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johncmunoz@gmail.com 267-261-2411 www.bizintelguru.com Louisville, CO 80027 BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE & ANALYTICS EXECUTIVE
Creative, hands-on executive of analytics with a proven track record of quickly unearthing and visualizing gems of information buried in vast amounts of data. Expert in mining, extracting, analyzing, visualizing, and presenting data from diverse business areas in novel and insightful ways to persuade C-level executives to take informed action.

Datalogix Corporation, Westminster, CO Provides data and technology-driven solutions to direct marketers and brand advertisers to increase the effectiveness of customer acquisition, retention, and branding programs on traditional and web marketing channels. Our clients are some of the largest advertisers in the world.

Director of Business Intelligence and Data Management, September 2010 - Present

Created a suite of quality control reports to monitor key aspects of the ad serving business. These reports were up and running under full automation within 3 weeks of my arrival and are still heavily relied upon today. Without these QC reports, Datalogix would have very few real-time, actionable insights into campaign performance. Developed dashboards that provide deep insights into the company's audience reach (the percentage of a client's file that Datalogix can serve an ad to online). Behind revenue and EBITA, audience reach is the key metric the company measures itself by. Unearthed key drivers to audience reach and worked with Operations to ensure that, when appropriate, those drivers were optimized for maximum audience reach. Typically, improved audience reach equates to better the campaign performance. Implementing Tableau Software as a BI platform to create reports and insights for Sales, Operations, and the Executive staff.

JOHN C. MUNOZ CONSULTING, LLC, Doylestown, PA The Business Intelligence Guru Founder, February 2010 Present Help companies make better, faster, more informed decisions by thoroughly analyzing their data and constructing custom, insightful, easy-to-understand, and highly visual analytic displays and dashboards using SAS, Tableau, and Excel. ADVANTA SMALL BUSINESS CREDIT CARDS, Spring House, PA Second largest business credit card issuer in the U.S. with a portfolio topping $6.5 billion.

Vice President of Analytics and Information Visualization, October 2007 July 2009
Managed a diverse team of business intelligence/data analysts who analyzed and visualized critical aspects of Advantas business using data mining, statistical models, geographical analytics, dashboards, and innovative visualization software. Presented cutting-edge, visual analyses to the CEO twice monthly. The visualizations revealed important trends in the business unknown to senior management, despite being published in many reports throughout the company. Presenting the trends in a new, highly visual yet simple way made them unmistakably obvious. One analysis showed a need to focus on a micro-segment of the business. Acting on the new information, the CEO announced to the shareholders that the company was going to change the direction of the business to focus on the micro-segment. Created and implemented operational dashboards. The dashboards provided instant insight for Advantas collectors by providing them with relevant and timely information, allowing them to instantly identify and

apply appropriate pressure points to improve their efficiency. The group using the dashboard did 30% better than the group without the dashboard. Developed critical success factor tracking dashboards for new customer acquisition programs. The dashboards were shared with the CEO and other senior executives every week. The new dashboards provided insights into early indicators of profitability, like spend and payment behavior, allowing senior management to quickly identify unsuccessful programs and either eliminate or alter them. Prior tracking efforts on new customer acquisitions were laden with numbers and tables and were not highly actionable.

Director of Financial Analytics and SAS Administrator, November 2003 - September 2007
Managed a team of business intelligence/data analysts who monitored and optimized interest and fee income via targeted data mining, analytics and new information.

Implemented an automated tracking platform to monitor nearly $1 billion of interest income. The new platform used SAS/SQL to fully automate the email distribution of mission critical portfolio income metrics to the CFO 10 hours earlier each day. By getting the information so much earlier, the CFO was able to know first thing each morning how the largest driver of income was measuring up compared to forecast. Devised new analytics that uncovered a $20MM (3%) increase in the 2007 interest forecast. The new analytics segmented the drivers of interest income in a way that prior MIS failed to, causing a revision of the old forecast upward. Developed and implemented enhancements to reprice and promotional balance generation programs resulting in $18MM in incremental interest income over 3 years. Created a relational database that segmented promotional balances and interest from non-promotional. The new database led to improved forecasting of interest and customer-level profitability modeling.

Director of Information Management, June 2000 - October 2003

Focused on improving ways to use data in critical areas like new customer acquisitions and finance. Negotiated a $2 million reduction (16%) in credit bureau costs while increasing the quantity and accessibility of data captured through prescreen and back-end credit bureaus. Integrated cardholder transaction-level data into the data warehouse. Intelligent use of the data resulted in a 40% increase in response rates on specific offers. ADVANTA MORTGAGE, Horsham, PA

Director of Acquisitions, July 1998 - May 2000

Drove improvements to the customer acquisition process via improved tracking, reporting, and reduced timelines using business intelligence/data analysis techniques. Expanded marketable universe by 40%. FLEET CREDIT CARD SERVICES, Horsham, PA

Manager of Adaptive Control Strategies, February 1998 - June 1998

Managed Analysts who designed and implemented models to impact credit line increase and decrease programs. ADVANTA CONSUMER CREDIT CARDS: Senior Analyst, Prescreen Acquisitions Analyst, Senior Fraud Investigator


The Pennsylvania State University, World Campus Masters level certificate in Applied Statistics, graduated spring 2011 2nd Place, September 2009 International Excel Dashboard Competition The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA Graduated in 1991 with BA Journalism, History Minor Software Expertise: SAS Certified Professional with 17 years programming experience (base/macro/stat/ODS), Tableau 7, Netezza, SQL, JMP 9, Oracle, Excel, UNIX, PowerPoint, Word