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We need to see that India has around 20 Lakh "registered" NGOs and we still have many

NGOs that are unregistered. Some say that the number of NGOs exceed the number of
primary schools in India.
Even if we take 20 lakh NGOs that is still 1 NGO per 600 persons.
There was an MHA(Ministry of Home Affairs) report that in 2014 over Rs. 11500 Crore
of foreign funds were provided to the NGOs and in the past decade NGOs have received
over Rs. 85000 crore of foreign funds.
The shocker is only 2% NGOs file their Tax return.
Why do western countries which themselves are going through tough economic times are
pouring in Millions of dollars in India?
Now NGOs are known to be used for purposes such as Money Laundering, Halting
Development activities, Creating Racial, Religious and Gender divide, Breaking the social
structure of countries etc.
Will these NGOs with vested interests destabilize India?
Yes they will and they are doing it.
The powerful countries, religious bodies and rival nations are using these very NGOs
against India for the reason to stop the eastern countries from taking the power balance
in their favour from western counterparts.

NGOs in India involved in Religious Programs

These are mainly Christian based NGOs which are been funded in Millions of Dollars by
western countries. This is been done as Christianity is declining in the west and the
Evangelicals new target is India which is comparatively a weak country with a weak
The below information is taken from this article Scrap FCRA, NGOs doing Church work
with foreign funds: Experts - Firstpost
* Among the list of donors, the United States tops the list (Rs 3838.23 crore) followed by
the United Kingdom (Rs 1219.02 crore) and Germany (Rs 1096.01 crore).
* A majority of donors, including the top three, are church-based organisations such as
Compassion International USA (Rs 183.83 crore) followed by Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints, USA (Rs 130.77 crore) and the Kindernothilfe e.V. (KNH) Germany
(Rs 51.76 crore).
* Of the top 15 donor agencies, 13 are related to some or the other Christian sect. Over 90
percent of the top 30 recipient organizations are engaged in missionary activity.

* The highest amount of foreign contribution was received by the following Christian
organization namely World Vision India, Chennai (Rs 233.38 crore), followed by the
Believers Church India Pathanamthitta, Kerala (Rs 190.05 crore) and Rural
Development Trust, Ananthpur, Andhra Pradesh, (Rs 144.39 crore).
Blatant Christian conversions have been carried out in huge numbers in southern states
especially Andhra Pradesh under the regime of YSR and in North East many states are
entirely Christian.
How Evangelism made Andhra an economic, cultural and spiritual ruin | IndiaFacts
Page on newindianexpress.com
There was a wild rise in the number of dubious NGOs after the Tamil Nadu Tsunami and
enormous conversions to Christianity were done. The church did not even spare the
Tsunami Victims as hordes of Fisherman and people belonging to backward and poor
sections were converted to Christianity in the name of relief.
2004 Tsunami triggered a wave of dubious NGOs - The Times of India
Why no Outrage over Conversion of Tsunami Victims?
In the Congress regime of Sonia Gandhi the "Soul Harvesting" propaganda of the Vatican
was given a free run in India.
One must read the books "Breaking India" by Rajiv Malhotra and
"Harvesting our Souls" by Arun Shourie to know about the depth of this
It is not hidden that Wahabism of Saudi Arabia and other Oil Rich Islamic
countries pumps in Millions of Petro-Dollars only for the purpose of
Islamization of India.
These severe change in Population Demographics have historically destroyed nations.
1. The Partition of our nation was based on Islamic/Muslim Separatism.
2. Sudan was destroyed by the same reason due to fight between Christians and
3. Problems in Kashmir arose due to Islamic Separatism.
4. Afghanistan which was once a Bastion of Hindu Buddhist Civilization has no Hindus
and Buddhists left. Same with the persecution of Minorities in the Islamic Republic of
Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Demographic changes lead to all kinds of religious, ethnic and racial conflicts and the
latest population census does not project a very good picture.

NGOs in India Halting Development Work

According to the report of IB the "activism" of NGOs leads to a loss of 2% to 3% of India's
GDP and causes harm to development work.

The losses occur in Infrastructure, Energy Projects, Roads, Coal Mines etc. and you can
see these NGOs always up in arms.
India is an energy starved nation and in the coming years will be needing severe energy
and infrastructure boost. To halt this NGOs are been used to oppose these developments.
The IB report addressed to PMO, heads of joint intelligence committee and R&AW,
national security council secretariat (NSCS), coal and power secretaries, home minister,
finance minister and Cabinet secretary, and signed by IB joint director Safi A Rizvi
alleges that the "areas of action" of the foreign-funded NGOs include anti-nuclear, anticoal and anti-Genetically Modified Organisms protests. Apart from stalling mega
industrial projects including those floated by POSCO and Vedanta, these NGOs have also
been working to the detriment of mining, dam and oil drilling projects in north-eastern
India, it adds.
Foreign-funded NGOs stalling development: IB report - The Times of India
Greenpeace and other NGOs threat to nation's economy, IB report warns - The Times of
The congress was used as a shield by these NGOs to carry out their Anti-National agenda
or was it a team work of both?
Foreign NGOs used Rahul as protector
While I agree that unhindered and mindless industrialization must be checked but this is
also a reality that any Human development comes at a cost.
Recently a Greenpeace activist Priya Pillai was detained by the immigration department
as she was going to London for gathering support through the British Parliament. Many
NGOs lobby in the western countries like US to get funds and these are Indians. These
people are actually the agents of the developed countries and through them they
propagate their Human right violation and anti-environment agenda.
What right does UK or US has over India? How come these NGO workers are pushing
with all their might to bring India under the "jurisdiction" of the west?
The Anti-National agenda of theirs stands exposed.
What stuns me is that these are the same countries which have destroyed Iraq and
Afghanistan on flimsy grounds of Terrorism and chemical weapons. The US, UK and
other NATO forces killed millions of people in these countries. Western nations have
racial problems in their lands despite being the least diverse in cultures, religions,
traditions, ethnicity and have a past which is based on Genocides.
And our NGO activists for getting money make them lecture India over
Human rights.

As far as environment is concerned so India right now has amongst the lowest Carbon
Footprint per capita and even in absolute terms it is less than the developed countries.
So why the lectures to India?
Carbon Footprint per Capita
One can see that India is at 1.2% which is way below the world average of 4.5% in terms
of Carbon footprint per capita.

Image Source: Page on theecologist.org

Carbon Footprint in absolute terms
In the below diagram of major powers of the world India has only 6% of carbon footprint
as compared to 23% of China.

Image Source: Global Emissions | Climate Change | US EPA

The agitations Kundankulam Atomic Power plant was done on similar grounds of
Human rights, Environment etc. and again dubious NGOs were involved in it.
8 out of 11 NGOs in that agitation were foreign funded and that raises the
question again that who in the western countries is so worried about India?
The answer is simple and that is to keep India underdeveloped by jeopardizing the
development projects.
Home Ministry probing role of US, Scandinavian NGOs near Kudankulam nuke plant
area: Narayanasamy
And the Kundankulam Protest had a religious twist to it too as the "Church" was also
involved in it through its "Soul Harvesting NGOs" which did not want the area to develop
so that their agenda of conversions can be completed.
Church role in Kudankulam protests merits wider probe - Firstpost

NGOs supporting Naxalites and the Naxal Movement

There have been cases uncovered where the agencies have suspected that NGOs are
supporting Naxalites and these are been used by Naxals to target Farmers and Tribals
who often give their land in land inquisitions for the setup of SEZs and other
development activities.
56 NGOs raising funds, cadres for naxals in state | Latest News & Updates at Daily News
& Analysis
This is a serious National security concern.

Creating Social Divides

Though this is not entirely related to NGOs but still deserves mentioning.
A well organized smear campaign against the Culture of India and especially to create a
divide between the Indian Male and Female is been carried out. The latest one been the
BBC Nirbhaya Documentary and BBC is known for its racial slurs against India.
I am not saying that India is perfect. We do have serious issues but we are also working
on them and the nation now is visibly concerned over issues of corruption, women
security, female infanticide and girl child education etc.
The western world is no doubt way ahead of us in Science and technology and even in
many fields related to society and other social platforms.
But we must also see:

The number of broken families and with divorce rates tearing the roofs.
Teenage pregnancies are now a serious issue.
Huge crime rates(The US leads the world in the largest civilian population in
India does not feature in top Homicide countries( This Country Has The
Highest Murder Rate In The World )

Social NGOs are now breaking the social structure by creating differences between
gender to break the family system of India. India is a country which is still extremely
poor and illiterate but due to very strong family structure we have a low crime rates and
even statistics show that India is the country amongst the lowest rapes(1.6 per 1000) and
the conviction rate is higher in India than developed countries(24.2%).
Below is a must read article:
Rape in India Why it becomes a worldwide story
I personally observed on the social media Indians abusing their country and
culture(Rape is not our culture!!) and many gullible ones fell into the BBC documentary

I repeat again that I am not denying that there are extreme social problems in India and
we need to do something about it.
But at the end it is our family structure that is keeping us intact and making
us go strong.
The dubious NGOs exactly want to break that. We cannot let them Succeed!!

How NGOs have literally toppled governments

In 2011 we saw in Libya how the Gaddafi regime was toppled by NATO forces.
Not that I am saying he is a good man BUT Libya now from being a prosperous and
happy country has been reduced to a country in ruins after "American Democracy,
Freedom and Human Rights". All of this was done for political interests and same was
done with Iraq by the false chemical weapon bullshit.
BUT there is also a deeper side to Gaddafi been toppled.
A Non Governmental Organization(Read NGO) called Libyan League for Human Rights
was involved in signing a petition from various NGOs(Around 70) over "Human Rights
violation" and gave it to the UN and it urged US and other power to take "action" on the
Libyan government.
Rest we all know is history.
Humanitarian Wars and Their NGO Foot-Soldiers
Libya and the Big Lie: Using Human Rights Organizations to Launch Wars
Also in Russia foreign funded NGOs have been wrecking havoc until Vladimir Putin(I
have immense admiration for this man) slapped these spurious NGOs.
In Russia many NGOs were working which had links with US and CIA. They were been
heavily funded by the US and were basically CIA sleeper cells. Needless to say they
wanted to destabilize Russia and recently Russia in the leadership of Vladimir Putin has
knocked out these NGOs by passing and using the "Russian Foreign Agent Law". See link
Putin signs bill allowing removal of NGOs from foreign agents list

Scenario in India
There is finally some serious crackdown on these messiahs of Human Rights and
environment in India. The Narendra Modi government is now cracking the whip on
these NGOs and recently cancelled license of 1142 Foreign funded NGOs which did not
file tax returns for 3 years consecutively.

Govt cancels licences of 1,142 NGOs - The Times of India

The Modi government is taking the right measures for the national security and integrity
by cracking the whip on these foreign funded NGOs. They have listed down all the antiIndia NGOs.
Narendra Modi govt cracks down on NGOs, prepares hitlist