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Formative Classroom Experience: Core Competencies

Professional Identity: Identify as a professional social worker and conduct oneself accordingly.
I have had 6 years experience in the field of social work. I have a wide variety of work
experience that has helped shape my professional identity. I have had many opportunities to
network and collaborate with professionals in the field. My experience ranges from macro to
micro, and advocacy to crisis.
Ethical Practice: Apply social work ethical principles to guide ethical practice.
My experience in private practice and individual counselling has expanded my
experience with ethical practice. I had several discussions with my supervisor regarding ethical
dilemmas. Dual relationships and personal bias were two ethical considerations that I was
involved in on different occasions.
Critical Thinking: Apply critical thinking to inform and communicate professional judgements.
Staying informed on societal trends is a regular part of my field experience. It is
something that is important to social work practice because of the effect that policy changes have
on populations that we serve.
Diversity in Practice: Engage diversity and difference in practice.
The populations that I serve are extremely diverse. I have made an effort to provide
inclusive services that include culturally appropriate services. I have been continually engaged in
research and training to expand my knowledge and skill set in order to provide the most effective
services to my clients.
Human Rights & Social Justice: Advance human rights and social and economic justice.
I am extremely aware of the effects of oppression and the importance of advocacy for
clients to obtain their basic rights and needs. My work in domestic violence/sexual assault is
centered around assisting clients in acquiring and maintaining their basic needs such as housing,
employment, and financial assistance.
Researched Based Practice: Engage in research-informed practice & practice informed research.
Continued education as well as research based trainings has allowed me to meet this
competency through my field experience. I have taken an interest in play therapy and attended
multiple trainings on the different techniques used to conduct this therapeutic tool.

Human Behavior: Apply knowledge of human behavior in the social environment.

My field experience includes individual therapy. It is extremely important to have an
understanding of the persons environment to get a grasp of the underlying issues. I work with
individuals who have experienced trauma as a child or an adult so having an understanding of
their environment allows for more effective service delivery. I am able to use assessment tools to
meet this competency.
Policy Practice: Engage in policy practice to advance social and economic well-being and to
deliver effective social work services.
As a private practitioner I have limited opportunity to advocate for change on a macro
level, however I have the authority to create and enforce my own policies that are suited for my
clients needs. For example, extending client sessions and advocating for insurance coverage
based on need.
Practice Contexts: Respond to contexts that shape practice.
I ensure that I am up to date on community services that are offered in order to provide
referrals to clients who are in need of additional services.
Engage, Assess, Intervene, and Evaluate: Engage, assess, intervene, and evaluate with
individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.
As a clinical practitioner I have proven my ability to continuously assess the effectiveness
of the clients needs. I provide routine check-ins to ensure the client feels that services are being
effective for their needs.