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2010 onwards


The decade of tra nsformation

The decade of growth

The decade of birth

25 March 2010 campaign india Mudra supplement 3

It’s not 30, it’s 1057

reasons to celebrate
When there might have been none. Mudra might never
have been born had an agency not resigned the Vimal
account because of conflict with another in the roster. CONTENTS
“Ready for explosive growth” 04
First, turn to the back cover of this issue... That’s a confident statement made by
Madhukar Kamath, MD and CEO, Mudra
Group; rooted in the knowledge that Mudra is
What you’ve seen is the real reason for this special issue. reaping the benefits of investments

It’s not about 30 years of Mudra, though the date certainly Four pillars of Mudra group 06
coincides. Once upon a time, 30 years ago, Mudra
transformed from a marketing department in
It’s about what Mudra has become. Reliance to an advertising agency. As they kept
adding specialisations, Mudra was
Anant Rangaswami It’s become a communications conglomerate with 1057 transformed from an agency to a group. Here’s
professionals as of today. a snapshot of who does what.
It’s become a communications powerhouse as opposed to View from the outside 08
being an advertising agency. What do Mudra’s partners, captains of
industry, Mudra’s competitors and CEOs of
And, funnily, the advertising agency that it once was might media houses think of Mudra?
never have been.
Mudra works for them 12
In a fantastic necessity-is-the-mother-of-invention story, What do those who work with Mudra for their
Mudra was born because the agency that handled Vimal brand-building and communication needs
think of their contribution?
chose to discontinue the relationship because they wanted
to work for a conflicting They helped build Mudra 16
Mudra has been a stepping stone for a
brand. 23 October 2009 campaign india Vol III Issue 4 11

number of great Indian adlanders, all with

23 October 2009
10 campaign india Vol III Issue 4

So the in-house In the last issue, we did

every fifteen days, failing
initely meet once a month,
discuss integration issues,
things that have taken place
last fortnight, what we can
ward to going forward and
that we def-
where we
the great
in the
look for-
future op-
great memories of their stints there and what
they gained from Mudra
department at Reliance
MUDRA GROUP portunities.”
Ignite Mudra

Elaborating further, he adds,

an All About on the

down. So
point is that we drive it
Mudra MAX

a client,
when Jude goes in to meet
DDB Mudra Group

Mudra Group which

lookout for
he is constantly on the
Mudra Communications

units. He
opportunities for other

served to confuse more

the process.
drives in other units into
each every
The same is the case for

than simplify. Campaign Prime Group other operating head.”

He gives the example
of work
India’s Bindu Nair Maitra
done recently for Wrigleys
that was
Mudra. “This was work
to four
spent considerable time
handled together by three
Mudra West

that addressed, largely, the

different units, all under Mudra.
cius, Mudra Health & Lifestyle, in
to understand the Mudra North & East

The Mudra India ‘A’ team 18

stuff, each of these were
took place
the entire project, which
group’s various entities Mudra South at MMRDA Grounds
where the objective was
in Mumbai
to get into

and all that they stood the Guiness Book of Records

most number of dental check-
for the
ups in

for, how they meshed a day,” he says.

Adds Pratap Bose, “Mudra,
as the

into each other and how

An organisation is only as good as its people,

is a
traditional advertising agency,
and to grow
core part of our business
they added value to each
that part is a goal that has not
DDB Mudra, which is our

BTL needs of Vimal, decided

other — and how the
a separate
tion with Tribal DDB is
are looking
part. Essentially what we

sum of the parts added

is in being
to do with that relationship
able to leverage DDB’s

up to more than the

and to
globally as well as regionally

more so in the communications area. Here’s

business in
grow our international

individual offerings of
board, the
India. When I came on
to grow all
main task facing me was
under the
the fast growing group
the specialist functions
where I am
MAX umbrella. That’s
basis. The
involved on a day-to-day
best in class
way forward is to find the
units to
partner, for each of these

to become the solution

We recently

Mudra India’s ‘A’ team

grow them substantially.
chief knowledge officer, home joint
specialised rector and announced the out of
lot tions arm; Multiplier, the and CEO, DDB India with
is housed “We spend a the spe- Mudra Group venture with Clear Channel be-
unit. The second segment trade marketing unit; Terra, heads the DDB Mudra

segment. of time on unit; Video- Group LLP and
The group integrated all
of its spe-
under the DDB Mudra cialised rural marketing and Clear Channel Mudra
built on TV. As which is integration, it’s Group part of the business that there was Portland.
had was that brands were that there cialist units
under the Mudra Max This consists of Tribal DDB, tec (the branded entertainment Pratap Bose heads Mudra Max as fore
he Mudra Group, which agen- driven down from What we would like to do
next would
of- time passed, we realised brands umbrella in May
this year. Speaking the Interactive and new media arm); 10 Integrated, the
sports mar-
being COO, Mudra
its beginnings with one events mar- CEO, besides to get into the next generation
was an opportunity to build India, at the time, cy; Rapp, the relationship
marketing the top.” keting unit; Celcius, the Nath is president be
fice in 1980, and one brand every con- to Campaign Mudra, the Group. Chandan forms of media which could
be get-
everdyday at each and CEO, Mudra Max and unit; Mudra Health & Lifestyle,
the Madhukar
keting unit and Portland.
as a client- Vimal, today em- examples Pratap Bose, based retail and head,
Ignite Mudra. marketing, word of
sumer touchpoint. Today, Mudra Group had singled
health and lifestyle marketing
arm, Kamath
recent JV between UK by Bobby ting into mobile
ploys close to 1100 people that have been COO, of such Mudra in While‘product’is headed mouth among others. The
vision is to
a abound of brands scale as the biggest advantage which is soon to be integrated
design firm Portland and creative officer, Mudra
across 26 offices, to handle on, say, experiential ad- The retail de- Pawar, chief the specialised businesses
100 brands. built purely integrated offering for clients. the DDB Mudra side of the
the area of experiential and function is headed grow
portfolio of more than a home advertising, an for the recently Group, the people core competencies and
as Mudra
units vertising, out of step according to Bose is Mudra MAX is the third
sign. There is also the who is president, or-
With a number of specialist marketing, or even next of these Mudra LLP, by Ajit Menon Max, position ourselves
as a special-
the last one word of mouth decided that we group to identify, for each

provider for the ATL needs

having been launched in under the Mudra Group launched Clear Channel development within the group within the
We buying and specialist ganisational is ist communications
year, Madhukar Kamath,
MD and sponsorships.
consumer touch- units,
a best in class partner. that houses the media which is an out of home Mudra group. Dilip Upadhayayaes- agency.”
Pratap Bose, Bobby Pawar, the idea would take every That process is already underway,a specialist units. MAX, there- That, in
Madhukar CEO, Mudra Group says that we are present of various
Radar, the
Mudra the chief financial
In terms of their key differentiating
chief creative country’s point, and ensure the recent announcements fore, houses Connext and The fourth part of the the way that the agen-
Kamath, MD and COO, Mudra was to build one of the building the busi- with the out of recently sence, sums up factor, Bose says, “Where
we stand
Group and CEO, officer, Mudra com- there in terms of JV with Clear Channel in two media buying units.
The various Group is Ignite Mudra, the
CEO, Mudra largest integrated marketing onset, we decided that UK based those in cy has been structured. ‘I’ now, and where we
would be stand-
specialist ness. At the home segment and with specialist units here include launched agency that specialises

The best of Mudra India 20

Mudra MAX muncations group with So how does the all important a year from now on, is going
to be
could stand in- we would have two fundamental retail design specialist Portland, with housed under Prime Group,
catering to Indian entrepreneurs, fit into this com- ing differ-
units, each of which for any unit that in word- Integration different. Today, the one
in terms questions to answer Mudra. Other announce- includes Prime Site (out
of home so- the small and medium businesses Explains Kamath, very
dependently on its own feet we started; one, whether
it can by it- Portland market- plex structure? entiating factor would be
that we are
are likely to be made soon. lutions); Prime Retail (retail
areas of brand building and a lot of time on integra-
of business objectives. in its category and ments four sep- based in “We spend communications group
behind self be best in class Mudra Group consists of and visual merchandising);
ing. Ignite Mudra is the top. the largest
Elaborating on the vision the second whether it was
box above) solutions); tion, it’s driven down from with real specialist skills
across all of
specialist units, arate arms. (See Wayfinding (navigation Ahmedabad. board which That’s our
launching the various we started investing in busi- environ- Jude We have an executive consumer touchpoints.
Kamath recalls, “When we
set about As a result There is the core advertising Prime Consult (outdoor On the business side, while the CEOs; Bobby as the to inte-
out how to building businesses
in each of these Green director, has three of biggest USP and the ability
the business of mapping ness under Mudra Communications. ment consulting) and Prime Fernandes, executive then there are the support advertising
about at- consumer touch
points.” of Mudra, the advertis- Mudra Ad- CCO, me, grate all these units with
Mudra Group and CEO, in the form of HR and fi-

as well.
move forward, we went like is for This consists (solar enabled media).
also be our biggest strength.”

Creatives that made a difference

“What we would ideally agency; Water, the strategy
and promo- Communi- functions try to meet once will
tempting to define the business of clients to come to us, not with a brief, ing lo- Then there is Kidstuff, the vertising heads Mudra di- nance. We always
business consultancy; Maatra, the tional marketing unit, Street
cations; Sandeep Vij, executive
we were in, which was the is our marketing design
Sandeep Vij, ED Chandan Nath, crea- but to say, ‘here and pre-media services the interactive out-of-home
Jude Fernandes, building brands and providing solve it’,” adds calisation
and CKO, Mudra president and conven- problem, now and Tantr Films, a content
ED, Mudra Group head, Ignite tive business solutions. The Kamath.
Group and CEO, a few years ago,
and CEO, Mudra Mudra tional belief, until
Advertising DDB Mudra Group

Then they decided that DDB Mudra 22

they were good enough to provide solutions for non-Reliance The very best of Mudra meets the best of DDB
to create magic
brands too; after all, they were doing a good, even great, job
with Vimal. Mudra MAX
Pratap Bose joining the agency has brought in
So they created the iconic Rasna communication (and a new dynamism
brand) for their first ‘external account’. And when necessity Ignite Mudra 26
dictated that they had to expand, they did. In an age of clutter, Ignite Mudra found the
required differentiator
They expanded geographically, to where they needed to be,
to service their growing client roster. And their growing Milestones in the life of Mudra 28
Key dates in the journey of Mudra
ambitions. They expanded into areas of expertise that their
clients required. And they went on and on. MICA: Going beyond business 30
Mudra’s commitment to the communications
Their furious expansion caused us at Campaign India to break arena is best proven by their investment in
from the norm and do a double spread ‘simplifying’ Mudra. MICA
Thirty years after their birth, they’re the largest home-grown Editorial team Bindu Nair Maitra, Gunjan Prasad,Arcopol Chaudhuri
agency in the country, nipping at the heels of the Design team Sachin Rajwadkar, Kaushal Gandhi, Sujit Mandvikar.
Cover design Anya Rangaswami

international brands that entered India almost 100 years Photography Pawan Manglani and Mohammed Shafiq
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4 campaign india Mudra supplement 25 March 2010 25 March 2010 campaign india Mudra supplement 5


The confident statement made by Madhukar Kamath, MD and CEO, Mudra Group; rooted in the knowledge that Mudra is reaping the benefits of investments

ll of a sudden, the Mudra advertising agency is not attempting Godrej’s views are endorsed by Indian or international, that he want- ations, and have often supported us Mudra is a the client. Mudra is a no-nonsense the relationship that DDB and
Group is monolithic; nu- to shed itself of the ‘agency’ tag? Narasimhan Tupil, marketing direc- ed to work with.“When it came to de- in times of difficulty, especially when no-nonsense agency and focuses on brands and Mudra share. “It’s like a wife who
merous strategic business In Mudra’s case, the changes that tor, HP Technology services, APAC ciding on agencies here, it was very we didn’t have time to execute cam- agency and business interests.We have grown to- turns 40. At times you feel that you
units straddle all conceiva- Kamath speaks of, are changes that and Japan. He has had a long associa- important for us to find an agency paigns, when situations changed, focuses on the gether over these eight years. Our re- are actually locked into a marriage
ble needs of a brand to com- their clients seem to be seeing, expe- tion with Mudra and is gratified that, which clearly understood what our when businesses changed.They have brands and lationship started when we had just and then as you turn 40, you realize-
municate a message. riencing and benefiting from.There’s with the changes in Mudra,their orig- brands stood for. Based on the brand bent backwards and put in all their business’ 10 stores. Today we have 150 and this ah, the marriage can actually be what
A closer look reveals that nothing no greater testament to the fact than inal values are still visible.“There are strategy we developed and the un- resources to bail us out in situations, interests journey has been marked by some you want it to be; you don’t have to be
is sudden; that the Group has been Adi Godrej’s views. Mudra has two things which, in my view, differ- derstanding that various agencies and that’s what we appreciate. We Kishore Biyani, valuable contributions by Mudra. focused on the fact that you are mar-
growing steadily, with a sprint in the worked with various Godrej brands entiate Mudra from the many other demonstrated, we decided on DDB never hear or feel, from their body Future Group They’ve helped make Big Bazaar a ried. And in that middle era of matu-
last decade,the last of the first three for 25 years, almost the age of the agencies that I and some of my team Mudra, which was an additional ad- language, that they ever say no, and part of India’s life and culture.” rity, I think both of the partners start
decades that Mudra has seen. agency itself. “We have a very close members have worked with.The first vantage for us because it belongs to there is a very positive and open atti- What comes through is that there is to flourish together. We are learning
Madhukar Kamath, MD and CEO, relationship with Mudra for about 25 differentiator is that they’re true the DDB network.” If it were not a tude of ‘can do’, which is what we love something that Mudra is doing right a lot from Mudra and Mudra is, under
Mudra Group, describes each dec- years,” says Godrej. “They have han- business partners; they don’t act like network agency, would Volkswagen in DDB Mudra.” when it comes to defining their own Madhukar’s leadership, learning a
ade:“There are essentially three dec- dled a number of our brands and an agency, which is a real compliment still have decided on Mudra? “Yes,” Sharma’s views are ratified by role and culture, and a lot of that has lot and connecting more with DDB
ades in the history of Mudra. Decade products over the years – soaps and to the way Dhirubhai Ambani and is his definitive answer. Mudra alumnus Santosh Desai.“The to do with people. That’s an area of than it ever has. I can see that rela-
one was that of birth and innovation; hair colour; they have handled Real AG Krishnamurthy founded the To other clients, too, Mudra being good thing about Mudra is that concern and focus for Kamath. tionship flourishing and maturing to
the birth of an agency which rewrote Good Chicken, they have handled company. The second one is respon- Indian or part of a network is not a they’re involved, in business terms. I “We are handling people on two the benefit of both. I would love to
the rules and which didn’t conform durables. So our re- siveness which pure- matter of significance; the value that think that it is one of the few organi- fronts —one, inter- have much greater
to what was stated in the ‘com- lationship with ly from the time-to- they get from Mudra is. Raghunan- zations in this sector that is genuinely nal and the other, ownership equity
mandments’ in the adver-
tising industry. “Thou
Mudra has been
long and diverse.
“No planner can market issue is very
important to us.”
dan, MD and CEO, Paras Pharma-
ceuticals says he sees a lot of value.“In
more than just advertising.”
Client delight with an area that
external. Internally,
we are focussed on
“We are focussed but our relationship
is such that our own-
shalt be based in
Bombay or Madras
The one thing I
found about Mudra
sit without “On the first point,
I’ll give you an ex-
the last 18 months, we have come to
expect more work out of Mudra than
Mudra has focused on must please
Kamath immensely.
hiring for aptitude,
not just skills be-
on hiring for ership equity is less
and less impacting
or Delhi,” “Thou which is unique, to having x days ample. There are in the past – and they have been able “The Mudra team headed by Jude cause those can be aptitude, not just the working and
shalt be interna- my mind, is that they two ways of doing a to measure up to these new expecta- Fernandes has always worked seam- built on and devel- strategic relation-
tional,” and go to consumers. I each month with brief. One is to listen tions. More importantly, we are de- lessly with our teams on all projects, oped subsequently. skills as those ship that we have.”
“Thou shalt be have seen them. to the client and then lighted by their going beyond the often carrying out services which At the same time,we Satisfied clients.
a whole lot of They keep speaking consumers, in come back with a brief.A new product that we are going were not necessarily within the scope are focusing on pro- can be built on Clients who admire
things.” to consumers and brief, confirming to launch in the coming months is a of work defined. It’s always like one viding developmen- them for their Indi-
“That was give us feedback — the market” your interpretation brainchild of Mudra.The concept was big Godrej team,” says Tanya Du- tal inputs, exposure and developed” anness, clients who
the decade of and that I like. Ad- of what the client their’s; they have been able to flesh bash, executive director and presi- and experience to admire them for
birth, then vertising agencies generally believe has said. The second one, when you out the category and they have been dent (marketing), Godrej Industries. existing people, primarily to help their international links. Clients who
came the dec- that their job is only being creative actually act as a true business partner able to convince us that this was a Products and services need to be them change orbits. Externally, we appreciate their going beyond the
ade of growth, whereas I have seen a lot of insight is when you question the assump- good opportunity for us to get in.” tested and certified in the market. will need to step up on going out ag- brief. Clients who have benefited
as this was the coming out of Mudra. I think they tions. Mudra takes keen interest to That’s indeed going beyond the brief. Who better to judge the performance gressively and talking about the nu- from extraordinary commitment.
time when have taken the trouble to go to the understand the business market Vivek Sharma, chief marketing of- of a communication company than merous opportunities in the Group, Clients who see Mudra as a partner.
Mudra expand- market, to interact with consumers..” we’re operating in, what are our main ficer,Philips India sees the global link someone who needs the communica- in as many fora as possible. We have That’s a long list of positives.
ed with several This is no accident.“It’s made man- concerns, what are our pressures and to DDB combined with the Indian tion to work every single day? to stress on the fact that there is a Kamath sees the past three decades
offices across the datory that you have a certain our objectives. That happens when roots as an advantage. “They bring a “Mudra represents the values we wider spread of opportunities in our as the basis of their optimism.“We’re
country and added number of days in the field. People you question the assumptions or you lot of value in getting the global learn- represent,” says Kishore Biyani. communications group — opportu- in this phase today because of the in-
more people to its forget that partnerships can only want to know more about the prod- ing from DDB into India and yet, re- founder and CEO, Future Group, nities aimed at building vestments and the lifecycle stages of
fold. 2001-10 has happen if you know what is happen- uct or the service you are communi- tain the Indian relevance and Indian “There is a good cultural fit between brands.”We’ve got to start looking at the various growth engines devel-
been the decade of ing in the market. No planner can sit cating for. This is what I always find sensibilities. And they do stand up to the Future Group and Mudra—they it as not just a career in advertising oped, because of the talent base we
transformation, without having x days each month, in people in Mudra doing.” their beliefs and thoughts about what understand us and our needs. More but a career in communications.” have, in terms of width and depth. I
Mudra evolved from an the market.These are small steps that Godrej and Narasimhan have seen the brand should be in India and importantly, they understand our If Biyani’s was the ultimate acco- don’t think we are going to have phas-
agency to a marketing everybody needs to take. I can’t talk Mudra from the time it was a purely that’s what I really admire in them. core consumer and know how to talk lade, there’s more. DDB’s John Zei- es of ups or downs; now it has to keep
communications group.” about other agencies but we have felt ‘Indian’ agency. For Lutz Kothe of They demonstrate a greater under- to them. Most agencies come with a gler wishes that they had a bigger skyrocketing. We’re ready to ex-
That’s easy to say. Which the need,” says Kamath. Volkswagen, Mudra was an agency, standing of the business and our situ- different mindset, they try to please piece of Mudra – but is still happy in plode.”

Adi Godrej John Wren Ranjan Kapoor Chuck Brymer Kishore Biyani Colvyn Harris John Zeigler Lutz Kothe Sam Balsara Santosh Desai
CMD, The Godrej CEO, Omnicom country manager president and CEO and founder, CEO, JWT and president and chief GM - CMD, Madison MD and CEO,
Group Group - India, WPP CEO, DDB Future Group president, AAAI CEO, DDB Asia marketing and World Future Brands
Group Worldwide Pacific
“Our “I’m “Mudra has “Mudra now PR, Volkswagen “Right from “Today,
relationship extremely “Mudra’s “Mudra is certainly holds the “Mudra has India its launch, Mudra is
with Mudra impressed got a strong growing helped perception found “DDB Mudra has one of the
is long and diverse. One in the professionalism advertising agency and capabilities in areas make Big Bazaar a part of being a full-service resolve, they are on the Mudra has understood come across as a few organisations that
thing unique about and team work that I today, there is an outside traditional of India’s life and agency, a good one at road to leading the VW brand in a very no-nonsense, is genuinely more than
Mudra is that they go to saw. Mudra today is a absolute revival and advertising and this culture. They that, having diversified creatively. They are out short period of time. performance based just about advertising.
consumers. They take world class agency with aggression in them that shift is similar to what understand our core into many from the shadow of their They’ve adapted our agency. Today, Mudra’s Culturally, it may have
the trouble to move great creative product I have not seen before. DDB is doing globally. consumer and know specializations in the past structure, they’re brand guidelines to India story is much like the matured and ripened,
around, interact. Its and I’m very proud to be Look at the way they’ve We are happy with our how to talk to them.” last one year and it looking at opportunities and raised brand growth story of Indian but it has not become
impressive.” their partner.”. hired at a time when partnership.” continues to grow.” to change everything awareness by double entrepreneurs. something else.”
nobody was hiring.” they do.” digits.”
6 campaign india Mudra supplement 25 March 2010 25 March 2010 campaign india Mudra supplement 7


And three other pillars, the
national resources of Mudra

Once upon a Mudra India DDB Mudra Mudra MAX Ignite Mudra
time, 30 years
ago, Mudra Bobby Pawar, chief creative
officer, Mudra Group
transformed india
“What provoked me to join Mudra
was the sheer challenge that the
from a marketing DDB Mudra, headed by Sandeep Vij is the Ignite Mudra is the fourth agency of the
opportunity offered. To turn around,
or even manouver, a ship of this
department in The Mudra Group has its core advertising
business, housed under Mudra India. This
consists of Mudra, the advertising agency;
The lowdown
Units Mudra India,
second agency under the Mudra Group. It
consists of advertising agency DDB Mudra
The lowdown
Units DDB Mudra,
Mudra MAX is the third agency under the
Mudra Group umbrella, that houses the
media buying and various specialist units.
The lowdown
Units RADAR,
Mudra Group that was launched in 2009
and is positioned as an agency that
The lowdown
Key people
size is worth the coming. So, doing
that was far more challenging than
Reliance to an Water, the strategy and design
consultancy; Maatra, the localisation and
Water, Maatra and
Tantr Films
Advertising, the interactive and new media
unit Tribal DDB, the relationship marketing
Tribal DDB, Rapp India,
DDB/Mudra Health
MAX, therefore, houses Connext and
RADAR, the two media buying units. RADAR
Connext, Prime Group
(OOH, retail and
partners Indian entrepreneurs. The agency
works closely with entrepreneurs in trying
Chandan Nath
(president and head),
joining a smaller shop, which
would be easier but not quite as
advertising pre-media services and Tantr Films, a
content creation unit.
Key people Jude
Fernandes (CEO),
division Rapp and a health and lifestyle
marketing unit, DDB/Mudra Health and
and Lifestyle
Key people
is exclusively for handling Reliance brands.
This division also has various specialist
navigation solutions -
Primesite, Prime
to understand their needs, not only in brand
building but also supporting them through
a consortium that provides services in
Sanjay Menon
(executive creative

agency. As they Jude Fernandes, CEO, Mudra India says,

“What’s most significant is this entire
shift from being just an advertising
Ashish Mishra (chief
strategist and head,
Water Consulting),
Vij says, “Today the agency model is
under transformation. Fortunately, DDB
Sandeep Vij (CEO),
Max Hegerman
(president - Tribal
units catering to OOH, retail design and
visual merchandising, navigation and
marketing solutions for trade, promotions,
Retail, Prime
Wayfinding, Prime
Consult, Prime Green),
corporate law, funding, organisational
development and sales and distribution
Key accounts
Paras Pharma,
kept adding agency. There is much larger planning
focus and we’ve got a huge senior
Arijit Ray (EVP and
head, Mudra West),
Mudra is being sculpted at the cusp of
change. We are building a culture that truly
DDB), Venkat Mallik
(president - Rapp
rural, events and sports.
Pratap Bose, CEO, Mudra MAX and COO,
Kidstuff (promotional
marketing), Street
expertise provided in conjunction with a
consortium of domain experts.
Electrotherm, Zydus
specialisations, planning team across the country making
sure everyone’s working with the same set
KB Vinod (creative
head, Mudra West),
inspires the internal culture of
collaboration. It is being built around the
idea of open collaboration.Today, clients
India), Rajiv Sabnis
(president - DDB
Mudra Group says, “There is still some
unfinished business in terms of more units
Smart (interactive
OOH), Multiplier (trade
Chandan Nath, president and head,
Ignite Mudra says that working with
entrepreneurs needs an understanding
Mudra was of tools. Plus, we’ve got strong creative
heads in all our three offices. So we have
complete solutions and we carry out the
Aditya Kanthy (VP -
planning, Mudra
West), Ranji Cherian
want integrated teams to solve problems.”
Vij says they’ve created a structure where
Mudra Advertising),
Mike Follett (SVP -
strategy and planning,
to be launched. What we would like to do
next would be to get into the next
generation forms of media which could be
marketing), Terra (rural
marketing), Videotec ,
10 Integrated (sports
mindset. “You’ve got to respect the ideas,
dreams and vision of the entrepreneur.
transformed entire execution.”
He adds,“In every office we have large
(president, Mudra
South), Joono Simon
each unit is separated by semi-permeable
membranes allowing the free flow of ideas,
DDB Mudra), Rajeev
Raja (national creative
getting into mobile marketing, word of
mouth among others.”
marketing), Celsius
(events marketing),
They’ll look for relationships rather than
business. I think entrepreneurs are more

from an agency businesses which continue to grow with

us. Most of our relationships have all
(creative head, Mudra
South), Sanjay
Sharma (president -
processes yet retaining that which gives
the cell its DNA. Last year, the agency
infused fresh talent at the leadership level
director - DDB Mudra),
Soumitra Sen
(president - DDB/
Bose says that thanks to Mudra MAX,
clients get a combination of an experiential
Portland Mudra, Clear
Channel Mudra LLP
into relationships than simply doing
business with agencies. And if you have
been there, they respect that, which is very Ajit Menon, president,
to a group. started with a small beginning.”
It is this beginning that started in
Ahmedabad and went on to create iconic
Mudra North and
East), Anil Verma (ECD,
when it hired Mike Follett and Rajeev Raja
to run ‘One Voice Planning’ and ‘Creative’
Mudra Health and
plus communications planning agency.
He says, “The way forward is to find the
best in class partner, for each of these
Key people Pratap
Bose (CEO), L S
Krishnan (president,
rare for other clients.”
Nath lists brands which he describes as
organisational development,
Mudra Group
Here’s a campaigns for little known brands (then)
such as Vimal, Rasna, Godrej Powder Hair
Mudra North and
respectively across the Group ensuring
fluidity in thinking and truly holistic creative
Key accounts
units to grow them substantially.” Last
year, Mudra MAX announced an OOH JV
Mudra MAX Media),
Anurag Gupta
Mudra Group classics from Ahmedabad.
“Vimal created and added fashion to
“Mudra is an entrepreneurial
agency that gives marketing
snapshot of who Dye, Dhara Sunflower Oil, Reliance India
Key accounts
Godrej Group, Future
business solutions.
“In essence we have moved on from
being disparate agencies to a team of
Neutrogena, Henkel,
Lipton, Wrigleys,
with Clear Channel, prior to which there
was Portland Mudra. It recently entered
(president - strategic
initiatives and
fabrics. Dhara redefined purity in edible oils.
Symphony launched the category of air
coolers. Ajanta was the revolution of
solutions. So when we hire, the first
quality we need is the
does what. “There are clients who’ve been with us
over the last few years as they’ve
expanded their retail network.Currently,
Group, LIC, Union
Bank of India, HCC,
Lavasa Future Cities,
experts, from being discipline to idea
oriented, from consecutive production
Novartis, Philips,
Johnson & Johnson,
Reliance Mutual Fund
into a partnership with Concrea
Communications for youth marketing.
Going forward, Bose wants to grow these
integration), Aneil
Deepak (SVP strategy
& planning), Vandana
musical quartz wall clocks. Look at Paras
brands - Moov, Krack, Livon, DermiCool,
entrepreneurial quality - you should
have a good business team and you
we have clients such as the Godrej Group, Femina, Filmfare, thinking to a concurrent collaborative specialised units into their core Verma (VP & head, Itchguard, Recova, each name that I’ve
production, from separate to open,” he mentioned is not only a brand success, it is should be a person who is living and
Future Group, LIC, Union Bank, HCC and Lonely Planet, The competencies. “We want to position Mudra Celsius), Mandeep
Economic Times, says. Vij is currently trying to mould an Malhotra (SVP-OOH), also a category creator. I mean there was breathing a creative product. That
the Lavasa Future Cities campaign which MAX as a specialist communications group
has got everyone talking. Similarly, The United Spirits, Dabur, internal culture that “truly inspires internal within the agency. Where we stand now, Sanjeev Hajela no itch relieving cream before Itchguard doesn’t mean you simply go to a
Times of India and Worldwide Media are HBO, TTK, Aditya Birla collaboration enabling us to build and and where we would be standing a year (president - retail & was launched. Another new entrant, pitch, win it and come back. You
small but they are adding on business.” Nuvo harness our collective creative energy”. from now on, is going to be very different,” way finding), Sameer Nutralite today has acquired more than 25 should have a certain business
“We have understood the client,” he Client partners in India include he says. “Today, the one differentiating Mehta (VP, head, plus percent share of the market.”
Volkswagen, Neutrogena and Clean & Multiplier) Nath emphasizes that the consortium sense and say that you’re running a
says. “ What’s more important is we have factor would be that we are the largest business, not just a creative shop.”
understood the client’s needs. Advertising Clear (Johnson & Johnson), Henkel, Lipton, communications group with real specialist Key accounts gets together leading professionals from
works because its an investment.” Reliance Mutual Fund, RBS, Wrigley, Idea, skills across all consumer touchpoints. Aircel, Shell the industry offering skillsets which they
The Times of India, Philips, Novartis, That’s our biggest USP and the ability to Foundation, TVS believe will contribute to the growth of an
Schering Plough, HDFC, Tata AIG, HP, Tata integrate all these units with advertising Motors, ITC, Pepsi, entrepreneur.
Communications and Unicef. will also be our biggest strength.”

Jude Ashish Mishra Sandeep Vij Rajeev Raja Pratap Bose Anurag Gupta Chandan Nath Sanjay Menon
Fernandes chief strategist CEO, DDB national CEO, Mudra president - president and executive
CEO, Mudra and head, Mudra creative MAX, COO, strategic head, Ignite creative
India Mudra Group initiatives and director, Ignite
Water “Each unit director, DDB
“We are Consulting in DDB Mudra “Mudra is Mudra MAX “As a
aware of “We can “Today, a place “When
Mudra is “We’re an Group, you’re Dilip Upadhyaya, chief financial
our clients’ needs. dream freely, in a real, separated by Mudra as a Group is where we are not agency of very today we have the officer, Mudra Group
When we go into the achievable way and rock solid. We are not mavericks, we are working with “We have to manage the cash flow
semi-permeable apolitical, very expertise of a variety entrepreneurs, in a meaningful manner allowing our
market, when we are more often than not, membranes allowing paying mere lip not militants, we entrepreneurial, very of skill sets, which
talking to a potential whosoever wants to service to the term don’t hire and fire - you’ve got to share operating team to remain focused
the free flow of ideas independent people according to me are their vision, because on the key business. The finance
client, we are not take the initiative is and processes, yet ‘full service agency’.” its an agency built and from a culture not offered by many function ensures that the
talking only allowed to do so.” on certain for them, there is no management is free to focus on
retaining that which point of view, we’re advertising second chance.” growth, while we work to ensure
advertising.” gives the cell its DNA.” principles.” malleable.” agencies.” financial health and stability.”
8 campaign india Mudra supplement 25 March 2010 25 March 2010 campaign india Mudra supplement 9


What do Mudra’s partners, captains of industry, Mudra’s competitors and CEOs of media houses think of Mudra?
John Wren, CEO, Omnicom Group Bhaskar Das, executive president, BCCL John Zeigler, president and CEO, Shashi Sinha, CEO, Lodestar Universal
DDB APAC & Japan, DDB Worldwide

“I’d describe Mudra as the dancing princess

of Asia about to bloom and impress us all.
I think the reasons why I can make that
statement is because the agency has a
history of stability and understanding of the I think the good thing about Mudra is that market-place and diversified themselves
Indian market from a position of being they’ve taken the fully integrated route and accordingly, making the right investments.
From an outside perspective, I feel Mudra works on an overarching belief focused and connected to big Indian while other agencies talk about integrated Their growth has been bottom-up and with a
of a‘future backwards’ strategy. This implies that they constantly keep companies. They had a wonderful sort of solutions, a sizeable portion of Mudra’s leader like Madhukar Kamath who, by the
track of disruptions from multiple sources and the impact of consumer upbringing and a solid history, and now, I revenue already comes from their marketing way, needs no introduction to collaboration.
behaviour and industry sectors. The advantage of this approach has been think under Madhukar’s leadership, creatively services units. Therefore, their larger 360 Madhukar’s a fine collaborator and he’s
their lack of complacency and the ability to renew themselves time and they have found resolve; they are on the road degree offering is very impressive and made the Ad Club and AAAI come together
“During my recent visit to Mumbai, I had the opportunity to meet the again to face challenges of the future and stay ahead of the change to leading creatively, in terms of their work. they’ve always taken a holistic view of for Goafest. So integration within the agency
entire management team of the Mudra Group. I’m extremely curve. The exponential growth happens because of the organisation’s They are out from the shadow of their past offering solutions to clients. So their growth should come easy to him. Today, Mudra is
impressed in the level of professionalism and team work that I saw. ambition to grow inorganically and not be constrained by usual structure and ownership and development, story is interesting – they started with a very well-poised. Globally, marketing services is
Mudra today is a world class agency with a great creative product perceptions of roadblocks to growth. In one sentence I can capture and they’re looking at opportunities to entrepreneurial mindset, when advertising becoming huge. At any time, if that happens
and I’m very proud to be their partner.” Mudra as an incumbent organization with a start-up mentality that change everything about what they do, to was dominated largely by people with upper in India - which I foresee happening in the
renews its corporate vision time and again and thrives. really come into the new age of creativity, middle class backgrounds. Moving on from future - Mudra will be at the forefront of
integrated solutions and doing that in a way there, they’ve anticipated the changes in the dealing with the change.
that is amongst the best in India. So you
Adi Godrej, chairman, The Godrej Group could summarize all that in terms of ‘their
Colvyn Harris, CEO, JWT India
time is right.’
“We’ve had many discussions with Mudra. “Mudra holds the perception of
It’s like a wife who turns 40. At different being a full service agency, a good
times, you feel that you are actually locked one at that, one that’s very
into a marriage and then as you turn 40, you diversified into many
realize- —ah, the marriage can actually be specializations and it continues to
what you want it to be; you don’t have to be grow. Madhukar is a good friend
focused on the fact that you are married. And and he does well for the agency.
in that middle era of maturity, I think both of This is Mudra’s 30th year and the
the partners start to flourish together. And we agency is gearing up to do many
are learning a lot from Mudra and Mudra is, things. Over the past one year,
under Madhukar’s leadership, learning a lot after Pratap joined, there’s been a
and connecting much more with DDB than it flurry of activity at the agency,
ever has. I can see that relationship several new businesses have been
flourishing and maturing to the benefit of launched. I hope they become
both parties.” successful and I wish them well for
the future.”

Chuck Brymer, president and CEO, DDB Worldwide

“Mudra is a leading communciations group in integrated full service communications
India as well as Asia. It’s a strong organised company that is delivering a wide range of ideas
group that has not only been doing great work through multiple media and different platforms.
over the years but is also very well positioned for The relationship between DDB and Mudra has
the future. It is growing our capabilities in a been a great partnership, we have worked very
number of different areas outside of the well together and continue to do so. Mudra has
traditional advertising realm. We are doing a lot a number of national clients along with a
more work in digital communications, CRM, number of global DDB clients that it works
“We have a very close relationship with Mudra for about 25 years. consumers and give us feedback -- and I like that. Advertising areas that are becoming more and more together with, from Philips to Volkswagen to
They have handled a number of our brands and products over the agencies generally believe that their job is only being creative important to our clients. Johnson & Johnson to Wrigleys, Henkel, Unilever.
years – soaps and hair colour; they have handled Real Good whereas here I have seen a lot of insight coming out of Mudra. I The shift that Mudra has made towards We are happy with our partnership. We continue
Chicken, they have handled durables. So our relationship with Mudra think they have taken the trouble to go to the market, to interact becoming a communications group is similar to to work and develop that partnership for the
has been long and diverse. with consumers. That I have always been very impressed with. I can the shift that DDB is making all over the world. future. I believe that we are going to continue to
“The one thing I found about Mudra which is unique, to my mind, is tell you that some of our advertising has been really strong and It’s making that shift from what has historically strengthen our ties together and build a broader
that they go to consumers. I have seen them. They keep speaking to successful.” been an advertising agency to now a more set of resources for the future.
10 campaign india Mudra supplement 25 March 2010 25 March 2010 campaign india Mudra supplement 11


What do Mudra’s partners, captains of industry, Mudra’s competitors and CEOs of media houses think of Mudra?
Ranjan Kapoor, country manager, India - WPP Vikram Sakhuja, CEO - South Asia, GroupM R Gowthaman, leader, Mindshare, South Asia
I’ve seen Mudra from the day it started till today. In the initial
years, the impression always was like, “Hey, they are coming
after us!” Since we were No. 3 on the run, they were always
watching our tail and they were very aggressive. They had found
a place in the scheme of things. They were an Indian agency
that was challenging these three nasty multinationals who had
all the plum accounts and they had Rasna and Vimal. The Indian
entrepreneurs were waking up and they were beginning to
build brands. Mudra was ‘an Indian agency for Indian clients’ a
positioning which initially we sort of pooh-poohed. When I left
in 1984. Mani Aiyer used to tell me that Mudra’s growing and
while we were growing at a fairly steady pace, they were coming
after us.
The next thing I knew, before I returned, Mudra had actually
overtaken us and they had become the No. 3 agency which was
obviously very aggravating for O&M.
Obviously they became a huge competitor to us and there was
no doubt about it that they had found fabulous credibility with
Indian clients and they continued to grow. I think Mani (of O&M)
was very strong in financial management and Krishnamurthy was
equally strong and that’s where they had a tremendous
Everyone was improving their margins and Mudra kept pace
with that. When things started decelerating, we had the good I still vividly remember the first Mudra Videotec signature ages back and
sense to go on raising our margins and Mudra did the same thing. I believe now, as I believed then, that it was ahead of its time! That has
I’m not sure whether other agencies looked at that aspect of been the hallmark of Mudra; the ability to anticipate the changes in the
the business. Mudra had an equally strong focus on the industry and environment. Mudra showed the way to this industry on
management of business to deliver profit from their office. how to diversify and provide wholesome communication solutions, not
Today, if I were to describe Mudra to say, somebody from to forget the contribution in providing talent to this industry through
America,I’d say that they have got a strong advertising agency. MICA. I’m certain that Mudra will continue to challenge the status quo
Even in their first decade, you saw them as a strong advertising in this industry and set new trends.
agency, which had advertising solutions.
While some of us were diversifying, we didn’t see them
diversifying as much, then, but now I feel that it’s happening. It’s Seema Mohapatra, regional director ad sales, South
like a revival. There was a bit of a plateau and then one sees it Asia, BBC Worldwide
going up again.
I see that there is an absolute revival and aggression in them The first time I heard of Mudra was in the late 80s or the early 90s,
that I have not seen before.Look at the hiring they have made at a when they were in the top four or top five agencies in the country.
time when nobody was hiring. I’ve not interacted much with Mudra but I’ve worked closely with
Madhukar (Kamath) in various industry capacities and Pratap
(Bose) when he was on the WPP side of things. In the 1970s and
Rajesh Kamat, COO, Viacom18 the 80s, network agencies weren’t such a big thing in India - quite
unlike the scene today - so there was a culture of home grown
Mudra is India’s biggest agencies of not just Mudra, Chaitra, Trikaya, Lintas or even HTA for
source of pride when it that matter. So I hadn’t reacted much when they launched, but by
comes to homegrown the early 1990s, they’d grown to become a highly respected
agencies. From a small advertising agency. That perception continues to exist today.
entrepreneurial set-up in I really don’t know much about their growth story, but I do know
Ahmedabad, the agency that as a group, they’re highly respected in the industry. I really
has grown into a admire Madhukar as a person. Unfortunately, I’ve never had a
nationwide chance to meet their very, very esteemed founder - AGK. But I’ve
communications group. It’s seen Madhukar as president of AAAI and he’s someone I truly
heartening to see their respect. Indeed, Mudra has been instrumental in the launch of many
intent convert to action, as enterprising brands coming out of Gujarat and thereafter spreading
they diversify into their network to the rest of India. The agency has also been
specialised units in order fortunate to have the right clients to back their ideas, which is why
to offer a variety of you have brands like Dhara, Rasna, Vimal becoming homegrown
solutions to clients. What is successes.
even more interesting is
I’ve seen some of the work that’s been coming out of Mudra MAX.
that all their units are
You know, I say this as a compliment here - when entering award
under one umbrella and Mudra can be remembered for many different things. Brings back
shows, Ogilvy packages entries very well. One, through good work
with a new address on the memories of ‘I love you Rasna’ , ‘Only Vimal’, ‘My daddy strongest’ and
cards, Mudra can really and the other, by ensuring that those entries are viewer friendly. But
ever since Pratap (Bose) has joined Mudra, he has brought that of course AGK for all of us in media. A truly Indian agency which has
walk the talk when it been standing tall with many firsts to its name. They have been
comes to integrated Ogilvy touch to the Mudra Group. So for example, Mudra MAX’s
strengths are now in outdoor and activation. This year at the Media pioneers on a lot of fronts, much ahead of others and never shying away
communication solutions. from creating new business opportunities. Mudra Videotec with
With this, they’re creating a Abbys for example, Mudra MAX is way up there, in terms of the total
shortlists. Buniyaad in the good old days or establishing MICA - a great
fine example of an agency contribution to the industry and many more. It has reinvented itself
that is future ready, So in the future, I expect the good work to continue from the
Mudra Group. Without a doubt it will, especially with the kind of every few years and I am sure we will see much more in the coming
considering the dynamic years. The entrepreneurial spirit and passion reflects in everything they
media landscape we leadership they have. I hope they can continue to give a credible face
to Indian advertising. do. Wishing Madhukar and the team all the best in taking it to greater
operate in. heights.
12 campaign india Mudra supplement 25 March 2010 25 March 2010 campaign india Mudra supplement 13


What do those who work with Mudra for their brand-building and communication needs think of their contribution?
T Narsimhan, mktg head, Asia Pacific & Japan, HP Anand G Deo, MD, Zydus Wellness S Raghunandan, MD and CEO, Paras Pharmaceuticals Chandru Kalro, EVP, TTK Prestige

RAPP India is one of the big success stories in HP in Asia Pacific, its The very fact that we’ve been working for nine and half years speaks
volumes about our association with Mudra. Mudra has taken through It has been easy for me to come in and settle down because After Mudra came on-board as our agency, we actually had a change in
actually considered one of the best benchmarks of what you can do Mudra’s familiarity with the Paras brands has been for a fairly long direction and our communication platform. It’s been a good journey so
with an agency and its a source of great pride for us. two of our brands - Sugar Free and Nutralite - through its formative
years. That’s an important achievement in itself. When we select an time. It has been a fairly fruitful relationship over the last 18 months, far; our association with them will almost complete ten years. They
My interaction with Mudra is more than 12-13 years and their where we’ve come to expect more out of Mudra and they’ve been really understand continual client service. They are very warm people
biggest strength is the fact that they act as true business partners, agency for an upcoming brand, the geographic location becomes very
important and as far as Ahmedabad is concerned, Mudra is one of best able to measure up to it. The activity levels on each of our brands has and unlike other agencies, they don’t have an ‘I-know-better’ attitude.
they’re responsive and their time-to-market. gone up considerably. The agency has succeeded in going beyond They work with you. They don’t work at you, which many agencies do.
In my industry, time-to-market is critical and also, you know, as ones. Two examples stand out in Mudra’s contribution to the brand -
one was when 9/11 happened and we were on-air on all the news the brief - for example, one of the new products we’re going to to Their involvement is quite substantial in our business. If they don’t
opposed to some other industries, so Mudra is good with turn- launch in the next few months, is a brainchild of Mudra. They have know something, they are willing to listen to you. Which is why, we
around times which is something I appreciate in them. channels. The kind of coverage we got, was the building block or
foundation for Sugar Free. Second was where Mudra helped Nutralite been able to flesh out the category and convince us that it is a good continued this relationship. They have a very good activation cell, which
Our business is a complex one and they make a good job of opportunity for us to get into. The agency has a very significant role is of major interest to us and which we foresee using in the coming
understanding it. become a formidable brand in the retail segment. This has happened
to play in our growth. days for various marketing activities.
thanks only to a long association.

Vivek Sharma, CMO, Philips India M V Nair, CMD, Union Bank of India D K Mehrotra, MD, LIC of India Aloke Malik president, Peter England Fashion & Retail
We have been associated
with Mudra for four years
now. They’ve been involved
with the re-branding
exercise the bank under
went last year. It
undoubtedly proved
Mudra’s capability to
execute mammoth 360
degree communications
programme nationally. The
intensity of their
engagement with us and
our other partners was
noteworthy.What I like
about Mudra is their
understanding of the financial category, the knowledge of how a
bank functions and their thoughtfulness of our communications Mudra launched Peter England with ‘The Honest Shirt’ campaign 12
needs - these are what make Mudra different! They have always years back. And that is when we started working together. The
DDB Mudra has found the right balance between the global positioning Honest Shirt, was a landmark campaign for Peter England. It created
and Indian relevance. It has contributed significantly to building brand explored multiple approaches before recommending the final
creative solution. The internal communication campaign Mudra a mid-priced segment in the men’s apparel category. People still
Philips in India by virtue of their sheer commitment, dedicated teams, fondly refer to Peter England as ‘the honest shirt’. The agency team
senior level involvement and good, creative inputs. There is always a devised for our Nav-Nirman roll out was perhaps more challenging
than the brand identity change campaign. Mudra treated the made a significant contribution in leveraging our association with
very positive and open attitude of ‘can do’, which is what my team in LIC has shared a long and fruitful relationship with Mudra. As one of
internal communication campaign with the same vigour and drive it the Chennai Super Kings team and integrating this campaign with
Philips loves about DDB Mudra. From being a transactional relationship the key agencies working on our brand, they have produced the
put behind the multi-media campaign. When we ran our internal our brand positioning.The timelines were extremely tight, availability
three years ago, now we have a relationship which is built on trust, extremely memorable “Zindagi ke saath bhi, Zindagi ke baad bhi” to
engagement program, which we had taken it to everywhere of players uncertain. Despite these challenges, the Mudra team
partnership, we’re comfortable with each other and allow each to make the latest Pension film “Statue”. It is with great pleasure that I extend
nationally, including smaller towns, it was Mudra’s specialists units came up with some fine work. Team Mudra’s passion to keep on
mistakes - we’re now long term partners. It is so good now that we my warmest congratulations to the entire team on the occasion of
which implemented it effectively and simultaneously across multiple improving the creative quotient stands out for special mention as
often meet without any work and agenda - just to eat, drink and their completing 30 years and wish them the very best in their journey
locations. does their energy and enthusiasm.
discuss. forward.
14 campaign india Mudra supplement 25 March 2010 25 March 2010 campaign india Mudra supplement 15


What do those who work with Mudra for their brand-building and communication needs think of their contribution?
Lutz Kothe, chief GM - marketing, PR, Volkswagen India M Suku, head - media strategy and alliances, R-ADAG Avinash Bhandari, group CEO, joint MD, Electrotherm S Ravichandran, MD, TTK Prestige
In an industry in India
overwhelmingly dominated
by global communication
networks, Mudra has stood
out as an outstanding
example of an Indian global
communication network
brand uniquely configured
around the needs of Indian
markets, marketers,
consumers and media.
Mudra will always be
remembered by me for its
visionary and early bird
approach to sponsored
programmes on TV
(Buniyaad, Rajni etc), its
Sports Management effort of World Cup Cricket in the mid-80’s and
the first ever branding attempt of IPO’s (Reliance Khazana) among
many other achievements.
In a business where global communication networks paid lip Mudra is a company with which we share a lot of values; their culture
service to talent, Mudra was the first to set up a focussed institution is very similar to ours, it is a very people-intensive business.Mudra, I
MICA to continously generate the much needed talent which the think, is very down-to-earth and every person who has represented
communication industry today sucks up entirely before even Mudra to us has brought in an enormous amount of value and
students pass out! personal relationships and a lot of friendship on the table, while being
Volkswagen operates all over the world and our brand guidelines, In a high profile industry, Mudra has been consistently low profile
are very important for us. So it was very important for us to find an completely professional about whatever they have delivered. As a
and I hope that the celebrations around the 30 years of Mudra company, when we wanted to enter the second segment in pressure
agency, which clearly understands our brands and how best they raises the profile and importance of a very unique, effective and
can be adapted locally and the agency would have to certainly lead Our relationship with Mudra started around September 2005. The cookers, just the bigger segment so-to-speak —after years of
Indian communications network. brand name ‘Yo Bikes’ was coined by Mudra. It was important discussing, we decided to enter. When we designed the product,
the brand. Based on our brand strategy, weselected DDB Mudra. It
was an additional advantage since it belongs to the DDB network beginning for us, because we had never done consumer products Mudra had come on board and we asked Mudra to do a workshop on
worldwide and it would be fair to say that the intercommunication before - we’ve been a B2B market player for many years. Therefore what is product strategy, etc. The story is legend: at the end of a
between the agencies is mature. They know the VW brand and advertising and Mudra both were new things for us. Also, not being an workshop on the presentation, this is something which changed the
where we are heading to. Having said that, if it were not a network Tanya Dubash , executive director, Godrej Group auto player, we had to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy way we designed the product completely, we went into redesigning
agency, we’d still have decided on Mudra. At the end of day, it’s also for our auto products. We chose Mudra because we went by the when they said, “When you want to enter a battle, you must either
about performance and how do they understand how we want the brand and reputation that the agency enjoyed in the market. They choose the weapons or choose the battleground. You cannot leave
brand to lead. have done a very good job. It’s a very strong relationship - we’ve both to your opponent.” I think it was extremely significant because
Their responsiveness has been a critical factor. The time between worked very closely in the last five years. There was a lot of learning Hawkins was a very big market leader and they were very strong in the
Mudra’s appointment and the release of the communication was a that came from Mudra, in terms of advertisements, brand promotions. north and the east, where this product was selling. I think Mudra
very short span of time. So the relationship has been excellent. It’s Lot of things we hadn’t known as a B2B company - so they not only brought a confluence of ideas from some of the experiences in the
very good. In the beginning everybody has to learn. So DDB Mudra performed their role as an advertising agency, there was also a lot of other offices as well; we work with Bangalore but we know we actually
was appointed before I came into the market and within this very learning which came in through their ability to go beyond the brief. have all the Mudra offices as resources at hand, when a push comes
short period of time they adapted our brand guidelines to our Indian They are absolutely committed to our success. They’re part of our to a shove. This is something Mudra has brought to the table.
strategy. They came up with a lot of creative approaches and this team, we don’t see them as Mudra anymore. So they certainly play an Going forward as we expand into rural markets and gain the loyalty of
worked very well. important role in the coming days for the growth of our brand and our the dealers by creating a point-of-sales communication which is very,
But it’s paying off. For example, what we are heading for is products. With the kind of technological changes that we’re making in very clear to the customers and to the dealers. That’s where I believe
awareness. Our awareness in India last year was very low and with the product and our plans for the next two years, I think Mudra’s many of Mudra’s specialist units will come into play. I think, today,
the first activities and the variety of campaigns, they used a involvement will only increase. marketing is no more about advertising. Whenever a creative is being
360-degree approach and raised our brand awareness in double presented we’ve always insisted that Mudra present a broad media
digits. So it was a huge success for us. Additionally, what we also plan on how that creative will be taken forward and what it’ll mean in
clearly see at the end of last year - because we launched on the Alpana K Titus, executive vice president, terms of the various time parameters that we want to evaluate
11th of November - our sales went up. After the announcement of marketing - flavors, PepsiCo India together, so that we know exactly how we will look at it, not just
Polo, we were number one on Google with more than one lakh clicks necessarily from a creative perspective.
on our web page. After the Polo innovation in TOI, our showrooms Over many years of Any of the presentations by them is an integrated presentation. I
were completely overcrowded. Everybody wanted to see the cars. partnering with think that strength that Mudra brings to the table is invaluable. I’m sure
Our dealers are happy. Motivation is very high and at the end of the Mudra MAX as one of they believe that customers want such inputs and, therefore, they do
day, we are selling cars. And when we look at our bookings, we know our solutions provider that.
already for our cars it was a success. Out of all the work we’ve done in the BTL I think Madhukar is absolutely right in pushing Mudra as a partner in
- I’ve loved the innovations we’ve done with media, as much as the communication business which is why they’re now becoming a knowledge partner. So
brand commercials which ran from 11 November onwards. So, space, we’ve seen Mudra just commissioned a research and had six workshops with us,
essentially we’ve adapted the brand in a very, very short period of Mudra MAX grow run by an independent moderator who would pick up all the ideas and,
We have been working with Mudra for around 25 years and the strength to strength. you know, give a shape to the whole thing. Those six workshops
time. Normally, more or less, you need half a year to do something association is across several of our Group companies and brands. I
like this if you have had the knowledge.The foundation of the We at PepsiCo culminated in deciding how we should approach the communication,
think Mudra’s work with Godrej Powder Hair Dye, which now comes Flavors, look forward and I think to that extent, it’s clearly their commitment to try and find a
Volkswagen brand has now been laid and the consumers now under the umbrella brand under Godrej Expert, has been invaluable. The
knows that we’re coming into the market with the New Beetle, for doing much more solution as a partner, rather than just to come up with a couple of
Mudra team headed by Jude Fernandes has always worked seamlessly constructive work catchy base-lines. It was solid research, solid process of understanding
Touareg and now, Polo. So, they’ve realised that the brand really with our teams on projects, often carrying out services which were not
makes an effort in this market. So it’s not really advertising, but a with the group. I think that singular thing that they did tells us how committed they are
necessarily within the scope of work required by them. It’s always like Congratulations to to working together. Mudra has done a wonderful job and I’m sure, has
commitment to the country. That’s why in our TOI innovation, we one big Godrej team! Mudra’s efforts in No.1 have certainly helped us
ended the last page with the headline, ‘Here today and tomorrow’ each member of the positioned itself to a knowledge partner of the business. We look at
gain market share over competitors. We also benefited from Mudra’s team for achieving Mudra as an agency which brings knowledge that combines together
and this is what customers understood, not in terms of terminology, specialist services including the rural arm, their digital arm and their
but as a consumer. grand success. with ours. So that’s one-plus-one making three.
point of purchase and activation services.
16 campaign india Mudra supplement 25 March 2010 25 March 2010 campaign india Mudra supplement 17


Mudra has been a stepping stone for a number of great Indian adlanders, all with great memories of their stints there and what they gained from Mudra
A G Krishnamurthy, chairman, AGK Brand Consulting R Balki, chairman and chief creative officer, Lowe Lintas Santosh Desai, managing director and CEO, Future Brands Sonal Dabral, chairman and regional creative director, Bates141

My first memories of advertising are in (Suthan) - all of us today have a very

I had just joined Reliance as an advertising required. All that we did was to convert the Mudra. That’s where I started my career. In unsaid bond between us. At some point of
manager, and Frank Simoes was our ad studio into an agency. those days, the Mudra Videotec logo used time, we all felt we were useless. But
to come at the end of many TV there did come a time, when we thought I joined Mudra in 1988, when it was a experience at Mudra confirmed the fact
agency. The focus of our advertising, then, The brief was not to make profit. Dhirubhai fairly young team. What struck me about that creative ideas were a team effort,
was on Vimal sarees. Ambani just said, “Make Vimal’s advertising programmes. I was one of the first guinea we were useful, thanks to Mudra.
pigs of what would eventually become Mudra was the agency which said, ‘Who Mudra was the fact that there was this with people building on an idea and taking
By 1979, Vimal Suitings had become a very the best advertising in the country.” By spirit of trying to create something new. it forward. I worked there for about 8-9
big brand and this was a dilemma for Frank 1982, we had started producing good work MICA. We started in a small flat in said we can’t do it?’. Mudra started out as
When I joined Mudra in 1991, my biggest was largely about your ability to get along The energy was infectious; we were months. It’s very important early in your
Simoes. They were handling Raymonds as for Vimal, and started receiving calls from Ahmedabad - Chaitanya Towers - with Rs an entrepreneur and now has turned into
learning was without question, working with other people. working like a closely knit team. I’d studied career to have happy memories of your
well, and the brand was very close to Frank others asking if we would handle their 1000 as our starting salary. Mudra was something of a successful businessman.
with people, because it was the kind of The sense of participation and sense of at NID where you were encouraged to work chosen profession. My early days at Mudra
Simoes’ heart. They had to choose between communication needs. The first call that we always an emotional place, it always sold The challenge for Mudra now is to keep
place that fosters the whole idea of ownership towards the work was so together as a team and my similar were just that.
the two and asked us if they could retain Vimal received was from Nelco, which was headed by emotion, not by rationale. I remember the spirit of entrepreneurship alive. Its got
working together and we learnt the strong, that people gave it more than 100
Sarees and choose Raymond ahead of Vimal by Ratan Tata in those days, and was a an ad for BPL, which AGK had completely a very rich foundation and I think the
importance of working as a collective. It per cent.
Suitings. We didn’t take this well; we thought formidable brand. Mr. Venugopal, who was trashed, but the client loved it, Alyque agency now needs to find a lot more
wasn’t just about what you do whether So the sense you get working in Mudra
wrote a long mail to AGK saying it was a hungry people. They don’t need good old
all Vimal brands should be under one agency. the marketing head at Nelco, called to say
fantastic ad. AGK then sent me a letter, professionals who’ve worked in other
you’re good or bad at your work, but your is something that cannot be replicated by Rahul Kansal, chief marketing officer, BCCL
We decided to sever ties with FS and start our that they were very impressed by the Vimal ability to work along with other people. any other agency. Today, the good thing
own agency. We had already set up and had work and asked if we would work with them. saying, “I was wrong, you are right.” So agencies. They are an agency which has
You know when organisations say ‘we’re about Mudra is that they’re one of the few
been running a studio to address the BTL Dhirubhai suggested we wait for some time. that was a learning experience - it was not made ordinary people do extra ordinary
like a family’, its the cliche of the worst organisations that is more involved in
needs of all brands anyway, we had the The first external business we handled was a about who you are, its about what it is. A things. And that’s what makes people
kind. But Mudra was a true conception of business terms with their clients and
confidence to handle the brands on our own, year later, when we took on the Rasna lot of times, I feel I’ve been away from that want to congregate. We never said, ‘Hail
the term ‘family’ and it was brave enough therefore they are genuinely more than just
even the ATL needs. We had the infrastructure business. Then we began expanding organisation, but I’ve never been away Mudra!’ We always said ‘Hail Us’, because
to welcome all kinds of people. plain vanilla advertising.
in place and there were no great investments nationally. The rest is history. from that culture. Me, Ramki, Prathap we felt great being together in the agency.
The agency also had the courage not to Culturally, Mudra may have matured, it
go down the beaten path - it did things may have ripened, but it has not become
things differently, by deriving strength from something else. Very often when you leave
J Ramachandran, professor - corporate strategy and policy, IIM-B Sam Balsara, chairman and managing director, Madison World the average rather than from the best, that
was the unique part about Mudra culture.
an agency and you look back, you feel like
such a stranger. But with Mudra, I still
“My initial management at that time didn’t come from agency. It was born from a Reliance culture So it wasn’t just about what you do or consider it a place that I will understand
exposure to an advertising background. I wasn’t from where the baseline was ‘Where Growth is how good or bad you were at your work, it and be able to relate to.
Mudra was advertising myself. At Reliance, I was part of Way of Life’ and with the Ambani credo of
when they were the group strategy team. Then I came to ‘Every job has to be done in time’, ‘Nothing
handling Vimal. I
was with
Mudra. If I remember right, the two years
that I was there, we more than doubled the
is impossible’. Now, these were certainly
not sentiments one could express with
Prateek Srivastava, group president - South, O&M
Reliance at that billing. What’s more, Mudra pioneered a few agencies of those days. I remember, even I worked with Mudra in the early 90s,
point of time important things. One, account planning is for me, working on a Saturday was a bit which was perhaps the formative years
and I was something we drove very hard because a lot uncomfortable and quite often our of the agency. Those were heady days. When I quit O&M as executive director, I most other agencies would have spent the
assisting Mr Anil of our clients were were trying to compete meetings were held on Sundays. And its We were out to prove a point to the saw in Mudra an opportunity to do a lot limited time available in trying to put
Ambani. They did against MNCs. In terms of creative, we had quite unthinkable for a corporate to have a industry which looked at this more building/creation than in my current together a glitzy presentation, we at Mudra
some great work for Vimal’s TVC featuring an interesting strategy. We had a great meeting on Sunday. But at Mudra, it was Ahmedabad-based home grown job. When I eventually joined, my biggest were so focused on trying to get the
Viv Richards. It was a wonderful piece of creative team in-house. A lot of our work perfectly normal. Today, Mudra’s growth is agency with a great amount of learning at Mudra was that advertising strategy right, we finally made the
work. I also remember the used to be television based, we were one of much like the story of Indian entrepreneurs. skepticism. We believed we could needn’t be a ‘hip’ or ‘cool’ profession that presentation on acetates – with the
conceptualisation of Mudra Videotec which the early pioneers of television. The original For its future, new businesses will come achieve anything, and at the same operates on the periphery of showbiz. presenter constructing the key charts right
was responsible for Buniyaad. Then as part telecasting of cricket matches in the country from Indian entrepreneurs - not MNCs - time used to remind ourselves I also learnt that only agencies capable of in front of the client, in an interactive way.
of my group vocation, I spent two years in was completely sponsored by Reliance. We who want to become future Ambanis. But everyday that we were the underdogs. getting off their ivory tower and The presentation worked like a dream,
Mudra, as part of research development. had a strong strategy orientation and strong When it launched, Mudra came across as a any good growth oriented vision should The energy levels were so high that understanding the reality of Indian markets Mudra came on board and within the next
Those two years were great, there was high creative inputs. We also managed to tap into performance based agency. During that consider how to make this industry grow one could almost touch and feel the and consumers would survive and thrive in one year had won some 50% of Dabur’s
energy at the agency. The industry saw us as the creative genius of the filmmakers. time, advertising came across as a genteel from Rs 20,000 crores to Rs 2 lakh crores. heat. As AGK used to put it, we had the future. What left a lasting impression on business – including Chyawanprash,
upstarts. At that time, the industry was Hence, a whole bunch of outstanding work profession. It was kind of an old boy’s club. Mudra must develop the necessary skill- “fire in our bellies”. I feel privileged to my work ethics was the importance given Vatika, LDM, Hajmola and Hajmola candy.
dominated by multinational affiliates from came out of Mudra in those days. Also, one Everybody sort of played by the rules. sets in anticipation of the client’s needs, to have worked with Mudra, under a great to substance over style - in an industry This down-to-earth presentation (of an
HTA to Lintas to Ogilvy Benson & Mather. of the challenges that we saw at that time Everything took time. But Mudra came in as acquire all those skill sets which will help leader . Even after so many years, thickly populated with gas bags, I learnt the insightful/ sound strategy) underlined, to
But we were different. What was different was the shortage of talent in the industry so a no nonsense , hard working, willing-to- sell more and more chocolates, more and when I think of some of the things we importance of talking the ‘moti baat’. I my mind is a major cultural trait of Mudra –
about us was that we were not conventional that’s how MICA was set up. Overall, those roll-up-their-sleeves, working long hours, more airtime, more and more soaps. Only did, my heart swells with pride. On its remember, when Dabur invited Mudra for a a belief in the supremacy of substance over
advertising types. A lot of us in the senior were exciting times “ working on a Saturday...that kind of once that goes up, will advertising grow. 30th anniversary, I salute Mudra. pitch for a new toothpaste brand, while style.
18 campaign india Mudra supplement 25 March 2010 25 March 2010 campaign india Mudra supplement 19


An organisation is only as good as its people, more so in the communications area. Here’s Mudra India’s ‘A’ team
Ashish Mishra, chief strategist Ranji Cherian, president, Mudra South
and head, Water What attracted me to the prospect of joining
Mudra was the challenge of heading a
region. There was this very strong people
side to Mudra which I haven’t seen in many
agencies. Under Madhukar’s new team
there’s far more aggression. Mudra was
willing to look at one as a person who came
with a certain body of knowledge and
experience and if you could bring something
to the table which looked different, they
were willing to buy it.

Sanjay Sharma, president, Mudra Arijit Ray, EVP and head, Mudra
“Mudra was the place I began my career in North and East West
— and I have been with the agency for over
15 years.
When I started, Mudra seemed like a
place which was doing pretty benchmark
work which was audacious, and had a “can
do” and challenging spirit. It had more
substance in an industry which is seen
from the outside as a superficial,
glamorous industry. It seemed like a place
where that could be used for someone who
Mudra India’s not just strong in planning and creative, but now also has the support of the Group’s various units, says Jude Fernandes, CEO had management proficiency and wanted Primarily, the responsibility of a large

to have greater satisfaction, wanted to Mudra North has become a healthy and a flagship operation attracted me. The
udra India is the genesis of the larg- or United Spirits or Peter England, they part of the fresh new creative leadership for make a difference in a variety of things. respectable agency in the last 2-3 years. mandate given to me by Jude and
er Mudra Group one sees today. define Mudra as being very entrepreneuri- the agency. Vinod is currently not worried Mudra’s culture resonates very well in What differentiates us from the others is Madhukar was to take the agency to the
What started as an in-house crea-
terms of making people feel important, that we really walk the ‘integrated’ talk. With next orbit in terms of revenue, profile and
al. We know how to sit together with the about industry perception of the agency.
making people feel very comfortable and all of us in the same office, communication skills. There is some internal drive in the
tive team now serves as a mainline client to understand challenges, do things “We want to excel. Creativity is what works
valued. In fact, the place where a lot of has become seamless. We’re essentially system. We’re high on accountability. I think
agency for some of India’s iconic brands for clients which go beyond advertising in in this business and we want to be known to ordinary people come together and get a
and leading advertisers. terms of understanding insights and un- be the most creative place producing some entrepreneurial in nature and that is exactly that drives people. There’s a high degree of
feeling that they can do something extra- what the clients are looking for these days. collective spirit and integration which
The agency has gone on to build some locking the market opportunities. So of the best possible ideas which work for ordinary.” We are not a personality led agency. comes down from the top.
iconic brands over the years - right from Mudra has gone beyond pure communica- the clients that will eventually become ad-
Vimal, Dhara, Rasna, Nestle Polo, Reliance tion.” vertising for ourselves. So after that hap-
Infocomm, Maxtouch, Samsung, McDon- The emphasis on account planning has pens, industry perceptions will take care of KB Vinod, creative head, Mudra West Joono Simon, creative head, Mudra South
ald’s amongst several others. Now it stands increased as well, says Aditya Kanthy, who themselves.” Mudra has that entrepreneurial culture
tall within the Mudra Group that celebrates heads planning for Mudra West. “In a Agrees Joono Simon, creative head for where you could bring in your ideas and they
30 years this year. Mudra South, for whom Bobby’s joining will give you a platform to build your ideas
Jude Fernandes, CEO, Mudra India said, the agency was a huge motivator besides and display your talent. As a creative person,
“Mudra India has a unique way of thinking
and that’s not going to change, because “Mudra India has a being given the space for creative freedom.
“As a creative person, especially when you
when you have reached a certain stage, you
need that larger space for you to really
perform and do things which you think are
there’s a certain way we look after our cli-
ents.So its a unique culture.What is going to
certain unique culture have reached a certain stage, you need that
larger space to really perform and do things forward looking and game changing. That’s
the one thing which made me look at Mudra.
change is the way we network within the
Group and solve our client’s problems. So if
which won’t change. which you think are right, which are for-
ward-looking and game changing. Mudra There is a deep sense of nurturing this spirit
which is very unique.
there’s a digital solution that a Mudra India
client needs, there’s Tribal DDB that can be
What will change is the has that sense of nurturing this spirit.”
The launch of Water was an important I had been having chats with Bobby (Pawar)
approached. If there’s a rural opportunity,
we will network with Mudra MAX. There-
way it interacts with the development in helping brands go up the
value chain through brand consultancy and
for several months before I actually joined
Mudra. What made me join was probably the
Anil Verma, executive creative Aditya Kanthy, VP - planning,
director, Mudra North and East Mudra West
fore, today when I go into the market to talk
to a potential client, I am not talking only
rest of Mudra Group” design solutions.Ashish Mishra, who heads
this unit started his career in Mudra and has
fact that the chemistry was right with the
people involved. I related with the new
advertising.” been here ever since. He was instrumental thinking in place. Otherwise, Mudra is a large
The same sentiment is now being repli- strange way, Bobby’s coming to the agency in launching the strategic planning function institution and place. I looked at it and I felt
cated across all of Mudra India’s offices in has also helped ensure that planning is at the agency as well. that I would be happy to be a part of it. We
the north and south. Sanjay Sharma, presi- taken more seriously because you cannot Another addition has been Maatra, have a job to do, there are a lot of clients,
and there are a lot of brands which need
dent, Mudra North and East says, “Mudra separate strategy. Therefore it has meant which specialises in ‘localisation’ and pre-
attention. Each one has their own problems
North has become a healthy and respecta- that our investments in planning have gone media services. During the relaunch of
but we are trying to create solutions, we
ble agency in the last 2-3 years. We should up dramatically,” he says. Union Bank of India, for example, Maatra want to excel.
be amongst the top three agencies in the Arijit Ray who heads Mudra West agrees helped change the look of 3,000 branches Creativity is what works in this business What got me excited about Mudra was the I have spent seven years here for very good
next few years. What differentiates us from and adds that Mudra is one place that “re- in 72 hours. and we want to be known as the most fact that it was on the verge of change in reasons. I wanted to do advertising. I wanted
the others is that we walk the talk about ‘in- ally inspires you to like yourself”.“There is “Right from the beginning, Mudra has creative place producing some of the best 2007 and the philosophy of no silos has to be in Bombay, and the first opportunity
tegrated solutions’. With all of us sitting in certainly some internal drive in the system. been doing pretty benchmark work which possible ideas which work for the clients the power to execute any big idea with that seemed substantial and interesting
the same office, communication has be- It’s a system which is very high on account- is very audacious, which has that “can do” and become advertising for ourselves. various partners on board. The fact that all was at Mudra and I was part of the Reliance
come seamless.” ability, collective spirit and integration. I spirit, very Indian, not snobbish.A lot of this My experience has always been doing Mudra Group units are under one roof is Infocomm launch, the biggest brand launch
work on the brands and making a difference another reason for our being able to create in advertising history. Its been a great
Ranji Cherian, president, Mudra South, think that drives people.” value seemed very appealing, being bril-
to clients. That comes definitely as priority winning communication, besides reaching experience -working on the launch and now
states examples where Mudra has gone be- KB Vinod, who joined last year from Leo liant without being all about projecting it or consumers in the most creative manner.
yond the brief.“If you look at TTK Prestige Burnett to head creative for Mudra West is showing off,” Mishra says. number one. with Madhukar.
20 campaign india Mudra supplement 25 March 2010 25 March 2010 campaign india Mudra supplement 21


VIMAL 'Only Vimal' was the first of many memorable campaigns from Mudra

THE ECONOMIC TIMES The power of ideas

RASNA The iconic 'I Love You Rasna' campaign

Futuristic township,

JOCKEY Uninhibited, carefree, cheeky

RIM 'Kar lo duniya mutthi mein' went on to

change the face of telecom in India

PETER ENGLAND Mudra positioned it as 'The Honest Shirt' BIG BAZAAR The biggest retail brand SIGNATURE Indian Derby

DHARA 'Dhara dhara, shudh dhara'

CYCLE AGARBATTI Almost divine, the campaign got

Mudra its first Cannes Lion


MCDONALD'S The India foray

POLO Fun with pun: Campaign of the year UNION BANK OF INDIA Corporate rebranding LIC Zindagi ke sath bhi, zindagi ke baad bhi SAMSUNG PLANO LONELY PLANET India is only the second nation globally to see the mag's launch
22 campaign india Mudra supplement 25 March 2010 25 March 2010 campaign india Mudra supplement 23

The very best of Mudra meets the best of DDB to create magic


Rajiv Sabnis,
president, DDB
Mudra Advertising
Culturally, we do well
because its a
meeting of minds and
not a personality
driven organisation. There is so much
action happening all around the Group.
You can feel the energy and positive VOLKSWAGEN The auto major’s first brand campaign
vibes of the group.

Rajeev Raja, national

creative director,
DDB Mudra
The vision of
Madhukar and the
Board is already
bearing fruit. The
creative leadership is firmly in place,
and our young creative teams are very
DDB Mudra is built around the idea of open collaboration, says Sandeep Vij special to us. We nurture them, provide

them a happy, fun environment to
sk Sandeep Vij about collaboration Lifestyle put in a collaborative effort. We kindle their creativity and at the same
and he’ll give you several examples, entered the Guinness Book of World time clearly communicate our very high
“Wikipedia, Linux, the idea of co- Records.” expectations of them. VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE German curves for Indian roads
creation, Hollywood and Bolly- Which is why, you want to agree when CALCIUM SANDOZ The secret behind healthy bones
wood are all built around this idea,” he Michael Follett, WRIGLEY
Rajeev Raja says: “Mudra is not paying
Sr. VP - planning, ‘Boom boom
says.“DDB Mudra is also built around the merely lip service to the term, ‘full service DDB Mudra
idea of open collaboration where we are agency’, but putting its money where its boomer’ changed
I’ve always believed in the dynamics of
moving from disparate agencies to a team mouth is and has set up a diverse number collaboration, that confectionery
of experts - from discipline to idea orient- of units to cater to different client none of us is as smart advertising
ed, from consecutive production to con- requirements. As a Group, today Mudra is as all of us. I think that
current collaborative production, from rock solid. We now need to win many Mudra lives out that mantra each and
separate to open,” he says. more big brands and crack many more every day. It starts with the way that the
It is to support this spirit of collaboration sparkling campaigns. We need to create company is structured – it really is a
team of experts, who all have
that DDB Mudra’s leadership team is rea- some history.”
something to bring to the table, but all
sonably fresh. There’s Rajiv Sabnis who Follett who heads strategic planning, know how to play together. But it goes
joined from M&C Saatchi to head DDB agrees. “I’ve always believed in collabora- further. I see that spirit of collaboration
Mudra Advertising. There’s Rajeev Raja tion, that none of us is as smart as all of us. and team work within each of the
who joined from Bates141 last year as cre- Young creatives can come to Mudra and Mudra agencies.
ative head, DDB Mudra, going on to be- work in extremely exciting and diverse
come national creative director. Michael teams. People who think they are ‘TV’ or Max Hegerman, NEUTROGENA Beauty that lasts
Follett, formerly of DDB ‘print’ specialists have to president, Tribal DDB
London - considering the work with digital and di- India
mother of all planning- “Young creatives rect specialists and so on.
Mudra’s got a
responsibility for
led agencies - and Tribal This means that they’ll
DDB New York, crossed can come to get to produce inter-dis-
brands and for its
people, besides its
over into India to run
DDB Mudra’s One Voice Mudra and work ciplinary, exciting work;
but it also means that
understanding of pure planning
coupled with pure technology. Social
media will be a big focus area for us
Planning. Vij
“Michael now has a dozen
in extremely they’ll get to learn from
their new team mates. over the next few years.
planners under him who
are being trained to be
exciting and Everyone learns from
each other, everyone Venkat Mallik,
president, RAPP India
aperture agnostic and
true solvers of business
diverse teams” wins.”
In fact, introduction of
We have a
significantly sharper
problems.” new joinees is something data-led way of
Sabnis adds, “How big you are globally that Venkat Mallik, head of RAPP India approaching whatever
doesn’t matter to any one unless you can finds very interesting. “It is probably the we do, both from the
prove your talent to those in the local mar- only agency group which has a specific ini- point of view of insights, as well as from
kets. So one has to grow by doing great tiation process like that. So that helps you the point view of the results that come LIPTON Clearing the mind, one sip at a time PHILIPS ‘Sense and simplicity’, with a human touch
work and through engagements with cli- get a comfort level on a base within the out of it. This genre of communication
ents and prospects.”
partner or marketing services partner is
first two weeks. So you know what is avail-
likely to have a great future in the next
“We look for people who have an eye for able and the people you can reach out to. three-to-five years.
detail. We look for people who respect That’s a fantastic way of knitting together,
cross systems,” Sabnis says. a very diverse company,” he said. Soumitra Sen,
Soumitra Sen who heads DDB/Mudra Max Hegerman, president, Tribal DDB president, DDB/
Health & Lifestyle is one of them. You – Madhukar Kamath met him via Linked- Mudra Health &
know it when he tells you about their work In – says, “If you look at the Mudra group, Lifestyle
on Wrigley’s and Calcium Sandoz. “I am a they have distinct businesses here itself The Mumbai Smiles
strategy consultant to Wrigley’s and be- which in most companies would be cut- project, which went
fore Mumbai Smiles happened, they came throat competitive. Though we are a small into the Guinness
to us saying that they’re excited about unit of a very big enterprise, people are Book is a fine example of
collaborative work. We’re very
what we were trying to do to reach dentists. very much willing to help us succeed. Peo-
passionate about health and lifestyle
So how do we do a conference and do a ple are passing leads, passing information, segments that are not an easy game
world record of oral checkups? Kidstuff, communicating on a regular basis, it is a for mass media agencies to handle.
Celsius, Tribal DDB and Mudra Health & family...really it certainly feels like it.” HENKO A new winner against dirt and stains ORBIT The secret of actress Deepika Padukone’s smile
24 campaign india Mudra supplement 25 March 2010 25 March 2010 campaign india Mudra supplement 25

Pratap Bose joining the agency has brought in a new dynamism

The leadership team

Anurag Gupta,
president - strategic
initiatives &
integration, Mudra MAX
Culture wise, Mudra is
hugely malleable. It’s like
a very malleable culture.
We are eager to be the number one agency.
The good thing is that, nothing is cast in
stone. There is a vision that we need to take
SHELL FOUNDATION Khidki Amma fought kitchen smoke
Mudra to a new level.

L S Krishnan,
president, Mudra
MAX Media
I think our being
integrated and
geographically in close
proximity really adds
more value because you can
understand the brand a lot more from
the creative or communication
MAX will probably be as big as No. 5 or No. 6 agency in a year,says Pratap Bose

Sanjeev Hajela,
t wouldn’t be wrong to say that Mudra humane place to work. “It is largely an president, Retail &
MAX has possibly seen the most apolitical organization, because I honestly Way Finding The Prime
amount of action over the last one year. believe that if there’s a top down culture Group’s retail, outdoor, DIET PEPSI John Abraham’s youth connect was on-ground WRIGLEY Guinness World Record Dental Check marathon
consultancy, way-
It started with former CEO of O&M, only, then the top managers are out of finding and Prime
Pratap Bose joining as COO of Mudra rhythm,” he says. AIRCEL
Green sub-units have Aircel did what
Group and CEO of Mudra MAX. “I don’t think that is the case here. From been growing consistently and are ready
This was followed by the launch of spe- HR perspective, I think it is clearly an apo- Mumbai’s civic
to cater to the present and future needs
municipal body
cialist units – all at a time when agencies litical organization since for people at the of our clients.
could not
were cutting down on hiring – Mudra top level, there is no bickering, there are no
MAX added more people, bullish on the fights, and I think we are trying to gather a Aneil Deepak,
feeling that marketing services as a busi- rhythm with each other so that we can lev- SVP - strategy and
planning, Mudra MAX
ness would continue to grow. So units like erage a lot more from our business interest
To create Mudra Max,
Terra, Celsius and Primesite continued to point of view, ” says Krishnan of the peo- just people are not
add more people. ple-focus at Mudra. enough. People,
“With this, you become partners to cli- Vandana Verma, VP and head, Celsius offices, body of work,
ents,” says Bose. says that the unit is looking at JVs and execution - all that fit perfectly well and
“Typically in the non-advertising busi- partnerships to grow further. we already have that platform.
ness, whether it is promotion or designs, “This will help our existing clients tap
the revenue you earn is into the international ex- Sameer Mehta,
from the implementation pertise of our JV part- VP and head,
of it. Going forward into “In the non- ners,” she says, “Also, it
Mudra Max is the only
this year, we will have be- will expand our bouquet
come pretty big, not to advertising of clients, to whom we will
agency that gives
result oriented
disclose numbers but yes,
MAXwill probably be as business, the be able to offer special-
ised India solutions, giv-
solutions. Multiplier
gives much more ownership to the
brand. As against competition, we
big as No. 5 or No. 6 agen-
cy and therefore we’ll get revenue you earn ing us an edge over our
competitors,”Verma con- understand that being a facilitator
within the trade funnel is how you truly
the best-in-class partners
through acquisitions,
is from the tinues.
Mandeep Malhotra, build ownership.
buyouts and strategic for-
ays into the businesses
implementation” senior VP – OOH, Mudra
MAX says that when
Vandana Verma,
VP and head, Celsius
that we are in and work Mudra MAX is partici- We are looking to
with the best-in-class in the world where pating in a pitch, things change. create tools that can
we are going to go. Even to the point of “The rates of competition drop, shoul- help define
looking at boutique grade of agencies be- ders shrug and a lot of agencies shy away. effectiveness of an
cause it just complements what we do. I All this is primarily due to the momentum event so as to provide TVS SCOOTY Scooty Training Institute empowered women
would say the next year those are the sort that has come into the business with the clients with measurable data. Tools will
of three biggest things that should be on restructuring. There is fresh blood, energy help us and our clients in profiling
my checklist,” says Bose. and an optimism that is a pleasure to watch. target audience, measuring results of
Aneil Deepak, senior VP – strategy and One is on a non-alcoholic high most of the the experience and finding out how
planning says, “There is certainly some- times,” he says. much of the objective is achieved.
thing which MAX is doing right because Anurag Gupta agrees, adding, “An area
people are coming back to the agency. Mandeep Malhotra,
where we’re doing differently from other
senior VP - OOH,
Maybe it is the culture. Somehow, every- agencies is the way we’re hiring people. Mudra MAX
body has come back to work with Mudra. I From this year onwards we have said that The team at Primesite
have seen at least 15 people leave who’ve we are not going to hire anybody from any has not lost a single
come back to Mudra within a year. Over activation agency or competition unless it business in the last
the years, I think everone of the people is an optional job or a normal servicing job. two years and has won
that I wanted to work with, somehow they We are looking at very, very different pro- most pitches. The perception of the
all joined Mudra.” files...psychologists and those kinds of outside world has also changed and we
L S Krishnan, president, Mudra MAX people. We’ve got to make their jobs satis- are seen as a robust yet steady agency.
Media says that overall, it’s a much more factory.” RELIANCE MOBILE Hrithik Roshan urged readers to call DELHI METRO Way Finding Solutions to navigate better
26 campaign india Mudra supplement 25 March 2010 25 March 2010 campaign india Mudra supplement 27

In an age of clutter, Ignite Mudra found the required differentiator


Sanjay Menon,
executive creative
director, Ignite
If you look at the
kind of work that
was being done two
years back and the kind of work that
is being done today, you will see the
difference yourself.
Also, Mudra picked up a lot of big
awards in the last two years. The fact
that it has been gradual and things
are taking shape, it’s a matter of
time before you start picking up a lot
more awards and the work starts
getting noticed and it starts seeing
better work. The recent Moov
campaign that empowers women,
the work on Nilon pickles, Livon, Itch LIVON Ignite Mudra brought ‘Dolls’ alive to strengthen Livon’s ‘Let Your Hair Free’ positioning
Guard has been fantastic.
“The kind of clients we work with have tremendous respect for what we bring to the table...”

Vinod Modha,
hen one walks into Ignite Mudra’s Ashok Vithlani who is a consortium consortium member
office in Ahmedabad, one is wel- member of Mudra says, “Entrepreneurs The idea about a
comed with a wall that’s framed often think that Mudra will spin magic.The consortium of
with an artist’s impression of a fa- consortium helps him find counsel and ad- people from
miliar basket of brands. The reaction to the vice on understanding the different aspects different faculty and
providing services to
wall decor is a mix of surprise and awe, sim- of his products, their destination, distribu-
a single client, is something that is a
ply because you realise that advertising for tion, quality control, pricing and the entire high-point of Mudra. It is unique and
household names such as Moov, Recova, value chain.” has been developed and in the last
Itch Guard, Krack, Dermi Cool, Livon There’s also pride in partnering en- 3-4 months.
amongst many others was born within the treprneurs in realising their ambitions.San- Mudra has been able to retain
walls of this agency. jay Menon, executive creative director, Ig- most of its clients and that has NUTRALITE Substituting butter, one campaign at a time
Once you get to know the agency better, nite Mudra says that while everybody wants happened only because they’ve been
you realise that owners of these brands to think of themselves as an entrepreneur, able to provide good service over the
have had a long, consistent relationship working with a real entrepreneur is very
years. So there’s involvement with
personal care.
with the agency. So despite being a non- different. “It’s fantastic. They have the am- Most of the units have been
metro,clients inAhmedabad have a nation- bition and passion to make it big. How they started or they have been made
wide set-up, which is why television adver- make it big,is up to us and we begin thinking operational as there was a need and
tising is important. From this city alone, in the same direction. An entrepreneur the need was to service client more
Mudra delivers 30 TVCs in a year and that might not have too many chances.So you’ve effectively.
number’s expected to go higher. The rela- got to make it work for him. If my client is There have been cases where the
tionships are firm and it’s limited by budgets and he client has parted with Mudra and YO BIKES Electric biking gets a stylish touch
not surprising when you only has power stickers as subsequently they felt that the
see that the leadership has “An entrepreneur a medium, it has to be ef-
service which Mudra was providing in
terms of involvement, is lacking with
been consistent too. fective.”
Chandan Nath, who might not have It’s something clients
other agencies.
heads the agency – it was endorse and acknowl-
christened Ignite Mudra many chances, edge. Avinash Bhandari,
Ashok Vithlani,
consortium member
My relationship with
last year – has been in the
agency for 17 years. so you’ve got to group CEO and joint MD,
Electrotherm, manufac- Mudra began over
20 years ago and
“Today,” says Nath, “I
think Mudra and I share
make it work for turer of the electric Yo
Bikes says, “Mudra has I’ve been involved in
corporate advisory,
almost similar values of
transparency, honesty, in-
him...” not only performed their
role as an agency, we also
management structuring and during
the time when DDB Needham
tegrity, having the right learnt a lot by their ability invested in the agency. Over time,
motives,thinking what’s right for the brand, to go beyond the brief. They are absolutely this relationship has only grown
speaking your mind without fear, being al- committed to our success. That’s why, even stronger.
lowed to make mistakes and still be wel- though the product has struggled over the Mudra is one of the few companies
come to explore and take risks.” last two years, we’ve still continued with the that has a balanced entity to provide
“So the kind of clients we work with, have relationship.” various comprehensive services to
tremendous respect for what we bring to The agency’s ability to go beyond the
position your enterprise. That means
going beyond giving publicity or DERMI COOL Summer relief now came with a cooling effect MOOV A campaign that paid rich tributes to every woman
the table,” Nath says. brief is something which testify for. S Rag- product positioning or brand
Take for example,the consortium created hunandan, MD and CEO, Paras Pharma positioning. The consortium for
that entrepreneurial businesses can benefit says,“Mudra has a legacy of understanding example, helps them take a stand on
from.“The beautiful part about the consor- our brands. Given the excellent feedback long term corporate social
tium is that it includes leading professionals from Mudra and consistency in output, responsibility and how they’re
who offer skill-sets which entrepreneurs we’ve now come to expect more work out modelled, even if it is a small
can benefit from – say setting up a distribu- of Mudra over the last 18 months. What we entrepreneur what steps could be
tion network, to support on copyright is- now expect is a lot of free thinking on our taken with what objectives. It is
Mudra which said, ‘we are here to
sues or requiring legal counsel. These are brands.”
work out some relationship. We will
specialities that clients can opt for in case Anand Deo, MD, Zydus Wellness agrees. provide you the inputs required’.
they require it. It’s a simple thought – if our “Both our brands, Nutralite and Sugar Free Which is why we decided to form a
skill sets are going to contribute to the were led through their formative years by consortium, but it’s a very informal
growth of an entrepreneur, we’ll support it Mudra. They’ve made Nutralite into a for- relationship.
and work together towards it,” says Nath. midable competitor to Amul.” ITCH GUARD This brand created a category in itself NILON’S The long, oversized finger boosted brand recall
28 campaign india Mudra supplement 25 March 2010 25 March 2010 campaign india Mudra supplement 29


Launch of Rasna (‘I love you Rasna’ cam-

Mudra launches

paign) Rasna launched a soft drink concentrate Godrej Powder

with a range of nine flavours on a platform that of- Hair Dye Godrej

fered both taste Powder Hair Dye was

and economy. In launched as a safe
1986, Rasna be- and natural dye. In
Launch of Vimal (‘Only Vimal’) This is the came India’s larg- Launch of Videotec Mudra Videotec pio- 2008, it was re-
brand that launched Mudra in its tryst with destiny. est selling soft neered sponsored programmes on Doordar- launched as a hair
What began with sarees, moved towards suitings, drink concentrate. shan, well-known for co-producing Rajni, Buni- colourant and called

Nationwide growth, collaboration with
25th March - A G Krishnamurthy shirtings and dress materials. The advertising used The year also yaad, Ek Do Teen Char, Panchee, Udaan, Godrej Expert The 1987 Cricket World Cup, Paras ac- DDB Needham Worldwide
founded Mudra Mudra Ahmedabad was India’s best known photographers and models and marked the begin- Quiztime, Mr Yogi, Bodyline, Grammy’s, Oscars, Powder Hair Dye. Mudra also handles others count win Handled the Reliance Cup, which Mudra spread its wings – Delhi, Bangalore,
born with 15 employees, 500 sq.ft space, Rs pioneered double spread colour ads. Cricketers ning of Mudra’s Living Legends, Live Aid, Spiderman, Miss Uni- brands in the Godrej portfolio such as Godrej Reliance Khazana was the 1987 Cricket World Cup. Mudra’s rela- Chennai and Hyderabad operations commence.

40,000 and Vimal as its first client. 25th March such as Ravi Shastri, Allan Border and Vi Richards national growth verse. Also produced India’s first tele-film, No.1 soaps and Godrej Ezee. In a span of just 10 Reliance Khazana, was the first ever branded tionship with Paras Pharmaceuticals began this In 1990, Nestle walked in as the first MNC client.
is still celebrated across all Mudra offices as endorsed the brands, leading to the genesis of crick- beyond Ahmeda- Janam, followed by Jeevan Sandhya, years, Godrej No.1 has become the 3rd largest in public issue, which signaled the branding of year, going on to build brands like Moov, Itch- In 1990, Mudra signed a collaboration agree-
Mudra Day. eters endorsing brands. bad. Swayam. the soap category.. pubic issues. guard, Dermicool, Livon and Recova. ment with DDB Needham Worldwide

1980 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1989-90


Positioning of Peter England as ‘The Honest


Shirt’, LIC’s timeless baseline is born

Launch of Dhara Sunflower Oil (Dhara Dhara

The ‘honest shirt’ campaign helped Madura Garments

Shudh Dhara and ‘My Daddy Strongest’) attain sales of 2 million shirts in the year 1998. It achieved
Dhara Sunflower oil was launched under the umbrella that figure within just 4 years and is the first brand in the
brand Dhara in 1992. Positioned on the platform of ab- mid-segment category to cross Rs.100 crores in India.
solute purity, the campaigns remain one of the most Further, the baseline for LIC, ‘Zindagi ke saath bhi,
loved in the history of Indian advertising. Nestle Polo launched, relationship with Sam-
Birth of Mudra Institute of Communica- sung and Dabur begins McDonald’s enters the Indian market (McDon- zindagi ke baad bhi’ was coined this year, something Launch of Reliance In-

tions, Ahmedabad The ‘Mint with the Hole’ campaign was recognised as ‘The ald’s mein hai kuch baat) which continues to be used till today. focomm (Reliance In-
MICA is the first residential academic institution Brand Launch of the Year’. This campaign was highly From being perceived as a westernized place for the rich dia-Mobile - Kar lo duni-
in the Asia-Pacific region, dedicated to meet the awarded across ad forums and categories like film, press to now being known as a family restaurant that makes you ya muthi mein)
needs of the Integrated Marketing Communica- and outdoor. It won the ‘Campaign of the Year’ award and smile, McDonald’s has taken a big leap in the consumer’s “Make a phone call cheaper
tions industry. Since its inception, MICA has was instrumental in Mudra winning the A&M ‘Agency of mind. This change of perception was made possible than a postcard and you will
produced nearly 1000 professionals in the field the Year’ award. Mudra’s relationship with Samsung also through a carefully executed communication plan that usher in a revolutionary trans-
of advertising, communications & marketing begins this year, as does that of Dabur. In July, Mudra’s also complemented the strategic changes in pricing and formation in the lives of mil-
and is the country’s best communications launches campaign for Maxtouch (The World in Your menu; leading to an almost perfect example of a success- lions of Indians.” - Dhirubhai
school. Pocket), which exists as Vodafone today. fully executed campaign. Ambani

1991 1992 1995 1996 1997 2002



Mudra wins Big Bazaar (Is se sasta aur accha kahin nahin!)
Mudra won the account for Future
Group’s hypermarket chain – Big Bazaar. Launch of BIG TV (Ho toh BIG ho), Pratap Bose comes on-board

The biggest retail brand of India is also the Reliance ADAG made a big splash with the launch of its DTH offering - BIG TV. The creative concept is Launch of Ignite Mudra, Volkswagen’s
fastest growing retailer of the world. Big based on ‘Life isn’t for living small’. Within 50 days of its campaign launch, BIG TV received an unprec- brand campaign
Bazaar, a brand that celebrates Indian-

Madhukar Kamath elected as AAAI edented 500,000 installation requests. This is the fastest half million in the history of the DTH indus- Mudra Group launched a specialist agency in Ahmeda-
ness in its own unique way, has revolu- President, going on to become ASCI try globally. bad called Ignite Mudra, to cater to the brand building
tionized the way Indian consumers shop chairman in 2008; Bobby Pawar comes on The same year, Mudra was instrumental in the rebranding of the Unionn Bank of India needs of entrepreneurs nationally and internationally.
for daily needs. Over five years we have board (‘Your dreams are not yours alone’). This involved fundamental changes such as the The same year, DDB Mudra also unveiled Volkswa-
partnered in the brand’s growth from 7 Madhukar Kamath succeeded Srinivasan K logo, as well the structure and processes of the organization. Mudra re-branded gen’s first brand campaign. To kick-off VW’s brand
AGK retires from the post of chairman and managing di- stores through to 150, and grown the Swamy, CEO, RK Swamy BBDO, as the Union Bank of India by It was positioning it as a partner in fulfilling their consumer’s campaign, DDB Mudra created a never done before
rector of Mudra and Madhukar Kamath comes on board business four times from Rs. 1200 crores President of the Advertising Agencies dreams. print roadblock. On November 11th, 2009, 68.6 lakh
When Madhukar Kamath returned to take charge at Mudra after four to Rs 4800 crores. During this journey, Association of India (AAAI) and in 2008 was also in important year in attracting senior talent in the form m readers* were introduced to Volkswagen. The Times
years, there was a whiff of change in the air. Kamath, the new manag- Mudra created successful properties 2008, he assumed chairmanship of Pratap Bose (pictured, right), the former CEO of O&M India who joined of India, India’s largest selling English news daily, was
ing director and CEO, took over from founder A G Krishnamurthy (AGK) such as the ‘Great Indian Shopping Festi- of ASCI. Further, Bobby Pawar the Mudra Group as its chief operating officer (COO). He also serves on blocked nationally by a single advertiser – Volkswa-
who had just retired. His first day of rejoining Mudra was AGK’s last. “I val’ – which generated business worth $ (pictured, right)comes aboard the Group’s executive board. gen. Across 16 editions of the paper, ranging from 16 to
had a half-hour conversation with AGK and he simply told me, ‘You 130 million and attracted over 20 million from the US, as national creative The year also saw Mudra put up an impressive show at Cannes and 32 pages, over nine pages of each edition was dedi-
know Mudra, you’ve worked here. All the best’,” recalls Kamath. walk-ins. director. Goafest. cated to Volkswagen.

2003 2004 2007 2008 2009

30 campaign india Mudra supplement 25 March 2010


Mudra’s commitment to the communications arena is best proven by their investment in MICA
Industry exposure and
placement support

The MICA campus: state-of-the-art, where students are exposed to industry best practices and fundamentals with world-class faculty in attendance

he logos on the extreme to reinforce MICA as a centre
right column tell a story all The lowdown for excellence. Courses at MICA
of their own: the respect 1991 MICA was founded are approved by the All India
and reputation gained by Council for Technical Educa-
Mudra Institute of Communica- 1991-93 Short term courses in media planning & market research launched tion, another testament to the
tions, Ahmedabad (MICA). 1994 Flagship 2 year post graduate program in communications robustness of the curricula.
MICA was started in 1991, as management started MICA has benefited from the
an autonomous non-profit man- active involvement of such lumi-
agement education institution. 2007 MICORE – the centre for excellence in research founded naries as S R Mani Aiyer, Nirmal
In a statement of the vision be- Goswami, Atul Tandon, Anant
hind MICA, it was the first resi- that management education media research functions in the Bobilli and N Vittal.
dential academic institution in plays in modernizing and profes- leading companies of the The governing council includes
the country and perhaps in the sionalizing communications- country. Madhukar Kamath, Gerson Da
Asia-Pacific region wholly dedi- driven businesses. In 2007, the Mudra Institute of Cunha, Pradip Khandwalla, San-
cated to meeting the needs of the Today, there are nearly 1,000 Communication Research (MI- tosh Desai and Hema Vishwana-
integrated marketing communi- succesful MICA alumni em- CORE) was established, focus- than, amongst others.
cations industry. MICA was de- ployed in the industry, in market- ing on fundamental research in Prof. Ashok Ranchhod is cur-
signed to complement the role ing, advertising, media and the communications area, so as rently the director, MICA.

MICA through the rear view mirror

“It is so difficult to get good people into classes were held in the living rooms seated on sofas and the odd chair!
advertising.” There was little infrastructure, but abundant passion.
Over two decades ago, someone decided to do Meanwhile, we continued work on fleshing out the curriculum for the
something about it. AG Krishnamurthy (AGK) full two-year post graduate programme. We sought to bring in practical
chief of Mudra, had the idea of MICA and began elements to give the students knowledge about how and what to do,
the process of creating an institution that would along with a conceptual understanding of advertising to know why they
train people specifically for the communications were doing it.
industry. MICA has come a long way since those days. I see the distance
I recall industry leaders apart from AGK who travelled every time I go to the MICA campus as visiting faculty. I see it in
brought their experience to bear on how MICA the new dorm buildings, the new seminar rooms, the new ‘open air cafe’.
should be set up, how it should be run and what it should teach. I And I am proud that I have been part of this journey of success and
especially remember Bobby Sista, Mani Iyer, Gerson daCunha. And they growth.
brought in young professionals like me, who had a business management But in its very success lie dangers. Of hubris on the part of MICA. And
background, and a love for advertising to help design the curriculum. the danger of its reputation attracting complacent ‘job-passport’ seekers
The term ‘baby steps’ was not a cliche in those days; it was a reality, as students.
because MICA was an idea without a campus! What we began with were The true legacy of MICA will be proven if it attracts not just a new
short term courses, taught - as I recall - in a set of Mudra flats near Ellis generation of students, but a new breed of adventurers.
Bridge. There were enough of us who were happy to teach at these mini- And I will be happy to contribute to a new curriculum for this new breed.
programmes. And a few intrepid (if uncertain) souls who were keen to Again.
embark on an adventure called advertising. Informal relations between
the faculty and the students were also easy to establish, given that the Anand Halve, co-founder, Chlorophyll
RNI registration MAHENG/2007/22422 Postal Regn No. MH/MR/WEST/218/2009-2011
Posted at Mumbai Patrika Channel Sorting Office on every alternate Thursday

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Anil B
K u m as B
v a Ak
i r a n K
n u k ar A e e s h Kum
at hi ra j u Anirban y a la n A n to n y V in c
jo Jose K
an da
ar Ani
l K uma agri
sta aK aha a An u mar S a Antony Ouseph M o e nt Joseph Anu Prasad th il r Tiwa
i v a e y D S a h An il k n y R a y a pp A n uj B a n ri Anil a
Shr a nA
a m e sh
A n a nya il T h o mas i K h a n n a Antho erjee Anu
j C ha d
S om m o lR J i n de
w a n e An o n An shuman Ab ra h am A rchit Govind Gadiyar Arijit Suman Ray Arjun Dutta Arok ha Anuj
G u pt
k A ppa a t S o na Men rchana ay Dass D a Anuj
A s h o ived i A d e p A n o o p
avin d S hi va r a m A av id Ar un Shar S h ar ma
eya Tr tra j A n il Po adav Gupta Ar ma Aru Anup
Am m iy nan tI nnu Y Aparna sh Manohar Kala
ni Ashish Sadashiv Sapre Ashit J Modi Ashlesha D Rangn n Kom am C
r l a bey A er A r Sa ma A ita Ray r Singh Ashi
ekar Ashley al V S
sh e n I y K um a Shar Aparaj ish Kuma
Terence D Arun
h auh
an A
a d i ak D
u ma nnu herjee hra Ash costa As
W a r a P u j ari A M u k i sh M is As h w y n P au l F e rnandes Asif Akbar Hussain Atul Bhoite Atul Mahe hok Kapp MBA
n ur a
d a s n ay n k at A n kur w e sha ah Ash s h w i n B Pandya shwari Avan
i H ar
illil Asho Bh av
a n a rw A s h k
m ba
R a m Ve
ll a w ala y y ed A s h is hM w a n i A n thony B ha kt i Is sa c Nago Bhaskar Chandra Vaishnav
A ve
A s h
eka r
A i a A w A sh Engineer rahalli Ok Dh
ta ia Amit c h i nK n w ar S G ro ver a t h e eh na az v R a m ch a n da n i Bh a w a na Gu p ta B hikaji Chandraka N an ju o n d
Bh ita S
a ry A shish iyil M idhu B t Bhavna Vasude ndaiah u Ma
Ank dha thi A rk uz h Singh S avna Bhaga nt Khot Bhu S o ma hadik
r ma how Tripa iyroo arinder ai Patel Bh vaneswa sheka Asho
el C N ath vin A Rao B Ashokbh rkar Chandan G Nath Chandra Prakash Mamodia Cha ri P Bij r Avik k
h A sh Bhavin itanya Dilip Dindo

Sh a she utha indas Roy C


k ita A nu s eem Sing n a Ach PUppala n Ca rl Savio Cha R Dha n Karan
k h oud

n a l A a r sh a ia h Au sti awde a ra hury

J a in A B an s u s ale k K um B a la kri
a sk a r Som
h m uk h Calvin
n dh i C hr is ti ne D souza Damodaran Parameswaran Namboodiri D C h a
ri and NH ho gop a
l Bh l C V Des mar Ga annilla Don ndr a m u ma
nju olch an a As Raja Pandey u C Aru g Arunku ald Correy ouli M r Mb
ra A Ar y app an Bab ya Chira rigues Deepak Bish
t Deepak Mulaye Deepak Rajagopal De a Dashr Bijoe
A ro Pho ap hinn BB g Achar Deena Rod
epak Singh ath La uker
Ge o
un ag agt ar C v in d ard Raj a Chira Devassy
Deepak njekar ji Ch
andr rge
Anj A nur a th J K um B B Ar h a b Burn u b ra m any um a r J an ard anbhai Pandya Dhilip Chakravarthy N Dhir N Shah Datta
tr ashe Biju
a n k a s S in K a D e a khar
a g hu A sho H a q ue ri j e sh K G a n esh i So la nki Dharm j Singh Ku
n w a r
epak V
it th
o n L axm
zul ap B d adi Kiritb ha Dhiren al K a kam an
i n dR a my z a s h y k k a m es h Sw a m y D io nn e Th emias Dipanjan Sen Dipesh J Sheth D
ipti Bari Dip V a s a t a r n b l e
A rv a S w l ex A e e Ka
ja r i Ch i S h a h Dhar a Di ne sh Muthu ti K ris
nt Pun
j a b
Da v e
ly nA ee z Poo um a r adi y hn i Dhire en z i l d ra N
pal shn e Br der K sh D Rad Shah Feroz
Shaikh Gagan Grover Gagan Rohatgi Gajender akanT Ro agar
am K r i a r Ax o r pu r Che
rmen di Dine Fenil M
Singh Raw
at Gane
de Diva
kar Sh
Saxe R eb e
llo D koti
in g jum
d inga alvi r Dh a sh Mo Ahmed Rathi Geeta Cheema Geeta Nair Geeta Pande sh Dha arma na D e van Dee
rL Ma Shr nM um a l Dine Shakil ndale Geet y r Ganes Divya hiren nD
u ma e k B ip in i C heta e n de r K a d Tam pa F a rzana t r i K e d ar M ehe h J P Tripath dra S
Ha s
m uk h
l De
K i sh ah m b h ar m ilsh A l am l Gaya d S amantaray Gururaj Rao Gurvinder Kaur H Ravi Shet rabhu i Divy gh T b e na
v S h h a D a D a ra z P a te u r u P r a s a G a a h a h a
aA sh nT d er ya y eF tam ing h G ty H Vijen ne s h Pras k ur i Ra
i nd

z il e r ia e n a d h g e n G a u vi nd S dr an N a a d D h val
Ar v

O ha he ar m r Up e Eu njan air G o emanth Kumar S.Kamatad Himanshu Patel Him Hardee raya I yer iren
ta ish nj a
l S
nd u C
ar D h
ku m a
an B o s
u r a
a n N
ant K um a r P a n d e y H ans h u R M p S ha r ma H n S hetty D o lly M k u mar D e v an
S B i K u y a k il ip E m ra v p a la a t H e m a k w a ri G u n B g
sh h ika U bh
a ra D n
hara tterji Ga
Go Tamb a Rohit Bhagatwala J Karthick Jacob Inasu Jagpreet Sin
ana Hi Prasa anes jal D Pari
ina arik yan ehe ralid R a v in e mant sita Ghosh Irm
ndol d Koti hR omin kh D
Av al P Cha na s
hri ar B l M u u tam C
ha r ma H l Datta Ip
gh Soni Ja an H She ic An ilee
um mar t Sha inesh Ku arikr tty G pM
im sle D ha pK ikka a pak u ema n a Indrani mar Ja ishna ane dre ishr
iB na Bho j o r ia i Dili y K alar u rav G iy a l Go T ri v edi H au r Sachdev m n ik l al M aru Jeetendra Shantaram Kulkarni Jesal Pankaj Parikh J naki Ch nR
H sh S Kyle
Do m aD
ji h r a d K R a e a L ilip
n b ha y Ba
a p a rk u la sse ekar G D h ou n e m al P
d e rp reet V a g h e la Jayesh esley Joseph
J igi sh
tan O
z a Ja
G an
p inic
m Aja Ratn m b Pedn dra gh H ta In esh K H Meht n ardh an at P Jos
Sa Srinivasa Krishnan Kabir Ahmed Kada

i n i n o s J ay an d K K a H

r h E la a S c te l Sa da n J ig a n a u r ep h
ha vni
d hn urav D Ch pal vo D i Pa Pandey K mbari Shrik nesh B Pan d rish ush

E k e J o is h r s h e n e h a b ha Ku m ar a n t K a dam Kail Pa E y B o t am
ra s
h D o A hli Ga Gir an H
esh B
hik s Jyoti asam Ra
tel Jit Jash Hari
ah Eas d av auh r Jay rnande arma Kamlesh
Janakrai Trivedi Kamlesh Madhukar Patil Ka Lahiri wan sh M Nar
nd Sh aria urav K
o C Ja i Ch er In ar ka e J Fe h G Vishvak
nagamathin ma n K Jiten t Ra oha sale
ha ar
ach y am ibha
Da v Path as Jud n Kamles
athan C Ka owshi d er R thod n Gau
aC um
i t i K e ja G
ns h ant
s ho k Tho m nan Praf k Kair a th o Jasji ran
a nd d r ak
D w d h a d K r H utox s h A p t a Jubil ur il al Chauha
r i C h a n d ra s h e k h ar J o gl e ka r K a us h al Ji vr aj b ha i Ha la n i Kaushik Sa
ool Vor avi N
e e l B
re Jit
e s h Ch
v Sin gN
i ran
h a h v Du e ll yG a r s ha h a t te k J ay e D a sgu m le s h Bh o s s i T a lati Kastu rk ar K
a Kan
c h a
ilgi K
a ja a n
gh A
n j an
h u h S G a u ra `K iH yK all i eep h Ka ira R o au shik C S n Ku ma l Hari d raka an d
e s O d r n n r M o y d S i n g K as h m ha h r Jh k i n J a
M in a ye sha Hu ma ip J atkar ani Koushik Chatterjee Kripa Pattabiraman Krishna Kaustu s ha n t Kh

a n s al F h e a r K u P h il a ld eep G ol s h S ad a ra n g S bh Ar
a K an
d S o a n
S a
onn v Ba l d ine u rS n a md y a nta J o se j a Kam sh m ira M at il K o mal Raje haradrao
P a d
vind P
a n
i k on
d a
ma n
J o
vji P
D a a I a on e a aruti P hy de Ka Kote K h r aj a
io aur Ge
s ho
k el J S im Thar ustaf
ishor M rali Leon De N
azareth Lintomon Thomas Lizbeth James Love e Krish
na Vis ustuv sh w aku n Pa
th r o p ati J
Sav aG ge A r le e s h A am no ksh i an M key K Sonu Tha
y Binoy M hnu Ta B h ad ar K l Ga
ech eor aH KS Jo o am a K ash n Var axman
VenkaTes wate ra Ka anis se atin
D iv o G Junej hik ant h en de K rora Kuria kik J L h M Arun Krishn veri hKa Kalli YO
Ge H r us m J ay S tep h eka ar A t Kiron a n Lau e s h N elhi pelli Shu nmugham Mahesh Singh Chauhan Mah es h K u mar an V
is Bhis Che
tw S at za
a h i a S u m r a s h n M a h M h e y a
S ing e s a n than t ha n b ak ru n K
n il T ho a n Kri
e v a n M en on Thirumal
e C h
R Sat
wa na
t h
Kb V
a ni
na r
h D on a Tri m a u ks h m ah a d i n narang i sh Krish od K a pil S y
a l i C J P
i t e n i S a i J a n a t e lK ir a nS t L a e sh M K um a r Ma ni sh a Bu lc ha nd an i Ma ni sh a Mi shr a Ma a ia h
a M. S
. n a e a
a na
te an
l e en t i H
l a x m
o l a nk K aly h a iP
k k A rK
h R aw a n d e Mah K ad a m Manish njula Venu
g o p a
Ma h e
s w
it a
n Pa
r m
A v
r da
n a
r la db ra N l Ma n o ar B e chala inas
Ge H a a G u l Jay a es
S ha h sh a Tha ir Si
ng h Ka angesh Francis Dsouza Masood Ab har J Z h e ra mM
aran hC
H it ate a nd CS Har A sh
ok kh b ahes Dalvi M dul Sattar Sh
aikh Maso apate Majid ad ha Nair hau
ah h ai P er n lpe
sh ar n iran o sh
i La thi M angesh a Mathias Michael Follett Mihir P Dave o m Ra z Ma n o Hoo v Jo Kris ha n
Sh eF Ka hK ripa tra M rlyn Theres a Mauli j Don s a in s hi M Ker
b en ing ar K ar J mT al ho nto Me Mijula Jam n Meh diya h na
nan en
iK rit inod o l S Pa r i h L a h ik ra p M
y Pe rc y Pi es M i la n Harsha t a Ma x l M Mak a d h da K Kirit
r a l V K J
a r an a r b a r ty d r aV a n d ee M e l ro o h a m m e d Javed Qureshi Mohd Imran Saifi Mohd Maso l Ka W a n oj aran
av a
n i n K ha
Hi ay R iK Am k ra h en a rM ura l lar y M om Reza rnik M ay n e K u ma Sure T Ku i mb
e a J o n t a n n h a a l ik o la p n B e M o h d i lin d H e g er m r s t t
h ns s an K ira a n C
n k iM r H ub h a iZ Ir fa M u st af a Shaikh Muthu Kumar N Srinivasan N Ramesh Zarrak
h K
Sal ek
a a n
Ma n
h at

a r rb n ha r j o d
o ola uka ar Kha

B da nd ho Babu N. n Moh Milin Max P ap lba huk


u S is us af
at t

n n K d h l K M Ve it d i n M a

ar a S u te hji a hu o u da dan Naveen P Navin D S Navin Kum n katesan Malik V Ra n g A Ds o eja aks r Pr
J ay

K i n u p Ta b r M M e h a r G r N a v ee n N a n N M a u z M u a b
O jh a K ev
n a lG d r a a nda S h ah
M u rulid N a v e en Kuma ar Navjot
Ka ur
a d ee m
N a raya
le M
i n a
a y
a no
j K
a b
r te Ku hen aM lJ hy Nijjar han t Brahmaiah Nis hant Bipin M ehta Nish Saini N h me l Jug ur J um ir S r Ka
ma Ap an i Ma and ehu oort isingh aj Singh Ni s ant P J e t eelam d Ha n Bh alkis agt ar S h ah ma
Ku ak nP iM n am ep Ja r m a N ir h i Ni sh Neeta sh m ag c h hore ap in g th M
ra ay a gw an
nja ksh rish
a v de un Sha paratambil V
elayudhan Boban Pallab Pal Pan eeth S i Na an d Ma hM Ma
nd V in lG auh Cho an K a t N ip Singh Pa rivast gab ani Na y y ur ma ad h
N a re tki u na G Ch S Ra
e hul r u g es a q ue N m Gha r id h a ran Pala til P o o ja T h ap li y al P o on nduran ava N hu s h
a n
M oh
M Han anp
r e
V uri
il K e S K h n a iM Mu ul H ro tt a Mur al kkar Pooja P a a m g Vittha ishith JS in S is ha um et i sh
a j G n g a in a l s i r N a ri y a u s h K a l P a S h N a b M a n K a w a
ur Si M Ja ri L Na ad map ee Piy w ar P ar m age ir K t Jo

ar a n rj e hn ur sra
Rit k a h i a d h e P r a d n y a P r a b h a k a a a n h

m r a a r N P uk B i s h t r Ta m b n N d a d r M o
Ku nd eh u aik gh an bM ep Singh e Pragati C k aj M it hy ra S nM irat apu an T ho

M h a d e

i e M je S S i n K h a s h a i r P r a h a N d r a k ant u ke sh a Ra v h o t a r s ing

ki B ar m l Yk

es a s i ra ep R N
t ak

h esh itin r at

Ma Bir isa PN Pina arendrab

hai Cha v a i Ni t aN utt y Mit hS
Na N im P r ad e z ah

ti D gh es h Ma

ar am sin ar dur ar y ratik N ka Mitra Priyanka Samanta Priya n Pra in D age Jo s he

Kr u aR hil dh ik Saha ose P lkarni Priyan gy a J ar o na

a lv i Ash

hiw nd r kh
Ja y K um Go n k a Ar u n eM s

gh er A m ar tap B ank a Ku ai n P Nitin ok dd aw

il M

Me nd der agji mB Pet p Ku l P ra ta Priy Beneg r a j at aP o nd in




u r O ti p S in g h Purnank Ulhas Desai Purvi A a G ra l h S


a n P i j a e e a u u m a r l P o a i r h

k G

i P K r

ar sh hu rad shar Pus iyan Guh ur N ad aS h Ma

sa n u s h th dra ar a a ik
A rj

M N l e r e P a P n a a n h k k a a J e r

a Ni Qu h k h a T ha it a n j i
hu ar ar at tE ishc l Kum Prad

mb hul Dodia Rahul Karwa Rahul Shar in L ur Mo


b m n s i m b n a n a r et t y R a a r e k u N De

e S e i

u b

A r H m

Pra r na K D sh miah ma Rah R Su pN r ta a is ha

ra Pa Wa P ra riy a ethara ba c Mo

pK mm

ya an ul Nag br a h aya Pra ho

ee lal r ad pP da S e is Rajpal Bhuchaiah Mangelipalli Raju Tuti h ia nis

a ra d ee kas

aw asai K man r Pr A br