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Insight of International Event

In recent years, Indonesia began a lot of organizing a variety of events entitled

"international." The events were diversed, ranging from formal events such as summits,
as well as entertainment events like a music festivals and culture events.
Shone and Paree defines event as a phenomenon arising from those non-routine
occasion which have leisure, cultural, personal or organizational objectives set apart
from the normal activity of daily life, whose purpose is to enlighten, celebrate, entertain
or challenge the experience of a group of people.
According to Getz, a special event is understood to be a one-time or
infrequently occurring event outside a normal program. Often events are classified, in
order to better deal with the term. Thus for example, a one-dimensional classification in
Hallmark events (traditional events which take place at a certain location, such as
Jember Fashion Festival, Jakarta Fashion festival, Malang Tempo Dulu, etc.) and Mega
events (e.g. the Asia-Africa Conference, Olympic Game, Asian Game, etc. ) is
Currently the concept of the development of events in line with progress
technology and the development of community activities. this development make the
kind of events that take place will be more diverse and is not limited to activities that
have religious values, customs and cultural. Organizing the event has grown in
accordance with the desire of consumers to be able to see the event, for example, nature
sports event, product introduction events, exhibitions or more.
Each event always has the main purpose to what was held. One main goal of the
event is on its targets or targets visitors are expected to attend the event being held.
Hosting a major international event can be extremely rewarding for a city or country,
but it carries lots of risks. A competent and dedicated group must be in charge and the
political and public will to support the endeavor must be present. Also, keeping the
event within the manageability of the city or country is also crucial. The host must have
to implement higher levels of security.
Theres some advantage to hold an international events such as the country or
the host becomes the centre of attention, brings prestige and honour to the country, and
engender government income by the means of tourism, help create jobs and can
revitalise depressed cities.
Hosting an event will help with tourism in the city or country. It can also
highlight how accessible the country is to potential businesses. An international event
can highlight all of these along with showing off a thriving cultural environment.
On other hand, there is also disadvantage from holding an international events,
for example normal and routine life of the residents can be affected, the host have to
spend a huge deal of money to plan these events, and then the risk of potential negative
publicity if things doesnt go well.
Although, some of the event was organized poorly and in a hurry. The
development of a wide range of events that is increasingly growing can not be stopped..
Hence, good supervision is required for any international event that will bring the
reputation of the country itself.

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