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Cross Creek High School

Chemistry Course Syllabus

Mr. Basile
Email Address: basilescience@gmail.com (my preferred way of contact) or
Website: basilescience.weebly.com
Remind: Text @basilechem to 81010 to sign up for reminders about important due date reminders in class
Course Description: Chemistry is an in depth, year long course in chemical principles that influence the
world around us. This course is a laboratory course that will teach lab safety, chemical awareness, and
other lab principles in addition to teaching state prescribed standards. Chemistry has a Student Learning
Objective Test at the conclusion of the year. All students are required to take the Student Learning
Objective. This is a required course that must be passed in order to meet graduation requirements.
Instructional Philosophy: At CCHS, we strive to provide a positive, challenging, safe environment that
promotes the development of motivated, respectful, life-long learners who will be well prepared to
succeed in a rapidly changing society. We also believe in the importance of the application of effective
communication skills and believe that we all faculty, parents, and students are an active learning
community. I personally believe that an education will empower my students to be self-sufficient citizens.
As in the school motto, I believe we are creating tomorrow successes today!
Major Course Goals: The major goal of this course is mastery of the GPS standards prescribed by the
state for this course which include the following:
Major Course Goals:

Major Concepts/ Skills:

Classifications of Matter
Atomic Theory/Configuration
Chemical Reactions Writes
Law of Conservation of Matter
Empirical/Molecular Formula
Kinetic Molecular Theory/Phase Changes
Gas Laws
Acid/Base Chemistry

Characteristics of Science
Records investigations clearly and accurately Uses
scientific tools
Interprets graphs, tables, and charts
Writes clearly
Uses proper units
Organizes data into graphs, tables, and charts
Analyzes scientific data via calculations and
Uses models
Asks quality questions
Uses technology
Uses safety techniques
Recognizes the importance of explaining data with
precision and accuracy

This course will teach these GPS standards:

SC1: Students will analyze the nature of matter and its classifications.
SC2: Students will relate how the Law of Conservation of Matter is used to determine chemical
composition in compounds and chemical reactions.
SC3: Students will use the modern atomic theory to explain the characteristics of atoms.
SC4: Students will use the organization of the Periodic Table to predict properties of elements.
SC5: Students will understand that the rate at which a chemical reaction occurs can be affected by
changing concentration, temperature, or pressure and the addition of a catalyst.
SC6: Students will understand the effects motion of atoms and molecules in chemical and physical
SC7: Students will characterize the properties that describe solutions and the nature of acids and bases.
Major Course Projects: Laboratory experiences are a major part of this course and we will have several
benchmark labs throughout the year. In addition to the labs each student will be required to participate in
the science fair. The Richmond County Board of Education requires all high school students to do a
science fair project. Science fair projects are due December 15th, 2015. Students may work individually
or work as a group (no more than 3 students per group). More information will be given to students at a
later date. These labs and projects will give students ample opportunity to demonstrate what they should
know and be able to do for the course.
Course Assessment Plan/ Grading Scale: This course will include many formative assessments (PAR
tests) and labs. The course will also include several countywide common assessments such as a Student
Learning Objective (SLO) taken at the end of the course. There will be a final exam for this course which
will count for 20% of the course grade, For this course grades will be assigned as follows:
Participation 10%
Daily work 20%
Labs 30%
Tests (Projects, Assessments) 40%
Students will be REQUIRED to do a science fair project.
Classroom Policies: In addition to doing your work and following RCBOE rules and regulations. 1.
Please respect yourself, others, and school property!
2. Please follow the procedures of the class.
3. Make good decisions.
4. Accept the consequences of your actions.
Any disruptive behavior will result in:
a.) verbal warning and a call home to parents
b.) verbal warning, call home, and detention (Wednesday Afternoon)
c.) discipline referral

Preparation: Each day you will be expected to have each of the following in class: #2 pencil or pen, and
notebook. You may not leave class to go to your locker to get supplies once class has begun.
Tardiness: Each day when the bell rings for class to begin, all students should be seated in their desk with
materials ready to begin. After the tardy bell, no student will be admitted without a pass. At the end of the
period, please do not begin to pack up your belongings while I am still teaching.
Pass Rule: No student will be allowed to leave the classroom during the first or last fifteen minutes of
class period except when called for by an administrator. To be excused from class you must have your
hall passes.
Make-up Work:
Attendance: Perfect attendance is a virtue! Participation in this class is mandatory(part of your daily
grade) and essential to student success. It is difficult to participate when you are not present. In case of an
absence, it is the students responsibility to make-up all work. Students will have 5 school days after an
excused absence to make-up work. Students must make arrangements with me to schedule time to
makeup work.
Class Page: Please check my website for any missing work, all graded assignments will be posted in a
dropbox link, as well as lecture slides, extra credit assignments and other valuable resources for this
Class Supplies and Materials:
3 ring binder, Spiral Notebook, or Composition notebook specifically for Biology
Pens (Blue or Black) and pencils
Scientific Calculator (this is really important!!!!)
If there is any problems with obtaining these materials please contact me and we will work something
Contact Info/Extra Help: I can be reached by email at the top of the first page.This class has a website that
gives up to date, real time assignments at basilescience.weebly.com. I will be posting all the work, and
lecture slides to this website so students who miss a day or misplace work can go online to find
replacements. I do offer extra help for any struggling students and set up tutoring with the students
individually or with their parents. Please call or email me with any of your questions.