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UltraWhite Rice Whitening Machine DRWA

The new art of whitening.

Bhlers UltraWhite rice polishing machine is a technological triumph, with patented features specifically designed
for rice processors and millers, who demand the highest of product quality. The UltraWhite delivers a high
processing capacity with low processing costs, in a smaller footprint.
Designed with flexibility in mind, the UltraWhite is capable of processing a wide range of rice varieties and can be adjusted for
varying capacities. Its central feature is the shaftless milling chamber, that allows air to pass freely around rice kernels. This
results in cooler and cleaner kernels free from bran. It is also equipped with a double aspiration system, to remove the bran
High capacity Improved rice whitening

The special arrangement of stones allows uniform distribution of rice kernels inside the milling chamber, enabling
uniform and gentle whitening.
Energy efficient design and operation

Extremely low processing cost per ton.

Top sanitation standard

The special double aspiration system carries away bran with high efficiency, enabling a cleaner output.
Low maintenance

Patented stone arrangement makes for the easy removal of grinding stones

Easy access for cleaning

Easy removal of feed screw

Innovative patented technology

Shaftless milling chamber

Multi-point aspiration

UltraPoly Rice Polishing Machine DRPG

The new art of polishing.
Bhlers UltraPoly brings new standards to rice polishing for processors and millers who demand the highest
quality of rice.
Equipped with the latest in technological advances and patented features, the UltraPoly delivers incredible polishing
performance at extremely low processing cost per ton. The UltraPoly also ensures uniform milling and higher yields of head
High capacity

Unique geometry of sieves with reverse bends enables better polishing performance at high capacity.
Energy efficient operation

Extremely low processing cost per ton.

High head rice yield

Firmly fixed screens restrict vibration and help maintain a uniform gap between sieve and cam. This ensures uniform
milling and higher yields of head rice.
Innovative technology

Patented sieve design

Unique cam and teeth arrangement

Separator Classifier MTRA

The separator classifier MTRA is used primarily for grain cleaning in the milling of wheat, durum wheat, corn (maize), rye,
soybeans, oats, buckwheat, spelt, millet and rice as well as in storage elevators. It separates coarse and fine impurities from
grain via screening and classifies a broad range of materials according to size. In addition to its main field of application, the
classifier MTRA is also employed successfully in feed mills, seed cleaning plants, oilseed cleaning and cocoa bean grading
plants.Excellent separation effect for efficient grain cleaning.

With its two sieve desks, the separator classifier MTRA removes coarse impurities like large kernels, string, straw,
wood, stones or clumps of soil, as well as fine impurities such as sand and breakage from the grain. In this way, it provides
efficient grain cleaning. Throughput capacities reach up to 5 t/h in cleaning and up to 20 t/h in grain storage.

In order to optimize the cleaning effect, an optional aspiration channel or air recycling aspirator can be employed,
through which low-density particles such as dust, hull fragments or husks can also be separated.
Minimal maintenance requirements thanks to optimized design.

The screens and wearing parts on the robust classifier MTRA can be changed quickly and easily. In addition, there
are no lubrication points required maintenance is thus reduced to a minimum.

During the entire process, an automatic cleaning system employing rubber balls ensures continuous, effective
cleaning of the screens. Throughput increases while the maintenance requirement simultaneously decreases.
Flexible application possibilities via optional outlet aspirators.
Because the separator MTRA can be combined with a number of different aspirators, it can be very flexibly applied.

Destoner MTSD
The Bhler destoner MTSD is applied for the efficient separation of stones and metal, glass, and other high-density impurities
from a stream of grain. Its throughput capacity varies as a function of the specific product and its degree of contamination: The
throughput for common wheat is up to 22 t/h, for durum wheat up to 14.5 t/h, and for corn (maize) up to 16.5 t/h. In addition to
the grain varieties mentioned, the destoner is also used for processing rye, rice, and soybeans.High separating efficiency
excellent grain cleaning.

With its outstanding separating efficiency, the destoner MTSD effectively removes even small and lighter-weight
stones the size of a grain kernel from the stream of product, thus ensuring excellent cleaning of the grain.

The excellent removal of high-density impurities such as stones , glass, and metal protects the downstream
processing equipment and thus perceptibly reduces its wear and tear.
High product safety thanks to pure raw materials.
Through its excellent cleaning of the raw materials, the destoner MTSD creates the conditions required for achieving a high end
product purity and thus for complying with food safety standards.
Wide variety of applications through broad range of products and throughput capacities.

The destoner is characterized by its wide variety of possible applications: Beside standard applications for wheat, rye,
and corn (maize), the machine can also be used in specialty mills for processing oats, buckwheat, barley, spelt, and millet. The
destoner MTSD is also even applied successfully in breweries, distilleries, and ethanol production plants.

The destoner MTSD is available in three different sizes with a range of throughput capacities of 6 t/h, 612 t/h, or 12
22 t/h. Its marginal footprint ensures an optimal utilization of available space.

Impact Dehuller DOSB

As a manufacturer of food processing machinery, Bhler is also a leading supplier of oilseed processing equipment used in
oilseed preparation and handling. Bhler's vertical impact dehuller DOSB is used for oilseed dehulling in the production of
edible oil for the food processing industry. It is designed to increase oil production efficiency and oil yield through gentle
dehulling of sunflower seeds. It is also capable of processing a wide variety of other seeds.Highly versatile, customizable
The impact dehuller DOSB can be customized for use with a variety of products including soybeans, sunflower seeds,
cottonseed and rapeseed. Key element is the adjustable impact cone, which gently cracks and separates seeds from the hulls.
It ensures optimal fibre content for the subsequent oilseed processing steps.
Safe Processing Extended Durability.
The vertical impact dehuller contains an adjustable feeder with permanent magnet for removing foreign ferrous particles. This
allows for high quality product and extended machine lifetime.

Description/ Specification of Z+ Optical Sorter For Rice

These Z+ Optical Sorter for Rice is the worlds leading optical sorter in its field of application. It detects defects and
foreign material on the basis of colour, shape and/or other optical properties and removes them through precision
Rice sorting:

Removes discoloured, broken and unwanted grains, and seeds, gross defects, white belly and foreign materials.
Grain sorting:
Removes discoloured grains, unwanted grains and seeds, immature grains and ergot and fusarium diseased
Pulses sorting:
Removes unwanted pulses, seeds or grains, discolouration , un-split from split applications and foreign materials.
Tea sorting:
Removes tea stalks, foreign materials such as plastics, cardboard, strings, stones & unwanted seeds.
Coffee sorting:
Removes discoloured beans, sour defect (vinegar defect), black, foxy and mouldy beans.
Seed sorting:
Removes a wide variety of defects from field crop seeds, herbage seeds and vegetable seeds.
Spices sorting:
Removes discolouration, unwanted spices or grains, bird droppings and foreign materials.
Nut sorting:
Removes even the most challenging defects such as shell, hull, membrane, stones, mud balls, sticks, glass and
other foreign materials.
Dehydrated vegetable sorting:
Removes discoloured and rotten dehydarated vegetable pieces.
Supplier Product Code
Competitive Advantages of the product
Machine Features:
- Outstanding precision
- Consistent and reliable performance
- Maximum flexibility
- Exemplary ease of use