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The free Newspaper around Grafenwoehr Training Area

u t s c h e r Teil
De n
Nr. 8 Issue 02/2010 grafenwoehr.com Newspaper www.grafenwoehr.com
100th Anniversary of Training Area

Netzaberg Housing Area near Eschenbach Photo: Museum Grafenwoehr

Article by week will be the grand tattoo of the

Susanne Bartsch German Army and a festive retreat
of the US Army on Wednesday, June
GRAFENWOEHR, Germany - 30 on the training area’s parade field.
Grafenwoehr Training Area will
celebrate its 100th anniversary on The week of events will end with the
June 30, 2010. Therefore, the city of city of Grafenwoehr’s citizens’ fest on
Grafenwoehr, the US Army’s Joint July 3 and 4 and the US Army’s fes-
Multinational Training Command, Logo: Michael Beaton tivities and fireworks celebrating the
the US Army Garrison Grafenwoehr, American Independence Day on July
the Office of the German Military The week of events will start on Sunday, 4. More details will be announced later.
Representative and the Federal Forest June 27 with a concert in the city park For information, please also go to www.
Office Grafenwoehr will host a week and the opening of a special exhibition grafenwoehr.de and www.grafenwoehr.
of excieting events from June 27 to at the Culture – and Military Muse- army.mil.
July 4, 2010. um Grafenwoehr. The highlight of the Photos: Museum (4)/ Stadt Grafenwöhr (1)

Every Saturday 50.000 € Gtd Texas AM ACK READ NE
Freezeout Tournament 16 p.m TEX RICAN JAC
+ Cash Games Every Day
Hotline: +49 175 358 08 44
King‘s Casino • Rozvadov 7 • 34806 Rozvadov • Czech Republic • Border crossing Waidhaus
2 Regensburg

Regensburg: UNESCO world heritage since 2006

Story and Photo by berg and Augsburg. The city is the • The theater at Bismarck Square is used for more than 20 years. Literary
Editorial department seat of the Roman-Catholic bishop the city theater with a main audito- and modern theater performances are
of the diocese Regensburg, has three rium and the Neuhaus Hall. Operas, mainly staged here.
universities and is one of 23 Bavarian operettas, musicals, theater and ballet
Regensburg (lat. Castra Regina: camp metropolitan areas. performances are shown in the two- • In the Turmtheater in the Goliath-
at the Regen river – named after the hundred year-old, three-tier, 519 seat haus theater performances, light co-
Roman camp founded in 179 AD) is Culture and Sights theater. Symphony concerts of the Re- medy, stand-up comedy, musical and
a non-county municipality in Eas- Regensburg has 1,500 buildings that gensburg Philharmonic Orchestra are theater productions for children are
tern Bavarian. It is the capital of the are protected monuments. 984 of them performed in the Neuhaus Hall. shown.
Oberpfalz region and the seat of the form the historic center of the old town
Government of the Oberpfalz and the known as “Altstadt mit Stadtamhof,“ • Originally, the Theater in the Velo- Additionally, there are a number of
county commissioner of Regensburg ((old Town with Stadtamhof ) which drome was used as an alternate location small theaters. Among them the puppet
County. was named a UNESCO world heritage during the renovation of the theater theater in the city park, the Regensburg
in 2006. but continues to be used for musical, Farmers‘ Theater at the Hubertushöhe
Since July 13, 2006 Regensburg’s old ballet and theater performances. The restaurant, the STATT-Theater (come-
town with the Stadtamhof district is Regensburg has a theater that offers a Velodrome has room for 620 visitors. dy theater), the University Theater and
part of the UNESCO world heritage. program mix of opera, operetta, mu- the Open Theater Regensburg.
In 2008, the city had 133.525 resi- sical, theater and ballet performances. • The Theater at Haidplatz is a so-called
dents and was the fourth largest city The ensemble performs at various lo- studio stage in the Thon-Dittmer- Museums
in Bavaria following Munich, Nürn- cations around the city. Palace with 138 seats that has been Regensburg offers a variety of museum
operated by various owners. The city
operates the Historic Museum located
at the Dachauplatz next to the Mino-
rite Church. The old town hall is the
home of the Reichstagsmuseum. Its
main attraction is the medieval torture
chamber and the Reichssaal, where
the permanent government assembly
Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab met. Other museums are the Kep-
Investing, building and living in the “City of Lead Crystal“ lergedächtnishaus (Kepler Memorial
House) and the city gallery “Leerer
In Neustadt you can find everything you need for
dwelling, living and working:
Industrial area “Gramau“ Beutel“ which is also the home of the
Regensburg Jazz Club. Newly added
Large, undivided industrial lots with
were the “document Neupfarrplatz“
Day nursery - Child care facilities - after-school care direct access to Autobahn A-93
Elementary- and Middle School -School for students with special about the synagogue and the former
needs – Jewish section of town.
Home Economics School – High School Housing area “Rumpler II“
Leisure and Recreation park –Camp ground – Indoor Pool - City Fully developped plots of land at a
The Regensburg diocese operated the
Library – City Museum – Abbey St. Felix - St. Georg’s Church beautiful location museums of the diocese which are
County Administration Office made up of the Domschatzmuseum,
Factory Outlet for lead crystal Living in the Old Town the Diözesanmuseum Obermünster
Direct access to Autobahn A-93 (Regensburg –Berlin) Houses for renovation, apartments, of- and the museum St. Ulrich. The Free
and A-6 (Nürnberg –Prag) fice buildings Financial support through State of Bavaria operates a branch of
Train station (final stop of railroad line from Nürnberg
state development programs the Bavarian National Museums in
to Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab) the museum at St. Emmeram Pala-
Contact: Stadtverwaltung Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab • Stadtplatz 2 • 92660 Neustadt a.d.Waldnaab ce, the cloister of St. Emmeram, the
Phone: 09602-9434-0 • E-Mail: poststelle@neustadt-waldnaab.de festive rooms and the princely

www.grafenwoehr.com June 2010 • grafenwoehr.com

Regensburg 3

Left: Steinerne Brücke

and Dom of Regensburg

Karsten Dörre, H.Locher

stables museum (Thurn and Taxis famous soloists such as Anne-Sophie regularly: twice a year – at the begin- The largest sports event in Regens-
Museum). Mutter to Regensburg. Since 2003, ning of May and the end of August – burg is the Regensburg Marathon on
the Regensburg Schlossfestspiele are Regensburg’s residents meet for their Sunday after Ascension Day. More
Other museums are the Art Forum hosted in July in the courtyard of the Volksfest, the so-called Regensburger than1,000 runners compete in the
Ostdeutsche Galerie, the Museum Thurn und Taxis Palace. They continue Dult. The citizens’ fest in old town is marathon and more than 3,000 run-
of Natural Sciences Eastern Bavaria, to gain more and more fame in Sou- hosted every two years on a three-day ners in the half-marathon. It is one of
the reptiles‘ zoo in Burgweinting (see thern Germany and more and more weekend in summer and regularly at- the twenty largest city marathons in
Burgweinting-Harting for more infor- stars such as the famous tenor Rolando tracts more than 100,000 visitors. Germany. The Regensburg Triathlon is
mation), the Danube Shipping Muse- Villazon are part of the program. held on the second Sunday in August
um at Trinity Church, the museum of The nine-day-long Danube Exhibition offering a short distance and a so-called
the regional hospital, the Regensburg Modern music, especially jazz, is per- (DONA) with many special exhibi- everyman’s distance.
observatory as well as museum ope- formed in the summer during the an- tions is also hosted every two years at
rated by private owners such as the nual Bavarian Jazz Weekend. More the end of March/beginning of Ap- The Arber Bike Marathon takes more
Brückturmmuseum, the clock museum, than 100 different bands, combos and ril. On the second weekend in July, than 6,000 bikers on distances up to
the golf museum, the postal museum soloists perform on a three-day-week- knights, artists and musicians meet at 250 kilometers from Regensburg into
and the Dinoraeum. end in the summer at various locations the so-called Regensburger Specta- the Bayerischer Wald forest and back
around town. The jury of the Bavarian culum, a medieval market under the on the last Sunday in July.
Music Jazz Institutes guarantees a high mu- arches of the Steinerne Brücke Bridge
Regensburg has a very active music sical standard. The Regensburg Days on the Jahninsel Island. The local dia-
scene. The Regensburger Domspatzen of School Theater take place during lect festival MundArt is hosted every
Choir is known around the world. Old three weeks in June and approximately June in Stadtamhof. Honorary
music is celebrated every year with the 20 school theaters show their plays. Citizens
“Days of Old Music “ festival. They There is also the Open-Air-Cinema of The Christmas markets take place
combine historic ways of performing the movie theaters in old town. Over in December. A special attraction is
with concerts at historic locations in a period of several weeks, current and the Christkindlmarkt. For 19 years,
Regensburg. Regensburg also offers se- classical movies and blockbusters from the Jahninselfest has been hosted in
ries of classic concerts at international the previous years are shown. June and has become a youth culture
standard. Especially the Odeon Con- festival with live music, artists‘ perfor-
certs in the auditorium of the university Regular Events mances and a children program that is
take international orchestras like the Regensburg’s cultural life offers vari- well-known throughout the Oberpfalz
London Philharmonic Orchestra or ous outstanding events that take place region.

KristAll lAng
The Crystal spezialist Store in neustadt
Pope Benedict XVI
A fantastic choice of crystal to extra attractive prices
Photo: Fabio Pozzebom

Among the most famous honorary

citizens of Regensburg are Pope
OPENING HOURS: Benedict XVI., a former professor
MO-FR 09.00 AM – 6.00 PM at the University of Regensburg,
SA 09.00 AM - 3.00 PM the former Bavarian Minister Pre-
Freyung 35 • 92660 Neustadt • sident Franz Josef Strauß and the
phone 09602-2981 former Minister President Alfons
email: kristall-lang@t-online.de
Goppel who was born in Regens-
Always special Offers
June 2010 • grafenwoehr.com www.grafenwoehr.com

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TKSShop Grafenwöhr
Bldg. 700, Wilburg Avenue
Open Mon-Sat 10:00-20:00, Sun 11:00-18:30 www.tkscable.com
Regensburg 5

The Walhalla: Commemorating famous Germans

Story by
Editorial department

“May Walhalla foster and strengthen

the German mind! May all Germans,
regardless of whatever tribe they be-
long to, always feel that they have
a common fatherland, a fatherland
they can be proud of, and everybody
may contribute to its glory as much
as he can.“

Ludwig himself published a descrip-

tion of “Walhalla‘s Fellows,“ which
Heinrich Heine ridiculed as the “Wal-
hall scrap of paper“ when he criticized
that Luther was missing who had not
been inducted into the Walhalla when
it was opened. The bust of the refor-
mer, whose translation of the Bible
had shaped the German language, had
already been completed in 1831, but
was not inducted until 1847.
A picture of the “Walhalla“ and Donau from 1900. Photo: wikipedia.org
Ludwig resigned in the revolutionary
year 1848 in favor of his son Maximili- kingdom and later the Free State of
an II. mainly because of his affair with Bavaria.
Lola Montez. The opening ceremony
had been held in a frugal manner and Ludwig died in 1868, in-between the
so were the inductions that followed foundation of the North German Uni-
o o d p rice for
and were personally attended by King on and the expansion of the North G f amily
a n d
Ludwig such as the last one he atten- German Union into the German Reich
ded in 1866 when Beethoven was in- as a result of the French war against
ducted. During that year, his grandson the German states.
Ludwig II. had already ascended the
throne, the 80 year-old Ludwig had to The Bavarian monarchy experienced
witness how the German Fratricidal a crisis because King Ludwig II. and
War put an end to the German Union King Otto I. were considered mentally
after half-a-century. ill and represented by Prince Regent
Luitpold. The first new induction after
He had already bequeathed the Wal- the death of the founder took place
halla to “Germany, my great fatherland“ 22 years later and honored Ludwig Neue Amberger Straße 46 • 92655 Grafenwoehr
in 1862 but had added that if the Ger- himself. “The thankful people“ honor
man Union were to be dissolved, the “Ludwig, King of Bavaria“ with a large
Opening hours:
Tue - Sat: 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 14 p.m. - 18 p.m.
ownership would go to Bavaria with statue. Sunday and Monday closed cOrner
the limitation that “if a union were to
unite Germany again at a later time,
the Walhalla would become the pro-
perty of Germany again.“

This was never implemented. The

Walhalla remained a property of the


June 2010 • grafenwoehr.com www.grafenwoehr.com


Amberg: A modern town with an old tradition

Story and Photo by

City of Amberg

A delightful experience!
”Opposites attract”. Amberg is a li-
ving example of this proverb. With
its almost thousand years of history
and before its impressive, historical
backdrop, the town of Amberg has
entered the new millennium as a mo-
dern shopping and service centre with a
broad range of cultural events. Modern
and traditional features are closely in- The “Stadtbrille“
tertwined, forming a harmonious entity
which provides excellent quality of life. Visit the most impressive buildings: is accommodated in a former church. ping during the day. You will be pleased
No wonder that living and working in the ”Alte Veste”, the new castle and Its varied programme invites visitors by the personal shopping atmosphere
this place are as pleasant as taking a the ”Zeughaus” (today, both buildings to remarkable performances and con- of the small, but refined specialist shops
holiday here. Amberg is worth a visit accommodate the rural district council certs. Here, premieres take place at and boutiques in the old town centre.
- you’ll see! offices), the ”Klösterl” and the ”Re- regular intervals; here, renowned casts This wide range is completed by big
gierungskanzlei” (seat of the office of and artists meet. But Amberg has even department stores both in and around
Looking with amazement the government’s chancellor, where more to offer with regards to culture: the old part of the town.
One of the most famous and beauti- today the Regional Court is located). in July, when the ”Summer Festival”
ful landmarks of Amberg is the ”town As the term “Regierungskanzlei” offers its varied programme including One of the biggest German glass ma-
spectacles” - a water gate construc- suggests, Amberg was the seat of the cabaret shows and jazz, you can enjoy nufacturers is based in Amberg and
tion spanning the Vils River, which government of the ”Upper Palatinate” art events outdoors. A sophisticated has a factory shop. It is located on an
formerly served to fortify the town for many years. This era of the town on choice of films also caters to the movie industrial estate on the edge of the
and to connect the new castle to the the Vils River, who owed its prosperity fan community. Plus, there are events town, together with a number of other
armoury (”Zeughaus”). Next to it, the to ore-mining and the salt trade, ended in the Amberg Congress Centre, high- shops. A host of restaurants, cafés or
town wall encircling the ancient centre in 1810. You will learn a lot more from powered literature in the town library bistros in the town are waiting for you
with a double fortification, its towers town guides who will be pleased to and excellent exhibitions in the town to relax and dine there during or after
and gates, the Gothic town hall with show you the old and the new Amberg. museum the prehistoric museum and your shopping tour. And in the evening,
its renaissance wing, mighty churches the unique air-museum. many pubs and clubs await you.
and many other historical buildings Experiencing and enjoying culture
are characteristic of the unique image One of the sights of Amberg is the Shopping and feasting There are four subterranean parking
of the town. town theatre (”Stadttheater”), which Modern Culture in the evening, shop- areas and two multi-storey car

Enjoy Amberg by
day and by night -
sleep at

Amberg genießen -
entspannen im

 
 
 
 

Batteriegasse 3 • 92224 Amberg

 
Phone: 09621-4970 • info@hotel-brunner.de
www.hotel–brunner.de 

www.grafenwoehr.com June 2010 • grafenwoehr.com

Amberg 7

parks on the edge of the town cen-

tre as well as many short time parking
lots in the ”Amberger Ei”, which the
inner town is called affectionately due
to its oval - egg-like - shape, shortening
routes and rendering shopping even
more attractive. Moreover, the Amberg
City Bus provides a well-functioning
means of public transport.

Recreation and activities

Just outside the town gates, paths
and green areas are ideally suited for
walking. Directly behind the ”town
spectacles”, lies the enormous acreage
of the Land garden exhibition of 1996
which has been retained largely as a
recreational area within immediate
reach of the town.

Apart from this area south of the inner

town, the so-called 3 herb meadow
north of it (near the almost continuous
circular town moat) and the ”Maria-
hilfberg” with its pilgrimage church
and its large forest, are available for

Here is where the legendary mountain

festival takes place in late June, early The City hall of Amberg at night on the Altstadtfest 2006.
July which, together with the town
festival in June, the ”Dult” - a big fair
at Whitsuntide and in the autumn -
prove that the Amberg people know
how to celebrate. Join them!

Many traditional festivals around

Amberg also have their place on the
calendar. Here you will come across a
landscape ideal for rambling, between
the Jura Mountains and the Upper
Palatinate forest. And those who prefer
biking to hiking will appreciate the
well-developed network of cycle paths,
including the Five-River Cycle-Path
which connects Amberg to Nuremberg
and Regensburg.

Further leisure-time pursuits are pro-

vided by an indoor leisure pool, an
open-air swimming pool, a crazy-golf
course and – in the centre of a spacious
sports centre – an ice sports arena.
The 2006 festival for kids in Amberg.

Stamps R. Wolf Coins and Stamps

estd. 1966

Stamps R. Wolf • Unterer Markt 17 • 92655 Weiden • Phone 0 961 / 4 24 23

June 2010 • grafenwoehr.com www.grafenwoehr.com

8 Windischeschenbach

Top: The maypole in Windischeschenbach

Left: Youth conference house “Stüzelvilla“

Taste a “Zoigl“ beer in Windischeschenbach

Story and Photo by Western part of the Oberpfalz region. that is fascinating. It is not surprising that Zoigl is served. With 14 Zoigl
City of Windischeschenbach In 1952, during the celebration of the that the award winning hiking trail guest houses, Windischeschenbach
town’s 1000th anniversary, the market “Goldsteig“ runs directly through the with its subdivision of Neuhaus is the
Windischeschenbach, city of Eschenbach received its city Waldnaab Valley. “capital of Zoigl beer.“ Guests and local
Germany - The 1000-year-old city rights. residents meet here in an unsurpassed
of Windischeschenbach with its 5,300 Capital of Zoigl beer cozy atmosphere to talk, make music,
residents is idyllically located at the W ild and romantic Waldnaab One of the most special experiences or to simply enjoy themselves while
entrance to the wild and romantic Valley here is a visit to one of the many cozy drinking “half of a Zoigl“ and eating a
Waldnaab Valley. In the middle of Hikers, bikers and everybody who is a Zoigl beer guest houses. Zoigl is not hearty snack made of local specialties.
the 10th century, during the reign friend of nature can enjoy the pristine brewed in a regular brewery but in
of Otto the Great, the tribe of the nature of the nature protection area a “communal brewery“ which is ow- Culture- and vacation town
Bavarians reached the area around Waldnaab Valley on 130 kilometers ned and maintained by the citizens Windischeschenbach
Windischeschenbach and were the of well-developed hiking – and biking that have the right to brew Zoigl. The Culturally, Windischeschenbach has a
first to settle there. paths. Here, you can find a piece of Zoigl brewers alternate in selling this lot to offer. Whether it is the Futura 87
untouched nature far away from the beer specialty from Friday to Monday, stage that famous stand-up comedians
Until 1424, Windischeschenbach was noise of the roads. some until Tuesday, in their Zoigl guest often use for a sneak-preview of their
called Eschenbach. The addition „Win- houses. new program, or the Schafferhof in
disch,“ which means located towards Over the course of millions of years, the subdivision of Neuhaus. Concerts
Wendenland (Bohemia), was added nature has formed rock formations, A “Zoigl star,“ mostly a hexagonal star and exhibitions take place regularly
to be able to distinguish the city from granite blocks and a unity made up of made of wood is hanging from the and year-round in the former farm
the city of Eschenbach, located in the forest, water and a vital animal world dormer window to let everybody know buildings of Neuhaus Castle.

One should also not forget the free

summer concerts in the park of the
Stützelvilla which was built around
1880 and today is a modern youth


Bathing pleasure for the whole family ADMISSIONS Phone: 09641-91111
Single and ten cards can be bought at the box
Single ticket Ten ticket Annual ticket
office of the Waldbad. Who wants to use the
Waldbad all season, for the annual ticket cost-
Adult 2,30 Euro 21,00 Euro 53,00 Euro Current offers available
effective alternative.
in our office.
Youth 1,80 Euro 16,00 Euro 42,00 Euro
Season tickets are in the city treasury Grafen-
Kids 1,10 Euro 8,50 Euro 21,00 Euro
woehr, Marktplatz 24, 1 floor receivable.
Information (Waldbad), Phone: 09641/2006
Family 63,00 Euro

Opening hours (Middle May till middle September)

Mon. - Fri. 10.00 a.m. – 20.00 p.m. • Sat., Sun. and public holiday: 9.00 a.m. – 20.00 p.m.• August: 9.00 a.m. – 20.00 p.m.
At bad weather, during temperatures below 18 degrees, the bath is only open from 17.30 p.m. till 19.00 p.m.

www.grafenwoehr.com June 2010 • grafenwoehr.com

Windischeschenbach 9

conference facility. On the open

air stage, in the shadow of the castle, a
group of lay actors and actresses stage
their plays in July. This year they will
perform the play “The Burnt Punch.“

Neuhaus Castle with the

Waldnaab Valley Museum
The Waldnaab Valley Museum is loca-
ted in the historic rooms of Neuhaus
Castle which dates back to the 13th
century. Here, you can inform yourself
about the natural and economic history
of Windischeschenbach and the sur-
rounding area. The museum provides
a multifaceted and interesting look
into the natural and economic history
of Windischeschenbach and the sur-
rounding area. Every year, changing
special exhibitions are shown. This A tradional “Zoigl“ beer garden in Windischeschenbach
year, the “Eschaweka“ artisans show
their impressive works of art. The as- continental drill hole, the highest con- Johannisthal offer vacationers comfor-
cent to the observation deck on the tinental drilling tower in the world, a table and affordable accommodations.
Butterfass Tower of Neuhaus Castle complete set of drilling equipment for
is rewarded with a terrific view across deep drilling, the photovoltaic buil- The camp site “Schweinmühle,“ idylli-
Windischeschenbach and all the way ding of the GEO-Laboratory used for cally located in the Fichtelnaab valley
to the Fichtelgebirge mountains. geo-scientific experiments, the GEO- and the camp mobile parking lot at the
Movie Theater, scientific lectures and outdoor pool and at the Schafferhof
W indischeschenbach outdoor general lectures about geology and the are available as well.
pool geology of the KTB.
Visitors find rest and relaxation at the Windischeschenbach is conveniently
heated outdoor pool which features a A large variety of accommodations located with direct access to Auto-
large pool for swimmers and an equally Cozy three-star hotels and guest bahn A-93, Regensburg – Weiden –
spacious pool for non-swimmers. Pa- houses, five-star apartments, a youth Hof. Windischeschenbach can also be
rents can relax in the caringly designed conference center and the retreat at reached by train. GEO-Center at the continental drill hole
baby and toddler area which is protec-
ted by awnings and features a toddler
pool and a playground.
The large sunbathing area, free deck
chairs and umbrellas, table tennis
tables, a volleyball court and a cozy
cafeteria complete the offers.

GEO-Center at the Continental Reinwaldstr.15 – 92690 Pressath

Drill hole (KTB) Phone 09644/416 – Fax 09644/6202
The GEO-Center at the KTB in Win- Implementation of old and new painting techniques! Email info@malerbetrieb-schiffmann.de
discheschenbach is a modern environ-
mental information site. Here, geolo-
gists drilled a 9,101 meter deep hole in

Every N
to the geological formation of the Up-
per Palatine earth crust. At this world- – painting
– wall-papering a
famous location of geological research,
– spray-painting
the GEO-Center at the KTB offers a
wide variety of information to inclu- – lettering
de the movie “Expedition Earth,“ the
permanent exhibition “System Earth“, – scaffolding
the archive of drill samples from the – thermal insulation composite
– side-painting
– Paint, wallpapers, floor coverings
and equipment

– Room decoration with various color

schemes and painting techniqusand
tromps d‘oeil

– Construction of exclusive foil and

linen ceilings in old and new homes

The theater group “Feuerzangenbowle“ Owner Birgit Schiffmann - Painter and Varnisher

June 2010 • grafenwoehr.com www.grafenwoehr.com

10 Health

Discover the secret of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care

Story by
Annegret Panzer intellectual activities. It is a phase of
new beginnings, in which social life
plays an increasingly important role.
The skin possesses its own powers Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Serum and
of nurture and regeneration and Regenerating Day Cream are the ideal
skin care products should support products for mature skin. Dr. Hauschka
these functions. This is what makes Intenive Treatments round off the basic
Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products care for mature skin which has become
unique. unbalanced and needs a normalising
stimulus. The result: an incomparably
The skinís natural activities can be healthy radiance.
undermined by the sun, wind and
other factors. Dr. Hauschka Skin A facial mask And donít forget: Itís summertime!
Care products reinvigorate them. They Intensive care for a long-lasting tan
strengthen the skinís own healthy pro- pillar of the WALA company, along- day our experiences enrich and enhance from Dr. Hauschka. The After -Sun
cesses and rhythms and give protec- side the WALA medicines, and today us. As we age, life experiences help us Lotion contains skin-soothing extracts
tion against external influences. All has enthusiastic users in 30 countries. to become self-assured and confident. of ice-plant for refreshing and relaxing
Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products have You will find: Day & Night Care, Eye We begin to exude poise, dignity and skin after sun exposure.
been recognised with the certificaton Care, Lip Care, Intensive Care. Holistic a vivaciousness that many younger
mark ìKontrollierte Naturkosmetikî Body & Hair Care, Menís Care, Mo- women can only admire. Becoming You will get all products of Dr. Hausch-
ñ Certified Natural Cosmetics ñ the ther & Child. Decorative Cosmetics older has other advantages. The fact ka and a wide range of further natural
quality seal of the German industry with wonderful colours... and the new that our energy levels shift as we age cosmetics at Vita Verde, Obere Bach-
association BDIH. regenerating care range for mature skin: has positive aspects. Being less focused gasse 1, 92637 Weiden.
on the physical frees us up for more
In its 40 years of existence, Dr. Hausch- Timeless Beauty
ka Skin Care has become a second Beauty is not a question of age. Every

Natural Cosmetics
The Institute for aesthetic medicine Organic Supplements
and cosmetic surgery Obere Bachgasse 1 - 92637 Weiden - Phone: 0961 - 46838
The body is modeled through liposuction. Body fat
depots on the abdomen, hips and legs that are exercise-
resistant, can be systematically and gently removed The uniqueness of Dr. Hauschka
applying ultrasound. Skin Care with power of nature
and selected medicinal herbs.
Correction of the upper eye lid “opens the eye” Free of synthetic chemical
Face-lifting tightens COUPON
Cosmetic surgery to pick up Dr. Hauschka
Ambulatory liposuction Holistic care for family members.
Care Products Samples!
Face- and neck lifting
(expires end of June)
Cosmetic nose surgery
Otopexy / ear correction
Upper- and lower lid surgery

Laser treatment
Depilation of body hair Gynecologist Drs. med. H. Ponnath and D. Pollak
Anti-wrinkle treatment
Removal of spider veins PreGnancy care GynaecoloGy
Removal of tattoos
• blood- tests, fetal monitoring, ultra • pap-smears, colposcopies
Removal of skin alterations
sound, Doppler- ultrasound, • ultrasound of the lower pelvic
• non-stress-tests, stress-tests and breast
Facial injections with Botox and • therapy of preterm contractions • all gynaecological operations
hyaluronic acid to remove wrinkles • amniocentesis (abdo minal and vaginal)
• triple-test, quadruple-test, NT- • laparoscopies for all reasons
Acne treatment
screening • tubal ligations by laparoscopy
Medical peelings • test for gestational diabetes • breast surgery (biopsies,
Cellulite treatment • tests for perinatal infections cancer operations)
Lipolysis / Fat-removal injection • intravenously and oral
chemotherapy and immunotherapy:
Treatment of extreme perspiration
eg. Herceptin
• cancer-tests and postoperatively
ap 096

Ästhetic-Med GbR Phone: 0 92 31 / 661 552 cancer care

po 45

Dr. med. Margit Köhnlein-Rühl Fax: 0 92 31 / 661 553

in -5

Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Hermann Rühl Email: info@aestheticmed.net

tm 49

Nansenstr. 9 • 95615 Marktredwitz Internet: www.aestheticmed.net Marienplatz 44 and Hospital Eschenbach (Jahnstr.18) - 92676 Eschenbach

Phone: 0 96 45 - 54 9 or 0 96 45 - 85 71 0

www.grafenwoehr.com June 2010 • grafenwoehr.com


• pool for swimmers • pool for children

• pool for nonswimmers, hydromassage • diving towers
• beach volleyball • beach soccer
• 42m flume • lawn for sunbathing

In the summertirne you can visit Vilsecks outdoor swim- Beachparty: 18.06.2010 – 08.00 PM
ming pool which is located on top of a hill and is known Badfest: 08.08.2010 – 10.00 PM
as the „Höhenbad Vilseck“. The Höhenbad Vilseck is one
of the best located pools in the area and you can enjoy
comfortable water temperature. CONTACT
phone 09662 / 422681 - Fax 422687
OPENING HOURS Werkvolksiedlung 19
In good weather daily open from 9.00 till 20.00 hrs., last 92249 Vilseck
entry at 19.00 hrs..
In bad weather conditions the pool opens from 9.00 till
10.00 hrs. and from 18.00 till 19.00 hrs. for swimming.
n w OEh r g riffins
THE Grafe
e r i c a n f o otball
A m

The Grafenwoehr Griffins train at the Sportpark Grafenwoehr. The team members with their new jerseys.

Are you ready for football? - The “Graf“Griffins

Story and Photo by „It is important to build up the sport rules, the teams in Bavaria are broken Both coaches speak English and Ger-
of American football in the Oberpfalz. down into four divisions, each higher man.
Marco Weissenborn
Too many people only watch football than the other: (lowest to highest) Auf-
on TV and miss out on everything bau, Verbands, Bayern and Regional. For complete details on getting in-
GRAFENWOEHR, Germany - that goes on around the game and the Then there are two national divisions: volved, a schedule, or to request more
Missing your football kick? Middle of electricity of the game itself. We want information, send an e-mail to info@
spring and the nearest game in sight to bring that experience to the public. 2nd German and 1st German Bundes- grafenwoehr-griffins.de, or call 0178-
is August on TV? Well, the Grafen- liga. The Aufbau Division (where the 8091925 (Mr. Weissenborn), or 0173-
woehr Griffins football team can help. Go out and have fun with your fami- Griffins start this season) is for newly 6875400 (Coach Miller).
ly, tailgating before a game and then formed teams, with special adminis-
„We see it as a chance to introduce the watch your (temporary) hometown trative rules to assist new teams and
ultimate team sport to the German team play in the afternoon. Stadium make it easier for them to start and
populace, build new friendships with announcer, grilled food, cold beer, soda become established.
our American neighbors and create pop for the kids, face painting, cheering Schedule 2010
a sporting atmosphere for the whole for your team and after game parties Starting at the Verband Division, the
family” says Marco Weissenborn, presi- at the team bar (Yanni’s Bar in Gra- 1st place team at the end of the season **04.07. Grafenwoehr Griffins vs
dent of the American Football Depart- fenwoehr). advances into the next division. In Neu Ulm Barracudas
ment of the Grafenwoehr Sports Club. the Bayern Division and higher, the
“That is a part of the American culture 1st place team advances and the last **11.07. Grafenwoehr Griffins vs
The Grafenwöhr team, called the Grif- that we want to introduce to the Ger- place team drops down into the lower Passau Pirates
fins, was named after the legendary mans” says Coach James D. Miller, who division.
creature with the body of a lion and together with Coaches Brian Jansma *18.07. Bayreuth Dragons vs Gra-
the head and wings of an eagle. The and Ronnie Shakir are helping build The Griffins are actively searching for fenwoehr Griffins
lion is traditionally considered the king the Griffins up, around the philosophy players (both American and German)
of the beasts and the eagle the king of of family, discipline, athleticism and as well as position coaches (again, **25.07. Grafenwoehr Griffins vs
the birds. teamwork. American and German), that are in- Feldkirchen Lions
terested in taking part and willing to
The griffin embodies and represents for “Brian (Coach Jansma) had the idea to commit to the building of a long-term *08.08. Passau Pirates vs Grafen-
them the domination of the football form a new team in Grafenwoehr late program. woehr Griffins
field, both on the ground and in the air. last summer 2009. We had just finished
coaching another team in the area and ”It is not too late to join us, our season *05.09. Neu Ulm Barracudas vs
The Griffins, located just minutes away were looking for something new. starts on July 4th, so there is plenty of Grafenwoehr Griffins
from the Grafenwoehr post, right time to get into practice, meet new
by the outdoor swimming pool and Brian works on post and said that the friends and learn the system that our **19.09. Grafenwoehr Griffins vs
Jalisco’s Mexican Food restaurant, offer field and facilities were first class. All coaches are installing” says Weissen- Bayreuth Dragons
opportunities for everyone. of us were looking for a chance to start born.
a program that had our signature on *26.09. Feldkirchen Lions vs Gra-
There are volunteer positions in eve- it, so we got in contact with the SV Interested players or coaches can write fenwoehr Griffins
ry area of the sport; from players and Grafenwöhr and presented our idea to an e-mail to the head coach, James D.
coaches, equipment managers and even them. They liked it and gave us the ok Miller, at headcoach@grafenwoehr- * Home game Kick-off 3 p.m.
cheerleaders. “We offer something for to start it up.” griffins.de, or the Assistant head coach, ** Fans are welcome to ride with
everyone and every skill level if not, we Brian Jansma, at defensecoach@gra- the team bus to away games as
can find something,“ says Weissenborn. Structured differently then the leagues fenwoehr-griffins.de, or visit a practice. long as space is available.
in America, but played under NCAA

www.grafenwoehr.com June 2010 • grafenwoehr.com

WiNdiSCheSCheNbaCh -
a place to experience in every season!

Nature & Culture

Wild and romantic Waldnaab Valley – Hiking on the Goldsteig
City tours, guided hiking and bike tours
Neuhaus Castle with Waldnaab Valley Museum and natural stage

GeoloGy & SCieNCe

Deepest, “accessible“ drill hole of the world
Adventure Geology – GEOLaboratory for experiments
Tours of the drill tower and the archive of drill samples

CoziNeSS & zoiGl beer

Center of a historic brewing tradition since 1455 – Capital of Zoigl beer
Tours of two communal breweries
Bottom-fermented, unfiltered traditional beer, served with a hearty meal made of local specialties

For more information, contact the

Tourism Office Windischeschenbach
Hauptstrasse 34
92670 Windischeschenbach

Phone: 09681-401 240 • tourismus@windischeschenbach.de • www.windischeschenbach.de

14 June 2010
StudentS‘ Corner grafenwoehr.com

Americans staying in a German hospital

Story by service would be extremely expensive. rican patients to leave the clinic earlier. the local medical care is outstanding
Lisa Ackermann Moreover, there are fine clinics in the Because of that, the average patient and the whole staff is doing a great job.
near vicinity. That is why the clinic on on the station for internal medicine is The soldier stresses the nice atmosphere
ESCHENBACH, Germany - It is the US army base is only open until 4 treated in hospital for only 2.5 days. in Eschenbach Hospital. He says it is
a sunny Sunday afternoon. A family pm. When a US Health Clinic physi- Above all, this is a great advantage for a very luxurious compared to Ameri-
is barbecuing in their backyard and cian diagnoses a serious illness which patient who is no member of the army can military hospitals. As examples
the air is filled with a scent of grilled cannot be treated there, the patient is and without social insurance because he names his own room with a huge
steaks. Suddenly the father of the taken either to the hospital in Eschen- this patient has to pay the relatively balcony. Eventually he also adds that he
family, an American soldier based bach or Weiden. low costs on his own. In contrast to is allowed to drink a beer in Eschen-
in Grafenwoehr, cries out in pain that all American soldiers are insured bach, something that is forbidden in
because his stomach hurts terribly. Eschenbach hospital, for instance, is and do not have to pay on their own. American military hospitals.
well-prepared for American patients. Their insurance is called Tricare and it
How typical for this to happen on a At least 15% of its patients are Ameri- is funded by the U.S. Army. When asked whether the hospital
Sunday when the U.S. Health Clinic on cans. Therefore, the hospital has taken could change anything to make his
base is closed. In desperate need of me- many steps to facilitate the stay and Most reasons for a committal of Ame- stay even more comfortable, the Ser-
dical assistance, he calls 911. Once the treatment of American patients. The rican patients are infections, for examp- geant suggested that he could do with
ambulance - dispatched from Eschen- whole staff and doctors in particu- le pneumonia, explains Doctor Peter a bit more dinner and that he could
bach- is alerted, help generally arrives lar speak very English very well and Ernst, head physician of Eschenbach only watch CNN. He would like to
at the scene within a few minutes. nurses were trained to understand the Hospital. He adds stomach-flu and have more TV channels to choose the
patients’ needs. chest-pain due to cardiac problems one he is most interested in. But ge-
At first, the patient is taken to the US as frequent cases. Doctor Peter Ernst nerally speaking he is truly content
Health Clinic in Grafenwoehr. The All signs were translated into English asserts that the nurses always try to with Eschenbach Hospital because
medical services provided there, howe- and the two hospitals in Grafenwoehr make the patient’s stay as comfortable he recovers really fast from his illness
ver, do not include in-patient treatment and Eschenbach work together very as possible. According to an American with a staff taking care of every need.
because the establishment of such a closely. That makes it possible for Ame- soldier staying at Eschenbach Hospital
grafenwoehr.com students‘ Corner
June 2010
Downhill-skiing at 85° F at “Monte Kaolino“
Story by only sand sports at the leisure paradise
Alexander Bauer Monte Kaolino. Anyone who wants to
can cool off in the adjacent outdoor
HIRSCHAU, Germany - The lei- pool, which is called “Dünenbad”.
sure paradise Monte Kaolino has This newly created pool gives visitors
opened its doors to the public again. a special Caribbean beach feeling. Or
The adventure sports culture at the perhaps you are looking forward to a
„White Mountain“ enjoys increasing ride in the „Monte Coaster“, a sum-
popularity. mer toboggan run, which has been in
operation since 2008.
Monte Kaolino is a center for sand
sports. More and more people are tra- Quite interesting is also the nearby
velling long ways to climb the huge forest ropes course, which is a real chal-
mountain - either on foot to enjoy the lenge not only for children but also
beautiful view on top or by lift to have for adults because there are different
fun with skis, sandboards or BigFoots. difficulty levels to master.
It’s also possible to go down on a “Zip-
felbob”, a kind of sledge for one person.
The Ski Club Monte Kaolino rents the Monte Kaolino
necessary equipment. The mountain
provides sportsmen with a challen- Open air pool Hirschau and the “Monte Kaolino“. Photo: wikipedia.org
ging downhill slope of 200 meters in • 1000-meter-long Summer
length. For some, it has developed into created by the accumulation of white lion tons of quartz sand (equivalent to toboggan run
a competitive sport. Therefore, there are quartz sand. This was formed in large approximately 1.3 million truck loads) • Downhill 260 meters long
some major events at the Monte Kao- quantities when mining for industrial were needed to allow the mountain to at a 35 degree angle
lino, such as the sandboard world cup minerals such as kaolin and feldspar, rise about 120 meters into the air. Since • Outdoor pool with a
each year. In fact, the Monte Kaolino which were important for the local the 1950s, skiers have discovered the 50-meter-long water slide
was originally a waste product. It was porcelain production. About 32 mil- white sand for fun use. You can‘t do • Geopark with 12 stations



women men kids

designer outlet
30 Top-Designerlabels
ULI SCHNEIDER A93 exit Selb West, Vielitzer Straße 26, Selb
Mon to Sat 10-18h
16 June 2010
Students‘ Corner grafenwoehr.com

Beer: The liquid bread of Bavaria

Is beer brewing a
Bavarian tradition?
Only a few people
know that it orginated
in Northern Germany
Story by
Sabine Ziegler

Bavaria calls itself the home country

of beer. But only a few people know
that the real origin of the drink was
in the north of Germany.

Already in 1200, North-German bre-

weries exported masses of beer to Flan-
ders and Scandinavia from Bremen
harbor. The fact that brewing beer was
mainly a North-German business until
the 16th century is relatively unknown. Copper brew kettle in an german brewery. Photo: wikipedia.org

The Hanseatic cities became wealthy (“Reinheitsgebot of 1516”). Therefore all by-laws. Therefore the northern beer henzollern family had to learn a civil
partly by trading but also partly by beer failed to leave its mark early in quality was unmatched thanks to the profession. Thus the number of the
brewing. In Hamburg, for example, southern regions- especially in Bavaria. strict guild system. Later, the Bavarians famous regulars’ tables mushroomed.
600 breweries had already existed at The territorial differences are ascri- caught up with the North-Germans by
the time. bed to the historical background. In passing a beer- and brew law. The leading thought was: “what is good
the Middle Ages the town- and guild for the Prussian King can not be wrong
In contrast to the northern part of Ger- privilege was established law in North- Until the foundation of the “Hof- for the normal population”. As a con-
many, brewing of beer was not widely Germany. bräuhaus” in Munich, the beer for the sequence, the citizens met regularly in
spread in Bavaria until the Thirty Years’ Bavarian Official Househould was groups to consume beer. Today every
War. Only few citizens, who owned That is why beer was seen as civil expensively imported from the Han- fifth German man is a member of a
the right of brewing, dabbled in it. At nourishment and was part of the civil seatic cities. The world’s most promi- regulars’ table.
the beginning, however, the Bavarian liberties. In contrast to that, the federal nent beer-brewer is still a Prussian:
made the brew only for household use state law was spread in the South. Here Frederick the Great. He was a trained Back then you clinked glasses wishing
and far from the German purity law the territorial lord had influence over brewer as each member of the Ho- “Prost” (“Cheers”) - or more distingu-
ished “Prosit”. That is Latin and means
“it may benefit”. By now it is medically
proven that beer is very nourishing
and also healthy. In the 12th century,
the famous Hildegard von Bingen an-
nounced “Cerevisiam bibat!” and called
to drink beer.

A well-known saying in Germany is

called “Da ist Hopfen und Malz ver-
loren” which means that somebody is
hopelessly bad at something. It has its
origin, of course, in the brewing of beer
because if someone ruined the brewing
action, the ingredients hop and malt
were wasted and you could not enjoy
drinking beer anymore.

Today beer drinking and brewing is not

only spread in the Bavarian region, but
also all over the world You prove to be
a Connoisseur if you only allow malt,
hop and water to go into your beer –
this is the “Reinheitsgebot” traditional
breweries have kept up since 1516.
grafenwoehr.com students‘ Corner
June 2010

Skaterparks around the Grafenwoehr Area

Temperatures and the handrails or diverse other metal rods
where skateboards can slide. Grinds are
numbers of skaters are a form of skateboarding tricks where
rising - but where do the skateboarder slides on the trucks.
Most of the quarterpipes are made
you find awesome rails of timber, concrete or metal and are
and quarterpipes? similar to jump constructions, which
allow the skaters to make different
kinds of tricks and moves.
Story by
Konstantin Müller But the biggest one in one of these five
cities is the park in Weiden at the youth
Tony Hawk-almost everybody knows center. There you can find not only
him from magazines, games or skate- different rails, boxes and quarterpipes
board events. The today 42 year old but also a halfpipe as a little highlight.
US-American skateboarder was the Each year the skateshop “Bazooka”
first person who stood the trick “900” Skater in a half pipe Photo: wikipedia.org organizes a skatecontest, in which all
in the halfpipe. skaters can demonstrate their ability
But a lot of skateboarders don’t know Fun boxes or just boxes are three di- on the board. The date for this year
Since 1975 skateboarding fills kids and that there are also many skating op- mensional rectangles, which are vari- has not yet been set, but it is expected
teenagers with enthusiasm in Germany, portunities in our region. You can find able in their height, width and length. to be in autumn.
too. The Bavarian capital Munich has skateparks in Grafenwöhr, Eschen- The skater’s challenge is to manage the
been one of the first skateboarding- bach, Kemnath, Weiden and Auerbach. box with as spectacular a trick combi- Skateparks in our region: Grafenwöhr:
strongholds in Germany. Today the (for exact addresses see below) A good nation as possible. A trick combination Am Waldbad 4, Eschenbach: Sommer-
number of skaters increases as well - basic hardware consists of fun boxes, is a composition of different moves. leitenweg 20, Kemnath: Schulstraße 4
just look at the high number of young different kinds of rails and, of course, Grindrails can be found almost eve- Auerbach: Franz-Josef-Strauß-Platz
skaters in the streets. quarterpipes. rywhere in our surrounding. These are behind the old station
18 June 2010
Students‘ Corner grafenwoehr.com

Herbs, Kites, “Pfitschapfeil“ and Barbecue

Fun and action
in the garden
Story and Photo by
Christoph Frank

The youth group of the garden club

Kemnath arranges a lot of activities:
Games, fun and action are combined
with working in the garden and know-
ledge about nature.

In 2003 a few members of the garden

club decided to found the youth group
“Petersiliengurus“. The group offers
various opportunities for recreational
activities for children and young peo-
ple. The peculiar name of the group
was selected at the first meeting of
the group.

The name soon became popular in are over 30 members between 6 and 20 re the “Petersiliengurus“ have built a the youth group and help whereever
Kemnath and the surrounding area. years. But non-members are welcome, patch, and an “insect house“ and put they can. One member of the youth
The aim of the “Gurus“ is to pass on too. The club garden is the perfect lo- up self-made nesting boxes.The helping committee participates in all the adult
theoretical and practical knowledge cation for the events: A large lawn, children learnt about insects and birds meetings of the club. The highlight
about nature, gardening and traditions the club hut, a herb bed, a creek and in Germany. They planted various ve- each year is the “Vegetable-Barbecue“
to the children. At the moment there many trees and bushes. Furthermo- getables on the patch which was even in July. A lot of vegetables are put on
enlarged in 2009. the barbecue and eaten with various
dips and sauces. The aim is to encou-
Apart from that kids learn a lot of rage children to use ingredients from
manual skills. “Fast as a Pfitschapfeil“- their own garden for cooking.
that‘s a Bavarian saying. But hardly
anyone even in Bavaria knows what a The club-internal competition called
“Pfitschapfeil“ means. The group mem- “Leek-King“ is coming up as well. The
bers learnt how to make this traditional members got a small plant in spring
toy out of a little branch, a string and and have planted it in their own garden.
a piece of wood. Such a “Pfitschapfeil” In October a meeting of all participants
reaches a hight of over 30 meters! will take place and the competitor with
the longest leek will become the new
Kites were built, too. Each year around “Leek-King“.
Eastertime the “Gurus“ work on Easter
decorations for the garden: e.g. Easter The club members will harvest the ve-
bunnies made out of straw and painted getables from the club patch and cook
eggs. This year they will take part in the a delicious leek soup in a cauldron over
competition “Let‘s turn the Oberpfalz the open fire. Any questions left? Visit
(Upper Palatinate) into a scarecrow- www.ogv-kemnath.de to find pictures
country“. All events are organized by and the latest information.
an independent youth committee. But
the senior members of the club advise

Experience the unique Recreational Holiday Fun!

Sport, Action, and Relaxation for the whole family

The only Sand-Ski Mountain in the world with a stationary Ski-Lift - Alpine-
Coaster from the Top of Monte Kaolino - Family friendly prices - Heated
Dune-Outdoor-Pool with sunbathing area and sand beach - Water-
Playground - 50 m Waterslide - Adventure Pool - Swimming Pool with
diving area - Play- and Adventure Playground - idyllically situated Camp
Grounds at the foot of Monte Kaolino - Volleyball and Soccer area -
Mountain Lift - Climbing Route to the Top - Ski and Minibob rental -
Observation Deck - Café and Restaurant - Sun Terraces - Forrest of
Colors o Forrest and High Ropes Course - Circular Walking Route -
Geology Park - Parking areas

Leisure Park Monte Kaolino GmbH

Phone: 09622 – 81 502 • Fax: 09622 – 811 555 •
SANDBOARDING SANDSKIING SUMMER ALPINE SLIDE Wolfgang-Droßbach-Str. 114 92242 Hirschau •
FORREST OF COLORS SKATEPARK CAMPING info@montekaolino.eu • www.montekaolino.eu

Supported thru the Community initiative

LEADER+, the European Union, and the
Free State of Bavaria
grafenwoehr.com students‘ Corner
June 2010

A breeze of South Africa in our region

Would you like to The games can be breathtaking and
may give you goosebumps.
be very close to
the soccer world The DJK-House in Pressath, the Ge-
sellenhaus in Kemnath and the Sport-
championships in park Grafenwöhr are going to offer
2010 in South Africa? “public viewing”again. They hope to
see as positive an atmosphere in the
country as in 2006 so that the “vibe”
Story and Photo by
motivates and spurs on the German
Constantin Scharf team as far away as South Africa.

Don´t worry, this may come true wi- Entry is free of charge and nobody
thout booking an expensive flight needs to go hungry or thirsty. It is
or hotel room because many public better to arrive a few minutes before
places or sports facilities just a few the game starts so that you can find a
steps away will turn into a soccer sta- good position to watch the game, or
dium starting on 11th June. the best seats are gone.

There’s hardly anybody who doesn’t Good feelings and an amazing at- Public viewing at the city square in Kemnath 2006.
know the meaning of “public view- mosphere not only fascinate men, but
ing” since the World Championship women in particular were very thrilled She adds that she is already looking by songs as “54-74-890-2010” or other
in 2006 has taken place in Germany. in 2006. “I always thought football forward to the fan festival. soccer songs. The whole crowd is equip-
The public viewing of soccer games on was only something for men. Women ped with jerseys, scarves and flags to
big screens was an experience that even have realized that it´s great fun and You do not only sing the national an- support their team so that you will feel
fascinated non-soccer fans. since then I love watching football” them at the beginnng of the game but like being in the middle of the action.
says Sabine from Kirchenthumbach”. you also try to cheer the soccer team

Autohaus Eitel
The shop for your service and convenience

Our Exceptional Services

• English speaking staff • Estimates for repairs and accidents
• Closest dealership with U.S. service • Over 800 used cars with buy-back
and warranty authorisation warranty and 100 used motorcycles
for Toyota, Lexus*, Honda, Honda • Pay with tax form (v.a.t.)
motorcycles • Bring your own oil and our mechanics
• Certified collision repairs, do the work for you
inspections and paintings • Repairs and inspections for any
for all makes and models other brands
• Get Toyota, Lexus*, Honda, Honda • Fixed inspection price for your Toyota,
motorcycles and other car parts quickly Lexus*, Honda and Honda motorcycles

www.grafenwoehr.com | Keyword: Eitel

*authorisised servicepartner
am Hotl-0 ine
. 09646 / 9219
Weiden . 0961
Autohaus EITEL GmbH & Co. KG
Thansüß . Bahhofstraße 1 . 92271 Freihung-Thansüß
Weiden . Nikolaus-Otto-Str. 2 . 92637 Weiden www.ah-eitel.de
20 motorcycle

A motorbike tour through the Fränkische Schweiz region

Past picturesque rock we unfortunately ignore the castle and
turn immediately left into the direction
formations and in of Gößweinstein.
the footsteps of old
Here, we take a break to visit the im-
knights and peers pressive cathedral which was built
around 1739 and the adjacent pilgrima-
Story by ge museum with the votive characters
Susanne Williams made of wax. Sigi, our tour guide, tells
us about the history of Gößweinstein
Our 152 kilometer-long motorbike Castle which is located on a rock above
tour starts in the parking lot of a su- town. But the time has come for a hear-
permarket in Grafenwöhr where I meet ty snack and so we climb back on our
with my family biker gang consisting of bikes and head into the direction of the
Mom Evi, Dad Mani, Uncle Sigi, Aunt Kathi-Bräu brewery, a biker meeting
Renate and dog Sunny to start into an point that is well-known beyond the
eventful day with our motorbikes. A borders of the Fränkischen Schweiz
soon as we have planned our tour with Kathi-Bräu - The “Bikertreff“ in Fran- Photo: Bierland Oberfranken e.V. region and famous for its good beer
the help of a map and Sunny has been conian Schwitzerland in 91347 Aufseß. and tasty selection of snacks, coffee
safely secured in Dad’s vest, we start and cake.
with our three bikes, a Yamaha 1100, a the wide country road, which is lined Forchheim and enjoy the beautiful, hil-
Kawasaki 750 and a BMW R-1150-R with dandelion pastures and forests ly landscape with its dense forests and To reach the Kathi-Bräu brewery in
Roadster towards Eschenbach. and leads us through some small towns the lusciously green pastures. Sunny Heckenhof we first have to follow a
until we reach Pegnitz. holds its head into the wind and enjoys small, winding road to Behringersmüh-
In Eschenbach we turn left at the traf- the pleasant spring air. le. Here, we turn left towards Eber-
fic light and drive up the Stadtberg, In Pegnitz we first turn right towards mannstadt, and, after having crossed
keep right at the baroque Bergkirche the city center. At the second traffic The winding road passes by picturesque two bridges, turn immediately right
Church and head down to B-470, on light we turn left and follow the main rock formations and romantic half- towards Hollfeld. Now we are traveling
which we turn left, in the direction of street to the next traffic light where timbered houses that look like they through the wild and romantic Wie-
Kirchenthumbach. At the Kirchent- we turn left again. In the traffic circle were taken from the landscape of a mo- senttal Valley, bordered by high rock
humbach exit, we leave B-470 and head we take the exit in the direction of del train set. We drive past the Devil’s formations into which the Wiesent
into Kirchenthumbach where we take Nürnberg and leave Pegnitz, driving Cave, a giant dripstone cave where river has dug itself.
a right at the T-intersection towards by various gas stations and car dealers. tours are offered daily, the summer
Thurndorf. toboggan run and the mountain pool The green river banks invite you to
Taking the Autobahn A-9 underpass to Pottenstein, a city which can truly have a picnic and a hiker’s heart start
As soon as we have left Kirchenthum- we take a right at the next traffic light be called the beauty of the Fränkische will start to pound faster when looking
bach, we turn left into the direction of towards Nürnberg/Forchheim. After Schweiz region. Pottenstein Castle, at the winding paths and roads. If you
Troschenreuth/Thurndorf in bright approximately two kilometers, we turn which can be toured, is located on an are into adventure, you can rent a kayak
sunshine and enjoy the ride across right into the direction of Pottenstein/ impressive rock above town. But today, and go down the river. Our tour takes
us into Waischenfeld, where we tour
another great castle.

But we are hungry and continue on to

through Waischenfeld and Nankendorf
and turn left at the intersection towards
Aufseß, which received an entry into
the Guinness Book of Records in 2001
because it has the largest amount of
breweries per capita. Through Hoch-
stahl we go to Kathi-Bräu brewery
in Heckenhof, past colorful pastures
One thing is to have the latest Harley® bikes, good used bikes,
a lot of fashion, Parts and Accessories. But there are things, and blooming fruit trees. Hundreds
which are just as important for an established Harley-Davidson® of bikers with their bikes often meet
dealership: an excellent service, a perfect servicing, your here in the parking lot of Kathi-Bräu
satisfaction and the inimitable Harley spirit. Come by and brewery.
find more than the Harley you are looking for. Find a highly
trained team. Find passionate riders in our Harley Café.
We are sure, you’ll enjoy your stay to the fullest! A walk across the parking lot is always
worth your while because you can dis-
cover neat bikes and have a talk with
other bike lovers. Many tables and ben-
ches in front of the guest house, some
of them covered, offer the guests lots of
PIA Motors GmbH & Co. KG room to sit together. The snack menu
Harley-Davidson & Buell Regensburg offers hearty Franconian delicacies and
Böhmerwaldstr. 8 · 93059 Regensburg
Tel.: 0941-46465-60 · www.harley-regensburg.de one should also taste the famous beer.
However, you should always keep

HD_Regensburg_ANZ_Service_2.indd 1 14.05.10 12:23

www.grafenwoehr.com June 2010 • grafenwoehr.com
motorcycle 21
in mind that riding a motorbike are held daily, except for Monday, bottom, we turn left towards Kirch-
and drinking heavily do not match! when the weather is nice. Several tours ahorn/Bayreuth. The road takes us out of Creußen and
through the knight’s chambers of the through the next village (Neuhof ). Ap-
After a well-tasting meal we conti- castle, whose history begins in 1188 After a few kilometers, we turn right proximately 1.5 kilometers past Neuhof
nue on to the highlight of our tour: and which dominates over the wide towards Pottenstein. In Adlitz, we we turn right towards Vorbach which
Rabenstein Castle. To and winding Ahorntal Valley and the follow the main road and turn into we reach after passing through the
rugged, bizarre Ailsbachtal Valley, are the direction of Hohenmirsberg at the villages of Prebitz and Voita. Now we
offered daily, except for Monday. T-intersection. After Hohenmirsberg, are back in our home region, allowing
we turn right towards Trockau. We stay the last warm sun rays of the day to
You can reach the Sophienhöhle cave on the main road and drive through accompany us home.
by foot in about 10 minutes. Its the quaint villages of Lindenhardt,
thousands of Schwürz and Gottsfeld to The main street winds through Vorbach
Creußen and takes us to Oberbibrach where we
turn right directly after the church
towards Moos. In Moos we turn left
get the- towards Eschenbach. We drive
re, we first through the dark forest, along
head back to the Rußweiher Lake to the inter-
main street. Here, we turn section of B-470 which we
left and drive through Hoch- cross. Our tours leads back
stahl, Dörnhof and Nankendorf to Grafenwöhr, where
back to Waischenfeld. we started our nice
day trip, across
Once we arrive in Waischenfeld, we the Eschenbach
take an immediate turn left towards market place.
Rabenstein Castle and follow the main ye-
street through Waischenfeld and Lan- ars- where we turn
genloh. Then we turn right towards old oker, r e d right at the T-intersection in the di-
Rabenstein Castle. When you turn left and brown dripstone formations have rection of Nürnberg/Pegnitz and im-
after approximately one kilometer onto created a magic, underground palace. mediately left at the traffic light in the
a dusty road, the area does not seem Informative toiurs are offered here direction of Speichersdorf/Kemnath.
to offer anything spectacular at all but year-round as well. We enjoy the beau-
after a short walk, you reach the natural tiful ambience of this location, which
paradise of Rabenstein Castle. takes us back into long-gone times

The castle itself is located majestically

and end the beautiful day with coffee
and delicious piece of cake in the beer
EvErything for bikE and bikEr
and in a fairy-tale manner on a high garden of the guest house.
plateau above the Ailsbach Valley
and the adjacent area with the bird We dream of old knights and noble official harlEy-davidson dEalEr sincE 1982
of prey and owl park of the falconry, damsels while Sunny makes friends
the Sophienhöhle cave and the cozy with the dogs of the other guests in
guest house and the beer garden are the beer garden.
surrounded by rocks and ancient huge
trees that provide comfortable shade Rested and invigorated we start the
in the summer and could probably tell last portion of our round trip through
many exciting stories. the picturesque and dreamy Fränkische
Schweiz region. From the parking lot of
In the falconry, you can take an up- the castle, we turn back onto the main
close look at the majestic birds of road and turn right into the direction
prey in their cages and watch them of Kirchahorn. The street winds down
hunting during the flight shows that the mountain in serpentines and at the
92615 Marktredwitz
waldershofer straße 22
Phone 0 92 31 / 6 22 62
fax 0 92 31 / 6 24 93

Tue. - Fri.: 9.00 - 13.00 h and 14.00 - 18.00 h Sat. 9.00 - 13.00 h
Monday closed

www.popp-service.com - email: info@popp-service.com

Castle “Rabenstein“ in the Fränkische Photo: wikipedia.org / Sven your harlEy and wE arE friEnds!
June 2010 • grafenwoehr.com www.grafenwoehr.com
Your BMW and MINI Expert Center
Autohaus Pressath 92690 Pressath
Eschenbacher Str. 2
Tel.: (0 96 44) 92 29-26

92690 Pressath · Eschenbacher Str. 1 • A constant choice from 100 used cars of various makes
Tel.: (0 96 44) 92 29-0 · www.ah-pressath.de and models with certificates and warranty
• BMW and MINI Licensed Dealer • Company cars and cars out of Employees Car Programs
• BMW and MINI Service Serviceteam H • Procurement Service to find the desired car
• High degree of advisory (0 96 44) 92 • Car-Wash with top quality Soft-Tecs material, Self-Service
skills and service expertise washing bays and Self-Service Vacuum-Station
Museum - visit 23

Oberpfälzer Freilandmuseum
In Neusath 200 (part of 92507 Nab-
burg, ca. 31 km / 19 miles south of
Weiden); ph 09433-24420 The
Oberpfälzer Freilandmuseum offers
an insight into country and farming
life of earlier days. Like all open-air
museums, it is an educational institu-
tion where learning means lots of fun!

There are now 50 re-erected buil-

dings, showing how people lived
and worked based on their social
standing and the local region. The
houses were originally occupied by
farmers, smallholders, peasants, day
labourers, weavers, herdsmen, millers,
huntsmen and nobles.

Opening times: 20 Mar. – 07 Nov.

2010: Tue. thru Sun., 09:00 - 18:00
(last admission at 17:00). Closed on
Mondays except if that Monday is a
German holiday. Dogs are allowed
on the premises on a short leash.
Admission: Adults: 4.50 Euros.
Children 6 and older: 3.- Euros.
Family ticket: 11.- Euros.
The monastery country village in the Freilandmuseum Neusath-Perschen. Photo: W.J.Pilsak

Mill museum rotating exhibitions of ceramic ob- the region. You will get an insight into military museum
jects from eight millennia - including everyday life and work in the past. A
Altmühltaler Mühlenmuseum (Mill objects from ancient Egypt. The ex- genuine old synagogue from the 18th Military Museum: in 92655 Gra-
Museum): in 92345 Dietfurt, „Reng- hibits are supplied by four different century plus many Evangelical and fenwöhr, Martin-Posser-Str. 14, ph
nathmühle“ (only GE), Hauptstraße museums from Munich (Prähistorische Catholic artefacts mirror the deep re- 09641-8501
51 (ca. 35 km / 22 miles SW of Ho- Staatssammlung, Staatliches Museum ligiousness of the area.
henfels); ph 08464-209. Ägyptischer Kunst, Bayerisches Natio- It focuses on the rich military history of
nalmuseum and Neue Sammlung). In Opening times: Apr. - Nov., Tue. - Sun. Grafenwöhr, as well as the local culture.
This last of the active mills in the Alt- addition, they have a permanent display 10:00 - 17:00. Dec. - Mar., only Sun.
mühl valley, first documented in 1467, of Chinese porcelain from the Qing 13:30 - 17:00. Opening times: Every Sun., Tue.,
is driven solely by waterpower from the dynasty that was donated to the Wei- Wed., and Thu., 14:00 - 16:00.
Weiße Laaber river, via 53 leather belts. den museum by a local businessman. Admission: Adults: 2.30 Euros pp.
In 1897, the mill produced the first Children: 1.50 Euros pp. Admission (in EN): Adults: 2.- Euros.
electric current with its water wheel Opening times: Tuesday thru Sunday, Children under 16: 1.- Euro. Guided
and a direct current generator. Up until 10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., and 2 - 4:30 p.m. Hollerhaus tours: 2.50 Euro pp
1950, the whole city of Dietfurt was Closed on Mondays; Shrove Tuesday;
supplied with electricity from the mill. Good Friday; 1 May; All Saints‘ day Hollerhaus-Museum: in 92345 Diet-
A special exhibit about the electricity (1 Nov.); Christmas Eve (24 Dec.); furt, Pfarrgasse 6 (ca. 35 km / 22 miles
supply is displayed on the ground floor. Christmas Day (25 Dec.); New Year‘s SW of Hohenfels) right opposite the
Opening times: All year round, daily Eve (31 Dec.); New Year‘s Day (1 Jan.) City Church of St. Aegidius. Closest
08:00 - 20:00. Guided tours daily at car park on Maxstraße.

10:00, 14:00, and 16:00 in the working

mill. Franconian The exhibition at the Hollerhaus (only
Fränkische-Schweiz-Museum: in GE), a restored old farm house typical Care of all dogs and cats
If you want to find other working mills Tüchersfeld (falls under 91278 Pot- for the area, is an impressive display on • Care of all dogs and cats,

in Germany, click here for an interacti- tenstein, in the beautiful Fränkische how humans have shaped the landscape any races and sizes
ve map on the German website of the Schweiz), Am Museum 5, ph 09242- over the past 4,000 years since they • Qualified advice
Mills Association. 1640 first settled here. Additional collections • Comb, brush, cut
provide information on geology, fossils • Removing of felt
The Fränkische-Schweiz-Museum and minerals. • Removing of lose hair
ceramics museum • Ear, claw and eye care
(only GE) is located in the so-called
Ceramics / Egyptian Museum: in Judenhof, a buildings ensemble from Opening times: May - 15 Oct.: Wed.
92637 Weiden, Internationales Ke- the 18th century which is easy to lo- 14:00 - 18:00; Sat. 15:00 - 18:00; Alexandra Amschler
ramik-Museum, Luitpoldstraße 25, cate thanks to the two towering rock Sun. and GE holidays 14:00 - 17:00 Diplomate Dog and Cat Groomer
ph 0961-32030. Free admission! This „pillars“ next to it. Admission: Adults: 2.- Euros.
Email info@zottel-hundefriseur.de
museum was opened in April 1990 Children under 6 are free. Children
as an outlet of the Neue Sammlung Their collection covers geology, archeo- 6 - 16: 1.- Euros. Families: 4.- Euros Phone 0 171 / 68 40 50 9
München. It is fortunate to have logy and the historic development of www.zottel-hundefriseur.de

June 2010 • grafenwoehr.com www.grafenwoehr.com

24 visit - Fun parks
bavaria filmstadt, munich
In 82031 Grünwald (part of Mün- this film a unique experience! All
chen / Munich), Bavariafilmstraße. links only in German.
Entrance to car park just before in-
tersection with Lil-Dagover-Ring. Opening times: 27 Mar. - 07 Nov.
Simply follow the signs to „Bavaria 2010: 09:00 - 16:00. 8 Nov. - begin-
Filmstadt“ ning of March 2011: 10:00 - 15:00

The Bavaria Movieland can be visi- During the main season, there are
ted daily during a guided tour (only guided tours in English every day
GE) where you will be shown how at 13:00, including the weekends.
(German) films and TV series have
been produced. You can even re- Tours in German are held several
enact short episodes in the original times each hour during the peak
film sets. summer season. Last tour starts at
16:00 and ends at 17:30. During
Another highlight is the Stunt Show the winter season, there‘s a tour in
(only GE): watch real stuntmen as German every full hour. Last tour
they perform risky chases, fall from begins at 15:00 and ends at 16:30.
sheer heights, and survive explosi-
ons. Afterwards, they will show the Current admission fees are listed
visitors their little tricks. online (in GE only). Every guided
tour lasts ca. 1.5 hours; if you visit all
In addition, you can experience a three attractions, reckon with around
4-D (!) cinema. Watch the animated 3.5 hours. The Bavaria Filmstadt is
snowboard film, exclusively produced closed on 24 and 25 Dec.
for this theatre. Animated cinema
seats, fog machines, wind and all Well-behaved dogs are allowed on
kinds of other special effects make the site on a leash. Risky flight in the Stunt Show Photo: Bavaria Filmstadt

LEGOLAND where you can enjoy the rides and the famous fairytales - the figures will come
Admission: Adults: 36.- Euros; child- historic grounds, as well as a s mall zoo into action if you press a button.
In 89312 Günzburg, Legoland-Allee ren (3 - 11 y): 32.- Euros; children with many indigenous animals. Their The „Funland“ area is like a big play-
2 (ca. 112 km / 70 miles NW of Mu- under 3 are free. You can buy tickets Western Town offers typical action ground where the kiddies can climb
nich, or 140 km / 88 miles south of online, often at a lower price (in EN). shows. Among the rides are a water and jump around.
Ansbach). bob track, a family rollercoaster, a wild
Admission (only GE): Day ticket (01 water rollercoaster, a Disney carousel, If your children are too young for that,
The famous Legoland doesn‘t need May - 30 July): 8.- Euros. Day ticket a Monza race track, and much more. you may want to take them to „Baby-
much of an introduction, it‘s a dream (31 July - 13 Sep.): 10.- Euros. land“ which is the perfect environment
for the young and still-young; there are Children under 3 are free. Their opening days are a bit compli- for the littl‘uns, with a jeep carousel,
lots of attractions (in EN). Please note cated, see here for details (only GE): a mini train in the dino park, and a
the opening hours (in EN)! Pullman city they‘re closed on all days without co- magic show.
In 91336 Heroldsbach, Schlossplatz 4 lour; open 10:00 - 17:00 on the green
Opening days: 27 Mar. - 07 Nov.: (ca. 38 km / 24 miles north of Nürn- days; 10:00 - 18:00 on the yellow days;
10:00 - 18:00. Closed on: 19 - 21 berg / Nuremberg) 10:00 - 20:00 on the orange days, and
Apr. / 26 - 28 Apr. / 14 + 15 Sep. / This fun park is located with in the gar- 10:00 - 17:00 / 18:00 / 19:00 on the In 96160 Geiselwind, Wiesentheider
20 - 22 Sep. dens of a lovely baroque water Schloss red days (for special events). Straße 25 (ca. 52 km / 32 miles east
of Würzburg).
Admission (only GE): Adults and ju- Geiselwind is a fun park for the young
veniles over 12: 16.- Euros. Children and old, with a number of rides, ani-
3-12 years: 14.- Euros. Family ticket mals, shows, playgrounds, live shows,
(2 adults and up to 3 children, 3-12 electronic theatres, and more - on an
years): 55.- Euros area of approx. 400,000 m2 (just under
480,000 sq. yd.).
cAll: 0 96 41 - 45 47 19 Everyone (adults and kids) can enter
for free 5 days before and after their Opening times: differ depending on
You can find us Off Post: close to eSSO gas station and Bayerische Hotel.
birthdays - requires valid ID! the day, click on link for details (par-
uS AnD germAn SPec‘S tially in EN).
finAncing AvAilABle All rAnKS Admission (only GE): Visitors tal-
2nD cHAnce finAncing Wunderland
ler than 1.40 m (55“): 22.50 Euros.
cAr inSurAnce In 91287 Plech, Zum Herrlesgrund Children 1.10 - 1.40 m (43“ - 55“):
cAr SHiPPing Servicing 13 (ca 35 km / 22 miles west of Gra- 19.50 Euros. Children shorter than
fenwöhr) 1.10 m (43“) are free. Every Friday
wArrAntieS AvAilABle AmericAn
is family day (except if it‘s a German
trADe in‘S welcOmeD fineSt This park (only GE) is also aimed at holiday), visitors taller than 1.10 m
younger children. The Märchenland (43“) only pay 19.- Euros. Birthday
www.militArycArSAleS.eu (fairytale land) features characters from children are free, please show valid ID.

www.grafenwoehr.com June 2010 • grafenwoehr.com

Restaurant Guide 25
Asian Oberpfälzer Hof *** (09681-788) Neue Amberger Str. 27 92655 Grafenwoehr
Asia Sushi Bar (0961-3989879) Hauptstraße 1 92670 Windischeschenbach Pressather Schlemmerstuben (09644-217) Eis Cafe
Schlörplatz 1 92637 Weiden
Hotel Parksteiner Hof (09602-4396)
Bahnhofstraße 41 92690 Pressath
Piccola Venezia
Barn Floor Basaltstraße 10 92711 Parkstein Restaurant Altes Eichamt (0961-44242)
Barn Floor Evergreen (09641-3800) Unterer Markt 23 92637 Weiden
Alte Amberger Str. 30 92655 Grafenwoehr Guesthouse Burkhard (09604-92180)
Marktplatz 10 92533 Wernberg-Köblitz Hotel Stadtkrug (0961-38890)
Wolframstraße 5 92637 Weiden
Beer Garden
Gasthof Hößl (09641-92270) Hotel Restaurant Rußweiher (09645-
Neue Amberger Str. 27-29 92655 Gra- 923030)
fenwoehr Großkotzenreuth 5 92676 Eschenbach

Gasthof Weisses Ross (09632-4114) Restaurant Advantage (0961-389300)

Therse-Neumann-Platz 4 95692 Kon- Neustädter Straße 46 92637 Weiden
SCALA Betriebe (09641-2354) Oberer Markt 1 • 92637 Weiden i. d. Opf.
Taverna Syrtaki (09621-12951) Alte Amberger Str. 33 92655 Grafenwoehr Phone 0 961 / 4 31 32
Regierungsstraße 9 92224 Amberg
Hotel zur Post (09641-2210)
Restaurant Delphi (09644-376) Marienplatz 8 92655 Grafenwöhr Eiscafé Gelato (09644-917256)
Schinnerstraße 42 92690 Pressath Bachstr. 19 92690 Pressath
Restaurant Castle Veldenstein (09156-633) Taverne MYKONOS (09645-918198) Eiscafé Cristallo (09642-2155)
Hauptstrasse 1 • 92670 Windischeschenbach Burgstraße 12 91284 Neuhaus a.d. Pegnitz Marienplatz 20 92676 Eschenbach Stadtplatz 18 95478 Kemnath
Phone ( 09681 ) 788 • Fax: ( 09681 ) 8223
Cafe Taverna Syrtaki (09621-12951) La Piazza (09662-416367)
Bakery Schwärzer (09644-244) Regierungsstraße 9 92224 Amberg Marktplatz 15 92249 Vilseck
Schellenberg 20 92690 Pressath
Restaurant El Greco (0961-37279) International
Bavarian Chinese Schlörplatz 9 92637 Weiden Santana (09642-1243)
Altes Eichamt (0961-44242) PANDA Chinese Food (09641-936366) Weinleite 1 95478 Löschwitz
Unterer Markt 23 92637 Weiden Alte Amberger Str. 52 92655 Grafenwoehr Restaurant Delphi (09644-376)
Schinnerstraße 42 92690 Pressath Hotel Angerer - Turmhotel (09662-7090)
Gasthof Weisses Ross (09632-4114) China Restaurant Peking (0961-33896) Marktplatz 4 92249 Vilseck
Therse-Neumann-Platz 4 95692 Kon- Nikolaistraße 8 92637 Weiden Homemade Beer
nersreuth Zoigl-Schoilmichl (09681-1397) BräuWirt (0961-3881800)
Fish Restaurant Marktplatz 20 92670 Windischeschenbach Weiden Türlgasse 10-14 92637 Weiden
Santana (09642-1243) Country Guest House Busch (09642-686)
Weinleite 1 95478 Löschwitz Kötzersdorf 17 95478 Kemnath Ice-Cream Shops SCALA Betriebe (09641-2354)
Eis Europa (09645-918822) Alte Amberger Str. 33 92655 Grafenwoehr
Landgasthof Kahrmühle (09644-91376) German Marienplatz 25 92676 Eschenbach
Kahrmühle 1 92960 Pressath Gasthof Hößl (09641-92270) Hotel Restaurant Böhm (09641-93690)
Neue Amberger Str. 39 92655 Grafenwoehr

Gasthof „Goldener Greif“ *** superior

Sulzbacher Str. 5 92265 Edelsfeld

Specialities Store
Delicacies, wines, spirits,
Vinegar, oils, natural and
Organic products.
Mon., Tue., Wed., Fri. from 10:00 a.m. to
08:00 p.m.
Sat. from 10:00 a.m. to 02:00 p.m.

Vaulted Bachus-Cellar and

“Weinlaube” (vine-covered arbor)
Zum Eichelberg 10
Telefon 09661/1279

www.grafenwoehr.com June 2010 • grafenwoehr.com
26 Restaurant Guide
Hinter der Mauer 10 92637 Weiden
Miratel Mitterteich (09633-92320) Mongolian BBQ
Gottlieb-Daimler-Str. 4 95666 Mitterteich China Restaurant Peking (0961-33896)
Nikolaistraße 8 92637 Weiden
Santa Lucia II (09641-91455) Thai
Am Sudhaus 2 92655 Grafenwoehr Koh Samui (09641-2286)
Im Markwinkel 1 92655 Grafenwöhr
Pizzeria - La Strada (09641-925340)
Alte Amberger Str. 35 92655 Grafenwoehr Turkish
Marmaris Grill (09641-8240)
Isola di Capri (09641-1033) Alte Amberger Str. 35 92655 Grafenwoehr

Neue Amberger Straße 99 - near Gate 3 - 92655 Grafenwöhr

Alte Amberger Str. 36 92655 Grafenwoehr

Pizzeria Antonio (09662-6017)

Bahnhofstr. 20 92249 Vilseck
luigi‘s lunch: (11:00 am - 1:00 pm)
1 Soft drink (0,2 l)
+ Soup
Ristorante - Pizzeria Luigi (09641-485)
+ Main dish
Neue Amberger Str. 99 92655 Grafenwoehr
(Schnitzl or Pizza)
Restaurant Pegasus (0961-27094) Daily varying
(Airfield) Latsch 92637 Weiden

Knight‘s Banquet
Haus am Markt **** (09665-953665) Delivery service • KiDs‘ Menu
Hinterer Markt 14 92281 Königstein
luncH • rOOM fOr 70 PersOns

er e
Mexican Opening hours:

to order call
Mon. - Thur.: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm - 0:00 pm
Restaurant Tortuga (09641-463) Fri. - Sun.: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm - 1:00 am Paying with credit card only i ic
l v
09641/8240 De ser
in our restaurant. Owner: Aldo Frusteri
Schulstr. 18 92655 Grafenwöhr

Alte Amberger Straße 35

Loco Mexican (0961-7409)
92655 Grafenwöhr
Event Calendar 27

Flea Markets Special June Events

Sat., 05 June 04 - 14 June
nigsplatz (ca. 20 km / 12.5 miles south of stalls between Oberer Markt and
- 06:00 - 14:00: in 92637 Weiden, of Nürnberg) Volksfest in 97424 Schweinfurt, Volks- Gaibacher Straße. Stores in the city
Volksfestplatz, Leuchtenberger Straße festplatz and att he Gewerbegebiet (business
- 07:00 - 16:00: in 91054 Erlangen, Sat., 03 July park) are open 12:30 - 5:30 p.m. Kids
Bohlenplatz. - 06:00 - 14:00: in 92637 Weiden, can have fun on the carousel or the
- 08:00 - 16:00: in 92318 Neumarkt, Volksfestplatz, Leuchtenberger Straße Sat., 05 June kids‘ train.
Volksfestplatz and little Jurahalle, - 07:00 - 16:00: in 91054 Erlangen, - 10:00 - 18:00: Töpfermarkt = Pot- - no time specified: Bürgerfest = Ci-
Festplatz 1 Bohlenplatz. tery Market in 91126 Schwabach, tizens’ Fest in 92271 Freihung, fest site
- 08:00 - 16:00: in 92318 Neumarkt, Königsplatz (ca. 20 km / 12.5 miles „Am Harranger“ (ca. 10 km / 6 miles
Sun., 13 June Volksfestplatz and little Jurahalle, south of Nürnberg). Over 20 artisans east of Vilseck).
- 06:00: in 91054 Erlangen, large car Festplatz 1 are displaying and selling various ce- - no time specified: Vintage Vehicles
park on Parkplatzstraße along Fran- ramic products, useful items for your Convention for Automobiles, Motor-
kenschnellweg. Sun., 11 July household and your garden as well as cycles and Tractors in 92318 Neumarkt,
- 08:00 - 15:00: in 92339 Beilngries, - 06:00: in 91054 Erlangen, large car objets d‘art. All products are of high Obere and Untere Marktstraße (ca.
Volksfestplatz, Sandstraße (ca. 45 km park on Parkplatzstraße along Fran- quality, hobby artists are not allowed. 45 km / 28 miles west of Hohenfels)
/ 28 miles SW of Hohenfels) kenschnellweg. All craftsmen have solid qualifications Vehicles: “oldtimers and youngtimers“,
- 08:00 - 15:00: in 92339 Beilngries, in the ceramic profession. motorcycles, tractors up to 1985, and
Sat., 19 June Volksfestplatz, Sandstraße (ca. 45 km special categories. Presentation of all
06:00 - 14:00: in 92637 Weiden, / 28 miles SW of Hohenfels) - 19:30: Lake Fest (Citizens’ Fest) in vehicles and a tour of ca. 35 km, fol-
Volksfestplatz, Leuchtenberger Straße Westheim, Am See = at the lake (part lowed by a public awards ceremony.
Sat., 17.July of 91471 Illesheim, ca. 30 km / 19 miles Large family fest with live music. If
Sun., 20 June 06:00 - 14:00: in 92637 Weiden, NW of Ansbach) you want to participate with your vin-
- 10:00 - 18:00: in 91301 Forchheim, Volksfestplatz, Leuchtenberger Straße tage vehicle, please register by Mon.,
„Ausstellungsgelände Süd“ (Fair Site 24 May via juraclassic@gmx.de
South), Poigerstraße 10 - 12 (ca. 25 Sun., 18 July Sat. + Sun., 05 + 06 June
km / 15.5 miles south of Bamberg) 10:00 - 18:00: in 91301 Forchheim, Arts and Crafts Market in 96047 Bam-
- 10:00: Large flea market at the „Ausstellungsgelände Süd“ (Fair Site berg, Schloss Geyerswörth (mansion), Fri., 11 June, 09:00 - 14:00:
Schloss Almoshof, in 90427 Nürn- South), Poigerstraße 10 - 12 (ca. 25 Geyerswörthstr. 1. There will be a large „Good Fairy“ Campaign for Children
berg, Schloss Almoshof (only GE), km / 15.5 miles south of Bamberg) variety of arts and crafts on offer. Some in 92637 Weiden, Altstadt = old city,
Almoshofer Hauptstr. 51 (near airport), artists will even craft their objets d‘art around the Altes Rathaus = old city
ph 0911-9344-9470 Sun., 25 July before your very eyes. The market is hall.
08:00 - 15:00: in 92339 Beilngries, complemented by a fine culture pro-
Sat., 26.06. Volksfestplatz, Sandstraße (ca. 45 km gram and exquisite local delicacies. The „Good Fairy“ is a logo aiming to
07:00 - 14:00: in 92224 Amberg, Dult- / 28 miles SW of Hohenfels) Open Saturday 11:00 - 19:00, Sunday take away fears in children and to get
platz, Bruno-Hofer-Straße. 10:00 - 18:00. them to know the police and fire bri-
Sat., 07 Aug. gade. There will be lots of activities
Sun., 27 June 07:00 - 16:00: in 91054 Erlangen, in Weiden‘s city center, supported by
- 08:00 - 15:00: in 92339 Beilngries, Bohlenplatz. Sun., 06 June police, fire brigade and local stores.
Volksfestplatz, Sandstraße (ca. 45 km - 11:00 - 18:00: Sommermarkt =
/ 28 miles SW of Hohenfels) Sun., 08 Aug. Street Market and Open Stores on 11 - 13 June
- 13:00: Markt der Kinder (flea mar- 08:00 - 15:00: in 92339 Beilngries, Sunday in 97332 Volkach (ca. 40 km - Holunderblütenfest = Elderflower
ket for kids) in 91126 Schwabach, Kö- Volksfestplatz, Sandstraße / 25 miles NE of Würzburg). Lots Fest in 92339 Beilngries (ca. 45 km /
28 miles SW of Hohenfels).

Elderflowers and elderberries have

Real estate - pRocuRement GüntheR stRobl been known for their healthy ingre-
Sachverständiger für Immobilienbewertung dients and positive effects on a person’s
constitution for centuries. Of course
Günther Strobl & Silvana Freddura Plater both products have been used in the
phone: 09662/8074
traditional cuisine too. At this Holun-
derblütenfest (dates still from 2009),
you can try various delicacies: „Bayeri-
sche Hollerkiachl“ (elderflower dipped
Real estate agency fo Vilseck, Grafenwoehr and surrounding areas in beer dough and deep-fried), elder
lemonade, and much more.
We offer
- Altstadtfest = Citizens’ Fest in 92318
• Land Properties • New or Existing Homes Immobilien-Vermittlung Günther Strobl Neumarkt, Obere and Untere Markt-
Wiesenstraße 1 • 92249 Vilseck straße (ca. 45 km / 28 miles west of
• Prefabricated Houses • Custom build Houses Phone: 09662-8074 • 0171-5875217
• Industrial Properties • Rental‘s Fax: 09662-413521
email: buero@ivs-strobel.de
For three days, Neumarkt’s Altstadt
• We assist with finding the right Bank and finance plan for you Real Estate Agency Silvana Freddura-Plater (old city) belongs to the connoisseurs
• We process all Paperwork and Documents Regional Sales Manager
who appreciate the modern and tra-
Phone: 0171-7052012
email: silvana_fp@yahoo.com ditional Oberpfalz (our area). Local
restaurateurs will present special deli-
For assistance in englisch call 0171/7052012 or email to silvana_fp@yahoo.com cacies in honour of Neumarkt’s 850th
anniversary - and they will attempt to
create the longest counter!
www.grafenwoehr.com June 2010 • grafenwoehr.com
28 Event Calendar
Recurring and Long-Lasting
Ongoing until 19 Sep. local delicacies like fresh fish and the of the Bavarian Labour Minister Stain,
Annual Exhibition of the Arts Guild in Ongoing until 31 Oct. famous Altmühltaler Lamm (lamb). a compromise could be reached two
92334 Berching, Storchenturm tower The Wunderhof (special garden and days (!) later, and work was picked up.
(ca. 42 km / 26 miles west of Hohen- gallery) is open, in 92262 Birgland, 18 July - 31 Oct. These happenings surrounding
fels). Aside from the grand opening on Eckertsfeld 1 Special Exhibit: “Überschäumende Germany’s only ever beer strike, and
Saturday, they are open every Sunday Maßkrüge“ - the1960 beer strike (!) some cheeky information about Bavari-
and German holiday 13:00 - 17:00. The Wunderhof (only GE) is the home in the Maxhütte , in 92237 Sulzbach- ans and their love of beer are explained
On display are paintings in oil, acryl, of artist Evi Steiner-Böhm. The pro- Rosenberg, Stadtmuseum, Neustadt in this exhibition.
aquarel, calligraphy, and inlaid works. perty lies in a beautifully romantic area 14 (ca. 20 km / 12.5 miles south of
at a former Celtic settlement. On the Vilseck)
Ongoing until 26 Sep. grounds you will find a unique “life- 21 July - 15 Aug.
Alcmona Historic Village in 92345 time“ garden, an art barn, a gallery and Bavaria isn’t known as a beer country Antiquities Weeks in 96047 Bamberg,
Dietfurt, along Main-Donau canal, a pretty café, all inviting you to enjoy for nothing - when workers were de- Sandstraße
Breitenbrunner Str. 6 and savour nature and art. nied their daily beer at the Maxhütte
smelting furnace, they went on strike! Over 30 traders display international
The historic village is open every week- The gardens at the Wunderhof were On 02 March 1960, the new Director treasures from five centuries. A stroll
end and German holidays: Sat. 13:00 built under an artistic aspect, too, sym- General of the Maxhütte reduced the between Domberg and Altes Rathaus
- 17:00, Sun. and holidays: 11:00 - bolizing the various life segments of a beer consumption on his premises to (old city hall) will give you another im-
17:00. Visitors are welcome to bring human being, from birth to death and one bottle per worker per day which pression of historical Bamberg – and an
their own “Brotzeit” (picknick / snacks) beyond. They can be visited during a caused a lot of annoyance. But when opportunity for many a good purchase.
or foods to be barbecued, charcoal is guided tour: Guided tours for the on 01 October 1960 he forbade the sale
available. Drinks can be bought on site. public take place every Sunday from of beer within the plant completely,
13:30 - 14:30 (Admission 5.- Euro pp, he created a huge storm of outrage: 01 - 24 Oct.
Ongoing until 17 Oct. children are free). Groups can book within just a few hours, the complete Culinary Weeks in 91522 Ansbach:
Hot-Air Balloon Rides in 91541 Ro- special tours during the week. staff went on strike and the fire in the Motto: „From historic cook books“.
thenburg, Tauberwiesen (Detwang smelting furnaces nearly subsided /
subdivision) Café and Art Barn are open every Sa- cooled off. Only with the mediation
turday 14:00 - 17:00, on Sundays and
Hot-air balloons will fly daily if the German holidays 14:00 - 18:00. The
weather is good. All details and POCs whole property is a smoke-free zone,
on their Homepage. except for the little smoker’s corner

Start times in June: 19:00. In July:

under the apple tree.
Freds Autozubehör
19:00. In August: 18:30. In Sep- 10 June - 18 July Autoteile +Zubehör
tember: 17:30. In October: 16:30. Culinary Weeks in 92339 Beilngries Grafenwöhr, Neue Amberger Str. 2
BTW, did you know that in German, (ca. 45 km / 28 miles SW of Hohen- Telefon 0 96 41 / 454 630
you don’t FLY in a hot-air balloon but fels). Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., Sat 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
you DRIVE in it? It’s special “hot-
air balloon pilots” language. Makes Delicious foods fresh from the region. Cooler from WAECO Cool Fun AS-26
absolutely no sense, but there you go Many restaurants in Beilngries offer
Thermo electronic cooler, 12Volt DC connection; 26 ltr. capacity, refrigerating
capacity by 18° below ambient temperature
€ 39,95
SONAX Air Conditioner Cleaner
Far-out 99,9% bacilli and mold and other germs; Remove

€ 7,50
sticky exhalations; Simple practice

Thule Bicycle Rack for the trailer hitch

Thule Euroway 944 for transport of two bycycles on the trailer hitch;
retractable for better accessibility of the rear trunk
€ 299,-
Car-Lamps-Refund Box First Aid Kit +
Warning Triangle
€ 10,-
Duty in much countrys!
Replacement bulb set H1, Set

€ 4,50
H4 or H7
per piece Osram Night
Engine Oil 5W-30 Longlife III Breaker
90 % more light Twin Pack € 24,95
Audi/VW Norm 504 00 /
507 00, BMW Longlife 04,
Mercedes 229.51
Bosch AeroTwin
Synthetic oil „Change Kit“
€ 10,00 30% more Front set € 29,-
1 liter - bottle life time

Hohenstadt, phone 09154/916547 Eschenau, phone 09126/298352

Pegnitz, phone 09241/724357 Ottensoos-Bräunleinsberg, phone 09123/983564
Schwarzenbruck, phone 09128/925450


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