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How can I make a difference in our justice system once I

become a lawyer? As a Christian law student, this question has a

crucial impact for me to answer. Our government is the functional
unit of our country and our justice system is embedded in it. Like
the other governmental organization, the justice system has lost the
trust of the Filipinos, quoting the well-known statement Where is
justice? everyone thought justice is for the rich people wherein it
can be paid off by those who can only afford, thus pity enough for
the poor or under the lower level who were to be easily stepped by
the elites.
Our justice system based its decision via how strong is the
evidence or the pieces of evidence will be presented under the trial,
though it is so obvious that an alleged person being complained of
hath committed a mistake or such a crime, without sufficient
evidence, he will be released from jail and worst he will be acquitted
from such crime. Giving an example is the Vizconde Massacre, in
this case there was a crime committed as evidenced by the dead
bodies of three persons, however despite of the possibility that the
defendants of the case committed the crime, still the latter has been
released because of the lack of evidence by losing such seminal
specimen under the custody of a law enforcer which lead to the
acquittal of the defendants.
Therefore, once I became a lawyer I will be a lawyer of the
truth. Knowing first that this client is on the right side then I will

take his case no matter what his status dictates. Having many
clients especially if classified as elites would really give me a high
source of income, but I will live the way God wanted His child to
have. Being a lawyer is a privilege which is a blessing from the
Almighty, and I will give back the honor and glory to my Living God
by serving the country with clean hands, through this people will be
enlighten that there are still Christian lawyers who can stand for
the truth. And, I know that no matter how hard and dangerous to
hold on to this principle, God is mighty enough to take control of
Change for a better Philippines is Filipinos longing for.
Therefore, among the presidentiables, Rodrigo Roa Duterte should
take the seat of the Philippine President, primarily because of his
distinct character of leadership in his hometown and be compared
enough as a strict father to his children. Every presidentiable has
their own platforms ofcourse in way that it will please the Filipino
people, but we are living in a generation that is wise enough and
tired enough for mere promises of these politicians. Rodrigo Roa
Duterte has his own flows but he is known to be firm person in
implementing the rules and that is the president that this country
really needs.
For the position of Vice- President, Bongbong Marcos Jr. is the
most suitable partner for Rodrigo Roa Duterte. He was persecuted
base on the fault of his father from the past wherein it should not
be the same case; this is an example of personal attack in an
abusive form. We must admit the fact that his father, the late

President Ferdinand Marcos brought success in our country which

once been envied some countries which is more successful than we
are right now. Bongbong Marcos Jr. is the man to pursue progress,
he is aware on how people sees him bearing the name of Marcos.
Despite of the escalated persecutions, he stands to take the dare of
serving and ready to prove himself for the people.
It pays to have a good camaraderie for the two leaders to
prosperously serve the country and these two political candidates
have good relationship and accepted to support each other despite
of having different running tandem. Duterte and Marcos will
eventually form a good partnership. Leaders who are firm enough in
implementing the law and have the stand to take the dare in
pursuing the progress. Duterte- Marcos: they are my bet as the
President and Vice- President for the 2016 National Election.