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ISO 9001:2008 Internal Auditor &

ISO 9001:2015 Introductory Course
Course Objectives
At the end of this Training Programme, participants will be able to, among others:
Understand the reasons for Internal Quality Audit,
Understand the requirements for ISO 9001, latest Edition of 2008 as well
key changes made for ISO 9001:2015Ed based on Annex SL,
Be able to carry out the internal quality audit and use it productively within
organization improvement,
Be able to identify and conduct gap analysis using the new changes of the
standard requirements versus the current ISO 9001:2008Ed as to prepare
the organization for conversion audit by certification body, and
Be able to develop and write effective audit reports.

Course Outline
An overview of ISO 9001:2008Ed and a brief introduction to ISO 9001:2015Ed,
Understanding the Real Objectives of Internal Quality Auditing,
Possible Problem Areas and Key Focus when Auditing to ISO 9001,
The Internal Quality Audit Requirements the PDCA Cycle
Planning for Internal Audits, Checklist Development, Audit Execution
Process-based Approach vs the Procedures-based approach, Auditing
Processes and learning effective skill of auditing, and
Case-studies and workshops with Industrial Best Practices Sharing.

Why Choosing Zertifikat

We customize Sector-Specific Training module most relevant to your
industries understanding and exposure,
Our trainers came from Multi-Industries experiences as well as Certification
Body exposure, and
We value our clients via Z-CARE (Zertifikats Customer Affair Relationship
Excellence) programme to ensure our clients are in touch with us at any
point of time.

Who Should Attend

Internal Auditors, Quality Management Representatives, Practitioners, Lead
Auditors, Internal Audit Coordinators and Quality Professionals.

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