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August, 2016 - Celebrating 113 Years of Faithful Service 1903 - 2016


SK Fr. William Winters, OFM, Cap.
Grand Knight
SK William A. Fontaine
Deputy Grand Knight
SK John A. Praino
SK John Terlecki
Financial Secretary
SK Robert Elliot
SK Joe Sheldrick
Patrick Molluso
SK James Kaan
SK Vincent Lettieri PGK FDD FN
Keith Mandart
Intside Guard
SK Frank Bosco
Outside Guard
SK Robert Green
Outside Guard
SK Rich Costa
Inside Guard
SK Scott Weyant
First Year Trustee
Richard J. Basak

From the Grand Knights Desk

Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the
chance to work hard at work worth doing.Theodore Roosevelt
My Brothers and Sisters,
WOW what a month July has been. We welcomed Father Steve to St. Francis in the
grandest way possible by walking down the double yellow line on Main St. with him in
the 4th of July Parade. We also won the Most Patriotic Float. This was accomplished by
our "float builders" John Terlecki, Joe Brandi, Lou Minardi, James DeLucia, George
DeLucia and Fuddy. Thank you to Father Bill who is always there and all our Brothers for
taking the time and coming out and marching with us.
The very next week was the Clambake at Mary Immaculate and we made our
presence known. The church was grateful for all our efforts in this event. Thank you Budi
for coordinating this event and thank you DGK John Praino for covering for me at this
4 days later was the Golf Outing where Frank Cooper and John Terlecki and their
committee ran a successful event. Thank you all who contributed to this event.
The following weekend we had the "Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel" picnic. Thank
you Fuddy and Bill Wallace and crew for running this successful event.
Please mark your calendars: August 14th is our Council's installation at 2pm.
C&B drive is in full swing and we really need your help in this to make this more successful than last year. Please contact DGK John Praino to see how you can help.
God Bless, Bill

Second Year Trustee

SK James D. Addie, Sr. PGK
Third Year Trustee
SK Vittorio Marciano, PGK

Roster as of
January 21, 2015
Honorary Life:


All Articles for the

September Patchogian
must be submitted
by August 20th

All material in this document was approved by GK Bill Fontaine for publication. Copyright 2016, Patchogue Council #725

Important Reminder!
Our Council only meets on the THIRD Monday in the months of
AUGUST and SEPTEMBER! Our Summer Schedule is as follows:
August 15th
September 19th
All meetings begin at 8pm.
Officers Meeting will still be held on the Last Monday of the Month.


The Dress Code for Council Business Meetings for these months is as follows:
Officers may wear slacks and Council Polo Shirts. Members are also encouraged to do the same.
Shorts, tee shirts, muscle shirts, cut offs, flip/flops & sandals are not considered proper attire
for Council Business Meetings. Thank you for your cooperation.

Financial Secretary
Dues notices have been mailed out and you
can pay your dues either by return mail or
see me at a Meeting.
C & B books are now available. Please see
DGK John Praino for your books!
If you have any questions regarding your membership or
Membership card, please feel free to call or contact me
Robert W. Elliott, FS
151 Springdale Drive, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Dates To Remember
August 8thMonseigneur Corp. Meeting, 7:30pm
August 14thInstallation of Officers
August 15thBusiness meeting, 8pm
August 29thOfficers Meeting
September 3rdCouncil Picnic

Upcoming Events
Information on page 6

Mary Immaculate Blood Drive, Sunday, August 14th

Family Movie Night, Tuesday, August 16th
Council Annual Picnic, Saturday, September 3rd
Pilgrimage to the Basilica, Saturday, September 24th
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Family Director
Please continue to Pray for Brothers Phil Manitta, Sonny Fuoco, Jim Addie, Steve Benincase and also for Sammy Garafola.
Please continue also to pray for PGK Micky Mangino, who in rehab over on Gazzola Drive. Please stop in and see Micky if
you are able. Also pray for Brothers Pete Fournier and Carmine Franzese. We ask also that you pray for all of our Brother
Knights who are in need and for their families and their needs, those we know about, and the many that we do not know
about. We ask for prayers also for Columbiette State President Dee Wyck, who is recovering from an illness. We pray, as we
always do, for all of the poor people of the world and for an end to world hunger and for an end to Islamic Terrorism for the
victims of Terrorism. We pray for our Pope Francis, our Bishops and Priests and all of the Religious people of the world. We
pray for all of our Brother Knights and Sister Columbiettes who are in need and for all of our Military people who are far
from home. We pray for our Police, that they be given the support and respect that they deserve and need to carry out the
difficult job that they have, and for an end to the violence that some misguided people have shown towards them. And for our
brave Firefighters and Rescue workers who keep us safe. Thank you.
Brother James Ryan has agreed to take over as Family Director going forward. Please call him at (631) 278-9429 or email
him at jpr_ryan@msn.com if you know of anyone who is in need of our prayers.

The new 2016 C & B books are in! Chairman John Praino is setting up all of the locations to
sell C & B Raffles and they will also be arriving in the mail.
Please do your best to buy one book and sell one book. If all of our members did that we
would surpass last years total. We need everyone to get on board with this C & B drive.
Please call John at 399-4420 to let him know when you can help!
The next Chapter Meeting will be held at the Patchogue Council on Friday August 19th. It is the
Knight of the Year meeting, and is open to all members of the Chapter and their Wives. The meeting
will begin at 8 pm. There will be a repast before the meeting.

The next Fourth Degree Meeting will be held on August 24th at Kavanaugh Council in Mastic. The next Fourth
Degree Exemplification will be held on Sunday, October 9th. Any Third Degree Brother Knight interested in
becoming a Fourth Degree Member should fill out an Application as soon as possible and hand it in with a $40
check made out to Commander SheaAssembly. Applications will be available at the next council meeting.
My Brothers and Sisters,
August has arrived and we are into the Dog Days of Summer, as they say. I hope you are enjoying your
Summer, I know that I am.
I had the pleasure of attending the New York State Council Indoctrination Meeting in July at the Villa
Roma in Upstate New York, where I had the Honor of being Officially Sworn in as your District Deputy for
the current Columbian Year. It is always good to be able to spend time with all of the District Deputies from
all over the State, and with the N.Y.S. Family. This year our emphasis will be on two things first and
foremost: Membership and Programs.
As far as Membership is concerned, we all need to get better at setting up Membership Drives at our
Church and or Churches. I ask all the Brother Knights to ask themselves this question: When was the last time that you
brought a New Member into your Council? If you have to think about it for more than a few seconds, its been too long.
Membership is the lifeblood of our order. Without New Members your Council will eventually die off. It is solely the
responsibility of each individual member to seek out and bring New Members into the Council. It is NOT up to the
Membership Director or the F.S. or the G.K.. They will take care of all the arrangements, but they need YOU to bring them the
Now about Programs. There are so many Programs that the State and Supreme offer to us. Many of them are very
underutilized. There are many contests that your Council can use to get the School Kids involved. There are Essay and Poster
Contests. There are Scholarship Programs. If your Council doesnt have a Scholarship Program, you can jump on these. If your
Council does have a Scholarship Program, you can piggyback onto these Programs as well. And thats not all. The State has a
Matching funds Program. If your Council donates money to a Catholic School, the State will match those funds up to $1,000. I
urge every Grand Knight and Committee Chairman to make themselves aware of all of the Programs that the State Council and
Supreme have to offer. For more information on all of the Programs available, please visit www.kofc.org/un/en/service, or
www.newyorkknights.com/programs. I would also like to see our Councils get the recognition for all of the Programs that they
do currently participate in. There are plenty of opportunities to do so. There are individual Councils Awards given every year
for Council Activities, Church Service, Community Service, Youth Service, Family Service and Pro-Life Service. Most of you
are already fulfilling the requirements for these Awards. Just fill out the form #STSP located at kofc.org/forms and submit it by
email to nyskocforms@hotmail.com, or mail them to NYS K of C Forms 109 Caroline Ave. Solvay, NY 13209. You do the
work, why not get the recognition? Sometimes a little pat on the back can go a long way for all the effort you put in. Please
take advantage of everything that the State and Supreme have to offer!!
I hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer, and stay out of the hot sun!
Vivat Jesus,
Michael Boehm P.G.K., D.D.
Third N.Y. District
(631) 774-2605
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Our Roundtable reports consist of Monthly or Quarterly Reports given by our assigned
Roundtable Coordinators from our Four Parishes. Our Roundtable Coordinators for this
year are as follows: Pat Molluso (St. Francis de Sales), Luher Budiarjo (Mary
Immaculate), Dick Basak (Our Lady of the Snow) and Joe Sheldrick (Mt. Carmel).
From St. Francis:
Fr. Steve Hannafin, a 4th degree Knight is into his third week as the new Pastor at St.
Francis de Sales. He has been busy meeting everyone in the parish. During his first day
Fr. Steve met Joe Brandi when the Council Emblem was being hung on the Cloister near
the statue of Jesus. Fr. Steve marched with the Council during the 4th of July Parade and thanked the Knights for the
opportunity to meet the people of Patchogue. During the parade the Council carried a banner saying K of C Council
725 welcomes Fr. Steve to St. Francis. Thanks to Joe Brandi for getting this sign made up. During the parade
Fr. Steve asked the Grand Knight where he could get a Knight shirt (he has his shirt now). The banner now hangs
on the fence at the corner South Ocean and Division Street. (for the next few weeks). Fr. Steve wants to thank the
Knights for all they have done for St. Francis and for their future efforts like providing the cooking of the hot dogs,
hamburgers, sausage and rolls for St. Franciss 20th anniversary parish picnic on September 11th.
From Mary Immaculate:
I would like to thank all the brother knights who came to help and support us at Mary Immaculates clambake. It
was a big success and Fr. Bill and the clambake committee were very thankful for our help and support. Personally,
Id like to thank: Mike Boehm, Bill Fontaine, Fuddy (Phil) Graniello, Rich Basak, Richie Costa, John Priano, Bill
Wallace, James Ryan, James Kaan, Scott Weyatt and Santo and his wife (as guests), thank you so much. Budi
From Mt. Carmel:
On Sunday, July 17th, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel with a Church
Picnic. Members of the Parish gathered after the 11:30 Mass each bringing some type of dish or dessert. Of course
the Patchogue Knights were there with their trusty ( but no longer rusty) grill and cooker thanks to some TLC by
Fuddy, cooking up the hot dogs, burgers and corn that they provided. Fr. Benet was very Thankful to the Knights for
not only this event, but for all that they do for the Parish.
Our Lady of the Snow:
Our Lady of the Snow is busy planning their 100th Anniversary! They are holding a Town Hall Style Meeting on
September 20th to discuss ideas on how to celebrate. If you have any ideas, or simply want to find out how you can
help, please attend!

Cruising the Danube

This past April Donna and I together with Brother Knight William Perry, and wife Patricia enjoyed a river cruise on the
Daube River, Europes second longest river. Our cruise included ports of call in four countries, Czech Republic,
Germany, Austria, and Hungry. Notable cities we visited were Prague, Vienna and lastly Budapest.
Prague, capitol of the Czech Republic has many wonderful places to visit including three Cathedrals;
Saints Vitus, Wenceslaus and Adalbert, but also amazing was its world famous UNESCO protected
astrological clock installed in 1410, making it the oldest in the world still operating.
Hundreds of people gather every hour, 24 hours a day to watch it do it's workings. To
learn more Google, "Prague astronomical clock."
Vienna was our next stop, and, of course, greatly anticipated. Once the center of the
mighty Habsburg Empire, it's king held the title of Holy Roman Emperor for over 400
years. Our visit included an hour performance at its famous neo-renaissance Opera
House, a walk through of the lavish Hofburg Imperial Palace complex with its Vienna
Boys Choir and the dazzling Lipizzaner stallions.
But, most awe-inspiring was the Saint Stephens Cathedral, named, of course, after our
Lords first martyr. The cathedral has an incredible history after being built in 1147, it
sufferer two total destructions. Today it stands as one of our oldest and largest
cathedrals in the world. Most of us know of grandeur of New York's Saint Patrick's, but it
pales in comparison. A few dimensions to consider would be Saint Steven's 448' height
to Patrick's 330; width 230' to 174; and length 351 to 332'. When we walked into the
Cathedral our eyes and our mouths popped open. The church contains over 18 altars
with each of them being more spectacular and ornate as you walk toward the High Altar
which took seven years, from 1741 to 1747 to build. The High Altar represents the
stoning of Saint Steven and is framed by figures of other saints and framed by a statue
of our Saint Mother Mary with straws our eye to a ceiling painting of heaven where Christ
awaits Saint Stephen.
But, we also had an enjoyable visit to Budapest. It's a city consisting of Buda on the west bank and
Pest on the east bank of the Danube River. An interesting note is that the Blue Danube River is not
blue at all. It gets its name from the song the "Blue Danube Waltz" written and composed by the
famous songwriter Johann Strauss II. The song became popular because it was the first time people
who danced the waltz were allowed to couple, touch, and hold each other. Yes, prior to that dancers
could only touch one another with one hand at a time. Fortunately, this led many decades later to the
Charleston of the roaring 20s, the jitterbug, and now, unfortunately the mindless grinding of today.

Submitted by SK M. Philip Butler

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On Monday, June 27th our

Supreme Chaplin Archbishop William E. Lori
was the Keynote speaker at the
Fortnight for Freedom Rally
at St. John the Baptist High School in West Islip.
Also there to celebrate the occasion was our own
Bishop Murphy and our State Deputy Bob Weitzman.

On Friday, July 1st Members of Patchogue Council 725 Gathered together to pray the Rosary and the Chaplet of the Devine
Mercy to ask for intervention to help preserve our Religious Liberty. Brother Deacon Tony Graviano and his wife Kathy, along
with Sister Columbiette Terry Bobe helped lead us in the Rosary and the Devine Mercy Chaplet and Prayer. Following the
Prayer Service the Council held a BBQ dinner, and then watched the movie ,A Man For All Seasons, a powerful film about St.
Thomas Moore and his devotion to his Catholic Faith, in Celebration of his Feast Day.

Thanks to everyone
who helped and
participated in our
Annual Patchogue
Council 725 Golf
outing to benefit Our
Lady of Mt Carmel.
It was a spectacular
day and a great time
was had by all!!!
Special thanks to
Frank Cooper, John
and Kathy Terlecki,
Joe Brandi, Pat
Molluso, Phil and
Anna Graniello, and
of course our Grand
Knight Bill Fontaine
and anyone else who
solicited ads and
donations. Thanks to
all of your hard work
we were able to
donate over $8,000 to
Mt. Carmel.
Page 4

On Sunday, July 17th, Our Lady
of Mount Carmel held their
Church Picnic in honor of the
Feast of Our Lady of Mount
Carmel. Thanks to all the Brother
Knights that came down to help:
Phil Graniello, Joe Sheldrick, Bill
Wallace, Kevin Drawbridge, Keith
Mandart, Frank Cooper, John
Terlecki, Mike Boehm and of
course our GK Bill Fontaine!!

On Saturday, July 9th, our Council

helped out at Mary Immaculate Church
in Bellport for their Clam Bake. Members
of Patchogue Council went early in the
morning to help set up all of the tables
and chairs and assist in getting
everything ready. Later that afternoon
they were back to man the grills and of
course sell C & B !! Thanks to all the
Brothers who helped out: Bill Wallace,
Phil Graniello, Dick Basak, Budi, Santo
Liguori, James Kaan, DGK John Praino,
Rich Costa , James Ryan, Mike Boehm
and Scott Weyant.

Our Council once again won MOST PATRIOTIC at the Patchogue Fourth of July Parade. Grand Knight Bill Fontaine
accepts the Trophy from Lions Club President Tom Ferb. Our Council also had the Honor of welcoming Fr. Steve
Hannafin, newly assigned Pastor of St. Francis DeSales Church, who marched with us that day. A special thanks to
Brother Knights James and George DeLucia, Phil " Fuddy"Graniello, John Terlecki, Joe Brandi and Lou Minardi for
building Patchogue Councils Award Winning Float for the Fourth of July Parade!

Council Communication: Calling Post. or Robo Call

Please remember that the Council is using a global call service to send out announcements about events,
notifications and activities around the Council. The number that will show on your phone, TV, answering
machine or voicemail is: 631-866-6735. Brother James Ryan is administering and sending these messages
out for the Council. Please contact him by phone or e-mail if you are not receiving these calls and would
like to receive them or if you have a phone number update. His cell phone is 631-278-9429 and his e-mail
address is jpr_ryan@msn.com. If you are a Columbiette and want to receive PHONE CALL MESSAGES regarding Council
events such as Parades, Picnics and other Council events that involve the Columbiettes, please also contact James Ryan.
Thank You.
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Upcoming Events
Mary Immaculate Blood Drive
Sunday August 14, 2016
At the Bellport Community Center, 4 Bell St. Bellport
Must be between 16 and 75 years old to donate (16 you need parental
Must weigh at least 110 lbs.
Need Photo ID
Eat well and drink plenty of fluids before donating. For medical eligibility, please call 1-800-688-0900.

Join us on Tuesday evening, August 16th,

for another great Family Movie Night. We
will be showing the movie INSIDE OUT,
an animated movie about a young girl
named Riley, who is uprooted from her
Midwest life and moves to San Francisco,
where her emotions - Joy, Fear, Anger,
Disgust and Sadness - conflict on how
best to navigate a new city, house, and
Doors open at 6:30 pm, movie begins at 7 pm. Drinks and snacks will be provided. This is a Free
Family Event, open to council members, their friends, kids and grandkids, so come on down, stay
cool and enjoy a fun night with your K of C Family.
This years Council Picnic will be on
Saturday, September 3rd
from 12 p.m. 4 p.m.
It will once again be held at Fireman's Park, on Dewitt Ave., off of Smith
St., near the end of Bay Ave. (just east of Shore Front Park).
We will have plenty of Food on the BBQ, as well as cold beer and soda.
We will also have activities for the Kids, as well as Horseshoes. Cost
will stay the same this year, tickets are only $5 per person (Children and
grandchildren ages 12 and under are free).
See or call G.K. Bill Fontaine at (631) 988-3758 to reserve your spot or for more information.
We hope to see you there!!
Pilgrimage to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
September 24th, 2016
This is a unique opportunity for fostering faith, conversion and Reconciliation during this
Jubilee Year of Mercy. There will be a celebration of the Rosary in Word and Song. During
the afternoon. There will be ample time to visit the various chapels of the Basilica. The
personnel of the Shrine will be on hand to give guided tours. There is a gift shop, bookstore
and a large cafeteria. You can bring lunch or buy it there. We will stop for a quick dinner on
the trip home. Trip will be by an air-conditioned bus with lavatory and comfy seats. A bus
will be leaving St. Francis de Sales at 5:30am , making a stop at St. Sylvesters at 6:00am
and coming back at approx. 11:30pm. The cost is $55 payable to St. Sylesters.
Questions??? Call Terry at 631-576-7978 or email Thegrasroot@yahoo.com or Neil at
631-499-0016 or email sjcahill41@optonline.net.
Phone#______________________ Cell#___________________ Email_________________________________________
Emergency Contact Name and Phone #_____________________________________________________________________
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Order Now!!
If you are in need of Council Apparel, now is a good time to order them. See
Brother Knight John Terlecki or call him at 576-9950 for tee-shirts, polo shirts and
hats!! We have jackets available too. Order them now for Marching in the Parades
and Council Events!!

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