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Standard Process & Methodology
Candidates have to go through several layers of personal and technical screening before
getting short-listed.
On receipt of our clients requirement we shortlist suitable candidates from our databank.
We have a ready databank of thousands of software professionals. We also carry out special
recruitment efforts for specific needs. For these special cases we give advertisement in the
reputed publications to widen our search. Sometimes an event like a walk-in interviews are
also organized.
To match the expectations of the clients and candidates, we have dedicated staff to handle
individual accounts of different clients. Minuet/Personalized attention is provided to the
requirement of the clients and fitment of the right resources within the given crucial time
Communication Skills
Candidates are first interviewed on phone or in person for minimum communication
capability. If the candidate is found okay in communication only then the candidate is invited
with the latest copy of resume with supporting documents .
Preliminary Evaluation
We have detailed guidelines for the preliminary evaluation stage. Here the candidate is
evaluated using various customized tests that tell us more about the written, verbal
communication skills, personality, IQ, EQ, technical skills and other important aspects about
the candidate. The main aim is to verify the suitability of the candidate for the assignments
at hand. The candidate has to appear in person.
Technical Evaluation
If candidate clears the preliminary evaluation stage and everything matches with the client
firms requirement only then is the candidate short-listed for Technical Evaluation. Technical
evaluation too is another systematic and detailed process
There is a formal evaluation procedure for each of these above-mentioned steps. Total
evaluation is of 100 marks. Minimum qualification criterion is to obtain 60 %. Technical
interview and Technical communication are must to pass. Candidate failing in any of these
two does not qualify. We maintain candidate scorecard that quantifies the results of
evaluation at each stage.
Final Approval
The candidates found suitable for the assignments are short-listed. They are then referred to
the client for final interviews / negotiations.

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Below mentioned are the Resourcing & Consulting Charges.
Relevant Experience

Consulting Terms

Between 2 years 4 years

Between 4years 8 years
8 years above

12.5% CAGS
14.5% CAGS
16.66% CAGS

* * CAGS Candidate Annual Gross Salary

This Agreement is valid for a period of ONE YEAR, on completion, the agreement shall be
renewed on mutual acceptance.
It is the responsibility of RENOVO to provide a suitable replacement (No Charge), in case the
candidate/s quits the client organization within 3 months form the date of joining.
Replacement of Candidates shall be based on the following situations & terms :
Candidates resigning from the client company with notice period or without the same
(absconding cases) within the time duration of 3 months.
Violation of any point laid down in the company policies of the client.
Termination of the candidate due to Misbehavior or Misconduct or any violation of the
client workplace culture.
If the candidate is being technically approved by the client during the initial
recruitment phase, NO REPLACEMENT will be provided for declaring candidates
technically unfit in due course of time (within 3 months).
All replacement shall be acquired within 45 days of the candidate leaving the client
company. On completion of 45 days, no replacement shall be provided.
NOTE : Replacement shall be applicable for similar positions only. i..e A Project Manager
shall be replaced by a Project Manager not by any other positions.
If outstation candidates are being called for interview, the traveling of the candidate shall be
beard by the client irrespective of the candidate being selected or rejected.
The candidate/s joining the company will abide by the rules & regulations of the client. This
covers areas such as workplace culture, work attitude, company environment, office timings,
Payment Terms

: Within 30 days of the Candidate joining the Client.

Cheque shall be in favor of Renovo Consulting Group

Copyright Abyss & Horizon Consulting Pvt. Ltd, 2003

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Abyss & Horizon Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (RENOVO) has agreed to depute software professionals
as consultants to THE CLIENT to work on various project either in-house at THE CLIENT office
or at client location in India. The contract shall be guided by the following Terms &
1. Consultants shall be taken for a period of 6 months minimum from the date of
deputation. The terms shall be extended in a block of additional three months. The
extension of the contract period shall be with mutual consent.
2. Consultants shall abide by the normal office timings (0930 hrs to 1800 hrs) from Monday
to Friday. However they shall be required to be present for any project related meetings
on any other days other than normal office hours, if the need be.
3. Consultants shall be entitled for one day of casual leave in a month during the
contractual period. They shall also observe all the fixed holidays in a year falling in
course of their contract. Consultant can take additional holiday with prior consent and
approval of his reporting authority. This absence shall also call for deduction of the prorata professional fees from the monthly invoice.
4. If the candidate is made to work on a public or company holiday, one compensatory off
shall be provided to the candidate or the candidate will be reimbursed a day pay as per
his monthly salary.
5. At any point of time, if the candidate deployed at THE CLIENT site on contract basis, is
required to join the said client company on permanent basis, it shall be mutually decided
and the terms for the same will be 12.5% of the candidate/s annual gross salary offered
by THE CLIENT. For the latter, one month notice period is required from THE CLIENT.
Please Note that this arrangement will be applicable once the candidate completes at
least 6months of contract
6. RENOVO and THE CLIENT shall not poach the candidates of either companies and offer
them placement at any point of time, even after expiry of this contract.
7. The following professional fee rate in Rupees shall be applicable for various technologies
Professional Charges per candidate per
month as per Relevant Experience


2 below 3 Years

3 below 4 Years

Vanilla Skills
Advanced Skills
Niche Skills


The charges mentioned above are STANDARD to provide an approximate estimate for
business purpose.
Other Technologies shall be dealt on requirement basis, the formal business proposal
shall be executed once the requirements are received.

Copyright Abyss & Horizon Consulting Pvt. Ltd, 2003

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8. Charges for any other skill not mentioned in the table shall be discussed and finalized
mutually on case-to-case basis.
9. These rates shall be applicable for a period of one year of signing the contract and shall
be reviewed after one year.
10.The payment towards the professional fees shall be made monthly by THE CLIENT to
RENOVO within 7 days of receiving the invoice supported by necessary supporting
11.THE CLIENT shall not make any kind of payments directly to the consultant of RENOVO
12.RENOVO shall be responsible for all the Human Resource related matters (which includes
Leaves, Compensation, Training, etc.) for all the consultants deputed with THE CLIENT

Networking, Systems, and Desktop Support Professionals - Windows NT, Novell,
UNIX, Banyan, MS Office Suite, Excel, MS Exchange, cc:mail, MS Schedule+, Lotus Notes,
TCP/IP, switches, routers, hubs, etc.
Client/Server based Engineers, Programmer Analysts, Systems Administrators,
Relational Database Developers and Administrators - HP/US, AIX, Solaris, C/C++, SQL,
ODBC, Sybase, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Informix, Shell Scripts, etc.
Internet, Extranet, and Intranet Development Professionals - XML, HTML, Java, JDBC,
J2EE, JavaScript, EJB, EJB2, Perl, CGI, VB Scripts, Active Server Pages, MS IIS, Front Page,
Visual InterDev, Active X, etc.
Midrange/Mainframe IS Professionals - COBOL, CICS, CL, JCL, DB2, MBS, AS/400,
OS/400, RPG, etc.
Enterprise-Wide Solutions Professionals - Sap, Peoplesoft, Oracle Financials, BAAN, etc.
Telecommunications Professionals - Voice and data communications programming,
Frame Relay, ATM, IP, Realtime, Embedded Programming, etc.
Middleware Professionals - COM, DCOM, CORBA, Orbix, VisiBroker, DCE, transaction
monitors, Tuxedo, Silverstream, message queues, MQ Series, etc.
Business and Systems Analysts - Web & Client Server Projects, JAD, JAR, DASD, MSProject, etc.
PC/Windows-based Software Engineers and Programmer Analysts - Visual Basic,
Visual C++, MS-Access, FoxPro, C/C++, Lotus Notes, Crystal Reports, Powerbuilder, Delphi,

For further details, please contact :

<Your Name>
Consulting & Staffing Unit
Abyss & Horizon Consulting Pvt. Ltd
Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA
Tel. 91-22-25692068 / 25918881 / 25927200
Fax. 91-22-25928183
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