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There is an advanced version that allows additionnal things:

- level 1: right click feature allows logic forcing, control constant modificati
on, setpoints and push button
I avoid to share this to be sure that no customer can use it. The philosophy of
the logic forcing and constant adjust is simplified and don't follow the HMI sta
ndard kill_io tool is a separate tool and cannot run on a site if it detects L4 o
r speed level.
The advanced version is only documented (somewhere) in French as it was only use
d by the EPE requisition team. Find attached a short presentation available in E

switch between the version you just need to edit the Windows Register:
With RegEdit browse to \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Geepe\MKV Studio
Add a new DWORD key called Setup
Adjust the value to the desired version:
Setup = 0 (or no key) read only version
Setup = 1 allows commands

4. Restart MKVStudio