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Summer 2016 Newsletter

Greetings everyone!Its winter here in the mountains

of Ecuador; a visit would make a great escape from the
heat and humidity of the US.
This upcoming month of July is a special
time for Dena and I; we will have been
gone from the US for four years (one
year of language school in Costa Rica
and almost 3 years on the field). Wow,
time has flown by!
Our Kids Bible Clubs are growing! We currently
serve kids, teens and adults in
five kids bible clubs and one
youth bible club thats 200300 kids, teens and adults a
month with the Gospel!
Exciting news! Praise the
Lord; we now have a small office. We have always used
our apartment as our personal
living space, office space and for
hosting individuals, families or
small teams. However, it was very
cramped and we found it difficult
to separate ministry (work) from
our personal lives, as ministry
never ends. Through a Christian
brother, we were able to rent a small
office space for $150 a month, just a
five-minute walk from our
apartment. What a difference it has
made especially now that we have an
Ecuadorian Ministry Team (EMT).
Our EMT has a place to work and the
visiting missions teams have also found it helpful to
prepare for the weeks ministry events.
We have an Ecuadorian Ministry Team!God
continues to build our Ecuadorian Ministry Team (EMT).
Our desire has always been to build a team of nationals,
who love Jesus and have a desire to reach their own
people, which would continue sharing Christ through
bible clubs while we are in the US.

We truly believe the nationals have a much better

chance of reaching their own people than we do. I
believe this is what Paul, Silas and Timothy along with
the other disciples believed, taught and lived.
Meet our Ecuadorian Team! We are excited to
announce that we have three mature Christian young
people that make up our Ecuadorian Ministry Team
working with us at this time.
Paola has worked with us about a year
and a half. She is twenty-three and
finishing her final semester of English
education in college.
Kevin is twenty-two
and is very musically
talented with singing and playing the
guitar and attends an online
Seminary in the US.
Leslie is twenty, very boldand
currently studying English education
Please pray for them as they transition
into their new roles.
Prayer requests:
Our financial supporters and
future supporter growth.
More children, teens and
adults in our bible clubs will
accept Christ this year.
Open doors to new
communities to share the
2016-0017 missions teams &interns.
Long-term missionary help.
Our Stateside/Overseas Children.
How can we pray for you?
Please feel free to callBlessings,
us, email us and let us know how
we can pray for you or just say Hi.

Gary & Dena

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