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Angiogenesis means - Formation of blood vessels

2. Hypertrophy means Enlargement of cells by size rather than increase in
number of cell
3. Cystitis means gall bladder inflammation
4. Sciatic nerve in all foot branch
5. All branch of cerebral except Hyoid
6. pH of 0.1M NaOH find pH
pOH = -logOH pOH= -log0.1 = 1
pW = pH + pOH pH = 14 1 = 13
7. Antithyroid used for gravies disease
8. All cause anemia (bleeding) except GERD
9. H.pylori associated with peptic ulcer.
10.Which is not in duodenal lumen: - adrenal gland
11.DNA sequence is Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine, Thiamine or except Uracil
12.Active form of vit.D is 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol
13.Iron undergo with defiroxamin chelation reaction
14.Iron cause microcytic anemia
15.All are true about iron except- give for 12month
16.Which contain epithelial cell all except bile salts, sweat, milk, saliva,
hydrochloric acid
17.OU means both eye
18.Haploid is one set of chromosome
19.P.O.S is point of sale
20.Flutacosone which is correct
21.Use disposal bags for all except razor blades
22.SNRI is venalfexine
23.Canada health cover all except - outpatient prescription
24.Major inhibitory neurotransmitter- GABA\
25.Calculate gross margin in %
Gross M= sales cost of good sales X 100
26.Calculate how many tablets required for family of 5people having malaria
5X6= 30tablets
27.All correct about Leukotrine except 1) lipoxygenase pathway 2) treatment of
chronic asthma 3) acute asthma 4)essential fatty acid (5) granulocyte cells
28.Restrictive endonuclease cleavage DNA at special site
29.Nystatin mechanism of action cell lysis or leakage of cells
30.Equilibrium between organic (oil) and water Ans partition coefficient
31.Calculate coefficient of variance given standard deviation and mean
C.V. = Standard Deviation X 100
32.Calculate ARR (Absolute Risk Reduction)
33.Ca++ is absorbed from PTH from distal tubule
34.Parental lipid emulsion need phospholipids
35.A person complains from the side effect of drug, patient told the doctor and
doctor still give him the medication what pharmacist have to do talk to the
36.Vitamin lack in smoker vitamin C

37.Vitamin D3 is hormone
38.LH & FSH are secreted from anterior pituitary gland
39.All are action of glutamine acid except
40.Proteins separated by
41.Megaloblastic anaemia is due to deficiency of vit. B12 and folic acid
42.Meningitis treated by ceftriaxon
43.Drugs highly bound albumin
44.Which highly bound to opoid (Delta) (enkepilin)
45.Which is responsible for muscle relaxing Ach with Nicotine
46.Indol is found in serotonin
47.Paralysis of ciliary muscle is
48.Alpha1 cause all except arteriodilation
49.Embolism is clotting of blood
50.Angina treated by all except diuretic
51.CHF include all except
52.Abundant Ion in plasma HCO3
53.Class I antiarrythmic due Na sensitivity
54.TSH from anterior pituitary gland