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Atma means soul and Karaka means significator. Atmakaraka is the significator of the souls desire. According
to the Vedic philosophy, a soul has rebirth to fulfill all the unfinished desires of the past lives. The Atmakaraka is
also called Atmeshvara and is the final authority in all matters. the bondage and Moksha are determined.

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There are two types of Atmakaraka - the natural Atmakaraka and the movable Atmakarka. If the Atmakaraka
favours the activity done by the native then the work is accomplished. While, If the Atmakaraka does not approve
the activity of the native then the accomplishment is difficult.
The Sun is considered as natural Atmakaraka in all natal charts. The natural Atmakaraka is Sun in all natal
charts. Since, the Sun influences the centre of our personality; it is known as Atmakaraka. The Sun has the
complete influence on the human body.
According to Rig Veda, the Sun is identified with the soul of the universe as well as the soul of the individual.
Thus, the Atmakaraka, Karaka is doer, manipulator and director. Atmakaraka is the most important planet in the
chart. It is from the Atmakaraka that the Ishta Devta of the person is known.The Sun is the parent body of Solar
system. He has no latitude. Being always in ecliptic has no chance to be retrograde.
The Chal Atmakaraka or movable Atmakaraka is the planet that has maximum degrees of all the planets in the
natal chart. Hence, any of the planet from the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn or Rahu having the
highest degree in the horoscope becomes the Atmakarka. Ketu being the significator of Moksha cannot be
considered as char Atmakaraka. Moksha is the destionation of the soul which is the ultimate aim.
According to Jaimini Astrology the various Karakas are:
Atmakaraka - Own self, considered the strongest planet
Amatyakaraka - the planet that decides the Career

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Darakaraka the planet that governs the life partner.

The Sun as Atmakarka indicates that the desires to fulfill are success, fame and power. One must give up ego
and must maintain humility.
The Moon as Atmakaraka indicates that the desire to fulfill are happiness, love and satisfaction. One should
spread happiness and love in the surroundings.
Mars as Atmakaraka indicate that one becomes brave, courageous and the greatest challenge is to use his
bravery in the right direction and avoid cruelty.
Mercury as Atmakaraka indicates the desire for intellectual superiority and divine communication. The native is
advised to understand the limitation of intellect and should have the strength to face the truth.
Jupiter as Atmakaraka indicate the desire for spirituality and wisdom. One has to learn the lesson to tolerate
others spirituality. Females may have to accept imperfect husband.

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Venus as Atmakaraka indicate the desire of soul for Venusian activities and romance and in that field the soul will
learn a lesson in this world. So, he or she must be very chaste and careful about personal behaviour in the field
of chastity and romance.

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Saturn as Atmakaraka indicate the desire of the soul to perform the duty and maintain democracy. The native
should be prepared to face loneliness and harsh behaviour of others.

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Rahu as Atmakaraka indicate that the native will be cheated in his life quiet often. The native is advised to avoid
being deceitful and dishonest.
The Atmakaraka planet shows the aspiration of the soul in the present life. This planet is the main planet through
which the overall strength of the horoscope is judged. If the Atmakaraka is weak or afflicted, the native will have
strong chances to make wrong decision in life. Thus, understanding the highest expression of Atmakaraka planet
and conscientiously following that is the only way to approach life.

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