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Enjoy Travelling With Us

-----------------------The main purpose of 'Enjoy Travelling with us' is to provide a one-stop shop for
the customer to book hotels, flights, trains and buses. Separate modules are pr
ovided for each of these. The database designs for each.
Online Bus Booking
-----------------Online Bus booking system is a bus ticket reservation system web portal project
through which users can book tickets.According to its name it manages the detail
s of all agent, tickets, rental details, and timing details and so on. It also m
anages the updating of the objects.
Online Shopping Portal
---------------------Online shopping basically provides the way consumers go shopping and purchase se
rvices and goods with reasonable price on the Internet. Our Application aims at
developing an user friendly Online Shopping Portal with the features of maintain
ing product catalogue,order details display, sales report generation etc.
Training Center Management System
--------------------------------The main conceptual idea of Training Centre Management System is to simplify the
faculty registration and session management for CDAC ACTS. In prior days, this
process was entirely based on manual efforts and was time consuming. This system
is developed to overcome such problems. This system integrates functionalities
such as Faculty registration and selection for sessions, Payment fixation, Final
Payment and Course Co-ordinator functionality like schedule generation and noti
ce creation.
Online Property Sale
-------------------The objective of the project is to develop a system that automates the activitie
s and processes of sales or rent of properties at a real estate agency. The prop
osed system is a web based application and maintains a centralized repository of
all information. This enables one to search for the required data easily and on
e can perform various operations using the interfaces provided by the system.
----E-DAC is a web site that contains the details about all the modules of DAC (Dipl
oma in Advanced Computing Course)The E-Dac website generally divided into 8 modu
les (e.g. C++, Java, .Net, etc) and each module will be providing all the requir
ed study materials.Selection of a particular module will provide Syllabus, MCQ,
Interview Questions,Reference books and Exam links.This website is built using S
pring-Hibernate integration and database used is Oracle for storing all informat
E Learning System
----------------This project is designed with the intent to provide the user with a rich and use
r-friendly e-Learning experience. The project implements Spring framework for de
pendency management and Hibernate framework for data persistence on the back-end
while front-end implements advanced view technologies such as AJAX, Javascript

to ensure that the user- interface is more responsive and user-friendly.

MyShare Box
----------MySharebox is online File storage and viewing utility for the users. It was deve
loped using J2EE framework, provides various facilities to the users such as mul
tiple file upload with progress tracker, file sharing among users, work from rem
ote, host files, protect files from others etc.MySharebox is developed to upload
a plethora of files on the internet and avoid carrying USB drives and Hard disk
s for data backup with you all the time.
Online Feedback System
---------------------A secure web application for the current feedback system which will make the fee
dback procedure centralized for entire authorized training centre across the cou
ntry. The complete system will be managed by admin at headquarter and at each ce
ntre level program coordinators will perform the specified tasks like scheduling
the feedback for respective centre and managing the faculty and batch details f
or the same.
Bookmyshow (Online movie ticket booking application)
---------Main objective of our project is to provide service to customers for booking cin
ema tickets from anywhere anytime and providing information about the movies and
their schedule online.Users can easily search for the movies and available seat
s without login and after login they can book their tickets online.This applicat
ion is mainly divided into three category : Admin mode, Theatre admin mode and U
ser mode.
Customer Relationship Management
-------------------------------The CRM is a powerful application designed to allow companies in the service ind
ustry to streamline their customer related tasks and manage their sales person m
ore efficiently.This starts from identifying and making a database of all potent
ial customers,their interactions,answering queries and review for services recei
ving orders.The main purpose of the project is to develop an integrated customer
resource planning module, so that communication between the company and custome
r easier.
CDAC Store
---------CDAC Store is the web based e-commerce application which provides platform to th
e programmers of the CDAC and external clients for their organizational projects
.CDAC Store facilitates the clients to submit their project requirements to get
it done or to choose from the earlier records if having similar requirements.The
y have multiple choices for technologies use to build projects and also programm
ers with very efficient coding skills.CDAC students can use this application.
----VFeed is a web based project wherein a user can order food from restaurants of t
heir choice. This project is built using ASP.NET framework. VFeed consists of 4
modules. Restaurants can update their information using restaurant module and us
ers can login, register and order food using user and place order module. Admin

module is used to manage restaurants and provide discount codes. MVC framework i
s used to build this project. This project is user friendly and independent of c
lient browser and os
Pseudo Football Manager
----------------------A web application to manage the auction of football players and to manage the to
urnament. The auction of players will be carried in presence of authorized clien
ts, who will bid for players to form their team. After teams are formed,the appl
ication will generate the schedule for football tournament.