that mobile is the main growth engine for the
Internet industry and mass adoption of smartphones is driving adoption of various new services. The
growth story of mobile Internet in India is thus in the centre stage.
The report further says that India is the third-largest economy in the world in terms of Internet
consumption, out of which more than 50 per cent are mobile-only Internet users. However, Internet
penetration in India is only 19 per cent, which is quite low compared to other developing and developed
economies and is growing at the rate of 30% Y-O-Y. Under the Digital India programme, there will be
delivery of e-governance related multiple services single-point model for providing facilities for multiple
transactions at a single geographical location, which is expected to drive economic growth and Internet becoming a day-to-day reality.
Secondly, to address the challenge of Internet penetration, could the solution of installation of public hotspots and Wi-Fi improve the
quality of mobile services? The answer could be yes. Calculation shows that the cost per MB of data usage on Wi-Fi is estimated to be 2
Paise, which is much lower compared to 23 Paise on 2G/3G/4G mobile network. It can become a more affordable
service, which is yet to pick up in India. If this module gets enforced, 8 lakh additional hotspots will have to be
installed. To make it a success, cities will have to have Smart Grids (without power cuts) before aiming to become
smart cities.
Lastly, it is also true that the Smart City concept brings various global corporate attention to look into the
opportunity of investment into IoT and smart IoT devices to explore, which is possible with the Internet of Things.
Connected homes, wearables, street light automation, solid waste management, Smartcab, industrial and smart
metering (water/gas/electricity) are some of the opportunities. The most important however are the Intelligent
Sensors. Altogether, these could bring US$100-billion opportunity. Sensors are becoming our eyes and ears into
the world around us, and a centrepiece of IoT designs.
Thus with the right components, anything is possible.

July 2016













July 2016

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QNAP spreading the word on

what NAS is
ZyXEL Targeting Customers with
Focused Partners
Deskera driving the SME market
with Partner support
Live and On-Demand Streaming
picking up in India amidst


Sales Enablement Strategies to

Drive Revenue




Innovation The driving force for


Red Hat committed to the Open

Source movement


Lenovo hosts One Day Lenovo

Technology Symposium across
six cities


InkTank Printer market getting



PHD Chamber with DeitY Organizes

Cyberix 2016 Securing Digital


Dell-EMC merger is a gamechanger for partners


Digital India & Smart City initiatives

fuelling Server market in India


DIGISOL aims for leadership

position in Surveillance Industry

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July 2016



July 2016


IBM steers forward its Channel

towards newer Growth areas
With IBM continuing to align itself to grow along with the market and position for highervalue growth, the company has redesigned its PartnerWorld Program to help Business
Partners deliver higher value to businesses and organizations in the cloud and cognitive
era. Mukul Mathur, Vice-President, Global Business Partners and CSI, IBM India/South
Asia, speaks to VARINDIA and throws more light on how the program is designed

BM PartnerWorld program is a program by IBM redesigned to

enable Business Partners build skills, increase growth and engage
more deeply in higher-value solutions that solve client challenges in
new markets focused on cloud, analytics and cognitive business.
Considering IBMs large business partner presence in India, the
new program will bring in significant shifts to the actual functioning
and scope of the channel network. The main objective of the IBM
PartnerWorld Program is to provide better support and incentives to
our partners to engage with IBM in the new era with a new set of
solutions and capabilities to eventually enhance customer outcomes.
Many of these programs and incentives support the transformational
journey that Business Partners in the ecosystem are currently
undergoing. It is a great leverage to expand and transform the channel
ecosystem, explains Mukul Mathur, Vice-President, Global Business
Partners and CSI, IBM India/South Asia.
The new design is aimed at supporting and motivating all segments
of IBMs Business Partners. All of them will have opportunities
to demonstrate their capability through competencies and move
up through the different program levels. The competency skills
requirement will recognize certified sales and technical skills required
to deliver client solutions. IBM Business Partners will be able to
demonstrate deeper skills and market success in high-growth areas as
defined by the new competencies. New and enhanced sales, marketing,
advocacy, technical and training benefits are being introduced to help
Business Partners market, sell, and implement higher-value solutions
that are among the fastest-growing segments in the industry.
IBM Business Partners who earn a competency will earn specific
high-value benefits, including marketing, education and certification
support, as well as unique achievement marks related to that
competency. A Business Partners investment in certifications
and related skills initiatives (for example, Specialties, Software
Accreditations) will count towards new competency achievements.
The skills requirements for competencies and program levels are based
on certified skills and solutions. The roadmaps for new competencies
will be provided throughout 2016 and current skills will count toward
those requirements, says Mukul.

PartnerWorld University

For transition to higher value through education and certifications,

IBM has crafted PartnerWorld University (PWU) a web-based
learning management system delivering web lectures to IBM Business
Partners worldwide. The PartnerWorld University (PWU) is a onestop shop for skill development for IBM Business for solution areas,
including Cloud, Analytics, Cognitive Solutions, Mobile, Social,
Security, Commerce, Watson, Think Academy, IT Infrastructure


July 2016


Mukul Mathur
Vice-President, Global Business Partners and CSI
IBM India/South Asia

Systems, Services, Financing, Watson Health, Watson Internet of

Things (IoT), etc. IBM Business Partners have access to web lectures,
videos, audios, reading materials and more to build or enhance
their skills by taking appropriate courses segregated by work areas
(technical, sales or marketing), skill level (foundational, intermediate
or advanced), etc. The courses are tailored to address the needs of
different job roles Marketing, Sales, Technical and Administrative,
and partners can also filter the courses depending on the level of
learning required Foundational, Intermediate and Advanced to
enhance their learning in a structured way. The key features of the new
PartnerWorld University (PWU) include 1,400+ courses available,
IBM Think Academy courses which include all IBM Business units /
solution areas as well as courses segregated by different Job Roles and
Skill levels. n


July 2016



After B2C
and SMB,
Kaspersky Eyes
the Enterprise
Altaf Halde
Managing Director South Asia, Kaspersky Lab
Security is an ever-evolving field that needs constant discussion
Besides enterprise business, Kaspersky also has a big focus on
to address new threats. Altaf Halde, Managing Director - South the Government vertical. Government initiative such as Digital
Asia, Kaspersky Lab in a chat with VARINDIA while discussing India presents a tremendous opportunity for growth, sustainability,
the current security landscape also shares the focus areas of the and social improvement. With Digital India initiative, a lot of data
company and the channel that is helping it to increase its base in will be collected by different bodies and this needs to be protected.
these growth segments Kaspersky Lab deals in critical infrastructure where data gets
Kaspersky in India has established itself in the B2C and the protected and we intend to provide complete security solution
SMB space. As a focus area, Kaspersky is now looking at increasing which will deal with all kind of cyber threats to government bodies,
its base in the Enterprise segment for its solutions and services. industries and organizations. We want to work with Government
Its partners, whom Kaspersky considers as one of the pillars, are planners and builders to raise awareness about cyber threats and
helping it grow the business in the enterprise segment. For this, share information on how to mitigate those threats before they can
it has identified partners from its existing eco-system who have impact the public. As an organization, we do look at the government
the technical capability to upscale their operations to address the vertical as a big contributor to our business. We have alliances with
enterprise segment. In parallel, Kaspersky has also started work specific partners who have a focus in the government vertical. This
with partners who were not dealing with it historically. It is making coupled with our expertise in the IT security landscape, makes us
them work closely with their teams so that they are trained and the preferred choice for many government departments, explains
certified on its solutions. This is to ensure that a new set of partners Altaf.
is created, which will add to the existing base of partners it has got. Generally Kaspersky keeps three important factors while choosing
We have been successful in our business in the country due to the right mix of partners the trust shown and given to us by our channels. Kaspersky has a Partners who have specialized domain in IT Security
very limited team in India. It is due to the efforts of our channel Partners who have technical skill set to deliver its solutions
that we have been able to establish our solutions in major cities, tier And have a strong reach in the market
1, 2 & 3 cities. We believe that if we continue to get support from
our channels, we will be able to scale new heights in the IT Security And so...
industry in the country, says Altaf Halde, Managing Director For Kaspersky, Security is an evolving space where every day
South Asia, Kaspersky Lab.
new threats have to be addressed. Every day Kaspersky
After being given a responsible position by the
Labs Anti-Malware Research team processes 310,000
company to be part of the Kaspersky team, Altaf
new malicious files. Hence in order to better avoid
strongly believes
has ensured to play a very important role in the
such types of attacks and exposure, Kaspersky
that Security is not
entire ecosystem including its internal team,
has developed and deployed several new defense
a destination, but it is a
resellers, distributors and customers. My main
mechanisms for its users for a safe and a better
journey'. More importantly, it
contribution is to ensure that the ecosystem
world to live in.
believes that security education
works in a well-oiled manner. And whenever
Kaspersky has also started focus on its Threat
across the board is the need of
any area needs special attention or needs to be
Intelligence Services including Cyber Security
the hour because, humans are
addressed, I have to ensure that not only is the
training, Threat Intelligence Reports, Incident
the weakest link when it
activity completed but also completed in the best
Investigation etc. It has also seen big installations
comes to IT security.
possible time frame and mutually beneficial manner
of its targeted solutions 'Systems Management'
for all the parties involved, he says.
& 'Mobile Device Management' that delivers
centralized access to a wide range of systems management
Once the partner starts seeing value in the propositions and
functionality. It helps to ease the burden of identifying and
increases in his bottom line by providing Kaspersky solutions, it eliminating vulnerabilities within operating systems and applications
becomes a win-win for all the parties involved.
so patches can be applied more rapidly.


July 2016



July 2016



Brexit: What it portends?

What was the most sensational news that broke
last month? I can safely say that it was Brexit a
euphemistic coinage referring to Britains exit from
the European Union. Was it hyped up? Or, is it a real
Before getting into the brass-tacks, it is obvious that people
can have differing perceptions on the unpredictable and uncertain
In the case of Brexit, the decision was very clear. The majority
wanted the Great Britain to come out of the EU and build an
independent identity for the country. They might have thought that
the past glory of the great country can get easily diluted with the slow
process of integration that the larger EU identity might have effected.
Yes, there are economists, pundits and political commentators who
are trying to discern the real reasons for the breakup of EU. They may
have differing perceptions and used various hues of methodologies to
gauge the views of the people. But one that stands apart as a critical
reason for the breakup is the failure of the neoliberal economic agenda,
which is alleged to have more focused on the capitalist class than the
ordinary population of old, poor and working class. Both the US and
the Euro zone had faced the pangs of financial meltdown believed to
have caused by the greediness of certain segments of the population.
When the issue was at its height sending nerve-wrecking vibes to people
all over the world, particularly in the developed nations, governments
have come forward to the rescue of the rich, mighty and the banks
which have perpetrated the crisis, extending them doles and easy credit
to salvage them from the certainty of extinct. One segment which
was easily overlooked was the worst victims of the crisis and that is
the common man. They were left to fend for themselves, even while
the employment dipped, incomes were slashed and the quality of life
deteriorated. At their expense, they believe that the perpetrators of
the crisis were insulated under the garb that the employment indices
can look up only when the industry, banks and the rich class are in
the pink of health. That could be a rational thinking and economically
right. But it proved to be a wrong political move. It did not cut any
ice with the herd thinking of the oppressed and disadvantaged. That
eroded their faith in the neoliberal economic thinking which ruled the
roost for almost 40 years.
Much before Brexit happened, many known and unknown
persons had written about the flip side of the neoliberal thought
process. Then, those who believe that EU disintegration was a shock is
underplaying the writings on the wall, rendered visible through some
of the happenings across the country. Many in the US, particularly
the political analysts, believe that what skyrocketed the chances of the
Republican nominee to the Presidential election Donald Trump is
this process.
Trumps campaign has a distinct tilt towards marginalized and
oppressed and galvanized their issues to the benefit of his electoral
advantage. He could ride rough shod over his primary level opponents
and could emerge as a dark horse from his obscure identity of a
politically unknown person, though he made his fortunes from
businesses in billions. Will there be any unexpected result in the
final round also? It is very difficult to predict now, since the opinion
poll forecasts have shown Hillary Clinton way ahead of Trump.
Yet, the final election is four months from now. Even Brexit also
people predicted the outcome of the referendum as a thumbs-up for
continuation. What followed was just the opposite of that and that too
with a difference of four percentage points, a decisive margin.
Many consider this as a heralding of a new system of governance
an inclusive society where the forces of the market determinants are
bridled through proactive interventions by the elected government.
Another area that is being widely discussed among businessmen is
about the impact of Breixt on information technology, particularly as


July 2016


to how the services are going to be traded henceforth. My gut feeling

is that it will have only minimal impact on the services sector, though
the same cannot be the case in manufacturing. First, the services trade
may not necessarily lead to any large-scale labour migration since most
of the works can be done offshore. Also, information technology needs
high-end professionals to man the system and equipment. You cannot
embark on a large-scale robotization or automation in the sector since
there is a limit to what machines can do in this sector.
In the immediate future, I foresee some spurt in demand for services
on account of two reasons. One, EU has to redefine the scope of its
services and new systems and digital platforms have to be created as
a follow-up of the drastic changes in the labour movement, changes
in tax administration, governance structure, etc which can generate
a lot of demand for digital services both in the short and medium
term. Second, governance structures across the world henceforth
would follow more welfare-oriented policies to reach out to the
maximum number of people to ensure the utilitarian dictum that the
governments should distribute maximum benefits to the maximum
number of people. This will ensure creation of more digital platforms
to cater to social sectors like education, health, hygiene, old-age care,
child and maternity care and the like. Collation of data, analytics,
implementation of social welfare programs, etc are the main planks of
such a policy framework.
Finally, whether Brexit is a continuing trend? I might narrate the
conversation between a journalist and a businessman that I overheard.
Upon asking the impact of the Brexit, the businessman quipped
that much is being hyped on the subject. One should compare this
with mergers and de-mergers in the corporate world. When it was
convenient, the countries in the group decided to merge together
keeping their national identity on the back burner. When the going
got tough, they wanted de-merger. What is true for corporations is also
relevant for nations. Yes, it is a plausible explanation if one tries to see
everything from the commercial perspective. Is the idea nation-state
similar to corporate manoeuvers: I do not know since my experience
is only in the corporations and not in the political realm? n

ADSL Router
Wireless Router
3G Life style


July 2016



BMC enhances Big Data Strategy

strategy to automate,
accelerate and secure
enterprise-class Hadoop
environments, enabling
operational excellence
and a competitive edge
in the digital age. Adding
to its Big Data strategy,
BMC has also announced
Control-M Automation
API, designed to improve
deployment agility.
"As part of their
digital transformation
strategy, companies are
eager to deploy Big Data
projects to open avenues

for new business models,

reduce costs. However,
it is important to
understand the challenges
involved in integrating
enterprise applications
costs of underlying
control. BMC offers
the right set of tools
under its Big Data
solutions portfolio which
makes creating Hadoop
environments successful
for enterprises," said
Suhas Kelkar, VP & CTO,
APAC, BMC Software.

Epicor to be acquired by KKR

Corporation has
entered into a definitive
agreement to be acquired
by the global investment
firm KKR from funds
advised by Apax Partners.
Financial terms of the
transaction were not
disclosed. With customers
in more than 150
countries, Epicor provides
solutions localized for
specific markets so that
as a company expands
can help facilitate that
Our top priority

continues to be delivering
marketleading solutions paired
said Joe Cowan, President
& CEO, Epicor. KKR
shares our vision of
clear focus on helping
customers grow business,
not software. This is an
exciting time for Epicor,
and I am extremely
appreciative of Apaxs
support during the last
five years.

Indias First IoT- focused CoE

launched by NASSCOM

launched Indias
first Centre of Excellence
Internet of Things (CoEIoT) at the NASSCOM
Start-ups Warehouse in
Bengaluru. The centre

Education and Research

and NASSCOM. The
CoE is also supported
by Accenture, CISCO,
Cyient, EMC, Intel,

was inaugurated by Shri

Ravi Shankar Prasad,
Union Minister for Law,
Government of India, in
the presence of industry
The CoE is a joint
initiative between the
Department of Electronics

Services, Robert Bosch
and VMware as strategic
partners. Amazon Web
Services, Digital Ocean,
IBM, Microsoft have
signed up as infrastructure
partners to the initiative.


July 2016


Hikvision rolls
NEC and NTI announce new
out RMA Service OSS Technology Centre

RMA (Returned Material
that will benefit its
numerous clients and
customers spread across
India. It is for the first
time that such an essential
service is available to
customers free of cost in
this country.
Ashish Dhakan, MD
& CEO, Pramahikvision
(India) Private Limited,
said, Hikvision always
believes in giving top
priority to its customers
concerns at all levels.
To reiterate this, we
facilitates faster hardware
replacement delivery or
assistance in exchanging
the replacement part.
This RMA Services is
designed to ensure our
customers peace of mind
by increasing their uptime
through expedited free
pickup and dropback
delivery of security device
or its accessories."

Cisco accelerates

LaunchPad, an open
Cisco LaunchPad. It has
been designed to help
start-ups, its authorized
channel partners and
developers scale their
solutions, address new
markets and build digital
businesses. Ciscos finest
teams will mentor startups
on how to help create
digital solutions to enable
service providers and
other enablers in the
public and private sphere
to connect the next three
billion people and 50
billion devices through
appealing ideas with
business expertise and
connecting engineering
talent with investors.

EC Corporation
(NTI) have established
the OSS Technology
Centre. The Centre is an
organization specializing
related to the use of opensource software (OSS).
The new organization
begins operations on July
1 with approximately 50
staff based out of NTI,
consisting of experienced
are well-versed in OSS
as well as essential

and support capabilities.

aims to strengthen the
organizational structure
for supporting global
enterprises in building
systems based on OSS, to
with international OSS
vendors and to provide
rapid technical support
to users who construct
systems operated globally
using OSS.

GoDaddy to offer services in

Three Indian Languages

availability in Hindi,
to enable more small
across India to build
strong online presence.
GoDaddy SMB products,
its website, marketing,
customer support will
be available in the three
new languages, helping to
empower the 88 percent
of Indias population
which is not conversant
with English.

GoDaddy is led by a
vision to develop and
rollout localized language
offerings which mirror
Indias Internet growth, a
bulk of which is coming
from regional locations
that are also hotbeds of
SMB and entrepreneurial
activity in the country.
Research from Target
suggests that as much as 61
percent of Indias prolific
internet growth is now
coming from its regional

DOEL International enters

Indian Market

International, a
for ICT, Mobility
& CE products
manuf acturing
and R&D in
Taiwan, has made
its entry into
meet the latest
and the changing
industry demands. DOEL
has recently launched
its DOEL DI060
13,000mAh and DOEL


Portable Power.
Sudip De, Director,
Pvt. Ltd, said,
"We are offering
combination of
quality products,
sales, marketing,
logistics, channel
support. DOEL
'Brings Future
to You Today' with
the main focus on
Quality, Reliability and


* Red Hat client data and Fortune 500 list, 2014

Copyright 2016 Red Hat, Inc. Red Hat and the Shadowman logoare
trademarks of Red Hat, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


Schneider Electric launches

"mySchneider" app

chneider Electric
has launched its
Free Customer Care
tool for smart devices,
mySchneider app, with
a goal of increasing
customers and partners,
viz. Panel Builders, OEMs,
Electricians, Distributors
and more. Available as
a free download for iOS
and Android devices,
mySchneider app offers
tools in three areas:
Tailored Services, 24/7
Self-service, and Connect
to Schneider Electric.

According to Bhupesh
Shangari, Director Sales
Excellence and Digital
"Our goal is to give our
customers a powerful and
completely customizable
tool that will help them in
every aspect of their daily

Ingram Micro and

Commvault join hands

has signed up as
a distribution partner
expand their offerings to
customers and meet the
growing data management
needs of organizations in
India. With their joint
and Ingram Micro will
address a burgeoning
opportunity to scale up
their presence in the
and Smart City sectors.
growth in India and
SAARC markets. This

partnership will allow

us to continue to build
on this momentum and
open up new market
Ingram Micro," said
Area Vice-President for
Commvault India and
SAARC. "We have made
some positive changes in
how we engage with our
channel, and this new
focus and investment
in our channel and
will help Ingram Micro
and Commvault jointly
achieve strong results in
the market."

Quick Heal to impart security

consultion and education

Limited has introduced
Seqrite Services to
offer Cyber Security
Consulting and Quick
Heal Academy to impart
cyber security education
Seqrite Services will
offer a wide range
of Managed Security
Cyber Audit and Cyber
Consulting and Security
(SoC) to Enterprises


July 2016

organizations. Seqrite
Services will be an arm of
Seqrite, the Enterprise
Security brand by Quick
Heal that was launched in
2015 and has over 25,000
customers and securing
more than a million
Academy will also work
closely with universities,
law-enforcement agencies,
and education institutions
to engage with students
and design programmes
that will help in building a
strong talent pool of Cyber
Security Professionals.


Honeywell helps SAP supports start-ups

MP Police
with IIT Bombay

completed a city-wide
installation of surveillance
response technology in
Ujjain to support the
Madhya Pradesh Police
in crime prevention,
and traffic and crowd
management during the
an example of our
longstanding commitment
to making cities smarter,
safer, and more secure,
inline with Indias 100
Smart Cities vision. We
including in Bhubaneswar
in Odisha, Aurangabad in
Maharashtra, an 11-city
project in a large central
state, and will continue
to focus on this area, said
Priyanshu Singh, General
Manager of Honeywell
Building Solutions in

emQube enters
Indian IT
Services Market

emQube has entered

the Indian IT services
market with its new
Mumbai. The center
will provide specialized
expertise in developing
web-based applications,
and packaged solutions
for Indian and global
Sutarwala, MD - emQube,
says, "emQube helps
companies deploy modern
through effective use of
information technology
services and tools. We
have been doing this in
the Middle East for over
a decade, and realize that
Indian firms, like global
customers, are increasingly
looking at technology as
a key business enabler,
a means to improve
productivity and enrich
customer engagement."

AP has launched
Accelerator Programme

and business incubator

at the IIT Bombay

in partnership with the

Society for Innovation
(SINE), a technology

company has inaugurated

a SAP Innovation Centre,
housed within the IIT-B

Worldwide security software

market grew 3.7%

o r l d w i d e
s e c u r i t y
software revenue totaled
$22.1 billion in 2015, a 3.7
percent increase in from
2014, according to Gartner.
and event management
(SIEM) remained the
fastest-growing segment
in 2015, with 15.8 percent
growth, while consumer
security software showed
the sharpest decline at 5.9
percent year on year.
In 2015, the top
five vendors together
accounted for 37.6 percent
of the security software
revenue market share,

down 3.1 percentage

points from 2014. These
vendors also displayed a
collective decline of 4.2
percent in 2015, while the
rest of the market (others)
grew strongly at 9.2
percent year on year.
"The below-market
growth seen by these
portfolios is in contrast
to the market growth
and disruption being
introduced by smaller,
more specialized security
software vendors," said
Sid Deshpande, principal
research analyst, Gartner.

Tech Mahindra makes Digital

Transformations easy

and Dell Boomi
have forged an alliance
to help organizations
easily implement digital
business transformation.
As a Dell Boomi Certified
System Integrator, Tech
Mahindra is now able
to offer its customers a
platform that integrates
cloud and on-premises
software, appliances or
specializes in enabling

for customers across

industries that include
manufacturing, telecom,
healthcare and retail,
said Pritam Parvatkar,
Global Head of Alliances
& Partnerships, Tech
Mahindra. Our Customer
Experience groups large
portfolio of integration
solutions plays a vital role
in connecting on-premises
and cloud applications
to offer a seamless
process experience for all

A price tag that will get you

new customers.
Introducing the ThinkServer TS140
for small businesses with big demands.

At Lenovo we develop technology to meet the ever-growing demands of small

businesses. With that in mind, we have launched the ThinkServer TS140 in India.
It is powered to take on tough challenges, yet priced attractively.

Supports enterprise-grade HDDs (Built-in RAID 5)

Whisper-quiet at 26 decibels
Intel Xeon E3 series processor
Windows Server 2012 R2 platform
So go on, add this server to your portfolio and keep adding to your customer base.

Contact: 1800 3000 9990 / corpsales@lenovo.com

Intel Xeon E3
series processor.

The following are trademarks or registered trademarks of Lenovo: Lenovo, the Lenovo logo and
ThinkServer. Intel, the Intel logo, Xeon and Xeon Inside are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel
Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of
Microsoft Corporation. 2016 Lenovo. All rights reserved. Terms and Conditions apply. The test(s)
above are performed on statistical samples.


March 2016



Axis introduces AXIS Q3615VE and AXIS Q3617-VE

introduced AXIS Q3615VE and AXIS Q3617VE, featuring 1/2-inch
sensors, Axis Lightfinder
Range (WDR) Forensic
which together offer
quality also in challenging
lighting conditions. The
cameras PTRZ function
also addresses the need
for efficient and reliable
AXIS Q36 Series, we
are introducing a unique
zoom (PTRZ) capability

that significantly reduces

the time needed for
installation. And when
surrounding conditions
have changed and the
camera needs to be
redirected, this can be
done over the network,
meaning a physical onsite
reinstallation may not
be necessary, says Petra
Product Manager, Axis
Communications. We
have made the installation
process as quick, easy and
reliable as possible.

Oracle adds new features

to SPARC Platform

major new additions to
the SPARC platform
that for the first time
bring advanced security,
efficiency and simplicity
of SPARC to the cloud.
Built on the new SPARC
S7 microprocessor, the
latest additions to the
SPARC platform include
engineered systems and

We are still in the
early phases of cloud
computing adoption and
as the market matures,
increasingly move critical
to the cloud, said John
Fowler, Executive VicePresident,
Oracle. Each year, Oracle
Academy reaches more
than 2.6 million students
in 106 countries."

Kyocera launches Color MFP

introduced a new
(MFP) with integrated
technology of print, copy,
scan and fax to help reduce
business operations cost
while increasing efficiency
and productivity. This
new "TASKalfa 3051ci
Color MFP" is equipped
with an inbuilt password
protection feature to
maintain confidentiality
printing. It also supports
flexible ecoprint settings
for lesser consumption of
energy and toner, hence
helping the user to reduce
carbon footprints.


July 2016

HyperX CloudX Eaton Introduces Rack

Gaming Headset Power Distribution Units
has operations safer. Offering
introduced rack capabilities to fulfill IT

MD, Kyocera Document
Solutions India, said,
TASKalfa 3051ci Color
MFP is perfect to match
requirements to improve
and productivity with
enhanced security in the


partnership with Microsoft
last January to create an
official licensed headset
for Xbox One. In line
with this, the company
has now announced the
launch of its CloudX Pro
Gaming Headset in India,
expanding the companys
console product offerings
with its design specifically
for Xbox convenience
and style. With an MRP
of Rs.9,999, the HyperX
CloudX will be available
in both online and retails
stores. It comes with
interchangeable velour ear
cups, a 2M PC extension
cable and a hard-shell
carrying case.
Cloud family has gained
notoriety for its comfort,
quality and value add,
said Ann Bai, Sales
Director, APAC Region,

Fujitsu launches
CX600 M1 Server

system, purpose-built to
meet the exacting demand
computing power from
todays high-performance
computing applications
in fields such as scientific
development and business
intelligence. The new
system comprises the
chassis and PRIMERGY
nodes, which deliver
ultra-dense clusters and a
highly competitive price/
performance ratio. It
delivers extremely high
density processing, with
eight independent servers
in a 2U chassis, and
nine times the compute
performance of a standard

units (PDUs), ePDU
G3. Featuring Eatons
technology, the ePDU
G3 platform combines
efficiency and
w i t h
innovative technologies
such as the new Eaton
patented grip feature
connectors that make

requirements, the range of

ePDU G3 models support
wide-array of
ranging from
enterprise data centers.
distribution units are
at the core of effective
power management in
todays data centers,
said Shailendra Shukla,
Director, Sales and Service
India, Electrical Sector,

Dell Launches SonicWALL Secure

Mobile Access 100 Series

has announced
the Dell SonicWALL
Secure Mobile Access
(SMA) 100 Series OS 8.5,
which provides mobile
and remote workers
at small- and mediumsized businesses with
VPN access to missioncritical applications, data
and resources without
compromising security.
Mobility has proven
itself in bringing benefits
to both employees and
organizations. However,
as the scope for mobility

organization, so too
do the risks associated
with it. A Dell Global
Survey finds that over
44% of IT decision-makers
still consider security
the biggest barrier for
Country Manager, Dell
SonicWALL. Customers
can protect their missioncritical data by enabling
their employees with
secure mobile access to
critical apps and data

NetRack launches Ultra Rigid Racks

NRSs Series Ultra Rigid
Racks, specially designed
for seismic zones. The
NRSs Series rack is an
ideal solution for secure,
high-density server and
networking applications
in IT environments that
ZONE or subject to
regular vibration. These
racks comply with the
highest quality standards
under stringent ISO 90012008 Manufacturing &
Head, Director Sales
& Support, NetRack,

said, "We are pleased to

introduce NRSs Series
Ultra Rigid Racks.
Natural disasters such as
earthquakes can lead to
loss of critical data. These
racks are manufactured
considerations of quality
and safety. The product
is tested for seismic zone
3/4 requirements, and
complies with the highest
international standards."


Quantum announces
Xcellis Application

Director, a new addition
to its surveillance and
security solution family
which enables customers
to run video management
systems (VMS) or analytic
applications with directly
attached storage. With
the new server, these
applications can connect
directly to Quantums
QXS Series disk storage
or as clients in an Xcellis
by Quantums industryleading StorNext data

management platform.
Xcellis Application
Director extends the
benefits of Quantum
solutions to a broader
and eliminates the gap
between appliance-based
havent historically been a
good fit for small camera
count environments, says
Wayne Arvidson, VicePresident,
and Security Solutions,

Red Hat makes JBoss

EAP 7 available

general availability of
Red Hat JBoss Enterprise
7 (JBoss EAP) and
introduced JBoss Core
Services Collection. With
JBoss EAP 7, Red Hat aims
to help enterprises use
and extend their existing
application investments
as they begin to transition
to emerging architectures
require a lightweight,
highly modular, cloudnative platform.
JBoss EAP 7 combines

the widely deployed Java

EE 7 APIs with the latest
technologies supporting
practices, such as Red Hats
integrated development
JBoss Developer Studio
which can be used at
no cost by members of
the JBoss or Red Hat
Developer communities
to build, test, and deploy
applications on-premise
or in the cloud as well
as Jenkins, Arquillian,
Maven, and support for
a number of popular

GIGABYTE rolls out X99-Ultra

Gaming Motherboard

Technology has
launched GA-X99-Ultra
Gaming which brings in
Intels X99 chipset that
is capable of powering
the most demanding
games of today. The
Intel X99 Chipset has
been designed to create
the ultimate desktop PC
platform for extreme
gamers, enthusiasts and
also content creators.The
motherboard features the
Intel USB 3.1 controller
that utilizes four PCIe
Gen. 2 Lanes. This
ensures up to 20 Gb/s


July 2016

total bandwidth, for

uncompromised transfer
speeds of up to 10 Gb/s per
USB 3.1. With twice the
bandwidth compared to its
previous generation, and
backwards compatibility
with USB 2.0 and 3.0, the
much enhanced USB 3.1
protocol is available over
the new reversible USB
Type-C and the traditional
USB Type-A connector.


HDS brings new AMD Launches Radeon Rebellion

MD has launched Our message to gamers
solutions for
Radeon RX 480 everywhere is that the
graphics card designed to Radeon RX 480 is every

Platform 2000 (UCP
2000) converged system
and UCP HC V240. Both
systems are flexible,
agile and scalable for
enterprises on their
digital transformation
and tested to support
multiple virtualization
including VMware as
certified hardware in
the VMware Virtual
program, Microsoft and
OpenStack, UCP 2000
provides a flexible, lowrisk path to converged
infrastructure and is
ideal for general-purpose
desktop infrastructure
(VDI), databases, and
test and development

Zebra Launches
3600 Series
and DS4308XD Scanners

has launched two new
two-dimensional (2D)
scanners in India. The
3600 Series is Zebras
new line of 12 ultrarugged
demanding industrial
DS4308-XD, purpose
built for electronics
captures a variety of
barcodes and marks
emblazoned on circuit
electronic components,
scanning technology to
track every component

gaming performance and

features, an advanced
and an extraordinary
value proposition to
fans and gamers around
the world. The Radeon
engineered to deliver
the best performance
in its class, democratize
VR and deliver a wide
range of future-proof
technologies supporting
current and forthcoming
game and video standards.

bit as much your card as it

is ours, said Raja Koduri,
Senior Vice-President &
Chief Architect, Radeon
AMD. We designed this
technology by listening
intently to you, the
gamers who have bought
and played on our graphics
technology for years. We
have worked tirelessly
to produce something
that satisfies the most
discerning gamer, and
delivers the ideal product
at an impeccable price.

Juniper Networks enhances

On-Demand Cloud Services

uniper Networks has

announced Juniper
Networks Cloud-Enabled
Branch, a transformative
solution that will allow
enterprises and managed
service providers alike
to seamlessly create and
automate delivery of
branch office networking
services on-demand. As
part of Juniper Networks
Unite, an agile enterprise
suite helps companies
of real-time services and
SD-WAN functionality,

across branch locations

automation, zero-touch
provisioning and an open
solution suite allows
organizations to grow
with business demands
through the following
products like Contrail
NFX Series Network
SD-WAN functionality
with Contrail Service
Orchestration and NFX
using vSRX and SRX.

Bose announces Wireless QC

noise cancelling headphones

ose has announced

the QuietComfort
35 around-ear headphones
and the QuietControl 30
in-ear headphones, both
shattering the limitations
of existing wireless
headphones with
an entirely new
c r e a t i n g ,
QC35 lets you tune
out completely with
the same remarkable

headphones. And the
QC30 adds something new
a breakthrough feature
that puts noise control in
your hands, letting
you adjust how
much surrounding
sound you block
out or let in.
The headphones
reproduce music
clarity at any
volume. The QC35
is available for Rs.29,363,
the QC30 will be available
for Rs.26,438.


July 2016



Eurotech launches
Compact PoE Switches

u r o t e c h
Technologies has
launched BestNet PoE
Switches. These switches
are designed to
enhance network
in a compact
PoE switches support
10/100Mbps fast Ethernet
and are standard compliant
with IEEE 802.3af. The
BN-PoE-5008P-V2 offers
8 fast Ethernet PoE ports
and BN-PoE-1005P offers
4 fast Ethernet PoE ports.
With a very

price-toperformance ratio for
medium businesses, the

BestNet PoE solution is

ideal for entry-to-middle
level applications, enabling
users to deliver fast data
speeds to devices on the
network, said Anuj
Jain, Managing Director,
Eurotech Technologies
Pvt Ltd.

BlackBerry teams up with Emtek

joined with PT
Elang Mahkota Teknologi
Tbk that will provide
cross-platform BBM users
with access to enriched
content and services. This
accelerates BlackBerrys
vision to advance BBM
for the consumer market
agreement with the Emtek
Group that enables the
company to develop new
BBM applications and
services for Android, iOS
and Windows Phones.
Emteks impressive
background and pedigree

content and technology

makes them the perfect
partner to maximize the
potential of BlackBerrys
messaging platform while
meeting our financial and
operational goals. Our
BBM users are passionate
people that truly value
BBM as the best way to
share and connect with
each other. We wanted
to continue to offer our
users even more with the
most content-rich media
and new services such
as e-commerce, video,
music and games, said
John Chen, Executive

NETGEAR launches EX2700

Range Extender

newlyl a u n c h e d
NETGEAR Wi-Fi range
extenders will help to keep
mobile devices, media
players and computers
connected to Wi-Fi with
a reliable connection and
expanded coverage in
every corner of the home.
Subhodeep Bhattacharya,
Regional Director India
said, Range Extenders go
a long way in extending
and improving your
network coverage so that
your smartphones, tablets
and computers stay online


July 2016

Ideas Internet
For All
initiative to
hasten Internet

without interference from

other appliances. And
NETGEARs Essentials
Edition Wi-Fi Range
Extenders are the perfect
home network solution to
turn your dead zones into
fun zones efficiently.


dea Cellular has

programme empowers all
the Idea prepaid consumers
and retailers to give one
month of free Internet
access to Internet nonusers just by logging on to
Idea Cellular website from
their smartphones. They
can gift free 100MB data
for a month by entering
the Idea mobile number
of non-internet users.
Sashi Shankar, Chief
Marketing Officer, Idea
Cellular, said, Internet
adoption today is being
through the use of mobile
telephony. Accelerating
mobile internet adoption
is a huge task and requires
larger participation."

Ericsson Acquires

In a bid to beef up
its comprehensive endto-end
offering, Ericsson and
Abengoa subsidiary has
entered into an activities
Under the agreement,
the latter's assets, projects
and employees will be
transferred to Ericsson.
The acquisition of Abentel
will bring together the
competence, tools and
process of both companies
and will allow Ericsson to
create a global hub for fiber
services. "By acquiring
and coupling them with
service offering, Ericsson
can deliver unmatched
customers' fiber projects,"
said Richard Hoepner,
Head of Network RollOut
Support, Ericsson.

DIGISOL rolls out 300Mbps Wireless

Broadband Home Router

its 300Mbps Wireless
Broadband Home Router
with three antennae.
The DG-HR3300TA is
router which provides
a better wireless signal
for the network than
IEEE802.11g technology.
Upgrading the home
network to IEEE802.11n
wireless router provides
an excellent solution
for sharing an Internet
such as video, music

and documents. DGHR3300TA

technology to transmit
multiple streams of data
which enables to receive
wireless signals faster at
home. It also works with
the previous-generation
IEEE802.11b/g wireless

Elitecore brings enhanced

features in Wi-Fi SMP

t e r l i t e
Telecom software division
Elitecore has showcased
advanced features in its
Platform (SMP) modules,
Portal, Analytics and
Monetization Framework
Congress 2016, Liverpool.
These functionalities will
help service providers to
deploy customer-centric
personalized services and
accelerate time-to-market
innovative plans.
Akshat Joshi, Vice-


Business, Sterlite Tech
Elitecore, says, Now is
the era for personalization
and customization. The
features in SMP will bring
in its solutions portfolio
and will enable service
providers to roll out nextgen digitized business
offerings with tailored
approach. This will ensure
new revenue opportunities
customer engagement and

Linksys India launches

Wireless Range Extenders

RE4100W N600 DualBand Wireless Range
Extender in the Indian
u p d a t e d
version of the
RE3000W N300
Wireless Range
Extender is also
in India. The
p o w e r f u l
RE4100W from
the Linksys portfolio
helps eliminate dead
spots in your home

coverage up to 7,500 sq.

ft. Using the Cross-Band
Technology, it maximizes
the simultaneous use of
both bands for high-speed
data transfer and
features like the
Dual Band (2.4
+ 5 GHZ) and
a faster Ethernet
port help deliver
a stronger connection and
also extend Wi-Fi range
to connect an additional
wired device.


QNAP spreading the word on what NAS is

Giving a picture of how NAS is doing in the country, Sanjay Biswal, Country Head, QNAP Systems, shares with
VARINDIA about its channel strategy, with the help of which it is eyeing for a bigger market share in the country
According to Sanjay Biswal, Country
Head, QNAP Systems, NAS (Networkattached Storage) is still a nascent concept
in India. India is still in the starting stage
for adopting NAS. We want to educate our
customers as to what NAS is and what it can
do for them. We understand that data is very
critical and people should know more about
their storage products where their data is
stored. We try to help customers who reel
under the confusion of whether they should
go for a SAN box that entails so much of
investment and maintenance costs or a NAS
box that can be remotely managed from one
location, he explains.
Nevertheless, NAS is slowly becoming
popular in data center environments where
IT Managers are taking to adopting NAS
storage boxes. NAS products are going
to continue for another 1520 years. NAS
has features of both SAN and NAS unified
storage features and this will add more value
to the customers, Sanjay says.
QNAP has been growing 16%17%
every year globally. In 2014, the company
has shipped around 1,800-2,000 boxes; in
2015 the number went up to 3,000 boxes and
this year it has already imported some 1,000
units in a period of just four months. So
there is a high possibility that we will close

nearly 6,0007,000 boxes by the end of this

year, he says.
As an advantage over its competitors,
QNAP has apparently got about 100+ SKUs
and has a product to cater to every type of
customer. Adding to that, our products are
very unique in terms of features, hardware
and look. We have products for the home
segment, SOHO, for enterprises to cater
to their high-end computing storage needs,
besides having products for virtualized
environment like Ready VM storage that
helps customers help integrate the VMs with
our storage boxes, asserts Sanjay.
As a marketing strategy, QNAP is keener
towards focusing on online marketing. As a
part of its channel strategy, QNAP has Iris

Computers as its ND and its role is confined

to bringing products from Taiwan to India.
Its RDs whom QNAP has appointed across
geographies in India get the products from
the ND and further sell them to resellers,
dealers and System Integrators. We have
around ten RDs, as of now. Our business size
is growing, but we do not want to grow the
number of RDs at this time. We are rather
adding more resellers and SIs under RD,
cites Sanjay.
QNAPs System Integrators cater to every
vertical. Surveillance vertical is its big focus
area. It also has hospitality, data centers as
verticals and together with surveillance, these
are its three focussed areas. We educate our
SI partners about our product features and
how they can be integrated with the servers
and so on, he says.
Besides storage, QNAP also has its
surveillance product line. Hero Motors,
Amadeus, Honda Trading and Mira
EXIM are some of the customers using its
NVR (Network Video Recorder) boxes.
Interestingly, QNAP has a very considerable
number of home users for these products. For
this, it has already tied up with some home
decor companies which help the company in
selling its products.

ZyXEL Targeting Customers

with Focused Partners
Gopal Joshi, Vice President Sales, India & SAARC ZyXEL gives out more details of where the
company is heading and what is its focus with regards to channel expansion in the country ZyXEL is an established and a leading
player in the Mid-market segment with
products like UTM, Switching, Wireless,
DSLAM, ADSL, VDSL GePon. In the field
of Telco ZyXEL is serving all leading players
like BSNL & MTNL and private telco
players like Tata, Vodafone, Airtel etc. At
the same time, it also serves regional players
like Fastway, Deldsl, Kings BB etc. Wireless,
and Multi services products (MSAN) are few
of its best selling products.
Todays world is very competitive
be at customer side or partner side. All
the customers are well aware, focused and
updated about what actually they require.
We are working on a focused approach of
targeting customer with the focused partners,
for which we are arranging engagement
and training programs for partners on ZY
products and solutions, says Gopal Joshi,
Vice President Sales, India & SAARC at

The company is currently focusing

Government and Telco as verticals under
large infrastructure projects, safe city and
smart city projects.
The current focus is however to retain
and grow in the Channel and SI market with
a solution approach. The company has big
plans for channel expansion. Thats why
we have appointed manpower in all major

locations like Hyderabad, Chandigarh,

Mumbai, Lucknow, Kolkata, Jaipur, Patna,
etc., cites Gopal.
In its first phase, ZyXEL has aligned the
manpower and regional distributors. It has
appointed approximately 12 new regional
distributors in all major business locations
and at the same time it is in the process to
realign and retain existing ZY RDs.
We want to work as extended arm with
the channel, be it a RD of a small reseller
and for that we are following the traditional
channel ecosystem i.e., Distributor - dealer
reseller. We understand that everyone is
having their own strength in the market to
serve the customer. Directly or via RDs,
more than 2500 partners are associated with
us and focus will be to increase up to 3500 by
end of this year, concludes Gopal.
ZyXEL is also focusing tier 2, 3, 4 & 5
cities under its Geo expansion plan via its


July 2016



July 2016



July 2016



TP-LINK enhances its channel

engagement with Interface

P-LINK has concluded

its 7-city event Interface
for their valued partners. The key
objectives of this event were to
help partners gain insight about
ISP segment products, address
various challenges they face and

maximize business opportunities.

With channel engagement at
the core of TP-LINK's business
strategy Interface 2016 event
successfully reached out SIs,
channel partners in over seven
cities in phase one. This event
provided a platform for partners
to share their ideas, discuss
strategies and explore new growth
opportunities with TP-LINK.
Demo sessions for products in
Switches, Auranet and Pharos
series given to partners, helped
them understand how well
TP-LINK products have been

designed to meet different

market requirements and future
products, Feet on Street model
roadshow approach to intensify
channel engagement and educate
them were well appreciated by
partners. During this event,
strategies and
SMB schemes
planned for
partners in the
Indian market.
TP-LINK SMB products are
well accepted and appreciated by
B2B customers across the globe.
Our products include switches,
professional routers, ceiling
mount access points, outdoor
access points, desktop access
points, antennas, IP cameras and
print servers. SIs and partners
who attended the event have
shown acceptance to our range of
products, with the extension of
our reach to regional ISPs, we are
sure that soon we will be having
business coming from them.

WinMagic organizes multi-city road shows

inMagic has conducted

road shows across
the cities of Delhi, Mumbai and
Bengaluru to spread awareness
about its newly launched product
SecureDoc CloudVM encryption
solution. Over 50 customers
took part in each region. These
road shows consisted of product
demos, hands-on training sessions
and technology tracks to provide
customers a comprehensive
overview of the software.
Manager & Director, WinMagic
India, said, "The objective of
these sessions was to educate
our customers about increasing
vulnerabilities in a cloud
environment, and how they
must approach security. The
participants got some valuable
insights about the best practices
in security management. They
gained from the experience of
some of the most well-known
companies in the country. Our
team also provided them with
a deeper understanding of how
WinMagic's SecureDoc CloudVM
can enable compliance and
adherence to security regulations
by protecting sensitive data
residing in laptops, desktops,


July 2016

WD reinforces its commitment

towards its channel in Jaipur

estern Digital has

concluded its recently
held Jaipur Partner meet
with the promise to enhance
the company's network and
facilitate better quality products
and services to its customers
throughout the region. The meet
successfully enhanced the product
knowledge and communicated the
marketing strategies of Western
Digital with all its dealers who
attended this event in Jaipur.
Senior Sales Manager of Western
Digital India Pankaj Nagpal and
Marketing Manager, South Asia,
Western Digital played hosts and
represented the organization at
the event. The event witnessed
participation of more than 45
partners from the region.
Senior Sales Manager of
Western Digital India Pankaj
Nagpal presented the roadmap for
WD Purple surveillance storage
solution (8TB), highlighting how
every WD drive has a purpose
by giving the attendees a detailed
session on the difference between
WD Blue and Purple HDD.

Kaspersky Lab organizes

Partner Pitstop Event

servers and on removable

WinMagic has introduced the
SecureDoc CloudVM encryption
solution in India in April.
Addressing the growing concerns
of protecting critical assets stored
within virtual environments,
SecureDoc CloudVM is an
enterprise encryption solution
that offers support for platforms
running in public, private and
hybrid cloud environments
intelligent key management.
intelligent key management
capability embedded within
SecureDoc CloudVM offers a
single pane of glass view into
where and how encryption is
being deployed.


He also emphasized on how

Purple HDD has been designed
to give optimum performance
in surveillance environment
compared to desktop HDDs.
Rishi Prasad, Marketing
Manager, South Asia, Western
Digital, assured the partners of
world-class products who will
continue to receive the best
after-sales service from the house
of Western Digital. He also
highlighted how WD Purple WD
and AV-25 surveillance storage
solution perfectly fit the security
and surveillance needs of the
digital Indian market as it has been
designed to deliver performance,
capacity and enhanced reliability.

successfully concluded
its two-day Enterprise PartnerPitstop event on 9th &10th July,
2016 at Le Meridian, Bangalore
with a focus to develop market
in emerging geographies, for its
rich and wide suite of Endpoint

Security for Storage, Security
Intelligence Services, Anti-APT,
DDoS Protection and Security
for Data Centers.
Director, Kaspersky Lab, South
Asia, said, Kaspersky Lab has

and Non-Endpoint enterprise

security solutions.
The Partner Pitstop was
attended by over 20 partners. The
key content of the programme
focussed on technical overview
of the latest offerings and services
from Kaspersky Security Solutions
for Enterprise which includes

always been in the forefront of

detecting new threats across the
globe. In our past experience,
we have seen that with each
passing threat, the complexity is
increasing day by day. This makes
it more important for us to be on
our toes at all times and ensure
that we continue to protect our


Sales Enablement Strategies

to Drive Revenue

sound implementation strategy leads

to impeccable execution on the
ground. While sales enablement is on the mind
of seasoned sales leaders, many have doubts
regarding the successful implementation of
sales enablement strategies. Questions such as
How do we empower our sales reps?, How
can we measure sales success?, What does
sales enablement mean for us?, How do we
communicate value with sales enablement?
etc. often crop up. The most critical question
What sales enablement strategy should
we adopt to drive revenue? often remains
partially answered. It is therefore imperative
that enterprises understand and therefore
implement robust strategies for seamless sales
enablement. While each strategy has certain
restrictions, they are proven to transform
sales. In order to accelerate an enterprises
profitability and implement an effective sales
enablement process, it is vital to understand
each of the sales enablement strategies listed
Whitespace Database: This is about
increasing the size of the pie and providing
access to untapped potential customer
database. Sales enablement strategies have a
high dependency on the right set of database
and the impact that whitespace discovery can
bring in towards revenue maximisation is
undoubtedly immense. What it can eventually
lead to higher sales force productivity, greater
average sales price and of course higher
incremental revenue output. The future of
sales enablement will witness enterprises
leveraging technology to generate white space
database and address untapped white spaces
for increasing sales conversion and delivering
greater sales impact.
Marketing Automation: Digital marketing
is a great and powerful tool for communicating
messages to people. It is an interesting and
an engaging means to connect to the overall
process. With the right set of target database,
marketing automation allows cooking suspects
into becoming high propensity prospects. It
allows initiating a dialogue as well as adding
more character to the entire sales enablement
methodology, by ensuring targeted as well as
relevant campaign identification. Right from
identifying the stakeholders, to evaluating
the situation, to building a customised plan
to finally putting it into action marketing
automation fuels the sales enablement process
with quicker and optimal returns.
Sales Execution Methods: Certain sales
enablement strategies require an extended
team of sales force to achieve the desired
results. Thats where implementation
methodologies like feet-on-street or telesales
come into play.
Feet-on-Street (FOS): Also known as the
traditional method of selling, this approach

Snehashish Bhattacharjee
Global CEO & Co-Founder
deploys sales people on the ground to
implement the sales plan. In a traditional
sales environment, the sales representative
is in total control of the communication
with a potential customer sharing all the
benefits of the product and convincing
the customer to make a purchase. A
successful FOS strategy is dependent on
profile fitment, effective deployment
plan, territory mapping and coverage
plan and a well thought out monitoring
and reporting plan. Many industries
depend on this methodology for revenue
generation and it hugely complements the
other prevalent strategies.
Telesales: This strategy is implemented
by enterprises who want to convert
their traditional, feet-on-street sales
representatives to consultative managers,
using the medium of teleoperations.
Using the consultative approach, a sales
representative assumes the role of a
mentor, and gathers information from the
prospect, weighs all options and chooses
the most appropriate solution. Telesales
also delivers benefits such as quick
turnaround time, greater geographical
reach, and optimum ROI, provided
this strategy is aligned with the overall
objective of the enterprise.
Marketing Activations: These primarily
are focused on activating sales and driving
foot falls at the point of sales.Through BTL
activities such as store promotions, road
shows, visual merchandising, sampling
activities, events etc, marketing activations
are focused on driving inbound sales.
Considering the nature of the activity
to drive on-the-spot sales, customer
experience via instant gratification is of
prime importance.
Training: Sales training is a vital
component of sales enablement since one of

the prime objectives of sales enablement is to

empower the sales force to perform their job
better. As a powerful means of developing
the sales force and sales managers, it builds
critical skills and knowledge for long-term
success. The objective of training is to impart
a simple message, ensure its consistency, and
track the impact. Training can be deployed
through various methodologies - classroom
training, remote training, on-the-job training,
e-learning, self-running modules etc. and
each method equips the sales force to perform
better. Well-thought-out training content and
its effective implementation have the power
to transform the sales force of an enterprise,
as well as provide customers with a consistent
and standardised experience across the
organisation, across geographies, eventually
creating opportunities for larger returns.
Technology: Given this day and age, the
use of technology is part and parcel of business
operations. Technology in fact has the power
to drive the future of sales enablement.
Technology empowers sales enablement
in multiple ways including sales force
automation, workforce automation, customer
management and so on. It impacts revenue
acceleration through sales process automation
with GPS/ GPRS activation to impact realtime action on market information. Sales
Force Automation enables successful sales
by automating some of the common tasks
within the sales processes, thus facilitating
prioritisation of responsibilities, meeting of
all sales opportunities, better forecasting and
intelligence, higher accountability, easier
collaboration and data sharing, and seamless
access to information for all stakeholders at
all times.Implementing technologies such
as mobility, analytics, cloud, content-rich
systems, etc. provides an explosion of data,
transforms sales and enables buyers and sellers
to engage in more productive ways.
Analytics: Data gathering is done by one
and all. Prime importance needs to be given
to extracting intelligence out of that data and
applying that to make informed decisions.
Eventually sales enablement strategy relies
heavily on the market behaviour. Sales
enablement uses analytics to optimise the
sales cycle, customise content, gauge the
effectiveness of content usage and sales rep
performances, measure customer engagement,
amplify best practices, etc. Analytics has made
rapid strides from predictive analytics to
data modelling to big data management, and
combined with smarter implementation, can
bring tremendous benefits to an enterprise
and its sales team.
By Snehashish Bhattacharjee
Global CEO & Co-Founder


July 2016



The Myth: Is Cloud really Secured?

Indian businesses are gearing up to adopt a digital business strategy where they are seen shifting from legacy IT
services to cloud-based services. There has been an ongoing debate among business customers of which cloud delivery
model (private and public) to go for, given that each has its own implications, advantages and disadvantages. But
beyond that it is the security implications of using either of the clouds that happen to confuse the user even more -

t will be an understatement to simply

state that the Cloud has seen a
remarkable growth in the last few years. If
one follows the growth path of cloud in the
country, the adoption of cloud services has
seen a rise, irrespective of the type of industry
and size of business. Given its huge potential
for different industries, verticals such as retail,
railways, manufacturing, banking, education
and healthcare are increasingly seen switching
to cloud services for optimized reach and
performance, as well as for elasticity and
Talking about its used cases in Cloud,
Srikanth Karnakota, Director Server and
Cloud Business, Microsoft India says that

large, as well as small and medium enterprises

(SMEs) and even startups are now accessing
advanced, enterprise IT via Microsoft Cloud
solutions. They are able to focus on their
business priorities in a better way while
Microsoft takes care of their ecosystem
over cloud to build, test and run critical
applications, and scale up infrastructure as
and when needed. He further says, We
have already seen tremendous momentum
in adoption of our local cloud from across
segments since our services went live from our
Indian data centers. Our customers are focused
on digital transformation and are choosing
the local cloud for the flexibility (hybrid/
public cloud), security and innovation that is

Srikanth Karnakota
Director Server and Cloud Business,
Microsoft India

Sai Pratyush
Product Head, Managed Services, Enterprise
Tata Teleservices


July 2016


powered by our partner eco-system.

Organizations today are adopting
different cloud models to meet the increasing
demands and to support their businesses
effectively. In a private cloud scenario, the
organization controls the physical servers and
has access to it and the physical ownership
of the infrastructure does create a sense of
greater control. But in case of public cloud,
the organization does not have control over
the machines or access to them and it is also
unlikely to ever touch one physically.
According to Gartner, public cloud
services in India are expected to grow to
30.4% to reach $1.26 billion this year. A
recent study by Zinnov estimates the total

Vikram K
Director, Servers,
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Raghuram Krishnan
Director for Partner/ Alliances,
Hitachi Data Systems India

cloud market to grow at 45% CAGR to USD

14.8 Billion in 2020, while further stating
that private cloud will increase to USD 7.47.6 Billion in 2020. According to the 2015
Economist Study conducted by Hitachi,
about 70 percent of the organizations use
private clouds for file storage, archive, big data
repository, collaboration and productivity.
Srinivas Tadigadapa, Director Intel
South Asia points out that while for most
small-to-medium businesses, public cloud is
going to be the superior choice for the cost
efficiency it offers, large companies are still
likely to choose private clouds, particularly
for private IT information. Public cloud
provides the best economies of scale, given
that it is inexpensive to set-up as hardware,
application and bandwidth costs are covered
by the provider, and it follows a pay-per-usage
model. The private cloud on the other hand
is going to be in that mid- to low-single-digit
growth, he reiterates. He further continues,
Intel is specifically making investments in
the cloud software ecosystem to accelerate

Andy Stevenson
Head of Middle East and India, Managing
Director for India,
industry development of technology
supporting Software Defined Infrastructure
(SDI) stacks and standards. Intels Cloud
for All initiative intends to accelerate cloud
adoption by making public, private and
hybrid cloud solutions easier to deploy. In
this way clouds of all sizes and types will
Archana Sharma- Director, Xavient
Information Systems also harps at the same
fact that in the near future, start-ups are
believed to go the public cloud way because
of low capital expenditure and a low barrier
to entry, and established large enterprises
will go the private cloud way considering
they already have physical hardware and
expertise. Gartner predicts that by 2020, a
corporate 'no-cloud' policy will be as rare
as a 'no-internet' policy is today. The public
cloud is generally the most well-known and
straightforward type of cloud computing,
mostly because of its convenience and
scalability, thats the reason we witness a
high usage in India. However, public cloud

Srinivas Tadigadapa
Intel South Asia
does not come without security risks. For
businesses concerned about where exactly
their data is being secured, most large
organizations equipped with dependable
IT expertise are now opting for a private
Murali Urs, Country Manager, Barracuda
Networks, India however expects Public
cloud adoption to continue to grow. Due
to data confidentiality concerns customers
always preferred to have private data centers/
clouds until recently. With most of the
commercial public cloud service providers
setting up their data centers in India, data
confidentiality is a much lesser concern and
organizations are quickly opening up to this
possibility, he says.
Similar are views of Tarun Wig, CoFounder, Innefu Labs who believes that public
cloud has more takers. In India, on a practical
level small and medium enterprises seeking IT
outsourcing services are increasingly turning
to public cloud services as the public cloud

In a chat with Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Founder & CEO, CtrlS Datacenters Ltd., he shares with
us his views on both the cloud models and the security implications associated with it -

Which Cloud model - Private or Public Cloud looks more promising and
has more takers in the Indian market context?
Both Private as well as Public Cloud is being leveraged by the Indian businesses based on the
complexity and business needs. Cloud offers the advantages of scalability, low TCO (Total cost of
ownership), reduces capital expenditure, provides elasticity/scalability to suit the business needs
while optimizing IT resources (both people and infrastructure) and lastly lowers software costs.
The public cloud services which are currently estimated at $1.2 trillion are likely to surpass $3
million by 2020.

What is the security implication associated with both public and private
A private cloud is recommended when a regulatory compliance is mandated with a stringent service level
(SLA) and requires very tight controls. Both private as well as public cloud is equally secured; It is just that regulatory compliance and internal
governance needs compel several organizations to adopt private cloud. However one may not be able to move a legacy application to cloud
as the same may not be able to work in a virtualized environment. As far as security is concerned, most of the public cloud providers address
the same by enforcing effective governance, risk and compliance processes, frequent audits, role based access, privacy policies, access controls,
network security, security controls (physical infrastructure/facilities) etc. With above parameters address a public cloud is equally robust and
equipped to address the business needs of enterprises.

What are the key considerations that should be kept in mind while choosing the right Cloud service
The key considerations in selecting a cloud service provider would be agility (faster provisioning of workloads), rapid scalability/
elasticity (ability to scale on demand without delay), local pop (presence of cloud pop in the respective country/region to address regulatory/
compliance needs) and lastly TCO (Cost reduction). This apart, it is important to uncover the hidden billing costs, lock-in period (if any),
Uptime SLAs etc.


July 2016



Rajendra Bhandari
Director - Systems Engineering,
NetApp Marketing & Services Pvt. Ltd. India.
is less expensive and more convenient than
setting up a private one. But I would not even
say that private Cloud is not picking up. Some
organizations, especially larger ones, set up
private cloud-like infrastructure in their own
data centre to secure data. The Indian market
is unique in that demand is consistently high
for all types of cloud services.
Says Andy Stevenson, Head of Middle
East and India, Managing Director for India,
Fujitsu, While all three models share a
certain degree of similarity and differences,
it is the understanding of these aspects that
helps an organisation in choosing the right
cloud deployment model. A recent study by
EY highlights that three out of four Indian
companies prefer private cloud solutions
over public cloud.
However, more and more enterprises
are seen moving towards private cloud,
and subsequently hybrid cloud solution as
it is not only cost effective but also offers
an integrated solution
featuring the benefits of
both cloud and traditional
IT delivery models. We
believe that enterprises
exhibit a greater interest
towards adopting private
and hybrid cloud solutions
as public cloud solution
come with its own set
of security concerns.
Moreover, with time it
often becomes essential
for an organization to
go beyond public cloud
and add private cloud to
its portfolio, observes
Hybrid IT is the new reality for
organizations today, and one of the many
reasons of its adoption is its combination
of legacy IT along with public, private and
managed cloud services. The proper Hybrid
IT approach allows organizations to get the
most from their existing IT while being ready
to expand into new areas.
Businesses are looking to capitalize on
speed and agility that Cloud enables, but want
the reliability and security of running business
critical applications in their own datacenters.
Hybrid cloud is the optimum solution,


July 2016


Archana Sharma
Xavient Information Systems
given their specific security and data issues,
evolving regulatory environment, unique
application and infrastructure requirements,
and an overriding need for standardization,
automation and virtualization. So it is not
surprising that market trends clearly shows
that a hybrid Cloud (which is a combination
traditional IT and private Cloud) will
dominate the market over the next five
years, supports Vikram K, Director, Servers,
Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
Agrees Rajendra Bhandari, Director Systems Engineering, NetApp Marketing
& Services Pvt. Ltd. India, We see that
organizations are moving their data to hybrid
Cloud environments, which will help them
retain control of their data, while exploiting
the economic and management benefits of
public and private Cloud environments.
With the hybrid Cloud model, organizations
have the ability to choose between different
costs and deployment models for backup

and archive, between on premise, hosted and

public Cloud models. The hybrid Cloud is
designed to maximize the responsiveness and
efficiency of the infrastructure.
Raghuram Krishnan, Director for
Partner/ Alliances, Hitachi Data Systems
India puts an analytical view to it and says
that making the best use of the cloud can
sometimes mean taking advantage of cloud
options that have different cost and delivery
model characteristics, which literally mean
using a private cloud for some data and
content and a public cloud for the rest. For
instance for data that is not accessed often,

Tarun Wig
Innefu Labs
or is old but must be retained for regulatory
purposes, inexpensive public cloud storage
would make sense. For mission-critical and
more frequently access data private cloud is a
suggested approach.
Cloud stands to offer many advantages
but ultimately the adoption of the cloud
computing solution should be decided
considering the business needs of the
organization and not the deployment model.
Organizations need to assess their business
need, the risk involved, security needs and
application requirements before adopting
the cloud model. Cost however definitely
comes into play when enterprises review
their Cloud needs. Given the rapid changes
sweeping across the technology landscape,
CIOs must constantly re-evaluate the unique
mix of on-premises, private cloud and public
cloud infrastructure to meet new business
goals. Each deployment however has its
own advantages and disadvantages. Before a
company decides to move its
processes, applications and
data into the cloud, it has to
first determine the hosting
solution that will help them
reap maximum rewards with
minimum risks, suggests Sai
Pratyush Product Head,
Managed Services, Enterprise
Business Tata Teleservices.
The Security Considerations
on the Cloud
Security in the cloud,
irrespective of the model is
an essential necessity. There
are a number of security risks
associated with cloud; it is thus imperative for
the organization to enforce robust security
measures for control and security reasons
before implementing a public or private
cloud. Today, cloud security and control
issues are becoming vitally essential, given
the rapid pace of business data growth.
Cloud Security encompasses a wide range
of considerationsfrom protecting hardware
and platform technologies in the data center
to enabling regulatory compliance and
controlling cloud access through different
endpoint devices. It also plays a major role for
secured mobilization of data and content on

the Cloud. For cloud computing to reach its

potential, we have to address security issues
holistically and collectively rather than in
fragments and industry silos. Industry-wide
security standardsand common frameworks
that enable IT professionals to control and
measure their cloud environmentswill help
ensure that cloud computing does not become
an exception but a rule, asserts Srinivas.
Private clouds being single tenant
solutions offer more control on the security
policies as per the organization need. They
can offer enhanced and more predictable
service availability for users. However, in
a public cloud deployment, elements of
security are usually provided by a third
party service provider. They deploy security
measures like encryption, firewalls etc for all
customers alike. Another aspect is Regulatory
and public cloud may fulfill the regulatory
requirements for most customers but not
all, cautions Pratyush.
Andy points out that while in the case of
public cloud customers may have a choice
in terms of data center location, the storage
continues to remain opaque to end users
which raise security and regulatory concerns.
Apart from that, enterprises using public
cloud are also highly dependent on the vendor
for the quality of services. According to him,
hackers pose one of the biggest threats to
public cloud. However, in the private cloud,
the data remains within a secure
environment, and this gives more
confidence to organizations.
The fact that access to private
cloud is restricted to authorized
personnel and administrator
gives it an edge over public
While supporting private
cloud security over public cloud,
Archana observes that public
cloud is feared for multitenancy,
bugs in hypervisors and leakages
as everything is connected to
internet. Generally speaking,
Private cloud is considered to be
safer than public cloud in the sense that the
control is secured to an extent. Everything
can be addressed using a single tenant non
shared hardware. Also, the skills, tools and
processes are in place and implemented
Under such a circumstance in a public
cloud scenario, a mutual agreement between
the vendor and client for regular cloud checks
in order to enforce a secure environment
is a mandate step. No wonder that most
reputed public cloud service providers do
have exhaustive security measures in place
to ensure security of information and data.
Cloud security providers do offer advanced
encryption methods and latest regulations to
achieve the highest level of security to ensure
that data on clouds remain secure, agrees
As Srinivas suggests, the security of a
private cloud is completely the responsibility
of the owner. But the biggest concern in
private cloud is mostly the lack of control

Murali Urs
Country Manager,
Barracuda Networks, India
experienced by the IT professionals, which
includes access controls and making sure
access to corporate data and services is
provided only to authorized users. Lack of
visibility, lack of control over resources and
lastly adequate firewalling are some of the
other concerns associated with private cloud.
The disadvantages with the private cloud
are that you are on your own when defending
attacks; you are subject to the whims of your
local power grid and security is entirely
your responsibility. Adopting a public cloud
computing solution means being dependent

The main difference

between private
and public cloud
infrastructures is that
a private system is
used only to house and
distribute data for one
single organization,
whereas a public
model is used to serve
the requirements for
multiple organizations.

on third party responsiveness to security

needs, says Pratyush.
Murali presents a hybrid scenario, where
many companies are planning to migrate only
some of their assets to the cloud and leverage
the benefits while keeping some resources onsite as needed. In this type of hybrid scenario,
Technology Managers will be looking to
deploy the same security in the cloud as is onpremises, and to be able to securely connect
the on-premises and cloud components.
These companies may also need networking
and segregation capabilities in the public
cloud. However drawing a comparative
analysis between both the models, he says
that from a purely security perspective, the
tide is tilted in the favour of private clouds as
customer need not be worried about shared
resources or maintenance windows that they
cannot control. But from the perspective
operations cost control, public cloud gains
a lot of traction and the security problems
have been negotiated by vendors providing
solutions specifically meant for public cloud.
Over the past couple of years, the whole
security aspect pertaining to cloud has changed.
Whether you are on the cloud or store data
on-premise, there is always a minimal risk
involved. However security issue has been
addressed to a fairly large extent now. Cloud
providers have the resources that ensure
minimal security risk as against
individual organizations that
will have to invest additionally
on resources or employees.
Nevertheless, there are a host of
new laws requiring businesses
to protect personal information
of customers and assurances are
given by the cloud provider to
help protect that data, opines
Despite this ongoing debate,
and given that both the services
have their pros and cons, the
security of data is subject to the
existence of up-to-date software
upgrades, antivirus and security polices, secure
log-in, encryption methodologies, enterprise
grade intrusion prevention systems, and
hardware based firewalls.
And so
Its been many years since Cloud started
sweeping onto enterprise businesses globally,
while in India it has been only a few years
that Cloud actually has seen its adoption.
While for many it has been an experience
worth trying, the same word is brought up
now just as regularly as it did all those years
ago: security. Security will likely remain one
of the key concerns when a company decides
to move its data to the cloud, but IT leaders
understand now that the level of risk mostly
relates to the behavior and culture of their
employees. Ultimately, companies that dont
have strict policies in place and lack data
access controls will struggle to keep their data
secure in the cloud. n


July 2016



Deskera driving the SME market

with Partner support
VARINDIA catches up with Shashank Dixit, CEO Deskera to know more about the companys
business strategies and the vision that it has to ramp up the Make in India mission

eskera is a leading cloud-based

business software provider in
South-East Asia. It focuses on configuring
our products in such a way so as to meet the
requirements of customers and industries
of all sizes. The solutions are devised to
cater to the burgeoning scale of customer
base. From financials, inventory and
customer service to payroll, recruitment
and projects, Deskeras Integrated Suite of
cloud-based ERP, MRP, CRM, HRMS and
PM takes the hassle out of the day-to-day
business functions.
Within a span of 10 years, Deskera
has spread its wings across Singapore
(its headquarters), India, Malaysia, and
Indonesia and is still expanding with its
new market in Australia and New Zealand.
It has grown steadily in India with its
sales operations based in Delhi, Mumbai,
Ahmedabad, and Bangalore along with a
development center in Pune. The company
currently has more than 80,000 users
across the globe and serves more than 3000
enterprises world-wide. We have witnessed
triple-digit growth year-on-year for the past
three years and I am positive our success
story will continue in the years to come,
says Shashank Dixit, CEO Deskera.
The company started its operations
from India, so it leaves little to wonder why
every Deskera product bears the signature
of being Made in India. It has a state-ofthe-art development center in Pune where
innovative ideas continuously take shape,
making Deskera a complete Make in India
product. In line with the governments
vision to boost the SME sector, Deskera
also helps organizations run their business
on an integrated cloud-based platform,
thus enhancing productivity and moving
one more step in the direction of the
governments Make in India mission.
Deskera has identified small and medium
enterprises as its potential market and have
defined its business model accordingly.
Our selling strategy helps us encapsulate a
360-degree customer outreach. Due to our
contract with resellers, we are able to get
significant sales coverage without incurring
heavy costs, particularly in markets where
we have limited presence. End customers
secured through our resellers include
organizations from various industry
verticals including education, technology
and insurance. Our strategy is to invest in
these relationships to help accelerate market
growth and customer outreach. Indirect
sales contribute to a major portion of our


July 2016


and promotions which may include retail

activities, websites, printed advertising and
direct mail to promote Deskera Products,
he says.

Shashank Dixit
CEO Deskera
companys revenue, explains Shashank.
Direct sales is driven by both offline and
online marketing and sales initiatives. The
offline model involves marketing events,
roadshows and seminars. These marketing
exercises are used to generate qualified leads
based on which its sales team plan their
course of action. The online model involves
qualified lead generation through activities
such as organic search engine optimization,
ad-words, email campaigns and social media
marketing. In order to expand our present
customer base, we are increasing our online
and offline marketing efforts to promote
brand awareness. We are also making efforts
at growing both our direct sales teams
and indirect sales model. Our marketing
efforts also involve partnering with our
resellers, using their marketing channels

In line with the

governments vision to boost
the SME sector, Deskera
also helps organizations
run their business on an
integrated cloud-based
platform, thus enhancing
productivity and moving one
more step in the direction
of the governments
Make in India mission.

SMEs The newest Opportunity

These days there are increasing numbers
of IT vendors focusing on the small
enterprise segment, which has created
the need for Deskera to develop a better
understanding of the SME market and
hence develop solutions that fit the needs
of these enterprises. The fact remains that
most of the SMEs have remained largely
underserved in the past and the size of the
segment renders it less subjected to the level
of competitive intensity that exists in larger
enterprises. This helps Deskera remain true
to its commitment to the SMEs.
However, this has not been a lone
journey, cites Shashank. Our partners and
distributors have made equal contribution
to our business and its growth. To be truly
customer-driven, manufacturers need to
adapt their businesses to meet the needs of
the customer, which in today's marketplace
means local service, local inventory and
technical sales people. Our stakeholders
fulfill this need for us.
Deskeras current emphasis on SME
compliance is tailored to provide a onestop-shop for concerned authorities. We
want to ensure that SMEs can get their
paper work in order and their business
operations in place, leading to more
financial opportunities for them like getting
a loan. We have recently launched a plan in
India that will help SMEs get finance from
banks easily and at lower interest rates,
says Shashank.
And lastly
Deskera is growing phenomenally and
its future looks promising. Currently, 20%
of its revenue comes from India. In the next
three years the organization is expected to
grow at a rate even healthier. We want
to reach out to every startup, SME and
individual in every city and town of this
country. According to an annual study by
the Reserve Bank of India nearly 240,000
unlisted smalland mediumsized enterprises
(SMEs) are helping transform India into the
world's fastest-growing large economy in
the past two years. We want to help them in
their quest for automation and technology
and hope to bring about a positive change
in the industry, concludes Shashank. n


PHD Chamber with DeitY Organizes

Cyberix 2016 Securing Digital India

mentioned that this is a result of

our preference as an individual
and as a citizen of the country.
Mr. Kishore said that
consumers have become very
demanding as they prefer hyper
relevance over personalisation.
He explained Hyper Relevance
which means that a person is
ready to share all the information

Electronics and Information
Technology, Govt. of India) has
organized National Conference
on Cyber Security Cyberix
2016 Securing Digital India.
The Conference was designed
with the aim to understand

the Changing facets of Cyber

Threats and its impact on vital
installations and businesses,
deliberate on suggestions and
recommendations to improve
the current scenario and spur
growth in the Cyber Security
industry in India which has
tremendous potential.
inaugurated by the Guest of
Honour Brig. M. U. Nair
DACIDS, DIARA, Indian Army.
The special address was delivered
by Shri. R.K. Sudhanshu, Joint
Secretary Cyber Laws and
E-Security, Department of
Electronics and Information
Technology (DeitY), Ministry
of Communications and IT,
Government of India.
Gopal Jiwarajka, President PHD Chamber in his welcome
address said that although Internet
increases communication, it can
also increase the incidence of
cyber threats which is evident in
the fact that India ranks fifth in
online payment hacking.
Atul Anand, Co-Chairman,
Committee on Electronics and
ICT, PHD Chamber in his
theme address of the Conference
said that with increasing number
of online users, cyber security
should also be updated so that
there are minimum chances of
cyber crime. He suggested that
extensive usage of biometrics can
help to reduce cyber crimes.
In his Special Address in
the Inaugural Session, R.K
Sudhanshu, Joint Secretary -

Cyber Laws and E- Security

, Department of Electronics
and IT (DeitY), Ministry of
Government of India said that
the existing cyber laws have
not been able to keep pace with
cyber crimes reported in modern
times and therefore require
suitable amendments. He added
that DeitY is already engaged
with this detailing exercise and
might make amendments in the
prevailing Cyber Act so that
with fresh amendments Cyber
Security can be made robust and
Dr. Claire Vishik, Security
and Policy Director, Intel
Corporation, United Kingdom
(UK) during her address at
the Inaugural session said that
there are 50 billion connected
devices around the world and it
is important for the developer
to know the intent of other
developers, legacy integration
etc. She added that in order to
have a secure cyber space, there
should be innovative threat
models, extensible framework
and most importantly updated
technology professionals.
Addressing the conference
as the Guest of Honour Brig.
Indian Army, felt that with new
innovations that have taken
place in Cyber and IT landscape,
the sensitivities relating to data
protection in the Indian Army,
Air Force and Navy is becoming
collective steps have to be taken

so that the cyber space stays

totally full proof and infallible.
Vivek Seigell, Director,
and ICT, PHD Chamber
emphasised on two key points
while discussing the role of
the industry and the Govt of
starting an early education
of the potential threats of
using technology especially
to the school going children
as also looking at developing
technologies which can work on
potential threats.

Plenary Session

The Plenary session was

moderated by Vivek Seigell,
Director Electronics and ICT
Committee, PHD Chamber.
Eminent speakers included
Saket Modi, CEO, Lucideus;
Sunil Gujral, Chief Technology
Officer and President, Quatrro
Technologies; Ashish Kishore,
Emerging and Growth Vertical
India, Cisco Systems; Yiannis
Giokas, Vice President R&D,
PCCW Global; T D Virwani,
CISO, Punjab National Bank
and Dr. N.K Goyal, President,
elaborated on the need for Cyber
Security professionals in India
and around the world. Ashish
Kishore from security division
of Cisco Systems elaborated on
the changing facets of Cyber
threats. He said there are 50
million connected devices in
India which would increase
to 500 billion by 2030. He

to the service provider to serve

us better anywhere anytime
which gives opportunity to the
hacker or attackers to make
their moves.
T.D Virwani, CISO &
AGM, Punjab National Bank
spoke about the Indian banking
industry and how it has evolved
manifolds in past few years owing
to technological innovations.
Saket Modi, CEO - Lucideus
spoke about the issues faced by
the Cyber security start-ups in
India. He said earlier that cyber
security was not on priority list
for a CEO irrespective of the
vertical, but with recent attacks
it has become a top priority for
the companies to secure their
digital assets as all businesses are
going digital to survive in this
competitive market place.
Sunil Gujral, CTO and
President, Quatrro Technologies
said that the security measures
being undertaken today is no
different from what we used
to do many years back but
the speed at which things are
happening has changed.
Vivek Seigell, Director,
Electronics and ICT Committee
- PHD Chamber concluded the
proceeding by highlighting the
fact that it is important to have
a clear cut strategy for guarding
against cyber threats for
organisations and government
for internal and external security
which is backed by latest tools
and techniques and a clear focus
on the leakages which can take
place in the system. n


July 2016



Digital India & Smart City initiatives

fuelling Server market in India

he server market in India is on a

definite rise as more SMB enterprises
are coming to the fore. Increased expenditure
across industries such as Retail, BFSI, IT &
ITeS, Telecommunications and government
backed initiatives such as Digital India and
Startup India have bolstered the demand
for servers in India. With an increase in
IT spending by the government as well as
private organizations trying to refurbish
their IT framework, Indias server market
will grow at a significant pace in the years
to come.
According to International Data
Corporation (IDC), overall server market
in India surged by 19.2 percent in CY
2015, with 157,061 units shipped in 2015 as
against 131,695 units in CY 2014. Q4 2015
witnessed 32,853 server units shipped, down
by 16.2 percent over the previous quarter.
However, with each of the previous two
quarters observing a demand spike in the
range of 39,000-51000 units, CY 2015
proved to be landmark year in terms of
overall compute demand in India.

India Server Market

The server market in India is witnessing

huge developments with some of the
trending technologies like cloud, mobile
and big data. These new technologies bring
in the opportunities of new deployments
and upgrades for the server vendors.
The server market is undergoing
massive changes, impacted by broader
technology megatrends like cloud, mobile,
and big data. New implementations and


July 2016


upgrade opportunities along with various

government initiatives such as Smart Cities
& Digital India projects are collectively
driving the growth for the server market
in India, said Vikram K, Director, Servers,
Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
The demand for servers is being

"While blade servers and micro servers

are the major growth drivers, High
Performance Computing is also on the
rise. Moreover, x86 servers are effectively
addressing the real time data transaction
needs of organizations which is in turn
significantly contributes to the growth of
the server market. Currently, the server
industry in India is also witnessing growth
from start-ups especially from e-commerce
players & service providers"
Vikram K
Director, Servers,
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

observed from all the verticals, be

it banking, education or healthcare.
Moreover, investments in upgradation of
IT infrastructure are also expected from
segments like Communications and media,
retail and transportation. Digitization,
paperless transactions and mobility are the
drivers of server industry.
Investments towards digitization,
paperless transactions and mobility have
propelled server demand across all major
verticals including professional services,
banking, education and healthcare.
Communications and media, retail and
transportation verticals are expected to
invest in their IT infrastructure upgrades
in the coming quarters. With the demand
for servers on the rise, the supply chain
would step us being a distribution house are
looking forward to cater to this, reiterates
Rajesh Goenka, Vice President, Sales and
Marketing, Rashi Peripherals.
With Cloud, organizations are inclining
towards virtualized set-ups like virtualized
servers and hypervisor management
platforms to lower the total cost of
Indias economic drive and wide scale
internet penetration has resulted in the data
centre market in India experiencing steady
growth. This environment, coupled with
Government initiatives like Digital India is
encouraging interest in Big Data and IoT,
especially in the e-commerce space. As more
businesses move to cloud, cloud service

IT infrastructure is the backbone of

Digital India, and Smart City initiative. Its
good to see that Government is moving in
the right direction, and understands that
technology is a key enabler to achieving
a truly digital India. The Digital India
initiative and the consequent technology
adoption across the country have led to a
significant boost in the domestic IT market.
The IT companies have realized the
market potential and are turning towards
the domestic market for growth and new
business opportunities.
Mehul Doshi
Country Head of Technology,
Server, Storage CCD & Datacenter
Solutions, Fujitsu India
providers continue to expand their local
data centres across the country. In addition,
organizations are moving to virtualized
set-ups, looking to virtualized servers and
hypervisor management platforms to lower
the total cost of ownership for application,
desktop, cloud and server virtualization
infrastructures. Server virtualization can
boost IT efficiency and make data centres
flexible and scalable, explained Nilesh
Goradia, Head Client Virtualization
and Mobility India Subcontinent, Citrix
Systems India

needs of organizations which is in turn

significantly contributes to the growth of
the server market. Currently, the server
industry in India is also witnessing growth
from start-ups especially from e-commerce
players & service providers, commented
Gartner has predicted that x86 server
virtualization market will reach $5.6 billion
in 2016.
The X86 server market is the biggest
and has been growing phenomenally over
the years. According to a recent study
by Gartner, the worldwide x86 server
virtualization market is expected to reach
$5.6 billion in 2016, an increase of 5.7%
from 2015. While X86 is the clear choice
for most of the organisations in the world,
nonX86 servers have seen major year on
year growth too, mostly due to the small
size of the market, stated Neeraj Bhatia,
Director - Partner, Alliances & Commercial
Sales, Red Hat.
Though X86 servers are extremely
doing well in the market but the non X86
servers are also witnessing growth.

Digital India & Smart City- A


It is true that Digital India and Smart

City initiatives by Government will play
a major role in boosting the overall IT
industry. For both the initiatives a robust
IT infrastructure is required which will
in turn boost all the IT segments. All the
IT companies are being optimistic about
growth and new business opportunities with
the announcement of the two government

Both, blade servers and micro servers

contribute majorly to the growth of
server industry. At the same time High
Performance Computing is also coming
up as a major contributor in the growth
While blade servers and micro servers
are the major growth drivers, High
Performance Computing is also on the
rise. Moreover, x86 servers are effectively
addressing the real time data transaction

He continued further, When it comes

to surveillance, aviation industry is one such
sector where we are heavily involved. We
are at the forefront of building applications
for airlines. We have been helping airlines
reduce the cost, and improve safety and
efficiency. We have successfully combined
RFID technology with the safety vests.
With our solution in place, a personnel
can walk in the plane and scan whether
the safety vests are in the right place or
not. This saves them hours of manpower
as well as time. Fujitsu is actively working
towards making the world a safer place.
Our product and services portfolio are
uniquely positioned to tap into these
opportunities. Similarly, in the West, we
have implemented GateAnalysis. Through
GateAnalysis we ensure the safety of age
old parents who are living alone. With the
ongoing Make in India and Digital India
initiatives, it is the perfect opportunity for
us to bring these solutions to India.
To make the initiatives - Digital India
and Smart Cities a success, government
As more businesses move to cloud, cloud
service providers continue to expand their local
data centres across the country. In addition,
organizations are moving to virtualized set-ups,
looking to virtualized servers and hypervisor
management platforms to lower the total
cost of ownership for application, desktop,
cloud and server virtualization infrastructures.
Server virtualization can boost IT efficiency
and make data centres flexible and scalable.
Nilesh Goradia
Head Client Virtualization and Mobility
India Subcontinent, Citrix Systems India

X86 v/s non X86 servers

As per a report by IDC, the non x86

server market grew by 42 percent yearon-year in terms of unit shipments and 59
percent in terms of revenue in Q4 2015.
Bank expansions and increasing number of
migrations to HANA (High Performance
Analytical Appliance) primarily contributed
to this bolstering growth. With the ongoing 4G roll-outs, Communications &
Media vertical continued to be a prominent
contributor to this growth.

Datacenter Solutions, Fujitsu India.

Indeed it does, IT infrastructure

is the backbone of Digital India, and
Smart City initiative. Its good to see
that Government is moving in the right
direction, and understands that technology
is a key enabler to achieving a truly digital
India. The Digital India initiative and the
consequent technology adoption across the
country have led to a significant boost in
the domestic IT market. The IT companies
have realized the market potential and are
turning towards the domestic market for
growth and new business opportunities,
asserted Mehul Doshi, Country Head
of Technology, Server, Storage CCD &

needs to deliver a good digital experience

to its citizens. For that an ecosystem of IT
enabled services which works together is
required. For a company like Red Hat, this
is a twofold opportunity with capturing
data which can be used to take critical
decisions and also securing the platform.
In order for initiatives such as Digital
India and Smart Cities to achieve their
overall vision of digitally empowering
the citizens of India, there is a need for an
ecosystem of IT enabled services working
together to deliver a Digital Experience.
The Governments national policy on
Information Technology states that one
of its objectives is to adopt open standards


July 2016



paperless transactions and mobility have
propelled server demand across all major
verticals including professional services,
banking, education and healthcare.
Communications and media, retail and
transportation verticals are expected to
invest in their IT infrastructure upgrades
in the coming quarters. With the demand
for servers on the rise, the supply chain
would step us being a distribution house
are looking forward to cater to this.Rajesh Goenka
Vice President, Sales and Marketing,
Rashi Peripherals

and promote open source technologies. For

us, the opportunity is twofold allowing
organizations to capture this data in a
manner that it can be used to make critical
decisions and securing the platform to
build confidence in communities to use and
benefit from the Digital Platforms, said
offerings ranging from operating system,
virtualization, cloud and middleware to
software defined storage while lowering
the TCO (total cost of ownership) provide
necessary security and authenticity to
such initiatives. We intend to leverage our
established credibility government bodies
and partner ecosystem to contribute to
Indian economy & governance, he added.
For new industries a strong IT
infrastructure is required which creates a
good demand for IT goods and services.
In this, Server is an important aspect
of IT infrastructure and for that Rashi
Peripherals has prepared its resources to
take the server market to new heights.
New industries require an increase in
the IT infrastructure, this infrastructure
that needs to be set up has some
requirements, thus creating demand for IT
goods and services. Servers play an integral
role in this infrastructure, and Rashi has
foreseen this and equipped its resources,
like training the sales team with all integral
information to take on the rising demand,
said Goenka.

Start-ups - An Opportunity

Star-ups is a new community which


July 2016


has come up in recent past. India has

become one of the hubs of these start-ups.
This new community are the entrepreneurs
of tomorrow. To make their business a
success, this community needs a good IT
infrastructure and new technologies. As
they are at their early days to invest in
infrastructure, so Fujitsu has a wide range
of offerings to meet their demands.
The start-up ecosystem in India is
burgeoning, and we are steadily moving
towards becoming one of the largest bases
for start-ups in the world. Start-ups hold
great promise but its very early days for
them to try and establish their own data
centres with server and storage. They
should rather opt for cloud solutions
that will facilitate their basic needs for
file servers or web servers. At Fujitsu,
we understand how integral the start-up
ecosystem is to the Indian economy. A
good option for them is to invest in Hyper
converged solutions. We have a wide

up but they always want to make sure that

their limited resource is also utilized in
developing their offerings.
The strong start up ecosystem fueled
by latest and boundary less technology
gives India a global advantage. Open source
technologies themselves are an outcome
of this trend forming a continuum of
developing, learning and improving.
Startups today are looking to start small
and drive very specific outcomes with the
advantage that open source technology
offers. While technology is at the core of
the Startup momentum they also need to
make sure they invest the limited resources
they have in enhancing their offerings and
as such Red Hat offers them open source
technologies with enterprise grade support,
certifications, ongoing upgrades & security
giving them a quality IT Platform to build
their offerings and focus on their core
business, concluded Bhatia.

In order for initiatives such as Digital India

and Smart Cities to achieve their overall vision
of digitally empowering the citizens of India,
there is a need for an ecosystem of IT enabled
services working together to deliver a Digital

Neeraj Bhatia
Director - Partner, Alliances
& Commercial Sales,
Red Hat

range of offerings like Cluster in Box,

VShape, VSAN, to name few, for start-up
organizations wherein the customer gets
a ready to use, tailor made solution. The
advantage lies in eliminating the need for
highly skilled IT staff to build and manage
such infrastructure, on the customers part,
thus reducing the time taken to deliver
a project and lending them an edge over
their competitors, said Mehul.
The start-ups are in their initial days
and they look for specific outcomes from
the technologies they adopt. Though
technology is the backbone of every start-


The server market has grown by 19.2%

in CY 2015 and is further expected to
grow in CY 2016. Factors like increase in
IT expenditure by Retail, BFSI, IT & ITeS,
Telecommunications and government,
private organizations trying to redefine
their old IT framework, adoption of
technologies like cloud, mobile and big
data have fueled the growth of server
market in India.
Other factors like Start-up ecosystem, Digital India and Smart Cities
initiatives will further take the growth
graph higher. n


Ricoh PJ WX4141N
The Ricoh PJ WX4141N comes with network connectivity
and remote management - into a space-saving footprint for more
compelling, less distracting presentations. The ultra-short throw
projector can be placed within inches of any flat, vertical surface in
offices, classrooms and public spaces for bright, crisp displays up
to 80 inches diagonal without shadows, noise or glare. Its compact,
lightweight design simplifies transport, or you can easily mount it on
a wall or set it on a table for everyday convenience. Use it to replace
traditional whiteboards and make every presentation more interactive
and engaging. These versatile ultra-short throw WXGA projectors
produce image sizes of 48-80 inches from a distance of 11.7-24.9 cm.
The combination of bright 3300 lumens output and a high contrast
ratio of 5000:1 ensures vivid displays even in well-lit environments.
With integrated speakers and extensive connectivity options, the 3Dready projectors are suitable for everything from business presentations
to eye-catching multimedia entertainment. RICOH PJ WX4141N
adds wired and wireless networking for Windows and Mac OS devices
and a USB port for PC-free presentations. With support for DLNA
and UPnP standards, it can also display material from smartphones
and digital media servers. A Quick Projection utility lets you set up
a direct connection between a wireless device and projector in three
simple steps. It has built-in interactivity for enhanced learning and
collaboration. This model can be used both in formal and informal
collaboration in business.

Indias First






Intel QC
1.84 GHZ



Micro SD
Card Slot
Windows 10

Built-in Wi-Fi
Bluetooth 4.0

PreBook @



1430 Series

30% more performance

with New Generation Intel Quad Core Processor

RDP Workstations Pvt. Ltd.


Intel QC Processor

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Intel QC Processor

Intel QC Processor

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Windows 10 Genuine


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Intel QC Processor

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Windows 10 Genuine

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Intel, Intel Atom, Windows are trademarks of the respective companies in the respective countries. the above shown Price is with FreeDos, With windows 10 Licensing Cost Extra. The above shown images are display purpose, the actual Pictures may vary..


July 2016



InkTank Printer market

getting competitive
InkTank Printers have made its position among other printer
technologies- Laserjet and Inkjet. InkTank technology is claimed
to be very economical and eco-friendly but growing competition in
this space has acted as a catalyst and enabled the vendors to meet the
customer needs and innovate ground-breaking technologies.
VARINDIA brings before you the views of the three leading
InkTank Printer vendors on business viability, eco-friendliness and
warranty support of these printers.

Business Viability
For an InkTank Printer vendor like Epson, competition is always
benefitting. Competition benefits consumers as well as businesses also.
It helps businesses to work harder so as to meet consumer demands
which in turn results into creation of innovative products. Consumer
expectations are ever changing because of the ongoing technological
advancements along with rapid adoption of IT. The consumer
expectation lies in lower cost and higher efficiency.
At Epson, we strongly believe that competition will not only
benefits end consumers, but also businesses willing to work harder
to satisfy consumer needs through innovative products. Over the
years, we have introduced several breakthrough innovations that
have benefited consumers tremendously and in the process have
created a significant niche for ourselves in the marketplace. Constant
technological advancements coupled with increased adoption of IT
amongst consumers is ensuring that expectations of the consumers are
ever changing. Key to these expectations are lower costs and higher
efficiency. The consumer is no longer willing to accept what is thrown
at them by manufacturers. Keeping in line with our tagline, Exceed
your vision, we have constantly introduced products with superior
technology with innovative features to meet the diverse requirements
of todays consumers. All our product are built with compact, energysaving, and high-precision technologies that have given us a distinct
edge over our competitors, said Siva Kumar, Deputy General Manager
IJP, Sales & Marketing, Epson India.
The business viability is basically dependent upon the innovative
products and services that are being brought in by the brands.
Consumers always look up to value for their money. Along with
it they are also conscious about acquisition cost, running cost and
different features like cloud printing, Wi-Fi, smart device connectivity
Like all product categories, there exists a healthy competition in
the printer category as well. Consumers are demanding more value for
their money. While acquisition cost of the printer and running cost
matters, consumers are now demanding more value added features like
Wi-Fi and cloud printing, printer design and smart device connectivity.
Canon offers a wide range of printers across various categories and
lead in innovations like integrated ink-tank, cloud connectivity and
attractive design. Business vitality depends on how brands bring in
innovative products and services to consumers. Canon leads on this
front, elaborated C.Sukumaran, Assistant Director, Consumer
System Products Division, Canon India.
HP Inc. is confident that it can serve the consumers with the best
printer products in this InkTank category. The company always
keeps the consumer demands at the forefront. The InkTank printers
are generally meeting the demands of jobber space making its way to
HP Inc. will not do any business that is not viable for doing
that business. It is true that the Ink Tank market has grown very fast
in India. We have launched GT Series a couple of months back to
address the Ink Tank market which is growing. We are confident that
we can offer the best products within this category of technology to


July 2016


Siva Kumar
Deputy General Manager IJP, Sales & Marketing, Epson India

our customers. HP Inc. first considers the customer demands because

every customer is using a different kind of a printer depending on
their needs. This kind of printers is going into the jobbers space and
now it has inroads into SMBs. If price is considered, it is naturally
competitive benchmarking that everybody does. It has to make sense
for the customers and also it should be viable for us to do business,
explained Parikshet Singh Tomar, Country Category Leader, HP Inc.

Ink Tank- An environment friendly technology

Any technological innovation has its effects on environment

which may become damaging for mankind and also the environment.
So keeping environment and social sustainability in view, Canon
endeavours to make its products environment and people friendly.
In keeping with its philosophy of kyosei, Canon pursues
environmental and social sustainability. Canon understands that
society requires to urgently address environmental issues such as
global climate change, resource utilization of end-of-life products, and
proactive prevention of pollution due to disposal of these products in
order to support a sustainable society. In this context, Canon strives
to make products including G Series printer that are environmentand people-friendly throughout the entire product lifecycle, said
In a developing country like India electricity is still a concern for

its citizen, so keeping in mind the constraints in power in states like

UP, Bihar etc., HP Inc. has designed its complete InkTank printer
portfolio in a very energy efficient way.
The ink technology by design will be very low on electricity
consumption because it does not have the fuser inside which needs
to be heated up while it works. In states like UP, Bihar electricity is a
concern but these printers run on USP. So Ink technology is energy
efficient, asserted Parikshet.
With an aim to secure a better future for all of us, Epson is committed
to produce products better for environment. Epsons InkTank printers
are energy efficient, emits less heat and delivers better print yield.
Our Global Environmental Positioning Statement "Better
Products for a Better Future" encapsulates Epson's strong commitment
to making products that are better for the environment, to help ensure
a better future for us all. We will communicate this commitment
as opportunities present themselves in the course of our business
activities. Our Printers are smaller and lighter (Improves transport
efficiency with smaller products and packaging), consumes less power
(approximately 12 watts and delivers same kind output compared to
a Mono laser printer which consumes approximately 200 watts of
power) & emits of heat (Unlike the Thermal Inkjet printers, Micro
Piezotechnology do not use heat for printing). Our Ink Tank Printers
also delivers a high print yield of 4000 prints* in black (70ml Black
Ink) and 6500 prints* in color (composite yield with 70ml Inks of
each color - CMY), thus reducing the frequency of replacing the Inks,
stated Kumar.

Assistant Director, Consumer System Products Division, Canon

Warranty Support

Warranty support is a major issue with the products. HP Inc. has

a standard warranty policy. The company also has a robust support
service network for its consumers. It is like a commitment from the
company to serve its customers whenever they are in need.
We have a standard warranty terms across our portfolio. Some
have 1 year of warranty and some comes with 3 years of warranty. It all
depends on the kind of customer, like if its an Enterprise customer they

Parikshet Singh Tomar

Country Category Leader, HP Inc. India

expect a minimum of 3 years of warranty. Generally, for consumers

and SMBs it is a 1 year warranty. GT series has 1 year of on-site
warranty. From the support standpoint, HP Inc. has a strong support
infrastructure in the country for our PC and Printers. That is one of
our core strength. It is also our promise to the customer that whenever
they need support the company will stand beside the customer, said
Epson aims to offer value and freedom from worries over
maintenance to its customers. The company has different warranty
offerings for different printers and also offers on-site warranty for
consumer convenience.
We aim to provide maximum value to the customers from the
printer and the freedom from worries over its maintenance. Our
customers can enjoy warranty of 1 year* or 30,000 prints*, whichever
is earlier (for 4 colour L Series printers) & 1 year* or 50,000 prints*
whichever is earlier (for M series printers). In addition to this, we
provide onsite warranty*for the customers convenience. (*Conditions
Apply / Under standard test conditions), commented Kumar.
Similarly, Canon also offers on-site warranty for its PIXMA G
Series Printers. The company on the other hand also provides free onsite installation support with a wide service support network.
Canon PIXMA G Series is covered under 1 year on-site warranty
or 15000 prints. We provide free on-site installation support to our
consumers and our service network is available in over 4000 towns
across India, added C.Sukumaran.

To Conclude

The three major players of InkTank technology, Epson, HP

Inc. and Canon while offering their innovative products to the
customers have always focused on the customer demands, energy
efficiency, environment and people friendly. For the vendors it is the
customers, their needs and above all technology which is conducive
to environment is the priority. The vendors consider competition as
benefitting as it encourages them to innovate better technologies to
offer to its customers. n


July 2016



Live and On-Demand Streaming picking

up in India amidst Challenges
Rishi Varma, Product Manager, Media - Akamai Technologies Inc. in a chat
tells VARINDIA of how live streaming is picking up in the country and about its
partnership with Hotstar that has led to the surge in viewership In its partnership with Hotstar,
what will be the role of Akamai
and how do you plan to scale this
partnership in near future?
Since its launch in February 2015, Hotstar
has seen a remarkable growth in the number of
subscribers for live sporting events. Akamais
role has always been to help Hotstar scale
from its launch by enabling it to accommodate
as well as tackle the surge in viewership.
Akamais Media Delivery solutions enables
our customers to provide uninterrupted,
quality experience over a range of device types
by adapting to the users available bandwidth
in real time. Its vast network with more than
216,000 servers in over 120 countries helps
it to dynamically manage the load of large
As Hotstar continues to develop and bring
to market world class events, including movie
premieres and live sports such as the Indian
Premier League and the upcoming 2016
Summer Olympics in Rio, the two companies
are working together to introduce new features
and innovations on the video streaming front.
One of the obstacles faced by OTT
providers in ensuring security while accessing
the content as it is potentially vulnerable to
issues like piracy. Akamai works with OTT
providers across the globe in implementing
a number of security measures ranging from
encryption to geo blocking etc., to protect
proprietary and licensed content.

Live streaming has its own

challenges. How would Akamai help
to mitigate those infrastructural
and security limitations?
Live streaming has its own unique
challenges such as quality of service (QoS), lag
in video, adapting to different devices used by
the audience and scaling to reach the massive
growth in the audience, among others. India is
often compared to other western countries by
executives weighting sites for expansion in the
country, but the reality of the situation is that
in terms of infrastructure, India is a large and
diverse country and some sections are far more
developed than others, so major destinations
need to be considered separately from remote
areas. In light of this, it would be unfair to see
all the challenges from the same lens. Each
issue needs to be addressed in isolation. One
such issue is that of network connectivity.
Akamais content delivery solutions


July 2016


ensure fast, reliable and secure means for

content providers to offer their services.
These solutions help customers adapt to the
intermittent changes in local bandwidth and
accelerate content delivery as well as generate
comprehensive analytics to measure the quality
of service (QoS) and audience behaviour in
real time.

Do you also have any tools to

regulate the traffic?
Its all delivered on the Akamais Intelligent
Platform. This platform is spread over 216,000
servers in more than 1,500 networks in 120
countries and allows Akamai to securely
accelerate and distribute content to audiences
despite the complexity or the volume of these
interactions. At the core of Akamais platform
is an Intelligent software that helps companies
overcome unreliable networks, congestion,
inefficient protocols and malicious attacks.
Akamais software continually maps the
Internet to create a comprehensive knowledge
of network conditions, provide instant devicelevel detection and optimization, and identify,
absorb, and block security threats. Using
Media analytics, our experts have real time
visibility of the health of the video streams
and the network conditions and are capable of
tackling any issue that might arise.

How far has live streaming been

popular in India? What are the
main infrastructural issues faced
in the country?
The popularity of the OTT platform, both
live and On Demand streaming is growing
steadily in India. Part of its popularity can

be attributed to the consumption of sports

content. Sports has always been big in India
and now with the increasing usage of mobile
Internet and presence of OTT platforms that
give the viewers the flexibility to watch live
content anytime, anywhere, digital media is
becoming the go-to medium for viewing it.
With our partnership with Hotstar, we saw
a peak traffic of 1.3 Tbps during 2016 ICC
World Twenty20 tournament which is double
the traffic we saw last year.
Viewers are often frustrated due to poor
connectivity as it impacts the quality of
content delivered. Unreliable connectivity
also makes it difficult to deliver consistent
network experience to different kinds of
devices used by the viewers especially during
live streaming. Todays user is more tech savvy
and informed and has little to zero tolerance
for connectivity issues which hamper his/her
viewing experience.

How do you ensure last mile

access of your solutions to your
Last mile connectivity is one of our key
focus areas for quality improvement. We
have both items on the roadmap and existing
products like Octoshape leverages client
side technology specifically tuned to address
this challenge. For example, our Predictive
Content Delivery (PCD) solutions allows for
caching of videos onto the end-user device
based on his/her preferences and viewing
behaviour, which can then be watched offline.
In addition, downloads can be scheduled based
on non-peak hours reducing the load on the
networks infrastructure. n


Dell-EMC merger is a game-changer

for partners

Neel Shah, Chairman, Insight Business Machines, shares

his perspective on how the Dell-EMC merger will pan out for
Dells acquisition of EMC has created
a new entity Dell Technologies which
offers customers an end-to-end
portfolio spanning all key compute,
networking and storage segments
both legacy and emergingto address
technology driven disruption.
For partners, the merger is
definitely a game-changer. Today
Dell-EMC is the only IT vendor that has
complete portfolio from PC to data center
t o
networking to storage. The probability of
an enterprise bid increases with end-to-end portfolio from a single
We expect the final integration to take a few more months,
however this has not affected our business as the communication
about the progress of the integration process has been very good and
confidence boosting.

"LinkedIn and Naukri.com fulfill 40

percent of our talent requirement"

Amarnath Shetty, Director, LDS Infotech shares his companys

best practices for recruiting smart talent
We consider talent sourcing as the most
critical part of the overall talent acquisition
procedure. While for many companies
recruitment agencies are still the
mainstay for talent acquisition, we
have been focused on other means
for talent sourcing.
employees every year, which is
managed by an in-house recruitment
team of two personnel. While 30
percent of our recruitment is fulfilled by
placement agencies, rest is accomplished through
job portals,
social media and employee referrals. We fulfill almost 40 percent
of our talent acquisition through LinkedIn and Naukri.com. These
platforms offer packages that offer job listings at very costeffective
rates starting from Rs 1,800 per month.
We have developed an efficient process to ensure we hire the right

Presidents Note

Thank you!
Dear Members,
This is the last edition where I am addressing you as the President. I thank you all for entrusting me
with this responsibility.
I took this position with many aspirations and ideas. Although not all could be executed, there are some
tangible achievements to share. We have revamped ISODA website with new aesthetics and updated details
about our members strengths and expertise, with the objective to increase collaboration among us. We
created an effective relationship management interface between the Management Committee (MC) and
partner companies by appointing a Relationship Manager. Further, our annual Tech Summit 2016, held
in Langkawi, was a huge hit. Combined turnover of our members is roughly Rs 7,000 crore. Imagine our
strength when we stand together, be it revenues, skills, resources and geographical coverage. To utilize this
value and create strong representation with the government and other external entities, we need to have
stronger partnerships and collaboration.
I would like to bid adieu by thanking each one of you for allowing me to serve you. I wish the incoming
MC all the best and wish them to take ISODA to greater heights.

Future-proofing IT for business growth

A leading non-banking finance corporation, having presence in 20 states and more than 1,100 locations in
India, was facing the challenge to meet their business growth expectations. Their existing IT infrastructure was
more than five years old and was unable tosupport the company's business growth and vision.
The finance company was saddled with non-scalable IT infrastructure. The application performance
was so slow that it resulted in delays in processing loans within the stipulated time frame of 48 hours,
following the receipt of loan applications. To top it, the customer didnt have any Business Continuity
Plan (BCP), Data Recovery (DR) process and ERP back-up, resulting in loss of business-critical data in case
of systems failure. Further, sales reports were not spooled on time leading to delays in decisionmaking.
All these resulted in a huge wastage of resource, time and money, thus impeding the growth of the
The solution
Chennai-based Futurenet Technologies was identified as preferred solution partner due to its consultative approach in providing critical
IT infrastructure. Using its Level-7 process and IT consultants, Futurenet conducted a comprehensive gap analyses of the performance,
availability, security and scalability of the IT infrastructure. The elaborate audit helped identify the need for a revamped IT infrastructure
in keeping with the future business growth envisioned by the customer.
In a turnkey project divided into two phases, Futurenet implementedHitachis all-SSD memory replication system, which delivers 10times faster performance compared to HDD-based system. The entire database was tuned for reduced memory usage, along with indexing
and splitting of temporary database. In addition, the entire infrastructure was virtualized using VMware tool. Futurenet also implemented
BCP and DR solutions to enable full-recovery of critical data within four hours, with zero data loss.
In the second phase, Futurenet re-developed business applications and split into three instances with improved performance using
Citrix load balancer. The implementation of application firewall and load balancing ensured data security and 24x7 availability of IT
The user experience improved with 24x7 uptime. Successful implementation of load balancingand proactive maintenance features
drastically reduced the manpower required to manage theinfrastructure. In addition,implementation of storage areanetwork (SAN) with
virtualizationresulted in better application anddatabase performance, highlighted K Tamizhmani,
Vice President, SalesJuly
& Marketing,
2016 45
Futurenet Technologies.

DIGISOL aims for leadership

position in Surveillance Industry
In a chat with VARINDIA, V. Venkatesh Kamath, Business Head Surveillance, Smartlink Network Systems Ltd,
revealed the recent trends of surveillance industry, strategy of the company and opportunities for the channels
With a growing rate of 30%35% CAGR
and industries like banking, healthcare,
education, etc boosting the video surveillance
market in India, India is among the early
adopters of new technologies. India has
now become one of the fastest-moving
markets when it comes to adaptation of new
technologies and with these IP surveillance is
gaining momentum among various segments.
India as a market is filled with great
opportunities. This industry is growing at
the rate of 30%35% CAGR. Government,
education, healthcare, home are the market
movers compared to the rest of the industry
vertical. India is quick now in adopting new
technologies IP surveillance is one such
product solution today that are well accepted
in various segments, but we have a long way
to go. The demand from different market
segments is increasing towards IP surveillance
such as banking, healthcare, large government
infrastructure and also various government
initiatives like Digital India and Smart City.
This will fuel the growth and technology
adoptions, said Venkatesh Kamath, Business
Head Surveillance, Smartlink Network
Systems Ltd.
Moreover, government initiatives like
Smart City will act as a catalyst to boost the
surveillance market.
Smart city will raise the bar for surveillance
market to address the security concerns.
Governments have already identified 98 cities
in which 20 cities are already funded by the
Central Government. This will boost, directly
or indirectly, the surveillance market, added

Though it is true that IP surveillance
technology is being widely accepted, but still it
will take some more time to grab the complete
market due to AHD technology solution.
Market is shifting to AHD technology
from traditional Analog CCTV cameras which


July 2016



V. Venkatesh Kamath
Business Head Surveillance,
Smartlink Network Systems Ltd
is almost 60% of the total surveillance market.
IP surveillance is growing rapidly which is
much faster than the past few years. Demand
has increased since 2008, particularly post
terrorist strike in Mumbai, Government has
taken a number of initiatives through various
promotions under its different departments
to implement IP cameras campuses, public
places, transport, healthcare, etc. awareness
has grown among various SME and SMB
segments. Overall, the demand is steady due
to affordability as prices have come down in
the last few years. Like any other technology,
IP surveillance will also take some time to
get full coverage due to cost difference and
current available alternative AHD technology
solution. I think during the next 56 years we
will see total transformation from Analog /
AHD to IP Surveillance. Many other factors
such as Storage, Server cost, bandwidth are
making these solutions today more expensive
compared to the traditional solutions,
continued Kamath.

For the company, meeting customers

requirements through products and solutions
is of prime importance and for that the brand
will invest in the development of its products.
Product offerings and solutions are defined
by customers requirements and we have these
capabilities to address market requirements.
As a growing brand, we will invest more in
product development to meet the different
vertical requirements. Our aim is to take a
leadership position and become one of the top
three Indian brands in the surveillance product
market, stated Kamath.
DIGISOL is focussed about its target
verticals and at the same time it has a wide array
of offerings to cater to different markets.
DIGISOL as a brand will target
government, education and SMB market
is our primary focus and it is the large and
sizable business opportunity for us. We have
different variants in AHD and IP surveillance
offerings to cater to the market. Smart Home
solution is one more area in which we would
be keen to grow with our strong presence in
networking products line as a brand, products
such as WLL, POE switching, etc, asserted

For partners, it will be a huge opportunity
to align with DIGISOL as it offers various
products and a timely service support for
We are a growing brand with vision.
Market is wide open. It will be a great
opportunity to partner with the DIGISOL
brand and also to get access to our various
product offerings under one roof. We have a
proven after-sales support, offering prompt
repairs and service for the products. We have
dedicated sales and technical consultants to
provide support to partners, concluded
Kamath. n


Red Hat Committed to the

Open Source movement

n the fast-growing computing world,

Open source solutions have gained
traction when compared to closed source.
The research firm Gartner in its survey report
has predicted that Indias software market
may witness a growth of 12.8% to reach $5.3
billion in 2016 and one of the major drivers
of the growth will be increasing adoption
of open source software. The research also
said that by 2017, almost 90% of Indian IT
organizations will have open source software
(OSS) embedded in their mission critical
platforms. Another research firm, IDC said
that for greater flexibility and cost reduction,
SMBs are looking at customized solutions
based on open source platform which will
further drive the adoption of open source

Businesses today look for both efficiency

and agile innovation. In order to bring a
balance, Enterprise IT organizations are using
cloud technologies and other IT innovations
to reduce costs, improve operational flexibility
and gain competitive advantage. The open
source platform company, Red Hat empowers
Enterprises to address business challenges
with its Open Source technologies.
Red Hat is purely centered around opensource innovations, connecting to open-source
communities and taking those innovations
that come from those communities to
the customers to drive a safe, secured and
scalable infrastructure. The role that Red Hat
originally plays around the world to the opensource communities is that of a leader, coach
or mentor. It makes sure that it engages with

them and identifies the projects that facilitate

the growth of open source.
Talking about a few of its products, Red
Hats Enterprise Linux enables the user
with the tools that are needed to modernize
infrastructure, boost efficiency through
standardization and virtualization, and
ultimately prepare the data center for an
open, hybrid cloud IT architecture.
Another of its product is the Red Hat JBoss
Middleware that is a portfolio of enterpriseclass application and integration middleware
software products. Modular architecture and
community innovation in Red Hat JBoss
Middleware lets the user incorporate new
technologies like big data, cloud computing
and deliver applications to market quickly
and effectively.

Partners Leveraging Red Hat Solutions

Rajiv Gupta, Director,
Sara Infoway ITES
India Pvt. Ltd.
Red Hat Linux is
the operating system
that most of the
people know about
it. Second is Red
(RHEV), which is a
very good product to
sell and to be used by the customers. JBoss is a Middleware, which
is another very established product. Red Hat also offers a lot of
cloud products, it has got storage virtualization, open stack etc. in its
portfolio. It gives a lot of ease to the customers to operate between
different models.
The best part has been the support model, right from pre-sales to
post-sales; the support model has been very good. From delivery and
post sales point of view, customers are the first priority for Red Hat.

Rishabh Jain, Business

Micro Services
Integra is the
National Distributor
for Red Hat in India.
Our relationship goes
back to mid 90s when
Red Hat was not
really present in India.
Integra as a brand has
been synonymous with Unix since its inception and that is why we
have begun building a lot of products on the Unix platform. That
is when we started interacting with Red Hat in Ireland and we are
promoting the company in India by importing Red Hat products and
services. A majority of our top lines comes from Red Hat today.
In terms of bottom line, you make money on your transactions
with your partners or end customers. These are fairly structured;
you do get additional benefits when you add new partner, when they
transact for you. It is a combination of both the daily transactions and
the incentive wise programs that we run for our partners.

Varad Gupta, CTO and Founder, Keen & Able Computers Pvt. Ltd.
Its been an honour and a privilege to have partnered with Red Hat over all these years.
Along with Red Hat we have increased our portfolio of services and products that we offer
to our customers. Now its an amazing array of products and services that we offer in the
open source domain which include traditional platform subscriptions and services on Red Hat
Enterprise Linux platform along with the entire JBoss Middleware portfolio, be it fuse, EAP,
Datagrid, Data Virtualization, BPM or BMS. Red Hat does really have an amazing array of
products. Now the future looks really exciting with open shift, open stack etc.
Red Hat has 100% commitment to the open source movement. Apart from that Red Hat
has learnt and taught how to monetize the open source movement. The company has been at
the forefront trying to convince people and today they have successfully converted people to
open source. It has convinced people of its business model by building a robust business across
the world and growing at an amazing pace year on year.
Its been a long journey with Red Hat in the subscription reselling, services and training space. For almost 11-12 years now that we both
have come in contact and since then we have not looked back. We basically are a company that believes that open source software is the only
way for software and life in general is all about sharing, collaboration, choice, communities and that is why as an organization we have always
stuck to only open source software.


July 2016



Lenovo hosts One Day Lenovo Technology

Symposium across six cities

Over 200 partner organizations and 400+ participants

were trained on the Lenovo Nutanix offering
Lenovo, the worlds leading PC
and Enterprise OEM has recently
hosted a One Day Lenovo Technology
Symposium across six cities as part of its
on-going Channel Partner engagement.
Constantly following ways of engaging
with Partners in its journey towards
becoming the only end-to-end enterprise
solutions provider, Lenovos objective
was to educate its Partners on the growing
portfolio specific to the server market and
product transitions in the PC space. The
event saw participation from 201 Partner
organizations and covered the following
regions across the country

Participants attending the
event were also privy to -

Lenovo and the DCG story

Lenovo "Think Brand" PC Offerings,
transition updates, product accessories
and services
To provide a backgrounder on the
DCG development, Lenovo has recently
re-branded its Enterprise Business Group
into Data Center Group (DCG). This is

in line with Lenovo aligning its growth

and global vision of becoming a market
leader. The DCG has been built as a very
dedicated team with a full time focus
on the area of data center, with more
emphasis given to innovation and making
supply chain a competitive advantage in
the marketplace. The end-to-end solution
provider has also intensified its focus on the
$87 billion data center technology market
by having unveiled an expanded arsenal of
IT solutions, including next-gen software
defined storage, enterprise networking
offerings and capabilities, the latest highperformance servers and an enhanced suite
of hyperconverged appliances. These new
offerings are the latest demonstration of
Lenovos ability to leverage partnerships
with industry leaders, as well as leadingedge start-up firms to orchestrate delivery
of best-of-breed solutions, free of legacy
technologies and investment burdens.
The Partners at the event also got
to see and understand how Lenovos
breakthrough next-generation data center
solutions can change the way people to
business. It also included interactive quiz
sessions. n


July 2016


ThinkPad X1 Tablet
ThinkPad X1 is a tablet, but it is much more than an average
2-in-1 hybrid. The unique modular design helps the X1 Tablet
to turn into anything from a portable entertainment center, to a
creativity device, or a productivity laptop.
The 12-inch X1 Tablet is perfect for on-the-go, weighing less
than 700g/1.5 lbs. It delivers a powerful PC experience with an Intel
Core processor, up to Windows 10 Pro OS, optional 4G LTE-A
mobile broadband, and up to 10 hours of battery life. Whether
for work or leisure, the high resolution 2K (2160 x 1440) display
features widescreen IPS technology and an integrated, adjustable
kickstand for viewing from any angle. With the integrated speakers
and Dolby surround sound technology, the X1 Tablet is perfect for
watching videos.
The stylus pen can be used for sketching, annotating documents,
or taking notes. Adding to it is Lenovo's exclusive WRITEit
technology, with which the user can enter handwriting into any
input field across hundreds of apps, and it automatically suggests and corrects the writing.
The X1 Tablet features the detachable keyboard with the legendary ThinkPad design. The built-in TrackPoint and trackpad replicates
the feel of the keyboard that's been perfected over more than 20 years. The new keyboard is just 5.2 mm/ 0.2 inches thin and it works
seamlessly with modules snapped into place. However the best feature is that the typing angle can be adjusted for greater comfort, accuracy
and speed.
With the optional Productivity Module, the user enjoys extra ports it increases the number of USB 3.0 ports to 3 and adds a full-sized
HDMI port, as well as an OneLink+ port for docking. The module also includes an integrated Pico projector that can create a 60-inch
projection from about 2.5 feet/2 meters. A full-sized HDMI in/out port with sharing support is also included.
With a 5-hour battery boost with the Productivity Module (that will be introduced very soon); the user can stay unplugged and work
(or play) for up to 15 hours.

Bluecom is the true Blue

Blooded Partner for Lenovo
Biren Sukhram Yadav, Director - Bluecom tells VARINDIA of how it feels working with a company like Lenovo
for as long as 11 years and what is its strength that contributes to the growth of Lenovo in the country -

For how long you have been

associated with Lenovo?

first came to India; 2006-07 had been a

very struggling year for Lenovo. But the
remarkable turnaround happened soon after
when business started looking up. Lenovo
took a big leap by having introduced some
very innovative and interesting product line
and the growth pattern has always shown an
upward trend. Lenovos business model then
was completely distribution centric, and given
that we have been with Lenovo since Day 1,
we decided to enter the distribution line of
business. It was a good deal and eventually
Lenovo also helped us to distribute laptops to
a few partners. So we both have come a long
way now; we have grown to be a 100 crore

Bluecom was born in the year 2005 that

was also the year when Lenovo came to India
after taking over IBMs PC business. So we
have been associated with them from Day
1 and it has been close to 11 years. Initially
when Lenovo enjoyed the blue image (in its
logo) when it acquired IBM, and we came on
board for them, both our preferences blended
really well (given our name has blue in it).
So we were referred to as true blue blooded
partner for them.

Which line of business do you

cater to for Lenovo?
Bluecom has always been into commercial
business and so right from the start we have
been dealing with Lenovos commercial
range of products. We have 2 verticals
System Integration vertical, where we take
the commercial offerings to the corporates
& end users and the Distribution vertical in
which we distribute their SMB commercial
products exclusively in Mumbai to T2 and
T3 partners. So we are an exclusive RD to
Lenovo in Mumbai. For this we have won
many awards and accolades from Lenovo
and we have been doing this for long now.

What are the initiatives you like

the most taken towards developing
We have blended both the verticals very well, the partner eco-system?
thanks for the support received from Lenovo
there has been no conflict of interests between
the two models.

How instrumental has been the

role of Lenovo in shaping your
We initially started as a system integration
company. I still remember when the company

Lenovo is one of the most channelfriendly companies. Their huge portfolio is

all driven through the channel and this gives
them an edge over rest of its competitors in
the channel business. Like us, they have many
old partners who have been doing business
with them since long. Their engagement with
the partners and channel community is very
strong. n


July 2016


Innovation The driving force for Intex

India is among the front-runners when it comes to adoption of smartphones and
data consumption. The youths are the early adopters of advanced technologies and the
country holds a huge potential in the global smartphone market as it has the largest youth
population. Youths are inclined towards latest technologies and innovations. Similarly,
mobile handset brand, Intex focusses on providing new technologies at an affordable price.
In a chat with VARINDIA, Keshav Bansal, Director, Intex Technologies, talked about the
latest trends, its competitive strategy and after-sales service support of the company.
of touch and feel of the products. Similarly,
with the help of online partners, it has
increased its reach and made the products
available for consumers.
Our channel strategy has always been a
vital part of our growth plans. With a strong
network of 1,600 distributors, 80,000 retail
partners and 1,500 service touch points, our
focus is reaching the consumers across the
country. The offline channel is an important
platform for us.
Customers like to feel and experience
the technology before they settle for any
product. Our 80,000 retail partners and 75
Smart World stores are helping us drive this
initiative so as to reach the consumers better.
We partner with all the major online portals
like Snapdeal, Amazon, Flipkart, etc, which
has increased the reach and made the products
more accessible, stated Keshav.

Before buying a smartphone, consumers

always look for new updated features.
Consumers always look for a high-resolution
camera for clicking pictures, good memory
to store huge data, long battery life for their
uninterrupted conversations, etc.
Some of the key features that people look
out these days in a phone are a good camera,
long battery life and an extensive memory.
Mobile phones can be effectively used to seek
help during emergency situations and we are
working on providing such a solution in our
devices, said Keshav Bansal, Director, Intex
Intex has always prioritized latest
technology at an affordable price and follow
a consumer- focussed strategy to compete in
this highly competitive market. The company
has always been known for its feature phones
along with quality and affordability. It always
looks forward to offer value for money.
Since its inception, Intex has positioned
itself as a brand that empowers masses with the
latest technology at competitive price points.
Being an innovation-led company, we follow
a consumer- focussed strategy which provides
mobile handsets at very competitive prices
with strong offline and online distribution
and robust after-sales service. Hence, it helps
us to stay connected with the masses. Intex
has been a front-runner in the feature phone
category and we are known for the quality and
affordability of our products. Our focus has
always been on how to offer value-for-money
and the best benefits to the customers which
have helped us increase our market share.
Additionally, we are manufacturing feature
phones in our Noida and Baddi facilities,
ascertaining our big presence in the market,
asserted Keshav.
Intex and innovation go hand in hand. It
has innovated many groundbreaking products
across segments for its consumers.


July 2016


Keshav Bansal
Intex Technologies
Intex has always been at the helm of
innovations. The brand has set a benchmark
in not only one but many products across
segments. Right from our most affordable
Firefox smartphone to our first Google VR
cardboard and fingerprint sensor smartphones,
we have earned the appreciation and love of
our consumers across the country, added
With a focus on reaching its consumers,
Intex has a wide network of offline partners
who satisfy the customers general behaviour

After-sales Service Support

Customers satisfaction earns consumers
loyalty. Satisfaction with the product as well
as the after-sales support, both are important
aspects to gain customers allegiance. To gain
customers faith in the brand, Intex has set up
a strong after-sales support in every corner of
the country.
Consumers want the best-in-class products
and services at affordable prices. Besides our
products, our endeavour has always been to
ensure consumers satisfaction and we have an
extensive after-sales service network in place
to meet all the consumers requirements.
Hence, to provide our consumers with the
optimum service quality, we have established
service centres in almost every district of the
country. A hassle-free after-sales service is
something that the Indian consumers have
always demanded for. To ensure a good
experience, we have established over 1,500
service touch points and 75 Smart World
stores to cater to all the requirements,
concluded Keshav. n


LeEcos Le Max2
The Le Max2 comes with a 5.7-inch display running at a
resolution of 25601440 pixels. At the heart of the smartphone
is Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 (MSM8996) processor paired with
4/6 GB RAM with 32/64 GB on board memory. This Superphone
comes equipped with a 3100mAh battery with Quick Charge 2.0
feature and connectivity options such as Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/
ac, HSPA+ and 4G/. LeEcos second generation Superphone
Le Max2 incorporates the Worlds first CDLA Standard that
enables end-to-end lossless digital music transmission. LeEco is
the only player globally to have replaced the 3.5mm headphone
port with the worlds first CDLA Type-C interface, leading
an audio revolution that has otherwise remained stagnant for
decades. CDLA technology is all set to redefine the smart phone
audio technology world by accomplishing end-to-digital lossless
music transfer, completely breaking the traditional mobile music
experience to achieve pure digital lossless audio transmission. The
Le Max2 sports a powerful 21-megapixel rear camera of aperture
f/2.0, and supports PDAF, optical image stabilization (OIS) and
4K video recording capabilities. For selfies and video calling, the
Superphone features an 8-megapixel front-facing camera. Le Max2
comes bundled with one year LeEco Membership worth Rs 4900.
Members can get access to exclusive Live Streaming of Major
Entertainment Events & Music Concerts Worldwide along with
7500+ hours of world class entertainment. LeEco will also give
users a chance to tune into top International Live Concerts Live
and Offline in Lossless Audio.

Panasonic P75
smart phone

Panasonic P75 comes in a 5 Inch HD IPS Display for great readability and
wider viewing angles. It is powered by Android 5.1 (Lollipop) OS and a 1.3 GHz
Quad core processor, with 1 GB RAM plus 8 GB internal memory, expandable
up to 32 GB. Moreover, it comes with Panasonic SAIL User Interface offering
features such as batch arranging, file manager and gesture control. The device
is also pre-set with Theme Club which offers complimentary free themes for
a refreshed new look every time it is used, and Special Effects ranging from
innovative magic finger to attractive screen transition animations. The SAIL
interface in new P75 is integrated with a 8 MP rear camera with flash and 5MP
front camera with 9 beauty camera modes, offering a plethora of photography
options for different scenarios, including Pose mode, Child mode, and
Watermark. For connectivity, the device has a dual SIM - 3G/2G configuration,
direct Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In addition, one can stay tuned for long hours
to the Google GPS navigation app for the turn-by-turn navigation assistance,
supported with in-built e-compass functionality. Equipped with a 5000 mAH
battery with optimized power management software, it ensures longer usage
without a charge. P75 is available in two colors - Champagne Gold and Sand
Black. Moreover, it supports FM allowing you to listen to music wherever you
go. Adding to the surprise element, it also comes with a protective screen guard
as a free accessory.


July 2016



LYF True 4G Smartphone+

devices at just Rs.2, 999/-

YF Smartphone+,
the 4G smartphone
brand from Reliance
Retail, has announced a
very aggressively priced
phone at just Rs.2, 999.
The four of its Flame
models are Flame 3,
Flame 4, Flame 5 and
Flame 6. This makes LYF
Indias most affordable
and opens the doors to a
digital life for millions of
consumers, a move which
resonates with the Prime
Ministers vision of a
digitally-connected India.
Like all LYF devices,
the Flame series too offers
with VoLTE, or voice
over LTE, a technology
that enables the device to
provide advanced features
such as faster call set-up,
high-definition (HD) voice
and video calling, seamless
switching between voice
and video calls and multiparty conferencing on
a 4G LTE network. It is
perhaps for the first time

in the history of Indian

communication features
have moved within the
reach of the common
feature phone user who
has been using the phone
for simple voice-based
All four models run
on a Quad-core 1.5GHz
processor which delivers
a smooth and lag-free
multitasking experience.

Ziox Mobiles announces

Smartphone and Feature Phones

iox Mobiles has

launched over 10
best-in-class smartphones
and 20 feature phones at
its recently concluded
annual retreat, Rubaru
in Goa. The launch was
attended by the senior

management from Ziox

Mobiles and over 200 top
channel partners from
across the country.
existing robust presence
in Maharashtra, Gujarat,
West Bengal, Karnataka,
Delhi, Goa, Bihar and
Jharkhand, Ziox Mobiles
has now gone national
with its announcement of


July 2016

Josh Mobiles
Emerald at just

pan-India team alignments

with heads roped in for
the North, South, East
and West regions of the
country and planned
phase-wise launches of
smartphone and feature
phones. 3G and 4G

supporting devices with

from 3.5, 4, 4.5 and
5 devices with top
quality hardware support,
battery support, Iris
support, GPS tracking,
16.0MP back camera,
Gorilla and Dragontrail X
scratch-resistant glass, and
much more.


phones in the entrylevel segment, the latest
budget-friendly feature
equipped with powerful
1,400mAh battery for
best performance and
power-packed features,
experience. Centred on
its high performance,
durability, the phone
is rightfully named
Emerald comes with
2.4-inch bright coloured
display that gives a clear
and detailed view of
the content on screen.
To delight the users,
Emerald is backed by
power-packed speakers
magical sound building
a new occurrence. The
Emerald also features
facility that records both
incoming and outgoing
calls with perfect sound
precision. Enabled with
Bluetooth and GPRS,
the phone offers easy
access to the internet.
The device features a
1.3MP camera supported
with flash that enables
recording to capture all
your special moments.
Additional features such
as wireless FM radio
only lets you tune into
your favourite local FM
station, but also records
your favourite songs
any earphones. And
provides uninterrupted

Honor 5C equipped with Kirin

650 16nm chipset launched

onor, Huaweis
e-brand has launched the
Honor 5C in India. The
phone is powered with

Pre-orders at the Honor

store and Flipkart start
from 15:00 hours today.
The flash sale for Honor
5C will open on 30th

Kirin 650- 16nm processor,

available in the segment.
In line with its philosophy
of Dare to Perform,
the Honor 5C promises
faster processing and
optimum battery usage.
Honor 5C will be
available in three colours
gold, silver and grey.

June and again on the 7th

July at 1400 hrs. Honor
also debuted in the tablet
category and showcased a
new tablet- Honor T1 7.0.
Honor T1 7.0 comes with
a 4100 mAh battery for a
sustained usability. Honor
T1 7.0 will be available
through open sale on
Flipkart from today 1400

TCL forays into Smartphone market

CL has entered
smartphone market with
the launch of its TCL
560 smartphone. This
smartphone has been
designed for seamless

strengthens its footprint

in the Asian region with
its presence in the Indian
market through this highdecibel launch.
TCL 560 is the first
phone of a series of three

entertainment experience,
hardware for an enhanced
mobile experience. This
new phone is inspired by
the needs of the advanced
consumers with dynamic
digital-oriented lifestyles.
TCL Corporation has
a global presence in more
than 160 countries across
the world. TCL stands
for The Creative Life,
a slogan that represents
its aspirations of building
one of Chinas most
innovative and trusted
enterprises. The brand

4G-enabled smartphones.
It is powered by QuadCore processor. This
feature-rich smartphone
has a 13.97cm (5.5inch)
with 1,280X720 pixels
resolution (IPS Display).
TCL 560 features an
8-MP AF rear camera
with LED flash and a
5-megapixel front-facing
camera with wide-viewing
angle of 84.4 with Front
flash to enhance the selfie
experience. TCL 560 is
available at Amazon.in at
Rs.7, 999/-.


June 2016



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